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New Legislation Delta Phi Epsilon’s Response to Right Beside COVID-19 You: The Stand Up for Freedom

Ever Evolving Role of the Chapter Advisor

Stand Up for Sisterhood Stand Up to Harvard

Advocacy: A Time to Rise, Speak and Act

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Editor in Chief Nicole DeFeo, ΦΤ International Executive Director Editor Gabrielle Centrone, AA Director of Global Engagement Editorial Contributors Jessi Sheridan, AΓΔ Chief Operating Officer

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Heather Locke Green, ΒΧ International Governing Board

In the midst of a pandemic, alumnae sisters in Florida found community by chartering the Space Coast Alumnae Association.

Vashtina Boyce, AΕ International Governing Board Olivia Crvaric, ΕΖ VPC Member Andrea Alhadari Patton, AΓ Cover Art Carla Sofi Avila, AΓ Design Jennifer Allocco, A



Founders Dorothy Cohen Schwartzman Ida Bienstock Landau Minna Goldsmith Mahler Eve Effron Robin Sylvia Steierman Cohn Mission: To provide a sisterhood experience rich in tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth. Vision: To inspire and empower our sisterhood to engage in a lifetime of leadership and service. The TRIAD, official magazine of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is owned by the Sorority, edited and published under the direction and control of its International Governing Board. Published twice a year.

A sister from the Delta Upsilon chapter attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Baltimore, Maryland.

During a COVID relief t-shirt sale, The Alpha Gamma chapter raised $800. All of the proceeds were donated to staff at their local hospital.



All submissions become the property of the Sorority and may be used for promotional purposes. Delta Phi Epsilon is a member of the Fraternity Communications Association and the National Pannhellenic Conference.

The Gamma Lambda chapter donated lunch to the front line heroes of their local hospital in Morristown, New Jersey.

Delta Phi Epsilon International Headquarters 251 S. Camac Street Philiadelphia, PA 19107 P: 215.732.5901 F: 215.732.5906 Please excuse our error. Janet Moulis Lindgren was listed incorrectly in chapter Eternal in our Fall 2019 issue of the Triad.

The Alpha Epsilon chapter becomes the first DPhiE chapter to go through virtual recruitment. They welcomed home 52 new members.

@dphieumdearborn Sisters all across North America found ways to celebrate Pride month virtually. Here is a sister from the Alpha Mu chapter.


Epsilon Upsilon alumna works as a technician producing COVID-19 tests. Her team has helped ship almost 5 million tests.

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Delta Phi Epsilon’s Response to COVID-19 14

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Educational Foundation 2019 Updates 16 Member Announcements 20 Chapter Eternal 21 Chapter Roster 22

On the Cover

Original illustration by Sofi Avila, sister of the Alpha Gamma chapter at Florida International Unversity. The depiction of voting ballots with the important needs of our sisterhood being dropped in signifies the new era in sisterhood we are seeking to create together. @graphicsbysofi


TRIAD Fall 2020 3

Message from

the President


ear Sisters, Got yeast?

That was me at the start of my own COVID journey: stress baking! Breads, cakes, pies, cookies… I was Mary Berry with a face mask. Measuring, mixing, kneading, baking, frosting and decorating soothed me. Baking gave me the power to create pleasurable things during a period of time that felt frightening and out of control. But now it’s September. Six months have passed since I closed my company’s office location and began to quarantine with my family. And while we continue to wait for clear answers on how we will safely manage to return to a new normal, I am ready to tackle a new COVID project: making Delta Phi Epsilon stronger and better. Yes, I have decided to take on service to our sorority with the same ferocity that produced a hundred dozen sugary, yeasty, buttery confections. And I have quite a few tasty projects in mind. Let’s start with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I am committed to supporting DPhiE’s DEI Committee in tackling a number of new ideas, including participating in education programs for our Boards, volunteers and staff, launching a complement of chapter-level initiatives and finding new ways to make our sorority more diverse as we create a better experience for our Black sisters and all members of color. (You can read more about the work of the DEI committee and the details of our new and powerful resolution on page 10). I also want to be outspoken in support of our new membership policy on trans and non-binary membership eligibility. I want to make sure people understand that we live our motto “Esse Quam Videri” in everything we do. I am following a proven recipe for success on a few other initiatives. I am actively tapping extraordinarily talented volunteers to chair new committees to bring change to DPhiE, giving them the power and support to set their own paths to accomplishment. These drivers are going to help us keep our programs relevant and meaningful, become leaders in kindness, take better care of ourselves and each other through a new and integrated wellness program, be thoughtful and blaze new trails on issues of social justice, and explore ways we may extend our brand of sisterhood to community and two-year colleges. The real difference between my passion projects is that I bake all alone. But when it comes to helping Delta Phi Epsilon flourish in a new era of service to our membership – collegiate and alum – we need many cooks in the kitchen. You’ll read descriptions of new committees and task forces in development throughout this issue of our Triad, and I hope that you might see one that inspires you to join me in channeling all that extra energy and heart into a place where you and I can make a real difference. I believe we will emerge from this challenging time with a sorority that is stronger and better than ever. And we can save those baking calories for a champagne toast to our success when we can come together safely again. Be safe and well, and esse quam videri,



International President

TRIAD Fall 2020




Julia Daniel

Towson University Phi Phi

Lauren Livengood Emory University Phi Lambda

Molly Ennis

Mary Kleffner

Madison Pecht

Donna Rovito

Bridgewater State University Gamma Iota

Kennesaw State University Alpha Epsilon

Capital University Gamma Kappa

Towson University Phi Phi

Jessie Leal

Schreiner University Gamma Gamma

Elise Wilcher

Young Harris College Zeta Zeta TRIAD Fall 2020 5

International Leadership Forum Goes Virtual

Grand Chapter



or hundreds of sisters the International Leadership Forum (ILF) (formerly known as Convention) is the opportunity to connect and learn with sisters from all across North America. These sisters also have the great honor to witness and contribute to the business of the international organization in real time through the Grand Chapter Meeting. It is the highlight of the biennium. This year was different thanks to the pandemic. The International Governing Board voted to suspend the International Leadership Forum, but to stay within the parameters set forth in the International Constitution and Bylaws, move forward with a virtual Grand Chapter meeting. At first, so many sisters expressed sadness that they would not be in person together with over 700 sisters who were as committed to the purple and the gold as themselves. Then the realization that a Grand Chapter broadcast live could open the experience to several thousand members began to take hold. It was truly a “lemons to lemonade� moment. The ILF planning team set to work hosting


TRIAD Fall 2020

regional meetings to discuss the bylaws, followed by capturing the committee reports on video, then culminating in live meeting and International Governing Board installation ceremony hosted by the most amazing International Ritualist, Chery Lamm. What unfolded was historic. Every ILF, there is a training for the delegates from each chapter and alumnae association. This helps to prepare them to carry out the duty of representing their local group to the international caucus. To accomplish this in a meaningful way this biennium, we held four regional meetings. Members from the International Governing Board, the Educational Foundation Board and the National Housing Corporation Board joined the international executive director,

Nicole DeFeo, sharing the meeting agenda and the rules of the business meeting. The business of the sorority included a change to the International Constitution and Bylaws. The delegates discussed and debated the change until it took the final form shown in the side bar. The sense of sisterhood that normally is felt in the Grand Chapter meeting room when we are in person, shone through over the internet. It was almost as good as being together in person! On Saturday, July 25, 2020, Delta Phi Epsilon’s Grand Chapter made history. With delegates from every active chapter and alumnae association, board members and special guests, the very first ever virtual Grand Chapter was held. Led by International President, Stacy Segal live through the airwaves, the business of the




Gamma Syracuse University

Phi Tau Rutgers University– Camden



Alpha Epsilon Kennesaw State University

Delta Sigma Rider University

Roxanne Donovan

Lisa Condon

Allison Plotkin

sorority was done. Parts of the agenda were live and parts were pre-recorded. From the national anthems of the US and Canada to committee reports and delegates voting, all the sections of the meeting were still there, just online. Hundreds of people tuned in to watch as the event was live-streamed over YouTube. One very special moment occurred that bridged the distance that was necessary in these times. The International Governing Board announced the renaming of the “Best Colony Recruitment Award” to the “From Good to Great Allison Plotkin Emerging Chapter Recruitment Award” in honor of past governing board member and

National Panhellenic Conference delegate for DPhiE, Allison Plotkin, and her late mother, Maxine Good. It was a tearful moment for many. The entire event was recorded and is shared via our website at international-leadership-forum/ . Directly following the Grand Chapter meeting, the elected International Governing Board members were installed in a special online open ceremony. Newly installed, International President Roxanne Donovan, Gamma Chapter at Syracuse University, recorded a speech outlining her agenda for the next biennium. It may not have been what we have always done, but Grand Chapter 2020 just may have revolutionized some of the ways we can include members who may not be able to travel to the ILF site in the future. What was necessary this year, may just have created a better way for biennial meetings to come.


Vashtina Boyce



Lynna Do

Alpha Iota University of San Francisco


Heather Locke Green Beta Chi St. Norbert College


Laura Glotzbach Delta Sigma Rider University


Arleen Honick

Psi University of Georgia


Hilary Horlock

Zeta University of Toronto


Ana Morales

Tricia Carlin

Alpha Gamma Florida International University

Rose McGovern

Epsilon Upsilon Humboldt State University


Stacy Segal

Psi University of Georgia

TRIAD Fall 2020 7

Iris Experience Survey Executive Results WHY WE DID THIS STUDY AND WHY NOW? So often fraternal organizations are questioned with, “Why do you exist,” or “What value do you provide to your members?” While we anecdotally know that most of our members are enjoying their sisterhood experience, it is important that we have the data to tell us about the membership experience and areas where we can improve to ensure value for membership. Within the current higher education landscape, data-driven practices are a requirement to be competitive, innovative, and offer a high-impact experience for our members. Data informs every aspect of the undergraduate chapter so it is critical that Delta Phi Epsilon takes this opportunity now to further understand our membership. We can utilize the results of our study to inform every aspect of the organization from programming to policy and to create a roadmap to a well-rounded membership experience.


10 73%

10 Chapters


Undergraduate DPhiE Members

With 100% Participation







DPhiE Legacy







Work full or part time



Pays portion of dues


5th Year Senior


First generation student








General Member




Chair or Director




Executive Council




Black/African American























TRIAD Fall 2020

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT Delta Phi Epsilon members measure higher than peers inter/national organizations on measures of sisterhood. Across the board, DPhiE members experience a fuller, richer sisterhood compared to their peers in other organizations. They feel more supported, feel a deeper sense of belonging, place a higher priority of accountability to shared values, and are more unified in their common purpose relative to their peers. Delta Phi Epsilon members show strong results in measures mapped to sorority values – On four of the five benchmarked measures mapped to the values of the sorority, DPhiE members measure significantly higher than their peers. While further research is needed to understand the long-term impact of DPhiE membership on these values, these early data would suggest that membership in the sorority has a profound impact on personal values. Delta Phi Epsilon measures slightly higher than the four other sororities in the national dataset on two measures of affinity. Delta Phi Epsilon has the highest score in Affective (emotional) and Normative (sense of obligation) Commitment. While these differences are small, they are promising data points suggesting that, relative to members of other sororities, Delta Phi Epsilon members are committed to their chapters. In terms of overall consumption of alcohol (as measured by the Alcohol Use Disorders Test, which examines both frequency and volume of drinking), members of Delta Phi Epsilon report the lowest levels of alcohol consumption among the five comparison Inter/national organizations. Delta Phi Epsilon members report the secondlowest levels of binge drinking of the five comparison groups.

RAISE by Olivia Crvaric



s we head into our next biennium, our new International President Roxanne Donovan’s agenda is loaded with big, brilliant ideas to move our organization forward while recapturing the spirit of sisterhood. These plans have wonderfully paved the way to increase our member engagement so that sisters from all walks of life can come together to share their talents and give back. To hear Roxanne’s words from her speech given during our virtual Grand Chapter, visit our Facebook or YouTube pages. Our organization is grassroots and with the creation of a variety of new committees, there are so many opportunities for sisters. From those who are newly graduated to sisters who have graduated decades out, there will be so many chances to welcome members to explore their passions through DPhiE. For the first time in DPhiE history and new to our international volunteer model, we will now also be welcoming collegians to sit on some of these committees, asking them to share their help and insights. Amplifying the collegiate voice is critical as our new committees will be making decisions that will directly impact the undergraduate DPhiE experience. Choosing the best of the best from our undergraduate membership to sit at the table with our international leadership empowers them as stakeholders in our sisterhood. Through a reorganization of headquarters staff, a new department has been created, Global Engagement. Led by Gabrielle Centrone, Director of Global Engagement, pathways to volunteering at the international level are being created to enable connection to the global organization from the time a new member initiates into the sisterhood and for a lifetime. With all these important committees, there is a need to organize our volunteers. This is where the Volunteer Placement Committee(VPC) comes in to work cooperatively with the Global Engagement department. The current VPC formed four years ago to manage the volunteer pipeline to leadership. Headed by International Governing Board member Ana Morales, the team started with three sisters who were determined to set up a process to efficiently review requests for involvement and ensure that each volunteer applicant’s skills best match the committee’s needs. A system was created that ensures a swift but thoughtful placement of committee level volunteers. The first step is submission of a Volunteer Interest Form. The second step is a one to one interview with a member of the VPC via an online scheduling tool. After



Ana Morales

Taylor Bowen

Berta Icabalceta

Beta Nu Wesley College

Alpha Gamma Florida International University

Carolyn Shae

Kelly Anne MacDonald

Olivia Crvaric

Alpha Pi Southern Connecticut State University

Epsilon Zeta La Salle University

Epsilon Zeta La Salle University

Alpha Gamma Florida International University

the interview is completed, the committee makes a placement recommendation. In addition to the assigned scheduled interviews, the VPC meets monthly to discuss any upcoming committee volunteer needs and outstanding openings. The VPC has grown to six seasoned sisters to meet the growing need for volunteers. The team is high functioning thanks to the strong members and their attention to detail, exceptional abilities to judge character, and importantly, varied schedules. With all this work to be done, the VPC encourages our sisters to step up and stand out! As work becomes available, the Volunteer Placement Committee will pour through applications and set up interviews to fill these roles. All current openings can be found through the application on our newly revamped Volunteer page at We look forward to meeting and engaging all our applicants. Now is the time for our members at all levels to be engaged. DPhiE will always be our home and legacy so let’s work together to unite and create the next generation of leaders.

TRIAD Fall 2020 9

Anti-Racist Resolution by Vashtina Boyce


ince 2018 the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (and it’s previous iteration as the DE&I Task Force), has been working on identifying and understanding various concerns brought by membership to IHQ. When renewed focus was placed on racial disparities back in June, stemming from the continued reprehensible violence against unarmed Black citizens in the US, the committee took a look at all of the research, collaboration, and surveying they had done up to that point. It’s long been felt that within our organization, not enough has been done to address racism in the everyday operations of our Sisterhood. They felt that ensuring our processes and operations are injected with a focus on race, we will be better equipped to recognize, understand, support, and correct our membership. While robust, the resolution (link full resolution) is not all encompassing and cannot obviously impact the greater racial strain in North America, but we believe this is a solid starting block to effect meaningful change internally. With goals and benchmarks to which we can keep ourselves accountable and an outline for programming and internal changes, this resolution supports our desire to create a more just and equitable experience for our members.

• A grant from the Educational Foundation will be executed to support the funding of the educationally focused endeavors listed within the resolution. • A ll three Boards of the Delta Phi Epsilon Enterprise will make individual donations to organizations that work internationally and locally on behalf of the Black community. • T he DE&I Committee will draft policy, directly addressing the experience of our Black Sisters and all women of color within our organization. • T he DE&I Committee will review, update, and redevelop the Standards Board manual, DPhiE Policy manual, as well as Employee Manual and hiring procedures. • H olidays that are outside of the dominant culture will be observed by IHQ and membership. • H eightened practices to increase the diversity of our boards, volunteers, and staff. • T he International Headquarters staff in conjunction with specialists in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion will review and update our educational programs, including: New Member Orientation, Team Excellence, and alumnae initiate program. • T here will be a thorough review of our financial structure and identify ways in which every level of participation is more affordable and accessible. • T he DE& I Committee will provide required annual educational training to undergraduate members, chapter advisory board members, volunteers, and staff on critical conversations and Intergroup Dialogue. • T he DE&I Committee will extend at least one slot for an undergraduate Sister to ensure the voice of active membership is included in ongoing work.




Vashtina Boyce Alpha Epsilon Kennesaw State University

• I HQ will assign a staff member who is dedicated to the implementation and integration of anti-racist initiatives into our daily operations and culture. • B iannual reports on the DE&I initiatives taken by our organization will be released to the entire membership. • T he organization will gather and retain demographic information for every Sister, volunteer, and staff. • A t least two of our social justice programming endeavors focused solely on the experience of our Black members. (Read more about this programming on page12)

Shareen Clement

Gamma Omicron Georgia Southern University

Nicki Rowlett

Beta Phi Central Michigan University


TRIAD Fall 2020

Taylor Fowler

Tara Lockhart

Gamma Tau University of Toledo

Delta Iota Queens College

Cori Shearer Delta Nu Temple University

Jessi Sheridan

Chief Operations Officer Delta Phi Epsilon IHQ

• T he leadership of our organization (all boards, staff, and Chapter Advisory Boards) will deepen their knowledge on racism, microaggressions, and inclusion, and will hold the first of many post-read listening sessions in September 2020, where the themes will be discussed after reflection on a related book. September 2020: “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race” by Beverly Tatum • D iversity, Equity, & Inclusion specific programming added to the International Leadership Forum (ILF) sessions. • C reation of a Leadership Team role of Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Legislative Updates


Fall 2019 – Spring 2020


Follow the links below for more information and updates on important legislative changes. Each of the changes below contribute to a guiding framework for cultivating a membership experience rooted in holistic wellness where every member can find a sense of belonging.

Amendments to Delta Phi Epsilon’s International Bylaws

Membership Commitments in in the Context of COVID-19

(click to view document)

(click to view document)

International Alcohol, Hazing and Risk Management Policy & Procedures

Updated Policy on Transgender/NonBinary Membership

(Coming January 2021)

(click to view document)

Delta Phi Epsilon’s Philosophy on Health and Wellness

Delta Phi Epsilon Anti-Racist Resolution

(click to view document)

(click to view document)

Learn more at TRIAD Fall 2020 11

Social Justice


The International Leadership, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and IHQ staff are committed to providing a social justice programing series for the entire membership. The purpose will be to provide education, reflection and a space to deepen our understanding and knowledge on topics such as: voter suppression, free speech, racism, inclusion and accessibility. Read below for a recap of our August event, and a sneak peak at the September and October programs.

Capturing the Flag Live Panel by Andrea Alhadari Patton

August 20, 8:30 PM EST Great change comes from many small acts. That is the basis of Capturing the Flag and also a phrase that has defined a big piece of my sorority experience. When our Founders created Delta Phi I viewed the panel with my good friend Jackie Epsilon, it was a small Recktenwald, who I hope to sponsor as an alumna initiate this year- a little modern-day act of defiance against recruitment. anti-Semitism that created a ripple effect of inclusion. They did not plan to change the face of the sorority experience to be more accepting, they simply wanted to create a place of belonging that was equitable on their campus. Social justice is at the root of our sorority’s creation. How many others can say that? I am a proud Delta Phi Epsilon sister. I am not embarrassed or hesitant to talk about my sorority experience as a 30-something year old professional. When I get negative comments from others disguised as jokes, I am proud to connect what people are passionate about today with our founding and values. I share how my sorority experience laid a foundation for the advocacy work I take on today. Thirteen years ago, I was fundraising for ANAD or participating in Relay for Life with my chapter. Today I do similar, but for educational access and food co-ops in my community. The way I approach philanthropy today might look different than my undergrad years, but it’s those years that taught me how to do it. When I received the email about DPhiE’s program with the creators of Capturing the Flag I thought to myself, “Yes!! This is what I have been waiting for. This is sorority programming that is relevant to where I am in my life right now.” There is so much hurt and pain when I read the news. I want to contribute to positive change but the problems feel overwhelming. The film and panel discussion left me inspired. After a few days of research, I signed up as a poll volunteer for the upcoming election. I am thankful that my sorority experience can evolve as I “grow up”.


TRIAD Fall 2020

Up Next: An Evening of Free Speech with Suzanne Nossel September 29, 7:30 PM EST Suzanne Nossel has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Human Rights Watch and as Executive Director of Amnesty International USA. She has also served in the Obama Administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, leading US engagement in the UN and multilateral institutions on human right issues, and in the Clinton Administration as Deputy to the US Ambassador for UN Management and Reform. Her most recent accomplishments is the release of her new book, Dare to Speak: Defending Free Speech for All. You will not want to miss this event where we talk about free speech on college campuses and what we can do to defend our free expression.

Later This Fall: A Conversation with Beverly Tatum October 29 2020, Time TBD The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is focused on ensuring that at least two programs in the social justice series will be focused on our Black sisters. Our membership will be encouraged to read the book, Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? this fall. Then we will host a listening session, where the book will be discussed with the author, Beverly Tatum, and we will reflect together.

For information on any of these events, or to register, please contact Gabrielle Centrone, Director of Global Engagement at


or decades, the Educational Foundation of Delta Phi Epsilon has been raising funds to support programs of the sorority that equip our members with the skills they need to be leaders in their communities and to make change when they see injustice happening. In August 2020, after a six-month hiatus from fundraising to allow our members to rebound from the COVID19 pandemic and its closure of the US economy, The Foundation launched its annual fundraising campaign, DPhiE United. This campaign is a call to action for our members to rise and unite under the purple and gold banner to ensure our sustainability through the pandemic and into the new era that will follow.

supporting the foundation’s general fund are also part of the 20202021 campaign. Gifts to the general fund typically provide the academic scholarships the foundation is known for, as well as other sorority education efforts, such as the International Leadership Consultants who directly support chapters, and the development of online materials for new member orientation that have allowed the sorority to continue to grow during the coronavirus pandemic. “The focus of this year’s fundraising is to equip our sisters to go from the

DPhiE United goes beyond previous fundraising efforts by encouraging donors to direct their gifts for the first time for new programs on social justice. Important work is needed to help our members, collegiate and alumnae to broaden their minds and create inclusive THE DELTA PHI EPSILON EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION INTRODUCES NEW WAY and kind environments. TO SUPPORT EQUITY AND INCLUSION PROGRAMS DURING ANNUAL CAMPAIGN Creating space for those by Heather Locke Green who are not exactly like us is a key tenant of our founding. “As the conversation around dorm room to the board room,” said equality and Black Lives Matter began to swell, many sisters Gina Curtis, president of the Delta reached out to the sorority hoping to see an even stronger focus Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation. on our foundational value of Justice through updated initiatives,” “I am inviting all DPhiEs to unite in said the sorority’s executive director, Nicole DeFeo. “In response, sisterhood, to ensure the success the DPhiE United campaign is offering donors the opportunity to of Delta Phi Epsilon women for support these passions directly, to ensure our sisters are informed generations to come by investing in and ready to be advocates for justice movements in many areas.” these programs.”



Gifts to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives will make the development of more educational programs possible so that all sisters understand how to create a sense of “I am inviting all DPhiEs to belonging in chapters and unite in sisterhood, to ensure on their campuses. A new the success of Delta Phi Epsilon Social Justice Series is also being introduced to women for generations to provide on-going, timely come by investing in these programming on topics programs.” like civic engagement, free speech, advocacy, and - Gina Curtis sexual assault education. President, Delta Phi Epsilon Several named academic Educational Foundation scholarships as well as

As a token of appreciation, donors who give $50 receive branded tech stickers, phone pop socket and a car magnet; donors who give $103 (for the 103 years since our founding) will receive a bar necklace that says DPhiE United. Donors at all levels are recognized on the giving website. “I want us to come out the other side of this pandemic stronger, and not just on talking about justice, but actually giving our women the tools to do something,” said Curtis. “With committed, caring alumnae like I know we have in our sisterhood, it’s possible. Anything is possible.” To learn more about DPhiE United, visit the DPhiE Educational Foundation website or go directly to DeltaPhiEpsilon/dphie-united.

TRIAD Fall 2020 13

Delta Phi Epsilon’s

Response to COVID-19 by Jessi Sheridan

Over the last 103 years, our organization has had its share of global events testing the strength of our sisterhood. The Coronavirus Pandemic has been no different. It has truly tested how we connect, engage and find support. The leadership and International Headquarters staff had to pivot and adjust programs and future plans.

Collegiate Experience Within Collegiate Experience, the amount of resources that have been provided to our collegiate members to support their chapter operations and growth are abundant. Throughout the spring and summer, leadership teams received weekly newsletters that were full of information, resources, educational opportunities, and more. On March 13, traveling for our International Leadership Consultants came to a halt due to the COVID-19 virus. The Pandemic did not stop the good work of this team, however. Consultants shifted into virtual roles, each taking on a portfolio of ten to twelve chapters to provide support with a focus on conducting essential chapter business, maintaining sisterhood, and increasing engagement for the remainder of the academic year. Feedback from our collegiate members, advisors, and campus partners demonstrated to us that while the connections were virtual, they were making an impact in a truly unprecedented time. From March – May 2020, the Collegiate Experience department led efforts to provide virtual learning and engagement touchpoints via the Long Distance Leadership: Virtual Learning & Networking Series. This series provided

Psi chapter at University of Georgia

education, resources, and support in six areas: LEARN, LEAD, ENGAGE, RECRUIT, CONNECT and CELEBRATE and rooted itself in the collegiate 5S’ – Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, Self and Social. Recruitment resources provided include a COB Best Practices Guide, Recruitment Planning Guide, Financial Transparency Template, Membership Selection Guide, Recruitment PR Plan, Recruitment Basics, and a Social Media Engagement Strategy.

Virtual event for the Indianapolis Alumnae Association


TRIAD Fall 2020

From an operational standpoint, webinars have been hosted on DPhiE values of membership, maximizing Team Excellence, navigating CAP, New Member Orientation, and adjusting operations due to COVID-19. Additionally, a series of resources for operating virtually such as a Virtual Standards Board Guide, conducting elections virtually, and Fall 2020 event planning was provided to all chapters.

Kit was given to all advisors. The tool kit gave tips and tricks for communicating virtually, as well as goal setting worksheets and resources. Connection would be more important than ever, which led to weekly advisor emails and our first ever lead advisor town hall. The town hall not only provided resources, but also took a moment to breathe and provide each other a sounding board. For years, advisors have been placed when they live in close proximity to a collegiate chapter. Location was always a boundary of engagement. If a volunteer didn’t live near a collegiate chapter, then they were funneled into another opportunity such as an alumnae association or committee work. That way of thinking has completely changed. This pandemic has made us realize that we can operate in a remote world and our volunteers can adapt. We have filled numerous roles since the pandemic has started, almost all of them being remote. Delta Delta chapter at Indiana University

Housing COVID- 19 gave our housing department unique challenges, we had not yet faced. The Housing Department worked to ensure that members in our houses were living in spaces that are healthy, safe, and meet CDC guidelines for communal living. Through the development of multiple resources and the training of our housing staff, we believe our properties are set up to do just that. One key resource that was developed is the COVID-19 Facility Operations and Guidelines document. This comprehensive document provides information on moving into our facilities, house cleaning procedures, visitor and guest policies, and more. All chapters with a recognized National Housing Corporation property received this information. In addition to this document, the finance department at our International Headquarters provided a Collegiate Fiance COVID-19 FAQ for chapters to better understand the financial implications of COVID-19 related to our properties. Our housing staff was trained by fraternal partners, CSL Management, on proper operational procedures to ensure a safe and healthy year.

Alumnae Engagement While our alumnae membership has essentially always been remote, we needed to figure out how to continue to engage them in an innovative way, give support and shift our standard way of thinking. The pandemic and the effect it has had on our alumnae members has pushed the department to look at the current programs and initiatives and evaluate if they really are accessible for all - no matter the location. The most urgent response needed to be given to our active volunteers. With campus closings coming in rapidly, we knew that our volunteers needed to be able to provide stability and reassurance to our collegiate membership. A Virtual Advisor Tool

Our alumnae associations saw this time as an opportunity to engage their members in non-traditional ways. Virtual happy hours, meetings and events have become the norm and have allowed those who don’t live in the geographical region of the association to participate. The associations have become more active on social media and have been highlighting their members on the front lines. We supplied our associations with resources on holding virtual meetings, elections, remote activity suggestions and gave them activities such as bingo and a book club in which to take part.

Graduating Seniors We could not ignore the soon to be alumnae members that lost the last part of their senior year and sorority experience. We knew we had to give them experiences that gave them a sense of belonging and hope in the future of the alumnae membership. With the help of International Ritualist, Cheryl Lamm, and International President, Stacy Segal, two Senior to Alumna Virtual Ceremonies were held in May. As a follow-up, senior members were given a pen pal from a member of an alumnae association welcoming them into this next chapter of their sisterhood. In conjunction with the collegiate experience department, Senior Sundays were virtually hosted to give attendees the opportunity for professional development. Topics included: how to volunteer, resumes, networking, financial literacy and a reflection on their undergraduate experience. A recommendation form was given to our chapter advisors to recommend seniors that they think would make a great advisor themselves, or a perfect addition to an alumnae association. Calls are then held with those members to help them determine their next step. Transitioning these members to a meaningful alumna experience has become top priority. Join us in celebrating them on page 19

TRIAD Fall 2020 15

Educational Foundation 2019

By the Numbers 2020 BREAKDOWN

2019 Giving Tuesday $15,735.17 Total $ Donated


Highest Alumnae Donor

124 Total # of Donors


First Time Donors


Total Number of Donors

$101,515.79 Total Amount Donated 16

TRIAD Fall 2020

11 First Time Donors


Highest Alumnae Donor


Most Donations University of Georgia

2020 Scholarship Recipients Aarya Rijal

Undergraduate Zeta Kappa Chapter at Union College Major: Economics

Amy Orlov

Alumnae Delta Eta Chapter at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Currently studying law at George Washington University The foundation also awarded Orlov the Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship. The Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship is an endowed scholarship that honors the daughter of past International President Dawn Barta McNulty.

Lifetime Giving Societies Iris 25,000+ Roxanne Donovan, Gamma

Cheryl Lamm, Rho

Harriette Hirsch, Delta Nu

Stacy Segal, Psi

Pearl 10,000+ Jennifer McNamara, Delta Iota

Emily Meister, Alpha Iota

Dawn McNulty, Phi Sigma

Heather Green, Beta Chi

Phyllis Kossoff, Delta

Donna Von Bruening, Sigma

Allan Tanenbaum

Mary Henrich

Gold 5,000+


Alpha Gamma

Jennifer McNamara

Delta Iota

Tricia Carlin

Delta Sigma

Laura Glotzbach

Delta Sigma

Barbara Heilveil, Delta Eta

Michelle Gilboy, Phi Gamma

Nancy Pastroff, Delta Kappa

Marilyn Friedman, Delta Rho

Lauren McCarthy

Phi Tau

Tricia Carlin, Delta Sigma

Debbi Pearlman, Gamma

Gina Curtis

Epsilon Upsilon

Trisha Fletcher, Epsilon Tau

Kristin Morgan, Alpha

Nancy Hart-Esposito, Phi Tau

Linda Hyman, Delta Lambda

Rose McGovern

Epsilon Upsilon

Lauren McCarthy, Phi Tau

Kristen Lee, Alpha Epsilon

Dawn McNulty

Phi Sigma

Gina Curtis, Epsilon Upsilon

Berta Icabalceta, Alpha Gamma

Michelle Gilboy

Phi Gamma

Carol Estes-Schwartz, Phi Eta

Lynna Lan Tien Do, Alpha Iota

Roxanne Donovan


Nicole DeFeo, Phi Tau

Allison Plotkin, Chi

Lisa Condon, Phi Tau

Marjorie Orgel, Alpha

Debbi Pearlman


Robin Lubetkin, Psi

Purple $2,500+

Melissa Eng-Pascual Delta Phyllis Kossoff


Harriette Hirsch

Delta Nu

Barbara Gulick, Epsilon Beta

Meredith Bielaska, Beta Upsilon

Meredith Bielaska

Beta Upsilon

Melissa Crossen, Delta Sigma

Shelley Vaillancourt, Beta Sigma

Emily Smith, Epsilon Gamma

Kristin McDonough, Alpha Mu

Shelley Vaillancourt

Beta Sigma

Ellen Alper, Phi Mu

Melissa Cordone, Beta Omega

Heather Green

Beta Chi

Stephanie Cockerl, Delta Rho

Meredith Mead, Beta Beta

Jessica Andrews


Linda Blockus, Epsilon Alpha

Jessica Andrews, Psi

Cheryl Lamm


Rose McGovern, Epsilon Upsilon

Angela DiRenzo

Allison Plotkin


Felicia Ausbury, Epsilon Pi

Patricia Cayne, Nu

Linda Foresha, Epsilon Iota

Toby Tamarkin, Sigma

Barbara Hellman


Mary Marbach, Gamma

Maytee Fisch, Chi

Arleen Honick


Samantha Harper, Eta

Risa Mallin, Chi

Robin Lubetkin


Melissa Eng-Pascual, Delta

Nina Greco, Delta Gamma

Stacy Segal


Darlene Carver, Delta Xi

Barbara Hellman, Psi

Melissa Keesing, Beta Rho

Arleen Honick, Psi

Harriette Hirsch

Delta Nu

Charlotta Eriksson, Phi Lambda

Sara Rice, Delta Gamma

TRIAD Fall 2020 17


B. F.

A. Lyanna Layered Necklace, #LYANNA GP $50 B. Crown Pearl Badge, #0100 *Must be ordered through Delta Phi Epsilon Executive Office

C. Crown Pearl Double Letter Guard, #0600 SS $81 10K $128


D. President Dangle, #001 GP $11 SS $18 10K $32



E. Juliette Watch, #JULIETTE $50 SALE $25 F. 10K Lavaliere and gold-filled Snake Chain, #L2649 10K/GF $75 G. Filigree Crest Ring, #0629 SS $128 10K $441 H. President’s Ring, #0452P SS $122 10K $311 I.

[NEW] Addy Ring, #ADDY

SP or GP $35

D. .

H. I.

DPhiE 2019June ad R1.indd 1

5/30/19 9:53 AM

Delta Phi Epsilon sisters could save even more on auto insurance with a special discount from GEICO. | 800-123-4567


TRIAD Fall 2020

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance products. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy. Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however, you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment or affiliation with those organizations. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. Š 2019 GEICO

We know this was not the way you pictured your senior year ending, but we want you to know how proud we are of the entire class of 2020. We cannot thank you enough for the legacy you have left on our chapters and we will never be able to celebrate you enough. Remember that you will always have a home in DPhiE.


Always 2








9 1. Gamma Kappa, Capital University 2. E psilon Upsilon, Humboldt State University 3. Alpha Alpha, West Chester University 4. Beta Tau, Nova Southeastern University 5. Alpha, New York University



6. Alpha Tau, Winona State University

10 7. Omega. University of Miami 8. Gamma Epsilon, University of New Haven 9. Epsilon Phi, Thomas Jefferson University 10. Gamma Mu, Ferrum College 11. Phi Phi, Towson University 12. A lpha Epsilon, Kennesaw State University

TRIAD Fall 2020 19




Professional Achievement

Phi Tau: Ashlee Russell welcomed Ibhan Michael Allen on 4/17/2020, weighing 6 lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long.3

Phi Pi: Karly Simon graduated from St. Joseph’s University with a Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Leadership.

Zeta Gamma: Taylor and Justin Folk welcomed Livinia Folk on 8/4/2020. 11

Engagements Phi Pi: Chelsea Darczuk got engaged to Jared Kauffman. 2 Phi Tau: Krystyna Chmura got engaged to John Amalfe. Alpha Gamma: Kandys Temes got engaged to Alain Sosa. 7 Alpha Eta: Arianna Mecca got engaged. 5 Alpha Chi: Tamika Austin proposed to her girlfriend Chanay. 4 Alpha Pi: Sarah Castellano got engaged to Richard Fisk. Beta Nu: Amanda Donisi got engaged. Gamma Kappa: Lindsey Eversole got engaged to her soulmate Justin. 8 Gamma Tau: Kaitlin Negus got engaged. Gamma Psi: Kathryn Campbell got engaged to David Liverman. 6

Epsilon Chi: Melissa Kurbansade received her Masters degree in Special Education. Epsilon Upsilon: McKinley Caywood started graduate school in York, England to get an MA in Human Rights. Beta Omega: Lia Madray was promoted to account manager. Gamma Tau: Jillian Tuba graduated from engineering school and has accepted a job starting in September. 12 Gamma Tau: Betsy Stacy accepted her first full time teaching position post graduation. She will be teaching Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year. Zeta Gamma: Emily Rudderrow graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kutztown University and accepted a job as a Kindergarten Verbal Behavior Teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. 10

Other Phi Tau: Lisa Condon became Black Belt certified in Six Sigma.

Marriages Phi Tau: Letitia Scanlon married Sean Hempsey. 1 Epsilon Epsilon: Alexandra Smith married Zachary Dooley. Epsilon Lambda: Sarah Stoolmiller married Justin Lichtenwald. 9



Member announcements can be submitted year round through and are printed at the discretion of the editor.


6 4

7 8

5 2 20

TRIAD Fall 2020

9 12


Chapter Eternal We honor our Delta Phi Epsilon sisters who have passed away. International Headquarters was notified of the passing of these sisters between December 6, 2020 and July 12, 2020. To report a sister’s death, please contact the IHQ office at 215.732.5901 or email Badges and other Delta Phi Epsilon artifacts are welcomed donations to the Delta Phi Epsilon archives.

DELTA ZETA University of California – Berkeley

PHI SIGMA Northern Illinois University

DELTA KAPPA University of Florida

GAMMA Syracuse University

Albert Henrietta

Sharon Cohen

Christine Thompson

Patricia “Pat” Loveland

RENEE-ROSE GARCIA William Paterson University Epsilon Chi

TRIAD Fall 2020 21

Chapter Roster Alpha Gamma Eta Psi Omega Delta Epsilon Delta Eta Delta Iota Delta Kappa Delta Nu Delta Xi Delta Pi Delta Sigma Delta Omega Delta Upsilon Phi Gamma Phi Eta Phi Lambda Phi Pi Phi Chi Phi Tau Phi Upsilon Phi Phi Phi Psi Epsilon Gamma Epsilon Delta Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Epsilon Eta Epsilon Iota Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Lambda Epsilon Mu Epsilon Xi Epsilon Omicron Epsilon Pi Epsilon Rho Epsilon Chi Epsilon Upsilon Epsilon Phi Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Eta Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Alpha Mu Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Tau Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi


New York University Syracuse University University of Pittsburgh University of Georgia University of Miami Drexel University University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Queens College University of Florida Temple University University of Maryland-College Park Pennsylvania State University Rider University Monmouth University University of Tampa Indiana University of Pennsylvania Northeastern University Emory University Widener University University of Maryland-Baltimore County Rutgers University-Camden Robert Morris University Towson University Keene State College Stevens Institute of Technology Binghamton University-SUNY SUNY College at Albany LaSalle University SUNY College at Fredonia SUNY College at Geneseo SUNY College at Cortland Michigan Technological University SUNY College at Brockport SUNY College at Oswego Clarion University of Pennsylvania SUNY College at Plattsburgh Hofstra University William Paterson University Humboldt State University Thomas Jefferson University West Chester University Florida International University Seton Hall University Stockton University Kennesaw State University Montclair State University Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison York College of Pennsylvania University of Michigan-Dearborn Southern Connecticut State University Pace University Saint Francis University Winona State University Johnson and Wales University Ramapo College of New Jersey

TRIAD Fall 2020

Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Beta Beta Beta Eta Beta Theta Beta Iota Beta Lambda Beta Mu Beta Nu Beta Xi Beta Pi Beta Rho Beta Chi Beta Tau Beta Upsilon Beta Phi Beta Psi Beta Omega Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Gamma Epsilon Gamma Gamma Gamma Delta Gamma Zeta Gamma Eta Gamma Iota Gamma Kappa Gamma Lambda Gamma Nu Lambda Gamma Mu Gamma Pi Gamma Xi Gamma Rho Gamma Tau Gamma Chi Gamma Sigma Delta Delta Gamma Upsilon Gamma Psi Gamma Phi Gamma Omega Zeta Alpha Zeta Beta Zeta Zeta Zeta Delta Zeta Gamma Zeta Epsilon Zeta Eta Zeta Kappa Zeta Theta Zeta Iota Zeta Kappa Zeta Lambda

Fall 2020

Bloomsburg University Lawrence Technological University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott University of the Sciences in Philadelphia New Jersey Institute of Technology Kean University St. Cloud State University University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Rowan University Wesley College The College of New Jersey Concordia University University of Illinois-Chicago St. Norbert College Nova Southeastern University Rochester Institute of Technology Central Michigan University Brandeis University St. John’s University Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Florida Atlantic University University of New Haven Schreiner University Texas A & M- Kingsville Webster University University at Buffalo Bridgewater State University Capital University Caldwell University Shawnee State University Adelphi University Ferrum College North Carolina Wesleyan College Rhode Island College University of Maine University of Toledo Southern Illinois University Carbondale Tarleton State University Indiana University Campbell University Johnson and Wales Charlotte St. Joseph’s College University of North Georgia Tennessee Technological University Truman State University Young Harris College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kutztown University Carleton University California State University Los Angeles Union College University of Rhode Island Northern Arizona University Union College Farmingdale State College


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