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have been thinking lately about why people in our area work so hard and go through so much extra effort, time and money to achieve this dream of waking up each weekend at the lake. To an outsider, the thought of this type of investment for a mere 13 - 14 weekends, or roughly 40 days out of the year, sounds absurd. To us, it is the ultimate dream and for many, the ultimate retirement. Last weekend as I sat drinking my coffee, taking in the view at my own family’s lake place, I was quickly reminded of all the reasons why this simple purchase of lake property means so much to us. I don’t believe that it is the need to have vacation property or even the view that reels us in. I believe it is what comes with this view: this innate ability to gather all of your friends, and, most importantly, family, in one place every amazing weekend of the summer. What other recreation could force us all to get together and spend every summer weekend as one complete family unit. I believe this because my brothers and I were lucky. At a young age my parents cultivated this great interest in the lakes with camping trips starting in tents and gradually working our way up to the ever popular Winnebago. Needless to say, as we entered high school, we outgrew the Winnebago and soon started to part ways on the weekends. A cabin was in our near future and we once again found ourselves gathering every weekend on the lake and around bonfires. My parents had given us the itch:

the itch to see the water like glass at sunset, to be near nature and to create the perfect star lit bonfire. Now the goal is to create that experience for my own growing family.


I hope that in this issue you enjoy seeing the beautiful cabins and lake homes that so graciously opened their doors for us. We also show you some stunning landscape designs that will have you searching for your own, hopefully not too elusive, green thumb. In our upcoming September issue, we will feature many of the best designers, builders, landscapers and artisans. We’ll not only tell you, but show you exactly what makes them the area’s top trendsetters. Once again, thank you for your support of this local publication and taking the time to read through our pages. We look forward to hearing any feedback you may have to contribute or better this publication. From our family to yours, take time to enjoy the best days of summer as they are officially upon us.


LAKE LIVING AT ITS FINEST Design & Living takes our readers on an exclusive tour of lake homes in the Detroit Lakes and Ottertail Lake areas. See an eclectic mix of quaint cabins and extraordinary designs.

12 BUILDER PROFILE We sat down with lake home pros Ben Meland and David Reid from Radiant Homes to find out their thoughts behind their most recent build.


SIMPLICITY We introduce you to artist Kriss LeCocq and the simplistic design that launched her signature line of pillows into prestigious stores nationwide.

76 BOUTIQUE RETREATS A trip to the lakes area is never complete without a little resort town shopping. We feature three lakes area boutiques that can help freshen up your summer décor.


LAKE REAL ESTATE Get tips from lake home realtor Dirk Ockhardt, owner of Jack Chivers Realty, on when to buy and what to look for in lake property.


Feature Photo by Helio Studio Pelican Lake Home by T.L. Stroh Architects

UPCOMING ISSUE: September will once again be our “Best Of” issue. Get to know some of the area’s most talented individuals in the fields of interior design, construction, architecture and landscape design.


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BuilderProfile By Tracy Nicholson Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography

Ben Meland & David Reid

of Radiant Homes recently sat down with us to discuss what they do and how they do it so well. This team of expert builders and craftsmen focus on making a client’s dream of a new home or lake retreat a reality. For them, it’s all in the people and the details. As project managers, Meland and Reid build some of the most exciting and creative homes and lake homes in the region. Their focus on achieving exactly what the client wants, with no design or construction constraints, sets them apart as innovators in this region. Radiant’s team of finish carpenters are not new to the game and have honed their craft. Unique designs and finish details have become the norm and this team loves the challenge. Radiant knows every client is different and these project managers have mastered tailoring each new home experience to each client.

What is Radiant’s overall goal in this region? Every day we work hard to be the area’s master builder and innovator. All our projects are designed by an architect. Clients hire Radiant because they want a distinctive home or lake home that can’t be found elsewhere. Every home we build is as vastly different from each other as the clients that walk in our door. With Radiant, you truly get exactly what you want – no stock floor plans. Your home will be unique to you.

As project managers, what is your most interesting project to date?

Ben Meland, Radiant Homes Partner (left) & David Reid, Radiant Homes Project Manager (right)


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

All our projects are interesting in different ways. We built a very modern lake home on Pelican this past year that turned out gorgeous. On historic 8th Street we did a remodel/addition of an English Tudor house built in the early 1900s and had the challenge of matching new and old finishes. It was a remarkable finished product — it would be difficult to tell where the new and old start and stop. We also built a stunning Cape Cod craftsman home in south Fargo. All of the projects are different and that’s what makes this fun. It’s very motivating to have the opportunity to impress clients with completely different needs and design preferences.


What do you feel is the most important aspect to creating a great lake home?


The most important aspect is creating a place where you’ll love to be, whether the weather is amazing, gray or cold. In our neck of the woods, we don’t get the longest summer, but we cherish it, so how the home works with the outdoor space is important. But, the inside space becomes equally important on those dreary or cold days. In the end, it comes down to the client’s personality. People hire us to accomplish their dream lake retreats because we can work with all different aesthetics. Whether the client loves craftsman or post-modern styles, or a mixture of different design elements, we can make it happen.


Photos provided by Radiant Homes

Historic 8th Street Renovation

What inspired you to work in the construction industry? Reid: I grew up immersed in the high-end residential market in east Tennessee. My dad is an architect, still practicing there, who also built several homes for himself. I considered several different career paths in college until I came full circle back to what I had always known. I have always been intrigued by how structures are put together and inspired by architecturally-driven and one-of-a-kind homes. I am driven by the desire to marry truly great design with unparalleled quality and functionality. Meland: I grew up working in the retail lumber business with my family. Also, my cousin was a gifted architect, so I got to see many of the great high-end homes he designed. I was always intrigued by unique, new home builds, the challenges each build faced, and the ways a great builder overcomes those challenges. It was disheartening hearing about people having a bad experience with their contractor. That said, I knew if I were to do this, I not only wanted to be an innovator in the market and make the impossible possible for clients, I also wanted to give clients the best possible experience I could for their future dream home.


Modern Shingle Style

What are some of the biggest trends in new builds right now?

Contemporary Great Room

• Saunas have been a recent trend that our company has been repeating on a number of projects lately. They were really popular in the 60s and 70s and then kind of disappeared for a while. • Wine cellars. We’ve crafted a number of custom wine cellars that turned out beautifully. That’s definitely been a popular item on our clients’ lists. • Replacing older, generational lake homes with new stunning lake retreats will continue to happen. Clients enjoy designs and ideas that incorporate reclaimed materials from the old cabin that carry through some of the nostalgia and sentiment.

What are some notable and recent projects that you are working on? Pre-cast garage with full basement below, featuring a car elevator to lower and store classic cars in the basement. Indoor pool. Rooftop patio with sauna and outdoor kitchen.

Downtown Rooftop Patio

Radiant Homes ADDRESS 325 7th St. S #300, Fargo PHONE 701-478-4000 WEBSITE



HBA Offers Six Tips Before House Hunting WITH THE RIGHT PLANNING, many people who rent the home in which they live could afford to buy one. Educating yourself about the process and responsibilities of being a homeowner will most likely save time, stress and even money in the end. Before you find a home you like, one of the first steps is determining what you can afford. By Carlita Dietz


REVIEW YOUR SAVINGS. A certain amount in savings is sometimes needed to apply toward earnest money/down payment and closing costs. There are loan programs available (e.g., USDA and VA mortgage programs) that require less cash payment at closing. Be prepared for some costs that you cannot finance through your loan; there are some costs that must be paid at the closing, the day that you buy your home.


REVIEW YOUR DEBT RESPONSIBILITIES. Consider how debt, in relation to income, will influence a lender’s decision on your mortgage loan amount. Additional debt from house payments on top of existing debt might restrict your lifestyle.


GET PRE-APPROVED AND PREQUALIFIED WITH A LENDER. A lender can help you find the right loan or assistance programs available to purchase a home. Tools are included in the HBA’s Membership Directory & Consumer Guide to help you estimate the house price you can afford, including a buyer’s cost statement and loan application checklist.

This guide is available to view at, or you may pick up a free copy at many FM Area businesses.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

Carlita Dietz is the 2014 president of the HBA of FM’s board of directors. She serves as vice president of Jay Dietz Construction, Inc., and has been a realtor since 2000 with licenses in both North Dakota and Minnesota. She and her husband, Jay, live in Mapleton, N.D., and have three children.


MONTHLY EXPENSES MAY INCREASE. The purchase of your home will likely change how much you need to spend on expenses. If you have trouble saving now, your finances might be too tight with the purchase of a home. If the time is financially right for you to purchase a home, consider the advantages that ownership has over renting.


THINK OF IT AS SCHEDULED SAVINGS. As a home owner, your monthly mortgage payments serve as a type of savings plan. Over time, you will accumulate what lenders call “equity” – an ownership interest in your house that you may be able to borrow against or convert to cash by selling the house. Renters continually pay rent to a landlord for as long as they rent without the opportunity to build up equity.


CHECK OUT THE INCENTIVES available through local jurisdictions or state governments at or in the HBA’s Membership Directory & Consumer Guide.

For those who would like a complete overview of the home buying process, The Village Family Service Center offers home buyer education workshops which include all elements of purchasing a home from beginning to end. Check out or contact The Village Family Service Center at (800) 450-4019.



WHAT IS THE HBA? The mission of the Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead is to provide quality services, benefits and education to their members and the community. Striving to be a visible and proactive influence, the association represents the collective interests of the home building industry.



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By Lisa Marchand



Photos by Tiffany Swanson



ometimes the best things in life are the simplest. Kriss LeCocq is a testament to that,

from her streamlined downtown apartment to her classically simple White Line pillow collection. The Fargo designer is the mastermind behind the black and white screen print throw pillows that adorn lake homes and townhomes alike. LeCocq, who used to own the downtown boutique Funky Junque, now runs her White Line company from the comfort of her home. What began as a small-scale endeavor has catapulted into a rapidly expanding business, and people can’t get enough of LeCocq’s designs. Her pillows are popping up in stores from coast to coast and have made their way across oceans into places like the Bahamas and Japan. She even did an order for Anthropologie last fall. But only two stores in Fargo carry the White Line: Scheels and ShannaLee. “I keep them so that it’s zip code friendly, so I don’t oversell,” LeCocq explained. “So I don’t have them in every store going down the street.”

From start to finish, LeCocq is part of the process. After receiving orders and prepping the fabric, she hauls it all to Grand Forks, where she screen prints every last pillow case by hand. Then, she returns to her Fargo apartment, begins the sewing process and places her signature grommet in the top left corner. “The funny thing is, I didn’t know anything about screen printing, and I didn’t know anything really about sewing,” LeCocq said. “I would make things for my own home because I could never find what I wanted out there so I would just make it. But, other than that, I didn’t have a clue.” As orders continue to pour in, she has considered having the pillows manufactured. However, the quality of her work is nearly impossible to replicate. She said she cannot justify raising the prices and giving her loyal customers less of a product.

“It’s hard to keep up with all of the ends of it. That being said, I’d be bored to death if I didn’t do all of it.” The clean, straightforward designs of the pillows fit in easily at vintage shops as well as contemporary stores. LeCocq said their versatility keeps her from being boxed in. “What sells them is the simplicity, and I have so many people say that,” she said. White Line also includes tabletop linens, and the small business owner hopes to continue expanding. She hopes to become a catalog company that stores can order from, perhaps one that includes a complete line of home furnishings. With this woman’s drive, nothing can stop her. “You’re the only one who holds yourself back,” she said. “If you can think it, I feel like you can do it. You just have to find a way.”

Even though LeCocq wears all the hats in her business, she likes it that way.



“If you can think it, I feel like you can do it. You just have to find a way.” Kriss LeCocq’s Step by Step Process 1. LeCocq receives hundreds of yards of fabric and rips them into squares. 2. She marks what orders need to be completed. 3. She heads to Grand Forks where she screen prints all orders by hand. 4. She returns to Fargo and pins backs onto the fabric squares. 5. She sews and grommets the pillow cases. 6. She washes them to give them a more lived-in feel.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



Our yards are a cherished extension of our home; a place to enjoy nature and spend time with family and friends. We’ve found three local inspirations to help you enjoy the outdoors and make the most of your backyard barbecues. By Tracy Nicholson Photos provided Land Elements

Land Elements designed this large central gathering space between the two guest cottages creating a certain focal point. In this space, there is a large fire pit and a full outdoor kitchen. On the pathway down to the lake, Land Elements accentuated the space by placing large stone columns that help light the walkway to the dock and the beach area. All patio and walkways were constructed using a mortared natural stone. This particular stone came from a Montana quarry.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



Tranquil Woods Island Lake in Becker County marries serene waters with the tranquil woods to create a picturesque view for homeowner Ron McMartin and his rustic, yet refined retreat. Merge these two lake influences with the expertise and artistry of Land Elements in Fargo and you’ve got the most striking of artistic expressions growing right outside your door. At the owner’s request, this team collaboration by Land Elements created an awe-inspiring space for entertaining intimate groups of two or even ten.

Along with Land Elements of Fargo, Wes Pare of Lakes Area Landscaping out of Pelican Rapids was a major asset to the team. On this portion of the landscape, he installed all plantings, mulch and some permeable paving walkways. John Bergquist at Specialty Concrete prepped and poured all of the concrete slabs, steps and columns for the stone to be mortared too. Winters Masonry was the primary masonry contractor, who completed all of this work.

A dark brown mulch was used to help blend in to the woodland environment. For ease of maintenance and to help create a clear defined edge, a concrete curb edging was utilized. Land Elements also made sure that all plantings were native or cultivars of native plantings that are found in our region.

"The owner's primary goal for this space was to make it accommodating to both small and large groups and to allow for a central gathering space around the two cabins." Fun Fact: Over the past couple of years, McMartin has developed a substantial maple syrup operation. In the spring, Sugar Maples throughout the property are tapped for sap collection. When developing plans for additional construction on the property, Land Elements had to pay close attention to stay clear of the Maple Trees.



Outdoor Oasis Hebron Brick & Block Supply has changed immensely in its 110 years of business, but their dedication to beautiful masonry hasn’t wavered. From Jamestown, N.D. to Minnesota lakes country, Hebron Brick helps transform backyards into a homeowner’s paradise. Fargo Store Manager Dan Berglind explained that more and more people are investing in their backyards, and nearly every job the team does involves a fire pit. In addition to those amenities, outdoor kitchens are gaining popularity, sometimes in lieu of a lake home at all. Hebron Brick’s landscape and fireplace divisions collaborate to create these jaw-dropping escapes. By Lisa Marchand Photos by Tiffany Swanson

House One This elaborate outdoor kitchen features a gas grill as well as a Big Green Egg charcoal grill, and there is plenty of counter space for preparing summer meals. The West Fargo backyard is a perfect retreat for entertaining guests around the kitchen countertop. Hebron Brick’s landscape division laid the brickwork for the entire backyard space. The gas fire pit was installed by Hebron Brick’s landscape and fireplace divisions to create a separate R&R area from the rest of the patio.

“Some people have lakes places, too, but a lot of people are spending money in their backyard instead of buying a lake place or doing other things. So if they’re going to spend $50,000 or whatever the number is in their backyard, why not put a kitchen in if it’s in place of something else?” - Dan Berglind, Fargo Store Manager


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



This home’s fire pit area is a perfect conversation piece, especially at night. The main fire pit is accompanied by two columns that also ignite, creating a unique experience for guests. Berglind explained that most of their customers install gas fire pits in town, while many homeowners opt for wood-burning fire pits at their lake homes. The retaining wall as well as the white and black bricks on the home’s exterior were made at the company’s brick plant in Hebron, N.D. The paver patio and the accent stone on the house were purchased from a Wisconsin supplier. The gas grill was installed in stone, a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative to the standard outdoor grill.

“Most people have a grill on their deck, so just build it in and run a gas line to it, then you don’t have a tank to change or any of that; it’s hooked up to the house.” - Dan Berglind,

Fargo Store Manager

House Three

House Two Hebron Brick’s landscape experts installed this gorgeous stone walkway amidst the immaculate landscaping. The backyard is surrounded by a beautiful wooded area that maintains privacy for the family’s pool space. The masonry company is still in the process of installing a waterfall at the foot of the home’s waterslide.



In-Town Retreat For Roger Klocke of Natural Environments in Fargo, landscaping is nothing short of an artistic venture. He is well known in this area for his acute attention to detail and his refined eye. For every new project he expertly outlines the space planning, searches the world for the most unique materials and never misses a detail. By Tracy Nicholson Photos by Paul Flessland & J. Alan Paul Photography

Before Goal For this Osgood home, Klocke took into account the owner’s need to create their own backyard oasis with a pool, herb garden and easy-to-maintain plants while keeping a clean and manicured look. Since they didn’t have a need to have a lake home with both their families owning cabins, this space needed to be transformed from a barren grassland into their very own vacation home.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



The very first thing that was decided on by Klocke of Natural Environments and the owner was the space planning of the pool, installed by Alex Recreation. After a thorough consult of the yard and taking into account the nearby golf course, Klocke decided to maximize the view and face the pool diagonally out to the most scenic part of the golf course. It was a decision that beautifully accentuated the true focal point of the yard.

Overall Design

Leading up to the pool, a stunning Quartzite flagstone tile was used for it’s clean, rich looking texture and natural color palette. To tie in the pool with the other features in the yard, Klocke used Nitz Masonry to incorporate bull nose brick around the edging of the pool. Concrete edging by Curb Design was used to frame in the easy to maintain perennials and accent lighting was wired in to accentuate the plants and trees at night.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



Around the plants, Klocke used jawed granite stones from different parts of the country and iron range around the plants and added in larger accent stones to add to the natural look of the terrain. Details like wired in 12 volt up lighting, a built in sprinkler system, and easy-to-access water spigots installed in the landscaping instead of the wall of the house are convenient additions to the aesthetic design.

Herb Garden

At the owner’s request, an herb garden was added to the side of the Brazilian hardwood deck and framed in by paver edgers with a stone walkway for easy access.


A seating area with gazebo and glass rock fire table was added to the side of the pool area overlooking the Osgood Golf course. Patio furniture was found by the owner online at Home Decorators.



LIVING Living 28

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

Introducing Design & Living’s exclusive Lake Living issue for 2014.




e have spent all year anticipating this issue and searching out the perfect mix of quaint cabins and stunning year-rounds. We packed up our cars, grabbed our best camera equipment and happily threw on our flip flops for this once a year venture. This year we explored two local hot spots: the lakes area surrounding Detroit Lakes as well as the Ottertail Lake area. We wanted to find out what only the locals knew and give our readers the exclusive look at these gorgeous lake homes and fun resort town stores. We hope you enjoy the read as we enjoyed the work, the views and the local Zorbaz. By Tracy Nicholson & Lisa Marchand

Photos by Helio Studio




Photos by Helio Studio


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014





or this exquisite craftsman on Pelican Lake, the owners worked with T.L. Stroh Architects to create a cabin that would have yesteryear appeal with a modern twist. Stroh and the owners chose to use a typical floor plan from older style cabins, making the layout cottage-like and tactile with only one floor. With T.L. Stroh as the architect and Dakota Construction as the general contractor, building this masterpiece was no easy feat as there is not a single piece of sheet rock in the cabin. The home is a combination of post-and beam and conventional framing. The distinct timbers in the home were found at Pierce Log Homes with Dakota Construction doing the fabrication.


“ We used warm beautiful colors and textures from nature to bring the outside in, with hues of olive greens, golds and terra cotta. Natural materials were used throughout including all countertops made of colored concrete. Lighting was the biggest challenge because of the high ceiling and open beams. I did a contemporary suspended Tech track lighting throughout in an oil rubbed bronze, which made it feel a bit more rustic and blended with the wood tones without standing out.� - Lark Lomsdal, Interior Designer


TERRY STROH architect

Cabinetry in the kitchen was custom designed by Braaton Cabinets and Interior Designer Lark Lomsdal.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

The exposed flue in the living room is something you don’t see very often in the center core as the main focal point. Also the angled columns in the front give it a distinctly different look while still maintaining an older style and feel to the cabin.”

To make this stunning lake home stand out, Stroh incorporated accentuated sloped walls at the window seats and in a bathroom bump out. Unexpectedly, one of the most interesting features of Stroh’s design was a walk around Inland/pantry that was part of the entry system to the house. The owners needed more pantry space but didn’t want to sacrifice space from another room. With this in mind, Stroh designed a hallway that looked out onto the back side of the house patio and put in pantry items and additional ovens and other storage nooks. As the Interior Designer on this project, Lark Lomsdal worked with the owners to give the cabin a clean classic feel with woodsy rustic undertones, working in harmony with the expansive interior wood work constructed by Kevin Pagel of Dakota Construction. One of the main focal points of the space is the high ceiling beams constructed of cedar and clear Douglas Fir siding on the interior.


As the Interior Designer on this project, Lark Lomsdal worked with the owners to give the cabin a warm, organic feel; working in harmony with the expansive interior wood work constructed by Kevin Pagel of Dakota Construction. One of the main focal points of the space is the high ceiling beams constructed of cedar and clear Douglas Fir siding on the interior.


The landscaping on this Pelican Lake property was designed by Michael Lloyd, Landscape Architect and constructed by Natural Environments of Fargo.

A major centerpiece of the cabin is the hand constructed stone hearth by Todd Rodeman of Gemstone Masonry.




he hardest part of building and designing a home from the ground up is getting started. But Pam Ditch, an Interior Designer for Northern Home Furniture & Design, says once you find a starting point, even if it’s just a paint color, the rest will come. Homeowner Deb Majkrzak can attest to that. The two women teamed up to design and decorate the Majkrzak home on Pelican Lake. Countless decisions, a bit of stress and a couple glasses of wine later, they became good friends. “I’ve really enjoyed working with (Deb),” Ditch said. “I hope (she) felt comfortable enough with me if she didn’t like something. I always tell people, ‘You’re not going to offend me if you don’t like something.’ I’d rather take all the time that it needs to make sure they are pleased with the end result.” Dave and Deb Majkrzak have been on Pelican Lake since 1982 and recently put their West Fargo home on the market. For the transformation, Paul Evenson Construction helped take them from a seasonal summer home to a year-round home last May, and they have been enjoying every minute of it.


Hoglund Landscaping worked with the slope of the land to create the gorgeous hard landscaping in the backyard of their home.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014





STYLE Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography



The four-season room, a family favorite, provides a spectacular view of Pelican Lake. The electric fireplace can be used for heat or just to add to the room’s ambiance. They decided to lay the linear tile vertically to add a bit of interest to the corner of the room.

The couple opted out of vaulted ceilings to prevent their home from getting drafty in the winter. The tile work on the gas fireplace was completed by Paul Jacobson of Ceramic Tile and all furnishings and décor in the great room came from Northern Home Furniture & Design in Fargo.

Granite countertops from Stone Holding Company allow the Majkrzaks plenty of room to prepare a meal while entertaining guests. The touch faucets are from Ferguson’s and all lighting was furnished by The Lighthouse in Fargo.

They added beams to their 12-foot ceilings in the kitchen for greater definition and to provide a sense of separation between rooms in their open floor plan. Bill Tweten of Western Products helped design the nutmeg stained, knotty alder Crystal Custom Cabinets in a traditional raised panel door style.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014


The patio, which is just off the four season room, provides another great place for the family to relax. The brick fireplace was constructed by Dave Heggestuen Masonry.

DEB MAJKRZAK homeowner

The clear glass railing on the home’s deck allows the family to sit back and relax while still enjoying the view of the lake. All deck and patio furniture came from HOM Furniture.

I love our house. In fact, Dave was asking me the other day what don’t I like, or what would I have done differently. There really wasn’t much that I could come up with.”


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

Rather than add more cabinetry, Ditch and the Majkrzaks decided on this niche storage for extra décor.

The master bathroom is equipped with a self-sealing, quick drain Kohler bathtub from Ferguson’s in Fargo. Crystal Cabinetry from Western Products is a knotty alder with master bath granite color in golden jade.



Photos by Scott Amundson


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014






adiant Homes and Chris Hawley Architect are local pioneers of modernistic design, so finding this artistry on Pelican Lake was par for the course. This musician and homeowner was looking to build a new lake home on the lot that had been in their family for several generations. To make the homeowner’s dream a reality, Radiant Homes and Chris Hawley Architect teamed up to build an ultra contemporary, year-round cabin that is focused on entertaining friends and family through music and art.


For this build, the space planning had to be perfect in order to give the homeowner the feeling of sitting right on the water. The orientation of the cabin, with its westward-facing windows, provided beautiful views of the lake, and ensured a front row seat to sunsets.

3223 13th Ave. S, Fargo | (701)293-8738


For this build, everything was handled in house with their team concept of a “design-build” model. The “design-build” model allowed the designers and builders to work hand in hand to come up with unique strategies as well as solve any complex issues. One of those issues on this property was the significant change in elevation from the public road to where the house currently sits. The team had to carve away a portion of a hill adjacent to the property and retain the earth with large boulders. As a result, it created a beautiful approach to the cabin which amplified the drama of the structure. On the modern and minimalistic exterior, Hawley and Radiant chose a variance of vertical metal siding, Lap siding and Hardie panel with cedar tongue and groove soffit. All selections, exterior and interior ,were handled by the design team with Radiant Homes as the contractor.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

Chris Hawley Architect managed everything from the conceptual design to the cabinet hardware and quartz countertops. In the kitchen, they chose slab front cabinetry in a warm toffee-stained maple from Crystal Cabinets at Western Products.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

We are very proud of this project and love how it has emerged as a piece of sculpture along the Pelican Lake shoreline…a one-ofa-kind building that has transcended the standard ‘house’ and settled in as a piece of art.”

CHRIS HAWLEY architect




Aren’t Thin AREN’T THINGS Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014





ome people call it downsizing. Vern and Genece Hanson, on the other hand, prefer to call it rightsizing.

The couple, who own Hanson Bros. Construction, built their beautiful pine cabin on Big Floyd Lake just outside of Detroit Lakes, Minn. in 2001. They made the permanent move there in 2012. With the help of friend and designer Monica Hart of Monica Hart Interior Design, they transitioned the house from a full-blown cabin to a cozy home. Hart works closely with Hanson Bros. Construction, so when the Hansons enlisted her help to design their own home, she was elated. “Working on this lake home with Vern and Genece was extra special for me,” Hart said. “I work often with Vern on their new homes and know how hard he works. I really wanted him and his wonderful wife to have a tranquil home.” The designer helped revamp the Hanson home by picking out new kitchen countertops and refurnishing all the rooms to complement the pine. “We told Monica that now that we were going to live down here, we wanted it not to be quite so cabin-y and more of a home, and this is what she came up with,” Vern Hanson said. “We love it,” Genece Hanson added with a smile.


Hart was given the task of designing the Hansons’ lake house in a way that was a perfect balance between cabin and home. “We wanted earthy and natural elements to reflect the outside,” Hart said. “I wanted to select items that would contrast yet enhance the beautiful craftsmanship of the pine walls and ceilings and rustic maple floors.” She purchased décor from places like Pier 1 Imports, Scheels Home & Hardware, Gordmans and TJ Maxx. 49


With limited lot space, the Hansons chose to build up rather than out. Their master bedroom is located in the upstairs loft, overlooking the rest of the house. Their bedroom set comes from Utke’s Country Pine Furnishings in Park Rapids, Minn, and the home’s carpeting was done by Carpet World.

The homeowners purchased these copper pieces of art from Patrick Shannon of Forest Edge Gallery in Vergas, Minn. They complement the home’s abundance of pine perfectly; even designer Monica Hart approved. Vern and Genece Hanson’s son Mike, who will eventually take over Hanson Bros. Construction, built this beautiful stone fireplace.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014


The Hansons worked with Wood Specialists to select the kitchen’s pine cabinets. They installed black granite countertops from Granites Unlimited to contrast with all of the pine and purchased their appliances from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery.

Knowing this couple as well as I did made choices easy. This home was designed with a lot of love. It makes me happy they enjoy it so much and feel it isn’t just a lake cabin anymore; it is home.” 52

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

MONICA HART interior designer

The empty nesters sold their 3,500-square-foot home in Fargo and made the permanent move to Big Floyd Lake in 2012. Genece Hanson said getting rid of all of their stuff was freeing. “When you get to be empty nesters,” Vern Hanson said, “you don’t need that much room and you don’t need all that stuff. It’s right for us.”

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his West McDonald cabin by architect Chris Hawley is a true example of the fashionable concept “less is more.”

The homeowners were looking for a quaint and cozy cabin that used the existing footprint of the original cabin to house the basic functions such as the kitchen, bath and bedrooms. As a family of five, they loved the small scale of this project, leaving them with very little maintenance and easy living. Above all else, they wanted to, in every sense of the word, live on a screened-in porch with easy access to nature’s views.


Photo provided by Chris Hawley Architect


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014





CHARM Photos by Scott Amundson



For the interior’s modernized charm and Cape Cod feel, Chris Hawley Architect provided the design work and cabinetry, with the homeowner choosing the bright and eclectic finishing touches.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

CHRIS HAWLEY architect


The best design feature is that it is small, but it still has everything they need. A perfect cabin.�

For this new build, the foundation, basic plumbing and exterior walls were salvaged. Due to the nature of having a lake on the front and the back of the cabin, they had to work closely with the county ordinance to be able to do everything that the homeowner wanted, including the three-season screened in porch and separate lakeside storage shed.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014






D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

Photos by Helio Studio




his Ottertail Lake home of Dennis and Janet Klosterman was expertly transformed from a dark fishing cabin to a year-round shabby chic retreat. What was once part of a fishing resort, became a modern-designed lake home that pays homage to its glory days of big fish tales. Along with Dave Erwin Construction, Janet Klosterman utilized her Interior Design and Architectural Drafting degrees to create comfortable perfection in space planning while keeping the overall footprint of the home. Her overall goal: make it homey and comfortable, family and companyfriendly, while still being low-maintenance and unfussy.




For this eclectic Cape Cod feel, Janet chose the color palette based on a simple pillow fabric. She refurbished many of the previous owner’s dark wood furnishings with a coat of paint to freshen up the design and chose vintage wing back chairs that were reupholstered to coordinate. Klosterman also used a medium-toned laminate wood flooring from Three Rivers Decorating in Wahpeton, for its ease and durability with indoor pets. Walls of painted pine give the space a coastal feel along with cut-out fish accents and a beadboard added on to old bookcases and painted in warm Cape Cod tones.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



True lake living inspires this entry with walls fashioned from exterior siding and ceilings made from pine that Janet white-washed with a kit from Home Depot. Since they were left with many of the previous owner’s belongings, they came across pictures from the 60s and furniture pieces that proved to be worthy design pieces. On this wall, they pay whimsical homage to the previous owner’s past as owner of a fishing resort.



Kitchen cabinets with textured glass inserts and laminate countertops were designed by Wood Specialists of Fargo. Gorgeous green globe pendants from Ballard Designs create the perfect color balance in unison with the coastal blue and Cape Cod white. Unique features like the blue screen door pantry entrance were inspired by magazines like Coastal Living.

This table was left by the previous owner and painted over for a more modern appeal. Coordinating accents like the toad painting were painted by the owner’s neighbor.

Cut-out fish accents with stained glass inserts make an eclectic and cozy corner for reading. Janet creatively used a twin-size mattress and reupholstered it for the cushion.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



The owner’s landscaping, beach area, paver patio and retaining walls were completed by Outdoor Renovations in Underwood. Beautiful lakeside living was created with raised Adirondack polywood chairs and a glass rock fire table.


This spacious master bedroom has a gorgeous lake side view with vintage accents like the taller wainscoting which extends six feet up the wall. The headboard is actually an old door from a yard sale that the owner refurbished.

The owner requested to leave out built-in closets to save space and instead decided to use charming armoires. The chic headboards were designed by the owner and built by a friend for a mere $75.

The owner found these lockers, which were being thrown out from a local school, and repurposed them to use as storage lockers for towels and other beach necessities.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



Photos by Helio Studio


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014




his Ottertail lake home was a labor of love for owners Vicky and Darold Woessner of Woessner Construction in Fergus Falls. What started as a seasonal home soon became their permanent residence. The Woessners toured many homes in the Minneapolis area before deciding on an open layout utilizing ceiling details to define spaces, instead of walls.


Sleek marble flooring from Cullen’s Home Center in Fergus Falls greets guests upon their arrival. In this entry seating area, a modern mix of colors adorn pillows and fabric designed by Vicky and Refreshing Designs of Perham.



The Woessners chose Dura Supreme cabinetry in maple with a honey-glazed finish, including special design features like the curvature above the stove that was constructed in their own cabinetry shop. Top of the line Miele appliances like the speed oven, meal oven with built in rotisserie, steam oven and built in cappuccino and coffee maker complete the perfect kitchen for entertaining. A spacious Quartz countertop was installed from Fabricators in Fargo and tile flooring from Cullen’s in Fergus Falls give the kitchen great flow through the space.

This stained glass installation by David Messenger of Flamingo Glass in Fergus Falls creates an elegant entrance to the master bedroom. The master bedroom with coordinated bedding, pillows and décor was designed by Vicky and Refreshing Designs of Perham. A coffered ceiling with rope lighting and a delicate blue/ gray color on the walls give this master a coastal feel. The Woessners also incorporated a built in fireplace with granite hearth to add interest to the spacious master bedroom.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014


Rainy day entertaining is made easy with this beautiful sunroom and Pella picture window focused on the lake view at hand. Mini blinds within the window panes make for easy maintenance and a wet bar on the opposite wall create a great space for friends and family to gather. The Woessners did not skimp on the details, adding in a sound system for use throughout the entire main level as well as the outside patio.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014


Barry Brothers Masonry constructed the Woessner’s outdoor fireplace with built-in grill with the surrounding landscaping designed by Nature’s Garden in Fergus.

The Woessners paid close attention to the design details with features like white stair railings, coffered ceilings, open layout with defined ceilings, lit built-ins and a comfortable, zen-like décor.



Shop The


the lakes... the allure of fishing, swimming, being one with nature....and shopping! In the pursuit of the most beautiful cabins, Design & Living took a detour and discovered three intriguing lake’s country stores that are worth the trip from town or the break from nature. No bug spray or sunscreen needed.

By Tracy Nicholson


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



Periwinkle Marketplace


he quaint lake town of Ottertail offers up loads of cottage charm thanks to Periwinkle, this newly residing store in the old Carr’s Marine warehouse. By Tracy Nicholson Photos by Helio Studio


specializes in vintage and lake décor purple-hued warehouse in but also carries an impressive array of lakes country is compelling clothing, jewelry, consigned furniture enough, but we soon realized and even a dozen or so vendors that this was far more than your average feature their own custom creations resort town boutique. The proprietor and vintage finds. and interior decorator, Ellingson started Periwinkle Stephanie “We’re definitely known with her mom Ellingson for color and we have a Machelle had created Ellingson in a periwinkle vintage vibe. Most people mecca of new 2000, who now out here are on vacation and vintage works behind so we make it fun place to the scenes lake décor and shop.”- Ellingson specializing in furniture. painting and refurbishing If you ask Ellingson what furniture. her main focus is she will most likely More to Come: tell you it’s painting and decorating, Ellingson plans to open up the south and that this store is more of a “fun” end of the building possibly this winter, hobby. By the looks of it, her “fun” making a full design center with more hobby has launched her into quite the destination lake store. Ellingson’s store new décor options for the home.

BUSINESS NEEDS SHOULDN’T GET IN THE WAY OF LAKE LIFE Business can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to overshadow your personal life. You deserve to enjoy lake time with your family and friends. Eide Bailly understands business inside and out. And we have the resources to help you with your business needs, such as repair regulation compliance, technology solutions, accounting services and buy-sell assistance. Simply put, we’ve got your back! Experience the Eide Bailly Difference.

ADDRESS 328 MN Hwy 78, Ottertail, MN PHONE 218-367-3900 WEBSITE



Wild Goose A Local (and Tourist) Fan Favorite


ucked away off of Highways 78 and 10 in Perham, Minn. is one of the lake country’s best gift and home décor shops. For the past few years, Wild Goose has been supplying locals and tourists alike with a unique conglomerate of furniture, dishware, purses, lotions and a year-round coffee shop. By Lisa Marchand Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



he three couples that own the specialty store work together to bring fun and interesting items to their patrons that are unlike anything in the area. “We have a lot of tourist people come in,” part owner Becky Mickelson said, “and we get a lot of people from the Cities and other areas that just go, ‘Well wow. How come we don’t have a store like this in Minneapolis?’” Wild Goose prides itself on selling high-quality items. From top-of-the-line Swiss Diamond cookware to Le Creuset dishware, they know good quality when they see it.


includes items such as gun cases, bags and more. “(We’re) always trying to find something for the guys so that we’re not just a women’s store,” Mickelson said.

Not only do the owners form relationships with the year-round locals, but they get to know their summer crowd as well. Although business slows down in the winter months, the coffee shop “Small business feeds the has become quite world... When you own a mainstay for businesses in that kind of the store.

area, you’re supporting not just yourselves but every business and every school.”- Beauvais

“The thing we try the most to do is carry higher quality stuff,” Mickelson said. “We don’t want something that we can find at the local Target or wherever…(they are) well made, handmade.” Some of the most notable, handmade items are their collection of stunning Polish Pottery. Each piece is unique and hand-painted by apprentices to experts, so the patterns become more intricate with skill. Wild Goose’s top-notch homeware and other inventory make for excellent presents. Mickelson said they get many couples coming in for their bridal registry. They recently picked up a men’s line called White Wing that

With free Wi-Fi, two levels of seating and a variety of food and drinks, there truly is something for everyone at Wild Goose. The store recently expanded to a second location where they moved their assortment of toys. At Goose Gang, customers can enjoy candy and frozen yogurt. Wild Goose proudly serves their local community by providing a small-town feel with an ode to superb quality. “Small business feeds the world,” Mickelson said. “We’re living in a community where we have great schools. When you own businesses in that kind of area, you’re supporting not just yourselves but every business and every school.”

ADDRESS 935 Jenny Ave, Perham, MN PHONE 218-346-4946 WEBSITE


Refreshing Designs Seven Women, Endless Talent


efreshing Designs is always ahead of the curve. The dynamic team of seven women was one of the first to breathe a breath of fresh air into lake décor, and they don’t plan on stopping. By Lisa Marchand Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



hat began as an interior design company rapidly expanded to include a growing list of services. Nine years later, owner Danielle Glorvigen and her crew not only operate a fullfledged interior design company, but a stunning shop in Perham, Minn. In an area dominated by moose, bears, canoes and the like, Refreshing Designs brought a new style to the lakes country.

headboards and wall art that are featured in the store. But don’t let the recycled nature of some of their products fool you; those creations are hard work. “So many people think because it’s locally-made or it’s out of wood or out of pallets or whatever it may be, people think that they can go home and make it,” Glorvigen said, “which nine times out of 10 it either doesn’t happen or it takes so much longer and it’s so much harder than people think.”

“Our plan of attack was to come into a small town and offer a lot of unique things that you just didn’t see in a small town,” Glorvigen said. “I feel like “All the big box stores are we played a mass-produced and imreally big part ports, so that’s what makes in introducing more the lake-y, little towns unique… We Cape Cod chose to go more locallydirection to the made just so that you don’t northwoods, walk in a store and it’s the so that was our same as right next door.” mission and – Glorvigen I think we’ve really done that.” Mission accomplished indeed. The women circulate their inventory every two to three months to keep customers coming back for more. They tend to gravitate toward locally-made items for a variety of reasons. “All the big box stores are mass produced and imports, so that’s what makes little towns unique…” Glorvigen said, “We chose to go more locally made just so that you don’t walk in a store and it’s the same as right next door.” Their one-of-a-kind products range from table settings to furniture and everything in between. Some of their best selling items throughout the years have been original Kriss LeCocq lake pillows, whose simplistic style and screen print designs fit perfectly in a lake home. Other staple items include wood pieces created by Refreshing Designs Head Designer LeAnn Feldt. Her signature upcycled pieces include


Handmade pieces don’t have to mean astronomical prices, either. And neither do interior design services, especially with this hands-on team.

Glorvigen said they gladly work with all budgets for commercial and residential interior designs. From interior painting and designing to full-fledged contracting, these women do it all. “We head up the complete design projects,” the owner said. “We don’t just pick everything out and hire it all done. We are very hands-on designers…We do all the hauling and deliveries of the furniture pieces, setting them up, building. It’s a lot of work but we make sure it’s done the way we’d like it to be done.” Refreshing Designs receives designer discounts in many areas of their projects, and they happily pass it along to their clients. This, she said, is a key factor in making them different and successful. Her laid-back team of talented ladies doesn’t hurt either. “My crew is so wonderful,” Glorvigen said. “They help make everything possible to run smoothly and give the quality, not just the quantity, so that helps a lot.”

ADDRESS 114 1st Ave. S, Perham, MN PHONE 218-346-2475


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Ask The Expert

with realtor Dirk Ockhardt on Lake Property

Dirk Ockhardt, owner of Jack Chivers Realty, was born and raised in Germany and re-located to Fargo in 2009. His sales, business and legal background led him into the real estate business, and he acts as a real estate broker today. He leads a group of local real estate agents including Jack Chivers to serve clients selling or buying lake property.

By Tracy Nicholson Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography

How has the lake property market changed in recent years? “In the past five years, the lake home market had been somewhat slow. This might have been the after effects from the so-called recession and many finding it hard to invest in this luxury good with people investing more into needs versus wants. This year we are seeing record sales in lake homes. We’ve sold many properties in 2014 with frozen lakes and snow-covered beaches.”

What type of buyers do you normally see? “Many of our clients want to be on a lake by July 4th. Some clients tend to be long-term seekers who research all summer, making their decision and pulling the trigger in the fall. These are the people who need to see the beach, quality of water and realize that the sellers are more likely to negotiate heading into the winter months.”

What is the biggest mistake firsttime lake home buyers make?

“This year we are seeing record sales in lake homes.”


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

“Not seeking a local expert that knows the lakes and knows the shore, fishing and all the other lakes in that area as well. There is more to it than just buying a property. When purchasing lake property, you do not buy a nice kitchen or even necessarily the house. It’s the lake, the shore, the fishing conditions, the water and, of course, the view. We try to match the buyer with the right property for their wants and needs.”


Do buyers need to know what lake they want to be on right away?

Is it hard to find an affordable lake home or property?

“If they want to be on a certain lake, we certainly show them those available properties. But, if a buyer comes in with an open mind and lets us know what it is that they want out of that property, we can easily match them to a lake that provides those amenities. Some prefer a lake with good fishing or a lake that is clear and sandy or one that is more conducive to water sports, so knowing that information can help us direct them to the lakes that have those qualities. It can often be a mistake to fixate or limit yourself to just one lake.”

“If you are at an earlier stage in your career and don’t have as much disposable income, there are still many options out there. You may just have to drive a bit farther and you may have to look into investing in a lake lot starting with a camper on the property. As you develop more income, you can possibly build when you can afford it. As a creative example, a large family can buy a resort, sharing multiple small cabins and renting some of them out while sharing the mortgage.”

Height of Land Lake Courtesy of Jack Chivers Realty

Lakes that are gaining popularity Height of Land Lake Buyers seem to be gaining interest in this lake. It’s a nice,

clean and shallow lake. Not the best conditions for fishing, but great for those looking for the beautiful view and more affordable property. It’s about 15 minutes from Detroit Lakes, so the commute is also desirable.

Island Lake This spring-fed gem is crystal clear and unspoiled. Premium fishing for walleye, northern pike, large and small mouth bass, crappie, perch and bluegill. Excellent boating and skiing. Located on the southeast end of Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. Middle & Upper Cormorant Roughly 40 miles southeast of Fargo, these chains of Big Cormorant are gaining popularity for their great fishing and easy access to Big Cormorant lake. Property value is higher on Big Cormorant, but these two chains are still quite affordable with great recreation.

Island Lake Photo courtesy of Jack Chivers Reality

Dirk Ockhardt Broker, President PHONE 218-847-3112 EMAIL Upper Cormorant Lake Photo courtesy of JD Nichols


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014

Search 1000’s of homes instantly!



Steve Lunde



1131 Westrac Drive Fargo, ND 58103 Call or Text any time Cell: 701-793-9048




There’s no time like summer to be the envy of the neighborhood with distinct architectural elements like these fountains. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing feature or broaden your décor, contemporarystyled fountains offer the ideal combination of entertainment and relaxation. We’ve narrowed down the choices in the FM area and have chosen the top three we find worthy of display.

By Amber Morgan Photos by Andrew Jason

ARCHING STREAM FOUNTAIN WITH MULTI-COLOR LED These arching jets of water offer a touch of elegance to any pond, pool, walkway or flower bed. The display is clean during the day, but your best sight is at night: an LED light makes the stream dazzle as it shifts between the colors of the rainbow. Side tip: if you set a strobe, you can make the light pulse. Now, that’s what we call entertainment.

S & S Landscaping 2777 Fiechtner Dr. S, Fargo 701-235-1515


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J U LY/AUG U ST 2 014



ROCKET GARDEN FOUNTAIN WITH BASIN Set in a basin, this fountain leaves only small spillovers, allowing you to enjoy minimal upkeep. Pro tip: add lights to the block piece on top to shine down on the fountain and create a custom feel.

Garden Elegance 5508 53rd Ave. S, Fargo 701-282-4449

TRANQUIL DÉCOR BASALT FOUNTAIN KIT For those of you who want the beauty without the labor, this rustic-styled kit is the choice for you. Combine low maintenance with natural stone and blue-tinted lighting, and you’ve found yourself the serenity you’ve been longing.

Patio World 4111 40th Ave. N, Fargo 701-277-8000