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Photo: Ryan Creary

Our happy place has plenty of space. Sun Peaks. Where you belong.

Discover the Sun Peaks Nordic trails. Over 37km of impeccably groomed trails including the signature Holy Cow lift-accessed descent. Hone your skills at an early season camp Dec 9-10 or Dec 30-31, 2017 or join us for the Sun Peaks Nordic Festival Jan 13/14, 2018. Super, Natural British ColumbiaÂŽ is a trademark of Destination BC Corp.

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SKI Cross Country

is a publication of Cross Country BC the provincial sport organization for cross-country skiing in British Columbia. MARCH 2013Aximmor pordium furbem essed rei forum terudes s

Cross Country BC Mission Statement To develop and maintain support structures for the delivery of cross-country ski programs (recreational through to competitive) to a broad cross section of the community. To achieve international competitive excellence by the establishment and maintenance of programs and activities that support an integrated athlete development system up to the National Ski Team level. CCBC OFFICE 106-3003 30th Street Vernon, BC V1T 9J5 Phone: (250) 545-9600 Email: Website:

MARCH 2013


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First Tracks

Congrats to BC Clubs! Club Podium is a new national racing club ranking system designed to recognize and promote club successes in regard to high performance development. Highlights from 2016-17 include: BC clubs earned the most awards: 16 out of 48, or 33%.

Photo: R. Thomas, Revelstoke Nordic Ski _Club

The top five clubs for progression in athlete improvement in Canada were from BC:

• • • • •

Whistler Nordic Ski Club Strathcona Nordic Ski Club (Courtenay) Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club Kimberley Nordic Ski Club Telemark Nordic Club (Kelowna)

For complete results visit: http://www.cccski. com/About/Awards/Club-Podium/201617-Club-Podium-Final-Standings.aspx#. WUiBSmgrLIV

Skiing on the Rise Cross country skiing is on the rise in British Columbia as more and more people are realizing the benefits of our wonderful winter activity. This past winter alone, nine clubs set new all-time membership records: •

Sea to Sky (Squamish): 354 members (89% increase over previous winter)

Valhalla Hills (New Denver): 67 members (46% increase)

Sunset Ridge (Sparwood): 99 members (38% increase)

Overlander (Kamloops): 735 members (34% increase)

Telemark (Kelowna): 1177 members

Photo: N. Manhard, 100 Mile Nordics

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(13% increase) • • • •

Whiskey Jack (Fort St John): 131 members (13% increase) Golden: 620 members (5% increase) Revelstoke: 722 members (5% increase) Kimberley: 1069 members (1% increase)

Fort St John to host 2020 BC Winter Games Fort St John has been selected as the host community for the 2020 BC Winter Games. The Games are a developmental platform for many athletes who go on to higher levels of competition such as the Canada Winter Games and the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. An average of 1,200 athletes and 2,500 volunteers are involved. The Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club will host the cross country events. The last time this event was held in Fort St John was 1984. The Snowflakes Aligned in a Perfect Storm This past season was a turning point for the 100 Mile Nordics with our new Ski S’Kool program marking the culmination of a few years of planning. We knew we needed new younger families in our aging club so thanks to a number of well written grants, which included supporting letters from the Elementary schools in our area, and vision on the part of our executive, the snowflakes aligned in a perfect storm to give us our best season in years. We had recently completed a number of new beginner level ski and snowshoe trails, purchased new flooring in the Lodge, built a new Equipment shed, and purchased both a wider Ginzu Groomer and a used Alpina snowmobile. In addition, we had also purchased adult ski and snowshoe rental equipment, the first rentals ever for the Nordics. The final purchase was the kids' equipment for Ski S’Kool.


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The jaw-dropping benefits of cross country skiing Photo: XTS Photography / C. Parks-Pelletier (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)

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Sports offers some clues.

The options for aerobic exercise during the Canadian winter can seem grim: slipping and sliding along icy streets, pedalling nowhere under the fluorescent lights of the gym, and so on. But there’s a better option, one that, recent research suggests, actually offers unique advantages compared to the alternatives. When it snows, why not make for the cross country ski trails?

Researchers tested a group of 16 elite Norwegian skiers, half of the group male and the other half female, in four different exercise protocols, each requiring different levels of upperbody contribution. The most arm-intensive activity was double-poling, where the propulsion is provided entirely by the arms. Next was “G3 skating,” the freestyle technique in which skiers double pole with every stride. Then came the classic skiing style, with skis kept parallel. And the final exercise was running, which doesn’t use the arms at all for forward motion.


The goal of the study was to understand how the male skiers’ greater upper-body strength would affect performance in the different techniques. Sure enough, the men were comparatively better in the most arm-dependent tasks: They were 20-per-cent faster at double-poling, 17-per-cent faster at skating, 14-per-cent faster at classic style, and just 12-per-cent faster while running.

Researchers in Sweden and at Ball State University in Indiana assembled two remarkable groups of octogenarian men. All of the volunteers were healthy, lived independently and were capable of completing a vigorous exercise test to exhaustion. The difference was that one group was composed of lifelong cross country skiers who trained four to six times a week, while the other group didn’t do any formal exercise beyond the activities of daily living.

The results suggest that you should vary your technique on different types of terrain in order to maximize your fullbody workout. In particular, include some double-poling – particularly on long, gradual downhills, where it’s tempting to just coast.

It’s not difficult to predict the punchline here: The skiers were in better shape than the non-skiers. But the magnitude of the differences is jaw-dropping. The results of a battery of physical tests, which will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology, show that the skiers had approximately twice the cardiovascular and muscular fitness of the untrained group.

CLIMB HARD The occasional steep uphill on a cross country course is a necessary evil. (How else do you earn the downhill that follows?) You can turn your skis perpendicular to the hill and side-step your way up, or even take your skis right off. But the quickest solution – like pulling a band-aid off – is to angle your skis slightly outward and herringbone up at top speed.

Even compared to previous studies of lifelong endurance athletes in their 80s, the skiers were about 40-per-cent fitter, suggesting that the full-body workout provided by crosscountry skiing is uniquely effective. In fact, their fitness “places them in the lowest all-cause mortality risk category for men of any age,” the researchers point out.

Clambering up a hill in this style is like a miniature sprint, and it will send your heart rate shooting upward. That’s a good thing: Over the past few years, researchers have shown that including some short bursts of intense activity in your workout can produce a much more effective and time-efficient workout.

The results are consistent with earlier studies of cross-country skiers: An analysis of 73,000 men and women who participated over a 10-year period in Vasaloppet, an annual long-distance race series in Sweden, found that they were less than half as likely to die during the follow-up period as matched controls from the general population.

It’s possible to insert similar bursts into other types of workouts, like running or cardio machines at the gym, but a rolling cross-country ski loop integrates them naturally, since you’ll slide backward if you don’t keep pushing.

In contrast, the untrained subjects, despite being blessed with remarkable health, were perilously close to the “prognostic exercise capacity” that’s associated with an inability to live independently. The message: Good genes can help you live a long life, but if you want to fully enjoy those later years, go skiing.

Of course, cross-country skiing isn’t without drawbacks. For city-dwellers in particular, it can be difficult to find good trails, though temporary tracks blossom in many urban parks after a good snowfall. More importantly, it’s a strictly limited-time option. Come spring, you’ll be back to your usual workout routines. So ski while you can.

Use your arms

First published in the Globe and Mail.

One of the big differences between cross-country skiing and other forms of endurance exercise, like running and cycling, is that your upper body plays a big role. How big? A forthcoming study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in

Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience) writes about the science of endurance sport for the Globe and Mail, Runner’s World, and other publications. His latest book is Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? Fitness Myths, Training Truths, and Other Surprising Discoveries from the Science of Exercise.


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It Takes a Village Photos above and right: M. Nuttall, Nelson Nordic Ski Club

Eastern Canadian Championships, Gatineau Park, Quebec

Recently the Nelson Nordic Ski Club's Junior Racers, the Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club (Rossland) and the Nakkertok Nordic Ski Club (Ottawa) came together to participate in a cultural exchange program through Experiences Canada. Our young athletes shared their own community, journeyed to Ottawa, fostered lasting friendships, expanded their ski competition horizons and built an appreciation for our Nation's Capitol. In addition they participated in a number of cultural and ski events. When asked about the experience the response was unequivocally enthusiastic.

out great, as it was exciting to see everyone on skis and see what the terrain was like. As the week progressed it became apparent there was a good connection with the host families and if anything we were having too much fun! On the first day of racing of the Eastern Championships held at the Nakkertok Ski Area we were all buzzing with excitement. The race was fast and short, but the hills were challenging. The course was set in rolling hills and hardwood forests, so it was quite scenic, and different from what we're used to in BC. There were tons of people – more than I've ever seen for a race. The next two days were just as exciting as the first, although a number of racers from Nelson and Rossland were ill so couldn't race. The food at the races was awesome, particularly the bagels. All the BC racers greatly appreciated the waxing and support the coaches offered. The week felt so short, and we were all really sad to leave, but excited that we had made such good connections in Ottawa.”

Here are a few words from athletes Zoe Taylor and Dylan Gyr that reflect the positive energy of the exchange. “There were many fun parts of this exchange but I will talk about some of the highlights, such as visiting the parliament building, skating on the canal and eating Beavertails. The parliament building was incredible. It was amazing to think that the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, may have walked in the very same hallways we walked down. Unfortunately, he was in Montreal at the time so we didn't get to meet him, but we did get to sit in on a speech by a conservative representative. We also had the luck to go skating on the Rideau Canal. It was so cool how all the shops selling various types of food were just sitting on the ice. You could skate to all of them to order your food. I think the food that we ordered most that night were Beavertails. For those of you who don't know, a Beavertail is basically a big flat piece of deep fried dough topped with various things such as Nutella, maple butter, cinnamon sugar or lemon. We learned that in Ottawa eating Beavertails is something you have to do, just as if you go to New York you have to visit Central Park or the Statue of Liberty. We had so many fun times and these are just a snapshot of what we did.

The Junior Racers wish to thank all the generous support they received from Experiences Canada, the Nelson Nordic Ski Club, Gerick Cycle and Ski, Save on Foods and all the families that spent many months arranging and participating in this exchange. It truly takes a village to raise a child and many more to send them across the country! By Karen Redfern, Nelson Nordic Ski Club

Nelson Nordic Ski Club Profile Founded: 1983 Membership: 784 SDP Enrolment: 57 Ski S'Kool student visits: 1704 Groomed Trails: 30 km National Ski Team athlete Julien Locke is from Nelson Website:

Upon arriving into Ottawa we were met by our various host families at the airport. They were very welcoming and enthusiastic about the upcoming week. Certainly we were too! It was a quick soon as we got to the host family's house we got ready to go skiing at Nakkertok, even though we were quite tired from our trip. It worked


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'Experiences Canada' team in front of Parliament Building, Ottawa

Bottom photos: K. Redfern, Nelson Nordic Ski Club

....competing in the NorAm in Rossland Touchstones Nelson Museum and Art Gallery


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CCBC's 1975 Canada Games Team - Coaches John Pettersen (left) and Mary Anderson (right). Back row l/r - Albert Wheele, Grant Paulson, Rolf Pettersen, Lauri Karjaluoto; front row l/r - Pat Day, Beth Tuggle, Anita Pettersen, Becky Tuggle.

Pioneer Coach She continued coaching until the late 1980’s.

Mary Anderson began coaching at Decker Lake (near Burns Lake, BC) in 1968. A member of the Omineca Ski Club, she started her program with a group of four children.

In addition to coaching, Mary played an important role mentoring BC officials before Cross Country Canada had a formal Officials Certification Program in place. She was also a strong influence behind the Omineca Ski Club’s decision to host the National Championships in 1975, 1977, 1989 and 1996.

It is difficult to imagine now, but cross country ski equipment was not readily available in Canada at that time, and it was necessary to use various methods to acquire it - for example, the company Euro-Can* helped the club by importing equipment from Finland. Also, in those days there were no formal skill development programs for children such as the Bunnyrabbit or Jackrabbit Programs. In addition, the Coaching Association of Canada had not yet launched the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), so Mary travelled to Norway to take coaching courses (1974).

In 1989 Cross Country Canada recognized her accomplishments by establishing the ‘Mary Anderson Award’, which is presented annually to the winner of the Women’s long distance event at the National Championships. In 1992 she was awarded the Governor General’s Commemorative Medal for her contribution to cross country skiing in Canada. It was noted that at that time she was the only Canadian female coach to ever have an athlete compete in two Olympics and a World Championships.

For a number of years Mary’s athletes made up the majority of the BC Ski Team. Outstanding athletes from her program include Esther Miller (who was named to the National Ski Team and went on to represent Canada at two Olympic Winter Games and a World Championships), Chris Paulson (National Ski Team), Marvin Strimbold (Shell Cup winner at the Canadian Junior Championships**) and Lana Lindaas (Shell Cup winner at the Canadian Junior Championships**).

* Euro-Can: Pulp and Paper Mill, Kitimat ** Shell Cup winner: overall best male athlete and overall best female athlete at the Canadian Junior Championships

Mary had help from many volunteers, but it was due to her dedication to the sport and the success of her athletes that the first lit cross country ski trail in BC was established at Decker Lake in 1973.

Lakes District News, 1975 By Coach Mary Anderson

In 1983, in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec, she became the first female provincial coach for the BC Ski Team at a Canada Winter Games (to date she remains the only one).

It is six years since I started working with skiers. When I started I knew nothing about cross country skiing except what I had picked up as a kid. My knowledge is still pretty

Tips on Coaching


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incomplete, but I have learned a lot in the last six years. The time spent has been enjoyable to me – I think the best part is just getting to know all the boys and girls. Also there is a great deal of satisfaction in the feeling that you have accomplished something when one of the skiers does well in competition, or when you can see that skiing has helped someone to become stronger and better coordinated than they would otherwise ever have been. I am not a great authority on either skiing or coaching, but I have found ways of working that function well for me in our local situation, and that have been successful in developing some pretty good young skiers. My first aim is always to create interest in and enjoyment of skiing. This is an aim easily overlooked, and which I am often guilty of overlooking, because it is so easily submerged by the necessity of improving skills and endurance to give people a chance to win races. But if you do not have interest and enjoyment of the sport you will never have good skiers. Work alone will never do it. Only the youngsters who ski longer than anyone else because they enjoy it, and want to, are ever going to be really good skiers. Those who ski as a chore and a duty, and to get medals, will never make it. After the creation of joy in the sport comes training. This begins with dryland training – running, hiking and exercises during the summer and fall. For the older skiers this begins right after the ski season ends and continues right through summer and fall until snow comes again. For the younger skiers it starts in the fall, and the intensity and training must be carefully gauged in order not to discourage them. Work them hard enough to challenge them, but not so hard that they begin to feel defeated. The most important thing for the beginners is to get them used to the idea that dryland training is an important part of their ski training. When snow comes everyone is excited to be using their skis again, and you are into the swirl of snow training. The race season’s excitement is just ahead to keep everyone going. Snow training begins with lots of distance skied, with emphasis on good technique; try to give each one hints that might help them to improve. At the races try to get the team to work together, and pull for each other as a group, and to be sportsmanlike towards the other teams entered. We are lucky to have a very good spirit between the different clubs that have cross country teams in the races and this is very valuable and should be preserved. I hope we never reach the win at all cost attitude prevalent in some larger sports. Lastly as your racers get older, you will either lose them or they will develop into very serious skiers. If they become serious racers, try to help them become independent in their training. Cross country is an individual sport, and every skier, unless he / she vaults right onto the National Team, will become his / her own coach as he /she becomes older. And always encourage the older skiers to start helping the younger ones; you will be sowing the seeds of a future coaching program that will keep the sport growing and vigorous in the future.


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2017 Teck BC Midget Championships, Kelowna D. Webster Telemark Nordic Club

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Teck Skier Development Program

Photo: D. Clark, Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) is a catalyst for change and improvement that can help our sport achieve its goals of fostering both life-long participation and international excellence. Within the LTAD framework, the Learning to Train (L2T) and Training to Train (T2T) stages of development are identified as the most important stages of athletic preparation. In recognition of this, in 2012 Cross Country BC launched a new athlete development initiative – the Skier Development Program sponsored by Teck, a diversified resource company based in British Columbia. The Teck Skier Development Program targets skiers 9-14 years of age, and combines developmental camps and races with a focus on regional activity that is both affordable and accessible. The first five years of the new program have been an unprecedented success, with a record number of young skiers participating in both camps and races. Cross Country BC wishes to thank Teck and the many volunteers who made these developmental opportunities possible. For more information about the program, visit:

Teck Kootenay Cup Series club aggregate winner: Nelson Nordic Ski Club (Nelson)

Teck Coast Cup Series club aggregate winner: Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club (Vancouver)

Teck Okanagan Cup Series aggregate winner: Larch Hills Nordic Society (Salmon Arm)

Teck Northern Cup Series aggregate winner: Bulkley Valley Cross County Ski Club (Smithers)


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Photo: S.Connon, Caledonia Nordic Ski Club

Teck Regional Camp Program The Teck Regional Camp Program is an integral part of a progressive provincial athlete development system. It targets athletes 9 to 14 years of age, and provides an affordable, accessible step into Cross Country BC's Provincial Camp Program. Camps help skiers learn ski related technical skills, teamwork, self reliance and good eating habits. They motivate, promote friendships, influence lifestyle choices and provide positive exposure to activities that encourage physical fitness. For more information contact the CCBC Office at (250) 545-9600 or

Region: Coast May 5-7 Teck Regional Spring Camp Mt Washington, BC Head Coach: Andrea Stapff Contact: Sept 15-17 Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp Mt Washington, BC Head Coach: Andrea Stapff Contact: Sept 15-17 Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp Whistler, BC Head Coach: Jake Weaver Assistant Coach: Grarham Maclean Contact: Dec 8-10 Teck Regional Snow Camp Whistler, BC Head Coach: Maria Lundgren Contact: Dec 27-30 Teck Regional Snow Camp Mt Washington, BC Head Coach: Andrea Stapff Contact:

Region: Northern BC Sept 29-Oct 1 Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp Prince George, BC Head Coach: Graeme Moore Contact: Dec 15-17 Teck Regional Snow Camp Smithers, BC

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Head Coach: Lisa Perry Contact:

Region: Kootenay Sept 29-Oct 1 Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp Kimberley, BC Head Coaches: Frank Ackermann & Graham Maclean Contact: Nov 24-26 Teck Regional Snow Camp Invermere, BC Head Coach: Graham Maclean Contact:

Region: Okanagan Sept 15-17 Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp #1 Revelstoke, BC Head Coach: Matt Smider Contact: Oct 13-15 Teck Regional Fall Dryland Camp #2 Kelowna, BC Head Coach: Adam Elliot Contact: Nov 17-19 Teck Regional Snow Camp #1 Vernon, BC Head Coach: Adam Elliot Contact:

Nov 24-26 Teck Regional Snow Camp #2 Vernon, BC Head Coach: Matt Smider Contact:


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Photo: D. Clark, Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

Teck Regional Cup Series The Teck Regional Cup Series offers affordable, accessible competitive opportunities for developing athletes. All Regional Cup races offer age-appropriate categories for children 14 years of age and younger, and most offer the full spectrum of categories for skiers of all ages. For more information contact the race organizers listed below, or the CCBC Office at (250) 545-9600;

Coast Cup Series

Jan 28 Teck Northern Cup #4 Northern Cup Series Finale Burns Lake, BC Dec 3 Teck Coast Cup # 1 Callaghan Valley, BC Alison Patch - (250) 695-6340; Dirk Rohde - (604) 942-6410;

Kootenay Cup Series

Jan 6-7 Teck Coast Cup #2 & 3 Dec 30-31 Teck Kootenay Cup #1 & 2 Callaghan Valley, BC Fernie, BC Dirk Rohde - (604) 942-6410; Clark Weber - (250) 946-6644; Jan 28 Teck Coast Cup #4 Callaghan Valley Lynn Ayers - (604) 815-3452;

Jan 13-14 Teck Kootenay Cup #3 & 4 Kimberley, BC Frank Ackermann - (250) 427-0644;

Feb 10-11 Teck Coast Cup #5 & 6 Jan 27 Teck Kootenay Cup #5 Coast Cup Series Finale Invermere, BC Mt Washington, BC Lyle Wilson - (250) 342-6516; Patty Johnson - (250) 890-0983; Feb 11 Teck Kootenay Cup #6 Kootenay Cup Series Finale Nelson, BC Northern Cup Series Lauren Heckley - (403) 679-8530; Dec 30 Teck Northern Cup #1 Okanagan Cup Series Prince George, BC Jim Burbee - (250) 564-3809; Dec 30 Teck Okanagan Cup #1 Dec 31 Teck Northern Cup #2 Salmon Arm, BC Smithers, BC Alan Corbett - (250) 833-0247; Jennifer Plumber - (250) 847-9899; Jan 28 Teck Okanagan Cup #2 Jan 20 Teck Northern Cup #3 Okanagan Cup Series Finale Vanderhoof, BC Kamloops, BC Wanda Nemethy - (250) 567-5324; Natalie Manhard - (250) 320-0486:


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A Focus on Excellence A Commitment to the Future Supporting B.C.’s young athletes Teck is proud to be the title sponsor of Cross Country B.C.’s skier development program. Through our partnership with Cross Country B.C., we are supporting excellence in sport and providing youth with experiences that will help prepare them for the future. For more information, go to

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Current Larch Hills Chalet

The Larch Hills Chalet Expansion The Larch Hills Nordic Society (Salmon Arm) has been working for the past three years on expanding its existing chalet from 1200 to 3600 square feet. In April 2017, the construction started with the excavation and foundation for the new structure. It was very important to club members that this was an addition onto the existing log cabin and not a completely new building. The plans very nicely tie in the old structure with the new building.

Construction of new Chalet

The money to build this expansion has come from a variety of sources. The Larch Hills Nordic Society has contributed funds; in addition, local community groups, businesses and individuals have made donations. The Larch Hills Chalet Expansion project truly is a community effort. Last fall a ‘Dancing with the Shuswap Stars’ fundraiser was held. This was so successful that it will happen again this November. Collectively, the club has raised about half of the expected costs of the expansion. This coming winter the club hopes to have the new structure to lock up stage, so that club members and visitors can use the facility as a shelter during the winter. It is expected though that most interior finishing will not be completed until the spring of 2018. The building timeline gives a total completion date of October 2018. This exciting project will first and foremost give more space for users of the Larch Hills Recreation area. The current chalet is too small to provide space for all users on most days during the winter. It will create a more welcoming space for members and out of town visitors, as well as provide a better venue for hosting major events.

Drawing of what new Chalet will look like

By Suzy Beckner, Larch Hills Nordic Society


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04/08/2017 3:23:21 PM

Kevin Pettersen (CNSC) and Len Apedaile (World Para Nordic Skiing Federation) at the announcement in December, 2016.

The World is coming to Prince George and the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club After the great success of hosting the 2015 Canada Winter Games, the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club and the City of Prince George are tremendously excited to welcome the world by hosting the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships. Prince George has a rich history of hosting national level cross country skiing championships, but this will be the first World Championships that the city has ever hosted. This event also solidifies the long-term vision of building world-class facilities and world-class volunteers to host world-class events. Photo: A. Staff, Strathcona Nordic Ski Club

The events that occurred in the lead up and delivery of the Canada Winter Games were instrumental in setting the path toward the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships. This included facility upgrades as well as building capacity and support among volunteers and within the community. After submitting an intent to bid proposal last summer, the International Paralympic Committee graciously awarded the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club and the City of Prince George the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships on December 9, 2016. This is the first time that a World Para Nordic Championship will be hosted in Canada. The announcement also included the naming of the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee (Kevin Pettersen) and Chief of Competitions (Jim Burbee) for the World Championships.

Photo: B. Taylor, CCC

SCC 2017v11.indd 20

The World Para Nordic Skiing Championships are held every two years, and after the Paralympic Winter Games, they represent the pinnacle of achievement for Para Nordic athletes. “After having attended the Championships earlier in Germany, I’m so excited


04/08/2017 3:23:25 PM

to expose our region to these athletes,” says Kevin Pettersen, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee and previous president of the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club. “They truly embody the best of Paralympic sport and the Paralympic movement and will astonish and excite the community about the possibilities of Paralympic sport.” The 2019 Prince George World Para Nordic Skiing Championships will be held from Feb 15-24, 2019 at the Caledonia Nordic Ski Centre, located 15 minutes from the city centre. Occurring less than 12 months after the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang Korea, the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships will serve as a “re-match” for the 114 contested world championship medals and represents an opportunity to continue growing the sport around the world. For the 2019 World Championships, it is estimated 135 to 175 athletes from 20 to 25 different countries will participate. In addition, more than 200 coaches and officials, and hundreds of visitors are expected to attend. The event will also be live streamed around the world through social media and traditional broadcasting (reaching in excess of two million viewers). All who participate will experience both the world-class Nordic facilities, and the world-class hospitality in Prince George.

Preparing for 2018 Paralympics British Columbia's leading para-nordic athlete, Emily Young of Vancouver, is busy preparing for the 2018 Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Last season she competed in IPC World Cup competitions in Japan, Germany and Korea in addition to Para World Championships in Finland. Her top results were: •

2nd Classic Sprint - IPC World Cup (Korea)

3rd Classic Sprint - World Championships (Finland)

3rd Team Sprint - IPC World Cup (Germany)

Emily is a member of both the BC Para-Nordic Team and the National Para-Nordic Team. The other members of the successful BC Team are Ethan Hess (Nordic Racers), Natalie Wilkie (Larch Hills Nordic Society) and Andy Lin (Nordic Racers). Ethan and Natalie are also members of the National Para-Nordic Prospects Team. Emily Young - photos at bottom left and right.


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Photo: M. Edwards, CCC

04/08/2017 3:23:28 PM


The National/International Scene

Highlights from the 2017 National Championships 10 BC athletes earned top-three aggregate titles:

CCBC Haig Glacier Camp, Alberta

1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd

1998 1997 2002 2000 2000 1999 2000 1998 2001 2001

Annika Richardson (Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club) Gareth Williams (Telemark Nordic Club) Jasmine Drolet (Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club) Beth Granstrom (Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club) Michael Murdoch (Whistler Nordic Ski Club) Kaia Andal (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club) Benita Peiffer (Whistler Nordic Ski Club) Hannah Mehain (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club) Natalie Wilke (Larch Hills Nordic Society) Cole Turner (Caledonia Nordic Ski Club)

Eight BC Athletes Qualify for National Ski Team Programs

CCBC Sweden Camp - ski tunnel at Torsby

NST Senior Team

NST Para-Nordic Team

Julien Locke

Emily Weekes

Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club Nelson, BC

Telemark Nordic Club Vancouver, BC

Gareth Williams

Ethan Hess (Prospect Team)

Telemark Nordic Club Kelowna, BC

NST Junior Team Annika Richardson Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club Vancouver, BC

Nordic Racers Pemberton, BC

Natalie Wilkie (Prospect Team) Larch Hills Nordic Society Salmon Arm, BC

Hannah Mehain CCBC Sweden Camp - roller ski loop

Sovereign Lake Nordic Club Vernon, BC

Remi Drolet Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club Rossland, BC

Best Ever FIS World Junior Championship Result for BC In 2017 BC had a best ever result at the FIS World Junior Championships in Park City, USA when Gareth Williams (Telemark Nordic Club, Kelowna) finished 11th in the 20 kilometer Skiathlon event. The previous best result for a BC athlete was Chris Werrell's 15th place finish in the Individual Sprint event in 2004. Chris competed for the Omineca Ski Club of Burns Lake, For more information visit: http://www.

CCBC B-Tour,Toblach, Italy Photos on page 22: C. Manhard, CCBC

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BC SKI TEAM Alana Brittin Alexander McDonald Annika Richardson Benita Peiffer Beth Granstrom Cole Turner Elizabeth Elliot Gareth Williams Hannah Mehain Jenna Sim Julien Locke Kaia Andal Kate Granstrom Katie Weaver Michael Murdoch Molly Miller Natalie Wilkie Remi Drolet Tallon Noble Thomas Hardy

Revelstoke Overlander Hollyburn Whistler Revelstoke Caledonia Revelstoke Telemark Sovereign Lake Hollyburn Black Jack Caledonia Revelstoke Hollyburn Whistler Kimberley Larch Hills Black Jack Strathcona Telemark

BC PARA-NORDIC TEAM Andy Lin Ethan Hess Emily Young Natalie Wilkie

Nordic Racers Nordic Racers Telemark Larch Hills

Gareth Williams, Telemark Nordic Club

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It was a wet spring at Telemark this year, and with alternating snow at night and rain during the day the Fern Creek valley filled up with water, blocking our favorite late-season training loop. Coach Adam is not one to let a little bit of Nature get in the way of a carefully designed training plan, so he returned with the H.M.C.S. Rubber Ducky to save the day! Almost a dozen of our older skiers, including their equipment, were safely transported across the burgeoning lake at the low point of Fern Creek (two at a time with vessel captain Thomas Hardy), to do the rest of Fern Creek and Crystal Rim. There they met the younger athletes for a campfire and hot chocolate in our annual Celebration of Spring skiing! Photo: P. Shipley, Telemark Nordic Ski Club

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TECK KOOTENAY CUP, Kimberley Nordic Centre Photo: D. Clark, Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

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The Modern Coach Photo: D. Manhard, Overlander Ski Club

ICC Workshop), and don’t know your NCCP #, you can find it at:

New Resources: CCC’s Online Athlete Development Matrix CCC keeps on adding new resources for coaches to its online Athlete Development Matrix! Video clips that include diagrams and tips for the key technique benchmarks of each step of our sport’s LTAD Model now offer a technique library page with technical analysis as well. In addition detailed explanations of each training zone, with examples of corresponding workouts, are available for T2T, L2C and T2C stages, along with samples of yearly, seasonal and weekly training plans for each of those stages of development. A waxing video is also available.

CCBC Ski Preparation Workshop November 18-20, 2017, Vernon, BC. This three day workshop covers shop set up, what goes in the tool box, maintenance of tools, ski selection, wax application, testing procedures (grip & glide), hand turning and stone grinding. Who is it for: Club wax technicians and coaches Prerequisites: CCC/CCBC club recommendation Presenter: Graham Maclean, former National Ski Team Wax Technician; currently CCBC Coordinator of Technical Services Workshop registration: ccbc-ski-preparation-workshop

Any NCCP trained coach who has a NCCP # and is a member of a CCBC club can register to access the online 'Matrix' for free. Register here - If you are an NCCP trained coach (all you need is to have taken the


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COACHING PROGRAM (2) deliver a well-rounded sport program with an emphasis on skill development to children nine to 12 years of age (the “Learning to Train” stage of development).

MANDATORY QUALIFICATION Standards for Cross-Country Skiing Did you know that coaches are required to have minimum training in order to supervise, instruct or coach ski activities for children under the age of 16 years? If an individual is teaching someone to ski, they must have this training. If an individual is just helping the group (serving hot chocolate, following behind the last skier in the group as they ski around a trail, helping to put on gloves and skis), they do not require minimum training.

The L2T (Dryland) Workshop is the third step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about developmental age, physical literacy, team building, athletic components (aerobic fitness, speed, etc.), nutrition, how to design their own sport program, adventure-based activities (yearround), roller-skiing and planning a practice. Prerequisite: Community Coach Workshop.

NCCP Intro to Community Coaching Workshop

The L2T (On-Snow) Workshop is the second half of the L2T program and the fourth step in the NCCP progression. This workshop is designed to train coaches on team management, supporting athletes at a competition, teaching and learning, equipment selection, ski preparation and how to effectively teach ski technique. Prerequisite: L2T (Dryland) Workshop.

18.25 hours. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $100.00.

The “ICC” Workshop is designed to provide parents and other beginner coaches with basic information and a feeling of confidence as they begin their role as a coach. It teaches coaches how to deliver a series of age-appropriate skill development sessions under the supervision of more experienced coaches. The orientation is to skiers of all age groups with an emphasis on working with children under six years of age (“Active Start” stage of athlete development). Coaches are taught basic coaching skills, how to teach the fundamentals of technique, growth and development considerations, how to create a motivating learning environment, and how to set up a ski playground. It is entry level, and there are no prerequisites except enthusiasm and the minimum age requirement of 14 years.

16.5 hours. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $100.00.

NCCP CCI Advanced (T2T) Workshops The CCI Advanced program provides tools and develops skills that a coach can use to (1) teach athletes how to build an aerobic base, speed and strength and further develop and consolidate sport specific skills as appropriate for their developmental age, and (2) design and deliver an annual sport program that takes into consideration optimal trainability and the maturity/readiness (physical, mental, cognitive and emotional maturity) of individual athletes 12 to 16 years of age (the “Training to Train” stage of development).

10 hours. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $85.00.

NCCP Community Coaching Workshop The “CC” Workshop is the second step in the NCCP coach education program. It provides essential training for coaches delivering effective skill development programs for children six to nine years of age (the “FUNdamentals” stage of skier development). This program is designed to train coaches to teach children technical skills, select games that reinforce the technical skill being taught, design and lead on-snow sessions, select and prepare equipment for young children, and make learning FUN. This workshop includes on-snow sessions. Successful completion of the ICC Workshop, enthusiasm and a minimum age of 14 years are the only prerequisites.

The T2T (Dryland) Workshop is the fifth step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about growth and maturation, energy systems, training intensities, monitoring and recovery, strength, speed, flexibility, roller-skiing and other dryland ski simulation techniques, exercise performance and health, etc. Prerequisite: L2T (On-Snow) Workshop. The T2T (On-Snow) Workshop is the second half of the CCI Advanced program and the sixth step in the NCCP progression. It is designed to train coaches to develop an effective competition plan for a team, prepare for a competition, support athletes at a competition, teach basic mental skills, refine all ski techniques, test and prepare skis, and make ethical decisions. Prerequisite: T2T (Dryland) Workshop.

16 hours. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $105.00.

NCCP CCI (L2T) Workshops The CCI program develops skills and provides tools that a coach can use to (1) create a fun, team oriented environment that will motivate children to achieve their personal goals in sport and develop a lifelong interest in the fitness and health benefits of cross-country skiing, and

17.5 hours / workshop. The workshop fee for CCC/CCBC members is $125.00


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Cross Country BC Contact List


Board of Directors

INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY COACHING WORKSHOPS Sept 29-30 Vanderhoof Richard Burkholder Prince George Jennifer Nesset Oct 13-14 Oct 13-14 Revelstoke Matt Smider Vernon Marie-Jose Gagnon Oct 14-15 Oct 20-21 100 Mile House Gary Carlson Salmon Arm Luke Heckrodt Oct 21-22 N Vancouver Nancy Hill Oct 21-22 Oct 27-28 Whistler Delores Franz-Los Sun Peaks Anne Baughan Oct 28-29 Nov 3-4 Kelowna Deren Sentesy Golden Joan Dolinsky Nov 3-4 Rossland Ann Quarterman Nov 4-5 Nov 17-18 Sunshine Coast Stefanie Reznik Quesnel Peter van Leusden Nov 17-18 Nov 17-18 Courtenay Marilyn Atkinson Invermere Cam Gillies Nov 18-19 Dawson Creek Jennifer Regner Dec 7-8 Jan 12-13 Vernon Marie-Jose Gagnon

Chairperson: Reid Carter (250) 505-4739

(250) 567-9000 (250) 564-3809 (250) 683-9012 (250) 558-3036 (250) 395-2063 (260) 832-2912 (604) 790-1637 (604) 894-6182 (250) 574-7622 (250) 979-8005 (250) 344-0017 (250) 362-5956 (604) 741-5993 (250) 992-7206 (250) 338-9345 (250) 342-9605 (250) 806-0085 (250) 558-3036

COMMUNITY COACHING WORKSHOPS Nov 17-19 Nov 17-19 Nov 24-26 Nov 24-26 Nov 24-26 Nov 24-26 Nov 24-26 Dec 1-3 Dec 9-10 Dec 8-10 Dec 8-10 Dec 8-10 Dec 15-17 Dec 15-17 Dec 15-17 Jan 12-14

Vernon Whistler Rossland Sun Peaks Revelstoke Golden 100 Mile House Kelowna Dawson Creek Salmon Arm Vanderhoof Invermere Sunshine Coast Prince George Courtenay Quesnel

Marie-Jose Gagnon Lynn Ayers Ann Quarterman Anne Baughan Matt Smider Joan Dolinsky Gary Carlson Deren Sentesy Jennifer Regner Luke Heckrodt Richard Burkholder Cam Gillies Stefanie Reznik Jennifer Nesset Marilyn Atkinson Peter van Leusden

(250) 558-3036 (604) 815-0912 (250) 362-5956 (250) 576-7622 (250) 683-9012 (250) 344-0017 (250) 395-2063 (250) 979-8005 (250) 806-0085 (250) 832-2912 (250) 567-9000 (250) 342-9605 (604) 741-5993 (250) 564-3809 (250) 338-9345 (250) 992-7206

LEARNING TO TRAIN (DRYLAND) WORKSHOPS May 12-14 Sept 29-Oct 1 Oct 13-15 Oct 20-22 Oct 27-29 Oct 27-29 Oct 27-29

Prince George Revelstoke N. Vancouver Rossland 100 Mile House Kelowna Salmon Arm

Jennifer Nesset Matt Smider Nancy Hill Ann Quarterman Gary Carlson Deren Sentesy Megan Brooke

(250) 564-3809 (250) 683-9012 (604) 790-1637 (250) 362-5956 (250) 395-2063 (260) 979-8005 (250) 832-4904

LEARNING TO TRAIN (ON-SNOW) WORKSHOPS Nov 17-19 Nov 17-19 Dec 2-3 Dec 1-3 Dec 8-10 Dec 9-10

Vernon Whistler Rossland Revelstoke Prince George 100 Mile House

Marie-Jose Gagnon Nancy Hill Ann Quarterman Matt Smider Jennifer Nesset Gary Carson

(250) 558-3036 (604) 790-1637 (250) 362-5956 (250) 683-9012 (250) 564-3809 (250) 395-2063


Dryland On-Snow

Whistler Whistler

N. Beaumont (250) 545-9600 N. Beaumont (250) 545-9600




N. Beaumont

(250) 545-9600

Directors: Lisa Young (250) 267-7422 Barry Allen (250) 768-4856 Jim Burbee (250) 562-1512 Andrea Stapff (250) 202-7096 Jeff Sim (604) 984-2323 Mike Thomas (250) 814-9927 Sally Connan (250) 962-7115

Staff Executive Director: Wannes Luppens (250) 545-9600 Communications & Admin. Coordinator: Dennis Wu (250) 545-9600 Athlete Development Coordinator: Dudley Coulter (250) 545-9600 Program Coordinator: Nancy Beaumont (250) 545-9600 Provincial Coach: Chris Manhard (604) 698-6512 Assistant Provincial Coach: Maria Lundgren (604) 906-1081


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wish you were here Smithers invites you to enjoy some of western Canada’s best nordic skiing conditions. Only 20 minutes from Smithers’ downtown, the Bulkley Valley Nordic Centre features 45 kilometres of classic and skate trails—5.5 kilometres of them lit for night skiing. Bring the dog and enjoy seven kilometres of trails dedicated to canineaccompanied skiers. The waxing hut, biathlon

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range and day lodge round out our offering, making this a true destination for competition, recreation and family fun. Open November though March. Find out more at

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Who to Contact & Where to Ski in British Columbia

Caledonia Nordic Ski Club Daylodge, Prince George

Photo: C. Alder, Caledonia Nordic Ski Club

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CCBC CLUB DIRECTORY Arrow Lakes CC Ski Club Contact: Kathy Smith 420 Nakusp East Road, Nakusp, BC V0G 1R1 (250) 265-4950 Club Facilities: Wensley Creek CC Ski Trails 7.4 km groomed trails, terrain suitable for recreational skiing Warming hut on trail system Grooming: snowmobiles Trail use fee, visitors welcome Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Club Contact: Adam Langenmaier Box 21033, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4X8 (250) 782-8796 Snow Ph: (250) 219-6235 Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Bear Mtn Nordic Ski Trails 26 km groomed trails; varied terrain Grooming: Bombardier Snowcat Cabin at trail head (1000 sf); 3 heated trail shelters/cabin Trail use fee, visitors welcome Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club Contact: Jan Luppens Box 1754, Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0 Ph: (250) 362-7164 Programs: Parents & Tots; Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr & Sr Racing Programs; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Black Jack Recreation Area 40 km groomed trails; Varied terrain; 3 km lit trails; K-9 trails; ski playground Grooming: 2 PB Edge Snow Cats, 2 Ginzu groomers Daylodge (400 sf); 2 warming cabins on trail system; wax shelter Trail use fee, visitors welcome Bulkley Valley CC Ski Club Contact: Daryl Wilson Box 4412, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0 (778) 210-1919; Programs: Ski S’Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Programs; Adult Skill Lessons

Club Facilities: Bulkley Valley Nordic Centre 48 km groomed trails; varied terrain 5.5 km lit trails; K-9 trails; ski playground Grooming: PB 240 Daylodge (3200 sf); heated washrooms; showers; waxing cabin Trail use fee, visitors welcome Caledonia Nordic Ski Club Contact: John Bowes Box 1243 Prince George, BC V2L 4V3

(250) 564-3809; Snow Ph: 649-1144 Programs: Parents Tots; Ski S’Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Otway Ski Area 55 km groomed trails; 10 km lit trails; ski playground, K-9 trails, varied terrain Grooming: PB 100; Ginzu Daylodge (4500 sf); rental shop; heated washrooms; 2 technical buildings; wax facilities Trail use fee, visitors welcome Cariboo Ski Touring Club Contact: Bruce Self Box 4433, Quesnel, BC V2J 3J4 Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Hallis Lake Trails 75 km groomed trails; 3.5 km lit trails; K-9 trails; varied terrain; ski playground Daylodge (3000 sf); heated washrooms; open daily;- rental shop; 4 backcountry cabins Grooming: PB 100, 3 Alpine Twin Track Trail use fee, visitors welcome Clinton Snow Jockey Club Contact: Jennifer Jakubovski Box 808, Clinton, BC V0K 1K0 (250) 819-0497; Snow Ph: 457-0439 Club Facilities: Big Bar Ski Trails 23 km groomed trails; terrain suitable for recreational skiing Grooming: single track snowmobiles 6 log shelters on the trail system No trail use fee, visitors welcome

Elkford Nordic Ski Club Contact: Marcel Hoveling Box 602, Elkford, BC V0B 1H0 (250) 865-2759; Club Facilities: Boivin Creek Ski Trail 7km groomed trails; 2 trail shelters Terrain suitable for recreational skiing Grooming: Yamaha; Skandic No trail use fee, visitors welcome Fernie Nordic Society Contact: Megan Lohmann Box 843, Fernie, BC V0B 1M0 (250) 531-0690; info@fernienordic. com; Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Team; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Elk Valley Nordic Centre 15 km groomed trails Grooming: Snow Cat; snowmobile Warming hut Fort Nelson CC Ski Club Contact: Cathy Dolan Box 1888, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0 (250) 774-6389 Club Facilities: Fort Nelson Community Forest & Golf Course 20 km groomed trails, 15 km ungroomed trails: 0.5 km lit trails K-9 trails; terrain suitable for recreational skiing Grooming: 2 Alpine Twin Track Shelter at trail head Golden Nordic Ski Club Contact: Joan Dolinsky Box 1991, Golden, BC V0A 1H0 (250) 348-2578 Programs: Parents & Tots; Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons, Masters Club Facilities: Dawn Mountain Nordic Trails & Golf Course Nordic Trails 38 km groomed trails; varied terrain; ski playground; K-9 trails Grooming: 2 Bombardier Groomers; snowmobiles Daylodge (2000 sf); heated washroons; waxing facilities; day

use cabin (400 sf) on trails Trail use fee, visitors welcome Highland Valley Outdoor Assoc. Contact: Ray Town Box 415, Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0 (250) 523-7494 Club Facilities: Logan Lake Ski Trails 34 km groomed trails; varied terrain; 2 km lit trails; 7 km K-9 trails; cabin; 3 shelters Grooming: Bombardier 250; Ginzu Trail use fee, visitors welcome Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club Contact: Dirk Rohde Box 16101 Lynn Valley North Vancouver, BC V7J 3S9 (604) 942-6410; Programs: SDP; Jr Racing Program: Adult Skill Lessons Kaslo Nordic Ski Club Contact: Ken Butt Box 1258, Kaslo, BC V0G IMO Programs: SDP; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: KORS Nordic Trails 15 km groomed trails; 30 ungroomed Grooming: Ginzu groomer 2 warming huts Kimberley Nordic Ski Club Contact: Derm Kennedy Box 464, Kimberley, BC V1A 3B9 (250) 427-1721 Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Kimberley Nordic Centre 30 km groomed trails; varied terrain; ski playground; 3.5 km lit trails Daylodge (1000 sf); wax cabin Grooming: Bombardier Snowcat; Ginzu Groomer Trail use fee, visitors welcome


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CCBC CLUB DIRECTORY Larch Hills Nordic Society Contact: Duncan Moore Box 218, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N3 (250) 832-2044 Programs: SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Larch Hills Ski Area 40 km groomed trails; K-9 trails; varied terrain; daylodge (3600 sq. ft.); 1 backcountry cabin; 2 shelters on trail system Grooming: PB 200 No trail use fee, donations Visitors welcome Mackenzie Nordiques Ski Club Contact: Ray Jacob Box 747, Mackenzie, BC V0J 2C0 (250) 997-5829 Programs: SDP Club Facilities: Mackenzie Cross Country Ski Trails 30 km groomed trails, varied terrain; K-9 trails; 3.4 km lit trails; ski playground; 3 km K-9 trails Grooming: 2 Groomers Daylodge; 3 warming huts on the trail system No trail use fee, donations Visitors welcome Manning Nordic Ski Club Contact: Jo Hughes Box 1600, Hope, BC V0K 1L0 (604) 668-5933 x 1339 Programs: Ski S'Kool; Adult Skill Lessons McKinney Nordic Ski Club Contact: Amy Encina RR1, S70, C26, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0 (250) 498-8461 Programs: Ski S’Kool Club Facilities: McKinney Trails 15 km groomed trails; varied terrain Grooming: Bombardier 301 Snowcat Three shelters

Morice Mtn. Nordic Ski Club Contact: Greg Yeomans Box 1573, Houston, BC V0J 1Z0 moricemountainnordicskiclub/ Programs: SDP, Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Morice Mtn Cross Country Ski Trails 30 km groomed trails; varied terrain; 2 km lit trails; K-9 trails; ski playground Daylodge (900 sf); wax hut; rentals; 1 backcountry cabin Grooming: Bombardier 400 Trail use fee, visitors welcome Nechako Nordics Contact: Roxanne McCleary Box 3501, Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A0 (250) 567-5003 Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Nechako Valley Sporting Association Trails 10 km groomed trails; varied terrain; 2.6 km lit trails; ski playground Grooming: Alpine Twin Track Daylodge (2400 sf); wax facilities Nelson Nordic Ski Club Contact: Louise Poole Box 486, Nelson, BC V1L 5R3 (250) 354-4299; Snow Ph: 354-4292 Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Apex-Busk Ski Trails 30 km groomed trails; 1.3 km lit trails; varied terrain, ski playground Grooming: Prinoth Husky; BR 180 Daylodge at trail head, 2 warming huts on trail system Trail use fee, visitors welcome Nickel Plate CC Ski Club Contact: Ingrid Musselman Bell 777-650 Duncan Ave. W. Penticton, BC V2A 7N1 (250) 488-3669; Snow Ph: 292-8110 Programs: Ski S’Kool, SDP, Jr Racing Program, Adult Skill lessons

Club Facilities: Nickel Plate Ski Area 56 km groomed trails; varied terrain; ski playground; 3 km K-9 Trails Daylodge (4000 sf); heated washrooms; waxing facilities; rental shop Grooming PB 100; Ginzu Trail use fee, visitors welcome Nordic Racers Contact: Jamie Stirling #119 2416 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E2 (604) 349-7709 Programs: Adult Skill Lessons; Programs for skiers with a disability North Thompson Rec. Society Contact: Carman Smith Box 647, Barriere, BC V0E 1E0 (250) 672-9403 Programs: Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Barrier Forks Park 6 km groomed trails; warming hut; ski playground Snowmobile, groomer, tracksetter No trail use fee; donations Visitors welcome

Overlander Ski Club Contact: Vesta Giles Box 1191, Kamloops, BC V2C 6H3 (250) 376-9147; Snow Ph: 372-5514 Programs: Ski S’Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Stake Lake Cross Country Ski Trails 60 km groomed trails; 4.5 km lit trails; 5 km K-9 trails; varied terrain; ski playground Grooming: Bombardier MP; 2 Ginzu Groomers Daylodge (2900 sf); heated washrooms; 6 trail shelters Trail use fee, visitors welcome

Omineca Ski Club Contact: Agathe Bernard Box 1008, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0 (250) 698-7737 Programs: SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Omineca Ski Trails 50 km groomed trails; varied terrain; 1.5 km lit trails; K-9 Trails; ski playground Grooming: BR 275; PB 70 Daylodge (3000 sq ft); heated washrooms; showers, rentals; heated wax cabin Trail use fee, visitors welcome

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club Contact: Koreen Marrone Box 1618, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0 (250) 814-4264; Snow Ph: 837-7303 Programs: Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Mt. MacPherson Ski Trails 26 km groomed trails; varied terrain 6 km lit trails; ski playground; K-9 trails Grooming: Bombardier BR 275; snowmobiles; Ginzu Groomer Daylodge (1200 sf); heated washrooms; rental shop; wax facilities; cabin (400 sf) on trail system Trail use fee, visitors welcome

100 Mile Nordic Ski Society Contact: Maryanne Capnerhurst Box 1888, 100 Mile House BC V0K 2E1

Sea to Sky Nordic Ski Club Contact: Rick Smith Box 2245, Squamish, BC V8B 0B5


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(250) 395-2104; Programs: SDP; Jr Racing Program, Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: 99 Mile Ski Trails 45 km groomed trails; varied terrain; ski playground; 4 km lit trails Grooming: PB 200; Alpina Sherpa Daylodge (3000 sf); open 9-3 daily; heated washrooms; rental shop; wax facilities 2 warming cabins on trail system Trail use fee, visitors welcome

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CCBC CLUB DIRECTORY Programs: SDP, Jr Racing Progam; Adult Skill Lessons Skmana Ski Club Contact: Darcy Simpson Box 325, Chase, BC V0E 1M0 (250) 319-8301; Club Facilities: Skmana Lake Trails 12 km groomed trails; terrain suitable for recreational skiing Daylodge (1000 sq ft) Grooming: Bombardier Snowcat No trail user fee, visitors welcome Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club Contact: Dan McElheron Box 404, Kitimat, BC V8C 2M4 (250) 615-0178 Programs: SDP; Jr Racing Team; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Onion Lake Ski Trails 35 km groomed trails, varied terrain; 5 km lit trails, K-9 trails; ski playground Daylodge (1000 sf); cabin on trail system Grooming: Prinoth BR 350; Ginzu Trail use fee, visitors welcome Sovereign Lake Nordic Club Contact: Brian Wills Box 1231, Vernon, BC V1T 6N6 (250) 558-8916; Snow Ph: 260-5335 Programs: Parents & Tots; Ski S’Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons; Masters Club Facilities: Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre 56 km groomed trails; varied terrain; 4 km lit trails; ski playground; 7 km K-9 trails Grooming: PB 400; Bombardier 275; 2 Polaris Trackers Daylodge (4000 sf); heated washrooms; 1 Technical Building; 2 cabins; wax cabin; 1 shelter on trail system Trail use fee, visitors welcome Spud Valley Nordic Association Contact: Delores Franz Los 9440 Hurley River Rd, Pemberton,

BC V0N 2L0. (604) 894-6182; Programs: Ski S’Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Program Club Facilities: Nairn Falls Campground 3.5 km groomed trails; ski playground Grooming: snowmobile; Ginzu Strathcona Nordic Ski Club Contact: Len Apedaile Box 3085, Courtenay, BC V9N 5N3 Snow Ph: (250) 203-0225 Programs: Ski S’Kool; SDP; Jr & Masters Racing Programs; Adult Skill Lessons; Programs for skiers with a disability Sun Peaks Nordic Club Contact: Phil Youwe Box 0176, Sun Peaks V0E 5NO (250) 578-7734; Snow Ph: 578-7223 Programs: SDP Sunset Ridge Ski Society Contact: Shelly Hume PO Box 107, Sparwood, BC V0B 2G0 (250) 425-2404; Club Facilities: Daylodge (1000 sf) 10 km groomed trails, varied terrain Grooming: BR 400 Telemark Nordic Club Contact: Ron Earle Box 26072, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2G3; (250) 707-5925 Programs: SDP, Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Telemark Ski Trails 50 km groomed trails; varied terrain; ski playground; 4.3 km lit trails Daylodge (3000 sf); heated washrooms Grooming: Piston Bully; Ginzu Groomer Trail use fee, visitors welcome


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Tetrahedron Outdoor Club Contact: Stefanie Reznick Box 545, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0 (604) 886-6693; Programs: SDP Club Facilities: Dakota Ridge Winter Recreational Area 20 km froomed trails; 7 km K-9 trails Warming hut The Vancouver Skiers Contact: Eda Kadar 1237 East 26th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5V 2J9 (604) 738-6466; Programs: Day/overnight Trips; Adult Skill Lessons Toby Creek Nordic Ski Club Contact: Lyle Wilson Box 892, Invermere, BC V0A 1K4 (250) 342-6516 Programs: Parents & Tots; Ski S'Kool; SDP; Jr Racing Team; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Lake Windermere Whiteway 35 km groomed trails; K-9 trails Grooming: Skidoo; Ginzu Groomer Valhalla Hills Nordic Ski Club Contact: Scott Kipkie PO Address: 113 Reibin Rd New Denver, BC, V0G 1S1 Ph: (250) 358-2494; Programs: SDP Club Facilitites: Valhalla Hills Ski Trails 12 km groomed trails, ski playground Grooming: Ginzu Groomer Wells Gray Outdoors Club Contact: Dave Poole 1197 Barber Rd, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N1 (250) 587-6120 Programs: Parents & Tots; Ski S'Kool; SDP; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities:

Candle Creek Ski Trails 32 km groomed trails; varied terrain Grooming: PB 100; Ginzu Daylodge (600 sf) Trail use fee, visitors welcome Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club Contact: Eliza Stanford 9508 113th Ave., Ft. St John, BC V1J 2W9 (250) 785-0973 Programs: Parents & Tots; Ski S'Kool; SDP; Adult Skill Lessons Club Facilities: Beatton Provincial Park Ski Trails 15 km groomed trails; K-9 trails Grooming: Skandic SWT Warming cabin at trail head (150 sf) Trail use fee, visitors welcome Whistler Nordic Ski Club Contact: Tony Peiffer 106-4319 Main St., Whistler, BC V0N 1B4 Programs: SDP; Jr Racing Program; Adult Skill Lessons Williams Lake CC Ski Club Contact: Kirsty Gartshore Box 4026, Williams Lake, BC V2G 2V2; (250) 398-4737 Programs: SDP; Adult Skill Lessons; Jr Racing Team Club Facilities: Bull Mountain Cross Country Ski Trails 28 km groomed trails; varied terrain; K-9 trails; ski playground; 3.5 km lit trails Warming cabin (1000 sf) Grooming: PB 180 Trail use fee, visitors welcome Yellowhead Ski Club Contact: Terri Jensen Box 258, McBride, BC V0J 2E0 (250) 569-3362 Club Facilities: Belle Mountain Ski Trails 17 km groomed trails; varied terrain Grooming: Alpine Twin Track Cabin on trail system DIRECTORY

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SINCE 1974!

knowledge passion gear 250.542.4141

4823 Silver Star Rd Vernon, BC Canada

We Know Nordic! Winter d Wonderlan


Revelstoke, BC March 3-4, 2018

Events: Nipika Ski Week In the Rockies Camp - January 14-19, 2018 Nipika Toby Creek Nordic Loppet Weekend - January 27 & 28, 2018 Cross River Ripper Fat Bike Race - February 24, 2018 local 1-250-342-6516 toll free 1-877-647-4525

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Photo: D. Clark, Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

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COMPETITION SCHEDULE Provincial, National & International Events OCTOBER, 2017 Oct 26-30

Frozen Thunder Opener Canmore, AB Tom Holland

DECEMBER, 2017 Dec 2 Nickel Plate Season Opener Penticton Murray Farbridge (250) 292-8110 Dec 3

Teck Coast Cup #1 Teck Coast Cup Series Callaghan Valley Dirk Rohde (604) 942-6410

Dec 8-17 WPNS World Cup #1 Paralympic Winter Games Trials Canmore, AB Carly Lewis Dec 9-10 Haywood Nor Am Vernon Troy Hudson (250) 558-3036 Dec 15-17

Haywood Nor Am Mini-Tour Rossland Linda Merlo (250) 368-3678

Dec 16 Whiskey Jack EggNog Open Fort St John Eliza Stanford (250) 785-0973 Dec 30 Teck Northern Cup #1 Teck Northern Cup Series BC Winter Games Trials

- Zone 8 (Northeast)

Prince George Jim Burbee (250) 564-3809

Dec 30 Teck Okanagan Cup #1 Teck Okanagan Cup Series BC Winter Games Trials

- Zone 2 (Okanagan)

Salmon Arm Alan Corbett (250) 833-0247

Dec 30 BC Winter Games Trials

- Zone 6 (Vancouver Island)

Mt Washington Patty Johnson (250) 890-0983

Dec 30-31

Teck Kootenay Cup #1 & 2

BC Winter Games Trials - Zone 1 (Kootenays)

Dec 31 Teck Northern Cup #2 Teck Northern Cup Series BC Winter Games Trials

Jan 6-9 Haywood NorAm/ World Jr/U23 Champ Trials Mt St Anne, QC Patrick Blais Jan Teck Kootenay Cup #3 & 4 13-14 Teck Kootenay Cup Series Kimberley Frank Ackermann (250) 427-4278 Jan 13

Sun Peaks Loppet

Jan 13

Sun Peaks Sprint

- Zone 7 (Northwest)

JANUARY, 2018 Jan 2-13 US Nationals 2018 Anchorage, USA https://www.anchoragenordicski. com/nationals18/ Jan 6-7 Teck BC Cup #1 Teck BC Cup Series BC Winter Games Trials

Sun Peaks Vincent Lafontaine (250) 578-5546

- Zones 3, 4, 5 (Lower Mainland) Teck Coast Cup #2 & 3 Teck Coast Cup Series Callaghan Valley

Sun Peaks Vincent Lafontaine (250) 578-5546

Jan 14 Kelowna Apple Loppet Kelowna Ron Earle (250) 707-5925

Smithers Jan 14 Jennifer Plummer (250) 847-9899

Dirk Rohde (604) 942-6410

Teck Kootenay Cup Series

Fernie Clark Weber (250) 946-6644

Jan 19-21

Blackwall Bash Manning Park Jo Hughes (604) 668-5933 x 1339

Haywood NorAm/ Western Canadian Championships Red Deer, AB Thomas Marr-Laing

Jan Masters World Cup 19-26 Minneapolis, USA Jan 20 Reino Keski Salmi Loppet Salmon Arm Louise Bruns (250) 833-9552


SCC 2017v11.indd 35

04/08/2017 3:24:07 PM

FEBRUARY 2014 Jan 20 Teck Northern Cup #3 Teck Northern Cup Series Vanderhoof Wanda Nemethy (250) 567-5324 Jan 27 Hallis Lake Loppet Quesnel Tania Gruene Jan 27 Snow Valley Open Kitimat Travis Carter (250) 635-6435 Jan 27 Teck Kootenay Cup #5 Teck Kootenay Cup Series Invermere Lyle Wilson (250) 342-6516

Nipika/Toby Creek Loppet Jan 27-28 Invermere Lyle Wilson (250) 342-6516 Jan 28

Teck Northern Cup #4

Jan 28

Teck Coast Cup #4

Teck Northern Cup Series Burns Lake Alison Patch (250) 695-6340

Teck Coast Cup Series Callaghan Valley Lynn Ayers (604) 815-3452

Jan 28 Teck Okanagan Cup #2 Teck Okanagan Cup Series Kamloops Natalie Manhard (250) 320-0486 Jan 27 - Feb 3


Feb 3

Cascade Cup Loppet Manning Park Jo Hughes (604) 668-5933 x 1339

Feb 3 Sunshine Coast Loppet Gibsons Urs Pfaeffli 604) 740-0857 Feb 3-4 Teck BC Cup #2 Teck BC Cup Series Prince George Jim Burbee (250) 564-3809 Feb 3-4 Huckleberry Loppet Golden Jeff Dolinsky (250) 348-2578 Feb 4 Spud Valley Loppet Pemberton Delores Franz Los (604) 894-6182

Feb 11 Chris Dahlie Open Smithers Jennifer Plummer (250) 847-9899 Feb 11 Teck Kootenay Cup #6 Teck Kootenay Cup Series Nelson Lauren Heckley (403) 679-8530 Feb Teck BC Championships 16-18 Teck BC Cup Series Kelowna Jillian Stamp (250) 979-1255 Feb 16-18

Gatineau Loppet Gatineau, QC

Feb BC Winter Games 23-25 Kamloops Nancy Beaumont (250) 545-9600

Sigge’s P’ayakentsut

Feb 9-25 Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang, South Korea

Feb 24

Feb 10 Jess4Kids Tips Up Cup Vernon Troy Hudson (250) 558-3036

Feb 24 Moose Marathon Kitimat Travis Carter (250) 635-6435

Feb 10-11

Teck Coast Cup # 5 & 6 Teck Coast Cup Series Mt Washington Patty Johnson (250) 890-0983

FIS World Jr/U23 Championships Feb 11 Vancouver Island Loppet Goms, SUI Cross Country Canada (403) 678-6791

Feb Canadian Birkiebeiner 10-11 Edmonton, AB (780) 430-7153

Mt Washington Patty Johnson (250) 890-0983

Feb 24

Callaghan Valley Dirk Rhode (604) 942-6410

Spirit of the Rivers Loppet Prince George Jim Burbee (250) 564-3809

MARCH, 2018 Mar 3 Wetzin'kwa Marathon Smithers Jennifer Plummer


SCC 2017v11.indd 36

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(250) 847-9899

Mar 3-4 Teck BC Midget Championships Revelstoke Mike Thomas (250) 200-0342 Mar 4

The Lakes Loppet Burns Lake Alison Patch (250) 695-6340

Mar 8-18

Paralympic Winter Games

Mar 10-17

National Championships

Pyeongchang, South Korea pyeongchang-2018

Gas Fireplaces, Hot Tub & Sauna 10 minutes from Canmore Nordic Centre 6 Wax Rooms , Friendly Service Highspeed Internet Access

Home to Cross-Country & Biathlon Teams when in Canmore!

art fund loppet e h e Th SATURDAY

JANUARY 20, 2018 Larch Hills, Salmon Arm, BC

Thunder Bay, ON Chris Serratore

Mar 11 Sovereign Lake Loppet Vernon Troy Hudson (250) 558-3036

SCC 2017v11.indd 37




Kal-West Interior Loppet Series

04/08/2017 3:24:10 PM

FIRST TRACKS continued from page 5

Based on this positive feedback we applied and received grants from the 2016 IMAGINE Northern Health Community Grant, the Nechako – Kitamat Development Fund, Cross Country BC and the Northern Health Partnering for Healthier Communities Fund to help purchase our new ski equipment, shed, shelves and racks. We also applied and received funding for NCCP training for an additional eight cross country ski coaches from ViaSport/Northern BC Community Sport Development Fund.

We discovered how useful Facebook was for promoting our club, and every week saw a lot of positive posts and pics. The local newspaper was very supportive; as long as we sent them high quality photos and articles, they published them. A school outside of our catchment area heard about what was going on, and brought their entire school to our facility for a Fun Day. The popular Ladies Ski and High Tea event saw more young women than ever before.

We initiated our Ski S’Kool Program in January 2017. The response from all of the local elementary schools was overwhelming. We had over 120 children participate in our four lesson program.

We really knew we were on to something when we hosted an extremely successful Family Day event. Thanks to a new young member who secured a Family Day grant, and with the loan of equipment from the high school, we offered the community free rentals and passes for the day, and were astounded by the numbers of new young families attending. It was an incredible day! Finally, to top off the season, we were nominated for, and received the Chamber of Commerce business excellence award in the Tourism/Recreation category.

Based on the success of our first year of Ski S’Kool we fully anticipate significant increases to our Bunny/Jackrabbit Programs in the 2017/18 ski season and have already been busy planning more Ski S’Kool opportunities in the future. Our long term Ski S’Kool goals include:

This next season we plan to expand the program by training more coaches, offering three lessons per child, and are hopeful we’ll see more kids enrolled in Skill Development. Ultimately, our goal is to grow Skill Development, get our racing program back up and running, and eventually train officials and start hosting races again. We are promoting cross country skiing as a Fun, affordable, outdoor Family sport, and our moto is, “We do Winter!”

Year 1 (2018) goals: 540 student visits with 8 coaches (4 lessons for all Vanderhoof Grade 3 students and ski day field trips for all Vanderhoof Grades 2 and 4 students)

Year 2 (2019) goals: 900 student visits with 10 coaches (4 lessons for all Vanderhoof Grade 3 and Grade 4 students and ski day field trips for all Vanderhoof Grades 2 and 5 students)

Year 3 (2020) goals: 990 student visits with 10 coaches (4 lessons for all Vanderhoof Grade 3 and Grade 4 students and ski day field trips for all Vanderhoof Grades 2, 5, and 6 students)

By Barb Matfin, 100 Mile Nordic Ski Society

Reversing a Trend

Our plans to achieve these goals include:

The Nechako Nordics is a small cross country ski club located in Vanderhoof, BC. Our club has been active for over 30 years and has produced both elite athletes and many more recreational skiers. However in the past several years the enrollment in our Bunny, Jackrabbit, and racing programs have been declining. As part of our plans to reverse this trend our club initiated a Ski S’Kool Program in 2017.

Maintaining good communication and trust with School District #91, principals, teachers and Parent Advisory Committees

Continuing to offer quality ski instruction programs

Continuing to recognize our program supporters

By Richard Burkholder, Nechako Nordics

For 2017 we set a goal to provide all grade 3 students in the Vanderhoof area the opportunity to learn how to cross country ski. For a small club this was an ambitious and costly initiative, but one we firmly believed in as a tangible way to grow our sport among the youth of our community. We initiated our Ski S’Kool Program by meeting with our local School District. From this meeting we agreed to offer a Ski S’Kool Program for a minimum of three years. The Nechako Nordics committed to provide Grade 3 students with four cross country ski lessons each. All lessons would be provided at our Nechako Valley Sporting Association (NVSA) trail system by NCCP trained coaches. Also as part of this plan the Nechako Nordics agreed to purchase 50 new sets of cross country ski equipment and to purchase and install a new equipment shed, shelves and racks to properly store it. School District #91 committed to supply all bussing to and from the NVSA trails and to provide volunteer ski helpers (one helper for every eight students). We then met with each elementary school in the Vanderhoof area, including the Northside Christen School and their Parent Advisory Committees. Without exception every school fully supported the initiative.


SCC 2017v11.indd 38

04/08/2017 3:24:10 PM

Zone Sport Representatives: Zone 1 (Kootenay): Fred Bushell Ph: (250) 362-7134; Email: Zone 2 (Okanagan): Kerry Haaheim Ph: (778) 581-5952; Email: Zones 3, 4, 5 (Lower Mainland): Chris Bishop Ph: (604) 612-6676; Email: Zone 6 (Vancouver Island): Andrea Stapff Ph: (250) 914-2201 Email: Zone 7 (Northwest): Marlene Thimer Ph: (250) 846-5989; Email: Zone 8 (Northeast): Cynthia Andal Ph: (250) 613-0025; Email: Provincial Sport Association Advisor: Nancy Beaumont. Ph. (250) 545-9600 Email: Quota for Cross-Country Skiing: A total of 82 competitors (41 male and 41 female) and 16 coaches (eight male and eight female) are permitted for the sport of cross-country skiing. Zone Team Composition: eight zones - eight athletes per zone (four male and four female), and two coaches per zone (one male and one female). The remaining 18 positions (nine male and nine female) will be allocated to zones according to the total participation numbers of eligible athletes in the Zone Trials.

COMPETITION INFORMATION: Interval Start: Friday - Classic Technique Midget Boys/Girls 2004 3.5 km Juvenile Boys/Girls 2003 5 km Individual Sprint: Saturday - Free Technique Midget Boys/Girls 2004 400 m 2003 400 m Juvenile Boys/Girls

Registration Fee: All athletes that qualify at the Zone Trials to attend the BC Winter Games must pay a Games Registration Fee ($175.00) prior to January 18th, 2018. Cheques are to be made payable to 'Cross Country BC.' Fees will be collected by the Zone Representatives.

Relays: Sunday - Mixed Technique • Mixed categories. • Distance: 4 x 2.0 km. • Two legs of the relay are Classic Technique, and two are Free Technique. • Teams consist of two male and two female athletes. • Only official teams are eligible for medals.

Coaching Certification Requirements: The Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for each zone require NCCP CCI-L2T certification. Eligibility Restrictions: Refer to section V-2 of the BC Winter Games Rule Book. Athletes born in 2003 (Juvenile category) or 2004 (Midget category) are eligible. Athletes must compete in a Zone Trial in order to qualify (refer to page 35 of this magazine for information on the Zone Trials). All athletes competing at the Games must be a member in good standing with Cross Country BC. Age Categories: Skiers born in 2004 may compete in the Midget or Juvenile age category. Skiers born in 2003 must compete in the Juvenile category. Competitors may only be entered in one age category at the Games. Para-Nordic Events: Para-Nordic events will be offered for male/female SitSki (LW2-9) and male/female Standing /Visually Impaired (LW2-9; B1-3) athletes. Athletes 14 to 35 years of age as of December 31st, 2017 are eligible.

SCC 2017v11.indd 39


Photo: A. M. Comte, Nordic Racers

04/08/2017 3:24:11 PM

Kids Programs FUNDAMENTALS The Jackrabbit Program, which is directed at skiers in the “FUNdamentals” stage of development (children six to nine years), is the second level of the program. It has been developed in parallel with the second level of the competency-based NCCP, which provides coach training specific to the needs of skiers this age. Program materials include an enrolment kit, an age-appropriate poster that provides a comprehensive record of the young skier’s ski career, and “technique” and “program” award stickers to chart the different levels of achievement. The objective is for children to learn basic cross-country ski skills (both classic and skating) and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health. In addition, it is designed to: Cross Country Canada’s SDP is a modern, state-ofthe-art progression of skill development programs for children. This exciting program conforms to the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Model and provides a vertically integrated continuum of development opportunities for children in the first three stages of skier development.

Help children develop confidence.

Be fun.

Provide children an opportunity to ski and socialize with their ski friends.

Build overall motor skills.

Help children develop outdoor winter safety skills.



The first level is the Bunnyrabbit Program, which is directed at children in the “Active Start” stage of development (children five years of age and younger). Program materials include an enrolment kit, a kidfriendly, age-appropriate booklet, and skill award stickers. It has been developed in parallel with the first level of the competency-based National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), which now provides coach training specific to the needs of this age group. The objective of the new program is to introduce crosscountry skiing and the healthy lifestyle associated with it through organized activity and active play. In addition, the program is designed to:

The Track Attack Program, which is directed at skiers in the “Learning to Train” stage of development (skiers 10 to 12), is the third level of the program. It has been developed in parallel with the third level of the NCCP system. Program materials include a program-specific enrolment kit and coaching materials specific to this stage in the skier development progression. The objective is for the participants to become technically competent cross-country skiers, and to utilize those skills to explore a wide range of cross-country ski activities, from back country excursions to Ski Tournaments. In addition, it is designed to: •

Develop fitness through active play, games and other activities.

Be fun.

Be fun.

Provide children an opportunity to make ski friends.

Provide an opportunity to be part of a sport “team”.

Develop fundamental movement skills.

Develop competence in cross-country ski skills.

Help children develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment.

Expose children to a variety of “adventure-based” crosscountry ski activities.

Help children develop a positive self-image.

The 2017-18 Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit enrolment kit includes a cross-country ski toque with a CCC logo.

The 2017-18 Track Attack enrolment kit includes a crosscountry ski buff with a CCC logo.


SCC 2017v11.indd 40

04/08/2017 3:24:11 PM

Racing Rocks! INTRO TO COMPETITION Since the introduction of skating, higher technology equipment and new race formats such as sprinting, pursuits and mass starts, cross country skiing has picked up speed and grown in excitement. Cross Country Canada (CCC) recommends three special programs to introduce elementary school-age kids to the fun and satisfaction of competitive skiing.

SKI TOURNAMENT A Ski Tournament is a day of special activities which includes a Terrain Park Relay, a Mad Dash (an individual sprint race - the event in which Chandra Crawford won her 2006 Olympic gold medal!), and a variety of games. The objective of the event is to encourage participation, teamwork and good technique.

Photo: XTS Photography / C. Parks-Pelletier, Sovereign Lake Nordic Club

TEAM SPRINT A team sprint is a two-person sprint relay. The first skiers on each team start together and race the sprint course, then hand off to their team-mates, who also ski the course. The second skiers then hand off to the first skiers who ski the course again. This is the event in which Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw won gold at the 2011 World Championships!

DOUBLE CROSS This is an Xtreme X-Country event designed to enable skiers to apply their cross-country skills to challenging terrain in an environment of adventure and intra-group competition.

Cross Country BC-approved activities provide a 'temporary tattoo' - a free Racing Rocks! incentive award to participants. For information on where Racing Rocks! events will be held this coming season and/or how to enter, contact your club SDP Programmer or the Cross Country BC Office at: For more information on (1) how to apply for/host a Racing Rocks! event and (2) ski playgrounds/terrain parks visit:


SCC 2017v11.indd 41

Photo: D. Clark, Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

04/08/2017 3:24:16 PM

Officials The Officials Program consists of five steps from entry level through international level. It includes technical delegate, event management and course conductor training as well as standard training for officials. LEVEL 1 This is an eight hour course that provides an overview of what a cross-country ski competition is all about. The focus is on the duties of minor officials for “Olympic” style (interval start, pursuit start, mass start, team sprint, individual sprint, relay) and “Loppet” style (mass participation) competitions.

Photo: D. Rohde, Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club

Course fee for CCC/CCBC members: $80.00

Course Schedule

Course fee for non-members: $160.00 LEVEL 2


Course Location Contact Telephone

May 27 Level 1


D. Rohde

(604) 942-6410

Sept 30 Level 1

Williams Lake

R. Sutton

(250) 267-3086

Oct 14

Level 1


H. Lamson

(250) 635-6588

Oct 28

Level 1


T. Hudson

(250) 558-8916

Oct 28

Level 1


M. Thomas

(250) 200-0342

Oct 28

Level 1

Fort St. John

K. Simons

(250) 787-5554

Nov 4

Level 1


D. Rohde

(604) 942-6410

This is a 16 hour course that prepares officials for a leadership role on a competition committee for club, provincial, and most national level races, including the Teck BC Cup Series, Teck Regional Cup Series, BC Winter Games and loppets. The course covers all official race formats, rules and regulations, rule interpretation, electronic timing, all aspects of the results system and volunteer management.

Nov 18-19 Level 2


T. Hudson

(250) 558-8916

Nov 18-19 Level 2


S. Cheyne

(605) 906-0232

Course fee for CCC/CCBC members: $100.00

Jan 31- Level 3 Feb 4

Gatineau, QC

N. Beaumont

(250) 545-9600

Course fee for non-members: $200.00 LEVEL 3 This is a 3.5 day course. It is designed to prepare an official to: (1) effectively structure, staff and manage a Competition Committee at provincial through national level competitions, (2) perform any ‘major’ official role at the National Championship level, (3) perform the role of a provincial Technical Delegate for provincial and national races, and (4) have a good understanding of CCC/FIS rules. For updates on Cross Country BC’s Officials Course Schedule and officiating resources such as the CCC/FIS Competition Rules & Regulations and CCC Officials Manual visit:

Photo: D. St Jacques

SCC 2017v11.indd 42


04/08/2017 3:24:19 PM

Teck BC Cup Series The Teck BC Cup Series is the premier race series for cross-country skiers in British Columbia. It is the principle component of the athlete development model for high performance crosscountry skiing, as well as a family oriented event that encourages participation from skiers of all age groups and a wide range of skill levels. There are three special features built into the Series, the BC Championship Club Trophy that recognize the achievements of club teams, the BC Cup Series Overall Awards that recognize individual performances and the College/University Aggregate Awards that recognize individual performances for full time post-secondary students. BC Championship Club Trophy: The Teck BC Championships is a two-day event with an ‘interval start’ (Saturday) and ‘relay start’ (Sunday). Club skiers of all ages and skill levels participate in order to help their club achieve points. The club that accumulates the most points is the winner of the Club Trophy. Guidelines for this program are available from the Cross Country BC website. This is the most exciting competitive event of the season and a great opportunity to introduce young skiers to the Teck BC Cup Series!!!

Photo: D. Clark, Kimberley Nordic Ski Club

2017-18 SCHEDULE January 6-7 Teck BC Cup #1 Callaghan Valley Interval Start (CT); Mass Start (FT) February 3-4 Teck BC Cup #2 Prince George Individual Sprint (CT); Interval Start (FT) February 16-18 Teck BC Championships Kelowna Mass Start (FT); Interval Start (CT); Relay (FT)

BC Cup Series AggregateAwards: All events in the series with the exception of the relays are used to accumulate points for the BC Cup Series Aggregate Awards. College/University Aggregate Awards: All events in the Series with the exception of the relays are used to accumulate points for the College/ University Aggregate Awards. Additional Series Information: All races are nationally sanctioned with the exception of the relays. Results of nationally sanctioned races (for age categories Midget and up) are included on the Canada Points List or Canada Sprint List. All competitors in the Midget age category and up must have a CCC Racing Licence or CCC Day Licence in order to participate.


SCC 2017v11.indd 43

Photo: A. M. Comte, Nordic Racers

04/08/2017 3:24:23 PM

Photo: XTS Photography / C. Parks-Pelletier (Sovereign Lake Nordic Club)

New Requirement: CCC Coaching Licence As of July 1st 2017 all coaches coaching for more than seven hours/year need to sign up for a CCC Coaching Licence before starting to coach. This licence will be necessary in order to continue benefiting from CCC's liability insurance coverage.

2016-2017 winter season, the operations team stored in excess of 10,000 cubic metres of snow in a 100 metre x 20 metre storage pit under sawdust, where it will remain over the summer months. In October, excavators will begin digging out the ‘Callaghan Gold’, allowing groomers to start building the training loop. The trail is planned to be 1.5 km – 2 km in length, with variable terrain.

The CCC coaching licence is aimed at all active cross country ski coaches in Canada who are coaching with a CCC/CCBC member club.

This project provides invaluable early season training opportunities for athletes, and WOP hopes this initiative will be a positive lead-up to the 2017-2018 winter season.

An “active” coach is anyone who performs typical coaching tasks with a member club, including delivering practices or assisting with delivery of practices, with any age group.

The Omineca Ski Club Celebrates 90th Anniversary Fun Facts from 1927:

The licence is renewable on a yearly basis, starting June 15th and effective July 1st of each year.

• •

Go to the CCC Coaching License page for more details and registration:

• •

Record Skill Development Program (SDP) Enrolment There were more than 2,500 children participating in SDP programs (Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit, Track Attack) across BC this past winter - that is a new record! This means more children than ever before are learning the skills to enjoy our “sport for life”!

• • •

WOP ‘Callaghan Gold’ Trail Provides Early Season On-snow Training Opportunity

Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) has announced the return of Callaghan Gold this fall with operating dates planned for November 3 – 22, 2017. Following the exceptional

The National Museum of Canada was created The boundary between Labrador and Quebec was established by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council accepting the claim of the Dominion of Newfoundland over the claim of Canada The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in Parliament On July 1st Confederation was celebrated with the first cross-country radio broadcast BC’s Premier John Oliver died in office and was replaced three days later by John MacLean Ten CPR cars carrying a valuable cargo of silk went off the rails near Yale, BC and five cars landed in the Fraser River The National Gallery of Canada opened an exhibit of Emily Carr works bringing her out of obscurity And most importantly, the OMINECA SKI CLUB was established in Burns Lake, BC!!

Omineca Ski Club website:


SCC 2017v11.indd 44

04/08/2017 3:24:28 PM


CCC Ski-at-School Program Powered by AltaGas Grant

Congratulations to the three BC Clubs selected for funding for 2017-18:

Ski-at-School is a national program, sponsored by AltaGas, which aims to bring cross-country skiing to school children across Canada. The BC recipient of this grant in 2017 is the Nechako Nordic Ski Club of Vanderhoof. For more information on the Nechako Nordics program refer to page 38 of this magazine. In 2016 the BC recipient of the grant was the Nelson Nordic Ski Club.

Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club (Rossland)

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club (Revelstoke)

Telemark Nordic Ski Club (Kelowna)

CCBC B-Tour in Europe: Ski Tunnel at Toblach, Italy

Three BC Clubs Receive NWSDA Grants The National Winter Sport Development Association (NWSDA) was established through the foresight and donation of the Disbrow family. This generous support of the NWSDA is aimed at assisting coaches, athletes and competitive racing programs in Canada. The long-term goal is focused on boosting and sustaining Canada’s performance level and ranking at the international level. During the past ten seasons, the NWSDA funding has contributed over 1.5 million dollars to enhancing the delivery of high performance club programs and supporting athletes with financial assistance. The NWSDA’s platform of support has a primary target of assisting in professionalizing and expanding the quality of club program delivery through Canada’s network of high performance cross-country ski coaches. The NWSDA is also committed to allocating some funding support to selected developing athletes who demonstrate potential towards long-term international podium success. The NWSDA has been very encouraged with the outcomes of their support for clubs and athletes and was pleased to award four athletes and twelve clubs a total disbursement of $150,000 for the 2017-18 season.


SCC 2017v11.indd 45

Photo: C. Manhard, CCBC

04/08/2017 3:24:33 PM


PROVINCIAL EVENTS TECK BC CUP SERIES Overall Series winners by category:


Open Men Junior Men Junior Women Junior Boys 2 Junior Boys 1 Junior Girls 2 Junior Girls 1 Juvenile Boys 2 Juvenile Boys 1 Juvenile Girls 2 Juvenile Girls 1 Midget Boys 2 Midget Boys 1 Midget Girls 2 Midget Girls 1 Bantam Boys 2 Bantam Boys 1 Bantam Girls 2 Bantam Girls 1 Pee Wee Boys 2 Pee Wee Boys 1 Pee Wee Girls 2 Pee Wee Girls 2

1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd

Adam Elliot TEL Alexander Corbett LH Michelle Metza SL Travis Pete BV Michael Murdoch WN Rachel May LH Paige Latta SL Cole Turner CN Aiden Noble SN Mila Wittenberg WN Maggie Beckner LH Gregor Graham TEL Garrett Siever TEL Sophia Van Varseveld LH Julianne Moore LH Mitchell Bond LH Jonathan Breugem LH Hilary Vukadinovic LH Ruby Serrouya REV Max Calkins LH Peter Liebich LH Jeremia Bucher LH Sapphira Bucher LH


Club Championship Trophy: Larch Hills Nordic Society Individual Winners: Open Men Alex McDonald Junior Men Daniel Merlo Junior Women Hannah Mehain Junior Boys Tallon Noble Junior Girls Benita Peiffer Juvenile Boys Aiden Noble Juvenile Girls Natalie Wilkie Midget Boys Gregor Graham Midget Girls Zara Bucher Bantam Boys Ryan Goodwin Bantam Girls Ruby Serrouya Pee Wee Boys Max Calkins Pee Wee Girls Jeremia Bucher Atom Boys Erik Urness Atom Girls Reese Major PN Sit-Ski Men Ethan Hess PN Std Women Maya Jones



Individual Sprints: Boys: Hugo Henckel Girls: Samantha Vukadinovic


Relays: Boys: Telemark Nordic Club Girls: Larch Hills Nordic Society

F Gareth Williams F Hannah Mehain F Benita Peiffer F Cole Turner F Molly Miller F Trond May F Claire van Bergeyk C Gareth Williams C Hannah Mehain C Tallon Noble C Beth Granstrom C Cole Turner C Jasmine Drolet C Trond May C Julianne Moore C Katie Weaver C Benita Peiffer C Molly Miller C Gregor Graham C Sophia Van Varseveld F Julian Locke F Katie Weaver F Tallon Noble F Elizabeth Elliot F Ian Oliphant F Marielle Ackermann F Gregor Graham F Zara Bucher F Jenna Sim F Damian Georgyev F Julianne Moore C Michael Murdoch C Alana Brittin C Damian Georgyev C Samantha Vukadinovic

BIGGEST & BEST 2016-2017

CCBC Membership – 16,857 (Cross

CCBC Skill Development Program enrolment – 2555 Club with most SDP participants: Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club – 221 Club with largest membership: Sovereign Lake Nordic Club – 1652


Jr Men S Jr Women S Jr Girls S Juv Boys S Juv Girls S Mid Boys S Mid Girls S Jr Men 15km Jr Women 10km Jr Boys 7.5km Jr Girls 7.5km Juv Boys 7.5km Juv Girls 7.5km Mid Boys 4km Mid Girls 4km Jr Women 10km Jr Girls 7.5km Juv Girls 7.5km Mid Boys 4km Mid Girls 4km Sr Men S Jr Women S Jr Boys S Jr Girls S Juv Boys S Juv Girls S Mid Boys S Mid Girls S Jr Girls S Mid Boys S Mid Girls S Jr Boys 7.5km Jr Girls 7.5km Mid Boys 4km Mid Girls 4km

Club Aggregate Award: Larch Hills Nordic Society

Interval Start: Boys: Garrett Seiver Girls: Julianne Moore

SCC 2017v11.indd 46

Callaghan Valley

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1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 4th 4th 4th 4th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th 5th

Jr Women 20km Jr Men 30km Jr Girls 7.5km Jr Women S Jr Women 10km Jr Men 15km Jr Girls 10km Jr Women 5km Jr Girls 5km Jr Women S Jr Boys 7.5km Jr Girls 5km Jr Girls 7.5km Juv Girls 7.5km Jr Girls S Jr Boys S Jr Girls 10km Sr Men 15km Jr Boys 7.5km Jr Women 10km Juv Girls 5km Juv Girls 7.5km Jr Men 15km Juv Boys 7.5km Juv Girls 10km 15km Jr Boys S Juv Girls Jr Girls S Jr Women S Sr Men S 10km Jr Girls Juv Boys 7.5km 5km Juv Boys Juv Girls 5km


1st 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd 3rd

Jr Men Jr Women Jr Men U23 Men Jr Women Jr Women Jr Men Jr Women


Remi Drolet Annika Richardson Gareth Williams Thomas Hardy Annika Richardson Benita Peiffer Gareth Williams Hannah Mehain


Park City, USA

20km C/F 10km F

Gareth Williams Gareth Williams


Quebec City, Canada



Julien Locke

OPA CUP Zwiesel, Germany

6th U20 Men S 10th U20 Women S


Gareth Williams Katie Weaver


(Cross Country Canada's largest Club)


10km 7.5km 15km 30km 10km 7.5km 10km S


Country Canada's largest Division)

Loppet with most participants: Sigge's P'ayakentsut – 581 Race with most participants: Western Canadian Championships - 447

F Annika Richardson F Gareth Williams F Kaia Andal C Annika Richardson C Annika Richardson C Gareth Williams C Beth Granstrom F Hannah Mehain F Benita Peiffer C Katie Weaver C Tallon Noble F Kaia Andal F Benita Peiffer F Jasmine Drolet C Beth Granstrom C Tallon Noble C Alana Brittin C David Palmer C Michael Murdoch C Hannah Mehain F Natalie Wilkie F Natalie Wilkie C Daniel Merlo C Cole Turner C Jasmine Drolet F Michael Murdoch C Emmy Stapff C Rachel May C Hannah Mehain C Julien Locke C Benita Peiffer C Joe Davies F Cole Turner F Jasmine Drolet

Campra, Switzerland

2nd U20 Men 10km C 2nd Open Women 5km C

Gareth Williams Katie Weaver


Lake Placid, USA

S 5km


Katie Weaver Katie Weaver

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