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20 Q&A With Adam Olson of Allstar Construction


Designing with Joy


The Paul & Babe Lake Home

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In each issue of Design & Living, residential and commercial designer Christen Anderson of Live Christen Joy showcases a joyful project of hers. This month, Anderson chronicled the construction of her distinctive new home and studio.

ON THE COVER On the cover is the Edgewater Condos, a former Inn/Resort that has been transformed into consistent family getaways.

Christen Joy takes us inside The Paul & Babe Lake Home, a colorful and vibrant oasis with a monochromatic, neutral and soothing design.

Edgewater Condos 28 Items From SCHEELS to Spruce up Your Lake Home

We worked with the team at SCHEELS to put together a list of items that are sure to make your lake place more fun and cozy.

On the Market

Looking for a new lake place? These homes will not disappoint!

Artist Feature: Nancy Ness

In this month's artist feature, we introduce you to Nancy Ness, a woman with a distinctive art style infused with personality and playfulness.

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There is simply something magical about a day at the lake. Yes, you may have to return to work in a couple of days. Yes, you may only be 45 minutes removed from your problems back home, but that is exactly the point. The lakes serve as an escape. A trip to the lakes serves as a small, but far from insignificant , vacation that can be enjoyed weekend after weekend after weekend during the summer.

With that proximity comes the gathering of family and friends, fishing, water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, s'mores, hot dogs and a whole host of other wholesome summer delights.

In the Fargo-Moorhead area, we are surrounded by a plethora of opportunities to escape. After all, to the east lies the land of 10,000 lakes.

The Spotlight Team

In this magazine, we hope to bring you closer to those things that help make our area just a little bit more special and homey while providing you some options to spruce up your own lake escape.

JUNE/JULY 2021 Design & Living Magazine is a free publication distributed six times a year. Our mission is to showcase all that the Red River Valley has to offer in terms of interior design, architecture and landscaping, profiling the people that make these possible. We also strive to provide a quality and fun reading experience and improve the way of life in our community. The publication is mailed to homes across the US and has stand distribution throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.


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Born and raised on the prairies of North Dakota, Josiah’s love for capturing the moment with his camera led him to Spotlight Media in 2020. He graduated from Concordia with a BA in Graphic Design and is currently a photographer for Design & Living. Outside the office, you can find Josiah writing and producing music or chasing a colorful sky with his camera.


German is the marketing designer for Spotlight Media. She is a native of Watertown, S.D. and Northern State University graduate with a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design. In addition to designing marketing materials for print, she also is the graphic designer behind Design & Living.


Anderson is a Minnesota native with an eye for decor and design. She is the owner of Live Christen Joy and is known for her exceptional remodels, expert staging and accessorizing high-end living spaces. Anderson is also a passionate art collector, world traveler and home cook who frequently entertains friends.


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WHAT MAKES ALLSTAR DIFFERENT FROM OTHER COMPANIES? Allstar Construction partners with top manufacturers in the industry and are certified with the manufactures to ensure we are delivering the best quality products with the best warranties. We are proud to be in the top percentage of all roofing contractors and delivering quality work for over 40 years. Allstar's mission is to deliver the best services to our customers every day and ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard. We take pride in everything we do which is why we have been considered the masters of quality for over 40 years.

WHAT SERVICES DOES ALLSTAR OFFER? Allstar started as a roofing company in 1979 due to customer demand we have expanded into siding, windows, and sheet metal work to be a full-service exterior contractor. We do all types of roofs from commercial, residential to service and maintenance. We have the best craftsman in the industry that allows us to handle any type of exterior work for all types of projects.



IS A METAL ROOF RIGHT FOR MY HOME? Some key factors to consider when determining what roof is best for your home are; Aesthetics, Durability, Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and cost. Metal has been used in many different ways and many different types of exterior building projects. Homeowners, designers, and architects now look toward not only the beauty of metal products, but their lasting value, durability, energy efficiency, and lower environmental impact. The ROI on metal roofs can be a great investment compared to conventional asphalt products depending on the length of owning the property. The cooling cost of having a metal roof can be greatly reduced which helps contribute to ROI. Metal roofs will outperform other roof types over time that will leave your roof looking and performing like new when other roof systems are near the end of their life span.


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DOES ALLSTAR WORK WITH MULTI-FAMILY AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT? Yes, We are a leader in developing relationships and servicing community associations. Our Maintenance division constantly strives to raise the bar, exceeding the demands of community managers, associations, and homeowners. Our system is proven and makes the difference! We have trained, experienced technicians that will guide your board members, community managers, and homeowners to solve problems. We provide fair, competitive rates and timely service. Each and every property is different, having different needs and concerns. The Maintenance division takes great pride in partnering with property managers, associations, and homeowners to design a building plan, emergency plan, or maintenance agreement that is top-notch. Our goal is to solve problems. We’ve helped multifamily associations all across the Metro area save thousands of dollars by planning ahead with annual maintenance contracts.



HOW CAN I GET CUSTOMMADE METAL TO MATCH MY EXISTING LOOK? The Metal Shop was built on decades of experience in the industry. Our team of expert metal craftsmen and installers work with the latest equipment and materials. We have been creating and installing custom roofing and sheet metal products for years. No project is too complicated! Our estimators, designers, and installers have years of experience, not just in working metal, but in all areas of construction. We will take the time to understand your entire project to ensure the product looks great and will perform for years. We can handle everything from copper gutters to metal roofing to wall panels. Whether you are needing a product for a large commercial project or you’re a homeowner looking to add metal accents to your home, our service is second to none.

Beginning to end, large to small, The Metal Shop’s custom creations will make your home shine!

Allstar Construction 2310 4th Ave N, Moorhead, MN 701.478.7663


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with joy


Introducing Design and Living’s new series — The Dutch

BY Christen Joy of Christen Joy, chronicling the construction of her distinctive new home and studio. PHOTOS BY Hillary Ehlen

building a perfect, PERSONALIZED PLAN 26

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ach issue we’ll share recommendations for building your dream home, adding ease to the process, and making choices that will create lasting value. Plus, you’ll get insider access to the Dutch’s one-of-a-kind design touches and unique ideas planned to wow clients and guests alike.

If you own a home, chances are you may do the same thing I am right now — build a new one. In fact, 15% of homeowners build or buy when their lifestyle changes, according to the US Census Bureau. We’re talking anything from adding family members or working from home, to downsizing or retiring. My decision to build came when it was apparent my starter home, with its unfinished basement wasn’t set up correctly for me and my growing business. I’d considered adding on the correct space I needed — not just for my business but for me and London, my tiny cuddly bullmastiff puppy who’d grown into a large lovable dog. But a realtor compared surrounding home prices and it became apparent that selling the house and funding a new one was my best investment. Building The Dutch has been a lifelong dream come true (we’re talking a 7-yearold girl rearranging her bedroom furniture each month, and constantly daydreaming of her “someday” home)! Sharing the journey with you allows me showcase new ideas, techniques and designs not typically found in our area. Working with talented local professionals, artisans, craftsmen and women, I facilitate access to top advice on building and remodeling choices, ways to use your dollar to the max of its potential, and how to confidently make selections that will invigorate the home today and into the future. In this article, join me as I take you on the journey of how to create the perfect, personalized home plans (this works for a remodel too). Enjoy!

BE THOUGHTFUL Before meeting with the professionals to plan your next home, it’s important to get clear about what you will and won’t need in your new space. Chances are your priorities have changed. How do you see them continuing to change in the coming years? Also, what is your situation when it comes to entertaining areas, outdoor living spaces, storage areas or parking? JOT IT DOWN List what’s most important to you in your next home — not just for today, but in the future. Do you want to create a kitchen with a larger island instead of a formal dining room? Or maybe a theatre room instead of a formal living room? Has the temporary option to work remotely become permanent? By getting really clear the functionality you need in a new home and location, deciding on things such as a neighborhood, privacy needs or parking for overnight guests gets much easier. In planning The Dutch, I knew I wanted a kitchen with a nice-sized island for cooking, a butler pantry to be home to serving ware, extra dish ware and I did want a dedicated dining room as I love to host large gatherings. These were all items on my list — just to name a few. “My advice for building the home of your dreams? Get clear on how you’ll truly use the space. List the three rooms in your home you use most, and the most important features you want. Focus your planning on the finishes and features of those prioritized spaces. Then

work with your builder to value engineer the surfaces, finishes and other details for the less used spaces and rarely seen rooms to save money and time.“ — Chris Schuler, Century Builders DETERMINE WHAT SPACES YOU NEED When it comes to organizing, I trust the pros, Laura Wolf, Lyndsey Anderson and Jordan Manthei with d.clutter. They believe a home is a living space, not a storage space and I loved that! Trained and KonMarie certified by Japanese organizational guru Marie Kondo, Laura makes moving from one home to the next, a refreshingly simple process. Here’s advice from the d.clutter team to help determine how much you’ll be bringing with you to your new home which in return

determines the amount and type of space you’ll need — think cabinetry, built-ins, clear doors for displaying cherished items and more! 1. PREP Envision the lifestyle you want, and what you see in it. 2. PURGE Edit with your new lifestyle in mind. Decide what stays, goes or gets recycled. Let go of anything you’re keeping out of: • Guilt (clothes you may fit in to again someday) • Fear (things you haven’t used, but may need sometime in the future) • Obligation (heirlooms or inherited items you may not even like)

• Shame (items from old or bad relationships you may not feel good about) On the fence about an item? If you can buy it for under $20, in under 20 minutes, you don’t need to pack it or move it. 3. PACK Only bring joyful, beautiful or practical things that support your dream lifestyle in your new space. “Two ways you can bring calm to your home are to keep flat surfaces clean, and to use closed cabinets in lieu of open shelves. Clutter attracts more clutter. And open shelving can create mental clutter when items are always in view.” - Laura Wolf, d.clutter


BUILD PLANS TO SUPPORT YOUR LIFESTYLE & IMPORTANT PIECES After going through the planning, packing and building design process, I had a clear vision of what I wanted for the storage and cabinets in The Dutch This is important as these are core pieces to the home that dictate layout and are permanent pieces that you’ll work around when designing the rest of your home. For me, it was important that none of the woodwork, cabinets or millwork felt like cookie-cutter pieces. I wanted pieces that were unique to the home and had artistic intention. Luckily, I knew just the talented team to make that happen – Wendt Custom Cabinets in Moorhead, Minnesota. “Christen pushed our craftsmen out of their comfort zone to produce cabinetry that is a mix of modern traditional and historic — which we weren’t even sure was possible, but she pulled it off. You get the feeling The Dutch has been there forever. Its cabinetry, countertops, moulding and built-ins wrap around her collections of art and textiles.” - Kaeli Bernier, Wendt Cabinets I wanted linen closets, built-ins and mudroom furniture-like pieces with well-worn character found in historic Cape Cod homes that inspired The Dutch’s home plan I’d developed with architect Jackson Strom. And working with Wendt Cabinets, I found the craftsmen touches to fit perfectly with the Dutch Colonial exterior style. Because I knew exactly what I was bringing to The Dutch, from the types of items I would store away to things I would display, they helped me craft my perfect personalized plan with permanent solutions to fit all of my belongings.


PUTTING THE ‘PERSONAL’ IN PERSONALIZED PLANS Wendt’s family has seen trends come and go since entering the custom cabinet business in 1969. Right now, they are seeing more requests for stained wood cabinets such as Oak and Walnut. Bead board and panel insets are popular, along with painted cabinets in hues of white and green. Brass hardware is big in champagne and bright polished brass. However, personal expression is what keeps business busy. “The Dutch is full of crown moulding, cabinets and countertops in detailed styles we’ve not done before — which is why it’s amazing to work with Christen! She added feet at the bottom of the cabinets. The island posts are extra detailed, there are glass door interests and grids, plus extra side panels to finish them as if they were furniture pieces. Those extra touches make each piece a work of art.” - Kaeli Bernier, Wendt Cabinets SET YOUR DREAM IN MOTION The plans for your dream home truly start by dreaming. Think about your priorities today and what functionality you will need to support them. Next, list the features you want — onelevel living or a backyard pool? You decide. Finally, make an honest assessment of how much space you’ll need by editing your stuff. By drafting a plan based on what you know, you can personalize it and make the finishes, flow and functionality of the space fit you to a tee. From there you’re ready to build your personalized plans and start on your selections and that’s exactly what we’ll share next time on The Dutch. Cheers!

Meet Christen Anderson of Christen Joy: Inspired Interiors & Events Anderson is a Minnesota native with an eye for decor and design. Christen Joy specializes in new-construction commercial projects, exceptional remodels, furnishing high-end living spaces and creating memorable special events. Anderson is also a passionate art collector, world traveler and home cook who frequently entertains for friends.


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Little Auntie’s Helpers – London, Charlie, Emma & Grant

Join me on Instagram and Facebook to see my latest projects and email me at for design inquires.

New residential community IN HORACE


The ideal Horace location for your family Near Horace High School and Heritage Middle School Choose your builder Limited availability. Contact us today to reserve your lot! | 701.639.6245


BY Christen Joy of Christen Joy | PHOTOS BY Hillary Ehlen


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Cabinetry • Windows & Doors • Roofing • Siding

CALM WITH COLOR Color reflects who we are. If you’re a naturally vibrant and lively person, you can get bored fast in a space with tone-on-tone neutrals and solid white surfaces. While some of today’s hottest styles such as Modern Mid-Century, Scandinavian, Coastal Modern, and Boho Chic all feature a lot of creams and whites, they serve as backdrops, not the focus.

Decking • Insulation • Lumber • Hardware

So, when Tessa first described wanting the interior aesthetic of her lake home to be a monochromatic, neutral and soothing design, I was surprised. “Looking back now, it’s funny because it’s true! I envisioned all surfaces in white. What I’d consider an East Coast vibe versus a North Woods cabin. Then, you asked more questions about my style and I kept being drawn to vibrant color. I don’t really know why I was shying away from it.” — Tessa Gould, Homeowner Tessa’s Minnesota lake home is her oasis where she escapes a hyper-hectic work life as a Washington D.C. lobbyist. In the city, her home buzzes with color. The walls hold original commissioned art crafted in unique mediums, from top artists she’s met over the years. “I especially love art when it’s personal and fun.” Her goal for the lake home was to open the door and instantly feel stress melt away, and be replaced by joy and happiness. It meant for her style to sync with the decor, the design could not be, in her words, “A snoozefest!” Ha! DETROIT LAKES • 218-847-2188 FERGUS FALLS • 218-739-4481 MOORHEAD • 218-233-2754

BAN THE BEIGE Yes, you can create a calming space without using just beige or white. I turned Tessa’s space into a colorful AND calm retreat using sophisticated flooring and textile patterns, classic wallpaper and shiplap ceiling finishes and adding colorful and thoughtful design elements that were personal and meaningful to her in order to turn down the visual volume while turning up the wow! SEE THE BIG PICTURE I think of a home as a canvas and picture the entire space as one piece of art. Each room is simply a section of the canvas, not a separate one. By decorating this way, your home has a flow and connection. And, by selecting and investing in classic styles and colors for the important areas and surfaces, even when your style changes in the future, the surfaces will still work and complement new decor. Add interest by integrating memories, mementos or meaningful things that are important to you. By understanding Tessa’s goals to really ENJOY life, along with her happy memories of childhood summers spent in Minnesota, we designed a space to display her custom art, personalized furniture selections and used pops of vibrant color to infuse her lake home with a memorable spark and unique charm. “I’ve learned to let the pro be the pro. It’s an investment in expertise — not an expense. Christen and I mixed ideas and then she handled every detail and I came home to a space transformed into a magical mixture of art, color and fun!” — Tessa Gould, Homeowner 36

DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

PAUL & BABE The inspiration for the bathroom came from Tessa’s grandparents who retired in northern Minnesota. Childhood summers were spent at their lake home. “You’re not really a Minnesotan unless you love Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, right?” Says Tessa. We’d been sharing Instagram photos and both liked the idea of straight tile floors. The huckleberry blue color was available, and the shade was the perfect “Babe blue!” I had the prominent cow artwork color-matched to the blue — Tessa’s idea, and hung to reflect in the vanity mirror so it became the focal point in the room and thanks to the mirror, it can be seen from any angle outside the room when the door’s open. Over the years, Tessa collected photos of generations of her family posing at Paul Bunyan Land – a special one is of her Grandmother Eleanor Erickson as the 1939 Bunyan Winter Carnival Queen!. She also commissioned a pop art piece by a New York City artist who interpreted Paul Bunyan as her favorite athlete, Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. These personal accessories collected over time add a Minnesota flair to her other rooms, and make the Paul and Babe bath feel right at home! The “wow” moment is the colorful flooring that brings the room together without overpowering it. Its style and color are classic and will stand up to any future decor. The room has no overt or permanent fixtures displaying images of the folklore. You may miss the inside joke unless you recognize the shade of Babe blue, the ox-colored cow, or the subtle nods celebrating Paul Bunyan. It’s the non-literal creativity that becomes the fun! 37

SULLY’S CABIN Nestled under the stairs, Tessa’s much-loved English Bulldog Sully has his own cabin. The large, awkward space sat empty before, so Tessa used the opportunity to repurpose it as a puppy retreat. “Sully loves it. It’s functional because he’s a dog that needs alone time. With two-way entrances he takes his toys and treats in there, and sleeps in there. He’s very attached to that space.” — Tessa Gould, Homeowner The project involved construction such as cutting and moving sheetrock, running new power for outlets and light fixtures, in addition to managing the decor elements like wallpaper, designing the tile, choosing finishes, fixtures and accessorizing, but the work paid off when Sully settled into his space and nodded off to sleep! MAKE YOUR OWN WAVES You can create one-of-a-kind personal spaces like Sully’s cabin. Consider repurposing an awkward nook, walk-in or linen closet or unused space into a new feature in your home, such as a: • Fun play space for your kids • Mudroom • Storage drawers • Built-in shelves or display areas When looking for spaces to repurpose, it can be easier to find open walls in new or existing homes, because many are unfinished under the stairs, behind closets or in basements.


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LIFE IS SWEET “My siblings and I loved Sour Patch Kids candy as a kid. The watermelon flavor reminds me of those happy days, and the colors remind me of my mom because she absolutely loved watermelon. When I got that piece of art, I’d just lost her the winter before and the words ‘Life is Sweet’ painted on top really says it all.” — Tessa Gould, Homeowner After hearing the story, I knew that vibrant piece of pop art — made from candy wrappers suspended in clear epoxy and plexiglass, had to be the focal point of the room. The watermelon color became the palette for the furniture with electric lime green chairs and juicy watermelon red pillows highlighting the hues in the artwork. It was the perfect way for the space to be fun, yet cozy and personal — because not everyone who enters her home knows what it means. “Of course I have lots of pictures of my mom, but this was more of a representation of how she lived her life. It honors her and that’s what I love about it.” — Tessa Gould, Homeowner COLOR YOUR WORLD A designer’s role is to listen and incorporate what you love into a style that works for you and your space. When done well, the details show and the investment made in meaningful touches will stay relevant for years to come. Like Tessa, you can create a restful and calming space and still incorporate color. Give yourself permission to explore and embrace the bold and exciting colors, or cozy and organic styles you loved as a child. When you follow your heart, you will always be happier with the result.

Meet Christen Anderson of Christen Joy: Inspired Interiors & Events Anderson is a Minnesota native with an eye for decor and design. Christen Joy specializes in new-construction commercial projects, exceptional remodels, furnishing high-end living spaces and creating memorable special events. Anderson is also a passionate art collector, world traveler and home cook who frequently entertains for friends.

Join me on Instagram and Facebook to see my latest projects and email me at for design inquires.



Edgewater Condos 42

DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

BY Josiah Kopp | PHOTOS BY Josiah Kopp

DESIGNINGWOMEN2 Linda Birmingham and her team at Designingwomen2 have been providing interior design for over 20 years. Designingwomen2, also known as DW2, delivers products in an ambulance, and assist in diagnosing and creating plans for residential and commercial spaces.

THE PROJECT Linda Birmingham, Interior designer of DesigningWomen2, has been in the process of helping a family with the remodeling of their three vacation condos in Detroit Lakes that are used as an escape for their whole family. The Edgewater condos, located next to the landmark Pavilion in D.L. bring back fond memories for Birmingham. "Ironically, my family vacationed there back in the 70's so the project has really been a treat to work on," says Birmingham. Birmingham first met the couple when they contacted DW2 to help with an emergency decorating project for their daughter’s high school graduation open house. Birmingham and her husband are empty nesters so they know the feeling of children growing up and leaving the nest– kids grow up, graduate from school and pursue their own careers. But when they come back to visit, the Birminghams' wish is to make them feel just as comfortable and at home as they did growing up.

RIGHTSIZING For Birmingham, the first step of the project is rightsizing: "Looking at the lifestyle of empty nesters and determining whether to downsize or resize; I like to call it rightsizing," says DW2 interior designer Linda Birmingham. Birmingham says this project is a unique example of rightsizing. In this case, it's a vacation home. Instead of searching for one vacation home with enough bedrooms for the whole family, they found three condos, one for them and one for each of the kids. It's an awesome concept and a great way to be close while maintains some privacy. The Edgewater condos, which used to be a mid-century inn, was the perfect candidate for space with heritage, character, and a much-needed fresh look. Birmingham and her partner, Kris Carlson, completed two full condo remodels within the complex, let's take a look at each project and their design process along the way.


CONDO #1 THE KITCHEN "When planning the design of both condos, Birmingham had to keep in mind that there is only one window, so keeping things light and airy was a must. Birmingham did, however, chose vinyl floor planks in a fairly dark color to hide the sand and dirt that comes with life at the lake. Clean, white cabinets in the kitchen with touches of green and gold throughout kept the color pallet neutral, yet bright and cheery. “I believe summer homes should have a touch of fun and whimsy added,” said Birmingham.


CONDO #1 THE BAY ROOM "Black and white vintage water skiers were perfect for one of the walls. Marrying them with a silver metal starburst and large framed canvas pulled the kitchen and living area together. This [bay area] is the favorite spot for morning coffee and 5:00 happy hour! White was chosen to tie in with the kitchen cabinets."



BATHROOM STORAGE "Birmingham, with the clients, decided on a glassfront cabinet to store green and white rolled-up towels, laundry pods in a jar, and other laundry/bath accessories. Baskets for smaller items that we want hidden were also added."

THE BATHROOM/ LAUNDRY ROOM "The smallest details, even in a bathroom are important. You’ll notice that the light fixtures and lamps in both condos are very unique. Light fixtures and lamps are the jewels of the home. They should reflect your personality and style just as the jewelry and clothes you wear. The bathroom was totally gutted to make room for a stackable washer and dryer and a new walk-in shower."


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

CONDO #1 THE BEDROOM "The single bedroom had no closet, which was added along with the barn door."


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

CONDO #2 THE LIVING ROOM "We stayed with a neutral color pallet of grey, tan, cream, and taupe. Mixed metals in the light fixtures and wall hangings were also incorporated along with some greens. The simple shiplap fireplace wall replaced a dated dark brick one."


CONDO #2 THE KITCHEN "The kitchen was completely gutted. There used to be a closet and wall dividing the entryway and kitchen. We knocked that out, opened it up, and added a peninsula with stools. Yes, that’s a washer and dryer in the pantry. Sometimes remodels require thinking outside of the box. Kim from Accent Home Improvements helped design the cabinets and pantry, utilizing every square inch."

THE DINING ROOM & ACCENTS Again, lighting was chosen that made a statement throughout the condo.


CONDO #2 THE GUEST & MAIN BATHROOM "Condo 2 has two bathrooms. The tub in the guest bath was but a walk-in shower that was added to the main bedroom. The Main bath shower might be one of my favorite elements of this condo. It was a difficult tile to install, but the installer, Showcase Floors, did a phenomenal job setting it." ••• To work with Designingwomen2 reach out at 701-476-0938 or visit 3499 39th St S, Fargo, ND 58104





DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

Lake Arrow & Oar Sign $54.99 *Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware


Grand Trunk Double Deluxe Parachute Nylon Hammock $49.95 Getting away is good for the soul. Whether you’re hiking on the other side of the world or taking a break in your backyard, our packable two-person parachute nylon hammock is ready to help you take a load off while you plot your next adventure. *Description via

Sand Cloud Wanderlust Beach Towel $47 With this towel, you'll be the grooviest cat on the beach and it floats so you'll never have to worry about losing it on the bottom of the lake! *Description via

Sportsstuff Super Mable $349.99 The Sportsstuff Super Mable is a big tube with a variety of uses. This towable tube provides hours of fun on the water with seating for up to 3 riders and two tow points that allow for multiple riding positions. You can even use the Super Mable as a beach or water lounger! The EVA foam pads and grab handles with knuckle guards keep you comfortable while the durable construction of the Super Mable helps it withstand rough rides. Plus, the high-visibility colors and riser help keep you safe on the open water. Have some fun on the lake this summer with the Sportsstuff Super Mable Tube! *Description via


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White Glass Table Lamp $129.99 Seagrass Baskets $19.99-34.99 White Metal Lanterns $19.99 *Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware


Bedford Stria Frost Throw Blanket $70 *Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware

Fish Seagrass Serving Bowl $40 Blue Table Runner $59.99

*Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware

DV KAP Blue Stripe Pillows $69.99

*Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware


JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker $179.99 The JBL Charge 4 Speaker offers intense, powerful sound in a durable speaker. With Bluetooth® capability, this speaker allows you to wirelessly connect up to two devices so you and a friend can take turns playing music. This Bluetooth® speaker features a built-in power bank capable of charging your phone or tablet so you'll never have to worry about your phone losing power in the middle of your favorite songs. A durable fabric covering, rubber housing, and an IPX-7 waterproof rating keep the JBL Charge 4 protected from drops and falls and extend its lifetime. The JBL Charge 4 Speaker with Bluetooth® delivers louder, clearer sound in a portable wireless speaker, perfect for taking your music with you wherever you go. *Description via

Triumph Tournament Cornhole Game $64.99 During the warm weather season, everyone wants to be outside to enjoy it. The Triumph Tournament Cornhole Bag Toss Game available at SCHEELS provides an easy and pleasant way for hours of fun outdoors. Sturdy and compact, this target cornhole game set is built to last. Take it practically anywhere. Use this bean bag toss game in your backyard, bring it to the beach or pack it

ALPS Mountaineering Rocking Chair $129.99 The Rocking Chair features a comfortable polyester fabric and when combined with its Pro-Tec powder coated steel frame makes for a great seat to relax in at the end of the day. The compact foldable design of this rocking chair makes transportation and storage stress-free and it locks into place when in use to ensure smooth and secure rocking. Whether you're using these chairs on the back deck or around the campfire they'll be the chairs everyone gravitates to. *Description via


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

for your next camping trip. Everyone will enjoy the competition and camaraderie this old-fashioned game provides. This set includes everything you need for warm-weather fun, including two portable game platforms that can be locked together for easy transport. You also get eight bags, including four in blue and four in red to accommodate two teams. *Description via

The Original Aqua Lily Pad 6'x18' $499.99 The Original Aqua Lily Pad 6'x18' allows you to create your own island of fun. This water mat is six feet wide and eighteen feet long, so you have plenty of room for kids and adults to enjoy the water and soak up the sun. Plus, the Aqua Lily Pad makes a good launching pad for water sports like wakeboarding or water skiing. This large water mat rolls up and is secured with two Velcro® straps for easier transport and storage. Make memories and enjoy the sunshine with the Original Aqua Lily Pad. *Description via

XL White Wood & Rope Lantern $159.99 "Seas the Day" Photo Frame $14.99 *Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware

Revelation Driftwood Console $999.99 Oblong Faux Concrete Planters $59.99-79.99

*Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware

Pelican Planter $50

*Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit $569.99 The Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit produces more flame and less smoke for outdoor entertainment. The Yukon fire pit is 27-inches in diameter and can fit logs up to 22-inches long. The 360° Airflow Design™ creates a secondary burn, producing less smoke than other fire pits so you can enjoy the warmth of the fire without irritation from smoke. Plus, the Solo Stove Yukon burns logs to a fine ash for easy cleaning. The Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit is the ultimate backyard fire pit and is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Scheels Outfitters ONE Series Heritage Spinning Rod $399.99 The Scheels Outfitters ONE Series Heritage Spinning Rod is one of the most premium Scheels rods ever built. The ONE Heritage series of rods are constructed with a 46-ton Toray Japanese Graphite blank and premium Fuji components that make this series of rods unmatched in sensitivity and responsiveness. The Fuji TVS reel seat provides optimal feel to pick up on the most minute transmission while still providing an ergonomic grip. The Fuji Titanium Torzite guides compliment the nuanced dynamic blank delivering precise control and line management, and the Evolve SnaggleTooth hook keeper ensures that the line will never get caught up during a cast maximizing lures time in the target area. Be ready for your next fishing trip with the Scheels Outfitters ONE Series Heritage Spinning Rod.

*Description via

*Description via

Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable SUP Board Kit $349.99 The Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable SUP Board Kit offers an inflatable standup paddle board and all the necessary accessories for casual or experienced paddlers to enjoy. This inflatable Retrospec paddle board is made with ArmorStrength PVC that can withstand hits from rocks and waves. Plus, the textured foam deck is as sturdy as a board and provides a no-slip grip for much-needed stability. The Retrospec Weekender 10' is only 17 pounds when fully inflated so you can easily transport it or roll it up compactly for storage. Make sure you have the Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable SUP Board Kit next time you head to the river or lake. *Description via


Sunset Dock Photograph $269.99 Canoe Tray $34.99

*Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

Spikeball Combo Game $59.99 The Spikeball Combo Game will get the entire family outdoors for a fun activity on the beach or at home in the backyard. Landing somewhere between volleyball and foursquare, a Spikeball game involves two teams of two serving and hitting the ball off the Spikeball net for a series of volleys until one team reaches 21 points. The goal of Spikeball is to hit the ball into the net so the opposing team cannot return it. The Spikeball Combo Game comes with everything you need to get started. *Description via

Uttermost Caned Accent Chair $999.99 Blue Woven Lumbar Pillow $44.99

*Available at SCHEELS Home & Hardware


on the market Are you ready to start living the lake life? These beautiful homes are available and could be yours!

1698 Shore Drive E Detroit Lakes, MN 3 beds

3 baths

6,042 sq. ft. 1.45 acres $1,675,000

Contact Matthew Zimmerman at Fpg Realty for more information at 701-361-2141.

20231 S Pelican Drive Pelican Rapids, MN 5 beds

5 baths

8,600 sq. ft.

7.5 acres $1,975,000

Contact Ariana Zavala at Keller Williams Realty Professionals for more information at 218-770-0471.


on the market

13120 Birch Road Lake Park, MN 5 beds

5 baths

4,389 sq. ft. $1,299,000

Contact Lisa Brown at Raboin Realty Llc for more information at 701-840-2578.

30099 440th Street Vergas, MN 8 beds

7 baths

5,933 sq. ft. 0.93 acres $1,500,000

Contact Jarred Nygaard at Re/Max Legacy Realty for more information at 701-659-0149.


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

on the market

34116 Camp Cherith Road Frazee, MN 7 beds

6 baths

14,181 sq. ft. 22 acres $2,200,000

For more information contact Jack Chivers Realty Detroit Lakes at 218-847-3112.

35303 Whaley's Road Ponsford, MN 6 beds

2 baths

1,542 sq. ft.

35 acres $1,199,000

For more information contact Jack Chivers Realty Detroit Lakes at 218-847-3112.


on the market

45045 E Little Mcdonald Drive Perham, MN 5 beds

5 baths

4,650 sq. ft. 1.03 acres $1,595,000

For more information contact Keller Williams Realty Professionals at 218-454-4300.

on the market

308 County Highway 1 Ottertail, MN 4 beds

4 baths

3,763 sq. ft. 1.41 acres $850,000

For more information contact Amanda Armstrong at RE/MAX Signature Properties at 218-205-5542.

51265 Saints Lane Pelican Rapids, MN 3 beds

3 baths

2,529 sq. ft. 0.65 acres $899,000

For more information contact Keller Williams Realty Professionals at 218-454-4300.


on the market

45669 Chippewa Vining, MN 4 beds

4 baths

4,514 sq. ft. 2.67 acres $849,000

For more information contact Andrew Yaggie at eXp Realty at 701-212-5263.

49618 Leek Lake Drive Vergas, MN 5 beds

4 baths

4,144 sq. ft. 5.89 acres $849,000

For more information contact Lisa Jasken at Re/Max Lakes Region at 218-841-8211.


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

on the market

18851 330th Avenue Detroit Lakes, MN 3 beds

6 baths

3,792 sq. ft. 1.96 acres $729,000

For more information contact Executive Realty at 320-230-8886.

on the market

37854 Sunset Ponsford, MN 4 beds

3 baths

1,700 sq. ft. $675,000

For more information contact Deanna Sinclair at ERA Northland Realty at 218-850-6547.

32094 SW Pickerel Lake Road Detroit Lakes, MN 3 beds

4 baths

4,671 sq. ft. 2.18 acres $729,000

For more information contact Patt LaBarre at ERA Northland Realty at 218-841-4854.


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

on the market

50416 Wymer Lake Frazee, MN

2 beds

3 baths

1 acre


For more information contact Julie Baumgart at Coldwell Banker Preferred Partners at 218-841-3664.


nancy NESS

BY Brandi Malarkey | PHOTO BY Josiah Kopp


hat do you get when you add bold colors and layers of paint to seemingly casual textures and drips on canvas? A distinctive art style infused with personality and playfulness. Fargo artist Nancy Ness gestures to the several large canvases she has on display at Gallery 4 in downtown Fargo. Her colorful paintings convey a sense of carefree movement that belies the deliberation and attention to quality that Nancy brings to each piece. “I was looking for a way to create a look that wasn’t soft. I wanted some background showing behind the


color that I was applying. I use brushes sometimes, but a lot of times I will use my hands, then go on to a palette knife from there.” While Nancy has always dabbled in painting and mixed media, her striking nonrepresentational style began as something of an accident. “I had a big canvas in my living room, and I hated it. So one day I whited it out and added pink paint and spray paint and gold foil and changed it completely. I posted the result on social media and right away someone offered to buy it.”


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

That impromptu redecoration has resulted in an enthusiastic art career. In addition to her involvement with Gallery 4, Nancy shows her work in art shows all over the region, and is much sought after to do commissions for both commercial buildings and private homes. “I’ve come a long way,” Nancy laughs. “Sometimes I look back at my first pieces and I just cringe. But I like how my older pieces don’t seem to follow any rules, and I try to keep that in mind.” “When I was in junior high, I started cutting my own hair. I had a two-inch pixie that I cut with a razor blade. Then other people asked me to do their hair. Then I went to beauty school and learned what I was doing wrong. I started cutting hair the right way, but it resulted in less edgy and fun hairstyles. With my art career, I don’t want to follow too many rules. I don’t want to lose the edginess.”


DESIGN & LIVING | J U N E /J U LY 2 0 2 1

There seems little danger in Nancy losing her edge as her art continues to evolve. Her explorations include metallics, multiple shades of the same color, and occasional forays with spray paint. “I do enjoy playing around with other things like landscape, human figures, etc., however, I don’t want to lose my core style. I am a rule follower by nature. I don’t like to get in trouble! So I keep the rules to a minimum. I want to be playful. I want it to give people a feeling of happiness.” Whether a piece is boisterously cheerful or quietly comforting, Nancy has certainly succeeded with her goal. Her dynamic compositions invite the viewer to interact with each piece, continually discovering something new. Unconstrained by convention, Nancy proves that where her art is concerned, minimal rules has resulted in maximum fun. ••• To see some of Nancy's work, visit Gallery 4 at 115 Roberts St. N. Fargo or go to


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