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October 2019

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Cicone Prince

What’s Your Plan?

Helping You Move Mountains!


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In this issue of Next Generation Speakers Magazine, It’s Everything Summit! We also dive in depth with our upcoming Are You Climbing The Wrong Mountain Summit Workshop Speakers with their individual interviews. It has also been incredible to see the response to NGS Magazine and the impact that it’s making around the country and around the world. With engaging articles, powerful features, and interactive content, NGS Magazine helps propel Speakers to their Next Level of Greatness. Your feedback is critical to the development of this dynamic magazine. If you have any concerns or suggestions about the magazine please don’t hesitate to contact me: Email: Text: 251-753-6299



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I just want to know one thing, Who’s Got Next? Cicone C. A. Prince NGS Magazine Editor

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Cicone Prince

Helping You Move Mountains!

At an early age, Cicone realized just how much he loved helping people That realization led him to him seeking ways of changing people’s lives. From helping his classmates when they couldn’t understand the lesson to befriend a lonely person at a party, Cicone has always enjoyed making someone’s day brighter. But if you would have asked that starring 12 years old if he ever would have been talking in front of people around the world, he would have laughed you under a table. But little did he know that he could not be silent. Although he had a stuttering problem, he didn’t let that stop him from impacting people’s lives. He started volunteering to read in class. He began putting himself in situations that require him to talk. He knew that no matter how much wisdom you have, if you can’t share it, then you are no help to anyone. Even with his own personal challenges, Cicone has a feeling that he had greatness inside of him. When given a problem, he would explore to see if there was an easier, more efficient way of solving it. Often times he would put himself inside the problem to see the best way out of it. Adolescence can be a trying time for most children. From growth spurts to hormones and even having your voice changing it can be a difficult time of transition. Add a speech impediment and you have a recipe for disaster. And that was my story. A eleven year old middle school boy having to report to speech therapy class was bad enough, but having to report to social studies class first and have my classmates ridicule me added insult to injury.

You see stuttering had been a problem for me from my early childhood and had only gotten worst the older I got. Have you ever had a problem that got progressively worst as time has gone by? And you find yourself at a lost as to how to solve it. I want to offer you three tips for help you confront any problem that you are facing and resolve it. 10

1. Acknowledge the Problem Dr. Phil said that you can’t fix what you won’t acknowledge, My grandmother said it like this, you can’t fix what you won’t face. Problems are a part of life. That reminds me of a story of a neighborhood boy who had just won a foot race with one of his friends and he was challenged by another boy who noticed that his shoe had come a loose. You know the kind that flaps when you walk?. But he was too prideful and he didn’t want to forfeit the race. He took the challenge without acknowledging that his shoe was loose. Needless to say he ran the race, tripped, fell, busted his lip, scraped his knee and lost the race. All of that happened because he wouldn’t acknowledge his problems. 2. Address the Problem “It’s better to do something imperfectly, than to do nothing flawlessly.” ` ~Robert Shula The quickest way for us to delay getting to our goals is for us is to not address the issues. You may have an issue on your job; with your employees you may have a issues at home with your children. In my case I had to address my stuttering problem. I had to come to a place where is I not only did I stop ignore my stuttering but I had to address it head on. It had become something that was not welcomed anymore. What problems have you had that you didn’t know what to do, but you knew something needed to be done? 3. Attack the Problem Even after addressing my problem there still wasn’t a solution. I couldn’t just go through the material, I had to let the material go through me. After I learned the techniques needed to help me with my speech problem I then had to relentlessly use them in order to better myself. In other word I had to attack the problem. Over and over again, I had to practice and speak as much and as often as I could. I began by doing little parts in Church plays and saying Easter speeches. I would opt to run meetings for small groups and I began talking more that way. I had to keep hammering if I was going to overcome this problem.

~ Cicone Prince


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Cicone and I are looking forward to making this event unforgettable! With his vision of bringing this event to New Orleans, there was no way I was going to miss it and neither should you! We will see you in New Orleans! Forrest Lamb The Influence Expert 12


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Cicone Prince is an inspiration to many. His conferences, summits, and magazine is empowering for today’s entrepreneur. He is authentic and God led. He challenges dreamers to climb the right mountain and reach their destiny! Juliet N. Jones, CEO/MBA/CEL of VIP Fortune 500 Consulting dba Certified HR Experts. com 14


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Cicone and I meet at a Get Motivated Event and he has been motivating people since I meet him. I am grateful to be a part of this life-changing Summit. Wendell Graham Professional Sales Coach President/CEO Slight Edge Consulting 16


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In my dealings with Cicone Prince, I’ve witnessed someone who is confident and always willing to help when asked. A familyoriented man who shows his love for his wife and kids. I’ve gone to him for advice a couple of times and he always provides an encouraging word or a suggestion that will improve the quality of your work. Cicone is a spiritual man who is very personable. Sonya Robinson International Speaker/Author 18


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I share Cicone’s passion for helping people and putting them in the best possible position to succeed in their career and life. I can’t wait to share at this one-of-a-kind Summit! Kevin Mohler Entrepreneur 20


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Cicone Prince is a hard-working, driven, entrepreneur who thrives on helping other people get their footing in the business world. He is well rounded and extremely detailed especially when involved in putting on a summit of this magnitude. Cicone Prince is highly respected in his field and never misses a moment to network. His time management skills and creativity are truly unmatched as he’s able to devote his expertise and knowledge to multiple projects while simultaneously meeting deadlines and providing clients with the utmost attention and care. When I see his name I know it’s going to be a phenomenal experience for all involved. I am thoroughly looking forward to our upcoming summit. Kelly A. Finley KFin Productions President/CEO (251) 209-1735



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Cicone passion, consistency, and dedication are 2nd to none. He’s not just for show. I can say this because I get to witness it EVERY day. He has been given a gift to teach and he walks in his gift with confidence. He desires that all find their gift so they can impact those they are called to impact. It is always his aim to over deliver so that you dont just walk away from an event....but you walk into YOUR plan. Yoalnda Prince Body N Soul Nutrition President/CEO (251) 605-6522 24

What’s Your Plan? “A boat leaving a dock without a crew and a charted course and a map will never reach its destination.” ~ Earl Nightingale No Successful Home Builder, Surgeon, General or Ship Captain would start out without a plan. I can’t tell you how many business owners, including myself, miss this line item. I don’t care if you are making donuts, building airplane engine parts or replacing a kidney, you have to have a plan. Coming up with one on your own can be hair raising and down right mind boggling, but the good news is that you don’t have to go at it alone. In my book, “Are You Smart Enough To Play Dumb: A Aid For Starting And Running A Small Business” Chapter 6 titled, “Rubber Meets the Road” talks about the excitement of carrying out a Game Plan. When the plan has been made, reviewed and proven, then you can look for ways to implement it. I’ve had people sometimes tell me that “I’m the man with the plan!”, to that I quickly say, “Yeah, but I’m looking for someone to fund it!” If you have the right plan, funding will not be an issue. But getting to that right plan can be difficult if you don’t have a business model as a guide. You can have a plan that is as simple as Buy Low and Sell High. (i.e. Cell phone cases purchased for $2.00 each wholesale and sold for $!5.00 each retail.) Or a plan as complicated as knowing people’s buying cycles and spending habits to help strategically place your product or service well within their reach and time frame to meet their needs. (i.e. Tax Season, School Clothing and Christmas Baked Goods) Have a plan in place that projects, ‘If you invest $50,000 into this business/product/ service that you will get $93,000 out would look real favorable to a group of investors and a bank looking to issue a Small Business Loan. The planning process is not glamorous, (which is why so many people bypass it) but it is necessary in order to make sure that you know the direction that you and your company are heading. If it doesn’t work on paper it won’t work in the real world. Graduation celebration should be a highlight of anyone’s schooling. Whether graduating from High School or College marking that mile stone should be looked forward to with great anticipation. I remember this student that graduated and because no one had “Planned” a Graduation Party they spent that afternoon trying to catch up with their classmates to see where they were going to meet up to eat. The problem came in when no one was answering their cell phones or texts because they were taking pictures, hugging family members and saying good bye to school officials. The end result was that no plans were made and they didn’t get a chance to celebrate with their peers all because they failed to plan. 25

~ Cicone Prince

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