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Socially Distant Sisterhood:

Creating an Online Community

Editor in Chief Nicole DeFeo, ΦΤ International Executive Director Editor Gabrielle Centrone, AA Director of Global Engagement

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Editorial Contributors Isabella Portincaso, ΔY International Leadership Consultant


Taylor Bradberry ΓΩ International Leadership Consultant

The sisters at Montclair State University held an Anti Hazing vigil for their campus this semester.

Rebecca Westrom ΦΠ International Leadership Consultant Design Jennifer Allocco, A Founders Dorothy Cohen Schwartzman Ida Bienstock Landau Minna Goldsmith Mahler Eve Effron Robin Sylvia Steierman Cohn



Mission: To provide a sisterhood experience rich in tradition, innovation and opportunities for growth. Vision: To inspire and empower our sisterhood to engage in a lifetime of leadership and service. The TRIAD, official magazine of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority is owned by the Sorority, edited and published under the direction and control of its International Governing Board. Published twice a year. All submissions become the property of the Sorority and may be used for promotional purposes.

Night two of recruitment at Tennessee Tech included these super cute shirts reminding pnms and members to love their body.

Over the summer, the President of Bridgewater State visited Philadelphia and stopped by IHQ!



Delta Phi Epsilon is a member of the Fraternity Communications Association and the National Pannhellenic Conference.

Congratulations to our members who graduated in 2021 and those preparing for graduation this December! Delta Phi Epsilon International Headquarters 251 S. Camac Street Philiadelphia, PA 19107 P: 215.732.5901 F: 215.732.5906 info@dphie.org www.dphie.org

@dphie_winona Another September means another school year underway! Welcome back to all of our sisters and we hope you have a great academic year

The sisters of Michigan Technological University had their Reunion Weekend and met with generations of chapter sisters


The members of the Beta Alpha chapter attended the Great Strides walk to raise awareness and fundraise for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They were joined by the Phoenix Alumnae Association.

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Turn to page 10 to read the cover story on how Delta Phi Epsilon had created a virtual online community during times of uncertainty. Designed by Jennifer Allocco, Alpha.


TRIAD Fall 2021 3

Message from

the President


ear Sisters,

I love Dolly Parton – her songs, her sass, her style, her smarts, her work ethic and her bravery. Lately I’ve been reflecting on something Dolly says: “You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.” I’ve spent the first 14 months of my service as International President trying to do a whole lot. And Dolly’s right: you’ve gotta be brave to try. I am loathe to list the things International Governing Board and International Headquarters have done because I feel you already know this… but just in case: ● W e undertook a national campaign to stand up to the bullies who tried to silence us from celebrating and defending our right to choose our own members, including those who identify as gender non-binary. ● W e advanced a multitude of steps to fulfill the sorority’s groundbreaking Anti-Racist Resolution, dedicating more than $50,000 this year alone to bring holistic change to our organization. ● W e executed a full year of a totally unique (in the sorority world) Social Justice Series offering exclusive access for our members to remarkable thought leaders and crusaders, along with documentaries and books that enlighten. ● We developed and rolled out a new Kindness initiative. ● W e launched a Wellness committee which is generating tools and connections to support the mental health and wellbeing of our membership. ● We partnered with an extraordinary high-end winemaker in Napa to offer our own wine club. ● We began exploration of revolutionary ideas for the growth and evolution of our sorority; ● I HQ managed to create programming, make connections and execute detailed plans to keep DPhiE’s sisterhood experience vital and alive during the Pandemic – with impact that proved we engender a true sense of belonging and opportunities for growth, leadership and deep human connection (See Page 10 for the results). So, yes, it really is a lot. Along the way, we found that some things didn’t work as successfully as we hoped. And we encountered disappointment, criticism and anger from some members who felt we could have done better. Nobody enjoys that. But I do appreciate the honesty, I choose to believe the intent is positive (even when it doesn’t come across as such) and I am rededicated to doing better. All my pencils have erasers. I am open to learning from my mistakes and trying again and again to advance our sorority’s goals. It sometimes feels like it would be easier to just sit back and do less, maybe do nothing at all in order to avoid sharp criticism. But that would be cowardly. I choose to honor our founders, and each and every member, by trying to be brave and put my heart, soul, time, effort and money into doing and supporting the real work that will help Delta Phi Epsilon do more – a lot more for our members, both collegiate and alum, our legacy and our future. For those who sit on the sidelines, I invite you to dig in with me. Let’s roll up our sleeves together to do the work that will advance our sisterhood for a new era. Yours in True Sisterhood,


International President


TRIAD Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Foundation Updates A NEW TWIST ON SISTERS ALWAYS As a member of the DPhiE foundation

2021 U P DAT E

“family of donors”, you will now receive a bi-monthly publication. This is an updated version of the Sisters Always newsletter,

590 Donors

370 Alumnae Donors

now specifically catered to our donors. It will highlight the impact your gifts have on the sorority, as well as spotlight new donors in hopes that will you connect with them and welcome them into the fold. Finally, we will

72 Undergraduate Donors

115 Friends of DPhiE Donors

profile donors and volunteers so you can help us celebrate them. Donors at every level will receive this newsletter. Click on an image to the right to read the past two issues.



$120,299 Total Dollars Raised

2021 EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: APPLY TODAY! Empowering others through formal education has been shown to lift entire populations. Delta Phi Epsilon is committed to sustaining our founders’ legacy



Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship Fund


Social Justice Services Programming


DEI Programming

by promoting our members as leaders, scholars, and innovators. To encourage the success and accessibility of education for our sisters, The Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation provides merit and need-based scholarships and three endowed scholarships. You can read more about each here

APPLICATIONS Undergraduate Application Graduate Application Endowed Scholarships

23 Matches

19 Challenges

60 Advocates

48% First Time

2021 Arleen Kruger Honkick Scholarship Application 2021 Madeleine Claire McNulty Scholarship Application 2021 Dr. Toby Tamarkin Scholarship Application

Deadline for all scholarship applications is December 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST



Alumnae Donors

TRIAD Fall 2021 5

meet the 2021-2022


Favorite Holiday? New Years Eve Positions Held in DPhiE? Recruitment Coordinator, Social Coordinator, Sunshine Sister, New Member Educator, President Favorite lyric? Clique by Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Big Sean “I have been able to develop my own boundaries that I can stand by, both professionally and personally. This has been something I have always struggled with, by being able to explore this more and be in a supportive environment; I am able to give my all to everyone when I work with them because of my boundaries. “


What is your sign? Scorpio – leo moon and rising Go to snack? Goldfish or trail mix hat is your morning routine? Get W up, stretch, make a shake, and check my email “My favorite part of being an ILC is being an agent of change for the organization. I love being able to share my voice and perspective with my fellow ILCs, other IHQ staff, and undergraduate members. I also have had the opportunity to further the exploration of my passion in inclusivity, diversity, and equity.”



Positions held in DPhie? Two time VPR

What is your sign? Virgo (although sometimes I don’t feel like it)

Based in Phoenix, AZ

Astrology Sign? Aquarius Favorite Snack? Bell Peppers “I have become much more confident in who I am because of who surrounds me. Each member, advisor and co-worker inspires me and pushes me to be authentically myself.”


TRIAD Fall 2021

Based in Chicago, IL

Go to snack? Chocolate drizzled popcorn Favorite lyric? “I faced it all and I stood tall and I did it my way” – My Way by Frank Sinatra “I truly enjoy helping chapters learn how to grow personally and professionally through workshops and one-on-one conversations. It is so rewarding to see them have that “ah-ha” moment and recognize how valuable membership in Delta Phi Epsilon is.”


Favorite Holiday? Halloween Go to snack? Diet Coke and baby peppers (with cream cheese of course) F avorite lyric? Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin: then as it was, then again it will be. And though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea “Since taking on this position, I have been exploring opportunities such as networking, leadership, theme and concept synthesis, assessment, and financial fluency. I have also been steadily exploring potential opportunities in higher education, as a passion of mine is making Greek Life safer, more sustainable and structurally inclusive.”

REBECCA WESTROM, PHI PI Based in Harleysville, PA

Positions held in DPhiE? Member at Large Go to snack? Chocolate every single day Favorite lyric? Anything by The 1975- their music is so relatable and calming after a long day “Learning to problem solve while in a meeting has been one of the most beneficial skills I have learned thus far. Every chapter has unique challenges and I love the intellectual stimulation that comes with problem solving in the moment!”


Favorite Quote? Fight for the things you are about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” #RBG W hat is your morning routine? My morning routine consists of me hitting the snooze button a million times Go to snack? I LOVE any type of popcorn “While in this role, I have also been grateful for the opportunity to explore additional professional development strategies through networking. I have been taking an interest in social media and marketing, something that staff at IHQ are more than willing to provide insight about. I think that all of this will be applicable to take with me into the next chapter of my journey.’


What is your sign? Aries Go to snack? Goldfish, fruit, chips and dip Favorite lyric? “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” Belle from Beauty and the Beast “I enjoy supporting our chapters and seeing the areas that they would like to improve on and strengthen. Through that, I’ve learned more about myself and how I can be a better mentor and sister.”


Iris Experience Survey Executive Results YEAR TWO In February 2021, Delta Phi Epsilon launched year 2 of the membership assessment for our undergraduate membership. In all, 6,094 members completed at least a significant portion of the survey, representing 72 percent of the total valid undergraduate population. Members were asked to complete several measures related to sisterhood, affinity (organizational commitment, identity, satisfaction), social culture (hazing attitudes, sexual assault attitudes, and alcohol use), and member outcomes. Results were compared against data gathered in the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021 from three other inter/national sororities for benchmarking and comparison purposes. Some key measures are also compared across survey years for the overall set of respondents.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT Lowest Levels of Alcohol Use – Compared to the other sororities, Delta Phi Epsilon members report the lowest levels of binge drinking and the lowest levels of overall consumption. Both binge drinking and overall consumption scores declined in the last year.

6,094 Undergraduate

72% Completed

DPhiE Members











5th Year Senior










Black/African American







TRIAD Fall 2021



Work full or part time


Pays portion of dues


Lives in Chapter Facility




First Generation Student


DPhiE Legacy




General Member


Chair or Director


Executive Council


Highest Levels of Sisterhood – Delta Phi Epsilon has the strongest sisterhood of any of the comparison groups in our dataset. Like most groups, Delta Phi Epsilon saw some decline in sisterhood in the last year, but those declines were minimal compared to other groups. Satisfaction INCREASED During Pandemic – Unlike every other group in the Dyad client base (including sororities and fraternities), Delta Phi Epsilon saw an increase in Satisfaction in the last year, the only group to do so. Social Status Importance Remained Flat – Unlike all other groups in our dataset, Delta Phi Epsilon did not see a spike in Social Status Importance during the last year. Positive Gains in Values/Membership Outcomes – Across the board, Delta Phi Epsilon saw significant gains in the last year on measures connected to values and membership outcomes. The most significant gains were on measures connected to diversity and inclusion.



DPHiE to Partner with

DPhiE has partnered with Culture Shift Team (CST), an award-winning agency that creates culture-driven strategies with visionary organizations to advance and accelerate inclusion. In an effort to truly live our values and move our commitments around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging forward we hope that members will embrace this learning opportunity. CST is driven by their passion to help organizations achieve equity and inclusion and ultimately to remove barriers to human potential and performance. Beyond the DEI Acronym: Dialogues with DPhiE is a program with CST based on the concept that extreme polarization and differences in lived experience comes with us into our organizations, our workplaces and in our educational spaces. The key to bridging the divide is relationships. Integral to building authentic relationships is the ability to have difficult conversations. So why is it so hard to broach difficult topics like race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, politics, and socio-economic status? How do our work and our organizations suffer when we are unable to do so? Creating space for difficult conversations is the key to inclusivity. Members of our collegiate chapters will be selected to participate in a pilot program this spring. Based on feedback from those sessions, decisions will be made about a larger scale program roll out to membership next academic year. Is your chapter interested in participating in the pilot program? Reach out!


ANTI-RACIST RESOLUTION In accordance with Delta Phi Epsilon’s Anti Racist Resolution, many commitments made were fulfilled this past semester: The Standards Board Manual was reviewed, updated, and redeveloped for undergraduate and alumnae membership consistency and accountability. Click on photo to download. New Member Orientation and Team Excellence were updated to incorporate an anti-racist, equity lens into all facets of Sorority membership, with a special focus on development or procurement of recruitment specific training to ensure inclusive, equitable, and non-discriminatory recruiting practices. Click on photo to download.

For questions about or interest in participating in Beyond the DEI Acronym: Dialogues with DPhiE, contact Brittany Acosta, Director of Leadership Education at bacosta@ dphie.org.

The Vice President of Equity and Belonging (VPEB) and the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Education Coordinator (DEIB) positions have been intentionally designed by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and provide the opportunity for our organization to continue leading in inclusion and ensuring safe and welcoming spaces where all members belong.

TRIAD Fall 2021 9

Socially Distant Sisterhood: Creating an Online Community


hen the COVID-19 Pandemic began, if there was one thing our chapters and staff were equally as unsure about - it was virtual recruitment. We dealt with the highs and lows of making connections in zoom rooms, and came out on the other end stronger. But then a trickier reality set in - we recruited members, but now what? How do we create a sense of community during a global pandemic? Thousands of members chose to join Delta Phi Epsilon, at a time in their lives when all they craved was a place to belong. A place whose physical location was currently non-existent.

Support systems help you cope, we knew that Delta Phi Epsilon needed to be that support system. We need to strengthen our chapters, associations and alumnae by giving them a virtual community they could come to rely on. We had a job to do, perhaps the most significant and important one we have ever faced. With an upgraded Zoom account, a plethora of patience (something always goes wrong with tech!) and our members need to connect, we created a space for all to learn, grow and feel a bit more connected.

SOCIAL JUSTICE SERIES The Social Justice Series (SJS) tackled many important and groundbreaking speakers last year, including: Dr. Beverly Tatum, who spoke on racial identity, Suzanne Nossel , who spoke on freedom of speech on the college campuses, Laverne Berry & Elizabeth Hemmerdinger, who covered voter suppression in Georgia and beyond and our very own Judith Heuman, lifelong civil rights activist. This academic year, we will look at topics


like the environment and climate change, the gap in healthcare, and the refugee crisis and immigration. This program is sponsored by the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, and together, we are building upon the consciousness of our membership on important issues one topic at a time. “Raising the bar on conversations and broadening understanding on important topics is the key to equipping our membership with leadership skills they need to succeed, from the dorm rooms to the board rooms of the world,” said Gina Curtis, President of the Educational Foundation of Delta Phi Epsilon.


TRIAD Fall 2021



PEARL PROGRAM Last Fall, we introduced the opportunity to engage in a virtual community together through an International PEARL Program. Each member (undergraduate and alumnae) is encouraged to complete 21 activities in the 5 areas of development that are the bedrock of Delta Phi Epsilon’s personal growth programming. IHQ launched activities for sisters to earn their “PEARLS” together and fulfill the expectation of membership. Our members were able to pick and choose what activities spoke to them.


Experts from a variety of fields joined us throughout the year to bring these free programs to your computer screen. They included Malik Muhammad who gave us tangiable tools on advancing our LGBTQ+ Allyship; Kindness.Org taught us about the science of kindness; The Maurer Foundation went over breast cancer early detection and proper self exam methods and DPhiE sisters joined us on panels about STEM careers, staying connected as an alumna and thriving in your career during the COVID pandemic.

Two of these PEARL programs included DPhiE authors! We had the opportunity to sit down with Jane Rosen, Delta Xi at the University of Maryland, and Casey Dembowski, Beta Omega at St. Johns University. We were able to hear about their upcoming releases and ask our burning questions about their writing process, how DPhiE impacted their career and any advice they have for future writers.

A NEW WAY TO OPERATE As an international headquarters, it is our job to support the membership with programs and tools they need to fulfill the expectations of membership, as well as the expectations of holding a position in a chapter or an association. For the first time ever, virtual officer transitions were held and hundreds of undergraduate officers learned about their positions together in November 2020 and November 2021. Alumnae Association leadership was not left out. Quarterly roundtable discussions have been held virtually all year where presidents can connect with each other, receive international updates and receive training. Other programs held throughout the year from IHQ staff included RFM webinars, budget preparations, regional delegate trainings, senior to alumna ceremonies and monthly chapter advisor meetings.

Staying Connected Virtual gatherings were not only held formally at the International level, but local alumnae have been finding ways to reconnect. More than 50 years later, the sisters of the Delta Sigma chapter at Rider University are reconnecting with each other Wednesday evenings and are calling in from all over North America - they started with 5 sisters and they are now up to 18! The Pi chapter at the University of Alabama has also used the pandemic to get connected. They have been having monthly Zoom get-togethers! Photo of their zoom gathering above.

TRIAD Fall 2021 11

Delta Phi Epsilon’s International Leadership Forum (ILF) is a biennial celebration of sisterhood with hundreds of sisters from around the world coming together to make memories and celebrate the sorority. This ILF is taking us to Disney’s beautiful Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida! ILF provides attendees with renowned, mission-driven programming focused on becoming one’s best self. Programming supplies professional and personal development opportunities for members of all generations, facilitated by professionals and experts in their specific fields. Gather your sisters and meet us in Disney this summer where you will have the opportunity to network with sisters from all over the world.

We can’t wait to see you July 21 – 24, 2022 SPEAKERS

Judy Heumann


TRIAD Fall 2021

Samantha RamirezHerrera

Jessika Portney

Aneesah Smith

A. B. G.

A. Rory Necklace, #RORY GP B. Crown Pearl Badge, #0100 *Must be ordered through Delta Phi Epsilon Executive Office

C. Crown Pearl Double Letter Guard, #0600 SS 10K


D. President Dangle, #001 GP SS 10K



E. CZ Stackable Band Ring, #143864 SP/GP E.

F. Juliette Watch, #JULIETTE G. 10K Lavaliere and gold-filled Snake Chain, #L2649 10K/GF H. Filigree Crest Ring, #0629 SS 10K I. President’s Ring, #0452P SS 10K

D. .

I. J.

J. Addy Ring, #ADDY SP GP

TRIAD Fall 2021 13



ALPHA GAMMA ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION After a year of virtual events, the Alpha Gamma Alumnae Association gathered to honor and celebrate the lives of our fallen sisters Jennifer Cordero and Diana Alducin at our annual fundraising event. The Alpha Gamma Alumnae Association was able to fundraise money for scholarships for Alpha Gamma Sisters and gather for a night of sisterhood. Delta Iota Alumnae Association

DELTA IOTA ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION In July the Delta Iota chapter hosted an alumnae tea - fun was had by all! There will be an upcoming winter tea party - stay tuned!


Alpha Gamma Alumnae Association

BETA PHI ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION The Beta Phi Alumnae Association is looking to reconnect with Beta Phi alumnae and any Delta Phi Epsilon members in the Metro Detroit area! Email us at betaphiaa@gmail.com to join. We hold virtual meetings and in-person meet-ups around the Metro Detroit area and are always looking to connect with sisters, old and new! Our General Membership meetings take place via zoom on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 7:30 PM. Everyone is welcome.


We are the alumnae chapter that is located in central Texas. We have events in San Antonio, Austin and the Hill Country. If you are interested in joining us or learning more about our events follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. @dphielonestar or email us at dphielonestaralumnassociation@gmail.com

MONTREAL ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION We held a donation drive for a local women’s shelter. For our Craft Night, we decorated bags with all positive words in hopes to lift the spirits of the person receiving it and included all the essential items in each bag. We also had a spa night where each member received a goodie bag including items for self care. The event’s goal was to remind members the importance of self care and different ways of self care. Some items were: nail filer, nail buffer, facial masks, DIY lip/body scrub kit, chocolates/candy, and a card with daily reminders.

In May, our sisters took advantage of having our first inperson gathering in over a year. We had a blast seeing each other and meeting our newest little legacy. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for information on our monthly sisterhood events.

Delaware Alumnae Association


TRIAD Fall 2021

Montreal Alumnae Association

Phoenix Alumnae Association

Tampa Bay Alumnae Association

PHOENIX ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION In September, we teamed up with the two active Arizona chapters for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides Walk. With everyone adjusting to the world opening back up, our association met to discuss membership retention/growth and how to connect with the upcoming holiday season! Our calendar is filling up with amazing events from senior to alumna rituals to the annual teddy bear tea!

TAMPA BAY DPHIE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION We were invited to an Alumnae Brunch at The Attic Cafe hosted by the DPhiE Delta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Tampa. We all had a great time meeting some active sisters as well as connecting with other alumnae members!


Canada ZETA EPSILON, CARLETON UNIVERSITY The Panda Game is a Canadian rivalry football game between the two OUA football teams in Ottawa, Ontario, the University of Ottawa GeeGees and Carleton University Ravens. It is one of the oldest and richest rivalries in Canadian university football. Sisterhood was out in force despite the rain and Carleton losing 17-19 after a 4th quarter rally by the Gee-Gees. The Ravens will get ‘em next year!

We here at the omega chapter participated in a Panhellenic event to showcase each sorority on campus to (potential new members) PNMs. We had sisters talk to girls interested in knowing more about our sisterhood, philanthropy, and leadership opportunities.


Zeta Epsilon, Carleton University

Florida BETA TAU, NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Beta Tau held their first Diversity Red Table Talk event in the Fall 2021 semester. Through this event, we were able to educate our fellow community at NSU and bring light to a subject that needed to be addressed.

The Psi Chapter put on our annual Dphie Doordash, which raised over $4,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Sisters sold over 400 tickets to the University of Georgia community. Each ticket came with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts as well as a doordash bag filled with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and other fun cereals for donut decorating. There was an event on the Dphie lawn for people to come pick up their donuts and chat with sisters as well as a donut delivery option.

Psi, University of Georgia

Indiana DELTA DELTA, INDIANA UNIVERSITY Our member and out-going President Lauren Zadorozny was admitted to the Indiana University School of Optometry, in which she will be continuing on her academic career next fall!


Beta Tau, Nova Southeastern University

We collected 57 cans of pet food and a bag of dog food for the Bangor humane society and participated in a local trunk or treat. We raffled off a fall themed gift basket and raised $820 for CFF.

TRIAD Fall 2021 15



New Hampshire

Maryland PHI PHI, TOWSON UNIVERSITY On November 7th, 2021, the Towson University Phi Phi chapter held our annual 65 Roses Gala and raised over $10,000.00 for our first philanthropy event back in person!

Massachusetts ZETA DELTA, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Our chapter fundraised over $1600 for our internal financial aid program through a Krispy Kreme sale! These funds go directly to our sisters to assist them with dues to ensure that anyone can join our chapter without having to worry about the financial burden of Greek Life.

PHI PSI, KEENE STATE COLLEGE The Phi Psi Chapter has reinvented Deepher Dude to be a more gender inclusive event, allowing anyone to be the representative of our chapter! Naming it Iris Icon, we have 9 contestants competing on November 12, 2021 to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and become the center of our universe!

Phi Psi, Keene State College

New Jersey BETA ETA, NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Zeta Delta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michigan EPSILON LAMBDA, MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Every year, the Epsilon Lambda chapter as well as the MTU chapter of Triangle Fraternity hosts a greek-wide social event, Lumi, Swedish for snow, meant to celebrate the first snowfall of the year that sticks. This year we had at least one member from every affiliated greek organization on campus (over 100 people total) and even had the new Dean of Student Affairs of Michigan Tech attend. The evening was a hit; filled with snacks, refreshments, games, music, and socializing!

Beta Eta won a Fraternity and Sorority Life Award for our contributions on campus! We were awarded this through FSL and as a Panhellenic sorority! We met and exceeded all of the Standards of Excellence for 2021! We also had a very successful recruitment season and are so excited to welcome ten sisters home! At one of our events, philanthropy night, we all took turns writing our insecurities on old plates and then smashed them. The event was a hit! And helped us form connections with the potential new members and each other!

EPSILON GAMMA, STEVENS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Our Chapter brought back our annual Fall philanthropy event Castle Point Cravings this year! CPC is an event where we get food vendors from the Hoboken area to donate and help us raise money for CFF and ANAD. We were able to raise $732 for our Philanthropies through this event! This past Spring, the Epsilon Gamma chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology was awarded “Most Improved Chapter” by the Stevens Greek Organization! We’re so grateful to have received this award during our semester online and we’re looking forward to continuing to make a difference on campus.

Epsilon Lambda, Michigan Technological University

BETA PHI, CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY The Beta Phi chapter was awarded with “Most Improved Chapter of the Year” for the 2021 year through our Fraternity and Sorority Life office due to our chapter growth and development this past year.

Minnesota BETA IOTA, ST. CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY Our Gamma Alpha class was just initiated, and we are excited to watch Kaylee, Courtney, and Ray grow within our sisterhood. We are looking forward to recommitting ourselves to our philanthropies in the coming year by bringing back our favorite events!


TRIAD Fall 2021

Epsilon Gamma, Stevens Institute of Technology

New York BETA OMEGA, ST. JOHNS UNIVERSITY The Beta Omega Chapter took home two awards. The first was the Innovation Award for standing apart from others in your respective council and in the FSL community by being innovative and creating change. The second was the Campus Partner and Advisor of the Year Award awarded to Amora Laucella for being an outstanding leader and mentor that exemplifies the values that a member should hold.

Alpha Kappa, Fairleigh Dickinson University

ALPHA KAPPA, FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON UNIVERSITY The Alpha Kappa Chapter at Fairleigh Dickinson University worked extremely hard to plan a Boho Biker themed Bid Day for this fall’s new member class. They even had a motorcycle for sisters to take pictures with. Pictured is the President and Vice President of Recruitment with the Harley and the Beta Pi new member class who were welcomed that night!

DELTA OMEGA, MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY Our fundraising coordinator put together a bracelets for body positivity tabling event where each sister made a beaded bracelet with a positive saying on it to sell for ANAD! We have had an unbelievably successful semester bringing back our traditions and seeing our sisters thrive as we come back from being virtual for so long!

GAMMA LAMBDA, CALDWELL UNIVERSITY Our sisterhood is something we take great pride in, and have been striving to make stronger event by event. We had planned a sisterhood event with another organization on campus to speak on the importance of our differences, and how those bring us together. It was led by our uprising VPEB & was a great opportunity to come together as separate sisterhoods, while solidifying why Dphie is so special. We are looking forward to having our alumnae LT’s back prior to transitions to talk about their experiences as well! The chapter also participated in the Susan G Komen walk at six flags as a sisterhood! This fundraiser is one that has touched many sisters lives so it was a great way to show them our love and support.

EPSILON IOTA, SUNY GENESEO One of our sisters, Erika Marcenaro, also our chapters’ VPP, put together a wonderful fundraising event during the summer. She and the rest of our sisters raised around $710 for a hospital who is known for giving toys to the children who undergo CFF treatments, (but had run out of money to do so this summer). Erika has a very personal connection to CFF as her niece suffers from CF, so she has been an incredible resource and spokesperson for the foundation, and having our chapter be as involved as possible with CFF all year round.

EPSILON RHO, HOFSTRA UNIVERSITY On Sunday, November 14th 2021, the Epsilon Rho Chapter hosted our annual 65 Roses Gala Philanthropy Event. For this event, all of our sisters invite their families and/or friends to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We provide brunch to all who attend and have performances by our university’s a cappella groups and dance teams. This year we were thrilled to be able to host this incredible event in person again. We had an amazing turnout and raised over $4,500 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

EPSILON PI, SUNY PLATTSBURGH On April 25th of this year five of our sisters accepted the chapter of excellence award given by SUNY Plattsburgh. This would be our chapter’s second year in a row receiving this award and it means a lot to every sister. This award recognizes the academic achievement every sister has strived for. It also highlights our eagerness to better our chapter and the women around it. It means a lot that our scholarship is being recognized to the school and community around us.

ALPHA RHO, PACE UNIVERSITY The Alpha Rho chapter was awarded Sorority of the Year 2020-2021 at Pace University. We also received Giving Tuesday sponsorship for Community Service.

Gamma Lambda, Caldwell University

TRIAD Fall 2021 17



Delta Nu, Temple University Zeta Kappa, Union College

ZETA KAPPA, UNION COLLEGE The Zeta Kappa chapter held a successful Deepher Dude event on November 4th, 2021. Throughout the first week of November, Zeta Kappa worked diligently to raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. By the end of the week, we raised of $10,000 for CFF and broke Union College’s record for fundraising. We are incredibly proud of our event and everyone who participated throughout the week.

North Carolina GAMMA UPSILON, CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY We won the best float for all of Greek Life in the Homecoming Parade!

ZETA GAMMA, KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY The Zeta Gamma chapter at Kutztown University held their 4th Annual Deepher Dudes! They ended up raising 3,500 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The Zeta Gamma chapter continues to promote awareness as well as raise money for such a great cause.

Texas GAMMA DELTA, SCHREINER UNIVERSITY The Gamma Delta chapter hosted a Gamma Delta Reunion, where we welcomed back Alumni from all over Texas. This event was so important to us because it was the first in-person event back from the pandemic. In hard times like the pandemic there is strength in sisterhood, especially with the guidance of those that came before us. We hope our alumni know that they will always have a home here at the Gamma Delta chapter!

Gamma Upsilon, Campbell University

Pennsylvania ALPHA LAMBDA, YORK COLLEGE OF PENNSYLVANIA The Alpha Lambda chapter proudly pinned 4 new girls as sisters on the 24th of October. We are super excited to welcome home our phi kappas and share our sisterhood with them.

DELTA PI, PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY Delta Pi received the Standards of Excellence award from the Penn State Greek Column Awards this semester for the year of 2020-2021. This award is given to chapters who exceed community involvement through the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life’s Standards of Excellence program.

DELTA NU, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Last Friday, we had the honor of hosting our first IN PERSON Deepher Dude since the COVID 19 Pandemic. Our chapter has able to raise $21,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! We had a blast and it was amazing to finally be in person. Huge shout out to Victoria Williams, our VPP, for all of her hard work over the past couple of months!


TRIAD Fall 2021

Gamma Delta, Schreiner University

Wisconsin BETA CHI, SAINT NORBERT COLLEGE Our chapter did “Dunk a Deeph” and raised over $1,000 for ANAD! We also did “Color the Campus” and raised a lot of money for Cystic Fibrosis as well!

BETA LAMBDA, UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, STEVENS POINT Beta Lambda had a phenomenal sisterhood retreat this year, planned by Kayla Knapp (Member at Large) and Carolyn Czerwinski (Sisterhood Coordinator)! Sisters receive their own customized tote bags, with positive affirmations on them from sisters. We had a sisterhood Olympics and bonded over gift exchanges. Sisterhood Olympics was made up of randomized teams, and included fun mini games. We ended the night with affirmations. Overall this day meant a lot to our chapter, made many memories, and bonded our sisterhood.

Chapter Eternal We honor our Delta Phi Epsilon sisters who have passed away. International Headquarters was notified of the passing of these sisters between May 1, 2021 and November 1, 2021. To report a sister’s death, please contact the IHQ office at 215.732.5901 or email info@dphie.org. Badges and other Delta Phi Epsilon artifacts are welcomed donations to the Delta Phi Epsilon archives.

EPSILON LAMBDA Michigan Technological University

OMEGA University of Miami

Leah Gomez

Jennifer Pschesang

SIGMA The Ohio State University

PHI GAMMA Indiana University of Pennsylvania

ALPHA TAU Winona State University

GAMMA GAMMA Schreiner University

Joan Greg

Jeanne Miller

Wendy Sinclair

Stephanie Bosch

TRIAD Fall 2021 19



Birth/Adoption Alpha Epsilon Emily Sanders welcomed Raegan Lane Sanders on February 5, 2021. 10 Alpha Pi Olivia Ishman welcomed Sophie Maria Ishman on June 4, 2021. 4 Alpha Chi Mari Hoban welcomed the birth of her grandson, Jameson. 11 Gamma Alpha Ashleigh and Markus Goedereis welcomed their son, Lucas. 13



Phi Psi Nicole Mackin welcomed Berklee Audrina Mackin in the middle of the pandemic! 12

Engagements Alpha: Natalie Vang Jensen was engaged to Chris Quinn in a Central Park, NYC fairytale proposal. They are to be married in July 2023. 7 Lambda Kelly Lawton was engaged on July 3 to Eugene. Cheers to the future Simons! #SimonSaysIDo 17




Phi Lambda Briley Jane Newell and Arik Maurice are engaged after each proposing to the other. 15 Phi Phi Haley Jacque is engaged to Joseph Timon. They are planning a Spring 2022 wedding. 26 Phi Tau Molly Wolff got engaged to Zach Cohen (ZBT at University of Maryland) on May 16, 2021 in Philadelphia, PA. 28 Epsilon Delta Danielle Sirota is engaged to Steven Keindl. Alpha Epsilon After 7 years together, Colin proposed to Natasha Nicholas. An October 2022 wedding on Martha’s Vineyard is planned. 16 Beta Iota Katana Jenne is engaged to her boyfriend of 3 years who she met through Greek Life where he is in Tau Kappa Epsilon. 5 Beta Lambda Kristine Thull got engaged to her partner of over six years, and is currently planning their wedding for the spring of 2022. 24 Beta Upsilon Alexandra Grant is engaged to Christian Altamura. Gamma Omicron Megan Fannon was engaged to Cody Savage at Georgia Southern this past December. The wedding will be in Roswell, GA on June 4, 2022. 3 Gamma Sigma Lucy Brassfield was engaged to Davis Schneider on the beach in Galveston, TX. 14 Gamma Psi Kylie Jones was engaged. 22 Gamma Chi Heather King was engaged at the Ringling Museum while on Florida vacation. 19 Zeta Alpha Kristen Davidson was engaged in Chattanooga, TN to Jonathan Svestka (Phi Delta Theta). 20

Marriage Delta Iota Colleen Hughes married Stephen Spatenga Jr on 6/19/21 in Oceanside, NY. Delta Kappa Hope (Baros) Platt married the love of her life, Alexander Platt, on February 27, 2021 in Palm Beach Florida in a beautiful beachfront ceremony. Phi Tau Krystyna Chmura married John Amalfe on September 5, 2021 at the Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. The couple honeymooned to the Amalfi Coast. Phi Phi Amber Jenkins was married this past January and changed her name from Jenkins to Cavey. Phi Psi Sarah Bushnell married Rory Carbone (Keene State Psi Upsilon fraternity alumni) on October 9th 2021 in Keene, NH.


TRIAD Fall 2021




Epsilon Delta Rebecca Lefkowitz wed Kenneth Wasserman with many Binghamton University DPhiE alumnae members in attendance. Once a Deepher always a Deepher! 27 Epsilon Iota Caty Brown married Sam Fearnside in a small ceremony with their parents and closest friends on the waterfront in Buffalo, NY. Epsilon Iota Zoe Marshall married Joseph Chapman on July 31, 2021 in Washington, DC. Quite a few DPhiE sisters were in attendance, including three of the four bridesmaids. 21 Epsilon Omicron Becca Loeffert (Cardillo) got married on August 15, 2020 with a reception on June 12, 2021 in Pittsburgh,PA to Mike Loeffert with her big Melissa and pledge sister Christine by her side. Epsilon Omicron Lydia Schwartz was married in the heat of the 2020 pandemic! Alpha Gamma After postponing their wedding a few times due to the pandemic, Ginelle Solis was married in front of her closest family and friends. Wedding was held in Apopka, FL. 18 Alpha Lambda Rachel Harclerode is getting married to her best friend of 12 years, Zach Tolle, on October 1, 2021. 1 Alpha Pi Sarah Castellano is marrying Rick Fisk on November 6th 2021, surrounded by family, sisters, and friends! Alpha Pi Olivia Chetcuti (Chamberland) was married on 7/24/2021, to her best friend, other half, love of her life with her sorority sisters by my side. It was a perfect day in every way! Beta Lambda Madyson Main will be getting married to Brandon Oberleitner. Beta Lambda Zanna Zehner will be getting married to Sullivan King, who was voted as Mr. Purple Iris for the Beta Lambda Chapter in Spring 2019. They postponed it due to COVID and are extremely excited to finally tie the knot! Beta Chi Kristin Bartel was married to her best friend on July 31, 2021. They met while she was studying at St. Norbert College and a member of the Beta Chi chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. And the best part of the





7 16






17 23




27 25




wedding was her little, grand little and another sorority sister stood by her side, while even more members from her chapter attended.

DFSH are taken care of when they are referred to the agency. Emily has a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Regis University.

Beta Phi Megan Sandoval married, High school sweetheart, Michael Sandoval on July 30th 2021 in Grand Haven Michigan!

Alpha Chi Andrea Fink was elected the Vice President of the William Penn Education Association in December of 2020, at the height of the pandemic. Being elected VP of her local teachers union allows her to work closely with administrators and the community. She advocates for 347 professionals and their students. What’s best for teachers is best for kids.

Gamma Alpha Jessica Troeckler finally tied the knot April 24th of this year and moved in for the first time together! Her maid of honor was her best friend that she met through Dphie. 23 Gamma Beta Katie Citron, married Ryan Citron on July 3, 2021 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Katie’s sorority sister, Karla Jagodinski (graduated 2017) was also a part of her bridal party. 25 Gamma Kappa Katie Lynch married Scott Bronson (phi kappa psi) in Columbus, Ohio on 7/17/2021. Phi Gamma Erica (Grabenstein) Allgood married Zachary Allgood. Zeta Epsilon Charlotte McKenna and Martin McKendry got married this summer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada along the Ottawa River, near Parliament Hill. Charlotte wore her grandmother’s wedding dress. 6


Alpha Chi Amber Zurewich was offered her dream job as a Radiographer at The Johns Hopkins Hospital contingent upon graduation from Bloomsburg University and the certificate program at Hopkins (Set for this December). She’s elated to work in her favorite place in the world, starting in January! She couldn’t have done it without her STAR sister Kaelyn, who pushed her to take a leap of faith and apply. Beta Phi Courtney (Crites) Leonard was selected as the 2021 Outstanding Professional Fundraiser for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Tri-State Chapter. Courtney currently serves as the Executive Director of Development at Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa. Gamma Alpha Ashleigh Goedereis graduated with her Doctorate of Higher Education Leadership. 9

Delta Iota The Delta Iota chapter had their first awards brunch, where they honored their former advisor, Tara Lockhart, with an award in her name. 2

Gamma Iota Sammy Cole-Reardon moved to Indianapolis and started her new position at IUPUI as a Residence Life Community Specialist for Housing and Residence Life.

Epsilon Lambda Kayla Branton was hired into APITech as a Supplier Quality Engineer in Marlborough, MA and moved halfway across the country for this new job.

Gamma Mu Raven Martin graduated from The University of South Carolina with a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Children, Youth, and Families. 29

Epsilon Lambda Honor Sheard was recognized as 2020 ‘MFG Woman of the Year’ by Michigan Manufacturers Association. The MFG Excellence Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates the exceptional contributions that Michigan manufacturers make to their workforces, communities, the economy and the industry. Alpha Alpha Carla Cucci earned a Masters of Education (Ed. M.) in Special Education from Rutgers University. Alpha Iota Emily Meister accepted a new position as Director of Store and Client Experience at Dress for Success Houston. Emily oversees tens of thousands of donations in clothing annually and ensures clients of

Gamma Sigma Kierston Uptmore was offered her first job in higher education, as a recruiter for Blinn college district in Bryan, Texas. Gamma Chi Kaili Calderone graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Aurora University, Aurora, IL. 8 Member announcements can be submitted year round through dphie.org/announcement and are printed at the discretion of the editor.

TRIAD Fall 2021 21



Delta Phi Epsilon celebrated World Kindness Day on November 13th, 2021. This celebration marked the beginning of how Delta Phi Epsilon plans on spreading a message of continued kindness internationally. Together, members have decided that it is important to support each other, help a sister in need, have pride in the sorority’s legacy, and remain loyal to the sorority’s values. They did so collectively, on this day, by performing small acts of kindness and encouraging others around them to do the same. In the future, DPhiE and it’s Kindness Committee are looking forward to partnering with Kindness.org which is an organization paving the way for education and research regarding how kindness can change the world. Our members are doing so much every day to show their kindness and dedication to Delta Phi Epsilon’s values:

Kindness was not just be shown on November 13, but emphasized year round using the hashtag #KindnessisDPhiE on social media. Feel free to talk about how you are kind and why kindness is important in and outside of sorority experiences. Members can also talk about kindness in recruitment, buy Kindness is DPhiE stickers and buttons on ShopDPhiE.com and visit the International Leadership Forum at Disney World this summer! Kindness.org will be hosting numerous opportunities for members to learn about kindness in their personal and professional lives in partnership with Delta Phi Epsilon at the International Leadership Forum. This is just the beginning and DPhiE is looking forward to seeing how their members perform small acts of kindness every day.

World Kindness Day models kindness as a way of being across cultures, philosophies and countries. Kindness is a very personal thing, and WKD is a way to see how kindness is lived in day to day lives, and what it means to be kind to others (and ourselves) outside of our immediate environment. Celebrating kindness as an important value in society also opens doors to generational behaviour change - small sparks that become sustainable kindness movements. - Hilary Horlock, Kindness Committee Chair, Zeta Chapter Alum

Justice, Sisterhood, and Love. Now it’s their turn to be spotlighted.

My mother suffered a bleeding brain aneurysm in late January of 2012, after which she was in ICU for 3 weeks. At the time, the Omega chapter had just started the Spring semester and had just finished recruitment. The advisory board consisted of myself, Carolina Yera and an Omega Alumni - Hannah Barnett, who had just recently been placed on the board. Carolina didn’t hesitate to step up with the chapter and handle pretty much everything. Her support allowed me to focus on my mom’s recovery and gave me time to process everything that was happening. In that same moment the chapter women - who were also very supportive - sent me flowers and the card pictured here. I was moved by this kind gesture.


TRIAD Fall 2021



HILARY HORLOCK Zeta, University of Toronto

I am an alumni initiate and began volunteering immediately serving in a variety of roles within the organization. Not long after joining, I became pregnant. I attended my first NPC meeting and brought my daughter who had just turned 4 weeks old. As a new delegate, I was required to attend multiple hours of training. I was a new mom, nursing my child who refused a bottle, I was sleep deprived and more than a little overwhelmed. One of my role models in our sorority was able to join us at the meeting, her name was Harriet Macht- a former NPC Chairman and our NPC delegate for years. I was in awe of her. She was one of the great leaders and sisters in our organizations and someone I aspired to be like. To honor her legacy, our sisterhood sponsors an award in her name through NPC. Harriet insisted on taking care of my baby so that I could attend my training and not be distracted. Harriet was the first person outside of my immediate family that not only held my baby but cared for her. Skylar has a set of lungs on her and cried and screamed the entire time I was in training. I could hear her as I walked down the hallway to my room and I was horrified. Harriet was nonplussed by it. She handed my screaming child back to me and stayed with me to make sure I could get her calmed down and settled in. We talked for a long time about motherhood, NPC, our sisterhood, my aspirations in the sorority, and most of all about her love of teaching/ reading. I will never forget that meeting, the Panhellenic sisters that I met and to this day are dear friends, and the great leaders of our organization who are featured in this picture. I will also always remember the kindness that Harriet showed to me and my baby.


Beta Tau, Nova Southeastern University


Delta Sigma, Rider University


These #WKD stickers were designed by Mary Kleffner, Gamma Kappa chapter at Capital University and still available for purchase. Click on any design to buy today!

“The members of the Delaware Alumnae Association were my first friends in Delaware BEFORE I even moved. They were so kind to reach out as I was preparing to move 6+ years ago and ensure that my husband and I had everything we needed to make a smooth transition to the area. In the last 6 years, my life has changed many times but the constant has been the never ending kindness and love from this group (including lots of meals when the babies were born!). I am and forever will be so thankful for their kindness.”

TRIAD Fall 2021 23

Chapter Roster Alpha Gamma Eta Psi Omega Delta Epsilon Delta Eta Delta Iota Delta Kappa Delta Nu Delta Xi Delta Pi Delta Sigma Delta Omega Delta Upsilon Phi Gamma Phi Eta Phi Lambda Phi Pi Phi Chi Phi Tau Phi Upsilon Phi Phi Phi Psi Epsilon Gamma Epsilon Delta Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Epsilon Eta Epsilon Iota Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Lambda Epsilon Mu Epsilon Xi Epsilon Omicron Epsilon Pi Epsilon Rho Epsilon Chi Epsilon Upsilon Epsilon Phi Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Theta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Eta Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Alpha Mu Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Tau Alpha Upsilon Alpha Phi


New York University Syracuse University University of Pittsburgh University of Georgia University of Miami Drexel University University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Queens College University of Florida Temple University University of Maryland-College Park Pennsylvania State University Rider University Monmouth University University of Tampa Indiana University of Pennsylvania Northeastern University Emory University Widener University University of Maryland-Baltimore County Rutgers University-Camden Robert Morris University Towson University Keene State College Stevens Institute of Technology Binghamton University-SUNY SUNY College at Albany LaSalle University SUNY College at Fredonia SUNY College at Geneseo SUNY College at Cortland Michigan Technological University SUNY College at Brockport SUNY College at Oswego Clarion University of Pennsylvania SUNY College at Plattsburgh Hofstra University William Paterson University Humboldt State University Thomas Jefferson University West Chester University Florida International University Seton Hall University Stockton University Kennesaw State University Montclair State University Fairleigh Dickinson University-Madison York College of Pennsylvania University of Michigan-Dearborn Southern Connecticut State University Pace University Saint Francis University Winona State University Johnson and Wales University Ramapo College of New Jersey

TRIAD Fall 2021

Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Beta Beta Beta Eta Beta Theta Beta Iota Beta Lambda Beta Mu Beta Nu Beta Xi Beta Pi Beta Rho Beta Chi Beta Tau Beta Upsilon Beta Phi Beta Psi Beta Omega Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Gamma Epsilon Gamma Gamma Gamma Delta Gamma Zeta Gamma Eta Gamma Iota Gamma Kappa Gamma Lambda Gamma Nu Lambda Gamma Mu Gamma Pi Gamma Xi Gamma Rho Gamma Tau Gamma Chi Gamma Sigma Delta Delta Gamma Upsilon Gamma Psi Gamma Phi Gamma Omega Zeta Alpha Zeta Beta Zeta Zeta Zeta Delta Zeta Gamma Zeta Epsilon Zeta Eta Zeta Kappa Zeta Theta Zeta Iota Zeta Kappa Zeta Lambda

Fall 2021

Bloomsburg University Lawrence Technological University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott University of the Sciences in Philadelphia New Jersey Institute of Technology Kean University St. Cloud State University University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Rowan University Wesley College The College of New Jersey Concordia University University of Illinois-Chicago St. Norbert College Nova Southeastern University Rochester Institute of Technology Central Michigan University Brandeis University St. John’s University Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Florida Atlantic University University of New Haven Schreiner University Texas A & M- Kingsville Webster University University at Buffalo Bridgewater State University Capital University Caldwell University Shawnee State University Adelphi University Ferrum College North Carolina Wesleyan College Rhode Island College University of Maine University of Toledo Southern Illinois University Carbondale Tarleton State University Indiana University Campbell University Johnson and Wales Charlotte St. Joseph’s College University of North Georgia Tennessee Technological University Truman State University Young Harris College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kutztown University Carleton University California State University Los Angeles Union College University of Rhode Island Northern Arizona University Union College Farmingdale State College

The trees are vibrant, the air is crisp, and everything feels cozy. Now’s the time to get a quote from GEICO. After all, as a Delta Phi Epsilon member, you could save on auto insurance with a special discount!

1-800-368-2734 geico.com/greek/deltaphiepsilon

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance products. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy. Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however, you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment or affiliation with those organizations. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko® image © 1999-2021. © 2021 GEICO.

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