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Second Announcement Changing Frontiers

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 | 10-13 June 2013 | ExCeL London

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2 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

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75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

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Welcome EAGE President’s welcome Momentum is building for an outstanding 75th Annual Conference & Exhibition to be held at the London ExCeL fairgrounds on 10–13 June 2013. On behalf of the EAGE Board, I invite you to participate in this major international geoscience and engineering event in one of the world’s greatest cities. The conference theme of ‘Changing Frontiers’ could not be more appropriate for the times in which we live and work, both for the global energy story and for the world at large. EAGE continues to change as well, having more than doubled its membership since we last met in London in 2006 and having become a truly global professional association with members in more than 110 countries. Next year’s Annual Conference (2013) will be the ninth consecutive year in which EAGE has collaborated with the Society of Petroleum Engineers to integrate their EUROPEC meeting into this annual event and we look forward to interacting with our engineering colleagues who bring a vitally important dimension to the conference. By the time we gather in London, our association and its ties to sister societies will have grown even stronger, so that we can all move ‘forward together’. The Local Advisory Committee, the many volunteers on other key committees and the Houten Business Office are together assembling an outstanding technical programme and a suite of attractive social opportunities for the conference. Not a day passes by without a major energy issue taking center stage in the world and no doubt these issues will be engaged at the conference. As in all EAGE Annual Conferences, other highlights will be a world-class exhibition, technical workshops and an exciting selection of educational field trips. The 2013 London Annual Conference will be a memorable experience for delegates and family members. I look forward to seeing you there.

SPE President’s welcome Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to welcome you to the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013. With a multi-disciplinary technical programme, we aim to bring together industry experts, professionals, academia and government officials to discuss the current challenges to the energy sector. The theme of the 2013 conference is ‘Changing Frontiers’. As the 2013 SPE EUROPEC Programme Chair Francesca Verga said, “It would be safe to say that the era of easy and cheap oil is about to become something of the past.” As oil and gas resources become harder to find and as demand continues to grow, we will need the most advanced technologies to meet this demand. As members of SPE, it is important that we continue to collaborate and explore new technology for exploration and production activities. The 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC  2013 provides the ideal opportunity to share ideas and industry knowledge and as the most accessible city in Europe, London provides the perfect location for this event. Held at the ExCeL London, you will also be close to cultural attractions to complement this exceptional event that will see SPE and EAGE working together for the ninth year in a row. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to meeting you in London in June 2013. Sincerely,

Egbert Imomoh 2013 SPE President Len Srnka EAGE President 2012–2013

4 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

London ‘13 Overview* Saturday, 8 June

Sunday, 9 June

Monday, 10 June

Tuesday, 11 June

Wednesday, 12 June

Thursday, 13 June

Registration workshops & short courses

Registration workshops & short courses






Student registration

Student registration

Student registration

Student registration

Student registration

Workshops 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Workshops 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

Friday, 14 June

Saturday, 15 June


08:00 - 10:00

Registration 14:00 - 17:00

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10:00 - 17:00

Registration workshops & short courses

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Technical programme

09:00 - 17:00

Workshops 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16

09:00 - 16:00

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Second EAGE Geoskill Workshop 08:00 - 17:30

Oral presentations

Oral presentations

Oral presentations

Poster presentations

Poster presentations

Poster presentations

08:30 - 17:10

08:30 - 17:10

Short course 1 09:00 - 17:00

08:30 - 17:10

08:30 - 17:10

08:30 - 17:10

08:30 - 17:10

Short courses 3, 4, 5

Short courses 6, 7

09:00 - 17:00

09:00 - 17:00

Short course 2 09:00 - 17:00

Chairmen’s lunch

12:00 - 14:00

EAGE Forum on ‘Exploration to 2050’

Executive Session on ‘Global Gas Challenge’

08:30 - 10:30

08:30 - 12:10

Opening Session & Awards Ceremony

16:00 - 18:00

Senior Executive Managers’ Lunch

12:10 - 13:30

Field trip 1

Field trip 2

09:00 - 18:00

08:00 - 18:00

Field trip 3

08:00 - 20:00

Student progamme FIELD Challenge 8:30 - 17:00

Student programme 09:00 - 17:30

Student programme 09:00 - 17:30

Student programme 09:00 - 16:30

Exhibition Exhibition

18:00 - 20:00


09:00 - 17:30


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09:00 - 16:00

Social progamme Tour 1

09:00 - 17:00

Tour 2

Tour 2 (repeated)

18:00 - 20:30

18:00 - 20:30

Family member tour 9:30 - 14:30

Icebreaker reception

18:00 - 20:00 *

Student evening

19:30 - 00:00

Conference evening 19:00 - 23:30

May be subject to changes.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


Local Advisory Committee Mike Daly (Chairman) Howard Leach (Vice-chairman) Ann Muggeridge Howard Crook Shane Cowley Helen Smyth Nick Kusznir Peter Smith Ceri Powell Carl Trowell Chereé Stover Technical Programme Officers Walter Rietveld Francesca Verga

BP BP Imperial College London BG Group Tullow CASP Liverpool University RPS Shell Schlumberger BP BP (EAGE) Politecnico di Torino (SPE EUROPEC)

London ‘13 highlights Monday 10 June Chairmen’s lunch (by invitation only) 12:00 – 14:00 hrs The chairmen of all sessions are invited to join the chairmen’s lunch. Opening session 16:00 – 17:30 hrs Chairman: Mike Daly (Chairman LAC London – BP) Speakers: Country Representative Len Srnka (EAGE President) Egbert Imomoh (SPE President) Lord Oxburgh (Eminent geologist and geophysicist) Ayman Asfari (Petrofac) Andrew Gould (BG Group) Awards ceremony 17:30 – 18:00 hrs Chairmen: Len Srnka (EAGE President 2012–2013) Gladys Gonzalez (EAGE President 2013–2014) Icebreaker reception 18:00 – 20:00 hrs Traditionally the exhibition will be opened with the icebreaker reception. Please note that the opening session, awards ceremony and icebreaker reception are open to full conference and exhibition only delegates.

Tuesday 11 June EAGE Forum on ‘Exploration to 2050’ 08:30 – 10:30 hrs Chairmen: Len Srnka (EAGE President) Mike Daly (LAC Chairman) Moderator: Julian Rush The London EAGE Forum on ‘Exploration to 2050’ will open up a vital debate on where the future oil and gas plays are likely to be found and hopefully help to unlock the key to their discovery. The industry’s exploration successes over the past 10 years have shifted significantly from the previous deepwater trend that for a time was very rewarding. Today we can see that familiar old plays such as the pre-salt carbonates of the South Atlantic and the dry gas of the Rovuma Delta are becoming a major focus. In addition, supergiant, single discoveries along the Atlantic and East India margins and big finds in well-explored deltas such as the Nile and Mississippi are all

6 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

contributing to a renaissance in exploration activity with successful results. Although technology has played a role in each of these plays, they are equally the product of new perspectives on well-known geology, which is what will make this EAGE Forum especially fascinating. Julian Rush, an award-winning television correspondent and journalist, was also moderator of the forum on ‘Responsibly Securing Natural Resources’ at the 2012 Copenhagen conference. Senior Executive Managers’ Lunch (by invitation only) 12:10 – 13:30 hrs The Senior Executive Managers’ Lunch is sponsored by BGP.

Wednesday 12 June Conference evening 19:00 – 23:30 hrs All registered full delegates and registered family members are invited to this wonderful evening.

Thursday 13 June Executive session on ‘Global Gas Challenge’ 08:30 – 12:10 hrs Chairmen: Linda DuCharme (ExxonMobil) Andy Hopwood (BP) The following topics will be discussed: •  Difficulty of recovering shale gas •  The environmental impact of shale production Our executive session provides the opportunity to participate in a high-level discussion between industry leaders and top specialists in their field on a key energy-related issue. Nothing could be timelier than our focus in London on the ‘Global Gas Challenge’. The world energy picture has been turned upside down with the emerging shale revolution and its implications. Already in the US the abundance of new supply has triggered a collapse in the price of natural gas and a switch from shale gas to liquid-prone shale and tight oil production. In the UK, press reports have suggested as much as 200 tcf of potential shale gas in a Carboniferous basin in Northern England with a 1-2% recovery factor. The production of this gas will have a significant impact on the the UK supply, but it is by no means clear that this will happen any time soon. There are technology questions to be answered and the need for an informed and balanced debate on the environmental impact of shale has aroused public concern. These are

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

just some of the key issues that will make the executive session the Global Gas Challenge a very rewarding experience. Please note the executive session and the EAGE Forum are open to all conference delegates.

Friday 14 June Second EAGE Geoskill workshop – 21st Century Training & Education 08:30 – 17:00 hrs The second EAGE Geoskill workshop will focus on challenges and solutions of training and education on an international playing field. The workshop will explore the need to develop national workforces in emerging hydrocarbon provinces and the challenges, methods and tools for the development of local E&P skills. Topics include: •  The need to develop national workforces and talent management •  Changes in the geographic centres of production and workforce mobility •  Expectations of IOC’s for graduate recruitment versus local supply •  Competency management and accelerating learning •  The impact of global communications on training and remote learning tools •  Technology integration and best practice across borders •  The role of universities in attracting talent to the E&P industry •  Industry and university partnerships The workshop format will consist of sessions with keynote speakers and workshop discussions. Posters and demonstrations of learning or training technology will form a key part of the proceedings with room and time designated for informal discussions. Call for Posters is still open (until 1 April 2013), please refer to the EAGE Geoskill website for more information. Exhibition and Sponsoring at Geoskill 2013 Geoskill 2013 offers an exhibition and sponsor programme for companies interested in increasing their exposure. EAGE will create an interactive area, where companies can promote their learning tools. If you would like to participate or if you are interested in our sponsor pro­gramme, please contact us at The second EAGE Geoskill workshop is sponsored by Total.


Important dates Registration open Deadline for EAGE call for papers Deadline for early registration Deadline for pre-registration Conference & Exhibition

General Information About London Located on the River Thames, London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. It has been a major settlement for two millennia, with a history that goes back to its founding by the Romans, who called it Londinium. Nowadays, London is a leading global city with a population of nearly 8 million people. With its diverse range of cultures and 300 spoken languages, the city is a true melting pot. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful city. A few of the many landmarks you cannot miss are: the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, the historic settlement of Greenwich, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Tower Bridge.

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London ‘13 proceedings USB The EAGE extended abstracts, SPE technical papers and exhibitors’ profiles will be available on a USB stick for all full delegates (included in the conference fee). Use your delegate badge to collect the London ‘13 proceedings USB at the EAGE Pavilion.

PACE support The EAGE-PACE programme supports geoscientists in developing countries to actively participate in the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013. Speakers of accepted presentations may apply for this support. Please refer to the London ‘13 website for more details and the PACE application form. The deadline for application is 15 March 2013.

Public transport card Accommodation Expotel has selected a number of hotels and negotiated special accommodation rates for those attending the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013. Please refer to the Expotel link on the London ‘13 website. This reservation system allows you to search and book hotels by star rating and area. View a map showing the location in relation to London ExCeL and find detailed information about each hotel. Expotel is handling the accommodation bookings/ payment, so for all communications concerning accommodation, kindly refer to:

A free public transport card will be available for all registered full delegates, three-day workshop delegates and all registered family members. The validity of the card is limited to the specific dates of the delegate’s registered programme.

The venue ExCeL London is London’s largest conference and exhibition venue. This venue is situated alongside Canary Wharf and London City Airport in a stunning waterfront setting by Royal Victoria Dock. All within easy access of central London. The DLR (Docklands Light Railway) stop is Prince Regent.

Expotel Tel.: +44 (0) 0845 054 8470 Email: Discounted room rates at the official hotels are limited so do not delay booking your hotel as the demand for rooms in London is high during EAGE 2013! Please note that the services of the hotel bookings office are extra services and not obligatory.

Business meeting (EAGE) Monday 10 June, 11:00 - 11:30 hrs This session gives all EAGE members the opportunity to meet the EAGE Board and ask questions concerning the Association.

8 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Technical Programme Introduction The technical programme consists of oral and poster presentations. Workshops, field trips and short courses are also offered before (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and after the event (Friday). All these aspects of the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 cover a whole range of geoscience disciplines. The oral and poster sessions will run parallel from 10–13 June. The workshops are offered in a package, which is scheduled on Sunday 9, Monday 10 and Friday 14 June. Technical field trips are scheduled before and after the conference and exhibition on Saturday 8, Sunday 9 and Friday 14 June. Authors are invited to submit an abstract for the technical programme. The deadline for submitting an extended abstract for London ‘13 is 15 January 2013 23:59 hrs (GMT+1). Please refer to the EAGE website to read more about the submission information and template instructions.

Workshops Sunday 9 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Workshop 1 Robust FWI: From the Arcane to Mundane Convenors:

Mike Warner (Imperial College) James Rickett (SLB)

Workshop summary Full-waveform inversion is rapidly evolving from a specialist research technology into a mainstream tool for high-resolution velocity-model building. The aim of this workshop is to share experiences about the practical aspects of this transition, including issues surrounding robust algorithms, data suitability and the role of human expertise.

The technical programme is sponsored by WesternGeco and TullowOil.


Workshop 2 Gas Hydrates – From Geohazard to Resource

Accepted submissions available on EarthDoc All the accepted submissions will be added to EarthDoc and will be available approximately 14 days prior to the event. This allows you to browse through the conference material before the event. EarthDoc is EAGE’s online geoscience database. On EarthDoc you will find around 50,000 event papers and scientific articles, such as abstracts from previous EAGE Annual Meetings and articles from First Break and Geophysical Prospecting. This and more can be found on EAGE members have free access to EarthDoc.

Dedicated Sessions As in previous years dedicated sessions will be offered to complement the technical programme, of which the following have already been scheduled. •  The Geological Model Calibration - Learnings from Integration of Reservoir Geology and Field Performance A. Moscariello (University of Geneva), G. Minelli (University of Perugia) & P. Fokker (TNO) •  Reserves Estimation, Integration and Best Practices O. Gosselin (Total/Imperial College London) & S. Geiger (Heriot-Watt University) The dedicated sessions will be open to all conference delegates. Please consult the London ‘13 website on a regular basis for up-to-date information.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


Bahman Tohidi (Heriot-Watt University) Ingo Pecher (University of Auckland)

Workshop summary Natural gas hydrates are increasingly being recognized as a geohazard and a potential unconventional gas resource. We will endeavour to compile recent significant advances with a focus on exploration, production methods, reservoir modelling, wellbore stability and the associated geohazard and discuss the way forward.

Workshop 3 Frontiers of Shale Gas Extraction and Microseismic Monitoring Convenors:

Quentin Fisher (University of Leeds) Frans Kets (University of Leeds) Michael Kendall (Bristol University)

Workshop summary Shale gas production critically depends on good geological and geomechanical understanding, cost-effective modern drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Microseismic monitoring is a key remote sensing technique and a game changer in play assessment. The workshop addresses key technical developments pushing the envelope in the exploration and production of gas shales.


Workshop 4

Monday 10 June, 09:00 – 16:00 hrs

Impact of Seismic Acquisition on Aquatic Life – Can Marine Acquisition Survive the Next Decade?

Workshop 6 Wave Equation Migration Velocity Analysis


Gerrit Blacquière (Delft University of Technology) Michael Ainslie (TNO) Roger Gentry (E&P Sound & Marine Life JIP) Eric Verschuur (Delft University of Technology)

Workshop summary This workshop covers the influence on aquatic life of underwater sound produced by seismic acquisition. The scope includes, but is not limited to, effects of sound on mammals, fish and invertebrates, effectiveness of mitigation measures, impact of current and future legislation and exposition of emerging source technologies.


Gilles Lambaré (CGGVeritas) René-Edouard Plessix (Shell)

Workshop summary Full-waveform inversion is successful for inverting diving waves and the corresponding shallow velocity model, but not very well suited for updating the velocity from reflection data only. This workshop will address the use of reflection data in migration velocity analysis with wave-equation solvers.

Workshop 7 The Near-Surface – A Source of Information for Petroleum Exploration Convenor:

Andreas Laake (WesternGeco)

Workshop summary The goal of the workshop is to bring together key technical experts from oil companies, contractors, satellite data and service providers and research institutions to discuss and explore how geoscientists and remote sensing specialists, usually working on surface and near-surface characterization, can provide useful structural input to reservoir engineers for structural characterization and vice versa.

Workshop 5 Conditioning Reservoir Models to Dynamic Data Convenors:

Dan Arnold (Heriot-Watt University) Mike Christie (Heriot-Watt University) Thierry Coleou (CGGVeritas) Olivier Gosselin (Imperial College London/ Total) Taoufik Manai (Schlumberger) John Owens (Maersk Oil)

Workshop summary This workshop will focus on the state-of-art methods and best practices with respect to conditioning reservoir models to dynamic data. Leading technical authorities in geoscience and reservoir management will provide presentations. A case study and cross-disciplinary team exercises will help to understand the benefit of integration emphasizing methodology and practices to qualify uncertainties for better decision making.

10 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Workshop 8

Friday 14 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs

Frontiers in Carbonate Reservoir Characterization, Simulations and Geomechanics

Workshop 11 Interpreting the Imperfect Image


Peter Fitch (Imperial College) Pat Corbett (Heriot-Watt University) Sebastian Geiger (Heriot-Watt University) Antonio Claudio Correa (Petrobras)


Ian Jones (ION-GXT) Paul Williamson (Total) Walter Rietveld (BP)

Workshop summary This workshop will explore challenges at the frontier of carbonate exploration and production, discussing the application of new and existing techniques to developments in emerging ‘unconventional’ carbonate plays such as pre-salt, bitumen and tight and low-recovery carbonate fields. Multi-disciplinary communication and skills will be key in producing hydrocarbons at these frontiers.

Workshop 9 Land Broadband Technology Convenors:

Constantinos Tsingas (Saudi Aramco) Guy Drijkoningen (TU Delft) Claudio Bagaini (WesternGeco)

Workshop summary The focus will be on new technologies in land seismic surveying that extend the seismic bandwidth beyond conventional practice. Advances need to be made on the low- and high-frequency end of the spectrum, both in acquisition and processing and this will be the challenge for this workshop.

Workshop 10 HPHT Field Lifecycle Convenors: Jonathan Ovens (Improved Recovery Consulting Ltd.) Tim Whittle (BG Group) Workshop summary This workshop will explore challenges in HPHT development by presenting examples from exploration, appraisal and development, using safety as an underlying theme to inform all aspects of the discussion. Knowledge will be shared by speakers presenting case histories, which will then form the basis of group discussion and sharing.

Workshop summary Interpretation of subsalt seismic images is challenging, because of the limitations of acquisitions and processing and the range of models of halotectonism. This workshop aims to explore the critical elements of subsalt imaging and the impact of choice of approach to the problem of interpreting imperfect images.

Workshop 12 4D Seismic Surveillance for EOR and IOR: Status and Application Convenors:

Colin MacBeth (Heriot-Watt University) Olav Barkved (BP)

Workshop summary This workshop will explore the use of 4D seismic surveys and quantitative interpretation to target bypassed oil and gas and to monitor the success of enhanced and improved oil recovery schemes. Talks will be concerned with development, production and reservoir management case studies of seismic applications. Participants are encouraged to bring examples from fields they have worked with, focusing on innovative approaches they have used to maximize value. 

Workshop 13 Sedimentation Patterns Convenors:

Dick Dalley (Maersk Oil) Malcolm Francis (WesternGeco)

Workshop summary The workshop addresses sedimentary shape and detail at a scale just below the seismic resolution. First we propose to address patterns at scales of 1 - 100m observed in outcrop and borehole data. Second we will look at seismic frequency attributes and their application to the understanding of sedimentary systems. Thirdly we will review inversion and other attributes designed to work at the scale.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


Field Trips

Workshop 14 21st Century Operations Geology – The Frontiers of Pore Pressure Prediction Convenors:

Richard Swarbrick (Ikon Science) Gordon Holm (Tullow Oil)

Field trip 1 Petroleum Geology of the Jurassic Coast: From Source to Reservoir in the Wessex Basin Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June, 09:00 – 18:00 hrs

(Overnight accommodation is included in the fee) Workshop summary Pore pressure prediction for a new well normally starts with seismic velocity data, calibrated against data and interpretations at relevant offset well locations. Topics covered in the workshop include input to well planning from seismic, pressure prediction from offset well analysis, pressure mechanisms, role of operations staff when drilling high-pressure wells and technology solutions in challenging pressure environments.

Field trip leaders: Neville Jones (BP) Howard Leach (BP)

Decision Driven Uncertainty Modelling

Field trip description The Wessex Basin provides an unrivalled opportunity to see all the elements of a working petroleum system, with live oil seeps, world-class source rocks, infamous fossil assemblages and a range of reservoir formations. During this two-day field trip, we will visit a series of outcrops and consider how the different elements of the petroleum system impact on exploring, drilling and producing oil and gas reservoirs.


Shallow-marine Tidal Sandstones and Reservoir Analogues: Cretaceous Folkstone Sands Formation, Weald Basin Friday 14 June, 08:00 – 18:00 hrs

Workshop 15

David Gorsuch (BG Group) Stephen Begg (University of Adelaide) Reidar Bratvold (University of Stavanger) Tim Woodhead (Shell)

Workshop summary Although uncertainty modelling is widely applied in upstream oil and gas, its connection to better decisions and increasing value for the enterprise is often tenuous. In this workshop, we will explore how uncertainty modelling can be more closely tied to decision making, creating value and avoiding being a wasteful exercise.

Workshop 16

Field trip 2

Field trip leaders: Gary Hampson (Imperial College London) Martin Wells (BP) Field trip description The field trip will visit exposures of Cretaceous shallow-marine sandstones in the Weald Basin, a classic field area within a short drive of London. The sandstones contain abundant evidence of tidal influence and provide reservoir analogues that are well exposed in three dimensions in working quarry faces.

Micro Seismicity – What Now? What Next? Convenors:

Ben Stewart (Halliburton) Daniel Moos (Baker-Hughes)

Workshop summary The workshop will be focused on methods to exploit measurements derived from both induced and natural microseismicity throughout the lifetime of a field from discovery to abandonment and re-use for example as an injection or storage facility. Following a brief overview of current practice, a series of case study examples will be presented. The workshop will end with a panel discussion that looks beyond current practice at new or emerging ways to utilize the information obtained from microseismic activity. For a full description of all the workshops, please refer to the London ‘13 website.

12 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Field trip 3 North Sea Norfolk Coast Friday 14 June, 08:00 – 20:00 hrs Field trip leaders: Peter Friend (University of Cambridge) Helen Smyth (CASP) Field trip description 100 minutes by train from central London to sample the landscape and structure of part of Southern England and then travel by bus to three very different coastal areas with attractive villages and refreshment possibilities. We will look at evidence of fascinating Cretaceous, Pleistocene (partly glacial) and present-day sedimentation.

Sunday 9 and Monday 10 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Short course 2 Seismic Reservoir Characterization: An Earth Modelling Perspective Instructor:

Short Courses EAGE and SPE offer a selection of one-day and two-day short courses on Sunday 9, Monday 10 and Friday 14 June. The instructors are acknowledged experts (both industry professionals and academics). EAGE encourages them to use a combination of theory, illustration and current best practices to deliver up-to-date information and theories, offering a better understanding of the upcoming challenges within the industry. Course material is included in the course fee. One special course on the programme is part of the EAGE Education Tour (EET). EET courses are subsidized by EAGE, therefore offered at modest course prices and accompanied by the dedicated course book.

Sunday 9 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Short course 1 Seismic Geomechanics: How to Build and Calibrate Geomechanical Models using 3D and 4D Seismic Data Instructor:

Jörg Herwanger (Schlumberger)

Philippe Doyen (CGGVeritas)

Course description Using a combination of theory and illustrations based on a broad range of case studies, this two-day course will review current best practices and future challenges for constraining earth models with seismic information. Emphasis will be placed on seismic data integration in the context of seismic-tosimulator workflows.

Monday 10 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Short course 3 Advanced Marine Seismic Acquisition Techniques Instructor:

Gordon Brown (WesternGeco)

Course description This one-day course is designed to familiarize participants with the latest developments in marine seismic acquisition including wide-azimuth with its many geometry variants, broadband techniques (boosting the high and low frequencies), seabed receivers for both P-wave and converted-wave recording, time-lapse surveys and the emerging technology of simultane­ ous source acquisition.

Course description The purpose of this one-day course is to provide an overview of currently available workflows to build and run calibrated reservoir geomechanical models maximizing the use of 3D and 4D seismic data. Rock-physics, relating the state of stress in the Earth and the propagation velocity of seismic waves, forms the link between seismic observations and the geomechanical model, and this link will be discussed both from experimental data and from a theoretical viewpoint.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


Short course 4

Friday 14 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs

Fundamentals of Reservoir Description & Modeling with Geostatistics (SPE Training Course) Instructor:

David Ogbe (Greatland Solutions)

Course description This one-day course introduces engineers, geologists and geoscientists to the fundamental theory and practice of reservoir description and modeling for reservoir management. Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of reservoir description and modeling using geostatistical techniques. This course emphasizes the principles and practice of integrated studies and uncertainty analysis.

Short course 5 Shale Oil and Tight Oil Fundamentals (SPE Training Course) Instructor:

Steve Hennings (Source Rock Engineering)

Short course 6 Seismic Fracture Characterization: Concepts and Practical Applications (EET 8) Instructor:

Enru Liu (ExxonMobil)

Course description This one-day course intends to provide an introduction to the concepts and applications of seismic fracture characterization with a focus on how to recognize and characterize natural fractures from a geophysical perspective, including introduction to key geological aspects of natural fractures, fundamental of seismic anisotropy, equivalent medium description of fractured rock; azimuthal analysis of P-wave attributes and application of multicomponent seismology.

Short course 7 Applied AVO

Course description This one-day course is intended for those familiar with the terminology and basic evaluation processes applied to conventional oil reservoirs but who are interested in learning what is different about how tight oil and shale oil reservoirs are evaluated and developed. This course addresses these issues that require unique approaches, as compared to conventional oil reservoirs, primarily in the areas of well design, hydraulic fracture design, log analysis, core analysis and production forecasting.


Anthony Fogg (Seismic Image Processing)

Course description This one-day course introduces the basics of AVO, rock physics and seismic inversion (without lots of equations) supplemented by several case studies showing the practical application of the methods and potential pitfalls to be aware of when using these techniques. The course is aimed at people with little or no practical AVO experience and is designed to equip them with some basic techniques to perform AVO work themselves and to critically assess AVO, rock physics and seismic inversion studies when presented with them. The course is conducted in an open seminar format with the key course notes provided to the par Active discussion and shared learning are encouraged. For a full description of all the short courses, please refer to the London ‘13 website.

14 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


The Student Programme is sponsored by BP, Total, ExxonMobil and the EAGE Student Fund.

Introduction We are serious about students! EAGE presents students with the opportunity to grow, learn and prosper at the next London student programme, taking place at the 75th Annual Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 in the United Kingdom. The theme of this year’s student programme is ‘Fast Forward’, matching the Changing Frontiers theme of the 2013 conference. In this day and age technological development is happening at a rapid pace and in order for students to keep up and help change the frontiers they need to fast forward in to the future! The student programme continues to expand and develop, while maintaining the core fundamental offerings in the latest industry knowledge and skill development. The extensive student programme introduces once again many exciting educational and entertaining activities for gaining upto-date knowledge and skills for pursuing students’ careers in geosciences and the engineering industry. The highlights include activities in the student court, as well as student short courses, workshops, poster presentations, trial interviews, exhibition tours and many more! All students are invited to the icebreaker reception on Monday evening, which offers a perfect opportunity to meet and become acquainted with not only your fellow students but also with professionals from industries and universities. We hope to see you there!

Student registration Students must sign up for the student activities they wish to participate in, along with their regular conference registration. Please note that there will be a penalty for not attending without cancellation, when registering for the field trip and the trial interviews.

Student programme overview Field trip A full-day field trip will be organized for students. Further details and updates will be available on the London ‘13 website soon. FIELD Challenge (Fully Integrated EvaLuation Development) The FIELD Challenge promotes cross-disciplinary geoscience and engineering integration within university departments worldwide. This year the teams will analyze a data set from the North Sea provided by BP. The competing teams will be pre-selected by way of a paper contest with the exciting topic: ‘Cross-disciplinary Research: the Way to the Future’, which also encompasses the need to move forward and to change frontiers by looking at sciences that surpass the geosciences scope. The competing teams will be required to analyze and propose a field development plan for a discovered hydrocarbon resource in front of a jury of top industry professionals. We also invite students to watch and learn from their peers and cheer on their favourite team. Posters of all teams will be displayed and the winners announced in the student court. Geo-Quiz One of the most popular student activities taking place in the student court is traditionally the Geo-Quiz. It challenges university students to prove their geosciences knowledge and skills learned during the course of their studies. This year’s quizmaster will be Iain Stewart, Professor of Geosciences Communication at the University of Plymouth and a popular TV and radio presenter who has won acclaim for his awe-inspiring world-famous BBC documentaries on our planet and the forces that shape it. He will put up to 30 teams to the test as they compete to outwit each other, striving to win fabulous prizes!

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


the ‘Petroleum Fairway Analysis’. The workshop ‘Insights into the Depth and Breadth of Oil & Gas Business’ will cover both non-technical as well as technical aspects of the industry. Recruitment opportunities The student programme is also offering a chance for students to advance their career opportunities through advice and tips for professional development provided by recruiters and experienced senior industry experts who will be on hand. Recruitment café The Recruitment café supports job searching efforts by providing the opportunity to meet up with potential employers in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Two hours of ‘speed dating’ with industry representatives will take place in the student court. Trial interviews Practice, practice, practice! Trial interviews offer an amazing opportunity for students to sign up for a 40-minute interview, including a 10-minute feedback session useful for formal job interviews in the future. Do not miss it!

Student evening, Tuesday 11 June A social highlight of the student programme will provide an ideal opportunity to mingle with fellow students as well as senior industry professionals, enjoy great food and drinks, music, dancing and a lot fun! Students interested in attending the conference evening on Wednesday 12 June will be subject to an additional charge. Motivational speaker Do not miss an inspiring presentation by Jan Zalasiewicz, a lecturer in Geology at the University of Leicester. A field geologist, paleontologist and stratigrapher, he teaches various aspects of geology and Earth history and is a researcher into fossil ecosystems and environments across more than half a billion years of geological time. He has published over a hundred papers in scientific journals and is the author of several books such as the The Goldilocks Planet: An Earth History of Climate Change, The Anthropocene: a new epoch of geological time and The Earth After Us: What Legacy Will Humans Leave in the Rocks?

Exhibition tour The exhibition introduces more and more companies every year and students have the opportunity to become familiar with them by participating in guided exhibition tours, specially organized and dedicated to students. Student poster sessions Student posters will be displayed and presented along with the regular technical programme posters and students will thus have the opportunity to present to a broader audience of geoscience professionals. The ‘call for student papers’ is open now! Please make sure to submit your paper before 15 January 2013. Students may apply for both the student and technical programmes but can only be selected for one.

Student travel grants Travel grants will be available soon. Check and apply!

Student short course / Student workshop Two short courses and one workshop are scheduled in the London ‘13 student programme, assisting students to gain, in an interactive way, specific practical or technical knowledge. Students can register for a half-day short course on ‘Technological Trends in the Next 20 Years’ as well as a short course on

16 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Social Programme To complement the conference and exhibition, EAGE is organizing a social programme that offers culture, hospitality and gastronomy in original surroundings. Entertainment for delegates and registered family members will be part of the programme. Since London is a city with a great deal to offer, we will make sure you do not regret coming to this magnificent metropolis.

Icebreaker reception Monday 10 June, 18:00 – 20:00 hrs, exhibition area The icebreaker reception is an excellent way to kick off the week. Meet the exhibitors and map out a plan to visit companies. Catch up with acquaintances while enjoying delicious food and drinks in an informal setting.

Conference evening Wednesday 12 June, 19:00 – 23:30 hrs, the Natural History Museum The popular conference evening will be held in an exceptional and unique setting, the Natural History Museum. The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 700,000 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. The museum is a world-renowned center of research, specializing in taxonomy, identification and conservation. Given the age of the institution, many of the collections have great historical as well as scientific value, such as specimens collected by Darwin. All registered full delegates and registered family members are invited to come and enjoy an evening filled with culture, hospitality and gastronomy. EAGE and the Natural History Museum, with its culture and history, will make your evening unforgettable!

Please visit the London ‘13 website for more information on the exact destination of the tour.

Tours A selection of tours in and around London will be offered during and after the event. More detailed information about the content of and registration for these additional tours can be found on the London ‘13 website in due course.

Tour 1 The Geology of Denbies Vineyard, Dorking, Surrey Monday 10 June, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Tour leader:

Richard Selley (Imperial College)

Tour description Denbies covers some 104 hectares (260 acres) and is believed to be the largest vineyard in Europe. The Cretaceous chalk, on which Denbies is largely planted, crops out in the Champagne area of France and is noted for its dual pore system of fractures and intercoccolithic shelter porosity. The trip includes a lecture, tour and train ride at Denbies winery.

Tour 2 Soft Rock, Hard Rock, and a Trace of Heavy Metal Tuesday 11 June and Thursday 13 June, 18:00 – 20:30 hrs Tour leader:

Bob Leppard (Leppard Sedimentology)

Family members We welcome all family members to join us in London. All registered family members have access to the social programme, which includes the icebreaker reception and the conference evening. In addition, registered family members have access to the exhibition and are invited to attend the family members’ tour on Tuesday. Family members’ tour Tuesday 11 June, 9:30 - 14:30 hrs This tour, for registered family members only, gives the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with other family members. The tour will visit several places of interest in and around London in an informal group setting.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Tour description A guided tour of the building stones and architecture of the area around Piccadilly, central London led by Robert Leppard. This walking trip will last for about two and a half hours and will visit more than 40 buildings of interest.


Exhibition EAGE brings together emerging technologies; state-of-theart innovations; leading companies and organizations at the exhibition of London ‘13. Over 350 companies will come from around the world – showcasing the latest technologies, new product launches and valuable industry services. Delegates have free time to explore the exhibition floor during show days. Enhance your product knowledge, see, touch, experience and understand cutting edge technologies and meet the people behind the products. Share ideas with your peers from around the world. Grow a network of invaluable contacts for benchmarking, partnering and building your company and career. EAGE and all exhibitors are looking forward to your visit!

The exhibition of London ‘13 offers you •  A fantastic opening of the exhibition; the icebreaker reception on Monday 10 June from 18:00 – 20:00 hrs •  Free coffee and tea at the coffee points on the exhibition floor •  An internet lounge to quickly catch up on your e-mail •  Relaxing seating area to sit down for a conversation or to take a short break •  The Consultancy Area: meet consultants from the industry •  Recruitment opportunities at the Job Centre: a designated area on the exhibition floor for recruiters •  Outstanding educational programmes from learning specialists in the Learning Geoscience Area •  Several catering outlets and moments (see final programme)

EAGE areas EAGE Pavilion and Bookshop The Bookshop will once again offer a wide variety of book titles (over 600 titles!), which will be available at attractive prices. Free copies of all EAGE journals will also be available. At the Pavilion, you can collect your proceedings USB with the conference material and your ticket to the conference evening. The EAGE staff at the Pavilion will be happy to answer any question you may have about London ‘13, future EAGE activities or about EAGE in general. Student Court The student court is a dedicated area for the student participants. It serves as a student focal point offering a broad range of exciting activities such as the Geo-Quiz, the Recruitment Café, the ‘Fast Forward’ contest, as well as a row of interesting presentations, prizes and much more. This is the place where students can network with their fellows and meet with industry professionals. Exhibit amongst the leaders from the industry EAGE’s well-qualified, highly-technical audience provides your company the opportunity to showcase its products and services while fostering new relationships and enhancing current ones. For more information please contact us at or refer to the London `13 website.

18 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Exhibitors list = Sponsor

A AAPG Europe Amphenol Steward Enterprises Applied Seismology Consultants Archimedes Consulting Pty Ltd ARK CLS Ltd ARKeX Ltd Avalon Sciences Ltd

B Baker Hughes BG Group BGP Blueback Reservoir AS Bolt Technology Corporation BP

C CGGVeritas Chevron CNR International (UK) Ltd Cortland Company Inc.

D De Regt Marine Cables BV DECO Geophysical dGB Earth Sciences DMT Dolphin Geophysical Ltd Dongeofizika, Ltd. DownUnder GeoSolutions DPTS Limited

E EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) Eliis EMC EMGS ASA Energistics Engenius Software Enres International Enthought Ltd EnVision AS ESG Esri Exploration Electronics Ltd Exploration Partners International (EPI) Extron UK

F FairfieldNodal ffA FGPS International Ltd Fraunhofer ITWM Fugro Fugro Electro Magnetic Fugro Gravity & Magnetic Services Fugro Group of Companies Fugro Multi Client Services Fugro Oceansismica S.p.A. Fugro Seabed Seismic Systems Fugro Seismic Imaging Ltd Fugro Survey AS Fugro-Geoteam AS Fugro-Jason Netherlands B.V.

G Gardline Marine Sciences Ltd GEM Systems Inc. GEO ExPro (GeoPublishing Ltd) Geofizyka Kraków S.A. Geofizyka Torun S.A. GeoGlobAll Geokinetics Inc. GeoKnowledge AS Geomage Ltd Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd Geometrics Inc. Geomotive Geopartner Sp. z o. o. Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. Geophysik GGD mbH GeoScience Limited Geosoft Europe Ltd Geospace Engineering Resources International Geospace Technologies Geosvip JSC GeoTomo LLC Geotrace Geovariances Global Geophysical Services Inc. GLOBE Claritas Guralp Systems Limited

H Halliburton Headwave Inc Hitachi HOT Engineering GmbH Hydroscience Technologies Inc.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

I IG Seismic Services IHRDC IHS Ikon Science Ltd Infinity Seismic INOVA Geophysical INT Inc ION Geophysical Corp. IRIS Instruments iSeis Co ISI International Seismic Interpretation GmbH Isys - The Imaging Systems Group Inc.

K Kinemetrics Inc Kongsberg Evotec AS Kuwait Oil Company

L LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd LARGEO LLC Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG LMKR Lynx Information Systems Ltd

M Mærsk Oil MagSeis AS Marac Enterprises Inc. Marine Arctic Geological Expedition (MAGE) Maritim Service AS McPhar International Ltd MicroSeismic, Inc. Mitcham Industries Inc. Mørenot Offshore AS

N Nanometrics Inc. Nautilus Ltd NCS Subsea Inc NEFTEX Neuman & Esser Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Nexans Norway NORSAR Innovation AS


O Oyo Corporation

P Panasas Inc. PanTerra Geoconsultants BV Paradigm Parallel Geosciences Corporation PartnerPlast AS Paulsson, Inc. Petroleum Geo-Services PetroMarker AS PetroSkills Petrosys Europe Ltd Phoenix Geophysics Limited Pico Envirotec PMI Industries Inc Polarcus Poseidon Offshore (Safety and Health) Ltd Prospectiuni S.A. PRT Ltd

Q Qeye Labs

R R.T. Clark Companies Inc. Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA (RXT) Reservoir Imaging Ltd Robertson Geologging Ltd Rock Deformation Research Ltd Rock Flow Dynamics Roxar Software Solutions AS RPS Energy RSI

S Saudi Aramco Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office Schlumberger Schlumberger (Ocean) Scintrex Scout Outstanders SeaBird Searcher Seismic Seismic Equipment Solutions Seismic Image Processing Ltd Seismic Instruments Inc. Seismic Source Company Seismoshelf Ltd Sensor Technology Ltd. Sercel Sevmorneftegeofizika (SMNG) SGS Horizon BV Sharp Reflections Shell Siemens Subsea Products SIGMA³ Integrated Reservoir Solutions, Inc. Silixa Ltd Sinopec Society of Petroleum Engineers Sonardyne International Ltd Spatial Energy SPT Group Statoil ASA System Development Inc. (SDI)

T T&A Survey / Amsterdam Petroleum Geoscience TechnoImaging TEEC TEECware

Teledyne Geophysical Instruments TERRASYS Geophysics TESSELLA Ltd TGS TIBCO Software BV Total TRE Troika International Ltd Tsunami Development, LLC TullowOil

V Vehicle Source Products Inc. Viking International Ltd Visualization Science Group VNIIOkeangeologia named after I.S. Gramberg

W W.L. Gore & Associates, Survey Products Group Weatherford Weihai Sunfull Geophysical Exploration Equipment WesternGeco Ltd WGP Exploration Ltd Wireless Seismic Inc. Working Smart Ltd.

X Xi’an Senshe Electronic Technology Corporation xPort Group Inc.

Z Zhaofeng (Xushui) Sensor Equipment Co Ltd Zonge International Inc.

20 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


We encourage online registration via Off-line registration (by downloading a PDF file from our website) is subject to an additional € 10 administration fee.

The registration network is sponsored by Total.

All fees are in Euros (€) (incl. 20% VAT where applicable) VAT number: GB674269012

Registration fees

16/03/2013 – 15/05/2013

until 15/03/2013

16/05/2013 – on-site

Conference & Exhibition London 2013 EAGE/SPE/EAOG member EAGE retired member Non-member1 Family member Day registrant conference (EAGE/SPE/EAOG member) Day registrant conference Non-member Students EAGE/SPE/EAOG student member2 Full-time student non-member1, 2 Conference Evening3

€ 455 € 195 € 635 € 215 n/a n/a

€ 495 € 215 € 675 € 245 n/a n/a

€ 585 € 270 € 765 € 275 € 230 € 295

€ 135 € 205 € 55

€ 175 € 255 € 65

€ 115 n/a

€ 125 n/a

€ 145 € 70

€ 155 € 125 € 300 € 150

€ 185 € 135 € 360 € 165

€ 215 € 145 € 420 € 185

€ 105 € 75 € 200 € 100

€ 135 € 85 € 235 € 115

€ 180 € 95 € 280 € 135

€ 455 € 555

€ 495 € 595

€ 545 € 645

€ 670 € 770

€ 725 € 825

€ 795 € 895

€ 455 € 555

€ 495 € 595

€ 545 € 645

Short course 6 (EET 8)* EAGE/SPE/EAOG member Non-member5

€ 75 € 150

€ 85 € 160

€ 100 € 175

Field trips4 Registered and paid before 15/05/2013 EAGE/SPE/EAOG member Non-member

Field Trip 1 € 760 € 860

Field Trip 2 € 225 € 325

Field Trip 3 € 335 € 435

Tours EAGE/SPE/EAOG member Non-member

Tour 1 € 315 € 415

Tour 2 € 75 € 85

Students please note: registration for one or more student programme activities is mandatory

Exhibition only Exhibition three days Exhibition one day Workshops Workshop package 3 days EAGE/SPE/EAOG member EAGE/SPE/EAOG student member2 Non-member Full-time student non-member2 Workshop 1 day EAGE/SPE/EAOG member EAGE/SPE/EAOG student member2 Non-member Full-time student non-member2 Short courses4 Short courses 1, 3, 7 (EAGE one-day courses) EAGE/SPE/EAOG member Non-member5 Short course 2 (EAGE two-day course) EAGE/SPE/EAOG member Non-member5 Short courses 4, 5 (SPE one-day courses) EAGE/SPE member Non-member

€ 95 € 170 € 55

* EET Courses are subsidized by EAGE, therefore this EET Course is offered at a modest price. 1 The non-member’s fee includes EAGE or SPE membership for the remainder of 2013. 2 To qualify for the reduced registration fee, a copy of your student identification card for a geoscience institute must be submitted together with your registration. 3 Due to the improvement of the social programme, students interested in attending the conference evening on Wednesday 12 June will be subject to an additional charge. 4 Please note that EAGE or SPE reserves the right to cancel the short course or field trip(s) due to low participation. In this case, payment will be refunded in full. 5 The non-member’s fee includes EAGE membership for the remainder of 2013. Members please note: you only qualify for the member registration fee if your membership dues for 2013 have been paid and received (for EAGE members before 1 March 2013). Do not mislay your badge: A new badge is subject to a € 50 charge. Please note the cancellation and changes policy stated on page 23. All fees are in euro and will be charged only in euro’s. Please note: Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to register or attend the conference, the exhibition and all family member activities.

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London


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Student delegates

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Full delegates

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Fee includes

(registered for conference & exhibition) (registered for conference & exhibition)

Family members

Day registrants conference Exhibition only delegates Workshop package (three days) Workshop delegate (one day) Field trip participants Short course participants

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

EAGE Green Fund From all registration fees for EAGE events, one euro (€ 1) will be put into the EAGE Green Fund. This will be supplemented with a contribution by EAGE without increasing costs to our members. The money raised in this way will be utilized to initiate and support geoscience and engineering environmental initiatives.

How to register The best way to register is by using the online registration form ( On the London ‘13 website you can also download a registration form and return it to: EAGE Europe Office Registration Department PO Box 59, 3990 DB Houten The Netherlands Fax: +31 30 6343534 E-mail: Please note that offline registration (with the pdf form) is subject to an additional charge of € 10. Registration forms will not be accepted unless accompanied by full payment. Should you apply for the member’s fee, please state your EAGE/SPE/EAOG membership number. For group bookings, please contact the EAGE registration department at for further guidance and assistance. After receipt of registration and payment, delegates will receive a confirmation by e-mail1 (if a valid e-mail address is supplied), which can be used to pick up your badge on-site. EAGE members with registration can also use their 2013 membership card to pick up their badge.

Workshop package Please indicate on the (online) registration form which of the workshops you would like to attend, in order to reserve your workshop material(s) and place.

Methods of payment All payments must be made in euros (€). •  By credit card through our secure web server at •  By credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard)2 •  By bank transfer (made out to: EAGE Conferences BV, Bank: ABN-AMRO Bank, The Netherlands, Account number/IBAN number: NL09ABNA0446255300, BIC/ Swift code: ABNANL2A) Please indicate your name clearly on all bank transfers. Due to postal or bank delays, registration by post and/or bank transfer will not be accepted after 15 May 2013. After this date only on-site registration is possible.

Your confirmation letters are also downloadable in the MyEage section on the website.  Please note that credit card authorizations not done online will require a signed credit card authorization form to be sent by post, fax or scanned by e-mail.



22 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

Invitation letters Invitation letters for visa purposes will be issued by the EAGE Europe Office to those who have registered and paid for the 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC  2012. In order to obtain an invitation letter, the online application form must be completed. Applications should be submitted before 15 May 2013. The handling of applications received after this date cannot be guaranteed. Please note that EAGE cannot guarantee the usability of an invitation letter. Please refer to your nearest UK consulate in your country of residence for specific Visa requirements or check

For our full registration and cancellation policies, please visit the EAGE website. Cancellations or changes to any registration must be made in writing (letter, fax or e-mail) to: EAGE Europe Office Registration Department PO Box 59 3990 DB Houten The Netherlands Fax: +31 30 6343534 E-mail:

Liability clause EAGE members can automatically generate an invitation letter in My EAGE (log-in to the EAGE website and go to My Invitation Letter).

Cancellation and changes policy Registration fees will be refunded as follows: •  Cancellation received before 15 April 2013:   Full refund (after the conference) minus an administration fee of € 35 per person.   Non-members please note: membership fees included in the conference fee will not be refunded; membership will remain active for the remainder of 2013. •  Cancellation received on or after 15 April 2013: no refund will be made. For non-members, please note your included membership will remain active for the remainder of 2013. •  Transfer of your registration to another name will cost a € 35 administration fee, plus possible differences in applicable registration fees (for instance, when changing a registration from a member to a non-member).

75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013  10-13 June 2013, ExCeL London

EAGE Conferences BV (EAGE) cannot be held liable for non-attendance due to visa issues or any other travel or legal obstructions. If an event or part of an event is cancelled, EAGE shall not be responsible for airfares, hotel or other costs incurred by the registrants. Speakers and programme agenda are subject to change. EAGE shall not be liable for damages, expenses, personal injury or loss, except when caused by gross fault or negligence on the side of EAGE. EAGE’s liability is expressly limited to the amount paid to EAGE for this event by the participant. For the full text of terms and conditions, please visit our website.


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