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Š2012 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

Unless it's the road calling, it's going straight to voicemail. Escape to new realms of performance in the all-new 2013 Boxster. A two-seat tribute to record-setting roadsters of the past. But like nothing you've seen before. With its push-button retractable roof and athletic mid-engine balance, the new Boxster connects you to every subtle nuance of the pavement. And the sheer ecstasy of open roads ahead and open skies above. Porsche. There is no substitute.

Experience the new 2013 Boxster.

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TASTETHEROAD By The Alabama Charlie

Welcome to Motorfest’s summer garage issue, dedicated to all things with motors, even wines with pictures of a truck, a car, or maybe a motorcycle on the bottle label. Wine reviews here-in are solely my personal opinion of the label. I have no formal training in wine tasting, I don’t drink wine, I don’t know what they taste like and am not involved in the wine industry in any way. I am just a guy in a second-hand mechanic shirt pontificating on the merits

of a good label. Motorfest wine reviews are a thing of rarity, savior this one... Today’s vintage example would be Adobe Road Winery which is owned by renowned sports car racer and entrepreneur Kevin Buckler and his wife, Debra. In 1992 Kevin founded The Racer’s Group (TRG) and grew it into an internationally prominent manufacturer and distributor of performance Porsche parts, while simultaneously building a career Continued on Page 66 SPRING 2012


Motorfest Magazine is pleased to bring you Motorfest Magazine’s first annual Garage issue. This issue is the most ambitious photography project to date; and the culmination of five photoshoots, i nvolv i n g f ive ph o to graph e r s an d dozens of beautiful models from all over the United States. Along with a collection of exotic cars and motorcycles, our models also had the opportunity to be photographed with a large sport fishing yacht, and even a vintage World War Two tank!


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MotorFest EVENT 2012 Florida Panhandle’s Biggest Car Show of the Year Welcome to Florida’s Emerald Coast, featuring the vacation destinations of Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, & Okaloosa Island

SUMMER 2012 by land, by air, by sea

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF FRANK BERTE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT THE ALABAMA CHARLIE EDITOR EXCELSIOR THE LIBERTINE _________________________ Art Director - Aldo Itmaiway Director of Photography - Roland Moriarty Web Development - Destin Interactive Contributors Jeffrey Osborn, Ross Cenntani, Amber Raynne, Brooke Laflin Brittain O’Connor

Editorial inquiries MotorFest Magazine For Sales, Advertising & Information Please Call 850.585.3053 WRITTEN & PRODUCED IN DESTIN FLORIDA

_________________________ MotorFest Magazine PO Box 236 Destin, Florida 32541 Letters to the Editor may be mailed to the Address above or submitted by visiting the website at 227 miles of white sandy beaches stretching from Pensacola to Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle For two weeks this coming October MotorFest will be the largest motor and lifestyle show in the U.S.

_________________________ Cruisin the Beaches of the Emerald Coast Come live and work in paradise!

Portraiture, fashion, advertising & wedding photography Roland Moriarty - 850.358.0764


Religion - some us have it some of us don’t - or do we? Ever notice how certain people only drive Audis? Sorry make that Chevys and some guys only drive Fords? Never mind what the car you drive says about you specifically - look at the bigger picture: “Some people drink Pepsi some people drink Coke, the wacky morning dj says democracy’s a joke” (- Cake). Is it possible there is a symmetry between various automotive brands and the regional religions they represent? Could they be allegorical to the people who build them? In the world around us we would have Ferrari and Lamborghini Roman Catholics, Porsche and BMW Lutherans, Tata Hindus, Hondas and Toyotas would be then have to be Shinto...

Not surprisingly people stay true to their religions. Our own Destin Car Club sees this monthly in our meetings that could be strictly Porsche Centric if it weren’t for the occasional Nissan or Ferrari. Now do we kick these slobs out - of course not - we are trying to convert them. Recently we took a quick trip to the country armed with only 50 feet of rope and a Volvo XC 90. Just a couple of Volvo Guys on the trip up. But on the drag back I personally converted a new member to the Lutheran church. Our own copywriter, The Libertine became a proud Porsche owner. A very humble sum to join our church giving way to a huge amount of enthusiasm bestowed upon a rusty throw away car - pulled from the

Toni has faith in any car with cold AC, an iPod jack and a convertible top to get her closer to the Egyptian sun goddess sekhmet

XK engine developed in WW II • Producing 210 BHP Propelling the XK140 to a staggering (for the 50’s) 120 MPH • 0-62 MPH came in a neck-snapping 8.4

The 1958 Jaguar XK140 • Light British Chassis combined with a robust inline 6 • Druid Engineering at its 3-time LeMans Winning finest.

GODSmustbecrazy - we saved two souls that day. On the largest of scales one more win for glory of Stuttgart. But converts are few and short lived. Save for a brief Babalonian Captivity, I myself dabbled in Shinto in the mid-90’s, I’ve always driven Lutheran otherwise. Is one religion the best? Certainly in the 50’s the Druids had the sportscar market locked up, save for those Stonehedge electronics that somehow didn’t translate very well. What of Saab, Delorean and Studebaker - gone forever or poised for a renaissance? The time-faith continuum will tell. We here at Motorfest welcome all of you, no mater what drives your faith, in a very Unitarian Universalist way, but lets get one damn thing square, this here’s God’s Country - Chesterton once said “If you don’t believe in something you’ll fall for anything.”

Is there a Buddhist Geely in your future?

Blue Angels ‘12 air show The 2012 season commemorates the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and celebrates 100 years of Marine Aviation. July 14th 2012 Pensacola Beach, FL

Concorso Italiano Laguna Seca Golf Ranch August 17th, 2012 Monterey, CA

EOSS MOTORFEST 2012 Saturday, Sep. 22, 2012 Panama City Beach, Fl

Playground Corvette Club October 13th 2012 Sandestin Golf Beach Resort 15th Annual Petit Le Mans The Petit Le Mans (French for little Le Mans) is a sports car endurance race held annually at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia, USA. It uses the rules established for the 24 hours of Le Mans by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), which are slightly modified if necessary, mainly to allow additional cars to compete. Oct. 17-Oct. 20 BRASELTON, GA


ATTRACTIONS 12th Annual Navarre Car, Truck, & Bike Show Saturday, October 20th, 2012 Navarre High School Thunder Beach 2012 Autumn Rally Oct 10-14 Panama City Beach, Fl

Destin Grand & Exotic Car Show & Rally October 26-27, 2012 At Grand Boulevard, Sandestin, Fl

Emerald Coast Cruizin The South’s Best Blast from the Past

20 12 Motorfest- October 2012

Northwest Florida Largest Motoring Event. This October the Emerald Coast will host the largest motor and lifestyle show on any U.S. beach. The Road Rally – 227 miles of white sandy beaches stretching from Pensacola to Apalachicola in the Florida Panhandle The Shows-Thunder Beach, Playground Corvette, Navarre Car, Truck & Bike Show, Freeport Cruisers, Commando Cruise-In, Destin Grand & Exotic Car Show & Emerald Coast Cruizin.

November 5-10, 2012 Panama City Beach, Fl

The B-17 Flying Fortress was the heavyweight boxer of WWII. Of the 1.5 million metric tons of bombs dropped on Germany and its occupied territories, 640,000 tons fell from the bellies of B-17s leading to their nickname: fliegendes stachelschwein, or “flying porcupine” :: Price as tested: $58200 Courtesy of the intrepid Mrs. Rebecca Ames

SUMMER 2012 13

ThePassingof By Jeffrey Osborn

Many people have been giving careful thoughts to the life of Carroll Shelby since his passing on May 10th. While it is natural to focus on his accomplishments, I will focus on the man himself. When I consider that story along with his accomplishments, something much more profound and, perhaps, more impacting on a personal basis emerges. I did not know Mr. Shelby but had the opportunity to have conversations at various car events over the years with other associates who knew him well. What struck me about the man, not only in such private dialogues as well as his public appearances, was his consistent positive outlook and an attitude of appreciation for the life he had. There was always a sense that we were all paying more attention to him, more than he thought he deserved; he always seemed more comfortable discussing his creations versus his life. His legacy in the automotive world was secured many years ago when the idea struck him to take a well-mannered and excellent handling British sports car that was vastly underpowered and shoe-horn a much larger engine into that

destininteractive Frank Ber té

Senior Principal destininteractive

Frank Ber té


Senior Principal

4 1 0 0 L e g e n d a r y D r i v e , S u i t e 2 4 0, D e s t i n , F L 3 2 5 4 1

850.496.2404 | DESTI NINTERAC TI V E.COM CREATIVE • WEB & MOBILE DEV • ADVERTISING 4 1 0 0 L e g e n d a r y D r i v e , S u i t e 2 4 0, D e s t i n , F L 3 2 5 4 1

850.496.2404 | DESTI NINTERAC TI V E.COM

Our Legend “The race is run, the flag unfurled, the champion now will rest. God speed, Carroll Shelby, we will never forget you. Jan. 23, 1923 - May 10, 2012.” - Shelby Nation package. The Cobra, and a Legend, were born at that moment; created from his spirit of “Let’s try that and see what happens”. From that genesis opportunities came one after the other; from the evolution of the Cobra into the Daytona Coupe followed by the Ford GT-40 and the Shelby Mustangs. And would we even have the latter today if it were not for the Hertz Company renting GT-350’s in the late ‘60’s? The measure of one’s art can also be looked at in how it influences others. Mr. Shelby shines brightly in this arena; the Cobra and the GT-40 are two of the most popular kit cars in the market today. Mr. Shelby himself re-entered the market with new versions of the Cobra when the design became public domain. A lesser man might have been bitter, but Mr. Shelby forged ahead making the best out

of what many considered to be a bad situation. Small cars with large, horsepower engorged engines are a constant theme in specialty garages. A year or so ago, Stacy David did a series of episodes on his television show “Gears” featuring a Mazda Miata with a V-8 bolted in creating “The Banshee”, an updated version of the Cobra concept. We should further remember how Mr. Shelby shook the auto racing world ultimately dethroning the Ferrari grip on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. If it were not for ill health and a doctor’s advice, there is no telling how many newer, faster creations he might have fathered. At his last race as a driver, he was taking heart medication so he could continue to the end. And here again we have him making lemonade from lemons,

taking his love of racing and innovation and moving that passion into the cars themselves. Mr. Shelby’s ability to learn from adversity served him well from both a technological standpoint and a business sense. Certainly others also shared his creative spirit, such as Smokey Yunick; as always in competition, everyone builds on the ideas and concepts of others or, as Sir Issac Newton said “If I have been able to accomplish anything it has been because I stood on the shoulders of giants”. It has been my privilege to be alive during this time in history, to write now about one of the “Giants” and to learn from this “Giant”; no doubt Mr. Shelby is with many friends, too many to mention here, sharing stories and ideas about what is possible. Thanks Carroll for the Inspiration...

SUMMER 2012 15



Aeroprakt RACKET By Aeroprakt Ltd. Kiev, Ukraine

Any Aeroprakt can be fitted with floats and Ronnie Powers decided to buy the only A-22 LS with floats in production and hankered the plane at the Destin Florida Airport. The Aeroprakt A22 LS is a very unique aircraft to look at, in that a major portion of the cabin enclosure can be seen through, giving it almost helicopter like visibility for

The A22 LS features side by side seating, with very comfortable seats, and bubble doors which give more room at the shoulders for pilots. The A22 LS as equipped at the show was selling for $79,900.00 for a fully built and equipped aircraft. The U.S. factory agent is located in Destin Florida, and has been in operation for over a decade. 16 SUMMER 2012

Maximum speed 222 (120) Maneuvering speed 183 (99) Maximum crosswind 14 kts. Service ceiling 4000 m (13 115 ft) Maximum takeoff weight 600 kg (1320 lb) Engine manufacturer: BOMBARDIER, Austria Engine model: Rotax Flat-four, four-stroke Maximum takeoff power: 80 h.p. 100 h.p.

the pilot and passenger. Aeroprakt America Inc. (Deland, Florida, which is just north of Daytona) is the Factory Agent of Aeroprakt Ltd Ukraine. Aeroprakt America Inc. was established for the sales of the A-22LS in Northern America. Aeroprakt Ltd Ukraine was established in 1991. Now the company produces in series A-22, A-24, A-36 light airplanes of various versions. Beside the series production the company is carrying out prospective research and development of special versions of the basic aircraft (airplane for aerial photography, agricultural airplanes, four-seat airplanes). The plane is one of a number of designs that are being produced by the factory, which employs a num-

ber of former employees of the Russian aerospace industry that formerly worked at the Antanoff aircraft factory. The factory has been producing aircraft since 1991. The A22 LS is imported from Kiev in the Ukraine. The A22 LS uses a welded steel fuselage, covered in see through lexan and metal. The nose cowl is composite, with metal wings. Power is supplied by the Rotax 912 S 100 HP Rotax four cylinder four stroke aircraft engine. Ground handling is via a steerable nose wheel, with a center brake lever. The A22 LS has dual rudder pedals and twin yokes. The position of the instrument pod, which is equipped with a Dynon Skyview Glass panel, gives exceptional visibility over the nose.



A Wine Expose’

The only people more passionate than car nuts are wine nuts. If you’ve ever heard of Red Truck Wine, you’ve probably wondered why all the fuss?, if not, stop reading now. Red Truck without doubt is a most bizarre name for a most bizarre wine and the name exudes a persona that is atypical in the world of wine. Labels with personality like Red Truck, Fat B*st*rd, and Three Angry Wives are not always, but just sometimes exactly what the wine is all about, read on... Red Truck Wines deliver a smooth ride of big-hearted, bright, juicy flavor full of youthful energy, but don’t take my word for it, taste it! I just like the label. Whether it’s the happy-go-lucky blends or the classic single varietals, the Truck brand Wines evoke the warmth and adventure of care-free times cruising down the road on a breezy sunny day with the windows rolled down and radio blasting, then coming to a complete stop, getting a safe distance away from your truck and enjoying something juicy and happy-go-lucky. 18 SUMMER 2012

IT’s all IN THE LABEL NO, seriously...

By The Alabama Charlie

The idea for Red Truck Wines began with an iconic painting of a classic, old red truck, at an auction benefiting the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Created by internationally renowned Sonomabased artist Dennis Ziemienski, the light-filled painting of a vintage truck set against a typical Sonoma landscape of soft, golden hills, bright blue sky and cotton ball clouds seemed destined to a sensational new wine label with universal appeal. And so it did, the Original Red Truck Wine, an exhilarating blend of Syrah, Petite Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Mourvedre and Grenache, was introduced in 2002. Initially drawn to the vibrant label, wine lovers quickly discovered the wine, and kept coming back for more.

When Wine Business Monthly named Red Truck one of the “hottest small brands of 2004” the brand shifted into high gear. Since then, Red Truck Winery introduced 3 new models to the line: turbo charged White Truck in 2005 and Pink Truck in 2006. Green Truck, a CCOF certified organic, vegan friendly model from Mendocino and Lake County was launched in 2008. Talented Winemaker, John Allbaugh continues puttin’ the pedal to the metal to make bold, bright wines that rev up the palate and make the engine purr. Award-winning Red, White, Green and Pink Truck Wines deliver a different kind of wine experience. Not too serious, yet full of bold, classic style. Wines sure to make you smile, kick the tires and take us for a spin. To find Red Truck value priced wines go to or ask your local retailer to order a truck for you. Red Truck Wines are produced and marketed nationally by 585 Wine Partners, Sonoma, CA.


KnowBefore YouFly

Cessna 100-Series Education Initiative

In 2011, Cessna Aircraft Company launched a safety initiative to educate owners about new inspection procedures designed to help safeguard against corrosion and fatigue. The initiative affects 145,000 airplanes of the 100- and 200-series built between 1946 and 1986. The program stresses visual inspections for both corrosion and cracks caused by metal fatigue. The latest effort, announced in a recent press release, is aimed at 100-series single-engine piston aircraft owners around the world, and informs them about new supplemental aircraft inspection procedures that will be added to 100-series Cessna service manuals. The inspection procedures are available at no cost on the Customer Service page of Cessna. com. An interactive presentation is available on their site, you can also find a short video at Read more visit:


Caught in the middle of the Allies and the fanatical Gestapo during WWII, Klaus and Klaudia must fight their way out and away, only to make one last stand together surrounded in the middle of the D-Day, the biggest invasion in world history. Now available at Redbox.

MCLARENMP4-12C Artwork Ok As Changes Ok As Is Revision Proof Required STET Reader Don Abreu spied this puppy, lost on the side

Signature of the road in Santa Barbara, CA and posed this question:

What do you get when you cross a carbon fiber chassis, 3.8 twin-turbo, 600bhp V8 and a three second 0-60 time? Not much huh? Well here is the latest - what Ron Dennis and his team of mega sports car engineer/gurus dreamed up, the ultimate ride of all time, the MP4! (not a sound file) Sure, the MonoCell chassis keeps the ride smooth, provides exceptional maneuverability and tames the 8500 RPM readline - but wait - no seating for three??? See more at




BEACH Motorcycle Rally By Amber Reynne

Panama City Beach, May 2nd-6th 2012 Everywhere I look, I see nothing but motorcycles. Every now and then a car can be seen on the roads of Panama City Beach, Florida. I’m riding through on my Kawasaki Vulcan alongside my fiancée on his Honda VTX and we are riding through one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in Florida. Motorcycle enthusiasts have literally taken over Panama City Beach. Trikes, cruisers, and sports bikes are all you can hear during this event. Our first stop was Pier Park for some grub. After riding for a couple of hours, we were quite hungry. Pier Park has a lot of restaurants to dine at, and biker specials were in abundance. Bikes were parked up and down the streets while onlookers took pictures of some of the customized two-wheeled beasts. The next stop was to Frank Brown Park to check out some of the vendors. Many customized bike companies where at this location showing off some of their work. Some companies included Huals Bikes to Custom Trikes Inc, and Klock Werks Kustom Cycles. Wishing I could reach the forward controls on some of these bikes, I walked onto check out some of the other vendors. I found sunglass huts, motorcycle repair shops,

motorcycle parts (Kuryakyn for the most part), more food, and pin striping. Already on motorcycle overload, I found an area where they had stuntmen jumping ramps and flipping in the air on their dirt bikes. As the day went on, the temperature was rising and we decided to ride to another venue with A/C. We parked at the convention center and went inside. Biker apparel and jewelry galore! I decided to get my fiancée this nice stainless steel skull bracelet that was mean looking. Leather shops were setup every where. A biker could buy a whole wardrobe here to last for years.

Other events were going on, including the Miss Thunderbeach beauty pageant, live music from several bands, tattoo contests, and bike washes with bikini clad babes. Night life included live music and drink specials for all the bikers. One of my favorite bars, Coyote Ugly, had one of the biggest crowds. I assume most bikers like watching biker babes dancing on bars, which is the usual at this bar. Also, the mechanical bull was in full force outside the bar for more entertainment. More people were outside checking out all the bikes, taking pictures, and just having a good time. One of the best things about this

event is everybody gets along. The years I’ve attended this event, I haven’t seen one fight, but just a union of a big biker family. The party lasts for days and on Sunday morning everyone hops on their bikes and journey back home. Some people ride from way up north just to

come to this event. My ride is only about one and a half hours, and others travel hours beyond that. Thunderbeach was another success in Panama City Beach this year, and they will be back in October for more biker shenanigans!

backROad Dennis Miller once said the deep south is anything but deep, apparently he never took the time to travel the back roads of Alabama properly. At normal everyday speeds of say a Ford F-150 or Toyota Camry country curves are just a quiet harmless place where the fastest thing around is a bird dog chasing the mail truck. The quite curves are for the most part lonely places full of open spaces dotted by fruit stands every 20 miles or so. Idyllic to some, god’s country is full of pine and oak lined streets, little towns consisting of a small baptist church, a gas station and not


much else. Ever wonder what else might traverse down these curvy country roads? Well read on and learn why you should always look both ways before crossing the street, especially on country roads. A few months back the Libertine challenged us to stage a driving event. Something with a theme, something with speed and purpose. If you have yet to meet the 300lbs wookie speed freak we call Alabama Charlie trappings of his unique personality can be gleaned by his numerous

river run3


By Frank Berte


22 SUMMER 2012

ramblings here in, Motorfest is his grand design. As luck would have it he is a 928 driver - a unique flavor among Porsche types they tend to stick together... So that’s how it all started: Alabama and his 928 brethren, begot the idea to have a high-speed fun run up to Geneva the land where he was raised (I would say went to school but there is strong evidence against that.) And being without a ride that weekend I was called upon to pilot the third, bone stock - yet still quite potent - 928. The three of us set out on a run up to the biggest river festival in Alabama,




river run3

928 \

where the Chatahoochee & pea river meet. As usual Alabama had a short cut and we left destin late in the morning with a blur of flashing blue lights behind us. Once we hit Floralla we opened them up - at 100 + MPH the quiet roads transformed into our own personal racetrack I found myself asking - who lives up here where are they - where is the chicken that crossed the road? Finally after numerous lefts and rights we came to a straight two laner - Alabama Charlie and John the Palestinian lined up their machines, I steadied my camera and they proceeded to light up their tires we had come to the country drag strip. They we close for a while but before long - the Palestinian beat the local boy. The next stop was the gas station in Westville al. We took a photo-op in Opp, Alabama that is. Then continued on up the road. We took the cars up to triple digit speeds as we crossed the state line. I was bringing up the rear of the line as we headed down a very long hill and to my surprise there was a hard right sweeper - fighting the little voice in my head to slow down I stayed on the gas and powered thru the turn - the 928 is a super grande tourer for sure but its sporting roots keep things tight in the testiest of bits. With Gps indicating we were hitting 135mph our back road short cut had us ahead of schedule by about 30 minutes. With the time we saved we were able to park In the middle of the road, and visit with Charlie’s ol’high school buddy, the town judge - it’s always good to know the chief of police. From there we were sheriff escorted thru the River Festival. The ride home gave a few relaxed moments to enjoy the 928s - heavy cars for heavy times - a driving position in line with the space shuttle and 300 bhp create the perfect country road carver.

24 2012 SUMMER SPRING 2012



Women have not always had it so easy and sometimes they still get the short end of the stick when it come to things that involve the MAN’S world. As women, we fought to have equal rights but even in today’s world there are still some that feel women do not belong in some places or jobs. From my personal experience, women can do anything but are limited by some and yet also given amazing opportunities by others. I have been in both positions in my life. I really wish there was equality; when you treat someone well, they tend to perform well and wish to be in the environment created. On the flip side, if you treat people poorly, their performance suffers and they tend not to stick around. Ladies; have you ever walked into an auto parts store or a hardware store and not really been sure what you needed? I’m sure we’ve all been there. When you step through the door, you have a mindset that you will receive help, advice or something along those lines. Due to our gender, it doesn’t always progress smoothly. They either ask to help you and find the parts you need or help you figure out how to fix what you all ready have. Or the other experience, that most women encounter; you are ignored while you look for what it is you need or, worse, they talk down to you like you know nothing and you are not as savvy as they. NEWS FLASH!!! Women are smart; they CAN work on a house or an

automobile. They may need help to increase their knowledge but should always be treated with respect. I have been on the receiving end of these exact words; “I’m sorry, but can I speak with a man who knows what he’s talking about?” WOW; because I’m a woman, this guy wouldn’t talk to me nor even look me in the eyes. This was a traumatic experience for me but I picked myself up and became a manager in that company and had men asking ME how to fix things. That situation was a few years ago but I shall never forget it. If there are any ladies out there who’ve had similar situations to mine, please, never give up; fight for what you believe and pursue whatever it is you love to do even if it means working in a maledominated environment. I did and still do; even to this day, I receive the cold shoulder from men who believe women should be home cooking and raising children all the while being barefoot and pregnant!

SUMMER 2012 27




How can a bulldog service your car, they have no thumbs? Dr. Al Hernandez (nicknamed “Bulldog�), with Heath Hornbaker founded bulldog Motorsports in April 2012. Bulldog, with a stong background in operational management; and a wealth of professional business skills, ensures the operation runs like a welloiled machine. Heath is in charge of all the technical aspects of the operation, and with his experience as a technician for the TRG Racing Team, he brings a diverse skill set to the operation. Steven Steinmeyer, another TRG racing technician, rounds out the team as a service writer and technician. Bulldog Motorsports specializing in repair of maintenance of many makes and models of exotic and European automobiles. They can be found at 281 Azalea Drive, Destin, Florida.

SUMMER 2012 29


About TRG Racing The Racer’s Group (TRG) is a Rolex Sports Car Racing team based in Petaluma, California; and is owned by Kevin Buckler. In recent years, they have had several major wins. They came in First Place in the 2011 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, and Second Place in 2012. They also came in First Place at Laguna Seca.




Das Fling


The Rare air Emerald Coast Volkswagen Car Club show represents the region’s fine collection of VW’s automobiles, many of them still operating as functional vehicles in and around the emerald coast of Florida. The vintage Volkswagen show featuring pre-1967 bugs, buses and VW vehicles. It includes vendors, vee-dub open house on many of the buses often used as traveling homes during the 1960s and 70s, and a drawing with prizes. The club was established in 1989 when two local VW Clubs “Rare Air” & “Emerald Coast” consolidated to form The “Rare Air Emerald Coast VW Club” located in sunny Pensacola, Florida. Rare Air Emerald Coast is a local Volkswagen Car Club with about 90 or so members. Club Members range in age from 13 to 60+. Our members own a variety of vehicles, from original pure stock examples, to extremely modified street and strip machines. Yes we even have “Water Coolers”!!!

Rare Air Club is an excellent resource in the Pensacola area for information, assistance, advice, parts and just about any and everything related to all types of VW’s. If you are in the Pensacola area and need assistance or parts or you just want to talk VW email .... or contact Wild Bill at 850-982-2455. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in VW’s. SUMMER 2012


© Shawn Mahoney

earth warrior

race car

Leilani Münter: By Frank Berte

Driver In a world that bleeds crude oil, ice caps melt and resources are scarce, one woman sits in the pole position poised to change it all. Not long ago, in a college, USC Sandiego, in southern California a mild mannered biology major had chance track encounter, the speed bug bit hard. Coming in a very tightly fought 2nd place in her first soirée, Leilani’s new found passion quickly provided a vehicle with which to educate the masses. Anyone can talk juicy environmental goodness at a Greenpeace convention. It takes real guts (see page 62) to preach the good word on

34 SUMMER 2012

endangered wildlife, renewable energy and fair trade foods to a 100,000 Budweiser infused, Marlboro chomping NASCAR fans. Her mantra is “Never underestimate a vegetarian hippy chick with a race car”... We touched on Leilani briefly in our last issue (Motorfest News, Spring 2012) We were awestruck, here is a person in racing for the betterment of our entire planet.

© Ian Veldhuizen

Tale of Leilani She was an adrenalin junkie - a tom boy - on that faithful day when she was talked into trying out a driving school track day and came into a close

Leilani Münter: Race car driver and environmental activist. She drives in the ARCA Racing Series, and previously drove in the Firestone Indy Lights, the development league of IndyCar.

© Suzanne Hunt

© Adam Taylor

© Michael Bernard © CLEANTECH

Speaking in DC at CleanTech in 2008. Leilani has given over 45 keynote speeches on the environment. She speaks about the issues we are facing as well as her journey from biology graduate to race car driver and environmental activist and why in life it’s good to be different.

contest for number 1, she felt that natural urge to compete. The winning driver came up to her and invited her to try racing. She went on to compete in several Saturday night short track races and the Alison legacy series - a scaled down version 3/4 stock car series. She completed her degree in biology. In 2002 she was racing the late model NASCAR league division. In 2006, while testing at Daytona she watched An Inconvenient Truth - planting the seeds for her environmental charge forward. A short time later a thread started on a NASCAR forum trashing her for being too political. It went back and forth but ultimately the verdict was that the thread was ungrounded 36 SUMMER 2012

in the process it exposed strong bias in NASCAR and racing in general - Lielani realized that by bringing environmentalism to the conversation she was addressing issues the majority of the fans were never exposed to. Bringing the Earths cause to NASCAR opened a conversation to the mainstream type fans in a way that had never been addressed before... In 2007 she ran an Indy car at Kentucky and Chicago, the later in 2009 the movie “The Cove” - film on Dolphin exploitation. The documentary touches on food, water and transportation issues that were moving to everyone who’s seen it but made a huge impact on Leilani, who decided to then promote the film on her race car.

Fueling change 2013 Sunoco’s contract ends and NASCAR sanctioning body will decide on a new fuel with even a higher level of bio based ethanol fuels - Leilani is a big proponent. She pointed ­. As you discover more on her site you’ll see a pattern emerge, one where big business is choking, starving and crushing the education of America and the world. Keeping the public dummied down makes them ripe for exploitation. The efforts of warriors like Leilani are giving the earth a second chance. As we learn we teach, as we teach we grow. For the Earth! More to learn at,,


Ann Nunn


CELL 850.830.6020 | OFFICE 850.837.1016

The Plaza- 4507 Furling Lane- Unit 108 Mirmar Beach Florida 32541


Special thanks goes out to: Mr. Ron Hargrove and the 197th Guards for hosting us, and to the Diva Arsenal, LLC. for providing uniforms for the photo shoot. 38 SUMMER 2012


WW2 The day the Eastern Front came to Alabama By Gregor Rossiya Libertinski Not One Step Back!… This is Gregor Rossiya Libertinski of Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star), reporting from the front, with the 197th Guards; where our brave comrades are defending the workers and peasants of our Motherland from the invading Hitlerites. Our comrades are defending a crossroads of great strategic value for the enemy, we must not let them take control of it. As the crack SS troopers supported by an armored halftrack advance, our brave comrades stand firm. The crack of rifles, and clatter of machine guns is deafening! As our lines are starting to falter, we are relived to hear the sound of a mighty T-34 tank, along with the sound of two Yakolev aircraft of our glorious air defense forces! Our comrades shouted with joy as the aircraft and tank dealt death to the Hitlerites! As the enemy regroups, we make a final hurrah charge, with the words of Uncle Joe Stalin ringing in our ears… NOT ONE STEP BACK! …Wait! This is strange! After the battle, SUMMER 2012




40 SUMMER 2012

the dead are rising to their feet and walking away! My comrades are chatting with the enemy! What is happening here?! Snap out of it Ross! THIs IS a reenactment‌ Historical reenactments, which include both reenactments of famous battles along with Living History

exhibits; have been a very popular activity here in the US, and even more so in Europe for many years. In the South, we are most accustomed to Civil War reenactments, especially around patriotic holidays, and on the anniversaries of notable historical events. But, with the popularity of movies such as Saving Private Ryan, and the television mini-series, Band of Brothers; World War Two



reenacting has been quickly gaining devotees, with hundreds of units representing both axis and allied impressions all across the US. One question one may have is: Why are good, red-blooded Americans doing Axis or Soviet impressions? �Well, the first thing to know about the units that do these""impressions� is that they are apolitical. They do it to honor the individuals who proudly served their respective countries during this conflict; NOT because they adhere to a particular political belief. This is an important point to make for those that perform Axis impressions. A point that was impressed on me was that to the individual soldier, the war was about defending their homeland, and not about Nazism, Communism, or any other political belief.

Yes! That is a real Tank…Really! Mr. Ron Hargrove hosted the Winter Storm event at his farm in Lockhart, AL. Ron, along with being an avid World War 2 reenactor; is also an avid collector of vintage military vehicles. Along with the Soviet T-34 tank used at the event, he also owns many other vintage, operable vehicles including: An US M-36 tank destroyer, US M3A2 halftrack, a German SDKFZ251 halftrack, a Soviet MTLB armored amphibious vehicle, a US M2 scout car, a US M20 Recon armored car, plus a large variety of both Allied and German trucks, jeeps, cars, tractors, a vintage BMW motorcycle with a sidecar, plus a non-flying C-47 transport aircraft on display. Along with his impressive collection of military vehicles, Ron also has an equally impressive collection of vintage military weapons and

equipment of all types; all of which he combined into The WWII Military Vehicle Federation Museum at his home in Lockhart. Ron started his collecting after visiting a Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) event, a swap meet for military vehicle collectors, with his son, Chase; and “caught the bug”. Ironically, two of Ron’s vehicles, the T-34 tank and M-36 tank destroyer, both served in the Bosnian War on opposite sides! Now if you desire a military vehicle, but don’t have the time, skill, and funds SUMMER 2012


BACKYARD to find and restore one; firms such as Diva Arsenal, can build a replica as a fraction of time and expense. Along with vehicles, they can also supply a complete Soviet impression; including a variety of weapons.


We Want You!

Getting involved in WWII reenacting is basically a three-step process. First, decide on an impression you want to portray; then get your uniform, kit, and weapon together, then join

many people, like myself, tend to already have one; usually from a family member. One must take note that if you wish to have an automatic weapon (PPSh-41, Thompson Submachine Gun, etc.); be sure that all Federal and State laws are followed in acquiring the weapon, and buy lot’s of blank ammunition! So, instead of watching your Band of Brothers box set for the 10th time; get off your keister, get your kit together, and get out there and live it!

a unit appropriate to your impression. By far, the easiest and least expensive impression to start with is a Soviet one. I have priced the required components online and have found that one can acquire everything needed, including a weapon (Mosin-Nagant M91/30 Rifle) for less than 1000.00. And, if your uniform is not “spot-on”, it’s ok, you don’t have to be perfect to be historically accurate with a Soviet impression. Just remember to bring your spoon! Other impressions, on the other hand, are a bit more costly. For a basic U.S. impression, the basic components came to around $1200.00, and that does not include a weapon. Though,

reenactment in YOUR Redbox In 2011, a group of reenactors, including many that contributed to this story made a movie titled Normandy; which at the time of this writing, is available at many Redbox locations. So, if you are interested in seeing what it is all about from the comfort of your Lazy-Boy; drop by your local Redbox & rent it. SUMMER 2012




THE elements Mojo Sportswear By The Libertine I have lived along the Gulf Coast my entire life. Suffice it to say, I have spent a lot of time along the water. Fishing, diving, shrimping, the beach, sailing, etc.; and even with perfect weather, one can find themselves miserable. The main culprits are what I call “The Three S’s”: Sun, salt, and sweat. And, there are copious amount of all three along our shores. For centuries, the go-to fabric to protect us from our climate has been cotton. It is lightweight, somewhat breathable, and does protect one from the sun, but it has a big limitation: It traps moisture, which, over time, results in reduced airflow through the fabric; and the result is that hot, sweaty feeling that’s makes one miserable; even on the most beautiful day. Many a day outdoors for me has been cut short due to sunburn, or just that clammy, icky feeling. Imagine though you are fishing many miles offshore, reeling in a huge marlin; one then just doesn’t call it quits to go inside, you need a little magic…a mojo against the elements. Meet your witch doctor… Tim Mossberg, an avid offshore fisherman with over twenty years experience in the apparel industry, founded Mojo Sportswear in 2009. He realized that avid outdoors people needed something new to combat “The 3 S’s”. His solution was a new collection of garments that provided full coverage from the sun while keeping one cool and dry. This was achieved by combining outdoor specific designs with new, high-tech fabrics specifically SUMMER 2012




THE elements Mojo Sportswear engineered to wick away moisture while providing protection from harmful UV radiation. So what is in that ju-ju bag? The Mojo Sportswear Collection includes a full line of outdoor apparel; including t-shirts, shorts, polos, hoodies, jackets, visors and caps; crafted from both cotton and the new moisture-wicking fabrics. Their line also includes a fabric faceguard, specifically designed for facial protection from UV radiation. I have personally tested two of their products, while covering various events; and found them to be outstanding. The Wireman Performance Shirt This shirt is the centerpiece of their collection. It is a long sleeved pull-over style shirt constructed of Technical Poly Micro fiber. While providing UPF 50+ sun protection; this fabric is quick drying, moisture wicking, stain resistant,

and one of the most versatile garments I have owned. I have worn it to the beach, biking, and even as an undershirt beneath a heavy, long sleeve, vintage Soviet uniform at a World War 2 reenactment; and it performed as advertised. I can also see it worn as a surfer’s rash guard, while scuba diving, and as an undershirt for hunting. It is available in a variety of colors, including camouflage; and sized from XXS to 3XL. Mr. Big Vented Shirt. The Mr. Big is what I would term the “standard vented fishing shirt”. It is constructed from a blend of Square Woven Technical Polyester and Spandex. This fabric combines moisture wicking and breathability

with UPF 30 sun protection. It is back vented to further enhance circulation, has Velcro secured pockets and tabs for the sleeves. What I like about this shirt is that it and equally appropriate garment for outdoor activities during the day, and at the local “watering holes” at night. Bill Boyce has Mojo… Mojo Sportswear has recently joined the second season of IGFA Saltwater Adventures; one of the most popular salt-water fishing programs on the World Fishing Network. It is hosted by renowned angler and adventurer Bill Boyce, and features exciting salt-water fishing action from some of the most exotic locations worldwide.



PANHANDLE CRUISERS BY Panhandle Cruisers National Car Show

One big reason I go to car shows is for inspiration on what I can do to my own cars. On May 12, 2012 I visited downtown Pensacola, Florida for one of the most inspirational, unique and festive car show experiences surrounding the Florida Panhandle. Over 150 restored, vintage, street rods, muscle cars, and exotic lined Palafax St. Combined the car show with

over 1000 car crazy, gear shirting friends that joined the cruisers. The Panhandle 5th show was also a way to initiate Motorfest Magazine cruise on October 28, 2012 from Pensacola to Panama City Florida. That right, cursing 227miles of white sandy beach on the Emerald Coast. Formed in 1981, the Pan50 SUMMER 2012

handle Cruisers Car Club is a nonprofit corporation that was set up to collect funds for charities and is founded on the principles of encouraging restoration, repair, or modification of special interest vehicles.  Although the organization has no national affiliation you will likely find its members among any number of automotive organiza-

tions including the National Street Rod Association, Mustang Club of America, Goodguys, Florida Mopar Association, Corvette Club of America, Pensacola Austin-Healey Club or newer organizations such as the PT Cruiser Club to name but a few. The type of vehicles found among the members varies as widely as the membership in

LOUISIANA S E A F OOD NORTH BAY D I N I N G | 850-654-9880 | 529 HWY 98E, DESTIN, FL | Monday ~ SATURDAY


Slices of Heaven



A hot pimiento cheese sandwich is an easy, quick, and delicious sandwich that you can make in no time at all. It is also a good type of sandwich to prepare ahead of time and take with you. Pimiento cheese is traditionally a southern food. Most southern think pimiento cheese is the greatest thing to happen to the sandwich since, sunbeam sliced bread. So, what do you need to know about the south most iconic spread? The cheese. The cheese blend is as crucial to our Southern personality sandwich as sweet tea is to swinging on the front porch. Embellish it up or down, but be sure to use freshly shredded cheese. Although some people are known to eat pimiento cheese by itself, most people eat it on sliced bread in sandwich form, or spread on crackers, or sometimes spread down the middle of a piece of celery. There is also probably some debate as to how to prepare pimiento cheese. Nevertheless, this article will show you how to quickly prepare a delicious pimiento cheese sandwich! By Chef Alabamian

Ingredients • 1/3 cup butter, softened • 16 sourdough bread slices • 16 thick applewood-smoked bacon slices, cooked • Strawberry preserves • 1 ½ cup Pimiento Cheese • Shredded cheese

DIRECTIONS: 1. Butter 1 side of each bread slice. Place 8 bread slices, buttered sides down, on a hot griddle or in a large skillet over medium heat. 2. Spread 1/2 cup pimiento cheese over each bread slice on griddle. Top each with 2 cooked bacon slices. 3. Place remaining 8 bread slices, buttered sides up, on bacon. Turn sandwiches, and cook 5 to 7 minutes or until golden brown. (Pimiento cheese should be slightly melted.) Serve with shredded cheese over strawberry preserves. In Atlanta, where I went to collage, it’s famously used as a topping on hot dogs and hamburgers at The Varsity fast food restaurant. Eating chili cheese dogs at the lo52 SUMMER 2012

cal institution is a tradition passed down from one generation to the next. Atlanta’s Vortex Bar and Grill offers a more modern take on the pimento cheeseburger: giant

pub burgers washed down with beer. Now you don’t have to travel to the South to enjoy authentic pimento cheese, then again maybe you do.






850.399.0484 DESTIN




judging at these events. The organization also provides the everpopular music of the 1950’s thru the 80’s as well as the address system for event announcements. This is their way of giving back to the local communities, as it receives no compensation for its services.  Payment comes in the form of a large smile from a little girl who has just won one of the many door prizes, raffles, or perhaps the ever-popular 50/50 drawing and knowing that thru different charities we have aided people in need. Whatever the reason, a smile and a “thank you” make it all worth the effort.   So come along and join the Panhandle Cruisers and Motorfest Magazine this October, where you will always be a member of the family whether at a cruise night or on the highway.  And remember life is good friends, a clean ride, and the open road in front of you.


the other clubs, ranging from restored vintage automobiles from the early 1900’s, to street rods from the 30’s and 40’s, to muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s, to present day front-wheel-drive imports. With the wide range of vehicles come varying degrees of modifications from bone stock to big block Pro Street monsters.  There truly is something to satisfy every ones automotive taste.  As with the vehicles there are varying activities that the members undertake ranging from the weekly cruise nights, to cruises through the countryside, dinner get-togethers, Christmas parties, and a car show or three.  The shows are perhaps the most popular venue for many of the members who engage in showing their cars at almost every opportunity. The Panhandle Cruisers also co-sponsor and/or support select charity car shows, community events and festivals by promoting, managing, and providing








As most of us know in the collector car hobby there are collector cars and then there are “C ol l e c to r C a r s”. A t th e ve r y pinnacle of this pyramid reins the rare and revered Ferrari 250 GTO of which only 39 were ever produced.  These cars have tended only to trade privately over the last twenty years or so, I cannot even recall when the last example came up for public auction.  The value of these cars has escalated at rates many thought were unimaginable but rarity drives value and desirability.  Recent sales have been reported to be in the $25 million range but these numbers are in many ways based upon rumors and whispers.

54 SUMMER 2012

However we have had both a major change in value and public openness with the announcement in May of the sale of one of the rarest of these rare GTOs in chassis #3505GT which was built specifically for Stirling Moss in 1962 to race in the 1962 Le Mans but never raced by him after he suffered a career end-

ing crash at Goodwood in April of 1962. Craig McCaw, founder of McCaw Wireless that was sold to what is now AT&T Wireless and the founder of Eagle River Holdings has purchased this example from its previous owner for the reported sum of $35 million.  This car’s previous sales are reported to have been




in 1996 for $3.5 million and again in 2000 for $8.5 million. The cars most recent owner was Eric Heerema, a Dutch businessman and entrepreneur.  The most recent 250 GTO acquisition prior to Mr. McCaw’s purchase occurred earlier this year for chassis # 5095 for a reported $30 million to an unnamed buyer. While Mr. McCaw’s acquisition for the moment is the world most expensive others have come close such as the recent purchase by noted Southern California car collector Peter Mullin who purchase a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC for a reporte d a mo u nt between $32 million to $34 million.

54 L IMO 6 54 L IMO airport. airport travel travel weddings . weddings corporate . corporate nights. on the town nights on the town all occasions . all occasions

850.654.LIMO(5466) 850.654.LIMO(5466) WWW.654LIMO.COM WWW.654LIMO.COM

icing servicing the Florida thepanhandle Florida panhandle WW.654LIMO.COM WWW.654LIMO.COM

sedanssedans - suvs -- suvs limos- -limos vans -- vans buses- buses

850.654.LIMO(5466) 850.654.LIMO(5466) servicing servicing the Florida thepanhandle Florida panhandle


1990 300ZX Twin Turbo Superbly Modified $ 14,995 _________________________

1991 BMW 850i Mileage: 55125 $ 19,000 _________________________

HKS Exhaust - Stainless Down pipes - Amps - Race Seats Enkei 18” Wheels - AMZ Stage II Turbos - AMZ Short Throw Shifter - New Tires - AMS Headers. Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

This car has low milage and it shows very well. It has been well maintained and is in great condition. Stop by for a look at 500 Beck Ave, Panama City Florida. Contact: Smith MotorworksPanama City, Fl-850-769-9500

2006 Mercedes CLS 55 AMG Sports Package $ 38,000 _________________________

1955 FORD FAIRLANE SUNLINER CONVERTIBLE $ 65,000 _________________________

Only 48,000 miles and it has navigation, chrome wheels,leather, adjustable suspension, and much,much more. Black/Charcoal, 48k miles,All Books, Keyless Go, Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

This car not only has the muscle under the hood but the interior to match. Engine: 351 Crate Motor Bored and Stroked to 392ci / 474 hp at the tires Transmission: 5 Speed. Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

2006 Porsche Cayman S Mid-Engine Sports Car $ 36,900 _________________________

1982 Porsche Targa 3.0L SC 172HP Smith Motorworks Engine Rebuild $ 15,900 _________________________

2006 Cayman S 6 speed manual..H&R lowering springs, CPU Reflash, B&B Exhaust. 26,900 miles Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500

Great Paint, Stabilizer Bar, Nardi Steering Wheel, Master Brake Cylinder, Stainless Brake Hoses, Short Shift Kit, Fuschs 16’ Wheels, Tires, Carpet, Brake Pads, Dansk Muffler Sport Contact: Smith Motorworks-Panama City, Fl-850-769-9500



2005 Aston Martin Vanquish S Titanium Silver / Secret Agent $ 94,900 _________________________

2012 Jaguar XJ XJL Big Red Cat $ 81,575 _________________________

Engine V12 5.9LTransmission Manual Cylinders 12 Cylinder Exterior Titanium Silver Interior Caspian blue premium leather Miles 16,100 Phone 305-445-2909

Engine 5 L Transmission Automatic Cylinders 8 Cylinder Exterior Red Interior Submodel XJL Miles 7 Stock Number J796 Phone 805-654-0100

2009 Maserati GranTurismo S Northern Italian Super Model $ 97,900 _________________________

2005 Ferrari 430 Berlinetta Mid-Engine Pope-Country Rocketship $ 179,995 _________________________

Engine V8 4.7L Transmission Automatic Cylinders 8 Cylinder Exterior Grigio Alfieri Interior Rosso corallo Submodel S Miles 24,050 Stock Number 045390  Phone 305-445-2909

Engine V8 4.3L Transmission Automatic Cylinders 8 Cylinder Exterior Rosso corsa Interior Tan Miles 23,217 Stock Number 142685 Phone 334-475-9653

2005 Dodge Viper SRT10 Can’t have enough of these snakes on this plane $ 45,000 _________________________

2007 Bentley Continental GT 0,000,000 Miles for Queen & Country $ 104,000 _________________________

Engine 8.3 L Transmission Manual Cylinders 10 Cylinder Exterior Red Interior Black Miles 19,804 Stock Number 5V501382 Phone 877-577-0717

Engine 6 L Transmission Automatic Cylinders 12 Cylinder Exterior dark sapphire Interior sahara tan diamond cut Miles 0 Stock Number 7C050562 Phone 954-773-8472 SUMMER 2012


47’ 2004 HI-Star Activa Trawler $ 299,000 _________________________

48’ Hatteras Motoryacht Detroit Power $ 114,000 _________________________

Stabilized, Twin Diesel, Cummins Diamond Series, New Enclosure, Sets undercover! $299k bring offers! Contact: Andrew Troyer United Yacht Sales – 850.499.7013

3 Stateroom, Aggressive price of $114k. Aggressively priced. Contact: Andrew Troyer United Yacht Sales – 850.499.7013

48’ 2003 Sea Ray MY Panama City $ 299,000 _________________________

60’ 2005 Hatteras Enclosed Bridge $ INQUIRE _________________________

Cummins QSM-11’s, 3 Stateroom, Boston Whaler Tender, Perfect for Crab Island weekend fun or family cruising! 25k Price reduction and ready to sell! Contact: Andrew Troyer United Yacht Sales – 850.499.7013 -

650hrs on CAT C32’s, Twin CAT Gens., Hyd. Bow Thruster, Never fished just a family cruiser! Optioned up and ready for a SERIOUS OFFER! Contact: Andrew Troyer United Yacht Sales – 850.499.7013 -

70’ Broward MY Rare Find $ 299,000 _________________________

70’ Broward MY Michigan $ 560,000 _________________________

w/Inspected / Current COI! Major mechanical updates!  Interior soft good update needed.  Contact: Andrew Troyer United Yacht Sales – 850.499.7013

Freshwater Yacht & Charter Business on Great Lakes! Money maker!  3 Stateroom, Capt/Owner will contract with new owner. Contact: Andrew Troyer United Yacht Sales – 850.499.7013 -





Terry Akens, Teddy Lehmann AKA the BLUES BROTHERS


audry hepburn and Michael Jackson


EMARALD COAST powerboaters club

CRISIS AVERTED: KEN “IT’s the” hair w/his lovely bride

blazing BIKES







COMING BACKAROUND AGAIN From beaches of Los Angeles where I’m from to the beaches of Destin comes a one of kind ‘94 RX-7. Owner / enthusiast Brad Darnall shows Mazda’s are sexy. Even a girl like me, total fitness junky, expanded her hobbies to the automotive arts. Being around these babies and meeting photographer / car enthusiast Kristine Alameda we captured the sunset hugging the edges of this sexy piece of machinery. The sculpted human body is a work of art, as are these rare rotarys...


IF QUIZZES are QUIZZICAL, WHAT ARE TESTS? There is a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We’ve all heard about people having Guts or Balls. But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, here are the definitions:



GUTS - Is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the Guts to ask: ‘Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?’ BALLS - Is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar,

slapping your wife on the butt and having the Balls to say: ‘You’re next, Chubby.’ I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions. Medically speaking, there is no difference in the outcome.

Porsche Of Destin


Hot Spot


Roland Moriarty




North Light




Destin Power Boats




By Wyndham


TNO Autos


John Elamad




Grand BLVD


Destin Lux


Resort Quest


David Morgan


Comfort Suite




Dock Side


Ciao Bella








Captain Choice




- Email Sent from the dog house SUMMER 2012


2007 Harley-Davidson Street Glide BAGGER

Back in December 2011, AutoWorks of Destin and 654LIMO created a buzz when they launched their all-new motorcycle shop. Six month later, I saw the bike in person when it was unveiled to the general public at Thunder Beach in Panama City. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of its love-it-or-hate-it styling, and my first impression was that the Harley Bagger was made for a cargo trailer. Motorcycle riders have asked just what is a Harley bagger. In simple terms it is a Harley motorcycle with saddlebags. But the reality is a motorcycle bagger, especially when referring to Harley baggers, is a rider’s passion for riding farther than to the local bike show, biker hangout or bar. People who ride Harley baggers tend to be enthusiastic, long term riders who appreciate comfort and function in their motorcycles – stock or modified - or making a fashion statement. Simply adding saddlebags to a motorcycle seldom makes it a real bagger. Thus the term has taken on more meaning as a long distance rider who needs and uses the additional storage space. But a motorcycle bagger, especially Harley baggers, often do have customized, personal upgrades. This can be wheels, custom paint, exhaust, performance improvements and more. Included on the Motoworks bike: All new HHI 9 degrease rake kit - 23” SMTmachining ‘’black edge’’ wheel with matching rotor-New Avon 130/23 front tire Black edge 13’’ rotor-Custom made front fender-SMT machining exhaust tips-Progressive suspension ‘’Drop-In’’fork lowering kit-JB 6-pistons caliper-Yaffe bars-Bagger stretched bags Custom made rear fender- Sinister Industries side filler panels Black suede diamond stitching saddlebags liner LED mounted tail lights-Yaffe license plate frame-Yaffe lepera seat-Stretched Yeffe 6 gallons Tank-Kuryakyn grips-6.5” Flare windshield-Arlen ness big sucker Air filter-Full LED lighting (blue color) make it a Harley flagship ready to rumble. But the thing I like most about this Harley bagger is that it wraps the performance you expect from a bagger today into the nostalgic styling of yesteryear. It performs and handles well under most road conditions you’ll encounter, and it does so with authority, comfort, and style. It’s just what you expect from a bike that wears the Harley name. Good luck on your new adventure Haim & Andre.

COMING THIS FALL: Motorfest 2012


By Land, By Air, By Sea Tuned up your octane taste buds, the Grand & Exotic Car Show Rally (p31), the crown jewel of the Motorfest promises to cap an unparalleled season of car, bike, boat and air shows this fall on the Emerald Coast.


NAME: _________________________________________________________________________ INCLUDE YOUR CHECK PAYMENT OF 14.95 ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________ PLEASE FILL OUT & MAIL THIS PAGE TO: CITY: _________________________________________________________________________ MOTORFEST MAGAZINE PO BOX 236 STATE: __________________________________ ZIP: ________________________ DESTIN, FL 32541 Email: ________________________________________________________________________ MOTORFEST MAGAZINE will not sell or share your email address. CONTACT ME with news and information from MOTORFEST MAGAZINE PROMOTIONS:






as a successful endurance sports car racer and team owner. Being from lower Alabama I remember when Boone’s Farm was very popular among new wine drinkers. So, for my first wine review I’m probably showing you my true colors by reviewing Red Truck without even tasting it. Red Truck wines are generally the fancy for wine connoisseurs, but I always follow my Alabama Charlie wisdom: when I’m paying monies for wines, cheap comes before expensive. The Red Truck’s California Red isn’t a sophisticated wine, but it’s a pretty decent red wine that will work well in the back 40 of any southern gentlemen’s  farm and if that doesn’t work, do what I always do hit myself over the head with the bottle. Fill up your truck...





Issue4 motorfest hd  

Motorfest Issue 4 - Contact 8504962404 for more info - or email Check out WW2 renactments - bikes - planes - ca...

Issue4 motorfest hd  

Motorfest Issue 4 - Contact 8504962404 for more info - or email Check out WW2 renactments - bikes - planes - ca...