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October 22-23, 2021





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Editor’s Note... Hot never felt so good! This October just when things are cooling off, The J.A.M. Event will heat things back up! This day-long event will bring out the heat in you and help set your life on fire with new hope and possibility. Check out the incredible Speaker Line up in this edition. In this month’s Prescription For Excellence, Dr. James J. Williams gives you his 8 Tips to Start Speaking at Events and Conferences! Tips that can change the course of your speaking career and life! The PowHERogolist herself, Your Clarity Coach La Donya Yvette will show you the importance of know The PowHER of YOU! This article inspiring is a must-read for anyone wanted to discover themself! Email: Text: 251-753-6299

I just want to know one thing, Who’s Got Next?

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Are You Ready To J.A.M.? Phoenix Arizona is known to be Hot, but this Fall we are going to J.A.M. and take it to a whole new level. J.A.M. stands for Jubilate - Activate Motivate and that’s exactly what these dynamic Gladiator Speakers are coming to do! This event is hosted by the visionary Leader, La Donya Yvette, The Clarity Coach, and Your Personal PowHERologist who has assembled an A-List of Speakers to turn the rest of your 2021 all the way up! First, the Ladies will kick things off starting with the incomparable Sharise Erby, of the Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network, who will not only be speaking but is also the Master of Ceremony. Next, we have Christina Jordan, your Master Nutritionist, who will share how she was able to become Half-Her-Size! Rounding out the female contributors is Ms.Upscale Noire herself, LaNée Javet, helping us bring everything into focus. And if you thought that was already Hot, then you have no idea what is in store for the second half! The Fellas will be setting the stage on fire starting with Mr. Mental Real-ofState himself, Dr. Michael Freeland aka DJ Mike J, sharing how to get your mind right. Councilman OD Harris will help us look and how our actions can better the communities that we live in. And, the King of Leadership, Cicone Prince, of Next Level Leadership, will tie everything together by showing us how we can truly J.A.M. in every area of our life. The Global Butterfly Princess, La Donya Yvette, and her incredible staff of Gladiators, will make sure that you leave Inspired. If you haven’t gotten your tickets then you are going to miss out! This event has already sold out the VIP, and the limited seating general admissions are going fast. But, we will also J.A.M. LIVE and your Virtual Access may be purchased on the same page that you can get your tickets: 4

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8 Tips to Start Speaking at Events and Conferences As your career grows, more and more people start handing you microphones; whether it’s just for a small acceptance of an award, to join a panel with your peers, or to keynote a major conference. Speaking at conferences and trade shows provides a huge opportunity to get your personal brand and company out in the spotlight while entertaining and educating attendees. Speaking at events should be a win/win situation for everyone involved: the speaker (you), the event organizer, and the attendees/audience. These tips will help you take the leap from event attendee to speaker while creating value for everyone involved. 1. Understand the Event Audience Before you even submit to speak or accept a request, be sure to understand the event audience. If you’re looking to generate leads for your company at the event, you’ll want to make sure your ideal customers are actually attending. This may mean passing up some opportunities to speak because it really wouldn’t provide value to you or the attendees. It might provide a paycheck but that’s not what speaking at events and conferences is for. Another part of understanding the event audience is understanding what they want to hear about. Understanding the attendee demographic breakdown will help you prepare your talk for the event by understanding what the audience is really looking for. You’ll also be able to skip over topics you think they may already know. 12

For example, if you’re speaking at Dreamforce, you might not want to discuss the basics of using a CRM but you may want to discuss how certain customizations within Salesforce allowed your team to triple your revenue. Being a great conference speaker is about understanding the event audience. It will help ensure everyone is on the same page going into developing your talk or presentation. 2. Let Event Organizers Know Early The early bird gets the worm when it comes to applying for speaking engagements. It shows that you’re paying attention to their event specifically and not just using the spray and pray tactic. Look for events anywhere from 4–6 months out and put the day the speaker proposals open on your calendar so you can apply early. I also highly recommend following and engaging the event organizer on social media prior to submitting a speaker proposal. These little gestures go a long way. 3. Don’t Sell Your Product Or, as we like to say, “less shill, more chill.” If people don’t want to hear Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V) talk about Vayner Media, they definitely don’t want to hear you talk about your business or product. Sorry, but they don’t care. What they want is valuable information that will help their own business. That doesn’t mean you can’t mention your business or tell a story about how you were able to achieve x through y. Just like you all of your content marketing isn’t about your product, your presentation shouldn’t be either. By providing immense value to the audience, everyone will want to know the name of your company and talk to you afterward anyway. Be a great conference speaker and sell more by not selling anything at all while you’re on stage (besides yourself)! 13

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The Butterfly Effect The PowHER of YOU! La Donya Yvette

Living An Inspired Life and Mindset Prosperity. Some may say, well what is that? Living An Inspired Life and Mindset Prosperity is basically living up to your purpose with the belief that you are worthy of the promise of God. When you have a prosperous mind, you set off an energy that will draw people and events to you that will help build you up to become successful… it’s about your attitude and outlook on life. Because energy is everything! But first, in order to get into a position for a mindset change, you have to let go of things that are holding you back. It could mean getting rid of distractions, unhealthy relationships, along with whatever past pain that you’re going through. And to get through all of that is Forgiveness. Being able to forgive yourself as well as others in order to move forward with your life. You must to be able to identify what those barriers are that are stopping you from moving forward in order to reprogram your thought process to a better and more productive way of thinking. It’s about balance and harmony. The secret is to incorporate harmony in your life. I have learned that finding ways in order to balance things out takes more energy than it is to meet it in the middle and harmonize with whatever you’re dealing with. To have balance is learning to work through those challenges. To have harmony is to accept the challenges, understand and embrace them in order to have peace within. Yes, to have balance is important; but the key to balance is harmony!


If you block your blessing, you block your flow of prosperity. You are what you believe! It is also true that you become what you believe. Understand that words have power. So, speak the life that you want into existence. It is written, “As a man thinketh, so is he”. In other words, I think, therefore I am. If we are only willing to get out of our own way and realize that our only competition is the reflection that we see when we look in the mirror. You first have to know that you are worthy and believe in yourself. And if you don’t quite have that belief in yourself, then borrow the belief from someone else who does believe in you and stay encouraged. Confidence is Key! Also, I believe you have to be relatable and transparent. It’s about building those solid relationships so people can resonate with you what you have to say. When it comes from the heart, that is where we are most impactful. Stay the course, Stay the journey, and just go for it! Often times you may not understand some of the things that you went through, but you have to understand that those things were necessary. Because it’s not what you’ve been through, but how you came through! Just get started, right where you are. Remember, the world is not out to get us, it’s out to “Gift” us! For many years I knew there was a calling on my life. Often times you may not understand some of the things that you went through… but it was necessary! It’s not what you’ve been through, it’s how you came through! When I realized my “Why”, I knew I want to live and leave a legacy for women to know that they are beautiful, they are worthy, and that they can be PowHERful women of influence to rise up above your circumstances and make a positive impact in this world. My purpose is to speak life through the gift of inspiration to all within my circle of influence, and mainly to empower women and girls all over the nations and host events, conferences, and workshops, in order to transform and become the best versions of themselves by helping them also to find their purpose, and to believe that they too can be an inspiration to others. My message is quite simple… Change your Mindset, Change your Life! You definitely CAN have it all by Living An Inspired Life! 17

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4. Do Sell Yourself This is a two-part section because it involves both selling yourself to event organizers and to the audience. When selling yourself to event organizers, come in with a strong game plan. Know exactly what you want to talk about and why you’re an expert, how much you expect to be paid for the engagement, and how you can help the organizer gain more exposure through your own network. Event organizers may come back to you and say they can’t/don’t pay speakers. This is a whole other conversation we plan on covering because it’s becoming a major issue. However, knowing your value and expectations will set the table for a better conversation up front. Selling yourself to an audience is totally different. Before the event, try engaging with other attendees on the event app or on LinkedIn. It will drum up the people attending your talk and possible connections. You also want to make sure you’re super personable during the entire event, not just on stage. Selling yourself is about providing value, listening, and engaging. Knowing when and where to do this is key to your success in speaking at events and conferences. 5. Know Your Worth In doing the research for this article, I came across way too many articles citing event organizers not paying speakers fairly. There are, of course, going to be discrepancies between veteran event speakers like a Cindy Gallop and someone just starting out. But, there are also huge differences between what men get paid and what women or people of color get paid. Some articles even cited that the same event paid male and female counterparts dramatically different sums. Knowing your worth when you submit a proposal or are asked to speak at an event are crucial. You can avoid the awkwardness by being very upfront about your needs and expectations. 18

Great seminars, keynotes, and sessions take hours to prepare and your time is valuable. Have a concrete deal in mind (speaking fees, travel, hotels, conference passes, etc) in mind before reaching out. However, you don’t want your expectations to be too high. Be flexible when it comes to working with event organizers but remember your worth. 6. Set Yourself Apart How many social media conferences are there? And how many sessions are at every social media conference? I’m not about to do the math but I can tell you it’s A LOT. And this is just talking about social media at social media conferences… What about sessions at other types of conferences covering social media? You get the point. When you submit to speak, pick a topic that you know well and that will set yourself apart from the crowd. This is where your unique personality and experiences should come into play. If you’re pioneering a diversity campaign, talk about that. If you’re beginning to explore how to use new technologies in new spaces (like using VR in B2B sales) then definitely talk about that! Provide a unique value proposition as a conference speaker that only you could tell and you’ll be on your way to speaking at top conferences in no time. 7. Engage the Audience Have you ever sat in the audience and had the speaker ask a question and no one even looked up from their smartphones? You don’t want to be that person. We don’t want you to be that person. Audience engagement is a tricky thing; that might be why we’re seeing event organizers invest more and more into attendee engagement software. Ask the event if they offer this technology and be prepared to use it if they do. 19

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continued from page 18 I often get asked. “LaDonya, what inspires you to do what you do and want to inspire others? Why are you so passionate about it?”. I tell people all the time that in order to make your dream come true and bring your vision to life that you have to put in the work! And the best way that I can put it is the fact that it’s not about me… it’s about making a difference in the lives of others, one inspiration at a time. Truth be told my inspiration comes from You!... the people I meet, the people I connect with are and connected to, the people that God created. Because when you have a Vision and a passion in your soul, you can’t help but be inspired to work hard at it! You are in it to WIN it! You see a lot of us are stuck between our comfort zones and self-doubt that hinders us from walking in our purpose and becoming the person God created us to be. But you know if you never take the first step, you’ll never take the second. So, take the leap afraid! I feel it’s so important to understand that we all have gifts and talents, but our gifts are not ours to keep to ourselves; they are designed to bless others. It’s our Divine obligation to pass on our knowledge, our gifts, to help each other grow. And it’s time that we begin to help each other, lift each other up, and support each other. The best thing you can give to the world is the Best part of you!

La Donya Yvette The Clarity Coach Your Personal PowHERologist 20

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Engaging an audience is way more than asking questions or being the Microsoft hype man. It’s much more nuanced than that and should be incorporated throughout your presentation and in the way you talk. How your voice sounds, where you pause, what your slides look like, and so, so much more go into audience engagement. This is definitely something that takes practice, and studying other top speakers is a great place to start. 8. Publish Your Work If you don’t have a personal website by now or at least a rockstar LinkedIn, you will want to get on that stat. Then, you’ll want to publish your presentations and talks online so you can get more reach with them. Once you have a few video recordings, you may also want to create a video reel so you can submit that to event organizers when you apply to be a conference speaker. Another great thing about publishing your talks from the event is the ability to create even more content. You can put the contents of the talk into a blog post, talk about the experience, or upload a Slideshare of your presentation. Make sure you squeeze every drop of value you can out of speaking at events. *Please make sure the event organizer allows for republication of the content both publically and personally (on your video reel). You’re on Your Way to Being a Conference Speaker!!! These pointers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to speaking at events. Every event is different and so is every audience; don’t get discouraged if your speaker proposal is rejected. Get up and dust yourself off again and keep going!


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Being a conference speaker can open amazing doors both personally and professionally and your success awaits you in becoming a great conference speaker. The opinions expressed here by Next Generation Speakers Magazine columnists are their own, not those of the magazine itself. Email - Cell - 301-806-8614 Webstore - Twitter @jjwilliamsphd LinkedIn - PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE With Dr. James J. Williams SCHOLAR | AUTHOR | SPEAKER | VETERAN | SUCCESS EXPERT


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