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DESIGN&LIVING The Red River Valley’s Guide To Interior And Exterior Design.

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DIY Project: Re-Vamping Your Patio Furniture Need some help repainting that old patio furniture? We have the steps right here.


Artisan Chic


Sanford Women’s: A More Comfortable Stay




Just when you thought you have seen all that downtown Fargo has to offer, c. lizzy’s Boutique brings a new style to the table.

We took a tour through the new Sanford Women’s center in South Fargo. Check out how Sanford is bringing comfort to its patients.


July/August 2013

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Simply Original

Terry Stroh gave us an indepth tour of TL Stroh’s (new) original office.


Help My House


Artist Profile: Jon Offutt


Guess the Price


Our team of experts dish out the advice for this quaint townhome. This artist has a talent so unique, you’ll be hard pressed to find another artist like him for hundreds of miles. See if your appraisal is within the ballpark of the listing price of these homes.


Realty Guide


Deluxe Patio in the Sky

Your complete guide to all of the hot real estate in FargoMoorhead. An exclusive look at the SkyBarn rooftop deck that has incredible downtown views.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013




Making the Lakes


Lake Living

An exclusive interview with lakes architect, Kelli Wegscheid, of Harmonious Architecture. We got the inside view of some incredible homes in lake country.

a note from the editor...


Amanda Ahrenholz

Summer is my favorite time of the year. For me, summertime means lake time, and lake time means family time. On one side of my family, my grandparents live on a lake; on the other side, my family has a cabin. Growing up, I spent every summer at the lake — and still


July/August 2013 Design and Living Magazine is a free publication distributed bi-monthly (6 times a year). Our mission is to showcase all that the Red River Valley has to offer in terms of interior design, architecture, landscaping and profile the people that make these possible. We also strive to provide a quality and fun reading experience and improve the way of life in our community. The publication is mailed to homes across the US and has stand distribution throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

do! Whether it is floating on the lake, tubing, skiing, lying out in the sun, swimming, jumping off the dock, fishing or making s’mores by the campfire, all of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are always there having a great


Spotlight Media Inc.


Mike Dragosavich

Editorial Director Design and Living EDITOR


Art Director

This month, our feature is on homes in the lakes area and I had the opportunity to take a look inside a few lake homes


Amanda Ahrenholz, Elizabeth Erickson, Liz Huwe, Leanne Sucrow, Sylvia Lunski


rooftop view of Lake Andrew, a home in Perham that has


everything you could want and more, including being on

Executive Assistant

the lake, and we stopped along Lake Lida to get a view of


a traditional lake home with a breathtaking view from its PHOTOGRAPHY

So, find your favorite beach, put some air in your floaty,


grab your sunscreen




Andy Neidt Mike Dragosavich, George Stack, Amanda Ahrenholz

We took a look at a home in Alexandria with an amazing

and this edition of

Amanda Ahrenholz


that are out of the ordinary and fall into extraordinary.

lakeside deck and hot tub.

Andrew Jason

Brent Tehven Erika Olson Nichole Snyder Brent Tehven, Tracy Nicholson, Melissa Chase, Lindsey Gunderson, Ben Stechmann J. Alan Paul Photography, Alison Smith, Caitlin Abrams J. Alan Paul Photography Enclave, Maria Bosak, Kilbourne Group, Joe & Tami Seifert, Paul & Tammy Sturdevant, Paul & Sally Ringdahl, Jim & Shelia Meyer


and head out to the

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Photo by Brenna Voss


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Y I D Re-vamped e r u it n r u F io t a P Maria Bosak, owner of Eco Chic Boutique, gave us a little DIY lesson on patio furniture painting.

When we discovered a few old patio chairs lying around, we thought why not spruce them up for summer? All they needed was a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint.

Items needed: •Screwdriver (to open pa

tighten screws if loose )

int and

•Razor blade (with hand


le or paint

•Sandpaper Block •Paint Brush with Natu ral Bristles (not too flexible) •Wiping Cloths •TSP Cleaner •Paint (we used Chalk Pa int®)


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013




Choose an area in your home or garage that you can get a little messy. You may want to put down a tarp or newspaper underneath the furniture to avoid ruining the flooring.

Bring chair begin you inside two days be to dry comr project to allow the fore you pletely. wood

air with aint off the ch p se o lo y an Scrape (Be careful!) a razor blade.


Sand the entire chair wit paper block and make h a 36 grit sand is relatively smooth andsure everything not sharp.


Now you will need to fill any holes with putty.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013



r, then TSP cleane re ith w ir a h c su e Wash th lean water to make rinse with c clean. everything is


Let the cha wood is comir dry for an hour, or un til pletely dry.

8 Some Helpful Tips:

• Using a Paint Primer is necessary with Latex Paint • A Polyurethane finish can be app lied for extra durability but not necessary with Chalk Paint®. • If wood is extremely wet it may take more than two days to completely dry. Loose paint won't release unti l


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty two coats with Chalk Paint® decorat. We painted Annie Sloan. (No need to wax outd ive paint by oor furniture!)

*We prefer to use Chalk Paint beca use there is no sanding or priming to make the paint stick. Othe r paints can be used as well. Bosak is an expert in Chalk Pain t and finds it very easy to work with.

wood is dry. You want to make sure get all the loose paint off so your newyou paint doesn't come loose. • Paint in a temperature controlled area away from breeze that could blow dust on your project. • Natural light is key. The better the light better your paint job. You will always , the spots you missed once you get themsee into natural light.

For questions or comments, please

email us at info@

ARTISAN By Amanda Ahrenholz Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography


chocolate mint tea.

Starting from a van doing arts and craft shows and after moving four times in four years, c.lizzy’s Handmade Artisan Boutique has come a long way. In addition, c.lizzy’s focuses on handmade artisan jewelry, art, pottery and gifts.

Owners, Liz Walberg (left) and Cari Luchau (right).

About half of c. lizzy's items are handmade by c. lizzy's themselves.

Here is a sample of Liz W. Designs by co-owner, Liz Walberg.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

We started with just arts and craft shows in a gypsy van, traveling doing shows, it had burgundy carpet and an extended top. Dad had originally bought it for Bison tailgating so it had all of the team makers stickers and it even got stolen from us once and returned… it was that bad!


other-Daughter owners and creators Liz Walberg and Cari Luchau of c. lizzy’s took time out of crafting to chat with us over a cup of delicious

c. lizzy's Handmade Artisan Boutique


After they started doing shows, there were a lot of people stopping by the pair’s homes to pick up artisan work. With that, they decided on moving from the van and opening a studio store, one where they could make artisan work and have items for purchase. Soon after the studio store opened, they packed up and moved a little further down the road to a corner store. A friend invited them to come look at a store space on Broadway and c. lizzy’s made another move. Soon after their last move, they added the space next to them that serves as their separate studio space.

Lilly Barrack is one of c. lizzy's beautiful jewelry vendors.

They have been at their current location for six years and business has been thriving. Five years ago, c. lizzy’s expanded into the wholesale market and began selling their crafts across the United States, Canada and even an account in Aruba. With the success of their accounts outside their Broadway location, the duo is now focusing on putting more emphasis on the store, Walberg’s original artwork and incorporating more original handmade pieces into the store. In incorporating more original artwork, they turn to their experienced artist, Walberg. She is known for her work with pressed botanicals, collage layering, paints, paper and, more recently, metal collage. In her metal collage, she uses copper and steel and tries new things with them. “We work with a lot of metal and I started messing around and having fun with the patinas and the beauty of how many different changes you can make with metal, with heat or chemicals and processes,” says Walberg. Not only is Walberg an artist in the Fargo-Moorhead community, she is also known nationally. Walberg won an award at the Wells Street Art Festival in Chicago and has been accepted into the St. Paul American Craft Council Shows, or the ACC, for her beautiful metalwork.

c. lizzy's offers a wide selection of Houston Llew artwork.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013



c. lizzy’s has many products to offer, in a wide range of prices to suit everyone’s wants and needs. “In the store we carry artisans work that make studio work, just like us. Some of them are the ‘who’s who’ in the artisan world; we carry J&I sterling silver jewelry, Houston Lou art tiles, Watchcraft watches, Lilly Barrack rough-cut jewelry and much more…” explains Luchau. One of their mainstays are hand painted wine glasses that Cari paints, which are perfect for any gift. “We have everything from $2 spirit coins to some collages that range up to $800, we want to be able to provide a wide range, we want people to be able to have it, and enjoy handmade artisan work no matter what the price point.” All in all, c. lizzy’s is truly bringing the artisan world to Fargo.

These are some of the custom decorative tiles that are made by Canadian artists.

c. lizzy's makes a wide range of glass and metal vases.

These hand crafted metal necklaces are made by Liz W. Designs.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Check out their store at 410 Broadway N, Fargo, visit 18 or find them on facebook at

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013


Architect Kelli Wegscheid

Architect and owner of Harmonious Architecture, Kelli Wegscheid, knows what it takes to design a beautiful lake home inside and out. By Amanda Ahrenholz

Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography 20

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Kelli Wegscheid Firm: Harmonious Architecture Graduated: North Dakota State University, 2002 Location: Perham, MN Specialty: Lake Homes Website:

a lake “ With home, the insides are a little more beautiful but simple because the focus is out to the lake.


Interview Design & Living:

How did you get interested in architecture?

Kelli Wegscheid:

"My dad’s an electrician, so I was exposed to building projects at a young age. Growing up, I loved art and math and those were really conducive to architecture. I went to school at NDSU here in Fargo and graduated in 2002. My parents had a cabin on Ottertail and I grew up knowing that I wanted to do custom lake homes. So when I left NDSU, I focused my job search on three areas where I knew I could do specifically residential work. I ended up in Brainerd and got to design beautiful homes and had the opportunity to move back to Perham. So we get to live on a lake and design lake homes."

firm in Brainerd so I got to work with a lot of very talented architects and project managers on the building side of things. Then I moved back to the area to a smaller firm and had kids, and for flexibility, I wanted to start my own firm."


When you design, what is your process for inspiration?

KW: "I think the lake home style has a signature theme, not necessarily my theme. I incorporate whatever style clients come to me with into their design, which I really enjoy because it keeps everything changing and keeps every design unique. I utilize a lot of glass and the layout of the home to capture lake views, which is very different from a city home.


How involved are you in a project?

KW: "I offer a lot of different levels of service, so that I can fit pretty much any project’s budget. Some people already have a builder in mind, so I will just do a set of builder's drawings and other people want a more full service set of drawings so then we do a lot more information up front."

I design homes in Fargo and homes in the lakes area. Designing in the city for a city lot is linear front to back, to fit on a lot. Lake homes want to be linear side to side to get as many rooms that can face the lake as possible."


How long does a project take from start to finish?


Where did you start out, in a firm or independent?


"It typically depends on the client. If I could do one meeting a week, we could be done in about a month. Typically it will take a couple months, depending on how often the client can meet."

KW: "I started at a firm in Fargo when I was in college and ran blueprints and did just about anything there, which was great. Then I went to a large design build

*Check out another of Kelli’s lake home designs on pg. 26

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013




’m sure we’ve all cruised by spectacular homes in lake country and wondered... “What’s it like in there?” Well we have the inside look for you as well as the beautiful views of the lake!


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

By Amanda Ahrenholz Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


modern lake living.



his incredible home, nestled on Lake Andrew in Alexandria, was designed by architect and owner Paul Ringdahl. The home was designed with an open floor plan and the intent that the furniture would be antiques from both sides of their families. With so many features, it has come together beautifully. Where: Alexandria, MN Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 5 Built: 2002


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013


1. The home features three patios: one on the rooftop, one on the main level and one on the ground level.


2. The red cabinets were inspired by this knickknack box that belonged to, Paul’s wife, Sally’s grandmother.

3. The homeowners wanted a fish in their home, but not a real mounted fish, so they searched until they found this metal one that was perfect for their home.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013



5 4. The living room provides a beautiful lake view of Lake Andrew.

5. All four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs are exactly the same, so there was no fighting over rooms amongst siblings.

6. The home is furnished with antiques from both sides of the family. This is a Gothic style antique coat rack.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

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1617 32ND AVE. S



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conservation cottage.


ettled on five acres, just off Little Pine Lake in Perham, the Sturdevant family lives in this energy star certified home. It is a compilation of design from architect Tony Stoll, BHH Partners and Kelli Wegscheid, formerly of BHH Partners, now Harmonious Architecture. It features a spiral staircase, an in-house sound system and catwalk on the second floor that gives you a perfect view of the living room and entryway, as well as a lovely view of outside. Everything about this home is seemingly perfect.

Where: Perham, MN Bedrooms: 5 Bathrooms: 6 Built: 2010 28

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

1. The Sturdevant’s spiral staircase was a must for their new home.


2. The main floor living room has beautiful windows that allow plenty of natural light to pour in.


3 4

3. This family spends a lot of time in their kitchen, so they needed to have the right amount of seating: bench seating by a table, seating by the island and also seating by the kitchen fireplace. 4. This formal dining room is the perfect place for family dinner. 5. The master bathroom is placed just down a private hallway from the bedroom and is filled with beautiful granite and a distinct arch above the bathtub.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

LuAnn White 293-3423 (o) 729-3167 (c) Step 1

Find your per fect home

LuAnn White

So easy it’s the obvious choice.. . Step 2

Get th e insurance you need IN YOUR REALTOR HAVE COMFORT

Erik Opdahl 277-1710 (o) 840-2779 (c) home



Erik Opdahl

Creating Curb Appeal for 17 years 5

E FRE ESTIMATES Landscape Center & Retail Showroom 4347 12th Av N

701-232-7782 Like Us!

. Fargo, ND 58102 . .

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M ay/ J u n e 2 013


cozy quarters.

1 32

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013


e found a lake home on Lake Lida near Pelican Rapids that is truly the definition of what a lake home should be. This cozy home features beautiful views, a hot tub, fireplace and charming touches that remind you that you’re at the lake. The Seifert’s home has just enough space and offers a breathtaking view. Where: Pelican Rapids, MN Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Built: 1965 Converted to home: early 90’s Addition: 2000


1&2. There are cute touches like these signs that keep you in the lake mode. This area for summertime bonfires provides you with a beautiful view of the lake. The painted “Lake Lida” sign was done by one of their daughters on a piece of driftwood that floated up after a tornado.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013





5 5 34

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

218-287-0240 Commercial

2262 26th St S • Moorhead, MN


3. Arranging photos on a wall like this is a creative way to bring in artwork that has a personal touch. 4. The stone accent wall brings together earthy tones throughout the house. 5. The guest house was originally the garage, but was later converted into a guest house. 6. The Seifert's dog, Bella, kept us entertained throughout our visit.

•Residential / Commercial •Seamless Siding •Soffits •Fascia •Seamless Gutters •Downspouts •Windows •Doors •Commercial Panels

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55+Community Living






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FARGO With over two years of planning, Sanford Women’s Southpointe is finally open. We took a little tour with Director of Clinical Operations for Sanford Women’s Karey Stirling and RN Clinical Supervisor Kecia Lund through the newly remodeled spa-like facility. “Talking about the whole women’s team and what women wanted, we did some surveys and we did some other branding types of things talking about what women wanted and what women stood for, and it was youthful, versatile, sophisticated, family oriented, confident,” said Stirling. The team that took this information and transformed it into this beautiful Women’s Center was made up of doctors, nurses, receptionists, an art consultant and the experts at Foss Architecture and Interiors. Written by: Amanda Ahrenholz

photos by: Alison smith

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013



Privacy At the new Sanford Women’s, procedures such as weight and temperature recordings have been moved into the exam rooms. A separate area for scheduling has also been created to make patients' visits more private.


COMFORT Sanford Women’s has warm, welcoming sights and sounds. They have a cohesive color palette and have created two “pods” for new waiting areas. Sanford Women’s has also integrated soothing music throughout the wing.



There are separate waiting areas outside of exam rooms, called The Willows. These rooms are designated for family members who want to come to the appointment but step out of the room for the exam.


Tranquility Each room is decked out with a photograph of a flower that has a meaning. This photo symbolizes “playfulness, cheer and bliss.” Rooms also feature chairs that fold up onto the wall to create more space for strollers and other equipment.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

SPACE Not only is the new Sanford Women’s designed for expectant mothers, it serves women of all ages and in every stage of life. They offer several different services like behavioral health, fetal monitoring and mammography just to name a few.

Everything about TL Stroh’s office is original — the ideas, the style and even the building materials. 40

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013


By Amanda Ahrenholz Photos by Caitlin Abrams and Alison Smith

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


We to ok a stroll through TL Stroh Architects & Interiors office with founder Terry Stroh to see what they did with the unique space.

For more information on TL Stroh Architects & Interiors, visit

The original building was built in 1929 and operated as the Fargo Paper Company. “It didn’t lo ok anything like this on the outside, just some small windows. Then in 1960 it became Dakota Flo oring; they added a flo or to the top, where you can see the brick color change,” Stroh explained. Stroh purchased the building in 2007 from the Plains Art Museum. Then they gutted, ice blasted the entire building and renovated it for their move in 2009. “We renovated it and moved in February 2009, we gutted everything besides the structural components and removed sections of the flo or. We bolted in this large staircase and added this slanted glass wall in the conference ro om.” This open flo or concept on the bottom two flo ors serves as office space for the 10 TL Stroh Architects and Interiors employees and the top two flo ors are made up of 18 unique studio and one-bedro om apartments. 42

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

This old vault serves as housing for some of their interior design samples. It is one of a couple downtown buildings that have one.

Here is a view of their employee break space.

The breakout conference ro oms were renovated from the old elevator shaft.

We tried to keep it industrial…

” This custom steel staircase is a focal point of the front of their office.

The bottom flo or serves as the interior design area.

The conference ro om has a 13 degree angled glass wall.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


like us!

10% OFF HAPPY HOUR Tues: 4:00-6:30pm


MyHouse Year built: SQ FT: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Extras:

2003 1, 440 3 2.5 Den

These homeowners love the open, active, South Fargo neighborhood that they live in. They moved into their home in 2011 with hopes to amp-up the kitchen, dining and living room spaces with color and decor to make things “pop.” The homeowners have a beautiful wing back chair they love and would like to re-cover it and incorporate it into the design. They also need a little advice for the foyer at the entrance of their home to make it more welcoming. Let’s see what our expert designers came up with!

The Designers Leanne Sucrow

Sylvia Lunski

She can be found at:

She can be found at: Or at: 701-365-4040

Or at: 701-893-8775

Chicago native Leanne Sucrow has been designing residential and commercial spaces for over ten years, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in Interior Design from the Arts Institute in Chicago. As a designer and owner of the local-based design firm, The Green Room, Sucrow enjoys working with clients to create inviting and “out of the box” ideas for their home, lake home and/or business spaces. As a retail shop owner of “the studio,” on Fargo’s historic 8th Street, she provides a home for her passion of refurbishing furniture, vintage design and repurposing items.

Sylvia Lunski is the owner of Design Direction, right here in Fargo. She has over 30 years of design industry experience as well as extensive experience with cabinets, flooring, furniture and draperies. Sylvia is actively involved in her church as well as the FM Home Builder’s Association, Rotary International and Rebuilding Together. When designing, Sylvia pays close attention to client’s needs and preferences. She will work together to create beautiful functional spaces that perfectly reflect personalities and compliment lifestyles.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


“From examining the current images of the home, it is clear that the taupe-tan color is finite overpowering and a de .” ed ed ne is lor co of p po

Photos by Alison Smith

Living Room Leanne:


Time to get the painting clothes on and get dirty! The existing neutral palette is a little too monotonous and dull. The open layout, tall ceilings and windows make the perfect combination for splashes of vibrant colors and lively patterns. The furniture is quite classy and works well in the space. A few key pieces and colors will revive the space. Fresh new pillows on the sofa with a different texture, brighter colors and a large scale pattern will give the sofa a brand new look. Take it one step further by removing the sofa, chair and ottoman skirt to showcase the legs. Show off those stems! Another key piece of enriching will add to the continuity: fabric, fabric and MORE fabric!

From examining the current images of the home, it is clear that the taupe-tan color is overpowering and a definite pop of color is needed.

Add accessories to all spaces with color. Organize the living room niches with tall, large scale, colorful accessories in the rectangular spaces. The top niche needs one long accessory.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Rearranging existing furniture and adding new furniture pieces will help create effective conversation areas as well as provide a space that is easier to navigate and more appealing. Ideally, all of the living room furniture would be replaced with a new sofa, two smaller chairs instead of the large chair, and two chairs with a fun print fabric in front of the window. However, if keeping the existing furniture is desired, I would start by moving the large chair and the ottoman towards the sofa while also angling it towards the conversation area already present. This will then move the path of travel towards the fireplace wall so as not to interfere with conversations taking place in the living room. A small table with a lamp can then be added next to the chair. The sofa can also be moved towards the chair and angled a bit more. Replace

the ottoman which matches the large chair with an upholstered fabric ottoman having a fun print or leather top. Next, add a sofa table with vases and picture frames behind the sofa to separate the living room from the kitchen, also a small table with a lamp next to the sofa. The end table in between the two chairs by the window should be replaced having it coordinate, not matching exactly, with the other new end tables. To bring some color into the living room, the fireplace wall can be painted a crisp, fresh green, adding art to the right of the fireplace, and vases appropriately sized for the openings around the fireplace. Another recommendation is changing the tile around the fireplace with a coordinating tile, or the same tile that will be added to the kitchen backsplash. This will create cohesion between the spaces. Lastly, an art piece should be added in the recessed portion of the wall adjacent to the sofa, blue and green accent pillows can be incorporated. Replace the valence with drapery side panels mounted 8” above the casing on short rods (24” wide) to compliment the ceiling height.

Dining Room Leanne: Let’s not stop with the living room. The dining room chairs and bar stools are itching for a pattern and color. This is an easy way to add personality to the space. So get your spray adhesive, staple gun and stunning fabric ready! Add a large rug under the dining room table and a fabulous centerpiece arrangement or fresh flowers to pull the rooms together. A glass tile mosaic back splash would also give the kitchen a pop of color. These colors can be coordinated with the bar stool fabric. TIP: Pull together fabrics, patterns, backsplash and accessories/art prior to selecting the paint colors. Paint colors are endless, and by gathering these items prior to paints will help to guide the color tone through the personality and colors in these choices. A splash of color on the walls to highlight specific areas is a definite need to break up all of the neutral tones. The dining room and living room niches are the perfect areas to add a pop of color without being too overwhelming. TIP: Only paint the back walls and end on the inside corners. Transitioning colors on inside corners looks a lot cleaner. Take it one step further and break up the lightness by leaving the trim white and painting the doors a chocolate brown, which would balance with the darker tones in the furniture.

Sylvia: The kitchen and the dining room can also use pops of color. In the dining room, paint the recessed portion of wall with the mirror the same color green as the living room. Add a lamp and accessories to the hutch, and a taller plant to replace the current plant. Repeat the same drapery side panels as the living room, installed on either side of the sliding door. Angling the dining table and adding an area rug with pattern and texture, table accessory and runner will create a space with warmth and interest. In the kitchen, a tiled backsplash using a mixture of glass and stone is recommended to add color. Painting above the upper cabinets and incorporating blue and green accessories will also add to the visual interest of the space.

“ Add a large rug under the dining room table and a fabulous nt centerpiece arrangeme ll or fresh flowers to pu the rooms together.”

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


The Foyer

Move the plant from the foyer to the left side of the niches to cover the outlet. This will also asymmetrically balance the chair and ottoman on the opposite side.



The foyer needs a long rug to fill the space and create an invitation in to the home. Move the plant from the foyer to the left side of the niches to cover the outlet. This will also asymmetrically balance the chair and ottoman on the opposite side. Add a large piece of art and coordinating pillows on the bench for additional color and pizzazz!

As for the foyer, adding an art arrangement above the bench and a larger area rug with a pattern will make the entry feel welcoming and bring in color. The wall across from the closet can be revitalized by adding a table or chest with a lamp, accessories and a mirror above. The plant currently in the foyer could replace the plant in the dining room and the dining room plant could be moved to the foyer. Swapping these plants is a way to attain the goals desired without spending money!

The good news is the core items are already owned. No need to change out the furniture. Just some color, new accessories/ pillows and rugs will give this living space a whole new look.

Once these changes have been made, a home that is more welcoming, colorful, and interesting will be the result.

At a shop in South Fargo lie creative grounds for a unique artist. This talented glass blower does things that nobody else in the world can replicate.

John Offutt

Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography Article by Amanda Ahrenholz 50

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Fargo native, Jon Offutt, has made a name for himself from the magic in his fingers.

Younger Years Ever since he was young, Offutt was interested in art. In his younger years, he did a lot of work at the Creative Arts Studio in an advanced art program in the basement of Claire Barton Elementary. “I started off on a portfolio scholarship at UND and eventually transferred to Moorhead State where I did a lot of clay. My undergrad major is in ceramics, but they had glass as an elective. It was much more suited to my personality, it’s much more intense, pretty focused. We like to say it’s like driving on ice; it’s a half hour of right decisions in a row.” He received his graduate degree from Illinois University in Carbondale. Offutt has been a glass blower in Fargo since 1996 and doesn’t see himself doing anything else with his time and talent.

Transparent Inspiration Offutt’s recent work are landscape inspired works, he named the Dakota Horizon Series. It’s focused off of living on the prairie, and this series reflects that, either with literal landscapes or more abstract examples, all of them have distinct horizon lines. “A lot of inspiration comes from the material itself and how it works, it’s unusual because it’s transparent… I like mixing these colors up so they’re more interesting as you walk around them, it’s not the same as you walk around,” Offutt explains. In addition to creating different series, Offutt hopes to add more blacksmithing and other techniques to his work.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


Here and Now Offutt lives near his shop so he can create new pieces at his convenience. His shop is called House of Mulciber. He has been doing glass blowing for over 30 years and doesn’t see an end to his successful career and lifestyle. In addition to blowing glass everyday, Offutt educates and informs various schools and does several demonstrations throughout the year. “I built a whole other studio on a trailer that I travel with in the summer, schools, one county fair a summer where I do demonstrations… Glass is unlike any other medium…” Offutt and his assistant, Dave Schutz, have been working together for seven years and have their routine down pat. The duo blows glass five days a week, from 7 a.m. until noon and occasionally on Saturdays.

The furnace stays on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 2,040 degrees. This houses all of the glass that Offutt and Shutz use throughout the day.

Timeline Offutt builds a glass vessel in this second-by-second look at his intricate glass blowing process.

35 sec Schutz blows a puff of air into the pipe and creates a bubble.

1 sec Offutt gets extremely hot glass from his 2,040 degrees furnace.

1m 20 sec He gives the piece time to cool.

START 53 sec 4 sec He rolls the hot portion of glass on a metal table (called marvering) to cool it down.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Offutt shapes with metal tools that he manufactured.

1m 41 sec Offutt gathers more glass from the furnace.

Get Some For Yourself Want to have some of Offutt’s work for your very own? Head on over to Reed & Taylor Antiques or The Store at Plains Art Museum and pick some up. Artwork is also available at the Studio Crawl in the fall around Fargo.


5m 10 sec

Once everything is symmetrical, it goes back into the reheating chamber to allow the glass to be more workable.

Schutz adds another puff of air to form the body of the cup.

4m 7 sec

2m 18 sec

Offutt is back to shaping with damp newspaper and other tools.

More marvering to cool off and then shape the piece.

2m 40 sec Offutt uses a damp newspaper to help shape the glass and make it symmetrical.

3m 40 sec

5m 55 sec

The piece gets inserted into a metal cone with ridges.

The duo uses another pole, called a jack, to take the cup off of the original pipe.

4m 37 sec The glass goes back into the reheating chamber to control its shape.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


9m 30 sec

6m 31 sec Back into the reheating chamber.

8m 44 sec

After removing the original pipe, there is a hole open for the mouth of the cup.

Back into the reheating chamber.

Back into the reheating chamber.

9m 11 sec 7m 20 sec


11m 38 sec

Time in the open air also allows cooling.

They add a foot with each new piece of glass.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

11m 19 sec

Schutz gets the blue colored glass ready for the trim on the lip of the cup.

10m 22 sec The cup needs to be reheated once again to keep the glass hot so it is warm and workable.

12m 36 sec

15m 10 sec

It goes back into the reheating chamber.

Now they open the mouth of the cup even bigger.

13m 57 sec The blue is finally added to the lip of the cup.

FINISH 12m 58 sec

16m 22 sec

The two make the top of the cup bigger.

Offutt removes the cup from the jack with just a tap, at the right temperature, and places it in the oven.

14m 31 sec Now Offutt reheats the mouth of the cup.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


g A T guess the price

Great homes can be found in Fargo and all over the rest of the Red River Valley. Whether you’re looking for a sleek modern retreat, or a historic home full of character, there is something for everyone. Take a glance at these properties and try to guess their listed price.

1 3009 Peterson Pky N, Fargo SQ FT: 4,456 Agency: Park Company Realtors Realtor: Kari Myhre This two-story brick-beauty has six bedrooms, three full bathrooms and three extra partial-baths for you and your family to call your own. The kitchen is equipped with granite counter-tops, cherry wood cabinetry and a pantry. The master suite has a walk-in closet. In the master bathroom, you’ll have a whirlpool tub to relax in after a long day. With the home’s vaulted ceilings, formal dining room and four-season sun room, you’ll be able to enjoy entertaining and simply staying in.

What is the sticker price on this cozy family home? A. $701,400 C. $620,000


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

B. $579,900 D. $499,600

IT’S YOUR THING. From grandmas to grandkids, everybody likes to do their own thing. It’s the same with health plans. That’s why Medica is a great choice for every generation of the family. Medica has been helping people do their thing since 1974. And nobody gives you more choices. You can choose a Medica plan that’s right for your life and your budget. Get all the coverage you need, with the affordability you want. Medica works for you. It’s your thing.

Learn more at


Come home to this gorgeous, 2013 built, five SQ FT: 4,669 bedroom, three bathroom Agency: Prudential Crary spacious home. It offers 9 foot ceilings as well as a Real Estate two story foyer and great Realtor: Tim Crary back entry. The second floor master suite features an impressive soaking tub and special his and hers master closets. The large, three stall garage connects through a separate stairway to the basement and the great room features a gas fireplace, an added bonus to this new, impressive home.

563 Beacon Circle, Grand Forks

What do you think a brand new home like this is valued at? B. $450,000 D. $589,900 House 1 Answer: $579,900

House 2 Answer: $589,900

A. $890,000 C. $650,000


Steve Walker Find tranquillity in this large, 4334 Beach Lane S, Fargo contemporary masterpiece. SQ FT: 4,100 Settled on an 11,166 sq. Agency: Prudential Premier ft. lot, this metropolitan inspired home features five Real Estate bedrooms, four bathrooms, Realtor: John Knosalla a master suite with a sitting area, double sided fireplace, heated floors, a waterfall wall, atrium and gallery space, plenty of windows for natural light and an unfinished basement with unlimited potential. You can also perfect your cooking skills in this professional kitchen with a double oven, extra large fridge and gas range. This is the perfect home for you to have the big city feel without the hassle of the traffic.




Does this contemporary masterpiece have a big price tag?


B. $759,000 D. $657,000

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

House 3 Answer: $839,000

A. $839,000 C. $910,000






1006 7th Ave. SE, Barnesville 4839 39th Ave. S, Fargo

SQ FT: 1,740 Agency: Coldwell Banker First Realty Realtor: Nate Anderson Contact: 701-866-7250 This modern, contemporary two story home was custom built to exceed your expectations! With five bedrooms, two bathrooms, energy star appliances, radiant floor heat and finished landscaping, you will feel right at home.

Asking Price: $209,900


Beautiful, large home! Home has indoor 60x34 court (is covering a previous indoor pool). This space would be great for hobby, at-home job, rec room, daycare or many more ideas! 3/4 bath in this area! Fully finished, open plan, patio & deck, shed, kennel, great landscaping & sprinklers. $500 City of Barnesville utility credit available.

Asking Price: $289,900


1035 47th Place W, West Fargo

1489 71st Ave. S, Fargo

SQ FT: Finished 2,733 Sq Ft per level Agency: RE/MAX Legacy Realty Realtor: Robert Leslie Contact: 701-492-5057

SQ FT: 4,290 Agency: Heritage Homes Realtor: Heritage Homes Sales Specialist Contact: 701-281-7184

This home is designed for large gatherings with an open floor plan featuring high ceilings. It offers a gourmet kitchen with a walk in pantry to satisfy the fussiest chefs. The master bedroom has a custom shower, jacuzzi, two closets and wet bar. This six bedroom home has sound through-out.

Asking Price: $869,900 62

SQ FT: 3,896 (includes 2,040 court) Agency: RE/MAX Legacy Realty Realtor: Jill Bollinger Contact: 701-400-2508

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Spacious two-story with double volume great room and lofted upper level. The main floor master bedroom plan sets it apart with walk-in closet, dual sinks and linen closet. The family foyer includes lockers, drop zone and coat closet. The beautiful kitchen is accented with granite, tile and stainless steel appliances.

Asking Price: $434,900

Check out these fantastic area homes that are on the market.



620 6th St, Hawley

3026 7th St. E, West Fargo

SQ FT: 2,200 Agency: Kvamme Real Estate Realtor: Dave Werth Contact: 218-790-7653

SQ FT: 3,394 Agency: Heritage Homes Realtor: Heritage Homes Sales Specialist Contact: 701-281-7184

See yourself calling this spacious, two story, three bedroom, two and a half bathroom house, a home? It includes a two stall garage, detached workshop, hardwood flooring, three season porch, foyer and formal dining room. This home is sure to please.

This rambler has open floor plans with vaulted ceilings and dark stain oak. Unique ceiling details make a statement in the master suite. Get organized with a drop zone, lockers and walk-in closet in the foyer. Enjoy a finished lower level with contemporary fireplace. Complete with five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Asking Price: $103,000

Asking Price: $339,900

Masterpieces Made Here


Experience a gallery where you are the artist.

Where you can see, touch, and feel your home the way you want it, right now. All the latest appliances. Gorgeous sinks and faucets. Brilliant lighting. Plus, the product expertise that makes it easy to turn your vision into reality.

FERGUSON.COM Fargo 1602 45th St N (701) 237-4131 Š2013 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.


Lobby Bar | Zest Restaurant | Level Two Lounge

Lounge | Restaurant | Banquet | Suites | Gym

Downtown Fargo 2 01 5 t h S t N

Fa rg o , ND


( 7 01 ) 2 3 2 - 7 3 6 3


Fa ce b o o k . co m / r a d i s s o nh o t e l fa r g o

DELUXE PATIO The view from the rooftop of 300 Broadway is just as spectacular as the vision of architect Brian Reinarts and the team at Land Elements.

1 Recycled glass privacy wall

The clients wanted creativity. Through sketch after sketch, the idea of recycled glass privacy walls was born. The glass originated from a place in Oklahoma that melts the glass, adds color and crushes it. Red and bronze tones compliment the LED backlit lighting within four-byfour inch steel tubing encased with a steel mesh. 66

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

By Elizabeth Erickson Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography and Alison Smith


Brian Reinarts led the year-long process from the conceptual design to the construction. While the intent was to demonstrate the creativity of different elements, the inspiration stems from the client, Kilbourne Group founder, Doug Burgum. His strong family history on the great plains of North Dakota is revealed through barbless, threaded wire that relates to cattle fencing to the use of recycled barn wood and other materials. The feature elements used in the rooftop space may be a focus, but harsh North Dakota winters and unpredictable conditions instigated a strong structural plan to be put into place. A collaboration of architects and engineers worked to make the space functional for a group of two to 25 people. “The favorite part of the project is working with the contractors and the client," Reinarts said. "There’s a lot of enjoyment of working with them and trying to achieve this project. That’s the way Land Elements approaches design as a whole process, so I think the collaboration is one of the more fun elements of designing any process.”

2 Plants

All of the plant material used is native or a native cult in the region. Little bluestem, switch grasses and black-eyed susans translate the idea of maintaining locality and ties to the Red River Valley. Clients also suggested that herbs be used as fillers with the proximity of the outdoor kitchen.

The visible entertainment features and unseen fabrication of structural elements coincide to fulfill the vision of the 300 Broadway rooftop project.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013



3 The Shed

Designed by architect Chris Hawley, the old barn wood structure that encloses the outdoor kitchen features a hybrid grill/outdoor kitchen. The components in the space are manufactured by Kalamazoo, an American company in Michigan. "I would say they're one of the top of the line for outdoor appliances," Reinarts said. 68

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Dog Run

A dog run hidden behind the privacy walls and kitchen provides a separate space for the client's dog. The unique space provides convenience instead of a long trek to the ground outside.

“We achieved what we wanted to, as well as what the homeowner was looking for� - Brian Reinarts

5 Barn Wood

"The Shed," the structure that encompasses the kitchen, is made from repurposed red barn wood from a 90-year-old Minnesota barn. Elements of old and new are incorporated into the space.

g n i t t Se r a B e h t By Amanda Ahrenholz Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

, we set out to find new ng vi Li d an n ig es D at e Her s at Enclave mentioned nd ie fr r ou n he w d an gs thin k it out. The Brew, we had to chec

The long narrow lot created a more cozy space, without being too crowded. Owners Britt and Alex wanted to provide a space that felt like downtown yet was welcoming to everyone from businessmen to families.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

The architect on this hidden gem was Chris Hawley and a talented crew from Enclave. They created a modern industrial look for The Brew that incorporated a casual, classy, sports bar, fine dining feel that resembled that of old neighborhood bars in St. Paul.

With 24 different kinds of beer on tap, hand muddled cocktails and fresh locally grown ingredients, this bar is bringing a new twist to the middle of Perham.

To check out The Brew yourself, go visit them at 124 E Main St, Perham, MN or find them on facebook at brewperham.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013














And More


DO IT YOURSELF Deckmasters can help you create beauty either way.

Supply Design Build


North Dakota’s Largest Deck Stocking Dealer

Visit our showroom 5507 53rd Ave SW Fargo


701-282-2142 Retaining Walls - Boulder, Block, Timber, Stone Paver Patios/Driveways/Walkways | Sodding/Seeding/Hydro Seeding Trees/Shrubs/Perennials | Black Dirt/Grading | Snow/Ice Management Decorative Rocks & Mulches | Landscape Lighting | Custom Sprinkler Installation

- P r o f e s s i o n a l ly g r o w n K e n t u c k y b l u e g r a s s s o d -

Serving North Dakota, Minnesota and surrounding areas for the past 20 years!

Now Trending.... TEAL IS THE COLOR OF THE SUMMER. We visited local businesses in Fargo and found some perfect summer items for your home and patio.

Article by Elizabeth Erickson Photos by Alison Smith


$475 Add a splash of color to your living room with this bright piano that you can use to play up your room or play a tune.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


sanGrIa Is BaCk aLonG WITh neW

Summer Libations! Try our

CanTaLoupe moJITo, arnoLd paLmer BourBon Tea, FarGo sLInG & oTher neW addITIons!

Happy Hour 4 - 6 pm Tuesday - saTurday 10 -11 pm Tuesday - Wednesday 10 -12 am Thursday - saTurday



$35 It's a centerpiece, planter, utensil holder and everything you need to add style to your home.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

.biz design

elta www.d

ns Additio




e Repa

c Insuran





! R E A FT


Remodeling with Style! 701-235-1212


sign e d a t l e www.d

© 2008-2013 Delta Design


$229 Serve up summer with variety with this tray that features attached and detached bowls.

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013



$59, $65, $69 This trio of colored vases sits well in any home and brightens up a space.

Emissary Ceramic Stool MCNEAL AND FRIENDS

$330 This sturdy ceramic stool or table won't topple over and sits well on a patio.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013

Linen Throw Pillows MCNEAL AND FRIENDS

$140, $150 Comfort and style come standard with these linen throw pillows.


$39 Set a candle inside to illuminate any space!

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u s t 2 013


Carpet Bench O' DAY CACHE

$495 Brought to Fargo directly from India, this unique bench offers style and functionality.

Jamie Young Glass Hurricane MCNEAL AND FRIENDS

$150 Fill this piece with stones or sand and set a candle inside. It's perfect for outdoors!


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • J u ly/Au g u st 2 013



WAKE YOU UP. ELECTRICITY 1936........................ 5¢ 2013........................ 11¢ INCREASE................. 2X BASED ON AVERAGE COST PER KILOWATT HOUR

Shaped Candles C. LIZZY'S BOUTIQUE

POUND OF COFFEE 1936........................ 14.5¢ 2013........................ $7.43 INCREASE................


Keeping energy affordable. Just another way it pays to be a co-op member. Learn more about the power of your co-op membership at $26, $22, $22 These fun shaped candles can stand all alone.


Pick your home’s personality!

Starting at 400k w/ Lot COME SEE OUR NEW DESIGN STUDIO


4342 15th Ave S. Fargo

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Design and Living July/August  

It's time to get out to the lakes. That's exactly what we did with this month's magazine. We profile three gorgeous lake homes that will mak...