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Executive Council 2011-2012


Executive Council 2012-2013

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Norvan Berkezyan Asu president

How to start a club? The ASU Fee & Student Representation Fee Campus Resources

Message from the President


s the Spring 2012 semester nears an end, so does this year’s Executive Council’s term in office. It is now time for us to pass the torch to the newly-elected ASU Executive Council members, who will take office starting July 2012. For those who are unaware, the Associated Student Union (ASU) is the student organization at Los Angeles Valley College that serves as the official representative of the student body. The ASU is comprised of two branches: the Executive Council and the Inter-Club Council. The Executive Council is made up of Officers and Commissioners who are elected into office every Spring. Both branches play an important role in supporting student life on campus and representing our student body.

With this year’s ASU Elections recently complete, the Executive Council of the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 semesters has been determined. This magazine’s purpose is to both highlight the work done by the outgoing Executive Council, as well as to introduce all those in our Monarch family to the Officers and Commissioners who will ensure that student interests are well served in the upcoming semesters. By informing Valley College students on issues pertaining to higher education, events on campus, and ways to take part, the ASU hopes that students will find something of interest and get involved. As one who did, I encourage you to take full advantage of the educational and extracurricular opportunities available to you at Valley College. You won’t regret it.

It has truly been a pleasure to serve as your President.

Go Monarchs! 2



Secretary Susan Simitian

Chief Justice Vahe Matevosyan

Job Description: Writes and maintains records of the ICC and the Executive Council meetings, answers all incoming questions, answers phone and performs general office duties.

Job Description: Investigates inappropriate behavior by Executive Council and Inter Club Council members.

ASU Vice President

Edward Grigorian

Job Description: Presides at meetings of Executive Council in absence of the President. Chairs the Inter Club Council meetings on Thursdays at 1:00 pm in Campus Center 104. Acts as a liaison between Executive Council and ICC.


Hello everyone, My name is Ovanes Chobanian and I am the Commissioner of Political Affairs for the ASU. During my term as the Commissioner of Political Affairs, I helped organize a trip to Washington DC in which 5 students from LAVC had the opportunity to meet with public officials and discuss budget cuts and the future of students. Aside from the trip to DC, I organized three very important events during the Spring 2012 semester. The first event was the March in March, in which students from LAVC as well as students from all over California took s trip to Sacramento in order to protest budget cuts and to have our state legislatures hear our concerns as students.

Commissioner of Political Affairs Ovanes Chobanian Job Description: Responsible for keeping the ASU informed on Federal, State, and District legislation and changes of regulations that may affect college students. Responsible for the ASU Lobby Committee and annual student government elections.


The second event was the ASU Candidates Forum, which the Election Committee that I was apart of and chaired organized. The purpose of the Candidates Forum was to give an opportunity to the candidates for the new ASU board to discuss their future plans and qualifications for every position. The last and final event was the long anticipated ASU Elections. The Elections went very well because not only was every open position filled, but the turnout of voters doubled that of the previous year’s elections, which was a set goal of the Election Committee.

ard! Best of luck to next year’s bo

Commissioner of Fine Arts Ashley Ann Michaels Job Description: Inform the Executive Council of upcoming fine arts events on campus and in the community and be responsible for coordinating the annual International Arts Festival.

Hello Everyone, my name is Ashley Miller and I have served as the Commissioner of Fine Arts on the LAVC ASU Board for the past year. Amazing how time flies and the term is almost over. Although we’ve all had to struggle with continuous budget cuts, I’m proud of the events and greater sense of community that has formed between the ASU, faculty, and clubs on campus. I organized the Arts Festival event this year, working very closely with Anne Tufenkjian (current Arts Club President), as well as the ICC and other ASU board members. The key to having a successful term in the ASU is to not view

the executive board as an elite group. Rather, we work as a liason between faculty and students to bridge the informational gap, both of past news and instruction on how to make future change within the school. Spirit Day, organized by Suzy Khrom, was a very successful event because it actively involved all the clubs on campus, uniting hundreds of students. The Arts Festival followed this same format; in addition to having a wonderful caricaturist and henna artist (current/former LAVC students!), we had an arts contest, and each club had an activity that utilized their individual interests in an artistic way.

There are many other parliamentary, political aspects to being on the ASU board, but the base goal of creating a stronger sense of community amongst students should always be the first goal. The Arts Festival, as well as the events of the other Commissioners this year, shows that this can happen regardless of the topic or interest. Anne Tufekjian is the commissioner elect for my position next year. She is more than qualified to serve the artistic community on campus and I am very confident that she will do just this, and more.


Commissioner of Athletics George Markarian

Commissioner of Ethic and Culture Erik Castañón

Job Description: Informs the Executive Council of all upcoming athletic events and team activities, work to organize campus and intercampus events. Organize and plan Homecoming and Spring Games

Hello everyone, my names is George Markarian and I am the current Commissioner of Athletics at Los Angeles Valley College. I have held this position for about three months now and have been extremely involved and active ever since. I have done my best to be involved in every club day possibly including Spirit Day, the Art Festival, and the Latino Heritage event. I chaired and organized the Executive Council involvement at the final club day which became the Pep Rally where carnival games where played for free,


food was given out, the official school mascot was introduced, and student participation was phenomenal. I also attended SSCCC in Ontario where I represent Los Angeles Valley College at a state level and brought back a lot of useful information for all of Valley’s students. In my time involved I decide to run for Vice President and won the elections. I hope to use my experience and knowledge to continue the great work that this board has done and improve

in the areas that I see needed. I want to unite the ICC and Executive Council, help clubs plan many amazing events, and advocate for the student body at a political level. I have also won the position of Community College Region 7 Senator where I will be representing fourteen community colleges in the Los Angeles area at a state level, including Los Angeles Valley College. I hope to make the 2012-2013 year an amazing year for all students and improve the life of the student body.

Job Description: Serves as a liaison between the Executive Council and the special interests groups on campus. Responsible for organizing and planning the following events: Latino Heritage Celebration, Black Heritage Celebration, Holocaust Remembrance and Armenian Genocide Remembrance.

This semester, I had the privilege of chairing two events along with other fellow ASU and club members that helped out immensely in the process. In February, we organized a celebration for Black History month, and decided on bringing the play of “The Meeting” to Valley College . The play was simple, educational, and pertinent to cultural issues. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I hope the students enjoyed it. The second event, was the Latino Heritage Celebration in March. Here, we celebrated by having Latino candy, bread, fruit, music, and a great speaker who shared his experiences with the students. Truly, it has been a pleasure working with and helping bring culturally relevant events to the students of Valley College. I hope that I helped contribute to the amazing vitality and diverse spirit of the school.


Hello LAVC!

Commissioner of Evening Division Suzy Khrom Job Description: Acts as the liaison between the Executive Council and evening division students at LAVC and represent the interests and needs of evening students. Maintains and promotes the Textbook exchange boards.


My name is Suzy Khrom, and I have been ASU’s Commissioner of Evening Division for the past two semesters. I represent the voices and needs of students who are typically on campus during the evening. I also maintain and promote the textbook exchange board located in Campus Center. This board has ads for all sorts of books, don’t miss out! Valley College is now on, a website designed specifically for students in need of purchasing or selling books.Planning events as well helping my fellow commissioners was a great experience overall. I planned a parliamentary procedure seminar in the fall with parliamentarian Lorenzo Cuesta who came from Sacramento to teach Valley students how to efficiently carry out meetings in accordance with the Brown Act. He also answered questions and passed on his knowledge of Roberts Rule of Orders, making it a very fun and interactive event. Among the planned events, one of my favorites was Spirit Day! This event took place on a Club day, where all the clubs decorated their booths with a school spirit theme, bringing life back to the campus! The event was filled with food, games, and prizes free for all Valley students! I have also participated during school committees including STARS, Diversity, and Student Support Services. It has been an honor to advocate for LAVC at district levels at the SSCCC in San Jose as well as ASACC the in Washington D.C. At March in March in Sacramento, I learned that students do have a voice, as well as power when it comes to policy regarding the well being of community college students.This was a great year that taught me many skills and lessons that I will carry with me. Wonderful friendships were made with all the ASU officers, new and old as well as many club members! Serving Valley College through ASU has been a fantastic learning experience filled with many great memories, of which I will never forget. Have a great summer everyone and I wish you all luck in all that you do.

Commissioner of Public Relations Jehiry Mariely DeHaro

Job Description: Assists other commissioners and members of the ICC with publicizing any events or functions. Responsible for overseeing the creation of all event flyers. Maintains the ASU webpage and brochure. Responsible for Valley Star newspaper advertising.

Hello LAVC student! My name is Jehiry De Haro and this semester I have the honor to serve as your Commissioner of Public Relations. I had such an amazing time and I was able to learn so much from the other board members and grow with them. Throughout the semester I had many great opportunities, such as serving as a school representative for the Student Senate of California Community Colleges. I also had the opportunity to go to Sacramento and be a peacekeeper for the March in March Rally. As part of my duties for being on Executive Council, I served on the Grants Committee as a student representative. It is also my responsibility to update the bulletin boards around the school. My biggest project however is putting out the ASU magazine; The issue will be the third. The idea behind it is to give the student body a behind the scenes look into what your commissioners are working on. This is my last issue so I hope guys enjoy it!


Jehiry Deharo

Commissioner of Student and Social Affairs

Vahe Matevosyan ASU President Hello! My name is Vahe Matevosyan and I plan to spread the awareness of asu so more students can take advantage of all that the asu has to offer. One of my primary goals for next year is to increase communications between the ICC and the executive council. I also plan on getting involved on the regional level as I have been elected vice president of region. I plan on continuing some of the projects that this years board did not finish, for example the asu membership benefits. Above all, I want to foster a healthy relationship among the board members and create an atmosphere that will encourage each board member to thrive in their respectful position.


Hello students! My name is Jehiry DeHaro and I will be your new Commissioner of Student and Social Affairs for the 20122013 academic year. I first wanted to start off by thanking the student body for allowing me to have a second chance to serve and represent you guys. As your representative I will work very closely with the Commissioner of Evening Division to come up with more ways to bring the student body closer together. I also will work with our current commissioner by helping with the upcoming commencement ceremony. I know that with my experience being on the current board and my hard work I can make your time here at valley a lot more enjoyable. I am very dedicated and love to succeed in anything I do and I promise to serve you well!

Pattie Cortez

Commissioner of Public Relations My name is Patrizia (patti) Cortez and I will be serving the position of next years commissioner of public Relations. Im originally from a small town in the central valley and I moved to Los angeles in fall 2011. Since then I have been a full time student at valley and actively involved in clubs on campus. As fall 2012 semester is approaching, my goal for this school year is to create solidarity among the students. As the commissioner of Public Relations, I plan to create a monthly news letter to notify the students on campus about all the activities and events they can partake in. Once, in my opinion, students start to bond together as a collective group we can address the bigger issues we have on campus and work together to solidify our concerns.


Jonathan Miranda

Anne Tufenkjian Commissioner of Fine Arts

Commissioner of Campus and Environmental

Greetings, My name is Jonathan Miranda and I will be your Commissioner of Campus and Environmental Concerns for the upcoming academic year. I am an Environmental Studies major and I currently serve as Eco Advocates’ Inter Club Council (ICC) Representative. I joined Eco Advocates and Political Action Coalition near the end of Fall 2011. Since then, I have become increasingly involved in various clubs on campus and in several ICC and Executive Council events this semester. At one point in the semester it became evident that in order to witness one’s ideas flourish, one must first put in the effort and hard work. As a result, I ran for this position on the Executive Council. As Commissioner of Campus and Environmental Concerns, my primary focus throughout the year will be to increase the environmental awareness of the students and the community through fun and educational activities and events. Activities and events that range from outdoor zero-waste vegan and vegetarian potlucks to environmental film screenings and discussions. In terms of policies, I will strive to improve our present waste and recycling system, and work alongside Eco Advocates to include the club’s dream of a sustainable compost system on campus. I will endeavor to make these projects a reality but it is crucial that you contribute your concerns, ideas, or suggestions as well.

Thank you for the opportunity!


My name is Anne Tufenkjian and I will be the ASU’s new Commissioner of Fine Arts for the 2012-2013 academic school year. When I graduated from high school, I decided to go to LAVC, take a bunch of classes I needed to transfer, and get out of community college as soon as possible. I had no knowledge of the existence of the ASU, or even the Arts Club for that matter. But a few weeks into classes, I couple of students walked into one of my art classes, made an announcement about joining the Arts Club, and that was my first glimpse of the ASU. I ended up joining the club, and halfway through my 2nd semester, I became the President of the Arts Club. That semester, a friend had

suggested I run for Commissioner of Fine Arts for ASU, but I did not even consider it because I did not believe I had enough experience for that position yet. So I stuck around as President of the Arts Club for another two semesters, and as this academic school year came to its end, ASU elections for the coming year arose, and a few friends mentioned I run. And now, after having had the experience of being the Arts Club president and helping organize the Fine Arts Festival, various art contests, and a few other events here and there, I felt confident enough to run for the position, which is how I came about becoming your new Commissioner of Fine Arts. The Commissioner of Fine Arts is the vital position that connects the students with the art world. I myself am an artist. I am a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist, but my experience in the art world does not stop there. I have designed costumes for two shows for the Theater Arts department here at LAVC, Reckless and Love(sick). I have also helped organize events for the Dance Club and Eco

Advocates. Furthermore, I have had the wonderful opportunity to create artwork for LAVC’s Child Development Center. These experiences, both within and outside of LAVC, have helped me grow as an artist. Within my four semesters at LAVC, I have come to view ASU as my second family. Looking at my expectations from high school, I had never imagined that I would become so involved with club life, and now, I am a member of the Arts Club, Active Club, Eco Advocates, and the Philosophy Club. As an art major, I believe the position of Commissioner of Fine Arts is very important because it gives one a chance to reach out to a greater audience, to help inform and educate students, not only about new art in the community, but about the art world in general, and this is exactly what I plan on doing. As Commissioner of Fine Arts, I plan on bringing a rich and vibrant element to the warm atmosphere of Los Angeles Valley College.


Hello friends First, I like to thank every each one of you for voting and getting involved. We had the highest number of student participation in voting numbers in this election at Los Angeles Valley College this year and I feel honored to be a part of the result. I believe getting involved in the community is what changes the way we live. Our voices here, at an institution such as a community college reflects the ways we live in the community. We are friends, relatives and family members of every citizens living in Los Angeles. I can’t promise you that I will be the California Superman who will resolve this budget crisis. But I will tell you that I will listen and deliver your messages in best of my ability to the politicians.

Jin Ong Commissioner of Political Affairs

So far we are getting ready to act on promises made during the campaign. We created LAVC Demographic report to submit it to local politicians to arrange a town hall meeting here in LAVC (Submitted it to three different politician’s district offices already!). We are getting ready to create a website, to collect-pile every student’s voices in one web-bank for everyone to easily access. But I can’t emphasize this enough. As me being in the ASU, you don’t work for me. I work for you. I don’t wish to take credit in doing this. I keep emphasizing this. I want your names to be in this LAVC hosting events near to come, not mine. I want your names represented in student voices for California. To be honest, I know well from past experiences from work, when a person takes credit by themselves solely alone, nothing works out fine. I don’t want that happening during my time in student office. I would rather give all credit to everyone in school and get things done efficiently. Everyone, I am asking for your help. Please help me help you, in the year 2012-2013. And Once again, thank you.


Brandon Batham Student Trustee Hello, LAVC Students! My name is Brandon Batham, and I am your current Student Trustee on the Los Angeles Community College District’s Board of Trustees. I will be transferring to Marlboro College in Vermont this Fall to study Political Science and Theater Arts. It has certainly been an honor to serve the 250,000 students in the LACCD, and as a LAVC Student, Valley always has had a special place in my heart and mind when I participate in discussions and policy-making in our district. I know a lot of you may be unsure of what your Student Trustee’s job is. In not so many words, the Student Trustee serves as the student voice and advisory vote to the Board of Trustees, which has the final say on everything that happens in our district. The Board deals with a broad range of issues, from fee increases to construction contracts. Here are a few things that have come up and will be

coming up in the near future: • A reassessment of the current system of district wide priority enrollment, which allows students to take classes at multiple colleges in the LACCD (example: a student taking an English class at LAVC while also taking a Biology class at Pierce during the Fall semester). I have strongly opposed any changes to the current system. • Conversations about the best way to deal with the district wide moratorium on construction. This issue has been a tricky one, because many colleges, including LAVC, are growing impatient with the slow process of working on new buildings. To give you a breakdown of the issue, LAVC is allowed and funded to build a certain amount of square footage, determined by the number of fulltime students. When a college builds more than that


allocated amount, it is considered “overbuilding”, and when colleges overbuild, they aren’t given the funding to construct or maintain those buildings. When that happened at practically all colleges in our district, the moratorium was the consequence. While I oppose overbuilding on campuses, we need to be working on offering more classes so that we can have a larger number of full-time students going through LAVC. I have also advocated for the allocated bond money to be used for sustainable energy resources (i.e., the solar panels in Parking Lot C). • A discussion about contracts that colleges sign that hurt the student body. An example would be the contract LAVC has with the cafeteria service

provider: in order for the company to agree to do business with us, Valley had to agree to limit all on-campus competition. Unfortunately, this meant that campus clubs could not fundraise through food sales except on club days. I have advocated for a reassessment of these contracts, and eliminating clauses in them that hurt the student body.

Again, it has truly been an honor to serve as your Student Trustee this year. My successor, Daniel Campos, is a magnificently qualified individual who, I have no doubt, will maintain my accomplishments and strengths on the board. I hope you will support him in all he does. Go Monarchs!

In his commitment to represent the best interest of the students, Daniel participates in a number of committees among which include: LAMC College Council, Sterling Accreditation Committee, LAMC Foundation, District Curriculum Committee and Neighborhood Oversight Committee. He has also taken time to represent the students by attending the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) conference in San Jose and Ontario, California. He has also attended the American Student Association of Community Colleges (ASACC) conference in Washington, DC. He was also actively involved in organizing The March in March in Sacramento, California.

The high level of commitment that Daniel has shown to his fellow peers has had a cost to his personal life with large sacrifice, but this has never been reflected in his performance as a student representative. Daniel says: “Nothing in life is free and all require great sacrifice.” Today, Daniel has as a priority to deliver the students’ message to members of the Board of Trustees and disseminate information to students to take a more responsible position in their own education. Daniel is aware that the road is hard but you have to start somewhere. The bond between students and faculty will be vital to achieve a halt to the budget cuts. His motto is “Unity is strength, and strength is obtained through education and commitment to helping others.”

Daniel Campos is the new elected Student Trustee of LACCD and he is committed to serve the students, since he was elected by the students.

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) is the largest community college system in the United States and in this district The Board of Trustees are the decision makers of the funds management policy and administration affecting nine schools. District recently conducted elections for the Student Trustee which is a student representing approximately 250,000 students in the LACCD and shares a place with the members of this Board.

Daniel Campos was elected the new student trustee of the LACCD for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Daniel Campos also known by his closest friends as DC is a student who emerged from Cal WORKS program, showing that this program is essential for students of scarce resources to help them develop opportunities and become new leaders in our state and country. Daniel is known for his commitment to student representation at different levels, both at the district and statewide and also nationally. A couple of years ago, Daniel was faced with the problem of unemployment and he found himself in the need of going back to school to obtain higher level of education that will secure the future of his family and himself. During


that period of his life, he was homeless and sleeping in his car parked in the local park to wake up early and be on time to enroll at Los Angeles Mission College and with perseverance he was able to achieve his goal. In his first year he had the need to participate in extracurricular activities and he was the Founder of LASOINCHI, The Chicano Intellectual Society, followed by participating in student leadership as a Senator of Social Activities for to the Associated Student Organization (ASO) and Ambassador of Public Relations of the Business Entrepreneurship Club of LAMC. Daniel decided to run for President of the ASO, which resulted of a large participation of students voting and winning the elections.

Brandon Batham 19

How to start a club? In order to create a club and become chartered you will need:

1 2 3

At least 10 members: a) All members of the club have to pay their ASU membership fees every semester.


You have now founded an official club and have a right to initiate fund raising activities, hold events, propose legislation, collaborate with the ASU and other clubs, and just have fun!

b) At least 10 members of the club should fill out the Club Roster. Members should provide their names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, and student IDs. If a member does not wish to provide his/her information on the on the Club Roster, he/she may choose to fill out a separate form and submit it personally to the ASU office.

Find a club advisor for your future club. a) Club advisor can be anyone who is a member of the faculty at LAVC. b) Have the advisor complete the Club Advisor Responsibility Acknowledgement form. Write your club’s constitution. You can find a sample at the ASU office, however, take into account that it is just a sample. All the specifics of your club and procedures need to be added. You have almost complete freedom over the constitution. Set the rules and procedures of the club as well as the rights and responsibilities of the members and officers.

4 5 6 7 8

Elect/appoint club officers according to the procedures stipulated in club’s constitution.

a) All clubs are required to have all the officer positions filled.

Fill out the Club Registration Application.

Fill out the Business Office Signature Card.


Submit fully completed forms to the ASU Advisor (ASU office).

After the completion of all the steps above, the ICC representative of the club should attend the next ICC meeting (Thursdays at 1:00) and become chartered.


The ASU Fee & Student Representation Fee

Campus Resources

What are the these fees? How are they used? The Associated Student Union is funded by two main fees, the ASU fee and the student representation fee, a total of $11 which students pay at the Business Office. The $10 ASU fee is membership fee for all those who wish to join the ASU. Students who intend to charter or join a club on campus are required to pay their ASU fee. Some departments and programs on campus which are funded by the ASU require for students to pay the ASU fee in order to take advantage of their resources. The fee funds most of the ASU efforts and activities on campus. Events such as the Welcome Back Day, Dean’s Reception, Pep Rallies, Dance Expo, Philosophy Conference, Take Back the Night, Arbor Day Festival, Apple Awards, and many more, have been paid for by this fund. This fee has also been used to fund activities and events organized by different departments such as the Shakespeare’s Birthday festival, the Sheriff ’s Student Cadet program, as well as

Campus Trips to UCLA, UCSB, UC Berkeley, and USC. The student representation fee is a mandatory $1 fee which all students must pay. Many campuses have this fee, and it is separate from the $10 ASU fee. To prevent misuse there are regulations which state that this money can only be used for political advocacy purposes. Just this past year some of this money was used to send approximately forty students to the March in March protest in Sacramento to protest against budget cuts to higher education and tuition fee increases. Protests organized by LAVC’s Political Action Coalition, such as Rally in the Valley, have been funded by this student representation fee. The money was also used to send student representatives to the SSCCC General Assembly, and also to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Congress and advocate against a proposed budget plan which would cut PELL grant funding. The money is utilized to voice student concerns and advocate for student interests.

Please do your part in ensuring that these vital services for students are continued by paying your ASU fee and student representation fee!

Enrollment fees

Course repetition

Fee penalty drop date

Drop without a “W”

Expected family contribution for auto zero


Current Policy

New Policy

$36 per unit

$46 per unit

Students can withdraw (“W”) from the same course up to four times, and in addition, repeat the course up to two (2) times trying to improve a grade of F or D.

Enrollment in a single course is limited to three (3) enrollments with specific exceptions. Students may repeat the course only two (2) times, and one (1) additional enrollment can be permitted on an appeal basis.

Students are able to drop a course without incurring fees up until fourth week of the semester.

Students are able to drop a course without incurring fees only until the end of the second week of the semester.

Students are able to drop without receiving a “W” during the first three weeks of the semester.

Students are able to drop without receiving a “W” only until the “Last Day to Add.”

To qualify for automatic zero expected family contribution the income threshold is set at $30.000

To qualify for automatic zero expected family contribution the income threshold is set at $23.000

Admissions and Records 818-947-2553 Associated Student Union 818-778-5516 Assessment Center 818-947-2587 Biological Sciences Resource and Tutoring Center Karen Roy, Department Chair 818-947-2516 Bookstore 818-947-2717 Business office (818) 947-2318 Cafeteria (Monarch Café) 818-947-2792 Career/Transfer Center Clive Gordon, Director 818- 947-2646 Center for Career and Technology Training (The CCaTT Lab) Ken Freeman, Lab Supervisor 818-947-2568 Compliance Office 818-947-2463 Child Development Center 818-947-2931 Financial Aid Office 818-947-2412 International Students 818-778-5517

Counseling Department 818-947-2546 EOPS/CARE Tutoring Center and Computer lab Veronica Enríquez, Student Services Assistant 818-947-2338 KVCM: The radio station of LAVC 818-947-2305 Foreign Language Media Lab Services Rhonda Eisner, Manager 818-778-5545 Dr. June Miyasaki, Chair of Foreign Languages 818-947-2382 Learning Center Phyllis Yasuda, Director 818-947-2744 Library Georgianna Sampler, Department Chair 818-947-2763 Math Lab John Kawai, Director 818-947-2863 Nursing Tutoring Kim Hollingshead RN, MSN 818-947-2838 Puente Program 818-947-2440

Reading Center Ron Mossler, Ph.D., Director 818-947-2481 Services for Students with Disabilities David Green, Director 818-947-2681 Speech Lab Josh Miller, Department Chair 818-947-2470 STARS (Strategic Team for the Advancement and Retention of Students) Deborah Kaye, STARS Committee Chair 818-947-2712 Sheriff ’s Department 818-947-2911 Student Health Center 818- 947-2918 TRiO/Student Support Services Barbara Schneider, Director 818-947-2487 Transfer Alliance/Honors Program (TAP) 818-947-2882 Writing Center Scott Weigand, Director 818-947-2810 Upward Bound 818-947-2361 Veterans Services 818-778-5627


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