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Experience Door County’s Past, Present & Future

History Makes Everything Come Alive!

Door County’s 25+ cultural and historical organizations have banded together to present the vast and unique scope of the Peninsula’s history during a single week of 2022 museum tours and special events. Find out more details on our Facebook page: Look for the new Door County Heritage Map in the June 17 Peninsula Pulse and pick up a copy at Information Centers throughout the county (Baileys Harbor, Egg Harbor, Ellison Bay, Ephraim, Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Washington Island Ferry Line office) and at any of these participating cultural institutions:



Belgian Heritage Center

Destination Door County


Door County Granary and Sturgeon Bay Historical Society Foundation

Horseshoe Bay Farms Egg Harbor Historical Society ELLISON BAY:


Door County Historical Museum Door County Library

Liberty Grove Historical Society

Door County Maritime Museum


Heritage Village at Big Creek

Ephraim Historical Foundation

Miller Art Museum



Alexander Noble House Museum

Corner of the Past Museum



Death’s Door Maritime Museum

Jacobsen Museum


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A Nicolet Bank Christmas Finely made, seasonal artisan goods Handcrafted on Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula Enjoy traditional Nordic food items and drinks


Corner of the ast useum 10310 ieldcrest d, ister ay, I 4234

Three 2022 Pre-Holiday Weekends! NOV. 25-27 DEC. 2-4 DEC. 9-11

Christkindlmarkt Door County



Chief Roy Oshkosh (1898-1974), whose Menominee name was

Tschekatch’ake’mau III, became the last hereditary head of the Menominee Nation when his father Reginald died in 1931. Arriving in Door County in 1939 to work in the shipyards, after WWII he opened Chief Oshkosh Trading Post in Egg Harbor, which is still in operation. 1971, Oshkosh was honored by the Door County Chamber of Commerce as the area’s number one ambassador.

Photo ©2022 Don Emmerich (Photographed for the March 1969 National Geographic article “A Kingdom So Delicious”)


Situated in Sister Bay, a village in northern Door County, Door Guide Publishing and its staff acknowledge that we live and work on the ancestral homelands of the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk and Menominee Nations. Overall, the State of Wisconsin is home to 12 First Nations communities and we also acknowledge each of these other First Nations Peoples.


Medicine Wheel The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, is a circular symbol broken into four areas or quadrants. The four areas have four different colors assigned to them, which are most often yellow, red, black and white. Viewed in a clockwise direction, east will be to the viewer’s right, south on the bottom and west on the left. In native culture we start in the east and rotate to the south and west, arriving at the north circle on top. 10

Artwork ©2022 Christopher Sweet

Here are some of the interpretations of the medicine wheel: • Directions (east, south, west, north) • Races of people on mother earth • Stages of life (birth/childhood, youth/adolescence, adult, elder/death) • Aspects of life (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) • Seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter) • Elements of nature (water, wind, earth, fire(sun) • Sacred plants (Tobacco, cedar, sage and sweet grass) (Individual tribes may interpret the Medicine Wheel differently according to their stories, values and beliefs)


Artwork pages 12-18 ©2022 Aespekit Newiswan

We Are All on Native Land:

Acknowledging The First Nations of Door County


osoh, Bozho, Boozhoo, Hinįkaragiwi, Shekoli, (greetings in Menominee, Potawatomi, Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, and Oneida). From Kewaunee, just north of Green Bay, to Rock Island off the northernmost tip of the “thumb,” First Nations peoples have lived in what is now called the Door Peninsula for millennia. Before Swedes, Norwegians, Moravians and Belgians, there were Potawatomi, Menominee, Ho-Chunk, Ojibwe, Odawa (Ottawa),


Huron, Sauk, Petun and Noquet. Many of these nations still thrive throughout Wisconsin. As a result, the phenomenon of “land acknowledgement” has recently exploded into mainstream culture.

What IS a Land Acknowledgement? A land acknowledgement is a formal statement that recognizes the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands or territories. These acknowledgements have evolved into a political statement encouraging primarily non-Indigenous people to recognize that they live, work and travel on Indigenous land. Acknowledgements may be written, spoken or both. Some historical context is necessary to understand where these acknowledgements come from, why they are important, and how to create them in a good way. Wisconsin is unique in that it is home to a larger concentration of Native tribes than any other state east of the Mississippi river. Today, Wisconsin is home to twelve First Nations communities, including the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Forest County Potawatomi, Ojibwe Nation communities, Stockbridge-Munsee Community Band of Mohican Indians, and the Brothertown Indian Nation. Land acknowledg-

Māēc Awāētok Kēsoq - January

Namāēpen Kēsoq - February

Wanāēw Kēsoq - March


Sūpomāhkwan Kēsoq - April

Sīskipīmakat Kēsoq - May

Atāēhemen Kēsoq - June 14

ments instill a deep sense of urgency and relevance in Wisconsin. Oral history and archeological evidence show three main groups – Potawatomi, Menominee and Ho-Chunk — coming into Wisconsin around 12,000 years ago. Potawatomi is a translation of the Ojibwe word potawatomink, meaning “people of the place of fire.” The Potawatomi call themselves Nishnabek or “people.” The Menominee call themselves K yas mam ceqt wak meaning “ancient movers.” Manomin is an Ojibwe word for “wild rice”), an important food. The Hooc k or Ho-Chunk are the “people of the sacred voice.” The Winnebago are a branch of Ho-Chunk forced west to Nebraska in the 1860s. These first peoples were the earliest and primary residents of what is now called the Door Peninsula. Over the centuries, various Native groups established permanent and semi-permanent homesteads. Similar to Door Peninsula tourists today, some Native groups lived here seasonally; coming up to fish and hunt over the spring and summer, and then moving southward during the bitter winter season. Others moved through the region due to pressures from other nations such as the powerful Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) in the east.

Although much of the Native How YOU Can presence in the Door Peninsula has Take Action: been systematically erased, place 1. Do Your Research 2. Learn about treaties names, stories, and material culture as living documents are still with us. The place names 3. Learn about the current educational, political, or travelers struggle to pronounce environmental legislation remind us of the Potawatomi pres4. Participate in an event ence here: Béshtëgo (Peshtigo, WI); hosted by a Tribe 5. Write your own land Giwani (Kewaunnee, WI); Mëkacknowledgment wango (Mukwonago, WI); Mishkat (Mishicot, WI), Ė shkenabé (Escanaba, MI); Agëm (Algoma, “snowshoe”). Many Door Peninsula visitors come from Zhegagoynak (Chicago, “place of wild onions”). Wawnewikwédok is Egg Harbor. Fish Creek is a site of a Menominee and Ojibwe village called Ma-go-she-kah-ning meaning “trout fishing.” Mkodbénak, or “place of bear head” is Sturgeon Bay. Nasewaupee is the name of a Menominee chief who had a village a few miles west of the current town which was organized in 1859. Ho-Chunk origin stories place them at the base of Green Bay which is called Moogasuc (“Red Banks”). A Red Banks historical marker, off Bay Settlement Road north of Van Laanen Road, is open to visitors. A 1927 totem pole, topped with a carved bear, stands in what is now a golf course in Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek. The purpose was to “honor the aboriginal people” of the region; a curious choice because totem poles are a cultural practice of northwest nations in Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, rather than Woodland nations in Wisconsin. This is also the resting place of Potawatomi hereditary chief Simon Onanquisse Kahquados (1851-1930), one of the most influential Native leaders of this region. Kahquados devoted his life to getting the land returned to his people. Menominee leader Chief Roy Oshkosh is an 15

icon in Door County; he is the official “first ambassador” of the county, and was a passionate advocate for both the region and the Menominee people. Erasure takes many forms: genocide, boarding schools, assimilation, broken treaties, and cultural appropriation. “Kill the Indian and save the man” was Colonel Richard Pratt’s vision of education during the Indian boarding school era (1860 to 1978). The federal Indian Removal Act of 1830, government sanctioned forced sterilizations of Native women in the U.S. and Canada until the 1970s, and the Termination Era (1940s-1960s) when the federal government resolved to terminate the special trustee relationship tribes held with the United States. Despite continuous systematic erasure, Indigenous peoples are still here and still maintain historical and spiritual connections to the land that we all live and work upon. Indigenous peoples have been calling for this recognition for generations. Acknowledging this fact is sometimes difficult. Disrupting the 500-year colonial narrative is even more difficult. That is where land acknowledgements begin.

What is the Purpose of a Land Acknowledgement? Land acknowledgements are a first step in disrupting colonial narratives; they require us to think, talk about, and, talk with Native nations. In school we are taught there are 50 states. In actuality there are 50 states and 574 Native tribes. They have powers that are similar to each other; their own courts, police, regulations and taxation systems. This is what we mean by tribal sovereignty. Land acknowledgements require us all to recognize and honor tribal sovereignty. Learning about the First Nations inhabitants who continue to live here is important for all Wisconsin residents and visitors. Land acknowledgements invoke a reckoning with our national history, beginning right where our feet our planted. 16

University of Wisconsin Green Bay Land Acknowledgement “We acknowledge the First Nations people who are the original inhabitants of the region. The Ho-Chunk Nation and the Menominee Nation are the original First People of Wisconsin and both Nations have ancient historical and spiritual connections to the land that our institution now resides upon. Today, Wisconsin is home to 12 First Nations communities including the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Potawatomi Nation, Ojibwe Nation communities, Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican Nation, and the Brothertown Indian Nation. We acknowledge the First Nations People of Wisconsin.”

Āpaehtaw Nēpen Kēsoq - July

Door County Board of Supervisors Land Acknowledgement In 2020 the Door County Board of Supervisors did something historic: they became the first county in Wisconsin with a land acknowledgement. Bob Bultman is the current chair of the Door County Legislative Committee. He is a consulting naturalist living in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin. As Mr. Bultman told me, “I was very fortunate to help shepherd this collective learning process toward creating a land acknowledgement for Door County.”

Mēn Kēsoq - August

Pawāhan Kēsoq - September


Penīpīmakat Kēsoq - October

Awēmanesow Kēsoq - November

Pakēwēneh Kēsoq - December 18

Mr. Bultman felt there was community value in making a land acknowledgement, so the Legislative Committee researched the topic and reached out to Tribal members for advice. The process took one year, mostly due to the infrequent Committee meeting schedule and a lack of precedent for a county board to follow. “We started looking at other people’s land acknowledgements. Lawrence University was our closest model,” said Mr. Bultman. In August 2021 the land acknowledgement was approved by the full Board and published: “Door County, along with the lands our Facilities and Parks are located on, are the ancestral homelands of the Menominee Nation. Currently, there are 11 federally recognized Native American sovereign nations in Wisconsin. We acknowledge these Indigenous communities who have stewarded this land throughout the generations and pay respect to their elders past and present.” Land acknowledgments are an invitation. They ask us to step into a different kind of awareness, and to think and behave in a more mindful way. They are a starting point, not a check box. They invite us to assume a sort of two-way vision; to examine our shared history, and to collectively decide that we can

do better in the future. To recognize the land is an expression of gratitude and appreciation to those whose territory we reside on; it is a way of honoring the Indigenous people who have been living and working and shaping the land for thousands of years. Since colonialism is still ongoing, land acknowledgements must be disruptive; changing the business-as-usual model of everyday life. This makes them difficult to wrap our arms around. They are a celebration and a source of deep discomfort. This discomfort can make it very tempting to turn land acknowledgements into a token. When this happens, they become an empty gesture to “honor” Native people. They become this century’s mascot. It is one thing to say, ‘Look, we are on the territory of the Ojibwe.’ It is another thing to say, ‘Look, we are on the territory of the Ojibwe and here is what that compels me to do.’ — Kathleen Ratteree Kathleen Ratteree would like to thank the Indigenous scholars who helped with language translations and place names. Kathleen is a doctoral student in the First Nations in Education program at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. She is co-editor of The Great Vanishing Act: Blood Quantum and The Future of Native Nations (Fulcrum, 2017). She recently developed a Three Sisters teaching and learning garden at Fallen Timbers Environmental Education Center in Black Creek, Wisconsin. She lives with her husband and two children on their 40-acre Ten Hens farmstead on Menominee and Ho-Chunk land, now called Denmark, Wisconsin. Comments and questions are welcomed! Visit her at or the artists

Christopher Sweet is a contemporary Native American Artist, an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation in Wisconsin and a descendant of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe in Minnesota. Sweet was born and raised in Wisconsin, lived throughout the Midwest and has settled in the Wisconsin Dells area. He studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM and his commissioned works have been hung in corporate spaces, educational institutions, medical facilities and private collections throughout the U.S. In 2021, Sweet opened Blue Bear Studio (Baraboo, WI). Contact him at orfollow him onInstagram (csweetnativeart). Aespekit Newiswan (Menominee Nation) was born into a family of artists. His mother Linda is a ceramicist and his father Dennis is a sculptor and curator. Daniel followed in their creative footsteps by graduating with a BFA at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM. After returning home, Daniel was accepted into the Menominee Language Immersion Program, where he studied and learned Wisconsin’s original language. Today, his art is interwoven with his teaching of the Menominee Language for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Menominiyou, a non-profit organization in Keshena, WI. Daniel can be reached by email:




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12 n the joy of door county. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 n the land . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 baileys harbor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 carlsville. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 egg harbor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 ellison bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 ephraim. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 fish creek. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 gills rock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 jacksonport. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 sister bay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 southern door. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 sturgeon bay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 washington island. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 brussels. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 juddville. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 rowleys bay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 little sturgeon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 peninsula center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 rock island. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 first nations of door county . . . . . . . . .

n shopping. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159 clothing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159 t he girls of summer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 162 destinations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 164 jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 184 gifts, etc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 192 main street shops: egg harbor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 196 the settlement shops: fish creek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 204 top of the hill shops: fish creek . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 206 founder’s square. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 210 home interiors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 216 resale. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 219

n books • reading • writing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 229 camden & the cana island cat. . . . 230 living in god’s county . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 231

n kid stuff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 234 n pets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 240 n sightsee. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 242 lighthouses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 242 christkindlmarkt door county. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 244

p arks abound throughout the door peninsula. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


b ewitched & in love with the land . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 258

n great dishes of door county. . . . . . . . . . 94

n fine art. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 265

n eat & drink. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 restaurants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 f ish creek’s historic bayside tavern celebrates 100 years. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 124

museums. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 252 preserving the past . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 254


galleries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 265

fruits of sturgeon bay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 266 photography. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 270

n music

theatre. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 275

door county boils. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141


concerts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 276

sweets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 142


playhouses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 277

n markets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 146 food stuffs, etc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 146 wine, spirits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 156

radio. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 277

n wellness. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 287 i f staying fit is a challenge, consider a personal trainer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 287

nd oor county map (upper)

nd oor county map (lower) health

beauty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 291

w hat to expect when the unexpected happens. . . . . . . 297

n weddings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303 n lodging. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 306 n business services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 314 n index. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 316 n credits. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 321



Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Door County A r ticl e b y M aris e R e dm a n n

P h o to g r a p h y b y x o M e S t u d i o


here is something that happens when you’ve booked your trip to Door County. The planning and anticipation start to build an excitement. Packing the suitcases and emptying the refrigerator is when you know it’s really happening. My best friend, Jennifer Birmingham, recalls getting ready for DC back in the 1970s. “We packed in cardboard boxes and brown paper bags, T-shirts, shorts, swimming suits, stuffed animals... whatever one might need or miss with three weeks in Fish Creek. Long before seatbelt laws, our parents would flatten all the seats and have the lot of us, brothers and sisters, sit cross-legged, often hugging our bag of clothing, packed in among the groceries and boxes of beach towels in the back of the station wagon.” When people return year after year, some hit 24

Photo ©2022 Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ellison Bay Beach 25


the same places from years past as a sort of ritual. Others have to see what is new. Whatever you’ve come to do, what you’re really doing is connecting. Connecting with parents, connecting with the kids, with siblings, with your love, or reconnecting as it may be, with family, with your pet, with best friends, connecting with yourself, your inner child. You are also connecting with the spirit of this wonderful land, its bluffs, rock beaches, marshlands, forests, islands, meadows and farm fields, and to the earth with its wholesome food grown by local farmers. Summer brings out the courtship of so many beings like the frogs chirping in the marshes, crickets in the meadows, fireflies Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Door County Half Marathon

flashing in the fields and June bugs lazily bumping into illuminated light fixtures, the dreaded mosquito that tells you it is coming 28

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

for you, and the high-pitched buzzing of the hot summer cicada. They delineate the passing of time.


Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


“we need the tonic of wildness.... we can never have enough of nature.” —

henry david thoreau


Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

You are connecting with the history, following pioneers and immigrants to the rocky shore, as they did when they built our lighthouses and farmsteads. There is joy in discovering something new that is old, the historic settlements, tours, and lighthouses. Nearly every town has a link to the past that you can explore. We wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for the people that came before us and found the beauty and potential on this peninsula, especially the Native American Tribes like the Potawatomi, Winnebago and Menomonee. You are connecting to your own past by attending the Door County fair with its ferris wheel views, shooting at balloons and throwing ping pong balls into fish bowls to get a goldfish. 32

Wickman House gardens Caption


Cana Island

And you remember what it felt like to be shoveling sand into a bucket to make a castle and your legs got covered in sand, so you go wash off in the water and come back and get more sand stuck to your legs. 34

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

There is joy in the richness of the orchard country, the cherry blossoms in May that look like ballerinas dancing in fine rows, and the devilish sour red cherries in July ripe for picking and turning into pie, and the bold juicy apples of October. 35

Sometimes there is joy in exploring something bigger than you, that challenge you, like the many competitive races that occur, whether you are fit or testing your abilities. You could go surfing, paddle boarding or kayaking. There is a freedom and thrill in getting out in the water and releasing from the confines of the earth, and a thrill of giving up being dry when you jump off the dock into the cool lake waters. Going up the new E agle Tower is like rising up in anticipation of new views, new perspectives. In fact, there are stunning panoramas from many bluffs and drives around the county that inspire, such as Door Bluff Headlands and Port des Morts Town Park. Or lowlands, the marshes and hidden creeks that promote serenity, peace and remoteness from all things. Check out the Door County Land Trust’s properties, whose mission is to protect and preserve our lands and waters. Invest in yourself by indulging in the many foodie surprises or traditional supper clubs. Go see plays at the five different theaters, Grammy-recognized musicians at the Door Community Auditorium, and the many concerts in the park. Find the wineries, distilleries and breweries and become an expert on the local scene. Find the tastiest cheese curds. Dine outside. Relax and let go. Then in the morning try a different coffee shop, each with its own character. 36

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

Wilson ’s Ice Cream Parlor

New Eagle Tower, Peninsula State Park


Connect with your tribe or your intergenerational family by doing unique things together or sharing old traditions. Maybe it’s camping in one of the five State Parks, or going to Fall Fest year after year. You’re giving birth to excitement just by doing something together and creating new memories. It could be as simple as getting an ice cream and having it melt as you walk back to the beach. It could be running in the warm rain during a thunderstorm. It could be finding treasures in the many dozens of little artist galleries hiding all over the County. It could be picking just the right skipping stone. As my friend Jennifer recounted, “When I was small, all I needed was the stretch of land from the Fish Creek Beach to the cottage. It encompassed our favorite places to eat and swim: the General Store, Alwes Market, the Summertime Restaurant, the Alibi dock, and, of course, our favorite place to jump off: the Quo Vadis ferry boat! Most importantly, there was Founders Square and The Confectionery. How I lived for enough money to Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio



“as i went walking i saw a sign there and on the sign it said “no trespassing.” but on the other side it didn’t say nothing, that side was made for you and me.”

woody guthrie

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Eagle Harbor, Ephraim

buy vanilla saltwater taffy! Nights were marked by a post-dinner treat from the Ice Cream Gallery and a walk along the wooded path to watch the sunset at Sunset Beach.” I remember being at the beach with her family eating Oreo cookies that had melted slightly in the sun and having Bazooka 42

Photo: ©2022 xoMe Studio

bubble gum blowing contests. And the saltwater taffy was displayed in an old claw-foot tub, filled to the brim! Those good old days are still today. The stores and restaurants may have different names but that stretch of land is still there taking in the pounding feet of children on their way to get ice cream. 43

Considering the different seasons, each one has a unique draw for all sensibilities. Summer is great. There is so much to do out on the water and the land. The Queen Anne’s Lace waves to you in its lush green meadow. The back roads beckon you on your bike. Lying down in the grass you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and the warm earth under you. Feel the wind blowing your hair through the open car window. Life is full and lush. Autumn has its rush of color and joyous festivals. The leaves are like confetti, celebrating the season. There are endless fields of gold and the woods and trails once again call. It’s the last hurrah before the earth takes a nap. “Winter fields have a pristine whiteness, a deserted quiet,” my daughter, Lia Smith-Redmann, said about her love of winter. “You no longer hear the tumult, bustling or lapping of the water. Trudging through the snow you notice the path of the coyote and deer. There is majesty in the different kinds of beauty. It must be respected and it humbles you.” This is a time of soul-searching, of bundling, and seeking warmth. The shock of outdoor winter sport to the heady contrast of a warm, friendly pub is invigorating with the weight of your big winter boots. 44

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Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Cherry Orchard, Sister Bay

And then Spring comes again like a happy, gentle friend who you missed for so long. A mad glee rises with the emergence of the violets and crocuses, daffodils, cherry blossoms and dandelions, and once again life feels fresh. It’s not just the sights, but also the sounds and smells that are intoxicating. Smells directly linked to your memories, like the floral lilac and honeysuckle, the sweet scent of coconut sunscreen and the smell of OFF™ on summer evenings. As the days of a child feel endless, they are also fleeting, as my friend recalled. “I was too busy to notice my parents on summer days, but I can see them in the late evenings, sitting in lawn chairs and at the picnic table, watching and laughing as we did somersaults through the grass between the cottages and the pool, trying to dissuade us from putting on our wet bathing suits for one more swim.” There is a joy in Door County that starts in the planning and builds with the memories created. It has a magical quality because you’re expected to slow down. You begin Photo ©2021 Laura Docter


Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

to realize how everyone is so genuinely nice and you let your guard down. Like a truth serum you remember your true self and how connecting feels divine and you want more of it. Next thing you know you’re talking to the strangers beside you watching the sunset, sharing your experiences. A transformation happens, and you can’t wait to come back. — Marise Redmann

Marise Redmann is a writer, entrepreneur, creative spirit and Door County native; she loves her hometown and enjoys sharing it. Photo by Lia Smith-Redmann

xoMe Studio offers conceptual lifestyle, food + wedding photography based out of Door County, Wisconsin.


Ephraim Beach. Eagle Harbor


Land The

Ad ve n t u re awa i ts a t e ve r y t u r n .

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Washington Island

Photo ©2022 Edgar Anderson


This small, quiet village was once a logging center. Today it is jammed-packed with things to do. Visit a century-old lighthouse, go to a fun seasonal festival, pick up fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market, or go boating…it’s all there! Historic buildings line the quaint main street and are home to friendly restaurants, hometown pubs, charming inns, and one-of-a-kind shops — home decor, outdoor gear, books, and handmade goods and more. No matter what time of year you visit, there are always good eats — everything from homemade bakery, caramel corn, and lake fish to good old-fashioned bar burgers.

4th of july celebration

food trucks & floaties

The fun includes an Arts & Craft Fair, Pancake Breakfast on the 4th, townwide sidewalk chalk contest, Kid Zone at Kendall Park, pictures with the ponies, face painting and live music around town. Fireworks at dusk. (July 3-4)

No shoes, no shirts, no problem. Celebrate a Food Truck scene and more from 11am4pm. Then some grub before heading down to the sandy beach at Anclam Park to cool off in Lake Michigan’s blue waters. Bring your own floatie or buy one from the concession stand. (Aug. 13)

concerts in the park

Listen to talented musicians while you shop and eat local in the heart of Baileys Harbor. Bring your blanket, chairs, and friends Friday evenings from 5-7pm. (July-Aug.)




Baileys Harbor

cana island lighthouse

Walk across the causeway between the mainland and Cana Island to visit this majestic lighthouse. Climb its 97 step staircase for sweeping views of Lake Michigan and the county. kangaroo lake beach

This secret little spot is the perfect place to kayak, canoe, wind-surf, or lounge in warm shallow waters. Fishermen can fish right from the shore. waseda farms

Located on 360 acres, Waseda Farms is the county’s premier state-of-theart cattle-handling system — raising organic beef, pork and poultry. Inseason, the farm also grows fresh and flavorful produce.

More than 12 shipwrecks are visible from Lake Michigan’s surface. more info:

top & bottom photos:

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This serene little village, surrounded by rolling farm fields, will surprise you. There’s fun for the entire family including a water park with kid’s fun zone, freshly brewed Door County coffee, distillery, and winery that offers tours and tastings. Stroll around charming shops to find unique Door County items — cherry gifts, lighthouses, hand-made candles, clothing, and toys. There’s a coffee shop that roasts its own beans, a restaurant that serves the ‘best’ ribs, and a winery that makes delicious fruit wines.

fun for the whole family

door county distillery

There’s a water park, kid’s Fun Zone with jumping pillow, Bikes & Trykes, mini golf, swimming pond, and mini skate.

This stone-barn building’s exterior is modern yet elegant inside, showcasing the copper still and small batch on-site production. The first in Door County to produce vodka, gin and fruit infused vodka. Open daily 10-5 pm, with complimentary tastings.

little caesars pizza at jp express

Fresh, hot and ready to grab pizza, along with wings and breadsticks, plus a variety of vacation supplies and the typical gas station offerings, make this a convenient stop for travelling tourists and locals alike.





locally- made goods

Watch candles being made by hand or have fun dipping your own. Sip freshly brewed coffee while watching the bean roasting process. Sample wines, vodka, gin or fruit infused vodka. door peninsula winery

Take a guided tour of the county’s oldest winery to see the stages of wine production — the crush, fermentation, and bottling. Stop at the tasting bar to sample fruit and grape wines, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and cheese. The winery shop offers wine, gourmet foods, and gifts.

Carlsville was named for five Karls who lived there in the 1800s. photos:

©2020 Jeff Larson

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Door County Candle Company




e l l i v s l r Ca


RED OAK 920.743.7729

& TEA DOOR COUNTY COFFEE .com ee www.doorcountycoff 30 920.743.89

DOOR COUNTY CANDLE COMPANY .com www.doorcountycandle 25 21 6. 74 920.

ERY DOOR COUNTY DISTILL com ry. ille ist tyd un rco www.doo 920.743.7431

NERY DOOR PENINSULA WI m .co ine cw www.d 920.743.7431

HARBOUR VILLAGE RV K RESORT & WATERPAR et t.n or harbourvillageres 74 02 920.743.

ESS LITTLE CAESARS EXPR com m. leu www.jandupetro 00 17 920.743.

Check our website or Facebook page for Events



This classic DC village sits on the bay. Legend says its unusual name may be from a friendly egg battle between early fur traders as they raced to shore — or from a nest of duck eggs found by the county’s first settler. Go swimming! Historic buildings, such as the old town hall, drug store, and feed mill are now home to great shops — home decor, clothing and jewelry boutiques, souvenirs, confectioneries, olive oils, galleries and books. There’s also a health food store and gourmet grocery store.

peg egan sunset concert series

independence day

A time to enjoy food, refreshments, and live music. Fabulous a dusk fireworks display that’s been voted Best in Door County (July 3). Followed by Independence Day parade on July 4 at 1:30pm. (July 3-4)

Concerts are free every Sunday evening beginning at 7pm at the Egg Harbor Amphitheater, located at 7840 Church Street. Lawn chairs and carry-ins welcome. (July 3-Aug. 28).

Supper clubs, pubs, and restaurants serve homemade barbecue, steak and seafood, Italian, French, Spanish tapas and more. There’s an artisan cheese shop and microbrewery.


Egg Harbor



sidewalk sale

Snag the best deals of the summer occurs during the Egg Harbor Sidewalk Sale. Stroll the historic streets, shop award-winning boutiques, enjoy great deals from 10am-5pm. (Aug. 20) concerts in the park

Egg Harbor’s free Concerts in the Park begin at 5pm on Thursday evenings at Harbor View Park. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket, enjoy the terrace setting. Carry-in picnics welcome. pumpkin patch

Fun-filled weekend! Live music, carnival rides, arts and crafts vendors, face painting, pumpkin & scarecrow displays, roaming magician, kid’s games/ activities, silent auction, food, fun! The annual Pumpkin Patch festival is always on the first weekend in October.

all photos:

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This pretty little hamlet is reminiscent of old DC. Wide, tree-lined streets without sidewalks, an oldfashioned general store, clapboard buildings, and neighborly folks who ride bikes around town add to its timeless quaintness. Go for a stroll! Imaginative potters and artisans create items inspired by the county, a friendly diner serves home-style meals, a coffee shop encourages visitors to linger, and an urban-style restaurant uses locally-grown ingredients and serves hand-crafted drinks. Hotels, resorts, cottages, and B&Bs are within walking distance to the village and shoreline.

liberty grove historical society

door county north country fair

One of Northern Door County’s most beautiful spots, overlooking the waters of Ellison Bay, a partnership between Door County Land Trust and the Town of Liberty Grove to preserve the well-known “Grand View.” Property provides the entrance to a beautiful scenic overlook and Grandview Town Park.

Ellison Bay’s event in support of National Pollinator Week: Wings of Life, whose mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conversation, education, and research. Enjoy a mix of food, drinks and music, focusing on insects, plants and honey-related products. (June 25-26)

Ellison Bay 57



fitzgerald park

At the corner of Old School Road and Garrett Bay Road. This park has a small playground, covered picnic area with tables and BBQ, toilet facilities, a baseball diamond, and an ice-skating rink when conditions are right. blue bear

New farm-to-table restaurant using locally sourced, allnatural ingredients. Unique dishes as well as traditional. Full Bar, dine-in or outdoor (pet friendly), Grab & Go selection of meals, snacks, desserts, soups, deli salads, dog treats. Located at 12026 Hwy. 42. garrett bay park

The site of one of the Great Lakes’ sunken ships, The Fleetwing, lost in the late 1800s. Picnic in the woods or by the water. Enjoy a quiet sports launch area. 1310 Garrett Bay Road. Parking across the street.

top photo:

©2022 Len Villano Photography, middle & bottom photos:

©2022 David Gilo Photography

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Ellison Bay Hiking Trails

Find Yourself Here! 920.854.5448

Located at the tip of the Door County Peninsula! 63

This beautiful and picturesque village — dotted with pristine white clapboard buildings and picket fences — has unsurpassed views of the bay, museums, a long sandy beach, and endless ways to enjoy the water. Go splash around in the bay! Wander the tree-lined streets to find DC inspired art, pottery, clothes, jewelry, and beach gear. Shops, restaurants, and B&Bs are tucked away in vintage homes, rustic log cabins, and old barns. There’s more harborview dining here than anywhere else in the county. Enjoy a Scandinavian influenced meal, a traditional fish boil, or a simple malt and burger — as you watch the sunset over the bay.

christmas in the village

evening in ephraim concert series

Santa Claus will be arriving at Village Hall at 3pm! Warm up inside with visits with Santa and activity tables full of holiday fun from 3 – 5pm. Take a short walk over to Olson Park to meet Santa’s elves and reindeer too! Santa makes his way over to the Harborside Park gazebo at 5pm to light the beautiful Christmas tree! (Dec. 3)

Enjoying live music every Monday at the gazebo in Harborside Park from 6-8pm to celebrate local musicians. Relax and enjoy the music with friends and family while enjoying the beauty of Ephraim. Bring a chair or blanket and stay for the sunset! (June 20 – Aug. 20)

Ephraim 57



fyr bal festival

Celebrate the transition of spring into summer on the shoreline of Eagle Harbor! Artists, food, musical entertainment, and family activities along the picturesque shoreline of Eagle Harbor. (June 18) harborside park

A great place for kids to play with playground equipment, a picnic area, benches, and gazebo. Concerts throughout summer. All with an ice cream shop next door. ephraim historical foundation museums

Discover Emphraim’s Scandinavian roots and history at the Anderson Store, the Anderson Barn History Center, and other museums. Walking tours, tram tours, and lectures are available. “Dry” since its founding in 1853, Ephraim first allowed beer & wine sales in 2016.

middle photo:

©2022 Jeff Larson bottom photo:

©2022 David Gilo Photography

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North Ephraim artzy studio • 608-438-7633

fresh take 42 • 920-854-5455

george burr gallery • 920-854-7877

reclaimed resale + Consignment • 920-854-3239

high point inn • 920-854-9773

peninsula Music Festival • 920-854-4060

106.9 the lodge

the red putter • 920-615-4787

vintique • 920-854-8060

the simple solution • 920-854-3400 • 920-333-2081

summer kitchen


Midsö • 920-205-7949

North Ephraim is a unique stretch of businesses on Hwy 42 in Ephraim. Unofficially, the area starts at the curve in the road by Vintique Resale, and continues north to the corner of Townline Road at Reclaimed Resale & Consignment. The half-mile stretch includes a plethora of SIP


shopping, lodging, and dining opportunities, as well as art galleries and a mini-golf course!

Shop Dine Play Stay 920-854-4989 @ephraim_wi

Ephraim - Door County, Wisconsin 67

This old fishing village is reminiscent of the New England coastline with its string of century-old white clapboard buildings, horseshoe-shaped shoreline, and sailboats floating in the bay. Go explore Peninsula State Park! Wander the charming tree-lined streets to discover a variety of shops — souvenir, clothing, jewelry, Irish imports, artwork, bath products, beach stuff, and homemade candy. Great restaurants, eateries, and coffee shops offer many choices — modern American, Asianinspired, tavern food, and fish boils. Inns, cottages, and

art & culture

the white gull inn

Unparalleled opportunities to see, create and experience art make Fish Creek Door County’s complete arts destination. Take in a show, stop by a local gallery, take a class or create your own masterpiece.

This historic inn was founded by a German immigrant in the 1890s and has become a DC tradition. Charming turn-of-the century style rooms and cottages, an awardwinning restaurant, and its wooded setting have made it a favorite. It is the winner of Good Morning America’s Best Breakfast Challenge.

hotels are within walking distance to the shops, shoreline and parks.

Fish Creek 42



sports and activities

Hike, bike, golf, fish, canoe, kayak, paddle board, or sail in the bay. Moped rentals, bike rentals, slip rentals, boat tours, and charter fishing are available throughout the summer. peninsula state park

Winding roads and trails weave through forests, past shorelines, and over limestone bluffs. Drive, bike, or hike to discover stunning views, Eagle Tower, campgrounds, beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a golf course. plein air festival

Artists paint outdoors, all around the county. Events include Quick Paint & Live Auction, Kid’s Paint, and Open Door Celebration an evening with food, beverages, art auction. top & middle photos:

©2022 David Gilo Photography bottom photo:

©2022 Jeff Larson

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This authentic fishing village lies at the northernmost tip of the peninsula — known as the ‘top of the thumb.’ Island ferries, weathered fishing sheds, and an old fishing boat that sits on dry land reflect its historic maritime heritage. Go fishing! A fine restaurant with panoramic views, a few souvenir shops, and cottages occupy old buildings along the village’s only street and waterfront. Scandinavian imports, nautical items, jewelry, locally made jams, jellies, and pies can be found here. Watch the incredible sunsets over Porte des Mortes (Death’s Door), go fishing, take a scenic boat ride, or take a drive

newport state park

gills rock art fest

Wisconsin’s only formally designated wilderness park — 2,373 acres of forests, wetlands, and meadows. Fern Trail has interpretative panels to guide visitors through the forest. There are miles of hiking and offroad biking trails, cross-country skiing paths, beaches, and campgrounds.

15 artists display their latest works, with many giving demos, at 22nd Gills Rock Art Fest, 10am- 5 pm on the grounds of Gills Rock Coffee. Many different media, including pastel, collage, assemblage, watercolor, oil, jewelry, mosaics, encaustic painting, and clay. (Sept. 3-4)

on the county’s famous ‘winding’ road.

Gills Rock




4th of july

Celebrate the 4th with music, food & drink, a fish fry fundraiser for the Deaths Door Maritime Museum and fireworks. Festivities begin around 5pm. Boat parade about an hour before sunset, fireworks begin at dusk. (July 4) the winding road

The last few miles of highway 42 curves and zig zags through fields and forest and ends at Northport Pier. It is one of the county’s most beautiful and photographed sites — especially in autumn when maple trees are in full color. A must see. door county maritime museum

There are exhibits on shipwrecks, lifesaving techniques, and the Ted Berch model collection — twenty Great Lakes vessels, including one of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. Tour a 1930s tug boat and watch a film of its last fishing trip.


©2022 David Gilo Photography

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This tranquil village, nestled on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, has sandy beaches, rocky shoreline cliffs, peaceful trails, quiet back roads, parks, festivals, and a great farmer’s market. Go hike, bike, swim — or just hang out! Quaint shops, in old homes and cabins, offer unique items — Amish quilts, pottery, ceramics, hand-weavings, arts, crafts, and photography. Friendly restaurants and pubs offer good eats — Mexican specialties, homemade soups, bar burgers, and the Wisconsin favorite — the Friday fish fry.

farmer’s market

sports and activities

Open every Tuesday at Lakeside Park from 9 am-1 pm, the market also has graband-go food options. “Locally sourced” produce, fruit, bakery, meat, eggs and other products — all from local Door County farms, home kitchens, orchards and gardens. Arts and crafts are also available as the market celebrates this 14th season.

Kayak, swim, fish, ride the county’s longest zip line, or go horseback riding. white dunes state park

This park has the tallest sand dunes in the state of Wisconsin. Watch the waterfowl at Clark Lake, hike the trails, or use the boardwalk to explore the wetlands. Ecology, geology, and human history exhibits are on display in the park’s nature center.





lakeside park

Scenic Lakeside Park has been a jewel on Lake Michigan since 1939. Over the decades it has welcomed everything from weddings to family reunions to picnics to the annual Polar Bear Plunge. arts, craft & amish quilt sale

Over 100 Amishmade quilts, Amishmade wall hangings, rugs, dolls, food. Local artist demos. Mr. G’s Hall on Hwy. 57, south of Jacksonport, 9 am – 5 pm. (July 7 –10 & Oct. 6 – 9) polar bear plunge

Precisely at noon on New Year’s Day, the Jacksonport Polar Bear Club and the brave at heart take a quick dip in the icy waters of Lake Michigan from Lakeside Park Beach. It’s fun for all. Jacksonport was the 14th (and last) township to be officially organized, in March 1869


©2022 David Gilo Photography

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Along the Shore

Spend a day in Jacksonport!

Jacksonport Cottage Gallery & Gifts 920.823.2288 – JACKSONPORT

RunAway Lodge

920.746.4046 – VALMY

Open Door Bird Sanctuary

920.493.2473– JACKSONPORT

A Little Bit of Coffee

920.823.0028 – JACKSONPORT

Farmerʼs Market – Tuesday 9am-1pm Mid-May thru October – JACKSONPORT


DOOR COUNT Y, WISCONSIN JACKSONPORT AREA BUSINESSES • A Little Bit of Coffee • Lakeshore Retreat • Bley’s Grocery • Len Villano Photography • DC Adventure Kayaking • Martinez Studio • Door County Adventure Center–Zip Line • Mike’s Port Pub & Grill • Donny’s Glidden Lodge Restaurant • Mr G’s Super Club and • Door County Beach Rentals at F ernwood Garden Ballroom Sunrise Shores Condos • Olson Cottages • Door County Carpet One • Open Door Bird Sanctuary Floor & Home • P.C. Junction • Door County Kayak Tours & • Peninsula Kayak Company Bike Rentals • Plum Bottom Gallery • Door Guide Publishing • Plum Loco Animal Farm • Door Shakespeare • Port Storage Co. • Glidden Lodge Beach Resort • Runaway Lodge @ Valmy • The Hitching Post Bar & Grill • Sand & Sun Cottages • Innlet Motel • Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery • Island Fever Rum Bar & Grill • Square Rigger Lodge • “It’s All About The Lakeshore” Cottages • Valmy Happy Hour • Jacksonport Cottage Gallery & Gifts • Waseda Farms Country Market • Jacksonport Disc Golf • Welsing’s Foodland • Kurtz Corral • Jacksonport Area Business Association • Jacksonport Women’s Club • Jacksonport Historical Society • Jacksonport Polar Bear Club • Jacksonport Advancement Corporation • Sevastopol FFA Alumni • NE Wisconsin Antique Power Association • Door County Historical Society



This historic village with deep Scandinavian roots bustles with activity every summer. Kids splash in the bay, families explore the shops, boats launch from the marina, and goats graze on the grass roof of a Swedish restaurant. Go see the goats! Friendly, family-owned shops offer Scandinavian imports, outdoor gear, holiday decorations, clothing, handmade goat milk soaps, and sports equipment. Diverse restaurants, pubs, and eateries reflect the talents of local chefs, bakers, and brewmasters — many have been featured in Bon Appétit and on the Food Network. Resorts, cottages, and hotels are sprinkled in and around the village.

al johnson’s swedish restaurant & butik

annual sister bay fall fest

Sister Bay’s postseason party. Multiple live bands, big arts & crafts fair, delicious food throughout village. Parade on Sat., 11am.

The Johnson family has been serving authentic Scandinavian food — limpa bread, pancakes, meatballs, and lingonberries since the 1950s. Rosemaling, pine furniture, servers dressed in traditional Swedish clothes, and goats make it a truly Scandinavian experience.

sports and activities

Hike, bike, golf, go bowling, or play miniature golf. Cross-county ski, snowshoe, or ice fish in the winter. Local companies offer fishing charters, kayaking, sailboat, and Segway tours.

Sister Bay 57



waterfront park

Featuring a sand beach, the county’s only swim dock, a kid’s playground, picnic areas, and a performance pavilion. Kayak or paddle board from the shore, listen to a musical performance, or watch the sunset over the bay. christkindlmarkt

Door County’s 1stever European-style Christmas market! Three “Hallmark moment” weekends: Nov. 25-27, Dec. 2-4, and Dec. 9-11. Traditional Nordic foods, fine artisan Goods, Christmas present shopping. Located at Corner of the Past Museum at Hwy 57 & Fieldcrest Rd., the Sister Bay Historical Society’s beautiful heritage property.

Sister Bay gets its name from the Sister Islands that flank the harbor.


©2022 xoMe Studio

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This beautiful area encompasses the rolling fields and farmlands south of Sturgeon Bay. It is also the gateway to a rich Belgian heritage — historic votive chapels, red-brick farmhouses, one-room schoolhouses, and ethnic foods. Go tour! The architectural and cultural heritage of the original Belgian settlers is evident in the small towns of Brussels, Forestville, and Clay Banks. Wander through the local markets, shops, and galleries to find ethnic foods and art. Home-style cafes, restaurants, and pubs offer Belgian and DC inspired dishes. Plus, there are quaint lodges, resorts, cottages, and campgrounds.

belgian heritage center

southern door community auditorium

Discover the rich history, culture, and traditions of the largest Belgian settlement in the U.S. The unprepossessing but professional center preserves the uniqueness of Belgian foods, beverages, customs, architecture and the Walloon language. Beautifully created and maintained historical exhibits throughout.

Great performances in a space with exemplary natural acoustics, state-ofthe-art equipment, for enriching, entertaining, inspiring performances. 592-seat proscenium theater, excellent views. Sponsoring Kids from Wisconsin at Peg Egan in Egg Harbor. (July 26)




Southern Door

fire fighters picnic & parade

Parade begins at 11am in downtown Forestville. Car show, craft vendors, live music. Silent auction, raffles. Kids games, bounce house, water fights. Burgers, booyah, beverages, and entertainment. (July 30) ahnapee state trail

This 40+ mile trail — from Sturgeon Bay to Kewaunee — runs through farmlands, forests, and small towns, and traverses the Ahnapee River. Hike, bike, walk, jog, horseback ride, cross-country ski, and snowmobile. robert lasalle county park

Adventurer Robert LaSalle landed on this Lake Michigan site in 1679. Known for its three-tiered landform — pebblestrewn beach, grassy upland area, and higher wooded upland. Stairway access. Picnic tables, fire rings, grills, and volleyball court.


©2022 Nikki Vig

more info: |


Southern DOOR 1. BELGIAN HERITAGE CENTER 1255 County Rd DK • Brussels 920.825.7319

1. 2.


3677 May Road • Sturgeon Bay 920.743.9001



229 E. Main Street • Forestville 800.544.1003



4. DOOR COUNTY BOAT RENTAL 120 N. Madison Avenue & 3662 N. Duluth Avenue • Sturgeon Bay 920.746.6071

6. WATERFRONT MARY’S BAR & GRILL 3662 N. Duluth Avenue • Sturgeon Bay 920.743.3690


Belgian Heritage Center, Brussels


Belgian Delight • Bullpen Bar & Grill • Clark’s Bar & Family Restaurant• Compass Rose Dining, LLC DeBaker Acres II • Morning Glory Family Restaurant • Rouer’s Roadhouse • Stage Road Inn Sorens Valhalla Orchards, LLC • Sunset Grill Waterfront Dining

Waterfront Mary’s Bar & Grill • Wave Pointe Resort (Gilmo’s Bar & Bistro)


Anchors Away Garden & Gifts • Brussels General Store/Jandu Petroleum

Country Ovens/Cherry De-Lite • DENN • Doors Fleurs & Orchard • Malvitz Bay Farms Marchants Foods Inc. • Pioneer Pantry • Potawatomi Park Store Quietwoods RV Sales & Service • Renard’s Cheese Store, LLC Stevenson Pier Sport & Gift • The Bridal Chapel


Beach Harbor Resort • Cottage Creek • Countryside Motel & RV Sites Door County Vacancies • Outback Cottages • Sand Bay Resort

Sand Bay Lodge & Cottages • The Doorstop • Wave Pointe Marina & Resort


27 Pines Golf & Range • Belgian Heritage Center • Door County Boat Rental Door County KOA Campgrounds • Grizzly Air Tours • Idlewild Golf Course

May's Sport Center • Potawatomi Park Store • Reel Action Sport Fishing Charters, Inc Salty Seagull Mini Golf • Southern Door Community Auditorium • The Fiddler’s Farm Tranquil Timbers Campground • Wacky Walleye • Waniger Schoolhouse Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ of Door County


Ahlswede Lawn & Landscape • Babler Bus Service • Bayport Chiropractic Brey Family Beef • Brussels Lions Club • Buhr Construction, Inc.

Door County Medical Center • Door County Motorsports • Door Guide Publishing Dreamland Properties, LLC • Edward Jones-Financial Advisor • Gigot Sanitation Handy-Bins • Ike’s Foundation & Flatwork • JJ Excavating

Nicolet Bank-Sturgeon Bay • Peninsula Publishing & Distribution • RP Designs Southern Door County School District • Temp-Rite Heating & Cooling, LLC


This old harbor town was settled in 1835 as a logging center and is the gateway to the peninsula — Northern Door. Three historic districts, centuryold lighthouses, and museums reflect its legendary maritime heritage. Go on a boat tour! West Side An old-fashioned downtown. Wood buildings with tin facades are home to restaurants, pubs, gourmet shops, and boutiques. Third Avenue Old stone buildings with big windows create a picturesque main street. Restaurants, antique shops, confectioneries, and boutiques.

classic and wooden boat show

harvest fest and street art auction

Family-friendly day of entertainment, food, kids’ activities, plus Classic & Wooden Boats on Sturgeon Bay’s West Waterfront, a partnership with Door County Maritime Museum. Bloody Mary Social on August 7, watch homemade boats in Sikaflex Challenge. (Aug. 6-7)

Usher in the spirit of autumn on Third Avenue starting at 9am. Classic car show, craft show, food booths, in-store specials, “Tapping of the Firkin”, steinholding contest, live entertainment. “Cherries Jubilee” Street Art Project all day at Martin Park. (Sept. 17)

Jefferson Street Lovely old buildings have been transformed into a stylish and diverse shopping area.




Sturgeon Bay

miller art museum

Founded by local artist Gerhard Miller and his wife Ruth in 1975. The museum features Wisconsin artists from the early 20th century to the present day in drawings, paintings, and photography. The exhibits in the main gallery change every seven weeks. Open year-round. shopping districts

You’ll find shopping on both sides of the city’s two canal-spanning bridges: ‘West Side’ shopping is on the south side; while the Third Avenue historic district, Jefferson Street and Egg Harbor Road shopping await you on the north side. rogue theater

2022 is the 10th season for this local community theater, a testament to the talent that abounds here year-round. Now moving into its own permanent theater space.


©2022 Jeff Larson

more info: |


This wooded, rustic island is ­in the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Ferries transport visitors from the ‘top of the thumb’ to discover a world of parks, trails, beaches, and lush forests. It’s a great place to go biking! Friendly family shops offer Scandinavian gifts and imports, clothes, hand-made products, sterling silver jewelry, and other items made by local artisans. A variety of island eateries offer burgers, fish boils, vegetarian options, Chicago style hot dogs, a fish fry, and homemade pies.

sol grass music festival

fragrant isle lavender farm

The perfect place for festival goers to enjoy a taste of nature and to take part in an authentic music experience. The weekend can be a time to relax and reconnect with friends and family, make new friends, explore the island, look at the stars, pick a new tune, and of course enjoy some amazing bluegrass music.

This beautiful farm is the largest of its kind in the Midwest, and was inspired by the lavender fields in France. Forty-eight different varieties of lavender are grown here. Demonstration gardens educate visitors about the lavender plant and its many uses and benefits.

Washington Island




washington island music festival

World-class musicians donate their talents, spend two weeks living and performing on the Island. Chamber music concerts, open rehearsals, lectures, children’s programs. Trueblood Performing Arts Center. schoolhouse beach

One of five beaches in the world that’s similar. Protected harbor, excellent swimming in a marked area with diving raft. A favorite area for picnics. death’s door bar-b-q competition

Each August a Kansas City Barbecue Society contest is held to determine the best beef brisket, chicken, pork and ribs from some of the Midwest’s best barbeque-ers. Go eat tasty barbecue, tour the Island, and have fun! (Saturday, Aug. 27)

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W I N T E R • S P R I N G • S U M M E R • FA L L

Daily year round service from Northport Pier end of State HWY 42 30-minute ferry ride to Door County’s Island Community


Islands • Lighthouses Beaches • Shops • Restaurants , Tours on the Cherry Train (in season) 920.847.2546 • 800.223.2094


PA S S E N G E R S • A U T O S • B I K E S • M O T O R C Y C L E S


Photo by: Frykman Studio Gallery

Family Fun • Annual Events Maritime Museum Fish Dinner • W.I. Canoe & Kayak Race • Fly-In Fish Boil Washington Island Music Festival • Scandinavian Dance Festival Celebrating Winter & Fish Derby • Cider Pressing & Fall Festival Death’s Door BBQ • July 4th Fireworks • W.I. Lions’ Island Fair

For more information visit: WASHINGTON ISLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 87 2206 West Harbor Road • Washington Island, WI 54246 • 920.847.2179

The business center for the Southern Door area of the Door Peninsula is rich with a life that most visitors never experience. Agriculturally driven, but just as naturally beautiful as the county’s northern region, it offers a quiet peace, and access to outdoor adventure, while also providing a gateway to a unique, surprisingly unchanged Belgian heritage. What looks like a simple country crossroads is actually also the home to a renowned potter, the Write On, Door County arts organization (mission: everyone has a story to tell!), a chiropractor, a Lutheran church, and, as of this writing, an Italian restaurant. Initial appearances can be deceiving in Door County, so go ahead, slow down and explore… Featuring easy land and water access to Mink River Basin, a watershed and flowage with excellent fishing, and a respectedyet-hidden lodging facility/ restaurant/bakery/fish boil site called (what else?) Rowleys Bay Resort, it’s hard to exaggerate the beauty of the view that spills out from the resort shoreline towards the Basin and out to greater Lake Michigan.


This little fishing village sits on the Green Bay shoreline in Southern Door. Increase Claflin, the county’s first settler, built a log cabin here in 1835. Today it is known for walleye, bass, and perch fishing. Its annual festival, ‘Little Sturgeon Days’ has live music, a horseshoe tournament and parade. Go fishing! Located in the town of Gardner. This surprising little place, tucked away in the hear t of the county, is surrounded by farmland. There’s a winery that offers tastings and a shop with its own products, a restaurant with a model train that entertains kids and adults alike, a friendly pub, and a pizza place with outdoor dining. Go have fun! Crossroads of Hwy E and Hwy A. This entire island is a rustic state park and popular camping and kayaking destination. One of the island ’ s mo st u n iq ue features is a summer estate built by Icelandic inventor Chester Thordarson in 1920. Among the buildings is a limestone boathouse decorated with characters from the Norse Runic alphabet and original hand-carved Scandinavian furniture. Go visit the estate! Take the Karfi Ferry from Jackson Harbor on Washington Island.


Parks Abound Throughout the Door Peninsula


ome visitors destined for a Door County vacation head immediately to one of our five beautiful state parks: Newport, Peninsula, Potawatomi, Whitefish Dunes, Rock Island. That’s all they care about this place, all they need to know and love about being here, in the midst of it. To return to that primitive sense of land, water, sky…sunrise, sunset... a silence both holy and profound. The natural diversity, raw beauty of this landscape is sometimes staggering. From woodlands, to meadows, bluffs, beaches, lakeside, bayside, sand dunes, including a whole island to hike, to pitch a tent, to test the blue Lake Michigan waters, to count the stars and welcome the sunrise… to remind you why some still call it God’s Country, or simply, Paradise. Every season is a new peace offering. A chance to find yourself again. Add to the five state parks, nineteen county parks plus more town parks than anyone can count. One of the truths to this place is that it harbors diversions galore in a setting singularly solitary. You sense this on the highways, backroads, and in every little village and town. There is the bustle of shops and restaurants—and minutes away, a road leading you to bluff, water, the crashing of waves along the shoreline. We, lucky to live amidst this, remain forever grateful to those who came before us, who understood the redeeming nature of this distinctive wilderness and sought to preserve these sacred grounds for future generations. — Norbert Blei Writer, poet and teacher, Norbert Blei learned his craft in Chicago, but arguably produced his best writing about the people and beauty of Door County, his home for over 40 years. Famously, he wrote almost every day in a converted chicken coop near Europe Lake. Among his many books, Door Way is considered a ‘must read,’ especially if for those who have recently discovered this amazing place. Blei died in 2013. 90

Bewitched & In Love with the L and


have always carried an image of my grandfather, on his haunches, rolling a handful of dirt in his hands, and uttering a benediction on his best friend’s land, saying the words: “This is good soil.” That image and the image of my maternal grandmother, hoe in hand, working the soil of her cabbage patch. Both images created in me a sense of my everlasting relationship with the land.

Photo ©2022 Kevin O’Donnell 91

I loved the land of my birth, northwestern Wisconsin, along the shore of Lake Superior. I loved the jack pine and the crashing waves, the ice blue water and the cold temperature that was always part of being in the water. When I was sixteen, some friends of mine and I decided to go to Door County, Wisconsin. We made that decision because one of our number read something about the need for people to pick cherries. We thought we could make some money, as added incentive one of us had been there before who said that there were lots of girls from Chicago to try and date. We thought we would try summer in Door County. We went, didn’t make much money picking cherries, we lived in a tent, Michael Brecke showered in cold water, or rinsed in the lake, and the girls from Chicago didn’t like these Wisconsin boys with no money who really didn’t smell very good. But while I was there for those two weeks in the early 60’s, I fell in love. I fell in love with the land, the water, the beaches, the stands of pine and the landscape of rocky shores and rolling farmland. When I left, I promised myself that I would return. Years later, I did return, first in the summers when I served as a summer pastor at Bethany Lutheran Church in Ephraim. I would stay in the parsonage in Ephraim first for one week, then for two. Our family explored the landscape, Peninsula State Park, the shoreline around Gills Rock, wherever we could touch the land, and discover the wonder of what I fell in love with so long ago. There were so many places to explore that over the 15 years or so of being in Ephraim for one of two weeks, in the summer, we touched the land at the Ridges, Whitefish Dunes State Park, 92

Cana Island, and each place when touched became a part of our family, part of our life. Door County is not a place we come to just eat and drink, fish, golf and sit on a beach. Door County is a place where we are touched by the land itself. It gets under your skin, the land works its way into your heart, and once you fall in love you are never the same. You feel the wind in your face, coming off the lake. You feel the sun shining on your face as you look beyond the sand to the water that seems so big, so endless. It is what you dream of when you are not here. It’s what you crave between visits. It’s why you return. It is the Photo ©2022 Kevin O’Donnell magnet of sun, wind, water, trees, rocks, and sand that whisper to us in those silent times when we are not here. It is what keeps us here. In the end, when you fall in love with the land, and the water, you are never the same. Bewitched by Door County is a spiritual condition unlike any other. It’s why I will always come back, for a week, a month, a year, and when I do, it’s as if I have never left. — Michael Brecke Most recently, Rev. Michael Brecke was the beloved and compassionate pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Juddville. Today he lives in Kansas City, Missouri, but remains in close contact with his many close friends in Door County.




restaurants • shops • coffeehouses • sports • parks

DOOR CO. Photo ©2022 Kevin O’Donnell

beaches • galleries • sightseeing • markets • etc.


al johnson’s swedish restaurant & butik Swedish Pancakes with Strawberries. sister bay 920-854-2626

baileys 57

albatross drive-in

bayside tavern

Cowboy Burger.

Smilen’ Bob’s Bar Room Chili.

washington island 920-847-2203

fish creek 920-868-3441


big easy

Rack of Lamb.

Breakfast Pizza.

fish creek 920-868-3532

egg harbor 920-868-4800



Boar’s Head Breakfast Sandwich. baileys harbor 920-839-2114

blue bear

carroll house

Smoked Salmon Benedict.

Breakfast Burrito.

ellison bay 920-854-3284

sister bay 920-854-7997

boathouse on the bay

casey’s bbq & smokehouse

Lobster Roll.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs.

sister bay 920-854-3223

egg harbor 920-868-3038

carrington at landmark resort

cedar crossing restaurant & bar

Marinated chicken skewers.

Chef’s Choice Tuna.

egg harbor 920-868-5162

sturgeon bay 920-743-4200


country ovens | cherry delite

door county kraut company

Cherry Relish Shrimp Tacos.

Baked Goods.

forestville 920-856-6767

baileys harbor 920-839-2288

coyote roadhouse

fika bakery & coffee house

The Porta.

Swedish Meatballs.

baileys harbor 920-839-9192

fish creek 920-602-2909

door county ice cream factory & sandwich shoppe Hot Fudge Sundae. sister bay 920-854-9693

fireside restaurant



Big Easy Jambalaya. egg harbor 920-868-4800

fish creek market

great lakes bbq co.

Italian Stallion.

The Superior Burger.

fish creek 920-868-3351

sister bay 920-646-BBQ1

florian ii lakeshore supper club

green bay olive oil co.

BBQ Pork Back Ribs with hickory tangy sauce.

Olive Oil Gift Basket.

baileys harbor 920-839-2361

fish creek 920-944-2662

grandma’s swedish bakery at rowleys bay resort Pecan Roll. rowleys bay 920-854-2385

greens n grains café

Hummus Wrap. egg harbor 920-868-9999


island orchard cider

kettle black

Brut Apple Reserve Cider.

Cajun Boil.

ellison bay 920-854-3344

fish creek 920-868-5215

jackson harbor soup & sandwiches

kick ash coffee

Cuban Sandwich.

Door County Love Granola.

washington island 920-847-2589

ellison bay 920-854-9400

julie’s park café & motel

kitchen barons public house Seafood

Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Cheese Curds.

Piccata with shrimp, Norwegian Atlantic salmon.

fish creek 920-868-2999

sturgeon bay 920-818-0377



mcevoy’s culinaria

pelletier’s restaurant & fish boil

Deli Sandwiches.

Door County Fish Boil.

sister bay 920-854-8029

fish creek 920-868-3313

nightingale supper club

Prime Rib.

savor bbq co. The Big Tex Platter. baileys harbor & sturgeon bay

sturgeon bay 920-743-5593


old post office restaurant

shipwrecked brew pub & inn

Door County Fish Boil.

Seafood Chowdah.

ephraim 920-854-4034

egg harbor 920-868-2767


sister bay bowl supper club

thyme restaurant

Perch Fry.

Curry Chicken.

sister bay 920-854-2841

sister bay 920-421-5113

sonny’s italian kitchen & pizzeria

twelve eleven wine bar & provisions

Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza.


sturgeon bay 920-743-2300

sister bay 920-421-9463

summer kitchen

uncle tom’s candy store Milk Chocolate

Chicken Fajitas.

Cashew Brittle & Rainbow Pebbles White Chocolate Bark. ellison bay 920-854-4538

north ephraim 920-854-2131



the vault

wickman house

Flavored Popcorn.

Cast Iron Chicken.

ellison bay 920-633-4070

ellison bay

waterfront mary’s bar & grill sturgeon bay 920-743-3690

wilson’s restaurant & ice cream parlor Mini Turtle Sundae. ephraim 920-854-2041

white gull inn

wood orchard market

Cherry-Stuffed French Toast.

Apple Cider Donuts.

fish creek 920-868-3517

egg harbor 920-868-2334

Door County Chowder.




Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff

d r i n k & e at

restaurants coyote roadhouse

[ad - pg. 115]

njoy a beautiful view of Kangaroo Lake. Offering a full-service bar, appetizers, E lunch, dinner and dessert in a relaxed, casual, comfortable setting. Mouthwatering Baby Back Ribs, homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers and other entrées. Children’s menu. We’ll leave the lake on! open daily: 11am. $-$$ d baileys harbor 3026 County Rd E 920-839-9192

savor tex-mex bbq

food truck

[ad - pg. 115]

erving breakfast & lunch. Our locally owned and operated food truck features S Quesa Birria Tacos with dipping Consomme, Texas style brisket, pulled pork, Texas hot links, BBQ Loaded Nachos, Loaded Elotes, and specials. Breakfast tacos & Loaded Breakfast Boats. Accepting reservations for delivery to events. open: tues – sun 10:30 am -7pm (jun 14th – oct 31) $-$$ baileys harbor 8 048 Hwy 57 (Florian II parking lot)


door county coffee & tea co.

[ad - pg. 116]

he aroma from roasting more than 100 varieties of coffee paired with our T homemade bakery welcomes and invites you in! Enjoy daily soup features, signature salads and gourmet sandwiches, plus homemade breakfast served daily. Don’t miss the fabulous gift shop. Serving breakfast 7:30 – 11am; lunch 11am – 2pm. open daily: 7:30am - 4pm. $ d carlsville 5773 Hwy 42 920-743-8930

roadhouse of carlsville

[ad - pg. 116]

Home cooking from scratch. Extra-large chickens for best broasted chicken ever. DC’s best rack of ribs, charbroiled burgers, chicken breasts, Friday night fish fry perch and cod. Full menu all day. Full bar. Dine-in or carry-out. open : 11am, tue - sun . call for winter hours ( mid - oct thru mid - may ). $-$$ d carlsville 5790 Hwy 42 at County Rd I 920-743-4966


[ad - pg. 118]

Come as you are for upscale casual dining. Features one of the best views in Door County – overlooking the sparkling waters of the Bay of Green Bay. Indoor/outdoor seating. Specialties include steaks, seafood, pasta sandwiches, appetizers, and more. $$ d egg harbor 7643 Hillside Rd 920-868-5162

casey’s bbq & smokehouse

[ad - pg. 117]

outhern Style Smoked Meats featuring barbecue baby back pork ribs, S smoked brisket & chicken, homemade mac n cheese, brisket chili, whitefish chowder, Friday night fish fry, broiled steaks. kids menu, indoor & outdoor seating, take out and bulk menu to-go, pool table, video gaming, cable TV, free WiFi, water view and full bar! open daily: 11am $$ d egg harbor 7855 Hwy 42 920-868-3038

— continued

d open year round

pets welcome



e at & d r i n k restaurants fireside restaurant

[ad – pg. 117]

hef Blake and his family invite you to the Fireside Restaurant in beautiful Egg C Harbor. Enjoy reinvented classics with a Cajun attitude! We use quality local ingredients prepared with care to ensure you have a memorable experience with impeccable service. Try our Signature DoCo Hurricane! Great kids menu. lunch at 11am. dinner at 4pm. $$ d egg harbor 7755 Hwy 42 920-868-4800

greens n grains cafe

[ad - pg. 118]

L ocated within DC’s first and only natural food store. Featuring vegetarian and raw food cuisine and a juice bar. The deli offers a wonderful selection of raw foods, Paninis, wraps, hummus, natural and organic specialties, freshlypressed juices, fruit smoothies, healthy bakery, tea bar and organic coffees. open : 9am - 5 pm ( may - oct ). $ egg harbor 7821 Hwy 42 920-868-9999

one barrel brewing co

[ad – pg. 119]

e brew unique beers, one barrel at a time. Also offering wines, hard ciders, W Wild Tomato pizza, and a generally laid back coastal Wisconsin vibe. Visit our comfortable and relaxing tap room, with seating indoors and out for over 100 people. The terraced deck leads from the street to the doors and there’s an airy vibe inside, complete with counter-service, wood-fired pizza and appetizers from Wild Tomato. $-$$ d egg harbor 4633 Market St 920-868-5262

shipwrecked brew pub

[ad – inside back cover]

C’s premiere microbrewery…in a brand-new building. Enjoy our outdoor patio D or view the brew house inside while sipping one of the pub’s handcrafted beers. Choose from our extensive brew house menu featuring BBQ and smokehouse favorites and American classics. Located in the heart of Egg Harbor across the street from Fat Louie’s Olive Oil Company. open: daily 11am. $$ egg harbor 7791 Egg Harbor Rd 920-868-2767

blue bear

[ad – pg. 120]

arm to table, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients. Unique and traditional F dishes. We offer gluten-free vegan and keto options. Full Bar serving craft cocktails, specialty coffee drinks, local beers & sustainably sourced wines. Dine-in, outdoor, and online ordering. Grab & Go selection of meals, snacks, desserts, soups, deli salads, dog treats & more! open: wed – sun. $-$$ ellison bay 12029 Hwy 42 920-854-3284

grandma’s swedish bakery

[ad – pg. 120]

Celebrating 51 years and showcasing from-scratch recipes handed down over generations and oceans. Authentic Swedish recipes including Limpa bread and cardamom coffee cake, almond danish puffs, muffins, cookies, cherry pastries, rich fudgy brownies, and more. Most popular of all, the half-pound pecan rolls and cinnamon rolls. Free Wifi. Located at Rowleys Bay Resort. $ ellison bay 1041 Co. Rd ZZ (Rowleys Bay) 920-854-2385


d open year round

pets welcome


— continued

Photo ©2022 Laurel Janisse

Great Lakes BBQ


e at & d r i n k restaurants kick ash coffee

[ad - pg. 154]

ur in-house products are all gluten-free and include artisan granola, fresh O gluten-free bakery, and freshly roasted coffee. We also carry a wide selection of unique gifts, local items, and books. Indoor/outdoor seating and WiFi available. Visit us in downtown Ellison Bay and have a KICK ASH day! $ d ellison bay 12001 Mink River Road 920-421-1041

old post office restaurant

[ad - pg. 122]

aterfront dining in the newly-restored building that housed the post office W in the early 1900s. Traditional DC fish boils nightly Mon-Sat (plus Sun on holiday weekends). Serving craft beer and select wine. Reservations please. Home-cooked breakfast daily, featuring cherry pancakes. Located at Edgewater Resort, overlooking Eagle Harbor on Hwy 42. $$ ephraim 10040 Water St 920-854-4034

summer kitchen

[ad. – pg. 122]

C’s garden restaurant! Serving old-fashioned homemade cooking, including D cherry pancakes, cashew chicken salad, fresh sandwiches, and broiled whitefish. Try our famous soup bar, featuring 5 homemade soups and bread, made fresh daily. Homemade pies. Patio seating. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. $$ ephraim 10425 N Water St 920-854-2131

sunset harbor grill

[ad - pg. 123]

L ocated on the second floor of Ephraim Shores Resort in downtown Ephraim, and featuring one of the county’s best dining views, Sunset Harbor Grill is directly across from Eagle Harbor. Offering homestyle breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including pancakes, omelets, sandwiches, burgers, salads, fresh fish, pasta, and steak. open daily. $ d ephraim 10018 Water St 920-854-6565


[ad - pg. 123]

njoy Chef Bruce’s culinary talents: Tenderloin Gorgonzola, Salmon Alexander E and Rack of Lamb. Appetizers include shrimp tempura, baked brie and ahi tuna. Seafood, steaks, duck, pasta, nightly specials, and Friday fish fry. Homemade desserts. Champagne Sunday brunch. Extensive wine, beer, and cocktail list. Full-service catering. open daily. $$$ d fish creek 3667 Hwy 42 920-868-3532

bayside tavern

[ad - pg. 129]

Home of Smilen’ Bob’s World Famous Chili and the Bayside Coffee, we offer a full bar, homemade soups, burgers, salads, sandwiches, pizza. Daily plate specials. Friday night perch fry. food served 11am - 11pm. $ d fish creek 4160 Main St 920-868-3441


d r i n k & e at restaurants julie’s park café, motel & countyside cottages

[ad - pg. 128]

asual restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. Carry-out counter, box lunches, C espresso drinks, bakery, children’s menu and vegetarian options. Diversified staff from around the globe to make your dining experience unique and personal. Take your photo in our giant purple chair. Located at the entrance of Peninsula State Park. $$ d fish creek 4020 Main St 920-868-2999

kettle black

[ad - pg. 131]

oor County’s newest fish boil, situated downtown with a beautiful view of D Fish Creek Harbor. Also offering a new twist on fish boils, the Cajun boil, a delicious mix of potatoes, onions, shrimp, sausage and corn. Not crazy about fish? Try the chicken dinner or barbecue ribs. Children’s menu. For dessert, Cherry Pie & Peach Cobbler. Great craft beers & wines. closed sundays. $$ fish creek 4158 Main St Reservations: 920-868-5215

pelletier’s restaurant & fish boil

[ad - pg. 128]

ull breakfast & lunch menu, early riser specials, homemade corned beef hash, F The County Mounty, crepes. Soups, salads, hot & cold sandwiches, burger & fries until 2pm. Fish boil nightly at 5pm - boil over every 30 minutes till close. Reservations requested, please arrive 30 minutes early to enjoy the history and fish boil cooking process! Beer and wine available. Outdoor seating is limited! Located in Founder’s Square. open daily: may- oct. $$ fish creek 4199 Main St 920-868-3313

white gull inn

[ad - pg. 132]

amous traditional DC fish boils. Breakfast features our nationally-famous F cherry-stuffed French toast. Candlelit Dinners served nightly. Call for seasonally-changing menu. Reservations requested for evening meals. open : 7:30 am - noon, lunch 12 pm - 2:30 pm, dc fish boil on wed , fri , sat , sun , evenings the rest of the year . $$ d fish creek 4225 Main St 920-868-3517

shoreline restaurant

[ad - pg. 120]

tart at the top of Door County, where every meal is served with a view overS looking the waters of Green Bay. Join us for a taste of our famous fish fry on Wednesdays 4-9 pm. Now offering special private events on Friday and Saturday. See our website for our latest updates. open: through the end of oct. $$-$$$ gills rock 12747 Hwy 42 920-854-2950

a little bit of coffee

Located in Jacksonport at the Square Rigger Lodge, you will find A Little Bit of Coffee, delicious baked goods & a great view of the water. open : daily from 6:30am- 2:30pm. $ jacksonport 6332 Hwy 57 920-823-0028

— continued

d open year round

pets welcome



e at & d r i n k restaurants al johnson’s swedish restaurant & butik

The famous place with goats on the roof, family-run since 1949, and featuring Swedish cuisine and décor, dirndl-clad servers and an in-house Butik (boutique) with unique Scandinavian offerings. Come for the goats… stay for the excellent food and service. open daily: 7am - 3 pm. $$ d sister bay 10698 Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2626

boathouse on the bay

[ad - pg. 133]

Overlooking Sister Bay Marina! Two floors of outdoor seating. Floor to ceiling windows & glass garage doors bring the outdoors in. Two full bars with specialty cocktails. Fresh Seafood, Raw Bar, Salads, Soups, Po’ Boys, Burgers, Steaks, Sandwiches, and Boathouse’s Famous Lobster Roll! Daily & nightly specials. Children’s menu, live music, and pet-friendly patios. $$ sister bay 10716 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-3223

carroll house restaurant

[ad - pg. 134]

he family restaurant with a great attitude! Celebrating 60+ years of creating DC T dining traditions with excellent breakfast and lunch options at an affordable price. The famous Old Fashioned Waffles are delicious, serving more than 20,000 a year! Check out other daily breakfast and lunch specials and start your family tradition by visiting today. Outdoor seating; take-out available. $ sister bay 2445 S. Bay Shore Drive 920-854-7997

door county ice cream factory & sandwich shoppe [ad - pg. 134]

Serves its own super-premium ice cream made right in the store. More than 30 flavors to choose from, as well as a long list of sundaes and other desserts. Watch ice cream and waffle cones being made during production hours. Enjoy a specialty sandwich or homemade pizza. $ sister bay 11051 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-9693


food truck

lakes bbq co.

[ad – pg. 113]

reat Lakes BBQ Co. is DC’s locally-owned food truck specializing in in-house G smoked meats, made from scratch perfected recipes with mid-western style hustle. Available for catered events, weddings and parties, Great Lakes BBQ Co. will also be parked at various DC locations, and at festivals throughout the season. Email for catering inquiries sister bay 920-646-BBQ1

mcevoy’s culinaria

[ad - pg. 136]

e’re all about great food, great service, convenience, and quality. Whether W it’s top-quality deli meats, cheeses, and salads, hot and cold sandwiches, and packaged meals to go, diverse and personalized wedding and event catering. We combine these passions to provide you with an outstanding experience. Come see for yourself and experience our dedication to our customers. $ sister bay 2602 S Bay Shore Dr 920-854-8029

— continued 110

d open year round

pets welcome



Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio 111

e at & d r i n k restaurants sister bay bowl supper club

[ad - pg. 136]

ome to a traditional, 4th generation family-owned supper club, the Sister Bay H Bowl has great food for lunch and dinner, such as prime rib, broasted chicken, ribs, sandwiches, and salads. Roll a game on their vintage lanes while enjoying a cold beer and homemade pizza. Kids menu includes a game of bowling! Voted “Best Fish Fry” and “Best Old Fashioned.” $-$$ d sister bay 10640 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2841

thyme restaurant & twelve eleven wine & provisions [ad - pg. 132]

full-service restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining, private events, A separate wine bar and provisions shop. Our provisions shop offers wine selections from our namesake as well as two additional CA base labels, whose winemakers hail from Wisco and the mitten. In addition to slinging juice, the shop offers a selection of artisanal cheeses + charcuterie, bread, and a carefully curated selection of local wares. $$ sister bay 10339 Hwy 57 / 920-421-5113

wally’s weenie wagon

A Door County favorite for several years now, Wally’s Weenie Wagon serves up REAL Vienna Chicago Dogs, Gourmet Hot Dog Creations, Fresh Cut Fries, Gyros Off The Spit, Kebabs, Italian Beef, Onion Rings, Renards Deep Fried Cheese Curds, Greek Chickpea Salads & Baklava. $ d food truck

baileys harbor 8123 Hwy 57 [next to Cornerstone Pub]

cedar crossing restaurant & bar

[ad - pg. 137]

L ocal cuisine inspired by the beauty and bounty of DC; our kitchen prepares every delicious, authentic meal from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible. Dine in our elegant, cozy dining room, relax in the refined bar. Enjoy unforgettable meals, rich wines, craft beers and creative cocktails on Sturgeon Bay’s most vibrant corner. $$ d sturgeon bay 336 Louisiana St 920-743-4200

savor bbq co

food truck

[ad - pg. 115]

erving lunch and dinner. Specializing in low and slow wood smoked meats S paired with “comfort food” sides. Texas style brisket, pulled pork, chicken Texas hot links, smoked burgers, meat topped mac & cheese, and specials. Locally owned and operated. Accepting reservations for delivery to events. open: tues – sun 10:30am 7pm (may – dec 31) $-$$ sturgeon bay 214 Michigan St 920-365-2748

sonny’s italian kitchen & pizzeria

[ad - pg. 139]

ood times, good food! Craft beers, a full wine list, wood-fired pizza and G authentic Italian food. Incredible view of the bay from the dining room or patio. Dine-in, carry-out, delivery and special events. Next to the marina and boat launch on the west end of the Steel Bridge. open daily: 11am. $-$$ d sturgeon bay 129 N Madison Ave 920-743-2300

continued 112

d open year round

pets welcome


DooR CoUNTY'S HoMEToWN BBQ food truck!










em a a il u cat bout s er buling + k or der s!




e at & d r i n k restaurants waterfront mary’s bar & grill

[ad - pg. 138]

ome by land or sea to dine, drink or stay. Enjoy the deck and live music. C Outdoor seating right up to the water’s edge. Daily specials: Sushi Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Ribs or Shrimp Thursday, Friday fish fry. Fish boils on Thurs, Sat & Sun both 5:30 & 7:30 pm. Nightly bonfires. Next to Potawatomi State Park. open daily: 11am. $ d sturgeon bay 3662 N Duluth Ave 920-743-3690

albatross drive-in

[ad - pg. 140]

urgers are our specialty and our ice cream is a real treat! Glider swings for B adults, a sandbox with toys for kids, umbrellas and shaded picnic areas. The Albatross is an Island landmark – a destination – an institution that has served generations. 11/2 miles from the ferry dock, we’re a must-stop-and-taste. $ washington island 777 Main Rd 920-847-2203

alby’s nest-tiki bar

[ad - pg. 138]

Right behind our famous burger and ice cream drive-in, the Alby’s Nest offers a nice selection of local beers and wines in an only-on-Washington Island setting. Have a drink and wait for your order while the kids play on our beautiful grounds. Located a mile and a half from the ferry dock. $ washington island 777 Main Rd 920-847-2203

jackson harbor soup & sandwiches

[ad - pg. 140]

Enjoy a cup of homemade soup, hot and cold drinks, and great sandwiches while taking in the harbor happenings. Indoor/outdoor seating with awe-inspiring views of Jackson Harbor and Rock Island. Ice, WiFi and other necessities available. $ washington island 1904 Indian Point Rd 920-847-2589

Jackson Harbor Soup


Open Year Round


3026 County E ◆ Baileys Harbor ◆ 920.839.9192

Truck #1


Truck #2


Two Food Trucks!

No Reservations | Picnic Area | Kid & Dog Friendly | To-Go




of downtown Carlsville Dine In or Carry Out

Door County’s Best Rack of Ribs, Charbroiled Burgers FAMOUS FOR Home Cooking from Scratch • Charbroiled Burgers • Broasted Chicken • Friday Fish Fry • Perch and Cod

The Best Food & Spirits Door County has to Offer! FULL MENU AVAILABLE ALL-DAY-LONG! In Downtown Carlsville, just north of Sturgeon Bay, at County I & Hwy 42 Open Tues. through Sun. 11a.m. to close 920.743.4966


Photo ©2022 Kate Rispens


OPEN YEAR ROUND Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner







Your Door County Sunset Dining Destination Indoor and outdoor seating. New menu. Great view.

7643 Hillside Rd | Egg Harbor

920.868.5162 118


Photo ©2022 Dave Gilo


THE SHORELINE RESTAURANT Now hosting your 2022 private events!

See our website for our latest updates GILLS ROCK • 920.854.2950 • THESHORELINERESTAURANT.COM


Made From Scratch Daily!

Famous 1/2lb Pecan Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls Cardamom Coffeecake Danish Puffs Swedish Limpa Bread Lingonberry Turnovers

2 02 Y2 MA


Find us at Rowleys Bay Resort 1041 County Rd ZZ, Ellison Bay, WI 920-854-2385 120

12029 HWY 42 • ELLISON BAY


new in 2022 coffee | wine | beer | food | pretty things | good times 10326 north water street | north ephraim 121

Waterfront Dining and Fish Boil Experience a traditional Door County fish boil featuring fresh whitefish caught daily. Served nightly except Sunday. Chicken or ribs available. Reservations requested. Groups welcome. HOME-COOKED BREAKFASTS Specializing in local favorites cherry pancakes, Belgian waffles, fluffy omelettes. Enjoy delicious Door County-style dining in our newly restored building that housed Ephraim’s post office in the early 1900s. Overlooking Eagle Harbor on Hwy. 42 in Ephraim • 920-854-4034




Outdoor Patio Seating • Beer & Wine • Kids Menu

10425 N. Hwy 42 • North Ephraim 920.854.2131 Serving Authentic Mexican Dishes Cherry Sangria • Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Options Available 122

Open Year Round

FRESH SEAFOOD • HAND-CUT STEAKS • FINE SPIRITS Full menu on our website • Catering & Special Events Gift Certificates available • Reservations recommended

3667 Hwy 42 • North of Fish Creek 920.868.3532 •




Sunset Harbor GRILL

The best dining view in Ephraim!

10018 Water St


Located at Ephraim Shores Resort • 920.854.6565


Elaine & Bob “Smilen” MacDonald, 1975

Fish Creek’s Historic Bayside Tavern Celebrates 100 Years!


ayside Tavern in downtown Fish Creek celebrates 100 years, which is hard to believe when viewing the 1970s exterior façade. But somewhere under that asymmetrical, cedar-shake mansard roof is an original 1880s-era Fish Creek schoolhouse that was heading for demolition in 1922 to make room for a new schoolhouse. In 1924, Bill Pelke moved the structure to its current location at 4160 Main St. to open Bill’s Tavern, a speakeasy, and the Bayview Cottages.


Today, the original one-room schoolhouse is Bayside Tavern. The current owners, the MacDonald family, wants to honor the history of the building and the historic grace of the local community by remodeling the exterior in its original front-gabled design. The previous owners, the Walters, purchased the tavern from Bill Pelke’s wife Rosabel in 1968 and added the façade and a second floor on the west side of the building in the 1970s. Elaine and Bob “Smilen” MacDonald purchased the tavern in 1975 and remodeled the interior in 1983. “My parents gutted the ’70s-era green shag carpet and harvest gold paneled bar and living quarters and built the Bayside we know today by adding the kitchen and hiring local craftsmen to put its historic character back into the building,” said their son Bob MacDonald. Bob’s research determined that the property’s Bayside Cottage Shops were moved from Peninsula State Park, while other cottages were built on-site in the 1940s. “The Coffee Shop was originally just an ice house and later converted to a cottage,” MacDonald said. There are six cottages in total, with four being used as shops. “They’re a good local example of the simple, affordable summer accommodations built in Fish Creek after the Great Bill Pelke Depression,” he noted.


Circa 1934

Bob reminisced about the family coming to Door County from Green Bay and camping at Peninsula State Park each summer. Against Elaine’s protestations, she and Smilen Bob, along with another couple, stopped in for a drink before a planned dinner at the C&C Club. “They were not drinkers,” Bob said. A magical night in August, (and a missed dinner) started the conversation that the

1920s 126

Walters wanted to sell the tavern, and soon the MacDonald family had moved in, all nine of them, plus two dogs. “The entire family was living at the Bayside when we first bought it,” Bob said, “with lots of visiting relatives and friends crashing on the floors and couches.” At age 15, he thought it was great. Summer in Door County was a blast. And then at 5:00 pm on Labor Day, he decided to check out street activity and found it deserted. “This is going to be interesting,” he thought.

Flash-forward to 2022 and we find Elaine still at the helm. Bob and sister Christie Weber, an activist in protecting historic buildings, are working at the Bayside, while Bob and his wife Barb run the Bayside Shop and Bayside Coffee down by the water. Ron MacDonald and his wife Lisa own Northern Grill in Sister Bay and pat mAcdonald, the famous musician, owns the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay, with music events and recording services. And family members Smilen Bob, Karen and Bill are now all watching from above. — Marise Redmann


COUNTRYSIDE COTTAGES Located at the entrance FISH to Peninsula State Park Breakfast & Lunch Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Options Open Year Round

CREEK • 920.868.2999 Enter as strangers, Leave as friends.


Open Daily for Breakfast & Lunch Door County Fish Boil Served Nightly “Boil Over” every half hour til close – May thru Oct.

920.868.3313 • 4199 Main Street • Founder’s Square • Fish Creek 128

Cheers to 100 years!






INSIDE OR OUTSIDE, IT’S BETTER AT BAYSIDE! “CHEERS” TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. For generations, Bayside has been the perfect place to gather and celebrate with friends and family over great food and drinks.

MUST TRY ITEMS • Smilen’ Bob’s legendary Chili • Famous Bloody Mary’s & Old Fashioneds • Huge selection of Craft Beers on Tap • Delicious Burgers, Pizza, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Steaks & Seafood


920.868.3441 Smilen’ Bob MacDonald

Experience Bayside Tavern, Bayside Coffee & Bayside Shops located at 4160 Main Street in the heart of Fish Creek, WI


Bayside Coffee

Photo 130 ©2022 xoMe Studio






Fish Boil with a Beautiful Lake View

Fresh whitefish caught daily… from the same waters outside our doors!

Fish boils are Door County’s only indigenous dish, brought to the Peninsula by Scandinavian immigrants. Our Masterboiler slices fresh fish into chunks, then boils it with baby red potatoes and sweet onions. The fish boil kettle is brought to a boil over an open fire… when the fish is cooked to perfection, a small amount of kerosene is poured into the base of the fire. The result? A spectacular burst of flames and the famous boil-over that leaves the food ready to be immediately served at your table inside the restaurant. Fish, potatoes, and onions served with fresh lemons, melted butter, coleslaw, homemade sweet breads and Door County cherry pie. Not crazy about fish? Try our chicken dinner, bbq ribs or vegetarian options.

Open Monday-Saturday evenings, May to October Make Reservations Online! Downtown Fish Creek, 4158 Main Street 920.868.5215 Great craft beers & wine selection!



Winner of Good Morning America’s Best Breakfast in America 4225 Main Street • Fish Creek 800.624.1987 • 920.868.3517 Open Year Round


LET FOOD CELEBRATE LIFE | 920.421.5113 | 10339 Hwy 57, Sister Bay

CALIFORNIA WINE + PROVISIONS + OUTDOOR SEATING | 920.421.9463 | 10339 Hwy 57, Sister Bay 132




(920) 854-3223



Good People • Great Food B R E A K F A S T





7 A M - 2 P M

Dine In • Take Out • Outdoor Seating Top of the Hill in Sister Bay 2445 S. Bay Shore Drive • 920-854-7997

You‛ll Never Have Enough! Homemade Super Premium Ice Cream Subs, Sandwiches & Panini Homemade Specialty Pizza Soups & Salads Homemade Sorbet

Hwy42 & Beach Road Sister Bay 920.854.9693 134


Twelve Eleven Wine & Provisions

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Boar’s Head Deli • Deli Trays • Special Event Catering • Coffee & Espresso Bar Special Paella Cookouts – Wednesdays on our lawn, 5-7pm and Thursdays, downtown Sister Bay (across from Sister Bay Park), 5-7pm 2602 S. Bayshore Drive • Sister Bay • 920.854.8029 • Open Tuesday–Saturday

Open Year Round

The Best in Supper Club Hospitality! (920)854-2841 •







fish boil • fish fry • burgers • drinks waterfront dining • live music beach • dock

t n o r f ’s r e ry t a W Ma

r& l a B Gril 3662 n. duluth avenue • sturgeon bay • (920) 743-3690

An Island Tiki Bar

Featuring a fabulous selection of Door County beer & wine!

Located at the Albatross Drive In 777 Main Road • Washington Island • 920.847.2203 138

Award Winning Pizza Italian Beef • Sausage • Wings • Ribs • Pasta • Salads • Desserts & More


TAP ROOM Open Since Spring 2020!

129 N Madison Avenue • Sturgeon Bay • 920.743.2300 139

Jackson Harbor

SOUP and sandwiches

A Picturesque Dining Experience Going to - or coming from - Rock Island? Stop by Jackson Harbor Soup! GREAT SOUP •�TASTY SANDWICHES HOT & COLD BEVERAGES •�WINE & BEER

Located beside the Rock Island State Park Ferry Landing Jackson Harbor Washington Island

777 Main Rd. | Washington Island | | 920.847.2203



Fresh Friendly and Fun Since 1977

HOMEMADE FOOD TO ORDER | BURGERS ARE OUR BUSINESS burgers | hot dogs | Wisconsin cheese curds | ice cream | shakes 140

d r i n k & e at dates & times may change

dc boils

k.k. fiske restaurant

pelletier’s restaurant & fish boil

Boil over at 6:15 pm; no bones. Reservations recommended. Special parties. saturdays, may 28 – october 8, 6pm .

Boil over every 30 minutes until close. mid - may - mid - october . starting at 4:30pm (nightly ).

washington island 1 177 Main Rd

fish creek 4199 Main St 920-868-3313


waterfront mary’s bar & grill

kettle black

Up to three boils Monday – Saturday. Reservations required: may – late october

Waterfront Cod Boil, no bones. Reservations required. may - october. sturgeon bay 3 663 N Duluth Ave


fish creek 4158 Main St 920-868-5215

white gull inn old post office restaurant

Call for reservations. nightly except sundays , may


(sunday boil on holiday weekends ).

Reservations required. wed, fri, sat, summer : 5:00pm, 6:30pm, and 8:00 pm. winter : 7pm (every friday ).

sun ;

fish creek 4225 Main St 920-868-3517

ephraim 1 0040 Water St, Hwy 42


Old Post Office


e at & d r i n k

sweets ncle tom’s newport school candy u [ad - pg. 144] stablished in 1973, Uncle Tom’s Candy Store specializes in making E various homemade chocolate, fudge, pancake mixes, and brittle from recipes handed down by the original owner, Uncle Tom Collis’, father over 100 years ago. Located just north of Ellison Bay, near Newport State Park. open : tues - sat 10am - 5pm, sun 10am- 3pm (may – sept ); mon - thurs 11am - 3pm/friday and saturday 10am to 4pm (oct – april ) d ellison bay 703 Europe Bay Rd 920-854-4538

the vault

[ad - pg. 143]

ourmet Popcorn and Soft Serve Ice Cream! You can bank on goodness at an G easy and enchanted stop on your way to and from Washington Island. Enjoy gourmet popcorn, soft serve ice cream, Italian gelato, custard, and root beer floats. Outdoor seating available and dog friendly. Come see who holds the keys to The Vault! open: mid may – oct 11am -8pm ellison bay 12046 Hwy 42 920-633-4070

door county ice cream factory & sandwich shoppe [ad - pg.144]

More than 30 flavors of super-premium ice cream made right in the store. A long list of sundaes and other desserts. Watch as ice cream and waffle cones are made. Enjoy a specialty sandwich or homemade pizza. On Hwy 42. sister bay 11051 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-9693

Uncle Tom’s Candy Store 142

d open year round

pets welcome


Photo ©2022 Len Villano

where you can bank on goodness! New Root Beer Float Bar

Gourmet Popcorn • Flavored Potato Puffs Soft Serve Ice Cream • Italian Gelato Custard • Sorbet Jelly Belly Beans • Gummy Bears 24/7 Popcorn Available in Entryway (CASH ONLY) Stay in touch with us on Facebook & Instagram!

The Vault Door County 12046 Hwy 42 Ellison Bay (920) 633-4070 143

You‛ll Never Have Enough! Homemade Super Premium Ice Cream Subs, Sandwiches & Panini Homemade Specialty Pizza Soups & Salads Homemade Sorbet

Hwy42 & Beach Road Sister Bay 920.854.9693


World Famous Pancake Mix Old-Fashioned Peanut, Cashew & Pecan Brittle Fantastic Homemade Fudge Museum of History, Artifacts & Memorabilia Website Orders & Shipping




farmers markets baileys harbor farmers market

DC’s largest farmers market. Handmade and homemade products. Locally-grown vegetables, bakery, cheese, fresh cut flowers, handmade clothing, jewelry. sunday : 9am - 1pm (may 15 - oct 16). see dates on website for winter market . baileys harbor 2392 County Rd F (Town Hall) 920-839-2366

egg harbor farmers market

The Farmers Market take place every Friday (weather permitting). 9am-1pm.

(may 27



egg harbor 7809 Hwy 42 (Harborview Park) 920-868-3717

the settlement shops farmers market

Locally-grown vegetables, artisan breads, herbs, flowers, and plants. Handmade items made from nature, lavender sachets, and stoneware. farmers market wednesday : 9:30am - 1:30pm or sellout ; (june 8 – oct 19). fish creek 9116 Hwy 42 (The Settlement Shops) 920-868-3788

jacksonport farmers market

[ad - pg. 74]

Locally-sourced produce, fruit, bakery, meat and eggs from farms, home kitchens, orchards, gardens. Local artisans and crafters starting mid-May through Oct. as weather permits. At Lakeside Park on the corner of Hwy 57 and County V. tuesday: 9am – 1pm (may 17 – oct 25). jacksonport Downtown at Lakeside Park 920-839-5253

corner of the past farmers market

Locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, baked goods, sauces and handcrafts in a charming farmyard setting, surrounded by restored historical buildings. Local artisan demos of crafts. saturday: 9am - 1pm (june 25 – oct 1). sister bay Corner of Fieldcrest Rd and Hwy 57 920-854-9242

market square farmers market

A selection of locally-grown vegetables, fruits, organic food, crafts, and specialties. saturday : 8:00am – 12pm (june 4 – oct 15). sturgeon bay 421 Michigan St (Market Square) 920-746-2914

Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff



food stuffs baileys harbor fish company


[ad - pg. 149]

ish fresh from Lake Michigan and Green Bay waters. We catch, process, and F sell native fish from our historic fish house. Fresh, frozen and smoked Whitefish available, along with other popular seafood choices. We’ll process your sport fish catch and professionally vacuum pack. Located on Ridges Road in Baileys Harbor. open mon-sat, 8am-5pm; (june – sept); 12pm -5pm (may & oct) baileys harbor 8088 Ridges Rd 920-839-2136

greens n grains market

[ad - pg. 151]

L ocated within DC’s only natural food store. Featuring vegetarian and raw food cuisine and a juice bar. The deli offers a wonderful selection of raw foods, paninis, wraps, hummus, natural and organic specialties, freshly-pressed juices, fruit smoothies, healthy bakery, a tea bar and organic coffees. open : 9am - 5 pm (may - oct ). d egg harbor 7821 Hwy 42 920-868-9999

wood orchard market

[ad - pg. 151]

Truly Unique, Totally Delicious, and Very Door County! Wood Orchard Market sells much of what we grow including SweeTango* and Honeycrisp apples, also a unique selection of gift items, a large variety of specialty foods, and goodies from our bakery. our market season is may – november. egg harbor 8112 Hwy 42 920-868-2334

door artisan cheese

[ad - pg. 150]

hop our market and cheese making facility. Sample Door Artisan Cheeses S Winner of US and World Cheese Competitions. Sample our favorite wines and shop for other specialty cheeses and cured meats. Freshly made artisan bread and bakery and other Door County products and gift options. open : daily 9:30am- 5:30 pm; 4:30 on sunday . may - oct (winter hours may vary ) d egg harbor 8103 Hwy 42 920-868-1444

uncle tom’s candy store

[ad - pg. 150]

stablished in 1973, we specialize in making various homemade chocolate, E fudge, pancake mixes, and brittle from recipes handed down by the original owner, Uncle Tom Collis’, father over 100 years ago. Located just north of Ellison Bay, near Newport State Park. open: tues - sat 10am - 5pm, sun 10am- 3pm (may – sept); mon - thurs 11am -3pm/friday, saturday 10am to 4pm (oct – april) ellison bay 703 Europe Bay Rd 920-854-4538

chickadee’s mercantile

[ad - pg. 158]

ew in 2022. Good Vibes inside where everything is a bit brighter! A unique N selection of home décor, boho styles, leather handbags, regular and plus size clothing, jewelry, art, crystals, apothecary, provisions, gifts and hand selected vintage. Inventory changes daily—always something new! Truly something for everyone. Facebook: chickadeesmercantile open: 10am - 5pm may – end of oct. fish creek 9331 Spring Rd (Top of the Hill Shops, Bld B) 920-868-5286

continued 146

d open year round

pets welcome


Photo ©2022 Kevin O’Donnell

Kenny Koyen


markets food stuffs • etc. door county cherry hut

[ad - pg. 153]

clectic tap room featuring specialty beers brewed by Bridge Up Brewing E Company, private label Cherry Hut wines with free tastings and specialty food items including street tacos, gourmet hot dogs, rib tips and nachos. DC jams, pickles, salsas, cherry pies and other traditional products. Unique gifts and wares from local artisans. The new landscaped beer garden with 5 fire tables offers outdoor seating capacity of 150. Live music most weekends. fish creek 8813 Hwy 42 920-868-4450

fish creek market

[ad - pg. 152]

I n continuous operation for more than 125 years, Fish Creek Market blends the best of old and new: the nostalgia of a friendly general store with a thoughtful, modern inventory of products. Unique local goods, gifts, artisanal foods, useful supplies, grocery essentials, wine, beer & spirits. Extraordinary sandwiches, soups, salads, and provisions. Always changing with the seasons. open: year-round. d fish creek 4264 Main St 920-868-3351

green bay olive oil co

[ad - pg. 148]

stablished in Green Bay, WI we opened our second location in Fish Creek E in June 2021. Whether you are a Master Chef or an inexperienced cook, we cater to your every need with our flavors including Artisan olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and specialty items. Let our amazing staff help you create fun gift ideas. Please stop in and see us for a try! open: mon – sat 10am – 5pm fish creek 4083 Main St 920-944-2662

country ovens / cherry de-lite

[ad - pg. 150]

isit our factory store to see how Cherry De-Lites are made through V our viewing window and video tour. Browse our gift shop and a variety of dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries, cherry juice, chocolate covered cherries, cherry salsa and more. On-line, pick up or phone Salesavailable. Rep: ordering We ship anywhere! d

Final Visual forestville ratwood

229 E Main St 800-544-1003 or 920-856-6767 Fri. - 02/12/2021 - 1:38:01 PM 3511027927

Buy One Large Bottle And Receive A Small Bottle


(Any flavor olive oil or balsamic)

Flavored Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegar & Specialty Cooking Items

Valid the GO® Guide coupon only. Valid withwith the Valpak coupon only. Not valid valid with any not other with anyNot other offer & can be offer combined. and cannot combined. Expiresbe 3/31/21 Expires 3/31/23.

920-94GBOOC • (920) 944-2662 | 2605 S. Oneida St., Green Bay 4083 Main Street · Downtown Fish Creek · · (920) 944-2662

Advertise with Valpak of Northeast Wisconsin, 800-889-1145


©VPDMS, Inc. 2/2021.

Open more great neighborhood deals at!


markets food stuffs • etc. bea’s ho-made products

[ad - pg. 152]

Since 1984, and on the same family homestead, four generations of Landins produce more than 100 varieties of jams, jellies, pickles, and relishes, plus homemade pies, and cookies. open daily year-round. closed sundays nov - may. d gills rock 763 Hwy 42 Mail orders: 920-854-2268

piggly wiggly

[ad - pg. 155]

Nearly 23,000 square feet of produce, bakery, deli, dairy, frozen foods, meat, liquor, wine, and beer sections! Full deli & catering, certified Angus beef, fresh & local produce, in-store bakery, and custom cakes. Full liquor, wine & beer sections. Ask us about catering your next occasion! open: 7am-8pm daily, sunday 7:30am-5pm. winter hours: open every day at 7:30am – call for closing times. d sister bay 10576 County Walk Dr (County Walk Shops) 920-854-2391

zeke’s village market

[ad - pg. 154]

L ocated within steps of Sister Bay Beach, Zeke’s is a bright and airy nautical themed village market offering grab n’ go food, snacks, refreshments, convenience items and fine wine, beer, and liquor. These convenient grab n’ go provisions are perfect for a family picnic, beach day, or celebrating the sunset in Sister Bay’s Waterfront Park. You’ll also find a large selection of fun beach games, kids toys, local goods and apparel, too!




sister bay 2361 Mill Rd, unit 2 920-488-ZEKE

Producers of fresh and smoked fish caught locally in Lake Michigan and Bay of Green Bay. Retail store has a variety of local fish, as well as US wild caught fish and seafood. Had a great day sport fishing? Let us professionally process and vacuum pack your catch. HOURS: MAY: Monday–Saturday Noon–5pm • JUNE–SEPTMEBER: Monday–Saturday 8am–5pm OCTOBER: Monday–Saturday Noon–5pm • CLOSED SUNDAYS

920.839.2136 • 8099 Ridges Road • Baileys Harbor

d open year round

pets welcome



Shop Our Market Award-Winning Cheeses Wine•Beer•Charcuterie Door County Products & Gifts Wholesale Cheese Inquires Welcome

8103 Hwy 42 • Egg Harbor • 920.868.1444


• World Famous Pancake Mix • Old-Fashioned Peanut, Cashew & Pecan Brittle • Fantastic Homemade Fudge • Museum of History, Artifacts & Memorabilia • Website Orders & Shipping



Historic Mercantile & Specialty Grocery Provisions & Fine Foods Household Staples Outdoor Supplies First Aid | Toiletries Books, Toys & Games Local Goods | Gifts Wine, Beer, Cordials Spirits & Cigars

4164 Main Street • Fish Creek 920-868-3351

We invite you to watch us make your product!


Products, LTD.


Gift boxes & corporate gifts are our specialty! 1/2 mile East of Gills Rock | Hwy 42 | Ellison Bay (920) 854-2268 | Fax: (920) 854-7299 Open 7 days a week (Closed Sundays Nov–May)


Read the Dining Guide!

Specialty beers brewed by Bridge Up Brewing Company Door County wines Street tacos Gourmet hot dogs Door County jams Cherry pies Local Artisans NEW landscaped Beer Garden that seats up to 150 people

8813 Hwy 42 • South of Fish Creek • 920.868.4460 153

Artisan granola Small batch coffee Gifts and books Gluten-free bakery

Downtown Ellison Bay Indoor and outdoor seating OPEN MAY - OCTOBER • 8AM - 4PM DAILY Please call for our off season hours

920-854-9400 | ZEKE'S




located within steps of sister bay beach at 2361 mill rd.




Shop the

NEWLY-EXPANDED Piggly Wiggly! You won’t believe your eyes!

Nearly 23,000 sq/ft of expanded produce, bakery, deli, dairy, frozen foods, meat, liquor, wine and beer sections!

Northern Door County’s Locally-Owned Neighborhood Grocer

Full Deli & Catering • Certified Angus Beef Fresh & Local Produce • In-Store Bakery & Custom Cakes Full Liquor, Wine & Beer Sections Talk to us about catering your next occasion! Please donʼt hesitate to call one of our wonderful departments to order ahead. We are always happy to serve you!


10576 Country Walk Drive (in the Country Walk Shops) Top of the hill in Sister Bay • 920.854.2391 155





door county wine trail

ake the Door County Wine Trail tour! Composed of eight unique wineries, T each stop on the Trail is dedicated to making your visit a memorable experience. Every winery handles its tastings and tours in its own way, a mixture of complimentary tastings, inexpensive flights, and on-site tours. Visit the Wine Trail website for more details. door county

door county distillery

[ad - pg. 3]

Visit DC’s only fully-functional distillery and enjoy samples of the award winning spirits handcrafted right here in DC. Vodkas, gin, brandies, whisky, and our Door County Moonshine. View our traditional German copper still in action while sampling our many products. At Door Peninsula Winery. d carlsville 5806 Hwy 42 800-551-5049 920-743-7431

door peninsula winery

[ad - pg. 3]

Over 40 years of making fun and approachable wines for every palate. DC’s original winery features tours and tasting of over 45 fruit, varietal-fruit blend, and premium grape wines. Find a wide selection of wine accessories and gourmet foods. Tour and taste. d carlsville 5806 Hwy 42 800-551-5049 920-743-7431

one barrel brewing co

[ad - pg. 119]

e brew unique beers, one barrel at a time. Also offering wines, hard ciders, W Wild Tomato pizza, and a generally laid back costal Wisconsin vibe. Visit our comfortable and relaxing tap room, with seating indoors and out for over 100 people. The terraced deck leads from the street to the doors and there’s an airy vibe inside, complete with counter-service, wood-fired pizza, and appetizers from Wild Tomato. d egg harbor 4633 Market St 920-868-5262

stone’s throw winery

[ad - pg. 157]

DC’s only ultra-premium all grape winery. Featuring wines made from fresh California grapes. Tours, tastings, Vino! Vino! Tuscan Wine Bar, Bocce Oak Barrel Fired Pizza, bocce ball and fun! open: 10 am - 5 pm. d egg harbor 3382 County Rd E 920-839-9660

island orchard cider

[ad - pg. 158]

Island Orchard Cider produces gluten-free hard cider with styles ranging from dry and effervescent to sweet and still. There’s a cider for everyone! Visit the Door County Cider House for a flight tasting or full pour. Indoor and outdoor seating with a dog-friendly patio! check website for hours . ellison bay 12040 Garrett Bay Rd



d open year round

pets welcome


Just 2500 miles northeast of Napa Valley, you’ll find a whole other wine country. Peaceful. Unspoiled. Delightfully uncrowded. There, nestled in the beauty of Door County, you’ll find Stone’s Throw Winery. We invite you to sample our fine wines made from fresh California grapes not cherries, not ‘juice’, in the traditional one barrel at-a-time way.

Enjoy Vino!Vino!, our Wine & Italian Tapas Bar, relax on our outdoor patio. Play bocce ball. At Stone’s Throw, you’ll experience a whole other wine country.


Discover it for yourself, before everyone else does.


Ultra-Premium Grape Wines Made in Door County 3382 County Road ‘E’ Between Egg Harbor and Baileys Harbor at A & E (Peninsula Center) Open Daily • 920.839.9660 •


Goodes Vib de Insi

NEW FOR 202 2!


specialty small batch coffee • tea • honey coffee and tea accessories chocolate covered sunflower seeds • specialty nut butters provisions • home decor • art • gifts • and much more!

Top of the Hill Shops (Building B) • Fish Creek • (920) 868-5286 Open Daily 10-5pm • May–End of October



clothing willow clothing co.

[ad - pg. 165]

illow carries an array of clothing, accessories and even gifts. Their specialty W products are the custom-made t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, women, and kids. They also carry clothing known as their ‘Willow Exclusives’ which are unique items that feature the hand drawn artwork of owner Christine Herman. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest products. baileys harbor 8085 Highway 57 920-839-9653

be beauty boutique

[ad - pg. 167]

L ocated in the heart of Egg Harbor, you’ll find a fun & fashionable assortment of everyday clothing in both ladies’ and plus sizes. Other great finds include chic & unique jewelry, one-of-a-kind garden decor, trendy gifts and much more. Committed to the ultimate shopping experience, 100% satisfaction is our goal. Sure to be your “go to” Egg Harbor boutique for years to come! egg harbor 7823 Hwy 42 920-868-4348

blacksmith clothing co

[ad - pg. 169]

great clothing shop with an enthusiastic following. You’ll find fashion-forward A clothing that’s wearable and affordable. New merchandise arrives weekly, so you can re-discover and re-visit Blacksmith throughout the season. Located in an historic masonry building on County Road G, cleverly hidden behind Shipwrecked Brew Pub. egg harbor 7806 Horseshoe Bay Rd 920-868-3216

kim’s boutique

[ad - pg. 171]

A lovely shop full of life’s little indulgences...featuring beautiful clothes and jewelry, luxurious lingerie, cozy throws, handmade candles, fun garden art and lots more! A unique shopping destination. Indulge!


egg harbor 7828 Hwy 42 (Main Street Shops, Bldg 1) 920-868-5005


[ad - pg. 181]

L et Spot become your favorite clothing boutique. Offering bright, colorful, and unique clothing, jewelry, scarves, shoes, accessories and much more. You won’t find items like these anywhere else in Door County! This new second location is inside The Fireside Restaurant building). Follow us on Instagram @spotclothing or open: daily 10am-8pm. egg harbor 7755 Hwy 42 920-857-6862

o’meara’s irish house

[ad - pg. 4 & 173]

The Best of Ireland and Beyond. O’Meara’s features only the highest quality imports from Ireland including Aran Woollen Mills sweaters, wool capes and accessories from Jimmy Hourihan and Branigan Weavers, Celtic jewelry, Irish food, home goods, giftware, Dubarry of Ireland, and Inis Fragrance. d fish creek 3970 Main St 920-868-3528


d open year round


shopping clothing wink swimwear & clothing boutique

[ad - pg. 177]

elebrating our 36th season with a season-long special sale! Largest selection C in DC. Kids, juniors, men’s, women’s sizes from 6-24W. Jantzen, Seafolly, Kate Spade, L-Space, Maaji, La Blanca, Body Glove, Vince Camuto, and many more. Sunglasses, clothing, shoes, accessories. Located in Bayside Alley Shops. fish creek 4160 Main St, downtown Fish Creek 920-868-3201

on deck clothing company

[ad - pg. 5]

ou’ll love our fabulous classic casual sportswear, footwear, accessories Y and Door County logo wear for men and women. Selections vary by store. Visit all 3 of our unique stores in the heart of downtown Fish Creek, on the hill in Sister Bay and in downtown Sturgeon Bay. open: daily. d fish creek 4168 Main Street 920-868-9091 sister bay 10635 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2607 sturgeon bay 265 N 3rd Ave 920-743-8778

on deck outlet stores

[ad - pg. 175]

ave up to 70% every day on brand name clothing and footwear for S men and women. Remaining On Deck seasonal merchandise is moved to our Outlet Stores in the lower level of the Fish Creek Market building, and in the lower level of our Sturgeon Bay On Deck Clothing Company store. Hours vary by season. fish creek 4164 Main St 920-868-9091 sturgeon bay 265 N 3rd Ave 920-743-8778

trails end clothing co

[ad - pg. 183]

Offering the latest fashions for women — both stylish and comfortable. Collections from Gilli, Veronica M, Mystree, Hem and Thread, C’est Moi body wear and many more designer fashions and accessories. Now featuring Paul David Fine Jewelry, Door County’s leading jewelry designer! sister bay 3 26 Country Walk Dr, #28 920-868-6033

on deck village exchange

[ad - pg. 179]

our great stores in one historic building. Classic casual clothing, footwear, F and accessories at On Deck for Men and On Deck for Women, laid-back women’s styles at On Deck Resort, and the biggest, best selection of Door County logo wear for the entire family at Bills Dry Goods. Open daily. d sister bay 10635 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2607


[ad - pg. 181]

ister Bay’s favorite clothing boutique, Spot offers bright, colorful, S and unique clothing, jewelry, scarves, shoes, accessories and much more. You won’t find items like these anywhere else in Door County! Located next to Husby’s. Follow us on Instagram @spotclothing or open : daily 10am- 8pm. sister bay 10647 N Bay Shore Dr 920-857-4185


d open year round

Photo ©2021 xoMe Studio


The Girls of Summer Wink Swimw ear

Wink Swimwear owner Deb MacDonald



ne year after the debut of Wink Swimwear’s first fashion show, owner Deb MacDonald says she’s still amazed by the enthusiastic response. “Our models were all either year-round residents or summer people,” MacDonald said, “but the unselfconscious ease of them all, and the audience’s joy at the proceedings, instantly made me want to do it again. Plus, it’s a fundraiser for great nonprofits with a history of helping people in need, the Ellie Helm Foundation last year

Reprises Popular Fundraiser/Fashion Show

year and HELP of Door County this year. I guess if you were to pin down our inspiration, in our own small way, it’s to add to the promotion of positive body images for all shapes and sizes of people.” The Second Annual Wink Swimwear fashion show is now scheduled for June 26, 2022, 2:00 pm, and will take place on the green space next to the business, located behind Bayside Tavern in the Bayside Alley Shops in downtown Fish Creek.



destinations main street shops

[ad - pgs. 196-200]

hether you’re visiting DC for the first time or a long-time resident, W Main Street Shops has unique shops and comfortable, indoor atmosphere in which to get your shopping fix! With a myriad of shops all in one place, the 18 Main Street Shops provide a fun, all-inclusive shopping experience.


egg harbor 7828 Hwy 42

founder’s square

[ad - pgs. 210-211]

The essence of Door County is reflected in these 14 varied shops, many in atmospheric tourist cottages from the 1800s. Visit Asa Thorp’s 1849 cabin, ‘the founder of Fish Creek.’ d fish creek Downtown

the settlement shops

[ad - pg. 204]

et to know these unique shops and galleries nestled in a quaint DC setting. G You’ll tell your friends about the treasures you find here, including original art, hand-made moccasins, home decor, apparel, jewelry,, a massage studio and fresh pies. open: 10 am - 5 pm. farmers market: wednesdays june - october. fish creek 9106 Hwy 42, 1 mile south of town

top of the hill shops

[ad - pgs. 206-209]

One Stop — Many shops! A memorable shopping experience in a park-like setting. Explore our gallery, boutiques and specialty shops! Ample parking available. Across from Door Community Auditorium. Corner of Hwy 42 and County F. some shops open year round d fish creek 9341 Spring Rd



tl e m e n t e S e

d open year round

t S h o p s i n F i sh

C re e


Painting ©2022 Emmett Johns

Custom made apparel and accessories exclusive to Willow Clothing Co. for men, women and kids!

n ted i Loca rt of ea ! the h s Harbor y Baile Follow us on social media for our latest products!

8085 Hwy 57 • Baileys Harbor • 920.839.9653 Shop online anytime! 165

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Egg Harbor (920) 868-4348



Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

Downtown Egg Harbor, on County G (920) 868-3216 169

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio




Photo ©2022 Kevin O’Donnell

Visit our retail partner, O’Meara’s Irish House to shop our Dubarry Collection 3970 Main St. Fish Creek, WI | | 920-868-3528 173

Alibi Dock, Fish Creek


Photo ©2022 Kevin O’Donnell

Save up to 70% OFF EVERY DAY!

New Items Arriving Daily! A Division of On Deck Clothing Company Stores

Clearance Sale Pricing On Brand Name Merchandise 2 Convenient Locations

Fish Creek

Sturgeon Bay

4164 Main Street, Lower Level, Fish Creek Market Building 920-868-9091, Ext 7 OPEN Daily

265 N. 3rd Ave, Lower Level, On Deck Clothing Company Corner 3rd and Jefferson 920-818-1081 OPEN Daily

920. 868.9091 | 175

Nicolet Bay, Fish Creek


Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio



Womens 6-24W • Long torso D-DD cup Mastectomy & Chlorine Resistant • JANTZEN • SEAFOLLY • KATE SPADE • L-SPACE • MAAJI • LA BLANCA • BODY GLOVE • VINCE CAMUTO LOCATED BEHIND THE BAYSIDE TAVERN in the Bayside Alley Shops by the public dock Downtown Fish Creek 920.868.3201 • Instagram: @wink.doorcounty



Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio


Downtown Sister Bay

Sister Bay’s


Shopping Destination

Shop 4 Stores in the Village Exchange Building

Exclusively at On Deck

All Stores Open Daily at 9AM 920.854.2607 179

Sister Bay Beach


Photo ©2022 Joshlyn Schick


7755 HWY 42 EGG HARBOR, WI 920.857.0644 10647 N BAY SHORE DR SISTER BAY, WI 920.857.6862

W W W. S P O T.C L O T H I N G




Ellison Bay


Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

Est. 2014 Fashion Current. Boho Chic. Relaxed Fit. Fine and casual clothing for a diverse and contemporary lifestyle.

New location! COUNTRY WALK SHOPS SISTER BAY 920.868.6033

Featuring Paul David Fine Jewelry Custom designs by appointment only



jewelry plum bottom gallery

[ad - pg. 269]

Now featuring three Door County locations! Visit our original location on 20 rolling acres, our downtown Egg Harbor location, or our newest location in Fish Creek. Featuring over 150 national collected artists, including resident jewelry artist Angela Olson Luberger. Visit Plum Bottom’s three galleries and experience art. open: daily 10am-5pm egg harbor 4999 Plum Bottom Rd 920-743-2819 egg harbor 7813 Hwy 42 (downtown) 920-393-7885 fish creek 4175 Main St 920-393-7885

artzy studio

[ad - pg. 186]

“A little bit of Paris in Door County.” Jewelry, Ceramics, Glass, and Paintings by award-winning artist, Cynthia L Koshalek. Artwork is displayed in a charming Paris style boutique. Other items include shabby chic furniture, candles, home accents, fiber, sculpture, and garden art. Take a photo of the 12’ Eiffel Tower! open : 10:00am- 4:00pm thur - mon , may - oct Instagram clkartist2017 ephraim 10329 Hwy 42 608-438-7633

zabler design jewelers

[ad - pg. 188-189]

Original contemporary designs and antique revival micro pave designs, period antique jewelry, museum-quality ancient Greek and Roman coins, and highgrade watches. DC’s largest selection of natural pink and yellow diamonds and rare gems - Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Tsavorite and Padparadscha Sapphire. open daily 12 - 6pm d ephraim 9906 Water St 920-854-4801

trilliant diamonds & jewelry

[ad - pg. 187]

ringing a bit of Caribbean to Wisconsin’s own paradise! With 20 years B experience in fine jewelry, Manish is sure to make your visit memorable. Exquisite knowledge of diamonds and colored stones and offering personalized designs and unique settings. Tanzanite, Larimar, Ammolite, Natural Colored Diamonds, and more. Gift ideas in all price ranges and custom orders. Located in the Top of the Hill Shops. fish creek 9341 Spring Rd 920-264-0839

paul david fine jewelry

andcrafted classic-contemporary design, H finest customer service, custom design. Unique, elegant taste in bridal jewelry. Brilliant selection of loose diamonds, rare collection of color gemstones. Custom designs by appointment only. d sister bay 3 26 Country Walk Dr, #28



d open year round

[ad - pg. 190]

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

185 920.868.3528 3970 Main Street Fish Creek

Photo ©2022 Stephen Wolter


OMEARA´S_5.375in_w x 8.625in_h.indd 1

07/03/2022 13:54

A little bit of Paris in Door County

Jewelry • Ceramics • Paintings By Award-Winning Artist Cynthia L. Koshalek


Artzy clkartist2017


Open Thursday–Monday 10am - 4pm • May–Oct. 10329 Hwy. 42 • Ephraim • 608.438.7633

Custom Designs Unique Settings Exquisite Prices

Opal and Blu, owners Photography by Caplan Studios


Zabler Jewelers: 50 Years How many careers were ultimately launched by the famed Peninsula School of Art, you may wonder? One such artist is Russ Zabler, who was taking PenArt photography classes back in the late 1960s and went on to take his first Metal Arts class in 1972. The year 2022 will mark Russ’s 50th year creating jewelry. “Jewelry had lit a fire in me,” Zabler said. He worked at a trade shop doing jewelry repair and custom work on Jeweler’s Row in downtown Chicago at 5 N. Wabash, which he subsequently took over and ran for seven and a half years, all while pursuing his own work in summer art shows. In 1983 Zabler bought the shop in Ephraim and remade it into the current Zabler Design Jewelers, and a year later also acquired the store in Clarendon Hills, IL. Zabler offers countless alternatives for engagement rings, from antique diamond rings to peach-pink sapphire to morganite and rose gold combinations. He has an original and inventive way to inspire clients with a curated selection. “I love the connections I get to make with individuals and being able to work with beautifully colored gems and rare objects.” – Marise Redmann


of Design eb

r at


n g


0 5 l



Follow us on Instagram & Facebook! Instagram: @zablerdesign 9906 Water Street, Ephraim, Wisconsin Open Memorial Day throught late October

26 S. Prospect Ave., Clarendon Hills, Illinois Open year-round


Door County's Leading Jewelry Designer

Located at Trails End Clothing in the Country Walk Shops Custom designs by appointment only SISTER BAY • 920.868.6033


Photo ©2022 Caplan Studios

Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff



gifts door county candle company


[ad - pg. 322]

oor County Candle Company’s candles are all hand poured and handcrafted D at our store in beautiful Door County, WI! All the scented candle products are made in small batches and poured with care and love. Stop and smell the candles at Door County Candle! summer hours: mon. – sat. 9am – 5pm and sun 10am – 4pm. winter hours : ( jan – april ) fri . – mon . 9:30am – 4:30pm. d carlsville 5789 Hwy 42 920-746-2125

design works

[ad - pg. 194]

or over 15 years, bringing you beautiful home furnishings and creative F designs. Our talented designers work closely with you to bring your ideas and dreams to reality. Offering the best brands: Lee Industries, Thibaut, Schumacher and Lexington. Our talented design staff has over 30 years experience and is recognized for exceptional design. d egg harbor 7798 Hwy 42 920-868-3042

kim’s gift shop

[ad - pg. 202]

A lovely shop full of life’s little indulgences...featuring beautiful clothes and jewelry, luxurious lingerie, cozy throws, handmade candles, fun garden art and lots more! A unique shopping destination. Indulge!


egg harbor 7828 Hwy 42 (Main Street Shops, Bldg 1) 920-868-5005

mistletoe holiday house

[ad - pg. 193]

Find something for every holiday, decorations, and gifts for all occasions in our enchanting shop nestled off Hwy 42, just south of Egg Harbor. Handpainted ornaments from local artists as well as traditional holiday fare. We’ll personalize any ornament that can be written on. open: daily may-dec. egg harbor 5135 Holiday Dr 920-980-6834

‘tis the season

[ad - pg. 201]

Seasonal gifts, gourmet food items, Door County items, hand painted ornaments, tree trimming in a variety of colors and themes, custom wreaths, Halloween, Easter, home fragrance and decor. A fun-filled store for every season! Located on level 2 in the Main Street Shops. d egg harbor 7828 Hwy 42 (Main Street Shops) 920-868-2829

this & that

[ad - pg. 203]

ome enjoy a delightful shopping experience! We’re located on Main Steet C in the Barringer Crossing shopping complex. Here is where you will find a little bit of this and that along with a perfect gift for giving or gift for yourself. Shop local artists and craftsmen or our fun and whimsical items making this a must stop. Follow us on Facebook. open: 10am d fish creek 4083 Main St (Barringer Crossing) 608-576-9054



d open year round

pets welcome


It's our 33rd season! Open May thru December

MISTLETOE Holiday House

920.980.6834 | 5135 Holiday Drive | Corner of Hwy 42 | Egg Harbor 3 mi. South of Egg Harbor 193

shopping gifts o’meara’s irish house


[ad - pg. 4 & 173]

The Best of Ireland and Beyond. O’Meara’s features only the highest quality imports from Ireland including Aran Woollen Mills sweaters, wool capes and accessories from Jimmy Hourihan and Branigan Weavers, Celtic jewelry, Irish food, home goods, giftware, Dubarry of Ireland, and Inis Fragrance. d fish creek 3970 Main St 920-868-3528

jacksonport cottage gallery & gifts

[ad - pg. 74]

pened in 1984, the quaint cottage features the original work of more O than 100 artists. Owners Amy & John Burris invite you to shop quality “hand-crafted” original gifts at reasonable prices. Art, Craft, and Amish Quilt Sales at Mr. G’s Hall, July 7-10 and Oct 6-9, 2022. open: daily 9am - 5pm (may - oct ); winter weekends (fri - sun ). closed in jan d jacksonport 6275 Hwy 57 920-823-2288

hammersmith tv & electronics

[ad - pg. 214]

Leave it at home? Find it here! Home entertainment electronics, LG® Smart TVs, pre-paid cell phones, computers, printer ink, toys, games, and a deep selection of electronics accessories. open : 8:30am - 5pm, mon - fri ; 8:30am - 4pm, sat d sister bay 10514 Country Ln 920-854-2614

designworks love your home a division of

Door County Nature Works

visit us


d open year round

shopping gifts



The not-so-serious gift shop. Books, greeting cards, funny finds, and home goods. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list at this cute little shop. Follow us on Instagram @spacesisterbay


sister bay 10647 N Bay Shore Dr 920-857-4185

tannenbaum holiday shop

[ad - pg. 203]

Come see our vast selection of ornaments, collectables, and decor for your favorite holiday, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, and special occasions like a wedding or a new baby arrival. Tannenbaum has been a must-stop shop for over 40 years! d sister bay 11054 Hwy 42 920-854-5004

fragrant isle lavender farm

[ad - pg. 213]

Midwest’s largest lavender farm with 14,000 lavender plants. Learn about growing, harvesting, and processing. 100s of luxurious products from island-grown lavender. Enjoy delicious café specialties: lavender ice cream, artisanal chocolates, pastries and beverages. washington island 1350 Airport Rd 920-847-2950

mann’s mercantile shops

[ad - pg. 205]

“A Little Bit of Everything for Everyone”. Huge selection of Washington Island sweatshirts and t-shirts. Wonderful selection of souvenirs, gifts, local handmade items and Minnetonka moccasins. Best Homemade Cream & Butter Fudge! Complete True Value Store and Citgo Gas Station. d washington island 1176 Main Rd 920-847-2030

d open year round


• Buttercups Coffee

• Harbor Wear

• Celebrate Door County

• Howell Creek Trading

• The Country Lady

• Just Paws

• Details Hair Innovations

• Kim's Boutique

• Door County Kids &

• Kim's Gift Shop

Baby Boutique • Door County Vintage Candy Co.

• Nan & Jerry's Door County Clothing • Nan & Jerry's Boutique

• From the Forty

• Studio One Art Glass

• The Happy Camper

• 'Tis the Season

Door County's Only Indoor Mall!

7828 hwy 42 | egg harbor 196

Country Lady Celebrating 33 years in Door County! Updated classics, fun tops in vibrant colors, sweaters, outerwear and jewelry. Mon-Sat 11am-5pm


Celebrate Door County Home of the LazyOne Leisure Clothing Store, also featuring custom Door County fine gifts, plush and souvenirs that Celebrate Door County!


Door County Kids & Baby Boutique Celebrating 11 years - necessities and splurges for the young and young at heart! Door County custom clothing, S.T.E.A.M. Play Headquarters: quality toys, books, puzzles, games & more.

920.868.KIDS (5437)

Door County Vintage Candy Experience a trip down memory lane with nostalgia candy, old fashioned soda, taffy, fudge, chocolates, plush and more! Creating new memories and reliving the old!



From the Forty An exceptional store featuring Door County souvenirs, home décor, unique gifts and handmade items from local craftsman.


The Happy Camper A unique toy store for the whole family featuring outdoor play, sustainable sourced wood toys, nostalgic, STEAM, remote control, puzzles, plush and more!


Harbor Wear Whether you’re interested in vacation mementos or Door County gifts, Harbor Wear truly has clothing for everyone – resort wear, sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats.

Howell Creek Gifts A unique shop and gallery with jewlery, watches, metal wall art, art tiles, garden art, sculptures, pictures, luau shirts, dog, cat and bird art. Something for everyone! Best store music in Door County!




Just Paws Pamper your dog and yourself in our boutique for dogs and owners alike! Featuring Puppie Love clothing, treats, toys, collars, leashes, gifts, and more!


Kim's Boutique A shop full of life’s little indulgences! Beautiful clothing size xs–3x, lovely jewelry, Door County Lavender products, cozy throws, fun PJ's, and lots more.


Kim's Gift Shop More indulgences! Located next door to Kim’s Boutique. Home decor, unique gifts, Polish Pottery, and garden art.


Nan & Jerry’s Boutique and Gifts Treat yourself to a fabulous shopping experience with fun boutique clothing, handbags, accessories, loungewear, jewelry, Lang calendar products and more!



Nan & Jerry’s Door County Clothing A unique shopping experience that offers a large selection of Door County clothing for the whole family. Stop in for a great selection, great prices and a friendly atmosphere!


'Tis the Season A shopping destination for 25+ years, featuring seasonal gifts & home decor, home fragrances, specialty food items. Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving all year.


Open Year Round!

7828 hwy 42 | egg harbor 200

'Tis the Season A






Miniature Ornaments • Hand-Crafted Ornaments Christmas • Halloween • Italian Ceramics • Home Decor Stonewall Kitchen Products • British Sweets & Sauces

Do Counor ty



Home Decor | Unique Gifts | Polish Pottery | Garden Art

Kim’s Gift Shop

920.868.5005 | Main Street Shops | Egg Harbor


Mid s öm mar APOTHECARY



| 10421 NORTH WATER STREET | EPHRAIM | 920.205.7949

Celebrating Over




Fine Ornament New! and Holiday Collections for Radko Every Occasion 2021 from Christopher Radko Dept. 56 • Byers Choice Carolers Mark Roberts • Old World Christmas and so much more! Stop In TODAY!


The Store You’ll Always Love!

11054 Hwy 42 | North Sister Bay Open Daily | 920-854-5004






1. The Ginger House Wine & Picnic Boutique

3. Wild Life Art Gallery

2. Leslie Ann’s Pop-Ups

Painting ©2022 Door County Images

“A little bit of everything for everyone.” Island’s largest selection of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Gifts, Souvenirs and homemade Fudge! 1176 Main Road • Open Year Round ALL SEASON COTTAGES OPEN YEAR ROUND!



1 & 2 PURE JOY CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE Clothes and accessories for boys and girls in newborn to size 12, all seasons. You will find unique, high quality items for births, baptisms, birthdays, parties, vacations, beach days and everyday. Open every weekend from February until New Years; open daily from late spring until early fall. 920.868.3023

3 & 4 TRILLIANT DIAMONDS & JEWELRY Bringing a bit of Caribbean to Wisconsin's own paradise! 20 years experience in fine jewelry, we have exquisite knowledge in diamonds & colored stones with personalized designs and unique settings. Tanzanite, Larimar, Ammolite, Diamonds, and more. Gifts in everyone's price range! Custom orders. 920.264.0839 • Instagram @trilliantdiamonds

5 W.A.K.E. M.E. TOO/FISH TALES An eclectic mix of old and new. Colorful Door County birdhouses, chimes and yard art. Door County souvenirs, t-shirts and sweatshirts, Old Guy Rules t-shirts, Queen Bee Soaps, gifts, vintage items and more. 920.627.0026

6 DC CHOCOLATE DESIGN CAFE Chocolate, full coffee menu, beer, wine and friendly smiles. Serving rich and bold milk chocolate and warm and complex dark chocolate. Handmade on site. Grab a seat at the bar and watch the process or sit outside on the patio with fresh espresso, beer or wine. 920.868.5155 •

7 FUNKY ZEBRA The largest Oh My Gauze store in the state. We also carry Kozan, Alembika, 3 Potato, Bryn Walker, IC collection, Lola Jeans, Luukaa, Moonlight, Paper Lace , and Tulip. There is something fun and fabulous for women of every shape and size! 920.868.1869

8 & 9 HART & HART Fish Creek's premier woman’s clothing boutique! Featuring artisan sterling silver jewelry. We have fresh and classic looks in a wide range of sizes, from petite - 3X. Hart & Hart has the clothing you will love year after year! 920.868.2753 • Instagram @hartandhartdoorcounty

10 WHAT NEXT? Visit What Next? and discover a simply amazing collection of Naot shoes and sandals for men and women. If you don't find your size, we'll happily order it for you. Beautiful leather handbags, funky socks, artisan jewelry, and the latest from Comfy, Habitat, Cut Loose, and Margaret Winters. 920.868.2993


11 TAKE A PEEK Established in 2002! Stop by and browse our large selection of beautiful earrings, fashion jewelry, watches, kids items, socks, and gifts at affordable prices. We also offer personalized ornaments. 920.868.4242

12 THE MAIN COURSE A toy store for cooks. Serious cookware, honest advice, and fun accents for anyone with a kitchen. Featuring a surprising selection of Polish Pottery. For over 35 years, The Main Course in Fish Creek has offered customers and chefs of all skill levels a place to browse and share their passion for creating in the kitchen. Open year round. 920.868.2424

13 SEVEN MONKEY IMPORTS We would like to invite you to browse our one-of-a-kind selection of folk art and home decor created by some of the most talented artisans in Latin America. Our collection includes wall art, sculptures, pottery, handbags, toys, jewelry boxes, and much, much more!

14 GAGE FINE IMPORTS A little bit of Italy right in Fish Creek! Artwork, candles, holiday decor, and designer jewelry. Large assortment of musical/motion clocks, crystal, wedding, special occasion gifts, etc. Catalogs and mail order available. Show this ad to receive a free gift from Italy! Open year round. 920.854.2359

15 DC ECLECTIC GUITAR Door County Eclectic Guitar is Door County’s newest music shop. It's our mission to provide high quality instruments for musicians, from beginner to professionals. We carry guitars, amps, drums, accessories and ukuleles. We have new, used, and vintage instruments. Stop in and browse our inventory. Facebook @ dceclecticguitar • 920.868.2222

16 FOREVER GRATEFUL BOUTIQUE & GIFT SHOP & THE BRIAN PIER GALLERY Enjoy an eclectic mix of nautical, home decor, vintage ships, cashmere scarves, sterling silver & estate jewelry, Christmas decor, vintage treasures, and an extensive inventory of Fragrant Isle & Seaquist Orchards Products. In The Brian Pier Gallery, experience the award-winning original oil paintings of Brian Pier. 920.868.5238



A very unique selection of home décor, boho styles, leather handbags, regular and plus size clothing, jewelry, art, crystals, apothecary, provisions, gifts and hand selected vintage. Inventory changes daily, so there is always something new! There is something for everyone here! Facebook @chickadeesmercantile Instagram @chickadeesmercantiledoorcounty

18 LAGNIAPPE, WINE & GIFTS A very eclectic shop. All the things women love and "just have to have." Terrific wines from small vineyards around the world, unique wine racks, glasses and accessories. Home goods, handmade soaps, clothing, jewelry, and wine tastings. Open 10am-5pm May-October. Winter weekends. 920.868.2429

19 A CUT ABOVE 20 BANK OF LUXEMBURG Bank of Luxemburg is a reliable local source for personal and business banking expertise. With a mission “to have a positive impact on people’s lives,” our friendly and professional staff goes the extra mile to get to know you and your goals in order to provide personalized, down-to-earth guidance through all stages of life.

21 DAVID T. GREENE & ASSOCIATES 22 DOOR COUNTY CANNABIS CO. Door County Cannabis Company is a local hemp-based business launched in 2019. We have been on the forefront of the industry and have become a trusted source for high quality hemp products. Our mission to bring positive change and move Wisconsin Forward is just getting started!

23 CONNIE GLOWACKI "Watercolors with Spirit" gallery and art demonstrations. View nationally-known and award-winning artist Connie Glowacki as she creates her original watercolors and drawings. Limited edition prints and notecards are available. 608.752.0707


TOP OF THE HILL SHOPS 21 Shops | Beautiful Gardens | Ample Parking | Outdoor Seating

Fish Creek Inside/Outside Sales September 23-25, 2022


Why is Founder's Square So Special? Nestled beneath the bluff in the quaint town of Fish Creek, Founder's Square is a collection of historic buildings that are home to Door County's premier shops, boutiques and dining! Come spend the day with us!

14 Gr e Shop at 2 New s! 2022 in !


Come Explore... There's Something for Everyone! 210




Door County Confectionery 920.868.2434

Door County Rock & Gem 920.854.3667

Good Times Great Lakes 920.868.1008

Plum Bottom Gallery 920.743.2819

Harbor Wear 920.868.1737

Alpaca to Apparel 920.536.1394

Robin Jay Music & Gifts 920.868.1600

Fish Creek Moccasin 920.868.2100

Pelletier's Restaurant 920.868.3133

Little Summer Home 920.901.1951

Dippy's Ice Cream 920.868.3857

Summer Home Wisconsin 920.901.1951

hey daisy 920.662.0801

Seven Sisters Resale Boutique 920.868.5303

Asa Thorp's Log Cabin 920.854.9352



Fragrant Isle Lavender


Photo ©2022 Laurel Janisse

The Midwest’s Largest Lavender Farm & Shop 20,000 plants in BLOOM!



Why drive all the way to Sturgeon Bay...

When Sister Bay has Hammersmith TV? • LG® Smart TVs • DIRECTV® Installs • Cell Phone Chargers • Home Entertainment • Computers & Accessories • Digital Music Your Way • Remote Controlled Toys • Office Supplies • Printer Ink • Cameras 214

Hammersmith TV

10514 Country Ln Sister Bay 920.854.2614

Reclaimed Resale



home interiors door county nature works

[ad - pg. 217]

Voted one of the best stores in DC! 3,000 sq. ft. barn offers exquisite furnishings, unique gifts, accessories. Pine Cone Hill quilts, Dash & Albert rugs, Caldrea products, Hillhouse home fragrances. Need design help? Next door is Designworks - custom upholstery, blinds, flooring and tile. d egg harbor 7798 Hwy 42 920-868-2651

design works

[ad - pg. 194]

or over 15 years, bringing you beautiful home furnishings and creative F designs. Our talented designers work closely with you to bring your ideas and dreams to reality. Offering the best brands: Lee Industries, Thibaut, Schumacher and Lexington. Our talented design staff has over 30 years experience and is recognized for exceptional design. d egg harbor 7798 Hwy 42 920-868-3042

‘tis the season

[ad - pg. 201]

Seasonal gifts, gourmet food items, Door County items, hand painted ornaments, tree trimming in a variety of colors and themes, custom wreaths, Halloween, Easter, home fragrance and decor. A fun-filled store for every season! Located on level 2 in the Main Street Shops. d egg harbor 7828 Hwy 42 (Main Street Shops) 920-868-2829

chickadee’s mercantile

[ad - pg. 158]

ew in 2022. Good Vibes inside where everything is a bit brighter! A unique N selection of home décor, boho styles, leather handbags, regular and plus size clothing, jewelry, art, crystals, apothecary, provisions, gifts and hand selected vintage. Inventory changes daily—always something new! Truly something for everyone. Facebook: chickadeesmercantile open: 10am - 5pm may – end of oct. fish creek 9331 Spring Rd (Top of the Hill Shops, Bld B) 920-868-5286

great northern by design

[ad - pg. 204]

A feast for your senses in home decor: unique home accents, luxurious French linens, hand painted Italian ceramics, DC art, handmade cherry rockers, lamps, rugs, bedding, candles, floral, furnishings. Special orders. open: 10 am - 5 pm, mon - sat ; winter : sat or by appointment . farmers market : 9:30am - 1:30pm, wed . d fish creek 9106 Hwy 42, The Settlement Shops 920-868-4135

al johnson’s swedish butik

[ad - pg. 214]

eaturing the beautiful simplicity of Swedish design: Ekelund runners F and other weavings, glassware, dishes, accessories, and more. Plus Scandinavian-inspired clothes, shoes, jewelry, t-shirts, holiday ornaments, toys, books about Norway/Sweden and a wide range of fun goat products. Swedish food specialties, including Al’s own lingonberries, jams, herring, beets, and limpa bread. Look for the goats on our green sod roof! open 7am - 8pm may - oct ; 7am - 3pm nov - apr d sister bay 10698 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2626


visit us in downtown egg harbor 7798 hwy 42 | 920.868.2651 217


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OPEN TUE–SUN • 10AM – 5PM • 920-854-8060 VINTIQUERESALE.COM • 10254 WATER ST • EPHRAIM 218


resale reclaimed resale & consignment

[ad - pg. 221]

eclaimed offers an exceptional selection of stylish furniture, home goods R & decor to satisfy every style for every room. A must stop for those who love to shop for things to create a beautiful home, all at a fraction of retail! New arrivals daily so the thrill of the hunt never ends. Truly a destination shop! daily 10am- 4:30pm, closed wed & sun open winter weekends . d ephraim 10451 Townline Dr 920-854-3239

the simple solution estate sales and services

[ad - pg. 227]

orthern Door’s only full-service estate-sale business. Business partners N Heidi Penchoff and Scott Lohman fill a niche: running onsite estate sales, a consignment store for estate-sale furnishings, and moving services for estate pieces into the showroom. Staff is passionate about upcycling, the only area retailer of Dixie Belle paint products. Classes on how to transform furniture are coming. Clients/realtors: schedule an appt! d ephraim 920-333-2081

vintique resale

[ad - pg. 218]

intique offers delightful in-style home decor and curated vintage finds. Enjoy V our ever-changing inventory and seasonal palette, as the shop is constantly shifting. Pick out unique gifts and one-of-a-kind creations by local Door County artisans. Step through this iconic turret in Ephraim for a can’t miss retail experience. We’re conveniently located on Hwy 42! d ephraim 10254 Water St 920-854-8060

american antiques & jewelry

[ad - pg. 222]

Family owned and operated for over 25 years! We buy, sell and trade jewelry, coins, antiques, collectibles and more at a fraction of prices you’ll find in traditional stores. open mon , wed , thu , fri 9:30am- 5:30pm; tues until 7pm; and sat until



green bay 2545 W Mason St 920-498-0111



d open year round

pets welcome




shopping resale bargains unlimited

[ad - pg. 223]

he place for finding treasures. Items change daily as donations T are always arriving. Treasures can be found for bargain shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind items, antiques, furniture, toys, books, and more. Proceeds of the sales benefit the residents and staff of Scandia Village Senior Living Community. d sister bay 10578 Applewood Rd 920-854-9669

julie’s upscale resale

[ad - pg. 225]

ith 2000+ consignors dropping off furniture, decor, art, lamps, clothing, W purses, shoes, and jewelry on a daily basis…something for everyone! Call for hours or drop-off appointments. Follow us on Facebook and see what comes in every day! open: mon - sat 10am - 4pm mar- nov. sister bay 10553 Country Walk Dr 920-421-0770

village clothier & consignment

[ad - pg. 228]

Ladies new and resale clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories at bargain prices. A DC destination at Country Walk Shops. open: daily 10am - 4pm d sister bay 10579 Country Walk 920-854-9331


d open year round

Photo ©2022 John Nelson

high quality home furnishings + accessories creatively displayed + staged resale never looked this good!

Resale & Cosignment

10451 townline road | north ephraim | 920.854.3239 OPen daily 10-4:30 | Closed sun + wed




Est. 1989


ntiques & Jewelry

2545 W. Mason St. Green Bay, WI 54303

Vintage Packer Memorabilia

Largest Selection of Jewelry in Wisconsin

Coins & Bullion

Collectables & Antiques

Hours: Mon–Fri: 9:30–5:30 Tuesday: 9:30–7 Saturday: 9:30–4

(920)498-0111 Local Family Owned Shop Online Anytime 222

It’s like going on a treasure hunt! Northern Door Countyʼs Largest Resale Shop

Tuesday-Saturday 10-4 Open Year Round

Call for other hours + info on how to donate No donatio on Mon ns days please! , All pro c benefit eeds Scandia Village Senior Living Commu nity!

Resale Shop Follow us


Shop • Donate • Volunteer

10578 Applewood Road • Sister Bay • 920.854.9669



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It's our 18th ! season

' Julies

Follow us on our NEW Facebook at Julie's Upscale Resale and Instragram @juliesupscaleresale


Over 2,500 consignors! New things arriving all day, every day! We carry the full line of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day!

10553 Country Walk Dr. SISTER BAY

(Across from Piggly Wiggly Mall)

OPEN 10am-4pm CLOSED Sunday & Wednesday Seasonally April thru Oct.


Ferris Wheel, Sister Bay


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Open Year Round • Winter Weekends





10331 Hwy 42 • North Ephraim • (920) 854-3336

Door County’s premier Dixie Belle Paint Co. retailer!

Dixie Belle Paint is a DIY high quality mineral chalk paint that is perfect for painting on furniture and can be used on wood, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric & more! 227

Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

Village Clothier

"My all time favorite shop in Door County. You'll truly love Betsy's decorating talent. A must-stop if you are anywhere near Sister Bay!" – A real Yelp review!

A long standing Door County women's clothing & accessories shop. Located in the Country Walk Shops on the Garden Level.

10579 Country Walk Lane • Uptown Sister Bay • 920.854.9331 228


Huge Inventory of Used, New, Out-of-Print Books More than 20,000 Titles • Maps & Prints Extensive Selection of Door County Titles

Peter Sloma, Proprietor OPEN YEAR ROUND AT 10AM

Barringer Shops • 4083 Main Street • Fish Creek • 920.868.1467229

books • reading • writing

Camden and the Cana Island Cat Sue Jarosh’s new book release features history and youthful adventure


ue Jarosh’s newest children’s book, Camden and the Cana island Cat, has just been released this season. In yet another historical fiction aimed at pre-teens, curious young protagonist Camden visits Cana Island and eagerly takes a tour of the island and its accompanying lighthouse. Based on actual history, the story is also imaginatively told through the eyes of Camden’s equally curious guide Buddy, the Cana Island cat. The colorful illustrations, well-documented history of the Cana Island Lighthouse keepers and their families, plus shipwreck lore and the tour of a legendary island and lighthouse make this heartwarming story a good book to discover before your visit to beloved location north of Baileys Harbor. Signed books are available at the seasonal farmers markets in Sturgeon Bay, Jacksonport, and Baileys Harbor, and at the annual Christkindlmarkt in Sister Bay, late November and early December. Sue Jarosh’s other titles include Door County’s Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Mouse, Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal, Door County’s Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Hero and Madelyn’s Magical Door County Balloon. Order online:; or call 920-839-5253 or 920-559-6275. 230

books • reading • writing

New Edition of “Living in God’s Country”:

Ellison Bay History


riginally published in 1966, the previously out-of-print Living in God’s Country: E llison Bay, Door County, WI traces the growth of Ellison Bay over the past 150 years. Originally titled A Century in God’s Country, the updated version explores the area’s Potawatomi origins prior to European settlement and then moves forward through the changes wrought by economic development, tourism, agriculture, and the arts. The faces and brief capsules of the lives of almost 700 people who contributed to the changes are strung throughout the book. Readers new to the region’s overall history will likely be surprised by how many current residents’ ancestors feature in this hyper-local book. Newly-recounted family histories are covered as well, tying past to the present. For instance, the log house built by Ellison Bay founder and namesake John Eliason came to be owned by Judy and Bert Scherb. When attempting to move the one-story building to install a new two-story addition, the structure collapsed. Revealed underneath were the original cedar logs, one signed “Bernt Jorgeson Landricht 1856,” an act of pride by the friends who helped to erect these pioneer homes. Re-published in 2022 by the Liberty Grove Historical Society, Living in God’s Country can be found at businesses and libraries throughout Door County and at Liberty Grove Historical Society’s sponsored events and openings. For more info, visit: — Jan Newport


Specializing in Gently Used Wisconsin Books & Maps



adger ibliophile

View our maps at The Peninsula Bookman in Fish Creek 920.868.1467

Publishers of Historic Maps of Wisconsin & The Upper Midwest

Located at Olde Orchard Antique Mall • Egg Harbor

262.547.6572 • •

It’s All About the Island! Read The Observer!


Visit: 232

Need a Door County vacation read? Don’t miss the romance book series set in Door County from USA Today Bestselling Author Katherine Hastings!

Available digitally on Amazon and in KindleUnlimited, or find signed print copies at Al Johnson’s Swedish Butik!


kid stuff

fun door county polar bear press


[ad - pg. 235]

he title company for Author, Sue Jarosh, and her DC book collection. All T books are signed and are available at select DC shops, Farmers Markets (Sturgeon Bay, Jacksonport, Baileys Harbor and Christkindlmkt in Sister Bay). Great souvenirs and make perfect gifts for all ages for holidays or family celebrations. Books can be viewed on Facebook at doorcountypolarbearpress. Books can be ordered on the website and can be personalized. door county 920-839-5253 or 920-559-6275

plum loco animal farm

[ad - pg. 236]

Pet and feed our large farm animal family! Set young imaginations free with our hands-on children’s play-farm village, toys, lawn and board games, puzzles, picnic area, concessions, souvenirs, fall pumpkin painting. Free WiFi. Handicap access, group rates, annual passes. egg harbor 4431 Plum Bottom Rd 920-743-1617

skyway drive-in theatre

[ad - pg. 238]

Door County’s only drive-in movie theater, open since 1950 . The Skyway is Wisconsin’s second-longest continuously running drive-in theater. As usual, we’ll have a terrific schedule of recently released movies in 2022 ! Located between Fish Creek and Ephraim on Hwy 42. fish creek 3475 Highway 42 920-854-9938

pirate’s cove adventure golf

[ad - pg. 235]

Join us for a true pirate adventure! Putt your way through mountain caves, over footbridges, and beneath cascading waterfalls on our award-winning 18-hole course. Swashbuckling fun for the whole family! sister bay 2502 S Bay Shore Dr 920-854-4929

the farm

[ad - pg. 237]

Visit farm animals in natural surroundings. Bottle-feed goat kids and lambs, pick up a piglet, milk a goat, and watch chicks hatch. See log buildings, farm tools, and implements, natural trails, exhibits, and our gift shop. open : daily 9am - 5pm; memorial day weekend - mid - oct sturgeon bay 4285 Hwy 57 920-743-6666

the salty seagull miniature golf

[ad - pg. 235]

he newest outdoor activity designed with families in mind. T A custom designed, 18-hole adventure golf course with ADA access. This course presents an exciting, challenging, and entertaining attraction for all. Offering selection of sodas, waters, juices and craft beer. Snacks include popcorn, chips, and our gourmet popsicles. Shop unique gifts including hats, t-shirts, insulated travel mugs, gift cards and Salty the Seagull plush toy souvenir. open: may – oct. sturgeon bay 630 Grant St (Hwy 42-57) 920-495-8555


Door County Tales DOOR COUNTY'S NEWEST MINI GOLF • Custom designed, 18-hole adventure golf course with access • Soda, water, juice, craft eer • opcorn, chips, gourmet popsicles • ats, t-shirts, travel mugs, gift cards, Salty the Seagull plush toy souvenir

View these colorfully illustrated books about historical Door County on our website. Great for families! New in 2022! 2018

Open May-October 630 rant Street • Sturgeon ay • 920.495.8555

2019 Available at many retail shops in Door County or local Farmer’s Markets where Sue will personally sign your books! 2017


Call or e n go onli er to ord 2502 S. Bay Shore Drive Highway 42 • Sister Bay

Door County Polar Bear Press

(Just south of Hwy 42 & 57 intersection)

920-839-5253 • 920-559-6275

(920) 854-4929


Door County Polar Bear Press


ck e Ba We’r 28! y a M

Affordable and challenging family fun – It's where the pros play!

/theredputterminigolf @redputter

open may-october 10404 Hwy 42 • north Ephraim • 920-615-4787

The Opper Family, owners


Open Daily 9-5 Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Open 10-4 Labor Day through mid-October 237

Door County’s entertainment bargain since 1950! Hollywood’s latest movies | Nostalgic, wooded setting Double features | First movie begins at dusk Radio sound | Snack Bar

Named America’s #1 Drive-In!

Weekends Only in May, September and October Nightly June thru Labor Day (920) 854-9938 3475 Hwy 42 Between Ephraim 238

and Fish Creek

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just paws

Just Paws is a fun store for your dog and the dog lover in you! Stop in and pamper your puppy with treats, toys, collars, leashes, clothing, custumes, and more! Also featuring Puppy Love clothing for adults and children. open daily egg harbor 7828 Hwy 42 (Main Street Shops) 920-606-1201

door county dog store

[ad – pg. 240]

Celebrating 18 years of business in Door County. “Dogs, bring your owners in to browse, sniff, and shop.” Handmade treats baked on premise from owners’ recipes - look for Stove Dog Bakery at local establishments. Holistic foods, fun land and water toys, apparel, and healthcare. Self-Service Dog Wash. d sturgeon bay 230 Michigan St 920-746-9000

wisconsin humane society

– door county campus

[ad – pg. 241]

he WHS Door County Campus offers a same-day adoption program, T stray-holding services for lost/found animals, low-cost vaccines for pets, and community events. The WHS Door County Campus is a local nonprofit unaffiliated with any national groups, and all animals in adoption have as long as it takes to find a new home! (Formerly known as Door County Humane Society). d sturgeon bay 3475 Park Dr 920-746-1111

Celebrating 18 Years of Business in Door County


Visit Door County with your dog!

Food • Cookies Toys • Healthcare Apparel • Homemade Treats Self-Service Dog Wash • Items for Cats 230 Michigan St • Sturgeon Bay 920.746.9000 240

d open year round

Read the Dining Guide!

dogs welcome in the store!

ce Make a differen in the life of a dog. homeless cat or ADOPT OR DONATE TODAY.


Save the Date: DOOR COUNTY RUMMAGE SALE Thursday, May 5 – Saturday, May 7, 2022 | Arle Memorial Hall, Sturgeon Bay Shop ‘til you drop at the annual Rummage Sale to benefit the animals at the WHS Door County Campus! Donations of clean, gently used items can be dropped off at Arle Memorial Hall on Thursday, May 5, 4-8pm, and shopping is open Friday, May 6, 12-6pm and Saturday, May 7, 7:30am-2pm. View a list of accepted items and additional details at!

PET WALK DOOR COUNTY Saturday, September 10, 2022 | Sunset Park, Sturgeon Bay Join the fun for activities, music, and a walk around the beautiful Sunset Park. Dogs are welcome, but not required! You can even earn cool prizes for meeting fundraising goals leading up to the event! All proceeds directly benefit the animals at the WHS Door County Campus. Learn how to get involved at! 3475 Park Drive, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 | 920.746.1111




baileys harbor range lights

he Range Lights are a pair of lighthouses: Upper Range Light, keepers house T and tower; and Lower Range Light, square tower. They were placed 900 feet apart and aligned on a 340 degree bearing line to guide boats safely into the harbor. Built in 1869. On the National Register of Historic Places. Obtain a trail pass at the Ridges Sanctuary Nature Center at 8166 Hwy 57 to tour or walk the range light grounds. upper range light open to the public 11am - 2pm during the lighthouse festival . hours of operation may change throughout the season baileys harbor 8270 Ridges Rd, Hwy 57


cana island lighthouse

Explore Door County’s most iconic lighthouse, which in 2019 celebrated 150 years of standing watch on the shore of Lake Michigan. Ride a hay-wagon over the causeway to explore the island, including the 89-foot-tall light tower, oil storage house and lighthouse keeper’s home. The highlight of any Cana Island visit is climbing the 97 steps of the tower’s spiral staircase to reach the gallery deck, which delivers a sweeping panoramic view of Lake Michigan and the Door County peninsula. open: 10am-5pm, may-oct. baileys harbor 8800 E Cana Island Rd 920-743-5958

old baileys harbor ‘bird cage’ lighthouse

lanson Sweet, the first person to discover Baileys Harbor, built this lighthouse A on Lighthouse Island in 1852. The tower and keepers dwelling are made of limestone. Its most notable characteristic is a ‘birdcage’ lantern. views : from the end of ridges rd . baileys harbor

chambers island lighthouse

his lighthouse was built on Chambers Island to guide mariners through the T channel from Lake Michigan to Green Bay. The structure, built in 1868, is made of Milwaukee cream brick. Open for self-guided tours when the caretaker is present. The keeper’s office is now a museum. boat tours during the lighthouse festival . open memorial weekend thru labor day ; weekends only . fish creek 920-868-3100

eagle bluff lighthouse

Beginning in 1868 this brick lighthouse, perched on a 76 ft. high bluff, guided schooners and steamboats passing through the Strawberry Channel. It is now a museum with some of the ‘keepers’ original furnishing and artifacts. Tours of the lighthouse and grounds are available. A park sticker is required. open : 10 am - 4 pm ( late jun thru mid - oct ) fish creek Peninsula State Park (Shore Rd to Bluff Rd) 920-839-2377


d open year round

sightsee lighthouses pilot island lighthouse

Built in 1858. Boat tours from Gills Rock go past the lighthouse for viewing and photography. gills rock 414-747-7188

plum island lighthouse

Built in 1858. Boat tours from Gills Rock go past the lighthouse for viewing and photography. gills rock 414-747-7188

pottawatomie lighthouse

This is the oldest lighthouse in Wisconsin — built in 1856. The tower and keeper’s house are made from rock quarried on the island. It was named for the Native Americans who had inhabited the area and whose name means ‘keepers of the fire’. Docents provide guided tours. Museum shop. tours : 10 am - 4 pm ( memorial day weekend — columbus day ). rock island Rock Island State Park 920-847-2235 414-747-7188

sherwood point lighthouse

his brick lighthouse and keepers dwelling is situated on the north entrance T to Sturgeon Bay. It was the last manned lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Built in 1882. On the National Register of Historic Places. open to public during the lighthouse festival . boat tours go past the lighthouse ( mid - may thru mid - oct ). sturgeon bay Sherwood Island 414-747-7188

ship canal lighthouses

wo historic lighthouses are located on a Coast Guard station. The North T Pierhead Light structure, built in 1882, is notable because of its square shape and bright red color. The Ship Canal Light, built in 1899, is a large white tower and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. open to public during the lighthouse festival . sturgeon bay 2501 Canal Rd 414-747-7188



Christkindlmarkt Door County A Magical C hristmas Market Returns in 2022 Article by Marise Redmann

Photography by Tom Sadler and Donna Fearing


ave you ever tired of the hype, pressure and emptiness of the Christmas shopping season? Have you yearned for the magic it once held for you as a child when it was about the lights, the caroling, lighting candles, warm mittens, special pastries baked for the season, games, laughter and hugs? Have you ever asked, where has the magic gone? Will it ever come back? The answer is yes, the magic is still out there, and it appears in so many different ways. I found magic last winter at the first-ever Sister Bay Historical Society’s Christkindlmarkt, which is located at the Corner of the Past Museum on Hwy 57, just south of Sister Bay.


What is a Christkindlmarkt? Traditional in Germany and much of northern Europe, the annual market was a way to celebrate advent by selling goods and food in the town square, bringing together villagers for light and laughter. Local tradespeople sold handmade wares like ornaments, decorations, candles and gifts. E ach was unique to its surroundings. My first experience was in Vienna, where little wooden huts lined with twinkle lights were assembled on the square, making a little village. There was hot food, funnel cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar, spiced hot cider and a myriad of trinkets and gifts from the Austrian countryside. It was magical and it made an impression on me. So when I entered the Sister Bay market among the twinkling lights, decorations and hot food, I was transported back in time, though this experience had that singular Door County flavor. What was extraordinary was how the old buildings were renewed with the life of their historic past. 246


The magic starts when you park your car at the former Shopko lot and jump on a free trolley ride to the site. You are greeted with holiday music and live carolers for you to sing with. Santa Claus makes several visits to chat with the kids. Special handmade gifts from Wisconsin can be purchased, delicious warm food from local restaurants, and a must-try is the homemade hot, spiced glogg — a traditional Swedish drink, served in a commemorative mug.


Add to that two outdoor wood fires, grazing alpacas and a glassblowing demonstration by Burnt Bluff Stone & Glass artisans. And remember the special pastries set out just at Christmas? They are there too, home-baked by volunteers and bakers to help support the Historical Society. A tremendous effort designed to bring joy to the community and help provide for local artisans and the Historical Society;


whose mission is to foster and participate in the documentation, preservation and renovation of historical information, artifacts and sites in the Sister Bay area. And they have a huge project coming up that you can be a part of, the moving of the Little Sister Barn to Corner of the Past Museum, and turning it into a new area history center. Visit the second annual Christkindlmarkt this year starting Nov. 25. Where magic is found by being together, twinkling lights, caroling, bonfires, warm mittens, laughter and hugs. In 2022, Christkindlmarkt Door County is scheduled for November 25-27, December 2-4, and December 9-11. For more information, visit: — Marise Redmann


CHRISTKINDLMARKT DOOR COUNTY Nov. 25-27, Dec. 2-4, Dec. 9-11

History is Always Making News in Sister Bay! Daily Docent-Led History Tours in Sister Bay Monday–Friday Explore 16 renovated historic buildings, 1875 Anderson family farmhouse with late 1800s furnishings and artifacts. Authentic buildings: barn, granary, machine shed, log cabins, migrant’s cottage, summer kitchen, sawmill, blacksmith. Open Monday–Friday, 10am– 4pm, late May–early October Admission: $10, Kids Free

For more info, call 920-854-7680, visit: Reserve tour tickets online:

Sister Bay Stories Koessl Barn, Corner of the Past Museum, 7:00 - 8:30 pm • Bunda's Store (now On Deck): Janie Denis — June 23 • The Roesers–Pillars of Early Sister Bay: Roberta Champeau — July 12 • Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant: Rolf Johnson — August 18 • The Patio Drive-In: Connie Grotenhuis — September 8 Rolf Johnson

• Little Sister Resort: Fuzzy Sunstrom — October 4

Northern Door County’s Oldest Farmers Market Sister Bay's Farmers Market on Saturday mornings offers fresh locally-grown fruits and vegetables, flowers and prepared foods from local vendors. Artists and artisans demonstrate a wide variety of crafts, check Facebook page for rotating schedule of events.

Corner of the Past Museum,10310 Fieldcrest Rd. Saturdays • 9am – 1pm • June 25 – early Oct.

ur It’s O 28th Year!

Interested in finding out more about Sister Bay's history? Visit 10310 Fieldcrest Road, Sister Bay 251


museums belgian

heritage center

[ad - pg. 255]

Exhibits and videos featuring the fascinating Belgian culture: unique languages, traditions, food, architecture. Genealogical and historical research materials available. Check website for hours, events and tour opportunities. brussels 1255 County Rd DK 920-825-7319


bluff lighthouse museum

eginning in 1868 this brick lighthouse guided schooners and steamboats B passing through the Strawberry Channel. It is now a museum with some of the ‘keepers’ original furnishings and artifacts. Guided tours of the lighthouse and grounds. Park sticker required. open : 10 am - 4 pm ( late jun thru mid - oct ). fish creek Peninsula State Park (Shore Rd to Bluff Rd) 920-839-2377

death’s door maritime museum – gills rock [ad - pg. 253]

hidden DC gem. The museum features a shipwreck and scuba diving exhibit, A artifacts brought from Lake Michigan and information on the dangerous passage known as Death’s Door. Explore the indoor wooden fishing tug Hope. ellison bay 1 2724 W Wisconsin Bay Rd 920-743-5958


lighthouse museum

he oldest Wisconsin lighthouse — built in 1856. Named for the Native T Americans who had inhabited the area and whose name means ‘keepers of the fire’. Docents provide guided tours. Museum shop. tours : 10 am - 4 pm ( memorial day weekend — columbus day ). rock island Rock Island State Park 920-847-2235


orner of the past museum c [ad - pg. 251] Sister Bay Historical Society offers fascinating docent-led tours. admission : $10 adults , kids free , includes knowledgeable tour guide (and /or self - guided tour with discovery pen audio ) at 11am, 1pm, and 2:30pm. reserve tour tickets online : doorcountytickets . com . open : 10am - 4pm, mon - fri / heritage programs on sat , memorial day weekend - early oct sister bay Hwy 57 at Country Lane & Fieldcrest Road 920-854-7680

door county maritime museum

[ad - pg. 253]

xplore tales of bold ship captains, brave seamen, stalwart lighthouse keepers, E innovative shipbuilders, much more. Located between the historic downtown bridges on Sturgeon Bay’s historic working waterfront, the Door County Maritime Museum offers a fun and educational experience for all ages. d sturgeon bay 120 N Madison Ave 920-743-5958

jacobsen museum

his small restored log cabin, owned by Jens Jacobsen prior to 1930, T has an outstanding collection of natural and historical artifacts from the region. There are hand-carved ship models, pieces of authentic furniture, and artifacts from shipwrecks — including a huge rudder from the shipwreck of the Louisiana. open: 10 am - 4 pm (memorial day - columbus day). 252

washington island Little Lake Rd 920-847-2179

d open year round



Jim Kress Maritime Lighthouse Tower at the Door County Maritime Museum

Sturgeon Bay


Cana Island Lighthouse Baileys Harbor


Death’s Door Maritime Museum Gills Rock

920.743.5958 | | #dcmaritime253


preserving the past baileys harbor historical society

e collect, research, preserve and disseminate knowledge about the history W of Baileys Harbor. The BHHS hopes to have a full museum some day, but in the meantime, archives and artifacts and information on upcoming activities and events can be viewed in display cases at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall. baileys harbor

elgian heritage center b [ad - pg. 255] We tell the story of the Belgian settlement area of northeastern Wisconsin. Located in the Namur Historic District — a designated National Landmark. Explore the campus, dating back to the 1860s. You will find exhibits and videos that feature the fascinating culture of the Belgians, including their unique languages, traditions, food and architecture. Genealogical and historical research materials available. Check website for hours, events and tours. brussels 1255 County Rd DK 920-825-7319

gg harbor historical society e We endeavor to “make Egg Harbor History come alive for future generations through the collection, preservation and sharing of the heritage of Egg Harbor.” Self-guided tours, with locations pin-pointed on Google Maps (link on website) and printable information about each , visitors can take the Village Historical Walking Tour and Historic Driving Tour. egg harbor

iberty grove historical society l The society sports a museum on its Ellison Bay property. A restored Baptist Church with a display of artifacts from local families dating back to the 1800s as well as two picker shacks, a granary and a cottage from the Liberty Park Lodge are present at the museum site. The LGHS also participates in an annual arts and crafts show and tractor and old-engine show. ellison bay 920-854-1926

phraim historical foundation e We are dedicated to the preservation of Ephraim’s history and heritage, and serve as stewards of five Village Museums: the Anderson Barn (1880), Pioneer Schoolhouse (1880), Anderson Store (c. 1858), Goodletson Cabin (c. 1855), and the Historic Iverson House (1854). The season’s exhibits are hosted at the Anderson Barn Museum. ephraim

ibraltar historical association g Our initial goal was the restoration of the Old Town Hall, a 100 year-old building. The History Center, located behind Noble House Museum, preserves local history and culture by scanning and archiving photos, and displaying local collections of artifacts. Other activities include exhibits at the Museum, walking tours, and Gibraltar Talks held at the Old Town Hall. fish creek


— continued

Experience the Belgian Heritage Center • View displays that tell the story of the Belgian immigrants • Walk the historic campus that dates to the 1860s • Tour the 1894 schoolhouse and a traditional Belgian roadside chapel • Take a pre-arranged Belgian heritage tour • Attend one of the annual heritage events featuring Belgian foods and beverages • Watch videos featuring the Walloon language

All in the heart of the Namur Historic District, a National Historic Landmark, awarded for the area’s significant ethnic architecture.

BELGIAN HERITAGE CENTER Check our website for hours, events and tours. Open Friday-Sunday, May-October • 920.825.7319 • 1255 County DK, Brussels

Southern Door Tavern Photo ©2022 Belgian Heritage Center


sightsee preserving the past acksonport historical society j We focus on historical programs, research, commemorative activities, and a collection of tangible historical memorabilia. In 2008 JHS became owners of 4.3 acres at the south end of the village, home to a log cabin donated by Kevin and Debbie Magno, start of a long-awaited museum complex for housing and exhibiting historical materials. jacksonport

ister bay historical society s [ad - pg. 251] The Society’s first major project 26 years ago was to renovate the donated Anderson House, housing historical items, including late 1800s furnishings, photos and artifacts. Anderson House has been joined by 15 other heritage buildings that are open to visitors, and the property is now called Corner of the Past Museum. Events and programming are a major draw, including a weekly farmers market, the oldest in northern Door County. docent-led tours are scheduled mon .- fri . at 11am, 1 pm and 2:30pm. $10 per person on - site , or book visits in advance at doorcountytickets . com . sister bay 920-854-7680

oor county historical society d The oldest historical group in DC. Our far-reaching activities include maintaining and operating Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum, Historical Village at The Crossroads, Hanson House, and Door County Archives. The society also designates historical sites, and provides programming for schools. sturgeon bay

ashington island farm museum w With emphasis on 1870-1940, our collection of farm buildings and old-time farm implements is impressive. 19th century craft demonstrations and kids’ activities on summer Wednesdays. The Veblen Study Cabin is an especially unique piece of Island history. From 1896 to 1926, world-famous economist Thorstein Veblen spent summers here, and in 1916 he built a study cabin and home. The Washington Island Heritage Conservancy moved the cabin and it is being restored on the shore of Little Lake, next to Jacobsen Museum. washington island

washington island historical archives

fficial Town of Washington records, school records dating back to 1887, O indexed copies of Door County Advocate articles about the Island from 1862 to 1960s, photos, maps, audio tapes and videos, copies of Island publications, individual files on island families, records of Island organizations, resorts, businesses and community life, census and cemetery records, a genealogy database with thousands of records, and publications for sale (books and DVDs). Find what you’re looking for by visiting, calling or e-mailing. Steve Reiss, Archivist. open: Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm or by appointment . washington island 9 10 Main Rd Washington Island Community Center 920-847-3072



activities off-road segway adventures

[ad - pg. 262]

Where there’s a segwill, there’s a segway! Take the road less traveled in style and comfort. Family business currently offering tours from Rowleys Bay, Peninsula Park and more! Onsite set up at your location! Our passion is showing you the countryside and expanding our trails every season. Multiple tours. rowleys bay 920-421-4111

fish creek scenic boat tours

[ad - pg. 260]

ruise aboard our 69 passenger tour boat docked downtown Fish Creek. Daily C narrated tours to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse, Peninsula State Park, Millionaire’s Row, Eagle Cave, Ephraim and the many islands, bluffs and beaches. Our daily sunset cruise offers free live music. Special Fireworks cruises throughout season. daily 1-2 hour tours start at $29, seniors discounts, kids 12 & under $5. fish creek 9448 Spruce St 920-421-4442

open door bird sanctuary

[ad - pg. 263]

xperience birds of prey in a natural environment! An awe-inspiring 1-hour E program. See and touch artifacts and visit with birds on exhibit. 33 acres of serene landscape, 3 different scenic hikes and a picnic area; it’s an afternoon to remember! open: sat. june 19-sept 4; sun. july 4 and sunday sept 5. program at 1pm, guided trail hike 2:30pm – open 12-4pm. private tours anytime , by appointment jacksonport 4 114 County Rd I 920-493-BIRD; 920-724-1399

northern door boat rental

[ad - pg. 261]

C’s newest, most experienced and most accommodating boat rental. D Offering the highest quality pontoon boats with the most horsepower in the area. Hourly, half day, full day and multi-day rentals available. Add a tube to your rental for more fun on the water! Located behind JJ’s La Puerta at Yacht Works Marina, just North of downtown Sister Bay. sister bay 10967 N Bay Shore Dr 920-421-8687

sister bay boat rentals

[ad - pg. 260]

roud to provide the area’s best-maintained fleet of recreational watercraft, P we offer Chaparral/Monterey speed boats, jet skis and pontoon boats, plus wakeboards, skis, kneeboards and tubes. Our years of experience in the boating industry makes us true local experts in boating Lake Michigan’s waters. Our pontoon boats are pet friendly and wheelchair accessible. sister bay 10707 N. Bay Shore Dr 920-421-3330

sister bay bowl

[ad - pg. 264]

he Sister Bay Bowl is the place for date-night dinner, late-night cocktails, T family gatherings, beer and bowling! Roll a game on their vintage lanes while enjoying a cold beer and homemade pizza. Kids menu includes a game of bowling! Voted “Best Fish Fry” and “Best Old Fashioned.” open: for lunch and dinner . bowling alley is open daily at 11am ‘til bar close . pizza served late . d sister bay 10640 N Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2841

continued 257

sightsee activities door county boat rental

[ad - pg. 261]

Fun on the water by the hour, day, week. Fishing, speedboats, pontoons, sailboats, canoes, jet skis, SUP and kayaks! Water-ski/ tubing charters. Maritime Museum - 120 N Madison Ave (waterfront) & Beach Harbor Resort - 3662 N Duluth Ave (waterfront) sturgeon bay 920-746-6071

washington island ferry line, inc.

[ad - pg. 86]

aily ferries from Northport Pier to the island. Passengers, autos, D motorcycles, bicycles. Summer: 25 round trips per day. Winter: two round trips per day. Tour on your own or by Cherry Train (in season). Free parking: Northport ferry terminal. Northport Ferry and Rock Island Ferry Combination tickets available. d northport pier 920-847-2546 800-223-2094

cherry train tours

[ad - pg. 262]

Open air train tours since 1963. Tours start at Island Ferry Dock — 2 hours with four stops en route. Be entertained and informed. Purchase ferry and tour tickets at Northport Washington Island Ferry Booth. washington island 920-847-2546

karfi ferry

[ad - pg. 262]

Take the ferry to Rock Island State Park. Hikers, campers, day visitors leave from State dock on Washington Island. Rates and schedule online. late-may thru early-oct. washington island 2 64 Lobdell Point Rd 920-847-2546


d open year round

Photo ©2022 Stephen Wolter



er Ba ist


e cod AT e s u BO off! GO 0% 1 for

1½–2 Hour Tours: Adults $29–$42 Kids 12 & under $5 • Senior Discounts USCG Certified Boat

920-421-4444 Departs Daily from Sister Bay Marina

Book Online At:

Fish Creek Boat Rental

Sister Bay Boat Rental

Tritoons • Tubing

Tritoons • Jet Skis • Speedboats Tubing & Kneeboarding Waterskiing & Wakeboarding Dog Friendly • Wheelchair Accessible

Dog Friendly Wheelchair Accessible


"The best maintained fleet of recreational watercraft in all of Door County!"


10% YOU











TAKE IN DOOR COUNTY FROM A NEW PERSPECTIVE! D ep a r t i n g d a i l y f ro m t h e F i s h C re e k M arin a

Adults: $29 - $39

Kids 12 & Under: $5


Senior Discounts

O R H A N G IN G O N AND RID IN G TH E WAK E? Sunset Live Music

Capture Memories

Book Today! 9 4 4 8 S PRU C E S T FI S H C REEK , WI 5 4 2 1 2




DOOR COUNTY BOAT RENTAL Harbor & 2 locations Beach RESORT

Door County Maritime Museum



kayaks jetskis speed fishing sail pontoon sun

3662 north duluth avenue

Waterfront Fun!

Narrated Scenic Tours

fun sturgeon bay


w w w. WAT E R F R O N T

.com 261

WHERE THERE’S A SEGWILL, THERE’S A SEGWAY! Experience the thrill and adventure of riding an Off-Road Segway along Door County's backwoods trails and scenic country roads. Enjoy your connection with nature as you cruise the wooded areas. Our ATV-style, self balancing Segways handle the terrain with ease, giving a fun and smooth adventure.

TOUR # Reach th 1 – eB #2 – R each each th e Beac with a F h TOUR is #3 – Pe h Boil n in su la State *MOR E TOUR Park S TO B ANNO E UNCED !* TOUR



Rock Island Ferry

KARFI 800­223­2094


The Original Tour since 1963

Mid May Thru Late October





PO Box 39 • Washington Island, WI 54246 • (920) 847-2546 • 800-223-2094 Web: • E-mail: 262

Private Tours By Appointment

Behind The Scenes | Personalized Experience | Available Year ‘Round




BOWL Supper Club Vintage Bowling Alley FRESHLY MADE PIZZA Full Bar


House Cocktails


fine art



katie musolff

[ad - pg. 272]

Katie Musolff lives and works along the backwaters of the Mississippi River in Fredonia, WI. Her work is based on the adventures she has while poking her head and hands into the natural world outside her back door. She’s been making a living as a full-time artist for 15+ years and plans to continue. fredonia, wi 414-651-3463

plum bottom gallery

[ad - pg. 269]

Visit our three galleries featuring over 150 national collected artists, including resident jewelry artist Angela Olson Luberger. open: daily 10am - 5pm. egg harbor 4999 Plum Bottom Rd 920-393-7885 egg harbor 7813 Hwy 42 (downtown) 920-393-7885 fish creek 4175 Main St 920-743-2819

woodwalk gallery

[ad - pg. 273]

A mix of evocative art in a historic barn. Over 75 artists. Paintings, metalwork, wood, glass, jewelry, furniture and more. Enjoy serene art gardens, farm to table dinners, special art and music events, Midsummer Music, weddings and more. open: may-oct m-f 10am-5pm, sat 10am-3pm, sun 10am-4pm; nov sat-sun 11am-3:30pm. egg harbor 6746 County Rd G 920-629-4877



608.774.4737 Top of the Hill Shops Unit B23 Fish Creek “The Hardy Gallery”


“Fruits of Sturgeon Bay”


igh overhead, in what is an otherwise dowdy and utilitarian lobby within the Sturgeon Bay Post Office, looms a magnificent Art Deco mural fourteen-feet in length and six-feet high. Despite its size and splendor, it is embarrassingly upstaged and partially obscured by an overbearing LED light fixture suspended like mirrored disco ball from the plaster ceiling. (The decision of some penurious postal bureaucrat, no doubt). Peering out modestly from behind the cold glare of that lamp, it is no wonder why this masterpiece goes unnoticed by most and is appreciated by few. The painting dates to 1940 by famed Milwaukee artist Santos Zingale (1908-1999). During the Great Depression, Zingale’s talent for creating large social-realist murals in public buildings was gainfully employed through the Public Works Art Project (PWAP) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA), part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s overall New Deal policies, which were aimed at stabilizing the economy, providing employment, and restoring prosperity to America. Zingale was well-known and highly respected for his thoughtful depictions of 20th Century rural and social landscapes. This led to a commission funded by the Section of Fine Arts under the US Treasury Department, who requested the creation of a mural for the city’s new WPA Post Office, completed in 1937. Zingale’s


philosophy — that “art must help the development of human consciousness and improve social order” — is evident in his stunning and stylized mural, Fruits of Sturgeon Bay. The scene shows local fishermen and their boats landing the day’s lift of lake trout—identified by their speckled sides. All but gone from these waters, native lake trout were plentiful at the time Zingale referenced them, celebrated by their size, which was greater in length than the standard fish boxes. Two styles of local commercial fish tugs are represented among calm and riled waters, showing the bay’s unpredictable nature. A distant hillside orchard shows apple blossoms in full bloom. A half-dozen scavenging sea gulls hover and heckle the fishers, in search of a handout. Zingale personalized the work by incorporating the likeness of long-time Sturgeon Bay resident Barney Miller. (The figure standing farthest to left). Zingale completed the project in egg tempera on wood panel in his Milwaukee studio in 1940. The piece was transported to Sturgeon Bay and installed shortly thereafter. Sketches and a watercolor draft of the final painting reside in the archives of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. During the Great Depression, the government built over 1,100 plain-but-practical, cookie- cutter, late Moderne style post offices throughout the US — 35 in Wisconsin alone. In the 85 years since, many of these buildings have been renovated, closed, sold, moved, or destroyed, and the fate of some murals is unknown. Recognizing its cultural importance to this era of American history, Fruits of Sturgeon Bay was restored to its original splendor by Anton Rajer in 1982. This played a significant role in the establishment of the Sturgeon Bay Post Office’s entry onto the National Register of Historic Places in October 2000. — Kevin O’Donnell An excerpt from ‘Behind The Door—hidden treasures of the peninsula’, a new book of original photography and essays by Kevin O’Donnell to-be-published in Fall 2022 by Door Guide Publishing. For more information email:


fine art artists

artzy studio

galleries [ad - pg. 268]

Meet artist Cynthia L. Koshalek and view her award-winning art in ceramics, jewelry, glass, and painting. Also, featuring the owl art of Clarence P. Cameron and stained glass by Norma Hove. In the butterfly garden find a variety of garden art by Midwest artists. Daily demonstrations in the studio or butterfly garden. open: 10:00am - 4:00pm thur-mon (may-oct) Instagram @clkartist2017 ephraim 10329 Hwy 42 608-438-7633

george burr gallery

[ad - pg. 270]

Breathtaking pastel landscapes by resident artist George Burr. Also representing Gary Wick, eight different potters, and others. Functional and decorative pottery, jewelry, coasters, magnets, cards, limited edition prints, gifts, yard art and much more. open daily: 10am - 5pm (may-oct) and fri- sun 10am5pm ( may - oct ) and 10am- 4pm ( nov – apr ) d ephraim 10325 Hwy 42 920-854-7877

zabler design jewelers

[ad - pg. 274]

Original contemporary designs and antique revival micro pave designs, period antique jewelry, museum-quality ancient Greek and Roman coins, and highgrade watches. DC’s largest selection of natural pink and yellow diamonds and rare gems - Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Tsavorite and Padparadscha Sapphire. open : daily 12-6pm d ephraim 9906 Water St 920-854-4801

connie glowacki

[ad - pg. 265]

“Watercolors with Spirit” gallery and art demonstrations. View nationallyknown, award-winning artist Connie Glowacki as she creates her original watercolor paintings and drawings. Limited edition prints, gift items, and note cards also available. Celebrating 15 years at the Top of the Hill Shops. open: daily 10am - 5pm ( may - oct ) fish creek 9331 Spring Rd 608-774-4737

ARTZY STUDIO A little bit of Paris in Door County

Jewelry • Ceramics • Paintings By Award-Winning Artist Cynthia L. Koshalek


Artzy clkartist2017


Open Thursday–Monday 10am - 4pm • May–Oct. 10329 Hwy. 42 • Ephraim • 608.438.7633

d open year round

Est. 2007

Fish Creek • Plum Bottom Road • Egg Harbor VOTED

Best Gallery

Experience Art


Door County

THREE Locations


Fish Creek Location

Downtown Egg Harbor

Plum Bottom Road Egg Harbor

Founder’s Square Fish Creek

Open Year Round 4999 Plum Bottom Rd, Egg Harbor 7813 State Hwy 42, Egg Harbor 4175 Main St, Fish Creek 920-393-7885


fine art

photography door county images

[ad - pg. 271]

Capturing the heart of DC through his trademark photo-painting technique, artist Christopher Arndt breathes new life into scenes of DC. From the beauty of orchard lined roads, to the picturesque bluff-lined shores, his images highlight the peninsula’s amazing landscape and history. Available at select locations throughout Door County. door county 630-690-3146

frykman studio gallery

[ad - pg. 271]

Original hand-carved wood carvings and oil paintings by David Frykman, DC nature photography by Heather Harle Frykman and Lucas Frykman, pottery and sculpture by Steve Jorgenson. open daily : 10 am - 5 pm (may - oct ). weekends in winter . d sister bay 2566 S Bay Shore Dr (Hwy 42) 920-854-7351

len villano photography

[ad - pg. 272]

Featuring the work of this internationally-published local photographer. Specializing in fine art, nature, and wildlife photography of DC and beyond. Prints can be purchased framed or unframed, or licensed for publication. Available for commissions, assignments, private instruction and lectures. d sturgeon bay 920-559-1438

Bring this ad in for a FREE $10 Print! Limit 1 Per Household per Year

Open daily 10-5 May-Oct. & Fri.-Sun. 10-4 Nov-Apr.

George Burr Gallery

10325 Hwy 42, Ephraim | | 920-854-7877 270

d open year round


Katie Musolff fine artist 414.651.3463 Fredonia, WI

great photography

Naturally 920.559.1438 272




2022 Sunday Night

at the PEG EGAN Performing Arts Center

Concert Series

A Dragonfly Production

Egg Harbor Amphitheater on Church Street

Guitar image is entitled “Broken Chords”, and was provided by the artist, Cynthia Board.

June 26 | 7pm

The Jersey Tenors

The newest Opera/Rock Mash-up sensation that creates an explosive blend of the most iconic Opera classics alongside such Rock ‘n Roll industry greats as Queen, Journey, Elton John, and Billy Joel to name but a few.

July 3 | 6pm

Kids from Wisconsin

The “Big Bang Boom” Tour will bring to life a high-powered two-hour Vegas style production. Join our state’s most talented singers, dancers, and instrumentalists in celebrating the World’s most dynamic and impactful styles and cultures.

July 31 | 7pm


Since 2005, Skerryvore have brought their performances to audiences across the globe, from their early days in Scottish West Coast halls and bars, to Festival crowds in USA, Canada, Australia and throughout the UK and Europe. Picking up Scottish traditional music’s ‘Live Act of the Year’ twice on the way – in 2011 and again in 2016 – the band’s wide range of influences and talent produce a musically expansive, high energy set that excites and captivates audiences.

Aug 7 | 7pm

Dailey & Vincent

FREE ADMISSION! August 28 | 7pm

Girl Named Tom

Small-town sibling trio Girl Named Tom seeks to create harmony in a world divided. With their distinctive harmonies and heartfelt performances, Bekah, Joshua and Caleb Liechty won the hearts of America while becoming the only group to ever win NBC’s “The Voice.”

September 4 | 6pm

Door County All Stars! From Us to You! The best of Folk, Jazz, Blues and Alternative – featuring 5 half hour shows: Paul Taylor & John Rood Lewis Cathy Grier & The Troublemakers Pete Thelen, Dorothy Scott & The Peace Keepers Big Mouth and the Power Tool Horns

July 10 | 7pm

Janet Planet Jazz Plus! Described as a “sultry vocalist with a vast repertoire of jazz, blues, and standards. Her determination and creative output continue to take her around the world through her recordings and live performances. Janet has toured all over the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, South Africa & Russia.

Back again by popular demand! Celebrating All-American Music: with Country, Bluegrass, and Gospel.

August 14 | 7pm

Blind Boys of Alabama

July 17 | 7pm

The Ides of March The Ides Of March are the longest-existing, top-10 charting band, with all original members in the world. “Vehicle” was an instant hit back in 1970 and became Warner Bros. fastest-selling single of all time.

July 24 | 7pm


The Blind Boys of Alabama have the rare distinction of being recognized around the world as both living legends and modern-day innovators. They are not just gospel singers borrowing from old traditions; the group helped to define those traditions in the 20th century and almost single-handedly created a new gospel sound for the 21st.

August 21 | 7pm

Chris Kroeze Singer and Songwriter Chris Kroeze connects with both the hearts and minds of audiences across various generations through his genuine country soul and his unique and alluring vocal delivery as he performs more than 200 shows per year. Kroeze performs all across the U.S. and internationally, including multiple tours overseas each year in support of our U.S. Armed Forces.

THANK YOU to our sponsors! Village of

Egg Harbor

ALL SHOWS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Mipso is a North Carolina quartet known for combining a traditional string band format with close harmony and a variety of modern influences. Bluegrass, Indie folk and Alternative country.

See for updates. For concert information, call 920-493-5979. Lawn chairs & carry-in’s are allowed.

Rain venue is Alpine Resort

7715 Alpine Rd - Egg Harbor, WI 54209

Lori and David Nicholas | Margie & Dale West Kevin & Pam Egan | Mike & Cathy Egan A special thank you to our audience members who continue 275 to support our series through their weekly donations!

m u s i c & t h e at e r

festivals midsummer’s music festival

concerts [ad – pg. 281]

idsummer’s Music presents enticing chamber music for winds, strings, M and piano, drawing on the extraordinary talents of musicians from Lyric Opera Chicago, the symphonies of Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Ravinia Festival, and others. Our resident string quartet, the Griffon, provides music education for all ages in Door and Brown counties. door county 920-854-7088

peninsula music festival

[ad – pg. 283]

urrently in its 70th Anniversary Season, don’t miss The Symphony Series C August 2-20, 2022 featuring the Festival Orchestra, world-renowned conductors and celebrated guest artists including pianists Juho Pohjonen, Stewart Goodyear; violinists Rachel Barton Pine, Bella Hristova; cellist Oliver Herbert and many more! Tickets from $35, Students/Children just $10 — any Series, any seat, any time! north ephraim 1 0431 N Water St 920-854-4060


birch creek music performance center

playhouses [ad – pg. 278]

summer music academy offering live outdoor concerts in Percussion & Steel A Band, Symphony and Big Band Jazz, featuring internationally recognized faculty musicians and advanced Academy students. Concerts begin at 7pm with pre-concert music at 6:30pm. Matinee concerts at 3:00pm. Percussion: June 23-July 2; Symphony July 4-16; Big Band Jazz: July 20-30 and Aug 3 -13. Fall Concert Series: Sept. 10-Dec. 3. egg harbor (3 Miles East) 3821 County E 920-868-3763

Ani DiFranco 276

d open year round

m u s i c & t h e at e r theaters


fishstock concert series

[ad – pg. 280]

oncerts are held in a 100-year-old Door County dairy barn, which has C been renovated for seating in our hayloft acoustic area and in our groundlevel indoor area plus additional seating outside. Concert areas feature independent state of the art lighting and sound systems, creating a personal and rustic setting for performers and audiences alike. A digital projector system with a 10-foot screen relays the stage view outside. fish creek 3127 County Rd F 414-659-1521

door community auditorium

[ad – pg. 279]

C’s indoor center for performing arts, big-name entertainment, and D educational opportunities. Our stage has been graced by Joan Baez, Lyle Lovett, Ziggy Marley, The Wood Brothers and Mavis Staples. Year-round exhibits, concerts, movies, lectures, and performances - a diverse mix of professionals, community groups, and student artists. d fish creek 3926 Hwy 42


northern sky theater

[ad – pg. 282]

orthern Sky is a must-see DC theater experience: original musicals presented N beneath stars and towering pines in Peninsula Park Amphitheater, as well as indoors at the intimate, state-of-the-art Gould Theater. “A DC tradition… one of the most exceptional professional troupes in the country” (Chicago Tribune). Pet friendly (amphitheater only). d fish creek 9058 County Rd A 920-854-6117

peninsula players theatre

[ad – pg. 284]

Door County’s professional theatrical treasure presents Broadway-quality comedies, dramas, and musicals for 87 seasons. Mother nature provides the picturesque setting and the Players’ renowned artistic company provides a truly unforgettable theatrical experience. Visit the website for the 2022 season. fish creek 4351 Peninsula Players Rd 920-868-3287

rogue theater

[ad – pg. 285]

A community theater that provides entertainment for all ages. Think improv, original bits, and revivals of TV comedy skits. Known for fun characters and humorous scripts, Rogue tickets are just $15. performances are : thur - sat at 7:30 pm, sun at 2 pm. sturgeon bay 9 17 N 14th Ave 920-818-0816

radio fm 106.9 the lodge

[ad – pg. 286]

World Class Music for a World Class County! The Lodge plays music that fits the Door County lifestyle, showcasing an adult singer-songwriter format. Available in northeast Wisconsin on air at 106.9 FM, 93.3 FM, and streaming free online at, it’s music you love. door county 920-854-3400 or 920-746-1069


Music Performance Center

2022 Summer Concerts

June 23 - July 2

July 4, 7 - 16

July 20 - 30 Aug 3 - 13

Order Tickets by Phone or Online: 920.868.3763 | 3 Miles East of Egg Harbor on County Rd E

Birch Creek’s 47th Season From mid-June to mid-August each summer, Birch Creek Music Performance Center students and faculty are in residence for four, two-week Academy Sessions in Percussion & Steel Band, Symphony and Big Band Jazz. The campus is set in a beautiful rural landscape located three miles east of Egg Harbor and welcomes advanced music students and faculty performing artists who study and teach by day and present nearly 30 concerts at night in historic Dutton Concert Barn. Faculty and students perform a full range of public outreach concerts at local venues. Opening night is Thurs., June 23 at 7pm with pre-concert music at 6:30pm. Faculty members and friends return to Birch Creek for the Fall Concert Series: Omega Double Keyboard Piano Concert, Jodie DeSalvo (Sept. 10); Lawrence University Jazz Faculty Quintet (Sept. 17); Talk of the Town, featuring Kevin Van Ess and his Dixieland Jazz Band (Sept. 24); Jazz Combo: Jeff Campbell and Friends (Oct. 8); and Christmas at Birch Creek (Dec. 3). Concert schedule subject to change. Tickets at Birch or call 920-868-3763. 278


Charley Crockett

Patty Griffin 6.16 Preservation Hall Jazz Band 6.22 Okee Dokee Brothers 6.23 Charley Crockett 6.29 • Indigo Girls 7.1 WAR 7.3 • The High Kings 7.7 The War and Treaty 7.12 • Cloud Cult 7.22 Doc’s 70th Birthday Bash 7.24 Keillor & Company 7.30 • Ani DiFranco 8.7 Victor Wooten - Bass Extremes 8.22 Asleep at the Wheel 8.28 The Temptations 9.2 • Home Free 9.3 Canadian Brass 9.16 • Gordon Lightfoot 9.22 Shakey Graves 10.2 Manhattan Transfer 10.14 • Marty Stuart 10.22

June 29

WWW.DCAUDITORIUM.ORG | 3926 HWY 42, FISH CREEK | 920.868.2728

DCA’s 2022 Schedule “Brings down the house” We’re excited to announce our 2022 performance schedule. Representing a thoughtful mix of genres, performing arts disciplines, and iconic and new artists, we can’t wait to share these performances with you! With this season, we feature artists whose music has accompanied folks through years of celebration and heartache like Temptations, War, Gordon Lightfoot, and Manhattan Transfer. We’ll showcase warriors of songwriting and touring like Patty Griffin, Indigo Girls, and Ani DiFranco. Several groups, like Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Marty Stuart, and Victor Wooten’s Bass ExPatty Griffin tremes, are known for “bringing down the house” night after night. And others, like Charley Crockett and Shakey Graves may not be on your radar yet, but executive director, Cari Lewis, warns, “You might wear out your ‘repeat play’ button once you start listening to them.” For a full listing of shows and up-to-date concert protocols, visit


"I'm excited to bring you many of our venue's longtime artist friends, plus Brittany Jean, from the Pacific NW, on July 10. Arrive early on show nights and enjoy the 5:30pm preshow by local guitar wizard George Sawyn. Looking forward to seeing you!"

-Steve Ellman

7/3/22 – Will Kruger • 7/10/22 – Brittany Jean 7/17/22 – Caravan Gypsy Swing • 7/24/22 – Stas and Misha 7/31/22 – Handpicked Bluegrass • 8/7/22 – Sons of the Never Wrong 8/14/22 – John Ford Coley • 8/21/22 – Janet Planet 8/28/22 – Jimmy Davis • 9/4/22 – Eric Lewis & Friends

3127 Cty. Rd. F • Fish Creek • 414-659-1521 •

10 Excellent Folk-Oriented Concerts at Fishstock Fishstock Concert Series’s 2022 season begins with a July 3rd performance by singer/songwriter Will Kruger and continues through nine additional concerts to Eric Lewis & Friends on Sept. 4th. The 10- concert Fishstock Concert Series includes a wide range of well-known musicians in the genres of folk, Americans, and alternative music, said concert promoter Steve Ellmann. “We ‘ve got a terrific Brittany Jean line-up for our dates this year, which are always on Sundays at 7:00 pm,” said Ellmann. “This is a group of touring musicians that represents many of the best musicians on the current music scene, with the heavy emphasis on folk that our patrons have always enjoyed.” Reserved seating tickets ($25) can be purchased in advance at Door County Tickets ( Both reserved and general admission tickets can be purchased on show nights (cash or check only) at the Fishstock ticket booth, which opens at 6:00 pm. General admission tickets are $20. 280

40+ exciting, pulse-pounding and riveting concerts featuring worldclass chamber musicians

2022 Season

June 9 - September 5 • 920-854-7088

Powerful Concerts, Brilliant Musicians, Intimate Settings Midsummer’s Music presents live classical concerts from June through early September. This year, enjoy 41+ passionate concerts featuring Schubert, Franck, Raff, Mozart, and Brahms intimately performed, plus discoveries from Dame Ethyl Smyth, Louise Farrenc, and Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson. The nature of our small venues means you sit close to the world- class musicians and watch as they communicate by eye contact, all while reveling in the excellent artistic quality of some of the music world’s best. Afterward, mingle with the musicians during post- concert receptions. We present year-round concerts, too, with performances by visiting ensembles and our own resident Griffon String Quartet. See the complete schedule at or call 920-854-7088.



Amphitheater, Peninsula Park, 10169 Shore Rd, Fish Creek Gould Theater, Corner of A&F, 9058 County Rd A, Fish Creek


(920) 854-6117 •

Northern Sky Theater’s 2022 Season Two unparalleled venues: an amphitheater of towering cedars under the stars in Peninsula State Park, and the state-of-the-art Gould Theater, set on forty wooded acres in Fish Creek. No matter the venue, you’ll see the original musical plays that led the Chicago Tribune to call Northern Sky “one of the most exceptional professional troupes in the country.” In 2022, Northern Sky presents two world-premiere musical comedies: Love Stings (summer, outdoors), a fast-moving romantic comedy set on a DC honey farm in the 1960s. Sunflowered (fall, indoors) serves up laughter and heart as six women celebrate friendship and chosen family on a DC camping trip. Northern Sky will also bring back two fan favorites: the madcap, Civil Warera comedy Fishing for the Moon (summer, outdoors) makes its return to the amphitheater stage 30 years after its premiere. And Dad’s Season Tickets, Northern Sky’s biggest blockbuster sellout to date, returns to tell the story of one family’s Packers tickets (summer, indoors). Don’t miss the experience the Chicago Tribune calls “as much a Door County tradition as cherry preserves.” 282

A Tradition of Distinction! S I N C E

1 9 5 3

Juho Pohjonen

Peninsula Music Festival’s 70th Anniversary Season “WE’RE BACK,” says Christoph Ptack, Peninsula Music Festival’s President & CEO, “and can’t wait to welcome you to the crown jewel of our 70th Anniversary Season - The Symphony Series!” Experience world-renowned conductors, celebrated guest artists, and the Festival Orchestra of eighty musicians who represent leading symphonic and operatic institutions from around the world, including those of Toronto, Calgary, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, Dallas, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Omaha, Houston Grand Opera, and Lyric Opera of Chicago. The talent is staggering, the music is genius, and your experience won’t soon be forgotten! Tickets start at $35, and Students/Children just $10 - any series, any seat, any time. August 2-20, 2022, at the Door Community Auditorium in Fish Creek. Single tickets and subscriptions ON SALE NOW!

Christoph Ptack, President & CEO



ON SALE NOW! The Symphony Series Subscriptions & Single Tickets August 2-20, 2022 920.854.4060


Where the Sun Sets, the Curtain Rises & the Stars Shine!

Between Egg Harbor & Fish Creek, West of Highway 42

2022 SEASON June 14 through October 16 Romance in D with Greg Vinkler and Judy Blue, the intermission bonfire and Talley’s Folly with Sean Fortunato and Linda Fortunato. Photos by Len Villano. Mother Nature’s lobby photo by Boyd Fellows.

Peninsula Players Theatre’s 87th Season Door County’s professional theatrical treasure presents Broadway-quality comedies, dramas, and musicals in a charming all-weather pavilion from June 14 through October 16, 2022. The five-show season is laced with stellar artistic quality, laughs, thrills and romance, including the season’s opening play, “The Rainmaker,” in which a drifter brings a spark of life back to the drought-stricken Curry family and lovelorn Lizzie. “Write Me a Murder” features a pair of mystery writers who create the “perfect murder,” while “Ripcord” features two new roommates who go to extremes to win a bet for the bed by the window at an assisted living center. In “I and You,” two teenagers discover a deep connection while working on a school project. This autumn, murder, music and mayhem occur when a young police officer investigates a birthday party that turns deadly in “Murder for Two.” The theatre-in-a-garden’s’ shoreline location enchants locals and visiting playgoers, making the Peninsula Players Experience a “must-do” on any itinerary. To learn more about the 2022 season or to purchase tickets, visit 284

Rogue Theater

Establishing a year-round facility to continue their mission “to enrich the cultural life of Door County ...and give back to the community.”

The new theater venue will open with “On Golden Pond”. This is the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, who are returning to their summer home on Golden Pond for the forty-eighth year. 917 N. 14th Ave. Sturgeon Bay

920-818-0816 Website:

Rogue Theater: Part of County’s Theater Fabric 2022 marks Rogue Theater’s 10th season. One of the county’s hidden treasures, the theater is a testament to the talent that abounds year-round. This year, they plan to move into their permanent theater space in Sturgeon Bay, making the group a fixture in local performing arts for years to come. This season includes “A Night in the Theatre,” in which Margaret and Stanley Locker and their friends, Donna and Walter Pace, attend the theatre for their weekly dose of culture. Secrets emerge and friendships unravel amid audience laughter. The new theater venue opens with “On Golden Pond,” the love story of Ethel and Norman Thayer, returning to their summer home for the 48th year. The season also includes “Rogue’s Gallery” by John Patrick Shanley. Ten magnetic characters with bizarre, explosive, and darkly humorous stories. 2022 also marks the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death, for which Rogue performs “Marilyn/God.” Marilyn has just died and must audition for heaven. Will she get in? Rogue Theater tickets are $20; performances are at 7:30 pm (Thurs, Fri., Sat.) and 2 pm (Sun). Call 920-818-0816 or visit:


The Lodge: Delivering Great Hosts/Great Music The small and local Door County Radio Group delivers a big sound and strong following. Do you tune in? According to a nationwide perceptual study, the appeal that stood out most, to 62% of surveyed individuals, was their station’s host, followed by 55% saying they listen for the music and artists, which follows suit for the Door County favorites. “We’ve assembled a group of quality on-air professionals delivering big- city sound, RARE in an area of this size. They are the best group we’ve ever had,” said Mike Mesic, owner and general manager. “It’s important because it makes the listener feel like they are here. We frequently hear listeners tell us it makes them feel like they’re in Door County, regardless of what state or country they listen from.” Both fm 106.9 The Lodge and Rewind 97.7 are available for FREE on the station’s website, in the TuneIn App, or by asking your smart device! 286

Photo ©2022 Len Villano

If Staying Fit is a Challenge, Consider a Personal Trainer



oor County has a bit of a fitness problem. Despite all of its natural beauty, the smattering of gyms and yoga studios, and the seemingly endless amount of hiking and biking trails, it still often proves to be difficult to stay in shape up here. After a Door County summer patronizing the greasy spoons, the bars, and the insane amount of ice cream shops, it’s easy to not be feeling your best. As a cheeseburger loving, rye whiskey drinking, frozen custard connoisseur, I’m not hating on these places, I love them. However, when they become the status quo in your life, it takes a little extra discipline to stay on top of your fitness goals and feel like the best version of yourself. This is why I became a trainer. Some think I became a trainer so I could wear sweatpants to work every day…they’re not wrong. The other reason is because I wanted to help people. Seeing clients making their health a priority is incredibly satisfying to me, and how they go about it varies from person to person. Some people want to build muscle, some want to lose weight, and some want to learn how to exercise just to feel more confident in their daily lives. Everyone has a different goal, but they’re all based on the same principle — to feel better. The problem most people have with getting fit is not knowing where to start, so they inevitably turn to everyone’s favorite information hub, i.e. Instagram. They look at models, influencers, and salespeople showing off their chiseled (and totally natural) physiques, claiming they have the secret. And when the gains don’t come as quickly as advertised, most people find themselves back where they started, but with a slightly lighter wallet. This is where a good trainer can come in. Good trainers do so much more than just lead their clients’ workouts. Good trainers listen, learn, and adapt. Last time I checked, there wasn’t a fitness product on the market that can do 288

Photo ©2022 Len Villano


Green Bay

Little Harbor Olde Stone Quarry County Park

High Cliff Estates Channel

Potawatomi State Park Idlewild Golf Course Hainesville Stur Rd Potawatomi B State Park Eliason Rd Campground sR

Low Rd


Swamp Rd



Star Rd


Park Dr


Mill Rd

Geier Rd

V ignes Rd Vignes E Center Rd

W Center Rd Mile Rd W Carnot Rd Brans Rd


Grondin Rd

iste Rd Viste V

Cloverleaf Rd School Dr

Stone Rd

Herbs Rd

Curve Rd

Salona Rd

Elm Rd

Forestville Dam County Park


TTagge agge Rd



Naze Rd Cherry Ln

Fla t Rd

Dufek Ln Ln


Old Elm Rd

eS pe na Ah

Mejer Rd




42 Forestville County Line Rd

E Ca

Wilke Rd

W Star Rd

Rabbit Rd

Wilson Rd


Feest Rd Guilette Rd


S Forest Dr

Hump Rd


Sams Rd

S Stevenson Pier Rd

Dump Rd

Swamp Ct



Marsh Rd

High Rd

Orchard View Ln

Tornado Rd

Hilly Ridge Rd

Pine Rd

Kolberg Rd


Renier Rd


S Hall Rd

Brussels Rd

Su ga rC ree k



DK School Rd

Misere Rd

Sand Hill Rd

Rd Sag e


Rock Rd

Cedar Rd

Brussels Namur



r ive eR ape Ahn

Belgian Dr Sh ay S B Shoemaker Rd

E Gardner Rd Plainview Rd Cemetery Rd

Pit Rd



W at Rd ru Wat TTru

e or

Ledge Rd

Pit Ct

’s Dock Chaudoir ’s County Park

Bent Rd

Gardner Rd Skeet Ave

Cedar Ln

NFour Corners Rd

Y Inn RRdd

Poplar Ln


Green Bay Rd

Emerald Dr


42 Hickory Hill Ln


Cherryland Airport

Hoffman RRdd

Rock Farm Rd

Sugar Creek County Park White Star Rd



Idlewild Rd


Gravel Pit Rd

Lovers Ln



Mann Rd

Coyote Ct

May Rd

ven son Pier Rd Kluth Rd Rileys Bay Dr




Lime Kiln Rd





Maple Ln

Pine Ln




Fox Ln

Sand Bay

Haines Park Sand Bay Dr

Little Sturgeon Bay



Little Sturgeon




Robert Carmody County Park





Sawyer Harbor

E Count y Line Rd

Red Cherr

Egg Harbor

Division Rd

Lost Lake



Sturgeon Bay





rk Pa nty ou ia l C Tr ate St Mount Olive Rd

Lake Ln


Bechtel Rd

Ploor Rd

Elm Dr

N Cave Point Dr

Ehler Rd

Anschutz Ln

Kiehnau Rd

Bochek Rd

Leist Rd

Strandd Stran Rd

N Brauer RRdd


Abter Lake

Cave Point County Park Whitefish Dunes State Park

Whitefish Bay Whitefish Bay Schwartz Lake



Dunes Lake



Lake Michigan





Portage Park Beach Sturgeon Bay Canal Recreation Area

27 Pines Golf Resort


S Shiloh Rd

Hornspier Rd

S Lake Michigan Dr

Taube Rd

Silverdale Rd

Smejkal Rd

alo R




Lily Bay County Park



Clark Lake Rd

Clark Lake




S Brauer Rd

Moore Rd

42 57


S Country V iew Rd View

bor Har

Forest Rd



Lake Fo rest Pa rk


ve Ave 18th A

ffe Je John Miles County Park t nS

Lakeside Park Beach

Haber Rd


n rso


Bagnall Rd


Ripp Rd




aple St



Peterson Rd

Cherry Rd

Bay Shore Dr


Simnno Simo Creek Rd

E Dunn Rd

P Mathey Rd

Marth Rd

W Dunn Rd

A 4th 3rd Ave

et Park

Otumba Park



TTodey odey Rd


Oak Rd Rd

W Whitefish Bay Rd

W alker Rd Walker


N Country View Rd

Reynolds Rd

Pine Tree Rd Bluff Dr


Cherry Hills Golf Course

Meridian County Park


Clark Lake Rd

57 Harter-Matter Sanctuary County Park

r ue ha Sc


Carlsville ownline Rd W TTownline

Little Harbor

Vignes V ignes


0 .5 1



U Midway Rd

arnot Rd


Robert La Salle County Park

r Li nR Cla



Dane Rd

ewood Rd

L La S ower alle Rd

od Rd

Oak Rd

Dauber LLnn

Ash Ln


rgeon Bay

Monument Point Rd


Bluff Ledg e

Bay S

hore D


Sunnyy Sunn Slope Rd

Harbor Maxwelton Braes Golf Resort

Kangaroo First Ln Ln Lake


West W est Jacksonport

Plum Bottom Rd

Summit Rd

Kangaroo Island

Berger Rd

Loritz R d

Courtt Cour Rd Rd

Honold Rd

Pit Ln

Lost Lake Rd


Flok Rd


Wayside Rd Wayside

Frank E. Murphy County Park

Fairview Rd Hillside Rd

Hillside Rd

Memorial Dr

Sunny Point Rd

Hor seh oe Bay Rd

Horseshoe Bay

Maple Tree Rd

Nelson Ln

G Horseshoe Bay Golf Club

Wooded Ln Ln Kangaroo Beach Rd

Harbor School Rd

Logerquist Rd

Heritage Lake Rd

Harbor Egg Harbor Beach

miles © 2022 H O O T C O M M U N I C A T I O N S




r dD an Isl

r Island D


Skyline Rd


Eagle Harbor Peninsula Ephraim State Park Beach Peninsula State Golf Course Park Campground Peninsula 42 State Park Fish Creek Beach Ephraim/Gibraltar Airport Gibraltar Rd TTennison ennison Bay

Rd ve Gro ple Ma

Quarter Line Rd

White Cliff Rd Isla nd V Rd iew

Hor seh oe Bay Rd d Rd Point Sunny


Horseshoe Bay Golf Club


Heritage Lake Rd

Egg Harbor Egg Harbor Beach

Juddville Rd

Egg Harbor

The Orchards at Egg Harbor Golf Course


Stonehedge Golf Course

Alpine Golf Course

Peninsula Players Rd

d lan igh th H Sou




Peninsula Center E

Harbor School Rd

Maple Tree Rd Fairview Rd Hillside Rd


est Meadow Rd West W

Spring Rd




Ahre Rd Rd

High Ridge Rd

Rd Shore

Fish Creek


Wilder Rd

Bail Ridges C

Red Cherry Rd


ownline Dr TTownline

Nicolet bay Bay Beach




tr un Co Ln

Little Sister Bay Bay Ridge Golf Course

Wooded Ln Kangaroo Ln Kangaroo Island Beach Rd Kangaroo Lake




Foss Rd

n Gree Rd Bay

Airport Rd

Range Line Rd

Lake View Rd Gislason Beach


Fer ry R out e

imberlinnee Rd TTimberli


Badger Rd Blackberry Rd

Bay rett Gar

Juice Mill Ln

Lakeview Rd

Humbug Rd

Old Stage Rd

Beach Rd

oodcrest Rd Woodcrest W

Orchard Dr



Appleport Rd

Ln Kinsey Bay

r yD Ba rth No

Sunset Dr

Moonlight Bay

Ridg es R d

Baileys Harbor

Baileys Harbor

Maxwelton Braes Golf Resort

First L n

Newport Bay Newport State Park Newport State Park Campground

North Bay Rd

k Cree rings e Sp Thre


Summit Rd

Newport Bay Beach

North Bay

ens d

leys Harbor County Park Anclam Park Bluff Rd

Lake Michigan



Mud Lake

Stone Mill Ln

Europe Bay

Hill Rd


Grove Rd

Europe Bay Beach


Rowleys Bay

an Rd

Pioneer Rd

iew Rd IsleVView Europe Lake

Sand Bay Town Park

Plateau Rd

Lime Kiln Rd


Scandia Rd Sister Bay Beach




er R

Sister Bay


er Riv nk Mi

k Riv

r Bay


Rowleys Bay

Wildwood Rd



Ellison Bay

Highview Rd

Green Rd




Porcupine Bay Rd

it Is

Garrett Bay ge Cotta Rd


Sand Dunes Beach


ff r Blu Doo Rd Park

Ellison HillsBay Dr ide

Ellison Bluff County Park


Wisconsin Bay

Gills Rock

Door Bluff Headlands County Park

Percy Johnson County Park


Aznoe Rd Washington Island Camping Retreat South Shore Rd

Detroit Harbor

ute Ro rry Fe

own Line Rd TTown

Michigan Rd

ck Dr

ell Lobd t Rd Poin

Jackson Harbor Rd


Figenschau Bay

W Main Rd

West Harbor


d tain R Moun

or Rd st Harb OldWe

McDonald Rd Deer Run Golf Course & Resort

East Side Rd

Schoolhouse Beach

Rock Island State Park Jackson Campground Harbor Jackson Harbor Ridges Sunrise Rd

Main Rd Washi Harbor ngton

Washington Washington Island Indian PointRd

Rock Island State Park

Wild LLnn

0 .5 1 Cana Island County Park Spike CANA ISLAND Horn Bay



miles © 2022 H O O T C O M M U N I C A T I O N S

all of that. Good trainers are real people, not just a face shouting directions and random pump-up lines from a screen. They see their clients and understand their needs to come up with the best ways to achieve their goals and feel better. As a trainer I feel an obligation to my clients beyond just getting the most out of their time with me. I work to give them tools they can take into their daily lives as well. This philosophy works whether you’re a Door County local and I get to work with you every week or you’re a visitor who comes and goes Photo ©2022 Len Villano with the seasons. Being a trainer in Door County means getting to do what I love in one of my favorite places in the world. It also means getting to help the people that make this place so special. To feel better, it really won’t take buying state-of-the-art gym equipment, hundreds of dollars of supplements, or a new fad diet. I’m certainly not here to take anyone’s cheeseburgers and beer away, in fact I think we should have a couple together. Just know that no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, or the size of your budget, there’s a Door County trainer who can help you. For the sake of your future and present health, give it a shot this year…ask your friends for referrals or visit a local gym to inquire about options. — By Matt Stone Matt Stone lives in Baileys Harbor, working with his personal training clients at Door County Fitness in Sister Bay. You can reach Matt at (920) 288-7592. 290



greens n grains cafe

beauty [ad – pg. 294]

L ocated within DC’s first and only natural food store. Featuring vegetarian and raw food cuisine and a juice bar. The deli offers a wonderful selection of raw foods, Paninis, wraps, hummus, natural and organic specialties, freshly-pressed juices, fruit smoothies, healthy bakery, tea bar and organic coffees. open: 9 am - 5 pm (may-oct) $ egg harbor 7821 Hwy 42 920-868-9999

greens n grains market

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L ocated within DC’s only natural food store. Vegetarian and raw food cuisine and a juice bar. The deli offers a wonderful selection of raw foods, paninis, wraps, hummus, natural and organic specialties, freshly-pressed juices, fruit smoothies, healthy bakery, a tea bar and organic coffees. open: 9 am - 5 pm (mayoct ). d egg harbor 7821 Hwy 42 920-868-9999

junction center yoga studio

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ased on Ashtanga (Eight-Limbed) Yoga Tradition, includes breath work and B meditation as well as physical, hatha yoga practice. Begin the process by working with breath, focus, proper alignment in the asana (postures). Beginners’ yoga - Gentle Yoga - Levels I, II, III. Drop-ins welcome! d egg harbor 3435 Junction Rd, off County Rd A, north of Jacksonport 920-823-2763

spa verde

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eel great and look your best the green F way! DC’s first green salon & spa. Massage, Shiatsu, facials, body wraps, acupuncture and more. Green nail care using the cleanest products available. Henna and other plantbased colors bring out beauty without harsh chemicals. egg harbor 7 821 Hwy 42



shanti studio massage therapy & healing arts

Small Practice, HEPA Filter

Felice Birmingham, Licensed Massage Therapist

shanti studio d open year round

Appointment Only | Book Online

Settlement Shops | 1 mi. S. of Fish Creek 9108 Hwy 42 | Unit E-2 | 920.868.0164

pets welcome



wellness health britta salon


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An AVEDA Salon! Visit your one-stop destination for men’s and women’s hair, nails, and makeup services. Equipped to help you look and feel fabulous. Call Britta Nelson to reserve your time and date. open: tue-sat d ephraim 10431 Hwy 42 920-421-4247

midsömmar apothecary & luminarium

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ur approach to herbalism is traditional and modern, emphasizing the use of O Great Lakes bio-regional botanicals properly extracted in our own processing kitchens, ensuring maximum potency. Dispensary features an expansive selection of remedies: tinctures, liniments, oxymels, soaks, oils, medicated honeys, salves, plasters, herbal syrups, elixirs, and tisanes. Join us for workshops and presentations in Luminarium. ephraim 10421 N Water St Midsö 920-205-7949

settlement courtyard inn and lavender spa

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Escape to a serene, natural setting nestled between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. We offer rooms, suites and houses to accommodate a quiet weekend getaway or a family reunion. During your stay relax with a sauna or one of our many therapeutic massage services available at our in-house spa. fish creek 9126 Hwy 42 920-868-3524


wellness health shanti studio massage & healing arts


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Small, independently-owned massage therapy practice. Felice Birmingham, licensed massage therapist, offers a unique blend of techniques, tailored to the individual’s needs, with a focus on holistic well-being. open: by appointment. book online at

fish creek (1 mi. so. of village) The Settlement Shops, 9108 Hwy 42/Unit E-2 920-868-0164

door county medical center

[ad – pg. 299]

Emergency Care 24/7. Urgent Care and a full range of primary and specialty services: home health, long-term care, rehabilitation services, rheumatology, oncology and more. Clinics: Algoma, Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay, Washington Island. d sturgeon bay 3 23 S 18th Ave 920-743-5566

Free registered Nurse call line 24/7: 877-746-0003

fragrant isle lavender farm

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The Midwest’s largest lavender farm with 14,000 lavender plants. Learn about growing, harvesting, and processing. Hundreds of luxurious products made from island-grown lavender. washington island 1350 Airport Rd 920-847-2950

• Elegant Rooms & Suites • Fireplaces & Kitchenettes • Continental-Plus Breakfast • Fireside Pub Bar • Sunny & Private Ourdoor Pool • 200-Acre Estate with trails into Fish Creek • Spa Packages, Suana & Massage Therapy

For the Special Times. . .

9126 Hwy 42, Fish Creek

located at Settlement Courtyard Inn

d open year round 920-868-3524





2613 S BAY SHORE DRIVE | UNIT 2 | SISTER BAY 920.421.4247



Photo ©2022 xoMe Studio

Article by Marise Redmann Photography by Tad Dukehart



ith a year-round population of just over 28,000 and an estimated annual influx of two million visitors on a sprawling 492 square miles, compared to Milwaukee County with 96 square miles and just under 1 million population, there is a lot to consider when protecting the safety of Door County. This 70-mile long peninsula encompasses a diverse topography of bluffs, fields, forest, marshland, beaches, 34 outlying islands and surrounded by water, and all of it is accessible to Fire and Rescue. So what do you do when the unexpected happens and someone in your party gets injured, or even dies while in the county? Who are you going to call and who will come to your aid? According to Ryan Roesch, Gibraltar Police Chief, call 911 to talk to dispatch. “Give your name, the nature of the emergency, your location and your medical history. The nice thing about 911 is that it will track where you are so if you are out on a trail and not sure exactly where you are, we will be able to find you,” Roesch said. “So don’t call your sister in Milwaukee to call 911 for you. Dispatch will then assess by your location and your needs which municipal Police, Fire & Rescue or EMS to send to your aid.” Three things to note about cellular service in the county: 1. 911 uses all cellular services so it doesn’t matter which company your phone is tied to or even if it has one. 2. There are some dead zone areas where there is no cellular service. 3. S ometimes calls will be picked up by Michigan dispatch, which is 26 miles across the water. “They will process your call and forward to Door County dispatch”, says Chris Hecht, Sister Bay & Liberty Grove Fire Chief and paramedic. With 10 different fire departments to service the 19 unique Municipalities in Door County, the closest one will be notified. Be prepared to stay calm as the time it takes to get to your location may not be clear- cut. If you are on Horseshoe Island, for example, 298


Keeping you on track

Get the best care 365 days a year Open 7am - 7pm, no appointment necessary

STURGEON BAY 323 South 18th Ave. 920.746.3800

Trusted team. Close to home.


or deep into a Land Trust marsh trail, it may take time for rescue to reach you. What’s really extraordinary about the area are the 120+ trained First Responders, a volunteer population that has pledged to drop what they are doing and assist in the call. So the First Responder on the scene might be a local farmer who lives nearby. A First Responder is trained to provide the initial care and treatment in an emergent situation until the County Paramedics arrive, then continues assistance under their direction. “We have phenomenal, quality EMS in our county, that could rival the big cities,” Hecht said. Who comes to the rescue depends on the situation and no two are alike, according to Hecht. “That’s why it’s so important to give dispatch as much information as possible so the proper assistance can be obtained,” he said. This could be Fire & Rescue, Emergency Medical Service, County Sheriff, Coast Guard, DNR Warden, Emergency Helicopter for air lift, or with all the islands and water, it could involve rescue boats, or in the winter it could be air boats, ice suit water rescue or banana boats. “We also have private partnerships with commercial fisherman who are always willing to assist in water rescue,” Hecht said. “We have a close-knit community and mutual aid working together for the common good.” Once paramedics are on the scene and the patient has been evaluated, the Paramedics will work with the patient and their family to determine the most appropriate destination, possibly Door County Medical Center (DCMC) in Sturgeon Bay, or if the injury or illness requires it, transport to other hospitals in the Green Bay Area. “If the patient’s conditions are mino, the patient has the option to refuse going to the hospital after evaluation,” Roesch said. Hecht said, “Typically the EMS department does not charge for a simple evaluation or assist calls, however patients that are transported will receive a bill, and the EMS staff is very efficient at helping patients with the insurance claims.” 300

DCMC is the gateway for many guests from an emergency situation to immediate care and future care. “Patients have the choice of going to Urgent Care or Emergency Services depending on how life-threatening their situation is,” said Sandy Vandertie, RN, Outpatient Services Director. “Urgent Care is like going to your local clinic.” Both are in the same building on 18th Ave. in Sturgeon Bay. You can access to view the wait times, a cost estimator or choose Virtual Care. There are also clinics on Washington Island, Fish Creek and Algoma for appointments. Aurora Health also has a walk-in clinic just off Hwy. 42/57, on Alabama Road in Sturgeon Bay. Go to to check wait times or access a Virtual Visit or Telehealth options. A clinic in Sister Bay is available for appointments. DCMC’s Vandertie urges anyone questioning their health situation to seek care as soon as possible, especially when it is heart disease or a stroke, because the time element with interventions could make a big difference in the outcome. “DCMC is a sophisticated facility with specialty services and relationships with nearby hospitals and facilities, if needed.” If a life-threatening situation ends with the patient dying, DCMC and law enforcement have a process in place, from notifying the medical examiner to removal of the body, to autopsy if needed. “Local funeral homes make the arrangements with the


family to transport a loved one back to their hometown and access their local funeral home,” Vandertie said. “We have clergy on call 24 hours to help support the family. We make sure we get people connected.” Local Fire and First Responders are always going above and beyond the call of duty to do whatever is needed for the family in crisis, according to Hecht. “It speaks to the difference of our small community ties and values,” Vandertie said. So how do you plan for a fun but ‘uneventful’ vacation in Door County? Roesch said to be aware of where you are, always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. “If you’re going out on the water, put your phone in a ziplock bag, don’t swim in unfamiliar waters where there could be unseen rocks or logs, limit alcohol, and kids of all ages should wear life jackets.” Many guests only bike when on vacation, so take some time to review the rules of the road with your kids and wear your bike helmets. “Keep in mind that Peninsula State Park is the second largest population next to Sturgeon Bay when in the heat of summer, so slow down and be mindful of everyone around you.” To stay safe and healthy and continue to enjoy your time here, Hecht said to be conscious of doing the right things. “We welcome you and hope you love it, but respect it. Don’t take risks you wouldn’t do at home.” And when in Door County, whatever the situation, know that there is skilled, conscientious support ready to help. — Marise Redmann 302


jewelry zabler design jewelers

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riginal contemporary designs and antique revival micro pave designs, period O antique jewelry, museum-quality ancient Greek and Roman coins, and highgrade watches. DC’s largest selection of natural pink and yellow diamonds and rare gems - Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Tsavorite and Padparadscha Sapphire. open : daily : 12 - 6pm d ephraim 9906 Water St 920-854-4801

venues woodwalk gallery

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oodwalk Gallery is a unique mix of evocative art in a scenic historic barn W setting. Over 75 artists captivate the imagination with painting, metalwork, wood, glass, jewelry, furniture and more. Enjoy gardens with art and serenity. Farm to table dinners, special art and music events, weddings and more. open may - oct m - f 10am- 5pm, sat 10am- 3pm, sun 10am- 4pm; nov sat - sun 11am- 3:30pm egg harbor 6746 County Rd G 920-629-4877


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he perfect central DC location for a wedding that will leave a memorable T impression on your guests! This rustic barn setting has plenty of space and parking, with room for up to 150 guests. Enjoy your special day indoors or out. New covered pavilion. Fishstock is the oldest continuous running concert venue in Door County. Ask about our Door County Farmhouse to rent. fish creek 3127 County Rd F 414-659-1521

catering alexander’s

[ad – pg. 123]

C’s most experienced, trusted, and fully-insured wedding caterer! D Private, enclosed porch available for rehearsal dinners and private parties, and a large yard for tent events, too. Off-site catering available – let us come to you. A wide variety of entrees by Chef Bruce. Call today for our catering manager, Kevin. d fish creek 3667 Hwy 42 920-868-3532

thyme catering

[ad – pg. 305]

reating custom farm-to-table based menus, C Thyme Catering is Door County’s premier caterer for destination weddings and family gatherings. We use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients in all our dishes. Working with only the best planners and event sites, our helpful and friendly staff can help create an unforgettable event and dining experience for you and your guests. d sister bay 1 0339 Hwy 57 920-421-5112

d open year round



Photo ©2022 Victoria Danielle

LET FOOD CELEBRATE LIFE Join us at our brand new restaurant, bar and outdoor dining space in Sister Bay Catering available year-round | 920.421.5113 | 10339 Hwy 57, Sister Bay

A Classic Location for your Door County Wedding The perfect central Door County location for a wedding that will leave a memorable impression on your guests! This rustic barn setting has plenty of space and parking, with room for up to 150 guests. Enjoy your special day indoors or out. New covered pavilion. Fishstock is the oldest continuous running concert venue in Door County and has an excellent sound system. Also ask about our Door County Farmhouse, available to rent.

3127 Cty. Rd. F • Fish Creek • 414-659-1521






ridges inn & suites

[ad – pg. 310]

lean, comfortable, quiet. Woodside location adjacent to the Ridges C Sanctuary on DC’s quiet side. Walking distance to restaurants, parks, churches, beaches, marina. Pet friendly cottages available. Exceptional housekeeping. Sensible rates. Romantiques Antiques Store on property. Located on Hwy 57, 1/2 mile from Baileys Harbor. d baileys harbor 8252 Hwy 57 920-839-2127

door county rental houses

[ad – pg. 307]

ight charming, clean houses on private property. One to five bedrooms. E Some on the water, some have fireplaces, all have outdoor decks or screened porches and full kitchens. Many are quite spacious with generous lawn areas. Houses are near all that DC offers. Available for rent spring, summer and fall. egg harbor 920-495-9995

landmark resort

[ad – pg. 309]

he perfect setting with over 40 wooded acres, and a beautiful view of the T bay of Green Bay. DC’s largest resort with 294 units - within four buildings. Accommodations to meet every guest’s needs. Each of the spacious one, two and three-bedroom suites is tastefully appointed. d egg harbor 4929 Landmark Dr 920-868-3205

COUNTRYSIDE COTTAGES Located at the entrance FISH to Peninsula State Park Breakfast & Lunch Vegetarian/Gluten-Free Options Open Year Round

CREEK • 920.868.2999 Enter as strangers, Leave as friends.


Restaurant on Site • Walking Distance to Shops 9 Suites • Continental Breakfast Included

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation."


d open year round

pets welcome

lodging hotels the shallows resort


[ad – pg. 310]

he perfect setting for your DC getaway with 400 feet of private shoreline. T From private cottages to luxury homes and the Shoreside Motel, there are accommodations for everyone. All guests have access to the amenities, including a whirlpool and heated pool, tennis court, complimentary use of bicycles, canoes and kayaks, WIFI, and more. AAA-rated. egg harbor 7353 Horseshoe Bay Rd 800-257-1560

high point inn

[ad – pg. 311]

ffordable luxury in DC’s most picturesque village. 1, 2 or 3 bedroom suites, A tastefully appointed with fireplace, HDTV, whirlpool baths and patio or deck. Fully- appointed kitchens. On property indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, fitness room, playground, and the finest customer care around. d ephraim 10386 Water St 920-854-9773

houseplants & herringbone

[ad – pg. 312]

e’re DC natives with 7 vacation rentals: two spacious condos, a 4-bedroom W home, and 4 west-facing waterfront rentals with the best sunsets in the county! We have over 600 five-star reviews on Airbnb! Reserve thru Airbnb or call to book directly thru us to save on fees! d ephraim 920-246-7129

continued • 8 rental houses centrallylocated in Egg Harbor • Waterfront options • Fireplace options • All are spacious, with 1-5 bedrooms, large yards, decks or patios, and full kitchens • Clean, well-maintained, and private

ilyFam nd da e n ow ! ated r ope

• Close to beaches, restaurants, shops, galleries, marina, golf courses, breweries, wineries and concerts

(920) 495-9995


lodging hotels


julie’s park café, motel & countryside cottages [ad – pg. 306]

I n-town location as well as countryside cottages and motel rooms. In-town rooms feature 1 king, 1 king with whirlpool, or 2 queen size beds, or 2-bedroom café suite. Restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. At the entrance to Peninsula State Park. Walking distance to many shops, public beach and more. d fish creek 4020 Main St 920-868-2999

settlement courtyard inn and lavender spa

[ad – pg. 311]

Escape to a serene, natural setting nestled between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. We offer rooms, suites, and houses to accommodate a quiet weekend getaway or a family reunion. During your stay relax with a sauna or one of our many therapeutic massage services available at our in-house spa. fish creek 9126 Hwy 42 920-868-3524

white gull inn

[ads - 310, back cover]

Historic inn with original antiques, fireplaces, and unforgettable food. Beautifully renovated rooms, suites, and cottages, all with the Inn’s famous full breakfast included. Located off the highway, but close to everything in historic Fish Creek. open: year round. d fish creek 4225 Main St 800-624-1987 920-868-3517

coachlite inn of sister bay

[ad – pg. 310]

omfortably secluded in the pines, near all that DC offers. Spacious, clean C rooms. Refrigerators, coffeemakers, microwaves, hairdryers. Complimentary deluxe continental breakfast. Whirlpool suites available. Sensible rates. 2014 TripAdvisor Cert of Excellence. Located 1/2 mile south of downtown. d sister bay 2 544 S Bay Shore Dr 920-854-5503 or 800-745-5031

bay shore inn

[ad – pg. 313]

estled along the waters. Private balcony with every condo suite. 1-2 bedroom N suites have full kitchens, spacious rooms; a three-bedroom private cottage - perfect for family retreats. Indoor and outdoor pools, beachfront grills, playground. Touring bicycles, private beach with dock. Central DC location. d sister bay 2544 S Bay Shore Dr 920-743-4551 or 800-556-4551

A historical patio-style motel, rescued from the wrecking ball

Retro vacation lodging at its finest!

1161 Green Bay Road (Highway 42-57) Sturgeon Bay 9 2 0 . 74 6 . 8 0 0 0 308

d open year round

pets welcome

lodging hotels inn at cedar crossing


[ad – pg. 306]

arm and inviting lodging with old world charm and contemporary touches W located downtown on Historic Third Avenue. Personalized hospitality, unique rooms and delicious food and drink options are our signature. Nine cozy guestrooms, private baths, fireplaces, unique furnishings. Beautiful bar and restaurant on property and shopping right our front door. d sturgeon bay 336 Louisiana St 920-743-4200

motel 57

[ad – pg. 308]

A true motor hotel, a motel, just like ALL motels used to be! All 24 units recently remodeled, most with kitchenettes. This historical patio-style motel is the perfect place for a retro-style stay. Very reasonable rates. d p sturgeon bay 1161 Green Bay Rd (Hwy 42-57) 920-746-8000

runaway lodge @ valmy

[ad – pg. 74]

pacious rooms with private decks or patios. Wireless internet, flat screen S TVs with cable, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee pots. Nine rooms have full kitchens with pots, pans, dishes, and flatware. Two king rooms and five queen/ double rooms. Picnic area with fire pit. New children’s play area. Parking for boats with electric available. valmy 4902 Hwy 57 920-746-4046

Your Relaxation Expert

All suites | Free wireless internet | Great view Central location | Indoor pool open 24/7 A wide variety of amenities

4929 Landmark Drive | Egg Harbor

800.273.7877 309

Stay on the Bay



Clean, comfortable, quiet in a wooded setting surrounded by The Ridges Sanctuary

RIDGES INN & SUITES Coachlite Inn and Suites of Door County Where people come by choice, not by chance.

Quiet and comfortable in the pines, 1/2-mile south of downtown Sister Bay. Sensible rates, spacious and clean rooms & suites. Open Year Round. 2544 South Bay Shore Drive P.O. Box 221 Sister Bay, WI 54234-0221 (920) 854-5503 • (800) 745-5031 Fax: (920) 854-9011


8252 State Hwy 57 1/2 mi. North of Downtown Baileys Harbor • (920) 839-2127

Kitchens • Private Balconies Indoor/Outdoor Pools • Spa Tub Fitness Center • Wifi Arcade • Concierge Services 10386 Water Street • Ephraim (920) 854-9773 • (800) 595-6894


• Elegant Rooms & Suites • Fireplaces & Kitchenettes • Continental-Plus Breakfast • Fireside Pub Bar • Sunny & Private Ourdoor Pool • 200-Acre Estate with trails into Fish Creek • Spa Packages, Suana & Massage Therapy

For the Special Times. . .

9126 Hwy 42, Fish Creek

located at Settlement Courtyard Inn 920-868-3524 311

A Timeless Door County Destination Since 1900 Under the watchful care of the Gibson family for the last 75 years. Creating memories for generations! | 920.847.2225


7 LOCATIONS Studios | Condos | House | Waterfront Rentals Airbnb Superhost with over 600 five star reviews RESERVE: AIRBNB.COM/P/EPHRAIMDOORCOUNTY BLOG: HOUSEPLANTSANDHERRINGBONE.COM


Nestled along pristine waters with spectacular sunsets, Bay Shore Inn provides quiet seclusion and a central location to all of Door County. Peace and privacy abound with balcony views from every condominium suite. Amenities ranging from touring bicycles to a private beach with dock await your quiet escape or family excursion. One or two bedroom suites each have full kitchens and spacious rooms. Our three-bedroom private cottage is perfect for family retreats. With indoor and outdoor pools, beachfront grills, and even a playground, Bay Shore Inn creates a tradition from your very first stay. 313

business services

miscellaneous the simple solution estate sales and services

orthern Door’s only full-service estate-sale business. Business partners N Heidi Penchoff and Scott Lohman fill a niche: running onsite estate sales, a consignment store for estate-sale furnishings, and moving services for estate pieces into the showroom. Staff is passionate about upcycling; the only area retailer of Dixie Belle paint products. Classes on how to transform furniture are coming. Clients/realtors: schedule an appt! d ephraim 920-333-2081

hammersmith tv & electronics

[ad – pg. 214]

Leave it at home? Find it here! Home entertainment electronics, LG® Smart TVs, pre-paid cell phones, computers, printer ink, toys, games, and a deep selection of electronics accessories. open : 8:30am - 5pm, mon - fri ; 8:30am - 4pm, sat d sister bay 10514 Country Ln 920-854-2614

era starr realty

[ad – pg. 314]

Door County’s top locally owned real estate agency with three managing brokers, 25+ REALTORS and a tradition of community involvement, selling more properties than any other Door County agency. d sturgeon bay 14 S 3rd Ave 920-743-4321 sister bay 2594 S Bay Shore Dr 920-854-2394

Starr Realty 14 S. Third Avenue Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 920-743-4321 800-661-8555 email: 314

Door & Kewaunee County’s Top Selling Locally Owned Real Estate Company!

View All Our Listings at

2594 Bay Shore Drive Sister Bay, WI 54234 920-854-2394 800-720-6888 email:

d open year round

Award-winning Critical Access Hospital

Door County Nienhuis/Destination

Change is Adventure

Photo courtesy of John

It’s time for a change. Imagine growing your career with an organization that cares and live where adventure is right outside your door. Door County Medical Center is hiring. Start a new adventure today.

Search career opportunities at

323 South 18th Ave., Sturgeon Bay You only have one life to live. Get more out of it.


index coffeehouses bakeries

A LITTLE BIT OF COFFEE (Jacksonport) 74, 109 BIG EASY (Egg Harbor) 96, 117 DC CHOCOLATE DESIGN CAFÉ (Fish Creek) 207 DOOR COUNTY COFFEE & TEA CO (Carlsville) 57, 105, 116 FIKA BAKERY & COFFEE HOUSE (Fish Creek) 98

Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff

GRANDMA’S SWEDISH BAKERY AT ROWLEYS BAY RESORT (Ellison Bay) 99, 106, 120 KICK ASH COFFEE (Ellison Bay) 100, 108, 154 SIP (North Ephraim) 66, 121



FUNKY ZEBRA (Fish Creek) 207


HARBOR WEAR (Egg Harbor, Fish Creek) 198, 211


HART & HART (Fish Creek) 207 HEY DAISY (Fish Creek) 211

FOUNDER’S SQUARE (Fish Creek) 164, 210, 211


KIM’S BOUTIQUE (Egg Harbor) 159, 171, 199

MAIN STREET SHOPS (Egg Harbor) 164, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200



NORTH EPHRAIM (North Ephraim) 66

business services

O’MEARA’S IRISH HOUSE (Fish Creek) 4, 159, 173

BANK OF LUXEMBURG (Fish Creek) 209 ERA STARR REALTY (Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay) 314, 314 SIMPLE SOLUTION ESTATE SALES AND SERVICES (North Ephraim) 217,314, 227

clothing ALPACA TO APPAREL (Fish Creek) 211 BE BEAUTY BOUTIQUE (Egg Harbor) 159, 167

ON DECK CLOTHING COMPANY (Fish Creek, Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay) 5, 160



SETTLEMENT SHOPS, THE (Fish Creek) 164, 204 TOP OF THE HILL SHOPS (Fish Creek) 164, 206, 207, 208, 209

eat & drink

ON DECK OUTLET STORE (Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay) 160, 175


ON DECK VILLAGE EXCHANGE (Sister Bay) 160, 179

(Sister Bay) 96, 110

SPOT (Egg Harbor, Sister Bay) 159, 181 TRAILS END CLOTHING CO. (Fish Creek) 160, 183

ALBATROSS DRIVE-IN (Washington Island) 96, 114, 140 ALBY’S NEST- TIKI BAR (Washington Island) 114, 138

WHAT NEXT? (Fish Creek) 207

ALEXANDER’S (Fish Creek) 96, 108, 123

BLACKSMITH CLOTHING CO (Egg Harbor) 159, 169

WILLOW CLOTHING CO (Baileys Harbor) 159, 165

BAYSIDE TAVERN (Fish Creek) 96, 108, 129

COUNTRY LADY, THE (Egg Harbor) 197


BLUE BEAR (Ellison Bay) 97, 106, 120



BOATHOUSE ON THE BAY (Sister Bay) 97, 110, 133

index CARRINGTON (Egg Harbor) 97, 105, 118

SISTER BAY BOWL SUPPER CLUB (Sister Bay) 102, 112, 136

CARROLL HOUSE RESTAURANT (Sister Bay) 97, 110, 134

SONNY’S ITALIAN KITCHEN & PIZZERIA (Sturgeon Bay) 102, 112, 139

CASEY’S BBQ & SMOKEHOUSE (Egg Harbor) 97, 105, 117 CEDAR CROSSING RESTAURANT & BAR (Sturgeon Bay) 97, 112, 137 COYOTE ROADHOUSE (Baileys Harbor) 98, 105, 115 DOOR COUNTY COFFEE & TEA CO (Carlsville) 57, 105, 116 DOOR COUNTY ICE CREAM FACTORY & SANDWICH SHOPPE (Sister Bay) 98, 110, 134 FRESH TAKE 42 (North Ephraim) 66 FIKA BAKERY & COFFEE HOUSE (Fish Creek) 98 FIRESIDE RESTAURANT (Egg Harbor) 98, 106, 117 FLORIAN II LAKESHORE SUPPER CLUB (Baileys Harbor) 99 GREAT LAKES BBQ CO (Sister Bay) 99, 110, 113 GREENS N GRAINS CAFÉ (Egg Harbor) 99, 106, 118 JACKSON HARBOR SOUP & SANDWICHES (Washington Island) 100, 114, 140

SUMMER KITCHEN (North Ephraim) 66, 102, 108, 122 SUNSET HARBOR GRILL (Ephraim) 108, 123 THYME RESTAURANT (Sister Bay) 102, 112, 132 TWELVE ELEVEN WINE BAR & PROVISIONS (Sister Bay) 102, 112, 132

fine art ARTZY STUDIO (North Ephraim) 66, 268, 268 BRIAN PIER GALLERY, THE (Fish Creek) 208 CONNIE GLOWACKI (Fish Creek) 209, 265, 268 DOOR COUNTY IMAGES (Fish Creek) 270, 271 EMMETT JOHNS ART GALLERY (Fish Creek) 204 FRYKMAN STUDIO GALLERY (Sister Bay) 270, 271

WATERFRONT MARY’S BAR & GRILL (Sturgeon Bay) 80, 103, 114, 138

GEORGE BURR GALLERY (North Ephraim) 66, 268, 270

WALLY’S WEENIE WAGON (Baileys Harbor) 112

KATIE MUSOLFF, FINE ART (Door County) 265, 272

WHITE GULL INN (Fish Creek) 103, 109, 132, Back Cover

LEN VILLANO PHOTOGRAPHY (Door County) 270, 272

WICKMAN HOUSE (Ellison Bay) 103

PLUM BOTTOM GALLERY (Egg Harbor, Fish Creek) 211, 265, 269


festivals CHRISTKINDLMARKT (Sister Bay) 6, 7 DEFIBS 4 DOOR COUNTY CONCERT (Sister Bay) 20

WILD LIFE ART GALLERY (Fish Creek) 204 WOODWALK GALLERY (Egg Harbor) 265, 273 ZABLER DESIGN (Ephraim) 268, 274

JULIE’S PARK CAFÉ, MOTEL & COUNTYSIDE COTTAGES (Fish Creek) 100, 109, 128 KETTLE BLACK (Fish Creek) 100, 109, 131 KITCHEN BARONS PUBLIC HOUSE (Sturgeon Bay) 100 MCEVOY’S CULINARIA (Sister Bay) 101, 110, 136 NIGHTINGALE SUPPER CLUB (Sturgeon Bay) 101 OLD POST OFFICE RESTAURANT (Ephraim) 101, 108, 122 ONE BARREL BREWING CO (Egg Harbor) 106, 119 PELLETIER’S RESTAURANT & FISH BOIL (Fish Creek) 101, 109, 128, 211 Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff

ROADHOUSE OF CARLSVILLE (Carlsville) 105, 116 SAVOR BBQ CO (Sturgeon Bay) 101, 112, 115 SAVOR TEX-MEX BBQ (Baileys Harbor) 101, 105, 115 SHIPWRECKED BREW PUB (Egg Harbor) 101, 106, Inside Back Cover SHORELINE RESTAURANT, THE (Gills Rock) 109, 120


index Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff

MANN’S MERCANTILE SHOPS (Washington Island) 195, 205 MIDSÖMMAR APOTHECARY & LUMINARIUM (North Ephraim) 66, 203 MISTLETOE HOLIDAY HOUSE (Egg Harbor) 192, 193 NAN & JERRY’S BOUTIQUE & GIFTS (Egg Harbor) 199 O’MEARA’S IRISH HOUSE (Fish Creek) 4, 194, 186 ROBIN JAY MUSIC & GIFTS (Fish Creek) 211 SEVEN MONKEY IMPORTS (Fish Creek) 208 SPACE (Sister Bay) 195 SUMMER HOME WISCONSIN (Fish Creek) 211 TAKE A PEEK (Fish Creek) 208 TANNENBAUM HOLIDAY SHOP (Sister Bay) 195, 203 THIS & THAT (Fish Creek) 192, 203 ‘TIS THE SEASON (Egg Harbor) 192, 200, 201, 216 W.A.K.E.M.E TOO / FISH TALES (Fish Creek) 207 ZABLER DESIGN JEWELERS (Ephraim) 205

home interiors AL JOHNSON’S BUTIK (Sister Bay) 214, 216 CHICKADEE’S MERCANTILE (Fish Creek) 158, 216 DESIGN WORKS (Egg Harbor) 194, 216

gifts CELEBRATE DOOR COUNTY (Egg Harbor) 197 DESIGN WORKS (Egg Harbor) 192, 194 DOOR COUNTY CANDLE COMPANY (Carlsville) 57, 192, 322 DOOR COUNTY ROCK & GEM (Fish Creek) 211 DC ECLECTIC GUITAR (Fish Creek) 208 FOREVER GRATEFUL BOUTIQUE & BRIAN PIER GALLERY (Fish Creek) 208 FRAGRANT ISLE LAVENDER FARM & SHOP (Washington Island) 195, 213 FROM THE FORTY (Egg Harbor) 198 GAGE FINE IMPORTS (Fish Creek) 208


GINGER HOUSE, THE (Fish Creek) 204

DOOR COUNTY NATURE WORKS (Egg Harbor) 216, 217



HAMMERSMITH TV & ELECTRONICS (Sister Bay) 194, 214, 314

‘TIS THE SEASON (Egg Harbor) 201, 216

HAPPY CAMPER, THE (Egg Harbor) 198


HOWELL CREEK GIFTS (Egg Harbor) 198 JACKSONPORT COTTAGE GALLERY & GIFTS (Jacksonport) 74, 194 KIM’S GIFT SHOP (Egg Harbor) 192, 199, 202 LAGNIAPPE, WINE & GIFTS (Fish Creek) 209 LITTLE SUMMER HOME (Fish Creek) 211 MAIN COURSE, THE (Fish Creek) 208

ARTZY STUDIO (North Ephraim) 184, 186 O’MEARA’S IRISH HOUSE (Fish Creek) 186 PAUL DAVID FINE JEWELRY (Fish Creek) 184, 190 PLUM BOTTOM GALLERY (Egg Harbor) 184, 211, 269 TAKE A PEEK (Fish Creek) 208 TRILLIANT DIAMONDS & JEWELRY (Fish Creek) 184, 187, 207 ZABLER DESIGN JEWELERS (Ephraim) 184, 188, 189


DOOR COUNTY KIDS & BABY BOUTIQUE (Egg Harbor) 197 DOOR COUNTY POLAR BEAR PRESS (Door County) 234, 235 FARM, THE (Sturgeon Bay) 234, 237 RED PUTTER MINI GOLF (North Ephraim) 66, 236 PIRATE’S COVE ADVENTURE GOLF (Sister Bay) 234, 235 PLUM LOCO ANIMAL FARM (Egg Harbor) 234, 236 PURE JOY CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE (Fish Creek) 207 SALTY SEAGULL MINIATURE GOLF, THE (Sturgeon Bay) 234, 235 SKYWAY DRIVE-IN THEATRE (Fish Creek) 234, 238

lodging BAY SHORE INN (Sturgeon Bay) 308, 313 COACHLITE INN, THE (Sister Bay) 308, 310 DOOR COUNTY RENTAL HOUSES (Egg Harbor) 306, 307 HARBOUR VILLAGE RV RESORT & WATERPARK (Carlsville) 57 HIGH POINT INN (North Ephraim) 66, 307, 311 HOUSEPLANTS & HERRINGBONE (Ephraim) 307, 312 INN AT CEDAR CROSSING (Sturgeon Bay) 306, 309 JULIE’S PARK CAFÉ, MOTEL & COUNTRYSIDE COTTAGES (Fish Creek) 306, 308 LANDMARK RESORT (Egg Harbor) 306, 309 MOTEL 57 (Sturgeon Bay) 308, 309 RIDGES INN & SUITES (Baileys Harbor) 306, 310 RUNAWAY LODGE AT VALMY (Valmy) 74, 309 SETTLEMENT COURTYARD INN & LAVENDER SPA (Fish Creek) 308, 311 SHALLOWS RESORT, THE (Egg Harbor) 307, 310 WHITE GULL INN (Fish Creek) 308, 310, Back Cover YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK OF DOOR COUNTY (Southern Door) 80

markets, winery & spirits BAILEYS 57 (Baileys Harbor) 96

BAILEYS HARBOR FISH CO (Baileys Harbor) 146, 149

(North Ephraim, Sturgeon Bay) 66, 277, 286

BEA’S HO-MADE PRODUCTS (Gills Rock) 149, 152


CHICKADEE’S MERCANTILE (Fish Creek) 146, 158

NORTHERN SKY THEATER (Fish Creek) 277, 282

COUNTRY OVENS | CHERRY DE-LITE (Forestville) 80, 98, 148, 150


DOOR ARTISAN CHEESE (Egg Harbor) 146, 150

PENINSULA MUSIC FESTIVAL (North Ephraim) 66, 276, 283

DOOR COUNTY CHERRY HUT (Fish Creek) 148, 153


DOOR COUNTY DISTILLERY (Carlsville) 3, 57, 156

ROGUE THEATER (Sturgeon Bay) 277, 285



DOOR PENINSULA WINERY (Carlsville) 3, 57, 156 DOOR COUNTY WINE TRAIL (Door County) 156 FISH CREEK MARKET (Fish Creek) 99, 148, 152 GREENS N GRAINS MARKET (Egg Harbor) 146, 151 GREEN BAY OLIVE OIL CO (Fish Creek) 99, 148, 148 ISLAND ORCHARD CIDER (Ellison Bay) 100, 156, 158 JACKSONPORT FARMER’S MARKET (Jacksonport) 74, 145

DOOR COUNTY DOG STORE (Sturgeon Bay) 240, 240 JUST PAWS (Egg Harbor) 199, 240 WISCONSIN HUMANE SOCIETY – DOOR COUNTY CAMPUS (Sturgeon Bay) 240, 241


KICK ASH (Ellison Bay) 100, 108, 154

LESLIE ANN’S POP-UP (Fish Creek) 204


JULIE’S UPSCALE RESALE (Sister Bay) 220, 225

ONE BARREL BREWING CO (Egg Harbor) 119, 156


PIGGLY WIGGLY (Sister Bay) 149, 155


RED OAK WINERY (Carlsville) 57 SWEETIE PIES (Fish Creek) 204 STONE’S THROW WINERY (Egg Harbor) 156, 157


UNCLE TOM’S CANDY STORE (Ellison Bay) 146, 150 WOOD ORCHARD MARKET (Egg Harbor) 103, 146, 151 ZEKE’S VILLAGE MARKET (Sister Bay) 149, 154

Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff

kid stuff

music & theater BIRCH CREEK MUSIC PERFORMANCE CENTER (Egg Harbor) 276, 278 DOOR COMMUNITY AUDITORIUM (Fish Creek) 277, 279 FISHSTOCK CONCERT SERIES (Fish Creek) 277, 280 LODGE, FM 106.9 & REWIND 97.7


index Painting ©2022 Katie Musolff

VILLAGE CLOTHIER & CONSIGNMENT (Sister Bay) 220, 228 VINTIQUE RESALE (North Ephraim) 66, 218, 219 ZABLER DESIGN (Ephraim) 222

sightsee & activities ASA THORP’S LOG CABIN (Fish Creek) 211 BELGIAN HERITAGE CENTER (Brussels) 80, 252, 254, 255 CHERRY TRAIN TOURS (Washington Island) 258, 262 CORNER OF THE PAST/ OLD ANDERSON HOUSE MUSEUM (Sister Bay) 251, 252 DOOR COUNTY BOAT RENTAL (Sturgeon Bay) 80, 258, 261 DOOR COUNTY MARITIME MUSEUM (Gills Rock, Sturgeon Bay) 252, 253 FISH CREEK BOAT RENTAL (Fish Creek) 260 FISH CREEK SCENIC BOAT TOURS (Fish Creek) 257, 260 KARFI FERRY (Washington Island) 258, 262 HERITAGE ALLIANCE OF DOOR COUNTY (Door County) Inside Front Cover NORTHERN DOOR COUNTY BOAT RENTAL (Sister Bay) 257, 261 OFF-ROAD SEGWAY ADVENTURES (Rowleys Bay) 257, 262


OPEN DOOR BIRD SANCTUARY (Jacksonport) 74, 257, 263

WOODWALK GALLERY (Egg Harbor) 303, 273

SISTER BAY BOAT RENTAL (Sister Bay) 257, 260


SISTER BAY BOWL (Sister Bay) 257, 264



BRITTA SALON (Sister Bay) 292, 295 DOOR COUNTY CANNABIS CO. (Fish Creek) 209 DOOR COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER (Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay) 293, 299, 315


FRAGRANT ISLE LAVENDER FARM (Washington Island) 213, 293


GREENS N GRAINS CAFÉ (Egg Harbor) 291, 294

DIPPY’S ICE CREAM (Fish Creek) 211

GREENS N GRAINS MARKET (Egg Harbor) 291, 296



VAULT, THE (Ellison Bay) 103, 142, 143



SPA VERDE (Egg Harbor) 291, 292

ALEXANDER’S (Fish Creek) 123, 303 FISHSTOCK (Fish Creek) 303, 305 THYME CATERING (Sister Bay) 303, 305

in c rd ee dx i tbysv i l l a g e EDITOR: John Nelson CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Todd Brame/Macharé & Associates, Inc. GRAPHIC DESIGN: Laurel Janisse WRITERS: Marise Redmann, Kathleen Ratteree, Michael Brecke, Matt Stone, Jan Newport, Kevn O’Donnell COVER IMAGE: xoMe Studio CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dan Anderson, Edgar Anderson, Christopher Arndt,

Andy Coulson, Don Emmerich, Laura Quackenboss, Heather Frykman, Luke Frykman, Trygvie Jensen, Laurel Janisse, Dave Gilo, Jeff Larson, Christopher McWhinney, Matt Normann, Kevin O’Donnell, Kate Rispens, Lucas Smith, Len Villano, Stephen Wolter, Tad Dukehart, Donna Fearing, Tom Sadler CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Katie Musolff, Aespekit Newiswah, Lee Radtke, Christopher Sweet DOOR COUNTY DIGITAL: Bill Youmans, Chris Opper SOCIAL MEDIA: Kate Rispens, Donna Fearing WEBSITE MANAGEMENT: HeyDayv Design ADVERTISING DESIGN: Laurel Janisse, Sharon Anderson [Inside The Door Graphic Design] OFFICE MANAGER: Chris Risch CHRISTKINDLMARKT DOOR COUNTY

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Artisan candles made in Door County, WI 322 • 920.746.2125 5789 Hwy 42 • Sturgeon Bay


A Door County Tradition BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER Traditional Fish Boils Overnight Lodging

920.868.3517 •