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december 2016 Issue no. 12

Chairmans report by susan jones on behalf of carol Welcome to the December issue of the newsletter, the last of 2016, how time flies! Firstly I would like to remind everyone it is the time to renew your memberships, and also to bring your membership cards with you to the December meeting as you may be asked to show them when buying a ticket for the box, remember, it is for members

only. Secondly, it is with regret I announce that Jane is stepping down as Head of Social and also from the Committee, we are sorry to see her go, she will be missed. This brings us another problem, committee numbers are dwindling and I would ask you to seriously think about joining us as, without a committee, there will be no Association!

Finally I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the committee to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year. Please note: January meeting is on January 9th due to the Spanish 3 Kings Holiday


november meeting by alan impey









November’s meeting fell on the 7th and it was slightly chilly very dark night as I made my way to the Camping Bar for 7pm and I admit to thinking that there would be a poor turnout for the meeting. How wrong can you be!!!!!! By the starting time of 7:30pm there were 58 members there and I think over 60 was the final count. At 7:35pm Carol opened the meeting with a reminder that membership renewal was now possible for 2017 and the price remained unaltered at 10€. Jane gave her run down of social events and told us that the evening’s entertainment was a picture quiz hosted by Sue. We were split into teams of six and handed answer

sheets to cover 40 possible answers.

awarded to the successful team,

The quiz was based on partial photographs take by Sue of locations within the Valley and we had to identify where and what the photographs were. The quiz went on until 8pm when papers were swopped and then marked. As is usual on these occasions there was good natured disagreement on what constituted a right or wrong answer but winners were eventually found with a score of 32 1/2 points. Bottles of wine were

see photo, and then it was time for the cash box which stood at 820.00€. There was no winner despite yours truly having two picks at the key one of which I drew myself!!! The meeting was closed at 9pm. A big thank you to Sue for what was obviously a lot of effort in organising and hosting the quiz. Thanks also to the committee members on duty to ensure a smooth El-Valle night.

Message from your membership secretary A note to all you members of the El-Valle Asociacion from your Membership Secretary. Hi all. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017 new year. At this time I also would like bring to your attention and remind you that our 2017 membership year starts

Don Manuel crossroads, between 11.30 and 12.30am. There will be a committee member sitting in the area, or at any of the monthly club meetings at the Camping Bar on the side of the Lake Vinuela. You can also renew your membership at our December club meeting on Monday December 5th or at the January meeting which is on

from JANUARY 1st, therefore it is soon time for you all to renew you membership to the El-Valle Asociacion. You will be able to do this either on a Friday at Meson Sara Restaurant, Puente

Monday January 9th a little later after the Spanish New Year celebrations. For the 2017 club year, your committee have kept the membership fee again at €10.00 and your annual

membership will run from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2017. If you have any queries, please speak to a committee member or contact me on 647076177. I Look forward to seeing you all again for the 2017 membership year. Regards Stewart Common Secretary and Membership Secretary


NOVEMBER WALK by alan impey November’s El-Valle walk took place on Thursday 10th and was routed and guided by Ray and Jeanette up in the area of Arenas. Ray's wife, Caz, had kindly offered to entertain a few members who were not walking but who would be attending the meal after. As we set off at 11am there were 19 walkers and the weather was perfect, bright and sunny but not too warm.

News from

The walk took place on good tracks with great views up to Maroma and down to the coast. None of the walk was too arduous but was still a good leg stretcher!!! And all too soon after about a hour and a half we were approaching our start point as a finish!!

It was then down to the Limonar area of Velez-Malaga to a bar restaurant called Limonar 9 where a friendly waitress made us welcome and we were treated to a wide choice of different courses in the menu of the day and it proved to be good value and quality at under â‚Ź10.00 a head. Thanks to Ray, Jeanette and Caz for a very good day. A new venture for the El-Valle was a trip to Malaga on the 31st October to join in the Halloween festivities in the city. A full coach load set off at 6.30pm from outside Mis Tapitas in Puente don Manuel, stopping a short time later for our final six passengers.

by dick atterbury

Last month I talked about the idea of having Sub Titles for the hard of hearing. If this is a problem for you let us know as we have found a way of producing the Sub Titles. We are happy to demonstrate this if you would like to give us a call. We can also now produce a complete EPG Electronic Programme Guide so that you can see all the weekly programmes at a glance and also use this like the old Freesat days and record the programmes with one press of the button from the guide.

of the coax cables and attach to the Receiver and the LNB on the dish. The main problem with these is not to over tighten them. They are soft metal and if compressed with tools they damage the Receiver or LNB. Using tools on them creates problems so always make sure they are only hand tight.

I would like to just make a short comment about F Plugs. They are the small plugs that are on the end

As we near Christmas we hope you all will have trouble free viewing. Just remember that we will be

With the rains now upon us it is a good time to check that no water is getting to the Receivers via the cable. A quick check may save you expensive equipment.

available over Christmas and the New Year. If you need us please try to call us before 10 AM as by then our days are quite full. Call us early and we will get to you the same day. Merry Christmas


Halloween trip to malaga

We were soon in Malaga and dropped by the port entrance with instructions to be back by 12:45am as the coach would leave promptly at 1 am. As we broke into our own smaller groups it was soon apparent that the atmosphere was great!!!! The city was packed with revellers and a good proportion of them had taken the trouble to dress accordingly.

As our group wandered round the pedestrian areas we saw many varieties of Halloween dress including one family of mother, father and two children who I suspect were regulars at this event judging by the way they were constantly stopped

by alan impey

in order for photo's to be taken off them, yes I did, it is attached. In spite of the crowds there was no problem finding places to eat and drink, and as we have now become used to, there was no trouble of any sort and everyone enjoyed themselves.

All too soon it was time to return to our drop off point to be picked up and almost everyone was back on time and those that weren't were not left behind, we waited!!!!! Thanks El-Valle for the thought of doing this trip which I think will be repeated next year!!!

Traffic warning by phillip paviour

Whilst driving along this morning minding my own business Gaudia decided to interrupt the drive home and flagged me in by Puente Church!. I am resident (have been for 9 years). Have a Madrid registered UK driving licence. I own the car. After a lengthy check they returned my NIE certificate, my UK driving licence & the full car

ownership/registration from new documentation. Then came the bad news, A â‚Ź200 fine (reduced to â‚Ź100 ) if paid promptly!. NO not a roadside one but I will be getting a postal notification. This because of the 2 year limit on exchanging a license. On DGT's website today the earliest appointment offered to carry out the exchange is, wait for it, the 13th February 2017 @ 08;30!!!!. I will attempt to get

the medical done manana in V M (its opposite the Town Hall mas Carole did hers a few years back) so that hopefully it appears I am doing my best to "Get Legal".



El Valle Choir with mince pies and wine


Visit by the British Consulate


Ho Down/ Line Dancing By David Lawrie

March 5th

Barbershop Choir


An informal get together for all who would like to join us

At el charco

January 20 2017

Los romanes

A deposit of €5 required at time of booking






16 march 2017 th

a day visit to motril where we will visit bodega Ron

montero &

the pre industrial cane sugar Museum Price €24 members €28 non members Price includes lunch at the salobrena hotel with a drink included Bus leaves ‘mis tapitas’ 09:00 WALKS SCHEDULE


On the A356 turn at the Renault lorry garage towards Canillas de Aceituno. After 300 metres turn right, signposted Rubite. Travel 150 metres around the left hand bend and take the minor road on the left, signposted to Rubite. Follow this road for about 2 kilometres until you come to a fork in the road, take the right fork, signposted Rubite, and follow the road for a further 1.5 kilometres. You will come to a row of roughly 15-20 post boxes on the left and a big yellow plastics recycling bin on the right, parking is just past these on the right. We will be there from 10.45 to guide you should you have any difficulty.


Led by Martyn & Rebecca Higgins. Start will be outside the La Maroma restaurant in Canillas de Aceituno. Park in the multi storey car park. 11:00.


Led by Alan & Maureen Impey. Start take A7 from Torre towards Nerja. Take first Nerja exit to wards coast and then take coast road back towards Torre. After the Repsol garage look for Venta San Miguel on right and park there for start. (Also a garden center there) at 11.00am


Led by Douglas and Jane Johnson. Walk will be out of Viñuela and lunch at Venta La Vina


Quad report

by roger and jackie frewin

November has been a very varied month with regard to the weather and the successes (and failures) of some of our trips. Although we’ve had a very mild autumn we’ve encountered some very cold temperatures on our travels. There have been occasional sightings of the beautiful autumnal colours so prolific in our homeland but disappointingly these have been few and far between here. With the clocks going back at the end of October the evenings are drawing in much earlier now so we’ve modified our meeting times when it seemed appropriate. Mike L’s return to Spain encouraged a trip to Alfarnatejo at the beginning of the month, in the hope that we’d learn and remember the new route that he’d devised during the summer. We met up earlier than usual to allow plenty of time for getting there, having a long leisurely lunch and a slow ride home, in order to ensure we got back well before it got dark. Derek was unable to join us as the battery on his quad had died but our number was boosted to five quads when Alan, from Nerja, who now only gets to join us on rare occasions, arrived. We topped up with fuel at Puente de Don Manuel after which Mike was to take the lead but numerous attempts to restart his quad failed. This prompted the inevitable amateur quad mechanics huddle and the clock started ticking. To determine whether the problem was his battery Mike G planned to place his battery in Mike L’s quad but this estimated five minute task started to drag on, owing to various minor difficulties ranging from the simple inability to loosen a screw to the farcical series of events following the loss of a nut, which led to Mike G scouring the ground on his hands and knees right next to where I was standing and before I’d realised what was going on I’d managed to tread on his fingers. Ouch! It must have taken the best part of an hour to complete the exercise and determine that it was indeed a battery problem. So now the plan was to head to Algarrobo for lunch and to stop off en-route to attempt to acquire a new battery. As Ev was in the UK Mike G had space on his bike for a passenger, so Mike L continued the trip with him, leaving his ailing quad at the petrol station. The remaining four quads, led by Roger, took the back road from Vinuela, through Trapiche and on to Velez-Malaga and aimed for Poligono La Pañoleta in search of a new battery. A further check at CM Motos proved that the battery was definitely dead and a new one was ordered. This left us free to finally relax over some lunch and a menu del dia at Pippos, in Algarrobo was sure to deliver an excellent one. The route from here was a familiar one for Helen so she led the group out of the Poligono, along to Urbanizacion El Limonar then through the campo and along the Rio Seco to arrive at Caleta, then on the main road to Algarrobo. As always the food at Pippo’s was truly delightful. The plan for recovering Mike’s bike from Puente was a complex one so Helen and Alan made their respective trips home along the coast from there while we accompanied the two Mikes inland. By the following Sunday Mike and Derek’s quads were back in action. Four quads met up at Mis Tapitas and planned a trip to Zafarraya, via ‘Kitchen Mountain’ but the route detail was left to our leader for the day, Mike G. He led us via Venta Baja, Castillo de Zalia and Venta Alta then up the beehive laden slopes of ‘Kitchen mountain’ and down through the olive groves on the other side. Although it was a lovely bright day there was a nip in the air and at this altitude it was starting to feel rather cold, even with an extra layer of clothing on. After passing through Espino and continuing on towards the Ventas de Zafarraya to Alhama road there was a very distinct chill in the air. Once we had reached that road and started travelling at speed it was bitterly cold. That said, Mike was unperturbed and decided to take us on a round trip along the Arroyo Robledal, past the quarry, through the apparently abandoned remains of Cortijos Valparaiso and then through the pine forest before finally stopping for a thaw out and refreshments at the Hotel Los Caños de la Alcaiceria. I only took a couple of pictures that day as it was too cold to remove my gloves.

The return journey took us along the main road back to Ventas de Zafarraya then along the old railway track above Periana. The ensuing descent took us past El Cantueso and back down to the main road, arriving at Puente de don Manuel in good time for a much-desired Sunday afternoon snack. The map below shows just how lengthy and complex the route, highlighted in orange, actually was. Well done Mike – it was an excellent trip.


Another aborted trip resulted the following Sunday when our own quad encountered problems. We had intended to travel from Trops over the ridge and north towards Canillas de Albaida, to stop at Salares for refreshments but we only made it up to the masts along the ridge. Again the amateur mechanics set about resolving the problem but on this occasion, Mike G was extremely successful in diagnosing and fixing the problem. Having lost around two hours here the three quads headed back along the ridge and down into Trapiche where we stopped at a small bar on the back road for some very welcome refreshments.

Mid-month saw another attempt to get to Alfarnatejo, making an early start as before. Five quads met up at Mis Tapitas and Mike L led the group to and across the dam, leaving the main road just past the Camping Bar, and followed the Camino Loma Leon to Bar Ortega for a refreshments break. Rather than follow the road to Rio Gordo he then took campo tracks, mainly through olive groves, back to the main road which we crossed over and continued, in a roughly north-westerly direction, traversing many more olive groves, and passing some extraordinarily beautiful old olive trees. It transpired that Roger had been very close to getting the route right last month – he hadn’t turned left too soon as we’d suspected but had missed the right turn from that track which took us onto an extremely narrow path and then a severe camber that forced all passengers to alight, for fear that the extra weight could affect the centre of gravity and cause the bikes to topple. Not far from here we crossed a river and in no time at all we had joined our normal route across the meadow and through the gorge to Alfarnatejo. It was a beautiful day and far warmer than we’d expected at this altitude, so some of our extra layers had been superfluous but better to be prepared of course.


The menu del dia at Restaurante Los Pirineos was superb and astonishingly good value for money. We took the quickest route back along the main road down through Periana to Puente from where we each headed home. The last trip that we personally participated in this month was a second attempt at the journey to Salares, to be led by Roger. I’m pleased to say that all went perfectly on this occasion. Several members of the group had returned to the UK but despite a few drops of rain just before setting out three quads still met up at Trops. It was a cool and very cloudy day but the rain held off, the tracks had not been too badly churned up by the rain the night before and we passed some delightful autumn coloured trees and vines. This rather made up for the fact that the usual spectacular mountain views were obscured by low cloud and mist. At the bar in Salares we each enjoyed a filling snack consisting of a bocadillo with various fillings. It was a fabulous day out, albeit somewhat gruelling for the drivers with no comfort stops en-route. We must address that in future.

Are you interested in joining our friendly group? It’s a really fun way to explore and appreciate the area. You’ll find more information and contact details on the El Valle web page at


Wine tasting by alan impey Wednesday 9th November and time for one of El-Valle’s most popular events!!! The Wine Tasting!!!! by nature of the type of event and the location of it, numbers are strictly limited and it sell out as soon as it is released. The Centro Cultural in Viùuela is used to host the event and from 6pm onwards we started arriving!!! The start time was 6.30pm but as there were quite a lot there by 6.15 we were treated to an extra aperitif, a white wine called Besso de Vino, (Kiss of Wine) it was very nice and I, for one, decided to purchase some. Sadly it was not to be, more later.

Our hosts were Pepe, Arturo and Juan Antonio. Juan Antonio was the main presenter but unfortunately he had no English and although Pepe and Arturo did and were happy to translate, Juan did not give them much chance!!!

It was a lovely wine and a lot of us attending bought it at the end, each bottle being individually numbered. As I mentioned earlier apart from the red I bought I wanted the white, Besso de Vino, but sadly it was not available although I was informed it could be obtained at Vinomar in Torre del Mar. I can get by with Spanish but I am afraid at times he lost me!!! Pepe and Arturo did circulate the tables and explained as much as possible the different wines we were tasting and the growing habits and growing areas of the different grapes used.

We reviewed another white, two reds and a Rose cava called Ramiro 2. One of the reds, Club Bareca 2012 was a very special, limited production wine. Only 100 barrels had been produced each containing 225 litres of wine and 252 bottles came from each barrel.

After the presentation Sue and Co. came round with plates of ham and cheeses, nibbles and the like and this rounded off a very pleasant evening/night and on this note a huge thank you to Sue and the others who obviously put a lot of work and effort into making the night a success.



MALAGA EVENTS IN DECEMBER, SOME DATES FOR YOUR DIARY CHRISTMAS MUSIC IN MALAGA Plaza de la Constitucion - concerts (traditional Spanish carols, flamenco and childrens choirs) will take place every evening between 7 and 10pm over the Christmas period. Christmas concert - The Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra plays Schubert’s Symphony No 5 at the Cervantes Theatre on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th December at 9 pm. Tickets from€12. Nativity Scenes - Nearly 70 nativity scenes are on display around Malaga until 6th January. Ask at the tourist office for a map. Some of the biggest and most famous are: Cathedral - open daily 10:00- 14:00 & 17:00- 20:00 Cofradia de Estudiantes - open daily 10:30-13:30 & 17:30-20:00 (on Calle Alcazabilla) Carmen Thyssen Museum - during museum opening hours, closed Mondays. Christmas Markets in Malaga -with Christmas on the horizon, Malaga markets are a great place to start your Christmas shopping. As well as the usual Sunday arts and crafts markets on Muelle Uno and on the western seafront promenade. Made in Soho Market takes place on Saturday 3rd December in Calle Tomas Heredia, 11:00 to 19:00. As well as arts and crafts, stalls sell vintage pieces, organic fruit and vegetables, plants and second hand clothes. El Rastro Cultural takes place at La Termaica Cultural Centre on Friday Dec 2nd December from 19:00 to midnight. As well as 40 stalls selling vintage goods there’s a roller disco and a Lindy Hop class!


Winter ball

by alan impey

Normally at this time of year the El-Valle has arranged a Christmas Celebration but more and more it was found that the closer to Christmas we came members were either returning to the UK or had made other plans. It was therefore decided that a Winter Ball would take the place of a Christmas Ball and this year November 28th was chosen as the preferred date. The venue was to be at the Nerja Caves restaurant with an option for those not wishing to drive to stay over at the nearby Al-Andalus hotel, or to travel by coach. A lot of party goers chose this option!! Sixty nine places were sold and meal options were starters of minestrone soup or pineapple timbale, mains of pork medallions or turbot and a bottle of wine between two. Prior to the meal were welcome drinks and canapĂŠs.

Eventually we made our way into the venue room which was decorated in red and white with prearranged tables seating groups of 8 or 10.

more than satisfied with their choices. Following our meal Sue introduced Mario Ross, our entertainer for the night and once he had gauged his audiences music preferences he was able to keep the dance floor full for most of the night.

As we all started to arrive at the restaurant the waiting staff welcomed us with a wide assortment of the canapĂŠs and drinks of sherry, wine and beer.

We were quickly served with our pre-selected meal options and as far as I am aware most were

Come midnight it was time to draw proceedings to a halt and Sue thanked Mario for his entertainment and it is perhaps an opportune moment to thank Sue and the other committee members for arranging our Christmas/Winter celebration.


Asociacion el valle del embalse Committee 2016/2017

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