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September 2020

Next Generation Speakers

Author/Evangelist CEO and Founder of Shero Life Magazine

Daphne Dorsey

The Evolution of Me

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New School of Thought: Succeeding As An Online Professor


Also: Don’t Ignore The Spider Part III


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Editor’s Note... This month NGS Magazine showcases Daphne Dorsey as she helps us Evolve by sharing how she did the same.. We are also continuing our series Don’t Ignore The Spider Part III addressing Systemic Racism in our country and offering ways that we can fix what’s broken. #BlackLivesMatter And Dr. James Williams is back with another PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE We have more content and more useful information coming your way so stay tuned! Please share this out with all of your networks to help us reach the masses! Email: Text: 251-753-6299

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Cicone C. A. Prince NGS Magazine Editor

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The Evolution of Me written by Author Daphne Dorsey

Evolution, to evolve, to come into oneself. The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. As a young girl developing into a mature me, I didn’t see my future being a wife or mother, as a matter of fact, while in my junior year of high school I was working on base with the Air Force. Single, enjoying life still home foot loose and fancy free. I hand selected my destiny and future and I decided I was going to enlist into the US Air Force. That was age 16 many years ago. God has a way of rerouting and often times changing our plans! Did I know that then, I didn’t, it just happened? The “it” was named John! We met during my high school years and I married this king at the young age of 17! From graduation to marriage all in the same year. Now this is when my evolution began. Raised in church all of my life, a very soft-spoken young lady who was always told that a lady is always seen and never heard therefore, I was always cautious conducting myself in the presence of others. Soon after marriage we started our family. Now I did not know that FAMILY was coming in such a large package, I was one of five but he was one of eighteen! I know right, go figure even if we were to agree to meet in the middle is does not equate to 15 children in our 17-year marriage. Evolution, the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. I believe in life, evolution can happen numerous times depending on the occasion. We are constantly evolving as human beings because of the complexities of life. So here I am evolving from a single young lady in high school into young women who’s a wife and now mother. 4

As a young girl I was always very ambitions, a trendsetter, visionary and full of wild and crazy ideas. Just doing normal was never good enough. I would search for a way to look different, set apart from the rest of the pack. My dilemma was that I was a mother and wife so most of my dreams and visions were pushed aside. I was never taught or shown how to master it all at such a young age. I found myself rocking my babies asleep and my dreams fell asleep with them but they didn’t wake up. Several years later, 2002 my husband, John has transitioned and earned his wings, he’s gone home to be with the Lord and I’m left alone to care for our children, yes, all 15 of them. I never saw this coming. I didn’t prepare or plan, this was not supposed to happen, but God allowed it therefore that settled it. Transforming from this shame faced, soft spoken, fragile young lady into this fearless, bold powerhouse of woman that never really understood what was going on, because it was moving all too fast. Here’s where circumstances and situations cause evolution to occur in one’s life. After evolving into this new found bold vivacious determined woman, evolution didn’t just happen with my body my mind evolved as well. The two seem to be getting along just fine. One day, the Holy Spirit begin stirring up things within that challenged me to introduce my spirit to my mind and body now they are all EVOLVING! So here we are several years later, dreams and visions are being stirred and planted in the womb nurtured, prepared for birthing. My last child from 15 has graduated and I have decided to relocate myself North. I never really imagined being an empty “nester”, so here I am in a new location with new and fresh ideas and new people to meet. 5

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Don’t Ignore The Spider... Part III Talking About The System And Not Talking About Its Maker Is Like Talking About The Web And... Ignoring The Spider!

~Bro. Bedford What if I told you that you don’t have to wait every two years, or four years to cast your vote? What if I told you that you could make a difference whether you are young, old, male, female, felon, or free? What if I told you that you have the power to change to the course of history on a daily bases? What if I told you that you could Vote every day? That’s right you can #VoteEveryDay! Now I’m not talking about voter fraud and I’m not talking about doing something illegal. What I am talking about is Voting With Our Dollars! In this third installment of our continuing our series, “Don’t Ignore The Spider…” we are examing how each and everyone one of us, regardless of your age or stage in life, we can Vote Every Day! 6

With every dollar that we spend we are casting our vote. The question is are we voting our interest. As we purchase products or services from businesses that have a proven track record of supporting our interest then we will positively affect the movement towards building our wealth. Simply making a conscious decision to seek out and spend money with businesses that embrace, promotes, and support our efforts for racial equality which spreads broad and wide. Just like the Spider web which sparked this series, there has to be an expanded approach to solutions. These solutions require finances from companies that hold us as valuable members of our community. Some of you may be wondering why I kept emphasizing businesses and companies that have our best interest in mind and not merely “Black Owned Businesses?” Well, some companies have shown that they too stand on the right side of history when it comes to racial justice. I would encourage you to do your research on every company you patronize to verify that their Goals, Mission Statement, Culture, and most importantly their support. Support can be shown through fair hiring practices, board representation, community involvement, and giving back to programs that are a benefit to our communities. Here is a good place to start in your research process: Next month we will look at how we can start “Building Our Youth’s Self Esteem.” ~Cicone Prince


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Creative juices flowing, evolution of businesses and entrepreneurship are in view. Look out world I’m about to EVOLVE! After a couple of years of creative thinking and God revealing and stirring up gifts writing became a passion. One night the Holy Spirit woke me up, instructed me to go into the bathroom and look into the mirror, I looked but wasn’t sure what I was looking for, he called me SHERO? Shortly thereafter, I founded a publication titled SHERO LIFE MAGAZINE, a magazine and ministry all in one. Shero Life Magazine is a publication of positivity spotlighting the lives of women from every nationality and background. True testimonials of faith, determination and wisdom. Women reaching out to encourage others that are going through. Women who have already birth in the spirit and are now midwives in the labor room with other sisters who were once where they are. TRUE TITUS 2 WOMEN! SLM was birth out of purpose and hope! SLM is mature and past her growing pains, a mother of 15 biological children and 26 grandchildren, pregnancy became a past time for me so it seemed, it’s time to do it again, except now I’m birthing in the spirit. So out of SHERO LIFE MAGAZINE the Lord spoke to my spirit to create the same platform for men, and title it HEROS WORLD MAGAZINE, out of remembrance of the dominion he gave Adam in the garden. Same concept yet a different name. A platform of positively and bravery for men who have been silenced or afraid to discuss things pertaining to life and the challenges they face in an uplifting and safe place. A platform where sharing how you survived depression and abuse, or how God delivered you from infidelity or homosexuality. A magazine where men can share grilling secrets, or tips on their favorite cologne. Most men are not as open to expressing their experiences due to fear of being judged, shamed, or embarrassment. A platform where their written testimony or experience offers help and hope. 8

Currently I am working a fragrance line! Yes, Shero is developing a line of fragrances that will speak to every woman who enjoys the richness and intriguing scents of an unforgettable fragrance. A Shero woman is a productive wealthy woman, she is resilient and wise. Therefore, the first scent is called FIERCE by shero, the next is WEALTH by shero and a third called, WISDOM by shero! As a manager of one of the major cosmetic companies out here, SEPHORA, I begin studying the notes and ingredients on how fragrances are created, and thought, why not my own fragrance? The Proverb 31 woman was a very industrious woman with multiple streams of income, this SHERO set the bar high but not unattainable. To every modern day Shero reading this article, I say to you, stay focused on your dreams and visions if you can think it, you can achieve it. With God all things are possible, there is no failure in him. If God said it, he’s able to bring it to pass in your life! Speak over your dreams and visions until they manifest, nurture them until they burst from your womb, never allow anyone to tell you or convince you that your dream or vision is irrelevant or insurmountable, Remember Shero, you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! Now go EVOLVE.

Author/Evangelist CEO and Founder of Shero Life Magazine You can reach Daphne Dorsey at 9

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New School of Thought: Succeeding As An Online Professor Change has come! The school year for Fall 2020 looks quite different this time. From that, I have now taken on a new side hustle as an adjunct professor - online. I’m both nervous and excited at the same time. Having only taught in a classroom environment, I humbly accept this challenge – this new school of thought! If there’s one big takeaway from the Covid-19 crisis for higher education, it’s that teaching well online is increasingly, and vitally, important. Maybe you’re thinking: Well, once this global health threat recedes — with testing, tracing, and vaccines — online learning will diminish in prevalence and I can go back to teaching entirely in person.

Not likely! The virtual train has left the station. And it’s to your advantage to be on it. Having survived the huge disruptions of this spring’s emergency online pivot, leaders across higher education have a new perspective now on the value of online options to help students keep progressing toward a degree in the face of an unexpected impediment — whether it’s a pandemic, a hurricane, or a personal challenge. The financial arguments for why colleges and universities need to improve their course-delivery options are important. But for me, especially as a parent of a teenage son, as for many of you, it’s actually, and only, about the students. 12

It comes down to this: If you care about your students, if you want them to learn and succeed, you’ll embrace the opportunity to improve your online teaching this summer. If you’re an administrator, you’ll support today’s — and tomorrow’s — students by helping your faculty get better at online teaching. Flower Darby, freelance writer for The Chronicles of Higher Education taught as an online adjunct for twelve years and shares four reasons you should join the online-teaching movement and start improving your digital pedagogy. 1. Covid-19 caught us off guard. We don’t want to be in that position again. Academics have years of experience with face-to-face courses: first as students, then as teachers. The same is not true of online classes, and plenty of professors have long resisted the idea of teaching online. We learned in March 2020 that sometimes we don’t have a choice. With very little experience to fall back on — indeed, in some cases, next to none at all — those new to remote instruction found themselves at a loss. If you’re like most faculty members I know, you didn’t enjoy the sensation of being thrown into the deep end of the online pool. Yet you stepped up at a time of unparalleled chaos in higher education and did admirably well to help your students complete the spring semester. Now it’s time to invest in yourself as an agile educator — someone who is ready to pivot at a moment’s notice, someone who can teach online in any number of models. Like a butterfly breaking free of the constraints of its cocoon, you can emerge from Covid-19 with new abilities and new strengths in your teaching repertoire. 2. You’re in this profession because you love the classroom. You can learn to love a virtual one, too. Like many academics, Darby was initially uncertain about online teaching. Her classroom persona is high-energy, dynamic, fun. She love to feed off the energy in the room. Still, Darby was an adjunct faculty member back then (i.e., not in a position to turn down work), so she decided to accept. “If I hated it, I figured I didn’t have to take another online course. Much to my surprise and delight, I discovered that online teaching didn’t suck.” In fact, she liked it. Darby came to love it — not every semester and not every course, mind you. I’m well familiar with the drudgery of a heavy online-teaching load. But Darby learned how to connect with online students in ways that — while they aren’t the same as the ones she uses in person — are meaningful and authentic. Many online students may not otherwise be able to attend college, and she’s definitely come to see the value of helping such students to realize their dreams.


ADVERTISEMENT You may have been surprised this spring to find aspects of online teaching that you actually liked. Building on those aspects is a good place to start your summer prep. 3. Digital tools and strategies can enhance your in-person teaching, too. We all know faculty members who, in March, had to take a crash course on their own institution’s learning-management system (LMS) because they had never learned how to use it before. Becoming more adept with the basic functions of the LMS gives you more teaching tools and strategies to use — not just in a virtual environment but in a physical classroom, too. The LMS is an under-deployed tool with significant potential for fostering dynamic teaching and learning interactions. As you look to the fall semester, consider what students can do outside of class — asynchronously via the LMS — to engage most effectively when they’re in the same room with you. For example, assign students to do research on a topic, post relevant links in an online discussion forum, and analyze the merits of other students’ contributions. By asking them to create content before class, you are preparing them to engage in rich discussions on the topic in class. Or, like a couple of my colleagues, require students to finish vocabulary quizzes in your LMS. Students then come to class already speaking the basic language they need to know. Once you’ve added online activities to your face-to-face courses, you may never look back. Because there is no downside to offering students more ways to spend time with course content, whatever the type of classroom.


4. Sticking your head in the sand and waiting for this to blow over is not an option. It’s nearly impossible to say what the new normal in higher education will look like in 2020-21, but it will include online teaching in some form or another. College students taking classes this fall are likely to be unusually vulnerable and will need lots of support as they navigate financial, health, and safety concerns. The most important support you can offer, as a faculty member, is your very best teaching. And that means expanding your online-teaching abilities. Do it for your well-being — so you’re well prepared for what lies ahead in the fall of 2020. Do it for your students — to create flexible classes in which they can learn and thrive. Do it for all of us in higher education who are pulling toward the same goal — to create a more enlightened society of fully engaged citizens who are ready to take on the complex, unknown problems of tomorrow. When you strive to be a better online teacher, not only can it become an additional income stream, but given our current climate, you help to make the world a better place. That alone is worth it for me, and I accept the challenge. How About You?

The opinions expressed here by Next Generation Speakers Magazine columnists are their own, not those of the magazine itself. Email - Cell - 301-806-8614 Webstore - Twitter @jjwilliamsphd LinkedIn - PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE With Dr. James J. Williams SCHOLAR | AUTHOR | SPEAKER | VETERAN | SUCCESS EXPERT


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Lesson I Learned From The Black Panther! We lost a Pretty Special Human Being Friday, Chadwick Boseman. For some reason I was compelled to follow his career even before Black Panther. I watched a lot of his interviews and listened to his words carefully… I don’t know, it was just something about his demeanor and his humble Spirit that caught my attention. Let me share something I learned from following him and maybe it can help you also. Last week I shared how you want to focus on Impact instead of focusing on Influence. If understood properly you’ll realize that Greater Impact leads to Greater Influence. Here’s what I learned from Chadwick Boseman… ‘Your Body Of Work Leads To Your Moment Of Impact’ You see Chad, as they call him started acting on television in 2003 with a recurring role on All My Children. He continued landing roles on TV in some well known series, CSI, Law & Order and others. 2008 is when he got a small role in his first movie ‘The Express: The Ernie Davis Story’. He continued doing smaller TV roles up until… …He took on the role of Baseball Icon Jackie Robinson in 42 in 2013. Jackie Robinson was the first Black Person to play baseball in “The Major Leagues”. One year later he graced the Big Screen again with another Icon, The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. By 2016 he was being introduced to the world as T’Challa in Captain America: Civil War. ***It’s important to note that this is when he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, yet he kept on WORKING for 4 years all the way up to his last breath. In 2017 he played another Icon in Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall in Marshall. At this point we are talking about 15 years of work, 15 years of honing his Craft. At this point we’re talking about 5 years of taking Iconic characters, Studying them, Mastering them, becoming the embodiment of them… …And then in 2018 after 15 years of developing an impressive Body Of Work His Moment Of Global, Universal, Historic & Future Impact Manifested! He became an Icon, A Superhero that will always be remembered for generations. The impact that he has had on Black People, Young & Old has altered the way we see ourselves and our true potential. He continued to build on that Moment of Impact up until his transcendence. The lesson here is… Start Building your Body Of Work, don’t worry about having immediate Impact. Start Honing & Mastering your Skill set or Craft… Let your Work Speak For You… If you are all that and a bag of chips your work will say it so loud you won’t have to speak. Be Patient with yourself… It took 15 Years to Manifest The Black Panther! It may take you 15 years or longer to truly manifest your Moment Of Impact… can you handle that? Also, your Moment of Impact may not be meant for “The World” to see… It may just be for your family or maybe a small group of people, yet still very important in the Grand Scheme of Things… Can you handle that? And lastly, don’t rest on your laurels. After Black Panther, Chad still continued to give us His Gift. From my understanding he attempted to continue doing voice work up until his last breath. You see as Panthers, Lions, Kings, Queens, Gods… We don’t believe in Retiring, we continue to work Until there is no more work we can do. May God Be Forever Pleased With The Work Of My Brother, Chadwick Boseman, King T’Challa, The Black Panther! Wakanda Forever! Source: 21

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