Diamond Rough Cut - June 2020

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Diamond Rough Cut June 2020

Hello from Jeff During the lockdown and equally as restrictions begin to ease, the need for businesses to keep in touch with their customers is paramount – and that of course applies to gdb and our members. With things moving so fast and businesses needing to respond just as quickly, we have introduced Diamond Rough Cut to bridge the gap between editions of the full Diamond magazine. We have relaxed our usual approach to welcome advertisements and advertorials, without charge, where these are promoting products or services that will support members through the current restrictions and back to business. It is good to see how members are introducing or adapting their offerings to provide this support. This is of course good for their customers, existing and potential,but also meets essential business needs – for most of us ‘business as usual’ has not been an option. Welcome to the first edition of Diamond Rough Cut. In March we launched your bi-monthly Diamond Magazine. Little did we know that it would be the last printed edition for a while. We have since published the May/June edition on-line only and it proved very popular – like many businesses we are learning to adapt and innovate quickly.

Without for one second dismissing the challenges faced, it is good to see how businesses are innovating, first to survive and then to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. To some extent the current crisis is accelerating business change that needed to happen anyway but was too easily put off with day-to-day pressures. How many of our businesses will return, or even aspire to return, to exactly how they were just a few months ago? I think you will agree that this process of change is captured in many of the contributions to our first Diamond Rough Cut. The articles and advertisements also show the strength of the gdb community and how members can support each other through good and more challenging times. I hope that hearing about what other members are up to will inspire you to look first within our business community for the support and business opportunities you need as the Gatwick Diamond gets back to business. Very best wishes from the gdb team to you, your businesses and, of course, your families.

Maximising Flexibility of Commercial Leases Hannah Nix and Maya Kuchhadiya tell you how Given the current economic climate and impact of Covid-19, business occupiers are seeking to keep costs down and financial commitments flexible. Here we look at some practical reminders to landlords and tenants on ways in which existing lease arrangements may be re-geared to maximise flexibility for tenants while at the same time securing the landlord’s income stream. Re-gearing means replacing one lease with another on renegotiated terms. It involves the landlord and tenant agreeing to amend one or more of the fundamental terms of the existing lease and is normally achieved by: - Entering into a new lease; or - Varying an existing lease. Re-gearing includes: - Rent free periods/reduced rents, which can give a tenant the breathing space to continue trading and which are sometimes agreed in return for an extended lease term or the removal of a tenant’s option to break; - Monthly rather than quarterly rent payments, which can assist a tenant with cashflow;

- Removal or repositioning of rent review clauses, or agreeing a nil rent review. A landlord may take the view that the removal of an upward only review is a price worth paying in the current market. - Flexibility on assignment and subletting. Consideration should be given by tenants and their advisers to the tax implications of the revised terms, such as any SDLT liability arising as a result of an extended lease term. For landlords, re-gearing is a chance to protect their investment by securing future income streams and avoiding the prospect of costly service charge and rates voids. For tenants, re-gearing can present a vital method of managing costs to its business and improving cash flow. It is essential both parties enter into discussions at the earliest opportunity to avoid a situation where a tenant becomes financially distressed. Hannah Nix (Senior Associate) and Maya Kuchhadiya (Solicitor), Irwin Mitchell LLP. For more information, please visit www.irwinmitchell.com.

Nettl Seam Team Raises Funds and a Smile Keeping the Gatwick Diamond healthy and happy

This month, copywriter Jen has put aside her typewriter for an altogether different kind of machine. Weaving threads instead of words, she’s been taking part in the Nettl ‘Seam Team’ that asks volunteers to stitch funky animal face masks in a range of cute designs. The 'AniMasks' are then sold to the general public with every penny going to support NHS charities. Keep up the good work, Jen! If you'd also like to join the 'Seam Team', or are interested in purchasing some AniMasks for yourself, please visit the website: www.animasks.co.uk

Get Hydrated and Fit! During this lock down, Love Water have been helping our customers in more than just hydration We have inadvertently been helping them to keep fit! Rather than clambering on to the Amazon bandwagon to try to buy 10 Kg weights at inflated prices, our lucky customers have the perfect alternative - 11 kg bottles of Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water that they swing around as weights, and then have the pleasure of guzzling down the contents - What a perfect combination! Love Water fitness guru and all round elite athlete (in his own words) Nick Swan produced a video showing a few nifty moves that has embraced his office and growing number of home customers. Its painful to watch (again in his own words) but can be viewed at https://youtu.be/VrMl3BBrZtQ Love Water are offering fellow gdb members special prices on their unique MINI Home Dispenser. Contact nick.swan@lovewater.com or call 0345 5200 820 for more details.

Custard In My Life

By Mark Wilkes, The Missing Piece Coaching Zoom has taken us all by storm. Who hasn’t had a Zoom dinner, done a zoom quiz and interacted with family on a zoom call? During one such call with our Italian family in Milan we had dinner online. Baked Seabass over Asparagus and Apple Crumble with home-made custard. Being foodies we had to show each course. Describe it and how it was made. Homemade custard…. Easy by the way…shown by tipping the bowl and showing it to the camera. Splodge on the keyboard. Next day the k key seemed to have a life of its own. So now we have another Missing Piece in our life.. and than.. fuc.. for that. Mar.. Wil..es at The Missing Piece Coaching

Pivoting Your Business During a Crisis Business Doctors reveals all Stephen Covey once said, “If there is one thing certain in business, it’s uncertainty”.

- Streamlined the organisation – operations, processes, and procedures.

The current rapid pace of change brings issues, challenges, and opportunities in to focus, whereas normally gradual change leads to inertia, and management of the status quo.

So, what can we learn from this to take into the challenges of 2020? - Being proactive remains critical. This proactivity needs to be linked to agility and flexibility. - Building resilience remains true, the road ahead will require many changes to navigate. - Every crisis produces winners and losers, those who chose a mindset to adapt, innovate, explore disruptive opportunities will prevail, the same is true today. - More now than ever customers will be scrutinising your business vision and purpose. - Organisation review, remodelling and reinvention considering the changes in how people will work, share information, etc is even more stark than in 2008.

Looking back at the last financial crisis there are 5 principles that I think successful businesses adopted to ensure they navigated the crisis as it unfolded. These principles are: - Business acted proactively – they fixed areas of their business that were broken. - Focused on building resilience, looking forward at the likely impacts of the crisis and trends to get ahead. - Made the decision to adapt, innovate, explore disruptions, and reinvent their strategic vision. - Importantly they stuck to their vision

We can certainly learn from the past, but as one smart investor once said, “it’s good to look back but it’s the future that matters”. To pivot your business in a crisis you need to choose your mindset, act quickly and proactively, communicate more and quite simply, build a comprehensive, robust business strategy and plan....shouldn’t every business have one?

The WFH Life of a Cat Owner

The purrfect life of Scaramanga's Sarah Moran's cat Day 1: My cat seems mildly bemused that I am not out of the door after throwing down a sachet of whiskers and a quick chin tickle. Day 3: My son decides that the cat is going to be TikTok famous and starts following him around the house waiting for him to do something entertaining. The cat obliges and knocks over a martini glass from the previous night’s lockdown cocktail. With supermarket trips now seen as a once a week luxury who has not started mixing things from the back of the cupboard adding ice and a slice and hoping for the best? My best lockdown cocktail recipe: the lemon drop martini. Cointreau, vodka, juice of a lemon, and sugar syrup. Quantities of alcohol as advised by the stress levels you are currently feeling.

Day 15: The cat thinks that every time I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea that it is his dinner time. He is now being fed up to seven times a day. This is also how many snacks I am making for my teenage son per hour. My food bill for the household has skyrocketed. Day 24: The cat has vomited on the bathmat due to overconsumption of Dreamies. His go to place for vomiting is the bathmat, I ponder for 5 minutes why this is whilst I clean it up. Day 30: The cat shows his utter contempt for my working life by displaying his anus on a zoom call. I need something stronger than a green tea to survive the week. Day 34: My cat has 115 followers on TikTok. When can I retire and monetise this creature?

They Don't Let Me Out Much

Lockdown diary by Joe Cheal, Imaginarium (Parts 1 and 2) The Early Daze Today, for the first time in 10 days, I ventured out on an expedition to Waitrose. I took the precaution of dousing myself with Denim (Eau de Cologne) before leaving. My reckoning was that even if it didn't ward off the virus (which I'm sure it would... 1970s aftershave killed all known germs did it not?), it would certainly ward off all other people. Forget the '2metre rule', I was likely to clear the whole of Waitrose. What was once a 'pop out to the shops' is now a longwinded process complete with standard operating procedures. Ready with some old rubber gloves, lists, bags, cuddly toy, coffee peculator, teas-maid, glass decanter, electric blanket, toaster, selection of wine, lava lamp, silver plated ice bucket, wall clock, tennis game, salad bowl with servers... and of course, more Denim, I finally drove to my destination. Upon my arrival at the aforementioned grocery shop, I immediately donned my rather fetching blue rubber-gloves. Alas, on reflection, I believe the gloves I was endeavouring to sport were made for hands more delicate than my own. The first of which ripped and split as if I was the Incredible Hulk himself. Learning from my initial error, I blew the second glove up to the size of a chicken and then found it fitted rather snuggly over my now protected hand. As I marched across the car-park, the warm sun hit me squarely in the eyes, causing me to sneeze (much to the chagrin and despair of those folks who were within earshot). Quick witted, I expelled the air forcibly into the crook of my elbow. Alas, I was only wearing a t-shirt and so spent a few moments of valuable ‘freedom-time’ giving my arm a brisk rubdown. The shopping was pleasantly uneventful, and on my return home, we placed all purchases into housequarantine (along with the post, parcels, an Amazon delivery driver, three pigeons who simply got too close to the house, numerous house spiders, some leaves and then my rubber glove, shoes, trousers… indeed my entire attire from the shopping excursion). I am now in an agitated state, looking through the window at a tube of chocolate mini-eggs… and counting down the hours until blessed consumption. Continuing an Unyeilding Saga Yesterday was time to venture out again and, having now recovered, it is time to reveal the happenstances of an ill prepared fellow.

On cranking up the motor car (doesn’t petroleum last an age these days), I wended my way to Waitrose once more. After my poor choice of attire last time, I took full precautions. As well as the obligatory eye-watering Denim cologne deterrent, I donned my yellow galoshes with Sowester hat and coat (an old fisherman’s trick I learnt one heady Summer in the Isle of Wight). And after the debacle of the flimsy surgical vet gloves on my last visit, the outfit was, this time, complimented with matching marigolds. You might have called me the ‘Yellow Man of Crowborough’ ha! ha! Alas, I was required to join a long queue before ingress and discovered that I had somewhat misjudged the weather. As everyone else stood twometers apart in the blazing sun (mostly with t-shirts and shorts), I was prepared for high-level gales, squalls and lashings of freezing rain. The woman in front of me looked a little panicked, as if I were stalking her in slow motion and she seemed much relieved when allowed entrance to the supermarket (although I did later see her running whenever our paths almost crossed in the aisles). As I stood sweating in the tropical heat, I was minded that I must currently be allergic to other people! Even being two-meters away, I became itchy and developed a gentle and yet urgent tickle in the back of my throat. Not coughing when needing to cough is like not laughing in church: relentlessly compelling but sure to meet with disapproval. As I suppressed my urges, tears streamed down my face (merging miscibly with the aforementioned perspiration… and saturating the inside of my waterproofs). Shopping, although somewhat sodden, was remarkably unworthy of mention and happily, the motor car chugged its way home again without falling fowl of the chasmic potholes of the East Sussex road system.

Creating Resilience in Your Business and Staff

The Missing Piece Company recognises Covid-19 difficulties Where companies have asked staff not to attend the office and asked them to work remotely, they have inadvertently created a seismic shift in expectations and support criteria that are unlikely to have been planned and to support long term growth. Most people go to work for more than just money. Social interaction and Personal Growth are often cited as the main reasons for wanting to work in an office or for a company. HR and Personal development systems are aligned to support a centralised system. What happens when companies move their staff away from the centralised model? How can working from home staff be productive, develop their own personal growth plans and show that they are an asset to anyone they work with? How do you ensure the productivity of your team and the satisfaction of your clients? Critically, how resilient are staff in isolation? and how can you help them? At the Missing Piece we are offering three amazing programs to support self-development and enable personal growth. The first, the foundation, is Resilience. What do your staff need from their Leader? What communication style works at a distance? How can you preserve your company culture and prosper? How can you maintain work ethic and energy? What support and coaching can you offer? Resilience can be strengthened, but only if coached! The Missing Piece is offers a Resilience Check list to help you understand your staff, and help cope with a shift in circumstances that is beyond anything we have otherwise experienced. Love what you do, coach your team, manage the energy, communicate and ensure your leadership counts. For more information, please email info@themissingpiececompany.com

The Cash Crunch Could Be Coming… Advice from Your Right Hand Finance Team

Our advice to business owners right now is to avoid using your bank account as a barometer for the health of your business. It’s far too simplistic an approach – you need to be looking further ahead. Because the cash crunch could be coming… And it’s likely to arrive uncomfortably soon for some… Why? Because it’s REALLY IMPORTANT that you understand that you need to forecast today what the next 3 months looks like. I really can’t stress that enough. It’s important (perhaps even crucial) because you need to know that you can afford to pay your next VAT bill. If your VAT quarter ends 30th June, that liability will fall due by 7th August. And if you took advantage of the opportunity to defer your end of March VAT payment (lots of businesses did!), then don’t forget to make a note somewhere on your cashflow forecast that this is due by 31st March 2021. Always think at least 3 months ahead… If you even suspect you might need to change your cost base to accommodate the current economic conditions, you really need that visibility now. Which is where a free template hopefully proves helpful! It’s free, gratis, with our compliments! Please download it, use it, share it – and make informed decisions about your business on the back of it. And don’t forget to include your VAT bills and also your Corporation Tax payment (due 9 months after the end of your financial year)! If you’ve already mentally filed this forecasting task under “too difficult” or you want someone to sanity check your calculations with you, then please just get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to help. For more information and for you FREE cash flow template, give us a call on 01252 820 002 or email hello@yourrighthand.co.uk.

Are You Up for a Challenge?

Take part in the Sussex Wildlife Trust Back Garden Bird Race

Each weekend we are asking people to sit in their gardens or look out of their windows for one hour and note down all the wild bird species that they can see. Details of your sightings can be entered on our Nature Table Facebook group, into our free web app or in the comments section of the online Wildlife Diary. Whether you record four bird species or 40 it's a great excuse to take just sit in your garden or look out of the window and enjoy your local birds. Details of the next race are on Back Garden Bird Race. Why not challenge other gdb members and see who flies over the finish line first? For more information, or to find our more ways you and your colleagues can stay connected with nature please contact Louise Collins at louisecollins@sussexwt.org.uk.

'A Day In The Life'

Lockdown insight from Kreston Reeve's Jake Standing I remember the lockdown announcement vividly, the stark realisation that I was not going to be able to enjoy my birthday as we had planned. The ‘Coronavirus’ had a lot to answer for. But, I would be with my wife and daughter - it would be a nice day anyway (and it was!). Through the upcoming weeks, we were going to be able to bake some really tasty treats, spend lots of time teaching our daughter and probably read a number of books in the evenings we never used to have time for. How wrong we were… What followed was a rollercoaster ride of emotion, with moods shifting from day-to-day. An incredible mix of looking after our families, looking after our teams, looking after our clients and keeping up to date with Government guidance and support. All whilst constantly checking various sources of media just to try to understand what we were up against from a health perspective. Days started at 6am, and didn’t finish until gone 10pm, as family and work life intertwined with both of us still working full time. Our teams at Kreston Reeves seemed to effortlessly transition to working from home, supported by colleagues from many different locations. Regular updates were provided to our clients through our dedicated Coronavirus hub, by way of mailshot, and plenty of phone calls. We also improved our general knowledge through the many quizzes being undertaken with work colleagues and family members alike! Although I’m still yet to get anywhere near the top of the leaderboard… And as my daughter returns to nursery, I will sorely miss the time we spent together which we would not have done under ‘normal circumstances’. But then, I am looking forward to a bit of structure to my day! (and if I don’t do another quiz for a while, I’m ok with it).

66 Days to Make (or Break) a Habit!

Form good working habits with The Company Connector Across the past 9 weeks the majority of your team may have been disengaged from each other and from their workplace. With remote working, closed or inaccessible premises, many of us have been working from home or furloughed and so the daily routine has looked very different to the working norm. It takes, on average, 66 days for a new behaviour to become a habit so you may need to start planning now for how you can effectively re-integrate your teams into the workplace. These plans could include: · Opening communication with employees on your expectations and returning to work timeline · Create a Social Distancing Plan and a Compliance Audit Programme · Set up a Communications Plan for your employees · Identify all your potential visitors & suppliers to your workplace · Set up a Communications Plan for Visitors · Set up weekly meetings to discuss strategy, tactics and be ready to adjust the Plan! Happy to help any business looking for advice & assistance on any of the above – please call 07831 148064 or email jeremy.taylor@thecompanyconnector.com. Visit www.TheCompanyConnector.com

Cloud Solutions For Your Business

Cloud solutions are more vital than ever, say Extech Cloud As remote working remains vital in order for business operations to continue, Extech Cloud has found that cloud options are providing up to 50% better value than typical solutions provided by more traditional IT approaches. In March 2020, 88% of UK businesses encouraged working from home (WFH) to come into immediate effect, with 97% of all businesses cancelling workrelated travel in response to the pandemic. “Only a few months ago, people had a routine of travelling to work, seeing their colleagues, turning on their computers and expecting everything to just work”, says Andrew Hookway, Extech Cloud Managing Director. “Everything then suddenly changed overnight and IT teams were expected to ensure people could carry out their daily duties from home”. For some businesses, the transition wasn’t a smooth one, with IT companies relying on new hardware, software and consultancy to update the servers to allow this new way of working. Some businesses are finding that their systems are already working at capacity, with the majority of their connections coming in over virtual private networks (VPNs). “We understand that businesses can’t always afford to be making investments at the moment”, says Andrew. “However, now is the perfect time to decide the best way to overcome any remote working issues as we have no way of knowing when teams can definitely return to work in the office”. Moving IT to the cloud offers the benefit of a very straight forward cost structure. After the initial migration, also known as digital transformation, there are never any capital costs for servers as users pay monthly depending on the number of users. Digital transformation and cloud subscription services bring together the best tools for the way people work using Microsoft 365 and Azure, along with various flexible pay-for-what-you-use pricing options. “It allows employees to access work at any time, from anywhere, allowing for a much greater level of not only productivity, but performance too”, says Andrew. For more information, call a friendly member of the Extech Cloud team on +44 (0) 1444 443200 or email info@extech.co.uk.

Covid-19 and Small Sussex Businesses

Jon Trigg, Freedom Works questions how small business have been affected by Covid-19 Other reasons given for how businesses have been impacted include: closure of venues, school closures & no childcare support, cancellation of events, clients more cautious / decreasing spend, project delays / put on hold, challenges generating new business and the stalling of the property market. "Because I have a limited company my income is based on salary plus dividends. I can't afford to live on the 80% of the furlough salary and that would also prevent me trying to make some money."

Small businesses are fundamental to the Sussex economy. Based on 2019 official data, 80% of businesses in West & East Sussex have one to four employees. A further 11% have five to nine employees. So, when considering the impact of Covid-19 across businesses in Sussex, it was evident that a spotlight on small businesses was required. To give these small businesses a collective voice, several Sussex-based organisations collaborated to gather greater insight on the real impact of the pandemic. The survey was prepared by Hove-based insights consultancy, Bon Insight. A small business acting alone doesn’t always have a strong enough voice when challenging ‘the system’ – but collectively, this survey gave small businesses the platform needed to share how they were being impacted and what support was lacking. But what key challenges are they facing? Those reporting a negative impact on their revenues as a result of Covid-19 cited three main reasons: - Loss of clients - 75% of all ‘new’ (less than 3 years operational) and ‘established’ (more than 10 years operational) organisations have suffered this (65% in the ‘mid’, 4-10 years group) - Inability to deliver service during lockdown – just over 40% of all businesses - Clients/customers inability to pay – this was most felt by the 10+ years ‘established’ group of businesses, with 43% reporting this (35% for ‘mid’length and 30% for ‘new’) Additionally, 17% of businesses said that they had been forced to shut down. This has impacted the ‘established’ group more (a quarter of this group), almost all of which based in West Sussex (87%).

The insight gained through this survey has already played its part in helping WSCC and C2C lobby the government for additional support for those businesses falling through the gaps. Considering the share of small businesses within the area, it is easy to see how critical this additional aid will be, to support the Sussex economy. Since the data was collected and shared with central Government, additional support in the shape of a new Discretionary Top Up Grant has been announced by the Government. However, this is a very restricted budget which will not reach all businesses (such as a location like Crawley, which has witnessed a huge impact, has just £600k to distribute). So, more support is still urgently needed. To garner local backing, the organisations behind this survey have begun work on a new Sussex B2B supply chain portal - an online resource where any business spend is kept within the local economy. This is critical to ensure any spend is distributed to parts of the local supply chain who desperately need to work to survive and ensure the supply chain remains intact. Whilst there is no conclusion, there is hope that the Government are hearing some of the arguments being voiced collectively to support small businesses, and studies such as ours are helping to make the case. We must continue to do as much as we can to support our local businesses – so please, where possible, use the services of those based in Sussex. It will not only help them, but may help your business in the longterm also. To see the full survey report and all the insights it offers please visit www.boninsight.com.

Say Hello to Elevate Business

Welcoming Brandon and the team to gdb! Hi, I am Brandon and a recent addition to gdb. After years in the gym industry setting up many of the well-known clubs in Hove that you may know such as Active4less, Change, Underground gym, Tribe and Revolution Personal Training, I am now following my passion as a Professional EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer. I have been working on mastering my new profession since I sold my main club in late 2019 and this all culminated in a two day Bootcamp last week. These 12 hour days are usually held in Detroit, but I had the pleasure of being one of the first virtual bootcampers. I am pleased to be able to say that little seemed to be lost by going virtual and we certainly felt like a tight-knit group of 11 by the end. EOS is a way of orchestrating and harmonising all the moving parts of your business from top to bottom and I have been a believer since running my main club on it for a couple of years. It provides entrepreneurial business owners with a proven model and simple tools and process that help you run a better business and live a better life. Sounds amazing I know, and to help you understand more I am happy to give away a free hardback book called 'Traction', which is from where the EOS began, to any gdb members, as long as you run a privately held company with 10-250 employees and are willing to be vulnerable, open and honest to the opportunities it provides. To anyone who wants to ensure their business is better prepared for the future, stronger in all the right places for the times ahead, and is keen to know more now, then I offer free, 90 minutes of my time over Zoom so I can explain more to you and your leadership team. For more information, please visit www.elevate-business.co.uk.

Rodent Infestations and Businesses

Cleankill warns of rodent infestations following lockdown Cleankill Pest Control is reporting a significant increase in the number of callouts from businesses as they reopen after the lockdown. Many companies were forced to hurriedly shut when the lockdown was announced. This meant that best practice was not always observed in terms of food and waste management. During the lockdown, preventative pest control measures were also often neglected and this, in combination with an increase in the mice and rat populations, has meant many businesses are now seeing evidence of rodent infestations when they return to work. Commenting on the problem, Managing Director Paul Bates said: “This is a problem we are seeing again and again. As businesses reopen, they are finding plenty of evidence that rodents have been running wild around their properties without any hindrance for the last seven weeks. Food that was left in draws or on desks has been eaten, and there is normally plenty of evidence of their presence in the form of droppings. “We were recently called to a site in London N1 that was fairly typical of the sort of damage we are seeing. In addition to food and faeces on desks and on surfaces, we also found plenty of evidence that the mice had been using below-floor cavities, causing a potentially bigger problem. They had been entering the property using pipework in a service cupboard that is near the reception.” After calling in Cleankill Pest Control, the problem at the offices in London N1 was quickly addressed. The building manager was offered an on-going preventative pest control contract to reduce the risk of future infestations. Cleankill Pest Control has been providing award winning pest control services to Brighton, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and other parts of country since 1995. The business was founded upon a desire to create a company that placed customer service, respect for the environment, care for the community, and staff development, on an equal footing with profitability. Cleankill Pest Control deals with ‘distress’ pests such as wasps and fleas, as well as preventative maintenance against public health pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches and birds. The company prides itself on fast and efficient service delivery and aims to be recognised as a market leader for innovation, ‘green’ and new pest control techniques. Cleankill is also a licensed waste remover. For more information: www.cleankill.co.uk.

Key Workers Supporting Key Workers Southern Railway help other key workers in need

Throughout this difficult time Southern has been committed to keeping the railway moving for key workers. Working with the wider rail industry our focus has been delivering a timetable that places key workers at the heart of its operation. As we move into the next phase of government guidance we have introduced more services, providing extra space for our customers. With safety our top priority we wanted to provide you with an update on the measures we have installed across our network. Stations and trains Our operating plans have been reviewed to assess the best way to apply social distancing through changes to pedestrian flow, good communications & signage, social distancing announcements and additional staff support. Cleaning We are working across the industry to deploy best practice in cleaning. Our stations and entire fleet are being applied with an anti-viral product which lasts for 30 days. This is applied after a thorough ‘deep clean’ of the area, and re-applied every 21 days, with regular checks on its effectiveness in between. Additionally, we have brought in extra cleaning staff, concentrating on equipment such as ticket machines, chip and pin devices, and door buttons. Real-time monitoring Real-time monitoring of passenger numbers and flow ensures we can respond to any short-term spikes in numbers at a particular location, and is helping us to understand changing trends so we can adapt our operations and communications as necessary. We would like to thank everyone in the Gatwick Business Diamond community for supporting us by following government advice. This has been an incredibly challenging time but we look forward to working with you in the future to open our region up for business again. For more information on the measures we are taking to protect our customers and staff please visit: www.southernrailway.com

PVL are Helping NHS and Care Workers See Clearly and Safely When the Covid-19 lockdown started, PVL kept most of the team working to support the emergency service fleets, but also recognised that we had spare cutting capacity on our manufacturing equipment due to paused projects. The shortage of PPE was hard to miss, it was everywhere on the news; so our CEO, Nick Broom, set about contacting his network to see if anyone could utilise our capacity to help. Response to a post on LinkedIn came from a social enterprise group in Surrey who had set up to fundraise and produce 3D printed headbands but were struggling to get visors. After a few phone calls and with data exchanged, the PVL Team got into full-scale production and delivered over 5000 visors within the first few days and have completed the first 15000 units with material and labour free of charge. The completed visors have been donated to NHS hospitals first; Royal Surrey, East Surrey, Great Ormond Street, St George’s and Royal London to name a few. 5000 have gone to Sussex hospitals so far and next steps will be to offer them to care homes and surgeries.

Do You Want to Lose Weight? Did you know that managing stress can help you with weight loss? Stress hormones can really throw our bodies out of balance, affecting our mood, digestion, appetite, food choices (and much more!) We all know exercise is essential for weight loss and good health in general, did you know that exercise is the body’s way of using up stress hormones naturally? There’s a 15 minute Facebook Live Video I did for a friend last week, talking about this and giving a few tips on managing stress. Here’s the link, enjoy watching! https://www.facebook.com/AbiBush1to1diet/videos/177714426 2447248/ I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Jo Sawkins – Wings Wellbeing

And Now For Some Good News!

Creative Process congratulates new digital apprentices Congratulations to the 20 new digital apprentices that have just started their new jobs - they are ready to dive into their digital skills training to provide enhanced digital support and capabilities at a time when it’s most needed. Big thank you to all of our employer partners who've hired a digital apprentice this month and are empowering the next generation of digital talent! Find out how you can sure up your business with a digital apprentice at our Employer's Briefing Webinar. To register your interest, visit our Creative Process Digital Eventbrite or contact Philip Perryman: philip@creativeprocessdigital.com www.creativeprocessdigital.com 01273 232273

New £4 Million Primary School at Woodgate First images revealed by Thakeham Group

Homebuilder Thakeham Group have revealed that work on the new £4 million Woodgate Primary School will start in July 2020. The new-build school will eventually have capacity for 210 pupils at Pease Pottage in West Sussex offering 5 state of the art classrooms and early years nursery provision, a 18m2 main hall, library, multifunctional space and a special educational needs room. The new Woodgate primary school is expected to open to its first pupils at the beginning of the 2021 school year. Rob Boughton, CEO of Thakeham Group, said: “We have sought to fund and deliver Woodgate Primary School at an early stage of the development. This is because the school will play such a crucial role in inspiring a thriving new community. “We are grateful to everyone who has played their part in offering feedback and helping us to design a school to make West Sussex proud.” The Woodgate development is a new countryside community located off Parish Lane to the south of Crawley next to the village of Pease Pottage. Woodgate includes 619 new homes, a shop and a café, a community centre, parks and a pavilion. The development will also provide a new home for locally-based charity, St Catherine’s Hospice. More information about Woodgate, including infrastructure and the wide-range of community facilities, is available at www.mywoodgate.co.uk

Calling All Suppliers Want to Get Paid First?

JCP Consultancy & Talent Search tells you how! Following the Covid-19 shutdown, cash is king once again and companies have gone into the “holding cash” mode and stopped paying suppliers, or at least the “non-essential” suppliers. But, how can you tell if you are a non-essential supplier? The following are some indications: - All of a sudden your client stops taking your calls or are unavailable - You are being fobbed off with all sorts of stories - You are at the bottom of their pile to pay as they no longer need your services. Under Company Law, a company is essentially “insolvent” if it is unable to pay its debts as and when they fall due. Hence, if you have an undisputed debt over £750 which is due from a limited company, then you are entitled to ask for it to be paid promptly or accept the situation. “He who shouts loudest normally gets paid first.” This recently happened to a company we know. They issued a formal demand via an expert firm of solicitors, threatening a “wind up”. To our amazement the company paid the client same day. Why? The trick is if the company does not pay the formal demand in two to three days then they are issued with a wind up order which gives them seven days to pay. If they fail to pay or come to an arrangement to pay you, then the wind up petition is advertised in the national press and the other suppliers and your clients bank finds out, at which point the bank has to freeze the bank account and this in effect paralyses the company and its directors. That’s WHY you get paid promptly. For more information: jcp@jcpconsultancytalentsearch.co.uk jcpconsultancytalentsearch.co.uk

Chichester College Group Awarded ‘Outstanding’

CCG receive 'Outstanding' certification in Ofsted inspection The Group, which includes Brinsbury College, Chichester College, Crawley College and Worthing College, received ‘Outstanding’ grades in every area of Ofsted’s recently reformed inspection framework, including its apprenticeship provision.

Julie Kapsalis, Group Managing Director (Commercial), said: “At CCG, we are proud to work closely with employers, industry leaders, business forums and membership groups to improve learning opportunities across the region.

Inspectors particularly praised the Group’s apprenticeship programmes, noting the collaborative relationship between the Group and employers to ‘research and design appropriate courses’ to ensure apprentices and students are learning industry best practice.

“By working in collaboration, we aim to address local and industry skills needs and to drive career aspirations by enabling young people to gain the support and training they need to thrive in their chosen careers.

They paid tribute to the ‘positive impact apprentices’ news skills and knowledge have on their workplace’, and celebrated the excellent outcomes for apprentices, who ‘frequently use their improved knowledge and skills to secure promotion’.

“We are delighted to see this work recognised by Ofsted. It is absolutely vital for industry to continue to invest in people – including upskilling and reskilling – especially given the current challenges we all face. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our bonds with employers, locally, regionally and nationally.” It is only the second general further education provider in England to achieve unanimous top grades since the new framework was introduced and is the largest college group to achieve ‘Outstanding’ in every area. For more information on apprenticeships, or working in partnership with CCG, please visit www.chigroup.ac.uk.

Events Wednesday 3rd June – Survive & Thrive: Leading during uncertain times 13:00-14:00 Matthew Bellringer, Founder of Meaningbit. Free of Charge

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Wednesday 24th June -Survive & Thrive: Crowdfunding 13:00-14:00 SINC Innovation Advisor, David Porter Free of Charge Thursday 25th June - Coping with & Leading Change 14:00-15:00 Nicky McCrudden, McCrudden Training Free of Charge

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