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CIPI N e w s l e t t e r Volume 26 Issue 44

November 19, 20, 21, 2010 Beauval, Saskatchewan Women’s Division 1st - $2,000.00 2nd - $1200.00 3rd - $800.00

Men’s Division 1st - $2,000.00 2nd - $1200.00 3rd - $800.00

In case of a serious Emergency call 911 FIRE ……………….911 AMBULANCE …….911 POLICE …………...288-6400 CLINIC …………….288-4800 Ile-x Hospital ..……833-2016 Kids Help Line 1-800-668-6868


10 Team Limit for each Category Individual awards for each category Best Setter, Best Hitter & MVP

Friday, November 12th, 2010 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 Loonie Pot # called at 7:00 pm Win LOONIE POT on all 4 series.

Loonie Pot - $3800.00

1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00


Defending Champs Men’s - Red Dogs Women’s - Team Weenie For more information contact: Dean @288-7454 Jenn @ 288-2328 or 2022 Clinton @ 884-7227 or 4880 *Hosting Committee is not responsible for any theft or injuries*

Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000 in 56#’s or less Consolation: $300

Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000 Cards are: $2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance

License Number J10-0006 CIPI Newsletter – November 12th, 2010

November 12th, 2010

November 11th Cyprian Corrigal Tony Corrigal Bill Dinsdale Ambrose Durocher Stanley Durocher John Frazer Mervin Frazer Fredrick Kennedy Edward Kimbley Sr. Sandra Lacusta Keith Lafleur Chris Laliberte Victor Laliberte Prosper Lariviere Gerry Lavoie Armand Misponas Alex Malboeuf Alex Maurice J.B. Maurice Lawrence Milburn Valmore Morin Allan Roy Daryl Roy Louis Roy Sir. George Roy Ray Sinclair

PTE Chelsea L. Durocher

CIPI TV BINGO Sunday, November 14th, 2010 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 Loonie Pot # called at 7:00 pm

The Community of Beauval & proud parents Lenny & Florence Durocher are very PROUD of YOU! Winnipeg, Manitoba

Win LOONIE POT on all 4 series

Loonie Pot - $4100.00 *unless previously won

1st & 2nd Series

Good Food Box

One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00

$20.00 per box $10.00 - 65 & over Deadline: Friday, November 19, 2010

Cards: $2.00 each

Pay Gail Roy at the Valley View School

Bonanza Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000.00 in *57#’s or less

BRRHA Office will be CLOSED

*unless previously won

Cards: $5.00 each

Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00

MDeez New Releases - November 9th, 2010

Cards: $5.00 each License Number J10-0006

St. Mary Magdalene Sunday, November 14th, 2010

   

   

Grown Ups Love Ranch Ramona and Beezus Scott Pilgrim


9 8 4 5 7

4 1 3 9 6 8 2




6 8 2 1 7 9 4 3

8 7 1 6 2 3 5 4

1 3 4 5 9 2 7 8

5 2 7 8 3 1 9 6

8 7 5 6 2 1 4 3 9

1 3 6 9 7 4 5 8 2

2 9 4 5 3 8 6 1 7

CIPI Newsletter – November 12th, 2010



Deadline for Submissions: Wednesdays at 3:00 pm unless arrangements are made.


Editor: Julieann Alcrow


Beauval, Sask. S0M 0G0 Ph: 288-2222 Fax: 288-2033 Email:


Sipisishk Communications Inc.


CIPI Newsletter is published every Friday by

S u d o k u

*unless previously won

1st & 2nd Series One Line: $50.00 Two Lines: $75.00 Letter X: $100.00 Large Frame: $125.00 Blackout: $300.00

1st & 2nd Series One Line or 4 Corners - $100.00 Two Lines - $150.00 Letter X - $200.00 Large Frame - $250.00 Blackout - $500.00 Single Bonanza cards are $2.00 each

Bonanza Roving Small Kite $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout: $3000.00 in *58#’s or less *unless previously won

Consolation: $300

Last Chance Game Crazy 7 - $100.00 Rotating Half House - $200 Blackout: $1000.00

Last Chance - $5.00 for a blue 3-up Bonanza Crazy 7 - $100.00 Roving Half House - $200.00 Blackout-$1000.00

Hunt to Kill Charlie St. Cloud Locked Down Anti Christ 3

Sandra Gardiner Jeannie Lavoie

Loonie Pot - $4400.00

Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Cards are: $2.00 for 1st & 2nd series $5.00 for Special Bonanza $5.00 for 3-up Last Chance

Bingo License #J10-0006

License Number J10-0006


Mass @ 10:30 am Church Readers:

Win LOONIE POT on all 4 series.

Bonanza - $5.00 for a 3-up Orange Bonanza Roving Kite - $100.00 Sputnik - $200.00 Blackout - $1000.00

Thursday, November 11, 2010 for Remembrance Day and Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 for Louis Riel Day.

Consolation: $300

CIPI TV BINGO Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 7:30 pm on Channel 13 / Cable 5 Loonie Pot # called at 7:00 pm


A n s w e r

The aim of the puzzle is to enter a number from 1 through 9 in such a way that each row, column, and region contains only one instance of each number.





288-2222 or 288-2001 Requests: 288-2230 Fax: 288-2033 email: website:







5 3





5 2


1 8 5






Mix of sun Mix of sun & cloud & cloud

Cloudy w/60% Flurries

9 4


CIPI Newsletter – November 12th, 2010

High 2° Low -6º

High 4° Low 0º

High 0° Low -7º

Parent Information Session Presented by: Child and Youth Services Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010 6:30pm - 8:00pm “Parenting Siblings of Children with ASD” Parents of children with ASD are confronted with intense demands when caring for their children with the diagnosis and often struggle to effectively meet the needs of their other children. The goals of this session are:  for parents to connect and have discussion about this issue  facilitate discussion and provide helpful suggestions for families on how to answer questions about ASD  provide strategies on how to explain the diagnosis to siblings  Suggestions on how to help typical children express their feelings and concerns  Discussion on how to balance the needs of the entire family

Thank You… The Everett Family would like to thank everyone for all your great help and support at the auction that was held on Saturday, November 6th, 2010. A total of $1623.00 was made to help with funeral expenses. Thank you for coming to the wake services. Your presence at the services is truly appreciated. At times like these, the company of friends and family is incredibly comforting. Once again thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

Everett Family National Addictions Awareness Week NAAW will be hosted from November 14-20 Everyone from the Community is Welcome to Attend For more information call Deborah at 288-4807

SaskPower Power Line Technician Apprenticeship 2011 and Current Labourer Positions Information Session

Extra Special Birthday Greetings to my girl…

SaskPower invites all interested qualified Aboriginal persons to attend

Julie "Oliver" Buffin

November 23, 2010 10:30am to 1:00pm Construction Careers Prince Albert Suite 101 1008 - 1st Avenue West Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Love you very much and hope you have fun at your party! Love always, Mom Frieda

For more info., call Darcy Tourangeau, SaskPower Recruitment at (306) 953-7228 CIPI Newsletter – November 12th, 2010

Mini Gospel Jamboree

is looking for Casual Workers for the Village Office. If interested please drop off your resume at the Village Office or fax to 288-2348. Special Birthday Greetings to

Noreen Bouvier celebrating her birthday on Saturday, November 13th, 2010.

May your dreams and wishes come true along with love, laughter and happiness being sent your way.

Love, Family & Friends Extra Special Birthday Greetings to a wonderful man/father/grandpa in our lives…

Joe Desjarlais Wishing you a bright day that’s full of love and laughter with all of us around. Love from all of us, Linda, Joey, Joanna, Leanne, Lenora, Jelena, Tyrese, Lexie, Junior Carson & Joleah

Lake View Complex Buffalo Narrow, Saskatchewan Saturday, November 20, 2010 12 Noon to 11pm Gospel Music and personal testimonies Mass @ 5pm Potluck Supper at 6pm There will be a Silent Auction, please bring an item for this event, this is to help with the expenses. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. For more information, contact Doris Woods at 306-235-4795

Baptism Monday, November 22nd, 2010

If you would like your child/children under the age of 6 years old to be Baptized, call Sandra at 288-4533.

For Sale IG720 Passport Sauna Fits 2 to 3 people For more information call 288-2131 Not exactly at shown

CLINIC will be CLOSED Thursday, November 11, 2010 for Fred C. Roy Remembrance Day and Tuesday, Hope you have a wonderful November 16th, 2010 for Louis Riel Day.

Wishing our Mayor a wonderful birthday…

birthday and many more to come. From the Community of Beauval

CIPI Office will be CLOSED

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 for Remembrance Day and Friday, November 12, 2010 for Louis Riel Day.

CIPI Newsletter – November 12th, 2010

SASKATCHEWAN GETS TOUGH ON ANIMAL ABUSE Today, Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud introduced amendments to The Animal Protection Act, 1999.

additional $390,000 to the Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Saskatchewan SPCA). The funding is intended to help the Saskatchewan SPCA address the recent increase in animal neglect cases. The Ministry of Agriculture will provide the additional funding over three years, beginning with the current fiscal year. By the final year of the current funding agreement with the Saskatchewan SPCA, 2012-13, the Ministry of Agriculture will have increased its "Our government is committed to a high annual funding by 111 per cent since 2007-08. standard of animal health and welfare in Saskatchewan," Bjornerud said. "While we "The increase in penalties and revisions to The know the vast majority of owners do provide Animal Protection Act will help us to protect the necessary care for their animals, these the welfare of livestock and companion proposed changes will help to reduce the animals," Saskatchewan SPCA Executive number of animal neglect cases in Director Frances Wach said. "We are very pleased with the government's commitment to Saskatchewan." the Saskatchewan SPCA and the welfare of The process to amend the Act included a animals in this province." review of The Animal Protection Act, 1999, and consultations with a wide-range of industry groups during the winter of 2009-10. As a result, 15 agricultural organizations submitted letters to the Ministry of Agriculture in support of both increased fines and jail Louis Riel, a leader of his people in their resistance against the Canadian government in the Canadian terms for animal abuse. The proposed amendments to the Act include increasing the maximum fine level for animal abuse to $25,000 for each convicted offence. The current court imposed fines are a maximum of $5,000 for a first offence and $10,000 for second and subsequent offences. The new legislation also proposes increasing the imprisonment period from the current maximum of six months to a maximum of two years for those convicted of animal abuse.

"We appreciated the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Agriculture to improve this legislation," Farm Animal Council of Saskatchewan Chair Tim Wiens said. "These proposed amendments will help ensure the health and well-being of farm animals in Saskatchewan and we look forward to continuing to work with the provincial government in the future." Bjornerud also announced the Ministry of Agriculture will be providing up to an

Northwest, is perhaps the most controversial figure in Canadian historiography. His life and deeds have spawned a massive and diverse literature. He was born in the Red River Settlement (in what is now Manitoba) in 1844. A promising student, he was sent to Montreal to train for the priesthood, but he never graduated. An attempt at training as a lawyer ended similarly, and by 1868 Riel was back in the Red River area. Ambitious, well educated and bilingual, Riel quickly emerged as a leader among the Métis of the Red River. In 1869-1870 he headed a provisional government, which would eventually negotiate the Manitoba Act with the Canadian

CIPI Newsletter - November 12th, 2010

government. The Act established Manitoba as a province and provided some protection for French language rights. Riel's leadership in the agitation, especially his decision to execute a Canadian named Thomas Scott, enraged anti-Catholic and anti-French sentiment in Ontario. Although chosen for a seat in the House of Commons on three occasions, he was unable to take his seat in the house. In 1875, Riel's role in the death of Scott resulted in his exile from Canada. These years in exile would include stays in two Quebec asylums and the growing belief in Riel that he had a religious mission to lead the Métis people of the Canadian northwest. In 1884, while teaching in Montana at a Jesuit mission, Riel was asked by a delegation from the community of Métis from the south branch of the Saskatchewan river to present their grievances to the Canadian government. Despite Riel's assistance, the federal government ignored Métis concerns. By March of 1885, Métis patience was exhausted and a provisional government was declared. Riel was the undisputed spiritual and political head of the short-lived 1885 Rebellion. He never carried arms and hindered the work of his military head, Gabriel Dumont. Riel was increasingly influenced by his belief that he was chosen to lead the Métis people. On May 15, shortly after the fall of Batoche, Riel surrendered to Canadian forces and was taken to Regina to stand trial for treason. At his trial, Riel gave two long speeches which demonstrated his powerful rhetorical abilities. He personally rejected attempts by his defence counsel to prove he was not guilty by reason of insanity. On 1 August 1885, a jury of six Englishspeaking Protestants found Riel guilty but recommended mercy. Judge Hugh Richardson sentenced him to death. Attempted appeals were dismissed and a special re-examination of Riel's mental state by government appointed doctors found him sane. He was hanged in Regina on 16 November, 1885. His execution was widely opposed in Quebec and had lasting political ramifications.

Special Council Meeting Monday, November 15, 2010 7:00pm Village Office Boardroom

Thank You… The family of the Late Flora Bishop would like to thank everyone for all your great support in their time of need. Especially to the people that donated items, cash and bought items at the auction. No words can express how grateful we are for all your help and support. From the Friends & Family

Minimum Wage Fact Sheet  Roughly 31,000 Saskatchewan people are paid the province’s lowest permissible wage.

 Roughly 5,400 Saskatchewan people report making less than minimum wage.

 The number of minimum wage earners has nearly doubled in the province since 2004. 40% of low-wage4 earners in Saskatchewan are between the ages of 25 and 55. 78% of low-wage earners in the province work in permanent jobs. Nearly two thirds of minimum wage workers are adults. 60% of minimum wage workers are women. Nearly half of minimum wage workers have some post-secondary education. Minimum wage increase affect low-income families most. Increase to the minimum wage often results in an increase in employment. Eliminating provincial personal income tax for minimum wage earners, working 40 hours per week, will save them, at most, only $54 per month. An increase to the minimum wage could mean thousands of additional dollars for society’s most vulnerable working people.

 Nearly       

CIPI Newsletter – November 12th, 2010

CIPI Newsletter  

November 12

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