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CIPI N e w s l e t t e r November 27th, 2009

Volume 25 Issue 47

In case of a serious Emergency call 911




Wed 1

Thurs 2



FIRE ……………..... 288-2060

Sat 4


CLINIC ……………. 288-4800


Roy Family 60th Anniversary


Seniors Monthly Party


Dream Centre




Safe Talk @ CIPI 9am-12pm


15 Council Meeting @ 5:30pm Gr. 12 Home Front School


16 CIPI Regular Meeting @ 5:00pm




1st Nations & Metis Relations MTG @ 6pm CIPI Boardroom Christmas Concert @ 5pm



Friday, November 27th, 2009 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00 Bonanza

Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000 in *49#’s or less 26

Consolation: $300 Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Win LOONIE POT if you bingo on the Loonie Number

Roy Family 60th Anniversary




Merry Christmas



Gr. 7 Class Trip


Dream Centre




Gr. 7 Class Trip




Seniors Monthly Party

Happy New Year

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th, 2009


AMBULANCE ……. 310-5000 Kids Phone…1-800-668-6868


is now accepting applications for the Term Position of

POLICE …………... 288-6400

ILE-X Hospital …..…833-2016 Gr. 12 Home Front School


Duties include: Gathering information and producing the weekly CIPI Newsletter. Answering and directing telephone calls and greeting the public. Collecting Cable payments. Creating community channel advertisements. Other related duties as assigned by the manager.

This is a full-time term position commencing on January 4th to July 2nd, 2010 To apply, send your resume including cover letter by: Monday, December 14th, 2009 at 3:00 pm to:

CIPI Box 49 Beauval, SK S0M OGO Fax: 288-2033 Email: Website: For more information, call Fred at 288-2222

Loonie Pot - $5000.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00 To GO Cards are: $2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance

All Water/Sewer accounts must be brought up-todate by November 30th, 2009. Disconnections will be done on December 1st, 2009.

License Number J09-0006


CIPI TV BINGO 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00 Bonanza

Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000 in *50#’s or less

The Seniors would like to thank everyone who donated, bought items and to all that donated cash. It is very much appreciated and we made a total of $1151.20 and is going towards our annual Christmas Party. Also, like to thank the auctioneer and all the workers for all their hard work and JOB WELL DONE! Thank you very much from the Seniors

*unless previously won

Informational Meeting:

Consolation: $300 Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Win LOONIE POT

Nuclear Waste Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 @ Ile a la Crosse, SK

if you bingo on the Loonie Number


Loonie Pot - $5000.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00 To GO

1.Opening Prayer 2.Opening Remarks 3.MN-S Presentation 4.NWMO Presentation 5.Question and Answer 6.Supper 7.Adjournment

Cards are: $2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance

License Number J09-0006

7 6

9 7

9 5







6 5


5 1 2 6 4 7 8 9

8 5 4 3 2 1 9 6

1 2 5 7 9 4 3 8

4 3 8 1 6 5 2 7

9 7 3 4 8 6 1 2

6 4 1 9 7 8 5 3

3 8 6 2 5 9 7 4

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th, 2009



Deadline for Submissions: Wednesdays at 5:00 pm unless arrangements are made.


Editor: Julieann Alcrow


Beauval, Sask. S0M 0G0 Ph: 288-2222 Fax: 288-2033 Email:


Sipisishk Communications Inc.


CIPI Newsletter is published every Friday by

S u d o k o


Ann Lafleur Sandra Gardiner

For more information call Louis Gardiner at (306) 833-2420 3

Church Readers:

Sunday, December 13th at 7:30 pm 1st & 2nd Series Single Bonanza One Line or the 4 Corners - $100.00 Two Lines - $150.00 Letter X - $200.00 Roving Half House - $250.00 Blackout - $500.00 $2.00 each for a single bonanza. Bonanza - Roving Block of 9 - $300.00 Blackout - $1000.00 $5.00 for a 3-up Orange Bonanza Last Chance - Crazy 7 - $300.00 Blackout-$1000.00 $5.00 for a 3-up blue Bonanza


Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000 in *51#’s or less *unless previously won

Consolation: $300 Last Chance Game

Crazy 7 - $100.00 Win LOONIE POT if you bingo on the Loonie Number

Loonie Pot - $5000.00

Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00 TO GO Cards are: $2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance


Sunday November 29th, 2009 Mass @ 10:30 am


Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00

Bingo License #J09-0006


St. Mary Magdalene


Very Much Appreciated

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

A n s w e r

If you're new to SuDoku, the aim of the puzzle is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in such a way that each row, column, and r e g i o n contains only one instance of each number.

6 9 2




9 3


5 1




7 1

Office: 288-2222 or 288-2001 Request: 288-2230 Fax: 288-2033 Email: Saturday




Periods of Snow

Mix of sun & cloud

High -9° Low -4º

High -1° Low -11º

High 0° Low –4º


1 5





License Number J09-0006



4 9

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th, 2009

Celebrating Life in Beauval submitted by Deborah Laliberte

“Celebrating Life in Our Community” on November 18, 2009 as part of National Aboriginal Addictions Awareness Week. The forum began with an opening prayer by our Elder Ann Lafleur and a declaration from the Mayor Fred Roy. The first powerful speaker Deirdra Janvier from La Loche spoke on her life experience with losing her mother to suicide. She stressed to the students and community members that no matter how we are feeling there is someone to turn to and we can overcome any obstacle in life. She also mentioned that turning to alcohol and drugs is not a way of dealing with the problems of everyday life. It only suppresses them for a while and worsens the situation. Addictions worker Virgil Paul provided us with a PowerPoint presentation on diverse aspects of grieving and its links to alcohol and drugs. Elaine Malbeuf, Executive Director of Community Health Development, gave a presentation on self esteem and used her own personal account of how individuals can rise above their circumstances and obtain great success. Beauval Recreation supplied the dinner. Presentations were recorded and will be shown on the community channel at a later date. Thanks to Shirley Bell-Morin, the staff at Valley View School, and all the others who helped organize this informative and inspiring event.

Notice from Recreation Van Usage Any organization wanting to book the van for trips must submit a written request to the Board 2 weeks prior to event. All requests must have the approval of 4 Board members. Last minute phone calls will not be accepted unless it is an emergency. We must follow policy in order to be fair to everyone.

CIPI Annual Christmas Lights Contest House Category

Window Category

1st - $300 2nd - $200 3rd - $100

1st - $200 2nd - $100 3rd to 5th - Ham

We are not trying to discourage anyone from using the Van, we are just required to follow policy. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. Fax: 288-2091 or mail to: Beauval Minor Sports & Recreation Box 178 Beauval, SK S0M 0G0 If you have questions regarding this please feel free to contact Marcella at 288-2064 or 288-7762 Women Category: 1st -CILX VC 2nd -Team Maurice 3rd-Sets On The Beach

Men Category 1st -Pounders 2nd- Smurfs 3rd- Ruff Muffs

Joey Maurice Volleyball committee would like to thank everyone who participated and helped out in anyway, if it wasn’t for you nothing would be possible.

4th to 10th - Turkey 

$10.00 House

$5.00 Window

NO REFUNDS Deadline for entries: December 18th, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Judging will take place Monday, December 21st, 2009 from 7-9 pm.

Come on Beauval Let’s Light up!!

Also, a big thank you to our sponsors: Cameco, MDeez Confectionary, Outlaws

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th, 2009

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th 2009

Book now for your Christmas Parties with

Sandy Beach Resort Ltd. Christmas Party Menu: All for $13.95/per plate 1. Roast Turkey & Trimmings 2. Baked Ham or Ham Steaks w/pineapples 3. Steak Sandwich 4. Breaded Cutlets Veal or Pork 5. Roast Beef 6. Ribs, BBQ or Greek or Sweet n Sour 7. Pork Chops 8. Sweet n Sour Chicken Balls 9. Pork Loin 10. Pasta Spaghetti in Meat Sauce, Lasagna The above includes: of Potato, Rice of Pasta Ex: Baked, Mashed, Wedges, Fried Rice; Choice of buns, Bannock, Cheese Sticks or Garlic Toast Salad or Soup of your choice Dessert of your choice The bar will be open for all your refreshment needs, or Coffee, Tea, Juice or Water Choice

Please confirm at least one week in advance and the total amount of people that will be attending and one item from the menu.

For more information on the menu, please feel free to call Judy at 288-4007/2191. Looking for Donations Looking for strings of lights to decorate an outdoor community Christmas Tree and also a big star for the top of it. If you have any decorations to give away please call Warren at 288-7430 or 2882245 and leave a message.

Christmas is for the Kids


Beauval Sipisishk Memorial A.A. Round-up

Grade 9 Fundraiser

Legislation banning the use of hand-held cellphones while driving, passed through third and final reading today and will become law Jan. 1, 2010. "Distracted driving is a serious road safety issue," Minister responsible for SGI June Draude said. "With the passing of this law we are fulfilling our commitment to make provincial roadways safer." The new law prohibits all drivers from using hand-held cellphones to talk, text, email or surf the Internet while driving. Experienced drivers will be allowed to use hands-free devices while driving. New drivers, meaning drivers in Saskatchewan's Graduated Driver's Licensing program, will not be able to use cellphones of any type while operating a motor vehicle. The penalty for an offence associated with this law will be $280, which includes a victims' surcharge of $60, and four demerit points under the Safe Driver Recognition and Driver Improvement programs. In addition to the cellphone ban, legislation for the new one-part, five-year driver's licence and identification card was also passed. SGI customers will receive their new one-part licence starting Jan. 1, 2011, when they renew their expired two-part driver's licence

Saturday, November 28th, 2009 Valley View School Gym

This past month and leading up to Christmas, we’ve been studying world events, diversity in the world, and points in people’s lives. This coming Christmas, the grade nines are raising money for World Vision; a non-profit group that assists the needs of the under-privileged around the globe. The money raised through the grade nine class will go toward:

Extra Special Birthday Greetings to my son/brother/uncle

“Blaine Laliberte” May you have a wonderful day that you deserve!!! Love, Mom Tina, Carl, Derek, William, Frederick, Jenn, Jeremy, Justin & Jax

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th, 2009

“YESTERDAY...TODAY… TOMORROW” Registration: Potluck & Dance Admission: Single - $10.00, Couple - $20.00, Family - $25.00 Dance Only: $10.00, 12 & under - $5.00 1st call up panel - 1:00pm **Break - 15 minutes** 2nd call up panel - 2:15pm **Break - 15 minutes** 3rd call up panel - 4:15pm Potluck Supper: 5:00PM 2 Guest Speakers - 6:00pm to 8:00PM (Lawrence C. & Angel C.) Sober Dance: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Band: Fred Morin & Company For more information contact Alexina Laliberte @ 288-4543, Dorothy McIntyre @ 288-2219, Julia Lariviere @ 288-2323 or Lori McIntyre @ 288-2085 Northlands College -

GED Preparation Beauval, Saskatchewan January 25 - June 4, 2010 Application Deadline: January 7, 2010

Submit applications to: Northlands College Box 190 Buffalo Narrow, SK S0M 0J0 Fax: (306) 235-4346 or 1-888-311-1185 #2

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fighting the world food shortage Providing HIV/AIDS care kits Helping Sexuality Exploited children Restoring child soldiers Water sanitization, in areas of the world such as Africa, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Congo.

We will be raising money through the collection of bottles and cans thus providing and environmental friendly theme to the fundraiser. Once per week until we leave for Christmas break, our students will be leaving school grounds and making bottle runs around the community. If you wish to join us, we would love the extra company. If you wish to donate some bottle and cans, we would appreciate the help. Please talk to me if you want arrange donating some bottles and cans for this cause.

Thanks for your support, Paul, Grade 9 Teacher

CIPI Newsletter – November 27th, 2009

CIPI Newsletter - November 27  

Volume 25 - Issue 47

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