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18 Hanson Runsvold Let Us Help You Honor Your Life Well Lived

20 Set in Stone: Bringing Brockmeyer to Fargo

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Designing With Joy Home is What you Make it Scandinavian - Inspired Bostad Apartments


Enclave Offering up a Plethora of Options Throughout the Metro


Artist Feature: Ken Omundson


30 Plants From Baker Garden & Gift to Personalize Your Place

ON THE COVER On the cover is the Downtown Fargo apartment of longtime friends Lesley Buegel and Juliana Hanson. They gave us an apartment tour that will be sure to warm your heart, inspire your creativity and maybe even fill you with some nostalgia.

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At Design & Living, we love everything about the home; the memories with loved ones, the morning sunrise shining through your bedroom window, the nostalgic scent of apple pie, the crackling of a fireplace. They say home is what you make it – but what makes a living space truly feel like 'home'?

furnished with the latest color palettes and design trends in the industry. After all, this magazine is all about some of the most influential and notable designers, architects and builders in the Red River Valley.

Is 'home' the feeling of returning after a long vacation, or waking up to the first snow of winter next to your loved one, or is it looking down at your feet, seeing gift wrap all about the floor, with the warm scent of spices and holiday cheer in the air? I believe the answer is yes to all of these.

But in this issue, we are shifting gears; we want to give a nod to the creatives, thrifters, and those design-on-a-dime individuals who can take any space, and make it their own little paradise. We want to recognize the artistic imaginations of those on-a-budget DIY'ers who can dream an idea and bring it to life.

Yes, we all love brand new, elegant homes, freshly

We hope this magazine sparks your creativity, and

fills you with inspiration to personalize your own home–because home is what you make it.


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EDITOR & PHOTOGRAPHER Born and raised on the prairies of North Dakota, Josiah’s love for capturing the moment with his camera led him to Spotlight Media in 2020. He graduated from Concordia with a BA in Graphic Design and is currently a photographer for Design & Living. Outside the office, you can find Josiah writing and producing music or chasing a colorful sky with his camera.


German is the marketing designer for Spotlight Media. She is a native of Watertown, S.D. and Northern State University graduate with a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design. In addition to designing marketing materials for print, she also is the graphic designer behind Design & Living.


Anderson is a Minnesota native with an eye for decor and design. She is the owner of Live Christen Joy and is known for her exceptional remodels, expert staging and accessorizing high-end living spaces. Anderson is also a passionate art collector, world traveler and home cook who frequently entertains friends.


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Hanson-Runsvold Let Us Help You Honor Your Life Well Lived

ife, like any good story, has a beginning, a middle and an end. Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home makes every effort to honor each stage in a person’s unique journey and focuses a great deal of time in the area of preplanning to help families we serve prepare for life’s final chapter. Their team has been serving the Fargo-Moorhead community for over 100 years. So, when Gen Eidem started thinking about preplanning, their team was the obvious and only choice for her. “I chose Hanson-Runsvold because they're like family to me, and if you work with them, that’s exactly how you are treated — like family.” – Gen Most people don’t want to think about the time when they are gone. It brings a mix of emotions. The team at Hanson-Runsvold genuinely understands this. They ask the necessary questions to help guide you through things you may have already thought of and also things you may not have, with the ultimate goal of exceeding your expectations.

G en Eidem Fargo/Florid a 18

DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


H a n s o n - Ru nsvol d Fu ne ra l H o m e

215 7th St S, Fargo, ND 58103

Preplanning allows you to communicate your passions, culture, lifestyle, and budget, in a comfortable and relaxed setting. And you don’t need to make all of the decisions at once. Getting the process started is the most important step. “My children are grateful I turned the arrangements over to Hanson-Runsvold. It’s comforting for them and me. I decided I wanted to prepay my funeral to make it easier for my children when I pass on. None of them live near me as I now reside in Florida and having most of the planning done will make it easier for them. That was very important to me. Since if/when I cross over that bridge, and I'm not close to my funeral home, I was reassured that my children simply need to call Hanson-Runsvold and they will take care of everything. That is very, very reassuring. No matter where you are when you pass, they handle it all.” – Gen

A common question is when is a good time to start the preplanning process? The answer is any time. Because life is full of many unknowns and death never comes at a perfect time, having your final wishes in the hands of a team that will celebrate your life with grace and dignity, exactly as you want it, provides a sense of solace. Another benefit to preplanning is having the ability to set aside funds into a funeral policy to pay for your services when the time comes. Hanson-Runsvold helps to set up this policy in a way that protects your assets while ensuring that your family won’t be burdened with those expenses. The entire process is about peace of mind for all.

Throughout the last century of serving the Fargo-Moorhead community and beyond, the compassionate team at HansonRunsvold Funeral Home has been helping to walk families through the most difficult experiences they’ve faced. They also understand that there is no time better than the present to plan ahead, which is why their free preplanning services are available both online and in-person. To find out how you can start the preplanning process, visit or call (701)232-3222.

“My advice to anyone: Just do it! It makes perfect sense for many reasons...first of which is peace of mind. The process was extremely easy. I felt comfortable and comforted the entire time. And, I know that if any of my wishes change as time goes by, they are only a quick call away.” – Gen



Owner Mike Brockmeyer in the new Fargo location Showroom


BRINGING BROCKMEYER TO FARGO Q&A with Owner Mike Brockmeyer 20

DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1



stablished in Grand Forks, Brockmeyer Tile & Stone has been building beautifully articulate spaces for homes since 2001. But as the Red River Valley began to grow, and more home builders sought the cutting-edge work of Brockmeyer, they knew it was time to officially plant their roots in Fargo, opening their second location in West Fargo. We sat down with Owner Mike Brockmeyer to discuss the new location, product offerings, trends and more.


Q: We've seen a lot of expansion/population growth in Fargo/West

Fargo the last few years, bringing in the demand for more countertop businesses. What other factors played into opening a location in Fargo?

A: We were already here [in Fargo] working on a lot of projects–we knew that if we wanted to grow it was going to be in Fargo.

Q: Do you offer free quotes/consultations for new clients looking to start a project?

A: Yes–we believe quotes should always be free. Q: What flexibility do you have with customization options, and are supplies readily available?

A: Yes–We stock a lot of our products. With a lot of other products that are made overseas, there are sometimes shipping delays. Luckily, Some of our products are made right here in the USA.

Q: If clients want to do a DIY project, do you offer that option? A: We do offer that, but we do walk them through the pitfalls. Sometimes

pieces can be heavy, or break easily. We will always recommend the best products. For example, if you want a marble countertop, we may recommend a quartz that looks like marble, as marble is soft and etches easily. One of the main reasons I started my own showroom is because I saw too many other places over-promise and under-deliver. We strive to educate the customer on the front-end, set realistic expectations, and keep them informed throughout the whole process.

Q: What are some common hangups throughout a project that

Brockmeyer prides itself in avoiding? How does your project workflow set you apart?

A: Our biggest strength is lead times, and we're very flexible with

customers. When customers come in to start a new project, we want them to feel comfortable and communicate everything we can accomplish for them upfront.


DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

Brockmeyer offers a wide range of countertop styles and materials


Q: After a project is complete, do you have recommended products for optimal upkeep/cleaning?

A: We carry Latitcrete Stonetech's full line of cleaning products for cleaning, sealing, and stain removal.

Q: Let's discuss design trends– it's easy to talk about what is popular

right now, but what would say are some trends/styles/colors that are going away, and what are some that are on the rise in the near future?

A: People are wanting to bring back some warmth into their homes. I

see beiges, greens, blues coming back. We notice with a lot of the interior designers, they're bringing back a lot more warmth and color. A lot of these interior designers are the groups that help set the trends. Another trend we are noticing is porcelain. •••

Fargo Location: 833 24th Ave E Suite H, West Fargo, ND 58078




Pro-tip: Brockmeyer recommends using Latitcrete Stonetech for your countertops and surfaces.



with joy


Introducing Design and Living’s new series — The Dutch

BY Christen Joy of Christen Joy, chronicling the construction of her distinctive new home and studio.

the process of selections-


DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


ach issue we’ll share recommendations for building your dream home, adding ease to the process, and making choices that will create lasting value. Plus, you’ll get insider-access to the Dutch’s one-of-a-kind design touches and unique designs which will be for clients and guests to enjoy.

My designs typically start with a vision statement. I call it my, “North Star,” because it guides the hundreds of decisions—both big and small, that propel a space beyond simply well-designed to exceptional for my clients by fulfilling their dreams beyond expectation and making each space uniquely personal. HONE IN ON THE INSPIRATION When creating a North Star for clients, I ask for any inspirational images, photos or artwork they can share. I distill that information plus ask probing questions that help me craft a short statement to drive the project. For example: 1. How does the space need to function? 2. How do you want to feel in the space? 3. What elements, styles, or examples can you share that make you feel that way? 4. Who will be in this home? 5. Do you host often or not at all? 6. What brings you joy? Now, you might think because I design day in and day out that when building my own home/design studio that I could just wing it and not write a North Star for my project. But without it, I found myself teetering on where to

bring in trends and where to remain true to its traditional feel, so I sat down and crafted The Dutch’s North Star. My project deserves it and needs it just as much as the others I transform and create. When crafting it, my first goal was to do the home justice. That means selecting finishes to support the time-earned respect and character of a Dutch Colonial. Not leaning on my knee jerk reaction of what my heart was swooning over, but leaning into the true essence of the home. Once the goal was set, I got to play! Blending and layering in my personal design aesthetic, resulting in a one-of-a-kind elevated style. It respects the charm of a Dutch Colonial, yet feels fresh, fun and enjoyable for me. At the end of the day, I want The Dutch to have the charm of a 100-year old home, not feel like a 100-year old lives there! So, when faced with hundreds (if not thousands) of decisions that create a welldesigned home, I need a North Star as my decision-making compass as much as anyone else. Drum roll and red carpet please for The Dutch’s North star.


Exterior Hardware



Entryway D

Landings & Front Walkway

Roofing & Siding Material

Entryway Door

DECIDE FIRST, THEN BUILD – SELECTIONS THAT DEFINE FUTURE SELECTIONS Once Jackson Strom of Strom Architects and I finalized the blueprints for my Dutch Colonial style home and design studio, “The Dutch,” it was time to make decisions on many important architectural elements that’d become defining style elements of the space. First on the list was windows and exterior doors – placement and selection. Long before selecting furnishings or even flooring you’ll be asked to sign off on door and window locations which dictates future options for furniture layouts, art placement, wall sconces and more. I recommend starting by carefully reviewing the plans, thoughtfully imagining each room and how the layout will work. Think about the flow of people, furniture, doors and windows (opening and closing), alignment of walls, corners, outlets, lighting and more to help drive discussions with your architect and builder. For The Dutch, I highlighted to Jackson the importance of natural sunlight throughout the home, especially in the design studio. I also wanted to ensure we didn’t have so many walls taken up with windows that there wasn’t room for artwork. Jackson crafted a plan that struck the perfect balance of natural sunlight in the perfect locations while keeping ample space for my colorful art collection. Without these thoughtful discussions and decisions, you may just wind up with artwork in your closet! Once windows and doors are ordered you can continue on with selections. CURB APPEAL TO STAND THE TEST OF TIME Staying true to my vision for a design that is “Fresh Traditional—timeless, rooted in tradition of a Dutch” my selections for the exterior replicate the look and feel of a historically motivated Cape Cod style home built for contemporary living. This is why it was important to me to maintain the integrity of the design while also complementing the homes in the neighborhood. With that in mind, I took a walk around the development to see what would fit and blend aesthetically. Traditionally, a Dutch Colonial style home would have cedar shake shingles on the entire roof and siding. However, with no homes in my neighborhood with cedar shake shingles, I selected an asphalt roofing product which mimic cedar shakes. I also used a maintenance-free shake as accents on all Gambrel window sections of the roof. Being rooted in tradition, and not rigid, means I will modernize my home’s classic style to fit how we live today.


SIDING: CAPE COD SOPHISTICATION WITH PLAYFUL STYLE The clapboard or Dutch lap siding wraps the exterior in a smooth, clean surface. I chose a creamy white shade to cut the stark white transition between the warm brown shingles. The tint of warmth in the sun-kissed white compliments the colors and is pleasing to the eye.

Swing Doors (includes closets) Polished Nickel

Pocket Doors Polished Nickel

EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR DOORS: HISTORIC AESTHETIC MEETS MODERN DAY LIVING The classic paneled doors of a Dutch Colonial are updated for today’s living. I selected variations of traditional panel style doors and will be painting them a unique Essex Green color which is a dark green true to homes you’d see on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. Classic while also a gorgeous statement color. Above the door, the address numbers are playfully written out in cursive to add personality and whimsy to the entry. The perfect example of the North Star. In the interior of the home, the choice of pocket doors throughout supports my love of entertaining. Pocket doors give the ability to open or close off areas of my home–fitting each party and the level of access I want attendees to have while inside. When hosting, I can close off areas such as the butler's pantry where serving trays, extra crackers, or things I want hidden are tucked away, or the mudroom that’s maybe (or likely) a hot mess! When it’s just London and me at home, we can leave the doors open to enjoy the flow.

Exterior Doors

Interior Doors

Patio Door

Now, as much as I love a pocket door, I wanted to also utilize unique embrasure doors which will lead into the sunroom and office. The doors are a bit of a secret passage and reveal the space as if it’s a hidden gem. When open, the wooden embrasure hinged door (which works similar to a swinging saloon door) tucks completely into the wall. When closed, it flows along the paneled wall, closing off the room. If you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t likely find it. I’ll be sure to share a photo when we’re ready–stay tuned!


Marble Entr y


FLOORING: A MARRIAGE OF MUSTHAVES AND FUNCTIONALITY With lovable London, my 125 pound ’puppy’, I did my best to select a hardwood floor thinking that was going to be a must-have in the home. However, after testing samples from a scratch perspective, I was seeing scratches immediately and also thought about my first home and how the hardwood floors took on a lot of ‘character’ (shall we say) after London found her ‘furever’ home. So, true to my North Star, if I was to live a joy-filled life, that meant not stressing over scratched floors. So, I opted for a laminate product that is going to be a great fit for me and London for years to come. Plus, with laminate on I can change out area rugs as I please!



Hardwood Treads & Landing with Wool Runner

The move to laminate instead of hardwood allowed me to splurge on other gorgeous flooring materials! I opted for an ornate and classic black and white marble floor in the entry and a wool runner in a gorgeous pastel blue hue for the stair runner. It’s the perfect blend of classic and my personal love for blue and pastels.


DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

Marble Gu es

t Bath

APPLIANCES: JEWELS OF YOUR INTERIOR The finishes in The Dutch are unique and selected with great intention to highlight craftsman manufacturers, artists and custom techniques.

impact that bold statement jewelry adds to a little black dress, or how original artwork can become the focal point of any room. When you choose unique, personal items you create a lasting impression of your home that you’re guaranteed to love forever.

For example the exquisite La Cornue range is a glamorous expression of both form and function. It’s sought after by chefs for its material craftsmanship and elite culinary standards, and it is traditional in style while providing a pop of color.

I’ve learned that when considering a selection that you have an immediate reaction to—like I did with the La Cornue range, you will not regret it. Just go for it! A friend of mine had a La Cornue range in her home in Chicago and I instantly feel in love with the design and finishes. When starting selections for The Dutch, I knew I had to explore this option. I

Kitchen appliances can create the same


DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

landed with the CornueFe 110 of La Cornue, in the Roquefort color with stainless steel trim and polished brass accents and handrails. The 2” square color sample alone brings me great joy–I can only imagine how fantastic it will be in The Dutch both from a functionality and design perspective. It’s truly a piece of artwork in the kitchen. To complement the La Cornue and my love of hosting and cooking I opted for Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances which will be paneled. Tucked away – keeping things fresh, chilled or warmed to perfection!

BFF’S – CUSTOM CABINETS AND MARBLE I continue to work with Kaeli Bernier of Wendt Custom Cabinets and we carefully selected a creamy white for the painted kitchen cabinets. The goal of the color was to not feel overly modern or bright, but to blend and harmonize with classic selections and bolder tones throughout the space such as those in the countertops and backsplash. The Dutch will be home to seven bold Carrara Marble slabs which will be honed and used on the countertops and backsplash in the kitchen and butler’s pantry. Coming from Italy, these slabs are darker than what you’d typically think of when thinking of marble. I loved how it brought in more warmth and a bit of drama into the space. There’s a pop of contrast but never a clash between colors or materials.

Cabinetry • Windows & Doors • Roofing • Siding

Decking • Insulation • Lumber • Hardware DETROIT LAKES • 218-847-2188 FERGUS FALLS • 218-739-4481 MOORHEAD • 218-233-2754

PLUMBING FIXTURES: SPARKLE AND SHINE Appreciating and collecting art through my travels around the world inspires me to showcase the beauty in the craftsmanship of artisans in my own home. I do this by looking for ways to support and share the work of talented craftsman when selecting timeless and original fixtures and appliances. Just like the kitchen range, I searched out an artisan maker for the plumbing fixtures throughout the home. I opted for House of Rohl and their various lines–the pieces have supporting stories that I gravitated towards and the fixture were no doubt the right look for the home. The perfect blend of art and meeting the Dutch’s look. Faucets throughout the home act as a layer of jewelry in the space with each space having its own unique look and feel. However, rooted in timelessness, I opted for Polished Nickel throughout. “When faced with countless decisions that come with any custom build for finishes on light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, door and cabinet hardware, having my North Star focused my decision making. It gave me instant ability to limit all permanent or rarely changed fixtures to a polished nickel finish, and changeable fixture items such as light fixtures, accents or appliances to gold or champagne toned brass.”

craftsman who has apprenticed for eight years before making an original, signed sink that’s guaranteed for a lifetime of use. The Shaws blue logo is elegantly seen on the inside of the sink–a stamp of craftsmanship earned and appreciated. These are the stories I look forward to sharing with my clients and guests as we tour the home. BE UNIQUE. BE PERSONABLE. Just like me, finding your North Star before starting your custom home build or remodeling project can be key to navigating the simple decisions you’ll make and your toughest choices. It’s the key to bringing your personal style and unique touches back to the forefront when things get rushed, unclear or put up for debate. Let your guide steer you back to your destination–as you can see, it’s helped me make countless decisions already with The Dutch! _ The Dutch Dream Team Architect – Jackson Strom of Strom Architecture Builder – Chris Schuler of Century Builders Interior Design – Christen Joy

Since 1897, The Shaws of Rohl has produced handmade fireclay sinks in the United Kingdom. The company credits human touch for making their product unique and original. Each fireclay sink is hand poured, hand shaped and twice glazed by a single

Meet Christen Anderson of Christen Joy: Inspired Interiors & Events Anderson is a Minnesota native with an eye for decor and design. Christen Joy specializes in new-construction commercial projects, exceptional remodels, furnishing high-end living spaces and creating memorable special events. Anderson is also a passionate art collector, world traveler and home cook who frequently entertains for friends.

Join me on Instagram and Facebook to see my latest projects and email me at for design inquires.












H A N S O N .

BY Josiah Kopp | PHOTOS BY Josiah Kopp


here's no greater feeling than moving into a fresh apartment space, staring at the framework of an unfurnished vacancy filled with so much potential, and dreaming of all the ways you will make it your very own haven. Longtime friends Lesley Buegel and Juliana Hanson did just that when moving into their Downtown Fargo apartment this past winter. Follow along for an apartment tour that will be sure to warm your heart, inspire your creativity and maybe even fill you with some nostalgia. Anyone who has lived in an apartment knows that the process of touring apartments and trying to find the perfect fit can create a lot of stress. Perhaps it's a twist on HGTV's House Hunters, as you begin weighing your options, setting your budget and formulating your 'pros and cons' list. But when the moment arrives and you've found the glass slipper apartment, it's a truly wholesome feeling–and the process of personalizing the space and making it your home begins to take shape. For Lesley and Juliana, finding this apartment was love at first sight.


PROS & CONS LIST In the fall of 2020, the two friends had been apartment hunting for a while when Juliana came across the apartment listing on Facebook Marketplace. After touring the space, they knew immediately it was the perfect fit and moved in December of 2020. Lesley and Juliana had a list of 'make or breaks' in helping them in the apartment hunt. In addition to lots of natural lighting and overall space, Juliana wanted a kitchen where she didn't feel claustrophobic. "[I wanted] a decent kitchen, that's important to me since I cook a lot," said Juliana, admiring the large butcher's block-style countertop. "I didn't want to be crammed into one little counter space." Additionally, the apartment sported a spacious bathroom, which instantly had both Lesley and Juliana sold.


THRIFTING: A BUDGETFRIENDLY GUIDE TO DECORATING When it came time to start decorating the apartment space, Lesley and Juliana went the budget-friendly route. The two friends left no stone unturned, from searching online resources such as Facebook Marketplace to thrifting around local garage sales, estate sales, and occasional visits to furniture retailers like IKEA. "We started out thrifting like crazy," said Lesley. "We were sending each other like 10 links a day [on Facebook Marketplace]." According to Lesley and Juliana, about 75 percent of the decor you see in the photos is thrifted in some way or another. The orange chair, for example, was acquired from junk week. The living room coffee table is also a great example of thrifting, as it was picked up off the curbside. "Julie and I sanded it down and re-stained it," said Lesley. "And we just based the rest of the living room around that central hub of conversation." You may be wondering, 'where's the TV?' The girls opted for a projector over a TV for space and aesthetic reasons, which helps tie a bow on the space as a whole, making it feel timeless, almost.


DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1



DESIGN INSPIRATION For Lesley and Juliana, having their apartment space on the fourth floor, eyelevel with the trees, almost makes their home feel like a little urban tree house. They wanted the space to reflect that with plants and art, providing liveliness and color. The hanging flowers in the kitchen, for example, were inspired by Prairie Petals as well as their Pinterest boards. "Having lots of plants and colors helps keep [the space] lively all year-round," said Juliana. A lot of the other decor in the apartment was either inherited or collected–and they simply made it work within the space. Lesley drew a lot of design inspiration from her journals, which are filled with collages of themes, aesthetics, and vibes–essentially like miniature mood boards. And that's the approach they went for–as each page is different, so are all of the walls and patterns. "We didn't need it all to match–at all–and it doesn't," giggled Lesley. "I love the put-everything-in-one-spot collage vibe, so that's what we went for–we really wanted it to be homey and colorful."

"Especially during the lock down and pandemic, we were both such homebodies," said Juliana. "So having a warm, cozy, and colorful space that we never wanted to leave [was important]–because we couldn't," they both laughed. "This was my first endeavor with interior design, so I wasn't sure how my art was going to take shape," said Lesley. "I saw the empty apartment as a blank canvas and I had a lot of fun stretching my visual brain to switch between the 2D perspective in needing to organize the walls, and 3D perspective to style the furniture and rooms." "I think one of the most exciting things about moving in with someone and creating a new space is seeing all the styles intersected," said Juliana. Lesley incorporated several different styles, shapes, textures, colors and mediums in each space, combining her own pieces with others to balance the visual weight. "There are a few of my paintings up on different walls in the apartment, but I consider the real masterpiece of my work here to be the space as a whole, and how you feel when you walk through the door, explore the rooms, and make yourself at home," said Lesley. 46

DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1

JULIANA'S BEDROOM "I draw lots of inspiration from my Pinterest boards – but also from pieces of art that catch my eye," said Juliana. "I like to think about how colors interact with each other and how I can layer textures to make a space cozier and more visually intriguing." Juliana loves to visit antique stores to look for anything from trinkets, vintage postcards, lamps and other furniture pieces. "Vintage items add so much character to a room and you can also find high-quality pieces for a decent price point," said Juliana. Often when she moves, Juliana will switch up the decor style of her bedroom for a breath of change. For this one, she was aiming for something that felt cozy and elegant at the same time. Juliana also loves to add any bits of natural elements that she can, with houseplants, dried bundles of eucalyptus, and flowers. "The bit that makes this bedroom feel most like home is all of the photos of loved ones and art everywhere," reminisces Juliana. "All of them are very intentionally chosen because they bring me so much joy to look at, and remembering the moment the photo was taken or the memory of when I bought the piece of art." 47

LESLEY'S BEDROOM "I aimed for a biophilic, maximalist design with my room," said Lesley. "Actually, I put what felt most right to me in my room and it ended up having a biophilic and maximalist design." Prior to moving in, Lesley only had her bed, books, a box full of old photos and postcards, and a Pinterest board when she and Juliana moved into the apartment. "I chose pieces that fit what I want most from a bedroom: comfort and inspiration," said Lesley, "The plants and furniture (and bed!) offer comfort, and my prints and montages on the walls inspire me regularly. Every single piece I own has a story behind it–that's my favorite part about my room, and the whole apartment: the stories and memories behind each piece that I have collected and incorporated into my living space. That's what makes it home to me."


THE BATHROOM Lesley and Juliana had fun decorating the bathroom–a lot of the pieces ended up there because they didn't have another place for them. "I think we needed one room where we could be funky and have more entertaining content for ourselves and our guests instead of aesthetically pleasing pieces in the rest of the apartment," said Lesley. "There are lots of plants in here because we put greenery in every corner of every room possible!"


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UNDER THE LIGHTS The apartment space is warm, bright, and lively during the day–but upon move-in, Lesley and Juliana quickly realized how underwhelming the space felt under the minimal lighting that was provided. So they gave the space a lighting glow-up (pun intended), and now when the stars come out at night, the space transforms into a timeless portal, full of moody lighting and relaxing vibes–the kind of place where you could have deep conversations long into the night. Take a look at how the space transforms in the nightlife. ••• You can see more of Lesley's work and projects at or on Instagram @lesleydidthat






BY Brady Drake


here's just something about downtown living in Fargo, you simply can't beat being in the heart of our great city with its myriad of dining options, fitness facilities and palpable vibrancy. The beautiful Bostad Apartments by Kilbourne Group, located at 117 Broadway North, open the doors to all of these things while honoring the heritage of Fargo's yesteryears and offering a twist on Scandanavian design that is all its own.


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THE HISTORY OF 117 BROADWAY NORTH 117 and 119 Broadway, or the Bristol and Sweet, was a building designed in 1907 by the Hancock Brothers, George and Walter, who were North Dakota’s first licensed architects. After the Great Fire of 1893 destroyed much of downtown, they designed half of the replacement buildings throughout Fargo. The Bristol and Sweet Harness Company occupied this space until 1920.


The first floor of 117 Broadway was home to the Roxy Theater during the Great Depression in 1932. At that time, matinees were 15 cents and evening movies were 20 cents. In 1977, the location became the Broadway Theater, however, the original theater stage and floor with raised seating still exist as they did not demolish it, they just built over the top of it. Downtown was a hot spot for theaters. The Liberty Theater was located at 115 Broadway and was formerly known as the Savoy Theater and before that, it was the Ideal Theater. The Ideal Theater opened in 1906 and seated 400 and was home to Nerhaugen’s Union Orchestra. The theater was destroyed by fire in 1924 and the Broadway Hotel was built.

BECOMING BOSTAD The location began a transformation into what is now Bostad Apartments in 2016. The project took approximately three years to complete due to the scope of the renovation. However, Kilbourne Group always had the preservation of heritage in mind. "Our goal was to retain as many of the original elements of the buildings as we could," said Kilbourne's Project Manager Heather McCord Dominguez. "We salvaged all existing brick, existing trusses and ceilings. Every apartment unit has existing brick walls and original window openings." Another major emphasis in the redesign was a focus on Scandanavian design elements. In fact, the name of the apartments, Bostad, is a Swedish noun for residence, dwelling or home. "We really went for Swedish minimalistic," said McCord Dominguez. "Scandinavia is known for harsh climates with limited sunlight for many months of the year, not unlike Fargo. Bostad has 13 skylights. We salvaged nearly every window and skylight in order to allow our residents to harvest as much light as possible." Each apartment has at least one wall of original yellow brick, which helps introduce a lot of warmth to each space. To learn more about the Bostad Apartments or to book a showing, please visit


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Photo Credit: Horizons



COMING SOON: MERCANTILE The mixed-use Mercantile project on Broadway in downtown Fargo is a publicprivate partnership between The City of Fargo, Kilbourne Group, and Tom and Kari Smith, owners of the historic Great Northern Bicycle Company. The project includes 367 public parking spaces, 100 apartments for-sale condominiums, ground-floor retail space, and substation for the Fargo Police Department. The garage is wrapped on all sides with mixed-use and residential private development. Smith is building nine owneroccupied housing units called The Great Northern Block. The project has been labeled Mercantile in homage to the four-story brick structure that was built in 1909 for Fargo Mercantile Co., a wholesale grocer. Designed by the Hancock Brothers and constructed by C.H. Johnson & Co., the building was demolished in 1966. “Downtown is the vibrant core of our community and it continues to grow and evolve,” said Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney at the December 18, 2019 ground-breaking ceremony. “It’s a regional epicenter for the arts, entertainment and commerce. We are creating an active city center built around thriving downtown businesses and beautiful, natural features. All of this is possible due to strong partnerships between the City, our businesses and our community organizations.” “As the caretakers of the historic Great Northern Depot, we are excited to be a part of this development and to create a building, a community, that will benefit from and enhance the area around the new parking garage,” said Tom Smith, developer of the owner-occupied residences. “We will honor the history and significance of the Depot and The Great Northern Block, and its homeowners will become a part of the fabric of downtown Fargo.” To learn more, visit


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BY Brady Drake


t’s a milestone year for Enclave as they celebrate 10 years of business and a new home office in West Fargo. The development, construction and property management company was founded in 2011 by a then 27-year-old Ben Meland and 24-year-old Austin Morris. Enclave has since grown from a two-person startup to more than 100 team members across ND, SD and MN. Their projects include multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, retail and industrial projects across the Midwest. We had a chance to catch up with them on a few of their mixed-use residential and multifamily projects right here in the area.


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WILD OAK Located in Fargo’s historic Oak Grove neighborhood, Wild Oak is a mixed-use residential community nestled along the Red River and adjacent to downtown Fargo. Comprised of 14 top-floor for sale condos with 117 apartment homes below, the community is designed for residents drawn to a balance between natural and urban lifestyle. The project is expected to break ground in fall of 2021, with a January 2023 completion date. Inspiration for the building comes from the site’s serene natural setting, tree-lined streets and connectivity to Fargo’s vibrant downtown atmosphere. The customizable condos range from 1,200-2,500 sq. ft. and will be offered in three design themes (Classic American, Timeless Traditional and Sophisticated Modern). •

Timeless Traditional Charm and elegance that never goes out of style. The Timeless Traditional design combines decorative molding with a classic palette to create an environment as beautiful as it is comfortable.

Classic Americana This style embraces natural elements with crisp white backdrops that evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. Contemporary touches create a modern spin on rustic design to bring an elevated level of sophistication.

Sophisticated Modern Simplicity shines in our version of Sophisticated Modern. Clean lines, a simple color palette and mixed materials offer a design that is interesting without being overdone.

The lofty 12-foot ceilings and oversized windows provide a wash of natural light and highlight views of Downtown Fargo, Wildflower Grove Park and the site’s riverscape setting. The separate entrance and private elevator for condo owners provides an added level of privacy. All Wild Oak tenants will enjoy the community’s many unique amenities which include connectivity to area trails and parks, enclosed parking and bike storage, a fitness and yoga studio, community lobby, a clubroom and more. The condos are now pre-selling. For details, visit or contact Enclave Developer Tim Gleason at 701.997.2569. The apartments are anticipated to begin leasing in 2023.



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LYV AT UPTOWN & MAIN Earlier this summer, Enclave began an expansion to their current development at Uptown & Main along the Veterans Boulevard corridor. Their newest addition, Lyv at Uptown & Main, is a 155,000 SF mixed-use building that includes 110 apartment homes and nearly 5,000 SF of first-floor retail space. Scheduled for completion in fall of 2022, the community includes sheltered green space, multiple community patios, fitness and yoga studio, an alcove, one-, two- and threebedroom floor plans with impressive 10-foot ceilings. This community offers modern uptown living for animal lovers and people who enjoy an active lifestyle and convenience with its many amenities. “The overall design of the entire development is to cultivate an “Uptown Way” in which residents, tenants and visitors all have walkable access to living quarters, shopping, dining and entertainment,” said Austin Morris, Co-Founder of Enclave. “The second phase of this development with Lyv at Uptown & Main really helps bring that vision to life. Our team is incredibly proud to be shaping and contributing to this area along the bustling Veterans Boulevard with an approach rooted in community.” The first phase of Uptown & Main opened in 2019 and has 24,500 square feet of retail space on floor one, topped by three floors with 67 luxury apartment homes. The development’s current retail tenants include Caribou Coffee & Einstein Bagels, McAlister’s Deli, Plaza Azteca and Gunderson’s Jewelers. Hope Lutheran Church, Ellery Milan Beauty and Crafted by Trevor Hill are all scheduled to open at Uptown & Main later this year.

MOSAIC – NOW OPEN! Mosaic, one of the company’s most recently completed communities celebrated its grand opening in August. The downtown Fargo community is adjacent to Enclave’s 2017 project, 300lime. Similar to its neighbor, Mosaic offers first-class finishes and boasts highly desirable downtown living conveniences like heated underground parking, a pet-spa, secure package storage, complimentary espresso bar, second-floor amenity deck, clubroom and fitness studio. The site size of just over half an acre presented a unique opportunity to create a community that provides for 92 apartments homes, amenities and ample parking. Inspired by its namesake, the design includes geometric patterns throughout with a neutral palette that’s balanced by cool, vibrant colors. Similar to the interior, the building’s exterior is representative of the name Mosaic and exemplifies the company’s desire to bring new products to the marketplace and create spaces that are truly unique. “Enclave stands for creating something unique from its surroundings. Every time a tenant or guest walks into one of our buildings, we want them to feel like it was designed just for them,” commented Morris. Other local projects include expansions at two south Fargo communities, The Retreat at Urban Plains and The Edition. The company also recently broke ground on Southmoor Square and The Emery apartments, a Moorhead 8th street redevelopment initiative. ••• Enclave 701.478.4300





BY Brandi Malarkey



hot beverage in a favorite cup is a small pleasure many people love to indulge in. Contributing to that experience is one of the joys artist Ken Omundson loves about his work. “I have always liked making mugs because it is a very personal item. People find one that really works for them, and they don’t understand why they always go back to it. Something about the way it looks, or the way it feels in their hands. They use it every day, and there is something... something very intimate.”


Ken sits behind a row of new pottery pieces he is getting ready to set out for display at Gallery 4, the downtown Fargo artist cooperative gallery of which he is a member. His work ranges from small, decorative tiles to large urns and vases, utilizing both hand-building and wheelthrowing techniques. “I do some decorative pieces, like figurines. But I like to make functional things that go directly into people’s hands. A cup, or a butter keeper, or a garlic grater. I like the challenge of making something that works.” Indeed, the smooth lines and soft blues, greens, and earth tones of his glazes create an inviting simplicity that belies the very complex process behind his work. “I like developing the method or design. I know what I am doing and how I want to do it before I start. I visualize it and build it in my head. Then I might develop a pattern. Then modify the pattern. Then make a template, and modify the template. I don’t really have a signature element to my work, because I don’t like making the same thing over and over.” While some of Ken’s continual modifications are to improve function, like ensuring bird seed doesn’t mold by preventing standing water in his outside bird feeders, others are purely aesthetic.


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Ken gestures to a group of hand-built teapots, each distinctly different from its neighbors. “Even when I have a template where I think that is as far as I will go with the overall design, they will have different surface designs. Even if they are the same design, they are open to so many different ways of being glazed.” Even his seemingly straightforward ceramic mugs are the result of continual experimentation. “You have to remove the cup from the bat [flat discs that attach to a pottery wheel]. One way is with a wire. What if I use a different kind of wire? What if I wiggle the wire when I am doing it? What patterns will that make on the bottom of the cup?” he asks, demonstrating with his hands in the air, his enthusiasm for the process unmistakable. “There are so many steps where you can put your own little interpretation and method into it.” The result of so much experimentation? Bringing unique art into the familiarity of daily use. “Simple”, beautiful, and as comforting as that warm beverage in a favorite, hand-thrown ceramic mug.


BY Brady Drake | PHOTOS BY Josiah Kopp



to Personalize Your Place


e all want our own cozy little places to be special. And sure, a great piece of furniture or a nice painting will do the trick. However, nothing helps a room breath quite like a plant can. That's why we teamed up with Baker Garden & Gift to show you 30 beautiful plants that can help you can buy to help personalize your space.


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PLANTS 1. MOTHER-IN-LAW'S TONGUE (Sansevieria trifasciata "Moonshine ") 2. ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) 3. GOLDEN POTHOS (Epipremnum aureum)

1. 2.







4. HEARTLEAF PHILODENDRON (Philodendron hederaceum) 5. HAWAIIN SUNSHINE DRACAENA (Dracaena aurea) 6. SPIDER PLANT (Chlorophytum comosum)


7. ALOE VERA (Aloe barbadensis miller)

7. 71




8. CAST IRON PLANT (Aspidistra elatior) 9. LADY PALM (Rhapis excelsa) 10. JADE (Crassula ovata)

9. 10.


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PET FRIENDLY 1. FALSE ARALIA (Plerandra elegantissima) 2. STAGHORN FERN (Platycerium) 3. ROSE-PAINTED CALATHEA (Calathea roseopicta)

1. 2.

3. 73


PLANTS 4. HEART FERN (Hemionitis arifolia) 5. PEPEROMIA FROST (Peperomia caperata "Frost") 6. AFRICAN VIOLET (Saintpaulia) 7. WAX PLANT (Hoya) 8. BURRO’S TAIL (Sedum morganianum) 9. AIR PLANTS (Tillandsia) 10. MONEY TREE (Pachira aquatica)

4. 5.

6. 74

DESIGN & LIVING | A U G U S T/ S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1


9. 10.





EXOTIC UNIQUE 1. PHILODENDRON MERLOT (Philodendron erubescens) 2. PHILODENDRON MICAN (Philodendron scandens 'micans') 3. SILVER SWORD (Philodendron hastatum) 4. HOYA ROPE (Hoya carnosa 'Compacta) 5. RAVEN ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia "Raven") 6. FICUS TRIANGULARIS VARIEGATED (Ficus triangularis variegata)



5. 77


PLANTS 7. STROMANTHE TRIOSTAR (Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar) 8. CALATHEA RUFIBARBA (Goeppertia rufibarba) 9. BLUE KEW (Sansevieria pinguicula 'Blue Kew') 10. FICUS ALLI (Ficus maclellandii)


9. 10.



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