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Division 10 South Newsletter

June 2013

Vol. 3 Issue 1

Alhambra. Don Bosco. Gabrielino. Mark Keppel. Mission.

Montebello. Ramona. Rosemead. San Gabriel. Schurr. Wilson.

WHAT’S INSIDE 1. DCON 2014............................2 -Logo Contest 2. Club Articles...........................3 -Gabrielino -Don Bosco Tech -Mark Keppel -Rosemead 3. Upcoming Events.................8 -Region Picnic -Division Car Wash -July DCM

Cover: Division 10 South Blue Turtles gather for a group picture after their volunteering session at Arthritis Walk. Top: Lieutenant Governor Jason Basulto is busy checking walkers in at Making Strides Walk. Bottom: Gabrielino Key Cubbers at a their beautification volunteer session.

Left: Mark Keppel Key Clubbers Cathy Liu and Tiffany Mar have a laugh during Arthritis Walk. Middle: Schurr’s secretary Brandon “Shima” Fujishima tries to demonstrate what it’s like to be a shy turtle, but manages to emulate an ostritch instead. Right: Rosemead’s Wayne Szeto and Kenny Luu hug it out at the Making Strides Walk.

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR............................................................................................................JASON BASULTO EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.................................................................................................................AMANDA THAI EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.................................................................................................................KENNY YEUNG TECHNOLOGY EDITOR.................................................................................................................GENIE HONG


DCON 2014 LOGO CONTEST Cali-Nev-Ha District Convention Theme Design Contest You


Step 1 BEE INSPIRED!!! Imagine thousands of Key Clubbers at DCON 2014 flaunting their golden tickets to service by wearing shirts, holding programs, and trading pins all designed with the design you created! You can turn your vision into reality by submitting a concept design for the CNH DCON theme design contest! Your concept design will be your idea of a drawn theme that will be implemented throughout District Convention in most of its publications and on-site visuals.


  

Your theme design must relate to the 2014 convention theme, “Your Golden Ticket” Remember to include “Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club DCON 2014” in your theme design Remember to include our Key Club International and CNH logos in your theme design It is recommended that the CNH colors (black and yellow) and mascot (bee) are used in your design, but don’t let these elements limit your ideas and creativity Theme design should be flexible in that it can be changed and used in many different ways. BEEware of possible copyright issues The design must be submitted in .png (Photoshop) or Adobe Illustrator Format

Step 3 BEE ON-TIME!!! Submit your theme design to by July 6th, 2013 Questions, comments, concerns? Contact District Convention Chair Madison Draper at

**Please note that authors will be credited for their logo design, but all received submissions will be considered CNH Key Club Property.


Left: Gabrielino Key Clubbers pack canned foods at their local post office. Right: Members pause from their service at the Tea Party to smile for a picture.

On May 11, 2013, Gabrielino Key Club helped the San Gabriel Post Office and the People for People charity sort out canned foods. The citizens of San Gabriel were given bags for to fill with nonperishables for the less fortunate. Mail carriers went around the neighborhood collecting these bags of canned foods. At 1:30 PM, members helped sort out many loads of trucks of canned foods. They had to make sure none of the items were broken or open, and sorted them into categories and loaded them onto trucks to be distributed. Many members stayed a few minutes more because there were so many trucks that kept coming with more cans that the neighborhood donated. Our Key Clubbers were tired by 6 PM, but proud to be able to say that they’ve helped families in poorer communities who don’t have as much to eat. Jeffrey Lei Gabrielino Historian On May 4, 2013, Gabrielino volunteered at the San Gabriel Library to help them set up a Tea Party for children around the neighborhood. The purpose of this event was to encourage families to get together, and it was something for children to enjoy with their parents. Also, it was to promote the book, The Hobbit, for the new project “One City, One Book, One Read”, a new campaign to promote reading and literature appreciation among the citizens of San Gabriel. Starting at 1 PM, members helped the librarians set up the room. They put up the decorations and prepared the food for the families. Once everything was set in place, families started to come in and sit down at one of the tables that were set up. Members would be around to either restock the food in containers or anyone that needed assistance. Around 3 PM, the event was ending so once everyone left, members had to clean up the place. They would help put things back to where it is. Many members had a lot of fun doing this service especially it was one of the city’s most important events! Jeffrey Lei Gabrielino Historian


On May 18th, 2013, Bosco Tech’s Key Club helped volunteer at Duck-A-thon, a fundraiser at Huntington Beach, with Rosemead Key Club. DuckA-Thon is an annual event where people pay for a duck to decorate and race in the ocean. The money made from the sales are donated to AltaMed’s Huntington Beach Community Clinic, a hospital for the uninsured and medically underserved. At this event, we ran game booths such as ring-toss and rubber duck decorating in the Kid’s Zone, and supervised the inflatables and jumpers there as well. We had a great time, as we got to see and be a part of making children happy. It was a great learning experience for all of us because it taught us how we should approach different age groups. Jonathan Kaneshiro Don Bosco Tech Historian

Top: Bosco’s president Augustine Au flashes a smile while supervising one of the jumpers. Bottom: Rosemead’s Theodore Huynh waves a greeting in front of the duck sale booth.

Currently, there is a lot of room for change and improvement within our club. The most important step we must take is to develope a better communication system, so that our cabinet may work more efficiently and effectively. The next step is to start attending more service projects. Also, we need to make our presence and goal clear to those around us in order to gain club interest within Don Bosco. When the senior class left, our club lost half of its members, leaving us in a terrible position. Since then, however, our club grew about 50%. Although this may be an improvement, it is not enough to make a strong club. To fix this, we will develop a system for recruiting new members. Lastly, it is crucial that our club participation within the division is increased dramatically. One major problem that we have, is that our members are unable to find transportation to the events. To fix this, I intend to create a transportation system, where the drivers get rewarded for their service in return. With what time we have, it is crucial that we prepare for the next group of members to join the club next year. Augustine Au Don Bosco Tech President

The Walk for Warriors logo.

In the month of May, I attended a service called Walk for Warriors on May 26th. For this service, we helped set-up the day before the actual event. We helped pack bags with goodies like refillable water bottles, shampoo and conditioner, workout gloves, energy bars, and more. This was a really fun experience, we filled about 100 bags full of these goodies and I know we all did a good deed. The workers there were really nice and we got along with them really well. We’ve been a major help to them and I hope that we could volunteer with them again next time. Kimberly Ha Mark Keppel President


Above: A panoramic view of Barnes Park.

Every year, the Play Days carnival takes place in Barnes Park over a period of four days filled with games, food, and fun! Kiwanis and Key Club teamed up to have their annual Oreo shake booth, where we also sold water and soda. We even set up a recycle basket to help our environment. During this celebration, we raised a lot of money as well as experience in customer service and communication. I met many different people and learned how to make a delicious Oreo shake! Play Days was a fun experience, especially since we could ride the exhilarating rides, play the games, and win prizes such as stuffed animals or food after our volunteer shift was over. Overall, it brought a lot of people together where we could all just have fun as well as contribute to our community. Amy Chang Mark Keppel

This month, I attended the Arthritis Walk. For this service, we were cheering on the walkers. Since the walk was located at Santa Monica Beach, the atmosphere was very lively, yet it was also relaxing at the same time. Breakfast and coffee was provided in the morning which is always helpful to fully wake up and get pumped for the day to come. Most of the day it was cloudy and gloomy, but remarkably the walkers were still energetic, and that kind of rubbed off on the rest of us. They were also very friendly and easy to deal with. Another plus was that after the event, I had the opportunity to spend time with my entire division at the beach and the pier! Cathy Liu Mark Keppel Sophmore Representative

Left: D10 South Key Clubbers work together to fold the tablecloths and clean up after Arthritis Walk ends. Right: Guillermo Hernandez rolls a table to be loaded on one of the moving trucks. Below: Rosemead and Schurr Key Clubbers execute the legendary “jumping picture� by the Santa Monica shore.



Left to Right: POPS Concert volunteers from Rosemead Key Club pose in their “waiter” attire before the event starts; Rosemead’s Jenny Ly rolls up a banner after Making Strides Walk; Rosemead’s Summer Key Club flyer; Rosemead Key Clubber Theodore Huynh helps set up tables at POPS Concert.

In the past two months, our club has been very active and involved in an effort to end our school year with a bang. We’ve had three fundraisers and attended a total of five recycling jobs, three walks, three cleanups, two food banks, two Familia Unidas, and one POPS concert. We’ve also been collaborating with Don Bosco Tech Key Club a lot to give their club a push and help them gain more members. We’ve done so many events together, I think both their members and our members are sick of each other! We’ve also been trying to promote our Summer Key Club, which will be filled with social events such as beach cleanups, walks, marathons, and picnics. This is an effort to raise interest in Key Club and acquire more members. Genie Hong Rosemead Historian

Our IP cabinet is completely made up of seniors, so we decided to make them shirts to remember us by when they graduated, since we were not able to get Key Club stoles approved by our school (we’re sorry!). Our historian went and got them printed, and we all wore them on the day of graduation. The money we spent was definitely worth it when we saw the looks on their faces! We would like to congratulate our seniors and hope that our shirts were good enough compensation for the stoles! We’ll miss you, class of ’13. We know we have big shoes to fill, and we’ll do our best! Signed, Tracy Lee President

Tiffany Tran Vice President

Christine Phan Treasurer

Calvin Ha Secretary

Genie Hong Historian


UPCOMING EVENTS REGION 13 PICNIC WHY: Come and hang out with your region 13 Lionfish! Meet Key Clubbers from the five divisions in our district: D10S, D10N, D15, D35E, and D35W. There will be tons of games, food, and fun! WHEN: Saturday, July 13, 2013 WHERE: Butterfiel Park, Walnut, CA MORE INFO: Prices and game descriptions will be announced soon!

JULY DIVISION COUNCIL MEETING WHY: Come and get updates with the whole division! Bring your friends-non-key clubbers welcome. We’ll turn them into Blue Turtles soon enough! As usual, there will be food and drinks provided, as well as a fun icebreaker. WHEN: Sunday, July 28, 2013 WHERE: Almansor Park (S Almansor St, Alhambra, CA 91801)


That’s right! A brand new, easier, more organized, and faster source for information is coming your way this August!

DIVISION 10 SOUTH CAR WASH WHY: Help us fundraise for PTP by engaging in a little friendly competition. Schools will be assigned to two different lots--whoever raises the most money will win bragging rights and a special prize! WHEN: Saturday, July 20, 12PM-4PM MORE INFO: Keep your eyes peeled! More information about locations and lot assignments will be announced soon!


Division 10 South June 2013 Newsletter  

Blue Turtle newsletter for the month of June, 2013.

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