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5 great craft ideas to celebrate NAIDOC Week! The theme for NAIDOC Week 2018 is ‘Because of her we can!’


Acknowledgment Plaque........................................................................ 3 DIY Weaving Frame.................................................................................. 4 Dreamtime Astrology Animal Artwork.............................................. 5 Totem Hanging Ornament...................................................................... 6 Tucker Bag.................................................................................................... 7 Blackline Masters....................................................................................8-11 We’ve supplied FREE BLMs to help you complete all these great activities!

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Acknowledgment Plaque Materials: •

Wooden Oval Plaque – Pack of 20 – 18359

Cardboard Hands – Brown Pack of 50 – 14034

Cotton Tips – Pack of 100 – 11253

Jute Twine – Natural – 70 Meters – 17902

Indigenous Ochre – Red – 500g – 17501

Indigenous Ochre – Off White – 500g – 17503

Indigenous Ochre – Yellow – 500g – 17502

CleverPatch™ Junior PVA Glue – 250mL – 10364

CleverPatch™ Acrylic Paint Tube – Black – 75mL – 16885

Other Materials Required: Acknowledgment Plaque BLM (page 8), marker, paint brush, scissors, paper cups, mixing spoons

Recognise and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land with this group activity.

1. Paint your wooden plaque with black acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

2. In a paper cup, mix one teaspoon of ochre and one teaspoon of PVA glue. Add a small splash of water to the mixture and stir to combine.

3. Allow children to decorate their cardboard hands with the ochre and glue mixture. To create dots, dip cotton tips into the ochre mixture then onto the cardboard hand. Allow to dry.

4. Print your Acknowledgment Plaque BLM and fill in. Cut out and glue the template onto your plaque and decorate around the edge using the ochre. Allow to dry.

5. Lay out your design and use PVA glue to stick the hands around the outside of the plaque.

6. Cut a piece of twine approximately 65cm long and tie either end through each side of the plaque and into a knot. Your plaque is now ready to hang!

© CleverPatch 2018 –


DIY Weaving Frame Materials: •

Driftwood – Small – 1kg pack – 14678

Jute Twine – Green – 70 Meters – 17899

Jute Twine – Black – 70 Meters – 17904

Paper Raffia – 30g – Set of 9 colours – 18304

Crepe Paper – Orange – 10942

Abaca Mesh Roll – Olive Green 9 Meters – 14789

Other materials required: Scissors

Practice the art of weaving, an Indigenous tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, to create your own work of art!

1. Choose 4 pieces of similarly sized driftwood and lay out in a square to make your frame.

2. Cut a length of jute twine and then wrap tightly around the ends of 2 of your driftwood pieces, tying a double knot to secure.

3. Use the same method to join each of the driftwood pieces together at the corners to form your frame.

4. Cut a long length of jute twine. Tie at one corner of the frame and wrap the twine around and around in a zigzag pattern down to the opposite corner. Pull tight and tie to secure.

5. Gather together materials for weaving. We’ve used raffia, strips of abaca mesh roll, crepe paper and jute twine.

6. Start to weave the chosen materials through your handmade frame, weaving over and under the jute twine.

7. Keep pushing the woven materials down as you go for a tighter weave. Tuck any loose ends back into the weave to keep it neat.

8. Continue to weave the materials through until the whole frame is filled. Your beautiful weaving frame is now ready to be displayed!

© CleverPatch 2018 –


Dreamtime Astrology Animal Artwork Materials: •

Brown Craft Paper – 250 x 380mm – Pack of 500 – 14627

CleverPatch™ Cover Paper – White – A3 Pack of 25 – 16143

CleverPatch™ Acrylic Paint Tube – 75mL Set of 12 Colours – 17335

Cotton Filters – Pack of 100 – 10217

Other Materials Required: Dreamtime Astrology BLM (page 9), scissors, paint brush, glue and pencil.

The zodiac consists of centuries-old Aboriginal Dreamtime stories incorporated with modern constellation interpretation, as seen from Australian southern heavens and incorporating global axis.

1. Use the BLM on page 9 to discover your Dreamtime Astrology animal based on your birth month.

2. Research and look at Aboriginal x-ray art techniques, then sketch your animal onto brown paper using this style.

3. Use white paint to go over your sketch and make it stand out. Allow to dry.

4. On a piece of white A3 cover paper, 5. Stepcreate Text a background for your animal. You may wish to research and use other traditional techniques to do this, such as cross hatching and dot painting.

© CleverPatch 2018 –

Keep in mind the type of animal when creating your background. You could even research and incorporate traditional symbols!

5. Once both pieces are dry, cut out yourText animal and glue onto 6. Step your background to complete your artwork!


Totem Hanging Ornament Materials: • • •

Choose an animal or plant that has special meaning to you and Wooden Circle Shapes – Pack of 20 – 11323 CleverClay™ – 100g – Set of 6 colours – 16700 use it as your totem! Imitation Leather – 27 Metres – 11172

Scratch Board Tools – Wooden – Pack of 20 – 15733

Other Materials Required: pencil, scrap paper, scissors

1. Using a pencil, lightly draw a background design onto your wooden shape. This will act as a guide when moulding the clay.

You may wish to research your totem and the habitat in which it needs to survive.

2. Mould pieces of clay and push down lightly to allow it to stick to the shape. Do not cover the hole at the top of the circle.

3. Draw your chosen totem animal on a scrap piece of paper. Use this as a guide to mould the clay into the shape of your animal.

4. Carefully peel your clay design off the paper.

5. Place your totem onto the wooden shape and press down lightly to allow it to stick to the clay design underneath.

6. To decorate your totem, use tools to etch markings into your design.

7. Cut a piece of imitation leather around 22cm long and thread through the hole. Tie the ends into a knot. Your totem ornament is now ready to hang!

© CleverPatch 2018 –


Tucker Bag Materials: •

Felt Sheets – Yellow – Pack of 10 – 17532

Felt Sheets – Black – Pack of 10 – 17539

Paper Raffia – Red – 30g – 18108

CleverPatch™ Tacky Glue – 250mL – 16494

Other Materials Required: Tucker Bag BLM template (page 10 & 11), scissors, hole punch and marker.

The theme for NAIDOC Week 2018 is ‘Because of her we can!’ This symbol represents a woman holding a digging stick and coolamon.

1. Print and cut out the Tucker Bag BLM template and place it onto the felt. Use as a guide to cut the felt needed for the bag.

2. On the small piece of felt, mark 1cm in and 1cm down from the top corner. Then mark every two centimetres around the curve of the felt piece.

3. Use a hole punch to cut out each mark.

4. Line up the small piece of felt over the large piece and use the hole punched areas as a guide to mark the holes on the larger piece of felt. Hole punch each mark on the large piece of felt.

5. Cut a piece of raffia 120cm long. Thread the raffia from the back through to the front, the whole way around the bag.

6. Turn the bag over to the back and tie the raffia into a knot that sits tightly against the felt and holds the raffia in place. Repeat this for both sides. DO NOT trim your raffia, this will be used to create a handle later on!

7. Use the template to cut the woman symbol out of felt.

8. Use CleverPatch™ tacky glue to stick the symbol onto the front of your bag.

9. Tie the end two pieces of raffia into a knot. This will act as the handle for your tucker bag. Your bag is now ready to use!

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Acknowledgment Plaque

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land the Awakabal people. We pay respect to the Elders; past, present and future.

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Dreamtime Astrology The Dreamtime horoscope is written month by month from beginning to end, including leap years. Unlike Western astrology, it does not have a cut off date for the zodiac signs in the middle of each month. For further information visit:




















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Tucker Bag

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Tucker Bag

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