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Custom Options Make for a Memorable Wedding

By Candace Engle S954102

Weddings are steeped in tradition, and for good reason: Traditions provide familiarity and structure and give us a sense of comfort. But, when weddings tend to be more similar to each other than different, how do you plan an event that stands apart from the rest and is uniquely “you”? Customizing elements of your ceremony and/or reception can help to create an event that will be memorable and special for you, your spouse, and your guests. A “custom” wedding may sound a bit daunting, but it need not be.

“Customizing” is less about outdoing the latest viral video or oneupping your sister-in-law and more about enhancing your event so that it best reflects you as a couple and creates an environment in which you and your guests have the best possible time celebrating your big day. Taryn Blake, an event planner in York County, says, “Your wedding day is one of the most personal events you will host in your lifetime together. It shouldn’t feel just ‘like a wedding’ - it should feel like YOUR wedding.” Customizations can be as small or as large-scale as you and your partner wish them to be. “When

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