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OUR MISSION AND HISTORY In 1969, the late Bruce McCarty, then-President of the local AIA, returned from a trip to the community design center in Philadelphia and gathered roughly forty local professionals to discuss the need for such a center in this region. On April 15th, 1970, the East Tennessee Community Design Center (ETCDC) was founded. The ETCDC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The objective of ETCDC has been to make East Tennessee a better place by bringing professional design and planning assistance to communities and organizations lacking resources to acquire those services without our help. Our mission is to Envision, Inspire, and Improve East Tennessee communities through design, collaboration, and leadership. ETCDC also serves as a catalyst to initiate projects within our service area and serves as an advocate for quality design in the public realm. ETCDC offers these services through the pro-bono contributions of area architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers, and other professionals. Since its founding, the East Tennessee Community Design Center has completed over 1,080 projects in the 16 county region it serves!


Examples of Projects From The 16 County Region

East Tennessee East Tennessee ETCDC 16 ETCDC 16Counties Counties

We serve a 16 county region within East Tennessee. The counties we serve, seen in dark orange, include: • • • •

Anderson Blount Campbell Claiborne

• • • •

Cocke Grainger Hamblen Jefferson

• • • •

Knox Loudon Monroe Morgan

Counties We Serve

• • • •

Roane Scott Sevier Union


The ETCDC works on a number of projects throughout the year. Design Center projects and clients must meet 4 qualifications: • Be from a nonprofit or community organization • Be for the benefit of the entire community and not solely for the benefit of their members • Be unable to acquire financial or other resources from the private sector • Be able to demonstrate the commitment and ability to pursue the project through to completion

Anderson County

Table of Contents


Blount County


Campbell County


Claiborne County


Cocke County


Grainger County


Hamblen County


Jefferson County


Knox County


Loudon County


Monroe County


Morgan County


Roane County


Scott County


Sevier County


Union County


Other Projects


Staff & Board


Spotlight Project - Oak Ridge Gateway

Noon Rotary Club of Oak Ridge requested the ETCDC to explore the development of an Oak Ridge Gateway. The gateway will improve community perception and increase community and corporate pride. Nathan Honeycutt, AIA with McCarty Holsaple McCarty Architects & Interior Designers, John Wisinger, ASLA with Hedstrom Design, and David Denton, AIA, formerly with Gehry Partners, served as our professional volunteers on this project. Centrifuge Way overpass has potential to become a strong visual landmark along the corridor. The existing concrete bridge is nondescript and unattractive. The proposal is to extend sweeping concrete walls from under the bridge and use vining plants or colored metal to create green walls. Anderson County

Oak Ridge Gateway


Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge

Lake City Main Street Plan


Spotlight Project - Harmony Adoptions Montvale Site Plan

The ETCDC had been involved in several projects throughout the years on the Montvale site, so we were enthusiastic about helping a worthy organization such as Harmony Adoptions of Tennessee to continue to use the site to its fullest potential. The ETCDC provided base plans for the entire 400+ acre site, showing existing structures, past structures, and roads. A more detailed and rendered plan of the central campus area was also prepared. Harmony Adoptions can use these base plans as they move forward to rebuild, refurbish, and revitalize Camp Montvale. This project will result in Montvale continuing to serve the youth and families of East Tennessee for years to come.

Blount County

Harmony Adoptions Montvale Site Plan


Mane Support Master Plan

Martin Luther King Community Center


Spotlight Project - Jellico Seventh Day Adventist Walking Trail Plan

The ETCDC worked with the Jellico Seventh Day Adventist Advisory Committee to develop a community walking trail system, enhanced playground, baseball field, and creek stabilization system using stone rip-rap, willow bundle staking, and a rock weir. This will allow for controlled drainage and help stop erosion from rainwater runoff that was damaging their campus.

Campbell County

Jellico Seventh Day Adventist Walking Trail Plan


Spotlight Project - Clearfork Institute

The Clearfork Community Institute is a local organization that works for the betterment of their rural Appalachian community by focusing on gaining knowledge through work and understanding culture and heritage. The ETCDC, working with former Clearfork Executive Director, Marie Cirillo, volunteers Sara Hedstrom, ASLA, Robert Marlino, Associate AIA, and planners Annette Anderson and Bob Wilson, was able to assist them by creating a master campus plan. This master plan includes landscaping elements and a renovation plan for the former Eagan School on their property. The plan and guidelines created by the ETCDC are still in use today, directing the new campus developments.

Claiborne County

Clearfork Institute


Clearfork Institute

Speedwell Academy


Spotlight Project - Tanner School

Tanner Preservation Alliance requested help with preserving Tanner School in Newport. It is the site of a historic Rosenwald School. These African American schools were built in the early 1900s and funded by Sears and Roebuck president Julius Rosenwald. With the help of volunteers from Michael Brady Inc. the ETCDC developed a conceptual site plan and floor plans, allowing the building to be renovated for future tenants. ADA accessibility was studied and implemented in the new design. Tanner School was also awarded the first annual Annette Anderson Directors’ Award.

Cocke County

Tanner School


Downtown Newport Analysis

Cosby Festival Site


Spotlight Project - Historic Nance House

The ETCDC worked alongside volunteer professional Frank Sparkman, AIA, and a stakeholder committee to create a new interior layout, turning an empty local historic property into the Historic Nance House Arts and Heritage Center. The Nance House is a museum and cultural center that exists to preserve and showcase Grainger County’s “storied history.”

Grainger County

Historic Nance House


Spotlight Project - Rose Center Council for the Arts

In 1975, a group of local citizens came together to save the recently closed 1892 Rose School building in downtown Morristown. They established the Rose Center for the Arts in 1976 and in 1980 came to ETCDC for assistance. Their request was for a comprehensive assessment of the building’s needs and a phased renovation plan to develop a state of the art facility. The Rose Center still operates today, showcasing permanent collections and historic exhibits as well as educational programs, art classes and a stream of unique exhibits and performances.

Hamblen County

Rose Center Council for the Arts

27 27

Morristown Farmer’s Market

Historic Crockett Tavern


Spotlight Project - Dandridge Streetscape Plan

Dandridge Community Trust, which was affiliated with Main Street USA, requested help in studying Historic Downtown Dandridge. After several public input meetings, the ETCDC, with volunteer advisors, Barbara Pearman, AICP and Ben Pethel, ASLA, proposed a downtown master plan. The master plan made the city more pedestrian friendly, environmentally-conscious, and enhanced the existing historic aesthetic while maintaining the authentic local character. Parts of the master plan have been implemented, such as revising the existing power and light poles and adding landscaping at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Jefferson County

Dandridge Streetscape Plan


Mossy Creek Sports Complex

Dandridge Farmers Market


Spotlight Project - Delaney House

The Delaney House is owned by the Beck Cultural Exchange Center in Knoxville. They are a nonprofit focused on archiving and telling the stories of the region’s African-American residents. The house, located beside Beck, was the former family home of internationally-famous artist brothers Joseph and Beauford Delaney. The ETCDC provided renderings for the renovation of the home as well as a plan to convert one of the bedrooms into a Parisian-style apartment for visiting artists and lecturers.

Knox County

Delaney House


Baker Creek Vision Plan

Burlington Vision Plan


Spotlight Project - Tellico Village Library

The ETCDC was asked by the Friends of the Tellico Village Public Library to develop a schematic design for a new building. They wanted to increase their space for collections, have more functional areas for improved patron services, areas for staff, and develop an outdoor space for patron use. They also wanted to follow sustainable design practices, such as daylighting. Funding for the project was acquired and ETCDC volunteer Gregor Smee, AIA, was awarded the project. The Library was opened to the public in October 2012.

Loudon County

Tellico Village Library


Historic Carmichael Inn

TVA Public Land Development


Project Spotlight - Good Shepherd Center

Good Shepherd Center is a nonprofit crisis food and clothing pantry. Their crisis support services are offered to any resident of Monroe County who needs assistance. Over 2,100 clients per month come to the center to request food, clothing, or financial aid. Good Shepherd Center requested the assistance from ETCDC to analyze their existing facility, staff and client flow, and develop options for renovation and expansion. Good Shepherd Center was awarded the 2017 ETCDC Annette Anderson Directors’ Award.

Monroe County

Good Shepherd Center


Spotlight Project - Morgan County Courthouse

The ETCDC worked with a local community group to help create a plan to restore and preserve the bell and clock tower on top of the historic Morgan County Courthouse. The Courthouse, constructed in 1904 and located in downtown Wartburg, Tennessee, is a local landmark. Thanks to the help of the ETCDC, the tower was saved and is standing beautifully today.

Morgan County

Morgan County Courthouse


Spotlight Project - TPA Learning Center

Triangle Park Association is a nonprofit organization that focuses on strengthening their local community through education and mentoring. TPA requested aid from the ETCDC and volunteer advisor, Frank Sparkman, AIA, to design a new facility that would help to improve the local neighborhood and park, while acting as a center to mentor and educate local youth. The ETCDC has proposed a two-story building that is approximately 4,000 square feet. The organization will be able to work from this location to develop educational programs, community events, homecomings, and to help local churches and community based organizations.

Roane County

TPA Learning Center


FR Davis Park

David Webb Park


Spotlight Project - Therapeutic Health Community Center

Scott Appalachian Industries provides rehabilitation and other services to the physical and mentally disabled men, women, children, and elderly in Scott County and surrounding counties. The organization requested help from ETCDC to prepare plans for expansion of their facility to consolidate their existing functions currently housed in separate facilities. The ETCDC design team, with the help of volunteer Architect David Collins, AIA, was able to consolidate their operations to a single campus, expand their therapeutic and rehabilitation services, and add a Therapeutic Health Activities Community Center. The project was designed to allow for phased construction to both meet their expanding needs and their budget restraints. Scott County

Therapeutic Health Community Center


Historic Scott County Jail

Scott County Courthouse


Spotlight Project - Arrowmont Master Plan

The ETCDC was asked to assist the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN in developing a master plan for the campus. The project focused on a new entry for the Arrowmont campus, developed a central hub for large events, and included renovated and new structures. The November 2016 Gatlinburg fire destroyed two dorm buildings built in the 1990s, but the historic structures on campus were not damaged. The Design Team consisted of ETCDC staff, volunteer professional architect Brandon Pace, FAIA, Principal with Sanders Pace Architects, and landscape architects, Bill Bruce, MLA, Principal and Judy Nilsson with CRJA-IBI Group. The new entrance and dormitories were constructed in 2017.

Sevier County

Welcome Center Parking Garage and Surface Parking Lot P-390





Arrowmont Master Plan

Guard Shack

Harley Davidson

4 S/U

Approx. 13.3 Acres

New Hiking Trails

Reduce parking to loading and handicap only

New Parking Lot Lawn Plaza

Wood Studio 4


Stone Paver Plaza

Turner Complex 5

Staff House 5

Existing Retaining Wall

New Entry Building New 24' x 80' Gate 1,920 SF Location

Existing Patio Space

New Small Amphitheater Red Barn 6 Hughes Hall 8 Renovated add Toilet Towers

West Wing 2

New Gate Location

Existing agreement to maintain this roadway

New Building 7,884 sqft live-work studios, gallery and/or offices

Maintenance 1200 SF

Resident Artists 10

Stuart 11 Pollard 12

Teachers 13

Add gate this area to stop vehicular traffic golf carts only this area






eT ra

mw a




New Hiking Trails

Dumpster location Future Development

Proposed Overhead Tram System


Pittman Center

New Salem Baptist Church


Spotlight Project - Maynardville Vision Plan

The City of Maynardville and Union County Chamber of Commerce requested design assistance from PlanET to create a downtown land-use plan and streetscape design conducive to help promote economic development, increase the visibility from Highway 33, and make the town more visitor and pedestrian friendly. The project was accepted in the fourth quarter of 2012 to become a PlanET Demonstration Project. PlanET then contracted with the Community Design Center to conduct public input meetings and develop supporting visual images that would explain the new design concepts. The Vision Plan is still used today to promote redevelopment in the community.

Union County

Maynardville Vision Plan


OTHER PROJECTS The following is a sample list of other organizations the East Tennessee Community Design Center has developed projects for in its nearly 50 years of service to the region: Anderson County

Blount County

Campbell County

Claiborne County

• Burrville School • Girls Inc. • Coal Creek Museum • Briceville Library • Irwin House

• Eagleton Park Plan • Tremont Master Plan • Townsend Visitors Center • Laurel Lake Dam Analysis

• White Oak Daycare • Elk Valley Clinic • Caryville Trails Study • Crazy Quilt Craft Center

• Clairfield Community Well • Cumberland Gap Plaza • Claiborne Senior Center

Cocke County

Grainger County

Hamblen County

Jefferson County

• Del Rio Cultural Heritage Center • Newport Theatre Guild

• Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center • Grainger County History Park

• Jefferson City Downtown Plan • Hamblen Co. Girls Inc. • Princess Theatre Study • Morristown College Study

• Dandridge Park • Dandridge Elementary School Playground • Highlander Center

Knox County • • • •

Urban Wilderness Mary Vestal Park Laurel Theatre Ijams Nature Center • Moses School

Roane County • Princess Theatre Consulting • Bowers Elementary Playground • Roane County Park • Killeffer Park

Loudon County • Hutch Property • Loudon Waterfront Study • Lenoir City Wetland Park • Philadelphia Park

Monroe County

Morgan County

• Monroe County Senior Center • Kefauver Park

• Coalfield Library • Oakdale Community Center • Oakfield Park and Ballfield

Scott County

Sevier County

• Appalachia Habitat for Humanity Subdivision Layout • Mountain People’s Health Clinic

• Boyd Creek Church Park • M.O.S.E.S. Community Organizing • Seymour Park

Union County • Union County Complex • Union County Humane Society • Chesney Community Center


Executive Director - L. Duane Grieve, FAIA Administrative Director - Jan Mosadegh Administrative Assistant - Charis Kraski Studio Design Director - Leslie Fawaz, AIA Sr. Studio Design Assistant - Perry Childress Jr. Studio Design Assistant - Dustin Durham Intern - Layla Mosadegh


Board Officers Nathan Honeycutt, AIA President Scott Busby, AIA 1st Vice President Maggie Kornahrens 2nd Vice President Sheryl Ely Secretary Jan Evridge Treasurer

Executive Director L. Duane Grieve, FAIA

Directors Lucinda M. Albiston, Esq. Bill Bruce, MLA Hollie Cook Diane Davidson Dwane Dishner Alicia Griego Kristin Lee Grove Mary Wells Holbrook Mary Kathryn Kennard Peter Ludman, AIA Dr. Dasha Lundy Lane E. McCarty, Esq. Alli Montgomery, Assoc. AIA Mary Beth Robinson, CIDQ, CAPS Charley Sexton

Ex-Officio Directors Ken McMahon City of Knoxville Jeff Welch Knoxville - Knox County Planning Jason Young, AIA UT College of Architecture + Design

Emeritus Directors Dr. Joseph E. Johnson Douglas H. McCarty, AIA Gideon Fryer* Bruce McCarty*, FAIA John A. Walker, Jr. Esq. *

*in memoriam

ETCDC Board of Directors


Thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters who make our work possible!

With special thanks to:

Clayton Foundation Haslam Family Foundation SunTrust Foundation First Tennessee Foundation Clayton Foundation East Tennessee Foundation SunTrustFoundation Foundation East Tennessee First Tennessee Foundation Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Haslam Family Foundation

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