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Marzo/March 10, 2013 EDICIÓN QUINCENAL


No. 42

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Marzo/March 10, 2013 • No. 42 • Year 2

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DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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The Doral Police Department will soon have a new location




n días pasados el concejo de la ciudad decidió convertir el edificio de obras públicas el cuál ha estado vacío desde su construcción, poco más de 6 ecently the city council decided to turn the public works building, which has meses atrás, en un recinto que albergará el departamento de policía de la been empty since it was built, just over six months ago, in an enclosure that will ciudad y las instalaciones de obras publicas. house both Doral Police Department and public works facilities. El edificio ubicado en la 6100 del Noreste y 99 Ave., cuenta con mas de cinco The building located at 6100 NW and 99th Ave has more than five acres of land acres de tierra y es actualmente utilizado solo para almacenamiento de equipos y and is currently only being used for the storage of equipments that public work field herramientas utilizadas por los trabajadores durante el día. workers used during the day. El recinto que representó una inversión para la ciudad de 9 The compound, which represents a $9 million investment millones de dólares entre la compra de la tierra y su construcfor the city between the purchase of land and its construction, ción, ha resultado ser un espacio innecesario y una inversión has proven to be an unnecessary space and an unwise poco inteligente por parte del antiguo concejo. investment by the former council. El mismo Joe Carollo, actual administrador de la ciudad cuesCurrent city manager Joe Carollo questioned the decision tionó la decisión del antiguo concejo de construir dicho edificio taken by the former council of constructing a building in a en una ciudad de tan solo 45,700 habitantes. city with only 45,700 residents. “Tenemos que convertir esto en una situación de la que todos “We have to turn this into a win-win situation,” said Carollo. podamos ganar,” dijo Carollo. The decision adopted by the council will not only allow the La decisión aprobada por el Concejo no solo permitirá al DeDoral Police Department to have a new operations center, partamento de Policía de Doral tener un nuevo centro de opebut also will save the city a significant amount of money raciones, sino que también le ahorrará a la ciudad una cantidad that would be assigned for the construction of a police considerable de dinero que iba a ser destinado para la consdepartment. trucción de un departamento de policía. To date, the police station had been located in a rented Hasta la fecha la estación de policía había estado ubicado en facility in downtown Doral which was costing to Doral unas instalaciones rentadas del centro de la ciudad y las cuales $200,000 a year. le generaban a Doral 200,000 dólares de renta anual. The city plan is to convert the 14,000 square-foot public El plan de la ciudad es convertir el edificio de 14,000 pies works building into the new police department and assign cuadrados en el nuevo departamento de policía y asignar 5,000 the remaining 5,000 square-foot of storage for public works. pies cuadrados restantes de deposito para las obras publicas. Carollo also anticipated that the renovation within the Carollo también anticipó que la renovación de las instalacioLuigi Boria building would occur in two phases. nes se realizará en dos facetas. The first phase of renewal for which $445,000 from the city budget has been La primera faceta de renovación y para la que ya se destinaron 445,000 dólares assigned already, will be focused on renovating the upstairs area of the building to del presupuesto de la ciudad, estará enfocada en remodelar la parte superior del meet the department’s needs. edificio para que cumpla con las necesidades del departamento. “We will have an area that will be basically what [the department] has now but with “Vamos a tener un área que the ability to grow at twice. However, that’s not going to happen now,” said Mayor va a ser básicamente lo que Boria. “We can not build thinking in bureaucracy. We need to think first about what the [el departamento] tiene ahora needs in our city are. If we need more police and more staff then we can start thinking pero con la posibilidad de crein growth.” cer al doble. Aun que eso no Another major mistake made by the city last year, during the former council va a ser ahora, ” dijo el alcalde administration, was the purchase of new furniture to refurbish the former city offices. Boria. When moving to the new city hall, all that furniture was subsequently collected and “No podemos estar consstored in an area of the public works building. truyendo pensando en buro“Last year I was one of those who were opposed to the purchase of that furniture,” cracia; se necesita pensar en said Boria. “Now we have to see what we can do with all that stuffs. Some of them will las necesidades de la ciudad. be used for the new police department, but we need to see what can be done with the Si es necesario mas policía y rest,” said Mayor Boria. mas personal, entonces ahí se piensa en un crecimiento,” agregó. “Otro de los grandes errores que cometió la ciudad el año pasado, durante la gestión del antiguo concejo, fue la adquisición de nuevos inmuebles para reacondicionar las anteJoe Carollo riores oficinas de la alcaldía”. Al mudarse a mediados de año pasado al nuevo edificio de gobierno, todo ese inmobiliario fue recogido y posteriormente guardado en un área de deposito. “El año pasado yo fui uno de los que me opuse a la compra de esos muebles,’ dijo Boria. “Ahora tenemos que ver que podemos hacer con todos ese mobiliario. Parte de ellos se van a usar para el nuevo departamento, pero tenemos que ver buscar que hacer con el resto,” agregó el alcalde Boria. By Antonella Stelluto

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

El Departamento de Policía del Doral pronto tendrá una nueva locación


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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The power of being Women


By: María Alejandra Pulgar and Grecia Romero

nternational Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th since 1977, and the whole month of March is devoted to honor Women, all of them. All Women, with or without an spouse, who get up early to fix coffee; pack lunches; make breakfast; wake up children; dress up for work; deliver the kids to school while having breakfast in the car; get to the office or return to work at or from home and tend to their house chores; and then do the pick-up route in the afternoons; squeeze in a yoga or spinning class to relieve stress; meet with a friend; volunteer at the children’s school; make dinner, share some quality time with their partner and finally go to bed after a long day of hard work. All single Women, that study, or work or do both and also are looking for a partner in life that not only values them but cares for them and also lets them fulfill their dreams. All mature Women, looking wistfully at all the parts of their bodies that now hang longer than they used

to; that are helping to raise their children’s children and also give them financial support when they need it, sharing their hard earned pension. All elderly Women, that long for the things they could have done and those they could not fulfill; that miss the company of the loved ones that have parted and look hopefully at that new cordless little phone with a screen their grandchildren gifted them, so they can stay in touch with the great-grandchildren that live far away. All girls growing into Women, that look up to their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or sisters, to see in them the example on how to exert the power they have been born with, just by belonging to the strongest gender of the human race, whose greatest strength lies on appearing to be fragile to protect the limitless potential of their intelligence, creativity and sensitivity. The City of Doral has since 2012 a City Council where, out of the five positions, four of them are

occupied by smart, beautiful, determined Women. Women of action, committed to the power granted to them by voters, to make a strong legacy for the whole community. As a tribute to all the Women of the city, Doral Family Journal interviewed two women that are fundamental for Mayor Luigi Boria’s success: First of all, his beloved wife of over 30 years, Mrs.Graciela Boria, his partner in life and business and his unconditional support. And then, Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz, representing the group of all four Councilwomen, that includes Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, Ana Maria Rodriguez and Christi Fraga. To all Warrior Women of Doral, that have come from around the world; to those Women, pillars of the Doral family and the engines that keep the city rolling every day, all the love and gratitude from us, and the desire they always feel appreciated and valued; and that they can achieve every goal they have in their hearts.

Graciela Boria: The leader’s haven By: Maria Alejandra Pulgar


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


raciela Boria is shy, sensitive, loving, passionate and a visionary. With a soft voice and a gentle smile, she does not like talking much about herself or being the center of attention; because everything in her life revolves around her husband, Mayor of Doral Luigi Boria, their children and now their grandchildren. “I am a person who is calm, always on the backstage, pushing and cheering and advising others how to pursue their goals, because everything has its time and opportunity. I have a vision of how things are achieved bit by bit, with persistence and patience. I always tell my students they should never stop; that in order to achieve success they have to be in constant motion, no matter how slow it goes.” Her students are all people she serves, along with Luigi, through the “Ministry of Entrepreneurship Education” and the Joseph Business School, in the Alpha and Omega Church where they worship. There they motivate those who attend the seminars to start their own businesses, teach them management tools and motivate them to be steadfast in their desire to be successful. “Sometimes they do not see the results, and we advise them not to be discouraged or back away, because to see results, you have to go ahead. I like to help them develop a vision”. “These people have many dreams and do not know how to achieve them. For someone who has not experienced success, learning how to get there and receiving support to do it is a revelation. Having someone tell you how to follow your vision and get your expected results is very valuable. I like seeing anyone with a dream achieving it. Everyone has dreams and teaching them they have the ability to reach them, that they came to this earth with a purpose, when you transform their mindsets and help people improve you have succeeded in life”.

However, the greatest success and happiness for Graciela Boria has been living focused on developing her family and helping her husband. “He is the one with the ideas, the leader, and I have been happy to support him. When I have hesitated, Luigi being the great salesman he is has convinced me and I ended up being more excited than him. He is tireless, always doing something, always with a project or a dream to fulfill”. But not everything in life can be work and Graciela is very vigilant of keeping his quality time sacred and helping him to live a balanced life. “I get very upset when people stress him, and disturb his peace of mind during his resting time, because I have devoted my life to daily providing him with a haven of tranquility in the midst of the consistently hard working life

Cover | Portada if the woman behaves with an overpowering attitude towards her man, she ends up doing her work and his. Women were born to be loved, to be pampered. So women, allow your man to love you! Be the person your man wants to talk to, your lap the place where he wants to lay his head. It is not physical, it is not sex; it is beyond that. Make him feel that he has a companion at his side, a partner, someone that values spending time with him”. Graciela Boria, as First Lady of the City of Doral, wants to be a woman of action to support the Mayor of Doral. She has been making contact with state organizations that offer financial aid and is preparing shortterm projects to help bringing these programs to the city. “I can assemble the team of volunteers to work on this. I want to create ways to offer aid from the city, to listen to the immigrants and help them integrate to the community. In Doral there are many needs that we detected while knocking on so many doors during the campaign”. “In these positions of Public Service you can get many contacts and do a lot of good for the people in need. If the Lord opens doors for me to help people achieve their dreams for sure I will do it. I always want to do the will of God. Where He wants to take me there I’ll go”. For the women in Doral, Graciela Boria has the following message: “I have to congratulate them for being strong and hardworking, because many are struggling to maintain the stability of their home. But I want to encourage them not forget their dreams.” “They came here with dreams and everything can be achieved with patience. Do not stop, keep walking forward. Give the husbands their rightful place; do not seize the power from them, together you are stronger. Because the power of women lies in the wisdom of doing the right things in the right time, but also in the knowledge that you cannot abuse that power”.|

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

When Luigi comes home I want him to feel comfortable to be home, to reach a friendly atmosphere. Luigi has always taken care that the house chores do not absorb me, so I can spend time with him. I was fortunate that when we had the possibility, he hired help to support me at home so our quality time was truly so. Luigi has been very special with me. As we started together very young, and times were hard, he always told me: ‘I’m going to work hard and move forward to make you my queen, to provide everything for you, so you do not have to worry and when I come home you have all the time to be with me’. He does everything. Sometimes he even cooks! Before seeing me busy or worried with something he prefers to deal with it and find a solution”. “Love is built with everyday details; one thing is passion and something else is love. The reward comes through the years. People want to live forever their physical passion from youth and love is more than that. When you enjoy spending time with your partner, when you feel good to be with him and you’re glad when he arrives, even after 30 years that is Love. It is so great to just have a pleasant conversation together! You do not need much to be happy. Joy comes from within, there is where true happiness and true joy lay. I can say that my life has been almost perfect Thank God. God has given me so much that I have to help others, I have to teach and give back. You cannot stay silent, hidden, without telling people that although life has sacrifices, it is worthwhile because life gives you rewards. You must be the instrument to help many people, to show them that there is love and there is family; that when you persist you can conquer your dreams; that when you sow with patience it will be fruitful“. “Men are leaders; they are the head of the household. You have to respect them, give them their rightful place at home. Sometimes women compete with them and want to overshadow and take their places. If you let a man take his place he’ll take responsibility. But


that has been our 30 years of marriage”. The Borias are a tight-knit family. In the little free time they have, they seize the opportunity to escape together, the entire clan “all eight of us: Luigi and me; our children, their spouses and now the babies” to eat, talk and share experiences together. Those are moments Luigi and Graciela cherish; but she is also aware of the importance of giving their children their own space “now it is the time for them to bloom, to shine, and we will always be there to support them, but I do not like intruding in their lives, first of all because I am very busy and secondly because it is wrong. They have to live their own lives, make their own mistakes and learn from them, knowing we will always be there for them”. Nevertheless, their children sometimes complain that she is a “too modern grandmother”, too busy that barely has time for her grandchildren’s needs and Graciela answers ‘I tended to you, raised you, now I have projects and dreams of my own I want to fulfill’. And she truly is busy, working hard, leading the family business and also seeking projects that could provide assistance to many needs she and her husband detected in the city during the mayoral campaign. Still, her huge smile betrays how much she loves taking care of her grandchildren, especially their daughter’s daughter, who they take care of more often. Balancing business and family has been a constant challenge for Graciela. The beginnings were hard, when they had just got married, still finishing college. Then the children began to arrive and Luigi worked hard to achieve the goals they had together, through frugality and perseverance. “We’ve done a lot together. I might have conquered the world alone, but I have really achieved so much just because we have been in this together”. To consolidate the company she now operates successfully along with their children, the beginnings were difficult. First defining the scope and nature of the business and then working hard to make it flourish. Graciela graduated in Business Administration and Luigi in Accounting and they put their knowledge and their hopes to work together. “We spent all our savings on starting the business and it got stalled for a while. We were worried, but kept trying, working hard focused on the possibility of success”. The effort paid off and it finally started to profit and through the years grew into the prosperous company ‘The Wise Computer’ is today, thanks to perseverance, frugality and organization, but mostly because the two of them always looked in the same direction towards success and she was flexible to adapt to the ‘savings mindset’ Luigi always put in their business. “He was acting very mature for his years, regardless of being so young, because he had to work hard all his life to reach his goals. And I was so young, and was not ready, but we coped and succeeded. The engine of it all was love and responsibility. And I fell in love with him all over again, for his discipline and persistence to achieve success.” Perhaps therein lays the secret of a happy marriage of 30 years, growing together with the same projects. “The figure of the wife is very important; a wife has to be everything to her husband,” says Graciela. “I think the secret is to realize that when your husband comes home, it is your partner, your lover who has arrived.

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he word “power” has many definitions. Some immediately associate this term with the ability to command, the imposition of a point of view or in the decision-making process. For Sandra Ruiz, Vice Mayor of the City of Doral, “power” means something quite different. In her view, power “is only a tool that permits someone to serve in their community; it is the ability to combine strategies to achieve the objectives that will enable us to live better but always following moral and civic rules”. In other words she sees power as, “an opportunity to provide service”, a window to use the resources and advantages of a position for the benefit of the community.   During her ten years and more of civic activism, Sandra has demonstrated with facts her concern for our city and her disposition to serve it. The high moral, religious and family values with which she has lived throughout her life have motivated her to participate in activities to help others. These interests were the spark that led her to become part of the founding group of Doral in the year 2001, and her subsequent role as councilor of the local government for eight consecutive years.  This experience allowed her to recognize and understand first-handily our community and its problems.   Sandra, being a powerful woman, is aware of her ability to deliver capacity and work. She sees this “power as a destiny, as a journey that fills her with great satisfaction and personal fulfillment”. She distances herself from the concept of dominant power that seeks to monopolize any opportunity of growth, or the one that only wants to feed egos.  In her current position, she is fully aware of her role and seeks to accomplish devotedly her mission of “protecting our city and fixing it for the next decade”.   Political Activism and Power Relation.  Sandra never thought she would be part of Doral’s founding Committee, but she is proud to have lived those “golden years” where the sense of power was given by the unification of a group of friends and neighbors trying to do good things, achieving a common purpose. It was without doubt during this time that she was able to show that through teamwork and with the appropriate use of talent and abilities she could achieve many things by putting to one side her personal interests, stereotypes and egos, and positioning in first place the collective interest and welfare.  Since that beginning Ruiz has been a firm leader; she has been in continuous contact with the community and she appreciates that connection.  Her interest is to be close to the residents and to support them in all the aspects that she can.  Her community activism never stops and she maintains an open door philosophy. Ruiz comments, “I dedicate time to attend and to understand the


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


Woman Power for Sandra Ruiz as Vice Mayor of Doral

needs of the city.  Being a public official does not mean we can solve all of the issues, but I exhaust all the resources that I have to orient and to direct the people to find a possible solution, or to present to them alternatives or contacts.  I try to give them as much information as I can”.  For Ruiz civic activism is very important and it offers the ability to serve the individuals of a community.  “Every person should feel the city where they live as their own, and this should motivate them to be involved and if possible to participate actively.  For this it is vital to be educated in the responsibilities of a municipality.”  Doral relies on the Civic Academy, an educational vehicle available to all residents who are interested in knowing how the city operates and where it is headed.  In spite of the goodwill of its members, City Hall cannot solve everything, but if the responsibilities of the municipality are known and understood clearly then the work can be carried out better.  Woman Power and Personal Equilibrium As expected, to occupy a position like Sandra Ruiz’s implies a great amount of responsibility, of

investment of time and commitment. But as it happens in everyone’s life, there is also a human side that cannot be forgotten and to maintain the balance between the duty and the human essence is where the secret of the success of a powerful person is situated.  For the Vice Mayor of the City, this equilibrium is very important, although at times it is not an easy task.  “It is a double loyalty by showing that professionally I want to do well but that at the same time, I have a family.  My secret is that I do not try to sacrifice or to sabotage one for the other but I seek an equilibrium between both.”  As Ruiz adds,  “Unfortunately there are no magic tricks that allow us to achieve that equilibrium and for this reason I have developed with my husband a strategy in which our contribution and understanding are the best ingredients.  We help and coordinate ourselves in order to attend to our children and the needs of our family and I try to respect the time of each thing”.  With an attitude of humility, Sandra recognizes that she is not a “superwoman”, but a woman that struggles to fulfill her family and her community.  The public environment where she works has taught her another aspect of the personal equilibrium that is essential in this type of role: to know how to fight with the disadvantages of her position, which in her opinion are the loss of privacy and the malicious criticism.  For several years now, together with her family she has lived according to their code of honor, “to continue performing her work and to do the best in spite of the comments and the rumors”. This is what has permitted her to carry out with a fresh mind what one must do “allowing things to be left in the open without having to feel the responsibility of leaving or defending anything”, to summarize, facts speak more than words!  Female majority in the Council, Beneficial for the City? As we all know, excluding Mayor Luigi Boria, women constitute the government body of this city.  There are those that see this as an advantage and others as a drawback.  In Ruiz’s opinion:  “A woman in politics is a gift for the community.  We see many things from a different point of view than men do.  We are more detail-oriented, as women we position ourselves to the vision of a future although I think it is good that there is diversity in the Council.”  With the word “detail” Sandra refers to more than visual aspects. It implies the anticipation of the impact of her decisions “in the community, in the neighboring cities and in general to see with seriousness the additional responsibility of any implemented actions”.  The challenge of these women is to support each other mutually and “to make the decisions that are beneficial to our city”

Cover | Portada without caring who the author of the proposal is. It is a commitment of help, not promises, because as councilwomen promises are difficult to keep since often things do not depend on an individual work, they depend on the economic and political environment and of the city.  Even though that this Council is recently beginning to integrate, and is learning to function like a team, it is a historic moment to show our community that a group of talented and professional women can work together to benefit everyone.  As a woman, Sandra thinks that everyone “should put an effort so that there is harmony and confidence, in order to function like a group with one single voice”. 

For Sandra power comes with maturity and responsibility, without forgetting the qualities of a woman that lives to her fullness: with respect, honesty, love, commitment, understanding, courage and detail-orientated. These qualities without doubt make this Vice Mayor a Power Woman.|

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

in their children’s schools, in any civic work, art event, or any other area of interest. She motivates women “to have confidence in themselves and to work to identify those strong aspects that permit them to be fulfilled as a person, to know their limitations and to set clear goals following their call, their gift in life”. 


Woman of Power and Social Responsibility with Other Women. Sandra furthers the opportunity to support this community beyond the walls of her office.  She considers it very important to serve as a mentor to other women and to support them in their development and training.  It is a way to exercise her leadership, to share her knowledge and to support the city.  “Doral is composed of thousands of professional women that want to develop professionally.  Women that wish to open their first business or expand an existing one.  Mothers that aspire that things will be facilitated and that the community will offer them opportunities to be able to share quality time with their children”.  She encourages today’s women to become active


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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Poder de Mujer Por María Alejandra Pulgar and Grecia Romero


l 8 de marzo se celebra desde 1977 su Día Internacional y el mes de marzo se consagra como el mes para homenajearla. A la Mujer. Así en mayúscula. A la Mujer, sola o acompañada, que se levanta temprano para arreglar el café, las loncheras, el desayuno, levantar los niños, vestirse para el trabajo, llevar a la tropa a la escuela mientras desayuna en el carro, correr a la oficina o volver al trabajo de la casa (que ‘embrutece, envejece y nadie te lo agradece’ como dice el refrán) para luego hacer el recorrido inverso en la tarde, tratar de insertar una que otra clase de yoga o spinning (para mantener la figura y liberar el stress), atender a las amigas que la necesitan, hacer voluntariado en el colegio de los hijos, hacer la cena, compartir y cumplir con su pareja y finalmente irse a dormir, después de un largo día de logros. A la Mujer soltera, que estudia, o trabaja, o las dos cosas. Que busca el progreso y una pareja que la quiera y la consienta pero también que la

deje realizar sus sueños. A la Mujer madura, que mira con nostalgia las cosas de su cuerpo que ya no están ‘a la altura que solían estar’, que está ayudando a los hijos a criar los nietos y además los apoya económicamente con su pensión. A la Mujer anciana que recuerda las cosas que pudo realizar y las que no; Que extraña la compañía de los seres amados que se han ido y mira esperanzada ese teléfono nuevo sin cable y con pantallita, esperando con ilusión que suene para poder ver aparecer en el a los bisnietos que viven lejos. A la Mujer en potencia, a la niña que va creciendo y observando en su madre, su abuela, sus tías, el ejemplo del poder que le confiere el haber nacido dentro del género más fuerte de la raza humana, cuya mayor fortaleza es aparentar ser frágil para proteger el potencial ilimitado de su inteligencia, su creatividad, su sensibilidad y su destreza. Desde el 2012, Doral cuenta con un Concejo

Municipal donde de las 5 posiciones, 4 de ellas están ocupadas por mujeres inteligentes, bellas y determinadas. Mujeres de acción y compromiso con el poder que les fue otorgado por los votantes; decididas a realizar una gestión que deje huella en la comunidad. Como homenaje a todas las mujeres de la ciudad, Doral Family Journal entrevistó a 2 de las mujeres claves para la gestión del Alcalde Luigi Boria. Primero que nada su amada esposa de más de 30 años, Graciela Boria, su compañera incondicional y su soporte. Y luego la Vice Alcaldesa Sandra Ruiz, en representación del grupo de Concejales Bettina Rodríguez Aguilera, Ana María Rodríguez y Christi Fraga. A todas las Mujeres guerreras de Doral, pilares de las familias y motores de la vida cotidiana de la ciudad, todo el amor y el agradecimiento; y el deseo de que siempre se sientan apreciadas y estimadas y puedan lograr todas las metas que tengan en su corazón.

Graciela Boria: El remanso del líder By: Maria Alejandra Pulgar


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


raciela Boria es tímida, sencilla, amorosa, apasionada y visionaria. De voz cálida y pausada y amable sonrisa, no le gusta mucho hablar de sí misma y ser el centro de atención. Porque para ella el centro de su vida son su esposo Luigi, sus hijos y ahora sus nietos. “Soy una persona que está detrás empujando, calmada, porque todo tiene su tiempo y oportunidad. Tengo la visión de cómo poquito a poquito, con persistencia se van logrando las cosas. A mis estudiantes les digo que nunca debes parar, que hay que estar en movimiento constante, no importa que sea lento, para poder lograr el éxito.” Sus estudiantes son los jóvenes a quienes atiende a través del “Ministerio de Educación a Empresarios” y la Joseph Business School en su Iglesia Alfa y Omega, donde ella, junto a Luigi, motivan a quienes asisten a sus seminarios a emprender sus propios negocios, les enseñan las herramientas básicas de administración y les motivan a ser perseverantes en su deseo de ser exitosos. “A veces los muchachos no ven los resultados, se ven estancados entonces yo los motivo ‘no te desanimes ni retrocedas, aunque no veas los resultados, sigue adelante’. Soy una promotora de las visiones”. “Los muchachos tienen muchos sueños y no saben cómo lograrlos. Lo que para uno es algo normal en la vida, para alguien que no ha tenido experiencia es una revelación, una gran novedad. Tener a alguien que te diga cómo seguir tu visión y obtener tus resultados es muy valioso. A mí me gusta

que quien tenga un sueño lo pueda realizar, porque todo el mundo tiene sueños y les ensenamos que si se puede, que vinieron a esta tierra con un propósito. Queremos ayudar a la gente a progresar. Con que, transformes una vida ya lograste algo”. La mayor felicidad de Graciela ha sido estar enfocada en desarrollar su familia y ayudar a su esposo. “Él es el de las ideas, el líder y yo he sido feliz ayudándolo a lograrlas sus ideas. A veces me le opongo, pero es tan buen vendedor que me convence y termino yo más entusiasmada que el mismo. Él es incansable, hace de todo”. Pero como todo no puede ser trabajo, Graciela es muy celosa de conservarle a él su tiempo de calidad y una vida balanceada “una vida plena, que tenga de todo” y se molesta mucho cuando hay quienes le perturban y lo estresan, porque ella ha estado toda la vida pendiente de proporcionarle diariamente un remanso de tranquilidad en el medio de la vida de trabajo duro y constante que han tenido en estos 30 años de matrimonio. Los Boria son muy familiares. En el poco tiempo libre que tienen, buscan la oportunidad de escapar el clan completo “los ocho: nosotros, los muchachos, sus esposos y los bebés” y se encuentran para comer, conversar y compartir en familia. Esos son momentos que tanto Luigi como ella atesoran. Pero también es consciente de la importancia de dejarles espacio a sus hijos “ahora es el turno de ellos de surgir y siempre estar atrás para apoyarlos. No me gusta estar metida en sus vidas, primero

“El hombre es tu líder, es tu cabeza. Respétalo. Dale su lugar como hombre. A veces competimos con ellos y los queremos opacar y ocupar su lugar. Si lo dejas ocupar su lugar él va a tomar su responsabilidad. Pero si la mujer con su actitud parece el hombre, termina haciendo el trabajo de él y el suyo. Pero porque quiere. Las mujeres estamos para ser queridas, para ser consentidas. Para dejarnos querer. ¡Déjate querer! El hombre lo que quiere es con quien hablar, donde recostar su cabeza. No es carnal, no es sexo, es todo un conjunto. Hacerle sentir que tiene una compañera a su lado, dedicarle su tiempo”. Graciela Boria, como Primera Dama de la ciudad, quiere ser una mujer de acción para apoyar la gestión de la Alcaldía de Doral. Ha estado haciendo contacto con organizaciones estatales que ofrecen ayudas financieras y está preparando a corto plazo ayudar para traer estos programas a la ciudad. “Como mujer voluntaria puedo armar el equipo para trabajar en esto. Quiero crear algo para poder ofrecer estas ayudas desde la ciudad, para escuchar al inmigrante y que uno pueda ayudarlos a integrarse. En Doral hay muchas necesidades. Hay como un maquillaje de las realidades de la ciudad y yo lo sé por haber tocado tantas puertas durante la campaña”. “En estas posiciones uno puede hacer tanto. Si el Señor me abre las puertas para hacer cosas por la gente seguro lo voy a hacer. Yo siempre quiero hacer la voluntad de Dios. Donde Él me quiera llevar ahí voy. Voy haciendo donde Él me va llevando”. Para las mujeres de Doral, Graciela Boria tiene el siguiente mensaje: “Las felicito por lo luchadoras que son y por mantener la estabilidad del hogar. Pero eso sí, que no pierdan sus sueños. Llegaron aquí con sueños y todo se puede con paciencia. No paren, sigan caminando adelante. Denle su lugar a su esposo, no se tomen el poder para ustedes solas, compártanlo”. Para Graciela Boria “el poder de la mujer radica en la sabiduría para hacer las cosas correctas, pero también en saber que no se puede abusar de ese poder”.|

gente quiere vivir la misma pasión carnal que vivió de joven y el amor es más que eso. Cuando tú disfrutas, te sientes a gusto de estar con tu pareja, te alegras cuando llega, aun después de 30 años. ¡Que rico conversar! No necesitas tanto para ser feliz. El gozo viene de adentro, allí es donde está la verdadera felicidad y la verdadera alegría. Yo puedo decir que mi vida ha sido casi perfecta Gracias a Dios y si Dios me ha dado tanto es para que yo enseñe y ayude. No te puedes quedar callado, escondido, sin decirle a la gente que aunque la vida tenga sacrificios vale la pena porque la vida te da las recompensas. Tienes que ser motor para ayudar a mucha gente, mostrarles que el amor existe, que la familia existe, que si persistes puedes conquistar tus sueños. Que todo lo que tu siembres todo florece.”


porque no tengo el tiempo y segundo porque no es correcto. Es una realización ver que ellos surjan, tener la certeza que no me necesitan.” Aunque a veces los hijos se quejan de que es una abuela muy moderna y ocupada que casi no tiene tiempo para los nietos que la necesita y ella les responde ‘ya yo hice mi carrera, y ahora tengo que buscar cómo llenarme yo’. Por eso trabaja muy fuerte, llevando la empresa y buscando proyectos de ayuda comunitaria para apoyar la gestión de su marido. Así y todo, su inmensa sonrisa delata lo mucho que le encanta quedarse con los nietos, sobre todo con la niña que es a quien cuida con más frecuencia porque ‘las niñas de la hija nunca se van de casa’. El lograr la estabilidad económica y la armonía familiar han sido un trabajo constante y persistente también para Graciela. Los comienzos fueron duros, recién casados, terminando de estudiar. Luego empezaron a llegar los hijos y Luigi luchando para lograr las metas que trazaron juntos. “Hemos hecho mucho juntos. No te digo que sola no me habría llevado el mundo por delante, pero he logrado tantas cosas porque hemos estado juntos.” Para consolidar la compañía que hoy exitosamente operan junto con sus hijos, los comienzos fueron difíciles, mientras definían el ramo del negocio y este comenzaba a prosperar. Ella graduada de Administradora y el de Contador trabajaban juntos. “Invertimos en eso todos nuestros ahorros y ningún arranque cuajaba”. Hasta que arrancó y se convirtió en la empresa próspera que es hoy, gracias a la perseverancia, a la mesura y a la organización, pero sobre todo porque los dos miraban siempre en la misma dirección de éxito y ella fue flexible de adaptarse a la mentalidad de ahorro que Luigi siempre puso en los negocios. “Él era muy joven pero actuaba con mucha madurez, muy adulto. Porque había que trabajar para llegar a la meta. Y yo tan jovencita, mentalmente no estaba preparada, pero salimos adelante. El motor era el amor y la responsabilidad. Y me fui enamorando más de él, por su disciplina y su persistencia”. Tal vez allí radica el secreto de un matrimonio feliz de 30 años, crecer juntos con los mismos proyectos. “La imagen de la esposa es muy importante, La esposa tiene que ser todo para su esposo” dice Graciela. “Yo creo que el secreto es darte cuenta que cuando tu esposo llega a la casa, llegó tu compañero, tu amante, no el hombre para fastidiarlo. Cuando él llega a la casa yo quiero que se sienta a gusto de estar en casa, que llegue a un ambiente agradable. Luigi se encargó que la casa no me absorbiera para que el tiempo que pasara en la casa fuera para él. Tuve la fortuna en cuanto se pudo, de tener ayuda para que el tiempo de calidad nuestro fuera de verdad para nosotros. Él ha sido tan especial conmigo. Como empezamos jóvenes, aunque era muy duro él siempre me dijo: ‘yo voy a salir adelante para tenerte como una reina, para que no hagas nada, que cuando yo llegue estés conmigo, no tengas preocupaciones’. A veces hasta cocina. Antes de verme atareada y que se acabe el encanto prefiere ocuparse”. “El amor se construye, una cosa es pasión y otra cosa es amor. La recompensa viene a los años. La

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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Poder de Mujer en Sandra Ruiz como Vice Alcaldesa de Doral

Por Grecia Romero


En sus más de diez años de activismo cívico, Sandra ha demostrado con hechos ésta preocupación por su ciudad y su inclinación al servicio. Los altos valores morales, familiares y religiosos que ha vivido a lo largo de su vida la han motivado a participar en actividades de ayuda a los demás y estas vivencias fueron la chispa que la impulsaron para formar parte del grupo fundador de Doral en el año 2001, y su posterior rol como concejal del gobierno local por ocho años continuos. Esta experiencia le ha permitido discernir y entender de primera mano a esta comunidad y sus problemas. Sandra como mujer poderosa está consciente de su capacidad de entrega y trabajo. Ve el “poder como un destino, un camino en cuyo viaje se encuentra la mayor satisfacción y realización personal”. Ella deja a un lado el concepto de poder dominante, que busca monopolizar cualquier oportunidad para seguir creciendo, o alimentar sus propios egos. En su posición actual, tiene claro su rol y


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

ay muchas definiciones para la palabra “poder”. Hay quienes inmediatamente relacionan este término con el don de mando, la imposición de puntos de vista o la toma de decisiones. Para Sandra Ruiz, Vice Alcaldesa de la Ciudad de Doral, significa algo muy distinto. En su perspectiva, poder “es solo un instrumento para hacer cosas en servicio de la comunidad; la capacidad de conjugar estrategias para lograr realizar los objetivos marcados que nos permitan vivir mejor pero siempre en obediencia de las reglas morales y cívicas”. En cortas palabras, una “oportunidad de servicio”, una ventana para utilizar los recursos y bondades de su cargo para beneficio de la comunidad.

busca cumplir a cabalidad su misión de “proteger la ciudad y repararla para la próxima década”. Activismo Político y Relación de Poder. Sandra nunca se planteó como meta pertenecer al Comité que instituyó la Ciudad de Doral, pero se siente orgullosa de haber vivido esos “años dorados” donde el sentido de poder venia dado por la “unión de un grupo de vecinos y amigos tratando de hacer el bien”, conseguir un fin común. Fue sin duda esa época que le permitió demostrar que el trabajo en equipo y el uso apropiado del inventario de talento y habilidades pueden lograr mucho si se deja a un lado intereses personales, estereotipos y egos, y se coloca en primer lugar el interés colectivo y el bienestar. Desde esos comienzos Ruiz ha sido una líder firme, ha estado en continuo contacto con la comunidad y aprecia ese contacto. Su interés es estar al lado de los residentes y apoyarlos en todos los aspectos que pueda. Su activismo comunitario no se detiene y mantiene una filosofía de puertas abiertas, como ella misma comenta “dedico tiempo en atender y entender las necesidades de la comunidad. Como funcionarios públicos a veces no podemos resolver todos los problemas, pero agoto todos los recursos que dispongo para buscar orientar y encaminar a las personas para encontrar una posible solución o presentarle alternativas o contactos. Trato de darles la mayor información que pueda”. Para Ruiz el activismo cívico es muy importante y otorga poder de servicio a los individuos. “Toda persona debe sentir como suya la ciudad donde vive y esto debe motivarlo a involucrarse y de ser posible participar activamente. Para ello es vital educarse en las responsabilidades de un municipio”. Doral cuenta con la Academia Cívica, un medio de educación disponible a todos los residentes que se interesen en conocer como funcionamos y adonde nos dirigimos. A pesar de la buena voluntad de sus miembros, la alcaldía no está para resolverlo todo, pero si se conocen y entienden claramente las responsabilidades del municipio, el trabajo pueden realizarse aun mejor. Poder de Mujer y Equilibrio Personal Como es de esperarse, ocupar una posición como la de Sandra Ruiz implica mucha

responsabilidad, inversión de tiempo y compromisos. Pero como sucede en la vida de todos, también existe una cara humana que no puede olvidarse y mantener el equilibro entre el deber y la esencia como persona es donde radica el secreto del éxito de las personas poderosas. Para la Vice Alcaldesa de la Ciudad, este equilibrio es muy importante, aunque a veces no sea tarea fácil: “Es una especie de doble lealtad por demostrar que profesionalmente quiero salir adelante pero que a la vez, soy una mujer de familia. Mi secreto particular es que no trato de sacrificar o sabotear una por la otra sino que busco el equilibrio entre ambas”. Como ella añade: “Desgraciadamente no hay trucos de magia que permitan lograr ese equilibrio por lo que desarrollo con mi esposo un esquema en el que la colaboración y el entendimiento son los mejores ingredientes. Nos ayudamos y coordinamos para atender a nuestros hijos y las necesidades de nuestra familia y trato de respetar al máximo los tiempos de cada cosa”. Con una actitud de humildad, Sandra reconoce que ella no es una “superwoman”, sino una mujer que se esfuerza por satisfacer a su familia y su comunidad. El ambiente público en el que se desenvuelve le ha enseñado otro aspecto del equilibrio personal muy necesario en este tipo de roles: el saber batallar con las desventajas del cargo, las cuales en su opinión son la pérdida de privacidad y la crítica malintencionada. Hace varios años que ella y su familia han vivido de acuerdo a su código de honor, “continuar efectuando su trabajo y hacer lo mejor a pesar de los comentarios y los murmullos” lo que le ha permitido realizar con mente fresca lo que hay que hacer “dejando que todo salga a la luz a su tiempo sin tener que sentir la responsabilidad de salir y defender nada”, en síntesis, los hechos hablan más que las palabras! Mayoría femenina en el Concejo, Beneficio para la Ciudad? Como sabemos, excluyendo al Alcalde Luigi Boria, el cuerpo de gobierno de la ciudad está constituido por mujeres.

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tos fuertes que le permitan realizarse como persona, conocer las limitaciones y fijarse metas claras siguiendo su llamado, su don en la vida”. Para Sandra el poder viene junto a madurez y responsabilidad, sin olvidar las cualidades de mujer de poder que vive a plenitud: respeto, honestidad, amor, compromiso, entendimiento, coraje y orientación al detalle. Cualidades sin duda que la hacen Mujer de Poder como Vice Alcaldesa de Doral.|

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Mujer de Poder y Responsabilidad Social con Otras Mujeres. Sandra eleva la oportunidad de apoyar a la comunidad mucho más allá de las paredes de su oficina. Ella considera muy importante servir de mentor a otras mujeres y apoyarlas en su desarrollo y preparación. Es una manera de ejercer su liderazgo, transmitir su conocimiento y apoyar a la ciudad. “Nuestra ciudad está compuesta por miles de mujeres profesionales con ansias de poder que desean seguir subiendo peldaños en sus carreras. Mujeres que desean expandir sus negocios, abrir sus primeras empresas. Madres que desean que se le faciliten las cosas y que su comunidad les brinde la oportunidad de compartir tiempo de calidad con sus hijos”. Ella aprovecha las oportunidades para animar a las mujeres de hoy día a ser parte activa de las escuelas, obras cívicas, eventos de arte, áreas de interés. Motiva a las mujeres a “tener seguridad en sí mismas y trabajar por identificar aquellos aspec-


Hay quienes pueden ver esto como una ventaja y otros como una desventaja. En opinión de Ruiz: “La mujer en la política es un don para la comunidad. Nosotras vemos muchas cosas desde un punto de vista distinto a lo que un hombre puede ver. Somos más detallistas, como mujeres nos orientamos a la visión de futuro aunque pienso que es bueno que en el Concejo haya variedad”. Con la palabra “detalles” Sandra se refiere mucho más que solo aspectos cosméticos, implica anticipar el impacto de sus decisiones “en la comunidad, en las ciudades vecinas y en general ver con seriedad la responsabilidad adicional las acciones que se apliquen”. El reto de estas mujeres es apoyarse mutuamente y “tomar las decisiones que sean buenas y beneficien a la ciudad” sin importar quién sea el autor de la propuesta. Es un compromiso de ayuda, no promesas, pues como concejales las promesas son difíciles ya que no depende del trabajo individual, depende del ambiente económico y político de la ciudad. A pesar que el concejo recién empieza a integrarse y deben aprender a funcionar como equipo, es un momento histórico para demostrar a la comunidad que un grupo de mujeres profesionales y muy talentosas pueden trabajar juntas para el bien de todos. Como mujer, Sandra opina que todas “deben hacer un esfuerzo para que haya armonía y confianza, pudiendo funcionar como grupo de una sola voz”.

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Should or should not approved a new charter school in Doral?


By Antonella Stelluto

ormer Doral City Council approved on September, 2012 a petition executed by the Doral Preparatory Charter School Developer to enter a lease agreement for the construction of a charter school in the city. However, some members of the current council believe that this project could bring more repercussions than benefits for the city. Charter schools are a type of public schools, which operate under a contract or “charter”, awarded by a public agency that may be a local or state agency, a higher education agency or municipality. In the case of the city of Doral, it is the school board who grants or denies petitions for the creation of charter schools within the area. The school will be built on a 3-acre property owned by the city of Doral since 2007 and will be located one block north of 66th Street with a maximum capacity of 900 students. Benefits for the City Currently Doral has three K-8 centers (John I. Smith, Eugenia B. Thomas, and Dr. Rolando Espinosa), one middle school, one high school and two charter schools: Renaissance Elementary and Middle, and Doral Academy, which goes from pre-K until 12th grade. However, most of these schools already reached their maximum capacity.

Based only on the approvals for residential development near the area where the school will be located, it is estimated that there will be an increase of 2,000 residential units, which represents an increase of approximately 780 school-aged children. If we think about benefits, a third charter school would provide to new and old residents the opportunity to educate their children within their living area. Consequently, this would help to simplify the residents’ life as well as to allow them to be much more integrated with their community and the activities that take place on it. “I accept the charter school concept because I think it’s a way to speed up the constructions and facilitate classrooms for students,” said Sandra Ruiz, current Vice Mayor of Doral.                                               

Debe o no aprobarse una nueva escuela charter en Doral?


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


l antiguo concejo de la ciudad del Doral aprobó en septiembre 2012 una petición ejecutada por el Doral Preparatory Charter School Developer para realizar un contrato de arrendamiento con la finalidad de construir una escuela chárter en la ciudad. Sin embargo, algunos miembros del actual concejo piensan que este proyecto pudiese traer mas repercusiones que beneficios para la ciudad. Las escuelas chárter son un tipo de escuelas públicas independientes, las cuales operan mediante un contrato o “carta constitutiva” (chárter), otorgado por una agencia pública que bien puede ser una agencia local o estatal, una organismo de educación superior o una municipalidad. En el caso del Doral, es la junta escolar quién otorga o niega las cartas constitutivas para la creación de escuelas chárter en el área. El plantel educativo que será construido en un terreno de tres hectáreas, perteneciente a la ciudad del Doral desde el año 2007, estará ubicado una cuadra al norte de la calle 66 y albergará a un máximo de 900 estudiantes. Beneficios para la ciudad En la ciudad existen actualmente, tres unidades educativas que van desde Kindergarten hasta el 8o grado (John I. Smith, Eugenia B. Thomas, y Dr. Rolando Espinosa), una escuela media, una secundaria y dos escuelas chárteres: Renaissance, que va de primaria a media, y Doral Academy que abarca desde pre-k hasta 12o grado. Sin embargo, la mayoría de estas instituciones educativas ya alcanzaron

su máxima capacidad de admisión. Basándonos solo en las aprobaciones para desarrollos residenciales cercanos al área donde estará ubicado dicho plantel, se estima que habrá un incremento de aproximadamente 2,000 unidades residenciales, lo cuál equivaldría a un aumento de 780 niños en edades escolares. Si se piensa en beneficios, una tercera escuela chárter proporcionaría a nuevos y antiguos residentes la oportunidad de educar a sus hijos en áreas cercanas a su residencia. Consecuentemente, esto contribuiría a simplificar la vida de los residentes así como también les permitiría mantenerse mucho más compenetrados con su comunidad y las actividades que en ésta se realizan. “El concepto de escuela chárter lo acepto porque, creo que es una manera de acelerar la construcción y facilitar aulas para los estudiantes,” dijo Sandra Ruiz, actual vicealcaldesa del Doral. Repercusiones del proyecto Por lo general, la unión de maestros se muestran renuente a la creación de escuelas chárter debido a que cada nueva construcción representa una pérdida para la junta escolar. Y cuando hablamos de pérdida, no solo nos referimos a la de ingresos monetarios sino también a los de maestros y staff. “En algunos casos a la junta escolar le cuesta uno o dos millones de dólares al año dejar ir o aprobar, por ejemplo, seiscientos estudiantes,”|


dijo Ruiz. “Lo que sucede con los chárter es que ellos no tienen la obligación de tomar a los mismos empleados que trabajaban en un escuela pública. Es por esto que la unión de maestros esta tan opuesta; porque muchos de ellos se quedan sin empleo a consecuencia de estas escuelas,” agregó. Otro de los aspectos negativos que inquieta al concejo es el espacio tan reducido en el que ésta escuela va a construirse. Por lo general, las instalaciones de las escuelas públicas son mucho más detalladas y completas mientras que los chárteres escogen edificios que ya han sido construidos o estructuras donde la zonificación le permita construir. “Los niños necesitan tener las instalaciones necesarias para su educación. Por ejemplo, el Ronald Reagan en una estructura de casi veinte acres que cuenta con espacio suficiente para tener canchas, auditorio etc.,” dijo Ruiz. “Como es que en tan solo tres acres van a construir una escuela que albergará novecientos estudiantes? No hay suficiente espacio para instalaciones o para puestos de estacionamiento,” agregó. El hecho que una escuela que va a estar ubicada en pleno corazón residencial no cuente con un espacio amplio de estacionamiento, podría generar grandes problemas de flujo vial en el área. “ No solo es el tema del tráfico, es que esto está aprobada para ser una escuela de kindergarten al doceavo grado, lo cuál significa que muchos de los estudiantes ya están en edad de conducir y no van a tener donde estacionar sus carros,” dijo Ruiz. Sin embargo, si la junta escolar llegase a negarle la carta constitutiva al Doral Preparatory Charter School Developer, estos podrían optar por convertirlo en una escuela privada en la cual cobrarían a los representantes por los servicios educativos.

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Project Impact Usually, the teachers union is reluctant to the creation of charter schools because each new school approved represents a loss for the school board. And when we speak of loss, we mean not only the revenues but also the teachers and staff. “In some cases, it cost to the school board one or two million dollars a year to let go or give, for example, six hundred students,” said Ruiz. “The thing about charters is that they are not required to take the same employees that worked in public schools. That is why the teachers union is so oppose, because many of them become unemployed as a result of these schools.” Another aspect that worries the council is the small space in which this school is to be built. Generally, public school facilities are much more detailed and complete while charters tend to choose buildings that are already built or structures where the zoning department allows them to build. “Children need to have all the necessary facilities for their education. For example, Ronald Reagan in a structure of nearly twenty acres that has enough space to have a courtyard, auditorium etc.,” Ruiz said. “How is that in just three acres they are going to build a school that will accommodate nine hundred students? There is not enough space for facilities or parking space.” The fact that a school that will be located in the heart of residential zone does not have enough space for an appropriate parking area, could create major traffic problems in the area. “Not only is the trafficking issue, is that this is approved for kindergarten through twelfth grade, which means that many of the students are old enough to drive and will not have where to park their cars,” said Ruiz. However, if the school board decides to deny Doral Preparatory Charter School Developer the charter, they may choose to turn it into a private school in which parents would have to pay for their children education.

DMS Culinary Students to Participate in the Carnival Miami Cooking Contest


oral Middle School students enter to participate in the Carnaval Miami Cooking Contest: • Damian Hapke with a Chocolate Foam Cake • Rhiana Suarez with a Fruit Delight • Maria Serrao with a “The Hungry Caterpillar Cup Cakes”, • Erika Torrentes prepared a “Chicken and Shrimp Taco Shell Bowl”. Selections were made from all Middle School and High School students who enter and as one of the finalist was our very own Rhiana Suarez to represent Doral Middle School.

On February 21, 2013 Rhiana Suarez an eighth grader in the Family and Consumer Science / Culinary Education class, participated in the Carnaval Miami Cooking Contest with other Middle School & High School students. Initially, she was in a tie for first place and the judges decided to award second place to Doral Middle School. Rhiana Suarez won $225.00 dollars for her outstanding presentation on developing a recipe, ease of preparation, originality, and taste.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Special Thanks goes to, to Mr. Ramon J. Garrigo, Principal, Doral Middle, for your ongoing support, Ms. Arlene Martinez, Director, Miami-Dade County Public Schools Community Engagement, to The Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, Winn Dixie, and Bounty for sponsoring this wonderful event for all students.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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Moss-Lebolo JV awarded $15 million design-build contract for Divine Savior Academy high school expansion in Doral



DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

oss-Lebolo JV, a joint venture of Moss & Associates  of Fort Lauderdale and  Lebolo Construction Management  of Boynton Beach has been awarded a $15 million contract to supervise the construction and design of a three-story high school expansion at Divine Savior Academy in Doral. The Lutheran-sponsored institution serves 500 students from preschool through high school. The new addition will include a 3-story classroom, an auditorium/chapel, gym and fitness center along with athletic fields, courts and new parking.  Design and permitting work has begun on the 108,000-square-foot facility and construction is scheduled to commence on July 1, 2013. Moss-Lebolo JV plans to have the facility ready for students by August 2014. The architect of the building is  Somerville, Inc.,  of Green Bay, Wisc.  Moss-Lebolo will manage the other key design team members while coordinating with Somerville, Inc. on the architectural aspects.  “We are honored that Divine Savior chose us,” said

Scott Moss, the president. “Educational construction from elementary school additions to complex research centers is a cornerstone of our business.” “We’re looking forward to implementing Somerville’s unique design,” said Moss Senior Project Manager Sherry Werner. “We intend to use all our expertise to meld the architecture and construction to build the school as a secure center of learning.” “The new high school will provide additional educational options for the fast growing City of Doral.”   “Lebolo has a broad portfolio of education projects and together with Moss we are looking forward to providing The Divine Savior Academy with a seamlessly coordinated construction project completed to the highest standards of excellence,” said Randy Lebolo, president of Lebolo Construction Management.

The Divine Savior Academy serves 500 students grades PK3 through high school. The fully-accredited school includes 31 teachers, 9 paraprofessionals, a full-time ESL teacher, a full-time resource teacher, an admissions director, a guidance counselor, a college counselor, and two school administrators. The threebuilding campus is located near the intersection of 58th Street and 102nd Avenue in Doral. Its School Pastor and Superintendent is Carlos Leyrer and Senior Pastor Carl Leyrer

Police Corner | Esquina del Policía

Florida’s Move Over Law

Fortunately, in our city officers have not been involved in major accidents on our streets nor have any of them been a fatal victim but there have been a few incidents and precautions are still necessary. “In a city like this one, where almost a half million cars use the main roads daily, there is always a risk of accidents,” says Officer Noel Feliciano. Without disclosing detailed information, an example that happened recently is when a driver ran over the foot of a firefighter at a traffic accident scene in Doral. How does the Move Over law work? This law “requires all motorists approaching a vehicle with lights flashing (patrol car, emergency vehicle and/or tow truck) to change lanes away from the emergency vehicle if traveling on a multi-lane roadway and if able to do so safely.” If they cannot move over safely, drivers should slow down to a speed of 20 mph below the posted speed limit. It is important to approach the emergency vehicle with caution and remember that violating the rules puts motorists and public safety professionals at risk, and can result in a fine and lost points on the driver’s record. “Complying with the Move Over law is even more important in school zones where there are a lot of children around. Drivers must slow down to a speed of 15 mph when a police car has its flashing lights on or the school zone lights are on,” adds Officer Feliciano. Also, complying with the law “helps to protect those who are protecting us” on our streets. It is a way of appreciating their lives, their families and the job they do. As good citizens and residents, it’s our responsibility not only to follow the rules but to teach others, especially relatives and friends visiting from abroad, to do the same. When we are talking about safety, there shouldn’t be any excuses! Should you want to know more about the Move Over Law, visit or You can also contact Doral Police at (305) 4-POLICE [476-5423].

Desde 1999 hasta hoy, el Departamento de Seguridad de Carreteras y Vehículos tiene registro de más de 170 oficiales muertos y miles más heridos por accidentes ocurridos cuando éstos oficiales realizaban su trabajo en las carreteras. La Ley “Muévase a un Lado” fue creada para proteger a los “oficiales, los trabajadores de emergencia y los conductores de camiones de remolque que se detienen a lo largo de las carreteras de Florida para realizar sus trabajos”. Afortunadamente, en nuestra ciudad no han ocurrido accidentes graves que hayan cobrado la vida de nuestros oficiales, pero si se han presentado algunos incidentes y por ello se requiere tomar las debidas precauciones. “En una ciudad como ésta, donde casi medio millón de autos utilizan las principales vías a diario, hay un gran riesgo de accidentes”, comenta el oficial Noel Feliciano. Un ejemplo de esto ocurrió hace poco cuando un conductor continuó su camino a alta velocidad pasando por encima del pie de un bombero que se encontraba en la escena de un accidente de tráfico en Doral. ¿Cómo funciona la ley “Muévase a un Lado”? Esta ley “requiere que los conductores se cambien de carril cuando una patrulla de policía, un vehículo de emergencias, o una grúa estén estacionados en las orillas de las carreteras con sus luces de emergencias encendidas. Si un cambio de carril no puede ser ejecutado, los conductores reducirán su velocidad a 20 mph por debajo del límite establecido por los letreros viales. Es importante acercarse al vehículo de emergencia con precaución y recordar que la violación de esta ley coloca a otros conductores y profesionales de la seguridad pública en situación de riesgo, lo cual puede resultar en una multa y puntos en el registro del conductor que incumple la ley. “Observar esta ley es más importante aún en las zonas escolares donde transitan muchos niños que debemos proteger. Los conductores deben reducir la velocidad a 15 millas por hora cuando una patrulla de policía tiene sus luces encendidas, o los semáforos de zona escolar estén encendidos”, agrega el oficial Feliciano. Además, el cumplimiento de la ley “ayuda a proteger a los que nos están protegiendo” nuestras calles. Es una forma de apreciar sus vidas, sus familias y el trabajo que hacen. Como buenos ciudadanos y residentes, es nuestra responsabilidad no sólo seguir las reglas, sino enseñar a otros, especialmente a familiares y amigos que nos visitan desde el extranjero. Cuando hablamos de seguridad, no debe haber ninguna excusa! Si desea mayor información sobre la ley, visite www.moveoveramerica. com o También puede comunicarse con la Policía de Doral al (305) 4-POLICE [476-5423].|

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recorded that more than 170 law enforcement officers in the United States have died and thousands were injured in a crash as a result of being on the side of the roadway doing their job since 1999. The Move Over law was created to protect “law enforcement officers, emergency workers and tow truck drivers who are stopped along Florida roadways doing their jobs.”


ay una gran cantidad de visitantes que pasan por nuestra ciudad a diario y no están conscientes de la Ley “Muévase a un Lado” de la Florida, ni conocen el peligro potencial que representa para nuestros funcionarios y residentes locales el no cumplirla. La Policía del Doral busca educar y proteger a nuestra comunidad brindando información oportuna y aplicando medidas para garantizar el cumplimiento de esta ley especialmente por el gran número de jóvenes al volante en la ciudad.

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


here are a lot of visitors traveling through our city who are unaware of the Florida’s Move Over Law and the potential danger posed to our officers and local residents. The City of Doral Police Department wants to educate our community by giving them information and applying enforcement initiatives to ensure compliance especially because of the number of young people behind the wheel in our city.

Muévase a un Lado


By Grecia Romero

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Passion for creating smiles Dr. Teresa Bello-Burgos and the ‘Monsignor Felipe Bello’ Foundation invite to the “Donating Smiles” Day in Doral on Saturday March 16 By María Alejandra Pulgar


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


r. Teresa Bello-Burgos D.M.D., D.D.S., knew from an early age that she wanted to be a dentist. She has always loved making people smile. Graduated in General Dentistry at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), she practiced for two years in her native Dominican Republic and, upon moving to the U.S., she obtained her Dentistry License through Nova University, where she pursued her advanced studies and then obtained her degree in Cosmetic Dentistry at the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA). Upon graduation, she began working in an office in Coral Gables, and over time opened her practice, along with other associates, in the Aesthetic Dental Center, with offices in Doral and Tamiami. In these centers, Dr. Bello-Burgos and her associates, all of them specialists with advanced degrees, offer general and pediatric dentistry, endodontic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. This multidisciplinary team can give patients a comprehensive and ongoing professional collaboration to provide high quality service. “Teamwork helps us provide an excellent and comprehensive service” says Dr. Bello-Burgos. All these professionals do their work with passion and dedication, and concentrate on providing good service, with the desire to give their patients a comfortable and pleasant experience, with satisfactory results to enhance their self-esteem and safety by keeping their teeth healthy and being able to smile confidently. “We want our patients to feel comfortable. Our office is very cozy and comfortable; we focus on making people feel at home. Our objective is that people feel comfortable when they smile and happy when others look at their beautiful teeth, “says Bello-Burgos. That same passion for bringing joy and smiles by spreading the conscience for oral health was the motivation of Dr. Teresa BelloBurgos when she created the “Monsignor Felipe Bello” Foundation’ and their event ‘Donating Smiles Day’. “Father Bello was my uncle, and was a priest for 50 years in Santo Domingo. He was devoted to service the needy, with charisma and humility. When we created the foundation

decided to name it in his honor, “said Dr. BelloBurgos, for it is a way to continue the legacy of service to the needy after Father Bello’s example. The Mission of the “Monsignor Felipe Bello” Foundation is “to help reduce dental problems in low-income communities, where most population lacks access to basic dental services”. And this mission is carried out through awareness and education campaigns on oral health, where patients are trained in basic preventive strategies and techniques such as brushing, flossing and mouthwash and the importance of comprehensive oral care to improve general health of individuals. The “Donating Smiles Day” events have previously taken place 6 times in various locations of Santo Domingo and will occur for the first time in Miami, at the Aesthetic Dental Center, Doral

office, located at 9757 NW 41 Avenue, on Saturday March 16, for children 3 to 14 years of age. “It’s the seventh event we hold. The initiative comes from the extreme need for affordable dental services that exist in our communities. There are many people here who do not have insurance. In Santo Domingo people have no means, no insurance, there is much poverty. What we do there is to visit remote sites, where there is a need for dental services. We go to the fields, the mountains, where people live without any access to medical or dental services” explains Dr. BelloBurgos. “Here we are focusing on helping people with no insurance and no means to pay for the service.” During the event, they are expecting to serve up to 100 patients, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and will provide general pediatric dentistry services with all dentists available to care for children in need who have been registered in advance by contacting the office. The future of the “Monsignor Felipe Bello” Foundation is very promising: “We have many projects in mind that we want to carry out, because it is an institution eager to help and serve. In Miami we want to have in the near future buses to take the services to needy areas of the city, to different communities. We would like people to help us achieve that. The idea is to go one day to Homestead or to Allapattah, and hold events twice a month here at Doral. That’s the dream, that’s the approach, enabling us to reach to the slums and help. There are many people who do not have dental services and oral health is fundamental for staying healthy”. Dr. Bello-Burgos concludes thanking the support she has received from the City of Doral, and inviting residents to participate in the event: “The support from Mayor Boria and especially his wife Graciela, has been extraordinary, since the first time I mentioned the project. It is good to know that those who run the city are people who are willing to help. They’re going to be here working with us that day. The idea is to give back to the city that has supported us so much, and we look forward to continue with these projects so that fewer dental problems arise within our communities.” To register your children between 3 and 14 years to participate in the “Donating Smiles” Day on March 16th, call Aesthetic Dental Center (305) 4775299 or visit the website www.

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Pasión por las sonrisas La Dra. Teresa Bello-Burgos y la Fundación ’Monseñor Felipe Bello’ llevarán a cabo la Séptima Jornada “Donando Sonrisas” en Doral el próximo sábado 16 de marzo

campañas de concientización y educación sobre salud oral, donde entrenan a los pacientes en estrategias y técnicas preventivas básicas como el cepillado, uso del hilo dental y enjuagues bucales y les ilustran en la importancia integral de la salud oral en la salud general de los individuos. De allí surgen las jornadas “Donando Sonrisas” que se han realizado exitosamente en 6 oportunidades anteriormente, en diversas localidades de Santo Domingo y por primera vez tendrá lugar en Miami, en la oficina de Doral del Aesthetic Dental Center, ubicada en el 9757 NW 41 Avenida, el próximo sábado 16 de marzo, para niños entre 3 y 14 años. “Es la séptima jornada que se hace. La iniciati-

va surge de la necesidad dental que existe. Hay mucha gente aquí que no tiene seguro. En Santo Domingo la gente no tiene los medios, ni seguro, hay mucha pobreza. Allá lo que hacemos es trasladarnos a los sitios donde existe la necesidad, a sitios recónditos; vamos a los campos, a las montañas, donde la gente no va y los servicios no llegan. Aquí nos estamos enfocando a gente muy necesitaba, gente sin seguro y sin medios para pagar el servicio.” Durante la jornada, que espera atender hasta 100 pacientes, desde las 8:00 am a las 5:00 pm, prestarán servicios de odontología pediátrica general por parte de todos los odontólogos, quienes estarán disponibles para atender a los niños necesitados que hayan sido registrados previamente, comunicándose con las oficinas del centro. El futuro de la Fundación “Monseñor Felipe Bello” es muy promisorio: “Tenemos muchos proyectos en mente que queremos llevarlos a cabo, porque es una institución con muchas ganas de ayudar y servir. En Miami lo que queremos a mediano plazo es tener autobuses para trasladar las jornadas de servicio a las áreas necesitadas de la ciudad, a diferentes comunidades a dar el servicio. Quisiéramos el apoyo de gente que nos ayude con eso. Esa es la idea, poder ir un día a Homestead, a Allapattah, dos veces al mes aquí en Doral. Ese es el sueño, ese es el enfoque, podernos mover a las barriadas pobres y ayudar. Aquí hay mucha gente que no tiene servicios dentales y la salud bucal es fundamental para la salud integral”. Concluye la Dra. Bello-Burgos agradeciendo el apoyo de la Ciudad e invitando a los residentes de Doral a participar y apoyar en el evento: “El apoyo del Alcalde y sobre todo su esposa Graciela Boria, ha sido muy grande e incondicional, desde el primer momento que le mencionamos este proyecto. Es fabuloso saber que la gente que está manejando la ciudad es gente dispuesta a ayudar. Ellos van a estar aquí trabajando con nosotros ese día. La idea es devolverle un poco a la ciudad que tanto nos ha apoyado, para que podamos seguir siempre con estos proyectos para que haya menos problemas dentales dentro de nuestras comunidades.” Para registrar a sus hijos entre 3 y 14 años en la Jornada “Donando Sonrisas” comuníquese al Aesthetic Dental Center al (305) 4775299 o consulte la web|

su nombre en su homenaje”, explica la Dra. Bello-Burgos; para ella es una manera de continuar el legado de servicio a los más necesitados del Padre Bello. La Misión de la Fundación “Monseñor Felipe Bello” es “ayudar a reducir, mejorar y solucionar los problemas dentales existentes en localidades de bajos recursos económicos, donde la mayoría de la población no tiene acceso a servicios dentales básicos.” Y esta misión la llevan a cabo con



a Dra. Teresa Bello-Burgos, D.M.D., D.D.S., supo desde pequeña que quería ser dentista. Siempre le ha gustado ver a la gente sonreír. Graduada de odontólogo en la Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), ejerció la profesión por dos años en su país natal, la Republica Dominicana y luego de trasladarse a los EEUU obtuvo su licenciatura en Nova University, donde realizó sus estudios avanzados y luego su post grado en odontología cosmética en la Universidad de California – Los Angeles (UCLA) Una vez graduada, comenzó a trabajar en un consultorio en Coral Gables, y con el correr del tiempo abrió su práctica, junto con otros odontólogos asociados, en el Aesthetic Dental Center, con oficinas en Doral y Tamiami. En estos centros, la doctora Bello-Burgos y sus compañeros, todos especialistas, ofrecen servicios de odontología general y pediátrica; endodoncia, ortodoncia, periodoncia; cirugía bucal y odontología cosmética. Este equipo multidisciplinario permite dar a los pacientes un servicio integral y una colaboración profesional constante para proveer un servicio de calidad. “El trabajo en equipo nos ayuda a hacer mejor odontología” afirma la Dra. Bello-Burgos. Todos estos profesionales realizan su trabajo con mística y pasión, concentrados en el bienestar y el buen servicio, con el deseo de proveer a sus pacientes un ambiente cómodo y agradable, con resultados satisfactorios que les permitan mejorar su autoestima y seguridad al tener una dentadura sana y poder sonreír confiadamente. “Queremos que se sientan a gusto. Nuestra oficina es muy familiar, nos concentramos en que la gente se sienta como en casa. Se trata de que la gente se sienta cómoda cuando sonría, que se sienta feliz cuando los otros les miren sus dientes bonitos”, afirma Bello-Burgos. Esa misma pasión por llevar sonrisas de alegría y por propagar la salud bucal fue la motivación de la Dra. Teresa Bello-Burgos al crear la Fundación ‘Monseñor Felipe Bello’ y las jornadas ‘Donando Sonrisas’. “El padre Bello fue mi tío, quien ya falleció y fue sacerdote por 50 años en Santo Domingo. Fue una persona extremadamente dedicada al servicio, con un gran carisma y una gran humildad. Cuando creamos la fundación decidimos ponerle

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Por María Alejandra Pulgar

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The importance of creative play and art activities for toddlers


By Laura Tobi

Laura Tobi is the founder of The Art Shack. Art clases are available for toddlers starting at he age of 2, as well as clases for older children and adults. 305-331-2297 – info@theartshackmiami. com Facebook: The Art Shack Miami.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

arents are surprised when they learn we offer art classes for toddlers starting at the age of 2, and even more surprised when I tell them the classes last 1.5 hours and that they need not stay with their child. Once they see their little one absorbed in creative play they realize the importance it has for their development. Creative play in art nurtures imagination develops creative and lateral thinking as well as fine motor skills. Children that are aware and sensitive to their environment and the people around them are happier. Open-ended activities allow for explorations that simulate the senses and the attention to detail. Diversity in the materials offered for creative play allow for discovery of new textures, colors and temperatures. The toddler’s vocabulary is enriched with new words he learns to describe the explorations and ensuing feelings. Each child finds a personal and different path of exploration. It’s important to let toddlers explore and create with absolute freedom, let them do their thing. Adults are there to facilitate varied experiences and ask questions to stimulate observation and verbalization by the child. Many tots find in art a means of expressing what they feel, situations they still have no words to describe. For the child the process of creating is much more important than the final product. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to do art with toddlers. The recycle bin is a treasure of cardboard, colorful labels and magazines, different size boxes and lids, all offering endless possibilities of creative play and art. Incorporating elements form the child’s daily life to the artwork is very valuable. For example, when we go for a walk we may collect sticks, stones and dry leaves and use them in a collage or as painting tools. Every child needs to be able to get dirty and be messy and not worry about it. You can set up a space outside and allow your child to create in their diapers or underwire. Another convenient place is the bathtub, using an old towel on the tub floor to avoid slippery surfaces. Creative play is so beneficial to your child that it is worth sacrificing cleanliness a little to reap the amazing benefits it will bring.

La importancia del juego creativo y el arte para los mas chiquitines


uchos padres y madres se sorprenden de que ofrecemos clases de arte para niños a partir de los dos años de edad, y mas aún cuando les digo que las clases son de una hora y media y que no es necesario que se queden con ellos. Pero una vez que ven a sus hijos ensimismados en el juego creativo comprenden la importancia que tiene para su desarrollo. Este tipo de juego en el arte nutre la imaginación, ayuda a desarrollar estrategias para resolución de problemas y pensamiento lateral y favorece la ejercitación de las destrezas de motricidad fina. Un niño atento y sensible es un niño más feliz. Las actividades de arte de final abierto permiten a los mas chiquitos un espacio de exploración que estimula sus sentidos, haciéndolos mas atentos a los detalles y características de su entorno y de las personas que lo rodean. Al crear utilizando materiales diversos descubren nuevas texturas, colores, temperaturas. El vocabulario del niñito se enriquece con las nuevas palabras que aprende para describir lo que siente y lo que experimenta. Cada niño encuentra un camino de exploración diferente y personal. Es importante dejar que el pequeño explore y cree con libertad absoluta. Nuestra función es presentar diferentes experiencias y realizar preguntas orientadas a la observación y la descripción por parte del niño. Así vemos que muchos chiquitos encuentran que, a través del arte, pueden expresar sentimientos y situaciones para las cuales aun no tienen palabras. Para el niño pequeño el proceso en si es lo importante, el producto final no interesa. No es necesario gastar mucho dinero para hacer arte con los niños pequeños. El bote de reciclado es un tesoro con cartones, etiquetas de colores, revistas, cajas, tapitas de diferentes tamaños. Las posibilidades de juego y creatividad son infinitas. Es importante incorporar elementos de la experiencia diaria en el arte del niño. Por ejemplo, en un paseo podemos recoger ramitas, piedras, hojas secas y usarlas en un collage o como herramientas para pintar. El niño necesita poder ensuciar y ensuciarse sin problemas. Podemos hacer arte afuera, en pañal o interiores. Una tina de agua a un lado y una esponja facilitan la limpieza. También podemos pintar dentro de la bañera, cubriendo el piso de la misma con una toalla vieja para no resbalarnos. El juego creativo es tan importante para el niño que vale la pena ceder un poco de espacio y pulcritud para cosechar sus maravillosos beneficios. Laura Tobi es fundadora de The Art Shack donde se ofrecen clases de arte para pequeños a partir de los 2 años, además de cursos para niños mas grandes y adultos. 305-331-2297 – info@theartshackmiami. com Facebook: The Art Shack Miami.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

e have all heard the parent who says “my child is already reading and they are only 4 years old!” How does that make you feel? Do you feel guilty? Well, you shouldn’t! There is a growing trend maybe even an epidemic of parents who believe that pushing a child to perform academically early on is better for them. They get concerned if their child is not reading by the age of 4, or completing mathematical worksheets, or naming all the letters, and the list goes on and on. I wanted to expose a few myths and reveal some truths that you may find enlightening: MYTH #1: Children who learn to read early have greater academic success later on. FACT: Research has shown there is NO correlation between early reading and later academic success, states renowned professor and developmental psychologist Dr. David Elkind. The differential gap between early readers and ones who learn later on disappear within a couple of years, so that there is no difference. MYTH #2: Children who attend academic based preschools do better in later years than others. FACT: That is NOT true. In fact children who attended academic based preschools tend to have more stress and anxiety in later years than those who attended a development based preschools. Rather than pushing for an academic type preschool, research has shown that preschools that implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum give children the proper foundation for academic success in the future. The appropriate environment involves gradual exposure to literacy and academic skills rather than making them the main focus. Global Village Preschool places children based on their chronological age and not milestones (for example, we do not agree to refuse a child based on whether they are walking or not or potty trained). Placing children by age, allows for the teachers to plan accordingly and use developmentally appropriate materials. It also ensures a smooth transition into Kindergarten in the future. Often parents ask to have their child put into a class that is above their age group (based on date of birth) and do not see the detrimental effects this can have Be very careful of preschools that tell you, “your child will be reading when they leave here”, “Your child will be able to independently complete mathematical, addition/subtraction worksheets by 4 years old”, and other such claims. Instead look for preschools that say: “We employ developmentally appropria-

te practices”, “we expose the children to rich materials supporting their multiple intelligences”, “we emphasize self-esteem not extrinsic praise”. Every space within Global Village Preschool was carefully and thoughtfully designed to stimulate the child in a developmentally appropriate way. We view children as seedlings. Just as seedlings need water, earth, sunlight, and fertilizer to flourish so to it is with children. Just as how you can’t pull the plant and stretch it to make it grow faster, neither should you do that with children. Instead nourish them with inspiration, water them with creativity, fertilize them with curiosity and they will bloom! Parents, you should not feel guilty when your friend says “my child is already reading!” Rest assured that once your child is in a stimulating, developmentally appropriate environment with caring and understanding professionals, they are on the right track to academic success! Visit us at Global Village Preschool Inc. to experience what a developmentally appropriate environment can do for your child. By: Global Village Preschool Inc. 10505 NW 112th Ave. Miami Fl, 33178 • 305-400-4383


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Carollo and Trump Talk Beauty By Anne Michael-Anthony



DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

he City Manager of Doral, Joe Carollo, has been quietly speaking with Donald Trump and working his magic to bring the Miss USA Pageant to the City of Doral. At a Special Council Meeting held on March 6, 2013, at the Doral City Hall, the City Manager brings forth his plans that have been under construction with Donald Trump to bring the Miss USA Pageant to Doral. “This would put the City of Doral on the map” says, Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez who herself was a beauty pageant queen. Councilwoman Fraga was appointed by the City Manager, Joe Carollo, to be the Liaison between the City and “the Donald” to make this happen. With four incredibly powerful women on the Council, this is a no brainer for Doral. “The whole Doral Community needs to come together. We need to have everyone come together as a community to make this happen.”, says Joe Carollo. This is an unbelievable opportunity for the City of Doral and although we have many challenges, the City Manager believes that this could happen as soon as July 2013. “We have a green light”, says Joe Carollo, all that is needed is a vote from the council. The Council votes unanimously in favor of moving forward on the negotiations that the City Manager is initiating with Donald Trump to bring the Pageant to the City of Doral. Absent from the vote was Vice Mayor Ruiz, who excused herself earlier due to having a previous commitment. Even though with all the challenges that the City of Doral faces with this proposal, Joe Carollo is the man to bring this the Miss USA Pageant to the City of Doral and launching Doral on a new and exciting chapter of its young life.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

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Miami English Spot Learn English in a Fun Way! “I get in life what I have the courage to ask for. I wake up every morning knowing my own worth”. This is not a session of self-help or of any therapy; this is the beginning of a private class at Miami English Spot By Cristina Rutherford


NLP : Neurolinguistic Programming The methodology used at Miami English Spot is based in the Neurolingustic Programming (NLP) to teach the language, in other words the smart use of resources of cerebral manipulation. It is a sensorial experience where, through different activities and techniques, the elements of the process of communication are isolated. “For example, there are exercises that only work with the auditory part, there are some that work speech fluency or others that deal only with comprehension. All of this within a neurolingustic frame,” explains Rodriguez. With this methodology not only is academic material taught, but it also becomes a motivational session for the student. The brain is conditioned to create learning habits. The student is reminded constantly: “Yes you can. You are able.” At the beginning the student is interviewed to place him or her at the correct level. The NLP sessions are private and last two hours. The class is dynamic, there are many activities and the teachers rotate making it all more entertaining. Each class is conditioned to a specific environment and the instructors use a variety of materials always following the same teaching models. Grammar is taught under two formats: NLP and conversation classes. In the first session learning habits are given to improve aspects such as accent, fluidity and listening, always giving the student security and confidence. In the second format, or conversational classes, the materials introduced at the NLP sessions are reinforced and put to practical use. Both formats are 100% interactive. In the conversation sessions a situation is created and the students role-play trying to solve or act-out a particular daily routine. This way the student creates more confidence in him or herself because they have to use daily expressions and words. It is very dynamic and very far from the traditional teaching method. Client Service Rodriguez attributes the success of this academy not only to the unique methodology used, but also to the quality of the service offered. Rodriguez clarifies, “A quality service is a sensory experience… we work with scents and colors, each room in the academy has a different environment, there is always variety in the process. The instructors are in continuous training


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

iami English Spot was founded and is directed by Julio Rodriguez Bernier, who has over 20 years experience teaching English as a second language both in the United States and in Colombia. Rodriguez explains, “Miami English Spot was created to serve the Hispanic community in the U.S., specifically to improve their language in order for them to grow socioeconomically and have more opportunities by speaking English. Our company provides a customized service at competitive prices, and uses an innovative methodology.”

both on the academic side and with the quality of service offered to the student. From the moment the student enters the school he or she feels served, this is the recollection that a person takes away of a certain place. By playing with the senses of the students, and learning through them with dynamic activities and humor, the student finishes each class not only knowing more educationally, but with a pleasant memory of the whole experience”. These classes are not conventional or boring. “My professors are 100% native English speakers, and they do not speak Spanish”, assures Rodriguez, “Thus the student is forced to communicate in English.” “The cost of the classes is very accessible, the schedules are flexible and our conversation classes are free”, adds Rodriguez. Miami English Spot has been open for a year and a half in Doral. For Rodriguez Doral is the perfect city to have this center since he considers that here is where his main target market is. “We have professionals, housewives, or people that have recently arrived that need to put in practice their English.” Rodriguez explains, “My clientele in Doral is a great majority of Venezuelans, due to the situation that country is going through, there is a need to learn the English. Likewise I have students from all parts of Latin America”. Additionally Miami English Spot offers tutoring for children and adolescents, corporate programs and courses to help prepare for the exam to obtain the American citizenship. Miami English Spot at present has 25 teachers and more than 200 students and it is in a growth and expansion phase. Miami English Spot is located in: 11402 NW 41 St., Suite 222, Doral, FL. 33178. For more information call 786-715-3476 or visit their web page:

Business | Negocios

Miami English Spot Aprenda Inglés Divirtiéndose! “Lo que obtengo de esta vida es aquello que busco con valentía. Me despierto cada día reconociendo mi propio valor”. Esto no es una clase de autoayuda ni una sesión terapéutica, es el comienzo de una clase privada de inglés de la academia Miami English Spot. Por Cristina Rutherford|

Servicio de Primera Rodríguez atribuye el éxito de esta academia, no sólo a la metodología única que se utiliza sino a la calidad del servicio que se

Miami English Spot está ubicada en: 11402 NW 41 St., Suite 222, Doral, FL. 33178. Para más información llamar al 786-715-3476 o visite la página web:

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

NLP : Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Programación Neurolingüística) La metodología de Miami English Spot se basa en la programación neurolingüística (NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming) para la enseñanza del idioma, es decir en el uso de recursos inteligentes de manipulación cerebral. Es una experiencia sensorial en donde se aprende con diferentes actividades y técnicas que aíslan cada uno de los elementos de los procesos de comunicación. “Por ejemplo, hay ejercicios que trabajan solamente lo auditivo, hay otros en donde se trabaja la fluidez en el habla, y otros que trabajan sólo compresión; todo dentro de un marco de la programación neurolingüística” aclara Rodríguez. Con esta metodología no sólo se dicta una clase, sino se imparte una terapia de motivación para el estudiante. Se acondiciona el cerebro a crear hábitos de aprendizaje. Al comienzo se entrevista al estudiante (en inglés) para ubicarlo en algún nivel. Las sesiones NLP son privadas y duran dos horas y durante ese tiempo se le dice al estudiante: “Ud. es capaz, Ud. lo puede hacer.” La clase es dinámica, tiene muchas actividades y los profesores se van rotando y esto contribuye a que sea más divertida. En cada clase se acondiciona un ambiente distinto y los profesores usan una variedad de materiales, pero siempre bajo los mismos patrones de aprendizaje. Se enseña gramática en dos formatos: NLP y con clases de conversación. En la primera sesión se crean hábitos de aprendizaje y se mejoran las habilidades (como bajar el acento, trabajar la fluidez, mejorar la parte auditiva), siempre dándole al alumno seguridad y confianza. En el segundo formato, o de conversación, se refuerzan los materiales para ponerlos en práctica. Ambos formatos son 100% interactivos. En las sesiones de conversación se crea una situación y todos los alumnos participan resolviendo o tratando un tema en particular. De esta forma se trabaja la confianza del estudiante, ya que debe usar palabras y expresiones cotidianas y de esta forma se pone en práctica de forma dinámica los conceptos adquiridos durante las sesiones de NLP. En ambas sesiones el estudiante siempre está participando con ejercicios interactivos, no es la enseñanza tradicional.

ofrece. Rodríguez aclara, “El servicio es una experiencia sensorial… trabajamos con los olores y colores, cada salón en la academia tiene un ambiente diferente, siempre hay variedad en el proceso. Los profesores están en entrenamiento continuo tanto del lado académico como de servicio al estudiante. Desde que el alumno entra se siente atendido y servido, es el recuerdo que una persona tiene de un lugar. Se juega con el sentido de las personas, se aprende a través de los sentidos y con actividades dinámicas y con humor, de forma que el alumno se lleve no sólo un crecimiento académico sino el recuerdo de un rato agradable”. “Mis profesores son 100% americanos y no hablan español”, asegura Rodríguez, “Así el estudiante se ve obligado a comunicarse en inglés. El costo de la clase es bastante accesible, los horarios son flexibles y además nuestras clases de conversación son gratis”, añade Rodríguez. Miami English Spot tiene año y medio funcionando en Doral. Para Rodríguez Doral es la ciudad idónea para abrir este centro ya que considera que acá es donde está su mercado target. “Tenemos profesionales, amas de casa, o personas recién llegadas que necesitan poner en práctica su base de inglés”. Rodríguez afirma, “Mi mercado en Doral es una gran mayoría de Venezolanos, por la situación que esta pasando ese país, hay una necesidad para aprender el inglés. Igualmente tengo alumnos de todas partes de Latinoamérica”. Adicionalmente ofrecen tutorías para niños y adolescentes, programas corporativos y preparación para obtener la ciudadanía americana.



iami English Spot fue fundada y es dirigida por Julio Rodríguez Bernier, quien tiene 20 años de experiencia enseñando inglés tanto en Estados Unidos como en Colombia. Rodríguez explica, “Miami English Spot fue creada para servir a la comunidad hispana en Los Estados Unidos y específicamente para el mejoramiento del idioma y crecimiento socio económico. En un país en el que las oportunidades para personas que no hablan inglés son limitadas, nuestra compañía trae un servicio que funciona para todos, a un costo razonable, y con la más novedosa metodología.” Miami English Spot actualmente cuenta con 25 profesores y más de 200 alumnos y está en planes de expansión y crecimiento.

Social Trend | Tendencia Social By Maria Sabatella

Ultra Music Festival doubles this year!



DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

ltra Music Festival is an outdoor electronic music event held annually in Miami, Florida during the month of March. Once again, Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is back this year with a two weekend celebration. This year UMF is celebrating its 15th anniversary that will take place at Downtown Miami in Bayfront Park during the weekends of March 15-17 and March 22-24. Last year a record of 165,000 people attended the festival. This year the expectation of attendance is over 300,000 fanatics coming from different countries. UMF was founded in 1999 and started off as a one day event as part of the Winter Music Conference. Until 2006 Ultra was known as a one day festival. From 2007 to 2010 the festival was a two day event. From 2011 to 2012 the event was a three day festival. UMF is known all over the world due to its different locations throughout the year. UMF takes place not only in Miami, FL, but also at Ibiza, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; São Paulo, Brazil; Santiago, Chile and Seoul, South Korea. At the end of last year/ beginning of this year, the City Of Miami, tried to cancel the 2nd weekend of UMF because they believed “the festival would be disruptive to the local business community and area residents due to noise, nuisance behavior of festival goers, and grid locked traffic.” The resolution also stated that “consecutive weekends will cause disruptions in work in local offices and create difficulty in accessing residential buildings”. Fans signed a petition in order to not cancel the event. Ultra offered to give the city $500,000 to help pay for extra police and fire services. The commission decided to give Ultra two weekends but only on a trial basis. Based on the behavior this year, the city would decide whether next year the festival can have two weekends as well. This year, some of the best known DJ’s in the world will be a part of the two weekend experience such as: DeadMau5, Kaskade, Tiesto, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Avicii, and Swedish House Mafia who will be ending their One Last Tour the 3rd day of the second weekend.


4. 5. 6. To Parents: Don’t worry, your children will be safe with plenty of security walking around the festival and outside Bayfront Park. This year there will be additional security to ensure maximum safety for all attendees. To Attendees: Go out there and have a good time. If you still haven’t bought your tickets, what are you waiting for? Weekend 1 still has tickets available, but hurry they are selling out fast. Remember this is an all age event!!!!

7. 8.

Here are a couple of safety tips:

1. Get there early- There is no reason to miss the best artists at the end of the night but I found it was much easier to get out of the crowds (alive and intact) about 10 minutes prior to closing. The park does shut down and you do not want to be left in the middle of the huge crowds pushing their way out to the street. 2. Dress Comfortable- Keep in mind this is an outdoor event. *Rain or Shine! Your Ultra uniform should be light and comfortable. Carry only what you need (ID, Insurance card, cash, Ultra ticket). Wear comfortable sneakers, shorts and a tank top. If you can pull off a hat, do it. Sunglasses as well as sunscreen are good as well. The problem is, once

9. 10.

night-time happens, those sunglasses become useless and you have no lockers to store them while at UMF and there’s no re-entry. So, bring cheap ones. You will probably lose your glasses. Prepare to carry nothing with you but, if you must, get an easy to wear purse with a single strap. Stay Hydrated - Drink plenty of water or sports drinks or a little bit of both. You need to maintain the water in your body that will be lost from sweat and movements. Apply Sunscreen- The extra sun protection is great. Cellphones - Be prepared to lose your battery really fast due to the poor signal. Download the Ultra App - This will allow you to keep track of your schedule. Grab a schedule and just look at the current time slot and the next. Looking at who’s playing at 11PM won’t help you and you’ll just look at the program 50 times in a day anyway. Look at right now (noon) and 1PM and make sure you know when to move to another tent / stage. Take regular breaks. You can’t leave the park and re-enter but you can find a tree to rest under. Choose a meeting spot - Just in case you lose your friends at some point. It is impossible to find anyone. You will spend the entire concert looking for a single person and never find them. A meeting spot “on the right side of main stage by the bathrooms” leads to a four hour search party. Don’t drink alcohol and don’t do drugs. Lastly- DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET! Don’t post photos of your ticket online. The barcode can be copied and used by someone else and when you show up at the gate, the ticket won’t work.

Electronic dance music has recently filtered into the mainstream, taking over the most popular radio stations and television ads. From frat parties to clubs, electronic dance music is now a staple of this generation. Ultra is an unique experience and if you are an electric music fan, Ultra is the only place to go.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Nutrition | Nutrición

Una pesadilla, de la cual si se puede despertar!!


Valentina Corral V-Fit V-Fabulous!!

uchas mujeres (.. y hombres, aunque no es muy común en ellos, debido a que ellos tienen menos acumulación de grasa en los tejidos que nosotras), somos víctimas de esta terrible pesadilla llamada “PIEL DE NARANJA”, o de la famosa “Celulitis,” y es que hasta las mujeres más bonitas, modelos, reinas de belleza, y actrices las tienen..Ya que es algo que en ciertos casos no podemos evitar, que puede ser hereditario por nuestros padres que lastimosamente lo heredaron de sus propios padres ( y no fue a propósit, se los aseguro), y para las mujeres que tienen la suerte de no padecer de esta pesadilla, debido a su genética. Si es que no se cuidan y no llevan un estilo de vida saludable, la tendrán antes de que puedan terminar la temporada de sus series favoritas de la televisión!!..huyy que terror!! Pero bueno, mi objetivó no es asustarlas, al contrario. En este articulo, les quiero informar que SI hay cura, hay remedio, hay esperanza ¡! La piel de naranja, debe ser solo una característica únicamente de la naranja (la fruta) no de la piel de nuestras preciosas piernas, o de nuestros glúteos o brazos. Asique les diré a las mujeres que sufren de este mal, todo lo que pueden hacer para tratarla, mejorarla, y quizá hasta despedirla por completo de sus vidas. Primero les quiero explicar lo que es la Celulitis. La celulitis es grasa, si suena desagradable pero es grasa blanda que se abulta (acumula/ amontona) a través del tejido debajo de la piel. Esta grasa logra una apariencia de piel de naranja debido a que la textura de la piel en ciertas áreas donde aparece la celulitis es más delgada a las otras áreas del cuerpo. ¿Factores que influyen la formación de la celulitis? Tener antecedentes familiares (heredado por tus padres), vida sedentaria o falta de ejercicio, dieta incompleta o desequilibrada, los cual te puede llevar al sobrepeso y problemas circulatorios. También está ligada a cambios hormonales, como por ejemplo en la adolescencia cuando el exceso de estrógeno les provoca la acumulación de grasa en zonas como las caderas y los muslos. En el embarazo, cuando los niveles de hormonas se alteran. En la menopausia, cuando el cuerpo de la mujer presenta mayor tendencia a acumular grasa, más que a quemarla, o utilizarla como energía, y por ultimo al uso de anticonceptivos. ¿Cómo podemos evitarla? La celulitis debe ser tratada desde el principio de su aparición, pues puede terminar deformando el cuerpo y causando en ciertas perso-


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Alimentos que debemos aumentar:

Alimentos Diuréticos: Legumbres, frutas y verduras. Como lo son las Judías verdes (especialmente las judías, estas contienen Niacina y Acido Pantotenico que son importantísimas para la salud de la piel), la soya, en forma de adámame o tofu (esta, contiene Fitoestrogenos, que son hormonas vegetales que controlan desequilibrios hormonales, que a menudo son causantes también de la celulitis), espárragos, coliflor, melón, uva, melocotón, pina, sandia, lechuga, pepino, limón, entre otros. Vitamina A: Esta vitamina es muy importante para el estado y salud de la piel. Cereales Integrales: altos en fibra, como la avena. Estos ayudan a eliminar toxinas y a la vez contiene vitaminas y minerales que nos hacen la piel más bonita Aceites naturales: como el aceite de Onagra, el Omega 3 y el CLA: estos aceites no solamente mejoran nuestra salud entera, sino que también nos ayudan a regular ciertos desarreglos hormonales de la mujer. Otro suplementos que pueden asistir a minimizar la apariencia de la celulitis son: La Carnitina, La Lecitina de Soya, y el Té verde.

Alimentos que debemos Reducir:

Las Grasas Saturadas: este tipo de grasa se encuentran en la leche entera, en la mantequilla y sobre todo en los embutidos.

nas, problemas de autoestima y personalidad. Es por eso que debemos evitar una vida sedentaria sin ejercicio regular, sobre todo a las mujeres que trabajan largas horas en oficinas sentadas en una silla frente aun computador y llegan cansadas del trabajo y sin ganas de hacer ejercicio. También debemos mejorar nuestra alimentación. Evitando alimentos procesados, y optar por alimentos naturales y frescos, rica en fibras y antioxidantes, y bastante agua. Que no solo van a impedir la formación de la celulitis, sino que también mejoran nuestro sistema circulatorio, impidiendo la formación de celulitis. Recuerda, lo que comemos se refleja en nuestro exterior, y por ultimo debemos alejarnos del tabaco. El cual nos intoxica y corta la oxigenación de nuestro cuerpo.

La sal: la sal favorece la retención de líquidos. Las bebidas Alcohólicas: el alcohol favorece la concentración de toxicas difíciles de eliminar. Azucares: sobre todo se debe evitar los carbohidratos refinados, estos se convierten en azúcar al ser injeridos. No aportan vitaminas ni, minerales. Solo grasa y toxinas que se acumulan en todas partes del cuerpo. ¿Qué ejercicios podemos hacer para mejorar la apariencia de la celulitis? El “Entrenamiento con Resistencia” es la mejor forma para eliminar y mejorar la celulitis. Siempre tratando de enfocarnos en los grupos musculares específicos donde se encuentra la celulitis. Para así, lograr endureces y tonificar las áreas problemáticas específicas. Si tienes celulitis en las nalgas, tu objetico debe ser los ejercicios de glúteos, como por ejemplo las sentadillas. Estas trabajan los músculos grandes de la parte inferior del cuerpo. Después de realizar tus ejercicios de resistencia, También puedes agregar un tipo de ejercicio vascular como el montar bicicleta o correr, que te ayudara a quemar la grasa de sobra. Espero que este articulo les pueda ayudar un poco a vencer este mal de la piel de naranja y a prevenirlo si es que no eres victima de él. Hasta el próximo articulo. No olviden si tienen alguna duda o pregunta escríbanme a mi correo


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Family | Familia

Let’s welcome March and its lovely whether getting ready to enjoy the events listed in this edition: Happening in our City of Doral: Movies at the Park: “HOP!” …Enjoy this entertaining family film on the green grass of JC Bermudez Park. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and get ready to spend time with your family. Friday March 15th at 7:30pm. EGGstravaganza at J.C. Bermudez: Enjoy the fun of our City from 11:00 am to 2:00pm in this annual event next March 23rd. Get ready for a “hoppin good time”! Games, Egg hunt by ages, rides, photos with the Doral bunny, food, entertainment and more. www. StoryArts with Maria Gonzalez at International Mall Public Library next March 16th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. A lovely free Story-teller and craft activities based on the book: “Iggy Peck, Architect” by Andrea Beaty. A wonderful experience for children ages 4 to 8 who will take home a free book. RSVP is required at least one week in advance based on a first come, first served basis. Library phone number: 305-594-2514. Romeo and Juliet by O Dance South Miami Cultural Art Center: March 15th to 16th. A modern dance interpretation of the classic Romeo and Juliet presented by local and national artists. Come enjoy this magic love story of all times, also featuring a special tribute to singer Nina Simone. Tickets are $20 in advance and $20 on the day of the show, free parking available. More information at Also presented by South Miami-Dade Cultural Art Center, the New York touring production Broadway’s a Chorus Line with one show only on March 17th. After winning prestigious prizes and awards including Best Musical and New York Drama by the Critics Circle Award, this has been considered the longest-running American musical in Broadway history. A masterpiece that you cannot miss. For tickets purchases visit or call the box office at 786-573-5300. Sunday Afternoons of Music for Children: A fantastic and very affordable monthly music concert series for children. Concert #5 next March 17th: “Keyboard Magic” a solo piano performed by Alan Gampel- an artist who truly “believes that music and art can make a


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

By Grecia Romero

difference in the life of a child”. Performances last one hour and offer great before and after show activities. More information at Miami will join the national St. Patrick’s Day celebration this month with the traditional St Patrick’s Day in Coral Gables. John Martin’s Restaurant & Irish Pub is the main host for this annual street fair. The restaurant will be open and serving a traditional Irish meal. The program includes

an all weekend long celebration beginning on Friday March 15th with a street party and live performances by Deck52 and U2 by UV, along Salzedo St and Aragon

Ave at 5:00 pm. Follows by a St Patrick’s eve pre-fixed dinner and live Irish entertainment by Paddy Kelleghan on Saturday March 16th at 6:00pm, and finally a buffet with live entertainment and bagpiper all day long on Sunday March 17th . Visit to plan your visit. 49th Annual Rotary Key Biscayne Art Festival: March 16th and 17th at Village Green Park in Key Biscayne. From 10:00am to 5:00 pm, come and enjoy the sights and sounds of a juried show featuring works by 200 artists, children’s activities and food court in a tropical park setting. Find fines pieces of lifesize sculptures, spectacular paintings, one-of-a-kind

jewels, photography, ceramics, and much more. Free admission. 3rd Annual Miami Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival: March 23rd and 24th from 12:00pm to 10:00pm. Enjoy delicious cuisine showcasing and food samplings from over 40 Brickell and Downtown Miami restaurants, wine tastings, children zone, exotic car show, live multi-cultural continuous music all day and night, and much more. More information about the event visit Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition: Starting on March 14th till March 31st “The Fair” comes to town

celebrating its 62th Annual Event. This Fair brings much more than just fun and entertainment for kids and adults; this event proudly showcases more than 45,000 local student artistic and academic exhibits, supporting youth achievement programs. Also, offers live concerts, a circus, food, games and rides, petting zoo, shopping and more. Now Available Express Access Passes! Visit for more information, prices and tips to save on tickets. Women International Film & Arts Festival: March 20th to 24th. Special guest Jada Pinkett Smith will open the 8th Annual Women’s International Film & Arts Festival here in Miami. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy national film premieres, fashion shows, visual arts, panel discussions, workshops, and other artistic expressions - by women, for women, and about women. Ticket prices and purchases at Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament: From March 18th to 31st the Tennis Center at Crandon Park. The best tennis event of the year with hundreds of visitors to witness the world’s top tennis players compete. Tickets can be purchased online at www. Florida Renaissance Festival: get ready to enjoy this festival happening now on Deerfield Beach until March 17th and then in Miami until April 14th. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit so save the date! Great attractions and performers: sword fighters, minstrels, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, musicians, actors, costumes performers and magicians, battling knights on horseback, food, games, tournaments, shows, crafts and arts, archery, and more. Be transported into a fantasy world. More details visit: See you next edition with much more events and fun activities!

Family | Familia

a las 5:00pm con fiesta en la calle y actuaciones en directo de U2 y Deck52 por UV, a lo largo de Salzedo St y Aragon Ave. Siguiendo con una cena y entretenimiento irlandés en vivo por Paddy Kelleghan el sábado 16 de marzo a las 6:00 pm, y, finalmente, un buffet con espectáculos en vivo el domingo 17 de marzo. Visite para detalles. Festival de Arte “Rotary Key Biscayne”: 16 y 17 de de marzo en el Village Green Park en Key Biscayne. Desde las 10:00am y hasta las a 5:00pm, venga y disfrute de un espectáculo fabuloso que se ha realizado anualmente por 49 años consecutivos, con obras de 200 artistas, actividades para niños y deliciosas comidas en un ambiente tropical. En este festival podrá en-

anuales que esperan presenciar las competencias de los mejores jugadores del mundo. Tickets en venta en Florida Renaissance Festival: Con dos eventos, Deerfield Beach hasta 17 de marzo y luego en Miami hasta el 14 de abril. Grandes atracciones y artistas: espadachines, bailarines, malabaristas, músicos, actores, artistas y magos, luchas de caballeros a caballo, comida, juegos, torneos, espectáculos, artesanía, arco, flecha y mucho más. Viaje a un mundo de fantasía. Más información, visite: Nos vemos la próxima edición más eventos y más diversión!|

y ganador de prestigiosos premios y galardones, incluyendo Mejor Musical y Drama de Nueva York por el Premio del Círculo de Críticos. No se lo pierda. Para compras de boletos visite o llame a la taquilla al 786-573-5300. Tardes Musicales de Domingo para Niños: Una fantástica y muy asequible serie mensual de conciertos para niños. Esta vez concierto nº 5 el día 17 de Marzo: “Magic Keyboard” concierto de piano realizado por Alan Gampel, un artista que “cree que la música y el arte puede hacer una diferencia en la vida de un niño”. Actuaciones de una hora con actividades recreativas antes y después de la presentación. Más información en Celebrando St. Patrick en Miami desde Coral Gables. El restaurante John Martin’s Restaurant & Irish Pub es el anfitrión principal de esta feria anual. Con menú y entretenimiento irlandés que durará todo el fin de semana, comenzando por el viernes 15 de marzo

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Demos la bienvenida a marzo y su agradable clima disfrutando de la lista que le traemos a continuación: Solo en Doral: Movies at the Park: “HOP!”... Disfrute de esta divertida película familiar sobre la hierba verde de JC Bermúdez Park. Traiga sus sillas plegables y mantas. Viernes 15 de marzo a las 7:30 pm. Eggstravaganza en JC Bermúdez: Disfrute la diversión de nuestra ciudad de 11:00am a 2:00 pm el próximo 23 de marzo. Prepárese para pasarlo bien con juegos, búsqueda de huevos, fotos con el conejito del Doral, comida y entretenimiento. www. StoryArts con Maria Gonzalez en la Biblioteca del International Mall en Doral el próximo 16 de marzo de 3:00 a 5:00pm. Lectura de cuento y actividades de arte basadas en el libro: “ Iggy Peck, Architect” de Andrea Beaty. Una experiencia maravillosa para niños de 4 a 8 años quienes llevarán a casa un libro gratis. Se requiere reservación previa con una semana de antelación al teléfono: 305-594-2514. Romeo y Julieta por O Dance-South Miami Cultural Art Center: del 15 al 16 marzo. Una interpretación moderna del clásico Romeo y Julieta presentado por artistas locales y nacionales. Disfrute esta mágica historia de amor de todos los tiempos, con un homenaje especial a la cantante Nina Simone. Tickets $ 20 en pre-compra y $20 en el día del show, estacionamiento gratuito. Más información en También presentado por South Miami Cultural Art Center, desde Nueva York nos visita la producción de Broadway A Chorus Line con un único show el 17 de marzo. EL show de más larga duración en Broadway


Por Grecia Romero

contrar esculturas de tamaño natural, pinturas, joyería únicas, fotografía, cerámica, y mucho más. Entrada gratuita. Mayor información 3ra Edición de Miami Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival: Marzo 23 y 24 de 12:00 pm a 10:00pm. Disfrute de una deliciosa exhibición de cocina y degustaciones de más de 40 restaurantes Brickell y Downtown Miami, catas de vinos, zona para niños, exhibición de autos exóticos, música multicultural continua durante todo el día y la noche, y mucho más. Más información sobre el evento, visite Feria y Exposición de Miami-Dade County: Del 14 al 31 de Marzo, regresa “La Feria” a Miami celebrando sus 62 años! Un evento anual que ofrece mucho más que sólo diversión y entretenimiento para niños y adultos, este evento exhibe con orgullo más de 45.000 exposiciones estudiantiles locales artísticas y académicas, el apoyo a programas para la juventud logro. Además, ofrece conciertos en vivo, circo, comida, juegos y atracciones, zoológico, tiendas y mucho más. Visite para precios y consejos de ahorrar en los tickets. Women International Film & Arts Festival: 20 al 24 de marzo. Jada Pinkett Smith será la anfitriona del 9vo Festival Internacional de Artes y Cine de la Mujer en Miami. Una maravillosa oportunidad para disfrutar de estrenos de películas nacionales, desfiles de moda, artes, foros, talleres y otras expresiones artísticas - Por mujeres, Para mujeres y Sobre mujeres. Precios de los tickets visitando Torneo Abierto de Tenis Sony Ericsson: Del 18 al 31 de marzo en el Centro de Tenis de Crandon Park. El mejor evento de tenis del año, con cientos de visitantes


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Sports | Deportes The City of Doral host of the USA Judo 2013 Youth and Scholastic National Championship

High expectations on performance of South Florida athletes By Maria Alejandra Pulgar

Altas expectativas sobre el desempeño de los atletas del Sur de Florida

he USA Judo 2013 Youth and Scholastic National Championship, which will take place March 22 to 24 2013 at the premises of Ronald W. Reagan l Campeonato Nacional Juvenil y Estudiantil USA Judo 2013, que ten/ Doral Senior High School, is the qualifying tournament for the team that drá lugar del 22 al 24 de marzo 2013 en las instalaciones de Ronald W. will represent the U.S. in the World Cadets Championship next August in Doral Reagan/Doral Senior High School es el torneo clasificatorio para conand the Junior World Championship in Slovenia. formar el equipo que representará a EEUU en el Campeonato Mundial Juvenil Mr. Jhonny Prado, head coach of the Olympic Judo Team 2012 and director del próximo mes de Agosto en Doral y el Campeonato Mundial Junior en of the National Training Site Ki-Itsu-Sai in Pembroke Pines, mentioned the Eslovenia. following South Florida athletes as the most outstanding and the ones with El Sr. Jhonny Prado, Entrenador Principal del Equipo Olímpico de Judo 2012 more potential to obtain part of the 17 spots on the US delegation for the y director del Centro Nacional de Entrenamiento Ki-Itsu-Sai en Pembroke PiJunior and Cadets World Championships: “In the youth level nes, nombra como los atletas más sobresalientes y con mayor potencial para (Cadets), we have Adonis Diaz from Dojo Budokan in Hialeah; also Nicholas ocupar parte de los 17 puestos de la delegación nacional juvenil de Judo a los Roig and Ryan Vargas from Ki-Itsu-Sai; Ashlyn White from Panthers, Pembroke siguientes jóvenes: “En el nivel infantil Pines; and Timothy Thomas from Onikusu Dojo in Fort (Cadets), tenemos a Adonis Diaz quien practica en Lauderdale” Budokan de Hialeah; luego Nicholas Roig y Ryan Vargas “In the Junior category Adonis Diaz also excels, along de Ki-Itsu-Sai; también a Ashlyn White, del Panthers de with Joshua Prado, Ryan Vargas and Lauren Baez from Pembroke Pines y Timothy Thomas del Dojo Onikusu de Ki-Itsu-Sai, Sarah Subko from Tallahassee and Ricardo Fort Lauderdale. Luego, en la categoría Juniors está nueMelendez of Falcon Judo in Miami. Together they make up vamente Adonis Diaz; también Joshua Prado, Ryan Vargas the most outstanding group of South Florida”. y Lauren Baez de Ki-Itsu-Sai y Sarah Subko de TallahasMost of these athletes have reached the rank of Black see y Ricardo Meléndez de Falcon Judo de Miami. Todos ellos conforman el grupo más sobresaliente del Sur de Belt, and have represented the U.S. in continental Florida”. Todos estos jovenes vienen a participar clasificachampionships, always standing in the podium and dos como #1 en sus divisiones, con mucha experiencia y bringing medals home. They come to the tournament fogueo a nivel de competencias. ranked #1 in their divisions, with lots of experience and “El nivel que demuestran es muy competitivo y tienen exposure in different events. alta posibilidad de entrar en el equipo nacional. Se puede “They have demonstrated a very competitive level decir que de todo el país, esperamos que Florida tenga el and have a great chance of making the national team. 70% de los atletas sobresalientes para el próximo camCompared with athletes from around the country, I think peonato mundial”, comenta Prado. Florida has 70% of the outstanding athletes, those elite La expectativa de participación de los mejores centros players that will participate on the world championship, de entrenamiento y Clubes de Judo del país es muy alta. “said Prado. El Sr. Prado considera que vendrán atletas de alrededor Jhonny Prado It is expected a great the participation of the best de 35 estados. “Vendrán atletas de Massachusetts, Illitraining centers and Judo clubs in the country. Mr. Prado nois, Hawaii, California, etc.”. Este grupo de atletas es el semillero de los believes that athletes will come from about 35 states. “There will be athletes nombres que harán historia en el Judo de EEUU para los Juegos Olímpicos from Massachusetts, Illinois, Hawaii California, etc.” del 2016 y el 2020. From this group of athletes there will raise the names that will make history Espera el Sr. Prado que, de los atletas que se destaquen en este Campeoin the U.S. Judo on the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. Mr. Prado hopes that nato Nacional “el 80% de los que te he mencionada deberían estar compifrom the athletes who excel in this National Championship “80% of them will tiendo a nivel mundial y yo diría que un 40% estarían listos para Rio 2016 y si be competing around the world and I would say that 40% would be ready for continúan en el deporte todos pueden estar listos para el 2020”. El Campeonato Nacional Infantil y Estudiantil no solamente es la oportuniRio 2016; if they continue in the sport everyone can be ready for 2020.” dad de oro de los atletas para lucirse sino también para poner en la palestra a The USA Judo 2013 Youth and Scholastic National Championship not only is los clubes donde entrenan; “Va a ser un evento que por ser clasificatorio para the golden opportunity for athletes to show off but to put in the arena the clubs los mundiales el nivel de judo que va a apreciarse va a ser lo máximo en esas where they train. “Being a qualifying event for the World Championships, it will categorías, va a ser la mejor exposición para el nivel competitivo junior y jube the best exposure for athletes in the junior and youth competitive levels. venil. Todos los clubes a nivel nacional se están preparando para este evento All clubs nationwide are preparing for this event to demonstrate the level of para demostrar el nivel de enseñanza que tienen individualmente. Eso va a education they teach. It is going to motivate everyone and we will see a very motivarlos a todos y veremos Judo de muy alto nivel”. high level of judo for those age categories.” Asistir a un campeonato de Judo es una experiencia intensa y emocionante, Attending a Judo championship is an intense and exciting experience, very muy motivante para los jóvenes que tienen el interés en practicar el deporte. motivating for young people who have an interest in practicing the sport. And Y al llevarse a cabo en Doral ofrece la gran facilidad de asistir a un evento being Doral the host city offers its residents the chance of attending a high de gran calidad deportiva en una localidad accesible. Es una actividad para level sporting event in an accessible location. It is an activity the whole family presenciar con toda la familia. will enjoy.


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


La Ciudad de Doral, anfitriona del Campeonato Nacional Juvenil y Estudiantil USA Judo 2013



DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Sports | Deportes

2013 Doral Flag Football League y name is Armando Montero and I have been a volunteer coach in the City of Doral Park system since 2005. I have coached youth Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football and Tackle Football.   Over the past 8 years, I have had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of kids in various sports and at various age groups.   This volunteer work has truly become my passion, not only do I get to spend time with my two sons, but my family and I have been fortunate enough to have developed great relationships with so many of the kids and their parents. Over the last few years that I have been coaching, I can truly say that I have become better with my methods of teaching kids how to play sports, but even more importantly, I feel I have become a better coach because I have learned that in order for any child to be successful, it is important for them to understand and feel that they are part of a team.   The success of a team depends heavily on all the children’s understanding that the collective team is only successful when each individual player does their part within the context of team.   I have been fortunate that all the various teams in all the various sports I have ever coached have always had a winning record and we always seem to be competing for a championship.     But the greatest success that I have enjoyed as a coach can be witnessed when I am at the supermarket or at the movies and kids that I coached several years ago come running over just to say “Hello Coach”.    This is the greatest reward a teacher/coach can ever receive from a child/player.  It demonstrates the positive impact you can have in a child’s life that they still remember you and feel comfortable enough to run up to you just to say hello or to tell you that they miss you coaching them. When I first commenced to coach, I did it with the intention of participating in my sons’ activities and to help them learn how to become better players.   However, I realize now that the impact that I have had in my sons’ life through coaching has been significantly more than I ever imagined.    Dealing with so many children and all the different personalities, I feel it has led me to become more in tune with my own children.  It has also allowed me to witness and participate in the development of their friendships with some of the other kids on the teams.  My wife Zenia Montero and I always make it a point to interact with all the players before and after games through various activities.  From having all the players and their families participate in snacks after the games, to setting up


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


play dates with all the kids and their families to go to movies, bowling, picnics, etc. It has become a normal routine for many of the players, regardless of their teams, to come to our house after tough competitive games and spend hours having fun outside of the sport they were just competing in.   During the 2013 Flag Football League, I coached my two sons’ teams. My son Matthew competed in the 7-8 age group division and my son Christopher competed in the 11-12 age division. Both of the teams had many great players and they were able to win their respective age Championships.    I have coached 5 flag football teams over the last three years and all 5 teams finished in first place, all five made it to their Championship game, and 4 of those teams won the Championship.     I will be the first to tell you that drafting a good group of athletic kids is extremely important to being a successful team, but even more important is making sure that each child gets to highlight the areas that they excel in the most, while working with them to shore-up the areas that they need to improve.  The emphasis as a coach is to always place the kids in the areas where they will be successful, while providing them the knowledge and technique of that sport, so that their comfort areas continue to expand. Our 7-8 flag football team (Doral Packers) won their Championship game vs. the 7-8 Doral 49ers:   2618.   Our Championship team was made up of 8 excellent players:   Juan Pablo Quesada, Stefan Borrero, Nicholas Cora, Santiago Avendano, Jordan Del Rio, Jace Joseph, James Joseph and Matthew Montero.    Our team was 8 – 2 during the season and won the semi-final game vs. the Doral Giants.  The Championship game was a very hard contest, but the kids did a great job of keeping their focus when they were losing at halftime 12-18.  In the second half, the Packers defense held the 49ers scoreless and the Packers were able to score 14 unanswered points to win the Championship. My Assistant Coach for this team was Rick Cora. Our 11-12 flag football team (11-12 Doral Raiders) won their Championship game vs. the 11-12 Vikings:  20-18.  The Raiders were made up of 8 great kids:    Max Murillo, Jonathan Lorenzo, Christian “Crash” Hamilton, Seth Pan, Joao Melo, Wilson Naera, Luis Gonzalez and Christopher Montero.   The 11-12 Doral Raiders were 9-1 during the regular season and they won their semi-final game against the Doral Colts (who had one of the best and fastest players in this age group, Brandon Cohen).   The Championship game was a re-match or some called it a “revenge game” against the only team that beat the Raiders during the season (the score in that game was 7 to 2).   This Championship game turned out to be a great game as well, but the Raiders were able to come out on top 20-18.  My Assistant Coach for this team was Daniel Hamilton. The other two age categories in the Doral league were won by the 9-10 Doral Raiders and the 13-14 Doral Steelers.

Sports | Deportes

The Mighty Bison meet the Courageous Bulldog By Gaby Quinn|


Reagan High in Doral had an amazing idea. On Saturday February 23rd, the Bison team (American football) from this high school and the under 19 Bulldogs from Doral Field Hockey met at Meadow Park to share a field hockey practice. Both girls and boys talked about this for a week, wondering what would happen when the Bison and the Bulldog played against each other? Picture yourself in a field hockey practice, doing drills and working on basics of a sport you have never tried before, under the fulminating Florida sun and having the girls you see every day at school as your coaches. Now, imagine playing a match. It wasn’t an easy task, but both boys and girls showed what a real athlete is made of. They also showed us, their coaches, that we did not make a mistake when we gave them the title of “Athletes”. The American Football team worked and played with honor, pride and much commitment. So did the girls and they also enjoyed sharing their sport with their school mates. To Coach Lopez and Principal Bentolila, congratulations on your team! They are an amazing group of young men. To the boys, it would be an awesome pleasure to work with you any time, any day! You showed what a Bison is made of. To my girls, you are the reason I do what I do, and you proved to me, once again, that field hockey is a beautiful sport. To our Doral community, these young athletes showed that it’s not about what or when or why, it’s not about gender or ages, it’s about sports, it’s about being healthy, and it’s about proving to yourself and others that you’ll always be what you want to be, as long as you try hard. It’s about helping others while you help yourself. And most of all, it’s about doing what you love with enthusiasm and commitment.

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013


y definition, an athlete is someone who sets a goal and works hard to achieve that goal. Someone who challenges themselves to do something they consider impossible and inspire many along their journey. An athlete is someone who doesn’t give up, even when things are not going as they would wish, who strives to succeed, to set an example, to leave a mark. Some weeks ago, USA Field Hockey visited Florida again with one goal: help develop field hockey in the sunshine state. Although the sport is growing as independent club programs, it is a sport that is not practiced in any school as happens in other states. Dr. Jayne Greenberg, District Director Physical Education and Health Literacy, Miami Dade County Public Schools made the miracle possible. With her hard work and commitment she was able to take Liz Tchou, Youth Development manager and former field hockey Olympian, Karen Marley, a full-time instructor in the Exercise Science, Health Promotion, and Recreation Department (EXHPR) at CSU-Pueblo, Florencia Manero, Head coach Key Biscayne Field Hockey Club, and Me to be a part of a workshop given to 180 Physical Education coaches from Miami Dade. These coaches worked on field hockey basics, and had a “hands in action” experience with the sport. It was a wonderful day for our beloved sport. USA Field Hockey donated hockey material to different elementary schools that are ready to open a hockey program. As a result of this, Coach John Lopez from Ronald

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RECS carried out the “5K Run”


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

From early on the morning of Saturday February 23, the community of parents and students of Renaissance Charter Elementary & Middle School (RECS) met at the JC Bermudez Park to conduct its 7th annual race “5K Run.” With the participation of over 150 competitors and the cooperation of many volunteers, enthusiastically toured four distances from 5 kilometers categories for adults up to 100 meters for the children. Thanks to our local sponsors known, both adults and children had the opportunity to participate and enjoy a demonstration and services provided by these sponsors. This is one of the various activities organized annually RECS as a means to raise funds used to upgrade and promote better education. Upon arrival of the participants after the race, felt that the success of the event was well organized and order in the conduct of activities to be developed as had been announced, so expect to continue making such events that help improve the quality of life while providing funds for the school PTA.

Divertida noche de Girl Scouts en Chick-fill-A El pasado Jueves 28 de Febrero, Chick-fill-A abrió sus puertas a las Girl Scouts, sus familiares y amigos con el fin de reunir fondos para la tropa 552 de la Ciudad de Doral. Fue una noche divertida y muy concurrida. Las Girl Scouts agradecen el apoyo que Chick-fill-A les ha dado con este evento que les permite tener recursos para sus actividades educativas y apoyo a la comunidad. 

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Develada escultura de Lugufelo From early on the morning of Saturday February 23, the community of parents and students of Renaissance Charter Elementary & Middle School (RECS) met at the JC Bermudez Park to conduct its 7th annual race “5K Run.” With the participation of over 150 competitors and the cooperation of many volunteers, enthusiastically toured four distances from 5 kilometers categories for adults up to 100 meters for the children. Thanks to our local sponsors known, both adults and children had the opportunity to participate and enjoy a demonstration and services provided by these sponsors. This is one of the various activities organized annually RECS as a means to raise funds used to upgrade and promote better education. Upon arrival of the participants after the race, felt that the success of the event was well organized and order in the conduct of activities to be developed as had been announced, so expect to continue making such events that help improve the quality of life while providing funds for the school PTA.|


La ciudad de Doral junto a cientos de niños celebró el cumpleaños 109 de Dr. Seuss, el pasado sábado 23 de febrero en la escuela secundaria Ronald Reagan. Por cuarto año consecutivo, Doral patrocina este evento en respuesta a la Asociación Nacional de Educación “Read Across America”, programa que se centra en la construcción de una nación de lectores, y la ciudad de Doral es una de las miles de comunidades, escuelas y bibliotecas que participan en esta iniciativa de fomentar la lectura entre los niños. Las actividades incluyeron juegos al aire libre, artes y manualidades, pintura de caras, espectáculos de magia, narración de cuentos, y los niños disfrutaron de las apariciones especiales de los personajes temáticos de Dr. Seuss.

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

Doral celebró el cumpleaños de Dr. Seuss!

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Miami International Mall Goes Red


DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

On February 21, took place the charitable event at Miami International Mall, to support the 3nd annual “Miami International Mall Goes Red” and to raise funds for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women, because the Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women! Women had a great time getting a sneak preview of the latest fashion in the spring fashion show, while they were tasted with exquisite hors d’oeuvres and wine tastings. “We are so pleased to once again present this evening of fashion, entertainment, and most importantly, awareness, to the local community,” said Sara Valega, director of marketing at Miami International Mall. “The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s mission to raise awareness about women and heart disease naturally resonates with our shoppers, and the 3rd Annual Miami International Mall Goes Red is a fun and stylish way to celebrate prevention and wellness.” Jenny Patrizia, the “Sexy Nutritionist”, participated as the event emcee and the the fashion show was organized for Alicia Faccio.

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Starwood Hotels’ Sizzling Aloft Miami Doral Now Open

The hip new 145-room Aloft Miami Doral, the first in metro Miami of the rapidly expanding Aloft ® brand, opened its doors today in the booming area of Doral. The Starwood brand is about style-at-a-steal together with forward-thinking technology and public areas that encourage a buzzing social scene. With loft inspired design, rainbow hued accents throughout, and unique openness of a no walls, no limits space, it brings a fresh new product to Miami. The hotel is owned by Doral Hotel Enterprise, a division of Multiphone Group & Eurocom, LLC. Principal investors are Mr. Orlando Padron and Mr. Henry Contreras, both well known investors and entrepreneurs in the Doral area. During the aperture, Mayor Luigi Boria was present, who along with the investors, and Claudio Bono, General Manager, did the usual ribbon cutting.  “A five minute drive from the Miami Free Trade Zone|

DORAL family journal • March/Marzo 10, 2013

the globe with style since launching in 2005. Industry rocking initiatives in music, design and technology have made Aloft the must-have brand for the next generation of travelers. Select Aloft hotels within the portfolio have earned designations in Trip Advisor’s 2012 “Top 25 Trendiest Hotels in the World” rankings. For reservations contact 786 272-7200 or book online at The hotel is located at 2051 NW 112th Ave., Doral FL 33172


and major businesses in Doral, and 15 minutes from Miami International Airport, we’re an ideal location for the business traveler in search of an exciting new hotel option, “ said Claudio Bono, General Manager. “Leisure travelers, especially from the Caribbean and Latin America, will appreciate our proximity to Dolphin Mall and the Mall of the Americas, just five minutes away, as well as major golf courses”, he continued. Most major sightseeing attractions are also little more than a 20 minute drive away.   Aloft has been conquering


DORAL family journal • February/Febrero 17, 2013


News and events fot the community.


News and events fot the community.