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Kearn Crockett Cherry “The Comeback Queen”

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Prescription For Excellence: Zooming From East to West: 10 Tips in Virtual Speaking Also: The Last Gear of S.H.I.F.T. “Train”

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Editor’s Note... Everyone loves a Comeback! Well, this month we introduce you to the Comeback Queen Mrs. Kearn Crockett Cherry! She has an incredible story of how she has turned adversity to her advantage and trouble into triumph! We have hit our last gear in our series called S.H.I.F.T. and it’s the most important gear of all “Train” about setting the Next Generation up to succeed. Buckle up or you may get whiplash. Our new nook Leadership That Last: Passing on 10 Solid Principles to Ensure and Enduring Legacy continues to blaze a trail that is not slowing down! Get your copy of this life-changing book today! Dr. James Williams is back with another installment of PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE where he shares with us how to Zooming From East to West: 10 Tips in Virtual Speaking We ask that you share this FREE publication with your family and friends! Email: Text:

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I just want to know one thing, Who’s Got Next? Cicone C. A. Prince NGS Magazine Chief Editor

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Dr. James J. Williams Contributing Editor 3

Kearn Crockett Cherry “The Comeback Queen”

Speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning businesswoman, Kearn Crockett Cherry, is a female tycoon with a “leg-up” in successful entrepreneurship. Laying to rest any stigma surrounding the stagnancy of female leadership in the Deep South, Kearn has enjoyed more than two decades of excellence, as the CEO of a thriving health care business on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Kearn hosts a portfolio holding countless awards, acknowledging her abilities; locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a recognized figure in both business and communal leadership, holding membership and chair positions on diverse councils and local organizations. While cherishing a well-earned reputation in business, it has been her ability to gather the masses that classifies Kearn Cherry, as a household name. The Success Women’s Conference is an award winning- business leadership conference attracting an annual audience of over 17,000 attendees worldwide. Les Brown, Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, Lisa Nichols, and Robin Roberts are some of the few “powerhouses” to take center stage; leaving Kearn Cherry and her contributing partners with a reputation for revolutionizing the way women interpret both public speaking and business, on a global scale. In 2001, Kearn Cherry effortlessly graced the pages of one of the most popular publications in the world, Essence Magazine. Featured in both their local, and international publications; Kearn was recognized as the “Comeback Queen”, confirming her commitment to exemplify dynamic business agility.


Today, Kearn is a familiar face on several Magazine covers, all testifying to the entrepreneurial giant, she truly is. Out of many publications highlighting her expertise; Speakers Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and her very own, Power-Up Speakers Edition Magazine; are amongst her favorites. Proving to be an unshakable force for over 25 years, Kearn Cherry has been blessed with an ability to integrate the outstanding professional ethics she acquired throughout her generation, and seamlessly translate its importance, to rising millennial audiences. In 2020, Kearn facilitated her very own business-networking platform. Giving birth to Amazon best-selling book; Trailblazers Who Lead: Unsung Heroes, a manuscript comprising 29 stories featuring several well-respected female entrepreneurs, moguls, and business professionals. In the midst of its release, Kearn also facilitated two innovative web-conferences; the “Level-Up Your Visibility Virtual Summit” and the “Power up Summit”. Both by which, featured the best of multi-generational entrepreneurs, influencers, authors, and business professionals; all offering top-tier advice, recommendations, and business exhortation to professionals, entrepreneurial hopefuls, and those facing the unforeseen challenge in maintaining a successful business during a global crisis. Enthusiastic about the future, Kearn remains diligent in helping entrepreneurs reach their destined potential. She is currently creating a book anthropology titled; “Make It Happen”, a manuscript dedicated to those with an unyielding resilience to succeed; a quality Kearn Cherry embodies all too well. She will follow up with “Trailblazers Who Lead II”.


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AND TRAINER, RELEASES THIRD BOOK “LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS” SHARING WHY SERVANT LEADERSHIP IS THE NEW NORMAL FOR ‘C’ SUITE SUCCESS Fort Lauderdale, Fl….April 2, 2021…Velton W. Showell, III, founder of Leadership Dynamics International, LLC., has released his third book “Leadership Dynamics—The Principles of Leadership,” in which he invites current and aspiring leaders in the public and private sectors on a paradigm shift of their personal and professional journeys. The book explores keys to excelling as leaders in today’s new normal and shares how leaders must not only have a full understanding of how to be a better servant to be an effective leader, but also have a full understanding how vital employees’ perception and commitment is to a company’s overall success. A successful sales, marketing and hospitality industry veteran consultant and trainer to Fortune 500 companies such as Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Showell consults on improving performance, productivity, as well as increasing revenues to become more dominant in the marketplace, Showell’s newly released book delves into provoking concepts of requirements for leaders of today and tomorrow, to relinquish what is called by experts “cognitive entrenchment.” “Employees or associates are the number one customer and too many leaders don’t recognize that. Simply put, the frontline really is the bottom line,” shares Showell. “Serving is the secret to effective leadership and super successful companies like Ritz Carlton Hotel and Resorts and Southwest Airlines understand this,” he continued. “This dynamic way of thinking is here to stay and “Leadership Dynamics invites leaders on an introspective journey of empowerment, enlightenment, and engaging experiences, where they will choose to perform at a higher level because as leaders, they are creating an environment where associates are celebrated, rather than tolerated,” said Showell. Showell works to build and develop leadership talent across the United States and other countries across the globe and has also authored or collaborated on three other books including, “Prospecting—The Key to Your Future Success” and “Strategic Planning: Planning to WIN!” in addition to writing many published articles on business and leadership. He is also the host of a weekly TV Show; “The Executive Think Tank,” which airs on Facebook on Tuesdays @ 2:00 PM. To purchase the book “Leadership Dynamics—The Principles of Leadership,” go to: B08ZVRN5M8. For more information about Showell and Leadership Dynamics International, go to: For media inquiries, contact Norma Stanley at E.E.E. Marketing Group, Inc. at 678/508-3744 or eeemarketinggroup@ ###



Zooming From East to West: 10 Tips in Virtual Speaking

As a professor, I know that online classes offer an emergency solution. Anything in these lockdown times is better than nothing. I also know the power of video storytelling. After immersing myself in Zoom tutorials, I realized there were some missing pieces, and I found myself bringing my experiences into my Zoom storytelling for an audience. The essentials What are the keys to successful teaching or presenting on the small screen? First, think of yourself as a “one man band” in charge of producing and hosting a multimedia “show.” You will need to multitask, but practice makes perfect. Before you get started, invest in good equipment. Virtual backgrounds offer a creative way to teach. Each background picture can say 1,000 words. It also looks best if you have a green-screen popup on a stand behind you plus a ring light on a tripod in front of you. Also, try to get a good quality microphone for your computer. All this extra gear should cost less than $300 USD — a small investment for a great return, especially if you might be teaching and public-speaking from home for longer than just the short term. Farland Chang, an Emmy award-winning storyteller who aims to bridge the East and the West. For nearly 30 years, he has been covering news stories across the United States and Asia for such media organizations as NBC and CNN International. Farland is now CEO and executive producer of WorldBizWatch, a global media company that produces documentaries, TV ads, branded entertainment and corporate films. He offers 10 tips for effective zooming presentations that I’ve also adopted: 1. Perform. As teacher or host, you’re not acting, but you are performing. So bring your energy and be your best. Communicating on the small screen means you’re definitely not larger than life. And you won’t enjoy the same electricity as in an auditorium or live lecture hall. But you can make up for all that if you prepare well. Know what to say and how to say it and give a good show. 2.

Be conversational. Talk into your camera as if you’re talking to a friend. This is easier if you have two monitors — one to see your audience, the second to show what’s on your screen. 8


Be Interactive. Two-way communication, even if it’s just asking your audience to raise hands to say yes or no to a question. Keep your audience engaged.


Use Q and A. The smaller your audience, the easier for people to participate. Q and A gives your talk a chance to “breathe.” But if the audience is too large, this can be tough to accommodate, especially on the technical side, if you unmute all microphones and end up with lots of noise. Is Q and A possible for a large audience? Yes, perhaps if an assistant gathers questions during your talk through the Zoom chat feature.


Face to face. My audience enjoys a better experience if they see what I say and how I say it. Likewise, I want to gauge if they’re excited — or falling asleep. So, invite everyone in your audience to turn on their own cameras. Hopefully this will encourage them to lean in more and not tune out.


Use at least two monitors. The first one is for you to see your audience and speak into that camera. The second one is for you to see what you share on your screen.


Go mobile, and surprise your audience. With five cameras, I can take one of the iPhones with me, cut loose from my “studio” setup, and give the audience a walking tour wherever I am. Just make sure in advance that your internet connection will remain strong as you move around.


Share videos on your desktop. This can also be great for homework. Students can use their smartphones to shoot and edit their videos, then share on their desktops. The whole class can now see every student in their own world, in action, literally “outside the box.”


Stand when you are speaking, with props in the foreground, green screen in the background. The best teachers and presenters are standing up when speaking to their audience. Don’t speak while sitting down.

Just like speaking in a lecture hall, I feel and project myself best when I am standing, not sitting. I would normally walk around students seated in a U-shape classroom, but that’s impossible online. So instead, I try to use props in front of the camera while speaking at eye level. I also make use of the green screen background to share photos, each of which, again, can say a thousand words. 9

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10. A great ending. Plan out how your talk will end before it begins. Make it unforgettable. Don’t bore. Remember, always leave the audience wanting more. There is one downside with Zoom: security. And this has led to bad headlines lately, such as intruders called “Zoom bombers.” As good as these online classes and presentations can be, they are not as good as meeting in person. But given that won’t happen again anytime soon, it might be best to make the most of videoconferencing technology and opportunities available to you now.

And after this global crisis is over, I predict those who master online teaching and presenting will find more professional doors open to them. What you are doing now might not be a temporary solution, but part of a revolution in how we work, meet, teach and learn.

Whatever your message, wherever you are, whoever you’re reaching, I hope this helps. And if you have your own good tips, please share with others.

The opinions expressed here by Next Generation Speakers Magazine columnists are their own, not those of the magazine itself. Email - Cell - 301-806-8614 Webstore - Twitter @jjwilliamsphd LinkedIn - PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE With Dr. James J. Williams SCHOLAR | AUTHOR | SPEAKER | VETERAN | SUCCESS EXPERT


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I wanted to create this platform to allow individuals to share their story on how they are impacting the world in their own way. From the minister, attorney, doctor, caregiver, singer, nurse, soldier and the everyday person who decided to Make It Happen! These individuals have recognized that there is a calling on their lives to never stop until their mission is complete. I wanted people to share their stories on how despite the failures, disappointments, illnesses, or struggles, they were able to “Make It Happen”. See life is full of setbacks. There are always peaks and valleys that you will need to walk or climb. Through it all it is up to You to Make It Happen


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Here is how you can stay connected with Kearn Cherry Email & Phone Number 228-239-1867 Websites: Social Media Clubhouse - @kearncherry Other Facebook Business Pages and Groups 13

S. H. I. F. T.

It has been a long journey but well worth the trip. Starting in January we shot off the starting line fired up in our first gear in this series called S.H.I.F.T. Study talked about the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject, especially through books. In our second gear, we went from Studying to Heeding. Playing close attention to what we have learned. Gear number three taught us how to Implement what we had Studied and Heeded. The fourth geat highlighted the importance of Foster relationships in order to produce maximum results. Our fifth and final gear is Train. Train - teach a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time. Now in order to get to this top-end gear, you must have gone through the other four. There are no skipping gears, stripping gear, or jumping gears, you have to go through the other ones. But this gear is the most important in my opinion because it’s the catalyst for helping someone else get started.


Being willing and able to help train someone to get further in life is the true mark of a Leader. It shows how the person has a true visionary outlook by preparing those coming behind them to take over the reins. Having the patience needed to walk someone through a procedure that doesn’t teach them what to think but how to think is priceless. Investing in someone at the level that you want to see a return leaves an indelible mark. They not only see the care and concern for the mission at hand but they see why they will one day need to pass on those same values to others. They will have the lesson of passing the baton to the next runner so they can continue to run. Training is the gear that propels the business, organization, and group forward-looking toward the future. It shows that legacy has its place and there is always room for more at the top. Also, if you missed Study, Heed, and Implement click the links below: Study Heed Implement Foster


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