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Impact Report 2021

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A Message from Our Team


About ConPRmetidos


A Message from Our Board


Where Our Partners are Having an Impact


Our Impact at a Glance


Aligning to a Global Agenda

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Impact Report 2021

A Message from Our Team

From left to right: Paola Romero, Aurora Hernández, Isabel Rullán, Mili Landrón, Ana Laura Miranda, & Giannina Trigo.

One thing that 2021 taught us is that life’s challenges are constant and ever-changing, and nonprofits need to grow and adapt in order to help those they serve. This year, the Government of Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency with regards to the public education system on the island. After three natural disaster interruptions - the hurricanes of 2017, the earthquakes of 2019, and the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic on the island - 400 public schools closed in Puerto Rico in the last four years and thousands of children in lost the equivalent of an entire academic year. This unfortunate reality motivated the team at ConPRmetidos to focus our efforts on improving access to education around the island. As you will see in this impact report, our new grantees are not only serving children but also paying special attention to the needs of vulnerable populations such as the poor, single mothers, and the elderly. We are excited to tell you about this and everything else we’ve been doing to accomplish our mission of building a stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico for all. We sincerely hope that you will continue to accompany us on this long-term journey because our success will depend on this! Always grateful,

Equipo ConPRmetidos

Impact Report 2021


About ConPRmetidos ConPRmetidos is a 501(c)(3), non-partisan, non-profit organization established in 2012. Our mission is to create a stable, productive, and self-sufficient Puerto Rico by: • Identifying solutions to community challenges • Leveraging global talent in support of those doing the work • Empowering doers and inspiring others; and • Forming strategic partnerships Our ultimate goal is to make the island a global model for community-driven success.


Impact Report 2021

Dear friends,

A Message from Our Board

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe, and that you remain so during this holiday season. To put it simply, 2021 has been a tough year. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ability of our local non-profit organizations to fundraise and maintain operational capacity cannot be overstated. And yet, as throughout our 9-year history, ConPRmetidos has stepped up to meet these challenges head-on. We have continued our Collaborative Impact Grants’ (CIG) work, actively investing in local organizations and social innovators, and their ongoing efforts to address systemic issues in their communities. From organizations such as Plenitud PR which teaches sustainable agriculture to help reduce Puerto Rico’s reliance on imported food, to Mumas Renaciendo, which is promoting women’s financial independence through skills training, we are making a positive impact in these communities. We also did our research and identified new non-profit organizations that we brought into the CIG program, such as Conocimiento Digital en Tus Manos (CODEM), which is closing the digital gap faced by adults and the elderly in disadvantaged communities. In addition, our El Comeback program directly tackled the urgent need for high-skilled workers to fill thousands of tech, finance, and pharma jobs on the island. We believe that for Puerto Rico to develop a competitive economy that can provide opportunities to its people, we must convince talented and skilled individuals, living and working elsewhere, that they can achieve their personal and professional goals and ambitions on the island, while at the same time helping Puerto Rico become a global model of economic success. As this year draws to a close, we stand with our heads held high, looking to the future with excitement, passion, and optimism. The Board of Directors of ConPRmetidos thanks you, and celebrates you and everything you do for Puerto Rico. May your new year be filled with happiness, health, and many blessings. Sincerely,

Miguel Ferrer

Elena Hernández



Impact Report 2021


Where Our Partners a Aguadilla



Dorado Camuy



Hatillo Moca



Vega Baja

Toa Baja

Vega Alta


Toa Alta

San Sebastián









Las Marías Mayagüez




San Germán Sabana Grande

Yauco Peñuelas


Ponce Juana Díaz

Lajas Guánica

Impact Report 2021








Cabo Rojo


Santa Isabel

Claridad Financiera

Instituto Tecnológico de Vieques (ITEC)

Conocimiento Digital en Tus Manos, Inc. (CODEM)

Mumas Renaciendo Corp.

Fundación OE

Piñones Aprende y Emprende (PAYE)

Impacto Juventud GC

Plenitud PR


are Having an Impact Cataño

Loíza San Juan


Carolina Trujillo Alto

Río Grande


Gurabo Aguas Buenas




Ceiba Juncos



Naguabo Las Piedras


San Lorenzo

Humacao Vieques



Patillas Guayama



Productores de Café de Puerto Rico (PROCAFE) Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust (VCHT) Voluntariado de Ingenieros y Profesionales de Puerto Rico (VIPPR)

Impact Report 2021


ConPRmetidos 2021: Our Impact at a Glance


Impact Report 2021

Aligning to a Global Agenda The United Nations made a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet’s resources, and ensure that all people on this earth have access to a good quality of life. ConPRmetidos recognizes the importance of adhering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in every program and project we undertake and support. We are consciously advancing these U.N. development goals in everything we do. The following chart shows how we have deployed our resources and efforts to meet these UN goals.

















100% Impact Report 2021


Collaborative Impact Grants (CIG)

About our CIG Model and Mentorship Initiative CIG Model For the past four years, our team has worked with community-based projects operating in different sectors throughout the island. Through this work, we have found that the main challenges experienced by local organizations are access to capital and quality technical support. ConPRmetidos designed the Collaborative Impact Grant-making model to help local nonprofits become more robust, effective, and sustainable. About our Mentorship Initiative We recently added a mentorship component to the CIG model after a thorough assessment and input from current and past grantees. In addition to receiving grants and technical assistance from our staff, local organizations can work on specific capacity-building goals with guidance from professionals in management, marketing, sales, operations, product development, and others who volunteer their time. The initiative gives mentors and their mentees the freedom to decide which deliverables are a priority during the program duration. They also agree on a timeline, a meeting schedule, and a work plan that a member of ConPRmetidos’ team supervises to guarantee completion and document results. To learn more or sign up as a mentor, please visit







Identify the

Identify a






mentor to

the solution



or repeat



with the

the solution

the need


the process

Impact Report 2021


Helping Women Become Financially Independent 12

Impact Report 2021

Partner Mumas Renaciendo Corp.

Grant $63,150

Challenges According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the official poverty rate in the United States is 11.4%, while the poverty in Puerto Rico remains at approximately 43%1. The largest demographic is women between 25 to 34, followed by those aged 55 to 64 and 35 to 44.2 Research demonstrates a strong link between poverty and domestic violence. Financial instability is one of the main reasons women return freely to an abusive environment.3 At least 60 women were killed in domestic violence incidents in Puerto Rico in 2020, a 62% increase compared to the previous year. In January of 2021, the Government of Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency over gender violence in Puerto Rico.4

Impact Mumas Renaciendo (Mumas) is a non-profit and social enterprise promoting gender equality and economic empowerment for disadvantaged women. Participants from the “Mumas Emprenden’’ program receive self-esteem workshops and sewing classes. After completing the program, they leverage their skills to start a business, work in clothing manufacturing, or join the organization’s social enterprise project: a sustainable undergarment brand called MUMAS. ConPRmetidos provided funding and technical assistance to support the social enterprise as it fosters economic independence for the participants and the organization. To generate income, MUMAS manufactures undergarments made with hypoallergenic bamboo fabric, which is 100% biodegradable and helps our people and planet.

By the Numbers 15 67

women trained and

family members




in sales the first 3 weeks

Impact Report 2021


Reducing Inequality Through Education

Partner Piñones Aprende y Emprende (PAYE)

Grant $15,000

Challenges The challenges faced by the residents in the municipality of Loíza are complex and systemic. Initially established as a shelter for escaped slaves, the community’s battle against racism and discrimination goes back more than a century, making them one of the island’s most marginalized regions. Unfortunately, the recent COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated Loiza’s systemic problems, such as inequality and lack of access to education, health, and economic opportunities. Add to these crises the closure of the only school in the community, the Emiliano Figueroa Torres Elementary School. Preoccupied with this issue, a group of local women created an afterschool program to meet the needs of children and families in the neighborhood of Piñones.

Impact ConPRmetidos is supporting the Piñones Aprende y Emprende (PAYE) community education program. Our grant will help cover expenses to rehabilitate their teaching facilities and enable them to offer a fair wage to their teachers. PAYE provides a safe space where the children of Piñones (K-6th grade) can develop creativity and critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and art activities. The program also pays special attention to local culture, identity, and promoting healthy self-esteem. In addition, PAYE provides services to students’ mothers, mostly single parents and heads of their households, so they have the right tools to support and raise their children.

By the Numbers 20

students impacted



estimated tutoring

workshops to be provided to mothers in

hours for 2022


Impact Report 2021


Channeling Resources to Underserved Youth

Grant $15,000

Partner Impacto Juventud GC Challenges

The municipality of Peñuelas has one of the highest poverty rates on the Island, with 71.8% of children living below the poverty level.5 Barrio Lucio is a rural neighborhood that was cut off from the municipality after Hurricane María and continues to face prolonged suffering due to last year’s earthquakes and the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest challenges brought on by the disasters was poor access to education. Students could not attend school, and virtual learning was not an option due to unreliable electric power and internet service. These circumstances, and the island’s lack of resources to help children with special learning needs, have put this community’s ability to recover at risk.

Impact Impacto Juventud’s “Aula de la Montaña” (Classroom in the Mountain) is a weekly volunteer program where college students tutor elementary, middle school, and highschool students in all primary subjects. Agro-ecological, cultural, and physical activities complement the academic curriculum and promote community building and good health. This program also addresses the special education needs of twelve students that require individual attention but are not receiving it at their public schools. ConPRmetidos’ grant allows Impacto Juventud to hire a project coordinator for their program and provide thirty college volunteers with stipends for the next ten months.

By the Numbers 18


the program

for 2022

children participate in

projected volunteer hours


workshops planned for 2022

Impact Report 2021


Transforming Children’s Lives Through Modern Education

Partner Fundación OE

Grant $15,000


A research study led by economist José Caraballo Cueto revealed that 33,704 students dropped out of Puerto Rico’s public schools between 2015-2021. This amount is enough to fill 95 schools.6 Between 2018 and 2020 specifically, school enrollment fell 15%, while Spanish, English, and Mathematics proficiency decreased. According to the PR Department of Education’s annual diagnostic tests, masterful performance, on a subject-by-subject basis, for all public school students on the island is 30% for Mathematics, 39% for English, 46% for Spanish, and 47 % for Science.7 Sadly, the 2020-2021 school year ended with 24,740 students not passing grades; this represents 9% of the total enrollment.8

Impact Fundación Operación Éxito (FOE) aims to improve the quality of education in Puerto Rico by incorporating technology and other academic resources. Their digital platform, “La Nueva Escuela Virtual” (NEV) contains comprehensive curriculums and complimentary materials on all major subjects, giving both teachers and parents the tools needed to support their children’s education. The platform also provides teachers with data to measure the progress of all students. Thanks to ConPRmetidos’ grant, 100 students and teachers from the Escuela Daniel Vélez Soto in the municipality of Lares will have access to the platform next year.

By the Numbers 100



to the platform

subject proficiency

using the platform

new students will have access

increase in major

public school students

Impact Report 2021


Increasing Digital Literacy Among Adults and the Elderly

Partner Conocimiento Digital en tus Manos (CODEM)

Grant $5,000

Challenges In Puerto Rico, 37% of the population is 50+ years old.9 Yet, there’s no proper infrastructure to address this population’s educational needs. Last year, Puerto Rico witnessed the cruel way in which an older person was denied electric power services because he/ she did not have access to a computer thus could not make an appointment before arriving at a government office.10 This unfortunate situation represents how society has abandoned low-income people who do not have access to technology and those who do not have the literacy to operate digital equipment. And, as business operations and essential services moved online due to the pandemic, the challenge for adults who lack technological knowledge or access has gotten worse.


Conocimiento Digital En Tus Manos, Inc. (CODEM) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to close the gap between the virtual world and elders from disadvantaged communities in Puerto Rico. Their services include educational workshops, individual assistance, and free digital equipment. CODEM offers courses made up of 9 workshops where students learn to: (1) Navigate their phones and the internet; (2) Save contacts; (3) Make calls and send text messages; (4) Use the camera; (5) Download applications; (6) Use Google Maps, WhatsApp, Zoom, and Gmail. Advanced courses include using social media and government platforms. With our grant, CODEM will prepare, edit and publish digital education manuals, and expand its workshops to more communities on the island.

By the Numbers



courses planned for

adults will participate in the




digital education manuals to be distributed

Impact Report 2021


Workforce Development in Vieques and Culebra

Partner Instituto Tecnológico de Vieques (ITEC)

Grant: Technical Support

Challenges Vieques and Culebra are two island municipalities in Puerto Rico. The infrastructure in both islands is fragile, making it difficult for local businesses to succeed and for residents to find reliable employment. For years, the maritime transportation system between Puerto Rico and these island municipalities has been deemed unreliable and inadequate. When Vieques and Culebra residents cannot find a job, they move elsewhere since commuting is not an option. The pandemic, however, created unexpected opportunities for employment as remote work became possible.

Impact The Instituto Tecnológico de Vieques (ITEC) is a non-profit organization formed earlier this year. Their mission is to develop better-paying job opportunities in Vieques and Culebra so that their local residents do not have but to migrate elsewhere to earn a fair wage and have job security. Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived on the islands, remote jobs in technology have been booming. ITEC will help residents in Vieques and Culebra acquire training and certifications while also providing a space with an internet connection and computers. After participants complete their credentials, ITEC will then recruit local and US-based companies to hire these trained residents to work remotely. ConPRmetidos’ team provides is providing administrative and project management support to jumpstart the program.

By the Numbers




months, time of

per hour range of

of the careers recommended by ITEC


potential income

do not require a university degree

Impact Report 2021




What is El Comeback? Puerto Rico has been in an economic recession since 2006, followed by a series of disasters that have severely impacted the Island’s infrastructure. Yet, the private sector continues working hard to recover. Many local industries, such as Tech, have grown exponentially, even competing with global leaders. Nonetheless, they need human capital to reach a more significant impact and move the economy forward. Launched in 2020, El Comeback is a platform that connects professionals with jobs in Puerto Rico. Our team has built a robust database of recruiting companies and job-seeking individuals, and it serves as a “professional matchmaker,” connecting suitable candidates to competitive opportunities. Today, 36 companies in industries like pharma, tech, and financial services have partnered with El Comeback to search for the best talent for Puerto Rico. Whether you are looking for a job yourself or looking to recruit for your company, we invite you to visit our website, or send us an email at for more information.

Impact Report 2021


Comeback Stories Alejandro Talavera He was working with one of the largest tech companies in the world and had a competitive salary as a business and operations systems analyst. "I felt like it didn't matter how much money I was making, or the experience, or anything, because I wasn't doing what I wanted to do — help my family," said Talavera. He decided to get in touch with El Comeback and was promptly hired by Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, the Island’s largest bank. Nicole Vitier After living in five different cities and becoming an expert in her industry, she was ready to return to Puerto Rico. She wanted to elevate customer service experiences on the island and be close to family. “My experience with El Comeback was great”, explained Nicole who is now coordinating the Customer Success and Sales Unit at Piloto 151, a leading company in the island’s technology ecosystem. Miguel Ortiz “El Comeback was able to create a forum where interested candidates and a pool of local companies can connect through mutual interests of expanding the talent pool and supporting people coming back to the island. A handful of companies reached out interested and finally I was able to land a job with Puerto Rico Supplies Group. Thanks so much to El Comeback for creating the program and providing a platform to connect Talent with Opportunity”.


Impact Report 2021

Campaign Highlights

Impact Report 2021


Updates from our 2020 CIG Projects

Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust (VCHT) The Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust (VCHT) is involved in scientific and technical work supporting the conservation of the Puerto Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay. This year VCHT completed their goal of developing a new plant nursery specialized in four different species of mangroves found on the Bay. The greenhouse, located in what used to be the Jose Celso Barbosa school, has 10 tanks. There, the Bay’s natural conditions are simulated, such as sun exposure, salinity, and the provision of natural nutrients through fish. When the mangrove plants, with healthy leaves and branches, reach the size of 90 cm tall, they are moved and replanted along the Bay. The mangroves located at the mouth of Puerto Mosquito Bay create an ecosystem where the dinoflagellates species, that make the Bay bioluminescent, can thrive.

By the Numbers 2,835 787


mangrove seeds

red and white

mangrove plants


mangroves planted

cultivating in the

on the Bay


Impact Report 2021


Voluntariado de Ingenieros y Profesionales de Puerto Rico (VIPPR) VIPPR’s “Ruta a Una Casa Segura” (RUCS) program began in January 2020 after a swarm of record-breaking earthquakes impacted Puerto Rico. RUCS facilitates the recovery of homes in Puerto Rico affected by natural disasters through a multidimensional and collaborative recovery process that takes the program’s participants, or disaster survivors, through a personalized step by step process that is tailored to their individual needs. The program manages each participant’s case through their FEMA application process. It connects them with VIPPR’s team of pro bono lawyers, emotional support specialists, and construction experts that assess the vulnerability of each home by conducting free home inspections and damage reports. The participants received detailed structural reports that meet federal and private standards, in addition to getting help from experienced engineers, contractors, and architects who were in charge of the reconstruction process. At ConPRmetidos, we are thankful for their work and proud to have been able to cover their operations for 20 months.

By the Numbers $2.5M

disbursed in FEMA Assistance thanks to


inspected homes

VIPPR’s work


hours donated by volunteers (an in-kind donation of $3.54M) 30

Impact Report 2021

Plenitud PR Plenitud PR is a non-profit educational farm serving communities on the island’s west side. ConPRmetidos partnered with Plenitud to help them build eco-friendly cabins that will accommodate more guests for their workshops on sustainable farming and bio-construction techniques. The bio-construction method they use, SuperAdobe, is highly resilient and can withstand increased natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Plenitud PR also supports the community by distributing healthy meals to elders. In Hurricane Maria’s immediate aftermath, access to clean water was a significant and life-threatening challenge for many residents. To address this, ConPRmetidos purchased and installed an OffGridBox. This patented water filtration and rainwater harvesting system can filter, sterilize and pressurize water while also producing electrical power. This year, the box was relocated from a community center in Bayamón to Plenitud PR in Las Marías to provide electricity to new construction sites across the farm. Plenitud has also developed a contingency plan to transport it to their community center in case of an emergency.

By the Numbers 5,451+


plates of food distributed to elders

Bio-construction projects



people have received intensive training in SuperAdobe

Impact Report 2021


Claridad Financiera A study led by financial education firm, Claridad Financiera, revealed that most Puerto Ricans don’t have savings and 95% of respondents have debt. Although many other factors have contributed to the economic instability on the Island, a general lack of financial knowledge and education has increased debt and poverty on the island because: a) families are not saving enough; b) families are getting into trouble when unexpected problems, like sickness or unemployment, arise; and c) the main wage earners in the family hit retirement age. To address this problem, ConPRmetidos partnered with Claridad Virtual Graduation, Class of 2020

Financiera and provided scholarships for an 8-week virtual course on financial management topics such as budgeting, the importance of saving, and maintaining good credit. Today, 97% of the 193 participants in this course are managing their money better.

By the Numbers After completing this program:


paid off their entire debt


paid off their credit cards

15% paid off their mortgage


Impact Report 2021

Productores de Café de Puerto Rico (PROCAFE) In 2018, ConPRmetidos partnered with Productores de Café de Puerto Rico (PROCAFE) to help the island’s coffee farms recover through the Proyecto de la Montaña. The organization works towards the long-term sustainable recovery of the local coffee industry and advocates for better organization and education for farmers across Puerto Rico. ConPRmetidos helped PROCAFE by distributing coffee tree seedlings, fertilizer and cash subsidies to coffee farming families. In addition, while the farmers waited for their coffee crops to bear fruit (takes three years), PROCAFE and ConPRmetidos worked together to promote plantain cultivation as a form of crop diversification. The plantain yield helped to subsidize farm family income, and the plantain trees served as a shade and wind/rain breaker for the coffee seedlings while they grew. As the first coffee seeds planted began blooming this past spring of 2021, a lack of workers to pick the coffee once again threatened the local industry’s future. In order to address this, ConPRmetidos organized four coffee picking events with 70+ volunteers and raised $1,074 to support this effort.

By the Numbers $20M




projected economic impact

coffee farms aided

coffee trees distributed

plantain seeds distributed

Impact Report 2021


Learn about how our PROCAFE’s progresses across the lifecycle of their grant.

December 2018 – April 2019 Alongside an agronomist, PROCAFE creates a best practices manual to increase local productivity and resilience

September 2017 Puerto Rico loses 85% of its coffee production

November 2017 Coffee farmers approach ConPRmetidos concerned about their future

May 2019 PROCAFE inagurates the organization’s headquarters and reaches the milestone of 700+ active members

June 2018 Proposals are submitted to secure the funding needed to buy the 750K coffee trees to recover the harvest

November 2018 Alongside Unidos por Puerto Rico, ConPRmetidos awards PROCAFE a $600K+ grant to distribute 750K trees, 1,764,000 lbs of fertilizer, and lime to 500 coffee farming families January 2018 – June 2018 ConPRmetidos studies the root causes behind the industry’s fragility and encourages coffee farmers to create the association: PROCAFE


Impact Report 2021

September 2021 Four-day events are organized to help farmers collect their harvest and educate volunteers about the importance of the coffee industry in the mountain region

November 2021

January 2021

May 2019 – February 2020 PROCAFE continues recruiting members, distributing trees, 1,000 manuals, and servicing entities helping the industry’s revitalization. They start generating a sustainable income

Plantain seedlings distribution is completed. PROCAFE aims to create a co-op to provide members with access to heavy farming equipment

PROCAFE and a local tour company start to design coffee picking tours to help farmers collect their harvest

December 2021 March 2021 The first coffee harvest after Hurricane Maria begins to bloom

Projected economic impact $20M

March 2020 ConPRmetidos awards PROCAFE a $77K+ grant to distribute 800 plantain seeds to promote crop and income diversification among farmers

Impact Report 2021


Meet the Team


Isabel Rullán

Mili Landrón

Aurora Hernández

Ana Laura Miranda

Executive Director

Director of Operations

Grants & Program

Program Officer

& Programs

Compliance Officer

El Comeback

Giannina Trigo

Paola Romero



Impact Report 2021


Board of Directors

Miguel Ferrer

Carlos Meléndez

Elena Hernández

Isabel Rullán


Past Chair

Vice-Chair & Treasurer


Chair, Executive Committee

Chair, El Comeback

Chair, Finance & Operations Committee

Natalie Trigo

Camille Álvarez

Ciara Napoli

Juan Ramos

Inés Soler


Director & General




Chair, Fundraising


Chair, CIG Committee



Impact Report 2021

Collaborators and Project Teams Founders

Collaborative Impact Grants

Committed to Puerto Rico

Ciara Napoli

Aurora Hernández

Alberto de la Cruz

Cristina Sumaza

Cristina Salazar

Antonio Santini

Isabel Rullan

Mili Landrón

Isabel Rullán

Miguel Columna

Ricardo Pacheco

Manolo López

Mili Landron

Paola Romero

Natalie Trigo

Impact Report

El Comeback

Database Management

Aurora Hernández

Alberto de la Cruz

Yesenia Avilés

Cecile Rivera Lloréns

Ana Laura Miranda

Yuisa Sonera

Denise Byrne

Camille Padilla

Dennis Rivera

Giannina Trigo

Mili Landrón

Isabel Rullán

Xavier García

Luis Alonso


Accounting / Finance

Gary Bonilla

David Matías, Carrasquillo CPA Group

Fahad Ghaffar

FPV & Galindez

Impact Report 2021


How to Support Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Needs Us ConPRmetidos created Committed to Puerto Rico to give people worldwide the opportunity of playing a vital role long term in the economic transformation of Puerto Rico. Our brand new donors’ club has been designed to leverage our organization’s impact on the island while giving our generous donors access to exclusive content by Puerto Rican creators. These member-exclusive benefits, such as classes, series, and podcasts, have been created to keep you engaged and connected to the communities you are impacting. Thanks to generous donors like yourself, our roster of programs and grantees continues to grow every year. Help us do more for Puerto Rico’s future by joining the club at

Impact Report 2021


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Impact Report 2021

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As we approach the end of the year, we want to thank you and all the generous people that supported ConPRmetidos in 2021. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the global economy, it has not stopped people from opening their hearts and giving to others in more vulnerable situations. Each of our donors is crucial to the lives we impact, not only because they financially enable us to do the work on the ground in Puerto Rico, but because they instill hope for a better future. We also want to extend our sincere gratitude to those individuals who donated their time, wisdom, and professional advice to strengthen ConPRmetidos and further our mission. It is in this spirit - of giving of oneself - that we have decided to launch our new Mentorship Initiative which will help other local organizations and leaders grow, just like so many of you helped us during the past nine years. We want to give a big shout-out to entrepreneurs like Alberto Rigau and Greg Gimble, who were the first to participate in this mentorship program, contributing their time and expertise to benefit the social entrepreneurship work of the women behind Mumas, one of our grantees. A special thanks also goes out to our Board of Directors, our major donor Fahad Ghaffar, and our senior advisor and executive coach, Denise M. Byrne. In addition to this, we want to acknowledge the contributions of photographers Dennis Rivera, Javier García, Héctor Ball Ruiz, and designer Cecile Rivera in preparing this impact report, as well as our team members Aurora Hernández Galliano and Mili Landrón. And last but not least, we want to recognize all the community leaders in Puerto Rico who are at the front and center of the projects you learned about in this report. Thank you for leading by example. It is an honor to support the important work you are doing to make our beloved island a global model of success. ¡ConPRmetidos con Puerto Rico, siempre!

Impact Report 2021


Endnotes 1

United States Census Bureau, Shrider, E., Kollar, M., Chen, F., & Semega, J. (2021, September 14). Income and Poverty in the United States: 2020. The United

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Impact Report 2021

Behind the Scenes


Impact Report 2021

Impact Report 2021


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