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1. Boneyard Creek Design

2. Designing Yibin Bamboo Industrial Park

Resilience. 3

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1. Boneyard Creek Master Plan 2017 FALL / LA 537 Studio MLA Program in Uiniversity of Illinois Urbana Champiagn

Site Analysis

Problem --- Oppotunity

Each spot contains some existing problems, while the safety and aesthetic should also be considered through the whole site. a. As an important entrance of our site, this spot is a huge design challenge. It is complitetly closed now, invisible and unaccessible. Once it is open, it could be a tight connection to the campus, and draw more people here. b. This is a place near a parking lot, while also a flood zone. Use design strategies to solve the flood problem, increase the ecological diversity, while better connecting the site with parking lot. c.This is a central area in our site, where the creek is underground and invisible. How to use this place as a gather palce,while still keep people’s attention on the creek is a challenge. d. Another main entrance that connect hte site with Urbana center downtown.

Master Plan

This is the west entrance of the site which connects UIUC campus. To attract more students and people and daylight the whole site, there is a open plaza. So people would best see and access to the boneyard creek. The plane design is like a fish jumping into the creek. It reacts to the design idea -- Flowing. Also, this is the flooding area, thus the wetland is designed. The sections show the different water level in normal season and flooding season.

Segment 1

Segment 2 This is the secon segment of this project. This segment is in the residential area, so it is designed to be a quite place with narrow creek. The creek can not only be daylighted by opening to be seen, but also can be heared. The maintaing wall is made by rocks, which water could go through and create nature sound. The sound of nature could help peple relax and enjoy the moment.

Segment 3 This segment is where people can get close to the creek and have more interaction with it. The bridges connect both side of the creek, make it more accessible and convenient.

Segment 5 This is the east entrance of the site, which connects downtown Champaign. It keeps the parking lots, but also uses green space in ribbon to seperate the parking lot and the entrance plaza. It leads people to go inside the site. There is also another wetland here. The lawn next to the creek has multiple functions. When it is not in the flooding seazon, it can be a relaxing place where people can sit. When it comes to the flooding seazon, it can obtain the water and protect the residential houses.

2. Designing Yibin Bamboo Industrial Park

The final goal of our design project was to find an optimal balance between industry, residential life, and eco-tourism. We began by acknowledging the interconnectivity of the three aspects and performing an in-depth analysis of the site.

1958 No influence by human activity. The landscape was originally very tightly connected, with a thick covering of bamboo and broad-leaved trees.

1958-1988 Human activity began to affect the landscape.The landscape became less densely connected.

The contradiction between garden landscapes and bamboo industry

1988-2014 Human activity became more invasive. landscape connectivity fragmented even further, species diversity decreased.

The contradiction between residential settlements and bamboo industry

Detail Plan Of The Rural Settlement

This area was dotted with scattered and decentralized villages. Our plan sought to create a more centralized rural community, improve existing infrastructure, and promote a more efficient, cyclical agricultural model. Section of Rural Settlement

Bamboo Industry

Detail Plan of Entry

Reception center form interpretation

3. Resilience Braidwood Nuclear Station Cooling Lake

Braidwood Nuclear Station -- Time Line

Nuclear station service life: 40-60 years

Nuclear industry tendency

• 2017.1.9 NY state announced to shut down Indian Point Station before 2021.4. To cover the shortage of power: develop renewable energy source. • European countries gradually shut down their nuclear station. e.g.: German 2022; Switzerland 2034; Spanish 2021;

4. Others

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