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Volume 54 Number 3


January 19, 2021

4 Wing embraces diversity JANAE WANDLER, COURIER NEWS MANAGER Just what is a positive space? Is it a place where everyone is positive all the time, or is it a place where we can be free to express ourselves without any negative consequences, or can it be much more? What we really need is just true acceptance of others, free from any judgement. We all want to come to work and be accepted for who we truly are. How can this be attainable? Well, there is much being done about that through the Positive Space initiative. It was launched over two years ago with the goal to promote a safe and inclusive work environment for all, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The Defence Team is in need of Positive Space Ambassadors and all are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Positive Space Program! 4 Wing is happy to promote this great initiative. The hope is for every unit/squadron on base to have an ambassador in their midst. Someone who can help to foster the creation of a safe and inclusive work environment for everyone. Someone like Lt(N) Garrett McKenzie, who is an ambassador and trainer with the program. He, along with Padre Jones, are here to help train others at 4 Wing. There will be a train the trainer session at the end of January with workshops being held several times throughout the year so others can be educated with the program. With this training, it enables you to offer support, raise awareness, and you will receive post identifiers to designate both yourself and your workspace as safe. But there is more support out there as well. In the recent release of CANFORGEN 162/20, it announced the official creation of the Defence Team Pride Network (DTPN) Advisory Group. It is the fifth and newest Defence Advisory Group (DAG). As stated in the CANFORGEN, “the role of an advisory group is to provide unfettered advice and grass roots insight to Defence Team (DT) leadership on issues relevant to their respective communities. This advisory group will provide essential advice to DND and CAF leaders, identifying current systemic challenges and anticipating the impact of new policies and initiatives as they relate to LGBTQ2+ people, enhancing LGBTQ2+ inclusion in the DT, and consulting on existing LGBTQ2+ training within the workplace. the DTPN will also provide a forum for LGBTQ2+ peoples and their allies to gather and support one another.” 4 Wing has embraced this new DTPN and has announced LCol Delaina Brown, Commanding Officer of 4 Mission Support Squadron, as champion of the group, with Lt(N) Garrett McKenzie as the military co-chair and Chloé Plamondon as the civilian co-chair. You will find more information on the Positive Space Ambassador program and the DTPN on our local military Splash page, or please feel free to reach out to Lt(N) McKenzie at Garrett.McKenzie@forces.gc.ca or 780-813-0333.


Lt(N) Garrett McKenzie is one of the 4 Wing Positive Space Ambassadors, as well as being the military co-chair for the Defence Team Pride Network.

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The Courier News & Publishing

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Giving hope to the bereaved YVES BÉLANGER, SERVIR The death of a child or a spouse always creates a shock wave in a family. The HOPE program exists to help those who have lost a loved one who served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). A resident of Montérégie shares his experience as a volunteer for this program. Created in 2006 by the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), the HOPE program offers confidential support to bereaved families through peer volunteers who have experienced the same type of ordeal. It allows bereaved people to better understand the grieving process and helps reduce the sense of isolation that often accompanies it. Since 2009, Robert Beauchamp and his wife, Nicole Robidoux, have been among these volunteers. Two years earlier, their son Nicolas died while on a mission in Afghanistan. For Robert Beauchamp, helping parents going through the same ordeal is a way to cope with his grief. “Among other things, it allows me to make sense of what happened to my son.” Mr. Beauchamp explains that as soon as a CAF member dies, the spouse and parents are informed about the HOPE program. “People then decide whether or not they feel the need to use this free service.” Those that volunteer go on to ensure that conversations with peers remain strictly confidential. “We have to report to those in charge of the program on how these people are doing and talk about their progress in the stages of mourning. However, the content of the discussions is never disclosed.” The support continues for as long as the bereaved person wishes and the longest Robert Beauchamp

has ever done was about 16 months. It was a father whose child had committed suicide. “This man felt a lot of anger. One day, after several discussions, he told me that he understood that it was better to direct his energy towards the people around him rather than rehash his dark thoughts. I was so happy to see his evolution.” Difficult mourning Robert Beauchamp explains that the loss of a child creates a wound that never heals. “It’s not in the nature of things to outlive your children. The pain remains present. However, you learn to soften it up and live with it.” For him, the best way to get through this ordeal was and still is to recall good memories with his late son. “Instead of emphasizing the loss of this child, I prefer to go about it in a positive way. It helps me move forward.” Help to find hope The main role for volunteers with the HOPE program is to support the bereaved. “We are not interveners. We are here to listen to what they have to say and to help them understand the different stages of grief.” It is by sharing stories and perspectives, as well as offering new options that they are able to give

hope to their peers. “At the moment, the program is aimed at parents and spouses. I would love that one day services could also be offered to brothers and sisters. My second son was very close to Nicolas and would have greatly benefited from such a program,” concludes Mr. Beauchamp. If you would like to receive peer support, please contact the HOPE Program Manager at 1-800-8836094 or HOPE-ESPOIR@forces.gc.ca For all the details: https://www.cafconnection. ca/National/Programs-Services/For-Families-of-theFallen/HOPE-Program.aspx Become a volunteer for the HOPE program If you have lost a loved one who served in the Canadian Armed Forces and have gone through the grieving process, you may be able to volunteer. You will need to take training on the HOPE program and be emotionally prepared to listen to peers going through the same situation. By getting involved, you will join a supportive community and make a positive difference in someone’s life. A great way to give back! Information: 1-800-883-6094 or HOPEESPOIR@forces.gc.ca

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DEADLINE Wednesday at 1500 hrs for the following Tuesday


Robert Beauchamp and his wife, Nicole Robidoux. The Courier is published weekly with the permission of the 4 Wing Cold Lake Wing Commander Col Moar. The opinions expressed are those of the contributor and do not reflect those of the Editor, Canadian Armed Forces, or DND. The Editor reserves the right to reject, edit, or condense any editorial or advertising material. Publié hebdomadairement avec la permission du Commandant de l’escadre, le col Moar. Les opinions personnelles exprimées dans ce journal sont celles des collaborateurs et ne représentent pas les opinions de la rédaction, des Forces armées canadiennes ou du Ministrère de la Défense nationale. La rédaction se réserve le droit de refuser, d’éditer ou de condenser tout article et matériel de réclame soumis.



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For all Personnel Support Programs and Military Family Resource Centre Society activities, be sure to check out our calendar at www.cafconnection.ca/cold-lake #GetConnected

WANT TO REGISTER, OR NEED MORE INFORMATION? • 4 WING MFRCS - BUILDING 674, KINGSWAY RD. 780.594.6006 • PSP 780.840.8000 EXT 7823 • MESSES - JJ Gray 780.840.8000 EXT 8139 A division of CF Morale & Welfare Services Une division des Services de bien-être et moral des FC


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Courier News & Publishing

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Have your voice heard with the rcafé forum

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Visit us at www.CAFconnection.ca or www.facebook.com/ 4WINGCONNECTION/

Faites entendre votre voix sur la tribune rcafé l’ARC. L’objectif est d’augmenter les conversations à tous les niveaux hiérarchiques de l’ARC afin de collaborer à la croissance de notre Force aérienne. Faites-vous entendre sans tarder. Ouvrez une session : https://app.rcafdispatch.ca/login Utilisez Google Chrome comme plateforme pour obtenir des résultats optimaux. Sur cette page d’accueil, vous trouverez la plateforme Dispatch de l’ARC, l’application «rcafé », le portail de soumission de la vérification des vecteurs et des renseignements sur l’application

GET CONNECTED with our website CAFconnection OR

rcafé is an on-line, open order to collaboratively grow our forum to discuss, collaborate, Air Force. share information & develop Don’t wait to make your voice solutions to common problems. heard. Sign in at https://app. RCAF leadership is fully engaged rcafdispatch.ca/login. Use Google in both the creation and Chrome as your platform for participation in this forum and optimal results. we are seeking your help to grow On this landing page you will the number of participants so find RCAF Dispatch, rcafé, the that voices from across the RCAF Vector Check submission portal are heard in the discussion. and information on the COVID The rcafé is hosted on a landing control app. page for the RCAF Dispatch Have your voice heard! software. The goal is to increase rcafé the conversation happening across https://app.rcafdispatch.ca / the RCAF, at all rank levels, in login

L’application «rcafé » est un forum ouvert et en ligne permettant de discuter, de collaborer, de partager des informations et de trouver des solutions à des problèmes communs. Les dirigeants de l’ARC participent activement à la création et à la mise en place de ce forum. Nous sollicitons votre aide pour augmenter le nombre de participants afin que de nombreuses voix de l’ensemble de l’ARC se fassent entendre lors des discussions. L’application «rcafé» est hébergée sur une page d’accueil de la plateforme Dispatch de



COVID-19. Faites-vous entendre rcafé https://app.rcafdispatch.ca / login

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Pet of the Week at the Lakeland Humane Society

Photo of the Week From Your 4 Wing Imagery Team

This little french fry is looking for a place to settle into! Apply to adopt Spud today!

SPUD SPONSORED BY: Dr. Greg Benoit Dr. Robyn Shipclark Dr. Laura Kutryk 5508 - 50 Ave. PO Box 10 Cold Lake, AB. T9M 1P1

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Cpl Roy

Two Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornets from 410 Squadron at 4 Wing Cold Lake are given a farewell salute before they conducted a fly past of the memorial service for Calgary Police Service officer, Sergeant Andrew Harnett, in Calgary, on January 9, 2021.

Business Hours are currently: Mon - Fri 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Food/Prescription sales by delivery only. Text (780-573-0927) or Email: centreanimalhospital83@gmail.com Drop-off appointments preferred, doors are locked and pets are handed to staff on arrival. Clients are not in the appointments. Please follow our Facebook Page for current changes.


24 Hour emergency services d/o Animal Health Providers Ltd.

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Don’t skip leg day; or the winter Alpha program


he Military Christian Fellowship and Saint Mark’s Chapel organized an Alpha program last fall to the encouragement of all who participated. If nothing else, it was a chance to talk to other (adult) people. I’d say that it was a chance to get out of the house during a lockdown, but it wasn’t – we did it over Zoom (groan) – but it was like getting out of the house. Getting your headspace out of the house and interacting with others’ headspace in thoughtful conversation. I’ll tell you more about what we were talking about, but before you lose interest, I want to invite you to the next Alpha, starting on 3 February at 1900 (7 PM). It’s going to be on Zoom again, so you are cleared to attend no matter what the COVID posture is by then. Like I said, the best part about it is, if not to get out of your living room, it’s like having folks over to your living room, to get to know each other, and explore questions that matter, and permission to say what you think.

Padre Andrew Whitman


The Canadian Armed Forces has identified ‘spiritual resilience’ as one of the six pillars to overall resilience. The spiritual side of resilience has to do with what we believe about the world, what gives us purpose and meaning, what satisfies us, fulfils us. What gets us out of bed in the morning? Like physical resilience is built up through physical exercise, healthy spiritual resilience is built up by flexing those spiritual muscles: exploring what we believe, challenging it, testing it against reality, and with each other. One proverb says, “As iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another.” What’s Alpha? Alpha is one way to flex your spiritual muscles. It’s a place to ask things like, “Is there more to life than this?” “Why am I here?” “Is it possible to know God?” It’s a chance to talk, push back, dig deeper, and laugh together. And that was the best part. We came in as strangers and left as friends… even though we still didn’t agree on everything by the end of it! It is worth logging



Tuesday, January 19, 2021

on just to talk to real people who aren’t your work or your children for an hour. If you know someone who would enjoy this, but may not regularly read the Chaplain column in the base newspaper, pass it along to them! Invite them to come with you. For a Zoom link, contact padreoedwards@gmail. com. Alpha is just one spiritual resilience ‘fitness routine’ offered by one of the faith communities in the area. The chaplain team encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to practice this (often neglected) muscle. Explore your own tradition, or maybe someone else’s (Alpha is perfect for that). Talk to a chaplain if you have ideas about running other events like this, or if you are looking for opportunities to put your beliefs in practice. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day, so don’t skip spiritual day. See you then. andrew.whitman@forces.gc.ca


JOGNEZ-VOUS À NOUS! En quoi consiste le Plan Qulliq?

What is Plan Qulliq? Plan Qulliq is a new team formed by the Comd RCAF in APS 2020 to help keep our Air Force modern, relevant, agile, and efficient. The Qulliq team is mandated to identify gaps, deficiencies, and opportunities in connectivity, interoperability, and processes. We will champion solutions that allow the RCAF to optimize its weapon systems, exploit emerging and disruptive technologies, and empower Air Force personnel to thrive in the modern battle space.

Our goal is to solve real problems.

Details WHO

Any rank is welcome and seeking expertise in the following areas: Log (Admin), CELE / ATIS, AEC / ATC however not limited to them.


Members need to be able to work independently, have good communication skills (written and verbal), able to work in a team environment, display initiative, and most importantly have a desire to be a member of this unique team.


Write 3-4 sentences on why you want to be a Plan Qulliq member with your supervisor’s support attached and email Major Cadieux: alana.cadieux@forces.gc.ca.


January 27, 2021

Le Plan Qulliq est une nouvelle équipe formée du commandant de l’ARC dans le cadre de la PAA 2020 pour aider à garder notre Force aérienne moderne, pertinente, souple et efficace. L’équipe du Qulliq a pour mandat de cerner les lacunes et les possibilités en matière de connectivité, d’interopérabilité et de processus. Nous nous ferons les champions des solutions qui permettent à l’ARC d’optimiser ses systèmes d’armes, d’exploiter les technologies émergentes et de rupture et de donner au personnel de la Force aérienne les moyens de s’épanouir dans l’espace de bataille.

Notre objectif est de résoudre de vrais problèmes.

Renseignements QUI

Les personnes de tout grade sont les bienvenues et nous sommes à la recherche d’une expertise dans les domaines suivants sans nous y limiter : Log (Admin), GE COM/ SITA, AEC/ATC.


Les membres devraient travailler de manière indépendante, avoir de bonnes aptitudes à communiquer (par écrit et de vive voix), capacité de travailler en équipe, faire preuve d’initiative et, surtout, souhaiter faire partie de cette équipe unique.


Écrivez de 3 à 4 phrases sur les raisons pour lesquelles vous voulez être membre de l’équipe du Plan Qulliq et y joindre l’approbation de votre superviseur et les envoyez par courriel au major Cadieux : alana.cadieux@forces.gc.ca.


Le 27 janvier 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

ENTERTAINMENT The Courier News & Publishing

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Crossword ACROSS 1. Ancient kingdom near Dead Sea 5. 2014 Winter Olympics host 10. Soft fabric 12. Covered in flowers 14. Works at a college or university 16. Keeps us cool 18. Corpuscle count (abbr.) 19. Similar 20. Birthplace of Muhammad 22. They __ 23. Preamble to a book 25. Southern China people 26. Hair product 27. The woman 28. Partner to cheese 30. One point north of due east 31. Round Dutch cheese 33. Be in awe of 35. Christmas song 37. Emits coherent radiation 38. Something that is comparable to another 40. Monetary unit 41. The cutting part of a drill 42. Resinlike substance secreted by certain insects 44. Touch lightly 45. Toyota SUV 48. __ and Andy, TV show 50. Made less dangerous

52. Assets under management (abbr.) 53. Nostrils 55. Moved quickly 56. Thai isthmus 57. TV personality Roker 58. Honors anew 63. Rags 65. One who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain or others 66. Marketplaces 67. Dark brown or black DOWN 1. Nowhere to be found (abbr.) 2. Not new 3. Brew 4. Stain with mud 5. Chief or leader 6. Luke Skywalker’s mentor __-Wan 7. Type of sauce 8. Sharpens 9. Priestess loved by Zeus 10. Jean Henri __, French entomologist 11. Regulates supply of fuel 13. Disturbing and horrifying 15. Equal (prefix) 17. Hosts film festival 18. Tattered piece of clothing 21. Rich desserts 23. Unique motor (abbr.)

24. Disfigure 27. Chemical substance 29. Slang for famous person 32. Department of Labor 34. The A-team rode around in one 35. Beach cabin 36. Living things 39. Gun (slang) 40. Disconsolate 43. Stroke gently 44. Actress Richards

46. ‘Cletus Hogg’ actor 47. Returned material authorization (abbr.) 49. Brazilian mountain range 51. Upset 54. One with supernatural insight 59. Insecticide 60. Taxi 61. ‘Much __ about nothing’ 62. Cannister 64. Popular clothing retailer

CAPRICORN - December 22 - January 19 Don’t try to rationalize the feelings that are moving through you this week, Capricorn. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Acknowledge the emotions as they come. AQUARIUS - January 20 - February 18 Aquarius, do not hide your feelings in a particularly moving situation. Others will empathize with you and appreciate your emotional honesty. PISCES - February 19 - March 20 This week you may want to get away from it all to have a different perspective on your life, Pisces. You may travel even further than first imagined. ARIES - March 21 - April 19 Aries, you will get great satisfaction from various activities this week. Therefore, fill your schedule with plenty of things. Take initiative and invite friends along for an adventure. TAURUS - April 20 - May 20 Take care of yourself this week, Taurus. Practicing self-care may mean booking a spa treatment or simply catching up on a little rest and recuperation. GEMINI - May 21 - June 21 A few different scenarios may play out in the days to come. They may be greatly influenced by how you interact with other people, Gemini. You are the catalyst for action. CANCER - June 22 - July 22 Cancer be careful with the way you behave and present yourself this week. You just don’t know who may be watching what you do. Keep a low profile. LEO - July 23 - August 22 Receiving mixed messages, Leo? Enlist a trusted advisor to help you sort through the hazy level of communication that is coming your way. Another perspective is handy. VIRGO - August 23 - September 22 Virgo, this week the stars may be playing tricks on you. You may stumble though a few things, but it won’t take long to get back on the right path. LIBRA - September 23 - October 22 Libra, as soon as things get serious this week, you may be ready to make a fast exit. It’s better if you stick around and lend your opinion to the situation at hand. SCORPIO - October 23 - November 21 A lot of unknown factors have been slowing you down over the last few weeks, Scorpio. Now that you are no longer impeded, you can put a plan in motion. SAGITTARIUS - November 22 - December 21 You may get caught up in some conflicts that you’re either not ready for or have no interest to deal with, Sagittarius. Take it all in quietly for now.

SUDOKU The Courier offers affordable advertising opportunities for local businesses. Let us help you reach your goals! Give us a call 780-594-5206 or email admin@couriernews.ca

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in: - Each of the nine vertical columns - Each of the nine horizontal rows - Each of the nine 3x3 boxes Remember no number can occur more than once in any column, row, or box. Answers can be found at www.couriernews.ca.

Weekly Answers

For this week’s answers, check out our website at www.couriernews.ca

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The Courier News & Publishing

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Make a Valentine for a Vet PSP COMMUNITY RECREATION Each year, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) invites Canadian schools, individuals and organizations to make Valentines for Vets. VAC then distributes the valentines to Veterans in long-term care facilities across the country by February 14. This tradition began in 1989 by newspaper columnist Ann Landers, who encouraged her readers to create special valentines for Veterans throughout Canada and the United States. Although Ann Landers passed away in 2002, VAC is committed to ensuring this project of thanking Veterans on Valentine’s Day continues. This year PSP Recreation is participating across the country and here at 4 Wing want to encourage everyone to participate! 4 Wing Recreation has free craft packages available through Sports Stores located at the back of Col. J.J. Parr Sports Centre for anyone who is interested in creating cards. Call local 8193 for more details. These cards must be returned by 25 January to ensure appropriate distribution timing. You are also welcome to use materials you have at home, or contribute a store bought card. Art Smith School also has several classes participating in creating Valentines for Veterans this year. What an excellent opportunity for kids to give thanks to those who served our country. For more information on the Valentines for Vets project, visit: https:// w w w.vet e r a n s .gc .c a /eng / r emem br a n ce / Submitted classroom /valentines-for-veterans?f bclid Veterans Affairs Canada is asking us to send homemade valentines for our Veterans in long term care =IwA R 2d V Dl6 G7 Yc _4 xO 4 q jO vS 4W k 5 4 - facilities. Make sure to go to Sports Stores at the back of the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre to pick up your M0eW7Dvlb14nxLBILQx6sSoYcKR01tY card making package before January 25!

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The Courier: January 19, 2020

The Courier: January 19, 2020  

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