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DiscovR A Smarter Speaker MUSIC DISCOVERY Add songs you hear on the radio straight to a Spotify playlist by the touch of a button

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CONTENTS Panorama T4 • Urbanista Bluetooth speaker “Sydney” • Adidas RPT-01 Headset • Adidas FWD-01 Headset • Hidizs Mermaid MS4 • Sudio Tolv headphones Edifier TWS1 Bluetooth Headphones • Moshi iPhone Accessories • JBL motorcycle helmet speakers • Sena 30K Motorcycle communication system • Say bye to language barriers this festive season and hello to carefree travel with Pocketalk • Interphone motorcycle helmet communications system Carephone GPS SOS Tracker • Cubix Ceramic Heater • Groov-e Light Curve Alarm Clock • Modius Headset • Withings Thermo smart temporal thermometer • MIRAFIT M1 3 POSITION CEILING PULL UP BAR Hovding Airbag Helmet • Team Poacher RAS 26L • Targus Steelseries 17.3 backpack • Maui Jim Shallows • OnCloud Men’s Cloud Venture Peak • On Cloudswift Trainers Jack Wolfskin THERMIC ONE JACKET • Jack Wolfskin Hydro Hooded Fleece Jacket • Beanko Changing Station • Baseus Smart 2-in-1 Wireless Charger • Baseus Mirror Series Multifunctional Hub • Digits Touchscreen Gloves - Light Grey

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook • Pokémon Pikachu Wireless Charger • Imilab EC2 Wireless Home Security Camera • Fat shark scout • Datacolour SpyderX • AirFly Pro and the PlugBug INDIK8A Hand Indicators • ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser for Smartphone • Vector Escape Fitness • StreetFighter II Champion Edition • Team Mission Poacher RAS 26L • Gtech Melitta Coffee Machine - The Avanza • ROK • Bash Bunny • Tula Half Buckle • Tonies Guffalo Set X2 Figures • Hipster Essential - MiaMily Coding Critters™ Rumble & Bumble • Osmo Genius Starter Kit • Blaze Wear Hot Dog

PANORAMA T4 THE PANORAMA T4 FROM NEKTAR IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST A KEYBOARD. ALONG WITH THE T6, THESE TWO MODELS ARE THE FIRST CONTROLLERS TO DELIVER NEKTAR-LEVEL INSTRUMENT PLUGIN CONTROL OF ANY VST/AU COMPATIBLE DAW (DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION). THAT MEANS THIS KEYBOARD CAN SYNC AND INTEGRATE SMOOTHLY WITH MOST MAJOR MUSIC PROGRAMMES, INCLUDING BITWIG, CUBASE, GARAGEBAND, LOGIC, NUENDO, REASON, REAPER AND STUDIO ONE. The T4 comes with 49 keys, as forth between devices. opposed to the T6’s 61. These keys are An awesome additional feature that smooth and responsive, complete with the T4 and T6 come with are pressure pads aftertouch, triggering held and fading that allow you to record drumming on the notes as subtly as keys would on a real move with the same ease as the keyboard piano, but far lighter and more sensitive to allows the entry of, with the right plugins, use. With jacks for an expression pedal and any other possible instrument. You can foot switch, this keyboard will allow you to synth a whole orchestra with this set-up do everything you want to when it comes if you want to, with fantastically smooth to the basics of playing, but, of course, the communication between your keys and your true appeal of the T4 is in all of its bells and programme of choice. whistles. Much of this easy customisation The T4 and T6 seek to give their and communication is made possible by users control, and that means easy Nektarine - a programme exclusive to customisation. You can load patches Nektar that works in the background to straight from the keyboard and start facilitate the magic. If you’re looking to get fiddling with your parameters without deeper into music mixing and recording, hassle. From instrument plugins to editing and don’t have a set-up you’re married to how the LED display works, the T4 really yet, this is a fantastic option. Or, if you feels like it’s all yours to customise as you know someone passionate about music want. When connected up to a DAW like the who needs an upgrade, this could be the programmes listed above, you can navigate kit to unlock their potential this Christmas. your track, mix and affect your recording Check out the website for this product’s full with ease – the communication between specs – it has way too many capabilities for your input and your editing of your track us to cover here! feels seamless with this easy back-and-



Keys with aftertouch Real-time control of trigger rate, accent, swing and gate. Separate settings for keys and pressure pads Control velocity Access to Nektar plugin control in any VST/

VST3/AU DAW Customise mapping or create plugin maps from scratch. Integrates with most key music programmes


URBANISTA BLUETOOTH SPEAKER “SYDNEY” BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS ARE A GREAT ADVANCEMENT FROM THE WIRED ONES AS THEY ARE CONVENIENT AND EASY TO PLACE ANYWHERE. HOWEVER, THE MAIN PROBLEM IS THAT THERE ARE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM SO IT IS RARE THAT THESE SPEAKERS GRAB MY ATTENTION. These little Sydneys from Urbanista which is surprisingly good. We recently were some that actually did. They are small went away for the weekend and these two enough to dot around my kitchen and have a were slipped into a bag and made the stay nice tactile feel about them with their fabric for us in a tech-free cottage. I am the type covering. They have a good run charge of of person who has music on all day. 5 hours after a 1.5-hour charge and they I would strongly recommend these are water resistant so great to take out and for the price, they feel and sound way above about. There is a choice of colours and these their £35 price tag. ones were the lovely Rose Gold. You can pair a maximum of two of these speakers to your device for a stereo sound experience


RRP £34.90 PROS Small and portable Tactile

CONS I found the bass on some tunes a bit light

Sounds good


THE PRODUCT OF A COLLABORATION BETWEEN ADIDAS AND ZOUND, THE RPT-01S ARE THE OVER-THE-EAR COUNTERPART TO THE IN-EAR FWD-01S. THE HEADPHONES ARE DESIGNED WITH WORKING OUT IN MIND, AND THEIR SLEEK DESIGN, COMPLETE WITH THE DISTINCTIVE TRIPLE WHITE ADIDAS LINES, SET THEM APART FROM THE CROWD. AS WELL AS THE DARK GREY COLOUR, THE RPT-01S ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN NIGHT GREY AND WHITE. ALTHOUGH THE MATERIAL OF THE HEADPHONES FEELS AND LOOKS LIGHTWEIGHT AND BENDY, IT IS SURPRISINGLY VERY DURABLE. YOU WON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEM GETTING TOSSED ABOUT IN YOUR GYM BAG! Like the FWD-01s, the material is In terms of sound, the RPT-01s also sweat proof and water resistant. In have a great bass and clear vocals, with the interest of hygiene, the ear cushions 40mm dynamic drivers that help to bring are removable and washable. They are also the sound ‘forward’, as it were. Although particularly comfortable to wear for long at times a more defined separation between periods of time and, most importantly, stay the higher and lower pitches would be in place during exercise, which was one of desirable, the quality overall is very good. my concerns before I tested them. The RPT-01s are Bluetooth enabled, with one control button on each ear. These controls are fairly straightforward to use, although like anything, they take a little while to use intuitively. The left action button is configurable with the Adidas app for actions that require a single, double or triple press, and is available on iOS and Android. The battery life is one of the big selling points of the RPT-01s- with 40 hours, after only a 3-hour charge.



arrow-alt-circle-right PROS Sleek design Durable and lightweight

Removable and washable ear cushions Long battery life

CONS Slightly finickity controls

Sound could be slightly more defined


ADIDAS FWD-01 HEADSET ONE OF TWO NEW WIRELESS-WIRED HEADPHONE MODELS IN COLLABORATION WITH ZOUND INDUSTRIES, THE FWD-01S ARE THE IN-EAR COUNTERPART TO ADIDAS’ OVER-THE-EAR RPT01S. DESIGNED FOR DURABLE SPORTSWEAR AND BLUETOOTH ENABLED, THE FWD-01S ARE WELL EQUIPPED TO MEET ALL OF YOUR WORKOUT NEEDS. For starters, the ear tips and wings unique selling point of the FWD-01s is a were designed with comfort in mind, with special technology they use called ‘passive the wings themselves being silicone to transparency’, which essentially means provide support within the auricle. The cord that outside sounds can still be heard is made from a special tangle-free knitted alongside the sound from the headphones. material, to make things easier when you One downside of this is that if you’re just need to sling them in your bag and go. wanting an intensive, immersive workout The cord is also sweat and water resistant, experience, this technology might allow which is perfect for exercising. In the for distractions. Thus, I’d recommend interest of your convenience, the FWD-01s the FWD-01s specifically for endurance also come complete with a magnetic wire, training, or even for cycling. so you don’t have to worry about stowing Overall, very good headphones with them away mid-workout when you’re not only slight drawbacks. using them. Another great feature of the FWD-01s is how fast they charge. The headphones have a 40-hour battery life, with a mere 1-hour charging time, which is fantastic for when you’re in a rush. The FWD-01s also come complete with a simple 3-button remote, for control of the device, which is very straightforward to use. Another great feature is that the Bluetooth has an impressive range of 10 metres. While the overall sound quality of the headphones is very good, the upper frequencies can sometimes sound a little harsh. The 12mm dynamic drivers, however, provide for a very bassy listening experience. On the topic of sound, a


£129.95 PROS Simple to use controls Sweat-resistant material Tangle-free cable

40-hour battery life Durable

CONS Passive technology might be distracting

Slightly more finesse needed with the sounds


HIDIZS MERMAID MS4 FIRSTLY, THE PRESENTATION OF THESE EARPHONES IS EYE CATCHING, NEAT, AND UNIQUE. THE LOOK AND FEEL OF THE ACTUAL IEMS ARE OF HIGH QUALITY. Despite their all-metal construction with a nice weight, they do not feel heavy. The depth of the MS4’s looks bigger than expected, but they fit perfectly, even though my ears are small, and importantly, due to this construction, they stay - comfortably - put. The sound of bass is clear and concise, vocals are clear, and the treble is extremely crisp. There are many silicon and foam earbuds that come with the MS4’s, so you can easily adjust the sound to your needs. The cable is a twin twist type with metal splitter to two individual cables that lead to the IEM’s. All in all, these make a great product that covers all angles in regard to quality, feel and sound. They also look aesthetically pleasing. I would highly recommend this product to those who are keen on sound quality.



RRP £269.99 PROS Crisp, quality sound

Very Comfortable


SUDIO TOLV HEADPHONES I BOUGHT THESE HEADPHONES A WHILE AGO NOW AND I’M REALLY IMPRESSED. GOOD SOUND, GOOD FIT, GOOD BATTERY LIFE AND NICE TO BE FREE OF CORDS. NO HASSLE TO PAIR THE HEADPHONES WITH THE PHONE, NO HASSLE WITH WIRES, NO HASSLE AT ALL. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I really like the new Bluetooth 5.0 bit on the thick side so it is difficult to get and the associated improvements to battery it to comfortably sit in the back pocket, it life. This is something new that – to my can fit in a large front pocket but it’s more knowledge - no other company or earphone comfortable in a bag. The magnets in both manufacture has released. They have really the lid and the headphones work well, and set the bar high for other earphones coming crucially - the headphones do not fall out of to the market. the case; unfortunately they are less secure The case that charges the in my ears (which are not magnetic)! headphones works well, however, it is a


RRP £99

Use the discount code thegadgethead for 15% off PROS: Good battery life

The earphone style is very nice

CONS: I found these very unsecure while moving about

The charging case is very bulky

EDIFIER TWS1 BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES THE EDIFIER TWS1 HAS A CLEVER MAGNETIC CHARGING CASE. IT HAS A SINGLE RED LED BUILT IN FRONT OF THE CASE THAT INDICATE THE BATTERY LEVEL AND CHARGING CONDITION. It only takes 1 and a half hours to fully charge and can deliver up to 32 hours (8 hours on earbuds + 24 hours with case) The charging time is only 1 and a half hours to complete and it can easily last you a week or two. It comes with three sizes of ear tips for a better fit. Pairing is pretty easy and straightforward. Provides enough bass, vocals and instruments sounds to be of high enough quality. As the price Is £34.99, it is definitely a worthwhile purchase that is value for your money.


RRP £34.99 PROS: Budget-friendly Premium sound quality

Comfortable Strong battery life

CONS: Touch controls are a little awkward to navigate with one finger





First up was the Altra Case with Detachable Wrist Strap. Moshi are well known for their attractive cases, and this one certainly delivers in that department. Slim and neat, with a non-slip geometric pattern, this understated case is appealing to the masses. Even better than its compact design, though, are its features. Not only is a wriststrap included for hands-free convenience, but the Altra case also supports wireless charging. And to top it all off, this case has militarygrade drop protection - an extra bonus for anyone else out there who makes a habit of dropping their phone! £36.99


The second accessory I looked at was the Altra Body Strap, compatible with the Altra phone case. The strap, in keeping with the rest of Moshi’s products, has a simple yet sleek design. Able to be worn around your neck, across your body, or over your shoulder, the Altra body strap is convenient, comfortable and adjustable up to 30 inches! £14.95



The SnapTo Car Mount With Wireless Charging is another slim, stylishly designed accessory that is very easy to use - you simply clip it onto your vents. Or, if this isn’t possible for you, it comes with a dashboard adapter, with a 3M adhesive strip for the installation. This, again, is very straightforward to use. The wireless charging feature is another big plus - with fast charging up to 10W. One of the best, yet surprising, features of the car mount is the strength of its magnets, which can hold up to 2.2lbs and were able to support my phone over very bumpy country roads! £59.95


The last product, and the one I was most impressed with, was the IonGlass Privacy Screen Protector. This product excited me on multiple levels. Not only is the protector itself incredibly strong - stronger, even, than tempered glass - but it also protects your screen from being viewed by prying eyes. The screen protector is edge to edge, and precision moulded for your curved touchscreen. On top of all of this, it is also incredibly slim - up to 40% thinner, in fact, than your average glass screen protector. In short, it is a wonderful piece of tech. £49.95



I RIDE MY MOTORBIKE WITH A COMMUNICATIONS PACK IN MY HELMET. THIS ALLOWS ME TO LISTEN TO MUSIC AND CHAT TO MATES, THEY ARE A GREAT INVENTION THAT MAKE A ONCE LONELY HOBBY INTO A MORE SOCIAL RIDING EVENT. CURRENTLY I AM HOOKED UP WITH A OLDER PACKTALK. Those who purchase the latest The JBL units are not cheap at £89.99 PACKTALK Bold, PACKTALK Slim and but they are super loud and clear. You will FREECOM4+ units are lucky enough to notice the difference straight away. They receive JBL speakers as standard in the come nicely boxed and even the packaging box - you’ll notice a little orange box on the feels of good quality. They use the same outside of the unit’s packaging - however, Velcro as my original units so fit straight in. for those who have an older Cardo unit or In the box is a QR code which unlocks JBL another system that’s compatible with sound profiles, so keep it handy. The JBLs the JBL Audio Set, you can upgrade and are slightly bigger so be sure to place them purchase them separately. The original correctly as they can put pressure on your units are fine but I do like to wear ear plugs ears; you will know when they are not right to preserve my hearing so was keen to try though. these better, more powerful units. The JBL These are well made and are a doddle to fit as they simply replace the comfortable, but most importantly are they units that come with the PackTalk. worth the extra money for the upgrade as I am one of those freaky riders who they sound brilliant. I can hear them clearly also likes to wear earplugs to deafen wind - even with ear plugs - at above 60 mph. noise. My complaint has always been that Music through them is transformed too. the volume on standard in-helmet speakers isn’t loud enough with earplugs - the JBL changes all of that.



RRP £89.99 PROS Quality sound Well made

Easy fit

CONS Pricey but very good upgrade


SENA 30K MOTORCYCLE COMMUNICATION SYSTEM SENA ARE A VERY INNOVATIVE COMPANY THAT ARE ARGUABLY LEADING THE CHARGE IN MOTORCYCLE COMMUNICATIONS. This Sena Intercom unit just feels feature meaning just 20 minutes of classy from the off. It is sturdy and easy charging gets riders an impressive 5 hours to link and work with. Once you start of Bluetooth intercom use, or 3 hours’ Mesh to explore the possibilities of this small Intercom use. With its revolutionary dualbut mighty unit you realise where your antenna, riders may now simultaneously purchase money has gone, it’s immense. use all of the features of the 30K, such as First it is easy to fit to your helmet and Mesh Intercom and Bluetooth intercom. is very secure. It is easy to navigate the Once you’re on the road, complete control controls and the audio is clear, crisp and of the 30K can be done through handsloud. Simply press the top button and you’re free voice commands. Intuitive technology instantly connected to a virtually limitless ensures safe, controlled riding as you amount of 30K users within a mile range. seamlessly move through music, phone, To stress the fact that in Open Mesh you and intercom features. Needless to say but can communicate with a virtually limitless the unit is water resistant and interestingly number of riders, amazing. The intercom is compatible with Sena’s optional connections are very stable. When one of Handlebar Remote control as well as all of your group goes out of range, the rest of the the 20S clamp accessories. Sena 30K Audio group remains seamlessly connected while Multitasking technology allows you to have a the 30K intelligently searches for the lost conversation via Mesh Intercom technology connection and reconnects automatically while simultaneously operating Bluetooth once back in range. With private mode you operations such as streaming smartphone can invite and communicate with up to music, taking or making phone calls, or 16 riders at a range of up to 2.0 km (1.2 listening to turn-by-turn GPS navigation. miles), while an endless amount of ‘Guests’ No longer do users have to deal with the can join to listen in as well. When riding frustrations of interruption-based audio with 5 or more riders, the Mesh Intercom functions of past Bluetooth communication will intelligently keep the group connected devices. Now audio features won’t interrupt at a range of up to 8 km (5 miles). one another but simply overlay for a smooth The 30K has a new quick-charge listening experience.


Dual Kit RRP £499.00 PROS One of the best Very innovative Huge range

Quick charging Well made

CONS The price, but they are incredible and last a long time. Divide price by the years of use and

they work out great value.


SAY BYE TO LANGUAGE BARRIERS THIS FESTIVE SEASON AND HELLO TO CAREFREE TRAVEL WITH POCKETALK THE TWO-WAY VOICE TRANSLATOR INSTANTLY TRANSLATES 74 LANGUAGES TO MAKE OVERSEAS TRAVEL EASY THIS CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR • With the ability to translate 74 translations. The “Built-in Data” model languages bidirectionally and “Built-in with the embedded Global SIM is available Data”, Pocketalk makes communicating a with two years of all-you-can-use mobile doddle data coverage in 133 countries. Pocketalk • For the upcoming festive season, is available in several countries, including travellers can enjoy a carefree trip abroad Japan, Germany, France, Italy and the USA. with Pocketalk Tomoaki Kojima, Managing Director According to the Association of of Sourcenext B.V., explains, “Pocketalk is British Travel Agents (ABTA), 4.7 million the only translation device that enables a passengers headed abroad over the last truly authentic communication experience Christmas and New Year period, making it by unlocking users’ personal communication one of the most popular times to go away. skills. It provides a new and easy way to With 2020 set to be just as busy, Pocketalk have a real conversation instantly with is the perfect travel companion to make someone who speaks a different language. the festive getaway easier. With more than It’s one small gadget that bridges even the 500,000 units already sold worldwide, biggest language barrier especially when Pocketalk empowers consumers, especially travelling abroad.” travellers, to converse quickly and easily For a more immersive experience with people in a multitude of languages. of local people and their culture this Developed by Sourcenext®, Christmas season, travellers can overcome the largest distributor and creator of any language challenges with Pocketalk software, hardware, and IoT products in whilst travelling to foreign countries. The Japan, and with the ability to translate “Built-in Data” model is now available in 74 languages bidirectionally, Pocketalk four different colours including red, white, makes communication much clearer and black and gold on Amazon for a Christmas connection much easier for users at the Promotion price of £219 starting from 13th mere push of a button. It utilises the most November 2019. robust language engines and cutting-edge cloud technologies for highly accurate



Pocketalk unlocks possibilities by being the only translation device that enables authentic communication experience. As of November 2019, the two-way translation device can translate 55 languages into speech and text and 19 into text and with its built-in data option can be utilized in 133 countries. With more than 500,000 units sold worldwide, Pocketalk is the global leader in connecting the world in translation devices. Developed, manufactured and distributed through Sourcenext, the largest distributor and creator of software, hardware, and IoT products in Japan, Pocketalk officially launched in Europe in 2019 with a team based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. To purchase Pocketalk and to find out more visit .

INTERPHONE MOTORCYCLE HELMET COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM IN-HELMET COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS CAN REVOLUTIONISE YOUR RIDING EXPERIENCE. THIS SYSTEM WILL LINK YOU TO YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU CAN CHAT AS YOU RIDE. YOU CAN LISTEN TO MUSIC, AUDIO BOOKS, USE GPS OR EVEN USE YOUR PHONE. Occasionally I will turn mine off This is a well made and capable unit and enjoy the bike’s exhaust and the feel of and the sound is very clear. freedom, it’s relaxing and therapeutic. It has been very well designed, is There are also times when I want to easy to fit into your helmet and use and uses drown out the voices in my head, sounds voice command, which is pretty essential dark I know, and listen to music or a good from a safety standpoint. audiobook. The Interphone system does this and loads more. For long trips and group rides, the Interphone Avant is fantastically reliable, keeping you in touch with your mates when you come adrift. will communicate with 8 riders, at a range of up to 1.7km It has a battery which will last 20 hours, 20 hours is amazing and equates to some road miles!!


RRP £251.55 PROS Not expensive High spec One of the best sounds

CONS Still over the £200 price mark, but for very good reason


CAREPHONE GPS SOS TRACKER THE CAREPHONE GPS SOS TRACKER IS AN INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE AND COMPACT EMERGENCY ALARM AND GPS TRACKER, PERFECT FOR KEEPING TRACK OF ELDERLY RELATIVES, CHILDREN OR PETS WHO MIGHT WANDER OFF WHERE THEY SHOULDN’T. You can programme up to 3 emergency SOS numbers into the Carephone Tracker, and can take a SIM card from any network. If the wearer has an emergency, pressing the SOS button will send a text message to all programmed SOS numbers with a link so you can see where it was when the button was pressed. You can also set up a “geofence” - a virtual boundary via GPS - and be alerted each time the person goes in and out of the marked area. The speaker and microphone makes it easy and simple for people on both sides talk and be heard. It’s also got a fall detector which will send out an SOS call if it detects a fall - great for elderly people who want to be more active but need an additional safety net. The included SIM card roams across all major UK networks to provide you with the best coverage possible. The product is dustproof and waterproof. 10 day battery on standby.

arrow-alt-circle-right 30

RRP £159.99 PROS: Easy to set up Can easily be clipped onto a keychain, lanyard or pet’s collar Reliable GPS tracker gives you the location instantly

Easy to charge - just plug the micro USB cable into then slot LED battery indicator let’s you know when the battery’s running low


Flex technology. TM








A whole new pumping experience, shaped

d n y u o o r

Comfortable. Flexible. Personalised. Explore the FlexTM range. The first pumps you can adapt to fit your natural breast shape.

CUBIX CERAMIC HEATER THE CUBIX CERAMIC HEATER IS A SMALL HEATER THAT MAKES A HUGE IMPACT. IT’S QUITE A SLICKLOOKING THING THAT MAKES A MORE ATTRACTIVE ADDITION TO YOUR OFFICE THAN A CHUNKY WHITE FAN HEATER, WHICH IS WHAT I WAS USING BEFORE. MEASURING AT 26CM H X 14CM D X 22CM W, WHILST IT ISN’T THE MOST DISCREET, IT’S PRETTY SMALL, AND INCREDIBLY POWERFUL FOR IT! IT HAS TWO POWER SETTINGS, 900W OR 1800W, WITH AN ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT THAT TELLS THE FAN HOW HOT YOU’D LIKE THE ROOM TO BE. AS ON MOST FANS, THIS DIAL ISN’T MARKED WITH ANY TEMPERATURES, BUT IT’S EASY TO GAUGE WITH TRIAL AND ERROR. Although it isn’t silent, this heater Once it’s had is pretty quiet, and the sound easily slips a first run, however, you have nothing into the background. The most important to worry about (and as long as you aren’t thing, though, is that it kicks out a lot of a wally like me, you don’t have to worry heat. Even better, it takes zero time to get even then). The heater even comes with going – as soon as it turns on, you can feel overheat protection and a tip-over autothe difference, which has been a life saver safety feature to make sure that it won’t be as the weather’s gotten colder. The whole starting any fires, and it’s too warm to pick room warms up in minutes, whether or not up, there’s a helpful hand-hold at the back. you turn on the heater’s oscillation setting. This is a fantastic little heater - it If anything, on its higher settings, it is looks good, it’s quiet, and it heats up a whole capable of giving out more warmth than I room without making you feel blasted by could ever need, meaning it could take on the output. The amount of impact it makes far bigger rooms just as effectively. at such a small size is incredible - I’m not One word of caution – the first time letting it leave my office! you use the heater, be aware that, as with other heat-based products, there’s going to be a strong smell of plastic. Fear not – this clears up fine, and doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. However, don’t do what I did and sit right next to the heater on its first run, or you’ll get a nice heady face full of fumes. Oops!



arrow-alt-circle-right PROS: Adjustable wattage and thermostat Overheat protection Two powerful heat settings

Tip-over auto-safety feature Useful handle at the back

CONS: Can’t alter oscillation speed


GROOV-E LIGHT CURVE ALARM CLOCK WHEN WINTER COMES AROUND, IT SOON BECOMES TOUGH TO RISE AND SHINE – BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHINE! THE LONG DARK MORNINGS MAKE WAKING UP EARLY AND GETTING READY FOR THE DAY AN ARDUOUS TASK. BUT FEAR NOT, THE WAKE-UP LIGHT ALARM CLOCK WITH RADIO FROM GROOV-E CAN HELP YOU. GROOV-E HAS CRAFTED A SLEEK AND MODERN LOOKING ALARM CLOCK THAT LOOKS DESIGNER. It has a digital interface that is for waking up and falling asleep, it can easily navigated with touch control. also act as mood lighting, to get the feeling Fundamentally, it tells the time and it wakes right for those more relaxed periods in your you up, whilst coming with traditional room. It changes colour too, so you have a digital alarm clock features such as an FM lot of options to choose from. radio. Overall, I found the Light Curve However, the Light Curve Alarm Alarm Clock very easy to use. Simply plug Clock isn’t any ordinary alarm clock. The into the mains and you’re up and running. main feature here is the simulation sunrise It does what it says on the box and the and sunset. At 6am on a dark morning in interface is very easy to use. The only November, I don’t have to get up and turn improvement could be a DAB radio. my light on so that I wake up easier – I can Other than that, it’s the perfect simply lie in bed and wake up naturally thing to wake up to! like it’s midsummer! The lighting seems realistic and is powered by LEDs. The light feature on the alarm clock isn’t just suitable


£39.99 PROS Sleek design Good concept

8 different alarm sounds Various colours of mood lighting

CONS Just FM radio, no AM or DAB


MODIUS HEADSET THE MODIUS HEADSET IS AN INNOVATIVE PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY. IT CLAIMS TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT BY REDUCING CRAVINGS, DECREASING APPETITE, AND MAKING YOU FEEL FULLER, QUICKER. THEIR WEBSITE STATES THAT USERS HAVE REPORTED BENEFITS AFTER USAGE SUCH AS – LESS SNACKING, FINDING IT EASIER TO STICK TO THEIR DIETS, LOSING WEIGHT AND KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF, MORE CONFIDENCE, INCREASED ENERGY AND BETTER SLEEP IN GENERAL. BOLD STATEMENTS. The box comes with a headset, 150 using it, I noticed no change. After letting pads, 100 wipes, a charging cable and a a few other colleagues give it go, we user guide. Simply place the headset on, concluded that it works for some, but not and it will send a pulse to your brain. It for others. stimulates the hypothalamus and a nerve At £399 – it is a huge risk. It may called the vestibular, found behind your work, it may not. My advice is, if you ear. It supposedly influences this area of want to lose weight and feel better about the brain that is in control of your cravings yourself, sign up to a gym (and actually go) and desire to eat. and take on a plant-based diet – and stick Does it work? For myself – I would to it! have had to have used this for a few months to notice any real results. After a week of


£399 PROS Sometimes works

CONS Sometimes doesn’t work Expensive


WITHINGS THERMO SMART TEMPORAL THERMOMETER FAST AND CONTACT-LESS MEASUREMENTS MAKE THERMO AN INCREDIBLE TOOL, A HANDS DOWN WINNER. VERY EASY TO SETUP WITH THERMO APP, A STEP BY STEP WIZARD GUIDES YOU ALL THE WAY TO SETTING UP ALL FAMILY MEMBERS OR USERS. Thermo app allows comments, creates a historical record for each person medicine log and pictures for every reading. on the app. This is the way a temperature It will have you reading temperature all should be taken days just because it’s easy and fun. Using it several times with family I really like the reading that appears and it’s very quick and non-invasive. Just to within a couple of seconds alongside check accuracy I used our ear thermometer a color-coded LED indicator signifying and they were usually within less than a normal, elevated or high. Its very multi- degree of each other. user friendly as well. It can be used by up The item is very slick and works as to eight people as it add’s each temp and described.


RRP ÂŁ89.95 PROS Small and very impressive Up to 8 users

CONS Can’t use without app and account

Comprehensive health journal

MIRAFIT M1 3 POSITION CEILING PULL UP BAR CEILING MOUNTED PULL UP BARS ARE EXACTLY WHAT IS REQUIRED TO TRAIN REGULARLY AT HOME. GREAT FOR BUILDING YOUR BACK, SHOULDERS AND BICEPS. GOOD FOR STRENGTHENING GRIP ALSO. TAKES UP TO 200KG. A very practical, reasonably priced product. I have seen many a video clip of pull up bars falling from their position, however this is the sturdiest one I have experienced yet. Plenty of different grip positions. Better than the usual door frame ones. Very easy to set up with step by step instructions. It will also fit on most door frames within the house. Great bit of kit at great value to keep yourself in good shape within the house. It covers many muscle groups and offers a great work out.


RRP: £37.95


HOVDING AIRBAG HELMET AT FIRST GLANCE, THE HOVDING AIRBAG HELMET COMES ACROSS AS SLIGHTLY UNUSUAL. FOR STARTERS, IT LOOKS MORE LIKE A SCARF. YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING, AS I DID, HOW IT WOULD BE ABLE TO PROTECT YOU PROPERLY IN THE CASE OF AN ACCIDENT. In reality, the Hovding Airbag will automatically notify your ICE contacts Helmet is approximately 8 times safer than in the event of an accident. the current, traditional bicycle helmet. Its If you have concerns about durability, technology works exactly like an airbag do not fear- the Hovding is made of a special does. It is activated in an impressive ultra-strong nylon fabric that won’t rip of 0.1 seconds if any abnormal movement tare even when scraped against the ground. is detected, by a device that records It protects almost all of the head without movements 200 times a second. It is no obstructing the cyclist’s field of vision. wonder that the Hovding has protected It is ground-breaking that this 4383 cyclists in accidents all over the world standard of protection can also be so so far. Certainly, it seems to be living up to stylish. The Hovding was designed to be its auspicious tagline- ‘the world’s safest wearable by the masses, and it comes in a bicycle helmet isn’t a helmet’. The product variety of styles and colours to suit a wide has been so successful, in fact, that the range of tastes. demand for it has been 3 times greater than expected! Ever convenient, the Hovding needs no prior assembly. You simply charge it up (which takes 2-3 hours), zip it up, and clip the zip to the activation port. Another technologically impressive feature of the helmet is its Bluetooth connection, which


arrow-alt-circle-right £249 PROS Straightforward to use Fast reaction time Variety of styles and colours

Bluetooth connection Durable fabric



THIS NEW DAKINE BACKPACK IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPACT, TECHNICAL BACKPACKS ON THE MARKET WITH A SLEEK DESIGN. I HAVE BOUGHT AND TRIED OTHER BACKPACKS AND THIS ONE SUITS ME PERFECTLY. AFTER LOOKING OVER THIS PACK IT HAS IT ALL THE COMPARTMENTS AND SAFETY FEATURES NECESSARY FOR OFF PISTE ADVENTURES, ALL IN A MANAGEABLE CAPACITY: REMOVABLE AIRBAG SYSTEM,, VERTICAL SNOWBOARD CARRY, DIAGONAL & A-FRAME SKI CARRY, BACK PANEL ZIPPERED MAIN ACCESS, DEPLOYABLE HELMET CARRY, TWO-WAY RADIO HANDSET OR INSULATED HYDRATION COMPATIBLE, SNOW TOOL/SHOVEL POCKET, AND A QUICK-DRAW ICE AXE LOOP. Probably worth mentioning that the design of this pack is done in collaboration with pro skier Chris Benchetler and pays tribute to The Grateful Dead. Hence the Grateful Dead icon alongside some illustrations by Benchetler. Quite a unique look on the mountain. There are even hidden pockets for your wallet and phone. A couple of other features I found cool were the fine adjustment of the backpack and adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring the necessary comfort I enjoy. It didn’t pull me down or weigh too much while I was on my board. The back and waist straps are comfortably upholstered, and the backpack is thermally insulated so nothing gets wet inside. The fabric on the backpack has a nice thin feel to it. If you want the perfect backpack for snowboarding, this is it. Top Marks.


RRP £185 PROS: Very nice feel. Loads of pockets for everything I need when I am on the slopes.

A removable airbag (who else has one of these in their backpack?!)

CONS: A few too many clips. I felt if I lost one, I will have to buy a set.

Not many colour options.


TARGUS STEELSERIES 17.3 BACKPACK TARGUS IS A TOP NAME IN COMPUTER BAGS FOR TECHNICIANS. PERSONALLY, I FEEL THEY HAVE NOT DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS GAMING BACKPACK. THE BAG IS GENEROUSLY SIZED AND CAN ACCOMMODATE A LARGER SCREEN LAPTOP FOR GAMING. I BOUGHT IT FOR MY GAMING LAPTOP WHICH HAS A SCREEN SIZE OF 17.5” AND IT FITS PERFECTLY IN THE COMPARTMENT. THERE IS AMPLE PADDING: BOTH FOR PROTECTION OF THE EQUIPMENT AND FOR THE COMFORT OF THE WEARER. I found the exterior has two Another great feature detachable pouches that are secured I discovered is a pull-over rain shield that with heavy strips of Velcro, interlaced will protect your bag from the elements. with seatbelt webbing. The pouches are The Targus Steelseries 17.3” about 10” x 5” and 10” x 10”; each has backpack is fantastic. It has a little more an exterior zipper pocket as well as the pouch than I like as I prefer a simpler design main compartment. The inside of the bag but anyone moving their gaming laptop is loaded with different compartments to around or even their PC will find more than keep all my gaming accessories organized. enough slots and pouches to store things It even unzips on three sides to open like a while they do it. book, which is a cool feature I think.


RRP £89.99

arrow-alt-circle-right PROS: Very nice feel and good protection

Very durable when you load it up

CONS: It has a little more bulk than I like


MAUI JIM SHALLOWS THESE POLARISED AVIATOR SUNGLASSES FROM MAUI JIM PUT A FETCHING SPIN ON AN OLD CLASSIC. AVIATORS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST SUNGLASSES STYLE FOR ME TO WEAR, SO I WAS THRILLED TO REVIEW THESE. THE STYLE IS TIMELESS, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THESE GLASSES ARE JUST MORE OF THE SAME. MAUI JIM HAVE MADE THEM WITH ATTENTION TO DETAIL; THE ARMS OF THESE GLASSES ARE VERY SLIM, YET BEING MADE OF LIGHTWEIGHT TITANIUM, THEY DON’T FEEL FRAGILE. We received the glasses in matte behind the cost is the lens technology. black, but they also come in dove grey, These lenses are made from MauiBrilliant satin gold, matte brushed burgundy and - Maui Jim’s most advanced lens, which satin brown red. In my opinion, the dove feature optics nearly as clear as glass with grey and matte brushed burgundy look just one-third of the weight. particularly nice. These glasses are even These glasses come with a tri-fold available in prescription, so you can enjoy case and cleaning cloth. They have shatter them whatever your eyesight. and scratch resistance, and have been The finish on the titanium frame is designed to work best in bright, direct far more attractive than ‘any old’ pair of sunlight. black sunglasses – this pair has the simplest I lose glasses far too easily to ever design of the available options, with the fork out this much for a pair, but if you’re others forming an array of chromatic, in the market for something in this price colourful styles, but they’re the most bracket, then Maui Jim makes a good traditional and look just as good. offering with its Shallows range. The matte black pair comes with a neutral grey lens that offers the best light reduction out of the entire range. The result is brilliant – your vision gains sharp, rich contrasts and the world looks generally better through these glasses! These titanium frames are light and comfortable but hard to damage, and that sturdiness itself justifies the extra expense of these glasses a little, as does their appealing look. However, a big factor


ÂŁ299.00 PROS: Attractive Lens clarity Good sun protection

Light, sturdy frame Shatter and scratch resistance

CONS: Not the best for dimmer sun conditions (most

common here in the UK!)

ONCLOUD MEN’S CLOUD VENTURE PEAK FOLLOWING ON FROM MY RECENT RUN WITH THE IMPRESSIVE URBAN CLOUDSWIFT TRAINERS, I AM NOW EXCITED TO BE TESTING OUT ANOTHER PAIR. THIS TIME THE ONCLOUD MEN’S CLOUD VENTURE PEAK. I SET TO THE HILLS. THESE ARE TOUGHER SHOES AND ARE SPECIALISED FOR TRAIL RUNNING AND LONG OFF-ROAD RUNS IN MIND. HEAVIER THAN THE CLOUDSWIFT, WEIGHING IN AT JUST 295 GRAMS, IT’S STILL A LIGHTWEIGHT TRAIL RUNNING SHOE THAT’S BIG ON CUSHIONING, PROTECTION AND GRIP. The trainers have a technical come unstuck, meanwhile ‘Zero-Gravity’ engineered two-layer mesh upper which foam delivers lightweight cushioning that provides optimal ventilation for cooling lets you own the downhill. comfort, even on tough climbs. While the Overall both pairs are very different inner layer offers a soft step in and support, and serve their purpose extremely well. the outer layer provides breathable, Very comfortable, great design and the lightweight protection. quality reflects the price. A unique feature from these shoes is the introduction of Missiongrip™, new tech that provides the traction to propel you to the highest peaks, and for the descent, the sole cushions and lessens the impact to let you stay in control whilst continuing downhill. The sole or Speedboard™ is narrower at the centre, so that the shoe flexes with your foot over uneven ground. The Missiongrip™ outsole combines multiple grip patterns to keep you in control on the trail. The “sticky” grip of the specially developed Missiongrip™ rubber is enhanced by the traction pattern. Zig-zag channels combine with flatter details to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces, which is where I often


RRP £135

arrow-alt-circle-right PROS Choice of 4 colours – Flare Dust my favourite Lightweight, flexible sole

Lots of buoyancy and spring from the sole

CONS Mud is collected and trapped within 16 holes in the tread per trainer too along the deep gap at the bottom of sole

No tag to pull trainer on from the heel (other models have this)




AFTER MY 15-MINUTE WARM UP EXERCISE ROUTINE, I SET OUT ON BI-WEEKLY 4-MILE CITY RUN. I WANTED TO PUT THESE CLOUDSWIFT TRAINERS TO THE TEST. BEFORE I PUT THEM ON, I HAD TO RE-LACE THE TRAINERS. CALL IT WHAT YOU LIKE BUT SINCE AN EARLY AGE I HAVE TO MAKE SURE THE LENGTHS ARE CORRECT ON THE LACES AS WELL AS THE TENSION ACROSS THE TOP OF MY FEET. This process was over quickly and beads of perspiration dripped off me but soon were upon my feet. The first thing I interestingly my feet were still cool. My noticed was how light they felt, very bouncy feet were not slipping within these trainers and springy too. The breathable engineered as they have done in the past with a wider mesh of the inner sock fitted snugly around known and mass-produced manufacturer my feet giving me a sense of confidence of trainer. I was impressed. I was still that the trainer was going to keep my feet bouncing up to the 4-mile mark. Perhaps within. this is the CloudTec® in Helion™ superfoam Over my time running, I have been within the sole. A great feature, it’s strong, prone to a few twisted ankles. Whilst these durable and full of grip. Looking forward to trainers will not fully eliminate a twist, my next run. Hoping for rain as it will be I most certainly felt my feet were firmly interesting to see how grippy these will be grounded to minimize the risk. in the wet. I set off, it was quite a hot day and soon my heart was beating harder,


RRP £135

Choice of 5 Colors – Rust Rock being my favourite Lightweight, flexible sole

Lots of buoyancy and spring from the sole

CONS Whilst marketed as an Urban trainer - times will happen when mud is collected and trapped within 16 holes in the tread per trainer plus

too along the deep gap at the bottom of sole No tag to pull trainer on from the heel (other models have this)


JACK WOLFSKIN THERMIC ONE JACKET JACK WOLFSKIN HAVE A GREAT REPUTATION OF DELIVERING GREAT PRODUCTS AND WELL WORTH THEIR PRICE. I HAVE TO SAY THAT THIS IS THE CASE FOR THE THERMIC ONE JACKET. I first went out on a crisp winters morning with my dogs wearing just the jacket over a t-shirt. In such a lightweight jacket – at only 245g - I honestly thought I would be cold but the jacket held my heat and I was toasty warm. This jacket is super lightweight which packs down into its own carry bag which is really handy. The jacket is insulated with MICROGUARD SUPERLOFT -a synthetic fibre that feels like down and delivers great warmth-to-weight performance. The fill also has good lofting capability, which makes the jacket very comfortable to wear. The outer is of waterresistant Stormlock ripstop fabric, which makes it almost completely windproof, and in very wet conditions you can team it with your hardshell, to be fully weatherproof.


RRP £100.00 PROS Convenient Portable Warm

Looks good Well made

CONS Only water resistant, not waterproof



I LOVE A FLEECE JACKET; I FIND THEM SO MUCH MORE USABLE THAN A JUMPER. HOWEVER GOOD THE THERMAL QUALITIES OF A FLEECE ARE THEY DON’T TEND TO LIKE THE WIND AND RAIN. THIS HYDRO FLEECE FROM JACK WOLFSKIN IS MADE WITH THEIR SUPER DWR FINISH THAT MAKES IT BOTHWATER RESISTANT AND VERY WIND RESISTANT TOO. THE FABRIC IS NANUK DYNAMIC WHICH IS STRETCHY, BREATHABLE AND HAS A COMFY BRUSHED SIDE NEXT TO YOUR SKIN. It has a fixed hood, two pockets, and adjustable hem and looks the business. This fleece is light, comfy and capable. It’s a huge improvement, offering comfort and reliability against the elements - great stuff.Don’t just take my word for it; SkiMAGAZIN vote for their top product innovations in the Hardware Piste, Hardware Freeride &Tour, Accessories and Apparel categories. The editorial staff select the eight most exciting and interesting innovations in the four categories and the readers then vote for the four winners. The HYDRO JACKET is the winner in the Apparel category.


RRP £100.00 PROS 3 colours to choose from Comfortable Well made

Warm Water and wind resistant

CONS Could do with more colours


Sur f 3 Inspired by mountain bike technology Why choose between a four-wheel urban pushchair or a three-wheel trekking pushchair. With Surf 3 you can have both, uniquely adaptable it can switch between city and trekking modes with ease. Whether you’re in the town or country the unique suspension ensures a smooth ride.

4 wheels for urban use

Trekking wheel for multi terrain use

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BEANKO CHANGING STATION CHANGE. STOW. GO! IT SOUNDS EASY AND NOW THE BEANKO CHANGING STATION ENSURES THAT IT IS. Allowing parents to change their the separate pockets within the station. baby from the comfort of their own car The essentials i such as nappies, wet wipes, when need be, this innovative product is food, drinks and other equipment. There perfect when heading out on road trips with is also a pocket that can be used to place a the family. Gone are the days of desperately tablet that the baby can watch as they are searching for a suitable place to change being changed. them and it is clear from the outset that Importantly, the changing station this has been designed by a busy parent fed is tough and durable, to protect against up with being caught out with no facilities spills and mess. It is also easy to store and nearby. takes up minimum space. The design allows From the foldable wedge that stops parents to set it up with one hand while the baby from rolling to the loops that allow holding the baby in the other, which again parents to attach a favourite toy to distract shows how much thought has gone into the their child, the Beanko Changing Station is product. a truly wonderful idea that has thought of Of course, while designed with the everything. car in mind, it does not mean you can’t There are no weight limits and 25+ use the changing station at other times, inches of space means that the changing especially when detaching the pad to form pad is even big enough for a toddler too, a tummy time mat. which is handy during that potty training Parents should rejoice at the arrival stage. The pad even detaches to be able to of the Beanko Changing Station. It will use on its own. make stressful car trips a thing of the past! It is also clear just how organised the creator of this station was when considering



arrow-alt-circle-right PROS Durable Hygienic Easy to set up

Great storage options Clever design



BASEUS REPRESENTS THE LATEST IN SMART TECHNOLOGY SO THE EXCITEMENT WAS PALPABLE WHEN THEIR 2-IN-1 WIRELESS CHARGER ARRIVED. This dual charger for smartphones A LED light signals the status of the and Apple Watch looks the part; clean, charging process, meaning you do not have slimline and pleasing on the eye. Despite to keep leaning over your phone or watch to its lightweight feel, it is durable too, from check. Simple but effective! the high-quality PC to the anti-skid silicone The charge time was surprisingly pads. quick too, totalling just less than two hours Placing both a smartphone and an to fully charge each device. Other chargers Apple Watch on the device, it charges both often seem to struggle to come in under two at the same time and there was not even any hours, so it is refreshing to have your phone need to take off the case around the phone; ready to go so quickly. a particular bugbear when using some other The package includes the Qi charger, charging devices. This also comes with Qi manual and USB/Lightning cable, which is receiver as well as the wireless charging all you need for this straightforward device. support. Baseus go from strength to strength It was a relief to also find that Baseus with each new product that emerges. We has ensured various levels of protection, cannot wait to see what comes next! including over current, overcharge, short circuit, electromagnetic and foreign metal detection. Safety is clearly at the forefront of the Baseus design, so there is significant peace of mind when using the charger.


£28.99 baseussmart2-in-1wirelesscharger/ PROS Easy to use Travel friendly

Durable Safe

CONS Can slip if placed on

slight incline


BASEUS MIRROR SERIES MULTIFUNCTIONAL HUB FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A SMART, SLIMLINE, EFFICIENT CHARGING STATION FOR THEIR SMARTPHONE AND APPLE WATCH, LOOK NO FURTHER! THE BASEUS MIRROR SERIES MULTIFUNCTIONAL HUB IS HERE AND TICKS ALL THE BOXES, AND THEN SOME. The first thing that strikes you about run out of power during that all-important this product is the great look, with mirror presentation. glass panel and light indicator to tell you Taking just 2 hours to fully charge when your device is charged. However, the a phone or Watch, this product really does main USP for this product is the fact that offer more than meets the eye. Baseus it offers many more features than your continue to develop fantastic concepts standard charger. Can such a small unit and it was only a matter of time until they cope with such a clever multifunctional unveiled a product that can link all of your design? Safe to say, it can and does it very digital devices. The Hub is a smart piece of well. kit that looks the part, is travel-friendly On top of the wireless charging and is a must-have for the digital age. option, this 6-in-1 charging docking station has 2 USB 3.0 ports, a HD4K port, a PD 60W power supply port and an audio connection point. It can also connect to a laptop, acting as a hub device for data and even movies, which are transmitted instantly. Another clever use is that you can connect your gaming console, TV and phone to it at the same time; something that is becoming more and more popular in this digital age as smart devices are being used as additional gaming tools. The Hub is perfect for meetings, allowing for smooth transition of data to a big screen from your phone or laptop, with the added bonus of charging your device at the same time, meaning you will never


£53.99 ativemultifunctionalhubtype-cto2xusb30hdmiaudiopd iwatchwirelesscharger/ PROS Smart, sleek and easyto-use Connection for all devices and charges at same time

Great power output from such a small design


DIGITS TOUCHSCREEN GLOVES - LIGHT GREY WE GET ALL SORTS OF WEIRD AND WONDERFUL THINGS TO TEST HERE AT GADGETHEAD, SO WHEN I WAS SENT A PAIR OF WOOLLY GLOVES TO REVIEW I WASN’T TOO EXCITED. My first response however was that GripTrak™ palm pattern which keeps these Moshi gloves would make a lovely your phone secure and safe in your hand, present as they are packed really well and clumsiness aside. attractively. These gloves are really nice to wear, They are thick and warm gloves that warm, and practical. They are also 100% have the additional benefit of a dual layer of hand-washable, for easy maintenance and microfleece lining. Touchscreen phones are durability. a pain in the cold when you have gloves as you have to take them off to answer your phone; these Digit gloves are touchscreen compatible as they have conductive fibre on all 10 fingertips so cold-handed phone calls will be a thing of the past. Another issue I have with warm winter gloves and sleek phones is grip!These gloves have a unique


RRP £29.99 PROS Look nice Really comfy

Work well with a touchscreen

CONS For a gadget mag they don’t fly, spin, move, make noises etc.

That said they are very nice.


ROCKETBOOK EVERLAST SMART NOTEBOOK A SMART PAPER-AND-PEN NOTEBOOK THAT’S ENDLESSLY REUSABLE! THE EVERLAST NOTEBOOK IS BUILT FOR THE DIGITAL AGE. Although it feels like a normal Notebooks feel just like regular pen and notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable paper, but are endlessly reusable and fully and connected to cloud services. When you integrated into the technology era. Using write using any pen from the Pilot FriXion the Frixion line of pens (one of which is line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages included), you can take notes, upload them like regular paper. But add water and the directly to the cloud, to Evernote, to your notebook erases. The Everlast notebook is email, and more with the Rocketbook app. compatible with the Rocketbook app. That The Everlast features pages made from a means before your notes go off the page polyester composite that’s easy to erase they go online to destinations like Google with just a drop of water. Just wipe off the Drive, Dropbox, Slack and Evernote - ink when it’s full. perfectly organised. Very clever digital product and great The Rocketbook Everlast Smart way of saving paper.


RRP £34.99




WIRELESS CHARGERS ARE SUDDENLY ALL OVER THE PLACE, AND IF YOUR DEVICES ARE COMPATIBLE, THEY’RE A SERIOUSLY CONVENIENT WAY TO CHARGE THEM. WHILST WE’RE SPOILT FOR DESIGNS, THERE AREN’T MANY AS CUTE AS THIS PIKACHU! LAYING ON HER FRONT, YOUR SMARTPHONE CHARGES ON PIKACHU’S BACK BY RESTING IT ON HER TAIL. THIS IS A FUN POKÉMON TIE-IN, PUTTING PIKACHU’S ELECTRICAL POWERS TO GOOD USE BY KEEPING YOUR PHONE BATTERY TOPPED UP! HER CHEEKS EVEN ILLUMINATE TO LET YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR PHONE IS CHARGED, WHICH IS A NICE LITTLE ATTENTION TO DETAIL. This wireless charger comes with This is a fun, cute design that doesn’t either an EU, US or UK power adapter, and take up too much space, is a great novelty is compatible with Samsung, Apple and for Pokémon fans, and works well. It would other devices, as well as iPhones 5, 6 and make a cool and useful gift - especially as it’s 7 - if you use a receiver card (which comes versatile with many countries of use, and provided). You should check that your with devices that both can and can’t charge phone is compatible with wireless charging wirelessly. You can’t really go wrong. before purchase. However, even if you do need a cable connection for some devices, this Pikachu comes with three USB ports in its side, which greatly opens it up as a multi-use charge station.


€59.99 PROS: Fun design Well made Three USB ports on top of wireless charging

EU, US or UK adapter Light-up cheeks



THE ALL-NEW IMILAB EC2 WIRELESS HOME SECURITY CAMERA IS A SUCCESS ON MANY LEVELS. IN AN AGE WHERE SECURITY AND PRIVACY ARE BECOMING MORE OF A CONCERN, THE EFFICIENCY OF THE EC2 OFFERS THE PEACE OF MIND THAT CAN ONLY COME THROUGH FEELING COMPLETELY IN CONTROL OF YOUR HOME ENVIRONMENT - EVEN WHEN YOU ARE AWAY FROM IT. The EC2 has lots of great features through walls, and if you do want to use it that make it straightforward and intuitive outdoors, it is fully waterproof to facilitate to use. For starters, it is completely this. wireless. The only wire you will ever need All in all, despite the slight to use is the standard USB charging cable, complexity of the virtual setup, once but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the EC2 is up and running, it does its job the EC2 can run for up to 4 months on one fantastically well. charge alone. The EC2 is certainly a great In terms of set up, this is the only area companion to invest in for that extra peace where you might encounter complications. of mind with your home security. The Mi Home app that the EC2 pairs with can be difficult to locate on the App Store, as it does not yet have a big presence in the U.S.A. or in the U.K. Once set up, however, the EC2 is very simple to use. It can be fixed to the wall using either screws or an adhesive strip, and the gateway itself is remarkably small and light. The real wonder of the EC2 is in the accuracy and precision of its technology. The process works in a very simple way if any abnormal movement is detected, the homeowner will receive a notification through the app to their phone. They can then open the app to see what is happening in their home in real time, complete with a two-way speaker. For those with concerns that their pets would simply trigger the camera all day, you need not worry. The EC2 uses Passive Infrared detection, which can differentiate between humans and small animals. The EC2’s 1080P HD camera quality is excellent, even in night vision mode, which is automatically activated and works up to 100m. The signal remains strong even


$84.99 imilab-ec2-your-life-free-24-x-7-securityguard?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoJ3tx-eH5gIVQ9TeCh1Gx gUVEAAYASAAEgLZ2fD_BwE#/ PROS Night vision up to 100m 360-degree adjustable ball joint for convenience

4-month battery life Excellent image and sound quality Waterproof

CONS Slightly tricky app set-up


FAT SHARK SCOUT FAT SHARK IS THE UNDISPUTED LEADER IN FPV GOGGLES AND HEADSETS. THEIR TOP OF THE LINE HDO GOGGLES ARE BRILLIANT. IT IS A TOP-END BOX STYLE FPV HEADSET THAT HAS SOME EXCELLENT FEATURES. I FEEL FAT SHARK HAS PAID ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND THESE GOGGLES ARE EXTREMELY WELL DONE. THE FEEL FAT SHARK SCOUT IS WELL BUILT BUT AREN’T OVERLY HEAVY. THE SCOUT WEIGHS 350 GRAMS INCLUDING THE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. THEY ARE COMFORTABLE ON MY HEAD AND THERE IS VERY LITTLE LIGHT LEAKAGE. Three featured that I looked for when Another thing I thought was the buying this project was it has both diversity screen on the Fat Shark Scout is a 4 inch and a DVR. The DVR is nice because you can LCD with an 1136 x 640 resolution and record footage of your flights. This can be a 50-degree field of view. I found it to be fun to review or come in handy if you need exceptionally clear when flying and was to backtrack and locate your quad. Also, the also impressed with the quality of the DVR diversity antenna system is also important. Diversity means that the system is using the signal from two antennas and you benefit with a clearer picture and often better FPV range.


RRP £169.00 PROS Very comfortable Strapes are easy to use

CONS Longer battery would be good for this product


DATACOLOUR SPYDERX FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, DESIGNERS AND ANYONE ELSE WHO EDITS DIGITAL IMAGES, CORRECT COLOUR CALIBRATION IS ESSENTIAL. IF YOUR MONITOR ISN’T SHOWING YOU THE ‘TRUE’ COLOUR OF AN IMAGE, THEN WHEN YOU PRINT IT, SEND IT TO CLIENTS OR POST IT ONLINE, YOU COULD BE IN FOR A SHOCK. SCREENS COME WITH A LIMITED ABILITY TO CHECK THEIR CALIBRATION, BUT TO NOWHERE NEAR THE ACCURACY THAT’S NEEDED. WHEN TRYING TO CHECK SOMETHING SO SUBJECTIVE YET SO IMPORTANT, HOW CAN YOU TRUST THAT THE WORK YOU’RE PRODUCING LOOKS THE WAY IT SHOULD? Datacolour has developed an yourself. It even monitors light levels in accurate colour-reading engine that it uses your room throughout the day, and gives in a range of products, including readers you the options of receiving alerts when you that scan your walls or other objects and need a re-calibration, or letting it adjust find the matching paint, colour number etc. your monitor automatically. Using this same technology, the company The SpyderX is amazing. If you’re has also produced the SpyderX, its latest in in any doubt, you can even switch back monitor calibration tools. and forth between a Before and After. The SpyderX is fast and easy to use. Sometimes, when you’ve been staring The lens-based technology that drives it at something for too long, you can miss took Datacolour three years to develop, what’s changed, but this feature showed but now that work can deliver extremely us just how much the SpyderX was needed! accurate readings in under two minutes. It isn’t a cheap purchase, but if your hobby The SpyderX is also extremely precise, or profession relies on digital colour, it’s a giving accurate readings for colour, shadow must-have. detail and white balance. My wife is a fashion photographer, and I’ve assisted on plenty of photoshoots over the years, so I know the time and effort that goes into capturing the right shot. Correct editing is just as important in getting the very best of your image, and this device made my wife’s life a thousand times easier. It works just as effectively on any screen, no matter how that screen is engineered, giving you a consistent colour across technologies. The device gives you a choice between either a one-click calibration, or getting in there and adjusting settings


â‚Ź179 PROS: Fast Accurate Monitors room light levels and can adjust for them

CONS: Quite large

Adjusts automatically or lets you choose One-click calibration or detailed input


WITH ALL TECHNOLOGY THERE IS A TRANSITION PHASE. FOR EXAMPLE, VHS WAS A STANDARD FOR VIDEOS IN THE 80S AND 90S, BUT AS THE 00S CAME OVER THE HORIZON, SO DID DIGITIZATION AND DVD’S. PEOPLE DIDN’T JUST STOP USING VHS AND MOVE STRAIGHT OVER TO DVD. THERE WAS A PHASING OUT PERIOD. HENCE FOR A LONG TIME YOU COULD BUY COMBI DEVICES THAT ALLOWED YOU TO PLAY BOTH. Though it is a different piece of traditional USB charging ports. This can technology, this is what first came to mind be a pain if you used these regularly, for myself when I read the descriptions of maybe for a mouse, to charge your phone, both the AirFly Pro and the PlugBug Duo or even just to use a USB stick. Fear not, from Twelve South. Both these items aim to the PlugBug has you covered. The PlugBug solve problems that arise from buying new will plug into your current Mac charger and tech, whilst still grappling onto old tech. then connects itself to the mains. It will The AirFly Pro allows you to use still charge your Mac, whilst also offering your Bluetooth headphones with items you two USB ports to play with. Simple that aren’t Bluetooth compatible and only and easy to use, it comes with options for have a headphone jack. It can also act as a all plug types globally, so it’s very useful headphone splitter, and can allow you to for travelers too. It’s even less dear than play music from your phone on a car stereo Apple’s own adapters for their new USB-C if have a new iPhone and can no longer Macs, and like the AirFly Pro, it means simply aux it. you don’t have to get adapters for all your The product was nice and easy different devices. Therefore, it’s an item to get going straight out of the box and worth considering! was very simple to use. It comes with a long battery life (but unfortunately with no battery indicator), so it is more than suitable for those long journeys, just make sure you charge it before you leave! This is a very convenient item to own if you have recently upgraded to Bluetooth headphones or a newer smart phone. It saves the faff of buying adapters for each separate piece of tech you own, and will come in useful for a while – it will be sometime before everything is Bluetooth compatible. The PlugBug Duo serves a similar purpose of filling the void of the fastpaced changes in technology. The new MacBook comes with USB-C and no




AirFly Pro RRP $54.99 PROS Various uses Long battery life Portable

CONS No battery life indicator Rating 4/5

PlugBug Duo RRP $59.99 PROS Simple to use Cheap (compared to Apple own brand adapters) Options for all plug types

CONS Doesn’t work with Apple extension lead


INDIK8A HAND INDICATORS A VERY CLEVER SAFETY PRODUCT THAT IS WELL WORTH CONSIDERING IF YOU ARE A KEEN CYCLING ENTHUSIAST. ESPECIALLY AS THE EVENINGS BECOME SHORTER AND IT BECOMES MORE RISKY TO BE ON THE ROADS FOR A CYCLIST. IT OFFERS SUPER BRIGHT LED’S, GREAT VISIBLITY FOR BOTH DAY AND NIGHT. IT ALSO VIBRATES WHILST INDICATING. It is chargeable anywhere on the loved riding gloves or you can use them go with a double USB that charges both without gloves. Very practical idea and very Indik8as at the same time. reasonably priced at £34.99. Very simple Very easy to use, just click your to use and also very simple to wash. Great thumb and finger together to start and click product for a cyclist to keep safe out on the to stop the indicator. I like these as they road. work over the top of my worn in and much


RRP: £35.00


ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q2 3-AXIS HANDHELD GIMBAL STABILISER FOR SMARTPHONE THE NEW GIMBAL FROM ZHIYUN IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER. AN ISSUE IN THE PAST WITH PREVIOUS GIMBALS IS THAT THEY AREN’T VERY COMPACT. OTHER PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET MUST BE FOLDED UP, BUT THE NEW SMOOTH – Q2 FROM ZHIYUN MEASURES ONLY 204MM, THEREFORE IT FITS INTO THE SMALLEST OF BAGS OR EVEN YOUR BACK POCKET! The interface on the Smooth – Q2 easily foldable, so you can get it out asap is effortless. Simply flick between the if you want to capture something on the different options with just one button. spur of the moment. There is now the new The modes include pan following mode, portrait mode for live stream – so this is the following mode, lock mode and the new perfect accessory for you budding vloggers vortex mode. This allows you to shoot 360 and journalists! degrees with ease. With up to 17 hours of battery life, The software is compatible with the Zhiyun Smooth Q2 3-Axis Handheld native iOS and Android, meaning whatever Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphone is phone you have should support the Smooth the perfect accessory for anyone – Q2. It also comes with a quick-release wanting to shoot video with latch that is incredibly easy to use. This ease from their phone. means that on the go you can quickly shift from shooting glamour shots or a music video, to using your phone like normal within seconds. The gimbal itself is also


£129 PROS Small Various Modes




VECTOR ESCAPE FITNESS DEDICATED GYM MEMBERS WILL BE AWARE OF THE NAME ESCAPE FITNESS AS LEADERS IN THE WORLD OF EXERCISE. THEY HAVE PRODUCED THE TIYR, STRONGBOX AND THE OCTAGON FRAME RANGE TO NAME BUT A HANDFUL OF PRODUCTS, AND NOW COMES THEIR LATEST INNOVATION – VECTOR. Designed to deliver new challenges for gym members in both single exercise and group sessions, VECTOR offers easy set-up and a whole host of options for indoor and outdoor activity. It can be used in any fitness environment, making it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available to users. The cap is turned to set resistance levels in the interchangeable tubes, allowing the user full and easy control of their exercise routine. These ranges can go from 4.5kg to over 45kg, giving the ability to steadily increase resistance during the workout. One of the greatest features of VECTOR is that it really can be used in every session, offering a versatility rarely seen in other exercise equipment. It allows you to go at your own pace with no need to keep stopping for long periods of time to change components or set levels. It is not heavy or cumbersome, meaning straightforward set-up and easy to store away once finished. It also looks smart and is built to last, withstanding the most intense workout. With the tubes made from Kevlar, there is no chance of them breaking. Next time you are in the gym, give VECTOR a go and you won’t be disappointed. It will fast become the go-to equipment for your workout sessions.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION: RRP VECTOR 60 VECTOR 60 Light with handle £298 Medium with handle £308 VECTOR 60 Heavy with handle £318 Delivers up to 152.4cm (60”) of pull length Weight approximately 1.10-1.19kg (39-42 ounces) Diameter 8.26cm (3.25”) Length 76.2cm (30”) PROS Easy to use Versatile

Great tidy design


STREETFIGHTER II CHAMPION EDITION THIS IS A GREAT NOSTALGIC ITEM TO BE RELEASED. FIRSTLY IT HAS STREET FIGHTER 2 CHAMPION EDITION, AS WELL AS STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO, SO IT IS TWO GAMES IN ONE. It also included a bonus mini fight control at the top, so as to bring back those stick for 2 player competition. There are nostalgic polyphonic sounds. two USB ports on the back to add the extra All in all, a fun and realistic Arcade controller into the game. It also offers a game from back in the day. The game play is nice touch with 2 coin slots with replica’s reactive and high quality, would definitely coins that also come with. The game recommend. play is brilliant with the buttons/joystick Definite pro with the extra controller being very clear and self-explanatory. It and the extra game included. The build has 2 speakers on the back with a volume itself is realistic and very stylish also.


arrow-alt-circle-right RRP £99.99


TEAM MISSION POACHER RAS 26L I DID A LOT OF RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASING THIS RANGEFINDER. IT HAS GREAT ACCURACY AS WELL AS BETTER ABILITY TO LOCK ONTO THE FLAG OR OTHER THINGS SUCH AS HAZARDS ETC. I’m amazed at the 3/10th of a yard accuracy up to 300 yards. It can catch distances all the way up to 1000 yards. The optics are very clear when looking through the lens. I also found the size, shape and overall ergonomics to be top-notch, The ULT-X is compact, making it easy to stash in any golf bag pocket or even in your pants pocket as a bonus, it only weighs 0.46 pounds. I have tried all the features include Slope Switch Technology, Pinsensor with Vibration, Target Lock and 6X magnification. Also, this is a highly accurate model. I highly recommend for any golfer looking to up there came


RRP €249,99

arrow-alt-circle-right PROS Fast

The information layout can be read quickly.

CONS When tracking pole any other object in the way it will track this

Battery life is to short



The key word that keeps popping up in the Hedge Trimmer’s description is ‘tough’, and it’s not kidding. The blade on this thing seems thick and hardy, and it could take on most of our hedges without trouble, run by a high torque 18V motor. The trimmer has a 10 ft reach and it was surprisingly lightweight (2.47kg), which made those high spots so much easier than they used to be! It has up to 60 minutes of run time and, frankly, when it comes to gardening, so do I. Any more than that, and I start to lose the will! The amount of power it must take to cut through hedges, even when meeting resistance, makes this hour’s runtime extremely impressive – I’m used to wireless tools running down in a fraction of the time. You’re even saved from surprises by an LED display that shows you how

PROS: Lightweight Well constructed Sturdy blade Cordless Long run time Adjustable head Safety catch

CONS: Needs an upgrade to get through the thicker branches


much battery you have. If it runs down completely, the trimmer only takes 4 hours to fully recharge. There’s some really handy features to this trimmer. For example, you can adjust the head to cut flat along the top of your hedges, and there’s a very reassuring safety switch to stop it turning on by mistake. I’m always jumpy about this around any kind of DIY hardware, so that gave me peace of mind. Whilst this impressive blade could cut through a lot, it couldn’t take on everything, but if you want to take on thicker branches – I’m talking up to 60mm – you can buy an attachment for £24.99. However, if you’re looking to trim your hedges rather than secateur them, this will do the job perfectly as it comes. £199.99

CORDLESS GRASS TRIMMER GT 3.0 The grass trimmer sibling in this pair has many of the same features – it too is cordless and lightweight, though it only has a 30 minutes runtime. However, a very handy factor between these two devices is that their long-life 18V Lithium-ion battery, which can be charged on or off the devices, can also be switched between the two. If you’re only using the one tool, you can have the other battery at the ready and switch it over to double your run-time, or you can switch the one between both devices to get double the use out of whichever one is charged. Like the hedge trimmer, this trimmer is versatile, allowing you to adjust the angle of the trimmer head to cut along the edges of lawns to get precise, neat verges. In my experience, lawn trimmers break over anything – their blades

will spin off, or the head will just stop working, but this one is well constructed and I felt as though I could rely on it. If the blades ever do run into trouble, Gtech has ever prepared for this, making new blades extremely easy to attached. Your trimmer comes with 20, and you are able to buy more in packs of 50 for just £3.99. The fact that both of these tools are cordless is incredible. We live in a terraced house with a long, thin garden that needs heavy-duty extension cords to be strong together in order for us to travel right down to the end – but not anymore! Being able to pick these up and go makes the chore of gardening much less of a chore; as soon as we notice that our lawn or hedges need a trim, there’s no excuse not to pick these up and go. £129.99

PROS: Lightweight Well-constructed Cordless

CONS: Shorter runtime than the hedge strimmer


Good run time Adjustable head angle Replaceable blades


FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE EVER FELT OVERWHELMED BY THE VARIETY OF BUTTONS AND FUNCTIONS ON A COFFEE MACHINE, THE ALL-NEW AVANZA FROM MELITTA IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY. THE AVANZA IS UNDOUBTEDLY ONE OF THE SMALLEST AND SLIMMEST FULLYFUNCTIONAL COFFEE MACHINES ON THE MARKET - IT’S ONLY 20CM WIDE! STRIKING IN ITS COMPACT SIMPLICITY, THE COFFEE MACHINE BOASTS A NEWLY DEVELOPED CONTROL PANEL THAT’S REMARKABLY EASY TO USE. PERFECT FOR WHEN YOU’VE JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED! Yet despite its straightforward machine has a special memory function design, there is so much more going on enabling you to save your settings and save with the Avanza than meets the eye. For yourself time in the future! starters, the new ultra-quiet steel cone This is not all the Avanza does to make grinder means that you can enjoy freshly your coffee enjoyment more convenient ground coffee, even whilst everyone else the removable brewing unit and automatic sleeps. Another convenient feature is the cleaning and descaling programmes double cup mode - because coffee is always ensure that keeping your machine running better when it’s shared. As well as all of smoothly is incredibly easy. This is achieved this, the outlet is height adjustable up to with a simple service button, so you can 135mm, so you won’t be encountering readily access information about the state any problems if you want to use glasses or of your machine. extra-large mugs. All in all the Avanza is a small yet The Avanza really lets you take powerful miracle of a machine from Melitta. control of your coffee; it comes complete Enjoying your next cup of coffee has never with 5 grinder settings, and a feature been so easy, or so delightful! which allows you to adjust the amount and strength of your coffee. Just the way you like it! The Avanza also features a new pump control system, which, according to Melitta, guarantees the ideal contact time between the coffee and water. And, to make it all even more personalised, the coffee


ÂŁ499.99 PROS Quiet grinder XL water tank and bean container Easy Cappuccinatore

Companion App Easy-to-use LED display Simple cleaning and servicing

ROK MAKING COFFEE HAS BECOME AN ART, SCIENCE AND FORM OF WITCHCRAFT, AND THIS FASCINATION WITH THE PERFECT BEVERAGE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE GOING ANYWHERE. AS WELL AS INDEPENDENT COFFEE SHOPS SPRINGING UP AROUND EVERY MAJOR AND MINOR CITY, PEOPLE ARE LOOKING TO RECREATE THE SAME EXPERIENCE AT HOME. YOU’VE PROBABLY SEEN MECHANICAL PERSONAL BARISTA SET-UPS, BUT ROK’S PRODUCTS PROVIDE WAYS TO DO THE SAME STEPS BY HAND. THERE’S THE GRINDERGC, WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO GRIND UP YOUR COFFEE BEANS READY FOR USE, AND THEN THERE’S THE ESPRESSOGC, WHICH HAND-PRESSES HOT WATER THROUGH YOUR TAMPED COFFEE TO PRODUCE AN ESPRESSO SHOT. All of ROK’s products are would be impractical to use regularly. aesthetically pleasing, and this is no The EspressoGC comes in an exception. It has the industrial-chic vibe attractive chrome, or, for an additional to suit your home barista dreams, and £20, in black and berry. If you have the the hand-powered factor gives the whole space, time and inclination, the EspressoGC process a more crafty, artisanal feel, as from ROK offers you the chance to feel really though you’re really doing something. hands-on and artsy about your coffee, and However – are you? It’s a fact that every your kitchen will look more attractive for step of coffee preparation affects its taste, it. This isn’t as practical as an all-in-one, from how hard the grounds are tamped to mechanical alternative, but if you want the how hot the water is and the speed and preparation of your coffee to be as much of pressure with which it travels through the an experience as drinking it, this is a great coffee. Given all of this, the engineering of indulgence. the EspressoGC is important, and we can’t deny it – it makes a good shot of espresso, with just the level of crema you’d hope to see! However, I’m not sure why it is better to do this by hand over a mini mechanical barista set-up. Given how much this press, the grinder and the additional milk frother accessories etc. would cost you from ROK, the answer isn’t price, so I presume it’s a matter of aesthetics, and perhaps of energy conservation. You can use this device in your super-green, offthe-grid hipster home, and honestly, that’s a very cool quality, and shows that ROK knows its market. However, as someone with limited kitchen space, for me, this set


£149.00 PROS Looks attractive Makes a high-quality shot

CONS Full collection takes up space

Sturdily made Doesn’t require any power

BASH BUNNY YOU’VE HEARD OF HIGH-TECH USBS TO KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE, BUT HOW ABOUT USBS TO RUN SIMULATED ATTACKS? The Bash Bunny by Hak5 is a simple you to run multiple attack tests with ease, and powerful multi-function USB attack and the fact that it runs all of its attacks and automation platform for penetration from simple .txt files, which makes it easy testers and systems administrators. So, if for you to load it up and prep it for each test you need to check whether a system is hack- with each new threat you download. proof, the Bash Bunny can test it for you! The Bash Bunny has been made to The Bash Bunny has a cute name work efficiently and fast. It boots almost but a masterful attack plan. The beauty of instantly, thanks to its quad-core ARM the Bash Bunny is that it can trick a target processor, 512 MB of RAM and desktopcomputer into thinking it’s a HID keyboard, class 8GB SSD. This hefty system, the easy USB Ethernet, Serial or Mass Storage switch between attacks and the helpful light device, all of which mean the computer that shines once entry is made all make this allows it different accesses and to perform an extremely fast and frustration-free way different functions that allow attacks to to run hackability tests, keeping the faff take place. You can even run keystroke out of the way so you can focus on what injection attacks, bring-your-own-network matters. attacks and intelligent exfiltration all at the same time. To get the most out of the Bash Bunny, it needs to be in the hands of someone who knows how to wield it. That said, there‘s a lot of helpful information online, both from the company and other users. It’s also extremely user friendly; this device is easy to set up, and it makes it extremely simple to select what you want to run. If the light on the device turns green, it’s hacked your system, allowing for extremely quick and simple feedback that gives a clear visual indication of whether or not you’re safe. Features that make the Bash Bunny particularly effective include its ability to carry multiple payloads at once, allowing


ÂŁ159.99 PROS: Easy to set up Stores multiple payloads Switches between payloads easily

Simple coding Clear light Multiple attack vectors Growing attack library

TULA HALF BUCKLE THE TULA HALF BUCKLE IS ANOTHER BABY CARRIER TO EMERGE ON THE MARKET. WHAT MAKES THIS DIFFERENCE TO ALL THE OTHERS, YOU ASK? WELL, ALONGSIDE THE ERGONOMIC DESIGN, IT COMES WITH INNOVATIVE BODY PANELING. THERE ARE THREE WIDTH SETTINGS AND TWO HEIGHT SETTINGS, THESE ALLOW YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE TO BE AS COMFORTABLE AS POSSIBLE, IT ALSO MEANS THE TULA HALF BUCKLE HAS A LONGER LIFESPAN – HOLDING NEWBORNS BABIES, ALL THE WAY UP TO TERRIBLE TWOS. Comfort is certainly considered in Chip (light green with black speckles), the design of the Tula Half Buckle, there are Sleepy Dust (grey with white speckles), also adjustable straps around your neck and Discover (black with grey speckles), and shoulders to make the load bearable. The finally the Play (yellow with white hearts). material is also breathable and lightweight, In the image alongside this review, the meaning that long periods of use won’t have woman on the left is wearing the Mint Chip your torso covered in sweat! If you need to design, the woman on the right is wearing switch it up, this Tula Half Buckle can be the Play design. worn with your baby on your front, on your Overall, the Tula Half Buckle is a back, and even on your hip. great addition any new parent’s inventory. As well as comfort, design is always It is a crucial item for taking your baby out important to any product. The Tula Half on the go, it keeps you close your baby, and Buckle certainly delivers on this front too. it keeps your baby safe and secure. Though The patterns are elegant and tasteful. You the price is dear, this item is good quality can choose from Playdate (blue with white and your are guaranteed 2-3 years use. stars), Love Pierre (grey with white hearts), Rainbows Stars (self explanatory!), Mint


RRP £129.90 PROS Ergonomic design

Looks lovely

CONS Expensive


TONIES GUFFALO SET X2 FIGURES WHAT A FANTASTIC INTERACTIVE PRODUCT. TONIES ARE AUDIO STORIES, SONGS AND BOOKS THAT WORK TOGETHER WITH A TONIEBOX. TONIEBOX AND TONIES ARE A NEW AND INNOVATIVE MUSIC PLAYER SYSTEM THAT COMBINES PLAYING, LEARNING AND LISTENING AT THE SAME TIME. Every TONIE needs the TONIEBOX in order to play. This works by placing your Gruffalo on top of the music box and it will begin playing. Remove the Gruffalo and it will stop. It’s very easy to use, even children as young as 3 will be able to operate the system, although you will first need to connect with Wi-Fi, this is quite simple. The product is safe for small children to use as there are no parts that can be swallowed or sharp edges. The Gruffalo is hand painted and robust. The story will last up to 20 minutes. Overall fantastic product, which offers great interactive fun for your little ones, and offers good value for money.


RRP £14.99 PROS Fun Interactive Reasonably priced


HIPSTER ESSENTIAL MIAMILY THE MIAMILY HIPSTER BABY CARRIER WAS DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE. MOTHERS, FATHERS, GRANDPARENTS – THIS CARRIER HAS BEEN MADE TO BE A PRACTICAL AND COMFORTABLE OPTION FOR ALL, TO ENABLE WEARERS TO CONTINUE LIVING THEIR NORMAL LIVES, AND TO LOOK GOOD WHILST THEY DO IT. MiaMily was founded by a couple including a baby safety belt, and a foldable who couldn’t find the right baby carrier for head support further opens up your options them, so they created a prototype of what as you set the carrier up in the way that they would want to use. So many people works for the pair of you. asked them where they’d bought the model The company wanted this product that they realised they had something that to be for fathers as much as for mothers, could sell! We aren’t surprised. This MiaMily which is so important in supporting that Hipster is fantastic; not only is it well made, important bond that parents want to create but it is practical and comfortable for both with their kids, so every design uses neutral parent and child, able to be reconfigured colours. into multiple different carry positions. These carriers are engineered with The Hipster Essential has three possible the structure of a good backpack, but with carry positions, whilst the Hipster Plus and care paid to the whole family. These really Hipster Smart have six. These allow you to are fantastic, even at the Hipster Essential adapt the carrier to suit whatever activity level. The more advanced models can be you are doing, as well as the age and used with newborns, whereas the Essential temperament of your child. Switching up begins at four months, but all models are how you’re wearing the MiaMily also helps then suitable up to 4 years. That’s amazing to prevent stress on your body, as does the adaptability! thoughtful and supportive way it has been designed. For both your and your baby’s comfort, all Hipster baby carriers have a built-in hip seat to support your child in a healthy way. This seat is well made and is the central structure to all position configurations, and also has a handy builtin storage compartment. The carrier also has a second, easy-to-reach compartment fit for a phone or similar. All of the straps on the carrier are padded and adjustable,


$99.00 PROS: Well-engineered support Padded and comfortable Good storage Adjustable fit and carry

positions Neutral colours Fits various body types Suitable for up to 4 years

CONS: Only one colour option for the Essential and




WE’VE REVIEWED A FEW CODING TOYS IN GADGET HEAD, AND THE CONCEPT BEHIND ALL OF THEM IS FANTASTIC – GET KIDS ENGAGING WITH CODING IDEAS NOW, TO PREPARE THEM FOR WHAT IS BOUND TO BE A HIGHLY DIGITAL FUTURE. WE HAD SIMPLE CODING TOYS WHEN I WAS A KID, BUT THEY WERE HEAVY, CLUNKY, AND DIDN’T DO AN AWFUL LOT. TODAY’S VERSIONS ARE FANTASTIC, AND CODING CRITTERS ARE BRINGING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE THAT I HAVEN’T SEEN BEFORE – PROPS, STORY BOOKS, AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF NEW REASONS TO GET CODING! Coding Critters come with books an amazing addition that integrates these and a selection of accessories such an coding toys into a usual make-believe play environments and toys for them to interact style, and should keep kids playing with with. In combination, the story book guides them for far longer. We received Rumble your child through a day in their Coding and Bumble, an adorable dinosaur duo, but Critter’s life, filled with mentions of these these toys are also available as dogs, rabbits props and prompts to programme them to and all sorts of options. interact with different objects. This gets Coding Critters are easy to use, and your child exploring the possibilities of your child has plenty to motivate them to programming their Critter whilst guided by use them, both in creative self-led play you and by the story book, which begins to and through a parent-led story time to help teach them these coding skills and also gets them really learn the concepts this toy can their imaginations going. teach. They’re then able to use this coding as a part of their free play, able to work it into their make-believe games. Kids can make their Critters race, or set them to Real Pet Play mode and see them respond with different personalities, or continue to programme them as they did with the story book, but to a story of their own! This structure and level of detail is


$39.99 PROS Cute design Story book with programming prompts Easy to use controls

A range of options Various play style modes Screen-free coding



WITH SO MUCH PARENTAL CONCERN ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF SCREEN TIME CHILDREN ARE SPENDING IN FRONT OF COMPUTERS, PHONES AND TABLETS, IT IS REFRESHING TO SEE JUST HOW OSMO HAVE TAKEN THIS INTO ACCOUNT FOR THEIR GENIUS STARTER KIT. A truly unique educational gaming community creating hundreds of custom accessory for the iPad, Osmo have made levels too, there is an impressive scope to sure that the experience is more about keep coming back to this game time and physical interaction and less about staring again. at the screen. Masterpiece is a drawing tool that The Osmo Genius Starter Kit comes allows you to pick any image and then with five fun games: Numbers, Tangram, transform it into easy-to-follow guides to Newton, Words and Masterpiece. This recreate it. The combination of technology means that it covers a range of subjects, and drawing is wonderful to behold. including science, maths and art. It is The Genius Starter Kit comes with certainly NOT a one-trick pony. the Osmo iPad base (stand and reflector), The Numbers game includes game playing pieces and stackable storage arranging physical tiles to make numbers containers, all of which are very simple to and complete levels. It is a simple premise use and allow players to just jump straight – add by putting on more tiles, subtract by in. removing them and multiply by connecting Considering the great price of the them together. Genius Starter Kit, the unique AI and just The popular Tangram game features the sheer diversity when it comes to the over 500 different puzzles of differing games, this is a wonderful educational tool shapes and forms, where the player has for the digital age that children will want to to arrange the tiles to match the shape come back to again and again. on the iPad. It has reinvented this classic Osmo has launched their Black game, using the visual and audio feedback Friday deals, with up to 30% off Starter effectively. Kits and Games. Newton is, as you would expect, a Deals include a £29.99 saving on physics-based game that works with any the popular Little Genius Kit, with Disney object or drawing. All you have to do is games including Super Studio Disney Frozen place the chosen item in front of the screen 2 and Super Studio Disney Pixar Incredibles and manipulate it to guide the falling balls 2 for just £15.99 each. into the target zones, negotiating moving platforms and fans that force the player to rethink their approach. Words is always a fun game to play, whether on your own or with a friend, guessing secret words. With the myOsmo


From £69.30

arrow-alt-circle-right PROS: Easy to set up Massive playability Diverse range of games Great educational value

Compatible with iPad, iPad mini, iPad pro and iPad air


BLAZE WEAR HOT DOG BLAZE WEAR SPECIALISES IN HEAT-BASED PRODUCTS: HEATED GLOVES, HEATED JACKETS, EVEN HEATED SOCKS! HOWEVER, THEY DON’T JUST PRODUCE CLOTHING, AS WE FOUND WHEN WE RECEIVED ONE OF THEIR ‘HOT DOG’ RANGE OF HEATED DOG BEDS. The Hot Dog range offers a variety this adds on a good £100-£200 to the total. of dog bed styles, from flat pillows to full, It’s important to note that these beds don’t curved beds with a waxed cotton, wipeable have to come with the heated pad, though – outer. They also come in a variety of you can take the cost down if you just want styles, from neutral greys to country-esque one of the beds, which are cosy and wellcheque. It would be nice to see a few more made. designs, but everything is neutral enough to This is a lot to spend on a dog bed, suit any home. but far from it for me to tell you not to spoil Blaze Wear doesn’t offer cat beds, your pet. If you live in a draughty house, but really, these can double up as either. The or are in the habit of going on some harddog bed concept fits in with the company’s core winter walks, your pets will greatly outdoorsy vibe, offering a place for your pal appreciate these. They’re well-constructed, to warm up after a bracing walk, but as the a great idea, and the removable heat pad owner of two cats, I know that they’ll find and adjustable temperaurte makes them a their way to something heated and soft in suitable nap spot all year round. no time. So how do they work? The heat pad is pressure-sensitive: it ticks along at a low heat when your dog’s bed is empty, but when your dog sits, this rises to a preset temperature between 25°c to 55°c. Being able to set the temperature means you can find the safest and best setting for your dog. Also in the name of safety, this bed shuts off if it feels itself get too hot, and, you’ll be very pleased to know, it has a chew-proof cable! These beds aren’t cheap. The price is listed as starting at £40, but really, this figure covers the heated pad, and when you select which bed size and style you’d like,


https://www. PROS: Heated Pressure activated Chew-proof cable

CONS: Could have more colour options






THE NEW GENERATION OF THE LEGEND GIVI’S most popular top case, totally redesigned. Stylish as never before, versatile and as strong as ever. • ABS cover with a new design • Internally strengthened outer edge • Double cover made from plastic and aluminium • New outer band • New optical reflectors with small reflector on the outer band • Capacity: 56 lt

Sponsor of the LCR Honda MotoGP Team.

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