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generally wait until the magazine is almost complete to write my editorial. Some would call that procrastination, but I like to think that I’m waiting for some sort of divine inspiration. Since we have done shopping issues before, the thought even crossed my mind that I might not have anything to say that I haven’t already said. Then came April 25. On this date, only a couple of days before going to print, I attended the Eco Chic Design Conference, an event we were so proud to be a sponsor of. As I walked around the Avalon West with 750 seats and Design & Living Magazine on each one, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. With every speaker, I discovered my inspiration. We heard from some of the best locals in the industry, interviewed Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” and met some truly amazing people in search of their own inspiration. The overall theme of the day was finding ways to make your house a place you love to come home to — one that brings you joy and makes you happy. Easier said than done for most of us. After listening intently to the session speakers, these simple but significant points seemed clear. Making your home one you love starts with you. Stop fearing the ever-present oak; just go ahead, and in the words of Maria Bosak, “paint your life lovely.” Stop walking by the same ugly lamp you never should have bought. Stop ignoring the light fixture you never liked. Stop buying things that serve no purpose and please quit filling spaces that don’t need to be filled with “things” that aren’t really you. Last but not least, perfection is overrated. A picture perfect home is trying to live a staged existence. If it doesn’t function for your family, its purpose is lost. Fully living in and loving the way your home makes you feel is the real definition of perfection. Talking incessantly about décor and design may seem petty to some, but a home is far more than a collection of decorations; it’s where we create life’s greatest memories, raise our families, unwind and nurture our relationships. When the outside world tries every bit of our patience, home is the place to start anew. As you turn the pages in this month’s shopping issue, I encourage you to de-clutter those things that drive you crazy and replace them with pieces that make you happy every single time you walk by them. Find a fresh outlook for your home and set a new tone for your life. This issue is made to inspire, bursting with over a hundred local finds to bring pure joy into your home and even out to your patio. We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did shopping for it. Thank you for reading, and as always, we value your feedback and encourage your ideas.

TRACY NICHOLSON Associate Publisher



ECO CHIC DESIGN CONFERENCE RECAP On April 25 this conference brought Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s wildly popular show, “Fixer Upper” right here to Fargo. See the sit-down interview with Chip and Joanna, highlights from the speakers and see the rockstar crowd of 750 “Fixer Upper” fans.



What is not often seen is this local business’ devotion to the local artist community over the past 15 years. In the newly renovated corporate office in Downtown Fargo, their support and display of local art is captivating. It’s clear that for this bank, investment is not just about the bottom line.



SIT BACK, RELAX & SHOP With only a few short months of warmth to enjoy, those who live in the Red River Valley know the importance of staging the perfect summer. This local shopping guide is warm weather tailored to help you capture the season in full bloom. Use this guide of 100+ local finds to freshen up your interior and cultivate the perfect patio.

ON THE COVER We spotted this gorgeous, reclaimed wood chair at Scheels Home & Hardware in Fargo. When we found out it was handcrafted using retired fishing boat wood, we loved it even more. The “boatwood” by Warehouse 2120 is made from hard woods such as teak and ironwood that are now in short supply. In keeping with the preservation of the naturally aged material, this wood is never repainted. We love the years of vibrant, layered paint weathered by time and elements, each piece telling a unique story. To see more of this collection, Scheels Home & Hardware also carries various other styles including wood storage boxes/planters, side tables, bench and butterfly chairs. Scheels Home & Hardware 3202 13th Avenue South, Fargo 701-232-8903 8

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

​ mart Spaces is a local S business that is here to help you create the perfect space in any room of the house from the garage and closet to the pantry and the living room. Their new show room in South Fargo gives customers endless options to simplify their lives and eliminate all of life’s clutter.


People’s Choice Awards On April 15 we wrapped up our nominations and final voting periods for our first ever People’s Choice Awards. If you’re one of the many waiting for the big winner announcement, our June issue is just what you’ve been asking for. Instead of simply announcing the winners, we wanted to take our time to pay homage to all of the nominees and winners and devote an entire issue to acknowledging the accomplishments of these local people. So, bear with us just a bit longer, we promise it will be worth the wait.


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At Design & Living, our goal is to create a publication that is just as much fun to read as it is to view. Here are the writers and contributors that so affably use their time and talents to tell a story and give our pages purpose.





Writer and contributor Susanne Williams is a textile and mixed media artist with her Downtown Fargo studio/gallery, Willi Nilli. She is also the Artist-in-Residence at Roger Maris Cancer Center, Sanford Health. She has served as Executive Director of The Uptown Gallery in Fargo and Associate Professor of mass communication at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Williams holds a Ph.D. in communication from Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.

Contributor Maria Bosak is the owner and creator of Eco Chic Boutique with retail locations in Fargo and Bismarck. Bosak is the founder of Junk Market, a twice a year, two-day event featuring the best in re-purposed furniture, vintage finds and unique handmade products in the Upper Midwest. She is highly sought after for her expertise in painted furniture, vintage design and entrepreneurship. Bosak loves combing garage sales, auctions, estate sales and flea markets to find that unique piece that brings joy to your home without breaking the bank.

Erica Rapp is a writer at Spotlight Media for Fargo Monthly and Design & Living Magazine, and is also a web content strategist for She graduated from North Dakota State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and management communications along with a Bachelor of Science in international studies, and has spent some time living and studying in New Zealand. For stories, feel free to contact her at

Trever Hill has been the owner of Trever Hill Design, formerly known as Home Suite Couture, in Fargo since 2009. He was also the Specialty Shop Manager of Scheels Home and Hardware. Hill works in both residential and commercial projects around the FM and lakes areas. He has been a valuable contributor, showing cutting edge home design and utilizing furniture and décor from local stores in staging homes, remodels, new builds and historic renovations. In 2014 Hill was nominated for the “Top 5 Best Of the Red River Valley” poll by The Forum.



D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15






or over 15 years, Home Helpers has been supporting clients in more than 600 communities across North America. As the nation’s leading senior care franchise, Home Helpers provides companionship, nonmedical care and personal care.


Owner, Home Helpers & Direct Link

Office: 701.540.6226 Cell: 701.261.9893 *Each office is independently owned and operated.



The Home Builders Association

of Fargo-Moorhead promotes an environment in which members and their businesses can prosper.


ow that spring is here, many of us are getting into the yard and taking on some do-it-yourself projects. Planting a tree? Digging a hole for a mailbox? Installing a fence?

Clay Dietrich owns Dietrich Homes, Inc., with his son, Tom. Their company provides custom home-building services to the FM and lakes area. Clay has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry.

The Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead promotes an environment in which members and their businesses can prosper.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

Please know that One Call locates do not include any lines you may have installed to your private facilities (i.e. gas grills, detached garages, wells, yard lights, etc.) If your home’s electric meter is located on the garage, please know that this means additional high-voltage wires are buried in the ground from the meter location on the garage to the point where the wires enter the basement to connect with the home’s electrical panel. Many homeowners don’t know that they need to hire an electrician to locate other wires like these because they are considered private and not marked under the One Call system. It is a better situation when meters are placed in the area at least 10 feet back from the front corner of the home (not considering the garage). This way, wiring can be pulled from the meter socket through the first floor framing and into the electrical panel and does not require secondary private high-voltage wires to be buried in the yard. In addition to your electric service and any private facilities, there are a number

of utility lines buried on your property – telephone, gas or propane, water, sewer, cable TV.... The first step to any project is safety. No matter what you’re doing, remember that if you are planning to dig, you need to contact either North Dakota One Call or Minnesota Gopher State One Call at or gopherstateonecall. org. They will contact the appropriate utility line owners to locate their lines and mark them on your property. If you are a homeowner with a meter located on your garage, or have other private facilities, contact an electrician to locate those wires. With homeowner safety in mind, the Home Builders Association of FargoMoorhead has been meeting with local utilities about changing their practices regarding electric meter locations on homes. We’re also discussing ways to streamline placement of various utility lines in new developments to allow for safer excavation when new homes are constructed.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15




The 105 VIP seats on the main level sat down to gorgeous reclaimed wood tables from Grain Designs, adorable clip boards with special offers, Eco Chic Boutique paint sticks, cookies, bottled water and even fresh flowers in handmade toolboxes. Commemorating the event, hemp swag bags held everything from our own ‘Design & Living Magazine’ to fine chocolates, chapstick and tape measures.


The upper balcony was home to 72 VIP seats overlooking the event center, complete with their own VIP swag bags.


Throughout the day, guests were treated to a shopping extravaganza. Many purchased everything from Magnolia and #Shiplap t-shirts, to the reclaimed VIP tables, tea towels, metal flower bins, gorgeous wire baskets, cotton stems and everything in between.




Before Chip and Joanna took the stage at 7 p.m., guests were treated to a social, appetizers, shopping and an ample supply of cookies.


As a sponsor of the conference, ‘Design & Living’ had magazines at all 750 seats in the Avalon West venue.


Carrie Brusven created a farmhouse-chic look to set the tone for the conference at center stage. Their design showcased some of the hottest trends like shiplap walls, reclaimed wood shelving and wall art, vintage clocks and a reclaimed wood dining table handmade by Grain Designs. The finishing touches could be seen in the details from the dried lavender, tin flower buckets, magnificent repurposed couch, magazine worthy table settings and perfectly coiffed side tables.




This refurbished Victorian style couch is headed from the stage to Waco, Texas. After laying eyes on the magnificent piece by head Eco Chic painter, Michelle McCrea, the Gaines had to have it. Chip urged us to keep our eyes peeled for this couch in their upcoming season. When word got out that the Gaines had bought this refurbished sofa, audience members flocked to get a pic of them perched on the now famous furniture.



As store manager and creative director of Eco Chic Boutique, Carrie Brusven took the stage to share her valuable tips on bringing happiness into your home. The audience learned about the process of home projects, how to find creative uses for unusual pieces and what it means to create a space you love. She encouraged the audience to stop ignoring what they don't love, invest in great lighting and energize their space by de-cluttering and finishing ongoing projects. Getting in some audience participation, Brusven demonstrated how easy it is to transform a simple metal bin and zinc trough into multitasking decor with purpose.


As founder and owner of Eco Chic Boutique as well as the Fargo Junk Market, Maria Bosak was the driving force for bringing Chip and Joanna Gaines to Fargo. Sharing the same passion as Joanna for repurposing and painting, Bosak is a local expert on Chalk Paint and Waxes by Annie Sloan, being the first in the area to really adopt and perfect the concept. Bosak encouraged the audience to look for the unseen and imagine the possibilities with every piece of furniture, old and new. Bringing an audience member on stage, she showed how simple chalk paint can be, transforming an oak side table into a teal focal point with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and matte finish with Annie Sloan wax.

Robby Njos Photography


The conference and sessions were kicked off by their high-spirited host, Scott Brusven, Eco Chic Boutique's Marketing and Event Director. Brusven's extensive background in theatre helped keep the audience entertained and on their toes.

Local experts in reclaimed wood, Patrick, Grant and Blain show the audience two inventive projects with their favorite material. The audience got to see what it takes to create custom wood shelving with hardware style pipe and even reclaimed wood wall art. To prove how simple these projects can be, one lucky audience member even got the opportunity to crash the stage and help out with the handy work.

"Life is complicated enough, let's blow the dust off and get painting." - Maria Bosak, Founder & Owner of Eco Chic Boutique

Session Speakers (from left), Carrie Brusven, Grant Koenig, Philip Bruckbauer, Maria Bosak and Blain Mikkonen. 27



Taking the stage at 7 p.m., Chip and Joanna Gaines captivated the audience from the very start. Well known and loved for their opposites-attract onscreen chemistry, the two kept the audience fully entertained. They shared stories of their life in the design world, their family, faith and their unusual journey to refurbishing their own happy home.

Robby Njos Photography

"What I love about the idea behind this whole design conference is that you're all here because you love your home and you want to be intentional in your space." - Joanna Gaines

With 700+ women in the audience, Chip showed off his signature, shirtless style while Joanna stood by, a good sport with her husband's ever present antics.

"For me, what feels like home is when it's a reflection of the people in it." - Joanna Gaines

Robby Njos Photography

"I didn't go to school for this, it wasn't something that I had as a natural gift. I had to put myself out there and take that risk. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, but it helped me learn." - Joanna Gaines


If you're interested in watching video of the speaking sessions, these will be posted on's website mid May.


If you've never watched “Fixer Upper” on HGTV, those who have will tell you that you're missing out. On the show, Chip and Joanna, with their company Magnolia Homes, flip, remodel and fix up homes in their hometown of Waco, Texas. With Chip's knack for finding the diamonds in the rough to Joanna's unique eye for design, these two are a dynamic duo in the world of design. Viewers love Chip's quirky antics and Joanna's creative take on vintage and repurposed design. Along for the ride is their family of four kids who make this reality show genuine and all the more charming. The first time you watch, we can almost guarantee a jaw drop with their dramatic before and after reveals. 28

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

As a sponsor of the Eco Chic Design Conference April 25, Design & Living's Tracy Nicholson had the honor of sitting down with the keynote speakers, Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV's “Fixer Upper”. If you've ever heard Chip Gaines in conversation, you probably can guess who led the interview. Full of fast talking wit and charm, Chip had his version, while Joanna gave us the lowdown. We were so grateful to get the chance to hear of their journey to Fargo, their newfound fame and the TV show they rarely ever watch.

Q&A 32

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

Q: Is this your first time in Fargo or even the Midwest?

Joanna: “Yes, first time in Fargo.” Chip: “She’s from Kansas originally and it actually reminds us a lot of her hometown of Wichita. As we were driving here, we noticed it does kind of have the same feel, a lot of basements and split-levels. I’m not much of an airport traveler, but even before we were married, I was kind of a bit of a gypsy and I would drive to these various locations just for the fun of it; on a whim with just my truck and

my dog. I had been to just about every state, but South and North Dakota are two that I hadn’t been to before. So this is really great for me. Glad I finally got to check out the Dakotas.”

Q: How has your visit to ND been so far?

Chip: “Great. The hotel (Hotel Donaldson) is beautiful. It’s really been inspiring to stay there. There’s lots of different nuances and beautiful elements of that hotel. We crossed the street and ate at this bratwurst place today (Würst Bier


Hall), that was really good.”

Q: Did you get a chance to do any shopping here?

Joanna: “We actually just went shopping at Eco Chic, so I got all my shopping out of the way.” Chip: “Yes, she blew her entire monthly budget there. I think Maria was happy about that.”


Q: What is your schedule like and how many speaking sessions do you make it to in a year?

Chip: “We started off a little bit like a rocket, we honestly didn’t know that we could say no to them. I know that sounds a bit sarcastic, but we really didn’t know. We did six to ten in the first six months and now we’re going to maybe do three to five in a year.”

This interview took place April 25 at the Eco Chic Design Conference at the Avalon West in Fargo, N.D.

Joanna: “This one’s unique in that you would normally do a home show at a convention center, but this is really fun. It’s our first design conference that we’ve traveled for; this is right up our alley.” 33


Q&A (Continued)

Q: We heard you bought the

repurposed, Victorian couch from the stage at the conference. What are your plans for this piece? Joanna: “I felt bad, I said, don’t tell anybody I bought that couch since it’s going to be on the set with us.” Chip: “I know, we didn’t mean to steal it out from under everybody.” Joanna: “I’m hoping to implement that in the next season, we’ve got a few houses that are really eclectic and there’s actually one house we’re going to work on in either season three or four where it’s kind of a Victorian era home that were going to restore. I could see it going in there.” Chip: “Make sure to watch these episodes so you can see that couch on TV. If there’s a lot of people taking pictures with it right now on stage, then they’ll get their 15 seconds of fame with it.”

Q: When you first started, did

you ever think it would get this big; that there would be an event where 750 people come to hear you speak? Chip: “No, humbled and honored. Everything still seems so surreal. Everything you can imagine from a once in a lifetime opportunity. For her it’s kind of a Cinderella story, she’s always had this dynamic ability, she’s got a real local following in Waco, Texas and even in Dallas and the surrounding communities. They’ve always kind 34

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

of been drawn to her. The fame was always on a local level, but very manageable; we understood it. But when the show hit, for people watching to connect with her like they connected with her from our hometown, it’s been really mind boggling.”

Q: Since you probably get asked

all the time about life-work balance, I’ll just ask simply, who works harder, you Joanna or Chip?

with Maria and her business. She’s got that kind of heart and drive. Which is how she puts something this big on in Fargo. It’s really fun to watch.” Chip: “We kept kind of laughing to each other, saying, ‘How are we here? In Fargo, North Dakota?’ And every time we meet Maria, we say, ‘Well we now get it!’ She’s the driver. It’s been an honor to be a part of this.”

Chip: “Yeah, she’s the work horse. I can concede the joke for sure. I’m really funny, I don’t sleep a whole lot and I run hard for short periods of time. So I can work really hard for four, five, even six days in a row, but then I completely crash. I can sleep for an entire day like a college student. She’s opposite, she runs and runs and runs for months at a time with huge spans of very little sleep. Employee issues, family issues, I’ve got this farm and generally manage the farm myself and still she’s a part of even that equation and all the things she’s got up in the air is really fascinating. She’s a very dynamic woman”

Q: Do you still not own a TV after

Joanna: “It’s fun to watch Maria (Bosak), because she reminds me of myself. The drive is really because I’m passionate about what I do. So, when you find something that you really feel like is your deal you want to stay up late and work on it and problem solve. That’s kind of the heart behind what I see

to see the show yet?

having your own show now? Chip: “Especially not now.”

Joanna: “We can’t watch ourselves.” Chip: “Every time I see myself on national television I get like a gag reflex.” Joanna: “We’ll watch it once a week with a friend and that’s fun; it’s like a fun little watch party.” Chip: “We typically try to go to a movie a week or every month - so now instead we just go to this friend’s house and watch the show.”

Q: Have your kids had a chance Joanna: “Anytime we’ve tried to show them, they go back outside and play.” Chip: “They lose interest in it and say how boring we are. Minus me eating a cockroach, that’s the only thing that’s kept our kids’ attention


for longer than thirty seconds. It’s kind of sad.”

Q: Can you tell me about your latest projects?

Chip: “The Silo project, you all have some in town here, but yours look a little bit newer. The big, beautiful grain silos that are just outside of town, ours are turn of the century equivalence, huge structures with a 4,000 square foot footprint. They go up 120 feet and they are two side by side right in our downtown. So, we’re going to use those for the billboard for the first couple of years. They’ve got this big grain facility and Jo’s gonna put retail in that; that’s about 20,000 square feet. There’s also this really cute, floral design place, about 1,800 square feet and there we’ll have t-shirts, knickknacks and other specialty items. So, we’re really excited about that. It should come online maybe July or August of this year.”

Q: Any warnings for those

furniture, that’s where you can really spread your wings. Go have fun and do that in a weekend warrior kind of fashion. When it comes to plumbing, electrical and foundation we really encourage people to trust their local professionals. That’s not something you want to fool around with.”

Q: What’s different from watching the show to the real life process?

Joanna: “When you see it in an hour episode, it makes it look like these renovations happen in four weeks. Even though we’re on a really tight press schedule, we typically get them done in six to eight weeks. In real life, you should never expect your contractor to get something done in six weeks; it’s more like six months is more the reality.” Chip: “Every week that we fulfill an obligation in the TV world, it would probably take you a month to do that in real life.”

attempting a fixer upper of their own? Chip: “Either really do your homework or bring in trained professionals. This is not quite as easy as it appears as far as the highly technical elements of our business. Once you get into the things that Jo and Maria really enjoy, which is the refinishing

Mark your calendar for Eco Chic Boutique’s upcoming event Junk Market May 8-9 at Red River Valley Fair Grounds.




Boyd Sharp A Lifelong Devotion


At 76 years young, artist Boyd Sharp has mastered styles such as contemporary, landscapes, floral, Southwest and portraits. Recently, we learned that many of Sharp’s contemporary pieces were purchased for display at the Gate City Bank renovation in Downtown Fargo. Knowing their immaculate taste in art, we naturally sought out the artist behind the work. By Tracy Nicholson | Photos by Tiffany Swanson


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



orking from his Amishcrafted studio in Osage, Minn., Sharp made the 85-mile trip to Fargo, as he often does, to display his pieces in places like the Underbrush Gallery. As a father of seven and grandfather to 21, it’s remarkable he’s stayed true to his trade and found the time to constantly evolve as an artist. Atypical Character Sharp’s technique and style cannot be boxed into one signature style and that’s the way he prefers it. Right now he focuses on contemporary, which is the style he started doing as a child and still loves. “I enjoy contemporary because I can easily add paint and color as I want, change it or run out to the hydrant and wipe it clean if it doesn’t work

out. As Sharp explained, using different techniques causes most of his paintings to be happy accidents. With the years only having honed his skills, Sharp continues to be motivated to learn and experiment with new techniques and textures every day. “Painting from subdued to weird in the same day is fun,“ he said. According to Sharp, just about anything can give paintings character. Some of his most intriguing work is executed simply with pine needles, trimmed grass and altered paint brushes. History in the Making Sharp spotted a “cute brunette” by the name of Ruby walking down the halls and the rest is history. With almost 57 years of marriage under his belt, this self-taught artist


is still finding inspiration to create. “I decided when we got married I wanted to go to art school, but my dad didn’t have any money. Also, I’m dyslexic and can’t spell, so I didn’t think I’d be able to get in. So, I never went to art school,” Sharp said. For much of his life, Sharp ran a sandblasting and painting business, taking on many other jobs such as sign painting to make ends meet for his expanding family. A Life Change A diabetes diagnosis nearly killed Sharp in 1988. With 30 minutes to live, doctors gave him a shot of insulin and prepared to shock him back to life. Before they could go any further, his heart, by some miracle, started beating again. “After that day it woke me up. It was a turning point,




“New ideas go through my head all the time; I just reach up and grab one.” Don’t Tread on Me

and I started to paint. I put aside my sandblasting business and other jobs, then I painted,” he said. Today, Sharp is an insulin-dependent diabetic and has been for 36 years. “I think the reason I’m still alive is that as long as I still have paintings to do, I can’t die yet. The doctor cannot believe how healthy I am and I really can’t either,” Sharp explained.

For his “ribbons” style paintings, Sharp utilizes a larger brush which he alters to cut half of the bristles off down the inner board and trim to form the straight edge when he flips the brush. This new brush helps him to create the ribbon-like effect for this vertical contemporary piece.

A Challenge Overcome Once considered his biggest academic challenge, Sharp is now proud to say he has dyslexia. Referencing a website blog he recently discovered at collectspace. com, “More than 50 percent of NASA employees are dyslexic, hired for their superior problem-solving and spacial awareness skills.” Sharp believes that this challenge has enabled him to think outside the box and helped enhance his thinking process. In fact, if he wasn’t an artist, he would probably be an aspiring writer. Although he often struggles with spelling, Sharp’s composition and reading skills


are exceptional; proof that this challenge is conquerable and even complementary to his ambitions. A Personal Favorite One of Sharp’s personal favorites, “Attention” is currently displayed over his piano. Completed in 1988, this was what he describes as his first big contemporary painting, inspired by a trip to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Priceless Memorial Turning on the television to the tragedy of 9/11, Boyd found himself inspired to paint what he’s titled “Don’t Tread on Me,” his “two million dollar painting” as he describes it. Currently, this print is displayed at the New York Historical Society Museum at Ground Zero. With an inner drive to help memorialize this day, Sharp began painting on Sept. 11 and completed his work five days later. Sharp explained, “No other painting I have ever created has so completely dominated my time for 24 hours a day.” 41


A WORK IN PROGRESS It is often a mystery as to how the greatest of artists create their final pieces. So when Sharp decided to show us his process for creating contemporary pieces, we were thrilled to learn of his trade and share it with our readers.


1. Sharp starts with a basic idea and a blank canvas, already primed. 2. He then paints on an ultra clear base. This is typically an expensive, high gloss acrylic house paint. He will be using pigments for the richest colors, these having very little white pigments in it, so this white base is a necessity for maximizing the color.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



3. The next step is to use tubes of potent pigments in watercolor acrylic. Sharp often puts these pigments in Rubbermaid ketchup and mustard containers for ease. Sharp likes to add them on and watch the pigments transform before his eyes.

Find Sharp’s Work at:

4. For this painting, he uses varying brushes and materials such as trimmed Norway Pine needles found in his yard, to create the final look. Another technique he often uses is his own lawn, cutting the grass at a certain length, then setting the painting down face first into the grass to create a unique texture. Sharp warns that if you use this technique, be prepared to use a tweezers to pick out the stray grass pieces.

For more info on the artist:

Underbrush Gallery 1450 25th St. S #142, Fargo 701-235-2228 218-573-3412



Steve Swiontek President and CEO Gate City Bank

Gate City Bank:

Investing in Community


From the Gate City Bank Field to the Gate City Bank Theatre at the FargoDome, this business’ support for the community is easily recognized. What is not often seen is their devotion to the local artist community over the past 15 years. In the newly renovated corporate office in Downtown Fargo, their support and display of local art is captivating. From the offices to the lobbies and conference rooms, every wall, corner and accent inspires. It’s clear that for this bank, investment is not just about the bottom line.

By Tracy Nicholson | Photos by John Borge and J. Alan Paul Photography


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15


A Work of Art When Gate City Bank completed the renovation of their 60-year old Downtown Fargo location, they set their sights high and kept the focus on the details. Every glance of the eye is enhanced by meticulously placed paintings, sculptures, pottery and handcrafted furniture. To work in this corporate office is anything but stifling. Gate City Bank Chairman, President and CEO Steve Swiontek is not only a leader in the banking industry, but he has forged a path in corporate support of the arts. Taking a tour through their newly renovated space, it’s clear that Swiontek has an atypical appreciation for functionality as well as the art community. Breaking traditional office standards, he has encouraged his employees to embrace their space as well as the differences in generations. Some call their renovation progressive; we call it beautiful, comfortable and inspiring.




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Not Your Typical Tour Visiting the third and sixth floor renovations, we were given a detailed tour by Jay Krabbenhoft, Senior Vice President of Office Services at Gate City Bank and Andrew Koedam, Vice President of Wild CRG, a local construction and architecture firm. Krabbenhoft worked closely with the local art galleries, architects and interior designers to create a space that inspires and impresses. Koedam’s role was to convert the existing square footage, working in modern amenities like the student union-style lounge and making more efficient and comfortable spaces. With Koedam’s open

design and Allsteel’s frameless glass movable walls, they were able to double their occupancy on these floors. Promoting a healthier “neighborhood” work environment, the new design displayed their extensive collection of original art, floor-to-ceiling windows for natural daylight, open workstations, glass walls and flexible meeting spaces. According to Krabbenhoft, the transparency of glass walls were an important feature to merge their employees’ generational gaps. “Steve had a vision with this new environment; by incorporating glass walls, everyone can see the work being done and feel like they are part of the solution,” Krabbenhoft said.

“We wanted to create calm work and break areas throughout, with set aside spaces to evoke the calm you feel at home in your own living room.”

Jay Krabbenhoft, Senior Vice President of Office Services at Gate City Bank


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



“It’s truly recognition of the local talent in our area. Approximately 80 percent of the art displayed here is local; it’s right here in our own backyard. We’ve got some talented local people and we wanted to show this to the community and our customers.” Steve Swiontek Gate City Bank Chairman, President and CEO

Works of Art Here is just a sampling of the artists that are displayed throughout their locations: Boyd Sharp , Kim Bromley, James Wolberg, Sandi Dahl, Steve McGoveny, Pati Belgarde, Peter Zelle, Sigworth, Judy Hartwick, Star Wallowing Bull, Steve Knutson, Brad Starry, Richard Gruchella, Brad Bachmeier, Serna Mann, Leonie Lacouette, Will Buchanan, Jan Campbell, Jessica Wachter, Dan LaChaussee, Pishgahi, Jon Baker, Brian Becher, Henry Levine, Susan Boyd, Jay Pfiefer, Christa Crane, Kati Roberts, Will Richards, David Sherer, John McDonald, Marta Wiley, Jon Offutt, Andrew Stark, James W. Falck, Patrick Shannon, Larry Dacoteau



Generational Shift With the knowledge that millennial employees would potentially make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, Gate City Bank modernized their office environment. Swiontek took the business paperless and started the transformation to create more collaboration between generations. Tearing down walls meant breaking down barriers in the typical, cubicle-dominated bank setting. This renovation and new outlook encouraged an open and comfortable environment for all employees to interact at ease. Enjoying the artwork is an integral piece of the puzzle in creating this type of soothing work environment.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15


Banking on Local Talent Boyd Sharp, one of the many artists that graces the bank’s walls, gave us some insight into what it means to have local businesses show support for his craft. “I think it’s wonderful, especially when they appreciate my work like Gate City. They took me down there, gave me a tour, and made me feel like an important person. I really appreciated listening to Jay (Krabbenhoft) explain the placement of the paintings near other complementary pieces,” Sharp said.


For more information on the renovation and art collection at Gate City Bank: Jay Krabbenhoft 701-293-2411





With only a few short months of warmth to enjoy, those who live in the Red River Valley know the importance of staging the perfect summer. This local shopping guide is warm weather tailored to help you capture the season in full bloom. Use this guide to freshen up your interior and cultivate the perfect patio.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



Teal & navy Alfresco Cache pot: Shotwell Floral Marbled Gray, lightweight planter: Scheels Home & Hardware Rustic, tin pot with rope accents: Shotwell Floral Green Alfresco Cache pot: Shotwell Floral Red, hand-painted pot: Shotwell Floral Lime bud vase: Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center Aqua ruffle-edge pot: Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center Blue painted clay pot with Orchid: Shotwell Floral

By Tracy Nicholson & Erica Rapp Photos By Tiffany Swanson Opening spread photo by J. Alan Paul Photography






Creating the perfect patio has never been hotter. From the artfully crafted fire pit to the outdoor kitchen, these outdoor must-haves take you on vacation without leaving home. Stone Suspended Fire Pit ​ Natural Environments Landscaping & Outdoor Living 59

It's time to plan your

Summer Build!

Call Stephanie Differding:

701.730.1524 Like us on Facebook to view our latest in signature homes! 2345 Meadowridge Pkwy West Fargo ND 58078



outdoor fun 1 Fire Pit Art ​ Natural Environments Landscaping & Outdoor Living 2 Third Rock Globe Fire Pit (36” diameter) Scheels Home & Hardware 3 Floret Outdoor Lantern Scheels Home & Hardware 4 Wicker End Table Real Deals on Home Decor 5 Pink Pig Pellet Grill ​​Scheels Home & Hardware 7 Fire Pit Table ​Deckmasters



sitting pretty 1 Adirondack Recycled Plastic Chairs ​ Deckmasters 2 Rustic Teak Bench ​ Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center 3 Printed Dining Chair ​​O’Day Caché 4 Handcrafted Scrap Metal Lounger Shotwell Floral 5 Motion Chat Chairs Western Products 6 Sandchair Deckmasters

Low enough to relax and put your feet in the sand. 62

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



Slate Top Fire Table O.W. Lee Zigganut table with Jensen Leisure benches 窶起atural Environments Landscaping & Outdoor Living






Whether you’re a green thumb or gardener in training, these outdoor finds will inspire you to cultivate your own backyard oasis.

Pipe Art Real Deals on Home Decor 65


Use these buckets as a pot for your flowers or flip them upside down for a trendy, unexpected end table.

planters 1 Glazed & Painted Pottery ​Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 2 Flower Bucket ​Pastiche & Eco Chic Boutique 3 Mixed Media Planter Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center 4 Fiberglass Composite Pot ​ ​Natural Environments Landscaping & Outdoor Living 5 Cylinder Flower Pots ​​ Natural Environments Landscaping & Outdoor Living 6 Blue Glazed Clay Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



“These succulents are great grouped together and displayed near windows inside in winter and brought outdoors for the summer. We also love these great mushroom rocks for accenting around the succulents or in the garden.” - Annette Shotwell, Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse

Indoor/outdoor succulents Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 67


stakes 1 Flower Garden Stakes 2 Bike Garden Stake 3 Pinwheel Garden Stake All Styles from Real Deals on Home Decor

for the birds 1 Mosaic Birdbath Scheels Home & Hardware 2 Standing Water Can Fountain​ ​Real Deals on Home Decor 3 Cherub Water Feature​​ Natural Environments Landscaping & Outdoor Living 4 Magnolia Bird Feeder​​ Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15


garden whimsy You can decorate this glass and wood terrarium with small knick-knacks or simply fill it with soil and plant whatever you’d like.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

1 Garden Stool Scheels Home & Hardware 2 Hedgehog Rock ​Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 3 Handcrafted Scrap Metal Pelican​ Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 4 Hanging Plant Terrarium ​ Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center 5 Lawn Ornaments​​ ​Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center 6 Vinyl Doormat Baker Garden & Gift 7 Mushroom Pedestal Baker Garden & Gift 8 Glazed Sphere Scheels Home & Hardware

interior decor




Let the summer sun inspire a fresh take on interior dテゥcor. Swap out your cool weather dテゥcor with nature-spun pops of color and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Wall Fish 窶帰artisan Home Design 73


knick knacks 1 Weathered Wooden Clock ​Pastiche 2 Metal Signage Red Silo Studio 3 Wooden Art Blocks ​c.lizzy’s 4 Shadowboxes ​Aartisan Home Design 5 Nautical Buoys ​Real Deals on Home Decor 6 Vintage Butcher Chart Eco Chic Boutique 7 Turquoise Metal Clock Baker Garden & Gift 8 Wooden Safety Buoys Baker Garden & Gift 9 Word Expression Ware Northern Home Furniture & Design


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



local art

By local artist, Emily Williams-Wheeler SHIFT exhibit The Uptown Gallery “Dandies” (12x12 Encaustic) “Between the Cushions” (12x12 Encaustic) “Stella” (12x12 Encaustic) “Wool Pile” (12x12) 75


ideas in bloom All styles from R ​ ed Silo Studio


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



AUTOMOTIVE Ride safe, with peace of mind. Call Great North Insurance for all your insurance needs.

Nocturne Queen Bed Set Kahlua finish with Woolco taupe fabric and nail head detailing Majesty Queen comforter in Jacquard pattern Northern Home Furniture & Design

701-239-GNIS (4647)


pillow pretty 1 Natural Linen Pelican Pillow McNeal & Friends 2 Melbourne Pillow McNeal & Friends 3 Linen Flounder Pillow ​McNeal & Friends 4 Indigo Pillows ​​designingwomen2 5 Hometown Love Pillows Unglued



COMMERCIAL “This is an example of the curved furniture trend, but we’ve also been seeing a lot of the indigo color being used as accents with different furniture.” - Kari Rasmus, designingwomen2

Protect yourself, and your business. Call Great North Insurance for all your insurance needs.

701-239-GNIS (4647)


lounge 1 Pouf Ottoman ​ Northern Home Furniture & Design 2 Bright Multi-Colored Loveseat Aartisan Home Design 3 Throwback Chair ​​designingwomen2 4 Swivel Top Carrollton Stool ​ Northern Home Furniture & Design 5 Yellow Couch and Purple Accents ​​Aartisan Home Design 6 The Benjamin Chair by OLY McNeal & Friends 7 Curved Furniture ​designingwomen2 8 Tech Couch designingwomen2


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



LIFE Is your family financially dependent on you? Call Great North Insurance for all your insurance needs.

701-239-GNIS (4647) Change the couch’s setting electronically and to everyone’s delight, there’s also a USB port right in the arm of the couch.




Take summer entertaining to a whole new level with these fun, functional and gorgeous finds. Here’s a few stand-out pieces to set the tone for party perfection.

Copper Jam Pan ​Creative Kitchen 82

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

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Wooden Serving Set and Cheese Platter ​Unglued 84

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



serve 1 Fresh Chef Aprons Creative Kitchen 2 Portable Charcoal Grill Creative Kitchen 3 Summer Designs Cotton Dishcloths ​Baker Garden & Gift 4 Quoted Dishtowels​​ Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 5 Creative Carafe, Rainbow Prism Stemware ​ Creative Kitchen 6 Mix & Match Tiered Ceramic Servers Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse






From drab to fab, these local stores see hidden beauty in discarded materials and often overlooked furniture. The result is an array of handcrafted conversation pieces worthy of high-end design. Rattan Coffee Shop Chair with Light ​ The Studio 87


redo 1 Chateau Grey Cabinet Eco Chic Boutique 2 Reclaimed Steel Drum Servers Eco Chic Boutique 3 Retired Fishing Boat Side Table ​Scheels Home & Hardware 4 Mid-Century Mod Hutch The Studio 5 Vintage Teal Dresser ​The Studio 6 Electric Sign Letter Eco Chic Boutique 7 Mid-Century Modern Dresser / TV Stand The Warehouse


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



Rustic Modern Coffee Table by CNC Design ​designingwomen2 89


Aartisan Home Design 4575 23rd Ave. S, Fargo ​ aker Garden & Gift B ​2733 University Dr. S, Fargo Creative Kitchen 3902 13th Ave. S, Fargo (West Acres Mall) c.lizzy’s 410 Broadway N, Fargo CNC Wood Design ​​Showroom: 118 Broadway N, Fargo (Lower Level of The Black Building) Deckmasters 5507 53rd Ave. S, Fargo designingwomen2 3223 13th Ave. S, Fargo Eco Chic Boutique 4955 17th Ave. S, Fargo Grain Designs​ 666 Main Ave. W Suite 3, West Fargo (by appointment only)

Flower Pot and Lawn Ornaments All Styles from Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center 90

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



Holland’s Landscaping & Garden Center 1201 Center Ave, Moorhead McNeal & Friends 506 Broadway N, Fargo

Northern Home Furniture & Design ​505 Broadway N, Fargo ​ atural Environments Landscaping N & Outdoor Living ​5508 53rd Ave. S, Fargo O’Day Cache 317 Broadway N, Fargo Pastiche (Formerly Buyer At Large) 18 8th St. S, Fargo Patio World 4111 40th Ave. NW, Fargo Real Deals on Home Décor 3401 University Dr. S, Fargo

Red Silo Studio 12 Broadway N, Fargo Scheels Home & Hardware 3202 13th Ave. S, Fargo Shotwell Floral & Greenhouse 4000 40th St. S, Fargo The Studio 11 8th St. S, Fargo The Uptown Gallery 74 Broadway N, Fargo The Warehouse 2720 15th St. South, Fargo Unglued 408 Broadway N, Fargo Western Products 474 45th St. S, Fargo




by the kit

Got secret DIY powers but don’t like the idea of power tools? These Barkman outdoor patio kits from Patio World might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

What are the options? Kits come in a multitude of sizes and styles. One of the trendiest is the Harvest Grove outdoor kitchen set complete with upper stone pizza oven and lower wood storage. You can also choose between the extras, adding on a unit for prep, grilling, side burner, corner end unit, planters or a fridge unit.

Pizza ovens like this one often take about 30 minutes to heat, with only a threeminute cook time.



How do they work? You choose from various designs and colors of stone, then Patio World delivers the kit to your door. Each kit comes with a full instruction manual, pre-cut paver stones, landscape glue, silicone and special gloves to keep those hands unscathed. No last minute trips to the hardware store for this project.

Smaller-Scale Designs Another popular and smaller-scale option is the fire pit and fireplace kit. These also come in various sizes and styles depending on your budget.

Victorian Fireplace in Tumbled Sante Fe stone


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15


For more info contact: Patio World 4111 40th Ave. N, Fargo (I-29 & Cty Road 20) 701-277-8000

Victorian pit in Sante Fe stone



TREVER HILL Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography



his bachelor refused to settle for mediocre design with his first new home. The owner, Scott Heinle, teamed up with Trever Hill Design to perfect a minimalist approach to masculine design. Located in a premier development in South Fargo's Valley View, Heinle worked with Thomsen Homes to customize his three level, creating a modern, studio-like ambiance. If Heinle looks familiar, it's because he is. As a former local sports anchor for Fox News, it's likely you've seen him around. Originally from Humboldt, Iowa, nowadays, his life is a little less televised, but still plenty busy as the VP of Corporate Sales at BNG Team in West Fargo. Having previously traveled for work, once living in places like Great Falls, Mont., and Rockford, Ill., he is now happy to consider Fargo his home.


- Main level with kitchen, living room and dining room - Top level with open loft-style stairwell, master suite, guest bedroom, laundry - Lower level with family room, guest bedroom and bathroom - Approximately 2,100 square feet, three level split - 13-foot ceilings on main level 98

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15





"I've actually known Trever for awhile now and I knew I liked his style. Several years ago I had been over to Trever's house and I remember thinking that his place was really well decorated. I definitely wanted some nice pieces, and I really wanted the style to be modern and clean. It's a process; I didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for things, so that's where Trever really helped," says Heinle. 99





Need help visualizing your space while on the hunt for the perfect piece? I take a photo of the space and use the drawing tool on my android to note the type or shape to compliment the space.


“For this space we really needed a mixture of art.... framed vertical, canvas, metal textured pieces. Keeping with the minimalist approach, I decided only two pillows should be on the sectional, but if you’ll notice, they make a big statement. For an accent color, he really wanted that turquoise color you see in the artwork.”

To help bring his modern style to life, Hill salvaged décor from Heinle's previous townhome and added in some modern pieces with clean lines to polish off the look. Making the transition from the dining room to the living room are two vertical Kimberly Pigeon artwork pieces. Originally in brown tones, Hill repurposed the set with a metallic paint to complement the new modernized design.



FIND THE GOODS Hebron Brick - Stacked Align Stone in Crystal White on fireplace surround Border States Electric - 10 light pendant chandelier Floor to Ceiling - Laminate flooring on main level - Alder cabinetry in kitchen Scheels Home & Hardware - Couch accent pillows - Concrete side tables Ikea - Fiber art lamp in living room Ferguson - GE slate appliances - Quartz counter-tops Gordmans - Other art pieces above cabinetry Hobby Lobby - Hurricane vases on island - Canvas prints - Silver art piece above cabinetry - Dining room table


“In the main level living room, we opted for a Natuzzi sectional due to the clean and soft lines. With so many hard, masculine surfaces the smooth, clean lines add a much-needed softer appeal to the space. The American Leather chair from Aartisan is perfect due to the size, shape and appearance. Not only is the chenille fabric soft to the touch, it also adds texture while having sheen. Armless furniture in this space was a must, especially since the railings are open directly behind it.”




“Out of all the tables Scott liked for the dining room, this was the perfect choice. The style was unique, modern and timeless. The top is glass to continue with that airy feeling throughout the space. We continued clean sharp lines on the bar stools and dining chairs.”


In the formal dining room, Heinle and Hill chose a modern glass table with metal base for its clean lines. Accenting the space is a stunning canvas, metallic art piece from Scheels Home & Hardware and dramatic silk potted grass from designingwomen2.


TIPS 1. When going along with the slogan ‘Less is More,’ make sure those minimalist pieces make statements. This can help you attain the complete and finished look. 2. Good design should be a collaboration between the homeowner and the designer. Having a sense of direction is wonderful to work with so your designer can assist you with obtaining the look. Opening the conversation with one of your own inspiration pieces or ideas is a great starting point.

“Scott had a vision for his home; we helped him create that vision by customizing a modern linear fireplace and open metal railing. With the high ceilings and open floor plan we used a crisp white natural stacked stone from Floor to Ceiling in combination with black tile to create a sleek and stylish focal point.” Josh Caroon - Architectural Drafter, Thomsen Homes

Heinle worked with Thomsen Homes to customize the original floor plan to bring in light from the entry to the main level with a modern, powder-coated, metal stair railing. Above this area, the upper level remains open with a loft style approach to give the space a more expansive feel. For more information on Trever's design: TREVER HILL DESIGN 701-715-3077 10 3





By Erica Rapp Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography & Tiffany Swanson


hen the snow finally melts and warm weather makes it’s arrival, many homeowners find the motivation for some serious spring cleaning or get the itch for a remodel. Whether it’s your garage, closet, pantry, or any room of the house, Smart Spaces is here to simplify your life and all of the clutter that comes with it. 10 7

SMART SPACES DESIGN & LIVING Ursula Hegvik started Smart Spaces in Fargo nine years ago after falling in love with her job as a designer for the Minneapolis branch of California Closets years ago. She received heavy training in closet design and spatial relation, and realized that it was something that made total sense to her. After moving back to Fargo from Minneapolis, she decided to start things up on her own and continue her love for spatial design. Her business started small at first, doing most of the work by herself. She’d meet with clients, design spaces and come back to their homes and install everything herself. As the Fargo housing market grew, and continues to grow, so did her business. It’s not just closets either; Smart Spaces can transform any room of the house from pantries and garages to living rooms and murphy beds.

Ursula Hegvik, Owner (left) Amanda Schenfisch, Lead Designer (right)

At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is that Hegvik genuinely enjoys helping people. It may just sound like a bunch of pieces being put together in a room to some people but for many, freeing a space of clutter can be a huge breath of fresh air. “When you go from something that’s truly chaotic in your home to something that’s well-organized, it’s more than just shelves and poles. It’s a feeling of peace,” she expressed.” This isn’t just for the adults either. Let’s face it; kids are messy. Their stuff can be everywhere at all times and that can be overwhelming for most parents. Smart Spaces works closely with designing kids’ closets and spaces around the house to store items for the little ones. “With kids, it teaches them to organize earlier in life. If things are where they can reach, they can learn to put away their own laundry or pick out their own clothes if you want them to,” said Hegvik. 10 8

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15


Hegvik runs Smart Spaces with the help of her lead designer, Amanda Schenfisch, her office manager and a crafty two-person install team. Their impressive show room just opened this past March, which allows customers to take in all of their options for the ultimate custom design. They even display work from local artists in order to create exposure for the art community, regardless if the pieces sell or not. “Here, we are able to show customers their options and the quality of our work. They get a better range of their decisions they can make, and all of the bells and whistles that go along with it,” Hegvik explained. “Before, I would just invite them into my home but I didn’t have everything that was offered.”




·Pullout pant racks ·Belt/tie/scarf racks that pull out and swivel ·Garment valet for setting out clothes for trips or outfits for the next day. ·Jewelry drawers ·Shoe shelves and specialized boot storage ·Accessory and makeup stations ·Pull down rack for extra storage ·Pull out jewelry shelves ·Integrated closet lighting on doors and clothing rods

10 9



ENTERTAINMENT CENTER · Pullout counter designed to be a drawing table for kids · Motorized television that moves up from behind the counter, with DVD player stored underneath · One side closet is designed to be for kids’ storage with shelves and containers for chairs, markers, paper, crayons, etc. ·Other side closet is designed as a wrapping paper station with a pullout drawer for storing wrapping paper, and has shelves for gift bags, ribbon, tape, etc.



GARAGES ·Slat wall instead of pegboard for more flexibility and space ·Specialized racks for sporting equipment ·Fishing pole rack ·Storage boxes for tools, nails, screws, etc. ·The flooring is an alternative to epoxy floor coating, which can get really slippery and wears easily. This flooring is made of polypropylene tiles that snap together like LEGOS, are easy to clean and don’t show dirt. It’s also not affected by vehicles, doesn’t corrode and is available in a variety of colors.

For more info: SMART SPACES Showroom: 5226 51st Ave. S, Fargo 701.200.8770


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

Muscatell Subaru Muscatell Subaru Muscatell Subaru




• Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive + 37 mpg hwy • 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick • SUBARU STARLINK" in-vehicle technology with Pandora® app integration • Standard back-up camera

• Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive + 32 mpg hwy • 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick • 8.7 inches of ground clearance • Available power rear gate

• Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive with X-Mode • Most fuel-efficient midsize crossover in America at 33 mpg hwy • SUBARU STARLINK" in-vehicle technology with Pandora® app integration • 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick

21,395 • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive + 32 mpg hwy • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive + 32 mpg 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick FLF-11pk hwy •FLB01 8.7 inches of ground clearance • 2014 IIHSpower Top Safety Pick Available rear gate • 8.7 inches of ground clearance • Available power rear gate



26,998 • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive + • 36 mpg • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drivewith + optional 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ • 36 mpg EyeSight® FDD-11 • 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick+inwith optional Largest passenger volume its class • EyeSight® Highest Predicted Resale Value � Midsize • Largest passenger volume in its class Car • Highest Predicted Resale Value � Midsize Car


Muscatell Subaru

MN 56560 23,639 2809 HIGHWAY 10 E, MOORHEAD, 23,323 23,639 (218) 236-0191 (800) 373-8282 23,323

Muscatell Subaru

2809 HIGHWAY 10 E, MOORHEAD, MN 56560

(218) 236-0191 (800) 373-8282 • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive with X-Mode

• Most fuel-efficient midsize crossover in • Symmetrical America at 33All-Wheel mpg hwyDrive with X-Mode • Most midsize crossover in 2015 fuel-efficient IIHS Top Safety Pick+ with optional America at 33 mpg hwy EyeSight® • 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ with optional Leather-trimmed interior EyeSight® • Leather-trimmed interior

32,390 32,390








Muscatell Subaru REALMuscatell ESTATE SERVICES Subaru 2809 HWY 10 E, MOORHEAD, MN 56560

• Disclaimer Disclaimer

2809 HWY E, MOORHEAD, MN 56560 (218)236-0191 (800)10 373-8282 Commercial & Residential Real Estate & 373-8282 (218)236-0191 (800) Property Management

• We are your professional real estate company for both Commercial and Residential services. • Feel free to drop in or go to our website to find one of our experienced realtors

3270 20th St. S. Fargo





By Maria Bosak | Photos By J. Alan Paul Photography

I’ve heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I would have to agree. My husband Tate and I gather often in the evenings to unwind and enjoy each other's company standing at our kitchen island. When my girlfriends visit, we do the same. I’ve never experienced the process of building a home myself but I’ve often wondered if I did, if it would make sense to just skip the living room altogether and double the size of the kitchen.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15


KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION TRENDS OF CHANGE With such an emphasis on our kitchens and the cost of remodeling and changing out the kitchen cabinets, it is no surprise that lately there has been a huge surge in painting your own kitchen cabinets. Thanks to products like Chalk Paint®, you are able to tackle paint jobs once thought to have been left to the experts. Most often it isn’t the structural condition of the cabinets but the color. Trends are changing. Golden oak is out, white is in.

THE COLLABORATION Recently, I, along with our head painter Michelle, got a chance to collaborate with a wonderful couple in North Moorhead who were ready and willing to tackle their own kitchen makeover. Homeowners Erin and David Sapp contacted us to help transform the look of their golden oak cabinets into a fresh and stylish white and black.


STEP BY STEP: Now don’t get kitchen envy like I did; you too can create this transformation in your own home. Thanks to products like Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, the road to cabinet painting has been paved and is nice and smooth. Here are the steps to painting your own cabinets, along with a few tips and tricks.


D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



Be sure to map out your kitchen so all the doors and hinges go back in their original locations.



While Chalk Paint® will adhere without sanding, it is still a good idea to take 60 or 80 grit sanding blocks and run over all the surfaces to increase adhesion. This makes a uniformed surface and helps to remove dirt and grime. Paying extra attention to the often used doors and drawers; they will be the grimiest around the knobs and pulls.



CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT Indoors at about 70 degrees is perfect. If you paint in a place that is drafty, too cold or too hot, you risk the chance of your paint cracking or not adhering properly due to temperature.

This Butcher Block is a one-of-a-kind island created by artist and woodworker Timothy Jantzen, the late grandfather of the homeowner.



Remember that tomato sauce that splattered? Well, so do your cabinets, because it has sunk into the grain of the wood and refuses to move. Using a common TSP cleaner found in most hardware stores, give your cabinets a good cleaning. Then rinse with clean water to remove the TSP residue.



When painting with light colors you will often need to put a protective barrier between your old, stained cabinets and your fresh, white paint. This will prohibit the old stain from seeping into your white paint and causing it to bleed a yellowish or sometimes pinkish color. Test a few doors to see if bleeding occurs. If it does, stop painting and pick up some Zinssers Shellac. You can find it in a yellow can in most hardware stores. Using a foam brush, give your cabinets two coats of shellac before continuing on with the painting process.




We exclusively use Chalk Paint® when painting furniture or cabinets. We find it to be the best in regards to ease of use, and it gives an elegant look that is hard to achieve with other brands. Did I mention you don’t have to sand or prime when using Chalk Paint®? It is specially formulated to adhere without those steps. You will find that you commonly need two coats of paint and can sometimes need four when working with whites. The good news is Chalk Paint® dries very quickly and you can move on to the next coat soon. 119





Their vision was clear and right on with today’s trends. All we had to do was bring our painting expertise to the table and they completed the look with new counters, appliances, sink and backsplash. The finished result was nothing short of gorgeous.

Chalk Paint® is water based, therefore it can tend to dry out the longer you have been painting. If you feel your paint start to thicken and pull, simply add a little water to your can or dip your brush in some water as you go along. You might even find it helpful to wash out your brush and freshen it up a bit. GLAZING OR ANTIQUING If you like the look of a glaze to add some darkness to your cabinets, you can apply Annie Sloan Dark Wax over the clear wax. You can even mix the two together to have a hint of dark throughout your piece, but be cautious. Using a pure dark wax application directly on the dry paint can cause unevenness and result in a muddiness you don’t want.



Now don’t get frightened. We aren’t going to take hammers, chains and fire to your cabinets to make them look used and abused. We are simply going to take a 100 grit sanding block and sand away the paint along the edges and detailing to create a finished and shapely look to the cabinets. You will find that subtle distressing draws out the lines and definition of the doors and completes the look.



Chalk Paint® is traditionally sealed with Annie Sloan’s signature wax. You simply rub a layer into the dry, porous Chalk Paint®. Make sure to cover the surface completely but being cautious to only use what can be absorbed into the dry paint. If you prefer to lacquer or poly your painted cabinets, you can do that as well. Be certain to choose a water-based product to avoid yellowing on the surface of your whites.

For more information on painting your kitchen cabinets you can connect with Maria and the entire Eco Chic team at:

Eco Chic Boutique 4955 17th Ave. S, Fargo 701-356-6600




trending By Erica Rapp | Photos by J Alan Paul Photography

There’s never a bad time for a new coat of paint and an updated look in a home. Jackie Shultz, a customer service specialist at Sherwin Williams in West Fargo, gave us an inside look at trending colors and tips for the painting process. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, if you have outdated cabinets or brand new flooring, these colors can be used in a variety of ways to freshen things up.

12 4

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



12 5

PAINTING PERFECTION “People either have very updated cabinets or flooring, or they’re dealing with a lot of oak, whether it’s in the kitchen or with the trim,” Schultz said. “So, these colors can be pretty versatile with where and how they can be used.”

Black Fox (SW 7020) A nice black-brown that’s not too dark. For an ultra-modern and bold look, this color would be great in a living room or sitting area and paired with white trim.

Peppery (SW 6615) A warm mix of orange and red that’s not too bright, but enough to make a statement. This can be used as an accent or on one wall depending on the architecture. If the room has more updated cabinetry that’s black or white, this is a great match.

Monorail Silver (SW 7663) A nice gray shade with a hint of blue in the hue of the color. If you still have oak cabinets and are looking to upgrade your paint, try using gray. Oak has a lot of yellow tones in it so when choosing, it might help to have a cooler shade in the mix.

Blue Peacock (SW 0064) A beautiful mix of blues and greens for a low-key pop of color. This would also be great as an accent color for trim or on a single wall, and it also pairs well with modern cabinets.


COLORS PICTURED Snowbound (SW 7004) Kilkenny (SW 6740) Tricorn Black (SW 7004)

“White trim is the most popular today and I also see, if it’s not white, darkstained trim,” explained Schultz. “Black is always an option if stain isn’t, and that’s still a classy color.” The green color is an example of a way to keep things simple with white walls and colored trim, and playing off of the colors of furniture and accessories in the room instead.



Duration Paint – This type of paint is great for washability, and something to think about when painting a high-traffic area, such as the kitchen.

· Use ProClassic Paint for lighter colors

Super Paint – This is what you’ll need for heavy overall coverage and blending. If you’re doing a remodel or going from a dark to light color, this is your ticket.

· Use an All-Surface Enamel for darker shades · A semi-gloss sheen is great for trim. It dries hard with a little bit of shine, and it really adds to the durability.



CHARACTER Summer projects are just getting underway and many homeowners shift their attention from interior décor to curbside charm. Giving your home’s exterior character with color and texture can set the tone for the neighborhood and leave a lasting first impression. To take the guesswork out of siding, we’ve contacted two local experts to show us the latest trends in siding.


ne of the popular trends going into the busy 2015 remodeling season is contrasting trim and a lightcolored band that separates the main walls of the house from the gables. Homeowners are also choosing contrasting profiles of siding as seen in the vertical siding used in the gables to add visual interest. The home featured in this picture uses United State Seamless® Bronze as the primary color; the accent siding is complementary Northwood and the contrasting trim and gable bands are white. The strong contrast of the trim work creates clean lines for the eye to follow and ties together the home to create this popular home exterior trend.” - Ray Blaha, General Manager at Western Products

Not sure what a gable is? In houses with a pitched roof, a gable is simply a triangular section of wall between the edges of the roof. In the siding industry, a gable is generally used as an accent area to add contrast to the other siding on the house.

For more information, contact: Western Products 474 45th St. S, Fargo 701-293-5310 13 0

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15



By Tracy Nicholson Photos courtesy of Western Products, Lemke Home Improvements &




ue to its low maintenance appeal, seamless steel siding continues to be a favorite with homeowners. However, some people are now looking at Hardie Board or LP SmartSide (as shown) for options to achieve a more textured wood look. Color choices are leaning towards monochromatic color schemes with soft subtle accent colors to break up large walls in the form of window wraps and band wraps. Customers have options of creating a variety of textures with either shake, which comes in varying patterns, or rock. Products such as Versetta Stone or Stack and Tack has been very popular, as a mason is not needed to install it. This can also be more cost effective but with the same look as cultured stone. In adding those final touches, customers have been drawn to the copper rain chains and basins we carry to replace a traditional downspout.” -Kylah Lemke, Lemke Home Improvements

What is a rain chain? According to, Rain Chains that hang from the roof of homes are based on an ancient concept the Japanese used to collect water. The theory is to have a string of chains or cups hang to the ground, transporting it downward and finally depositing the rain water into a large basin or barrel for household water usage. Instead of a traditional gutter, homeowners get to enjoy a calming water feature. Rain Chains are made of thick, pure copper or brass and each comes with a gutter attachment piece for ease of use.

For more information, contact: Kylah Lemke Lemke Home Improvements 1805 23rd St. S, Moorhead 218-287-0240 13 2

D E S I G N & L I V I N G • M AY 2 0 15

#3121-M Medium Square Cups



3126-1 Kanji Cups™




Show Your Yard


uke Schaunaman is the coowner of a new lawn care and landscaping business called Love Your Yard. He plans on tackling his upcoming outdoor season with a bang, and you can, too. We sat down with him to get the inside scoop on his budding business and he provided you, the reader, with basic lawn care tips that you’re sure to benefit from.

Can you tell us a little bit about your business? “Love Your Yard is a premium lawn care and landscaping service. We offer routine fertilizer and weed control as needed. We do seeding, trimming, blowing, clean up, mowing and the little things that make your yard unique. We like to focus on the little things. Depending on your yard and how you like it, we really like to cater to your needs and what your specifications are. Some people like certain areas of their lawn a certain way, so we try to focus on treating the yard like the owner would treat it.” What sets you apart from other lawn care services in the area? “The details. Love Your Yard is more than just a lawn care provider. It is our job to service your lawn just as you would. We’re a clean-cut business that caters to needs and goes the extra mile, even if you don’t specify everything. We like to do the stuff that takes a little extra time and really have an attention to detail. “Another great attribute is that we work to understand our clients’ needs. If they have a landscaping project and don’t know where to begin, I sit down with them and get to know what they enjoy, what they want in their landscape and what they will be using it for.”

How did this business come about? “A businessman in Fargo contacted me to do some lawn work for him. He really liked what I was doing and liked how I paid attention to doing things how he does it. And then he kind of decided that we should start something official together. So, Joe (Sandin) is a co-owner and does the financial end while I do the working and operating end. It’s kind of a shared job.” What sort of background do you have in this type of business? “I started mowing my parents’ lawn when I was a kid and always had a knack for it, but since I started Love Your Yard I have been reading books so that I can expand my knowledge and really develop the best practices for each customer’s yard. I’m going to college at MSUM for accounting and graduating this spring, and I always wanted to start my own business. I never really knew what kind of business I wanted to start so when this opportunity came along, I kind of knew this could be big.”

By Erica Rapp Photo by Tiffany Swanson




Tips for Season Starters

Check your sprinklers. “In this area especially because of the clay content in the soil, check your sprinklers to make sure they’re not spraying the neighbor’s lawn or the sidewalk. That can end up being a big waste of water if they’re not fixed.”

Sharpen your lawnmower blade. “Scheels Home and Hardware does a thing where if you bring in your old blade, they’ll give you a fresh sharpened one so you don’t have to wait around for yours or go back to pick it up. “If you don’t sharpen your blade, it can just tear the grass. When it’s torn, it’s susceptible to diseases and then when the sun is shining, it burns the top of the blade and your grass can die back up to 1/8 of an inch. Then that can give the whole lawn a yellow tint, and trying to fix that with fertilizer won’t work. I would recommend cutting your grass two to three inches depending on the type of grass, but that’s usually always healthy.”

Cut down ornamental grass for new growth. “A lot of people have ornamental grass, the tall stuff with a prairie grass feel, and people often forget that around here it needs to be cut down before new growth starts. Cutting it down will give it a healthy, green look instead of growing up through the dead stuff, and if that happens it can stunt the growth of the plant. “Normally, you cut it down to about eight inches and then it will grow up through itself properly.”

Take care of your weeds. “Use pre-emergent weed killers with your first fertilization. You just add that in to your first fertilization. It will give you a head start on preventing crab grass and other weeds. An important thing to know with that, though, is that it’s not going to tell the difference between a weed and a new seed that’s trying to germinate. It will just kill anything that’s not already growing there or developing because it’s a nonselective herbicide. “It’s also important to go out and pick weeds as soon as you can and as often as you can, because it can easily become a daunting task and it can get out of hand.”

Tips Throughout the Season

Don’t cut your grass too short. “If you cut it too short, it’s going to stress the grass. Just like if you don’t sharpen the blade. Waiting too long for your first mow is when it can really damage the grass as well.”

Be mindful of watering. “Around here, something that’s really important is how you water. The clay content in the soil is really dense compared to other areas. People that move from the south where there is sandy soil, … they think you can’t water enough, but that’s not the case here. So, they’ll sometimes drown trees because they’ll water them too much. “An example is in sandy soil, an inch of water takes about an hour to soak all the way through to the depth you would want it for the root system. In clay, that can take over five hours. If you water it like sand, everything will drown. I’d say water with about an inch and a half per week.”

Save some money on tools. “Some people think you have to buy a special edger to make their lawn look nice, but if you like to do things yourself you can just use a weed whacker and you’ll get the same, chiseled look.”

Find them on Facebook:


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and see how easy it is to relax!




3002 24th Ave S Moorhead, MN (right behind Sam's Club)

218 233-2434

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