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Well here we are, the summer issue of Fab Mag UK. Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all of our readers and contributors, we couldn’t do this without you all. As you all know, Alix and I both have jobs outside of the magazine and hope to be able to take it to bi monthly then monthly issues. We are well on our way to making a difference to how other women our age are being represented in the media, and we cover all bases. I wanted to create something that women like me can relate to, and what we have created together is phenomenal. Huge personal thanks to Alix for giving her time and huge design skills to these publications whilst holding down her full time job and her most important job, being mummy to Casper. This issue is a landmark one for us with the amazing cover star Meg Mathews. We can’t thank you enough for giving up your time to chat to FABMAGUK. ( I was so nervous to interview her and I needn’t have been, she’s the softest, friendliest person.) We are of course featuring Pride this month and we are wishing everyone and happy and safe pride, however you are celebrating. We hope you love this issue, thank you all again from our hearts. Enjoy, download, spread to word and ENJOY!

Zee x

Editor Forty & Beyond Magazine UK.

Whilst thinking about what I was going to write here, I was flicking through the pages you are about to read. One thing that stood out to me throughout the pages was the feeling of strength. Every single woman (and man) who has written for us, shows such strength in their stories, experiences and lives, and I think we can all take something from the positivity we show throughout the pages of this magazine. We are still living in unprecedented times, unsure what is ahead of us. We are all still missing friends, family, and how life once was. When I read through these pages, I feel so proud. Proud to be a part of something special, proud to be bringing the world the special words that our contributors write, the interviews, advice and the beautiful images we source. In times of darkness and strife, always remember - as the incredible Albus Dumbledore once said (I’m a huge Harry Potter fan!) ‘‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light’. Until the next issue, keep smiling, stay safe, and happy reading!

Alix x

Designer Forty & Beyond Magazine UK. Summer 2021 / issue 06


Contents 8

Emma Skeates Hilarious holiday disaster story




The journey continues

Brush care with Andrea Pellegini

Siobhan Daniels van life continues after lockdown




Summer body confidence

Claire Marie talks candidly about her marriage breakdown


With Chalita Frost


22 Can’t tan it, tone it! Ultimate tanning guide with editor, zee

26 Fab favs

Our fav buys compiled by Nique Ford

30 Single at 60

54 4


Gail Genster talks to us about her single relationship status

32 Meg mathews

Talks to editor Zee about life & menopause

32 40 Yoga & me

Jessica Galvin talks to us about all things yoga

43 Summer Garden

Designer Alix shows us snippets of her garden

44 Rachel Peru

Being beach body confident


Swimwear Swimwear looks compiled by editor, Zee


Why and how the pride flag has changed over time

57 Fab mag loves Our fav pride instas this issue

58 Ethical fashion

Showcase of the ethical new luxury bag by Frida Roam Summer 2021 / issue 06


A special FABMAG shoutout to one of our lovely contributors. Sophie Garner - we wish you the most FAB birthday!

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With special thanks to all of our contributors this month... Emma Skeates, Andrea Pellegini, Siobhan Daniels, Claire Marie, Chalita Frost, Zee Battersby, Nique ford, Gail Genster, Meg Mathews, Jessica Galvin & Rachel peru. 6


Designer Alix Pamela Shaw

This issue I’m loving Zee: Beer gardens and being able to meet up with friends and family. I’m also loving how happy everyone is when you bump into them in the street. It’s been such a long time and I’m just hoping we can continue to get back to life as we knew it. but with a bit more care and compassion for others as we go about our day to day life Alix: The sunshine & friends...it’s been good for the soul to have been able to meet with friends and sit in the sunshine!

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Summer 2021 / issue 06



Send us a postcard! Emma Skeates shares her hilarious holiday disaster story which keeps us giggling from start to finish. By: Emma Skeates


irst day of holiday in Crete. Our loud arrival well and truly made. The beloved discovered last night that there were quite a few of the ol’ Sunbed baggers in situ, so he got up very early this morning with our newly acquired towels and claimed what he thought was the best sunbeds around the pool. Of course he was totally wrong and had managed to get the only four sunbeds that were completely bang in the middle of the Sun and



“The annual, but compulsory first day holiday row occurs” no shade whatsoever. The annual, but compulsory first day holiday row occurs in front of many interested onlookers. But being British twats that we are, it was all pretty silent and just mouthed swear words, insults and looks of death. But nobody was stupid they all knew the drill : we were about

to kill each other. Anyway, to cut a long story short the fecker wasn’t budging so I took it upon myself to move one of those enormous umbrellas over to the sunbeds in order to provide the shade that my pasty white family desperately needed. That was quite a sight to behold because shit bag husband refused to help me because I had called him an unmentionable name and had in fact forgotten to just “mime” it and the whole audience

was instantly aware that the beloved was indeed a “stubborn, small man syndrome wankpuffin”. I digress. It is quite surprising how much noise a 51-year-old woman in a tankini dragging a large parasol held down by about 50 kg of concrete can make. I think the sound of scraping across the concrete was possibly the most excruciating for all of us bar one. Oh yes, the husband was properly starting to enjoy his hols and his

“I had been standing, inside the closed piece of furniture, with just my legs sticking out for a good 4 minutes” wife’s stubborn ridiculousness. Finally got the bastard umbrella in between our sunbeds, totally drenched in sweat, which was extremely attractive to all my new audience, I then tried and erect said parasol to only find myself completely trapped inside it. For a few moments, I had time to think. What to do? There was NO way at this stage of the proceedings that I was going to give my husband

the satisfaction of my epic failure but I was becoming acutely aware of two things : one being that there was the distinct possibility that I was going to collapse from heat exhaustion having wrestled with this bastard umbrella and was now basically a part of it and the temperature was rising by the minute, but also I had been standing, inside the closed piece of furniture, with just my legs sticking out for a good 4 minutes by then and must be looking rather odd. Oh sod it, I needed help and my bloody husband knew it. Apparently, according to the kids, all you could hear to begin with 4 were muffled sounds of Summer 2021 / issue 06


cries of help to an increasing crescendo of; “Will you get me out of here you feckin twat! I can’t fucking breathe.” There was quite a lot of laughter, which I assumed was from my family but when I was finally released from my parasol prison, it turned out that a fairly large crowd of the people around the pool who had come to assist but had been told to back away by my husband were actually hysterical with laughter. Emma had arrived. Mortified After a few hours baking like a potato, starting to resemble one, but far too afraid to move in case I drew MORE attention to myself, I plucked up the courage and decided to have a quick dip in the pool before heading up to the room for a bit of much needed shade. Now, this was not going to be simple or elegant, we all know that. Did I fall in? I did not. Did I belly flop? Sorry nope. What I did however was, after my extremely elegant breast stroke across the pool, was to climb the little ladder that is not designed at all for women of a certain age with enormous tankini bottoms that just happened to be no longer in place. Sort of thigh range I would say. So, enormous white arse on full display to my new found audience. The joy of it all? Did I notice? 10


Emma, freed from the umbrella

“I look down and my problem is even larger than my white arse AND my menopausal breasts put together”

Did I buggery. My departure from the pool area was watched closely by many of all our fellow holiday makers who evidently assume I’m a new addition of the bloody entertainment team. Oh Christ on a bike, get me out of here. Head down, flip flops hurriedly put on the wrong feet, a stumbled like a large sea mammal with my towel, my book and desperately trying to hold my pants up, straight

up to our room. Slipping over in the reception was a breeze as only one receptionist was there and was terribly kind as she pulled me up from the floor and assured me that this happened frequently.And you would think that the story would be over. Wouldn’t you? Alas no, for this is me. Dingbat deluxe. Get into room, remove totally fucking useless tankini, hang the drenched wretched thing over the

“xxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxx

balcony. Forget that the top half which has quite an engineering job to do keeping my ever enlarging breasts in place, was also removed and hung on the rail. But it was wet and therefore very heavy, and without any warning it slipped slowly and agonisingly off the balcony and fell to its death onto the balcony below. Oh FFS! Another visit to kind lady at reception to ask to be let into the room below to retrieve my over

shoulder bolder holder. But, before that, I look down and my problem is even larger than my white arse AND my menopausal breasts put together. For there, below me, was a bald man having his lunch peacefully on HIS balcony, who got the fright of his life as my enormous bikini top up landed perfectly, draped like a pair of rabbit ears on his head. Emma’s menopausal brain to mouth filter enters the moment.

An “Oh my word, I’m so sorry” would have sufficed, but no, not me. Why not make TOTAL fool of ones self when the opportunity arises? So completely topless, everything that has seen better days on show, I chose: “Shit shit bollocks, are you ok???” He slowly removed his new sodden headwear and looked up. The sight he was confronted with must have been utterly terrifying, two enormous white bean bags, a well developed and nurtured roll of fat below it and a towel desperately trying to escape from its place almost revealing a totally naked middle aged woman. As luck would have it, he was a very nice man with an excellent sense of humour who I met on the stairwell to hand me back my clothing, with tears running down his face. I’d say about 70 odd. Apparently he hadn’t laughed that much since his wife left him in 1994. w Find Emma on https://www.instagram. com/menopausalmayhemmothers summer 2021 / issue 06


Brush care We’re all guilty of it, forgetting to clean those brushes sat in our makeup bag! Andrea shares her top tips for getting those bristles gleaming!


ummers here! Lockdown restrictions have lifted and we’re now looking forward to doing all the things we have missed out on this last year! I for one cannot wait for the Karaoke bars to open up again, I think my neighbours are sick of hearing me bellow out Coldplays ‘Yellow’ and the Happy Mondays ‘Step On’ through the walls, it’s any wonder there hasn’t been a murder as Taggart would say. It’s now time to get our glam on but when was the last time you wore a full face of makeup? And more importantly when was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? Have they been sitting in your makeup bag gathering dust since before Christmas or shoved in a drawer or handbag somewhere festering in bacteria? Chances are they have been so before you blow the cobwebs off them ready to use once more, be sure to give them a good wash and get rid of all the dirt and clogged up makeup that’ll be stuck between



By: andrea pellegini

the bristles which will not only be bad for your skin but will hinder their performance and won’t give you the best results. Here’s my top tips on caring for your makeup brushes: w Give your makeup brushes a good wash once a week if you use them regularly, once a month if not and wipe them with an instant brush cleaner on a day to day basis especially if you like to change your eyeshadow colours. My recommendation is Mac Brush Cleanser £12.50 avaliable from www.maccosmetics. co.uk. w For washing I recommend *save Wilkos Brush Cleaner www.wilko.com £2 or *splurge Real Techniques Brush cleansing gel £7.50 available from Boots www.boots.com Both should be diluted in a bowl of warm water. w Swish the brush in the water and cleanser solution taking care not to submerge the bristles into the water - doing this can loosen the glue holding the bristles

Miss Angel Face All Rounder Brush set

into the brush head and cause them to fall out. Massage the brush tips with your fingers or If brushes are really dirty I recommend using a rubber brush pad, rub the brush along the pad to loosen clogged up stubborn makeup. Wilko do an excellent one for £4. Rinse under running water until clear, remember to not direct the whole brush head under the water. Blot off excess water onto a towel, reshape and lay flat to dry. Never stand them up to dry out as any water still on the bristles will run down and loosen the glue. Keeping your brushes clean

Rubber brush pad,wilko £4

keeps them bacteria free and working at their best. w If your brushes have seen better days then it may be time to invest in a new set. Miss Angel Face All Rounder Brush set contains 10 brushes made from the finest high quality synthetic and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Available from www.missangelfacecosmetics.co.uk Why choose synthetic brushes you may ask? As well as being cruelty free they are unique in that the bristles naturally gravitate towards each other, allowing for a more precise, smooth and streak free application. Faux hair brushes are also great for liquid products like foundations, cream blush and gel eyeliner. The synthetic hairs are not as porous as natural hairs so they don’t soak up too much makeup or get as clumpy and gunky giving a smooth and seamless application. Now whilst I’m waiting for the Karaoke bars to open I have another use for my powder brush...w

summer 2021 / issue 06



Rollercoaster Emotional rollercoaster as my Motorhome madness adventures starts again after the easing of lockdown By: siobhan daniels

pictures: Siobhan daniels


n April the 11th I went to bed feeling very anxious because I knew that the following day I would be joined by other people in their motorhomes on the site. The 12th of April 2021 saw an easing of lockdown and campsites opened up to the public but many had to keep their facilities closed. I came to this field on the edge of Blakeney in North Norfolk, at the start of November 2020, just before the lockdown started and I had been here alone for over five months.(98 days) At the start it was quite scary because the locals were unhappy that I was here in my motorhome. Things soon settled down though and they got used to me being there. Once they realised that I was not breaking any rules. I was travelling



Working at big sky hideaway

Great Britain in the motorhome and as a freelance journalist. I was working from the motorhome, so I fit the Caravan and Motorhome Club criteria to enable me to stay on the CL site. The owners of the site were just been so kind and made me feel protected and well looked after by them. They even let

me do my shopping with them on their Asda order. So I was able to keep myself pretty much isolated all the time. It was actually nice when I saw other vehicles pulling into the field and I soon realised that things were slowly changing and lockdown easing was a good thing for me, my adventures could resume. Two days later I turned the key in my ignition and felt the butterflies in my stomach as I prepared to leave the field. I had craved the company of other people but now the time had come for me to move on I was feeling an equal measure of excitement and anxiety. My first location was Boston aerodrome CL site, so that I could volunteer at the bigskyhideaway. com which is being set up by the

founders of sayyesmore.com I got the warmest of welcomes but it was very strange having to keep my distance and not being able to hug the owners Emma and Dave. This is the new way of living and it will take some getting used to. The Yes Tribe are a fabulous group that held daily coffee zoom chats to support people throughout lockdown. So I wanted to give back to them. I worked for two days sieving gravel to help them repair their long driveway. I also got to spend time with family who lived nearby. I felt very emotional not being able to hug my brother and his wife, every bone in my body wanted to but I knew we had to be safe and keep a safe distance. This was a sign of what life was going to be like for a while at least and it was something I would have to get used to, this restraint when I saw friends and family, stopping

Siobhan with her daughter, Samantha

myself from just grabbing them and hugging them so much because I had been starved of human company for so long in lockdown. Then it was time to finally head to see my daughter Samantha in Kent. It had been nearly nine months since I had seen her and she had just moved into her own flat that she’d bought in Tunbridge Wells. I set up my motorhome on the campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk site in Crowborough, in East Sussex, then hopped on the bus into Tunbridge

“Now the time had come for me to move on I was feeling an equal measure of excitement and anxiety” Wells. When my daughter opened the door and I saw her face we just grabbed one another and hugged for ages and we cried and laughed and chattered at full speed. I felt such a sense of Euphoria to finally be with her. I had physically ached to see her,

especially when she could not come to be with me at the last minute over Christmas because of Covid rules. Being in a bubble meant that I could finally hug her. I am so proud of her she has bought a wonderful new home, and of course I could not wait to soak in her bath! It has been the main thing that I have missed since I hit the road in my motorhome 20 months ago, just chilling in a nice hot bath. She had got me a bath bomb so I could really luxuriate. I have to admit that I stayed in it for well over an hour, topping it up with hot water every now and then. It was bliss. Since then I have met up with other friends at outside pub areas and I have found myself feeling very emotional. I have realised even more the importance of my friendships and how I am definitely a people person, I need 4 to see my family and friends summer 2021 / issue 06


Meeting up with friends post lockdown easing

Drinks outside

Available to buy on Amazon 16


regularly. I can feel my mood lifting every day. So for me reconnecting with family and friend since lockdown eased has been emotional and overwhelming at times. It is taking some getting used to but it is great to be OUT OUT! even at a distance and in small groups

Sea swimming

“It is also wonderful to be experiencing my motorhome madness once more” It is also wonderful to be experiencing my motorhome madness once more, travelling

around Great Britain championing proaging and challenging ageist stereotypes. What better way to kickstart it than a freezing dip in the sea with someone I got to know on social media during lockdown and finally got to meet up with at a safe distance.w www.instagram.com/shuvonshuvoff summer 2021 / issue 06


w w w w w

When people consider marriage breakdown, they rarely empathise with the instigator. But sometimes you can fight so hard to stay that you almost destroy yourself in the process.


or many months, doubt about my feelings for my husband had been creeping in. I met them with a cortisol-inducing cocktail of denial and horror, rather than the selfforgiveness I’d have encouraged in a friend or family member. My doubt was an evil, unwanted imposter and I spent much of my time in fight or flight misery. By the time I admitted that my feelings had changed, my self-trust was decimated from lying to myself and I was exhausted. When I finally opened up to my husband and I agreed to try and make our marriage work, I knew I was delaying what I felt in my soul was inevitable, but I just wasn’t strong enough to see a separation through. I tried so hard to change my mind set, but my compulsion to leave only worsened. I found myself explaining everything so



By: Claire Marie many times, to my husband, and to the three counsellors I saw in succession who I hoped could brainwash me into unknowing that I didn’t want to be married anymore. I guess it’s no wonder that I tried to anaesthetise myself

“The inevitable happened six years ago when I had what you might call an epiphany” with food and wine – I was literally consuming my truth. I look at old photos of myself and see how much pain I was in. But still I fought for my marriage, for my son to have that traditional family set up, because my sense of self was so utterly snarled up in the ‘rightness’ of being a good wife and Mum. The inevitable happened six years ago when I had what you might call an epiphany. I was giving my parents a lift to a day

w w w w


out with their friends. My happily married, gorgeous parents who still dressed up and sparked off of one another like glints of sunlight after 40+ years of marriage. As I drove along, listening to their easy conversation, I realised that they never doubted their love for one another – it just was. And for me that was it - all I’ve ever wanted is to ‘just know’ that I loved someone. With pins and needles making their way up and down my arms and an anxiety that almost overwhelmed me, I realised with final and absolute certainty that if I didn’t start listening to myself I’d end up having serious mental health problems. I gave myself permission. In time, the mortification and guilt of ending my marriage, and my child’s family life, gave way to the intense relief that only declaring and living your truth can bring. I started to feel glimmers



A fresh start w




of hope that I’d finally be able to live as my authentic self, and discovering the ‘real me’ was exciting. I’d hated myself for a long time, but eventually I started to see that I wasn’t a bad person; just an honest one. And I still feel proud that I was brave enough to listen to and trust myself. The most important criteria for a good life has to be peace of mind. Of course, there’ll always be some sort of external crisis, but if you’re aligned with who you are, you’re giving yourself the foundation to deal with anything.

If you’re reading this feeling like you have a mountain to climb, please know that you can take all the time that you need. Whether you decide to stay or leave, taking steps to explore your feelings and make a decision that feels right for you is incredibly brave. It will take you into unchartered territory many don’t dare to contemplate, but your bravery will pay off and when you finally reach the right outcome, I promise you’ll know. w Find Claire over on her socials below: www.instagram.com/claire_my40pluslife https://www.my40pluslife.me/ summer 2021 / issue 06


By: chalita frost


ummer body ~ beach body ~ EVERY body is beautiful. We made it through congratulations to us all! Not only have we navigated our way through the usual bleak winter and an unusually cold spring but we did so with some intensive lockdown limitations. Phew. Well done you! Take a moment to self reflect upon what you have survived! With that said, we can now look forward to brighter, sunnier days, BBQ’s in the garden, days on the beach and maybe even a summer holiday...but does your heart sink at the prospect of wearing less clothing and a sense of dread engulf you at the mere mention of the word swimwear?! Well hang on a second please, before you dive into that default thought setting of “I must lose this weight before I can wear summer clothes,” I’d like you to consider this: 1) If you put on weight



“Take a moment to self reflect upon what you have survived!”

throughout lockdown but just about kept your sanity, celebrate! 2) If your body has changed over the last few years but you’re here and healthy, celebrate!


Be body confident this summer!

3) If the menopause has affected you but you have a body that works, celebrate! It’s time to switch your thought process. I believe that society and our own rigid mindset has taught us to aspire to unrealistic expectations when it comes to our own body image. I’ve worked alongside a variety of beautiful women over the past few years with body image issues and this confirms to me that constant dieting, over exercising and obsessing about being a different shape can create an overwhelming sense of body discontentment. Consistently focussing upon the parts of your body that you dislike and putting too much emphasis on external factors, such as losing a certain amount of weight, wishing you had slimmer legs, a flatter stomach or by constantly comparing yourself to others is not conducive to self acceptance and self love. But life really doesn’t have to be like this! We can train our brains to move away from the daily self criticism and cruel mind chatter that we subject ourselves to and begin to move forward with a renewed sense of serenity. The key element to making these changes to a journey of self love is to become your own best friend. Be kind and patient and speak to yourself as you would to someone you love. Practise accepting every part of your body and thanking it daily for enabling you to move around and live your life. This

is different to trying to love all of the parts of you that you’ve taught yourself to loathe - this is recognising that they might not be your idea of perfection but they function the best way they can, just for you.

“We can train our brains to move away from the daily self criticism and cruel mind chatter” When you begin to understand your body in a new way, you can shift your mindset and view what you once perceived as flaws, as part of your uniqueness. The dimples, the stretch marks, the rolls and the squishy bits are all beautiful and are the components of a very important person... YOU! Body confidence doesn’t always

come easily but when we switch the focus from self loathing to self loving, the magic can happen. So try on that swimwear right now and teach yourself to wear it with confidence this summer, however you look. You are beautiful. You are unique. There is only one you and that makes you utterly perfect! Chalita offers ‘body image sessions’ by phone, video call or face to face. She has designed a programme to teach women how to overcome a lifetime of self loathing, to free the mind and love the skin you’re in. If this is something you would like to explore, please contact Chalita for a free 30 minute consultation using the code; FAB30. w www.chalitafrostnlpandlifecoaching.co.uk summer 2021 / issue 06


If you can’t tan it,tone it! By: zee battersby





h the dreaded question for a lot of women my age... to bare skin or not to bare skin. Am I right? I think I am! We all feel better when it’s summer. Our mood is lighter, the nights are longer and with the lockdown ending this month I can’t wait to get dressed up with my friends for either a boozy brunch or an evening of good food and laughs. If, like me, you resemble the colour of bloody corned beef without a tan and can look as though you’ve been dug up in the morning, I have a new mantra for you. When I was at a beauty college we had a wonderful teacher. she used to say “well you know girls, if you can’t tone it tan it!” and this mantra has stayed with me for decades.. That’s right, I said decades hahaha. With an increase in skin cancers it’s more important now than ever before to educate ourselves and our children about safe tanning. Tanning is for every skin shade. Some olive and mixed raced friends of mine tan

regularly because the british weather is so awful. Skin cancer affects every skin shade. They tell me they feel grey and sallow without a bit of a tan. So this is a tanning guide for every skin type.

I’m going to be giving you my tanning at home recommendations along with how to prep properly and how to avoid those streak marks. You didn’t ask for it but I’m giving it to you anyway! :)

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!! It’s all in the preparations ladies. use a good quality body scrub in the morning. Like anything, getting the desired result takes a bit of planning. Shave your legs the day before, exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate, then moisturise your dry areas and places the tan may grab. I always find places my clothes touch, to also be a sticking point when tanning. so where my bra straps sit, my knees, hands and of course the dreaded orange ankle! Choose your Moisturiser! It’s really important to use the recommended product with any tanning system, but if you’ve run out, and like me you tend to use all sorts of products then a light non greasy moisturiser on the dry areas is perfect. It’s important NOT to moisturise your entire body as this will act as a barrier to any tan products you put on. So my advice is to bathe or shower the night before, tackle any deforestation then moisturise your whole body. This will help prepare your skin for tanning the next day after your morning shower. MMMM Curry Biscuits! It doesn’t matter if the company claims you wont smell like curried digestives...9/10 times you absolutely will!! This is the downside to tanning, so unless you want to sit in a bath over night filled with tea bags then I’m afraid its very rare to find a tanning

“well you know girls, if you can’t tone it tan it!” product without the ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) this is the ingredient that reacts with the skin to produce the tan and give of the yeasty biscuit smell while its developing. NOW, you get around this by using a skin makeup which doesn’t smell and wash off at the end of the day. So I’ll be listing the best ones later. Choose your weapon !! So, these days there are so many tans to choose from. Prices range

from £5.00 to £60.00 on the high street. If you can afford it then book a spray tan appointment- it’s definitely worth it. You can then use gradual tanning products to intensify the colour and prolong the treatment. Some salons even give you the bottle to take home, which I think is a nice touch. Another common downside to tanning is the colour left on your bedsheets! It can look a bit like an episode of CSI in the morning “she died from a fake tanning failure officer” haha! There are products you can buy that are clear when they go on. However, the reason a lot of tanning systems have a guide colour is so you can see where you’ve put it and you can look bronzed while going about your 4 day as it develops. summer 2021 / issue 06


Here are my go to products for successful home tanning. Now get out there gurrrrrl and show ‘em what you’ve got.


4 Get it on!! Personally I prefer the rubber glove method but recently I’ve worn gloves under a tanning mitt and this really works. Tanning mitts usually soak though and you end up with tan finger. which can look as though you’ve smoked 20 woodbines overnight! If you’re using a spray tanner from a can with a guide colour at home, use consistent circular motions, taking care not to get too close to the skin. If you have a shower cubicle then this is perfect, or go outside if it’s nice. DO NOT under any circumstances spray tan at home on a light carpet. Trust me you will look at it the next morning and there will be a round brown patch with two white feet in it. Dry yourself. Use your mitt to buff areas like the feet, knees and elbows before drying yourself with a hairdryer 24


(this works for me!) oh also set the dryer on cool!! Wear loose dark coloured clothing and WAIT ! If you’re using a cream tanner with a guide colour, again I prefer gloves but a tanning mitt and gloves are brilliant. Use upwards sweeping strokes and remember not to go over any areas twice. This will remove the tan you’ve already put on and make it patchy. Buff with your mitt then dry with a hairdryer on cool. If using a clear tanner then either of the two above methods are again perfect. Just bear in mind you may have some restoration work to do the next day. Streaky and freaky I don’t know anyone who hasn’t woken up from a night of tanning OR a day at work with tan developing, that hasn’t succumbed

to the streaks. So my advice is to either buy a tan remover or use one of the readily available “tan in a can” products which are essentially leg and body make up. Warpaint. It’s important to remember that your makeup will change to suit your tanned face. So just as you would adjust your makeup when on holiday it’s a must that a darker foundation or tanning drops are added to your favourite day or night makeup. So for the overall success of a tanning treatment or an at home application you must stick to these rules. So there you go. wear the tan, wear the outfit. Use the airbrush effect instant tanner and go forth into the night looking tanned toned and incredible. You’re Welcome!! w




5 7

6 9 10

1. Mii Makeup Get your glow on home tanning kit £19.99 salon only 2. Tan eraser foam £11.99 3. Kissed by MII effortlessly easy tan mouse £26.95-salon only 4. Coco& eve tanning kit sunny honey bali £39.90 5. Bondi sands GLO Matte one day tan £8.99 6. Tropic sun drops £22.00 7. Skinny tan back aplicator £11.99 8. Skinny tan wonder serum kit £41.99 9. St Tropez Prep & Maintain £10.00 10. Sally hanson airbrush legs £12.99 each summer 2021 / issue 06


FAB FAVS Sharing our favourite buys, all under£100 COMPILED By: Nique ford

TRAVEL SHOP Hand held steamer- Steamery £110 / Grey memory foam travel pillow -Oliver Bonas £55 / Emily Brooks Passport case £15 / Water bottle – Glossier £14 / Hummingbird Slippers- Laines £49 / Toothpaste - Lebon Villa Noacarlina £17.99 / Toothbrush -Truthbrush petal pink £4.50 / Travel Styling Kit -Alfa Italia Viaggio £44.95 / Eye Mask -Sara Miller £30 / Neom sleep on the go collection £25 / Floral Print Green Shirt, Trousers & Scrunchie Pyjama Set – Oliver Bonas £65 26


DENIM Headband Maison Archives £25 / Denim frill blouse Mango £49.99 / Sandals Mango £49.99 / Bag Mango £49.99 / Shirt dress Cos £69.99 / Acid wash dress Zara £49.99 summer 2021 / issue 06



IN THE MIX Hat Anthroplogie £58 / Tape cassette player Urban Outfitters £35 / Bracelet Accessorize £10 / Sandals Next from £16 / Sunglasses M&S £15 / Straw Bag H&M £22.99 / Water Bottle Matalan £10 / Fragrance Zara £17.99 / Face Mist Glow Recipe £28 / Deodarant Native £12 / Dress H&M £24.99 28


GET THE LOOK Earrings – All Saints £39 / Perfume Ted Baker £18 / Bracelet Sara Christies £39 / Sunglasses NewLook £8 / Heels River Island £48 / Necklace Mango £17.99 / Bag Zara £25,99 / White shirt River Island £32 / Leather Bermuda shorts River Island £90 summer 2021 / issue 06


Being single

I could compromise and slow down in the gym and in my social life. Perhaps it would increase my dating options, but at what cost? The cost, ironically, would be my happiness. With that in mind, why would I settle for a lifestyle I’d pay for in joy? I won’t settle for the sake of

in your


“Being single is a status, not a destiny. It’s a choice-and my choice is not to be defined by my being single but to use the time wisely to work on myself and gain clarity”

By: gail genster


turned 60 this past January. Now, I’ve made it very clear how little I care about my age (60, so what?!) but being 60 is still a milestone. I am also single. Being single at my age is certainly non-traditional, but my mentality towards the whole thing makes me live my best life no matter what. Here’s how I approach it.



Thin Pickings I’m not what you would call an ordinary 60-year-old. People my age do not typically get after it in

‘I won’t settle for the sake of finding the right guy, and neither should you’ the gym like I do. They do not travel or socialize like I do either. Granted, as a pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, my goal is to change that. But as of now, there aren’t many men in my age group that can keep up with me, and my preference is to stay within a decade of my age. Common references (music, shows, historic events) are important! These issues are compounded by the fact that the social activities

I enjoy, such as art and fashion events. don’t typically have many eligible bachelors. Additionally, I want to spend this last part of my journey with someone whose moral compass and life goals are aligned with mine. All in all, these factors limit my dating pool as a 60-year-old (a 60-year-old badass I might add!). Finding Happiness “Happiness is an inside job” is one my all-time favourite quotes. Many people rely on external factors to be happy. They need a good job, companionship, a bubbling social life, etc. In order to smile every day. This is a mindset you need to break if you want to find consistent happiness. Being content starts within.

finding the right guy, and neither should you. I deserve more-so do you. If you want to be happy, consistently happy, work on yourself. Being single is a status, not a destiny. It’s a choiceand my choice is not to be defined by my being single but to use the time wisely to work on myself and

gain clarity. My advice? Dress, socialize, and work out the way you want to, no matter how young or old you are. DO YOU. BE YOU. FOR YOU.


Whatever is Meant to be, Will be Maybe the right guy will come strolling into my life one of these days. I’m hopeful he will,

but I’m going to keep being the best version of myself in the meantime. There’s a word in Yiddish, “Beshert” Whatever is meant to be, will be. If you’d like to adopt this mindset, I’d love to inspire you! w Reach out to me on Instagram @ gailgensler or on my website, gailgensler.com summer 2021 / issue 06


In conversation with...

Meg Mathews Meg Mathews is an Icon of the nineties and was at the very forefront of Brit pop. A former music industry PR executive Meg is now an events planner, published Author and advocate for the Menopause.

8 32


summer 2021 / issue 06



he 90’s, if you can remember them, were a golden era. We had a labour government, we were in the EU, there was no pandemic and we had the best music scene for generations. Girl power was at the forefront and of course live bands and live music were normality. Meg Mathews is an icon of the nineties and was at the very forefront of Brit pop. A former music industry PR executive Meg is now an events planner, published Author and advocate for the Menopause. Now living in Cornwall, having recently seen her daughter Anais fly the nest, we are asking: how did the Grand Dame of Brit pop become the Grand Dame of the menopause movement? Well, today Meg has given up her time to talk to us here at FAB Mag UK about her brand new book “The New Hot”, her Menopause product line, and her menopause wellbeing website www.megsmenopause.com Hi Meg, it’s so good to meet you and thanks for taking the time to chat to me today. Obviously we ask everyone we meet how they are in this pandemic, so how are you getting on with the lockdowns and how are you are keeping focused as we get back to normal...whatever that is!? So yeah, like everyone the pandemic halted so much. I had a lot of time to think about things

and I had been thinking about moving out of the city. I’d fell out of love with London, it was time for a change, so I did it. Moving my life has changed everything. Like most people, the pandemic has been hard but ironically the pandemic turned out to be a good thing in some respects as it meant you could work from anywhere. I personally found it so freeing using Skype, really freeing. The city pace is relentless and so fast paced, my office is now from home so all of a sudden the Ipad was

“You know, a lot of people think I’m this cockney girl but I’m really not. I was born in Oxfordshire and spent my childhood in South Africa” my window to the whole world and my business. Travelling was taking up so much time, you’d get to one meeting then you’d be rushing across town to another and wanting to give each meeting your absolute best and give those people the best version of yourself, it’s very draining. I get way much more done with zoom and the freedom is fantastic. I can get so much more out of my day. So I don’t have to be in London I can be anywhere and I’m absolutely loving the pace of life down here. The people

are so friendly. It’s just the most beautiful part of the world. I feel very lucky. So where about’s are you now then? I’m in Cornwall. It’s just amazing. I go sea swimming every morning with my dog Ziggy (more about him later) you get the best of the weather here- most of the time. You know, a lot of people think I’m this cockney girl but I’m really not. I was born in Oxfordshire and spent my childhood in South Africa, it was an idyllic childhood. I was so lucky to be able to travel with my parents. I then went to Art College in Norwich, so I’m not a city person. Living next to the sea is in my blood, it’s where I feel most at home and at peace. I love being near the rock pools and being able to walk in peace along the beach is just heaven. Your first published book “The New Hot” is described as the ‘sassy essential girlfriends guide to the menopause’. It’s brilliant! Of course we all go through the menopause at different stages. So it’s an invaluable guide of what to expect and how to rationalise and deal with these changes that until recently no one really talked about so openly. Was that the reason for writing the book? Definitely, I wanted it to appeal to every woman. Some women go through the menopause very early, summer 2021 / issue 06


some very late. Some women go through gender realignment and still go through the menopause and those women are forgotten about. So I really wanted to make it relatable. I was diagnosed with ADHD and I have dyslexia. I started going through the menopause 6 years ago and I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I was having trouble sleeping, I couldn’t concentrate and I kept forgetting things, I felt permanently in this fog, you know like foggy brain? I was utterly convinced I had the symptoms of early onset dementia, which is what I lost my mother to. So I was really struggling to understand what was happening to me. In the end 36


a lady I knew took me to one side after a meeting and said “I think you are in Peri-menopause, all the symptoms you’ve just detailed are clear signs

“It was really important to me that the book was full of the correct medical information but it was easy for anyone to read” I suggest you go to your doctor and ask to be tested.” And that was a turning point for me, and a huge relief. But when I started looking for things to help me understand the menopause there wasn’t anything

out there I could relate to. It was all very medical and hard for me to read and absorb. So I thought, “I cant be the only one who feels this way?” and there and then I set about making the book become a reality. It’s a no holds barred account of what actually happens to you during a time that can feel so isolating. The majority of resources’ out there are written or seem to be written by women I can’t really identify with. Your book really words it in such a “relevant to me” way. How did you go about writing it? Yeah you know, it was really

important to me that the book was full of the correct medical information but easy for anyone to read and understand. Even down to the font and the layout. I had a ghostwriter and she really understood what I wanted to achieve. Because of my dyslexia I cant just sit down and write a book from start to finish. We started to fill my house with post it notes with chapters on and topics to discuss, so it was really visual which helped me get things in the right order and see the book take shape. It was also a really fun & enjoyable experience doing it that way. She’s brilliant. The same applies to the illustrations in the book and the weight and how it feels when you hold it. I wanted it to be sexy, you know like a coffee table book. So you look at it and think ooh what’s that?! And also again, because of my ADHD it needed to grab my attention and be the kind of book you can pick up and put down, so it’s all in bite size chucks that you can read and come back to. All these points needed to be considered and I am so so happy with it. Your website @ megsmenopause.com is really well written and curated. It feels very personal and intimate as though you care about what you’re putting out there, like you really care about the woman who is

reading it. I think that’s the difference with what you’re doing compared to the other resources out there. In my view that’s really rare. How does that make you feel? You know, I didn’t want it to be just a website with pages of information or all about me. It’s for every women out there going through it. So I make sure whatever I put out there is an

extension of the book and they go hand in hand really. There’s always new data that’s being released you know, medical and holistic and I talk to real women about their experiences and we have guest writers and topics that are featured and varied but all relevant. It’s so important to authentic otherwise what’s the point right? 4 summer 2021 / issue 06


You’ve also got your own skincare and product line that’s available to buy on your website. I’ve looked into your products and again, so much effort and care has been taken to source and deliver the supplement and skincare line AND it’s affordable which again makes it feel like you care about the woman buying it. How long did it take to get the line to a place you were happy with it and do you have any plans to extend it? I made them myself! I researched it all and sourced the ingredients. Everything out there at the moment is so expensive. It’s not necessary you know? I wanted them to look sleek and not out of place in your bathroom. Everything out there looks so medical, with words like VAGINA CREAM on them!!! I wanted it to look sexy like spa

Megs Menopause products

You can find more info and buy products over at: www.megsmenopause.com

products, they had to look discreet and they’re pink. I think I achieved that and they are amazing vegan cruelty free products. That was so important as I’m an animal lover and it’s really something I’m passionate about. So instead of VAGINA CREAM, we have the “take care down there” range which is much better. (We both giggle at this point) The Meno blend products are fantastic. They’re called things like ‘blossom balm’ , ‘blossom lave’ and ‘motion lotion’. Unless you pick them up and read them you’re not going to know they intimate lotion, washes and lubricants! From as little as a £1 a day you can look after yourself and like I said they’re all made from veganapproved products. There are so many things about our body and mind we aren’t told about during sex education or as we get older, do you think the menopause should be discussed during sex education at school or maybe there should be more access as we get older the right advice? Oh it does now, yeah, it’s been

Megs dog, ziggy

show, something to rival loose women? Is that something you’ve considered? I genuinely don’t have time at the moment but it would be great to see more magazine shows. We should get thinking!!

included in the curriculum which is brilliant. Living with teenagers and going through the menopause isn’t easy. I felt so guilty and all over the place when I was going through it. Anais was 15 at the time. I felt so exhausted all the time as I wasn’t sleeping, we cancelled family holidays and I just felt like I was disappointing her all the time. Sooo me and my mum guilt got her a dog, then she got a boyfriend and then I got the dog hahahahaha!! Ziggy was my saviour. He’s a Hungarian wire hair Vizsla. He’s been with me everyday since and I adore him. He reminds me of the dragon from never ending story!! He’s so lovely and follows me everywhere, everywhere!! ( If you follow Meg on Instagram you will see he hasn’t quiet followed her into the sea yet on her morning swims. He sits and waits patiently with her towel!!) What’s next for Megs Menopause? We would love to see you have your own talk

Ah thanks so much Meg for taking the time to talk to me and FabMag uk today. I feel like I’ve known you for ages!! Aww thank you for having me its been great!….and with that her car arrives and she’s whisked off back to London to see Anais. w www.megsmenopause.com www.instagram.com/megmathewsofficial quick fire Sweet or savory Savoury Childhood nickname Smeg Spice girls or All saints Oh I cant, no I couldn’t choose BOTH!! What was the last thing you ate? Indian Morning person or night own? Morning Last song you downloaded? I haven’t downloaded any songs but I’m definitely loving Netflix Tea or coffee? Depends on my mood, but coffee. Yeah bullet coffee if I really need it.


Yoga & me Yoga Life Coach & Founder of the Mind Body Blueprint Mentorship Program By: Jessica Galvin


s a Yoga Life Coach, Jessica works with high-achieving women to reduce stress & anxiety and rebuild confidence and self-worth by practicing self-love every day. Through the fusion of Yoga, Meditation and NLP Mindset Coaching she works 1-1 with women to create bespoke daily practices that transform how you feel about yourself on the inside and out. Before she found Yoga, Jessica struggled with depression and anxiety, working in a high-profile fundraising job in London. She numbed her pain with Valium and ignored the warning signs time after time – convinced that eventually, she would find a quick fix solution. After pushing herself to burnout multiple times she started to notice that she was damaging her relationships because she was always reactive, she was under performing at work and her health was suffering. At rock bottom, she realised there had to be a better way to live – one where you were thriving not just surviving. She has since



Jessica, Founder of the Mind Body Blueprint Mentorship Program

dedicated the last 12 years to study and application of Eastern and Western perspectives on how to live a happy, joyous, and fulfilled life and now shares this knowledge

with others. Jessica started Mind Body Blueprint with a clear mission: to empower women to live with a purpose and passion. Her 90-day

mentorship program is curated to help you step into your power as the best version of yourself. As Pam, a recent graduate of the program says “I now have peace and harmony within myself. I thought I was good before, but I am proud to say I am now a better version of myself. Jessica explains that “each woman is beautiful in her uniqueness and a daily self-care practice should honour and support that. I work closely with every woman in the program to guide them to connect with what they truly want. They get clear on how they want to feel and how to make that their everyday reality. Some women are more drawn to breathwork, others a movement or meditation practice. It’s not about

Yoga... it’s about how you feel. And to uncover that, you have to learn to listen to yourself. That is what Yoga teaches you. When you tune into this inner wisdom, you find a deep sense of fulfilment that means that you know, that whatever life throws at you… you’ve got this!”

“When you tune into this inner wisdom, you find a deep sense of fulfillment” She believes that wellness isn’t something you do, it’s something you live. “When you have daily habits that are aligned to your vision, and clarity around how you want to feel, it becomes a way of life. So often I speak to women who are too busy for self-care of feel that ‘life has pulled them in

a different direction” and that they have ‘forgotten who they are.’ In this digital age, we are so overstimulated and have so many options, we are seduced by the quick fix solutions which don’t give you lasting results. To overcome stress and change the way you feel about yourself, it starts with a commitment: to YOU. An understanding that YOU deserve time to take care of yourself, to nourish your soul, and to take a rest when you need one.” Jessica is offering a free Stress Lifestyle Audit to women that are looking to overcome stress and build daily practices that support and sustain them to continue to follow their dreams, at every stage of life. w summer 2021 / issue 06



The pallet seating area handmade by Alix’s partner, Tobias


bought my first home with my partner Tobias in January 2019. It’s not until I look back at photos that I appreciate just how far we have come, and just how much work Tobias has done, especially in the garden. A few weeks after moving, we discovered I was pregnant, so our budget for home renovation and decoration was smaller than anticipated with a baby on the way! Everything in our garden has been handmade by Tobias using either pallet wood, given to us for free, or built with scaffolding boards bought at cost price. One of my favourite areas of our garden is the seating area, made completely of pallet wood. It took Tobias around a week to make, pulling apart the pallets, building, sanding, treating - and it looks incredible! It’s a huge talking point in the garden, and a lovely social space. Our garden is over 100ft long,so we have a lot of space to play with! We decided to build a workshop at the end of the garden, so Tobias

The ‘Treehouse’ - a work in progress.

Summer Garden

An insight into our ever changing garden, and how to style your outdoor space on a budget. By: Alix pamela shaw was able to house his tools and work in all weathers. It is yet to be completed, but as time has progressed, we have decided to use it instead as an outdoor entertainment room/pub called ‘The Treehouse’. I’d love it as a studio, or at least some of it as a dedicated studio/ art space but I’m yet to convince the builder! I am a passionate lover of secondhand. I go to a car boot most Sundays, and when bootsale season ends, I’m often in the charity shops looking for a

unique bargain. Whilst Tobias is incredible at making things from scratch, I have an eye for detail and pretty things - and I’m always finding things for the garden (and home) for a few pounds. If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend checking out a local carboot or charity shops to find garden decor for a low price! If secondhand is your thing, take a look at my Instagram dedicated to our home & my secondhand life! w www.instagram.com/thebootsalekid www.instagram.com/ournorfolkabode summer 2021 / issue 06


confidence H

Mya Fawcett @silverymoonphotography

beach body By: Rachel peru

elp! It’s already started. As soon as lockdown life started to lift, the ‘How to get a beach body’ articles and social media posts started. This is an annual occurrence but after the pressure that most people’s lives have been under in the last year it seems to sting even more. Marketing companies and the media should receive an award for piling unrealistic pressure on women as they plan their summer wardrobe and beach attire, especially when they hit 40. The majority of the swimwear images I see are so unrelatable; I realised I didn’t look anything like them in my twenties so at 50 I don’t stand a chance! It really is time we took back control and stuck two fingers up at these unrealistic expectations

and start enjoying the freedom our beautiful bodies bring. Here are some of my tops tips to start enjoying your summer at the beach, wherever that might be! • Remember, you are not your body. Your body is an amazing vessel that carries you through life but it’s not what defines you. Write a list of all the things that make you happy on holiday and focus on them, make as much time for them as possible.

‘Forget about what anyone else is wearing and flaunt your beautiful body on the beach’



• Forget about what anyone else is wearing and flaunt your beautiful body on the beach. We all get so wrapped up in our own insecurities that we start to believe everyone will be staring at us but the reality is you are not alone in these feelings. I never look at another woman on the beach and think she should have lost weight before she rocked up in her summer 2021 / issue 06


swimwear so why is it ok to say these things about our own bodies

‘ Ditch the rules and wear what makes YOU feel good and to hell with what anyone else thinks ’

Mya Fawcett @silverymoonphotography

• Last year the Women and Equalities committee conducted a survey which showed that 6 out of 10 women in the UK are left feeling negative about their bodies, which is such a sad statistic. (https://publications.parliament. uk/pa/cm5801/cmselect/ cmwomeq/805/80502.htm) Let’s call time on all this and start leading the way. The more women that start to show up with confidence wearing exactly what they want on the beach the easier we will make it for all women to feel good about themselves. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see the ripple effect we could all make by something so simple as embracing our bodies. • When it comes to choosing swimwear, all I can tell you is to ditch the rules and wear what makes YOU feel good and to hell with what anyone else thinks. If

“Seek out diversity and fill your feed with lots of different body shapes and sizes, it really helps you see how we are all meant to be different” Laura Adams @Lauracarlyadams

Laura Adams @Lauracarlyadams

you’re a swimsuit woman that’s great, if you prefer to wear a two piece that’s fabulous too, there is no right way, whatever makes you have the most body confidence. I’ve heard so many women share opinions on both and it’s time we

stopped judging one another. I love wearing bikinis because they make me feel free, but I totally understand other women feel better in a one piece. There are so many different styles out there that accommodate all shapes and sizes. 4 summer 2021 / issue 06


Think of your swimwear like your lingerie, it’s all about the fit so take the time to try them on properly; shopping from home has never been easier, which takes away the pressure of shop changing rooms.

‘Don’t forget to accessorize. Have some fun with your beach outfits because you deserve it’

Laura Adams @Lauracarlyadams

• Social media can have a huge impact on how we feel about our bodies, it’s so easy to fall down the comparison trap. Unfollow people that leave you feeling negative about your body. Seek out diversity and fill your feed with lots of different body shapes and sizes, it really helps you see how we are all meant to be different and there is beauty in your uniqueness.

Mya Fawcett @silverymoonphotography

• Don’t forget to accessorize. Have some fun with your beach outfits because you deserve it. I’m thinking big 1970’s sunglasses, wide brim hats and glorious kaftans this year. Whatever you wear, enjoy your Summer and hold your head up high. Repeat after me... “I AM GORGEOUS I AM BEAUTIFUL MY BODY IS MY FRIEND I’M GOING TO ENJOY MY SUMMER” w www.rachelperu.co.uk summer 2021 / issue 06


In there like swimwear Here’s my guide to swimwear for the forty plus women out there who are looking for items to flatter and boost confidence. By: zee battersby


hether you’re holidaying in the UK or youre going to brave abroad I’ve got some uber flattering swimwear and cover up choices for you right here. We hate the term ‘ ‘beach body ready” here at fab and to be honest the beach is gonna get whatever body we have right here. We champion women of all sizes and all we want to promote is body confidence. So here is my fab mag guide to swimwear.w



4 5

3 6

Shien £13.99 50


1. Gingham swimsuit Cupshee £23.00 2. Pattern swimsuit Figleaves £28.00 3. Yellow beach dress M&S £25.00 4. Boden beach bag £60.00 5. Black swimsuit Figleaves £25.00 4 6. Crocs £54.99 summer 2021 / issue 06



1 2


3 3

4 5 4

1. Donald stanley POA 2. Monki beach cover up £25.00 3. Nique Ford from £70.00 4. Joules beach bag £41.00 52


7 6 1. Teal suit Cupshe £22.00 2. White sandals London rebel £6.60 3. Totast wide brim hat £69.00 4. Sandals ASOS £18.00 5. Green palm kimono NEXT £22 6. Swimsuit Fantasie £84 7. ASOS jelly flats £14.00 summer 2021 / issue 06


By: Dan bunker


his June saw millions of LGBTQ+ people and their allies around the world celebrating Pride Month and with that came another change to the Pride Flag. I am sure we are all familiar with the rainbow flag that can be seen outside LGBTQ+ venues and being waved proudly during celebrations. Over the years it has become a symbol of safety and unity for the community. But in recent years there have been changes, which have been met with mixed views, with some declaring that the original design, created by George Gilbert in San Francisco in 1977, was always inclusive. So what changes have there been? In 2017, the traditional six colours were joined by an arrow design on the left of the flag,



incorporating colours representing people of colour (POC). Alongside that pink, light blue and white were added which were taken from the transgender flag. Some people argued that both POC and trans people were included in the

“What appears to be a small change to some can have huge impacts for those it wants to represent” original flag, so why did some feel it was important that had their own inclusion? The truth is, for whatever reason, many LGBTQ + POC and trans people haven’t felt particularly recognised by such celebrations as Pride, and often found themselves facing stigma

and discrimination from within the community. In 2018 research from Stonewall (an LGBTQ+ charity) showed that 51 percent of people of colour reported having experienced racism within the community. When you are already experiencing marginalisation as a POC, you are also doubly experiencing it as a LGBTQ+ person, which can feel like a lot to deal with. Phrases on dating apps such as Grindr have become renown for users using expressions such as ‘No fats, no Asians’ or ‘No chocolate, no rice, no curry, no spice’. It is shocking when we see it written here, but if you are a person of colour you are used to seeing such things on dating apps regularly, and that simply can’t be



ok, can it? So the incorporation of the stripes in the Pride flag is a clear message to POC to say ‘we see you, we recognise your struggle can sometimes be different and we want to acknowledge that’. You only have to look at recent news articles to get a sense that transgender people are really struggling with some negative press lately. The so called debate about whether trans people should have equal rights is really complex, and we wouldn’t want to cause a storm here by trying to address some of those issues. But what we do know for sure, if you are trans, navigating your daily life can be stressful and difficult. A 2020 report by LGBTQ+ charity Galop showed 4 in 5 trans people have experienced hate crime, nearly 1 in 5 had experienced a serious sexual assault or threats of sexual assault. 5 in 10 trans people felt they couldn’t leave their homes due to fear, and 7 out of 10 did not feel that the police could help. Adding the trans colour stripes to the Pride flag is a small way to acknowledge some of these struggles and try and reach out to a community which is living in fear constantly. And so we come to the latest addition, the inclusion of a purple circle on the left-hand side. This circle represents the intersex community. ‘Who?!’ I hear you cry. Intersex people are born with variations in sex characteristics which can include sex hormones, genitals that don’t fit typical male or female definitions, gonads or

chromosomes. Approximately 1 in every 1500 people are born intersex, that means around 45,000 people in the UK have been born intersex. It used to be the case when a baby was born they would perform immediate surgery to make the child biologically male or female, but as was proven, often children would grow to identify as the opposite gender. So these days’ doctors advise a child start to develop before surgery is even considered, if at all.

As you can see, the LGBTQ+ community is diverse within itself, and these changes to the original Pride flag only serve to reflect making marginalised groups within the community feel valued and recognised. What appears to be a small change to some can have huge impacts for those it wants to represent. If you can clearly identify yourself in the Pride flag you feel included and it says ‘hey, you are not alone’. That can never be a bad thing, can it? w summer 2021 / issue 06


1 w

2 w

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The image directory


he UK’s only online directory for the image and style industries launched on 12th April 2021. We are excited to announce the launch of the UK’s only online directory for the Image and Style industries. The Image Directory is the first of its kind in the UK. The ‘Check-a-Trade’ inspired platform will showcase qualified, insured and experienced professionals within the hair, beauty, aesthetic, holistic, fitness and style industries.



‘I’ve seen so many horror stories, that I will only represent discerning professional business owners’ The directory is the brainchild of Tania Gough, a veteran of the beauty industry, who is passionate about promoting only qualified and insured professionals. Tania Gough, founder of The Image Directory said. “The hair, beauty and aesthetic industries are so poorly regulated

and I’ve seen so many horror stories, that I will only represent discerning professional business owners. So many of the treatments available today, can have dramatic life changing effects if they are not performed correctly. This is why it is SO important to find the correct professional for you.” The Image Directory launched on 12th April, to coincide with salons and clinics reopening. w For more information contact Tania 07958 032629 or tania@theimage. directory www.theimage.directory

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summer 2021 / issue 06


Ethical luxury

The Future is Faux:FRIDA ROME’s interchangeable bag panel lets fashion fans switch up their style sustainably




All images courtesy of FRIDA ROME

any eco-conscious handbag lovers might find themselves asking the question; How many bags is too many to own when trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle? Say hello to FRIDA ROME. This British-made, female-founded conscious luxury brand have come up with a unique handbag design that provides an ingenious solution to the accessory-overload dilemma. Their debut luxury vegan crossbody the WEEK/END features bold, cut-edge lines in all black cactus leather. Lined with a contrasting sumptuous eco-suede, and featuring FRIDA ROME’s sensual signature hidden detail an erotic story chapter. Finished with over 30 light gold press studs that, aside from being a punkishly cool feature, enable the bag to fully deconstruct into a flat-pack, flight-friendly accessory. It’s no wonder that when the bag initially launched the first orders were sold out within two hours. However, that wasn’t the only practical reason for the pull-

‘When designing, we’re always asking ‘ How will this make me feel?’ apart function of the WEEK/ END. Founders, Rebecca Joy & Natalie Deana, made it possible for their sought-after

statement accessory to transform into multiple styles; by recently introducing interchangeable panels that perfectly attach to the

original bag with just a few clicks of the iconic press studs. ‘When designing, we’re always asking ‘How will this make me feel?’. We aim to bring excitement and a sense of joy to our customers with everything we create. The beauty of interchangeable panels is that you can transform your bag and your mood in a matter of seconds. It’s fun.’ Says Rebecca, co-founder of FRIDA ROME.

“The interchangeable function of the WEEK/ END is part of our design ethos to try and minimise wastefulness, something we haven’t yet seen elsewhere” The first additional panel available to purchase is a plush vegan shearling that replaces the front face of the WEEK/END crossbody bag. This transforms the handbag from sleek all-black, rock’n’roll cool to retro 70’s California vibes in an instant. FRIDA ROME are encouraging purchasers to reduce waste by adapting the style of their WEEK/ END bag, instead of looking for a whole new handbag when in the mood for a change. Natalie,

co-founder, explains; “We are always aiming to improve our sustainability. The interchangeable function of the WEEK/END is part of our design ethos to try and minimise wastefulness, something we haven’t yet seen elsewhere.” The new shearling panel comes with impressive GOTS, IVN Best and Fair for Life natural textile manufacturing certifications. FRIDA ROME selected the cruelty-free plush fabric with careful consideration for the manufacturer’s credentials. With a supply chain that is entirely transparent, the organic cotton used to make the vegan shearling is only sourced from areas which get enough rain for sustainable cotton production. It’s grown without harmful pesticides, harvested 4 according to natural, ecological summer 2021 / issue 06


Wild Marine Collagen

methods and the manufacturing process actually contributes to green energy. FRIDA ROME’s commitment to sustainability comes without sacrificing luxury, quality or style. The WEEK/END’s vegan cactus leather has a suppleness and texture only associated with luxury fashion accessories. With the same eco-suede that lined the original WEEK/END also lining the vegan shearling panel, the bag retains the same sophisticated interior with the adapted style. A one-bag-forall-occasions, the WEEK/END can also be worn three ways; as a crossbody, shoulder or clutch bag to take any fun-seeking fashionista from day to night effortlessly. And with the addition of the shearling panel, the style can be changed up swiftly, all while satisfying a conscientious buyer’s tick-list. Co-Founder Natalie Deana promises that this is only the beginning for the bag with many personalities: “The faux shearling front panel is just the first of many other panel design ideas we have

nature’s secret to looking and feeling your best

“The faux shearling front panel is just the first of many other panel design ideas we have” for the WEEK/END. There are lots of exciting options we’re exploring, and we can’t wait to offer our customers even more choice with their investment of our beloved handbag.” With a proven track-record of sustainable practices, and consistent innovations in ecological design, fashion fans

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with a conscience would be wise to keep FRIDA ROME on their radar. w Both the WEEK/END handbag and the vegan shearling panel are available to buy now at: www.fridarome.com/shop The Vegan Shearling Panel for the WEEK/END: Change Your Mood, Change Your Style, Change Your Panel. For more information or to purchase any of FRIDA ROME’S products visit: WEBSITE: www.fridarome.com INSTAGRAM: @fridarome FACEBOOK: @fridaromebrand summer 2021 / issue 06


My Perfect Eyes & My Perfect foundation Made for each other- literally!


y Perfect Eyes contains a small amount of magnesium which is what prevents the cosmetic from absorbing into the skin, making it safe for



everyday use. Magnesium however, does not mix well with ‘oil based’ products which is often the base of many foundations. My Perfect Foundation was

created exactly for this reason. The two were designed to chemically pair perfectly so you can complete the look and feel confident today with your two partners in crime! w www.myperfectcosmeticscompany.co.uk summer 2021 / issue 06


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next issue Friendship

Our next issue is the ‘friendship issue’. If you have a story of enduring friendship, lost friendship, sisterhood and of course anything that will make us laugh so much that we have to reach for a Tena lady, then get in touch!! Female friendships are the most important ones in our lives and we would love to hear your stories & share them with our readers! Love, Zee & Alix x 4



summer 2021 / issue 06


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summer 2021 / issue 06




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