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Right Beside You: The Ever Evolving Role of the Chapter Advisor

Stand Up for Freedom Stand Up for Sisterhood Stand Up to Harvard

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Editor in Chief Nicole DeFeo, ΦΤ International Executive Director Editor Steve Giannino, ΦΚΣ Fraternity Director of Communications and Development Editorial Contributors Gabrielle Centrone, AA Director of Talent Management Christine Sibley, ΦΣΣ Fraternity Coordinator of Communications and Development Art Direction Devon DiMatteo, ΔΝ Coordinator of Digital Media and Design Founders Dorothy Cohen Schwartzman Ida Bienstock Landau Minna Goldsmith Mahler Eve Effron Robin Sylvia Steierman Cohn


Eta volunteers with the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation at their bootcamp charity event supporting Cystic Fibrosis. The Legacy Foundation provides equipment and resources to people of all ages living with CF.


Mission: To provide a sisterhood experience rich in tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth. Vision: To inspire and empower our sisterhood to engage in a lifetime of leadership and service. The TRIAD, official magazine of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is owned by the Sorority, edited and published under the direction and control of its International Governing Board. Published twice a year.

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A sister from the Beta Rho Chapter poses in front of the Eiffel Tower during a summer trip!

Delta Phi Epsilon is a member of the Fraternity Communications Association and the National Pannhellenic Conference.

@DPhiETemple Sisters from the Delta Nu chapter pose for a photo at their philanthropy night during their spring 2019 recruitment!

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@DPhiE_KU @TowsonDPhiE Sisters from the Phi Phi Chapter complete the Executive Leadership Series!

A sister from the Beta Theta Chapter shows off their DPhiE pride outside the US Capital Building!

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Right Beside You: The Ever Evolving 6 Role of the Chapter Advisor Stand Up to Harvard 12 Advocacy: A Time to Rise, Speak and Act 13

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International Leadership Consultants 5 Delta Phi Epsilon’s Brand Refresh 9 D4D 2019 Wrap Up Report 16 Educational Foundation Lifetime 17 Giving Societies 2019 Educational Foundation 18 Scholarship Recipients Chapter Charterings & Future Colonies 20


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On the Cover Left: Hailey McCormack, Delta Nu Chapter. Top: Pat Cutsavage, Phi Tau Chapter.


Bottom: Alecia Caballero, Eta Chapter.

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Message from

the President


ear Sisters,

Welcome to a new academic year! As we go through the remaining months of 2019, many of us spend time in reflection. I am no different. It was amazing to sit and think about the progress we have made at Delta Phi Epsilon. Adding new chapters at Union College and Farmingdale College in New York, instituting the new Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and welcoming hundreds of new members to DPhiE in the 2018-2019 academic year, and the success of our revitalized International Leadership Consultant Program, top my list of proud accomplishments. These successes come at a crucial time because we need more empowered women. The call for more advocacy for women’s issues is getting louder. We, at DPhiE are shaping our messages and preparing to educate our members on how to get more involved in the fight. There is much to do and much to come. We need you to join us to make it all happen. Our accomplishments and growth are due to the hard work of staff and alumnae volunteers. This edition of TRIAD dedicates a lot of space to the evolution of our volunteer positions. Our volunteers continue to grow in numbers and become more influential year-after-year. The important contributions of our chapter advisory boards (CAB) cannot be overstated. In this issue, we dive into the work these amazing volunteers are doing to mentor and provide opportunities for growth to our collegiate membership. Women who volunteer as advisors now, more than ever, have more training and engagement tools to help them succeed. You will learn about DPhiE’s new self-assessment tools and digital training platforms in the article that details the evolution of the advisor’s role. If you are currently serving DPhiE as a CAB member across North America, please keep up-to-date on policies and procedures. These updates are critical to the success of those collegians with whom you work. As we usher in the fall semester, I am excited to welcome our second cohort of International Leadership Consultants, who will undoubtedly build upon the work of their predecessors to make our chapters stronger. I am also excited to share that the University of Tampa has invited our sisterhood to return to this fall, something we have been working toward for nearly a decade. We have so much success to celebrate and even more on the horizon. I look forward to a fruitful 2019-2020 year, filled with moments that epitomize our values of Justice, Sisterhood and Love.

Yours in True Sisterhood,

Stacy Segal

International President


TRIAD Fall 2019

2019 2020



Christina Colose SUNY Fredonia Epsilon Eta

Olivia Ghikas

University of Maine Gamma Rho

SENIOR CONSULTANT Johnson & Wales University, Prov. Alpha Upsilon

Cynthia Leavy

Rhode Island College Gamma Xi

Gianna Cairo

Mary Kleffner

Emily Musallam

Olivia Olenberg

Kourtney Singleton

Skylar Elmore

Sophie Hough-Martin

University of Toledo Gamma Tau

Tarleton State University Gamma Sigma

Towson University Phi Phi

Concordia University Beta Pi

Capital University Gamma Kappa

University of Georgia Psi

Emily Gronlund

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University of Georgia Psi

Right Beside You:

The Ever Evolving Role of the Chapter Advisor In the summer of 1953, Delta Phi Epsilon’s Executive Council placed their first call out for chapter advisors. The ad read, “Cognizant of the fact that the strength and success of the chapters in our roster exist because of the expert leadership, our present undergraduates though equally as capable, fully as imaginative and every bit as typical a DPhiE as you all were, realize the ‘big sister,’ ‘little sister’ relationship has proven too successful to ignore after graduation.” It went on to ask for three-to-five volunteers for every active chapter, with a lead who would report to a regional director. International officers were concerned with the growing membership, expansion and new acceptance to the NPC, while chapter members needed to focus on recruitment efforts, philanthropy and building the bonds of sisterhood. Meanwhile, the growing number of alumnae members in the 1950s had few, if any, volunteer opportunities. The advisor role seemed like the perfect solution. Now women could venture back to their chapter meetings, attend sorority teas and support at recruitment with a real purpose.

Chapter Advisors –

Energizing Our Sisterhood

Jan Mays began her sisterhood journey with the Rho Chapter at the University of Illinois. However, it was just one of three chapters that she would call her own. Mays transferred schools before her initiation. When she followed her future husband, Francis, to the University of Pennsylvania, the Nu Chapter initiated. After graduation, the couple moved to Illinois where she began working with the Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University. On paper she was an advisor. To all who knew her or worked with the Phi Sigma Chapter, Mays was so much more. When Phi Sigma’s sorority decided to build a house, the chapter dedicated the entire building to Mays, who had passed away two years earlier.


TRIAD Fall 2019

Right Beside You: The Ever Evolving Role of the Chapter Advisor The first few decades, advisors were exactly what the ad asked for – friends. They chipped in where they could, and played a less defined role in the management of the chapter. They were the chapter cookie baker when the housed women needed a host; they became cheerleaders of their dreams and a confidants. However, that dynamic quickly shifted. Delta Phi Epsilon’s chapters had to rise to meet the world’s challenges, and with that, the role of the advisor evolved. No longer was the advisor in the kitchen making cookies, but rather at the table negotiating building leases and ensuring the vitality of our organization. It was a new era of advising fierce mentors came into play. Advisors started to possess veracity, legitimacy and integrity. Advisors rose to the challenge, advisors like Jan Mays.

From right to left: Suzanne Valliere, Kris Krueger, Jan Mays, Karen Bott Dattilo, Kim Nelson, Christina Wendorf Coleman.

The 1970s saw a decrease of interest in women joining sororities, which led to increased financial strain. This is where Jan Mays’ story begins. Jan Mays began her sisterhood journey with the Rho chapter at the University of Illinois. However, it was just one of three chapters she would call her own. Mays transferred schools before her initiation and was initiated into the Nu chapter at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, Mays and her husband moved to Illinois where she became the chapter advisor for the Phi Sigma chapter at Northern Illinois University. On paper she was an advisor. To all who knew her, Mays was so much more. The chapter women needed a house to thrive and Jan worked tirelessly looking for land. She encouraged the women to take on leadership positions and instilled in them the belief that they must rise to the occasion no matter how small, ill equipped or unprepared they thought they were. Mays never saw the chapter house come to fruition, but the chapter women did. Two years after her death, the house was built and they dedicated the entire building to Mays.

Sisters of the Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University pose for a photo at their Deepher Dude, The Jungle.

Delta Phi Epsilon honors her biennially as the namesake for the Jan B Mays Award. This award is given to the chapter advisor who has shown outstanding commitment and support to an undergraduate chapter. As society evolves, so do the needs of our members and the ways that advisors provide support. In a world where our women can feel alone, chapter advisors continuously walk beside them fostering an inclusive environment for all. Perhaps, there is no better example than the current lead advisor at Northern Arizona University, Laura Bullock (Gamma Psi). NAU’s Greek community has been rattled the past few years with numerous suicides and deaths. When Laura became advisor, she understood the need for a mental health resource and did not want to wait on the sidelines to find one for the chapter. Laura has spent the last two years becoming certified in mental health and suicide prevention. Bullock walked

Lead advisor, Laura Bullock (Gamma Psi), poses with a member of the Zeta Iota chapter at Northern Arizona University.

TRIAD Fall 2019 7

Right Beside You: The Ever Evolving Role of the Chapter Advisor

For myself as an individual, as well as for my role as an advisor it is so important to have all the training I can get about suicide prevention and mental health and I plan to continue to educate myself and share with our sisters as long as I am an advisor for this chapter. Screenshot of the new advisor trainings dashboard.

alongside her chapter women in the 3rd Annual Walk for Waltman in conjunction with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Not only in the chapter growing under Bullock’s tutelage, but Bullock herself is growing and her ability to bring these issues to light are benefiting the chapter immensely.

Advisor Trainings

When asked why she has taken this step in educating herself, Bullock remarks, “I hope that health & wellness will continue to be a stronghold for our chapter women on this campus as well as others. There are serious issues facing our women - death, depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide that can become overwhelming. For myself as an individual, as well as for my role as an advisor it is so important to have all the training I can get about suicide prevention and mental health and I plan to continue to educate myself and share with our sisters as long as I am an advisor for this chapter.”

Alumnae Leadership Academy

As a part of better educating and preparing our advisors to vigorously support and advocate for our members, in fall 2019, IHQ will provide more depth to the role of advisors and offer more innovative trainings. First, each advisor will receive an overview of DPhiE’s global purpose, mission and vision through a comprehensive online training platform with videos and worksheets. Once advisors login to the site, they can take all the training modules and monitor their progress as they complete all the courses. The portal also allows advisors to form groups to hold discussions and they can check the calendar of advisor training and other related events. In addition, the online learning management system International Headquarters developed provides tools for self-assessment that includes report cards to help volunteers gauge their effectiveness as advisors. We must continue to support our advisors in new and innovative ways. Quietly, advisors are on the front line tackling issues that are well outside their job descriptions, and they are doing it in stride. As the organization continues to expand and become a major influence on college campuses internationally, advocates are needed to fiercely defend our women. For us to continue to be that spark of leadership, we look towards our alumna to energize that mission. Advisors truly are our boots on the ground and the lifeblood of the organization. 8

TRIAD Fall 2019

We listened to advisor feedback and are launching a new advisor training program. Video trainings were filmed in Arizona this summer and will be made available to you September 1. Trainings cover both functionality as a chapter advisory board as well as providing operational support to the chapter.

This fall, don’t miss a revamped Alumnae Leadership Academy at The College of New Jersey on November 2. Develop leadership skills, become an advocate, and network with other DPhiE advisors, alumnae association members, and aspiring leaders.

Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) Report Card Beginning with the 2019 – 2020 academic year, CABs will be self-evaluated in the areas of leadership, advising, communication, recruiting, motivating and engagement, to ensure all members of the chapter advisory board are reaching their full potential, maximizing their resources and given the same opportunities. The results will lead to an accreditation program and help determine additional trainings, achievements recognized and top priority placements.

New CAB Position Health and Wellness Advisor The health and wellness advisor will oversee the overall health of the chapter in relation to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This includes, but is not limited to: substance abuse, mental illness, life-long healthy practices, women’s health, physical fitness, sexual health and sexual assault prevention. No Health and Wellness advisor is meant to be the expert, however they will be the point of contact in helping the chapter members identify educational opportunities and institutional resources. Interested? Apply at volunteer

Delta Phi Epsilon’s Brand Refresh

New Graphic Elements

PA N TO N E 2 6 8

Our motto Esse Quam Videri; to be rather than to seem to be, has summoned DPhiEs to make an impact across the globe and inspire meaningful change. Now, into our second century as a sisterhood, there are new opportunities and new challenges ahead. As Delta Phi Epsilon continues to grow, we recognize the importance of distinguishing ourselves with an identifiable cohesive brand image. That’s why, at the end of 2018 we redefined our visual brand and image to reflect the values of Delta Phi Epsilon in a way that more broadly speaks to potential new members, their parents, as well as, our philanthropic partners. The new brand represents the future of the organization.

PA N TO N E 8 7 1

Royal Purple is the primary color of Delta Phi Epsilon. The color is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, and creativity. Gold is the primary accent color of Delta Phi Epsilon. It is commonly associated with success, achievement and triumph.

Our new brand also aligns with the goals of our international executives director and the international Governing Board’s strategic initiatives. As the organization focuses more on advocacy, women’s rights, and diversity, equity and inclusion we refined our identity and refreshed our logo, images and fonts. These visual markers help radiate our value to the outside world. These brand refinements illustrate the standards by which our sisterhood leads both formally and informally, to achieve our principles of Justice, Sisterhood and Love.

A variety of patterns featuring DPhiE imagry are available. These patterns can appear in various colors in the brand color palette. Colors should be close in tint so contrast in the pattern is not severe.

MR EAVES SANS HEAVY MR EAVES SANS HEAVY ITALIC MR EAVES SANS BOOK A primary logo plus alternative logos were created to accommodate various forms of marketing both in print and digital. Email with any questions regarding the use of our logo.

Delta Phi Epsilon’s primary typeface. Mr Eaves Sans is used in the Delta Phi Epsilon wordmark and tagline. This modern sans serif is bold and easily legibile. Email with any questions reguarding these elements

TRIAD Fall 2019 9


Disney‘s Coronado Springs Resort Orlando, Florida | July 23 - 26, 2020 To make sure you are up-to-date on all things ILF 2020, email with your most current email information.





Engage U is a regional operations training program that provides resources and workshops for members and volunteers. Different chapters across the country host the one-day event each semester. The locations change each academic semester to ensure that all members can experience Engage U. Programming for Engage U includes intense interactive sessions where sisters challenge themselves and learn to improve the operations and membership experience within their chapters. Sessions are offered in various tracks. Registration is open to all active undergraduate and alumnae sisters, with programming available for emerging leaders, chapter officers and current or interested volunteers.


Stand Up for Freedom Stand Up for Sisterhood Stand Up to Harvard If you follow DPhiE’s social media accounts, you may have seen posts titled “Stand Up to Harvard.” These posts represented our support to the sororities, fraternities and students that filed lawsuits challenging Harvard University’s sanctions policy that punishes students who join off-campus, single-sex social organizations. The lawsuit describe how Harvard used a campaign of threats and intimidation to scare students into abandoning their fundamental rights to free association and to live free of sex discrimination. Harvard incited consequences for being a member of a single-gender social group including students’ inability to hold leadership positions in campus organizations and on athletic teams. Additionally, Harvard will no longer endorse those students for prestigious fellowships like the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. In essence, a ban on participation. In December, 2018, three sororities and one fraternity filed a federal lawsuit calling for a halt to the ban, sighting it constitutes a violation of the students’ First Amendment rights, as well as, infringes on the protections established by Title IX. Supporting the organizations’ efforts are the National Panhellenic Council, the North American Interfraternity Conference and the Cambridge Coalition. As a result of Harvard’s action, women’s organizations have felt a devastating effect. Almost all of the allwomen’s sororities and final clubs at Harvard have either 12

TRIAD Fall 2019

closed or had to renounce their proud status as women’s groups and commit to admitting men. “Delta Phi Epsilon stands in solidarity with our Panhellenic community. If left unchallenged other universities could enact similar measures and thereby pose an existential threat to sororities and same sex organizations like ours,” said DPhiE’s International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo. A statement released by the NPC warns of the detrimental effects this ban may have on sororities. “After membership soared to record highs in recent years, Harvard has erased our empowering women’s organizations designed to create opportunities, resources and sustainable networks built by women for women,” the organization stated. In an effort to advocate for the rights for members of single-gendered organizations, DPhiE’s members went to Capitol Hill to discuss Harvard’s actions while speaking to Congress during their visit in 2019. The issue of freedom of association remains important to the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon. DeFeo commented that, “We simply cannot allow even one school to usurp our freedom to associate. Our Founders were part of a generation of women who knew what it was like to be silenced. They fought that fight for an inclusive organization that would empower women then and now. We must follow their example and continue to lead on this issue.”

Advocacy: A Time to Rise, Speak and Act Promoting the health, wellness and rights of all people is important to the values of Delta Phi Epsilon. As we enter an unpredictable time in society, it is more important than ever for our members to unite to protect and propagate the ideals our founders set for us of Justice, Sisterhood and Love! Through advocacy, the members of DPhiE can activate awareness to important issues that impact us all like equal rights for women, mental health, diversity and inclusion, freedom of association and sexual assault prevention.

Freedom of Association With the recent decision by Harvard University to bar students of single-gender social groups from holding any leadership positions on campus, it is clear that there is a growing reinterpretation of the freedoms the first amendment affords members of Greek organizations. In response, International Executive Director Nicole DeFeo and the International Headquarters executive team and the International Governing Board have been formulating positions and policies to combat troubling trends in campuses. In 2018, Delta Phi Epsilon gained a seat on the influential Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee. As a result, DPhiE is now better able to influence the dialog and decisions over our legislative

The spirit of our sisterhood is active in all of us, regardless of how it manifests itself. At this critical time in our history, we need to rise. We need to speak. We need to act.

Our organization will continue to cultivate a membership of change agents that bravely lead the way for change through impassioned advocacy.

TRIAD Fall 2019 13

Advocacy: A time to rise, speak and act. process as well as with college administrators. Also, Delta Phi Epsilon annually sponsors four undergraduate students and two alumnae members to represent the organization at the annual Fraternal Government Relations Coalition (FGRC) Congressional Visits. In 2019, the Congressional visits took place in Washington, D.C on Monday, April 8 – Wednesday, April 10. During the visits, student representatives advocated to protect the fraternity and sorority experience and students’ rights to freely associate with a single-sex organization. With an aligned board and a greater voice in legislative activities, DPhiE is ready to create more programming, education and messages that align our values towards the future that better guarantees women and minorities the full rights under the Constitution. “Our sisterhood has always been about effecting change. Our Founders gave us a road map and legacy to do so,” DeFeo said. “The spirit of our sisterhood is active in all of us, regardless of how it manifests itself. At this critical time in our history, we need to rise. We need to speak. We need to act.” We encourage all of our members to “Believe in Bravery” and speak up. Allow your voice to be heard by advocating for our sisterhood and the advancement of women and equality. From calling a congressional representative, to volunteering as an advisor or donating to DPhiE’s

Educational Foundation, every action gets an equal reaction.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are so crucial to individual and societal well-being. Because of this, Delta Phi Epsilon is committed to increasing safe spaces to underserved populations in all facets of life. As such, on June 16, 2018 Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority hosted— and live streamed—a Diversity & Inclusion Summit do open a dialogue on how the organization can be a better advocate for inclusivity. The Diversity & Inclusion Summit was the first step in a larger initiative that DPhiE Leadership planned to execute our 2019-2021 strategic plan. Shortly after, DPhiE created a DE&I task force to review our bylaws and consider ways to eliminate any insensitive, exclusionary or discriminatory practices from the organization. The committee developed a Gender Nonbinary and Trans Women Inclusion Policy. The policy establishes an environment that is safe, welcoming and free from stigma and discrimination for all potential new members, sisters, volunteers and staff, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Ultimately, the initiatives identified by the task force will continue to guide Delta Phi Epsilon’s vision for programming, development, and training.

24 HOURS OF GIVING DECEMBER 3, 2019 Kick off the 2019 charitable season by supporting Delta Phi Epsilon on this global day of giving! Your generous donations fund: • Academic scholarships • Professional and personal development programing for women • Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives • Online training and development for volunteers


TRIAD Fall 2019

• Alumnae Leadership Academy • 2020 International Leadership Forum programs and speakers • Adovocay for women initiatives

Learn more at

TRIAD Fall 2019 15

D4D 2019 Wrap Up Report Every March, DPhiE honors its founders through a month long giving campaign called Dimes for DPhiE (D4D). It remains the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation’s largest annual giving campaign. In 2019, the organization surpassed its goal of $200,000 with a 6% increase over 2018.



Total Chapters Represented


Total “All-In” Chapters




TOP FUNDRAISING CHAPTERS: In 2019, we introduced new rules and regulations to create engaging and more even playing field for our members. One of the biggest changes was screating four groups to compete. Chapters would then compete within these groups to see who can fundraise the most money, making 2019 the first year with four winning chapters!

UP TO 50 MEMBERS Webster University Gamma Zeta Chapter


51 - 100 MEMBERS

101 - 200 MEMBERS

University of Rhode Island

Kennesaw State University

Zeta Theta Chapter

Alpha Epsilon Chapter





First Time Donors


Total Alumnae Donors


Total Individual Donors

Temple University Delta Nu Chapter


University of Georgia Psi Chapter

TOP FUNDRAISING ALUMNAE LAUREN GESUALDI Montclair State University Alpha Eta Chapter

$18,068 We would like to thank Lauren for all of her hard work helping make this year’s DIMES for DPhiE the most successful one to date. 16

TRIAD Fall 2019

2018 Giving Societies

Lifetime Giving Societies IRIS $25,000+ Cheryl Lamm Stacy Segal

Rho Psi

Roxanne Donovan Harriette Hirsch

Gamma Delta Nu

PEARL $10,000+ Donna Von Bruening Jennifer McNamara Dawn McNulty

Sigma Delta Iota Phi Sigma

Emily Meister Heather Green

Alpha Iota Beta Chi

Nancy Hart-Esposito Lauren McCarthy Nicole DeFeo Lisa Condon Gina Curtis Berta Icabalceta Kristen Lee Lynna Lan Tien Do

Phi Tau Phi Tau Phi Tau Phi Tau Epsilon Upsilon Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Iota

Barbara Gulick Emily Smith Kristin McDonough Meredith Mead Meredith Bielaska Melissa Cordone

Epsilon Beta Epsilon Gamma Alpha Mu Beta Beta Beta Upsilon Beta Omega

GOLD $5,000+ Marjorie Orgel Kristin Morgan Phyllis Kossoff Debbi Pearlman Allison Plotkin Robin Lubetkin Barbara Heilveil Linda Hyman Michelle Gilboy

Alpha Alpha Delta Gamma Chi Psi Delta Eta Delta Lambda Phi Gamma

PURPLE $2,500+ Melissa Eng-Pascual Toby Tamarkin Arleen Honick Sara Rice Melissa Crossen Tricia Carlin Linda Blockus

Delta Sigma Psi Delta Gamma Delta Sigma Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha

THE 2018 IDA LANDAU SUSTAINER’S SOCIETY Kristin Morgan Roxanne Donovan Debbi Pearlman Phyllis Kossoff Jane Trunsky Cheryl Lamm Donna Von Bruening Stacy Segal Robin Lubetkin Arleen Honick Barbara Hellman Margaret Reisdorf Barbara Heilveil Jennifer McNamara Harriette Hirsch Dawn McNulty Lisa Condon Nancy Hart-Esposito Nicole DeFeo Letitia Scanlon Emily Smith Margie Janes Gina Curtis Berta Ellis Kristen Lee Lauren Gesualdi Emily Meister Lynna Lan Tien Do Heather Locke Green Heather McHahon

Alpha Gamma Gamma Delta Rho Rho Sigma Psi Psi Psi Psi Delta Delta Delta Eta Delta Iota Delta Nu Phi Sigma Phi Tau Phi Tau Phi Tau Phi Tau Epsilon Gamma Epsilon Upsilon Epsilon Upsilon Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Eta Alpha Iota Alpha Iota Beta Chi Gamma Iota

TRIAD Fall 2019 17

2019 Educational Foundation

Scholarship Recipients

Last year, the foundation announced three new endowments established for helping sisters who may be experiencing difficulties, but are driven to succeed: Dr. Toby Tamarkin Scholarship Fund, Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship Fund and Arleen Kruger Honick Scholarship Fund. Toby Tamarkin, Ph.D., Sigma Chapter at The Ohio State University worked her way through college. Her focused dedication to her education while having to work a job led to a successful 33-year career as a teacher, professor and administrator. The scholarship in her name is awarded applicants who demonstrate that same perseverance. Madeleine Claire McNulty is the daughter of Dawn Barta McNulty, Phi Sigma Chapter at Northern Illinois University and past International President. A diligent student, passionate dancer and Special Olympics gold medalist, the younger McNulty embodied our founding values of Justice, Sisterhood and Love. Despite battling a lifelong seizure disorder, she embraced all of life’s moments her mother said. She inspired family, friends and classmates to “live like Madeleine.” Her scholarship fund awards scholars who have overcome a significant medical, personal or family difficulty. The Arleen Kruger Honick Scholarship was named after past International Persident Honick, Psi Chapter at the University of Georgia, who said had it not been for the sorority, she may have withdrawn from school. The now retired educator said DPhiE gave her the sense of belonging she needed to finish. To be eligible for a scholarship from this fund applicants must be a member in good standing of the Psi Chapter and carry a 3.0 GPA.


TRIAD Fall 2019

Graduates LAURA SINGER Gamma Chapter at Syracuse University

ELENA SULLIVAN Phi Eta at Northeastern University

DANIELLE RAFAELI Gamma Epsilon Chapter at University of New Haven

RACHAEL RUSH Eta at the University of Pittsburgh

OLIVIA NEUMANN Omega Chapter at University of Miami

ERICA LE BARRON Epsilon Upsilon at Humboldt State University

FRANCESCA PETRACCO Alpha Delta Chapter Seton Hall University

MEREDITH MEYER Delta Eta Chapter at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

SRUTI RACHAPUDI Beta Eta Chapter at New Jersey Institute of Technology

CHRISTIANE CANFIELD Alpha Mu Chapter at University of Michigan-Dearborn

JULIA KUEHN Alpha Sigma Chapter at Saint Francis University

MEGAN PRANGLEY Gamma Omicron Chapter at Georgia Southern University

JENNI DALCORSO Gamma Lambda Chapter at Caldwell University ALAINA KLAUSE Zeta Gamma Chapter at Kutztown University TIFFANY LIN Delta Delta Chapter at Indiana University

2019 Educational Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Undergraduates ALLEGRA ANGELL Zeta Theta Chapter at University of Rhode Island

ISABELLA DEMYAN Zeta Kappa Chapter at Union College

EMILY MCLAUGHLIN Gamma Rho Chapter at University of Maine

MIKAYLA SMITH Delta Delta Chapter at Indiana University Bloomington

EMERSYN ALBERICI Zeta Kappa Chapter at Union College

KATHRYN KUGEL Beta Chi Chapter at St. Norbert College

DEANA CURIS Alpha Delta Chapter at Seton Hall University

NICOLE CHENEY Beta Eta Chapter at New Jersey Institute of Technology

KATELYNN MCFADDEN Gamma Rho Chapter at University of Maine

CAITLIN MADEIROS Gamma Iota Chapter at Bridgewater State University

CAMERON DREHER Zeta Kappa Chapter at Union College

ALLIE VANSAGHI Beta Mu Chapter at Rowan University

ELIZABETH KORKIN Delta Kappa Chapter at University of Florida ASHLEY VITIELLO Alpha Eta Chapter at Montclair State University

LAUREN PIKE Psi Chapter at The University of Georgia

ALYSSA STOLECKI Gamma Epsilon Chapter at University of New Haven

VIVIAN SONG Zeta Delta Chapter at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

ANNA BARTZ Beta Alpha Chapter at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Campus EMILY HAROLD Alpha Lambda Chapter at York College of Pennsylvania

IRINA TALTY Phi Lambda Chapter at Emory University

RENEE TAYLOR Alpha Alpha Chapter at West Chester University of Pennsylvania

JESSICA GOFF Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University

VANESSA RODRIGUEZ Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University

JESSICA RODRIGUEZ Phi Lambda Chapter at Emory University

BAILEY HANSON Beta Chi Chapter at St. Norbert College

MICHAELA ARMSTRONG Beta Pi Chapter at Concordia University

EMILIE MILLER Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Clarion University of Pennsylvania

NICOLE MCCLEAN Gamma Alpha Chapter at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

VICTORIA CARSON Gamma Chapter at Syracuse University

LAURA D’ANGELO Epsilon Delta Chapter at Binghamton University

RICKI LEVITUS Beta Psi Chapter at Brandeis University

The application process for fall 2020 - spring 2021 scholarship will open on October 15, 2019 and Close at 11:59 p.m. EST on January 15, 2021.

* Photos submitted by applicants.

TRIAD Fall 2019 19

Chapter Charterings &

Future Colonies

Union College Chapter: Zeta Kappa Charter date: November 10, 2018 Location: Schenectady, New York NPC Organizations: Gamma Phi Beta, and Sigma Delta Tau Installed by: International President, Stacy Segal

Delta Phi Epsilon’s Delta Upsilon chapter at the University of Tampa will be returning this year. The entire original founding class from Delta Upsilon, alumnae from the University of Florida, as well as the chapter advisory board created for the re-charter attended the extension presentation event this past winter. There are more than 9,000 students at the school. The university offers more than 200 fields of study. The university is ranked among the best of the best by U.S. News & World Report, Forbes and The Princeton Review.

Fast Facts Average chapter size on campus: 138 Chapter House: No Closest alumnae associations: Tampa Bay AA Closest active chapter: Delta Kappa at the University of Florida


Farmingdale State College

NPC Organizations: Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Delta Tau, and Sigma Kappa

Chapter: Zeta Lambda Charter date: December 13, 2018 Location: Farmingdale, New York

Social Media Handles: @UTdphie #UTdphie

NPC Organizations: Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Lambda Upsilon

Interest in assisting with colonization efforts can be shared through

Installed by: International Governing Board Member Roxanne Donovan

Follow our colonization efforts through social media: @UTdphie #UTdphie

TRIAD Fall 2019

Chapter & Alumnae Association


Chapters GAMMA

Syracuse University

We were top Fundraising Team at Ottothon, Syracuse’s dance marathon supporting Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital, the American Cancer Society Relay for and raised over $1100 for the Swifty Foundation, an organization that funds research for pediatric brain cancer. We also raised money for CFF through our Foosball and “Minute to Win It” philanthropy events.


University of Pittsburgh

We won Best in Service at the Fraternity and Sorority Life awards and raised $18,000 for Pitt Dance Marathon!


University of Michigan

Our chapter won the Leadership and Personal Development Award. It was awarded to the chapter for bringing in speaker, Nancy Miriam Howley who spoke about feminism.


Adelphi University

Our chapter president, Nicole Imperatore, was awarded Sorority Leader of the Year, we were also awarded Outstanding New Member Education, Outstanding Academic Excellence Award and recognized as a Chapter of Excellence. We also went “all-in” for DIMES 4 DPhiE and raised over $6,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


University of Georgia

We were awarded the Passion Fundraising Award from the Georgia chapter of the CF Foundation for our 65 Roses Gala and for participating in the Great Strides Walk as a chapter. We were also awarded the Outstanding Service Award by Panhellenic at UGA for our Greeks in Sync event to raise money for ANAD and our 65 Roses Gala for CF. Additionally, our senior Emily Gronlund won the Hesperia Society Award.


Temple University

We raised more than $37,000 to benefit CFF during our annual Deepher Dude event this past fall. We also added a professional development coordinator to our leadership team to ensure we are supporting our graduating sisters who are transitioning to the workforce.

PHI ETA Chapter updates for the spring 2020 TRIAD can be submitted through My DPhiE on the Chapter Update Form. Updates must be received by December 1, 2019 to be published.

Northeastern University

Big Man on Campus is the most successful fundraising event in the Northeastern Panhellenic and IFC community, raising $9,500. Phi Eta also hosted Camille Kostek, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and body positivity activist, to speak. She spoke about overcoming complaints and demands that she change her body. The event had 300 Northeastern students in attendance.

TRIAD Fall 2019 21

PHI LAMBDA Emory University

We raised more than $4,000 during our “Eat to Beat,” last October for Cystic Fibrosis.



Widener University

The Phi Pi chapter raised more than $1,200 for the National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders after hosting ANAD Week and our first ever fashion show fundraiser, “Comfortable in Your Own Jeans” in December.


Towson University

The Phi Phi chapter raised over $25,000 from our 65 Roses Gala in honor of our sister Marianna who passed due to complications with CF. Also our sister Olivia Olenberg will be working at IHQ as an ILC.


Keene State College

We currently have three sisters serving on the Panhellenic executive board and five sisters on student government. Our sister, Kyana Anderson received the senior service award and many of our sisters were involved with our school’s alternative break system!

Our sister, Nicole Acker received the President’s Award for Leadership: Fraternity/ Sorority Award. The award recognizes overall campus involvement but also within DPhiE and Greek involvement. She has served as Member-at-Large, social media coordinator, events coordinator for National Panhellenic Council executive board and President of National Panhellenic Council. Our chapter also won Outstanding Sorority Award of the Year.

EPSILON ZETA La Salle University

Our chapter raised more than $20,000 at Deepher Dude for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. In three years, we went from raising $4,000 to over $20,000. Our coordinators, Jennifer Alva, Madison Kaufman and Gina Lizzo dedicated their time to making the show the best it could possibly be.


We hosted “Volley for Kaity,” a volleyball tournament benefitting the Lupis Foundation. It was held for one of our sisters who lives with lupus.


Michigan Technological University

One of our biggest accomplishments this past year was winning the 96th annual Michigan Tech Winter Carnival. This past winter carnival, we not only came in first in the women’s division for our unicorn snow statue, our sister Cora Taylor won the Winter Carnival Queens competition.



Stevens Institue of Technology

Castle Point King (CPK) is our annual philanthropic event where money is raised for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This is a team event that encourages participation from all Greek organizations. The “prince of philanthropy” gets a portion of their team’s fundraised amount for their own philanthropy. This year, $18,600 was raised for DPhiE’s philanthropies with $2,800 going to Alpha Sigma Phi’s philanthropy.


TRIAD Fall 2019

Our chapter had the highest GPA out of the sororities on campus! Two of our sisters have been elected for Executive Board positions for Panhellenic Council. Luzelena Cespede was elected to be VP of Communications and Kayla Calabrese was elected to be VP of Judicial. Lastly, one of our graduates, Keri O’Brien, was awarded Greek Woman of the Year!


SUNY Plattsburgh

Our sister Imani Hernandez won the Emerging Leaders Award.

EPSILON RHO Hofstra University

Our second annual 65 Roses Gala made news on campus for raising awareness for individuals affected by CF. Friends, family, alumni and other organizations participated. We also participated in a food share, where sisters helped organize and give out food to those who are less fortunate.

ALPHA THETA Stockton University


Humboldt State University

Our chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. We gathered for a celebration, “A Night Under the Stars with DPhiE,” to remember all the great moments we have had as a sisterhood over the last three decades and share how our chapter has blossomed throughout the years.


Jefferson University

We hold the highest GPA of the Greek organizations on campus and our sisters received awards for their fashion design collections. Vanessa Fath won Best of Show and Noel Watt won Best Senior Collection-Honorable Mention and Outstanding Senior Design Student. Both of their collections will be walking down the New York Fashion Week runway in the fall!

Reed Kanakis, Gillian Ranes and Shaye Zyskowski further embodied our motto by being inducted into the Upsilon Gamma chapter of Order of Omega. As a chapter, we focused on ensuring everyone’s overall mental, physical and emotional safety through the creation of a Team-Of-Wellbeing. Finally, we received an award for Academic Achievement as a chapter and our president Julia Araneo won the Outstanding President Award.


University of Michigan Dearborn

Alpha Mu raised $2973 for ANAD during Late Night 2019 and $2068.50 for CFF during CF Walk 2018. We also had the largest chapter of the year on the University of MichiganDearborn campus, half of the winter graduating class awarded with academic distinction cords and we went “all-in” for DIMES for DPhiE!


Saint Francis University

Our sister, Julia Kuehn, is an honors student in occupational therapy and she presented her research at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Conference, the University of PittsburghJohnstown Psychology Conference and the Lehigh Valley’s Society for Neuroscience conference.


Florida International University

Alpha Gamma raised $20,089.13 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Sabrina Rosell was re-elected as FIU SGA President and Janelle Fraga won the election to be FIU’s SGA Senator for the College of Arts, Sciences and Education. Vanessa Rodriguez and Melanie Rodriguez were initiated into Order of Omega representing the top 3% of Greeks at FIU.


Seton Hall University

We welcomed more than 300 guests to our annual ANAD auction last semester that raised over $7,000. The event included guest speaker Sammi Farber, founder The Unicorn Effect, which provides scholarships to individuals in eating disorder recovery.


Winona State University

Our sister, Nicole Doyle was the 2018 Winona State University Colleges of Liberal Arts and Nursing and Health Sciences student commencement speaker. Our sister, Madison Warder was recently elected Panhellenic president.

TRIAD Fall 2019 23



Our Deepher Dude raised more than $1,000 for CFF and was recognized by the Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA). We also held an event with the Panhellenic Council that focused on mental health. After seeing how positive this has been for everyone, we are continuing to expand it. We also have collaborated with other social, professional and multicultural organizations to demonstrate unity and support for one another’s programs.

Beta Nu and other Greek organizations sponsored the fall festival. We held a pumpkin-painting activity, which highlighted everyone’s creativity during the Halloween season.

Ramapo College

Wesley College


The College of New Jersey

We are very proud of winning Program of Year award at our annual President’s Ball. Our chapter worked with the Title IX office and Panhellenic Council to create a program with an event that educates our members about the resources the office provides, called “Know Your IX.” We hope to continue to put this on every year.


Concordia University


Our sister, Julia became a member and recruitment chair of the Garnet Key Society. The Garnet Key Society is a voluntary group sponsored by the President of the university that promotes a positive image of Concordia.

Bloomsburg University

Our most successful event was “Baylen’s Buddies,” a birthday party for Baylen, who is a local child with Cystic Fibrosis. We helped raise money to assist with his medical expenses.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Our 2018-2019 President won Chapter President of the Year and we won best Philanthropy Event of 2018.


University of Illinois at Chicago

Our chapter raised more than $2,000 during our Deepher Dude last year, breaking our record. Ten men participated from seven different fraternities and two different councils on campus.


University of the Sciences

Beta Beta recently won the Community Engagement Award for being an active member in our community, both Philadelphia and on campus. Our Deepher Dude won Philanthropic Program of the Year for raising the most money at an event on campus.


New Jersey Institute of Technology

We had a lot of fun service Saturday events including a breast cancer awareness walk, National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) walk and a suicide prevention walk. We earned more than 800 hours of service as a chapter this past semester.


TRIAD Fall 2019


St. Norbert College

We held our “Building Brave” annual event in spring of last year during ANAD week. This event included a night of workshop sessions centered on eating disorders, body image and mental health. We earned the Norbertine Leadership and Service Award for Outstanding Educational Programming for the event.

GAMMA LAMBDA Caldwell University

Gamma Lambda raised over $10,000 at our Tricky Tray for Cystic Fibrosis. We also doubled our chapter size, welcoming 24 new members. The International Leadership Consultant coming to visit helped our chapter to learn a lot that will help us continue to succeed in recruitment.


Shawnee State University


Nova Southeastern University

Our Recruitment 365 and revamped recruitment practices helped us recruit our largest class this past fall. Since Beta Tau had the highest cumulative GPA of all Greek life on campus, we were able to have first pick in recruitment rooms and implement exciting new ideas.


St. John’s University

The Beta Omega chapter was honored at the Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards, taking home a total of 8 awards, including the Panhellenic Woman of The Year Award to our incoming President Nisha Busre and Panhellenic Sorority of the Year for the third year in a row.


Florida Atlantic University

Our sister Elena Alfonso won the Worlds cheerleading competition for the third time.


University of New Haven

In November, our Deepher Dude raised $19,525.73! Gamma Epsilon also won Panhellenic chapter of the year and the chapter received a perfect score on our A-List submission.

We were honored to win Greek Sync 2019 during Greek Week this semester! A couple of our highlights from the semester include our Sisterhood Retreat & Galentine’s Day! Erin Newman was elected President of Shawnee’s Panhellenic Council!


Rhode Island College

We also cosponsored the event, “Making Peace with Food and Your Body” with health services department. Guest Speaker Barbara Holtzman helped us spread awareness of ANAD and making healthy choices for college students.


University of Toledo

As a chapter, we took 1st place in Alpha Chi Omega’s Walk-A-Mile In Her Shoes and hosted our second annual 65 Roses Gala which raised over $3,000. We also collaborated with Delta Delta Delta for ANAD Week and the event won the Outstanding Collaborative Program award.


Tarleton State University

Gamma Sigma won Campus Involvements Award, Academic Excellence Award, Philanthropy Program of the Year and Chapter Officer of the Year.


Johnson & Wales

GAMMA GAMMA Schreiner University

The chapter created a new event, “Deepher Feud.” It is our take on the classic game show Family Feud. They had to answer questions on subjects such as pop culture, Cystic Fibrosis and Delta Phi Epsilon.

We are especially proud of our sister, Rebecca Curtis, for being Johnson & Wales University’s commencement speaker!


St. Joseph’s College

Gamma Phi was able to get involved with establishing a new chapter at Farmingdale State University this past semester.

TRIAD Fall 2019 25


Tennessee Technological University

This fall, our chapter paired up with Delta Gamma to participate in Tennessee Tech’s annual homecoming competition. This was the first time in recent years that two sororities decided to join and compete as a team on campus. We helped promote and build strong Panhellenic relations.


Truman State University

On April 13, we had our annual 65 Roses Gala with a goal to raise and donate $2,000 and we ended up surpassing our goal and donating around $4,700! We also won the Outstanding Community Service Award this year through our university!


Kutztown University

We held our first Deepher Dude event and raised more than $1,300 for the CFF and the Kutztown community got involved!

ZETA EPSILON Carleton University

Our third annual Deepher Dude raised more than $3,000, setting a chapter record! We had the amazing opportunity to co-host this event with Cystic Fibrosis Canada.


University of Rhode Island

We got a new house this year and it was our first time recruiting in it! Our president also went to the NGLA conference and one of our sisters won a scholarship at our annual Greek Life Awards!

Associations TWIN CITIES Alumnae Association

The Twin Cities Alumnae Association has been having a great time connecting with each other and our community. We recently volunteered at the Breath of Life Gala, which raised about $800,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We are excited to grow our connection to the Minnesota CF chapter. We are currently working toward getting more involved with local nonprofits and uniting sisters throughout Minnesota.

INDIANAPOLIS Alumnae Association

Stacy Petko Reisdorf, 2016 alumna initiate of the Delta Delta chapter and founder of Indy Alum Association became the first democratic woman elected to the Mishawaka City Council in more than 20 years. Her presence on the city council brings greater diversity to local government and helps create a council that is more representative of the city. The entire association is proud of her.

DELAWARE Alumnae Association

This past fall, members of the Delaware Alumnae Association began volunteering with Planting to Feed, Inc., a local non-profit organization that runs a community garden and serves hot meals to those in need in the Wilmington, DE area. Planting to Feed was founded by our alumnae sister, Jessica Wescott. It is a pleasure being able to support both our community and her. Our sisters also spent a day making dreamcatchers for the children who are patients at A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children. We delivered holiday gifts to the children and are planning to spend the day volunteering with them and their families this spring.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST Alumnae Association In October, Vashtina Boyce, a current IGB member and the PNWAA vice president, planned the first sisterhood retreat for the PNWAA in Vancouver, Washington. She is a leader who is managing many hats and planned an retreat where sisters from all over Washington and Oregon met, some for the first time. We learned about each other and had a blast. If you are a leader in the Pacific Northwest and want to get involved with the alumnae association, reach out to us on our Facebook page or email


TRIAD Fall 2019

METRO ATLANTIC Alumnae Association

On a warm Saturday in May, the Metro Atlanta Alumnae Association members laced up our sneakers and supported the local CF chapter by participating in the Atlanta Great Strides walk. Collectively, our team raised $500 for the CFF. Five sisters represented our alumnae association by walking at the event.

TOLEDO AREA Alumnae Association

The Toledo Area Alumnae Association is hard at work to prepare for our chartering next spring. We had our first get together this past October and are still building our association. We look forward to growing and for what the future has in store for us.

Delta Phi Epsilon


79,981 3,129 109 28 522 44,000



NEW YORK CITY Alumnae Association

We are excited to announce that our own Stephanie Cockerl, Delta Rho chapter at Cornell University is the newly elected New York City Alumnae Panhellenic President. Stephanie has been a member of the Panhellenic Board for three years serving in various roles. She has also served as Delta Phi Epsilon New York City Chapter president. Jamie Cristello, vice president of programming for the association served as alternate delegate during the meeting in December, 2018.




DELTA IOTA Alum Association

Queens College, Flushing New York During past few months our association participated in the annual “Shoebox Project” to benefit women in shelters in our area. We also held a sisterhood dinner at Maria’s restaurant, owned by the family of one of our very own Deephers, followed by a night of karaoke. During the event we raised funds for our upcoming DIMES donation.



TRIAD Fall 2019 27



Births Alpha Mu: Page and Steven Smith welcomed a baby girl on February 20, 2019. 7 Gamma Omicron: Ariel and Sam Luszcz welcomed Emma Aspen Luszcz on May 26, 2019. Phi Psi: Kelsey and Marc Flick welcomed Olivia Jean Flick on May 5,2019. 3

Engagements Alpha Eta: Lauren Gesualdi got engaged to Daniel Salonis. 1 Alpha Pi: Olivia Chamberland got engaged to Alex Chetcuti. Gamma Theta: Christina Mitchell got engaged to Jesse Rathbun. Gamma Nu: Meggan Blair got engaged to Christian Johnson. 6 Gamma Nu: Cora Hopkins got engaged to Tyler Evans. Gamma Nu: Savannah Murphy got engaged to Alex Breeding. Gamma Nu: Haley Pratt got engaged to Marin Zemlock. Gamma Omega: Kenzie Sharp got engaged on April 21, 2019. Epsilon Iota: Kimmie Stear got engaged to Daniel. Zeta Epsilon: Brianne Rupay got engaged to Jordan.

Marriages Beta Phi: Katie Schehr married Martin Heppler Jr.

Phi Eta: Maggie Curtis married Reed Hebert. Phi Phi: Alexandria Quigley married Eric Houlihan. 2 Phi Phi: Nicole Rafalko married Kevin Martin. Zeta Epsilon: Kelsey Kaye married Adam Lawson.

Professional Achievement Phi Phi: Nicole Rafalko was accepted to Excelsior College for a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration of Healthcare Management. Phi Chi: Anastasia Lombardi earned a 4.0 and graduated from AMU with her Master’s Degree in Security Management. 8 Alpha Pi: Olivia Chamberland graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Master of Public Health Degree. Gamma Alpha: Ashley Kennedy graduated from the Illinois College of Law with honors and received the Ricket Award for Service and Service and Illinois Student Bar Association’s Student Service Award. Gamma Gamma: KVictoria Gotwald was hired as the Enrollment Marketing Coordinator at Schreiner University, and was accepted into the Masters of Education program at Texas Tech. Gamma Xi: Emily Gallo graduated from Rhode Island College with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. 4

Gamma Sigma: Kristi Moore married Austin Moore. Gamma Mu: Clare Pennington married Tyler Pennington. 5 Gamma Mu: Mallory Meadows was married on June 8, 2019.

Member announcements can be submitted year round through and are printed at the discretion of the editor.

5 1



3 2 28

TRIAD Fall 2019



Chapter Eternal We honor our Delta Phi Epsilon sisters who have passed away. International Headquarters was notified of the passing of these sisters between December 6, 2018 and July 12, 2019. To report a sister’s death, please contact the IHQ office at 215.732.5901 or email Badges and other Delta Phi Epsilon artifacts are welcomed donations to the Delta Phi Epsilon archives.

GAMMA OMEGA University of North Georgia

BETA RHO University of Illinois-Chicago

BETA XI The College of New Jersey

ETA University of Pittsburgh

EPSILON PI SUNY College at Plattsburgh

BETA CHI St. Norbert College

Jayme Bohne

Jenna DiBenedetto

Johnna Gilbert

GAMMA TAU University of Toledo Emily Jackson

Janet Moulis

Laura Sosovicka

Audrey Waldo

DELTA SIGMA Rider University

Joelle Severini Vega

TRIAD Fall 2019 29

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Academic Year Lambda Chapter at Adelphi University Nicole Imperatore Emma Martin Ashley Willoughby

Beta Theta Chapter at Kean University Krystiana Ceselka Rachel Domke Lorrana Jacobetz

Stephanie Crane Nicole Healy Rachel Mouris Devon Wrinn Emily Zurzola

Gamma Iota Chapter at Bridgewater State University Bridget Buckley Jennifer Chamberlain Sara Gibbons Anna Grady Aubrey Kelly Emma Kimmell Jennifer Taylor

Phi Psi Chapter at Keene State College Melanie Bouchard Casey Lynch Maggie Peck Alyssa True

Gamma Chi Chapter at SIU, Carbondale Grace McKee Emily Holmes Kathryn O’Brien Elizabeth Rexford Clara Riechmann Carlie Smith

Gamma Upsilon Chapter at Cambell University Jessica Carter Ashley Phillips Gamma Kappa Chapter at Capital University Riley Cochran Liza Day Claire Dunphy Gianna Ellis Emma McDermott Beta Phi Chapter at Central Michigan University Sadie Lynn Kessler Delta Epsilon Chapter at Drexel University Julia Martin Zeta Lambda Chapter at Farmingdale State College Larissa Barlow Rachel Delio Janessa Vail Alpha Kappa Chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison Eshani Choksi Lauren Ruggiero Alpha Gamma Chapter at Florida International University Melanie Marie Rodriguez Vanessa Rodriguez Gamma Beta Chapter at Florida Atlantic University Dulciana Berlanti Cassandra Zec Epsilon Rho Chapter at Hofstra University Kristen Griffith Rosemary Reyes Isabella Rosatone Epsilon Phi Chapter at Jefferson University Grace Carlson Logan Czachowski Alpha Upsilon Chapter at Johnson & Wales University Providence Natasha Kiri Rowan Sanko


TRIAD Fall 2019

Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Kennesaw State University Brittany Doyle Leannan Johnston Lauren Jones Tyler Tauffer Epsilon Lambda Chapter at Michigan Technical University Katie Palmcook Sidney Schroeder Phi Eta Chapter at Northeastern University Laura Camila Rivera Helene DiStefano Alyssa Kruithof Evelyn Ruff Zeta Iota Chapter at Northern Arizona University Parker Bergeron Julia Caputo Kiaira Cooke Amanda Harkins Ryan Harrop Kaylee Luginbuhl Skylar Stewart Beta Tau Chapter at Nova Southeastern University Alyssa Antuna Jenna Fitzhenry Alyssa Garcia Jordan Lazarian Delta Sigma Chapter at Rider Univeristy Lindsey Lavelle Kayla Stolarczuck Phi Upsilon Chapter at Robert Morris University Amber Antle Beta Mu Chapter at Rowan University Jessica Hudec Madison Lubrano Alexandra Malone Briana Pereira Allison Vansaghi Phi Tau Chapter at Rutgers University Camden Tessa Ecker Ashley Johnson

Beta Omega Chapter at St. John’s University, Queens Michelle Schwab Alexa Tsugranes Beta Chi Chapter at St. Norbert College Jessica Gjerde Krystal Pold Annicka Rabida Natasha Rynish Epsilon Gamma Chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology Laura McKenna Alpha Theta Chapter at Stockton University Jamie Anskis Jenna Earling Arianna Ferri Jianna Marie Padilla Epsilon Iota Chapter at SUNY Geneseo Rose Austin Sophia Butler Rachel Clive Anna Di Fede Kymberly Rubinstein Jocelyn Stuto Epsilon Pi Chapter at SUNY Plattsburgh Emily J. Gray Gamma Sigma Chapter at Tarleton State University Ravyn Benjamin Kenze Carlson Gamma Delta Chapter at Texas A&M UniversityKingsville Ashley Mondragon Ashley Reep Alejandra Carrillo Delta Nu Chapter at Temple University Kristen Davis Claire Olivia Gassman Kaylee Shaye Wadsworth Rebecca Wendover

Alpha Sigma Chapter at Saint Francis University Stephanie R. Teahan

Zeta Alpha Chapter at Tennessee Tech Sarah Carmichael

Alpha Pi Chapter at Southern Connecticut State University Kristen Clark

Epsilon Mu Chapter at The College at Brockport SUNY Sarah Carmichael Meghan Myers Jamie Rowe

Mikhaila Schweikowsky Alyssa Whittaker Beta Xi Chapter at The College of New Jersey Lauren Ayers Alyssa Decataldo Casey Herlihy Allison Longo Kyra Mackesy Julianna Marsh Emily O’Connor Alicia Podwojniak Phi Phi Chapter at Towson University Alysha Berres Rachel Bower Judith Brantley Kelly Cadwallader Julia Daniel Gretchen Dermatas Emily Fradkin Morgan Gingerich Mia Grau Haley Jacque Alexis Kaminski-Mainardi Madalynne Mallon Alison Maxwell Kaylah McCuller Narissa Radcliff Christina Repetti Allison Wilson Zeta Beta Chapter at Truman State University Alyssa Soles Delta Kappa Chapter at Union College Maha Mian Psi Chapter at the University of Georgia Molly Baker Jessica Batten Kate Jenkins Kristen Nicolosi Beta Rho Chapter at University of Illinois, Chicagoi Mackenzie Guzman Gamma Rho Chapter at University of Maine Reilly McGilvery Maggie Menter Olivia Murphy Martina St. Angelo Hannah Thistle Delta Xi Chapter at University of Maryland, College Park Sylvie Brounstein Omega Chapter at Miami Sylvie Brounstein Taylor Daniels Eliza Kielty Lauren Mergenthaler Elise Sharkey Gamma Omega Chapter at the University of North Georgia Maria Starr

Eta Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh Sarah Dickey Katherine Gold Victoria Johngrass Jamie Sansverie Min Song Zeta Theta Chapter at the University of Rhode Island Allegra Angell Grace Bohlander Tara Bourhis Meghan Donahoe Hannah Ilagan Kristen Kasper Jennifer Mulligan Stacy Robichaud Gamma Tau Chapter at the University of Toledo Hailey Beyer Nicole Beyer Celeste Lopez Hanna Phillips Kathryn Swanberg Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter at West Chester University Marissa DeLoria Amanda Fletcher Bryn Harding Payton Ingiosi Anna Mulcrone Jacquelyn Redmond Quinn Strader Olivia Voce Phi Pi Chapter at Widener University Natalie Weaver Epsilon Chi Chapter at William Paterson University Olivia Arcilla Madeleine Oppenheim Alpha Lambda Chapter at York College of Pennsylvania Haley Mitchell

Chapter Roster Alpha Gamma Eta Psi Omega Delta Epsilon Delta Eta Delta Iota Delta Kappa Delta Nu Delta Xi Delta Pi Delta Sigma Delta Omega Phi Gamma Phi Eta Phi Lambda Phi Pi Phi Chi Phi Tau Phi Upsilon Phi Phi Phi Psi Epsilon Gamma Epsilon Delta Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Epsilon Eta Epsilon Iota Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Lambda Epsilon Mu Epsilon Xi Epsilon Omicron Epsilon Pi Epsilon Rho Epsilon Chi Epsilon Upsilon Epsilon Phi Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Eta Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Alpha Mu Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Tau Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Chi

New York University Syracuse University University of Pittsburgh University of Georgia University of Miami Drexel University University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Queens College University of Florida Temple University University of Maryland-College Park Pennsylvania State University Rider University Monmouth University Indiana University of Pennsylvania Northeastern University Emory University Widener University University of Maryland-Baltimore County Rutgers University-Camden Robert Morris University Towson University Keene State College Stevens Institute of Technology Binghamton University-SUNY SUNY College at Albany LaSalle University SUNY College at Fredonia SUNY College at Geneseo SUNY College at Cortland Michigan Technological University SUNY College at Brockport SUNY College at Oswego Clarion University of Pennsylvania SUNY College at Plattsburgh Hofstra University William Paterson University Humboldt State University Thomas Jefferson University West Chester University Florida International University Seton Hall University Stockton University Kennesaw State University Montclair State University Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison York College of Pennsylvania University of Michigan-Dearborn Southern Connecticut State University Pace University Saint Francis University Winona State University Johnson and Wales University Ramapo College of New Jersey Bloomsburg University

Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Beta Beta Beta Eta Beta Theta Beta Iota Beta Lambda Beta Mu Beta Nu Beta Xi Beta Pi Beta Rho Beta Chi Beta Tau Beta Upsilon Beta Phi Beta Psi Beta Omega Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Gamma Epsilon Gamma Gamma Gamma Delta Gamma Zeta Gamma Eta Gamma Iota Gamma Kappa Gamma Lambda Gamma Nu Lambda Gamma Mu Gamma Pi Gamma Xi Gamma Omicron Gamma Rho Gamma Tau Gamma Chi Gamma Sigma Delta Delta Gamma Upsilon Gamma Psi Gamma Phi Gamma Omega Zeta Alpha Zeta Beta Zeta Zeta Zeta Delta Zeta Gamma Zeta Epsilon Zeta Eta Zeta Kappa Zeta Theta Zeta Iota Zeta Kappa Zeta Lambda

Fall 2019

Lawrence Technological University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott University of the Sciences in Philadelphia New Jersey Institute of Technology Kean University St. Cloud State University University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Rowan University Wesley College The College of New Jersey Concordia University University of Illinois-Chicago St. Norbert College Nova Southeastern University Rochester Institute of Technology Central Michigan University Brandeis University St. John’s University Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Florida Atlantic University University of New Haven Schreiner University Texas A & M- Kingsville Webster University University at Buffalo Bridgewater State University Capital University Caldwell University Shawnee State University Adelphi University Ferrum College North Carolina Wesleyan College Rhode Island College Georgia Southern University University of Maine University of Toledo Southern Illinois University Carbondale Tarleton State University Indiana University Campbell University Johnson and Wales Charlotte St. Joseph’s College University of North Georgia Tennessee Technological University Truman State University Young Harris College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kutztown University Carleton University California State University Los Angeles Union College University of Rhode Island Northern Arizona University Union College Farmingdale State College

TRIAD Fall 2019 31

Non-Profit US Postage PAID Bolingbrook, IL Permit No. 2530

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority 251 South Camac Street Philadelphia, PA 19107

Change Service Requested

To Delta Phi Epsilon Parents: While your daughter is in school, she will be receiving the TRIAD at her home address. Please remind her to update her address with the International Headquarters when she graduates so she can continue to enjoy the TRIAD.

On the Cutting Edge Buffalo, NY June 28 – July 1, 2018 Hyatt Regency Buffalo Hotel Delta Phi Epsilon sisters could save even moreCenter on auto insurance and Conference with a special discount from GEICO. | 800-123-4567 32

TRIAD Fall 2019

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