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The lawn is always greener

This week I heard someone say they had Covid. Just when you thought it was all over, someone uses the word and memories come flooding back. The cough, being taught how to wash, perspex screens, facemasks, delivery from your favourite restaurants and being off work all summer; the sweeter memories take more domniance as 2019 slips further into the past.

I’ve laboured through the Covid chat in this intro enough in recent years, but this month it’s particularly pertinent as I‘m back in an office after 4 years in the WFH wilderness. I know the corporate world has been trying to coax employees back into the workplace and away from their four-day weekends (sorry, ‘work from home’ Mondays and Fridays) for a while, but when you’re self-employed, the motivation to leave your house is different. No one wants me to be back in the office, besides me.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being at home for a while. My makeshift corner-ofthe-dining-room office is lovely in the summer; I have my favourite lunch right at hand in the kitchen, and I can look out across the lawn, listen to Radio 6, and cruise through my task list from morning to night. It’s relaxing but, like anything, it gets a bit monotonous.  So when our old office became vacant again, I moved back in, now flanked by some others who want to be in an office again too.

Covid turned Gallery into a pretty much locationless operation, with all the banners, flags, awards, badge makers, stationary, art, and back issues resigned to taking up space in a warehouse. It was an amazing trip down memory lane, unpacking almost 20 years of random items that are now strewn around our historic office space. Despite no longer having a view of the lawn, it’s a different mind-set when you’re focused in a workplace with other motivated people doing their own thing around you.

Our cover stars this month are employees of GenII (formerly Crestbridge) who are investing in the future with technology and AI to enhance their own workspaces and practices (meet these team members on page 82). We also meet a selection of high-flyers in the legal space in our Agenda Law feature (page 69). I’m guessing all these people have flexible work practices now thanks to the legacy of Covid, but there’s nothing like being in the office if you want to really get something done.


AUDIO NOTES 01534 811100





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Content this month courtesy of...


Oliver got married this month (congratulations Mr & Mrs D!) so we didn’t get the usual shoot to feature but we’ve got a great fashion portfolio shoot with a nostaagic feel. Pg. 46


We sent Danny hunting for a green backdrop for this month’s fashion shoot and he picked verdant St Ouen to present a dazzling set of shotsPg. 54

In a new business column, Luke edits some advice from prominent business leaders to offer a selection of meditations on business. Pg. 90.

Kasia headed up to the Hair and Beauty Showcase at Highlands to capture the work of local students working in pursuit of their theme ‘Eras in Time’ Pg. 50

Grey is over and brown is back. Becky guides us through the latest local offerings to get your home on trend. Pg. 92

Emma steps into the multi-disciplinary shoes of staff writer this month and we kept her busy with everything from features to pizzas to phytobiophysics. Pg. 24

The rundown.


Sara Felton

Emma Pallent

Becky Palmano

Luke Smith


Oliver Doran

Danny Evans

Kasia Guzak

Luke Hosty

Andy Le Gresley

Rich Picot

Matt Porteous / OCL


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Experience the best al fresco dining in Jersey. Enjoy lunch, afternoon tea and dinner whilst taking in the stunning views of St Brelade’s Bay.


Boasting a brand new bar, a tantalising new menu and an extensive cocktail list, it wouldn’t be summer without a visit to the Terrace.

Open 12pm – 8.30pm. Online bookings available or call now on 743101.

Open daily 12pm – 10pm. Pop in or book your table on 722301.

18 Green-fingered legends 24 Winners at Highlands 22 Fashion: Bardot Get down with Brown Meet the team at GenII The best Terrace in the bay 100 A Design Masterpiece 94 Agenda Law Special 69 Nina Rose 102 Jessica Lloyd 104 Diana Mossop 67
92 92
Fashion: Wild Swim 54

Our Paparazzi Photogrpaher was ill this month. Watch out for an online update

Bean Abroad


Fleeing Covid, Zara Le Cornu switched seascapes for mountains via a stint at art school in Milan

Recycling is Bollox.


Two of Jersey’s most recognisable greenfingered gentlemen talk us through their life philosophy

The Shape of Seaweed

We catch up with Charlie Cadin and the latest developments in his quest for a sustainable surfboard

Flower Power



Utisising sunlight and the power of flowers, we learn how Diana Mossop’s Phytobiophysics helps islanders with their health issues.

Boho Is Back


Think wooden wedges not platform trainers, wide leg denim not pedal pushers and billowing blouses not baby tees.

Agenda Law Special


A catch up and who’s who with some of the leading faces of the legal professional with advice and insights into what makes them tick.

Going Green


We sample the delights of Jersey’s juices, shakes and cocktail-shaken goodies that all have a green theme.

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year old snooker champion Archie Greier from Samares school has won another trophy in Swindon’s Cuestars league tournament. He smashes those way above his age bracket in the U21s, standing on his tiptoes and using a cue-extension to reach the middle of the table.

Pocket money is in decline, with weekly earnings averaging at £3.78 (down 10p from last year). Things are not as bad as they seem, due to kids finding new income streams to subsidise the loss. One-off chores and entrepreneurship show high profitability, with an average of £9.23 earned a week.

100 000 3.78

year old trees set to benefit from the upcoming Sunset Concert. Proceeds will be going towards the protection of the island’s coastline, in partnership with Jersey Opera House. 'Intense damage' to the site after Storm Ciaran has been tended to, with tree surgeons working to save these elderly trees.

has been spent on St John’s Road, in the form of U-turns, diversions and reversals. Criticism has spurred a six-month one-way trial, in an attempt to quell the road’s reckless spending.


10 80

tracks were recorded by La Moye Prisoners alongside UK charity ‘Finding Rhythms’. They report it was “the best week of their life”, allowing them to express their feelings and “dare to dream”.


year-old Buttons has made history as the first dog to be allowed in Jersey’s Royal Court, as owner Julie DalyWallman was sworn in as a Jersey Roads Inspector.






The is not mid-tone Michael Jackson, this is Elvis, in ‘JailHouse Rock’ - get it? metre vessel, owned by Liverpool FC’s owner, is the largest private vessel the island has ever birthed. The luxury super yacht, housing an outdoor swimming pool and helicopter pad, was a cool £63 million. old students be able attend Romanian classes at Plat Douet School in an attempt to keep the language alive on the island.
iQ Liberty Wharf, St Helier.  Premium Reseller If itʼs Apple. We know it. At iQ, all Apple products come with a one year warranty and our expert staff can help you get set up.


The Freeedom Centre 16th May

Videographers, fashionistas and designers flocked to Freedom Church’s auditorium to wrestle with ways to improve Jersey’s creative industry. Speakers from around the world urged Jersey to produce a strategic model for this key sector, which has the power to diversify and strengthen the economy.

If you don’t want more jobs, more tourism and greater innovation, then supporting the creative industry is not for you. However, for those who want to greet the future (rather than stumble head-first into it) keep an eye out for upcoming events with the Creative Island Partnership. With new ideas, great company and (free lunch!)what’s not to love?

W WW.GALLERY.JE @GALLERYMAGAZINE 13 EVENTS iQ Liberty Wharf, St Helier  Premium Reseller Celebrate Dad with an Apple Watch. Apple Watch, designed to help Dad stay, active, connected and healthy.  WATCH ULTRA 2


St Lawrence Parish Hall 16th May


HSBC King Street

25th April

After a gruelling week of potato weigh-ins, St Lawrence Parish Hall opened its doors to this year’s competitors. Schools, Constables and media outlets joined together to witness the public embarrassment of last year’s winnersGallery Magazine. Oh how the mighty have fallen. After 100 days of neglect Gallery’s potato bucket produced ‘nothing more than some errant grass’. A far cry from the valiant efforts of Mr George Le

Infiniti Gallery teamed up with HSBC to showcase the talents of both local and international artists while raising vital funds for the Jersey Opera House. All proceeds raised during the auction will directly benefit the Opera House, furthering its mission to enrich our community through the arts. Carlos Marcelo, Business Development Director at HSBC said: “HSBC believes strongly in collaboration through strong and long-standing

Gros of St Lawrence, weighing in at 1517.9g. Others further disproved the notion that the soil was tampered with this year. The JEP won the media competition, with a grand total of 361.1g and 15 tubers. VCP Class 3B cultivated 660g, whilst La Moye Reception A produced a crop numbering 35. We’ve been put to shame by five year olds - but it’s renewed our competitive streak. JEP, we’re coming for you next year.

relationships and together with local businesses we can reach all corners of our community and provide something different. With Infiniti we are looking to exhibit stunning exquisite art works alongside introductions from the art experts, we aim to provide something new to our clients and community. This will be the first of many events at our new premises in HSBC King Street in partnership with local businesses”.

W WW.GALLERY.JE @GALLERYMAGAZINE 15 EVENTS iQ Liberty Wharf, Jersey  Premium Reseller One amazing device. 24 instalments. At iQ we offer 0% finance, over 24 months on all Mac.


Drifters at the Weightbridge 24th May 2024

As they both called and emailed on the day of the event to invite us, we knocked off early on a Friday and called in to the opening party of Drifters, now located The Weighbridge. It was a spectacular evening made even more spectacular by an open bar. Guests flocked to the doors. The newly developed interior is pretty far from its Unawatuna past; the exposed

walls are particularly striking, and give the place a rustic yet homely feel. Perhaps even too homely - many uninvited guests were drawn in by the buzzing atmosphere, wanting to make it their bar of the night. Those that have enjoyed Drifters at Havre de Pas and Gorey can now experience it in a brand new format!



The Town Church 16th May

The Town Church welcomed a symphony of sounds when it invited Jasna Nadles (flute), Milan Vrsajkov (cello) and Frederic Lagarde (piano) to grace it’s halls. The audience was utterly transfixed on the flurry of notes that floated from the stage. Crowds of classical enthusiasts lit the church with applause between each piece. With everyone left moved, it truly was an evening to remember.


NatWest St Helier

23rd May 2024

Melissa Crowther welcomed crowds into NatWest to enjoy an evening celebrating the opening of their communal working space. There were canopies and drinks galore, bountifully provided by the amazing Jersey Kitchen. After socialising and catching up with friends, Melissa gave an excellent speech detailing the nature of the place and everything

Jersey Opera House may have temporarily closed its doors, but as the stage remains dark, their commitment to the arts continues. It is a unique chapter of their journey, allowing offsite productions to celebrate the arts in diverse spaces. The magic of live performance continues to resonate throughout the island - keep an eye on the Jersey Opera House website and social media channels for relevant announcements surrounding their 2024 programme.

it can be used for. Whether you want to host a business meeting or construct a pop-up stall, NatWest has well and truly got you covered. There are plenty of desks across two floors, and (perhaps more importantly) there’s a great coffee machine. It is truly a freelancer’s paradise, make sure to check it out when you next get the chance.



CCA Galleries International 23rd May 2024

CCA Galleries hosted beautiful people and beautiful artwork for Miranda Moncreiffe’s exhibition ‘Dancing with Light’. Many meandered through the three floors of the gallery, soaking in the bright colours that swum across the walls. It was a lovely evening to mill

around and talk with fellow art-enthusiasts. Spirits were light from witnessing the joy infused in Miranda’s work (that, and also the wine). If you missed it, the exhibition is running until 14th June - make sure to pop in when you’re next walking by.



Arthouse Jersey at Capital House

Thursday 23 May.

Last month saw over a hundred people attend the launch of ‘A Paper Artist in Progress’ by Layla May Arthur at ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House. Layla is a Jersey born paper artist who handcrafts every detail of her intricate sculptures and installations. The show features


Le Marais Indoor Riding School

18th May 2024

Frankie was second in our Dog of the Year competion a few years back. To celebrate the big 1.0, his human, Anna, threw him a proper canine knees up La Marais indoor riding school and invited us along. Due to a diary clash, we missed it; we were genuinely gutted. Fortunately, in addition to his funfair type activities, facilitated

work which takes the viewer on a journey through all twelve parishes in Jersey and the artist’s personal adolescent memories of these locations. The exhibition is open between 10.30am and 6pm Tuesday to Sunday until 30 June 2024.

by a local dog training school, canapé style lunch for humans, buffet for dogs and drinks on arrival, there was also a photographer on site. We’re happy to share the shots, which managed to capture this little legend in all his glory with some of his assembled guests. Many happy returns Frankie!


What’s on.


This selection of events is taken from What’s On, our sister publication Tourist Guide. Published quarterly, it’s the essential guide for visitors to the Island. If you have people coming to stay or you’re hosting AirBnBers, make sure you grab one from our transit hubs or Visit Jersey at the Liberty Bus station for them to keep as their companion during visits to Jersey. They’re packed with local information and fresh each season. Look out for the Winter edition now.


8 JUN 14:00-16:00

Chinese Medicine: Yoga & Acupuncture Workshop

Join Kalimukti for this unique workshop and gain insight into the healing traditions of Chinese medicine, with breathwork, yoga, acupressure followed by acupuncture. £30.00

Kalimukti The 31 Parade (2nd Floor), St. Helier LINKTR.EE/KALIMUKTI

8 JUN 20:30-20:30 Day Disco

Jersey ONLY Day Disco for the over 30’s! Boogie the day away to all your favourite 80s and 90s classics from Donna Summer, Earth Wind and Fire, Chic, Black Box, Sister Sledge, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Madonna, New Order, Rick Astley, Erasure, AHA, Human League,The Jam, Faithless and many more..... £16.96

Mimosa 14 Liberty Wharf, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534 877003 EVENTBRITE.COM

8 JUN 21:00-23:59

Sarabanda: Cuban Music - Live Concert!

Get ready for an amazing night of Cuban music and dance! We’re thrilled to announce that a fantastic band; Sarabanda UK playing Cuban son and vibrant salsa with a serious groove is coming to Jersey in June for one night only. £29.00

St James Center St James Street, St. Helier +44 (0) 7700 770516 DANCEFLOOR.JE

8 JUN 10:00-11:30

World Oceans Day | Early Years

Ocean Play

Ocean Culture Life are delighted to be partnering with Nature Base to offer this FREE Ocean Play session at SANDS, St. Ouen, as part of our World Ocean Week 2024 celebrations ?? Perfect for Early years & Reception age, activities are themed around ‘Keeping the Oceans clean’ with play the Nature Base way.

Sands La Grande Route des Mielles, info@ FACEBOOK.COM

8 JUN 11:00-19:00

World Oceans Day | ‘Seaside Treasure’ Workshops Inspire your creativity with the majesty of the ocean. Join OCL at Sands, St. Ouen this World Oceans Day and dive into Sea Treasures Arts, Crafts & Jewellery Making. Create personalised, unique pieces to take home, while supporting the vital cause of ocean conservation.

Sands La Grande Route des Mielles, St. Ouen

8-16 JUN 12:00

Gandeys Circus ‘Hollywood’ 2024 Lights, Camera, CIRCUS! Get Ready for Gandeys Hollywood Spectacular! Step onto the red carpet and into the Big Top as Gandeys Circus, the unparalleled maestro of spectacular circus entertainment, unveils the 2024 Hollywood Spectacular! Brace yourselves for a seamless blend of circus magic with the glittering glamour of Hollywood. £16.50

Gandeys Circus People’s Park, St. Helier +44 (0) 1260 276627 QUAYTICKETS.COM

9 JUN 14:00-17:00

JAYF Open Garden - Woodlands Court

With glorious views of Mont Orgueil Castle and the Cotentin Peninsula, these beautiful gardens include well groomed lawns, a kitchen garden and an enchanting play area for young children. Delicious Jersey cream teas will be available. £6.00 Woodlands Court La Route des Cotils, Grouville JAYF.ORG.JE

9 JUN 08:00-12:00

Canaccord Genuity Jersey Half Marathon

The Canaccord Genuity Jersey Half Marathon is a coastal road race with stunning scenery. A couple of hills thrown in to give you the best views of the coastline. Maybe not the fastest road race but the atmosphere and views make up for that! Started in 1989 The Jersey Half Marathon is now in its 35th year. £29.00 , St. Brelade +44 (0) 7797 768480 RUNJERSEY.CO.UK

9 JUN 13:00-17:00

Discover Beaches

Come to St. Ouen’s Bay for our Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Discovery Day! Join us for a fun packed afternoon, full of FREE activities.

Les Laveurs La Grande Route des Mielles, St. Ouen +44 (0) 1534 633300 JERSEYHERITAGE.ORG

9 JUN 10:00-14:00

World Oceans Day | The Big Ocean Cleanup

Celebrate World Oceans Day by volunteering for the Big Ocean Cleanup. Be a part of something bigger and make a real difference for our oceans! Join us as we unite in a shared mission to protect our planets most vital resource. The event will be open for people to land clean, snorkel, scuba, and paddle board.

Bouley Bay Dive Centre Bouley Bay, info@ WWW.BOOKEO.COM

9 JUN 13:00-17:00

World Oceans Day | Geopark Discovery Day

Join us for a family fun afternoon, bursting with FREE activities at our Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark Discovery Day! Perfect for families with children under 10 years old, don’t miss out on this exploration-packed day where land meets sea and history meets fun!

Lewis Tower La Grande Route des Mielles, St. Ouen FACEBOOK.COM

13/18 JUN 19:30

Jersey Premier Brass’ Summer Concerts

The Jersey Premier Brass Band are back with their famed Summer Concerts in the stunning surroundings of Howard Davis Park. Expect something for everyone’s taste. Why not bring a picnic and enjoy the sounds of this amazing brass band. Entry is free for all ages, but donations are encouraged to help support local charities.

Howard Davis Park St. Clement’s Road, St. Saviour FACEBOOK.COM/JSYPREMIERBRASS/

13 JUN 19:00-21:00

Summer Night Sessions at Mont Orgueil Castle

Come for a ‘Summer Night Session’ experience and witness Mont Orgueil Castle in a completely different light! Ease yourself into the weekend with Ibiza sunset vibes within the walls of this historic site as we welcome back the ‘Weekender’ crew for this atmospheric live music event. £15.00

Mont Orgueil Castle Castle Green, St. Martin +44 (0) 1534 633300 JERSEYHERITAGE.ORG

14 JUN 19:00-20:30

Cryptic at ArtHouse Jersey

A welcome return of Scotland’s Cryptic as part of an ongoing exchange with ArtHouse Jersey connecting new Scottish audio-visual artists and supporting artist opportunities for Jersey artists in Scotland. £6.13

ArtHouse Jersey HQ Greve de Lecq Barracks, St. Mary +44 (0) 1534 617521 EVENTBRITE.CO.UK

14 JUN 18:00-20:00

Cineclub - Divertimento Come celebrate the month of “Fête de la musique” with us! £5.00

Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House The Weighbridge, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534 875655 EVENTBRITE.COM

14 JUN - 25 JUL 18:00-20:00

La Saison Française 2024

Embark on a journey of cultural discovery as we unveil La Saison Française 2024 in Jersey, a vibrant celebration of French culture from 14 June to 28 July. All along this wonderful French season, you will be able to attend a series of innovative exhibitions, screenings, performances... With two main events in St Helier on 22 June and 13 July!

Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche 71 Halkett Place, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534280110 info@ MAISONDENORMANDIE.COM/


15 JUN 03:00-23:59

Round the Island Walk 2024

Test your stamina as you explore the island in this challenging 48.1 mile walk. The beauty of the route as you pass along Jersey’s beautiful coastline, sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and stunning countryside will power you through the course. £60.00

, St. Helier +44 (0) 7700746777 ISLANDWALK.JE

19 JUL 19:00-21:30

Jérôme Bel by Jérôme Bel

ArtHouse Jersey is delighted to present the English language premiere of “Jérôme Bel”, a new work by the seminal French choreographer Jérôme Bel, whose playful, visceral and conceptual dance works since the 1990s have shaped and had one of the most significant influences on contemporary dance in Europe over the past thirty years. £20.21

ArtHouse Jersey HQ Greve de Lecq Barracks, St. Mary +44 (0) 1534 617521 EVENTBRITE.CO.UK

25 JUL 19:00-20:30

Burn to Shine by Patricia Allio

ArtHouse Jersey is delighted to present an extraordinary new film work by artist Patricia Allio. £11.55

Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House The Weighbridge, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534 617521


27 JUL 14:00-02:00

HouseWork @ Splash

HouseWork Ibiza comes to Jersey for the party of the summer with House legends, Jon Pleased Wimmin and Jonathan Ulysses, bringing back the glory days of partying in Jersey. The Terrace opens at 2pm for the free daytime event with a host of local DJs who know how to get Splashing rocking.

The Watersplash Grande Route des Mielles, St. Ouen EVENTBRITE.COM

16 JUN 14:00-17:00

Yin Yoga, Meditation Mini Retreat with Vegan Treat

Gentle stretches with breath-work and meditation, herbal tea & vegan / gluten-free treat followed by a sublime yoga nidra with sound bath in the natural beauty of St Ouen’s Bay. Come and discover the easy way to slow down the fluctuations of the mind and heal from within. Suitable for all levels. Ages 16 and over. £27.00

Frances Le Sueur Centre La Mielle de Morville, St. Ouen +44 (0) 7797 834482 carla@ CARLA-YOGA.COM

20-21JUL 10:00-16:00

Jersey Water Polo - 50th Anniversary Tournament

On the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July 2024, Jersey Water Polo Association are planning an outdoor tournament (both men’ teams and ladies teams) at Havre Des Pas Bathing Pool, St Helier, Jersey to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Expect a weekend full of water polo and fun at one the most beautiful salt water pools in the world!

Havre Des Pas Bathing Pool Havre Des Pas Bathing Pool, St. Helier


26-28 JUL 16:00-21:00

Kenpo Connections 2024 - Spark

We extend a warm welcome to all Kenpoists, young or old, beginner to Grandmaster, to a weekend jam packed with Kenpo! Now, more than ever, it is time for our experienced instructors to support and mentor the younger generations progressing in the fantastic art that Mr Parker has bestowed us. £40.00

Roy Macdonalds Kenpo Centre of Excellence Fort Regent, St. Helier info@


28 JUL

1781 Jersey Militia

Prepare yourself for the dramatic return of the 1781 Jersey Militia to Elizabeth Castle. They will transport you back to the colourful life of the Castle in 18th century Jersey. Be entertained by the loud bangs of cannon and musket, and catch an authentic glimpse of the day to day life of a soldier and his family. £10.35

Elizabeth Castle St Aubin’s Bay, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534 633300 JERSEYHERITAGE.ORG

14 JUL 07:00-15:00

Tour de Jersey 2024

Join us on 14th July on two wheels for a gentle spin or a 100km leg stretcher as the Tour de Jersey returns for 2024. Open to all cyclists.

Islandwide Jersey, +44 (0) 1534 876555 JERSEYHOSPICECARE.COM

20-21JUL 11:00-21:00

Fete de St Helier

The Fete de St Helier is an annual event held to celebrate St. Helier Day, a celebration of St. Helier’s patron Saint, Helier. The event is FREE and features funfair rides, local stalls, food and drink, live music, and much more!

Town Hall PO Box 50, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534 811823 STHELIER.JE

18 JUL 19:00-20:00

Générateur de Tensions and Ventilator

Tension Generator & Ventilator. This performance by Paris-based sound artist and composer Camille Lacroix is inspired from research around a text by Marcel Duchamp, which explores the idea of recycling body movements through forms of sonic energy. £11.55

ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House 8 Church Street, St. Helier +44 (0) 1534 617521 ARTHOUSEJERSEY.JE

22 JUN 09:00-10:00

Qigong Special with Kalimukti at Mont Orgueil

Discover the transformative power of Qigong with Roxy at Mont Orgueil Castle this Summer. Understand how Qigong can enhance vitality by promoting the balanced flow of qi, resulting in increased energy levels, overall resilience, immune function, and mental wellbeing. £15.00

Mont Orgueil Castle Castle Green, Grouville


27 JUL 10:30-12:00

The Jersey Tea Tour

Join us for The Jersey Tea Tour, a delightful journey through the scenic tea fields of Jersey, where you can indulge in the finest teas. £16.96

Jersey Tea Company Warwick Farm, +44 (0) 7797 762663 EVENTBRITE.COM

27 JUL 18:00-22:30

An Evening with Gary Mabbutt & Richard Gough

Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with anecdotes, insights, and laughter as we present An Evening with Gary Mabbutt and Richard Gough. This exclusive event offers a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with two football icons who have left an indelible mark on the world of sports. £45.00

The Royal Yacht The Weighbridge, St. Helier


29 JUL

Creative Summer Collage Your Castle

Spend some quality, creative time with the youngsters in your life over the summer holidays. Join Jersey Heritage for a fun and engaging programme of artist and expertled activities at our castles and museums. These are drop in activities with no booking required, all ages and abilities welcome. Children must be accompanied by a helpful adult. £11.00

Mont Orgueil Castle Castle Green, St. Martin +44 (0) 1534 633300 JERSEYHERITAGE.ORG

29 JUL 09:00-14:30

Kids Yoga Camp

Join us for a week long camp (9-2:30pm daily) to enjoy yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities, with a daily adventure exploring and playing in nature. Ages 4-11. £220.00

Mont Orgeuil Castle Castle Green, St. Helier +44 (0) 7797 795827


If you’re a business that wants to attract island visitors, get in touch about being included in the Visit Jersey VisitorGuide, the only guide distributed in volume at Jersey’s Ports and by Visit Jersey. << We have theses lovely big stands that distribute more maps and guides than anywhere else! email to learn more. WANT TO TALK TO OUR ISLAND VISITORS?

Ever felt the urge to leave the rock and never come back? This is Zara’s story of how she managed to do it. After having her heart stolen by the beautiful landscapes of mainland Europe, her mission to stay in this part of the continent took her on the wildest of journeys. She’s a 22 year old artist currently roaming the streets of Milan, studying, painting and learning about life. It has been the adventure of a lifetime, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

After leaving school in 2020, I changed my subject from portraiture to Jersey seascapes, taking inspiration from the beauty of my immediate environment. This didn’t last long however, as I had the opportunity to spread my wings by moving to the Swiss Alps just before the second wave of COVID.

After moving I fell completely in love with the landscape and ended up staying another two years. During my second ski season I became a qualified BASI Level 2 instructor and so my knowledge and appreciation of the mountains grew. During my 3rd season I completed an internship in events management which gave me a lot of free time. I decided to set myself the challenge of completing enough works to hold a solo exhibition. I dedicated my time to painting oil and acrylic mountainscapes and managed to gather a series of 15 works together to show at the beginning of April 2023.

This was an achievement I was very proud of. It took lots of self discipline and organisation, with the hard work paying off.

Having fallen in love with Switzerland, the idea of returning to either Jersey or the UK was difficult, although it seemed I had no choice due to the restrictions of Brexit. I even had employers wanting to give me jobs but without an EU passport or highly qualified skills it was proving an uphill battle. I was beginning to give up on my dream to live abroad, working as an artist (definitely not considered a highly qualified occupation). After hours of research trying to find loop holes and wriggle room in the Brexit rules my hopes were fading. The one option that remained was to study abroad, so began my search for an Arts Degree anywhere in Europe. I took a chance on myself and was lucky enough to receive a talent based scholarship to Nuova Academia di Bella Arti in Milan. Next hurdle, to obtain a

LIFE & STYLE IN JERSEY 22 PEOPLE bean abroad. Jersey beans travelling the world.

student visa - a hideously long and complicated process which had me in tears at times and required huge determination. This challenge has shown me if you want something badly enough, have the courage to go for it. You only ever regret the chances you didn’t take.

When I first moved to Milan, it didn’t take much time before I started to regret my decision. I was naive about the struggles I would face, not speaking the language, not knowing the city and not having a single person I could call a friend nearby. After a slow start to the course, we shared portfolios and I was told my photorealist style of art was “a waste of paint”, making me question everything. As a result I started suffering from creative block - though I had creative ideas I was scared of failure. But what is failure in Art? In what felt like an act of rebellion, I abandoned every technical aspect I had been taught, painting freely with no intended outcome. What evolved was a large colourful mess of my emotions, based on exerpts from my journal during my first 6 months in Milan. It ended up being the most honest I've ever been through my art, which terrified me. I hated the piece. Whilst I loved the process of making it, I didn’t like the outcome and took it down off my wall as soon as the paint was dry. Presenting this piece was one of the scariest things I have done but to my surprise it was a real hit with my peers and tutors. I’d had so much fun and freedom creating this, I decided to forget about what I thought others expected of me and paint for myself. My time since moving to Milan has greatly helped me give up caring what people think about my work. Luckily, I’ve never really cared too much about what others opinions of me as a person are, but this work, being so personal - that was scary, it was my soul reflected on canvas.

As I’ve gotten older and more experienced, I’m realising the value of being honest in your work. You don’t always need to set out a goal for your artwork - put on some good music, have fun and make a mess, just start! One of my biggest inspirations is Amy Winehouse. Her honesty through her song lyrics as well as her ability to write a banging melody helped me to become more honest with myself through my own form of expression. Great to sing and dance around my studio to as well. I now accept that some people may love

my work, others may hate it but as long as I enjoy creating it, that’s what’s important.

I’m only at the beginning of forging a career as an artist and I realise that the road ahead is not an easy one, full of self doubt and financial worry but I am following the subject closest to my heart. Everyone thinks after you leave school you need to have it all figured out. I got one year into my five year plan and threw the rest out of the window. My advice would be to give yourself time. Perhaps a gap year should be mandatory - an opportunity to challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to get to know yourself better. It is ok to not know who you are yet or what you want to do, we need to be reminded of this. For anyone moving abroad or living away from home for the first time and feeling homesick, comfort yourself with a home cooked meal, maybe one from your childhood. Good food can help with a good mood.

I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I’m in no rush to get to where I want to be (although my parents might be!). I’m proud of my progress and enjoying the journey. I have learnt that if you are true to yourself and go after what you really want, it’s not necessarily going to be easy and often the battle will be an internal one. I hope that I can make a living as an artist, creating art that touches people in some way that relates to them personally. My dream is to return to the mountains and start a creative workspace to collaborate with other young artists, musicians and craftsmen alike, serving good coffee which turns into cocktails in the evenings! Luckily, with a recent turn of events, this no longer feels like just a far away dream but a reachable one, with stepping stone goals in place to make this possible. I hope to return to Verbier after my studies for the 2026/2027 Season and I’m excited at the prospect of starting a business with my partner, who has a joint creative vision. I couldn’t imagine myself happier today. Meanwhile, in the inimitable words of Dory… “Just keep swimming”!



Recycling is Bollox

I don’t know about you, but I’m drowning in stuff. My closet is bulging with impulse buys: clothes, shoes… books (aspirational). Most of it I don’t use, and a large portion of it I haven’t touched. The top shelf is spilling over with half-used deodorant cans and chargers for devices I didn’t even know I had. USB-C… lightning… whatever that tiny one is that Android used to use. I think there’s a HDMI in there somewhere, but like, for what sky box? And (perhaps more importantly) what TV?

The old is forgotten for the new in a heartbeat. Those parachute pants spent all of five minutes on our legs before they were stripped and dumped in the local landfill. Every teen girl on TikTok worshipped that fashion trend. Now they’re a blacked-out blip we hope history won’t remember.

We’re in a horrific crisis of materialism. I mean, we can’t really commit to anything. We dip from the party after the initial buzz is over. Even the best of us have our head turned by a cool new T-Shirt. I know a man in a van who’s a sucker for them - if the hippies can’t manage it, what chance do the rest of us have?

And - much more importantly - what chance do I have? I matched my masks to my outfits during Covid. Monochrome is me. My colour must match my mood. I’ve been waltzing round in green, sipping green drinks, to inspire ‘green thoughts’ for this issue. Is this absolutely necessary? No. Does this stop me? Absolutely not.

The only time in life where fashion wasn’t an object was when I went through the trauma of working with kids. For a few days a month, I understand why people have children. The rest of the time? Beats me.

Thus ensued a catastrophic identity crisis when I was imprisoned in a kindergarten with the screaming energysuckers. The crème de la crème of my style became suspiciously acquired T-Shirts and old 90s trackies. At the climax of this horror story, my appearance was described as ‘varying shades of Adam Sandler’.

Historically, the mighty have fallen. But I am positive they never fell this far.

This was my perspective, until I met the man that changed my mind. For those of you that haven’t seen his green van covered in vines, Alcindo Pinto is a sculptor, landscaper and man of the forest. His statues made from willow trees are iconic on the island. I mean, if you haven’t taken a photo under the puffins at Plemont yet, what have you been doing for the last two years?

I came to the Little Green Man with my questions. And he did not hesitate to whisper wisdom into my soul.

“Buy less” - he said.

Initially, I felt great. I wasn’t the one who bought the T-Shirts. I’d found my own environmental loophole. I was saving the world, one small theft at a time.

“But what about recycling?”

Alcindo, a poet by nature, gave his response:

“Recycling is Bollox”.

Pray tell?

“There is a waste disposal hierarchy. It goes like this: refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, renovate, recycle, responsibly dispose of”.

Our go to green response was pretty low on the pecking order. In fact, not much better than a sober binning spree.

The reason for this was energy. Not the ‘will to live’ kindthe ‘sciency’ kind.

“Most recycled stuff requires massive energy and cost, and produces lower and lower quality products the more it is recycled.”

And that’s when he really called me out.

“But it gives you the impression you are doing something good.”

The knife cut deep.

“Just use less”.

It twisted.

Words: Emma Pallent Photography: Danny Evans
“Work out for yourself what clean actually means. Information is hijacked. Spun, diluted and fed to us in multiple discrete ways, so you don’t even notice it colonising your consciousness. Find your own truth without media participation. Escape input and radiation as much as you can. Oh yer, and chuck your phone away. It’s mainly a distraction. Ok. Rant over”.

No more monochrome outfits?!? I had to sit down for a while.

“Think about it whilst layin’ in long grass”, he said. “Do less”, he said.

And do less I did.

They say grief comes in stages. I denied it. I was angry at it. I bargained with recycling, before remembering that couldn’t do anything for me anyway. As I lay down in that overgrown field I tackled the fourth stage - depression. But after a night on the prairie under the watchful gaze of the stars, I finally found the courage to *inward gasp* accept.

Life was never going to be the same again. Alcindo’s wisdom had osmosis’ed into my body through the gentle blue light of Facebook messenger. I was ready to start a new life - dedicated to imparting the wisdom he so gracefully gave me:

“Live your life like there are no resources left. Buy less, repair more, ignore advertising. Just do it yourself without waiting for a clean system you can fit into.”

“Be suspicious of things that are covered in plastic. Be suspicious of highly processed food. Fit into your own ecosystem”.

(Human-size ecosphere bowl - pending).

“Work out for yourself what clean actually means. Information is hijacked. Spun, diluted and fed to us in multiple discrete ways, so you don’t even notice it colonising your consciousness. Find your own truth without media participation. Escape input and radiation as much as you can. Oh yer, and chuck your phone away. It’s mainly a distraction. Ok. Rant over”.

The morning dew settled over my eyes like cleansing earth tears of wildernessy spiritualness. I was ready to start the day. A brand new woman, Mother Nature shone down on me. Ask me to plant some potatoes? I’ll do it. A whole plot? Even better.

Enough to support the commune in St Ouens I’m starting? Absolutely! I’ll be done quicker than you can say ‘incest’.

So started my quest to fulfil a foraging fantasy. Alcindo had given me inspiration - but where to turn to next? The waters in my mind were moving, but with no practical implementation, they had nowhere they could flow. I was cursed to remain stagnant forever.

Where does one learn how to plant a potato? Certainly not at Gallery magazine (this year). Google? St Peter’s Garden Centre? An indigenous village somewhere in the Peruvian-Bolivian Andes?

I mean who even forages now anyways? Has anyone picked a plant since like… before Jesus was born?

In this moment of crisis, my eureka moment hit. I was blinded by a great white light. Amidst the rays, dreadlocks swum into the shape of the sun. I reached into the abyss, pulled out the letters:

Z Z A K ?


K A Z Z .

A childhood memory was unlocked. I vaguely remembered this man’s face looking down at me as I embarked on a terrifying abseil down a cliff in Gorey. This man was nature personified. He ripped stinging nettles through his legs to prove it. Kazz was the man who did the outdoor activity courses from all those years ago. The naturalness of it all came rushing back to me.

I reached out to him to figure out how I was going to make my commune work. He must have been in a tree or something, because he didn’t get back to me for two whole days. Kazz told me that foraging was the way forward, and that he runs courses both inland and coastal. The focus is not just on food, but on the many different benefits of plants, including health, wellbeing, medicinal and practical benefits. This all sounded quite perfect. Everything I needed to succeed in my mission.

Kazz told me that many people who come on his walks are surprised about how many edible and medicinal plants are available in Jersey. Especially when they realise that this extends from grassy areas to the beach. I was particularly pleased with this because it meant I had the option of relocating my nature dances between the two venues. He promised me that wherever I was, “the average walk into nature, once you have the eyes to see what is actually growing around you, is elevated and enhanced”.

I was officially sold. From this moment on, foraging is my favourite hobby. And I’m keeping my windows open all year round, like Alcindo in his old farm house. He doesn’t have heating, and despite minimal insulation, hasn’t caught a cold or flu in 15 years. Nature will be kind to the ones who treat her well.

Alcindo and Kazz are the ‘greenest’ people I know. Noticeably without the emerald ensemble to match. And whilst that’s a sight I’d pay to see - a shoot with single-use suits won’t be funny in fifty years. In the spirit of making jokes that age well, we ditched the original dream to embrace a more natural scene. That, and Kazz refused to leave the beach.


The shape of seaweed

I first heard about Charlie Cadin’s sustainable surfboards back in school. Witnessing him haul bucketloads of wine corks through the school gates had made for a confusing morning. When I found out he was creating a surfboard for a DT project, I marvelled at the idea of repurposing the remnants of a good night out. To my late teenage mind, there was nothing so poetic as this.

Charlie got into surfing as a kid, at one of the little surf schools along St Ouens Bay. He dabbled with the sport all his life, but became properly invested during secondary school. On the side, he made small wooden bodyboards created using left-over wood. This evolved during covid, when he kept himself occupied with mountains of insulation foam from B&Q. Charlie’s lockdown distraction of choice was much better than mine. Whilst he was becoming a surfboard shaper, I was trying to find willing mouths to shove my banana bread in.

Pandemic-Charlie could never have known where his time-killing hobby would take him. Last time we spoke with him, he had just created his first surfboard from one of Jersey’s invasive seaweed species. It was an

engineering feat that earned him a Vissla Innovators Award in 2020. Since then he has revolutionised his crafting process, turning seaweed into a foam which can be shaped just like a regular board. The end goal with this is to create materials that another surfboard shaper can just pick up and use, without needing different equipment or having to change their techniques. Charlie noted that “there’s still a fair way to go, but the process of getting there is fun for me”.

Despite this statement, Charlie has already gone… far. One of his seaweed boards were used by The World Surf League for a WSL event in Portugal. The board won the entire competition. His creations have been put to the test in some of the biggest winter waves the UK has ever seen. Reflecting on this moment, Charlie admits “it was incredible to see a board I shaped being used in very hectic conditions”, despite it being “pretty stressful”.

But whilst the highs have been high, the lows have been low. Charlie spent a gruelling ten months recovering from a spinal injury inflicted during surfing. Overcoming this and getting fit again was the hardest thing he’s ever done. In addition to these personal struggles, he faced obstacles in his craft too. The materials made from seaweed were

Words: Emma Pallent Photography: Luke Hosty, Rich Picot Photography

really unpredictable. You could spend a week preparing and making the mixture, and then overnight a slight temperature or humidity change could completely warp the board. I’ve made enough sunken banana breads in my time to really understand Charlie’s struggle. Like my baking endeavours, consistency can be a real issue with bio-based materials. It means that the time taken to make them is so huge, it is difficult to put a fair price on.

For this reason, Charlie does not currently sell his sustainable surfboards. He sees this endeavour as mostly testing and developing new materials. So far, he’s created boards made from plastic bottles, disposable face masks and old skateboard decks.

When he’s not at university studying marine engineering, Charlie divides his time between his sustainable experiments and creating standard, normal boards. These he sells through word of mouth, and he is “incredibly grateful” to the people who are supporting these creations.

But whilst the highs have been high, the lows have been low. Charlie spent a gruelling ten months recovering from a spinal injury inflicted during surfing. Overcoming this and getting fit again was the hardest thing he’s ever done.

But why does Charlie also make regular boards? After dedicating so much time to seaweed, does he not feel inner-turmoil putting it to the side and doing something else? He told me that there are many factors to consider in terms of sustainability. For example, if a 50% bio-based board only lasts two years before needing replacing, arguably a traditional board that lasts for decades is better. Charlie noted that it is “a tricky balance between durability, repairability, and environmental impact”. It’s a reminder to keep an open-mind when thinking of ways to battle the climate crisis. What Charlie’s doing is amazing, and he’s learnt a lot. But he isn’t afraid to go back to the drawing board and change things up when he needs to.

He admitted that it is hard to feel like you’re making a contribution when you compare yourself to large polluting companies. However, he believes that our individuals efforts add up. He encourages others to just take a chance and follow their heart when it comes to these things. He says “even if you have the smallest idea in your mind - give it a go”. After all, Charlie’s sustainable surfboard projects began when he was poked in the foot by a tough bit of seaweed. If he hadn’t decided to follow that first spark, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Next time I host a party I’m donating all the rubbish to Charlie’s projects. Maybe minus the pizza crusts and cigarette butts (I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up in the waves).



What is your favourite theatrical memory?

At Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 I saw a show presented by ‘BAC Beatbox Academy’, an academy in South London. Their Founder and Artistic Director started the show by informing the audience of their roots, existing primarily to get young people off the streets and introduce them to musical skills as a hobby. The academy has grown over time and is free to access, but as a charity, support is relied upon to enable them to operate. They performed ‘Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster’. The energy in the auditorium was electric. The 10 something young students/performers took to the stage will excitement, precision, and attack. We were encouraged to film the show when we wanted, to spread the word of their work and their incredible performance (the fringe exists on word of mouth). The layers were perfect, instruments imitated beautifully, for an amateur group of youths, it blew me away. The show left me energised and sparking creativity. Way more than an acapella beatboxing group, they had created a community, a tangible sense of belonging, a reason to collaborate, and that is what theatre is all about.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Opera House reopens?

Audience members reactions. The feeling of watching live theatre is magic. Being part of an audience when the ripple of a chuckle passes through the auditorium or when a tender moment casts a silence across the space is incredible, that feeling of captivation and being totally immersed is gold dust. I can’t wait to watch the theatre come alive again and for those experiences and memories to fill the Opera House.

What is your favourite theatrical memory?


The Barnum tour of 1996 holds a special place as it marked the beginning of my journey in theatre. Working on it immersed me in the grandeur and magic of musical theatre, igniting a passion that has become my life's work. The scale of the production mesmerised me, and every aspect of the show solidified my commitment to this industry.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Opera House reopens?

As the technical manager of our Opera House, I'm excited for the return of big musical theatre productions. Their energy and spectacle fill the auditorium, captivating audiences with dazzling set designs and show-stopping musical numbers. I look forward to witnessing the magic of these productions lighting up our stage once again.

What is your favourite theatrical memory?

I was privileged to see the Michael Clark Dance Company back in the 90's dancing with Stephen Petronio. It made me love and appreciate dance from that point on. It was visceral, angry, a collision between punk New York and Great Britain. Great lighting and sound production, original music score and great dancers is a powerful combination meaning I still vividly remember it over 30 years on! What other art form can do that? That's the power of live performance.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Opera House reopens?

I'm most looking forward to seeing audiences come through the doors. Presenting and producing great performances is one thing, but you need the audiences to complete the magic. Having been closed since March 2020 there are many children in Jersey for whom a visit to the Opera House will be their first venture into a theatre building.



We’re very much looking forward to our beloved Opera House reopening later this year. The Opera House team have been busy on creating a number of outside events and performances at other venues but with the doors set to reopen on Gloucester Street, we got the team into the studio and asked them about their theatrical favourites and what they’re looking forward to when the stage is ready to host performers once again.

Zoë Mallet

Marketing and Communications Manager

What is your favourite theatrical memory?

One of my favourite memories is watching my eldest daughter as a dancer on stage. I have the joy of seeing my younger daughter follow in her footsteps. This experience highlights for me the importance of community and amateur dramatics in providing valuable opportunities for growth, creativity, and connection for everyone involved.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Opera House reopens?

The anticipation for our Opera House coming alive once more, brimming with creativity and inclusivity, is something else! The magic of theatre is unparalleled— it sparks imagination, broadens horizons, and fosters unity in our communities. We're not just a venue; we're a vibrant community. Welcoming back performers and audiences alike will be an amazing moment, reaffirming that theatre truly belongs to everyone.

Phill Hogben

Position: General Manager

What is your favourite theatrical memory?

One of my most unforgettable moments in theatre was during Gary Moore's performance at the Albert Hall. Sharing the stage with George Harrison for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was a surreal experience. Positioned in a double's bar only box, right at the edge of the stage, the atmosphere was electric. It was a perfect blend of talent, emotion, and musical brilliance that is etched in my memory.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Opera House reopens?

I’m looking forward to the return of the Festival of Words when our Opera House reopens. The excitement and joy that fill the theatre on school days are truly magical. It's a logistical feat with coaches collecting and dropping off different schools and year groups, but the smiles on everyone's faces make it all worthwhile. The energy and enthusiasm of the children as they experience the wonder of theatre is a testament to the enduring power of the arts to inspire and delight.

Jack Tadier

Position: Technician

What is your favourite theatrical memory?

It's tough to pick just one, given the countless memorable experiences throughout my career. However, a few standouts include "Footloose," "Fame," "Return to the Forbidden Planet," and "The Rocky Horror Show." Among them, my fondest memory is embarking on tour at the age of 17 with "42nd Street." It was a transformative experience that solidified my passion for theatre and ignited my career in the industry.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when the Opera House reopens?

I can’t wait to see the return of a large-scale musical to our stage, captivating audiences once again in Jersey. There's something magical about the spectacle and energy of these productions, and I can't wait to both be part of it and to witness the joy and excitement they bring to our community.


Robert Allen

Rob Allan is an artist and teacher who has been making and exhibiting art for 22 years in Jersey, the UK and Italy. He studied sculpture and drawing at Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall, where he started to develop a working practice using the landscape, history, and geology around him after discovering the St Ives abstract expressionists. He also studied in Milan where he ‘had a very different urban environment and stimuli to react against with my work’. He made artwork using the derelict buildings, artefacts and objects found in condemned sites. The art-making processes that he learnt in both places are the foundation of the work he creates today.

The use of his immediate location involving its sights, sounds, formation and history act as inspiration for his work, “My aim is to create artwork that describes the combination of the physical aspects of a place and the sensation of being there. My working process involves layering gestural marks, superimposing different kinds of spatial experience and spatial representation upon one another”. This approach sees Rob interacting within the landscape and recording the experience.

“I am fascinated by how we experience the natural places we inhabit. I start by drawing and painting the coastline of Jersey en plein air, or outdoors. I spend time gathering visual information about a place by collecting and recording the lines, symbols, colours, textures, and the relationships between them”. I sometimes leave the work as an untouched response to a place that resonates in the moment. Or I may take the different records of a place to the studio and allow memories and ideas to spill out onto canvas or paper in a way that captures the essence of the changing coastline of the island.

I try to pack my paintings with as much experience of a place as possible. I throw in multiple perspectives, meaningful colours, linear features, and expressionist marks. I adjust my palette to register the changes in the climate, locations and emotions from summer into winter and out into spring again. Ebb and flow represents not only the changing tide and landscape of Jersey but also how my artwork is made.

Rob Allen Exhibition

Le Hocq Tower, St Clement Saturday 22nd June and Saturday 29th June

Supported by JUNE/JULY 2024 EXHIBITION SUMMER JERSEY CCA Galleries International, Royal Court Chambers, 10 Hill Street, St Helier, JE2 4UA 01534 739900 JUNE/JULY 2024 EXHIBITION SUMMER JERSEY CCA Galleries International, Royal Court Chambers, 10 Hill Street, St Helier, JE2 4UA 01534 739900

Overseas Experiencing Life

The Rohingya Experience

In a summer of outdoor visual images, July will see our second outdoor photography exhibition of the summer as the OCL image boards across St Helier make way for the European premier of ‘The Rohingya Experience’ – an outdoor photography exhibition which shines a light on the trials, triumphs and resilience of the Rohingya community.

Organised by Jersey Overseas Aid (JOA), Jersey’s official, publicly funded aid and development agency, in collaboration with Rohingyatographer, a collective of Rohingya photographers, the exhibition will showcase award-winning photographs by talented Rohingya refugees. Since 2017 more than 700,000 Rohingya people have fled violence and persecution in their home of Myanmar, seeking sanctuary in neighbouring Bangladesh and today almost 1,000,000 Rohingya are stateless, living in Cox’s Bazar, one of the largest refugee camps in the world. You’ll see the photographs in locations around town, including Liberation Square, West’s Centre, Charing Cross, the Cenotaph and on King and Queen Street between 1st-14thJuly.

There will also be a public launch event taking place at Jersey Arts Centre at 5:45pm on Tuesday 2nd July where attendees will hear from UNHCR and JOA about the importance and impact of Jersey’s humanitarian aid and (via video) from the photographers about how the transformative power of photography can give a voice to the stateless, provide a platform for visual storytelling and offer a glimpse into life in the camps through the eyes of Rohingya youth.

The Rohingya Experience Launch 2nd July Jersey Arts Centre

About Rohingyatographer

Located in the heart of the world's largest refugee camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Rohingyatographer is a collective of passionate Rohingya photographers, artists and writers. Founded in 2021, this vibrant community has become a defining voice in documentary photography and storytelling, shedding light on the resilience, identity, and experiences of the Rohingya people.

Through collaborative publications, empowering workshops, and powerful exhibitions, Rohingyatographer is redefining the Rohingya narrative, shifting it from victimhood to one of resilience and self-representation. Their award-winning work has gained international acclaim, standing as a testament to the transformative power of photography in giving a voice to the stateless.

With a team of over 30 members, Rohingyatographer employs their lenses to preserve the collective memory of the Rohingya community, foster global understanding, and advocate for human rights. For more information, please visit:


Giving a voice to the ocean

The 8th of June is World Ocean Day. Each year, locallybased champions of the wide blue yonder, Ocean Culture Life (OCL) highlight the efforts of individuals, organisations, and communities dedicated to safeguarding our most valuable asset: the ocean.

The ocean obviously plays an essential role in supporting all life on Earth, chemically, physically, biologically, and economically. In order to preserve biodiversity, reduce the pace and impact of climate change, and safeguard the essential ecosystem services upon which human existence relies, we must safeguard at least 30% of the ocean by 2030.

OCL supports its global community of ocean guardians, advocates, and storytellers who work tirelessly to give voice to the ocean by documenting and financing impactful stories with the goal of educating, inspiring, and safeguarding.

Overleaf we share a brief overview of some of the projects that OCL have been involved with over the last 12 months.


The only emotion greater than fear is HOPE. Mars Sustainable Solutions has been collaborating with local communities, scientists, businesses, NGOs, and governments for more than a decade to create and execute a basic, community-driven strategy to repair damaged coral reefs worldwide. OCL and their community have teamed up with the organisation to document and spread the word about the world's largest coral reef restoration program, which aims to conserve and rehabilitate the ocean's stunning beauty.

Miyaru - Shark conservation and research in the Maldives Fuvahmulah Island, situated in the southern region of Maldives, boasts the most diverse coral ecosystem in the country. Its reefs are a habitat to a wide variety of marine creatures, including thresher, hammerhead, white tip, and whale sharks, with the tiger shark population being one of the healthiest in the world. The local community has established a peaceful and harmonious relationship with these often-feared species through activities such as surfing, swimming, diving, and fishing. In support of Miyaru, a shark conservation and research organization dedicated to preserving this pristine marine ecosystem, OCL has joined forces by providing creative assets. OCL aims to alter the perception of sharks by changing the narrative from one of fear to one of respect, joy, and awe.


The Kenyan Alliance

Earlier this year, OCL partnered with The Ocean Trust and Oceans Alive in Kenya to capture their commitment to marine conservation on the Kenyan coast, which is carried out through community-based resource management. By advocating for sustainable fishing practices and safeguarding marine habitats, both organisations have significantly influenced the coastal communities and marine ecosystems. They acknowledge that the preservation of the ocean's future is a collaborative undertaking that necessitates a thorough comprehension of the requirements of those residing alongside it.

Storytelling Grants.

Every year, Ocean Culture Life provides funding and support for a wide range of stories and campaigns that aim to inspire, educate, and protect the ocean. Through their efforts, the charity actively helps to finance a variety of initiatives, providing much-needed financial assistance to projects and campaigns that promote ocean conservation, environmental awareness, and sustainable practices.

In addition to their financial support, OCL also collaborates with project leaders and community members to help ensure the success of these initiatives. By working closely with local organisations and individuals, the charity is able to provide valuable expertise, resources, and advice, while also building relationships and networks within the ocean conservation community. The range of projects and campaigns that OCL supports is diverse, reflecting the complexity and urgency of the

issues facing our oceans today. Some projects focus on reducing the amount of plastic waste that enters the ocean, while others aim to protect and restore marine ecosystems and habitats. Still, others seek to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable fishing practices and ocean conservation. Through their commitment to supporting and empowering local communities, OCL has helped to inspire and mobilise a new generation of ocean advocates, scientists, and conservationists. By providing the financial and collaborative support needed to turn ideas into action, the charity is making a significant contribution to the global effort to protect our oceans and preserve them for future generations.

To learn more about their local and international communities' work you can visit the free island wide coastal exhibition supported by local partners and Law firm Mourant during the month of June


Local artist Will Bertram ties together environmentalism and mindfulness in his artistic exploration of the Railway Walk JUNE/JULY


Will describes his work as “contemporary drawing”. He takes inspiration from fine art, art-history, pop-culture and social commentary, rolling it all together with his experiences and nature.

His pieces are packed with Studio Ghibli references, a Japanese animation studio I’ve recently become obsessed with. They are the perfect addition to any day spent horizontal. Hopeful instrumentals, beautiful artwork, what more do you want?

Will shares my love of

could just talk about the weather
Words: Emma Pallent Illustration: Will Bertram
CCA Galleries International, Royal Court Chambers, 10 Hill Street, St Helier, JE2 4UA 01534 739900

There’s another element to the piece, which Will embroidered into his creation. Nestled between branches and bushes are star-gazers, tree houses, kites, tunnels and portraits. The Kaonashi even appears, a subtle nod towards Studio Ghibli’s ‘Spirited Away’. Large men in orange are seen clearing the mess, but a closer look reveals hidden people, finding rest in the chaos.

This is a reminder of the importance of meditation, and finding a space to breathe amidst the shambles of everyday life. The destroyed natural elements represent “the metaphorical debris of anxiety which lingered in the community after the storm”. Will believes it is important for us to find solace and peace within our minds, and live with the mental clutter that is a sideproduct of our imperfect world.

“I never intended for the piece to become so personal, but as I was drawing, I kept finding ways to insert details that represented my mindfulness practice. There’s lots in there referencing past work, global events and my own anxieties.”

“It’s easy to feel hopeless when faced with such huge international events, like the ongoing genocide in Palestine and the looming climate catastrophe. But it’s also important to remember to be kind to ourselves. We can’t help anyone if we can’t help ourselves”.

The piece has me mesmerised, alongside the other works in Will’s collection. He’s done projects ranging from the size of a stamp to massive murals across a wall.

Even the smallest of these have received international attention: his Christmas stamp issue with Jersey Post bagged a place at the World Post & Parcel Awards. Off the back of this, he created his own stamp issue based around composer Claude DeBussy’s time in Jersey. Keep your eyes peeled for these when they debut in the summer.

He’s currently in hot pursuit of larger-scale work, after the excitement of making murals in Jersey Art Centre’s artist lock-in.

Will is up for whatever the world throws at him, and I’d recommend his artwork to anyone. Maybe aside from my employers - and only if the tables are already squeaky clean.

Will’s work can be found at Cargo, Common Ground, Framing & Art, The Merchants and The Yard. For projects, commissions or enquiries, drop him a message on Instagram



A sense of belonging

Everyone loves free entry and a discount, not to mention the feeling they’re the first in the know – why wouldn’t you sign yourself up to a special club with all these benefits and more!

Combined with access to a host of stories and facts about Jersey’s incredible history – which considering the Island’s small size, packs a mighty punch – this is what is on offer with a Jersey Heritage Membership. If you’re not a heritage buff, you might dismiss a Membership out of hand, thinking that it’s not for you. But the Island’s history is all around you; in the places you go to eat, drink and socialise, the attractions you visit with your children, the environment in which you work, and perhaps even the home you live in. Once you begin to discover the story behind that building you pass every day or that Jersey saying you keep hearing, you’ll wonder why you didn’t become a Member sooner.

If you do sign up for a Membership, you’ll be joining more than 17,500 people who have done the same. As valued supporters of our work to protect and promote the Island’s story, we’re always looking for ways to ensure our Members feel like they belong to a special family, who, like us, love Jersey and the history and culture that have made it the Island it is today.

A Membership gives you free access to all the Jersey Heritage visitor sites, which includes the two castles, Elizabeth and Mont Orgueil, La Hougue Bie, Hamptonne Country Life Museum, the Maritime Museum and Jersey Museum, Art Gallery & Victorian House. The beauty of free access is that you can rock up at any of these sites whenever the fancy takes you, whether you’ve got plenty of time on your hands to explore, or a brief period to fill.

For example, if you work in Town, you can leave the office behind, jump on the Ferry and take the short journey to Elizabeth Castle during your lunch hour. You’ll enjoy some fresh sea air and can sit and eat your sandwiches

on the Castle Green with a spectacular view, or head to the café to grab a coffee and some cake. Or if you’re looking to up your step count at the weekend, head to Mont Orgueil Castle and bound up almost 200 steps to the top – if that doesn’t take your breath away, then the view will!

The free Wi-Fi at our sites also means you can stay connected for work while you enjoy a change of scenery, opening your laptop in front of a glorious sea view, a peaceful countryside meadow or a pretty town courtyard.

A Membership comes with two free guest passes each year, which gives you the opportunity to bring along friends, colleagues or family members on a visit, and don’t forget that children under the age of six always go free.

You’re also eligible for a series of discounts, including 10% off some site cafes, 10% off venue hire and up to 20% off bookings for the unique Heritage Lets. On top of all of that, there are also regular, exclusive events held for Members throughout the year, whether you’d like to enjoy crafting with your kids, or join your mates to listen to a lunchtime talk.

To find out more about becoming a Jersey Heritage Member, go to

Photography: Danny Evans



Having always been a lover of arts and crafts and anything creative, Elle’s Embroidery was born during lockdown when Elise Wetherall started cross-stitching to keep herself busy.

Can you tell us about your Genuine Jersey products?

I create unique cross stitch designs. Each piece is meticulously hand sewn, taking an average of 8 hours to complete, and consisting of hundreds of individual tiny crosses.

How did you learn to cross stitch and how have you developed your skills?

I am a self-taught cross stitcher. I have always been creative and love experimenting with different forms of art, but cross stitch seems to have stuck. I really got into cross stitch during lockdown when my mum gave me some old patterns she had never finished to keep me occupied. I enjoyed it so much that I started creating my own patterns and making my own designs.

Cross stitch seems like quite a traditional artform, how have you put a modern twist on it?

I think a lot of forms of sewing, especially cross stitch and embroidery are making a come-back. My designs are definitely not your nan’s needlepoint cushions (no offence Nan’s!). I make brightly coloured, cheeky, and fun designs that people can’t help but stop to laugh at when I am displaying at a market. I think within my range of designs, I have something to appeal to everyone.

Is there a particular item you like making most from your range?

I don’t think I could pick a favourite! I am always creating new designs and thinking of funny things to sew. Every time I create something new that seems to become my new favourite!

What inspires you to create a new piece?

A lot of inspiration comes from Pinterest, or friends send me things they think I should make. A lot of inspiration comes from jokes with friends and colleagues and just things that make me laugh. I’m always thinking of new things to sew so you’ll never get bored following me!

Do you take commissions?

Yes, absolutely! I love bringing people’s cross stitch dreams to life. Commissions are such a unique and individual gift and I love being part of something special for someone. I have made commissions for all occasions from wedding anniversaries to an ordination, so please feel free to get in touch for a bespoke design – no request is too crazy!

Where can we buy your products?

All my designs are available to view on Etsy (shop name ‘ellesembroideryjsy’) or you can order through my socials. You can find me on Instagram @elles_embroidery_22 or on Facebook @ellesembroidery22. I will also be at some of the Genuine Jersey Artisan Markets in St Aubin throughout the summer, so please come along and say hello.


Each month we feature some of Jersey’s creators and let them share their creative visions and handmade goods with you lot, our island consumers. If you like what you see, check out and hunt them down to support our local industries!


Bardot And God Created Women







New Face Ester Brown Channels Brigitte Bardot in the Cinematic Works of Jean-Luc Godard

Top Reiss £90

Belt Reiss £62

Trousers Rag’n’bone £107

Shoes: Carvella £107.10

All from Voisins

Dress Rain £224 Shoes Carvella £107.10 Both from Voisins
Jeans Rag‘n’bone £266 Waistcoat Free People £90 Shoes Carvella £107.10 All from Voisins

Highlands College Hair and Beauty Showcase

In April, students on the VTCT L2 and L3 Hairdressing and Beauty courses assembled for their showcase, showing off their looks around the theme ‘Eras in Time’. Students spent the day working and were assessed on preparation, techniques, and artistic vision. The evening saw a catwalk show in the Great Hall, followed by an awards ceremony to recognise the months of dedication and hard work. The awards were judged by level 2 and 3 past students and local beauty professionals with awards for Best Make, Best Advanced Make Up, Best Junior Stylist, Best Senior Stylist and a Judges Prize for Creativity. Here are the looks!

Alex Reis Hairdressing Level 2 LOOK BY Mary Phillips Level 3 Beauty

Winning looks were:

Level 2 - Hairdressing

1st Lillie Grace Harrison

2nd Elaine Perreira

3rd Nadia Velosa

Level 3 - Hairdressing

1st Yasmyn Bisson

2nd Olivia Bennets

Level 2 - Beauty Therapy

1st Ellie Jeanne

2nd Dahly Laffoley

3rd Jessica Brazao

Level 3 - Beauty Therapy

1st Mary Phillips

2nd Grace Flynn

3rd Diana Dos Reis

Judges commented on the overall winner Yasmyn Bisson with her Viking theme: "The creativity and craftsmanship displayed in the winning entry were truly outstanding, leaving a lasting impression reminiscent of a cinematic masterpiece."

Jelina Jeanne Level 2 Beauty Dahly Laffoley Level 2 Beauty
Jessica Brazao Hair, Make-up and Model Level 2 Beauty Yasmyn Bisson Hair and Make up Hairdressing Level 3
Iara Nogueira Hairdressing Level 2 Model: Amy Turmel Steluta Dumitru Hairdressing Level 2


FASHION summer 2024
Danny Evans
Bikini Tube top by Seafolly £45.00 from Voisins. Jeans by Essential Antwerp £215.00 from Manna. Bag by Kurt Geiger £162.72 from Voisins. Sneakers by Steve Madden £120.00 from Voisins.
Jumpsuit By Seventy+Mochi £144.00 from Voisins. Bikini Tube top by Seafolly £45.00 from Voisins. Sneakers by date from Manna.
Jacket by Project AJ117 £185.00 from Manna. Swimsuit by Calvin Klein £76.50 from Voisins.
Swimsuit by Seafolly £85.00 from Voisins. Jeans by Ganni £257.00 from Voisns. Bag By Essential Antwerp £170.00 from Manna. Sneakers by date From Manna. Jacket by Varley £114.00. Shorts by Varley £65.00. Bikini Tube top by Seafolly £45.00. Sneakers by Steve Madden £120.00
All from Voisins.
Jacket by Marc Cain £299.00 from Renaissance. Swimsuit by Sea Level Swim £94.00 from Voisns. Bag by Mark Jacobs £203.00 from Voisins. Jacket by Sweaty Betty £104.00. Sport top by Sweaty Betty £50.00. Shorts by Sweaty Betty £59.00.
All from Voisins.

One for the horologists

If you’re over in London in June you might like to catch the wonderful Patek Philippe Rare Handcrafts Exhibition 2024

From Friday 7th to Sunday 16th June 2024 this event offers the public a rare insider’s perspective into the art of Rare Handcrafts within the family-owned watchmaking company. The exhibition will take place on the first floor of Bond Street House, 14 Clifford Street in London.

Open to the public with free admission, the exhibition celebrates Patek Philippe’s dedication to preserving rare handcrafts which have been used to decorate timepieces for more than four centuries. Visitors will be able to explore as many as 80 exhibits over 250 sqm. The themed spaces, which include artisans practising their savoir-faire, will take guests on a journey of discovery; techniques including enamelling, wood marquetry, guilloche and gemsetting. This is the Manufacture’s largest showcase of rare handcraft timepieces outside of Geneva. The exhibition is open to the public via pre booked ticket reservations on

Hettich is the authorised retailer for Patek Phillippe in Jersey.

Patek Philippe Rare Handcrafts Exhibition 2024

Friday 7th to Sunday 16th June

Bond Street House, 14 Clifford Street , London.


Boho is back.


Fashion week was awash with one nostalgia trend - boho. Isabel Marant, Rabanne, Gucci… all the major houses presented ruffled dresses, boots and belts reminiscent of Sienna Miller at Glasto circa 2004.

But it wasn’t until designer Chemena Kamali debuted her first collection at Chloé that the hippy renaissance was cemented: boho is officially back. Floaty peasant tops, broderie anglaise, crochet and romantic dresses have ruffled back onto the fashion conscience. And whilst boho is undoubtedly a vintage inspired style, this season’s take on the trend is distinctly more elevated than the noughties cast of Laguna Beach. So what’s new for this old trend? Think wooden wedges not platform trainers, wide leg denim not pedal pushers and billowing blouses not baby tees. This season’s boho is all grown up, laid back but luxurious, accessorised but not overly embellished. Here’s what’s on our shopping list to achieve that flowy, maximalist look in a way that feels fresh and contemporary.

Chloe AW24 RTW Collection Sienna Miller Glastonbury 2004 Mint Velvet Beige Suede Cowboy Boots, £179, DeGruchy Mint Velvet Tan Eyelet Suede Belt, £49, DeGruchy Part Two White Broderie Short Dress, £161.95, DeGruchy Dune London Gabby Oversized Sunglasses, Tortoiseshell, £45, DeGruchy Seventy Mochi Frankie Jeans in Americana, £99, Voisins Ba&sh Daya Midi Dress, £284, Voisins Kitri Studio Daphne Patched Slip Dress, £221, Voisins Marant Etoile Mini Tiered Skirt, £224, Net a Porter Balenciaga Le Cagole XS Shoulder Bag,White, £1750, Flannels

Mr Quaye is a tertiary level Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, based at the Wessex Neuro Spinal Centre in Southampton. He has completed both UK and international fellowships to become specialist in the treatment of all adult spinal problems. His main interests are the degenerative spine, with and without scoliosis as well as sports injury to the spine and spinal tumours.

Mr Quaye’s orthopaedic surgery training means he has an excellent understanding of problems arising from other joints and how these can be confused with, as well as interact with spinal problems. He believes in taking a patient centred, holistic approach to get the patient back to enjoying life. Mr Quaye sees patients at Augre Physiotherapy, Lido Medical Centre.

Telephone 02380258448

Total Spine Health
Mr Quaye with Louise Augré Suede Studded Platform Clogs, £55, Marks and Spencer Mint Velvet White Floral Cotton Blouse, £71, DeGruchy Mint Velvet Sage Green Cotton Quilted Gilet, £98, DeGruchy Blue Embroidered Tie Neck Blouse, £42, Next Stella Nova Denim Fringed Jacket, £207, Voisins Rixo Crystal Linen Blend Skirt, £158, Voisins Kurt Geiger London, Micro Kensington Denim Bag, £69, Voisins

A simple fix for hair loss

We met up with the brilliant Jade Woodward, Hair Stylist at Dirty Blondes Hair Salon to find out more about her brand-new, incredible, non-surgical hair replacement method ideal for people who are looking to do something about their hair loss.

With 17+ years experience in the hairdressing industry behind her, Jade is a safe pair of hands to handle this delicate and intricate task. Consistently giving life-changing, fantastic results. “It’s definitely a rewarding job, seeing the huge change it can make to someone’s life and confidence is so lovely” Jade said about her work with this new high-tech toupee system. It is pain free, and will last up to a year. It is great for anyone suffering from alopecia, baldness, or the side effects of chemo-radiation. It’s becoming very popular for guys as it’s giving them back the hair line they’ve always wanted.


In the initial consultation I chat through with them about their lifestyle and needs, and together we choose a hair system that is best suited to them. The one I mainly use is a Swiss Lace System, as it’s really breathable for the scalp, it doesn’t last quite as long as some others, but it’s got a very natural look that clients have been loving. There are 8 types available which I can offer to the customers depending on which one will suit them best. I colour match their hair and hair texture, I also do a patch test to make sure their skin doesn’t react to the medical tape and glue I’ll be using.

I then measure out the area of hair needed, and this then becomes my template. I’ll then order the hair system in for them and book the appointment for the fitting. If the hair is no longer than 6 inches it will arrive within 1 week, however anything longer is 8-10 weeks as they are custom made.

When they come back in for the fitting we do it all in a private room. I remove any fluffy hairs and gently clarify the scalp to remove any build up of oils. I then cut the system and secure it to the scalp. The results are instant and my clients walk out with a perfect head of hair.


The starting price for toupees is from £470, this covers the consultation, system and fitting. Or for a custom made system the starting price is from £600.


I always tell the customer to not wash for 48 hours to let the glue firmly set. I also bring them back into the salon one week later to check the system and give it another trim if needed, as when the system is applied it’s always full so it needs a week to settle down.  It also requires monthly maintenance appointments to keep all the sides perfectly attached.

“Customers will often ask “can I do ‘this’ can I do ‘that’”? And I tell them that they can do whatever they like; hit the gym, go swimming, run a marathon, it will not come off!”

Dirty Blondes Hair Salon, 5 Broad Street, St Helier.

Call Jade on 07700750333 to find out more and to book for a consultation. You can see some of her great before and after shots on her instagram @officaldirtyblondes


Back for the future

If you are living with back pain then that title will have grabbed your attention. It’s such a particularly hard burden to bear. Back pain can be debilitating, affecting so many aspects of life. However, hope is here, in the form of specialist consultant spinal surgeon, Michael Quaye, who will be visiting Jersey monthly, based at the Lido Medical Centre, to hold face-to-face appointments for islanders with any spinal issues.

Mr Quaye primarily works at the University Hospital Southampton where he sees a variety of patients and performs a range of procedures covering the medical and surgical management of all spinal conditions.

Privately, he works as a spinal surgeon through Total Spine Health, seeing patients across Hampshire and most recently setting up his regular clinics here in Jersey.

We met up with Mr Quaye to find out more about his brilliant work.

What do you do day-to-day?

Day-to-day, I have a busy NHS practice offering expert care of complex spinal patients. This can be very technically challenging but is very rewarding. The scope of work covers emergency trauma work in addition to cancer surgery, corrective scoliosis procedures, sports injuries and complex revision operations. I am the lead surgeon for Wessex Oncology network and have undertaken extensive training in all aspects of spinal pathology. I am able to offer operations at Spire Southampton, Wessex Nuffield as well the Circle Hampshire clinic for my Jersey patients.

What do you offer?

In Jersey I’ll be based at Augré Physiotherapy Clinic at the Lido, I offer clinic appointments for any spinal issue. Many patients have never seen a surgeon before and some will come with an extensive history. I always aim to give my patients sensible, safe advice that is tailored to the individual.

Who should book in to see you?

I am delighted to be able to offer my services face-to-face in Jersey. I welcome any patient with spinal problems for an in-depth review of their spinal care.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

All spinal surgery is complex and sometimes some cases are just too dangerous or risky. I am always honest with people and sometimes an operation is not always appropriate, safe or sensible. I will always consider and discuss all the alternative management options.

What is the best part of your job?

I aim to leave all patients with a detailed understanding of their problem and a plan to get them on the road to recovery. There is no better feeling that getting someone back to doing the things they enjoy the most.

To book in for an appointment with Mr Quaye telephone 02380258448 or email




Anxious? Depressed? Perhaps you should try flowers.

Diana Mossop is synonymous with Phytobiophysics, a practise that harnesses the vibrational power of plants to restore balance and harmony on all levels of consciousness. Her main mission is ‘to bring affordable health care to the people of the world’. She was born the daughter of a pioneering farmer in Nyasaland, Africa, living 100 miles from the nearest neighbours. In her ‘idyllic early childhood’ she was nursed and looked after by African tribesmen and taught from an early age the extraordinary healing powers of herbs and plants.

She discovered eastern medicine when living in Hong Kong, before tragically falling ill with a mysterious tropical disorder. After returning home to seek help, she became frustrated by inadequate treatment, and realised her ‘deep spiritual calling’ to return to her childhood roots of natural medicine. I was intrigued by her story. After all, for every stinging nettle there’s a dock leaf. What I wanted to get to the bottom of was this: if Phytobiophysics is the remedy, what exactly was it curing? What is the root cause of the illnesses we suffer?

I went to Diana’s website for answers. There it states, ’it is our belief that all disease stems from a sickness of the soul’. I was slightly perplexed - what does it mean to have a soul that is sick? Luckily, I had Diana ready to explain it to me. She said that the underlying tragedies in our lives conspire to make us sad, lonely and vulnerable. This then opens the door for viral opportunistic illness. We may not even remember this trauma if it was inflicted on us when we were babies. Or even more so if it is our ancestor’s trauma, which Diana notes can be carried through genetics between generations.

Diana believes that flowers - specifically, the colours of flowers - can help rebalance the body after trauma. This is because her science focuses on the light spectrum, where different colours vibrate at different wavelengths. White flowers are the most powerful, as white light contains a mixture of all the colours in the spectrum.

Diana believes that flowers - specifically, the colours of flowers - can help rebalance the body after trauma. This is because her science focuses on the light spectrum, where different colours vibrate at different wavelengths. White flowers are the most import healers for spiritual issues, as white light contains a mixture of all the colours in the spectrum.

This is all a part of what she calls ‘The Mossop Philosophy’. She writes that ‘flower essences vibrate on the frequency of colour. They are vibrational and contain no toxic substance. They never do harm and support us on the highest spiritual level, enlightening our hearts and souls’. I delved deeper to figure out how exactly Diana created her medications. After scouring her website for clues, I found that the Phytobiophysics Formulas use ‘the living light vibrations of plants - captured as a memory in water, then amplified’. The secret, it told, was ‘the capturing of the living light essence of the plant’.

Now I was really curious. How does one capture light? And even after this, how do you ensure the light is living? I was aware that Diana might not want to share her processes, and thus reveal the secrets of her trade. Luckily, she was more than happy to tell me.

There are two methods: the traditional sun method, or a more direct method. The former method captures the vibrations of flowers through leaving them floating in water, under the sunlight. This activates the essence. Diana explained the extraordinary sight, saying “the activation


process is seen by the formation of thousands of tiny little bubbles that form on the petals. The water becomes crystal clear and seems to fizz like champagne”.

The latter method is to harvest the essence directly from dew or raindrops on the flower when they have been dampened by the rain. Diana told me this is a well-know method explained in detail by Dr Bach, but also that this method of making medicine from plants is prominent in ancient Eastern medicine. It is known as Bunghi Bangsa in Malaysia, which she informed me translates to ‘Flower Medicine’.

At this stage, there is still more hard work for Diana. The liquid essences that have been collected are not stable enough to retain the high level of amplification needed to provide healing on a deep level. Thus, when creating her Phytobiophysics formulas, she uses a “solid sucrose mandala” which is sucked by the patient. This allows an “electrical charge” to penetrate deep into the body’s cellular system. Each of these formulas vibrate on a particular frequency, corresponding with the necessary energy system or organ of the body.

She has a whole arsenal of formulas up her sleeve, and 100 of these are grouped together in what she dubs ‘the bullet box of jewels’. I went to her YouTube channel to find out more about these formulas. Diana explained that “the 100 Hedgerow Elements really are fascinating indeed because they are the 100 elements of the Periodic Chart. They vibrate on the frequency matched to the frequency of each of the elements of the periodic chart”. She reminds us to remember that “we are made up of the periodic chart”.

She has a whole arsenal of formulas up her sleeve, and 100 of these are grouped together in what she dubs ‘the bullet box of jewels’.

It was a scientific feat that baffled me, and so I got back in touch with Diana to ask her how she figured this all out. She told me that it was whilst “working with a very eminent scientist who researched the vibration of the elements of the periodic chart called vibrational elementals. By matching the vibration of the elements to the flower essences using the Voll methodology I was able to relate and correlate the elemental energy to specific flower essences”.

Diana’s science is complimented by an element of spirituality. After coming across an article she wrote, titled ‘Sacred Victoria Lichens’, I found that she once had a sacred dream that led her to astonishing research. The dream involved three white ovals and a black ball, all coming together into one composition. It brought her to Victoria Island off Vancouver, where she found rare lichens that ‘transformed some of the most important Phytobiophysics formulas’. I reached out to her about her dreams, as I was curious to know whether she had others that had fuelled her craft. She confirmed that there have been “many”.

Diana has spent a lifetime searching, at home and across the horizon. If anyone would know why natural medicine is the way forward, it’s her. I asked for her opinion on why we should look to nature for our healing methods. She insightfully responded:


fulfils all the answers”.

Dr E e Liakopoulou, MD, PhD, FRCP(Glasg), FRCPath, CMM Consultant in Haematology & A.AProfessor in Medicine/Haematology

Leading, world class experience in Blood & Science. Where Care is not just private, it is Personal.

We O er: International Medical Expertise in Blood Disease & Treatment | Blood Cancer assessments -Targeted therapies & immunotherapy | Stem Cell treatments (advice, preparation & follow up) | Iron treatments | Bloodletting | Bone & Marrow Biopsies | Phlebotomy | ‘Blood on wheels’ | Pre surgery Safety Bloods | Pregnancy Safety | | rombophilia | Genetic analysis | Immunology | Osteoporosis Markers | Body Composition | Patient &Family Support | Haematology Medical assessments for licensing organisations and much more.

Invest in your wellness with our ‘health in a blood drop’ test which can reveal an enormous amount of data about your current, and future health.

Get in touch with our expert team to nd out more about how we can help you


e Harvey Suite, Lido Medical Centre, St Saviour’s Road, St Saviour, Jersey, JE2 7LA

Health Point Clinic a relaxing sanctuary where patients find understanding, compassion, and tailored care that empowers and educates them forwards.

Specialist treatments:


-Tui na (Chinese Massage)

-Cupping Massage


-Swedish/deep tissue massage -Reflexology

We can help with:

- Chronic pain (Recommended by NICE Guidelines) e.g. Headaches, migraines, osteoarthritis of the knee, TMJ,neck, back and shoulder pain.

- Fertility support

- Pregnancy support

- Nausea, morning sickness, post operative nausea, pain management, labour preparation

- Women’s health

- Sports injuries and maintenance

- Stress, anxiety, sleep management.

Lorna Jackson 1st BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, MBAcC, AFN
Contact us today on 859348
Health Point Clinic, Suite 2.4B, Lido Medical Centre, St. Saviours Road

PHLUR Mood Ring

Eau De Parfum

Full disclosure, this does actually keep instantly selling out, so good luck getting your hands on some. However, if you do it’s apparently “designed to transport the senses through a euphoric, technicolour daydream.” Such fun! Created as a mood enhancing scent, this fruity floral personal fragrance opens with notes of fruit gummies that deliver a burst of nostalgic sweetness, at its heart are the sunny aromas of orange flower, jasmine sambac and marigold bloom, and at the base of the fragrance are patchouli, musk and sheer amber that complete this free, easy and dreamy eau de parfum. Apply to the pressure points to create a vibrant, happy ambience. Woop.

£99, Sephora

ESSIE Nail Lacquer

in shade Shake Your $$ Maker

Seen on cool cats the world over, green nail polish means you’re probably kinda a big deal on instagram. Actually surprisingly forgiving on a whole host of skin tones, green nails are coming in HOT this summer. Are you cool enough to pull off green nails? Ahh go on, give it a crack.

£5.99, Superdrug


Superfood Vital Veggie Mask,

Banish the look of dullness and dryness in 10 minutes with this smoothie-inspired moisturising mask. Wheatgrass, Kale and Nettle replenish the skin with vital minerals and vitamins, whilst Avocado and Chia Seed Oils, naturally rich in Omega Fatty Acids 6 and 9, soften skin and lock in moisture. Enriched with a Prebiotic to help maintain balance in the skin’s microflora for a bright, healthy-looking glow.

£34, available from Seiva and The Grand

Green Glorious Green!


Super Skin Drip Serum

Supercharge your skincare routine with this trendy new brand’s multi-benefit serum that delivers a healthy-looking glow. This lightweight, milky formula strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, leaving it feeling smooth. Packed with nourishing ingredients, it features 5% niacinamide, known to brighten uneven skin tone, and hyaluronic acid spheres for deep hydration.

£41, currently exclusive to SpaceNK



Law is a people-centric business and our Summer Agenda Legal Edition introduces the teams and shares some insights from some of Jersey’s leading legal professionals.



I joined Ogier Global as a senior administrator. While I loved the team I was in, working so closely with the legal side of the business inspired me to change career path. With the full support of my director and the wider team, I undertook the GDL and LPC while working full-time and accepted a position as a paralegal in the Investment Funds team. Changing career after six years was a little daunting, but I have been encouraged and supported by Ogier every step of the way. I am now participating in the training contract (which has allowed me to gain an understanding of various areas of law through six-month stints in different 'seats') and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds when I qualify as a solicitor!

DISCOVER new ways to learn WITH OGIER

There are many ways to grow and develop at Ogier, no matter what team you’re in. From legal to corporate and fiduciary services, and business services – including IT, administration, marketing and business developmentOgier is a professional services firm with a wide range of career opportunities.

We believe in supporting and empowering our people at every level and in every team. Investing in emerging talent is investing in our future leaders. This is why we embrace an ‘always learning’ mindset, whether you’re looking to learn new skills to support your current role, keen to understand different ways to develop your career, or wanting to understand what practical options are available to you right now.

When it comes to our careers, one size does not fit all, and we understand that there are all sorts of ways to develop and grow. It's why, whatever your role, the opportunities are endless. Time. Tech. Resources. You'll find it here.

Here, some of our colleagues share their experiences of life at Ogier.

Kelsey De Freitas


From professional studies to valuable on-the-job experiences and everything else in between, my learning journey at Ogier has taken me from an administrator through to managing people. There are a variety of ways that people can develop, it doesn't just happen in a classroom. At Ogier, we've created an 'Always Learning' website for our employees, providing transparency around what's available, our ethos and how our performance management process ties in. It's about having the autonomy to seek out development opportunities. We're continuously encouraged to be curious and innovative and this is no different when it comes to our approach to learning.




I originally joined Ogier in Hong Kong, delivering corporate administration services. When I moved back to Jersey, Ogier was key in supporting me in transitioning to an internal role focused on the strategic development of Ogier Global. While I enjoyed client work, my interest lies more in the development of an organisation – seeing real world results as a direct output of my work. I am continuously learning about new legislation and regulations which apply to our current and potential future products and services, as well as legislation which applies to the operations of the law firm. Key to that is learning about and understanding the strategy of our global business. Ogier has supported me in undertaking further qualifications to increase my knowledge and understanding in these areas, so I can now directly apply these skills in my day to day work.

I'd just finished my A-levels when I joined Ogier, very unsure of what I wanted my future to look like. This was three-anda-half years ago, and since then I have had the opportunity to progress and gain experience in three different teams across the firm’s business services and legal divisions. My experiences inspired me to follow a legal career and, alongside my current role, I am now studying for my LLB and hoping to become a future trainee solicitor. There are opportunities to learn every day at Ogier – internally, through knowledge sharing sessions, or through external qualifications. There's so much on offer to help build an exciting and fulfilling career.

Gary Todd


I'm passionate about making the best use of technology to get things done. This means keeping ahead of the tech trends and new ways of working. Technology is always changing and there's always something new to learn – not only with the tech itself but also how the business works and benefits from it. I do a lot of training and research and also support the training and development of others, as well as upskill business users on the tech they have available. I’ve been with Ogier just over a year and I can see firsthand how the firm has embraced a culture of continuous personal and professional development. Individuals are encouraged to expand their knowledge, and adapt to change. It’s a concept deeply ingrained in the organisational ethos and supported with many ways to grow and develop, no matter your role.



At school I was always more drawn to the arts and literature than science and maths. Initially I chose to do a literature-based degree as this was my passion and so I started studying towards a BA Honours in English and French which I later changed to European Cultural Studies.

However, towards the end of my degree I decided to do a post-graduate conversion course so that I could become an English Solicitor. I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to do Family Law which was largely influenced by my childhood experiences. I felt my background meant that I was well equipped to empathise with clients and support them through what is usually one of the more challenging times of their lives. After nearly 20 years I continue to enjoy the interaction with clients and watching them adapt to their new circumstances. I always feel inspired by the resilience of humans to turn their lives around in the face of adversity and am often struck by how different someone is when they first come into my office as to how they present at the end of their case. They may be bruised by the experience but they have a remarkable strength and determination which enables them to move on.



Many years ago after I had completed A Levels, I was offered the opportunity to train as a Legal Executive in a law firm in the UK. I had no grand plan to study law or even become a solicitor, I followed the bread crumbs and it just seemed to happen!

I spent 4 years qualifying as a Legal Executive, then a further 4 years completing a law degree and then finally a further 2 years distance learning to qualify as an English Solicitor. All of this while working full time as a lawyer. I probably followed the most circuitous route to qualification, but it was certainly worth it. I now work as a property solicitor dealing with a broad range of work including share transfer and flying freehold sales and purchases, commercial and residential leases and lending work acting for both borrowers and lenders. I get immense job satisfaction and really enjoy meeting my clients and getting to know a bit about them. It gives a real sense of achievement from helping people to buy their first home to resolving difficulties people may have with their commercial leases. I particularly enjoy the intellectual rigour of my role and helping clients to understand and resolve seemingly intractable issues. The work can at times be demanding and fast paced, but in the main that just adds to the fun of it! When I’m not at work I love spending time in my garden, walking and keeping up with my teenage boys and of course lovely husband.

I am a logical thinker who has always enjoyed reading and writing and so a career in law seemed like a good choice for me.  I studied at Nottingham-Trent University and did my Legal Practice Certificate at the College of Law, Guildford, before undertaking a PGC in Employment Law at the University of Surrey.

At Benest & Syvret there are always opportunities for further learning and so recently I completed the CIPP/E qualification in data privacy, which has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of European data protection law and practice. Always useful! Eight years ago I joined Benest & Syvret, where I work in areas of law that directly impact peoples’ everyday lives.  Specialising in employment, wills, probate, inheritance disputes and capacity issues, means that I support clients in navigating many crucial aspects of their personal and professional lives.  This not only provides me with an enormous amount of job satisfaction but also gives me an insight into the different ways in which people react when presented with challenging circumstances. I am interested in the development of Jersey Law, particularly in the areas in which I specialise. For that reason, I sit on the Jersey Employment Forum and I am a co-opted member of the Jersey Law Society Committee for Capacity, Estates and Succession.


The decision to become a lawyer is one I made gradually. I studied law as I felt it was an interesting career which suited my analytical mind. The route to qualification has many stages, and requires commitment. Each hurdle I cleared reaffirmed that it was the right path for me.

I work in dispute resolution, an incredibly varied practice area. No two days are the same; every matter, client and scenario is different. I can be working on a criminal matter one day, and a contract dispute the next. It is fast-paced and complex, but these are challenges which I enjoy. I frequently appear before the Courts and I still feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment whenever I pull on my gown –it has been hard work to get here and I am proud to do a job where I feel like I can make a difference. Clients come to us in hard and often desperate situations and I take huge satisfaction from guiding them through the legal process.

In my spare time I love being outdoors and cooking; in another life, I think I might have been a baker, or perhaps run a food truck.

Benest and Syvret For life’ s defining moments, choose a defining la firm Contact us today 01534 875 875

Guiding you through


We, in the Viberts’ Private Client Team are often asked what we do. We are Jersey’s largest provider of Wills, Probate and Private Client services.

We deal with all manner of issues that concern end of life planning (Wills), the execution of those plans (Probate and Estate administration), assisting with the preparation for the unexpected (Lasting Powers of Attorney) including the loss of capacity. We are justly proud of our reputation not only for the professionalism of our service but also our personal and friendly interaction with clients.

We have a wealth of experience in helping families cope with the ramifications of a family member’s lost or impaired capacity, bringing our skills and empathy to address those issues promptly and strategically. We provide pragmatic advice and technical expertise which together create practical resolutions to the issues our client’s face. We are experts at making applications to the Court and have been involved in many of the significant cases before the Court in this area. At the core of our private client practice is our ability to assist clients and their families to put in place the most effective strategies to deal with whatever issues their families are dealing with.

Our key areas of work are:


When a person loses capacity and doesn’t have in place a lasting power of attorney, the Court will appoint a Delegate to act on behalf of the person to manage their property and financial affairs. Sometimes this will be a family member, but where there is no family, or no appropriate family member, the Court will appoint a professional. The issues we deal with vary widely and can range from the basic administration of financial affairs, including the payment of care fees (and the consequential dealing with long term care) to the arranging of holidays, the purchase of properties, and the bringing and the settling of personal injury claims. Simply put almost any decision that a person may make during their lifetime can become a matter that a Delegate may need to deal with on their behalf.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) and Administration of LPAs – Life Managers!

LPAs are powers of attorney that survive the loss of the donor’s capacity. ‘I’m not old enough for one of those,’ ‘I’ve already got a will’, ‘I haven’t lost my marbles yet!’ or “I don’t want to lose control of my affairs” are often the phrases we hear about LPAs. We are making it our mission to change these misconceptions. We are all too aware how life can change in an instant, and by having LPAs in place, should the unexpected happen, your appointed attorney can step in to deal with your financial affairs until you regain the ability to do so. This avoids the Court appointing a delegate. In making an LPA you are taking control of how decisions could be made on your behalf.


Estate Administration (Acting as Executor)

Dealing with the death of a loved one is an upsetting time and administering their estate can add further stress. We help to ease this burden by assisting with obtaining probate and administering estates. Acting as an executor /administrator is a huge responsibility and exposes the executor to personal legal risks if they do not act in accordance with the law. At Viberts we regularly deal with local, foreign and fast track estates. We assist with Will contests, légitime claims and renunciations of inheritance. The death of a loved one can create tension amongst families and it is not unusual for disputes to occur. Viberts help reduce these tensions by acting as an independent third party and handling the estate in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Supportive, effective legal advice.

Will writing Estate planning is essential for any individual and we assist people in preparing their Wills for the inevitable in a sensitive and informative way. Without a Will, money, possessions, pets and property would devolve in accordance with the Jersey intestacy laws. These intestacy laws are very different to the UK and are not always what people expect. Whereas in a Will, wishes can be set out as simply or in as detailed a way as required. We approach each situation with care and compassion as every individual has different wishes.

We are a strong team, many of whom have worked together for many, many years. We are privileged to do what we do and we all enjoy it immensely.


If you need help creating a will, obtaining probate or setting up a lasting power of attorney our Private Client team are renowned for providing a sensitive and effective service.

Viberts, with you every step of the way.

Your future. Our expertise.
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Leading ARC

This month sees the official launch of Appleby Regulatory Consulting, or ARC for short. Appleby offers a comprehensive suite of services, including legal, fiduciary, and now it offers compliance solutions too. Nadia Lewis, heads up the team as Head of Compliance Consulting, working alongside Managing Partner James Gaudin and Chief Strategy Officer Kristie Potts.

We caught up with Nadia to find out more:

Why did you choose to work in compliance and why is it so important?

The compliance and risk functions are now vital for keeping businesses safe, efficient, and profitable. That’s a huge motivator for me. Managing daily risks in a proportionate way is exactly what regulators expect. You can’t manage every risk equally, so prioritising is crucial. It’s an interesting and dynamic job. Working with an incredible team like James and Kristie makes every day different. No two organisations approach compliance the same way, which keeps it engaging. Often, clients come to us in panic mode. Solving problems and pinpointing root causes is incredibly satisfying and it’s so rewarding to use our expertise to bring them confidence and control by the end of a project.

Tell us about ARC.

What have the past six months looked like?

I can’t quite believe it has been six months! The unique culture here made me feel at home quickly. We’ve built a talented and experienced team and are looking for more people to join us in key roles. Our focus is on making compliance a value-add, turning it into a game changer for profitability and sustainability.

Where did this all begin for you?

I grew up on the island and studied law, qualifying as an English solicitor. I worked as a criminal lawyer before moving into corporate law. I headed the offshore legal department at RBSI for three and a half years before moving to London, where I stepped into the world of compliance. I’ve had an amazing journey, especially during the financial crisis! I’ve worked on big deals, interesting projects, and international implementations. I ran my own consultancy before joining Appleby to set up ARC and my clients have come with me. My Executive MBA has been crucial in shaping my practice, I focused on corporate culture change which is a critical element of managing and implementing effective frameworks in the conduct space, which I was heavily involved in in London.,

You mentioned that you are looking for people to join your team at ARC

Yes, we don’t hold traditional interviews at Appleby. We recognise that traditional approaches don’t always help people shine so we have relaxed chats to understand what candidates want to achieve in their careers. Strong analytical skills and the ability to spot patterns are crucial. It’s not just about focusing on details but understanding the bigger picture and articulating complex concepts. [Effective communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking are key, as well as the ability to collaborate.]

Why do you enjoy working at Appleby?

ARC provides innovative compliance solutions, blending business benefits with regulatory requirements. Our clients range from small firms to large global brands. They come to us for help with regulatory inspections, internal audit issues, or compliance monitoring failures. We provide tailored solutions that address both local and groupwide needs. We understand the Jersey dynamic and create solutions that work together. Our “One Appleby” approach ensures seamless integration for clients. We set up and administer companies, manage regulatory compliance, and offer specialised services. Our innovative solutions enhance our overall service quality and attract new clients.

Culture is everything. I feel comfortable and safe to be myself here, and we have a great working environment. Culture isn’t just about what you see in the shop window, it is about what is happening in the stock room. It’s about alignment and consistency, that’s why we enjoy working here. Ultimately, I love that we are what we say we are.

Nadia Lewis
Kristie Potts


ARC offers practical advice to clients faced with new, unfamiliar, confusing and time-consuming regulatory obligations.


We help with resourcing and support you not just for your business needs are today but for what will come tomorrow.


ARC assists in designing and supporting the implementation of effective risk management frameworks tailored to your needs.


ARC can support you from the mapping and gap analysis to the designing and implement effective compliance monitoring programmes. We can also undertake targeted thematic reviews for areas of concern or where assurance is required.


We identify and support the implementation of cost effective, robust solutions after getting to the root of the problem. We offer regulatory compliance reports; remediation programme delivery and support; and file review and CDD/ EDD updating.


Board Effectiveness Reviews are powerful tools in enhancing board effectiveness, transparent accountability and appropriate structures; setting the board, and ultimately the organisation, up for success.


We provide training to your staff and directors whether, its computer based solution, face to face or a programme of seminars we can help bring greater understanding leading to better risk management and compliance to your business.

Scan the QR code and contact our Regulatory and Compliance team directly from your mobile.


Head of Regulatory Consulting

+44 (0)1534 763 006


Managing Partner

+44 (0)1534 818 337



+44 (0)1534 818 230


Chief Strategy Officer

+44 (0)1534 818 019

applebyglobal .com

Will their uppance come? Domestic Abuse and Financial Claims

The topic of domestic abuse has, quite rightly, received significant press attention in Jersey recently. Inevitably, many survivors of abuse, and perpetrators, will come into contact with the court system following a divorce or separation –often due to disputes around arrangements for children, money, or both. If you are one of those individuals, there are a number of factors to be aware of as you become a survivor of litigation.

The effect of domestic abuse is pervasive. Survivors may have low self- esteem and are likely to be anxious. They may find it very difficult to withstand the emotional pressure of litigation. Here, both counselling and objective legal advice, delivered with kindness, can be helpful. The future can be a scary place for people who have been trapped in difficult relationships.

When the court resolves arrangements for children, their welfare is the paramount consideration. Allegations of domestic abuse are sometimes relevant to the decisions the court has to make and any parent in this situation should take specialist advice.

When it comes to money, the definition of domestic abuse includes financial abuse and it may be that one party has been restricted in their access to money or in their access to information about money. For them, transparent financial disclosure is more important than ever. “

When it comes to money, the definition of domestic abuse includes financial abuse and it may be that one party has been restricted in their access to money or in their access to information about money. For them, transparent financial disclosure is more important than ever - as is careful consideration of their entitlement to spousal support and a fair share of the applicable assets.

However, be aware that it is not the role of the family court to punish wrongdoing. When resolving financial claims on divorce, the court is focused on the future and on trying to ensure that everyone has what they need. Only very rarely will the family court punish a person financially because of their behaviour during a marriage.

FAMILY LAW Call 489589 There’s no substitute for experience. separation children divorce finances There are moments in your life when you need a family lawyer. Sensitive family matters need the right set of skills and the correct approach. We give clear advice and good representation, drawing upon our extensive experience and knowledge. We can support you through all aspects of family law and by working together achieve the best possible outcome. We focus on what we do and we do it well. Flexible fee arrangements tailor-made for your case. Inclusive data varies per plan and covers usage in the UK & EU. Ts&Cs apply. Switch off your mind, not your roaming. With our data inclusive Pay Monthly plans. Find out more. W WW.GALLERY.JE @GALLERYMAGAZINE 79 AGENDA

From London, With Love?

Advocate Chris Hillier, Head of Family Law at Ingram Advocates, considers Jurisdiction, Forum Shopping and Divorce Tourism in family law.

For some years, London has been known as the “Divorce capital of the world”; attracting litigation conducted by wealthy couples with international lifestyles, many properties, and assets in different countries.

‘D ivorce tourism’ describes the choice made by one or both of the parties about the location, or ‘forum’ in which divorce proceedings will be held, and orders made.

In some cases, a (usually very rich) husband or wife may use “forum shopping” - e.g. to try and re-open proceedings and increase a financial order made in another country. One reason for choosing London is that its family courts still appear to favour asset sharing, that the proceedings are run fairly by judges with experience of complex wealth structures, and that at least one of the parties lives in the country.

A downside to divorce tourism is its “forum shopping” element, in which one or both parties might conduct a race to be the first to issue proceedings in a place that the other party may not favour. Links with some jurisdictions can be tenuous at best – and forum shopping can go wrong.

On an everyday scale, most divorcing couples will apply to get divorced where they live, in their place of “ordinary residence”.

But what happens when one party issues a divorce in say, Jersey, and another does the same thing in a different place – England? Here, it is usually a case of “first to the Court”, but ordinary residence must be established, first.

Jersey’s position

Part 6 of the Matrimonial Causes (Jersey) Law 1949 states: “The court shall have jurisdiction to entertain proceedings for divorce or judicial separation if (and only if) –

(a)     the parties to the marriage are domiciled in Jersey on the date when the proceedings are begun; or (b)     either of the parties to the marriage was habitually resident in Jersey throughout the period of one year ending with that date.”

On the other end of the scale, the recent English case, TY v XA [2024] EWFC 96 is interesting. In 2023, after the parties were divorced there, a German Court granted the Mother leave to relocate to the United Kingdom with their children. The Father argued that , historically, “there had never been any real ties to England” – the couple owned no property there, and had not taken holidays there, either. However, both the parties now lived in England, the father having arrived in 2021 and the mother in 2023.

Mr Justice Moor was clear that London’s courts could not be used to “top up” orders made by a foreign court and accepted that the court should be “very wary of making orders that might be said to encourage, or even reward, what has been described as “divorce tourism”.”

Finally, whether you are getting divorced here or elsewhere, speak to a family lawyer.

This article does not constitute legal advice. For a confidential discussion about family law issues, please contact

A downside to divorce tourism is its “forum shopping” element, in which one or both parties might conduct a race to be the first to issue proceedings in a place that the other party may not favour. Links with some jurisdictions can be tenuous at best – and forum shopping can go wrong. “
” Words : Advocate Chris
Family Law at Ingram Advocates.
Hillier, Head of

The Experts in Family Law

At Ingram Advocates, our renowned standing stems from our approachability, sensitivity, composure, and practicality. Our expertise lies in the following areas:

→ Children law → Separation → Divorce → Matrimonial finance

Talk to Advocate Chris Hillier, Head of Family Law, about how we can help transform your situation for the better.

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Our futuristic cover this month stars the team at Gen II, a leading global fund administration provider with experienced teams based in 14 offices across the world’s key financial centres.

Our power is our people, who embrace our values: impact, growth, and community. We aim for our people to feel empowered to do meaningful work, advance their skillsets and grow their careers as co-owners in the company’s journey.

Whether you’re looking for an internship, just graduated, or are an experienced professional, we’re always looking for do-ers, dreamers, problem-solvers, technicians and entrepreneurs like you.

If you’re ready to make an impact in our industry, grow with us, and help us create the new future of fund administration, talk to us today >

Gen II also gives an annual spotlight to Neurodiversity in the Workplace Week, hosting thought-provoking sessions addressing areas that deserve everyone’s awareness and attention.


What do you think the future holds for Gen II?

Most immediately an increased European footprint and boosted name recognition this side of the Atlantic - hopefully continuing to attract great people.

How would you describe Gen II’s workplace culture?

Focused on quality client service and employee satisfaction.

Why did you choose Gen II as the company to invest your future?

I wanted to challenge myself to work in a dynamic organisation with high standards and an ambition for growth.

Are you seeing a revolution in diversity and inclusion within your workplace?

I was pleased to join an international and predominantly female team a couple years ago, so not sure about any great revolution.

Gen II also gives an annual spotlight to Neurodiversity in the Workplace Week, hosting thought-provoking sessions addressing areas that deserve everyone’s awareness and attention.

What learning opportunities does Gen II offer to accommodate professional and personal growth?

Gen II supported me through my ACA studies and I know they will continue to support my development with genuinely useful/practical CPD and soft skills training.

Our Learning and Development team treat staff as individuals and partner with them to decide on qualification routes and training providers. This flexibility and focus on empowering the individual marks Gen II out from its competitors.

How can Gen II continue to invest in technology and AI?

By continuing to invest in upskilling and empowering staff to facilitate incremental changes in best practice.

The promise of AI and technology is not only to drive efficiencies and reduce errors, but also to improve employee satisfaction – regardless of industry and roles, we all have tasks we would like to automate!!


Extroverted or introverted?

Introverted, but probably extroverted for an accountant.

What do you never leave the house without?

My glasses.

Death row meal?

Roast chicken and a tractor load of Jersey Royals.

Ultimate goal in life?

Retire early.

Chat GPT, yay or nay?

At the moment, nay.

Most surprising hobby on your CV?

Marching band.

Summarise yourself in one sentence/ three words?

Honest, calm, inquisitive.

Socks on first or last?

Second last.

Favourite sci-fi character? Magneto.


Extroverted or introverted?

Dependent on the circumstances but typically extroverted.

If your life was a movie what would it be?

Happy Gilmore.

If working at Gen II had a soundtrack, what would be included?

Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen. What do you never leave the house without?


Death row meal?

Several pints of beer and stodgy food. Ultimate goal in life?

Own a business and provide for my family. Chat GPT, yay or nay?

Absolutely not.

Most surprising hobby on your CV?

I am very sporty and social nothing too unusual unfortunately.

Summarise yourself in one sentence/ three words?

Driven, caring and sarcastic. Socks on first or last?

In-between, top, socks, then trousers/ shorts.

Favourite sci-fi character?


The coffee supply in the office has been hijacked. Who is the culprit?

Costa (our supply is better).


What do you think the future holds for Gen II?

Future looks very bright. Crestbridge brings European expertise to the recent acquisition, whilst Gen II provides extensive expertise in North America. Collectively together, now as Gen II, creates a massive global player in the industry.

How would you describe Gen II’s workplace culture?

Employee centric. Gen II values its employees’ happiness and wellbeing and encourages employees to prosper within the company.

Why did you choose Gen II as the company to invest your future?

Given the size of Gen II and the geographical spread of their customer base, I foresee numerous opportunities within the company. Whether this is new roles becoming available, promotions, working globally with colleagues in other locations or, exposure to different markets/jurisdictions, I think it is all exciting things to work towards at Gen II.

What puts Gen II above their competitors, and how is it adapting for the future?

Gen II now has such great exposure in European and American markets which is a standout from most competitors. Gen II has

the resource and I am sure will look to explore new jurisdictions while continuing to grow and support the jurisdictionsthey are already customary to.

What opportunities do you have to work alongside people across the world?

As a Senior Manager in Client Operations, there will be huge exposure to all the locations within Gen II. I foresee client crossover between the jurisdictions and service lines as well as some of our internal Client Ops teams streamlining to service our clients and investors globally.

Are you seeing a revolution in diversity and inclusion within your workplace?

Absolutely, this is something Crestbridge has always supported strongly, and since the acquisition has only been reiterated by our new colleagues across the pond. Our overall workforce at Gen II is incredibly diverse and regardless of any kind of background, everyone is treated fairly and have equal opportunities to flourish within the organisation.

What learning opportunities does Gen II offer to accommodate professional and personal growth?

Gen II offer numerous professional qualifications, CPD and personal development courses for the betterment of the employees. Learning and development is key to life at Gen II. Not only can employees benefit from professional qualifications, but also CPD, soft skills and other personal development courses, all of which are tailored to your level and skill set.

How can Gen II continue to invest in technology and AI?

Again, being a member of Client Operations, I feel this is an area that is pivotal for our department especially given the sudden increase in our client base and projected growth. Areas such as Client Onboarding, Banking, Payments as well as general Investor Services, it is essential to develop our technology and innovation to service them to the best of our ability. There have already been discussions to accomplish this, and it is undoubtedly an area our US colleagues have high expertise in.



Extroverted or introverted? Extroverted.

If your life was a movie what would it be? Barbie.

What do you never leave the house without?

My Stanley cup.

Death row meal? KFC and a glass of milk.

Ultimate goal in life?

To visit everywhere on my travel list, it’s long!

Most surprising hobby on your CV?

Watching air crash investigation and also looking at flightradar24 (secret plane geek).


How would you describe Gen II’s workplace culture? It’s great, there is a big focus on work life balance and a variety of social events which are good fun.

Why did you choose Gen II as the company to invest your future?

For me one of the biggest things is that they are so supportive of career ambitions - hard work is truly recognised and rewarded.

What puts Gen II above their competitors, and how is it adapting for the future?

I think Gen II’s people make them stand out, we are really lucky to have such a great team in corporate real estate and the wider business. Gen II’s focus on sourcing the best talent is a key example of how they are adapting for the future as we continue to grow.

Summarise yourself in one sentence/three words? Ambitious, fun, stylish.

Socks on first or last? Last.

What did you imagine the future would look like when you were younger?

That I would have a computer to pick my outfits like Cher in Clueless, unfortunately still not the case.

The coffee supply in the office has been hijacked. Who is the culprit?

Not me, although if someone stole my Yorkshire gold teabags I’m sure I would track them down.



What do you think the future holds for Gen II?

I think the future at Gen II will be a collaborative one; new offices will allow for the US clients to utilise the services we offer in Europe. This means we will be working really closely with our colleges across the world.

How would you describe Gen II's workplace culture?

The work culture at Gen II is characterized by a strong emphasis on professional growth and flexibility – it’s really collaborative and supportive.

Why did you choose Gen II as the company to invest your future?

I joined four years ago from college; I couldn’t turn down the benefits! After the interview I was able to meet the team and see who I would be working with which was great. I was really impressed by them, and still am.

What puts Gen II above their competitors, and how is it adapting for the future?

Gen II offers up to date training for all employees, but they also run extra panels, workshops and seminars to hear from colleagues and/or professionals who share their experience in the industry. We recently had a panel of six senior professional women talk about theirbackground on how they got to where they are and answer questions from the audience on progression and how to deal with certain situations. This was very insightful and such a great added benefit for personal growth and development.

What opportunities do you have to work alongside people across the world?

Some of our training sessions are now being delivered from Denver and it is nice to see a different perspective on how to approach the topics being discussed. Gen II also offers opportunities to work from different places in the world, which is a great way to work alongside colleagues.

Are you seeing a revolution in diversity and inclusion within your workplace?

Before Gen II acquired Crestbridge, the business was already diverse and it’s great to see that this hasn’t changed!

What learning opportunities does Gen II offer to accommodate professional and personal growth?

Gen II supports professional studying, not only do they allow for you to study and have time off to do so, but the teams are also all so supportive when you’re in the middle of classes and exams. The peer support network is great too - there are a lot of people studying at one time, soyou never feel alone.

How can Gen II continue to invest in technology and AI?

I think Gen Il understands the importance of integrating advanced technology for growth and operational efficiency in our daily operations. I think continuing to keep up to date will allow the business to continue to grow.


Extroverted or introverted?

I would say a bit of both, depends what day it is!

If working at Gen II had a soundtrack, what would be included?

Two become one – Spice Girls.

What do you never leave the house without? Lip balm.

Death row meal?

All the Thai curries!

Ultimate goal in life?

See as much of the world as possible.

Chat GPT, yay or nay?

Chat GPT said ‘yay!!’

Most surprising hobby on your CV? I used to play violin.

Summarise yourself in three words? Live, laugh, love.

Socks on first or last? Last.

What did you imagine the future would look like when you were younger?

Probably quite similar to how it is! Having everything on demand, not having to visit Blockbuster Video every weekend.

The coffee supply in the office has been hijacked. Who is the culprit? Not me! Matcha convert!



7 promoted at Prosperity

Prosperity 24/7 has made seven promotions, across both their Strategy & Change and Business Solutions teams as their clients look to make more investment in strategic business transformation and leveraging technology to drive productivity and growth due to a challenging economic backdrop.

Within the Strategy & Change team, Allan Graham and Trudie Lee, both Senior Consultants, have been promoted to Team Managers. Allan joined Prosperity in 2021 and has extensive experience in change management and business analysis. Trudie joined Prosperity in 2022 after gaining significant project and programme experience across several industries including aviation, financial services and legal. In their new roles, Allan and Trudie will spearhead project teams embedding complex change programmes.

Nicoleta Pavel, also in Strategy & Change, has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Nicoleta, prior to joining Prosperity in October 2022, spent several years supporting digitalisation and client experience projects as part of the change team of an International Bank. She has a Bachelor Degree in Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics and a Masters Degree in Financial Analysis and Valuation.

Business Solutions saw four colleagues progress across the team. Jason Roberts, Senior Consultant has been promoted to Team Manager. Jason joined Prosperity in 2013 and is a software developer who specialises in Microsoft Dynamics 365. He will now lead teams developing business applications that deliver operational efficiency for clients.

Ricardo Goncalves, a skilled data engineer and data analyst, has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Prior to joining Prosperity in 2018, he gained a wealth of experience in SQL coding, data processing and data management for an international bank. Robert Laverty, who joined Prosperity in 2022 as a graduate in Computing from Bournemouth University, has been promoted to Consultant where his specialist areas are Microsoft PowerApps and SharePoint.

Finally, Dylan Oswald, who joined Prosperity in 2023 as a trainee straight from completing his A Levels at Hautlieu School, has been promoted to Junior Consultant, where he will continue gaining experience in software and Power Platform development.

Dawn on the board

Maillard & Co have appointed Dawn Barkhuizen to the Group Board in the position of Group Operations Director.

Since joining the team in May 2023 as Finance & Operations Manager, Dawn has consistently made valuable contributions behind the scenes at Maillard & Co. In her new role, Dawn will be responsible for steering the strategic direction and ensuring operational excellence across the Maillard & Co Group.

Cheney consults at CBO

Cheney White has joined CBO Projects’ Jersey team as a Senior Consultant.

Hailing from South Africa, Cheney brings a rich career history, having held multiple project manager roles in both South Africa and Jersey. Her expertise extends beyond project management, encompassing significant contributions as a Strategic Operations Manager and Business Change Manager.

Cheney’s diverse roles have equipped her with a holistic understanding of various aspects of businesses and industries across both public and private sectors. She has a great ability to navigate complex challenges and drive meaningful change within organisations.

Cheney has been instrumental in a range of interesting and enriching projects, like the Jersey EU Settlement Scheme & Implementation of an Asset Management System in Johannesburg Roads Authority (South Africa).

Cheney holds an Honours

The magnificent seven

Ross and Georgia;

ACCA Success

Two Rising Stars of Rosscot Accountants Achieve ACCA Qualification

Rosscot Accountants let us know that two of its team members, Georgia Haworth and Ross Pert, have recently completed their Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) exams, officially earning their ACCA qualification. Reflecting on her achievement, Georgia said, “I found the whole process very educational when it comes to my role and definitely assisted me in my day-to-day work. The studying and exam aspect of the qualification was challenging but definitely worth it in the end. I feel like the process taught me a lot about myself and the determination I have within me, and I feel very proud for getting to the end by passing all 13 exams.” Ross shared his perspective on the journey, stating, “After a very long journey studying, I can say that I am extremely pleased to be all done now. I self-taught using online courses to pass the exams, which taught me how to manage and plan my time effectively – this skill will transfer very well into my future career as an accountant.”

BCR appointment Robin Troy as Consultant

BCR Law LLP has announced that Robin Troy has joined the firm as a Consultant within it’s well respected property team.

With a distinguished career spanning over three decades in the legal industry, Robin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. Robin qualified as a Jersey Solicitor in 1992 while working for Mourant before establishing his own legal practice in 1993, specialising in residential and commercial conveyancing, as well as commercial matters. He further solidified his reputation as a trusted advisor in property law at Le Gallais and Luce, before joining BCR Law.

Throughout his career, Robin has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to his clients and a passion for delivering exceptional legal services. Notably, he played a key role in the assembly of one of the largest private portfolios of residential property in Jersey for a local client, showcasing his proficiency in property law and transactions. His expertise in property law and commercial matters, coupled with his reputation as a trusted advisor, make him a valuable addition to the BCR Law team.

How do you like them apples...

Orchard has strengthened its senior team and presence in Jersey with the appointment of Laura Morel as Account & Business Development Director. Laura will be responsible for establishing Orchard in Jersey and expanding its local client base, as well as delivering strategic communications campaigns and expertise to current clients.

Laura has enjoyed a long and varied career in financial services, making a move into PR, marketing and communications eight years ago. She has been involved in the promotion of third sector organisations, retail, hospitality, and visitor economy, with experience in the sustainability arena. She has previously worked as a local blogger and content creator, and most recently led the marketing department of fiduciary and fund services provider, HIGHVERN.

Laura’s appointment means Orchard has a team of 13 communications professionals, including three chartered practitioners. The agency is pursuing an ambitious strategic growth programme and Laura is a lynchpin of its intention to establish a stronger base in Jersey. Orchard was founded in Guernsey in 1996 and last year received a mark of excellence at the national CIPR Excellence Awards in the Small PR Consultancy of the Year category.

Laura said: “The passion the Orchard team exudes aligns perfectly with my own, and I am excited at the modern approach we will bring to communications. Like any business today, you can no longer look at one market in isolation but must be able to deliver and evolve a service proposition across borders and countries. I feel the strength and experience of our team will make the Orchard brand stand apart in the Channel Islands and in time will also rival those of larger cities like London.”

Orchard’s Managing Director – Strategy & Agency Growth, Brooke Kenyon, said: “Despite our close proximity, the business landscapes of each Channel Island remain distinct, with their own opportunities. Laura’s experience and connections across the media and business communities will bring immense value to our Jersey business as we continue to grow our presence there to meet the demands of our clients. We welcome her as part of the management team as we work towards a bright future for Orchard.”

Laura and Brooke

2024 Rising Stars Award Winners

The Jersey Finance Rising Stars Awards, now in their fifth year, are a fantastic opportunity for finance firms in Jersey to reward and recognise the young talent within our industry by nominating their staff members (aged 16 - 30 years old) for outstanding achievements in 14 categories. The winners were announced at a prestigious awards ceremony in May. The passion, commitment and dedication shown by these young professionals to both their employers and the community have really shone through, making them worthy winners. Congratulations to this year’s winners and those shortlisted nominees – they are all a true inspiration to the next generation of Islanders considering a career in the finance industry.

Sivaradjen Ramsamy Mourant Caitlin Atherton Deloitte LLP
Accountancy WINNER SHORTLISTED SHORTLISTED Eve Smith HSBC Bank Plc (Jersey Branch)
Hugo Butlin BNP Paribas S.A., Securities Services
Arif KPMG in the Crown Dependencies Digital WINNER SHORTLISTED SHORTLISTED Clovie Knight Standard
McDonald EY Mustafa
Henry Cornish Standard Bank
Venton JTC Group
Megan O’Connor Standard Bank
Imogen Taylor Butterfield Bank (Jersey) Limited
WINNER SHORTLISTED SHORTLISTED Compliance Matthew Coles KPMG in the Crown Dependencies Alexandra Faure True
Ivan Terziev Alter Domus (Jersey) Limited
Anna Strickland KPMG in the Crown Dependencies WINNER Amy Anaminyi RBS International SHORTLISTED SHORTLISTED Diversity and Inclusion 2024 Sponsors:
James Linder PwC Channel Islands
Williams Walkers Global




Ashley Correia Stonehage Fleming Group
Cristina Gonçalves Affinity Private Wealth
Investment Management
Diogo Vieira HSBC Bank plc - Jersey Branch
Natalie Smart JTC Group
Lucy Warren Ogier
Marketing and Business Development WINNER Adam Clift HIGHVERN Edward Kane Integritas Wealth Partners Noah Roworth Collas Crill
Aztec Group
Operations and Support WINNER
Hailey Gautier R A Rossborough (Insurance Brokers) Limited
Da Silva R A Rossborough (Insurance
Insurance WINNER
Tsybulskyi Baker and Partners
Jay Gosselin Polygon Collective
Charlotte Beal Walkers Global
Law WINNER WINNER Ayooluwa Alabi KPMG in the Crown Dependencies Emily Aitchison JTC Group Kieran Sharman Mourant
Kieran Sharman Mourant
Funds Eric Olival CSC
Buxton TMF Group
Lily Egre
WINNER Human Resources Claudia Marques HIGHVERN
Corrigan Ogier
Emma Gibaut JTC Group
SHORTLISTED Trust and Corporate Services WINNER

Meditations on Business Some thoughts from today’s thought Gurus

Awhileago I was given a book called Meditations. It was written by Emperor Marcus Aurelius around 160AD and is a collection of thoughts on how to live a good life. It is well worth googling. When Gallery asked for contributions, I wanted to help but didn’t know what I had to say that was really that interesting without breaking client confidentiality!

Over the past 15 years though, I have done thousands of hours of research into what makes businesses and careers successful and I thought why not share some of the most useful “meditations” I’ve seen.

“If we realized the pain and suffering [involved] and just how vulnerable you're going to feel, the challenges that you're going to endure…and the list of all the things that go wrong—I don't think anybody would start a company. Nobody in their right mind would do it” - Elon Musk

It’s surprising to see how few children want to take over from their parents. Perhaps it shouldn’t be though. They have seen the long hours, client demands, painful employee exits and “often online” holidays up close - so perhaps they are the clever ones! That said, it’s staggering the number of people wanting to leave well paid jobs in finance for something less regulated and more local. Where is the balance between money and stress? Is it the “journey or the destination”?

"People with high expectations have low resilience, and resilience matters in success... I don't know how to teach it to you except for... greatness comes from character & character... is formed out of [suffering]... I wish upon you ample doses of pain & suffering" - Jensen Huang

That’s harsh Jensen!

Billie Ocean said it best: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. All the successful people I know find the energy to take on the world each morning despite the setbacks they know are coming. Still, “I wish you ample doses of pain & suffering”. Ouch.

“If everything is important, then nothing is” – Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni’s business, The Table Group, focus on organisational health. The corporate values identified determine how everyone behaves in the business. If you work for The Table Group they will fire you for breaking one of their corporate values. They encourage their clients to do the same and as a result only have values which they truly believe in.

They want businesses to only have values which they are willing to lose high performers for violating. How many would that be in any business?

“Everything going wrong in your business is your fault” –Michael Gerber

When I first read this my response was “no it’s not, shut up Michael it’s everyone else’s fault”! When I understood though, that if it’s my fault I can do something about it, I turned from victim to master of my own destiny.

“Facts don't care about your feelings” - Ben Shapiro

Most struggling business owners I’ve met believe they know everything about their business. Its margins, its performance and its (lack of) growth but then rely on what’s in their bank account at any one time to define success. Those who’ve had excellent management accounts, which regularly provoke change, know this is nonsense and that they achieve more with ambitious written goals and performance indicators.

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday not who someone else is today” - Jordan Peterson

The most successful people I’ve met reflect on the past, look after the present and work towards a clearly defined better future. They don’t dwell on what the competition is doing and look to make consistent progress in how they deliver to customers, look after team members and create a more valuable business in the future.

“I should watch less YouTube” – Luke Smith

The whole concept of this article is a little pretentious and it’s clear the algorithm is selecting “right of centre old white men” for me to watch. It is though my only intention to give those wanting to improve their work life some things to ponder.

When it comes to small business, 20 years ago I believed I knew better than everyone else and my colleagues will tell you I still believe that (!), but continuous learning has helped me with my working life and I hope this article acts as a catalyst on your learning journey.

Luke Smith is a Chartered Director, Chartered Accountant and set up the multi award winning business advisory firm Purpose in 2011. Luke has over 10,000 hours experience in researching and implementing other people’s genius in over 2,500 business improvement meetings with more than 100 local businesses (he’s also learned a few things for himself)! He is a partner at Rialto Investment Partners which acquires local businesses with legacies. If you want some support with your business strategy or want to sell it, get in touch!



Damon Eastwood

Photography was always my first love and after studying it at the London Institute I gravitated towards interior photography and the technical aspect that came with that art form. There is a lot of staging and preparation behind capturing the perfect interior shot and I was keen to find my niche in this arena, as well as exploring the world of 360-degree photography which was an emerging technology at the time.

To get anywhere as a photographer you need to be in a big city, so after my studies I moved to New York to immerse myself in their cutting-edge art community. I was the epitome of an Englishman in New York, clueless, but eager to absorb as much as possible both culturally and professionally. I rarely said no, and it became an interesting journey of what I was prepared to do to access valuable opportunities, which included babysitting hiphop stars’ kids and photographing at locations anywhere from the world graffiti championships to ultra luxury Hampton real estate!

This open attitude and willingness to learn, led me to work alongside architectural photographer Elliot Kaufman who introduced me to some very influential photographers and artists. His teachings very much formed my approach and my New York experience in general showed me how important it is to be a pioneer in your industry and to always embrace new developments, something which is reflected in our approach at Switch Digital today.

Returning to Jersey I wanted to maintain the distinction of offering something a little different using my honed skills as an architectural photographer providing 360 photography and ariel photography - way before drones came onto the scene. I opened my own agency offering photography services and website builds, the latter of which eventually became our core service to meet a growing demand.

The digital entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Switch Digital tells us how his career started as life through a lens and what it takes to keep up with the fast-moving world of digital to stay ahead of the game.

We are a digital first agency, so are always changing and evolving, it’s a model of working that has become second nature to me. We continually adapt our operating model, not just to stay relevant, but to ensure we attract real talent. To be successful I need a team of experts supporting me, because there is such a breadth of understanding now required in the digital sector. The pool of those with digital skills on the island has always been small so I am mindful to create an environment that continually inspires and allows our team to get the experience and exposure they need to be the best.

My father was a bank manager who installed a great work ethic in me; good things come to those who work hard and work smart. Ironically, as the years have passed running Switch I started to feel more like a bank manager, so we now have a leadership group in place with defined roles and responsibilities - enabling me to continue to act as a trusted advisor to clients and to be a CEO.

To help me keep up with the evolving digital landscape I discovered a love of podcasts, a fantastic way to instantly access successful businesspeople. I really enjoy Steven Barlett’s Diary of a CEO which I turned to for the more entrepreneurial nature of his guests, but found I also benefitted enormously from the diversity of those he interviews. One piece of advice that has stayed with me is to blend perception with perspective. I try to emulate this at Switch Digital so that our team all trust their expert knowledge and skill set, but are able to validate it through data and external views.

When I think of what success looks like to me, it isn’t defined by numbers or the size of my company, it’s being able to do a job that I love every day. I am very proud to own something tangible that was built through hard work, and I try to impart that same sense of accomplishment and fulfilment onto my team members, and equally to my three children.

When I think of what success looks like to me, it isn’t defined by numbers or the size of my company, it’s being able to do a job that I love every day. I am very proud to own something tangible that was built through hard work, and I try to impart that same sense of accomplishment and fulfilment onto my team members, and equally to my three children. There is no price on happiness and I’m the biggest advocate in chasing dreams, no matter how wild they may seem.

As we near the 21st anniversary of Switch Digital I would encourage everyone to seek out their purpose and combine this with discipline to bring their visions to life. For me, this comes from enabling my team to understand what motivates them and then supporting them to achieve their goals - and hopefully dreams. That means my job is to continue to develop a business that can support our collective ambitions.


The New


After years of Elephant Breath leading the Farrow and Ball paint chart, grey is finally out of favour. Hallelujah! Greige is gone. In its place the who’s who of interiors are embracing brown. You heard us right. Brown. But before you start dusting off the retro cord sofa, know that this season's colour du jour is more nuanced than some lessengaging furnishings and wallpapers of the seventies.

Sepia, caramel and chocolate are the shades of the moment, today’s taupe tones are muddier and more matte than those of the cork paved past. Thankfully this is a relatively straightforward trend to incorporate into your existing home as the colour works well with wicker, rattan, wood and stone, all textures and surfaces you likely already have in place. For a subtle nod to the trend try painting accents, trims and doors or perhaps the surrounds on a fireplace. For something less intensive opt for soft furnishings like almond coloured linen, throw pillows in coffee bean brown and rugs in milk chocolate. Accessories like coffee table books that have brown tone covers or coloured candlesticks and wooden picture frames are an easy way to incorporate the trend and add warmth to your space with just a small investment. Here are our picks from St Helier high street…

Pebble Belmond Headboard in Brown, £995 @christianelemieux Leather sling chair from £975, TLC Home Miami sofa from £1800, TLC Home Chhatwal & Jonsson Nagra Cushion in Brown, £90, Landes Interiors Candle Off White and Brown, £4.00, Pebble Call it Home Coffee Table Book, £39, Pebble
Words: Becky Palmano
Make your home a haven of warmth and cherished moments. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in professional installations of chimney systems, fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves. Safety and quality are our top priorities, ensuring you and your family can relax and enjoy the cozy ambiance without worry. La Rue Du Galet, St.Lawrence, JE3 1LQ +44 1534 879846 At Homefires Jersey, we turn houses into homes with expert chimney systems, fireplaces, and wood burning stove installations, creating a cozy living room with a beautifully designed fireplace, radiating warmth and comfort.
Sullivan Coffee Table Brown, £599, Pebble Luxor 4 door sideboard, £2479, Home And Style Heim Sohne Cereal Spoons set of 4, £28, My Uncles House Ethnicraft Satellite Bowl, £209, Landes Interiors Ethnicraft Barrow Lounge Chair in Copper, £979, Landes Interiors Suarti Sheesham Wood Nesting Tables, £282, Kolle Yasu Candle in Eucalyptu £26, Kolle Opal Bowl Small £140, Pebble
Home and Style Grove Brown Rug £369.00 – £889.00

Masterpiece A design

If you’re into cars, this unique home is one for you. Built by Ron Hickman in 1977, Villa Devereux is an eccentric home featuring streamlined diagonal roofs. The dramatic structure echoes the inventor’s past, one in which he was responsible for the design of Lotus’ revolutionary 1962 Elan. This torpedo-shaped car was breakthrough for its time, due to its body-contoured bumpers and lowerable headlights. It was Ron’s boyhood dream to become a car stylist, and this was a passion that shaped the rest of his life. It certainly influenced his architectural ventures - his one-of-a-kind property houses 26 car spaces and three double garages.

Our very own Derek Warwick (Lotus’ 1990 Formula One driver) was blown away by Ron’s inventive spirit. He recounts that “he always thought of clever ways of doing things. Whatever he saw, whatever he touched, he wanted to reinvent it. That was his mind”. It’s a statement that rings true to his DIY endeavours. One day Ron decided to use an expensive Swedish chair as a makeshift workbench. After accidentally sawing through it he decided to do a favour for the building community and create the Workmate. For those like me (I struggle assembling IKEA furniture) this is a part bench, part vice, part sawhorse


Ron’s cutting-edge architecture was heavily inspired by Californian builds he had marvelled at in his time. He intertwined both international and local ideas by using Jersey materials in his structure’s composition.

”that revolutionised life for competent DIYers. Black and Decker picked up his invention and sold over 30 million models. It has been said that a builder without a Workmate is like a chef without an oven. Swedish chairs everywhere now smile up at Ron.

He added that “you don’t design the Elan or the Black & Decker unless you are a very clever man”. The same can be true for Villa Devereux. The listed building was deemed so impressive that it was featured as part of Jersey’s modern architecture stamp collection in 1987. Ron’s cutting-edge architecture was heavily inspired by Californian builds he had marvelled at in his time. He intertwined both international and local ideas by using Jersey materials in his structure’s composition. Villa

Devereux features a slate roof and textured granite walls, which Ron fondly described as ‘external wallpaper’. The work of a local sculptor is featured in the garden, which stretches across grounds of approximately two acres. Ron’s villa uses the traditional to create a striking version of modernity. The right person might call it his greatest invention.

The location itself is (as an agent would attest) ‘highly sought after’. After winding down a sweeping driveway, you’re greeted by a property positioned on a headland above St Brelades Bay. The sea views are extraordinary, making the garden the perfect place for a slow morning coffee. If I lived here, every breakfast, lunch and dinner would be al fresco. Unless it was raining, in which case I’d explore the indoors.


The eclectic interior epitomises 70s cool and has been excellently preserved, maintaining the original character of the home. A dramatic chandelier shoots down the centre of a wooden stairwell, which is carpeted by tones of deep teal. Bronze is dotted in different accents throughout the home, most strikingly in the grand dappled fireplace that commands awe in one of the living rooms.

The eclectic interior epitomises 70s cool and has been excellently preserved, maintaining the original character of the home. A dramatic chandelier shoots down the centre of a wooden stairwell, which is carpeted by tones of deep teal. Bronze is dotted in different accents throughout the home, most strikingly in the grand dappled fireplace that commands awe in one of the living rooms.

Different tones of blue and brown are balanced in a way that induces comfort, relaxation and familiarity. There are beautiful wooden features that bring warmth to the house, from drawing room cabinets, to artisan coffee tables, to planked ceilings above the music room’s walls. If these accents make you feel too warm, do not fret. You can take a dip in the indoor pool complex, complete with gym, changing facilities, sauna and direct access to the garden. My personal favourite feature is the rope swing above the pool. This was of Ron’s doing, I am sure.

There’s space for everyone in this house. If you don’t have 26 cars, maybe host 26 friends? The place can fit them, and many (many) more. The property has ten bedrooms, guest apartments, reception rooms, offices and multiple living rooms. Don’t forget the dining room and eat in kitchen. Terraces, balconies and large windows will cascade your guests with sunlight. They will probably never leave, thinking up new excuses to stay in the coolest house ever. My advice to potential owners would be to only invite people you actually like and to make good use of the rope swing. That, and to just go and view it. To echo Broadlands Jersey, it ‘must be seen to be believed’.

Villa Devereux St Brelade


10 bedrooms (5 in the main house, a 1 bed apartment, studio and 3 bedroom staff apartment).

2 acres of land

Marketed by Broadlands


01534 880770



When the sun is shining, there are few better places to sneak off for a few hours than St Brelade’s

Bay. We sent Emma Pallent to soak up the rays and enjoy some hospitality.

What’s better than a long lunch? A long lunch at L’Horizon. Located on St Brelades Bay, the restaurant offers scenic views of a bright blue sea hugging Jersey’s green coastline. It’s the perfect place to eat good food and drink copious amounts of wine. Dan, our very warm and friendly waiter, plied us with cocktails and made sure we had the best time. Thank you Dan.

The lunch welcomed a recurring question: “why don’t we come here more often?”. As a young twentysomething, the L’Horizon is not necessarily the first place I would think of going when I want a bite to eat. But, why not? It’s on the beach, it gets the sunset, and facilitates the space to overshare with your friends. It’s practically Splash, but more civilised, and minus the club.

The restaurant features an outdoor balcony lined with white wood and pristine glass. This second feature makes it the perfect first-date location: if you get bored of the conversation, you can easily become enamoured with the view. People-watchers should flock by the dozen to the L’Horizon. It is also a great location to walk down memory lane. Our sophisticated set-up was a more than sufficient scene to respectably reflect on our wild youths. Sandwiched between two infamous fire pit spots, we recounted nights gone wrong in the safety of our respectable restaurant.

Phoebe, an avid drinker of the Shirley Temple, commented that her beverage was one of the best she’s ever had (and she’s had quite a few). I am no wine connoisseur, but my Malbec was exquisite, practically glistening in the bright midday sun. The terrace proved to be incredibly relaxing, serenaded by the sound of the sea and the laughter of guests. We were blown away by the experience. Phoebe said “I just feel so rejuvenated and relaxed right now, and you don’t get this at a lot of restaurants”. I asked her where she had gone where she hadn’t felt rejuvenated and relaxed, and she regretfully admitted “Pizza Express” (“it’s just so loud”).

L’Horizon appears to be utilising its outside area much better than competitors along the promenade. . What’s more, the prices aren’t as premium as you might think. Unless you order the lobster, your lunch won’t set you back much more than a standard dining experience at Pizza Express. If you’re feeling seafood linguine over pepperoni pizza, park at the Pizza Express car park and then amble on past it to the L’Horizon. The walk is incredibly scenic, and leaves ample time to congratulate yourself on supporting local business along the way.

we went back again for the cream tea!
L’Horizon appears to be utilising its outside area much better than competitors along the promenade. What’s more, the prices aren’t as premium as you might think. Unless you order the lobster, your lunch won’t set you back much more than a standard dining experience at Pizza Express.

Phoebe ordered the Vegetable Korma, a vegan dish composed of new potatoes, spinach, charred peppers and red onion. The curry was complimented by braised rice, chota naan and raita. She commented that the dish was “just so good”. I ordered the Corn Fed Chicken Breast which topped a summer Orzo salad with feta and sun-dried tomato. They somehow managed to do that thing where the chicken is slightly crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. This completely blew me away, because the only way I know how to do chicken is to cut it into cubes and expel all its moisture in a frying pan. My compliments to the chef.

Mid-lunch my dinner guest told me an incredible story about the quality of the burgers at L’Horizon, which are her dad’s favourite. She revealed that they are a mysteriously amazing type of burger which manages to be “incredibly juicy and non-bloating at the same time”. If you’re craving a meaty meal, but still want to look slight in your evening dress, then L’Horizon is the place for you.

It was hard to leave the L’Horizon. Not just because we were glued to the view, but because Dan kept offering us more lovely drinks. He recommended us his favourite, which was nutty, sweet and sour at the same time. It was a highly commendable cocktail that packed an explosion for the taste buds. We should have expected nothing less; Dan had shaken it himself.

The Terrace at L’Horizon.

Open Daily Lunch 12pm – 5pm, Dinner 6pm – 8.30pm


Rekorderlig are always a little bit Fruktig (Swedish for when the rest of the world zigs, you zaggle).

Their innovation team in Sweden has been working hard this year to create two new amazing flavours of fruit cider, both are made from pure Swedish water and are naturally gluten free and vegan.

The first is the delicious Peach-Raspberry, this trendy flavour is designed for you to enjoy whilst basking in the long hot Jersey summer (fingers crossed). Developed with a less sweet flavour profile, it’s a fab edition to the Rekorderlig family. Next up is the BlackberryBlackcurrant, this dark berry flavour has been brought to market as a Premium Fruit Cider for all seasons and can be served hot or cold. Refreshingly different in the summer and perfect for the cold, dark, winter nights, snuggled up on the couch watching the latest scandi noir.

“Rekorderlig has now been in Jersey for 12 years, and this is the first time in two years that we have brought some new flavours into the market. We went for two that we felt confident would appeal to all palates and for all seasons. They’re great additions, and I can’t wait for people to enjoy them.” said Roland Topf, the Channel Island Importer.


green is good.

Green juice is the divider of people. I swear by it as an unbeatable hangover cure. Others choke on it due to it’s soil-like taste. When wandering about town with my basket of concoctions a couple actually stopped me to let me know they looked disgusting. To be perfectly honest, lugging them round unrefrigerated hadn’t done them any favours.

I travelled to eight different places to source green fuel for the office to critique. I chose my locations based on proximity to the workplace, rather than merit or reputation. There was probably a better way of securing my test samples, but I was feeling slightly lazy, and I had an appointment to get to.

Mid-run I phoned my boss to double-check whether we could include green smoothies as well as green juice. He politely told me that he didn’t know what I was talking about because he’d sent me out to get ‘green drinks’ not

‘green juice’. My bad. To rectify my mistake, I branched out into matcha frappes, bubble teas, milkshakes and… cocktails. The last one was a slightly impulsive decision that I probably should have gotten prior permission for. But I thought it would be funny - and hey, it was a Friday.

So who serves the best green drink in town? We tasted fifty shades of dirt to really get to the bottom of it. Most were pleasantly surprising, weighing in at little-to-no soil. Ollie demolished the milkshake before we had time to assess its colour. However, the experiment did reveal a wide dislike of matcha across the office. Whilst I am not opposed to it, I was distinctly overruled by those who questioned its right to existence.

Overleaf is a comprehensive table analysing each drink against categories such as ‘tastes like dirt’, ‘viral potential’ and ‘holier than thou rating’. It is a classic out of 10 rating, with 1 being least and 10 being most. We also offer additional comments and positioned each competitor on a drink to meal scale. Use this guide wisely the next time you’re feeling fragile. The wrong choice could send your morning even further west.


Drink Green Detox Juice Green Smoothie Green Matcha Bubble Tea

Ingredients Baby spinach, celery, apple, lemon, ginger and mint Banana, Mango, Spinach, Cucumber and apple juice

Green Juice Jersey Double Thick Shakes, Mint Choc Chip Mean Green Green

Iced Matcha with Tapioca Pearls Spinach, Pineapple, Banana, Avocado, Coconut Milk

Milk, Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream Spinach, ginger, apple, lemon Matcha, Banana, Oat

General Comments

“It’s on the murky side of green” / “I’m not disappointed by its colour” / “It’s high on the spectrum of health” / “It’s a little runny”

“Tastes better than it looks” / “Massively green” / “Psychological pricing” / “Uncomfortable texture” *wretching noises* / “The aftertaste is better than the drink itself” / “It’s not the dirtiest drink I’ve tasted” / “If it was 50p I’d buy it” / “It’s a bit confusing because you eat and drink it at the same time”.

“Better than matcha” / “You need to chew it to drink it” / “It looks like baby food” / “It’s a bit embarrassing really”

“Can I keep this one afterwards” / “Ice-cream mixed with icecream” / “I’m never gonna stop talking about this”

“Wins on juiciness - very juicy” / “More subdued” / “Strong sippability”

“It smells very dirt” / “I’m literally crunching soil” / “Value for money is awful because I’d need to buy a water to wash it down with” / “Just a no”

“Ghastly greeness” / “Doesn’t taste too unhealthy” / “Two of your five a day” / “Sci-fi green”

Venue Cafejac Red House Yogalicious Rabbit Hole Waffle House 2Tasty RFresh Awabi Matcha Frappe Greenbelt (GF)
Milk Blended with Ice - vegan
vodka, peach schnaps Greeness 8 10 3 4 2 9 2 10 How much it tastes like dirt 0 0 8 6 0 0 10 0 Healthiness 9 6 3 9 0 8 5 3 Price 1st 3rd 3rd 2nd 4th 5th 2nd 6th Value for Money 8 8 3 6 7 5 5 N/A Texture 7 6 8 2 8 8 3 10 Transportability 6 4 7 10 4 5 5 0 Meal or Drink Definitely a drink A healthy desert ‘palette cleanser’. Bang in the middle Meal Desert Drink, same as cafejac 6 Debatable Viral Potential 3 8 7 3 10 8 1 9 Holier than thou rating 10 10 9 7 2 8 6 2 Price £3.95 £4.95 £4.95 £4.50 £5.00 £5.50 £4.50 £15
Midori, lime,


Words: Emma Pallent Photography: Cameron Aird

I first met Nina when we worked as waitresses at Le Braye. She couldn’t reach the glasses, and I consistently smashed them, so we were a really poor team. What we lacked in talent we made up for with charisma. Yes, your flat white was served the temperature of tepid bathwater. And no, you didn’t get what you ordered. But you did find it funny when I thought your career in hedge funds made you a gardener. And your fish tacos did arrive, albeit twenty minutes late.

Nina is now 24 years old, and would loosely define herself as a NeoSoul Artist with a "deep thick sound”. Her guilty pleasure is belting a powerhouse track - a break in the discipline of balancing “light and shade”. Despite her time at the Royal Northern College of Music, Nina refuses to give in to ‘musical snobbery’. She relies on P!nk for encouragement in tough times, particularly the banger ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’. She says “the chorus slaps so hard”, and if she’s ever sad “it gets blasted out”. Naturally, her housemates are obliged to stop whatever they’re doing and dance around with her. She says “it’s become a habit of ours” and that she’d “recommend it to everyone”.

Nina is no stranger to hard times. Two years ago she felt there was something slightly off with her voice. The doctors told her she had vocal nodules, which she passionately reflects on as “lies”. A year later

she discovered that she had been misdiagnosed, but no one could identify the real issue. Because of this, she had to make the decision to stop singing completely. She told me she was “heart broken”, and this all went on for another year.

Eventually she discovered there was a problem with her Odema. Her very rare condition affects less than 1% of the population. The culprit: Silent Acid Reflux. This is a “really sexy” issue that I can also relate to. A dreadful round of doxycycline once drove me to drink Gaviscon like water. The worst part about it was that when I explained this to people, they always wanted to know what I had taken. This lead to many an awkward altercation where people assumed I’d had chlamydia. It was an absolute nightmare - my own personal brand of hell.

Nina’s version of hell was not knowing whether her vocal chords would be chopped to bits. Going into surgery, she recalls that she “had no clue what to expect or the damage that would be done”. But she “was tired of waiting around” and gave the necessary permissions to have the procedure. Simply put, she adopted the mantra “if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be”. Luckily nothing went under the knife, and Nina bounced back quickly in hot pursuit of her singing career.


She was on a mission to play catch up on the years she had lost, wanting to “hit the ground running”. The hard-work paid off, and she had her debut headline in Manchester by February 2024. Off the back of this gig, she was asked to headline Club Academy in Manchester in May. Talking about this experience, Nina said:

“Seeing my name up on Manchester Academy’s Gig List, alongside crazy artists that I look up to was surreal. There I was about to perform on the same stage they were? It was a gig that was unforgettable for me.”

She’s going on to play at Green Island Festival in Manchester, and she reminds us that this is “not to be mistaken with Green Island in Jersey”. You laugh, but it had one of Nina’s friends fooled. Reflecting on the misunderstanding, Nina recalled “it really tickled me”. Instead of a beach in St Clements, the festival is going to be held at a community garden centre. She is looking forward to beautiful scenery, immaculate vibes and a beer in the sun. If you’re heading up North and want to see Nina perform, you’d better be quick because it’s almost sold out. And as of yet, she’s only been serenading people live.

Everyone’s always asking Nina where they can go to listen to her music. I was severely disappointed when I couldn’t find her on Spotify. Nina is meaning to get recording and releasing, but when she came back to the playing field all she wanted to do was

She’s going on to play at Green Island Festival in Manchester, and she reminds us that this is “not to be mistaken with Green Island in Jersey”. You laugh, but it had one of Nina’s friends fooled.

perform. She is also a self-professed perfectionist, and said she doesn’t want to look back on what she released like “ahh, wish I didn’t do that”.

Deciding how to brand yourself as an emerging artist is difficult. Even Post Malone did it awfully. Lana del Ray used to go by the name Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, and Billie Eilish went from emo-spider to Marilyn Monroe overnight. The industry demands definition. But what if you just don’t know yet?

“Seeing my name up on Manchester Academy’s Gig List, alongside crazy artists that I look up to was surreal. There I was about to perform on the same stage they were? It was a gig that was unforgettable for me.”

Nina knows it’s important to be confident in her trade. Even when you don’t feel ready to back yourself yet. She believes that “everything happens for a reason, and if you doubt yourself, then you open the door for others to doubt you too”. Her boldness is admirable, and rewarded by the fact that she is singing all over the place this year (apparently everywhere but Green Island). Somewhere between all these performances she’s going to enter her recording and releasing season. The people have been left in suspense for too long. But when the food is on the table, who even remembers how long the wait took? I’m sure we won’t remember the days when NinaRosa didn’t have banging tunes on Spotify.



I love live music. All it takes is a splash of tequila and I’m letting my hair down on the dance floor. Nothing hypes me up like a good performance of Amy Winehouse. It really gets the girls going. Suddenly we’ve all got ginger hair and we’re refusing to go to rehab. ‘Back to black’ starts playing and we morph into a group of abandoned lovers mourning our man’s infidelity. Long-term committed partners are left watching on the side lines, uncertain whether they should be impressed or concerned.

Jessica Lloyd has been praised as a ‘first class performer’, and ‘one of the finest female entertainers on the planet’. She commands the stage with her outstanding vocals, bringing them to life with her charismatic personality. She has appeared in television commercials for p&o Cruises, Downton Abbey and BBC 1’s ‘Song’s of Praise’. After filling dance floors on cruise ships across the globe, Jessica chose to settle down and reside on our beautiful island Jersey. Here she continues to sing for corporate events, concerts, hotels and weddings.

So why did Jessica decide to trade maritime adventure for grounded stability? The answer lies in every girl’s greatest weakness - the charms of a French man. Pierre was the bridge officer, Jessica embarked the ship, and the rest is history. After five months they decided to get married and have children, but knew there would be no stability if he was at sea. Just a stone’s throw away from Pierre’s homeland, Jersey seemed the perfect place to start a new family. As such, they settled down, and waited for the chaos to begin.

I’m only 22, and am more in my Taylor Swift era than my motherhood one. I almost get morning sickness just thinking about it. For Jessica, it was always something that she deeply wanted, so she dove headfirst into the hardest thing she has ever done. For the first six months she didn’t think she’d ever be able to sing or perform again. Her eldest son toured with her before he started school, and for international shows her whole family accompanied her. She noted that her work is now mostly on-island to put her family’s stability, happiness and education first. Plus, she adds, “the best gigs are in Jersey…”


Jessica has added so much to the island by being here. She juggles multiple philanthropic projects alongside being a performer and a mother. When the Jersey Pain Charity approached her asking if she’d lead a choir, she was more than happy to accept. She knew all about the positive effects of music on physical and mental wellbeing. Bouncing off from this experience, she’s working on a project with the prisoners in Jersey. It is her dream to form a choir at La Moye consisting of inmates, their families and the officers. This has been on her heart for a long time, stemming from her past work with Edinburgh prison between touring. She comments that “from what we know, this has never been done globally, so it’s exciting for all involved”. It sounds like a great way to keep inmates connected with the outside world, and working to reduce the rate of reoffending.

Jessica’s pioneering spirit has leaked into her career, keeping her at the forefront of the industry. She worked with local legend Brian White to put together The Jessica Lloyd Band back in 2018. They are an energetic, exciting and entertaining group, which aims to provide variety and quality to the band scene in Jersey. When I asked her the story behind the group’s formation, Jessica replied that “Jersey needed better bands”. This led the duo to “put together likeminded musicians who wanted to have fun, no dramas,

and create some amazing music”. They perform to the highest standard, and the musicians are the best she’s ever worked with. Not only can they play whatever she sets her heart on, but there has never been a crossed word between them. “No egos, just proper talent!”, she exclaims.

If you need live music to walk down the aisle too (or a break-up tune to scream in your best friend’s face) Jessica Lloyd is the woman for you. Head to her website or socials below to get a greater idea of what she can provide. They do reception drinks, party bands, DJs and more. If you’ve not got an event in the works, you can go and see the band down at the Sunset Concert this year, where they are headlining for the third time coming. She reminds us “it’s a wonderful fundraising evening - don’t miss out”. I’ll see you on Saturday, 15th of June.




What is the circumference of a sombrero?

2 feet

The sombrero is a broad-rimmed, high-crowned hat made of felt or straw, worn especially in Mexico and the southwestern United States. The term ‘sombrero’ is derived from the Spanish word sombra, meaning ‘shade’. Gentlemen wore felt sombreros, whilst peasants wore straw.

But what is the circumference of a sombrero? According to Britannica, the brim of a sombrero in Mexico can be as much as 2 feet wide, giving it a circumference of 173”. Mariachi Connection, a high-end provider of felt sombreros, averaged out at just over 69” in circumference. Party Corner and Lifeguard Hat offer circumferences within the range of 64” - 74”, slightly larger, but noticeably composed of straw. Made in China offer exquisite sombreros designed specifically for dogs, and whilst the exact measurements were not stated, these appeared to be significantly smaller.

To really turn the tables, if you speak Spanish, the word sombrero just means ‘hat’ and thus the circumference is largely ambiguous. Technically, if you’re wearing a beanie in Spain, the size of your sombrero is just going to be the circumference of your head. This factor varies between individuals, proving a sombrero is not a one-size-fits-all item, and appears to have no industry-wide standards in terms of its measurements.


Would you accept £10 million if it meant being chased by a killer snail for the rest of your life? I got asked this in the pub, and whipped out my phone to do some research. I didn’t want to make any life-altering rash decisions. How fast is the average snail? And how long would it take to travel around Jersey?

Garden snails tend to travel at a rate of 0.048km/h at top speed. I’m assuming if this snail has the power to kill me, it would be one of the highest calibre. As such, I rounded up to 0.05km/h (to be safe). Our coastline is 70km, meaning it would take the snail 1400 hours (or 58.3 recurring days) to do a full circle. This seemed like just enough time to get comfortable and forget the whole ordeal. Sneaky snail.

If you were to buy two houses on opposite sides of the island (L’Etacq and Gorey), you’d still have to move between them twice a month. If the snail took the northern route, he’d be knocking at your door in just under 16 days. What’s worse is that you’ll need to leave these derelict areas for provisions at some point. You let your guard down once and suddenly the snail has turned you into dead meat in an aisle of Waitrose. Or, what if the snail catches on to your tactic of aversion, and stays put for 16 days to greet you when you return?

It seems as if the only viable option is to pick up sticks and leave the rock. Snails can’t swim, and you’d be paranoia-free in France. Getting on a boat and disappearing into the sunset seems like the way forward. I explained my theory to my friend, who sat back, laughed and said, “what’s to stop the snail from getting on the boat?"

What makes real ale ‘real’?

Everyone knows that ‘real ale’ is an actual drink and all other ales are an intangible entity possessing a pint glass. But what is it that makes real ale so ‘real’? I went to the Farmers in St Ouen to talk to the experts

I was informed that real ale is real because it is flat, not dead, like the artificially carbonated stuff. It is the true “daily bread” of the middle-age male drinker. Real ale does not need gas to be pumped out of a draft because it contains a living bacteria that does the work for it. This bacteria is incredibly good for the gut and is a vital part of a healthy balanced diet. That is, unless you get the pint at the bottom of the barrel, which is too lively for your gut and will likely cause you to shit yourself. This will end your pub trip early, and so must be avoided at all costs.

Most stolen pint glass revealed

Are you a law-abiding citizen? Recent research suggests you may not be. According to Nisbets, on average 37 million Brits have stolen glasses or tableware from their local pub in their home. Based on two glasses costing £5, this works out to a £186 million loss in the industry. The survey further discovered that over 3 million Brits admitted that every item of crockery, glassware, cutlery and soft tableware in their home was, in fact, stolen.

They found that the biggest culprits in the mix were the 18-24 year olds, with a shocking 34% confessing to their crimes. Next in line were 25-34 year olds, at 31%. 18% of those over 54 admitted that they are also guilty of hiding favourable items under their jackets when leaving their local establishment.

The culmination of this petty-theft led BrewDog to call amnesty on stolen Hazy Jane glasses. Thieves were offered a free refill if they returned their glass to the bar, considered an effective business strategy in light of the heavy rate of disappearances. James Watt, the co-founder and chief executive of BrewDog, was happy that his packaging became the “most stolen glass ever”, and understands the urges of a customer dabbling with thievery. He commented, “if you are going to have a beer glass in your kitchen, we would actually rather it was a glass that you plundered from a BrewDog bar versus a Carling, Stella or Foster’s glass”.

You can get yourself two glasses on eBay for £15. Legitamacy of source: unknown...

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