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Diamond Rough Cut April 2021

Hello from Jeff Welcome to the April 2021 edition of your Diamond Rough Cut. Are you looking to adapt your business for new opportunities as our economy recovers? Or are you ambitious to scale-up your existing business model? Whatever your plans, there is expertise within the Gatwick Diamond business community to help you along the way – or even to help you to set a new direction of travel. Member-to-member support has always been a big part of what gdb is all about. Diamond Experts makes that support easier to reach than ever. As you will see from page 2, we have had a huge response from members prepared to share their expertise with you and other businesses within the gdb community. Diamond Experts is now fully up and running so follow the link to take full advantage of the expert support available for your business. At our March members meeting we gauged the readiness for returning to face-to-face events. Over 80% of members said that if things continue to progress as expected they would look forward to attending physical events as the summer progresses. So, with such a positive response, we are now even more enthusiastically developing a new events and networking programme – watch this space! Thanks to all contributors to this edition of Diamond Rough Cut. As ever, it so good to see how much is going on within our community as we look ahead to better times.

We're here to help! Meet the Diamond Experts

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Gatwick Diamond Business is much more than just a networking organisation. We are a business community characterised by member-tomember support, providing an environment in which members come together and share knowledge, expertise and connections. 'Diamond Experts' is aimed at matching the expertise within our membership with the initial guidance needs of other members looking to grow their businesses. Our 'Diamond Experts' are ready to offer businesses within the gdb community up to 90 minutes of complimentary advice. The areas of expertise offered are: Business Development Environmental & Energy Services Financial Services IT Support / Digital Services Legal Services Recruitment / HR Sales / Marketing / PR

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Training / Education

Have you reviewed your R & D Tax Consultant costs? Are you being charged more than 12%? Are you confident you are not exposed to compliance risks? Could you be claiming more Tax Relief? Why not consider a free audit/review?

What have you got to lose? RandDTax have gained more than £162m for over 1,390 companies since September 2012 whilst maintaining a 100% success rate. At the outset many clients did not realise the full scope of their qualifying development work or process improvements. Whilst it is possible to claim with the assistance of your accountant, our services cannot be compared. Would you ask your GP to perform surgery? It is the same with R&D tax, your exposure to compliance risk is increased, let alone the possibility of not maximising your claim. RandDTax are specialists in R&D Tax relief, we meet every 6 months with HMRC as part of the R&D Consultative Committee, which enables us to keep abreast of the latest changes in the reporting requirements and the current interpretation of the legislation by the Inspectors. Contact Tim Walsh – email or Mobile 07868 304863

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Cleankill’s Gold renewal proves dedication to staff

Cleankill Pest Control is celebrating after retaining its Investors in People Gold Award gold accreditation. Gold accreditation demonstrates that Cleankill has a full range of important policies in place and that everyone in the company takes ownership for making them come to life. Only 17% of the Investors in People accredited organisations achieve Gold. In 2018 Cleankill became the first pest control company in England to be certified ‘GOLD’ by Investors in People and in 2021, following another intensive audit, retained the Gold status. Now with a turnover of more than £3 million and employing 50 staff, Cleankill has won a string of awards for being ‘green’, customer service and corporate social responsibility. Commenting on the award, Cleankill Managing Director Paul Bates, said: “We believe that the success of our organisation begins and ends with our people. If we make work better for everyone, we make work better for our customers.”

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Rewards in Apprenticeships “Having worked in Hospitality since I was 16, I wanted to explore new opportunities and progress my career. I was given the opportunity to do a Business Administration Apprenticeship with a recruitment company, but due to the pandemic I was let go. I was so disappointed and asked my Apprenticeship provider Rewards Training to help me find another placement. Fortunately, they saw potential in me and hired me as their apprentice. This allowed me to continue my studies and gain work experience. I have gained so many new skills in data management, data entry, apprenticeship selection processes and many new systems. I am currently working from home, but I am lucky to work with such a supportive team. I have received amazing support from my tutor, who supports my progress and sets weekly coursework tasks. I am really enjoying learning whilst working!” Ella Sparrow- Recruitment Apprentice with Rewards Training

Need to fill your business’s digital skills gap University of Chichester have recently launched a new range of short (free) courses to help businesses fill a range of skill gaps. The courses are led by the Innovation South Virtual Campus and are hosted online to provide safe tuition. They teach various digital skills that businesses have told us they are currently being missing. See the link to the newly created course list here: These are free courses and cover key areas such as digital marketing, competitor analysis, and IT skills including software development and cyber security. Further information from the University of Chichester here:

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Retired Detective pens debut crime thriller

...and donates royalties to local hospice

Local author and retired Detective Chief Inspector, George Smith is donating royalties from his debut crime novel to St Catherine’s Hospice. A Secret Existence follows Ben Swan, a Detective Chief Inspector seconded to the UK Counter Terrorism Command when he’s recruited by MI5. Ben relies on his fellow officers, but he knows nothing about their true identities, and finds the anonymity of his existence difficult to accept.

During his own career, George spent five years as Head of Brighton Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and was the first serving UK officer to be seconded to the Security Service (MI5). George said, “Several years ago my mother suggested I talk about my police career at a Women’s Institute meeting. I couldn’t refuse my mother! So, I presented ‘My Life of Crime’ which sowed the thought of writing a novel. Now it’s done, I’m donating my royalties to St Catherine’s because their community nursing team is supporting one of my daughters.”

George Smith

A Secret Existence is available on Amazon now:

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Magnificent Seven DMH Stallard’s regional corporate team delivers seven deals in seven days Budget focus sees deals valued over £120m completed in short order. DMH Stallard’s regional corporate team completed seven deals in seven days, with a total value well in excess of £120m. Head of Corporate, Jonathan Grant, comments: “Even with our experienced five-partner regional team this was exceptional, driven by widespread concerns of increases in CGT rates in the budget.

“We delivered deals for clients across Sussex and Surrey, with a number of deals in financial and professional services, technology and one in cycling; all sectors which have pushed forward this year. There was a strong showing from private equity, pushing average deal values up.

“All credit to Helen Mead, Danos Athanasi, Kate Norgett and Abigail Owen and to the whole team for driving these deals through and performing to such a high standard.”

Jonathan Grant

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Businesses IT & the route out of lockdown Now that plans for the route out of lockdown are in place, what does that mean for your IT plans? With your confidence building in future business conditions, your uncertainty may now be shifting towards what you are doing with your IT. Questions around IT processes don’t often arise until something isn’t working, something needs a costly upgrade, or something is changing. Why fix something if it’s not broken? Quite simply, if you always do what you’ve done before, you’re only going to get the same results. Nothing is going to change if your IT systems and processes don’t change too. So if you limped through lockdown, now is the time to change. Digital transformation with Extech Cloud ensures that you have the systems in place that you need when you need them. Speak to the experts to get the facts. Contact the team on +44 (0) 1444 443200, email or visit

Hydrate or Dehydrate? That is the Question

Nick Swan of Love Water has started to explain in a 20-minute simple and entertaining way, why keeping hydrated is important for the mind and body. It started when one of Love Water's clients, The Jewellery Channel contacted Nick and explained that they were having a "Virtual" Wellness Week and wondered whether Love Water could contribute. As Love Water is all about encouraging wellness through good hydration, a few facts and recommendations were easy to communicate. The main point of the presentation is to avoid the very negative effects of dehydration, which in the short term can cause lack of concentration, headaches and tiredness. Long terms can cause poor skin quality and poor health!

So, the key is never to feel thirsty, as if you do.....You are probably already dehydrated! Contact Nick if you would like to book in the presentation;

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Time For Transition

Sarah from Development Garden Reflects

When the pandemic started, widespread reactive change driven by factors beyond our control occurred. Businesses and people demonstrated pace, flexibility, resilience, creativity and a capacity to adapt with little time for discussion or contribution.

5 fun facts about your brain by

Your brain structure changes in accordance with your thoughts. Your brain weighs about 3 pounds.

As we transition to our new normal, we have a chance to be proactive and to understand: What this experience has taught us What we want and need to preserve from this experience and take with us into our future What we can’t wait to rediscover as we return to the workplace and establish new working patterns and processes Business clients are asking us for help in a variety of ways to ensure that everyone returns to work safely, feeling engaged and un-conflicted and with appreciation for how they have coped in the most challenging times. If we can help you coach and support your people through this next wave of change, please do contact us, we’d love to help! Sarah Cooper – Director, Coach and Facilitator Tel: 07736 414097/ 01342 892808

The critical thinking region of your brain is supressed when you are stressed. Your brain is about 75% water. All pain comes from the brain. page 9

Adapt a flexible approach to suit your market East Surrey College expands courses to adults within the local community

As a Further Education provider in the community, we are proud to say that we have been able to support our students, staff and business partners while adapting to the changing landscape. In order to continue to give students access to the wide range of career pathways offered across many industries, we participated in several national virtual events as well as offering a series of virtual Open Events over the past year. By using technology, we continued to engage with prospective students and their parents remotely, showcasing the broad offer of Full-time, Part-time, Higher Education and Apprenticeship programmes available at the College. Our part-time offer has recently been expanded to include a selection of courses to support adults within the local community. These have been designed to help adults upskill and improve their employment opportunities. Visit our website to explore the full range of courses available.

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Congratulations to the Creative Process Digital Apprentices

Despite being a year into the pandemic it’s fantastic to see so many local employers hiring new digital apprentice talent. Confidence is returning and with most of us having experienced more digital transformation in the last year than we have in the last five years the demand for digital skills is booming. Creative Process are welcoming a new group of 25 digital apprentices as they start new jobs with a wide range of employers who are committed to supporting young people and embedding digital apprenticeships and skills as a part of their growth strategy. More than ever employers understand that digital skills and capabilities are critical for effective working in the 21st century and for staying ahead of the game. Take advantage of the new bonus scheme and secure £3,000 for each new apprentice!

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Innovate to Accumulate Access2Funding asks can you answer 'yes'

The past 12 months haven’t been easy – but the light at the end of the tunnel appears to be in sight for us all, phew! Has your business had to innovate to survive? As a limited company, you could be eligible for Research & Development (R&D) tax relief. Can you answer ‘yes’ to these questions? Have you created new products, processes or services? Did you encounter scientific or technological uncertainties in any projects? Did the project(s) seek to achieve an advancement within your industry?

Scaramanga Agency Creates Our animation process began by getting to know about Tutorwiz in detail and then writing the script for the explainer video and the two Facebook adverts. Our motion designers then used the script to develop an animation storyboard, showing the progression of the video, the illustration style we proposed using and how we planned to match the colour scheme to the client's branding.

If your business has changed the way it works through innovation, then you could be performing R&D without claiming the benefits. Access2Funding is one of the UK’s leading R&D specialists and we successfully returned £23m of R&D tax relief to SMEs in the last 12 months. Why not find out if you are eligible with a 30-minute chat with Access2Funding’s Sam Watkins today? Call her on 07936 943 425 or email

Native Facebook adverts Part of the initial brief was to create two native Facebook adverts. Tutorwiz wanted to boost engagement and response rates with video and, given that so many parents would be browsing on their phone, we agreed that the native Facebook format would be the best. The two ads take a different angle, and our goal was to grab attention in the first two to three seconds. The ads have been delivering great results!

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The Great British Switch Off Don’t let your business get left behind warn Structured Communications If you didn’t know already, in 2023 the UK telephone network will be changing profoundly. This is the year that new sales of analogue telephone services will end, and by 2025 they’ll be switched off altogether! That means in the next two-to-four years your business will need to switch to an entirely different means of voice communication. You’ll no longer be able to rely on your traditional telephone line for for making business calls. Chris Dale, MD at Structured Communications, said “Copper has served us well but it is coming to an end of it’s working life and we are keen to support the gdb group with solutions to ensure businesses are not spending unnecessary money on legacy systems which are no longer functional in practice.” For more information on preparing for the switch off, please contact for a consultation.

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Like all being in the same room! gdb Member - The Wilky Group are pleased to offer Covid-secure video conferencing at Fetcham Park

Fetcham Park, near Leatherhead, has added a dynamic, game changing video conferencing solution designed for collaborative working, think tanks, training and legal work in a private, focused Covid-secure setting. The new all-in-one system is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. It combines seamlessly with Fetcham Park’s business-grade internet providing a safe and reliable connection. Features include a 4k camera, stereo audio sound, speaker and camera tracking, and audio curtains to filter out disruptive noise. The lighting and scale of the rooms have been configured to give meetings the highest level of professionalism. Unlike a typically compact meeting space, the spacious rooms comfortably host a group call with up to four colleagues (following social distancing guidelines). High ceilings, large, opening windows and doors onto the gardens, provide plenty of fresh air flow and ventilation. Use of the system is included in the room hire at no additional cost. Simply link your PC or laptop to the unit. Visit: or contact 01372 371 000

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Midnight expands client portfolio with global alternative fuels producer

Midnight Communications, an award-winning PR agency based in Brighton, has been appointed by Waste Knot Energy, an innovative fuel manufacturer that supplies pellets made from waste materials as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Primarily targeting key decision makers at power stations and manufacturers of cement and steel, Midnight’s objectives are to educate audiences on the benefits of using these pellets, which are ideal for high-energy-use industries. These benefits include decarbonisation, high energy content, reduction in waste going to landfill, reduced costs and fuel security.

Flo Powell & Alex Hankinson

“Ultimately, Midnight aims to raise awareness of, and preference for, Waste Knot Energy as the alternative fuel manufacturer of choice and drive the sale of its pellets among potential customers across the UK and beyond,” said Midnight’s joint managing director Flo Powell. “The company is highly innovative and making great strides in helping to fight climate change, so we are very excited to be appointed.”

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The Credible Thank-you! Some cultures will thank you for doing something and some will not. Indeed, in some places, it could be considered offensive! It is a tricky subject, so get to know the cultures you work with. The ‘credible thankyou’ works within and beyond your own company. Someone has gone the extra mile and you want to acknowledge that... directly, to their manager, on social media (if appropriate). Some people are reluctant to thanks others when they are not getting thanked themselves. However, why would you thank other people if no-one is thanking you? Here are a few reasons: 1.When you publicly thank others, you will also get noticed. A credible thank-you raises your profile. 2.The thanker is in a position of power (even if a small amount). Why are you thanking them? Because you were leading or managing something, delivering something… and they helped you? What did they help you with? 3.Thanking others is within your control, being thanked is not. If you wait for others to thank you (in order to be noticed), you are not in the driving seat. If you get a public thank-you, then that’s great… but don’t expect it. 4.If your organisation does not have a thank-you culture, then you are promoting one… and if you don’t do it, who will? As an aside, have you ever received a hand-written card or note of thanks. Have you still got it? Many recipients keep those notes for years! If appropriate, when you are offering others a credible thank-you, consider a handwritten note rather than the generic email. Over a period of time, the person who gives credible thanks will raise their own profile. If you publicly thank a person for genuine reasons, you get noticed for the right reasons! Joe Cheal, Imaginarium Learning & Development (excerpt from his book “Driving Your Destiny: Taking Control of Your Career and Living Goals”)

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Turning the tide

The Help Our Kelp Restoration Project, Sussex Wildlife Trust

The Help Our Kelp restoration project has achieved a major milestone for marine conservation in Sussex. Trawling is no longer allowed over 300 km2 of Sussex coastline thanks to a new byelaw. This really is fantastic news and allows the kelp forest restoration to finally get underway. Sussex Wildlife Trust are determined to enable the kelp forest to restore and recover across this huge area of Sussex coast. Thank you to everyone who was supported the Help Our Kelp restoration project, Sussex Wildlife Trust will share this journey with our supporters, updating you on what is happening on the seabed over the coming years. Visit to sign up to the newsletter or contact for further information.

Meet Chestnut Tree House fundraiser, Amber Lilly The pandemic has certainly changed the world of fundraising, but what hasn’t changed is how your support makes a difference to charities like Chestnut Tree House. Thanks to you, children and young people with lifeshortening and life-threatening conditions across Sussex get the care and support they need. Last March, the world of a fundraiser drastically changed, as it did for many others. Of course, we were concerned as without donations and fundraising, children’s hospice care wouldn’t be possible. And it was clear that families needed care and support more than ever. But the support of the local business community has been overwhelming. People took on team challenges via Zoom, ran marathons in their gardens and climbed mountains on their stairs. I don’t know what the year ahead will look like, but Chestnut Tree House will continue to be there for local children and families. And that is thanks to your ongoing support.

Amber Lily

You can find out more about Chestnut Tree House at

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How can I better setup my workplace? Principal share tips on working from home Get your laptop up higher Ideally, you want the screen to be up level with your eyes, this will stop you from bending your neck and increasing the chance of headaches. Now there are plenty of options to help with this – could be something as simple as some old books. Use a separate keyboard and mouse Laptop keyboards are often smaller than a full size keyboard and they are flat which puts your wrists in an odd position. Even if you like working with a laptop keyboard then once you have lifted your screen you won’t be able to use the keyboard. Use an external screen Laptop screen screens are often smaller than at 22″ or 24″ that you would get in an office, but most laptops will support an external screen. If you can fit one into your workspace then they are worth it. Again it would be suitable to get the screen lifted so that they are level with your eyes. If you need help with setup, software and security whilst working from home please visit -

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NSPCC safeguarding training Councils and Police Campaign for Sussex Workers to take NSPCC Safeguarding Training During the first three months of 2021, safeguarding partnerships and police across Sussex joined forces with the NSPCC to encourage workers to take free training to help protect children. Aimed at threshold workers such as postal workers, delivery drivers and housing maintenance staff, the NSPCC’s ‘It’s Your Call’ training was completed by more than 400 people in Sussex in the first two months of the campaign. This is thanks to the support of Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnerships in West Sussex, East Sussex Brighton & Hove and Sussex Police. During the pandemic, children and young people have spent more time behind closed doors, meaning some have been at a greater risk of abuse and neglect. Though most children have now returned to school, most other support networks such as wider family and friends, clubs, and social services still have limited access to protect children. To take the training visit -

Take a look at our Events Page for all the upcoming events. Get connected page 19

The importance of secure passwords Ingenio Technologies tips on how to keep your password secure

Passwords provide the first line of defence against anyone unauthorised to access that information, preventing hackers from stealing confidential information. How many different passwords do you have? Passwords can be frustrating; you may end up locking yourself out of your own account because you can’t remember your password. You may just have one easy memorable word, so you don't forget your password. Having simple passwords puts your account at risk Having a simple password makes it incredibly easy for hackers to access your accounts, especially if you use the same password for multiple sites. This could lead to a data breach and cost your business around £25,000. So, how do you make sure your passwords are secure enough to keep your business safe? Check out our blog to discover how to keep your passwords secure - Ingenio Technologies 01273 806211

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Return to an office fit for purpose IT Document Solutions offers free technology review

There is now light at the end of tunnel and with the lifting of restrictions only weeks away, many will be looking forward to returning to the office. But, is what we left behind still fit for purpose? Working practices have evolved over the past 12 months and hybrid working is set to become commonplace (mix of home and office) with many businesses considering reducing their office space to lower their overheads and give their staff greater flexibility. To complement the new hybrid working environment the technology needs of the business will have changed, with remote support required for these new working practices. There has never been a better time to reassess your technology requirements and where possible make improvements operationally and commercially. ITDS Managed Services are offering a free, no obligation technology review to all gdb members. We will do a comprehensive audit of your existing technology across the business and identify where you can make improvements, which will help your business to work smarter. Our recommendations will include productivity tools, security, remote monitoring, and employee wellness. page 21

The difference a financial controller can make to your business Now, more than ever before, it’s vital that SME business owners understand their key numbers. With the right management information in front of you, it can be relatively easy to optimise your profits and cash flow and to improve performance where required. Our recent SME survey revealed that almost a quarter (21.3%) of business owners felt they had no-one to talk through their options and plans with. And 13% of business owners identified accessing the right management information as one of their biggest financial challenges. A financial controller can help with both of these issues, interpreting what numbers are actually indicating and presenting that information to you in a meaningful way – so you can make better data-led decisions and ensure you have full control and visibility. Find out more about the difference an FC can make to your business in our latest blog at Alternatively call us now on 01252 820002 or email

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Meet Matthew Morgan – our newest recruit

At Control Energy Costs we were fortunate to have Matthew Morgan join us in October 2020 as a client manager looking after all aspects of energy metering. Matthew Morgan said “I have been made to feel welcome and the company has been very supportive – energy is a new sector for me, so it has been a steep learning curve, but I have really enjoyed the learning process because everyone is so helpful and approachable. “ Here are a few fun facts about Matthew He studied Geography at university He has already been promoted from Junior Client Manager to Client Manager He has become a big American football fan after playing it at university He spent 5 months travelling around Asia experiencing new cultures and exploring amazing places Matthew has also given us all a bit of stiff competition as he came in and swooped first prize in the quiz! So, we are all going to have to up our game a bit for the next one as we clearly have a seasoned quizzer on our hands, as well as an excellent new team member willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Matthew Morgan

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Events Wednesday 7th April - Survive & Thrive: Driving Future Growth in the Gatwick Diamond 13.00 - 14.00 This webinar will focus on how to go about rebuilding this vital area and ways small and growing business can carve out a new path for themselves. Free for gdb Members & Non-Members

Thursday 20th April – The Power of Community - Building your Business Connections 9.30 - 10.45 Join gdb, Manor Royal BID, Burgess Hill Business Parks Association, East Grinstead Business Association, Haywards Heath Business Association. Free for gdb Members & Non-Members

Tuesday 13th April - Refocus Reshape Respond: The Enterprise Readiness & Resilience Programme 12.00 - 13.30 Join gdb, Roffey Park and Manor Royal BID for this programme on how to help you get future ready Free for gdb Members & Non-Members

Friday 30th April– gdb April 2021 Members Meeting 11..30 -12.45 Stay connected with the gdb Team and your fellow Members Free of Charge for gdb Members Non-Member Fee Applies

Thursday 15th April - 'Ask the Expert' University of Sussex 11.00 - 12.00 'How can innovation help my business come back better post-COVID?' Free for gdb Members Non-Member Fee Applies

Deadline for June 2021 25th May For more details email