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Diamond Rough Cut

August 2021

Hello from Jeff Welcome to your latest Diamond Rough Cut. As usual, this edition is packed full of evidence of the huge variety and depth of expertise across the gdb membership. But are you making the best use of that resource as a gdb member? gdb is your business community - connecting, supporting, promoting, informing and boosting you and your business. Mutual, member-to-member, support is at the heart of our approach, and making connections through networking is the cement that holds the gdb community together. However, at times along your business journey, you will need more tailored support to grow, or possibly re-focus, your business. That is where Diamond Experts and Diamond Mentors come in. Diamond Experts offers you up to 90 minutes of complimentary advice matching the expertise within our membership with the initial guidance you need to unlock the next stage in the development of your business. Diamond Mentors offers you or a member of your team the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a skilled mentor, selected from the gdb membership, over a longer period (perhaps 6 months) with regular one-to-ones. Again, this benefit is included within your membership subscription. Accessing support for Diamond Experts and Diamond Mentors could not be simpler. Just select the icon below to register your interest and be matched with the expertise and guidance you need.

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Destination: office? DMH Stallard's Survey Reveals all In the early days of the pandemic, various commentators suggested that we were witnessing the death knell of the office and work as we knew it. After 18 months of our personal and professional lives being thrown into disarray, it’s certainly true that our expectations around the workplace have changed, as have working patterns. But DMH Stallard’s Post-pandemic Workplace Survey delivered good news for landlords, with businesses keen to retain commercial workspace primarily because they enable collaboration, training and staff welfare, all contributing to the culture of an organisation.

Emily Wood The vast majority of the survey’s respondents anticipate a form of a hybrid working week. The challenge to employers, of course, is to balance individual preferences with the needs of the business. Real Estate litigation expert Emily Wood reflects on the implications of the survey for landlords in this blog. Use this link for the blog - Emily can be contacted on 01293 605778 or by email at

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South of England Event Centre

Gatwick Diamond Business members will receive 20% off all venue hire at the South of England Event Centre*. *Offer applies to all new bookings made between 1.8.21 and 31.12.21. Discount does not apply to catering options. To view the indoor space for click here The Lindfield Suite has the capacity 40 theatre style / 20 boardroom so ideal for training / team meetings and good views over the showground; our “normal” dry hire price would be £230 per day (+VAT) so the gdb rate would be £184 For larger meetings /events the Ardingly Room (400 theatre style) £890 per day, so for gdb £712 per day

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Is your team ready to return to the office? Extech Cloud asks the question

Whether employees are working back in the office full-time or flexibly between different locations, now is the time to be thinking about what the future has to hold for your organisation. As lockdown is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean that any IT issues that have been lurking about will be coming to an end too! They won’t magically resolve themselves. Teams will be expecting the best and most efficient IT systems, and turning a blind eye to any ongoing or potential issues, hoping the end of lockdown will solve them, is not only an extremely risky business strategy, it simply won’t work! Where to start? Stop what you’re doing, review your systems and what you need from them, then speak to the team of experts at Extech Cloud Our purpose is to engineer a flexible community, empowering organisations, and their people to achieve more.

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Top Tech Tip for Office 365 How much of a saviour has Office 365 been for us while working from home? All emails, files, documents, meetings, and conversations can all be accessible via the platform.

As amazing as Microsoft is for giving us such useful software for business, there is a big issue that not many people are aware of. Microsoft does not back up your Office 365 data, and therefore does not guarantee against data loss. This means that your business is at risk of losing all data saved in SharePoint, Teams, and within your emails. To learn more, view our blog via the QR code.

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Brave Wing Walkers set to raise over £5,000 for local hospices On Sunday 18 July, six people braved the skies and took on a Wing Walk for St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House. Sponsorship money is still coming in, but the event is on track to raise around £5,000 for the hospices. Vital funds that will help the charity continue caring for adults, children, and their families both at the hospices and in their own homes. Tracy Jones With breath-taking 125mph top speeds, and stunning views, the wing walk was described by one participant as “incredible”. Tracy Jones, who took on the challenge for Chestnut Tree House, said: “Taking on a Wing Walk is something I’ve always wanted to do and doing it for Chestnut Tree House was a bonus. It was amazing and I’d do it again!”

Sophie Henderson, Events Fundraising Executive for St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House said: “We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took on a Wing Walk for St Barnabas House and Chestnut Tree House. What you have achieved is truly incredible.

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Digital Telephone Accelerator Matters Success Story The Digital Accelerator is a free digital skills diploma, worth £2600 delivered by Creative Process. It will equip you with an essential tool kit of digital and creative skills, helping you to develop your freelance skills or give your start up a rocket powered digital boost!

During turbulent trading times, businesses are turning to their telesales teams to generate much needed revenue. Gary Morgan Coaching help businesses maximise the potential of telesales staff, using well established methods gained from numerous years’ of working in diverse telesales functions. To steal a march on your competitors, your telesales teams must be able to use effective

Freelance copywriter and designer, Terri, tells us how the Digital Accelerator allowed her to expand her range of client services with her enhanced creative skills – “I have paid for courses which were nowhere near as valuable as the Digital Accelerator. I can now offer web design and content management as well as providing copy and marketing strategy. I’m also able to make on brand social media graphics which support client campaigns. If you can invest the time it's a no brainer. But expect to work and work hard, there's a lot to cover and it's really in depth.” Find out more: 01273 232273

telephone selling techniques. Equipping your telesales staff with specific skills and techniques are vital to success. A great example of tips on how your telesales staff can overcome “Call Avoidance” may be seen in this short video. This is one of many components that we explore on a Telephone skills training course; another one… “The Power of Asking high quality questions” is the subject of this published podcast. To learn how to break out of a sales slump and tap into new, more profitable sales avenues that feel right for you and your business. Please contact Gary Morgan Coaching.

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UK petrol pumps converting to E10 fuel There are changes on UK petrol forecourts this summer as petrol becomes a little more environmentally friendly. Standard 95 octane fuel currently contains 5% bioethanol, but will be replaced by E10 fuel with 10% bioethanol, which comes from plant sources and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. This does not affect diesel vehicles. All vehicles manufactured since 2011 are compatible with E10 fuel, as are most manufactured since the late 1990s / early 2000s. If your vehicle cannot use it, you will need to use premium 97+ octane fuels. If you put E10 petrol into your car by mistake, the RAC recommends that you top up with E5 as soon as possible after using a third of the tank. The Government states that E10 fuel should cut CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year – the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road, or all the cars in North Yorkshire! Find out more on our website:

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Never Gonna Helping Give You Up - businesses Rick Rolling to grow Pop star Rick Astley has given us so many hits, possibly best known is "Never Gonna Give You Up", the 1987 track synonymous with the act of Rick Rolling.

“From the bottom of our hearts to the heart of your bottom,” says Shoreham by Sea company, Roisin’s Water Kefir, soon to be rebranded as Wilding Water Kefir, founded by Roisin Meredith, who champions the health benefits of the drink.

What is a Rick Roll? In short: It's a long-running internet ‘Bait and switch’ prank.

To successfully Rick Roll somebody, you have to send them a link (email, IM etc.) that claims to be about any subject, but actually directs them to Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up". How does this impact your business? If you or your employees have ever fallen for this type of prank, it is a serious warning for your network security.

“I never set out to run my own business, but it came out of necessity to help my poorly baby daughter,” said Roisin. She started to ferment food & drink and started selling at local markets, but it was support from GetSet for Growth Coast to Capital which helped her to “elevate her business” through better business planning and a successful application for an Invest4 Grant. “The GetSet team helped me to really develop my business, creating a strong foundation on which I can build – it was brilliant!” For more information about Invest4 Grants and how GetSet can help your business grow, visit or call 0800 756 0811

Hackers often spoof messages from trusted sources promising expected information. If your employees can be Rick-Rolled, they can just as easily be tricked into clicking other more malicious links. Read more at page 10

SMEs in the South-East missing out on £££s

Thousands of pounds in R&D tax relief unclaimed

Since 23 March 2020, the start of much of the UK’s first lockdown, Access2Funding has secured £27.5 million in research and development (R&D) tax credits for UK businesses. Despite this, there are many South-East businesses missing out on thousands of pounds in R&D tax relief, according to tax experts at Access2Funding. Leslie Maloney, tax specialist at Access2Funding, said: “The last 12 months have obviously been quite a struggle for a lot of businesses, so it's paramount to try and help them, especially coming out of lockdown. By identifying research and development within their business, we can help them claim money that is rightly theirs via HMRC’s R&D Tax Relief Scheme. This can then be reinvested into their business, used to boost cashflow or be offset against their corporation tax. Leslie Maloney

“Research and development tax relief covers a broad range of sectors, but we advise having a professional R&D provider assist you with your claim to make sure it is maximised and thorough" or call 0333 990 0125.

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A Day in the Life - Polly Saunders Hospitality Assistant, Roffey Park

A typical day for me is looking after clients from the moment they step through the door. I love my job because we meet new people every day, no two groups are the same. Monday I may be stepping in on a client table tennis match and on Tuesday I’ll be helping to make props for a First Aid course! It is great to have such a versatile team, we all complement each other and laugh every day. Some of the funniest memories must remain top secret but the classic error of toffee sauce being mistaken for gravy is up there as one of the best! I have many fond memories, none more so than when a client brought her new-born with her whilst on our MSc qualification. Our team got to experience that special journey with them. Also, I have had the opportunity to undertake an array of courses with Roffey Park. To then come back to work and put it all into practice is not something that many people get to do. I personally have learnt so much and have plenty to thank Roffey Park for.

Polly Saunders

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What happens when the support stops? Have you accessed government support for your business? If so, you’ve probably got one eye on the clock as it ticks down to the end of September. Or maybe you’re one of the thousands of business owners of smaller SMEs who chose not to take advantage of all the financial and business support options available to you. Is that still the best decision for your business? As an SME owner, you need to know how your underlying business is doing right now, so you can take appropriate action before the clock runs out. Read our latest blog at to find out what actions you should be taking right now or alternatively call us on 01252 820002 for some friendly advice.

Getting Your IT Investment Decision Whilst business might be getting back to something near pre-pandemic levels, one thing is certain: The way we are working is not. Whilst the knee jerk reaction needed to invest in remote working IT was a no-brainer for many, convincing your board to invest further is not always easy. So we have come up with some suggestions that might help: Be clear about the benefits of your planned IT investment, however small. Be candid about the costs – especially the internal ones which often get forgotten, and be practical about timing and time-scales.

Roger Bateman

We at Vazon Technology are past masters in transferring our clients’ objectives into practical plans – and delivering against them. Let us help you invest in your IT, your processes and your people.

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Energy Saving Grants available for Businesses! The UK is committed to becoming net-zero carbon by 2050. Have you thought about what your contribution will be? If you own a business, how will you lower your energy costs and reduce your environmental impact? Well, help is at hand. East Sussex businesses can apply for grant funding to install energy saving measures. To find out how you can benefit, contact LED-UK Lighting Ltd for more information. We pride ourselves on being experts in lowering energy costs for all types of businesses. An example: electricity bills for warehouses and industrial units are typically high but switching to a LED Lighting System will reduce that bill by 71% in most cases. LED-UK can also help with your funding application and we offer a FREE site survey up front to establish your business requirements. Please contact LED Lighting Ltd on 01424 222200 or email

Embrace adventure with a cliff abseil in aid of the NSPCC The NSPCC’s volunteer group in Brighton is looking for adventurous individuals to participate in an exciting 115ft abseil. For those who choose to accept it, the challenge will be to abseil down the wonderful white cliffs at Friars Bay in Peacehaven on August 15th. Participants will be asked to fundraise £100 for the NSPCC, every penny of which will be donated to its efforts to protect children in the UK and Channel Islands. Experts and all equipment will be provided, as usual, by Hatt Adventures and costs £30 per person on top of the fundraising target to cover all instruction and equipment on the day. One week before the event participants will receive a one hour time slot, so the site will never be too busy or crowded. To find out more visit: page 15

Loch Associates Group wins Professional Services Award 2021 Loch Associates Group were delighted to be recognised at this year’s Brighton and Hove Business Awards. Pam Loch, founder and Managing Director of Loch Associates Group, is proud to announce that the team received the Professional Services Award for demonstrating excellence in business management underpinned by a strong financial performance and adherence to a professional code of conduct.

Pam explains what the award means to her and the team at Loch Associates Group: “I am so delighted that our team won the Professional Services Award at the Brighton and Hove Business Awards ceremony. A huge thank you and well done to the entire team at Loch Associates Group whose incredible hard work supporting our clients over the last year in developing solutions to help them manage their business and look after their people has been deservedly recognised. I’m so proud to have such a fantastic team working with me and look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.” To find out more about the exceptional services Loch Associates Group provides, visit or call 0203 667 5400.

History made with 1st female Board Chair Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP is delighted to announce the appointment of Helen Bell as their Board Chair. ‘It’s a privilege to be elected by my fellow partners as Board Chair and made even more so as I am the first female Chair to be appointed in the firm’s 125-year history. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and to helping steer the firm to even greater success so that we around for at least the next 125 years.’ Helen Bell page 16

Ellis joins Scaramanga Ellis Wigley joined the Scaramanga design team in May. He has been a designer for over 14 years and has worked across web, interactive TV, mobile, print and all things digital. He’s got a real love for designing websites, ensuring clean and aesthetically pleasing visuals and adhering to accessibility standards. Ellis says it’s more like a hobby that he can get paid for! Still recovering (and riding on the coat tails) from being pranked by his parents and Meatloaf on the Graham Norton Show nearly 20 years ago, he has never overcome his justified fear of hearing “Two out of three ain’t bad” on the radio, however his therapist says progress has been steady. Outside of work, Ellis has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters to keep him busy, be it a cheeky BBQ or getting destroyed by his eldest daughter on Mario Kart. Ellis Wigley

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Are Excel passwords useful?

Let’s face it, they are simple to crack, so, they’re useless.….or are they? Let’s compare software security with physical locks on doors. We have different types of locks on different doors. The bathroom door lock is weak. The front door lock is stronger. A bank vault lock is very strong. So, if neither bathroom nor front door locks compare to the bank vault are they useless? No, of course not. They are appropriate for their job. The bank vault could contain items worth millions of pounds, but the bathroom lock is there to prevent embarrassment. To some extent we can use the same principles with computer security. Excel security is weak but can prevent something being accidentally or casually changed. So, understand what you have, understand what security you need and act appropriately. Do use Excel passwords but beware, it’s no Bank Vault!! Mark Kendal is a Solutions Analyst with Sussex Data Solutions and is currently advising and helping clients with their use of Microsoft products such as Excel and PowerApps.

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A day in the Why adopt life of an R&D cloud print management? Specialist Hi, I am Tim and I work in tax. Except, it’s a good tax - the tax that I give back to you. My job takes me around the country and I meet amazing people who do amazing things. Yet often they are not aware of how amazing they are until I inform them that they qualify for some of their money back for the jobs they do every day.

According to Quocirca: 73% of organisations expect to transition to cloud print management by 2025. Here are some of the reasons why businesses are making the switch: Cost reduction Moving to a cloud-based subscription model avoids capital expenditure and lowers operating costs associated with traditional on premise platforms.

Every business has a special story and behind the scenes there is always a dream. Recently, I prepared a claim for a company that designs bespoke furniture. Every project for them is as unique as an individual client, for example, a series of tables and chairs inspired by childish memories of watching the lunar landing. Every project is a story of passionate people driven by purpose, who aren’t afraid of taking financial risks, to develop something that excites and inspires.

Reduced IT burden A cloud print infrastructure managed by a thirdparty provider, such as Principal, leaves IT teams able to focus on more strategic activities. Flexibility and security Cloud print platforms enable convenient anywhere, anytime, any device printing for mobile workers. Print jobs can be released from any print device through secure user authentication. Technological innovation New functionality can be promptly implemented either for all users or for a subset of them. It can also better support the rapid delivery of initiatives such as digitisation, security and analytics. Contact Barry Hunt,

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Chichester becomes a top-25 UK university Chichester named UK’s 25th-best university in National Student Survey (NSS) 2021 Results show satisfied students among happiest in UK University climbs 26 places on last year’s survey The University of Chichester has been named in the UK’s top-25 in a national ranking. Results from the 2021 National Student Survey (NSS) placed the West Sussex institution in 25th position out of 156 others. It climbed 26 places on last year’s survey, which is measured on the ratings of its final-year students. Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Longmore: said: “Receiving high scores from our students off the back of an extremely demanding year highlights our dedication to creating an inclusive community of care that leaves no one behind. Becoming a top-25 UK university is a powerful statement for Chichester. To rise 26 places in the survey shows that students value the community which has supported them throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.” The NSS survey, which is commissioned by the Office for Students, polls final-year students about their time spent in higher education. Chichester’s courses performed well across the board with eight departments in the UK’s top 20.

Read more about how the University's history of providing an enriching student experience boosted their NSS ratings at

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Should Employers Shift Towards Green Vehicles? Should employers shift towards green vehicles? Despite the potentially high personal tax charge, many employees still enjoy and prefer the convenience of being offered the use of a company car by their employer.

Those employers familiar with the benefitin-kind tax rules will be aware the tax impact on the employee is much lower for those that choose lower emission cars. On 6 April 2020, new benefit-in-kind percentage bands were introduced which took into account very lowemission cars and electric cars, favouring full electric cars more. With more options on the market and with better infrastructure, they are now a much more viable option for an employer looking to provide an employee with a tax-efficient company car. The past few years have also seen a significant increase in awareness of climate change among the general public and how individuals’ choices can contribute to a greener future. Talk to Richard Place Dobson about the tax elements of electric cars.

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Events Thursday 10th August - Woods Mill Nature Reserve: Guided Walk & Networking 10.30 - 12.30 Join gdb and Sussex Wildlife Trust in late summer to observe a range of species that call Woods Mill Nature Reserve home. £25+VAT for gdb Members Only

Wednesday 22nd September - The gdb Business Breakfast - September 2021 8.30 - 10.00 Brought to you in partnership with Crawley College £15+VAT for gdb Members £17.50+VAT for Non-Members

Friday 27th August – gdb August 2021 Members Meeting 11..30 -12.45 Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members Free of Charge for gdb Members Non-Member Fee Applies

Tuesday 28th September - gdb AGM 2021 at Cottesmore Hotel Golf & Country Club and Thakeham Group 10.45 - 12.00 Free for gdb Members Non-Member Fees Apply

Tuesday 7th September- gdb Virtual Elevenses & Networking 10.30 - 11.30 Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members gdb Members Only Wednesday 15th September - Lunch & Networking at Malmaison Brighton 12.00 - 14.30 Join us for a sociable lunchtime of Networking and a delicious three course lunch. £35 + VAT for gdb Members £45 + VAT for Non-Members

Tuesday 28th September- gdb September 2021 Members Meeting at Cottesmore with Thakeham Group 12..30 -14.30 Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members Free of Charge for gdb Members £25 + VAT for Non-Members

Deadline for October 2021 25th September For more details email