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This Is Africa.

to play at a 1st world standard while


running on a 3rd world infrastructure.



However they are doing it, with

Africa, everything, all at once. It is

sheer determination and guts they

a continent that seethes with the

are pressing through the hurdles

best and worst that life has to offer.

presented to them with a focus,

With as many positives as negatives

adaptability and courage that is

the country is the most neutral


and balanced of locations to run a

very roads that will later carry the

business. The bird of paradise that is

continent into a 1st World Economy

Africa has one wing dipped in gold and

status and elevate the standard of the

the other dipped in blood.

countries there in.

The global industry can learn a lot

It is a proud time to be African. It is

from businesses operating within

a proud time to be associated with

Africa. Wagon wheeled by fluctuating


economies and a shortage of skilled

Here is the best of the crop.





labour, uncertain political futures general unrest many of the countries have been thrust into the public interest thanks to the communicative powers of the internet and the

Lance Van Der Westhuizen

businesses are therefore expected

Endeavour Africa Editor

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Protecting The Tribe Of Ghosts


My Diary Of Caffeine Abuse


Chinese Tiger Project Going Strong Despite Departure Of Co-Founder

FOOD 14 Royal Mnandi

Flavoursome Food And Mouth-Watering Meals


Retsol The Fresh Convenience Revolution


Choppies Enterprises Putting The “Super” In Supermarket


Nico Van Der Meulen Beautifully Functional


Worley Parsons Tailored Local Solutions Using Global Expertise

MEDICAL 46 Nozala Health Partners

Looking After Number One

72 TANZANIA PORT AUTHORITY 4 | Endeavour Magazine


South African National Blood Service Finger On The Pulse


Apollo Bramwell Hospital The Greatest Wealth Is Health



MINING 66 Khumani Mine Assmang Manganese

INSURANCE 94 Indwe Risk Services


100 Santam

Efficiency, Empowerement And Engineering Excellence

Ambatovy Mines An Axis Of Development

Securing Your Dreams

Safely Undercover

106 Bank ABC

Fresh Thinking Smart Banking

LOGISTICS 78 George Airport Flying High

82 88

Tanzania Ports Authority Entry To Africa SWAACA Soaring High


Nu Metro Wins Savvy South African Cinema Fans 124 National Association Of Managing Agents

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his is only the first part

this news report is that of those

of this article and you

attacked most of them would

will lose your faith in

never be reported and most of

humanity. It will vanish. You will

them were women and children.

realize that the human race is

Purely because they are different

destined to tear itself apart from

that they are singled out.

its core and it will not be missed.

A soup of desperation, greed,

This is not an article for the faint

superstition and ignorance has


driven people to murder and butcher people for their body

Like any African country, of

parts, a chilling reminder of the

development and the storm of

cruelty that man can inflict upon

activity has created a business

man. It is unfortunate that this

industry that has raised the

sort of crime goes unpunished

wealth of the country and

by the Tanzanian government

unfortunately has also widened

whose hands are filled with the

the divide between classes. The

development of their country

rich have become very rich and

and so the plight of the “Tribe

the poor have become desperate

of Ghosts� is merely lumped

and something truly horrible has

alongside the pleas to end sexual

been occurring.






According to a March 2013 news report, there have been attacks on people with albinism. Four attacks were reported in 2013 between 31 January and 15 February where body



of young girls that still goes

Due to nothing more than a genetic fluke that removes the pigment from their skin, hair and eyes, the segregation these people have been forced to endure is intolerable to think of.

unanswered. Due to nothing more than a genetic fluke that removes the pigment from their skin, hair and eyes the segregation these

parts, which can sell for a total

people have been forced to

of US $75,000, were used in

endure is intolerable to think of.


While alive, they are ignored and

What is not mentioned in

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feared. Shop owners will not look

them in the eye if they are even

action is very seldomly forthcoming in a country known for its tribal

However, it does not take a lot of

served at all, they are attacked,

fear and nepotism. For the albinos however, the government have

people to destroy someone’s life.

beaten in public and spat upon

not even given them this avenue of aid. Offering nothing more than

There are pockets of people who

while other people turn a blind

a token gesture and response to keep the international community

fall under the guidance and rule

eye… parents abandon them as

happy and quiet, the Tanzanian community have basically turned their

of witch doctors who teach that

children out of fear of reprisals

backs on albinos seeing them as a minority. They may not persecute

muti (tribal medicine) is the only

from community members. This

them, but through their inaction they have basically turned their back

way to gain power or health. Who

is a daily occurance which makes

on them.

propagate superstition because

their lives a living hell. However,

The sickening state of affairs is summed up clearly in a Dailymail.

it is the best way to gain control

once killed and dismembered report that told of a 17 year old girl named Angel who when she

and, more damaging, they rely on

their body parts are sold for

was born her father said she was a “gift from god,” but not because he

a mobbish culture to install fear

potions and medicines by witch

loved her as a father but because he wanted to butcher the girl and

upon their people. One of the

doctors, still the only source of

sell her body parts.

easiest ways to politically gather

medicinal, family and spiritual guidance for villages in the area. Claiming that they will cure ailments, improve health and generate wealth in what amounts to nothing more than cannibalism and collection of human parts. Young men diagnosed with HIV will abduct young Albino girls and rape them, believing they will be cured of their ailments, fishermen will pay for an arm or two to jazz up their boats and load up their nets. According to a website: http:// over 71 people have been murdered in the last six years with a lesser degree happening to a seven year old boy was maimed on his way home when a group of guys “liked the look of his arm.” There is a help-line that has been implemented by the Tanzanian




token effort to ratify some of the situation, however this is part of the Law of The Child Act established in 2009 to curb the rise of sexual explotation,


Second Part Kabanaga Protectorate Centre in Kabanga, is home to 70 albinos of a range of ages who have been driven out of their communities and away from their families. Located in the north-west of the East African country, close to the Burundi border the Centre offers a glimmer of hope and a radiant reminder of the strength of human kindness. There are a number of communities in Tanzania who work together and offer everything from safety, solace, education and medical treatment to the albinos. Founded by Susan DuBois, who is a Caucasian woman, who has also written the book, “Raising a Child With Albinism, A Guide To The Early Years,”. The aim of the centre is to empower those there with education, awareness and strength of character, it is not about anything as ignatious as fighting fire with fire, or violence with violence, they’re fighting all the evils that they faced with calmness, education and intelligence. Entirely not for profit they make all of their money through donations which is why awareness and international exposure is so important. Many albinos suffer from sight problems and many of them are technically legally blind, skin cancer is also a serious concern as lack of pigment in their skin removes much protection from the sun so there is also medical treatment that is offered. Education is a weapon against the ignorance that causes these things. Education of communities about what albinism is. Communities such as Kabanaga Protectorate Centre do not just aim at offering a safe house, they want these men, women and children to be able to return to their communities and gain the acceptance they deserve without fear.

Cutting Away Ignorance

violence and child trafficking

Tanzania is such a large country with a population predicted to

offenses. This does nothing to

hit 51 million by 2015, that it is unfair to tar everyone with the same

stop these offenses because

brush, it is the minority of people who are causing the most damage.




someone who is different. Reminescent



apartheid killings, reminiscent of the Conflict Diamonds, the persecution of races by the Church, the witch trials and killings. Education is the only weapon that works against ignorance and it is ignorance that is at the root of the problem. Ignorance creating a demand from those believing that muti works, that albinos are imbued with magic of any kind, and greed, for those seeing the opportunity to supply that demand. It is said that nobody is specifically evil, however ignorance combined with greed and a wilful decision to remove your humanity to supply either is as close to evil as you can get. There is much that needs to be repaired in the world and it will take time, but we won’t be moving in the right direction until we successful abolish ignorance and establish a standardized level of human compassion and tolerance.

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07.30: My colleague decides to put on some widow-maker coffee. This is specially bought coffee that is brewed in a machine and after much bubbling, vibrating and a small puff of smoke in the shape of a skull and crossbones you can enjoy a glass-melting cup of pure caffeine. This is coffee… on coffee. 08.30: I return from my third trip to the toilet, walk into the office and it’s like throwing myself into a cloud of coffee and slowly sinking into it like the softest mattress. I literally wade through the air to get to my desk. Yes, the air in our office is enough to stain my custom Maccy white shirt brown. 09.00: Spinning around in my chair 09.30: Still spinning 10.00: Unaccounted for 10.30: Third cup of coffee, provided for by a colleague with slightly fuzzy outlines and a strained smile that looks like it is hurting his face. 11.00: Fifth cup and the conversations in the office lose all punctuation and I can actually see the words spilling out of my co-workers mouths in long, un-spaced sentences. 11.30: Caffeine has officially kicked in. We are no longer

talking and instead we’re running around yelling at each other and making fun of the accompanying subtitles. 12.00: I tie myself down to write an article. I have heard other people cite how caffeine is the drug of choice for hyperproductivity however I’ve found it is quite literally impossible to be productive when you find yourself this far over the line of sobriety. 13.00: I return to writing my article after being distracted by a feature about detailed pictures of the human iris. 13.30: I produce a quick doodle on the corner of my note pad about how to fix the ozone layer with a fountain pen and a leather belt. 14.00: I return to writing the article that’s at hand. As I understand it, caffeine works by inhibiting the effects of Adenosine in the receptor cells in the brain, which

are the little buggers that calm the activity of the nervous system thus triggering tiredness. Caffeine molecules bind to these receptor cells but have no active effect on the nervous system. However by doing so they take the place of adenosine molecules that could make a difference. This process is known as “competitive inhibition” and effectively delays the onset of fatigue, increases alertness and improves people’s ability to sustain attention. To get the best effects of caffeine they suggest drinking a cup of coffee and then having a fifteen minute nap as it takes that amount of time for the caffeine to really hit home and afterwards you may not sleep again for a while. Exhaustive research has gone into the effects (awake and still awake) and side-effects (I can’t blink!) of caffeine because as it seems to give us super powers they want to find

out just how far it will push humanity’s natural evolution. Research does suggest that sensitive groups, such as children, could experience ill-effects from high-caffeine energy drinks although much more research needs to go into it. For example, babysitting becomes its own reward when you give your ten year old nephew a Redbull seconds before his mother returns from an exhausting night-shift and you leave. However, habitual consumption of caffeine and caffeine related products can lead to better mental functioning in old age. Indeed, ingesting significant quantities of caffeine results in fewer errors, injuries and accidents at work and in leisure time. London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine published evidence earlier this month that showed caffeine helped improve workers’ memory and concentration. Endeavour Magazine • January 2013 • 9

For people working overnight, consuming caffeine had a similar effect to taking a power nap and identical results were seen irrespective of whether those studied drank coffee, an energy drink, took a caffeine pill or ate food with a high caffeine content. Additionally when coffee was added to cancer cells – in a laboratory I’ll add hastily- it exhibited ant proliferative effects on them i.e. prevented them from multiplying and even a small amount caused the cancer cells to up and kill themselves. 14.30: Considering what colour cape to give my coffee superhero. The Caffienator… 15.00: I realize I’ve only got another two hours to finish

this article and another three hundred words to go. Mild panic sets in until colleague, now merely a blur and a gust of wind produces a fresh cup of widow-maker in front of me. Yes, while it’s true that I am so uncomfortably awake that I will need to drink a pint of rum to even myself out, I cannot deny the sensational effects of this wonder chemical. It is the quintessential example of cause and effect. Newton’s laws of physics have never been better demonstrated. You take a lowly writer, dressed in a work shirt and a cardigan, wearing mismatched polyester socks with a scruffy hairdo and the general appearance of Charlie Sheen going through an airport and you add a dozen or so cups of Taylors of Harrogate, Espresso Dark Roast 5 – and just like that he

turns into Henry Saville. Am I saying that under the influence of this coffee I am the very splitting image of a Henry Cavill? The Man of Steel standing with my fists on my hips and my chest buffed out like a super pigeon, scanning the world with my super vision and a grim, yet reassuring set to my mouth? Ha-ha, no! Of course not, I look like a man whose skeleton is about to vacate his body and whose brain is bouncing around the inside of his skull looking for a way out! My fingers are blurs across the keyboard and my proof-reader will have to add spaces between each of my words. My left leg is bouncing up and down at a ridiculous rate and I’m answering phone calls with a rabid scream for a greeting.

17.00: Colleague makes a fresh pot of coffee. 17.30: Once brewed, we drink and our heads summarily explode.

Donnie Rust, (AKA The Naked Busker) is one of Britain’s foremost comedy writers in the field of business, travel and adventure with over 1 million readers worldwide. His stand-up comedy is apparently hilarious too. He can be found at:

Endeavour Magazine • January 2013 • 11





China tigers being rewilded at

Development Center of China’s

14. This project demonstrates

morning last week



Laohu Valley Reserve in South

State Forestry Administration

that the South China tiger has

in the grasslands of


The powerful hunter

(SFA), and the Chinese Tigers

the potential to recover, not

South Africa, a South China tiger

proved once again that the

South African Trust (CTSAT).

only in numbers, but once-lost

crouched, pounced, and locked

world’s rarest tiger subspecies

Since that time, five South China

wilderness skills.

its jaws around the neck of a

has a new lease on life.

tigers have been sent to South

Recently, however, Li Quan,

blesbuck (a deer-like ungulate)

The Chinese Tiger Project

Africa as part of an innovative

a founder of Save China’s Tigers,

directly in front of startled

is a partnership established in

and ambitious effort to rewild

departed the project. Chinese

reserve managers.

This was

2002 by an agreement between

and breed the world’s rarest

State Forestry Administration

one of the many blesbuck to be

the Save China’s Tigers (UK), the

tiger, and their numbers at Laohu

project director Lu Jun said,

hunted this year by the South

National Wildlife Research and

Valley Reserve have increased to

“We and our partners are fully

12 | Endeavour Magazine

committed to the Chinese Tiger

division of SFA, Mr. Stuart Bray

the Project is truly unfortunate,

survey in 1990.


According to

We have received

from Save China’s Tigers, and

I am determined to prevent any

Laohu Valley Reserve manager

updates on the tigers in South

Mr. Rumit Shah representing

personal issues from interfering

Heinrich Funck, “Our research

Africa and they are healthy and

CTSAT discussed future plans

with the success of the Chinese

scientists have made important

hunting well.”

to reintroduce tigers into the

Tiger Project.”

discoveries on how rewilded





wild at protected sites inJiangxi,

The Chinese Tiger Project

tigers hunt, and we are looking

on global tiger conservation

Hubei, and Hunan provinces.

is moving ahead with the same

forward to sharing these findings

in Kunming, China, all three

Save China’s Tigers Chairman,

dedicated management team

with the scientific community in

partners of the Chinese Tiger

Stuart Bray said, “We are all

and the support of some of the

the near future. We also have

Project pledged their continued

committed to the success of this

world’s top wildlife scientists

our fingers crossed for good

support for the effort. Mr. Yan

important project.

While the

including Dr. Gary Koehler who

news on the breeding front as

Xun deputy director of Wildlife

situation with my wife leaving

did the first South China tiger


Further inquires can be made to either Save China’s Tigers at or Mr. Lu Jun, National Wildlife Research and Development Center of China’s State Forestry Administration,

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Although delicious cuisine is incredibly important for RoyalMnandi, client requirements remain a priority, while any success is thanks to a passionate, enthusiastic and fully trained workforce.

Endeavour Magazine | 15


Virginia Woolf’s infamous “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” quote is as true now as it ever has been. Whether you are studying at school, working hard in the office or socialising with friends, food plays a big role in everyday life



s a company that recognises the importance of eating healthily, enjoying mealtimes, feeling satisfied and receiving great value for money, we were keen to uncover

the driving forces at RoyalMnandi.

About RoyalMnandi For more than twenty years, RoyalMnandi has been one of South Africa’s most prominent outsourced catering companies. Since its inception in 1990, the company previously known as Royal Food Services and then RoyalSechaba has been on a journey of continued growth and prosperity. Following successful partnerships and acquisitions as well as a takeover from the listed Mvelaphanda Group - a financial service, healthcare, mining and real estate conglomerate - the company achieved two major milestones.

Beefy Meats Food Services

When Mvelaserve, the holding company for RoyalMnandi,

Proud supplier to the Royal Mnandi group since 2007

unbundled from the Mvelaphanda Group, the company listed on the

Tel (+ 27 11) 316 3233 Fax (+27 11) 316 4880

South Africa’s fifth largest outsourcing catering company underwent

16 | Endeavour Magazine

Johannesburg Stock Exchange in November 2010. The following year, a rebrand.

Using the Zulu word Mnandi, which means delicious, the company adopted a fresh and innovative approach to business with the service philosophy “Made from the Heart” an important strategic vision. When it comes to the company’s unique selling point, business development and marketing executive Glenn McGinn believes that the current mature market requires RoyalMnandi to offer more than just one distinctive characteristic. “The key ingredient for RoyalMnandi is providing memorable experiences and as a company we provide over a million meals per month, which equates simply to the same number of opportunities to deliver a great experience,” he says.

Employee empowerment On the subject of people, Glenn told us that client requirements is the company’s priority and through careful planning and discussions, RoyalMnandi is able to deliver what will work best for the customer. This is made possible through a dedicated, energetic and dependable workforce. As Glenn explains: “They are people you will like. People you can

With over 25 years of experience in packaging and distribution, Microfuture’s committed team provides clients with quality service, value-for-money products and unique and customised solutions. A Level 2 BBBEE contributor, Microfuture is based in the Kya Sand business area, in Northern Johannesburg. We deliver across Gauteng and surrounding areas. Microfuture was launched by Norma Gore in 2007 and currently employs 20 clientfocused staff members. The team has a solid understanding of packaging trends and can assist clients with tailored options. +27 11 462 3418 Unit 3, Riverside Industrial Park, Koevoet Street, Kya Sand, PO Box 511, Fourways, 2055

trust, people, who are courteous and friendly. People who you can rely on, people who always go the extra mile, people who are passionate

Endeavour Magazine | 17


and enthusiastic about what they

“The Training Academy provides all our training requirements

The last 10 years have seen

do, People who are experts in

and yearly boasts over a 100 per cent attendance rate. The key to

clients require a more retail

their field. Great people – they

our success is we tailor make each programme to the ever changing

aligned commercial approach

are RoyalMnandi people!”

business environment. We do not believe that one size fits all.”

to catering, which calls upon

In addition to the employee

Although the company boasts cutting-edge technology that

growth opportunities available

improves systems and streamlines processes, the absence of a well

at the company, any new member

trained and motivated workforce would be hugely detrimental to

of staff will receive expert

everyday operations.

instruction and teaching through what Glenn describes as “one of the jewels in the RoyalMnandi crown.” “The



training is provided through our

“Without our RoyalMnandi people, we could not create the great experiences that we have built up a track record of delivery,” adds Glenn. “Our people are RoyalMnandi.”

Current developments

providers to develop innovative outsourced solutions. “The high street environment is now being used as an industry benchmark,” notes Greg. Therefore,


continues to invest heavily in research





development customer

demands, particularly current

very own Training Academy,” he

When we asked Glenn about the highly competitive and

trends towards healthy eating.

asserts. “Every member of the

unregulated catering industry, he said that providers continue to seek

“We believe we will continue

RoyalMnandi team is assessed

out different avenues, which balance good service with a reasonable

to have a meaningful impact on



return. “The barrier to entry is very low, and this continues to put

people’s lives and well being,”

programme crafted specifically

great pressure on the sustainability of providing a safe professional

says Glenn.

for them.”

service,” he reveals.



18 | Endeavour Magazine

“We are launching a number

of very exciting products for our Education, Healthcare, Commercial and Mining business sectors, which will again lift the bar in terms of providing a personalised service.”

Commitment to school meals In recent years, RoyalMnandi has actively reached out to students and academic staff to discover what is required in lunch halls and cafeterias across South Africa. “Incorporating the multifaceted requirements of modern education, from ensuring menus are well balanced and deliver all the right nutrients to stimulate great academic achievement, to keeping

3, 8th Street, New Doornfontein, 2091 Tel: (011) 402 5701 | Fax: (011) 402 5702 Email:

the energy requirements in check to ensure all students perform at their peak, is all in a day’s work,” notes Glenn. Along with providing an extensive choice of meals that are great value for money, Glenn also believes that children should enjoy their time at the table. “Even in schools, there is an expectation that the dining environment be comfortable and exciting,” he adds. “This has led to a fundamental change in our offering over the years. Creating those moments of magic and sustaining them are what makes the difference.” However, delivering mouth-watering meals to schools and education institutions is only part of the process, as RoyalMnandi is also concerned with delivering an on going and dedicated after-sales service. “Regular feedback forms the heartbeat of our day-to-day operations,” reveals Glenn. “Each operation has a unique platform which encompasses all our guests. Within 24 hours any negative feedback is escalated to our onsite team for immediate attention.”

Achievements and aspirations

They are people you will like. People you can trust, people, who are courteous and friendly. People who you can rely on, people who always go the extra mile, people who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, People who are experts in their field. Great people – they are RoyalMnandi people!”

“Our reputation for providing superb solutions for any requirement speaks for itself,” boasts Glenn. “Ask any of our customers, they are our champions. “And we don’t just believe in excellence, we practice it!” In the next five years, Glenn believes that RoyalMnandi’s ability to convert from a traditional contract catering offering to a ‘fun, exciting and innovative food experience’ will be vital for future success. “We are spending great amounts of people resources and time to develop the required products and change management process needed to make the future a reality that is exciting and sustainable,” he signs off.

Endeavour Magazine | 19

RETSOL 0027 87 353 4912 WWW.RETSOL.CO.ZA

20 | Endeavour Magazine




Retsol was established in 2002 with the vision of becoming SA’s leading, privately held bakery & food franchise company. However, 2007 marked the beginning of Corner Bakery as it is known now when Retsol Stores (Pty) Ltd purchased the Corner Bakery trademark and business. The strategy for Retsol was to focus the company’s attention and hone it’s speciality in the convenience food market. Corner Bakery now specialises in offering the convenience market great bakery and fast food solutions, as well as Equatorial Coffee, which is an exclusive coffee brand launched by Retsol. In the African market the convenience channel is dominated by the petroleum forecourt stores and Retsol have moulded a convenience food solution that caters precisely for the challenges that this channel faces in trying to add a ‘fresh’ solution to their retail offer.

Endeavour Magazine | 21


As the largest forecourt bakery network in SA, Corner Bakery aims to become the largest bakery food service franchise/ brand in Sub Saharan Africa. Currently Corner Bakery boasts in excess of 300 sites within South Africa with the number expanding monthly. Retsol plans to continue this aggressive expansion into Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and beyond, and are making great strides in this arena with Corner Bakery sites already set up across Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Reunion and Mauritius.


he Success of Corner

retailer, and sold it to Profurn in 1998. He is also a former executive

Bakery can be attributed

director of Profurn Holdings (a previously JSE-listed ALSI 40 mass

to the entrepreneurial

market furniture and appliance retailer – Morkels, Protea Furnishers,

spirit and experience of its

Barnetts Furnishers, Hi-Fi Corporation and Supreme Furnishers).

directors, Wayne Duncan, Gary

Retsol’s managing director, Gary Milne, has had extensive

Milne and Jason Knox. Along

operational experience in managing branded casual dining and fast

with the dedicated management

food outlets. He’s flair for successfully managing and growing brands

and operation team they have

markedly showed itself when he managed the operational aspects

built over the past 12 years.

of the Nando’s UK brand. Gary’s influence was pivotal in guiding

Wayne Duncan, who started

the brand from a single take away outlet to a sit-down, casual dining

his career as a Unilever Scholar

brand. His departure from Nando’s UK saw him plough his skills and

working for Unilever SA and

experience in the Spirit Pub Group, which he joined as the operations

Australia is the chairperson

director of their food led pub division of 220 outlets. While with Spirit

and director at Retsol. He has

he was part of the management team that led the acquisition of the

had vast general management

Scottish and Newcastle Pub Business.

experience in the franchising/

Jason Knox, an integral part of the team, is the Financial Director

retailing, technology and private

at Retsol. Jason has a wealth of knowledge and senior experience

equity spheres. He founded

in the retail sector with Mass discounters at the Game Stores Head

Canway Home Furnishings, a

Office. As a Chartered Accountant (SA) he’s headed up many finance

mass market specialist furniture

divisions with the most notable being Africa Finance Division for Game Stores, where he was responsible for financial aspects of the Game outlets located outside of South Africa. As a leader of this division his main responsibility lay in the financial management of existing African outlets and setting up subsidiary companies for Retsol Stores in new countries. The rise of convenience retailing as a major component of all traditional retail is not new in developed countries in Europe and the Americas, but the same trend is now rolling out in developing countries like South Africa. More and more traditional FMCG retailers are converting to smaller formats and running longer hours to accommodate their customers and remain competitive in the retail market. However in the smaller retail formats, the importance of the fresh departments increases. Traditionally these departments are

22 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine | 23


bakery, butchery and deli. These departments differ

a pizza, a speciality bread loaf

from the standard FMCG goods as they have a higher

or a hamburger, the consumer

frequency of purchase, coupled with a higher margin.

demands to know what they are

This allows the retailers to maximise the return on

eating. Who made this product?

their trading space, so as the footprint of the outlet

Where were the ingredients

decreases, the importance of the fresh offering

sourced from? What is inside the


product? Having a strict sourcing

However it is the consumer that is driving

and manufacturing policy is not

the change and such it understands this changing

always enough. Corner Bakery

consumer need that is the key to Retsol’s success in

offer the consumer a range of

this fast paced and competitive market.

meal solutions that have not

Retsol have identified 2 key areas that are changing

been made in a faraway factory,

the consumer’s behaviour and shopping patterns:

but rather right there, where

1. Health and wellness trend

the consumer can see! All this

2. Changing consumer living patterns and buying

allows Corner Bakery to offer


a “FRESH” department to the

The first is not a new concept, but is fundamental

forecourt space, something that

to the strategic objectives for Retsol. The Health and

in the past consumers were only

Wellness trend, according to Retsol, is not limited to

able to find in larger formal retail

salads and organic foods. This has extended to all food


consumption, with consumers demanding trustworthy and transparent products. Whether it is a sandwich,

24 | Endeavour Magazine

In addition to the demands of




consumers have and are changing

across all franchisees and staff

their living patterns and so

members. Retsol Stores has

their purchasing behaviour. The

identified an innovative and

concept of the monthly shop is

effective way to guarantee that

fast becoming extinct, while even

the franchisors and their staff

the weekly grocery shop is losing

on the ground receive standard

favour. Consumer’s lives are fast

and effective training on the

paced with massive demands

Corner Bakery operating system

on their ‘free’ time. With little

through an interactive online

time to enjoy life, consumers

system. The on-line classroom,

are demanding more convenient

which is an eLearning system,

retail solutions and that extends

forms an integral part of the


training required by the Corner




Consumers are choosing to


shop-on-the-go, preferring to

Retsol to consistently up skill

graze rather than stockpile. This

employees across the continent

results in them demanding more

in a consistent, focused and

ready-made easier to eat food,


but not sacrificing on the health

have the ability to empower all

and wellness.

employees to take control of








their careers and provide them

these trends are analysed and

with a free, easy to use platform

incorporated into all strategic

to increase their skill set and

developments and plans, Retsol

opportunities within the group.

are effectively able to offer

This training does not replace



current practical training, which


is handled by a team of Corner







partners. Within

Bakery Coaches, but rather it petroleum

will enhance the current training

industry, Retsol firmly believes


methods; making sure that an

that consumer differentiation

individual’s skills and knowledge

can only be maximised by the

are scored and recorded on the

addition of a strong retail outlet

online modules.

to drive customers to the site.

The inclusion of eLearning

And a great fresh department

modules has become necessary

is integral in ensuring that the


entire retail offering is profitable.

because it enables easier access

You need to offer the consumer

to training for franchisees that

an integrated retail solution,

will now be empowered to learn

pairing their need for daily FMCG

the Corner Bakery operating

with key fresh departments. The

systems at their own pace

local fuel station needs to morph

and convenience. The online

from a petroleum outlet retailing

training modules are also better

some convenience products to a

positioned to enforce quality

convenience retail outlet, (with a


great fresh department) where

showing detailed processes and

you can purchase fuel.

interactive tests being part of the

At the core of every franchise business is the people and the ability to achieve consistency










A division of Foodcorp(Pty)Ltd

Pieman’s, SA’s no.1 pie, proudly manufactures and supplies a unique range of large pies. Your customers deserve the best! Pieman’s is an ISO 22000, HACCP and Halaal (MJC) certified manufacturer. / +27 11 9534230 Endeavour Magazine | 25

Choppies Enterprises +267 318 6658 Written by Daemon Sands

26 | Endeavour Magazine



Recently listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange CHOPPIES GROUP is a name that is synonymous with quality, the highest levels of customer satisfaction and employee loyalty. In Botswana they are not only a household name but the household brand. Chief Executive Officer Ramachandan Ottapathu spoke with me regarding the important steps that Choppies have taken to secure their position as leaders in their industry and they’re plans to continue into 2013.

Unity in diversity, Choppies is a unique name in Botswana with a turnover above 1000 million Pula per year spread across the country where they have over 50 stores, handle more than 45,000 products and employ a family of 4000 service oriented staff. “We provide the best quality products and the highest service,” Mr Ramachandan says, “With a smile and value for your money.” There is a simple, driving mission behind the company to be the best service provider in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). This is a position that they currently firmly 28 | Endeavour Magazine

Packaging problems, speak to the Sacksologist

Suppliers of quality Sacks and Bags

75 Richard Carte Road, Mobeni, 4092, Durban T: +27 31 452 1300 | F: +27 31 462 9240 | E: | W:


dominate however Mr. Ramachandan understands that their position is dependent on them making use of the best business practices in the industry and by setting the standards. “Our mission is always to be the leader in this industry,” he continues. How is this achieved though? The story behind Choppies is an impressive one. From humble beginnings in 1986 with one supermarket named Wayside in LOBATSE, the unit has grown into the leading retailer group in the FMCG industry in Botswana. It holds over 30% of the retail market share and serves the population in all the nooks and corners of the vast land extending from Pitsane to Shakawe. Over 70% of the local farm produce is marketing through their outlets alongside 45000 products and their own brands. The answer to how, is simple. Their vision, which is simple but poignant, to satisfy all their customers’ needs fully. This, begins with the employees. Choppies is a well-oiled machine, consisting of a team of highly qualified professionals from various disciplines including engineers, Chartered Accountants, Information Technology (IT) experts and Business and Finance professionals. Over and above the group of professionals, Choppies stores in Botswana are bolstered with a strong workforce consisting of citizen employees and expatriates. “It starts at the employee level,” Mr Ramachandan explains,Skittles “The Ad employees are08/05/2013 looked after and trained, _M&D.pdf 1 16:03









30 | Endeavour Magazine

provided with the tools they need to offer our customers the full service they expect and this extends beyond just working in the stores but also the infrastructure we’ve set up to support our shops. There is a philosophy in Choppies which we strongly uphold and have introduced pension schemes for our staffs which is a rare thing here. “We also believe in supporting young talent and we not only employ the youth but also train them periodically to develop them professionally so that they can meet quality and service standards as required by our valued customers.” Their infrastructure is supported by two warehouses, one packaging unit and a strong logistics division. Most of the shops are equipped with a Bakery, Butchery and Takeaway section in addition to normal super market facilities to cater for all the basic shopping needs as well as taking those inevitable spontaneous purchases into account. With goals to be the best in Africa and to expand beyond their home country borders Choppies has a firmly established footprint in Botswana and South Africa providing employment to more than 1600 people in the country. “South Africa is a good and applicable market that is similar to that of Botswana,” Mr Ramachandan reveals, “It is conducive to what we can offer and was the best option for expansion,” “We are looking at other countries but we prefer to grow via small steps providing a solid foundation on which to launch any new objectives,” he continues.

“Winning with Customers & Shoppers” is a fundamental priority of Nestle Southern Africa, we want to engage with “all” customers, big & small, modern & traditional, wherever Nestle products are sold. Nestle as a manufacturer recognises the different dimensions of doing business across Southern Africa & wants to simultaneously grow its business profitably with all customers at the same rates as they are growing their different categories that we compete in. Joint business planning is an enabler to this process, thus enabling Nestle Southern Africa as business to be relevant, to achieve its growth objectives & together we can “Win with Customers & Shoppers”. P O Box 50616 Randburg 2125 +27 (0)11 514 6000 Endeavour Magazine | 31


In Botswana, the company operates from their state of the art warehouses located in Gaborone and Lobatse. In Gaborone they have sixteen stores while in Lobatse they own six. The design and set up of each of the stores vary in size from 1500 to 3000 Square meters, depending on the region and the surrounding population to ensure easiest access to their stores. In order to assure continuous supply in all our shops in the most expedient way, the group owns a fleet of more than 200 commercial vehicles which carry out all the transportation requirements. In South Africa, the group is concentrating on the North West province where shops have already been opened in Zeerust, Swartruggens, Northam, Koster, Litchenburg, Mafeikeng, Phokeng, Carltonvile and Rustenberg. All business activities are intended to provide an overall positive impact on the customers as well as on the society as a whole. Sustainable development is the philosophy and Choppies aim is to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits, through operations. Choppies currently helps employees to integrate into the society. A number of individual training programmes are designed to achieve this goal. Choppies organizes different sports activities, festivals and other types of entertainment for their personnel and their families. Choppies is passionate about sports and has always provided support to a number of sports events. Choppies is also one of the biggest contributors to Football Development Appeal (FODA).

Kenzo Enterprises (Pty) Ltd +267 391 2379 | 32 | Endeavour Magazine

Choppies sponsors the Lady Khama Charitable Trust Event. We have proved our commitment by donating a number of houses for the destitute. Donations and free supply of food is given to many charitable organizations. We have followed a well thought of recruitment plan for the disabled which has been diligently followed, making their lives better. This action by Choppies shall be noted as the first amongst local companies to help the disabled, thereby contributing towards one of the most crucial pillars under Botswana’s Vision 2016 which is to become “ a just and caring nation”. Ahead of the green movement that is sweeping across the world, Choppies have always endeavoured to avoid or minimize the impact on the environment in all their business activities engaged in. With this in mid the companies’ logistics operations are designed to be as green as possible and sourcing decisions have become stringent so that environmentally damaging products are not procured and distributed. This follows suit with a philosophy shared by many of the top global companies that to ensure change needs to start internally by promoting best practices. And what is in store going into 2013 for a company as forward thinking with its employees and so considerate with its customers? “2013 is looking to be an exciting time,” Mr Ramachandan concludes, “We are heavily involved in a number of community upliftment projects which are of particular interest to us as this helps us encourage growth amongst our staff as well as the on-going mission to be the best.

We thank Choppies Group for their continued support and wish them good luck for the future.

/ BOK454W

Endeavour Magazine | 33

Nico van der Meulen 0027 11 789 5242 Written by Djamil Benmehidi

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Endeavour Magazine | 35


As a result of their reputation for excellence and a unique vision which focuses on both aesthetic beauty and functional pragmatism, Nico van der Meulen Architects is known internationally as a practice for those who will accept nothing but the best. With an extensive and critically acclaimed portfolio of over 4,000 buildings which can quite simply be described as magnificent, and currently engaged in further projects across the globe, Nico van der Meulen Architects spoke to Endeavour Magazine about their success.

Johannesburg-based Nico van der Meulen, CEO of Nico van der Meulen Architects has cultivated a reputation as a pioneer of contemporary architecture that stretches across not only the African continent, but across a far wider international context. Nico van der Meulen’s entry into the field of architecture began in 1984 when he set-up his practice as a family business and nearly 30 successful years later, Nico van der Meulen Architects still remains a family business. His wife and sons, themselves known within the industry as specialist architects, sculptors and interior designers, work closely alongside Nico and have proved instrumental in helping to bring their clients individual visions to life. As award winning architects and interior designers, it is unsurprising that the foundation of their success is built upon a reputation for excellence which has been carefully nurtured over the space of many years. In particular, Nico van der Meulen’s practice specialises in designing bespoke residences and exclusive commercial developments for the most discerning clientele at the very top of the market; it is no coincidence that Nico counts some of the world’s richest and most powerful individuals among his client list. At Nico van der Meulen’s, architects and designers work with great care and diligence to ensure that a building design

36 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine • February 2013 •


encapsulates the vision and essence of their clients. Industry experts suggest that the very best architects are the ones that can best read a client’s psyche to ensure they are able to communicate their own unique vision without compromising their wishes. This combined with a meticulous approach to project management which covers every phase from site selection to completion means that the client’s requirements are met, thereby providing peace of mind. Considering the quality of Nico van der Meulen design aesthetics, it is interesting that Nico’s approach to his unique brand of contemporary, modernist design in fact revolves around the principle of functionalism. “In architecture, functionality should always be given higher priority than the form, considering we spend our entire lives inhabiting the structures we’ve designed rather than admiring their external appearances. Functionalism is our design philosophy and whilst our facades could have any form, and be associated with any style, our buildings will always remain functional. To

38 | Endeavour Magazine

associate this architectural practice with a specific style would be inaccurate considering the buildings we design are purposed to be functional first and their striking forms are merely a result of this.” – Nico van Den Meulen, Founder, CEO of Nico van Den Meulen Architects. This unwavering focus on function before form is a natural product of Nico van der Meulen’s origins as a civil engineer. As a man who spent his earlier years cutting his teeth in the construction industry prior to entering the field of architecture, the emphasis on a symbiotic relationship between exterior and interior, functionality and aesthetics, represents a mix of the best of both worlds. “Across all fields, engineers are trained to make things work. Whilst their entire focus is aimed at making something functional, architects often get carried away in the desire to create beautiful buildings while neglecting the practicality of their designs. This basic principle of engineering is what is at the core of making Nico van der Meulen designs so successful. With a focus on creating beautiful, functional

27 Lyn Road, Strydom Park, Randburg, 2194, South Africa P.O Box 245, Randburg, 2125 Tel: +27 (11) 791-6013 Cell: +27 (0) 82 552 6129 Fax: +27 (11) 791-2240 e-mail:

designs it is definite that the forms we create really do follow the function they are intended for.” Another principle that is a hallmark of Nico van der Meulen Architect is their strict adherence to the ideals of sustainable development. As a registered Green Certified Professional and member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, Nico himself is dedicated to refining his long-term interest in eco-sensitive, sustainable African architecture which he actively champions. This passion was demonstrated recently by his involvement as lead architect in a vast development involving nearly 4,000 houses, a number of which were under development in eco-sensitive areas. As a result of a still challenging global economy, it is anticipated that Nico van der Meulen’s will face another highly competitive year. However with unwavering support from their suppliers, and with the practice already engrossed in two large projects for a Russian billionaire and a mystery client in South Africa, it appears that this leading practice will continue their forward momentum through 2013.

27 Lyn Road, Strydom Park, Randburg, 2194, South Africa P.O Box 245, Randburg, 2125 Tel: +27 (11) 791-6013 Cell: +27 (0) 82 552 6129 Fax: +27 (11) 791-2240 e-mail:

A Healthier Home: Allergists recommend 27 Lyn Road, Strydom Park, 27 Lyn Road, Strydomunhealthy Park, BEAM because air, allergens and Randburg, 2194, South Africa Randburg, 2194, South Africa dirt vented outside re-circulated. P.O not Box 245, Randburg, 2125 P.O are Box 245, Randburg, 2125 ...

Tel: +27 (11) 791-6013 27 Cell: Lyn Road, +27 (0)Strydom 82 552 Park, 6129 Randburg, South Africa Fax: +272194, (11) 791-2240 P.Oe-mail: Box 245, Randburg, 2125 +27 (11) 791-6013 Cell: +27 (0) 82 552 6129 Fax: +27 (11) 791-2240 e-mail:

Tel: +27 (11) 791-6013 Cell: +27 (0) 82 552 6129 Fax: +27 (11) 791-2240 e-mail:

Proud Members of

Managing Director: Séan McHarry Beam Built-In Vacuum (Pty) Ltd Reg No. 2005/0 Vat Reg. 4720223926

Proud Members of

Endeavour Magazine | 39

Managing Director: Séan McHarry Beam Built-In Vacuum (Pty) Ltd Reg No. 2005/034300/07


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WorleyParsons South Africa is able to draw upon a comprehensive worldwide network to deliver energy and resources solutions at a local level.






Endeavour Magazine | 41


Operating in the resources and energy sectors, the Australian firm WorleyParsons Limited is a multinational engineering, project delivery and management company. With over 40,000 employees, a presence in over 40 countries and 165 offices worldwide, this Australian Stock Exchange listed company knows a thing or two about global energy solutions.


lthough the business

spread across the continent,

has been in existence


for several decades, it


is still a relatively young player


joint with

venture DeltaAfrik

Engineering in 2003.

in South Africa. Even so, in less

However, its South African

than five years it has acquired


other industry players, grown

business bought a 50 per cent

its footprint and achieved great







started in


engineering Three


the house





company’s story as well as

remaining half in addition to

tracking recent developments,

consulting firm KV3. Thanks

Endeavour magazine decided to


get in touch with WorleyParsons


South Africa CEO Greg Denton to get the lowdown on an intriguing industry and market.

WorleyParsons in Africa

42 | Endeavour Magazine




takeovers, has


established a substantial and recognised





presence. This


enhanced its capabilities even further with the announcement

This particular engineering

of another major buyout as Greg

enterprise traces its roots in

explains: “After purchasing TWP,

Africa back to the early 1970s,

we now have well over 2000

when Parsons E&C established

employees in South Africa and a

offices in Cairo, Egypt. Over the

large portfolio of projects spread

years that followed the company

right across the Hydrocarbons

and Mining sectors. Most of this activity came from TWP.”


The project house, now trading as WorleyParsons TWP, is a major provider of engineering design, procurement and construction management with a great deal of industry competence.




local make

senior key

judgement calls. “I am very empowered as

“We are excited about integrating them into our global business,”

a leader to drive the business

notes Greg. “They are global experts in underground mining and

and make the most of the local

precious metals, so taking this South African knowhow to the world is

market,” reveals Greg. “Obviously

a fantastic opportunity for us.”

I can tap into our many resources, where other offices around

Commitment to people through a unique local global model “It`s always about people. We are a company that delivers a professional service,” Greg confidently asserts. “The quality of our people, the use of our systems and processes, consistent levels of performance and advice as well as delivery expertise is what we pride ourselves on.” While Greg considers these core values to be WorleyParsons

the world work in partnership on numerous projects, but our local global model means we have quite a distributive and empowered workforce.”

Current state of play

SA’s unique selling point, the company also differentiates itself from

“We have a number of major

competitors through a unique ‘local global’ model. While industry

projects underway in this part of

rivals make decisions from a centralised office, WorleyParsons

the world, but with hundreds of

Home of Service Excellence Tshireletso Business Engineering known as TBE was founded in 2002 and restructured into its present form in 2005. The Company has a narrow, specialised focus resulting in a true understanding of the technologies and methodologies applicable to its chosen fields of expertise and this focus benefits the client, which can be sure that it is dealing with a Company that understands all aspects of the project. TBE’s vision is to be the best in its chosen field of specialisation which will make it the contractor of choice for discerning clients in these fields of expertise. The company specialises in overhead traction electrical equipment (OHTE) and electricity distribution. Owing to the inherently hazardous nature of working with electrical current, TBE places great emphasis on safety standards and ensuring that its personnel are trained in all aspects of safety.

91 Vlagskip Street, Laser Park, Honeydew, Johannesburg +27 11 794 1270 , +27 11 794 8391, +27 11 794 9425

Endeavour Magazine | 43 Tshireletso Business Engineers.indd 1

15/08/2013 09:04


active ventures that our people work on every month, it is hard for


me to outline activity levels,” says Greg. “In summary, our headcount

subjects that relate closely to the

is slowly growing and we are currently recruiting, which is a good


indication of the company’s overall position in South Africa.”



services business and our staff certainly have other options. “Therefore it really is a

Greg says: “Engaging with

daily task of ensuring the work

Although market conditions differ greatly between the Power,

students starts early, so we go to

environment is positive and

Mining and Hydrocarbon industries, WorleyParsons SA’s established

schools and universities to help

that people are motivated to be

and reputable position is sure to stand the company in good stead.

create graduates. We also offer

here. This comes from a number

bursaries as part of our graduate

of things we do to make sure

development program.”

WorleyParsons is a fun place to

“I’d like to think we are one of the companies people want to have on their tender lists because we have the systems, processes and people to get the job done,” adds Greg.

In addition to continuous training,

Educating staff and potential employees During our discussion with Greg, confirmation of WorleyParson SA’s devotion to educating potential employees and providing a




are happy and satisfied in their jobs is another objective for WorleyParsons SA.

Looking forward “I honestly believe that South Africa and WorleyParsons are

“It is about providing a

looking at a very positive five

“You’ve caught me on a good day as this week we have been

diversity of work opportunities

years with solid and consistent

having a series of job experience days with local high school and year

that keeps people interested

growth, as we maintain diversity

one university students,” says Greg.

in their jobs,” explains Greg.

in our work program, increase

To this end, WorleyParsons SA has partnered with a number

“Retention is always a challenge

the depth of our local capability

of educational institutions, including the Wits University in

in the white-collar professional

and work closely with customers

valued service to the community was evident.

44 | Endeavour Magazine

to deliver infrastructure that will

acquisitions mean the company

develop southern Africa,” Greg

also has a great deal to offer the


rest of the world moving forward.

Regardless of any strategic acquisitions,




“Carrying out Engineering and





Johannesburg is an exciting

investments that may take place,

prospect for the future,” notes

Greg’s sole focus is sure to

Greg. “We are creating a South

remain the same.

African business that will be

“For us, the most important thing




globally linked.


“We can tap into all of our

customers. To stay close to

resources, but there is now

them, recognise their needs and

global expertise in South Africa

requirements then deliver the

as well, which WorleyParsons

best solutions we can from our

will be taking to the world,” Greg

global capacity.”


Even though WorleyParsons

“I honestly believe that South Africa and WorleyParsons are looking at a very positive five years with solid and consistent growth, as we maintain diversity in our work program, increase the depth of our local capability and work closely with customers to deliver infrastructure that will develop southern Africa”

SA benefits from the knowledge and prowess of a global network of



Endeavour Magazine | 45


46 | Endeavour Magazine


Number One



Nobody enjoys going in to hospital for treatment, but Nozala Health Partners’ commitment to patient satisfaction means there is no cause for concern

Endeavour Magazine | 47


In spite of all the trials and tribulations life throws at us, staying fit and healthy remains society’s main concern. However, having appropriate medical cover can often be expensive or out-of-reach, with several individuals forced to ignore their problems and carry on regardless. This can lead to long-term illnesses and all manner of damaging consequences.


ith a commitment to providing quality and affordable healthcare in South Africa and the rest of the African Continent, Nozala Health Partners hopes this never

becomes an issue for the patients of its network of private hospitals and medical professionals. “From our perspective, we want to work alongside the local people with an objective of taking healthcare to the wider communities of

mGEH025 Count on, executive GE Healthcare_A4 ad_2013 South Africa,” asserts- Tony Lundin director, Nozala Health Partners. “We are moving into areas where there are no hospitals or access to private healthcare is limited.” For Tony, the organisation’s cohesive and comprehensive approach to providing dedicated healthcare solutions across the country is what makes Nozala Health Partners so successful. “What principally differentiates us is that we have a fully

For over 100 years, GE Healthcare has been at work with a range of healthcare providers – including Ministries of Health - to develop and deliver comprehensive solutions to uniquely African healthcare challenges. Together with our global $6B healthymagination initiative, we are committed to increasing access to more affordable and high quality healthcare across the continent. Today, GE is proud to offer a range of integrated healthcare systems, medical diagnostics, performance and healthcare IT solutions, to support partners in providing better clinical outcomes, operational effectiveness and improved patient safety. With the patient at the heart of what we do, our offerings include those designed to translate in both high and low resource areas and throughout the hospital setting. At GE we believe that a better model of healthcare can be achieved with collaboration and dialogue. In 2013 and beyond, we remain focused on nurturing sustainable partnerships and solutions for a healthier Africa. 48 | Endeavour Magazine



integrated business model where we will provide equally for both

the expansion, development and modernisation of private hospitals in

primary and acute health services in each of our facilities going

Southern Africa.

forward,” he says.

History and operations

The company itself is a joint venture between Nozala Investments, a broad based women’s empowerment group, and Health Partners, a South African and UK healthcare company with over 40 years

Having been involved in the medical industry for over 15 years,

experience in managing both public and private sector hospitals. But

with previous projects extending across Europe, the Middle East and

just over two years after inception, Nozala Health Partners’ strength

Africa, Tony is vastly experienced when it comes to providing specialist

in the market grew after the Government Employees Pension Fund

healthcare and consultancy solutions. Previously, Tony worked in

(GEPF), administered by the Public Investment Corporation (PIC),

the UK as financial director of Netcare’s hospital division and was

decided to take up a 30% share in the organisation.

instrumental in the company’s acquisition of General Healthcare

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, but

Group, also known as BMI. When his tenure came to an end, Tony

still remains firmly committed to its objective of providing superior

called upon previous contacts and networks to meet the demand for

healthcare to every individual that passes through a hospital’s doors.


LED Surgical Light

As an innovator and a pioneer in modern shadowless operation light industry, Heal Force incorporates LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Beam Sharper technologies into product development. Heal Force has a comprehensive understanding of operation room, and can therefore offer better LED surgical lights, which are comfort and cost-saving.

appropriate, affordable, convenient and quality healthcare to all

MEDICAL AND DENTAL EQUIPMENT Trojan Medical has been operating since 1994 and is a BBBEE Efficiency Level 4 Empowerdex rated company. Optical The light spectrum focus on the visible frequencies, the efficiency can reach

Trojan Medical supply, install and provide training on a comprehensive range of surgical, medical and dental equipment including anaesthetic machines, patient Hollowing Design monitors, Lifepak defibrillators, large/small sterilizers, Uniquewasher hollowing design, clean air can and reach the surgical field directly, fulfill needs - X-Ray to disinfectors full dental practice the purification effect of laminar flow. Compressors. We currently hold government contracts for Medical and Dental equipment. 80% -90%.

Please download our Medical or Dental catalogues from our website. Low temperature

We congratulate Nozala Health theirandnew developments Almost on no infrared ultraviolet spectra, low temperature and look forward to continued partnership in the future. in surgical filed after long-lasting operation. T: +27 11 452 3839 // F: +27 11 452 3833 //

50 | Endeavour Magazine

Nozala Health Partners is also dedicated to long-term solutions, with

cites Tony. “We have all the controls to ensure there is no over-

projects generally lasting a minimum of 10 years. From the beginning

servicing and that a patients care is not compromised. We find this to

of a project and opening of a hospital, right through to the ongoing

be very beneficial to every one of the investments and developments

management of a facility, Nozala Health Partners remains loyal and

we are busy with.”


Nozala Health Partners also recognises that working in a hospital,

With such expertise in the market, the company is frequently

particular when it comes nursing, is very labour intensive and requires

required by other professional organisations for assistance as Tony

skilled employees. With this in mind, the company is actively looking

reveals: “We undertake a fair amount of transaction advisory services

to recruit, train and up-skill native nurses who have moved away in

across Africa on behalf of the public sector, government, and even

search of work.

private equity firms. We advise clients on the viability, feasibility, implementation and roll out of healthcare projects.”

People power Nozala Health Partners truly believes in the power of people

“We are encouraging the medical fraternity to come back to South Africa,” says Tony. “This includes partnering with an extensive program in the UK called the Homecoming Revolution, which already has a long list of personnel who want to return. This program will include upskilling, on the job and external training for nurses in South Africa.”

and encourages medicall practitioners, dentists and allied medical

Continually looking to improve the capabilities of its staff, Nozala

professionals and healthcare specialists to invest in hospital

Health Partners has teamed-up with education institutions for the

ownership for the benefit of the company and the individual. For far

workforce’s benefit. “Through the University of Pretoria, we have

too long healthcare professionals have been strategic slaves to the

an affiliated Hospital Management Training Program to make sure

local hospital groups in SA and it is about time that they now start to

employees are capable of taking on the responsibility of running a

focus on themselves and their patients.

hospital,” cites Tony.”

“They are able to drive primary healthcare and footfall into a hospital, which ultimately is converted into acute services over time,”

Endeavour Magazine | 51


Ongoing developments Pushing forward with the development of new facilities, Tony has adopted practices leant in Europe to help Nozala Health Partners run as smoothly as possible while ensuring patients receive straightforward and hassle free treatment. “We invest in new technology so patients receive the same standards of care they would previously, but don’t have to be in hospital for a long period of time,” notes Tony. “We rely extensively on same day surgeries, which is becoming the preferred norm in the world of modern medicine. With new equipment and drug treatments, we can ensure a patient does not have to lie in a hospital bed longer than necessary.” As concerns over the standard of public healthcare continue to rise, more and more people are beginning to plan for the future, with Nozala Health Partners well positioned to capitalise on this emerging private cover market. “A considerable percentage of the employed population does not have easy access to healthcare, so this is a market we are focusing on,” reveals Tony. In October this year, Nozala Health Partners will open the 52 bed Mthatha hospital located on the Eastern Cape around 200km outside of East London. “It is in a densely populated area with the majority of the workforce employed by the government and local administration

52 | Endeavour Magazine

services, but there is only one private hospital in the area with people having to travel 200km for alternative healthcare,” cites Tony. Next year, Nozala Health Partners will open yet another facility, a larger 125 bed hospital in Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga. “It provides general healthcare services, but will also cater for our target market and compete with other private hospitals where we believe there is huge potential for success,” adds Tony.

Looking forward Although Tony believes the future will be full of challenges, he remains adamant that Nozala Health Partners won’t lose its primary focus: “It is a hard slog, but we are building a healthcare group.” “Whether this is for ourselves or clients it does not matter. Ultimately, we are in the business of developing private healthcare facilities. In five years, we envisage that we will open or have in construction at least half a dozen hospitals.” However, Nozala Health Partners is also looking at expansion opportunities beyond the private sector as Tony reveals: “We embrace the local government with the roll out of the national health insurance plans where patients will have a choice of the hospital they’d like to be treated in. It is important for us that we are accredited and become one of the preferred providers of choice.”


With 22 years of experience in designs, installation, repairs, and turnkey projects, MC Gas CC specialises in medical gasses, labs, LPG, both domestic and commercial.

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In November 2012, we featured the South African National Blood Service for the first time and highlighted to our readers the endeavours of this organization. Now, almost a year on we spoke with their CEO, DR. Loyiso Mpuntsha to find out about their latest campaigns and how 2013 has been.

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Considering that blood supply is the single most used resource in every hospital worldwide it is easy to forget that it has to be donated. Considering that some South African cities are in the top ten of the most violent cities in the world and that 16.6% of the country’s adults have HIV you can immediately see the challenge that this organization faces.


owever, a reliable supply of blood means that patients

seen world over as the leaders in their field.

can undergo surgery, women in labour can receive blood

“As we are a not-for-profit organisation which is free from

transfusions and victims of accidents or violence can get

shareholders,” DR. Mpuntsha tells us, “We are able to re-invest any

the emergency treatment they need. Tying together South Africa’s

surplus we make back into the organisation and to continue improving

medical and emergency care system the South Africa National Blood

our service.”

Service (SANBS) acts as the guardian responsible for the collection, screening and distribution of the blood in South Africa.

Campaigns keep the pulse moving in this machine and a constant drive to keep people aware of the new for blood keeps every one of

Founded in 2001 SANBS has grown impressively in the last

the 2400 people working for SANBS very busy. In fact we were very

twelve years and stayed at the very cutting edge of the technology

lucky to get the opportunity to speak with DR. Mpuntsha who is one

available to their industry. Utilizing high-tech facilities and the most

of the busiest people in the business.

stringent safety procedures to protect both donors and staff, they are

“We are involved in a number of big pushes at the moment, the main ones are the winter season campaign, the Festive Season Campaign, the Youth Campaign, and the Schools (Adopt-a-month) campaign,” she tells us. Rolled out across 30 branches nationwide, with use of many mobile blood banks stationed in shopping centres, holiday resorts and secondary schools and with the government supporting them with backing for their campaigns to encouraging blood donorship they get 20% more blood than they did in 2001 through endeavour such as this. “The duration of the campaigns range from a few weeks to a year depending on the focus and implementation period of the campaign,” Thapelo Mokoena the marketing director at SANBS, “The goals of the campaign also differ: For example , the Festive season campaign is meant to remind and mobilise blood donors to donate blood during the festive period, and not only concentrate in their busy festive lives. “The schools campaign is directed at educating school pupils about blood donation and in turn inspiring them to encourage their parents to donate blood. The winter season campaign encourages blood donors and potential blood donors to make time to donate in spite of the cold weather conditions which may affect their health and lifestyles. The Youth campaign aims to educate youth from the age of 16 to understand the value and importance of donating blood, so that they can continue with the culture of donating blood later in their lives” South Africa is a diverse country and one of the most complex social structures in Africa. With eleven official languages and nine provinces, a vast landscape of cities and rural areas to contend with, the planning of campaigns has to be down to the smallest margin and yet remain flexible to handle any eventuality. “Each campaign is planned on a targeted and segmented basis,

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Share a Little, Save a Life

Become a bone marrow stem cell donor today Every year thousands of South Africans, mostly children and teenagers, are diagnosed with blood disorders such as

leukaemia, marrow failure and aplasia. There is hope, a diagnosis of this kind is not always lifethreatening and there is the chance of the patient undergoing a successful bone marrow stem cell transplant from a healthy bone marrow stem cell donor. The Sunflower Fund, with the help of committed local and international funders, corporates and the general South African public, is increasing this HOPE every year and building a STATE ASSET to help future generations of leukaemia sufferers. With HOPE, leukaemia is no longer the DEATH SENTENCE that it was over 30 years ago.

The Sunflower Fund’s mission is to educate and recruit a viable source of well-informed potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those

needing a transplant when suffering from lifethreatening blood disorders. It strives to maintain the associated donor records of the South African Bone Marrow Registry.

The Sunflower Fund was formed in 1999 in support of the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR) and was inspired by 17 year old Chris Corlett’s heroic struggle against leukaemia. It was formed by Founder Director, Tina Botha (Chris Corlett’s Mother) and other parents whose children had contracted leukaemia, and in some cases had lost their battle against it. The Sunflower Fund would like to encourage the public to join the South African Bone Marrow Registry or to assist by funding the expensive tissue typing tests which cost The Sunflower Fund R2000 per donor that registers. Together we can save many more lives by offering young patients the opportunity to a life-saving bone marrow stem cell transplant.

To make a direct donation visit Given Gain or for more information go to Toll-free number if dialling from South Africa: 0800 12 10 82 If dialling internationally call: 0027 21 7010661

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where the strategy, history, goals, plans, and targets of each campaign

to those who need it, especially for women giving birth in hospitals.

are taken into consideration,” Thapelo explains, “We rely on a mixture

“Improvements that have taken place include developing

of creativity and strategy, including information gathered through

mechanisms for minimising blood wastage at hospitals,” Thapelo

customer surveys, research, and direct contact with blood donors.”

explains, “And the improvement and more focus on the management

Thapelo goes on to explain, “The best areas are the urban areas

and treatment of deferred blood donors, that is, blood donors who

with good facilities and better living conditions, whilst the worst areas

cannot donate due a condition at the time of donation such as low iron

are the rural and poor areas with minimum or no facilities, as it will


be difficult for any individual to donate blood on an empty stomach characterised by poor nutritional conditions.”

It’s also a matter of earning trust with the people of South Africa and as we highlighted last year the two blood screening facilities in

The level of education also plays a role in influencing the

Johannesburg and Durban are some of the best in the world and it is

donor profile, he goes on to say, as the people who understand the

possible to screen every bag of donated blood for infection using state

importance of blood donation would be more likely to donate blood.

of the art testing technology. It is an expensive but vital component of

Ultimately, this is the main aim of the campaigns. With a population

the service that SANBS offers.

of 49 million inhabitants, in 2012 only 442,000 were regular blood

Like a perpetual wheel the need for blood supplies will never go

donors. The World Health Organisation estimates that only around

away and SANBS will hold this mantle for a long time. Ultimately it

1% of the population give blood in most countries and South Africa are

is something that everyone should be involved with. If you don’t give

not far from that. A combined approach of education and availability is

blood, you should.

needed to boister the blood supply.

“Global readers can get involved through encouraging their

Otherwise there could be a repeat of the 2011 crisis where a shortage of blood had a knock-on effect for the entire medical

friends and families to donate blood,” Thapelo informs us, “And helping us to spread the education message regarding blood donations.”

industry in SA.

Becoming a blood donor in South Africa couldn’t be easier. Further

In the last article we focussed on the importance of blood donors

information can be obtained from our website:

in SA and how different times of the year affected the supply of blood


be d to Prou iated c asso with




Johannesburg: Tel: +27 (11) 928 8300

Fax: +27 (11) 928 8333

Cape Town: Tel: +27 (21) 555 6777 Durban: Tel: +27 (31) 569 3767 London: Tel: +27 (0) 1753 682 498

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Fax: +27 (21) 555 6789 Fax: +27 (31) 569 3734

Fax: +27 (0) 1753 686 992

WHY YOU SHOULD GET INVOLVED • It is through development, growth and transformation that the South African Bone Marrow Registry has expanded from merely 800 donors in 1999 to over 64 500 dedicated donors to date. It is through strategic development and continuous improvement that The Sunflower Fund continues to grow the Registry.

the recruitment of Black donors in all targeted recruitment campaigns and donor drives.

• Even so, building and expanding is an everyday challenge. There is no sell by date as it is a living registry. The Sunflower Fund strives to continue building this state asset in order to protect and nurture our future generation as they may need lifesaving donors.

• The Sunflower Fund is aiming to reach out to more youth programmes to specifically increase the recruitment of young black donors. We are attempting to collaborate with more youth clubs within communities to increase awareness about the crucial need for donors. Potential donors have to be between the ages of 18 and 45 which is why we strive to recruit donors as soon as they turn 18 so that they can remain on the registry for a lengthy time with the hope that someday they too can give back to society by saving someone’s life.

• Ethnic origin (Heritage) is important when matching donors and patients. The “markers” that are tested when searching for a match are genetically inherited and often unique to a particular race. It is through education that we aim to increase the number of Black donors on the Registry to help the many children and young adults in our state hospitals searching for donor matches. This involves us selectively targeting

• Education and awareness is created in communities through talks at universities, churches and community centres. It is vital that all South Africans are educated about becoming a donor and the urgent need for donors of all ethnic backgrounds. Without these donors we are losing patients. Together, we can make a difference in South Africa and the rest of the World and save more lives.

THANK YOU FOR BEING PREPARED TO “SHARE A LITTLE, TO SAVE A LIFE” Website: Toll-free number if dialling from South Africa 0800 12 10 82 If dialling internationally call: 0027 21 7010661


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Boasting state-of-the-art technology, accomplished medical professionals and exclusive international accreditation, Apollo Bramwell is the Indian Ocean’s leading private hospital.

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As the majority of us are all too aware, life is full of unexpected twists and turns. But whatever happens in our work and social life, health remains a priority. Several individuals still rely on national health services to provide treatment and care in times of hardship, however more and more people are seeking private cover and protection.


rom a high standard of care and treatment




with numerous inpatient and

rooms and added peace of

outpatient services such as high

mind, several private healthcare



cardiac and general intensive












care, paediatric private beds,

boundless merits to the island

consultation rooms and a 24-

nation of Mauritius is Apollo

hour emergency facility.

Bramwell Hospital (ABH).

In addition to patient comfort with fully air conditioned rooms,

About Apollo Bramwell

healthy meals three times a day, individual TV screens and

In November 2005, the Chennai-based of






internet access, visitors are also catered for with special lounges, cafeterias and shops.

American Investment signed a

For the founder and chairman

memorandum of understanding

of Apollo Hospitals Group Dr.


Prathap C. Reddy, employing




multidisciplinary medical facility


in Mauritius. Today, ABH is the

provide patients with the best

Indian Ocean’s largest private

care possible is a prime concern.

hospital, with over 200 nurses

“Our endeavour is to establish a

and 200 physicians and dentists,

state-of-the-art hospital with the

most of which are trained

highest standards of patient care


and with wide-ranging facilities


standards. 62 | Endeavour Magazine

ABH prides itself on being




under one roof,� he notes.


“Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.”

Papworth partnership In June 2013, ABH signed a partnership agreement with the world-famous Papworth Hospital in London to enhance specialist cardiac services and educate key clinical staff. “We are proud to be associated with Papworth Hospital, which is truly a leader in cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology, but is also the UK’s main heart and lung transplant centre,” notes David Gray, deputy chairman of Apollo Bramwell Hospital. “Apollo Bramwell will greatly benefit from the support of Papworth Hospital, which will include the potential for having surgeons and cardiologists performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at Apollo Bramwell.” Every year, Papworth treats over 22,800 inpatients and 53,400 outpatients requiring specialist heart and lung treatment from the UK’s largest cardiothoracic hospital. Apollo Bramwell hopes to gain invaluable insights from the Cambridge-based hospital, which has

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witnessed over 1000 heart and

proud to announce the launch of a full-service orthotic and prosthetic

The department at ABH

lung transplants since it was

facility. The new department aims to offer renewed hope, greater

has been established alongside

founded over 30 years ago.

mobility and a better quality of life for amputees that have lost a limb


as a result of disease or an accident.


“Papworth is a fantastic







institution with a history of

“Diabetes is a common reason why Mauritians lose a limb and

outstanding results, including

need to use a prosthesis,” David reveals. “This service will therefore

Africa, and Ottobock, a German

the first ever heart transplant

offer a special prosthetic program to fit the individual needs of each


operation in the UK back in

patient. We provide amputees with mobility, comfort and an improved

prostheses, braces and orthoses.

1979,” cites H.E. Nick Leake,

self-image thanks to the latest designs available in prosthetic limbs.”

British High Commissioner to Mauritius.

right prosthesis that best suits their needs, patients will also benefit

“Apollo Bramwell is bringing specialised

Along with expert guidance and support to help choose the




from careful monitoring, as long-term care is required for devices to accurately fit and function correctly.







Accreditation, quality and certification

region for the first time, such as

David explains: “Due to technological advances prosthetic

ABH has now joined an elite

those provided in conjunction

components are continually changing, which can make the decision-

and exclusive circle as one of

with Papworth. It will position

making process confusing.

only 385 hospitals in the world

Mauritius on the right track to be a services hub for Africa.”

New facility at ABH Earlier in 2013, ABH was

“While we utilise modern technology, it is important to understand that the latest and greatest appliance is not always the


most appropriate for every patient. Our policy is to provide the most

accreditation. With over 350

appropriate device, matching the patient’s lifestyle in the most cost-

stringent guidelines, covering

effective manner.”


Pharma Trade Ltd.

The Hospital Product Specialist & Sole Representative & Distributor of: JULPHAR, Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, U.A.E // FRESENIUS KABI, South Africa // FRESENIUS KABI, France // FRESENIUS KABI, India // HAMELN, Germany // LABORATOIRE RENAUDIN, France // LABORATOIRE AGUETTANT, France // MACOPHARMA, France

Bougainville Lane, Beau Bassin, MAURITIUS

Tel: 230 464 6315 // Fax: 230 464 2629 Email: 64 | Endeavour Magazine

to win the Joint Commission (JCI)




procedures and air quality, the accreditation is recognised as a symbol of quality, which reflects an organisation’s commitment to meet high performance standards. “JCI accreditation is a further indication of the Apollo Bramwell

point of their treatment. “From the time the patient steps in the hospital till the discharge journey, quality standards are applied and respected to cater for best quality of healthcare that the patient experiences,” asserts ABH.

Hospital’s commitment to world-class medical excellence; it means

Ultimately, ABH is a world-class facility that acknowledges how

first and foremost the highest standard of care for our patients,” the

significant health is in today’s modern society. Any patient visiting

hospital boasts.

Mauritius can rest assured that they are in the best hands possible.

Despite this industry recognition, ABH still employs a quality management system to produce results that meet and exceed stakeholder and public expectations. “By reinforcing the goals and objectives of patient care, quality is not only an additional step of control or inspection, but an integral part of our daily practices and work for every employee throughout the hospital,” notes ABH. “The hospital is continuously exploring ways of improving the quality of healthcare through the latest evidence-based medicine, audits of services, integrated care pathways, indicator measurements, voice of customers, customer satisfaction including complaints/ incidents and other standardisation frameworks.” ABH promotes a proactive culture that encourages patients to be involved in the decision making process and to ask questions at every

“While we utilise modern technology, it is important to understand that the latest and greatest appliance is not always the most appropriate for every patient. Our policy is to provide the most appropriate device, matching the patient’s lifestyle in the most cost-effective manner.”

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Now that years of construction work are complete, Khumani mine is aiming for operational efficiency, employee empowerment and excellent levels of engineering.

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Last month, Endeavour magazine spoke to Willem Grobbelaar, Divisional Manger at Assmang Limited, about its on-going commitment to staff and the various mines currently in operation. Interested in finding out more information about past, present and future projects, in particular the Khumani mine, we picked up the phone and talked to Willem once again. Here is what he had to say.


n the late 1990s, Assmang, jointly managed by JSE listed

a pre-feasibility process before finalising any design, which should

African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and Assore, realised it was

start any day now.”

running out of resources at the Beeshoek mine and could not

grow the business based on future anticipated capacity,” notes Willem. Therefore, the company started initial feasibility studies to establish

Focusing on efficiency From the commissioning of the mine and approval of the jig

the new Khumani facility, which was approved and commissioned

plant expansion to the inclusion of the Whims plant, there has been

approximately six years ago.

constant construction activity at Khumani. Now that these have been

With great optimism and belief about the new project, Assmang immediately expanded the mine by installing a Whims (wet highintensity magnetic separation) plant and extra jigging capacity.

completed, Willem is concentrating on making the mine as efficient as possible. “For the first time since commissioning the operation, we can now

These successful additions now mean Khumani mine produces

concentrate on steady state conditions and are working very hard on

14 million tonnes of iron ore per annum, adhering to the capacity

fine tuning the available facilities in terms of improving efficiencies,”

allocated by the Transnet Limited railway line that runs down to

he notes. “This has been underway for the past year and consists of

Saldanha Bay. However, there is the possibility of increasing output

minor projects, all of which have been successful.”

even further according to Willem.

Despite doing everything in its power to run a smooth and

“We are considering an additional jig plant, which will be able to

coherent operation, factors outside of Assmang’s control threatened

exploit more of the lower grade material available in the area and

to disrupt the Khumani mine’s efficiency. During the summer months

extend the life of the mine,” he reveals.

in South Africa, there were some problems with the supply of water,

“There is no definitive answer on capacity, because this depends on discussions and negotiations with Transnet, but we will go through

which even led to intermittent shutdowns. “With the expansion of mining operations in the Northern Cape,

“Our employees are certainly valued and it is very important for us to have happy people and fully trained staff. We need to make sure we are doing our bit to make sure they can carry out their duties and are happy from a personal point of view in terms of circumstances, housing and schooling.”

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there are more demands on the Gamagara system and the Sedibeng Water board,” says Willem. “Water comes from a place near Kimberley on the Vaal River and

per annum.” In addition to this valuable

discussion with Willem, staff play

supplies all of the mining operations as well as towns, municipalities

proximity of both mines has also

a pivotal role in the organisation

and even some local farmers.”

enhanced operational flexibility,

and as such, Assmang offers

as resources can be shared


between the two.

to own their own home. “We

wherever possible and strives to re-circulate every drop so it does not have a negative impact on the environment and production processes.



As mentioned in our previous


For this reason, Assmang remains committed to conserving water


Employee benefits



“This assisted us during some

subsidise our employees very

problematic months, but both

heavily, but they will be the

mines managed to achieve their

owner of that property and

Before the water pipeline receives necessary re-capitalisation

production targets at the end of

benefit from capital growth over

to bring it up-to-date, Assmang has still managed to continue with

the financial year in June,” boasts

time,” he reveals.

operations thanks to its existing infrastructure.

Willem. “Moving forward, we are

Housing remains one of

“We actually managed to make up losses during the dry period

looking to enhance this flexibility

the Northern Cape’s greatest

and catch up in terms of production,” asserts Willem. “The Beeshoek

and are revisiting our strategy

challenges, but Willem believes

mine is still operating, despite virtually shutting down for a year after

to see if there is anything

that providing solutions for a

Khumani was commissioned. For a year, no production took place

else we can do. This includes

dedicated workforce is of great

apart from available stockpiles that were utilised to supply local


benefit for the individual and the


available, improving efficiencies

Taking advantage of existing operations

“This has been gradually ramping up again and will be given a new lease of life with just over 2 million tonnes of iron ore being produced

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and possible expanding plant facilities.”

company as a whole. “Overall,



policy has been instrumental in

securing a very stable workforce,” he says. “We have an extremely





low labour turnover, albeit in the background of some very scarce

diverse as brick or even coffin

engineering skills in the country.”

making and there is a lot of infrastructure projects in various

Staff encouragement and reward On the subject of South Africa’s skills shortage, Assmang has been

towns, namely Kathu, Kuruman and Postmasburg,” says Willem.

proactive in its approach to recruiting talented members of staff by

“Our employees are certainly

setting up a training centre, with plans for construction now being

valued and it is very important for


us to have happy people and fully

“The primary objective of this training centre is to provide

trained staff. We need to make sure

technical expertise to our mining operations in the Northern Cape,”

we are doing our bit to make sure

notes Willem. “However, there will be additional capacity for us to

they can carry out their duties and

train other industry workers in the region, or even the country for

are happy from a personal point

that matter.

of view in terms of circumstances,

“Before now we have had to send our artisans to other training institutions, so this will make life better and have a positive impact on

housing and schooling.” With




the local community as well. We can also train people in life skills that

increased capacity, an upgraded

might be of value if they decide to leave the mining industry.”

infrastructure and highly trained

As part of its license to operate, Assmang is obliged to conduct

staff, the future certainly looks

certain sustainable economic development projects, an undertaking

bright for Assmang Limited and

that Willem is more than happy to carry out.

the Khumani mine.

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Ambatovy Mines 00261 3344 66194 Written by Ian Charles-Romero

Endeavour Magazine | 73


Ambatovy Mines has created an axis around which all industries upon this Indian Ocean island are going to benefit. 80 KM east of Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital near the town of Moramana, costing at $5.5 billion and involving the strong arms of 12 major international partners this is the largest mining development to ever take place on the island and we were fortunate enough to have our mining correspondent Ian Charles-Romero speak with Mark Plamodon President of Ambatovy Mine regarding this national first. The ore body at the Mine consists of two large, weathered lateritic nickel deposits located approximately 3 km apart named the “Ambatovy Deposit” and the “Analamay Deposit”. This pair constitutes one of the world’s biggest lateritic nickel reserves, covering an area of about 1,300 ha, with depths ranging between 20 and 100m. “Due to the soft nature of the ore, no blasting is necessary,” Mark points out, “Ore will be surface-mined by

hydraulic excavators and delivered to the Ore Preparation Plant in articulated haulage trucks.” The Ore Preparation Plant (OPP) is located at the Mine Site and separates the soft lateritic soil from rock and waste material. The laterite is combined with water to produce a slurried ore, which is then pumped into the Pipeline that links the Mine to the Plant Site 220 km away. “Maximizing the use of gravity, natural topography and minimizing the need for energy-intensive pumping facilities, has been a priority from the start,” The far flung effects of this mining project is not reserved

Committed to Predominant Services, consistently conform to the specification & contractual requirements agreed in the supply of various mechanical & electrical materials for Nuclear Power Plant, Mining & Petro-chemical Plant since 1995. • Mechanical Processed Products • Pipes, Fittings & Valves • Various Spare Parts & Components • Electrical materials & Explosion-proof Equipments, etc.

Head office, South Africa : +27 82 856 1511 Office in Korea : + 82 (070) 8226 1511 E-mail 74 | Endeavour Magazine

PURCEE INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS LTD. Thank You to Ambatovy for all your business! One stop shopping for all your electrical needs and support! Purcee Industrial Controls specializes in the single source supply of electrical and instrumentation equipment and related technical support for international projects. Once the project is complete we also provide ongoing supply and support for all products sold by us. Our primary focus is on international project supply and our customers include mining and manufacturing companies in addition to a wide range of oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Purcee has supplied equipment to Africa, Central America, South America, North America, Asia and Eastern Europe

Purcee’s mandate is to assist industry by providing a reliable supply source of top quality products with strong technical pre and post sales support. We give you the confidence that your equipment or parts will arrive on-site as ordered and on-time. Products we supply include: • Switchgear and Motor Control • Motors • Transformers • Cable • Control Panels • Protective Relaying • UPS Systems • Lighting MADAGASCAR: Purcee Industrial Controls S.AR.L.U. Villa Marie-Therése, 25 Rue de La Batterie Toamasina, 501, Madagascar Phone: +261(0)32 78 46 550 e-mail: | e-mail: CANADA: Purcee Industrial Controls Ltd 117, 1289 Highfield Crescent SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Phone: +1-403-660-0395 | e-mail:


for the precious minerals that are being mined for but goes far further. Prior to Ambatovy’s construction, Madagascar had little of the infrastructure required by such a project. In fact, construction activities at Ambatovy began with virtually no supporting roads or utilities making Ambatovy one of the largest “greenfield” mining projects currently underway anywhere in the world. Included in the development, an entirely new 12 km railway line was built in parallel to an existing line to create the capacity needed to efficiently move commodities between the Port and the Plant Site. Madagascar’s railway company, Madarail, operates and maintains the new line and rolling stock. An ammonia storage facility was constructed approximately mid-way between the Port and the Plant Site and a pipeline transports the ammonia between the two locations. Like all Ambatovy’s pipelines, this has been buried to avoid tampering and to ensure safety and reliability. The scope of Ambatovy’s developments in this country for this project include, a coal-fired, steam and electricity generating station, including three units rated at 40 megawatts each, plants to produce oxygen, hydrogen, sulfuric acid, and hydrogen sulphide, a one of a kind water treatment plant, a full equipped, professional staffed medical clinic and residential and recreational facilities for staff. “We’ve made substantial investment in transportation infrastructure that will benefit local communities for years

Gemtech is a high-tech, South Africanbased company specialising in all aspects of gas and various environmental monitoring equipment. We provide a full range of portable and online detection equipment as well as full service and on-site assistance. Our range includes gas, emissions, weather, moisture and particulate detectors. We have a full range of available technologies and currently supply in Angola, Madagascar, Congo, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania. We provide advice and design parameters when needed. Well situated near OR Tambo International Airport, we have excellent access to courier and infrastructure supplies.

76 | Endeavour Magazine

to come,” Mark explains, “Ambatovy’s investments include construction or upgrading of almost 100 km of public access roads. Some of these roads, which had been closed since 1969, now have bus services for the first time. As a result, 11 rural communities have easier access to markets and social services.” An 11 km road that links the Plant Site and the Port was also built. This road by-passes Toamasina, helping to reduce traffic congestion in Madagascar’s most important port city and is also the location of a vocational training center, a clinic, a primary school, water points that were constructed alongside the rehabilitation of numerous public structures. In collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Ambatovy assisted with the renovation of the Atsinanana Regional and Moramanga District Employment Offices. Having completed the final stage of construction, in early 2012 Ambatovy is entering into operational production. Aiming at producing over 60,000 tonnes of refined nickel, 5,600 tonnes of refined cobalt, and 210,000 tonnes of ammonium sulphate fertilizer annually and is expected to continue doing so for a following twenty eight years. Making nickel among Madagascar’s most important exports. “For the moment production has just begun,” Mark reveals, “We’re handing out contracts for the next stages of development.” Operations will begin at the Mine Site, where lateritic ore is extracted and transported by Pipeline to the Plant Site on Madagascar’s east coast. It then undergoes processing and complete refining. To achieve this ground breaking development, Ambatovy has partnered with four companies – Sherritt International Corporation, SNC-Lavalin Incorporated from Canada, Sumitomo Corporation from Japan and Korea Resources Corporation from Korea. “All partners are fully committed to transparent, sustainable, and responsible business practices,” Mark advocates. Ambatovy is already a major contributor to Madagascar’s national prosperity and a source of revenue for its people and government. The positive implication of this organization on the country long term is vast with expectations for Ambatovy to generate important economic and social benefits. Payment of taxes and royalties, investment in infrastructure, job creation, local business development and technology transfer will all be valuable ingredients to the future. And let us not forget about the education and career opportunities it will develop. As a responsible mining enterprise, Ambatovy is committed to upholding stringent environmental standards including the Equator Principles and the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation Performance Standards. To meet and surpass these requirements and commitments, they have developed a comprehensive approach to environmental management. This will ensure compliance, reduce residual impacts, and mitigate risks. Simultaneously, Ambatovy is implementing a world-class biodiversity offsets program. Ultimately, “Ambatovy aims to be a leader in operational efficiency, health and safety, environmental management, and social engagement – while contributing to the long-term prosperity of Madagascar.”

PERSONAL AND FIXED GAS DETECTION EQUIPMENT PO Box 15512 Farrarmere 1518 South Africa 95 Honiball Street, Rynfield, Benoni, 1501, South Africa E-Mail: // Tel: +27 11 894-3134 // Fax: +27 11 894-3156 // Cell: 082 448 0119


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It’s all about staying at the front of customer service when it comes to an airport. This is something that we have found at Endeavour Magazine again and again. With this in mind, George Airport is well ahead of the competition and is setting the example in a number of crucial areas. We spoke with Airports Manager, Brenda Vorster regarding the new developments in progressive training to help disabled people find work.


Endeavour Magazine | 79


Winning the Best Regional Airport Award six years in a row they are looking at the development and training of disabled and previously disadvantaged individuals to get them into work. Known as one of the best employers and having one of the best places to work it is also one of the most picturesque locations, situated as it is near the Garden Route, at an intersection of locals and tourists enjoying the natural scenery.



busy airport is a happy airport and George Airport

valuable work experience which we help them in their search for jobs

deals with over 600,000 a year, which is set to increase

this year could prove vital for their careers.”

by a further 200,000 within the next decade. This will

mean a strong development for the surrounding locations in terms

It is a sad fact that in many countries disabled people do not get

of employment opportunities and corporate functionality. This is an

the opportunity to do in-house training, and George Airport are

impressive number to cite however, as one of nine regional airports

ensuring that everything is done above par and properly by giving

operated by Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), the George

them a certificate and an allowance while they are at the airport and

Airport has a reputation for an excellent level of customer service

providing mentors to watch over them. Furthermore if there are jobs

as well as an enviably and a strong Corporate Social Responsibility

at the end of the year going at the airport they will automatically


be put into the line for application. This is not merely a lip-service

Leading from the front.

attempt to keep communities happy but a real necessary approach.


A pioneering move, this innovative move to help, on a sustainable basis, disadvantaged disabled people was started on December 1

Currently, George Airport employs 550 people and in order

2012 and is directed at helping a dozen disabled candidates to gain

to meet the airport’s high standards for customer service, staff are

the sort of working experience that will help them receive a business

required to undergo rigorous training programmes including an

administration certificate. Assisting people to find employment in a

annual refresher course.

country known for its unemployment and skills shortage will only add to their already impressive catalogue of attributes.

“The nice thing about George Airport is that, although it has been almost seven years, since it was upgraded, it has won the regional

Brenda, has managed the airport for the past four years and was quoted in saying that, “One of our CSR pillars is the mantra ‘moving

airport award for its excellent standards of customer service,” Brenda told us.

people, changing lives’ and that is what we are aiming to do with this scheme. By giving 12 individuals the opportunity to gain some 80 | Endeavour Magazine

It goes further than that and each year staff are put through






seen a reduction in the number

course which is usually done

“There is never a reason

of passengers across the airport.

on location with the help of the

to have unhappy customers

With a positive light, the situation

local university. There are a lot

complaining that we didn’t have

is starting to stabilise and the

of hefty regulations that have to

a petrol station,” Brenda explains,

numbers are picking up.

be adhered to and to keep their

“So this will add to our customer

However, Brenda, who has

position as one of the leading

service value as well as providing

worked for seventeen years at

airports is really down to the

a valuable service to the local

ACSA and has, during that time

capabilities of their staff.

communities and those working

studied for both her bachelor

at the airport.”

and masters’ degrees, keeps a

The focus on this standard

STAYING UP. An appreciate and a keen use of modern technology is the only way to keep ahead in this business. And George Airport, in a typical approach already have systems in place that take advantage of things like the exponential growth in mobile

of customer service has steered

A hotel, to cater for the

keen eye on ways in which to

the plans for the business.

increase of passenger numbers in

develop the airport’s business.

Pushing for organic growth and

the next couple of years, is being

She also works alongside leaders

development, as an example

considered by management. A

in George to further increase

there is no fuel station at the

small, 80 bed hotel will be put

and spur traffic to their region.

airport. The nearest one is some

together that could be tendered

“George Town is using a new

use their mobile phones to scan

20km away.

and go to site within the next

strategy and is aiming to turn

the passes on its entry machines.


into an investors’ town. With this

Speeding up the processing time

in mind we are partnering with

and increasing efficiency.

Directly because of this, a R7-8 million initial investment has been penned for a project


to develop and construct one at


phone subscriptions. This has already paid dividends as it encourages passengers to print off boarding passes at home or

the municipality to encourage

“It is an ongoing process.


tourism as we have noticed that

Seven years since the upgrade

the airport site. Yet another way

downturn in the global economy

the business market is starting to

and we’re just starting,” she

they are looking at polishing their

has made an impact on the

equal tourism,” she said.


offering and providing additional

airport’s business, which has


Endeavour Magazine | 81

82 | Endeavour Magazine


AFRICA Tanzania Ports Authority +255 683 800 944 Written by Don Campbell

Endeavour Magazine | 83


While the Port Authority has been in existence in one form or another since the founding of Tanzania, its current personification is the answer to a specific need and so they have always known exactly what their purpose is.

“We have several principle activities to consider,” Franklin Mziray Corporate Communications Manager tells us, “Firstly, the coordinated and streamlined establishment and upgrade of the Harbour systems and two the upgrading of the Tanzanian ports to an international standard where we can provide the facilities relevant to harbours and harbour services and gain approval from the Minister to construct and operate new harbours.” This requires the construction of beacons and navigational aids, the various businesses of managing the logistics of the harbour, developing warehousing to store goods and the consignment of said goods and the development of an environment prepared and ready for further international business development. “The development and keen logistic management of the port is important for Tanzanian economic growth which comes from a number of areas, not only the local development of business and employment of local people but since a number of Tanzanian neighbours are entirely landlocked and as such make use of the invaluable sea and lake ports within the authority’s control.”- Franklin. The catalogue of ports that fall under the Tanzania Port Authority include sea and lake ports, the main sea ports include Dar Es Salaam, Tanga and the recently updated Mtwara and lake ports including Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nyasa. Dar es Salaam port is the Tanzania principal port with a rated capacity of 4.1 million DWT, (deadweight tonnage is a measurement of how much weight a ship is carrying or can safely carry) dry cargo and 6.0 million DWT bulk liquid cargo. The Port has a total quay length of about 2,000 metres with eleven deep-water berths. The Dar es Salaam port handles 84 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine • January 2013 •


95% of the Tanzania international trade and serves the landlocked countries of Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. Strategically placed to serve as a convenient freight linkage not only to and from East and Central Africa countries this port also bridges the gap between the middle and Far East, Europe, Australia and America. In September 2012 the first phase for the Mtwara Port’s improvement has started with the construction of four berths and the expansion of the supply base for oil and gas exploration activities. “Mtwara is hastily becoming Tanzania’s economic powerhouse and the question today is how well prepared are Mtwarans to adapt,” says Franklin, “And benefit from the fast economic changes in the southern region.” Speaking at the Regional Consultative Council (RCC), Mtwara Regional Commissioner Joseph Simbakalia challenged the southerners to prepare for the sweeping economic changes by investing in their children’s education.

86 | Endeavour Magazine

“We have to seriously take our children to school to fully enjoy the fruits of the coming social and economic development,” said Mr Simbakalia who also chaired the RCC. The deep water port at Mtwara was built between 1948 and 1954 and its development was accompanied by railway construction from Mtwara and Nachingwea. Although, with the failure of the groundnut scheme, the rail system fell into disuse and this is one of the targets of the authority to coordinate. Infrastructure development to increase movement to and from the port is key to its sustainable growth. The deep water quay is dredged to -9.8 metres chart datum, an advantage is there are no tidal restrictions for vessels entering and leaving the harbour but there is an enforcement length restriction of 175 metres due to the shape of the channel, particularly the MSEMO SPIT area. Recognizing that with its success as a Corporate Citizen, comes the responsibility of giving back to the Society in a meaningful and sustainable manner the Tanzania Port Authority are keen to contribute to social progress and

improve the lives of Tanzanians through poverty alleviation and promotion of economic development. To support the Government Development Initiatives, the Authority focuses its assistance to main areas of Health, Education, Social Development, the Physically Handicapped Group and also responding to the national disasters. During the year, the Authority supported community development projects in the areas of education where assistance was focused on the construction of classes, provision of desks and other utilities. Donation money was granted towards hospital materials, refurbishment of wards and Health Centres to various communities and social developments projects on sanitation were also considered. The physically handicapped were provided with special traffic road signs as mitigation on challenges they face on roads, the first step on this process is to ensure that relevant signs are placed at various road crossings in Dar es Salaam. “When dealing with natural disaster aid the ports are one of the crucial entry ports to Tanzania and our neighbours for relief foods and equipment,” Franklin explains, “And recently the need has been more important than ever.” In conclusion there is a great deal of work that is still required but the key benefit is that it’s clear in which direction they need to go and significant steps have been taken to keep them on this road. As their country depends more and more of their strength as an organisation and business the more notable their decisions will become.

Endeavour Magazine | 87

SWACAA +268 2518 4390 Written by Jack Slater

88 | Endeavour Magazine


Endeavour Magazine | 89


Originally set up as a statutory body, since 2009 The Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority (SWACAA) has acted on behalf of the Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Their task is to administer the commercial body of the company in an economically viable manner, coordinate the air transport services and regulation of civil aviation activities in Swaziland and to align the organization with international standards.

Led by a nine member Board of Directors SWACAA has a good balance of skilled people in the industry with leaders from a broad sphere of the economy and society. On the Board sits the Director General, Solomon Dube, the only member of the Board with executive powers. He is the Managing Director of the Authority and presides over Executive Committee meetings. “As civil aviation is a very technical and heavily regulated global industry,” Solomon explains, “It becomes necessary to establish an autonomous body that can focus on the growth and professional management of the industry and have the Minister of Transport as its political head.” Previously run by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport through the now disbanded department of civil aviation, Matsapha International Airport and all other infrastructure and air transport facilities have been handed over to the Authority. Sikhuphe International Airport, at an advanced stage of construction, will soon join them under this umbrella. Both airports will be operated by the Authority which will also ensure that International Civil Aviation Organisation standards are upheld. 90 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine • December 2012 •


Through an eight point strategic plan, the Authority’s focus has been on addressing the eight critical elements raised by an ICAO audit conducted in 2007 which resulted in a ban of Swaziland registered aircraft by the European Union. “SWACAA’s immediate objective is to ensure that Swaziland complies with all laid down industry standards,” Solomon explains, “The Authority is also busy with attracting air transport business into Swaziland for tourism, trade and investment.” Explaining how, Solomon simply says, “Through our efficient , regulated , safe and reliable business offerings to the aviation industry.” As with any authority put in place to ensure that standards are not only met but exceeded and SWACAA has to ensure that it keeps in tow with regulations set by the Civil Aviation Authority Act 10, 2009 and SADC. This is in addition with the development of their staff to ensure that each of them capable of meeting the regulator and operator skills requirements. “We ensure continuous safety and security supervision as well as the swift resolution of any safety and security concerns,” Solomon assures. Representing the industry in Swaziland and being responsible for over 500 employees and thousands of passengers and customers there are some important elements that make SWACAA what it is. Such things as commitment and integrity, honesty and transparency, responsibility and

92 | Endeavour Magazine

accountability become crucial to the continued smooth running of the organization. The Airports: Matsapha International Airport (Mts) Matsapha International Airport (MTS) was opened to commercial traffic in 1961. Because the airport is located in the hub of Swaziland, with Manzini City Centre is only 10 minutes’ drive away it is the ideal gateway into Swaziland for both business travellers and tourists.. The Ezulwini Valley, which plays host to the top hotels, resorts and casinos in the country is located approximately twenty five kilometres northwest of the airport. Mbabane, the capital city, no further than ten kilometres from Ezulwini Valley. “Currently, Matsapha International Airport has one commercial air traffic operator,” Solomon elaborates, “The Swaziland Airlink which operates an Embraer 135 to run five daily flights to O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. This operation accounts for a majority of the 70,000 passengers that pass through Matsapha International Airport each year. In addition to the Swaziland Airlink, there are a number of general aviation activities at Matsapha International Airport that include the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force’s Air Wing.” There is also a budding market for aviation training schools that operate out of Matsapha International Airport which has a Code 4C runway. It is 2,600m long and 45 metres wide constructed of asphalt to handle Boeing 737s.

“The passenger terminal at Matsapha covers approximately 7,000 squared meters and is designed to handle and process about 300 passengers in any given hour,” he describes, “The parking area in front of the building is designed to cater for 200 cars. The ground floor handles passenger concourse and baggage handling, the mezzanine floor is for the offices and the second floor is dedicated to arrival and departure lounges.” The critical ICAO (International Civil Aviation Offices) buildings include the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC), which is particular crucial at any airport, Fire Station, Air Traffic Systems & Navigational Aids and Fuel Farm vigilantly conduct their businesses twenty four seven. “The fire station incorporates a secondary control room as a backup to the ATC tower, with five fire trucks and an ambulance this makes up our emergency vehicles’ response teams.” The runway at Matsapha is 3.6 km long and 60m wide, it’s design is based on Code E aircraft to facilitate for Boeing 747, Boeing 777 and Airbus 340s. benefitting from a solid concrete apron that covers an area of 332m by 260m. ( 86, 320m2) The design is based on handling/parking 2 Code E aircrafts (Boeing 747, Boeing 777 and Airbus 340) and 3 Code C aircrafts (J41). Nhlangano Airstrip The Nhlangano airstrip is in Nhlangano town in the southern part of the country and is predominantly used by

the forestry farming. In 2010, Swaziland hosted Routes Africa 2010 on the 30th of May and the 1st of June. This event was attended by high profile Airport Executives and Aviation delegates from Africa, the Middle East and Europe and was aimed at showcasing Swaziland as an attractive business & tourist destination.. Since then there have been several meetings with airline operators who have shown interest in flying to Swaziland and combining it with other neighbouring destinations. The Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority, together with other key industry players are aggressively marketing Swaziland as a destination accessible by air in an environment that meets all the ICAO safety and security standards. About Solomon Dube The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of the Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority who is responsible for the leadership of the Authority both as regulator of the industry and operator of the country’s two airports. The Director General communicates the vision, the values and is responsible for developing the strategy and ensures its implementation. He establishes networks locally and internationally that are necessary for the business of the Authority. As chairman of the management executive committee his role is to create an enabling professional environment and monitor departmental performance. He manages the Authority’s succession plan.

Endeavour Magazine | 93

Indwe Risk Services 0027 12 47111 007 Written by Djamil Benmehidi

94 | Endeavour Magazine

SECURING YOUR DREAMS Endeavour Magazine | 95


Risk is an inherent part of business, especially so in challenging and unpredictable times such as these; in today’s business environment there is no “sure thing”. Though it is impossible to prepare against every unexpected eventuality, it is of course possible to take precautionary measures. And as the premiere brokerage in not only South Africa but across the entire African continent, Indwe Risk Services offers a customer focused service which gives peace of mind to both its corporate and individual clients.

Having just toasted a successful 2012, Peter Olyott, Managing Director of Indwe Risk spoke to Endeavour magazine about fresh trends, opportunities and risks in the market, as well as what separates Indwe from its competitors. Risk is acknowledged but not flaunted and is sometimes mistaken for gambling. Management of that risk becomes even more important as it gives comfort to the shareholders, customers, employees and so on. Importantly, a business that is effectively managed can confirm its compliance with corporate governance requirements when it comes to risk and risk-standards. The difference between what is expected to happen and what transpires is risk. The process of identifying risks to which a certain organization is exposed, evaluating them in terms frequency and seriousness and taking appropriate action is management. Once you know what the potentials are, the best way to manage them is determined in a scientific and proactive method and there are few companies that approach this better than Indwe Risk Services. Peter Olyott, managing director, has been in the industry for over two decades and is leading Indwe through the latest batch of, “New regulations, new legislations and new risks,” but where others may see problems he sees only opportunity, “Change is inevitable and good for those who know what to look for and can adapt.” Indwe Risk Services, now in its seventh year of operations, is a product of the 2006 merger between South Africa’s premier insurance brokerages – Thebe Risk Services & Prestasi Brokers. This has given Indwe unparalleled heritage and experience within the sector. Thebe Risk Services was the evolution of what began in 1903 as Hoskens Insurance. In 1992, it became the insurance 96 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine • March 2013 •


arm of Thebe Investment Corporation, the country’s oldest black empowered financial institution and its focus was primarily on the insurance needs of corporations. Prestasi Brokers was established in 1972 and rapidly became known for its innovative short-term insurance offerings for individuals and SMME sectors. In April 2001 it became a fully empowered organisation when Pamodzi Investment Holdings bought a controlling stake. Today, Indwe Risk Services represents more than 120 000 individual, commercial and corporate clients. Working with companies like Auto and General, Indwe Risk Services are able to provide their clients with the best brokerage advice and services in the industry. It’s the intellectual value of being able to determine exactly what is needed by the use of a scientific approach. “Insurance is economics in its purest form; you get what you pay for. It boils down to how much you take in income via premiums vs. how much you pay in claims. If a customer pays R200 per month for personal cover while another pays R2000, who is going to receive the best cover? The more thoughtful consumers understand this and this is why our clients stick with us.” Indwe Risk Services is unique as it is 100% South African, working with South Africans and for the South African market, it is also the largest composite broker in the country. “It’s a people business,” he explains, “It’s important that everything we do is with people. To ensure our employee standards are at the highest we offer a graduate trainee program A&G_Ad duringResize which they spend a 1full2/27/13 year as 5:20 an intern and 188mmx138mm.pdf PM

another in training before being sent to a respective branch. However we have around 600 employees and we have worked to ensure that we have the right type of person in the job. A mainstay of the process is that our employees buy into our strategy and brand. We are employee centred; we care for our employees who in turn care for their customers. In our business you must care about people. We deal with people who are at their most vulnerable, having perhaps lost their loved ones, homes, cars etc. Empathy over a degree is more important to us.” Used effectively, management can underpin the strategy of an organization and provide the organization with a level of competitive advantage. Of course if applied poorly or incorrectly it may have the precise opposite effect. Businesses are vulnerable to a range of threats and as the world becomes ever more connected and the dependency of companies on each other increases exponentially, changes have a knock on effect on every business in that industry. It is up to the bosses in charge of a company to responsibly manage the risks to which a company may find itself exposed. Be it through financial, legal or personnel injury. “Risk effects everything,” Peter says, “Public and private organizations of every size and location. And the management of it is the bosses responsibility. They need to put an effective and clear programme in place that the employees can follow.” It supports accountability, performance measurement and reward thus promoting efficiency at all levels. Risk is characterized by a degree of uncertainty. Whenever









You can’t direct the wind but with the right equipment the wind can be your way to success.  That is why Auto & General Broker Consultants will give you the perfect advantage, by  supporting all your insurance needs with unsurpassed service excellence. Auto & General  makes it easy for you to consider it done.

98 | Endeavour Magazine

there is certainty as to what may happen and how often it may happen the risk reduces. Conversely, where there is a high degree of uncertainty as to both the severity and frequency, the risk increases. Management is not a matter of being beneficial but of being vital. It’s important to understand, effective risk management can lower the risk of unexpected and unpleasant surprises. As it is a management programme it does not take effect overnight as it involves the movement and ultimately organization of people, “From onset the chances of problems diminishes.” Also, if risk is managed effectively it means the company can gain an advantage over its competitors. Effective risk management allows faster and economical recovery should the worst happen. Finally, a particular risk is often created in terms of law and an effective risk management programme allows companies to operate successfully and comply with the laws to which they are subject to. Insurance is, after all, about managing and preparing for the future. When a business adopts this sort of philosophy it is destined to benefit from such a course. It creates a safer working environment for employees, a more sustainable future and a stronger foundation. The future of risk management is looking increasingly complex. Global market dynamics continue, technological changes abound, environmental risk becomes more complex and new dimensions of social risks are coming to the fore, resulting in a rapidly evolving risk management landscape. Risk and compliance functions have certainly become

even more critical and complex. Most companies are reviewing their current and future state or and compliance blueprints. An example could be legal and reputation risks in using social media like blogs and Facebook, Twitter or the cross border legal risks in international online shopping portals. Following a highly successful 2012 over which Peter was “able to tick off more boxes for things we had done than things we hadn’t”, Indwe is looking to carry this form into 2013. In particular, Peter highlighted how the company will continue to personalise service in an industry which is becoming increasingly commoditised. “Our strategy is quite simple; it’s all about the customer and the values we have adopted. As an innovative, professional and knowledgeable business we must be customer focused, not product focused in relation to both our personal and corporate markets. It is simple and it is working. This is crucial as our industry has become increasingly regulated which has shifted increasing power to the customer. The plan is to keep Indwe Risk Services at the top of the game and for that reason we never carry on and instead always re-assess. Of course we always look out for present opportunities, but it is better to try to stay two-three years ahead in terms of strategy which is a long time in our business! There is constant technological, social and legal change and it is better to build a bandwagon then to jump on one. At the end of the day though, we all sell the same product so it all boils down to who does it best.”

Endeavour Magazine | 99

Santam 0027 21 915 7000 Written by Jack Slater

100 | Endeavour Magazine


UNDERCOVER Endeavour Magazine | 101


An umbrella is the unquestionable symbol for protection and planning. An umbrella is a simple and practical solution to protect you from the weather but you have to remember to take it with you. Insurance is exactly the same, it’s never needed until you’re caught in the rain and if you don’t have it, you’ll miss it.

A cornerstone of civilization, insurance is an example of the desire to protect what is ours. A declaration of permanence and ownership with a deeper appreciation for keeping what we have and love safe while also establishing a social contract with our neighbours about a level of tolerance and safekeeping. Insurance is required in every major industry and business in the world, strong insurance bodies are the foundations on which businesses are built and as with all major industries it is important to choose wisely. From an outsider’s point of view it’s clear why Santam is the insurance provider of choice for South Africa: simplicity. “We believe that insurance is something that should add value not questions or uncertainty,” Ian Kirk says, “It should provide peace of mind, not parameters or excuses and that has been our philosophy since we first opened our doors on 1 May 1918 in Burg Street, Cape Town.” Keeping things simple is a winning strategy in any business but especially in an industry where things can become convoluted and Santam has made a reputation for keeping things straight forward. With assets totalling over R17 billion, a countrywide, world-class contact centre infrastructure, a thriving intermediary network and more than 650 000 policy holders, the strategy is working. As South Africa’s leading short-term insurer, they also hold business interests in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia and strategic investments in various companies within the insurance industry, such as Santam Namibia Ltd. After almost a hundred years this company has developed a formula that works and the secret to their business always comes back to the same thing, looking after the client. 102 | Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine • February 2013 1 • 03


“We consider our broker relationships to be one of our core strengths, and we continue to promote it as a channel of choice to our clients. We do, however, provide clients with multiple points of access, so that you can deal with us in the way that you feel most comfortable.” Known as one of the country’s finest employers and enjoying a firm position on the JSE one of the moves that singles Santam out is the way that through collaboratively

104 | Endeavour Magazine

working with partners and South African retailers to offer a members card that provides clients with up to 3% discounts on many products including clothing, electronics, home and business products. This kind of approach has helped retailers and customers align themselves with this easily recognizable giant. In 1974, the trademarked umbrella was created for Santam’s Multiplex policy which symbolized the comprehensive cover that this then revolutionary product offered. By 1981, research showed that more people recognised the yellow umbrella than the corporate logo, which at the time comprised of inter-linked chains. A new logo was designed, combining the umbrella and the company name. When Santam acquired Guardian National in 1999, it made business sense to keep the umbrella symbol and with the dawn of the new millennium, the umbrella got a makeover. A more modern umbrella on a blue background emerged with a slightly elongated shaft conveying improved cover, better protection and ultimate peace of mind. The dot that replaced the handle symbolised technological progression. There is a history of Santam making studious decisions for the benefit of their clients and customers and with many South Africans growing up in their shade the history of the company reads like a heroic novel. In 1918 The South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited began and quickly established itself within the life assurance industry under its trading name Santam. In 1953 due to an Act of Parliament, Sanlam’s share capital was cancelled and converted from a company to a mutual insurer and in

1963 they launched its well-known Child Art programme to encourage children to find joy and direction in art. In 1974, Santam launched its Multiplex policy allowing customers a combined, short term policy for all of their insurance needs. Appropriately in 1981 the yellow umbrella became their official logo. 1999, they purchased Guardian National Insurance for R1,58 billion and this merger was one of the most successful in South Africa and secured a 25% share of the local shortterm insurance industry and in 2003 saw the formation of Santam International. Since then a number of awards, celebrations and pioneering steps have kept this company in the spotlight and well ahead of its competition. The internet has created a highly connected and networked environment creating competition for every business in every industry especially insurance. This has had a cleansing toll upon the industry and only the businesses that have carefully and gingerly grown themselves on reputation, customer service and intelligent design have survived the blitz. Santam has become the shining example of what businesses are capable of and the standard on which we should all strive to achieve. “Santam’s history shows a sense of determination, courage and commitment on our way to becoming the largest and leading short-term insurer in South Africa.” Ultimately, Santam’s yellow umbrella has come to symbolise the all-encompassing cover and peace of mind that only the market leader can offer.

Indwe Risk Services


that last a lifetime

As an independent broker with a national call centre and more than 25 branches nationwide, we are easily accessible to offer tailor made solutions to suit our clients’ personal, corporate and commercial insurance needs. And with our added value products and services we ensure that our clients benefit daily and not only when they claim.

Discover for yourself why Indwe comes recommended.

Contact us today for a tailor-made insurance quote.

0860 13 13 14 Terms and conditions apply.

Motor & Household | Commercial | Corporate Insurance Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP3425)

Endeavour Magazine | 105

106 | Endeavour Magazine


BancABC +267 367 4300 Written by Don Campbell Endeavour Magazine | 107


BancABC, ABC Holdings Limited offer a diverse range of financial services to sub-Saharan African banks operating under its parent company umbrella. Guided by its core values of professionalism, people innovation, passion and integrity, BancABC is pursuing a vision to be the preferred banking partner in Africa by offering world class financial solutions and building profitable, lifelong customer relationships through the provision of a wide range of innovative financial products and services. We caught up with Group Chief Operations Officer Francis Dzanya who took time out of his busy schedule to highlight the success story of this company.

Savanna Insurance Brokers Ltd Providing personalised services with excellence


Based in Lusaka, Zambia, Savanna Insurance Brokers is a well-established, well-respected and continually expanding commercial insurance broker providing a wide range of cost-effective insurance solutions. Head Office: Plot No. 4991, Nsunzu Road P.O. Box 37971, LUSAKA TEL: +260 211 257286/87/90/91/92 FAX: +260 211 257289/257293

E-mail: Website : 108 | Endeavour Magazine

Internal & Safety Signage Metal & illuminated signs Rigging & Installations Decals & Displays Full Colour Printing Shop Window Displays Promotional Graphics Fleet Branding Screen Printing T-shirt & Cap Printing Banners & Flags SIGNS OF THE TIMES (Z) LTD. Tel: +260 211 252428 / Fax: +260 211 250744 Email : Postnet Box 150, Private Bag E891, Lusaka, Zambia

Historically, a merchant bank offering a diverse range of services, now BancABC is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange with a secondary listing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. They have a proud heritage dating back to 1956. Formed through a series of mergers and acquisitions of prolific financial institutions operating in Southern Africa it had given the group a strong geographical footprint and a sound understand of the diverse financial markets within the region. “BancABC has operations in Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe,” Francis says, “and a group services office in Johannesburg, South Africa. BancABC was previously known as African Banking Corporation but we rebranded in April 2009 in line with our expansion into retail banking.” Since its inception BancABC has developed and provided through continuous organic growth a wide range of services to their clients and the industry. “We offer a comprehensive range of banking services and products throughout the region in which we operate,” Francis explains. “These include Corporate Banking, Retail and SME Banking, Consumer Lending, Treasury services, Leasing, Asset Management, Advisory Services, Stock Broking and Wealth Management. “The Group expanded into retail banking during 2009, which has since grown and is poised to play a major role in the business going forward. As of 31 December 2011 the

We wish BancABC many more successful years.

Tel: +267 3500545 | Fax: +267 3500546 | Mobile: +267 74213614 Web:

Endeavour Magazine | 109


Group operated forty-nine branches across the five markets.” An impressive grasp of the industry and a powerful footprint in their regions have definitely added to the success of this powerhouse of a company. However Francis is very straight talking regarding what has been the pivotal reason for the success: “BancABC is not a silver bullet but has key competitive strengths upon which it has developed a winning strategy,” he elaborates, “Firstly, BancABC has established a solid regional banking platform and has become a geographically diversified business with established customer relationships across all economic sectors. “Secondly, BancABC is proud of being a local institution with a deep understanding of the local culture, people and economies in Southern Africa and offers best in class services to its customers. In time whereby many clients aim at investing in the region, BancABC local knowledge is a valuable asset.

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“Thirdly, BancABC has focused on developing its strong shareholder commitment and market recognition. Currently, the main shareholders are African Development Corporation (“ADC”), an international emerging market investor, Old Mutual, IFC, Botswana Insurance Fund Management (“BIFM”) as well our management.” With any company it’s vital to have a grasp of who the target market is and to monitor the response to a company’s services and products from the corporate world. “We are a specialist wholesale bank with a retail offering,” Francis says, “As of 31 December 2011, we have 108,000 retail customers across all of our banking subsidiaries.” The customer base is also diversified across economic sectors with customers that are active in regional trade and run cross-border businesses. Because it is one of a limited number of financial institutions with a regional presence, it is also able to establish relationships with customers that are active in regional trade and run cross-border businesses. For

these reasons, it is well positioned relative to its competitors to increase its market share and become one of the leading providers of financial solutions in the region. Is this it though? What is the future expansion programme for BancABC across the SADC region and throughout the entire African continent? BancABC key operational objectives to 2015 are threefold: First, BancABC aims at successfully completing the rolling out of the Retail banking and as of June 30, BancABC has 55 branches opened for business across the footprint. Secondly, BancABC aims at increasing its market share between 5 to 10% in each market. As of June 30, 2012 this objective was attained in Zimbabwe and is likely to be attained soon in Botswana and third, expanding its footprint in East and Southern Africa depending on funding and market opportunities. It is very exciting and it’s easy to forget that companies of every size still have their own hurdles to cross. Francis explain what the challenges were that were encountered when doing business across the SADC region and beyond. “BancABC is in a fastrack growth plan and as such is facing difficulties, mainly related to capital funding to support the current growth trajectory,” he details. “Management has taken steps towards addressing this challenge including the recent and successfully concluded rights issue. A related challenge is the liquidity to fund the business expansion. Management is busy arranging lines of credit at the centre and subsidiary level.” Another important challenge is the rising cost. The Management at BancABC are also addressing this issue by


taking several initiative to stabilize costs and hence reduce cost to income ratio. “Finally the high impairments are being mitigated by the fast growth pace of the book which keeps the NPLs ratio low. However, the rising nominal amount is in process of being resolved.” As regular readers will know, we do enjoy looking at how companies protect and look after their employees as this is often the best representation of how they look after their customers. Francis highlighted the key steps that BancABC have taken with regards to employee training, incentives and promotions. “Our staff numbers have increased from 668 to 1,008 and continue to grow mainly to support the Retail rollout,” he says, “We have strong values which are: Passion, Professionalism, People, Innovation and Integrity and we invested heavily in training and incentives.” And this is not only for the grass roots level. “We ensure that our management attend the partnership programmes we have with Gibs school in SA (FLDP, MLDP etc) and ensure that all staff attend at least 2 courses related to their field each year,” Francis says with evident authority, adding, “reward and recognition is something we take very seriously.” BancABC’s vision is to become Africa’s preferred banking partner by offering world-class financial solutions. The banks belonging to them include ABC Botswana, ABC Mozambique, ABC Tanzania, ABC Zambia and ABC Zimbabwe. For information, visit


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Nu Metro +27 11 280 3106 Written by Ben Walker

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In a tough market leading South African sector player Nu Metro Cinemas is retaining its share with inventive twists in the marketing plot and giving audiences the perfect cinema experience, General Manager Danie van der Werwe tells Ben Walker. 114 | Endeavour Magazine

“I’ve spent several years in Hollywood,” said writer Wilson Mizner, “and I still think the movie heroes are in the audience.” His heroes are not what they were. Last year Hollywood audiences dropped to a sixteen year low, a trend partially cushioned by Nu Metro Cinemas in South Africa with high profiled movies and an imaginative package of audiencefocused exclusive events and offers. ‘The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn’ (negative reviews; $702 million worldwide sales) was a serial sell-out, with

‘Hangover Part II’, and ‘Fast and Furious Five’ other major hits, says Danie van der Merwe, General Manager of South Africa’s second largest cinema operator, Nu Metro. “Our audiences are very sophisticated and know what they want.” And with twenty-two sites and six of the country’s top ten cinema screens, Nu Metro is concentrating on developing the premium side of its cinema division. Acknowledging the Hollywood Big Dip, van der Merwe recognises the industry’s shared trans-Atlantic and global challenges. “The South African cinema market is saturated Endeavour Magazine | 115

Amalgamated Beverage Industries

Customer Interaction Centre: 0860 000 0224

ABI PARTNERS WITH NU METRO FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE As the soft drinks division of South African Breweries, Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) aims to be the premier customer and market development organisation in South Africa. As such, their long-standing partnership with Nu Metro is one in which business decisions are made collaboratively, resulting in a focused approach to reach mutual objectives. As with all its customers, ABI’s partnership with Nu Metro has at its core, assisting their customers to provide a great experience for their customers – after all, what would movies be without the popcorn and the Coke? It’s all about Customer Service Recently, ABI’s focus has been on replacing the old fountain and vending equipment with the latest technology. This involved conducting a demand analysis during Nu Metro’s busiest period to assess each cinema’s requirements. ABI then fitted standardised equipment so that Nu Metro’s service counter staff would only need to understand how one machine works, enabling them to focus on their customers. Training for all Nu Metro service counter staff, including their managers, has been implemented and will continue on an on-going

basis. The new technology also features early warning systems that advise the operators of any potential problems in advance so that ABI can react quickly and ensure that the flow of Coca-Cola is never interrupted. Quality is key The new machines are highly advanced. Upgraded water filtration systems and water lines mean that the supply of clean water is constant and that it complies with the stringent Coca-Cola Quality Standards. After installing all the new machinery, ABI has undertaken to conduct random quality checks on the soft drinks dispensed so that they can ensure that it is always up to standard. Sustainable Development is core to ABI’s business All the new systems that have been installed at Nu Metro cinemas are fitted with Energy Management Systems (EMS) that ensure that Nu Metro now uses less energy to provide customers with their ice-cold Coca-Cola: sustainable development is core to ABI’s operations.


“We have probably the cheapest ticket pricing in the world - typically R35 - and a lot of discounting schemes. Even so the market is not growing; in fact it is now over-screened, and the roll out of digital and the costs involved will probably see a couple of the older cinemas closing doors.” Danie van der Werwe ,General Manager

Initially focused on designing, manufacturing and installing cinema seating since it was founded 16 years ago, Destiny Seating have since applied their knowledge and expertise and expanded into a broader markets - church; conference; home theatre and lecture hall seating. Destiny Seating has designed, manufactured and installed over 400,000 seats on a global basis and it has recently established a footprint into Africa, with a half page mention 2 satellite office opening in Botswana in 2009.

Uncompromised comfort

+27 83 252 6789 118 | Endeavour Magazine

and very stagnant. We have twenty six million moviegoers and this has been the case for the past ten years, moving upwards only slightly with the advent of 3D. The cinema industry is an unrelentingly tough market place. Consumer alternatives and sophisticated and cheap stay-at-home technology are making it so. ”It’s not any one thing, it’s a little bit of everything,” says Jeff Goldstein, general sales manager at Warner Bros, explains: “Consumers are being more specific with their choices on how to spend their money. The options are a little greater than they were a few years ago with gaming and social-networking opportunities.” Van der Merwe agrees. “The advent of all the new forms of entertainment, the ease of accessing content over the internet, and movies on demand from television channels are all impacting on the


whole movie going experience. No question.” Launched in the early nineties as a small cinematic distribution company Nu Metro grew fast. Starting with the acquisition of home entertainment and theatrical distribution licenses in South Africa, it began to expand rapidly within the wider entertainment industry. By the late nineties it was identified with the lion’s share of home entertainment within South Africa, representing giants such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney, and by 2002 Paramount and the BBC. Currently the Home Entertainment division – Cinemas, and Film

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Distribution are the other two Nu Metro operational arms represents Paramount, DreamWorks, Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers and the BBC as well as numerous independent film makers and studios. Nu Metro Home Entertainment is the South African market leader in DVD and Blu-Ray, distributing DVDs into major retail outlets and rental video stores as well as interactive console and PC-based games. But sales have been impacted by the recession and drop in disposable incomes. Over on the Big Screen 3D is driving incremental business and attendances. It’s new and interesting and consumers are responding to the format, and for the moment it seems to be rejuvenating the cinema business in South Africa and across the world. And with full digitalisation at forty-four of its screens across South Africa, Nu Metro is running fast with the shiny new ball. But might it

all be a passing fashion? According to reports from international sources, 3D is a fad and a fading one, with the number of films falling from forty-seven in 2011 to thirty-three this year. It’s a view backed-up by Enders Analysis whose research reveals 3D took a lower share of box office receipts in 2011, hit by the success of foreign content and the rise of 2D in 3D dual release box office receipts. “The period of experimentation is over. The reality has set in and the momentum has gone,” says Enders, an entertainment research service with a special focus on new technologies. Danie van der Merwe disagrees. “I don’t think it’s a fad. It’s here to stay and I think there will always be 3D content coming through, especially for action sci-fi blockbusters, with thirty to forty films coming through being the norm. And this will attract people to immerse themselves in the 3D experience. The traditional romantic comedy doesn’t require this and will still be found on the 2D format. “So I think there will always be this

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S O U T H A F R I CA’ S P R E M I E R E N T E R TA I N M E N T D E S T I N AT I O N Montecasino is an award-winning entertainment destination, offering a huge variety of business and leisure options. The wide range of facilities, lifestyle, entertainment and dining offerings makes it one of South Africa’s most popular and visited destinations.

BEST ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX {an extravaganza of fun for everyone} BEST CINEMA COMPLEX - NU METRO {a host of theatres, including 3D and our spacious ilGrande}


JOHANNESBURG {fun, laughs and good times, we’ve got it all} BEST PLACE TO WATCH THE BIG GAME {experience the great vibe and the big screen... almost better than being at the stadium!} BEST THEATRE - THE TEATRO AT MONTECASINO {bringing you internationally acclaimed world-class productions that captivate and entertain} • Tel. +27 11 510-7777 • No.1 Montecasino Boulevard, off William Nicol Drive & Witkoppen Road, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.


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mix and I don’t see 3D taking over any time soon. However the studios will realise they must provide good quality 3D and not just conversions. The public knows the difference, it will not pay to see bad quality 3D, and so the word would go out. And yes, content is still king.” And for Nu Metro a dual crown - content and customer focus. “When you come to one of our complexes you will have a great experience, starting with service levels from the moment you walk through the door, ease of purchasing tickets right through to the confectionary offering. And once inside the cinema - all that digital brings, great sound and quality 3D. “At Nu Metro we deliver a great service and experience. We are very focussed on being the best in the market place, very customer-centric and alert to the wants and interests of cinemagoers in a particular market. We have quality partners and a great staff ethos and culture - over eight hundred professionally qualified employees from cinema floor to manufacturing and warehousing, all enthusiastic and working as a team.” Looking five years ahead, van der Merwe sees a reduction in the number of movie complexes. “But the cinema will still be the core, very much alive and kicking - and in the new theatres and complexes going from strength to strength. “Avid cinemagoers want to see and experience the movie in the big format, with the sound, their friends around them, and experiencing a true entertainment evening. And with Nu Metro they will find it all.”

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SECRET CUSTOMER As a respite from the usual daring and dangerous missions Endeavour Magazine send me on, it was a pleasure to discover they were sending me to my local Nu Metro Cinema at the Westville Pavilion to do nothing more dramatic and dangerous than taking my family out to watch a movie. The film selected - John Carter 3D. Having experienced cinematic excursions in the past, with cinema chains around the world, I have to admit that Nu Metro Cinemas has a class of its own, which is apparent in the little details. Firstly the experience begins not in the cinema at all but outside in the foyer where you walk into the spacious area, looking at the marvellous posters for the films and the plush carpets leading into the cinemas. The design of the dĂŠcor surrounding the cinema, adds to the effect of this being somewhere different, a place where adventures are had. There are a few things that I am a stickler for, cleanliness is one of them. I judge places very quickly on how clean they are, if there is chrome it needs to be polished to a mirrored shine, if there is a carpet it must not be frayed, if there is overhead music it must be clear and Nu Metro

Cinemas impressed me with all of these. It was almost as if someone had gone over the entire complex before I had even arrived to polish and clean and remove any dust. While I got the tickets there was an area for my kids to disappear to for a little bit so I could do the grown up stuff. I was served by a polite and cheerful attendant behind the counter who greeted me first with an enthusiastic smile, she sorted out my tickets, helped me select the best seat - asking questions like did I have kids and would I like extra leg room (the difference between being on the aisle or in the middle) and before I knew it I had all my tickets, plus enough flavoured popcorn and coke to feed a small army. While my kids dragged me through the corridor leading into the main complex, and to our seats, I found them immensely comfortable and spacious with leg room for me to stretch out if necessary. Good music played over the speakers until the film started (exactly on time) and the film began. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

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As competitive and often-times fickle as the modelling industry can be, wanted to ensure we brought you the best companies to work with. The ones that are responsible for protecting those performers, models and personalities within this sector. Donnie Rust, writer for, caught up with Jacques Holtzhausen CEO of NAMA the National Association of Managing Agents, to get his scope on the industry.

Agencies have opened in both Johannesburg and Cape Town over the past 10 years than ever before. Big Foreign companies have opened offices in South Africa mainly to service the entire African market. This has a direct impact on our Industry as a large percentage of their Advertising budgets are now spent in South Africa. Their Ad campaigns and commercials


are shot in South Africa, Produced by South Africans and making use of local Talent. Where

o get started, what is your background in the industry? I have been involved in all aspects of the Model Industry

for the past 24 years which includes production, Booking and

Manager of a Model Agency for many years. How has the modelling industry in South Africa developed over the past 10 years?

Cape Town attracts a larger number of American and European clients, Johannesburg attract more client from the continent. The South African Industry is indeed a global player. Was NAMA’s development a response to a need in the industry that you saw or was it a strategic development? NAMA was established 25 years ago. In order to make an Industry

Since the late 1980’s early 1990’s South Africa and more so

successful, transparent and ethical, it is imperative that all Industry

Cape Town started attracting major International Clients specializing

players adhere to guidelines, rules, regulations etc. The Advertising,

in Production of TVC’S, Catalogue and Magazine Editorials.

Production, Stills Producing sectors all have Associations. For the

The Industry has grown each year attracting even more foreign

Model and Talent Sector to have an Association was thus a logical step

investment. Certainly, what transpires in Europe and the States

to ensure that the entire Industry is represented. NAMA stands for the

does have a knock on effect into our Market. With many of the major

National Association of Model Agencies also incorporating Children’s,

Catalogue companies closing or merging due the Global recession,

Character, Talent and Creative Agencies in South Africa. NAMA is a

those numbers have decreased but the market has grown in the areas

voluntary Business Membership Organization; it has influence but

of attracting a larger number of smaller International clients, more

no power over the business choices made by its Members. NAMA

TVC’S and Films are being shot in South Africa than ever before. Cape

undoubtedly exists to protect the interest of its Members; but it also

Town remains a top Production destination for foreign Clients. More

exists to protect and further the interests of the Industry as a whole.

Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Model / Talent

NAMA believes that a self disciplined Industry, with a minimum of

124 | Endeavour Magazine

State regulations, is a vital component in a free Enterprise Economy

Our main objectives are:

Our aims and objectives are clear. We must ensure that transparent, highly ethical business standards are maintained

To promote the highest possible standards of Agencies in South Africa. To discourage dishonest and undesirable practices in Modelling and related fields of activity. To specify commonly accepted practice in the Industry, so that both Clients and Agencies are aware of their respective rights and obligations. To encourage fair remuneration for Models, Children, Talent and Artists. To encourage a recognition of standards amongst Agencies Personnel, Models, Talent and Artists. To represent the Industry in important negotiations with Government, Media, Representative and marketing related Bodies, Commerce and organizations within our Industry – ACA, CPA, SAASP, PMA, NAMA, SAGA,

by NAMA and our Members, vigilant in our relationships with


world class cities. We have incredible Locations, Restaurants, Hotels,

The National Association of Model Agencies have therefore committed themselves to promote the best standards, practices and qualifying criteria based on International Model / Artist / Talent

Government, Organizations and Clients alike. To strengthen and expand our existing relationships with all parties that makes up the Industry as to ensure unity – one vision, one goal. To educate our Members on the laws, rules, regulations, terms and conditions that governs our Industry. Compared to the rest of the world how do the South African agencies and industry match up? Our top Agencies are on par with the biggest and most successful Agencies in the world. We follow International guidelines, structures etc. It is imperative to be on par because our International clients demand it. Local Agencies place their Models with top Agencies in the States and in Europe. Candice Swanepoel, Damien van Zyl, Shaun de Wet, Candice Boucher have all become major players in the International Model Industry. South Africa is one of the top 10 shooting destinations in the world. Johannesburg and Cape Town are Production facilities, Model / Talent Agencies, a warm climate, long shooting days etc. What are the plans for the future growth in the industry?

Agency norms. We uphold this as an example of “Best Practice

Bureaucratic problems must be avoided. Too attract more foreign

Management” for Agencies throughout South Africa. We aim to

investment. We endeavour to encourage agencies to come under

ensure that the Members of NAMA are operating optimally, are

a covering and join NAMA, thus enabling us to open the way for an

therefore providing the best possible partnership for South African

educated and aligned industry, with all its players on the same level of

and International clients. We believe that this will ensure the long -

unity, knowledge, improved standards and with the aim to eliminate

term growth and sustainability of the Industry.

unethical business practices. Endeavour Magazine | 125

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