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CIPI N e w s l e t t e r

2011 Sunday






In case of a serious Emergency call 911







POLICE …………...288-6400 CLINIC …………….288-4800

Jim Lafleur


Ile-x Hospital ..……833-2016 Kids Help Line 1-800-668-6868







Interagency KYRHA MTG @ 10am Programs CoYouth Meeting @ Management MTG @ 7pm 7pm

Church Committee

Jim Lafleur






KYRHA Programs


Laurie Krivoshein

Loonie Pot - $2000.00 20




Laurie Krivoshein

CIPI Regular Meeting @ 7pm



1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00

Church Committee


Friday, January 7th, 2011 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 Early Bird - $2.00 for a 3-up Two Lines: $200.00 First # called on Early Bird Series Win LOONIE POT on all 4 series.


Council Meeting @ 7pm



Jim Lafleur


Ticket Sales in Italic Meetings in Bold


1st - Vanessa Lafleur 2nd - Laurie Krivoshein 3rd - Leonard Bouvier 4th - Rachel Roy 5th - Mabel Morin CIPI would like to thank everyone who “Lit up Beauval.” Wishing you great health and happiness in the coming New Year!

House Category 1st Leonard Bouvier 2nd - Noreen Bouvier 3rd - Mervin Morin 4th - Joe Morin 5th - Rachel Roy 6th - Laurie Krivoshein 7th - LeeBoy & Velma Roy 8th - Dennis Couillonneur 9th - Jolene Pederson 10th - Lyle & Rose Felske

Radio - Joe Morin, Camcorder - Matthew Krivoshein, Thermos - Marsha Morin, Box of Chocolates - Leona Lafleur, Pot of Gold - Marla Daigneault

CIPI News… The winner for this month’s “Free Cable Draw” was

Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000 in 56#’s or less Consolation: $300

Julia Lariviere

Crazy 7 - $100.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000 Cards are:

CIPI Newsletter – January 7th, 2011

Window Category


Last Chance Game 30

2010 CIPI Christmas Lights Results

FIRE ……………….911


AMBULANCE …….911 2

January 7th, 2011

Volume 27 Issue 1

$2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance License Number J10-0006

CIPI thanks all those who keep their accounts up-to-date and would also like to remind everyone that January cable bills have been sent out. If your account is overdue, please make every effort to come and pay your bill. Disconnections are done every week on overdue account holders. A reminder that if you get disconnected, you must pay the outstanding amount plus the reconnection fee of $110.00. No exceptions! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office or just drop in and we’ll try and help you.

CIPI TV BINGO Sunday, January 9th, 2011 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 Early Bird - $2.00 for a 3-up Two Lines: $200.00 Win LOONIE POT on all 4 series

Loonie Pot - $2500.00 *Unless previously won*

1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00 Cards: $2.00 each

Bonanza Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000.00 in *57#’s or less

Alcohol & Drug Free Celebration (December 31st, 2010) Thanks to all the families and seniors that attended this event. The meals were excellent. Thanks to the cooks Vivian Bouvier and Cecile Fiedler. Thanks to the Beautiful Valley Tenant Association for their financial assistance in offsetting the costs for this event, we appreciate it so much. We were able to make a draw for a door prize every hour with the grand prize of a 26 inch flat screen television which was won by Roseanne Laliberte. Other winners were Mike McCallum, Logan McCallum, Anita Aubichon, Tyrone Laliberte, Cecile Fiedler, Margaret Morin, Carla Bottrell, Mabel Morin, Sarah Aubichon, Ashlyn Aubichon, Dina Roy, Eryk Burnouf, Mary Bottrell, Jackson Caisse, and Jazmyn Durocher. Many games were played such as bubble gum blowing, musical chairs, freeze dance, laughing contest, crying contest, jigging contest, etc. We will plan another one for 2012 so we encourage more parents to attend with their children and bring in the New Year in a healthy way. Happy and Healthy 2011 to everyone!

*unless previously won

New Year’s Eve Hosting Committee

Consolation: $300

Beauval Recreation Presents…

4 2

3 6 9









9 5


9 5 1 2 4 3 7 6

5 1 7 2

3 2 4 6 8



9 6 8 3

9 5 7

9 6 8 7 5 3 4 1 2

4 5 1 3 6 8 7 2 9

6 7 9 5 1 2 8 3 4

2 8 3 4 9 7 5 6 1

CIPI Newsletter – January 7th, 2011


Deadline for Submissions: Wednesdays at 3:00 pm unless arrangements are made.

S u d o k u


Editor: Julieann Alcrow

Register by calling Alvina Aubichon at 288-2022 or 288-2217 evenings

8 7

Mass @ 10:30 am

Beauval, Sask. S0M 0G0 Ph: 288-2222 Fax: 288-2033 Email:

Note: Workshop begins at 7pm Thursday evening Participants strongly advised to stay at resort for all session days. $100 Registration fee includes accommodations, meals for entire workshop.

For more information or to register call Recreation Office at 288-2064

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Sipisishk Communications Inc.

Thursday, January 20 - 23, 2011 or Thursday, February 10 - 13, 2011

January 15th & 16th, 2011 Valley View School Gym, Beauval, Saskatchewan

St. Mary Magdalene

CIPI Newsletter is published every Friday by

Sandy Beach Resort Beauval, SK

NCCP Wrestling Introduction to Competition Coaching Course

Cards: $5.00 each License Number J10-0006

Church Readers: Vitaline Read Ann Lafleur

Grief Support & Trauma Recovery Workshops

We all desire a life that allows us to live to our fullest potential. We long for the balance between the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our life.

Cards: $5.00 each

Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00

Congratulations to Sandra Hood &Jonathan Laliberte on the safe arrival of their baby boy…Jeremiah Albert Bryan Hood December 31st, 2010 Weighing 7lbs 10oz

A n s w e r



6 5















8 8



**Unless previously won**

1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $1000.00

Bonanza Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000.00 in *58#’s or less *unless previously won

Consolation: $300

Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00 Cards are: $2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance License Number J10-0006




CIPI TV BINGO Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 Early Bird - $2.00 Each Two Lines: $200.00 Loonie Pot - $3000.00

The aim of the puzzle is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in such a way that each row, column, and region contains only one instance of each number.

6 CIPI Newsletter – January 7th, 2011

288-2222 or 288-2001 Requests: 288-2230 Fax: 288-2033 email: website: Saturday



Cloudy w/40% Flurries

Cloudy w/60% Flurries

Mix of sun & cloud

High -14° High -15° High -14° Low -17º Low -18º Low-20º

Wendy Arnault Memorial Volleyball Tournament

Carver – Sakitawak Corporation Are offering a course in

Green Lake, Saskatchewan January 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2011 Men’s and Ladies Division Starting @ 6:00pm Entry Fee: $350.00 Per Team Each Team consists of 8 players or less Deadline: January 14th, 2011

Prizes: 1st: $2,000.00 & medals 2nd: $1200.00 & medals 3rs: $800.00 & medals

Awards for:  

Best Setter Best Hitter  M.V.P

Small Project Estimating, Scheduling and Cost Control This introductory course is being offered to residents of Northern Saskatchewan and will be of value to contractors, entrepreneurs and workers involved in preparing bids and supervising work projects. There are no fees and no special pre-requisites. If you are interested in participating in this training or have any questions, please contact ASAP: Norman Johnson at 833-2548 or Cell 833-0290 Sakitawak Development Corporation ILE A LA CROSSE, Saskatchewan S0M 1C0 Telephone: 306-833-2466 Fax: 306-833-2666 Email:

Notice from Recreation on Van Usage/Arena Facility Van: Any organizations wanting to book the van for trips must submit a written request to the Board, two weeks prior to the event. All requests must have the approval of Four (4) Board Members. Last minute phone calls will not be accepted unless it is an emergency. Arena Facility: All bookings are to be made in writing and will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. A rental agreement must be signed by at least two of the organizing committee booking the facility before the keys can be signed out. We must follow policy in order to be fair to everyone. We are not trying to discourage anyone from usage of the Van or booking the arena facility, we are just required to follow policy.

This five-day course will start at 9 am Monday, January 17 in La Ronge. Training costs are covered by Northern Career Quest. Out of town independent applicants/small contractors will be reimbursed for hotel and meal costs upon completion (please call for details).

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

The Carver-Sakitawak Corporation is a company jointly-owned by Carver P A Corporation, an industry leader providing Extra Special Birthday Greetings to my Recruitment, Technical Training and beautiful auntie with a heart of gold… Consulting services, and the Sakitawak Development Corporation, a community Alice Misponas development corporation owned by the Today I would like to wish her a great day that Northern Village of Ile a la Crosse. she truly deserves, not just once a year but Congratulations to everyday of her life. Jenna Alcrow & Brandon Morin on the safe arrival of their baby boy… Happy Birthday Auntie Baby Alcrow January 6th, 2011 Weighing 7lbs 10oz Love, Julieann, Dale & family

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact Kimberly at 288-2064

Daily door fee: $3.00 everyone pays Canteen Available For more information contact: Angel Laliberte @ (306) 832-2081 or Rita Arnault @ (306) 832-2081 or Lory Zimmer @ (306) 832-4413

CIPI Newsletter – January 7th, 2011

Requests can be faxed to: 288-2348 or Mailed to: Beauval Minor Sports & Recreation Box 178 Beauval, SK S0M 0G0

Message from Beauval Recreation For all those who have applied and paid for the FAC Course. Due to the limited number of books there is a $10.00 deposit fee for a book. Your deposit fee will be refunded upon return of the book. A limit of 4 people at a time can complete an open book test. Once you have finished your test, please return book to the Recreation Office. This will allow the other applicants to have their own turn. The FAC Course consists of two parts, complete an open book test and complete the practical on gun safety. A photograph of yourself is also needed in order to complete the application forms. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Recreation Office at 288-2064.

Notice to the Public Looking for Dedicated and Reliable Board Members to lead our Youth and coordinate activities at the Youth Centre. We would like to encourage Youth and Elders to also apply. We are looking for seven (7) board members. If you are not interested in being a board member, you can still sign up to volunteer for the activities. Deadline to Apply: January 14, 2011

Greatly Appreciated Sherry McIntyre and family would like to thank everyone for their kind donation on the Radio Pledge that was held on January 4th, 2011.

Please apply with Kim Dennett at 288-2064 or apply in writing to: Dream Centre P.O. Box 19 Beauval, SK S0M 0G0

Thank you from the Bottom of our Hearts! CIPI Newsletter – January 7th, 2011

In Loving Memory of Brian Leonard Hood January 5th, 1995 Please God forgive a silent tear, a constant wish that he was here. Others were taken, yes we know, but he was ours and we loved him so. He bid no one a last farewell, nor even said good-bye He was gone before we knew it and only God knows why. If all the world were ours to give we’d give it all and more to see that loving face of his just once more. For those of you who have someone who means a lot, treasure them with care. For you never know their value til you see their vacant chair.

Sadly missed by, Mom, Dad & Brothers La Plonge Youth Group

Thank You

Beauval RCMP

On December 30, 2010, Laurie Krivoshein & Alvina Aubichon had a fundraiser for Jim Lafleur & Alvina Roy, to help with travel, meals & lodging.

Beauval RCMP are requesting the public’s assistance in identifying the unknown persons responsible for a Break-in at the new student built residence on the corner of Amisk and Laliberte Street. Persons entered sometime between December 30 to January 4. Once inside, person (s) attempted to light the residence of Fire. Extensive smoke damage was caused. If you have any information on the above crime please contact your local detachment 288-2064 or Crime stoppers at 1800-222-8477, you do not have to leave your name and you may be eligible for a cash reward (crime stoppers).

Again, it was a great success. A great number of people came out for support, it was a wonderful sight to see. There were so many donations for the silent auction and the meal was very delicious. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives, first of all friends & families are our most precious gifts. We like to thank everyone who donated and we are so grateful to have Joe & Marlene Daigneault for providing the great sound system for the evening. The singers that came from out of town to entertain us, God Bless them for their kindness. Jim was not able to attend due to his illness but he’s very grateful for the kindness people have shown him in his time of need. Again, the people of Beauval and surrounding communities, we the Lafleur family would like to say thank you again for all your support.

Would like to thank all of you who supported and purchased a light of a loved one who passed away. It was to light up the Memorial Tepee. A total of $36.00 was made and the funds will go towards our Youth. Thank you to all who donated lights along with other companies that helped out. We had attempted to put the lights up but unfortunately someone went and broke them; so thank you very much to the person responsible. I just hope whoever it was will have matured by next year as we hopefully attempt to try this project again.

Also, a huge Thank You to Laurie Krivoshein & Alvina Aubichon for organizing the fundraiser. They are our Angels who try to make it easier for other people who are sick and they are always thinking of others even though they are not well themselves. We will keep on praying the Rosary for all our sick people. We say the Rosary at the house any time, one needs to pray together, come join us, you’re always welcome.

The purpose and the meaning of this was to remember your LOVED ONE.

Jim & Ann Lafleur & Family

With Grateful hearts and more, Thank You!

CIPI Newsletter - January 7th, 2011

Northern Reading Program Theme: Libraries...Hot Reads for Cold Nights Start Date is January 10, 2011 For every book you read Beauval gets one point, so we are asking everyone to phone or drop off there points every week to the Library. Come on Beauval this is our year to be the readingest community again.

Library Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am to 7pm Fridays - 9am - 4pm Every Second Sunday (9th & 23rd) 1pm - 5pm There is also 2 computers available for adult use during Library hours.

SAINT MARY MAGDALENE PARISH Sunday, January 9th is the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus was baptized by John. ‘Why did Jesus ask to be baptized? Neither John nor Jesus invented baptism. It had been practiced for centuries among the Jews as a ritual equivalent of Confession. Until the fall of the Temple in 72 AD, it was common for Jewish people to make a spiritual cleansing in a special pool called a MIKVEH--literally a "collection of water". This was said to remove spiritual impurity and sin. Men did this weekly on the eve of the Sabbath. Women did it monthly. Converts were also expected to do it before entering Judaism. Orthodox Jews still r e t a i n t h e r i t e . ‘John preached that such a bath was a necessary preparation for the cataclysm that would be wrought by the coming Messiah. Jesus transformed this continual ritual into the one single, definitive act by which we begin our faith. In effect he fused his divine essence with the water and the ceremony.’ ‘The feast of the Baptism of Jesus is a good time for us to consider our own baptism, the time when we too became beloved children of God. Baptism is the most precious gift we have received. As with our Christmas gifts, it is now time for us to make use of its treasures. We have been clothed in the Spirit. It is now time for us to put on these new clothes and live new lives in that Spirit.’

NORTEP/NORPAC **Northern Teacher Education Program **Northern Professional Access Program** Applications for Admission are now available at the GDI T & E Office Deadline for applications is March 03, 2011 CIPI Newsletter – January 7th, 2011

CIPI Newsletter  

January 7, 2011

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