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Dr. Cozette M. White From Welfare to Winning

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I just want to know one thing, Who’s Got Next? Cicone C. A. Prince NGS Magazine Editor

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A World Of Convenience

There was a time when a business owner, thought leader or a speaker had to spend their days calling and booking opportunities to share their skills and services with the public. They would knock on doors, dial phones, put our fliers, etc. It was tedious and extremely difficult to build a long-standing audience. It also forced a lot of people to change careers. Times have definitely changed. Now, those same people with a message to convey can do so via the worldwide web and a vehicle we call Podcasting. There is a saying that tells us that convenience is the greatest commodity on earth. That being said, podcasting affords the broadcaster and the listener a chance to partake in an information exchange without the trials that can accompany traditional broadcasting and listening methods. Before, listeners had to either go to a venue to listen to the speaker or tune in to a particular radio or television station. If the signal was not in their particular area, they would miss out. If the traveling was too far, they may miss it or even pass on the event. With the advent of podcasting, broadcasters can now speak with the convenience of being at home, if they like. They can then upload the recording to a site that is accessible to anyone in the world, via the internet. This affords the podcaster to reach audiences that may have never been reached before. If they have a product or service to sell, podcasting allows them to sell to people in other cities, states and countries. As for the listeners, they now can listen to the podcast anywhere they want and more importantly, at any time. The podcast is uploaded to the site and the listener can pull it down any time, as often as they like. They can rewind, fast forward, pause and stop at their pleasure. The listener can play the podcast on their cell phone, their computer, tablet, car, etc. It is convenience at its best. In years past, podcasting was not as much of a household name as it is now. Most people in the world are familiar with the term, whereas the term was only known by those in the tech world before. Many thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs know that podcasting is the best and most efficient way to reach the masses, while allowing them to focus on building their businesses and be productive at the same time. They can upload it several different platforms, including Apple and a host of others. Many people are terrified at the idea of hosting a podcast because they lack the technical skills. The wonderful thing about podcasting is that there is not much required. And on top of that, there are companies that will do the technical work for you, to take the burden off the podcaster. The best thing a person with a message to deliver can do is to begin podcasting now. The audience may build very slowly, but with the proper marketing strategy and consistency, they can grow it into something that can be fun, productive and profitable at the same time. The world may be waiting for your message and you now have a convenient way to deliver it to a listener who is looking for a convenient way to listen.

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Dr. Cozette M. White How This Woman of Faith Went From Welfare to Winning by Unlocking The Code To Her 6-Figure Tax Business!

Black women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States, according to Fortune Magazine. Margot Dorfman, CEO of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce said, “We attribute the growth in women-owned firms to the lack of fair pay, fair promotion, and family-friendly policies found in corporate America.” Despite this statistic, many Black women, and women of color in general, are finding it increasingly challenging to traverse the entrepreneur landscape and secure venture capital funding. So one would ask, “How do I create a business that is successful and profitable? More importantly, what is needed to sustain a business and expand?” Dr. Cozette M. White, Managing Partner for My Financial Home Enterprises, LLC, is an entrepreneur that has discovered how to grow and maintain a profitable business. White didn’t come from an entrepreneurial background but learned lessons through her many wins and losses. White sat down with Next Generation Speakers (NGS) to discuss how she positioned herself to transistion from welfare to winning by unlocking the code to her 6-figure tax business! She’ll share what she’s learned along the way and the business necessities every founder should consider. 6

NGS: What sparked your desire to start your own business? Dr. White: It really came out of a desire to want more for my family. When I started my business, I was a single mom seeking additional sources of income. I knew I had a knack for numbers. I’d get up and go to work every day managing and overseeing the financial affairs of public corporations that traded stock on the NYSE. Then one day I went into the office and I was informed that I was being laid off due to a recent acquisition. At the same time I was going through a divorce and life was really dark. I ended up finding myself applying for public assistance and nearly lost our home – it was a terrible period in my life! It was then that God spoke to me and said “it’s time to tap into taxes.” I thought it was just a hustle that I was doing to supplement my income until I landing my next 9-to-5. However after two years of being a dualpreneur and realizing the income potential, I knew this was an opportunity for me to leverage the skills I learned in corporate. Soon I realized, oh wow, you’re an entrepreneur! That was one of those words that I had heard but it didn’t seem reachable! NGS: How did you overcome and transition from welfare to winning? Dr. White: I transitioned from Welfare to Warrior before I began winning at the game of work, life, and business! Before I could reach back and pay it forward to other woman I had to cleanse the mind and get rid of the limited mindset of what I called Welfare. Once I got into a safe space where I was able to cope, position, and leverage life, things got better. Now I’m winning! NGS: For anyone who is an entrepreneur like you and particularly women from underrepresented backgrounds at what point did you realize that you needed a coach to excel? Dr. White: Having a coach or someone to guide and mentor you in your business is huge! In most instances, it’ll make a difference of remaining stagnant or progressing upward as a business owner. I was five years into business before I realized I needed a coach. Back in 2012, I sat back and did a full overhaul of my business and realized that I was missing was an expert. continued on page 10 7

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From Welfare to Winning

My business was consistently growing however my year-over-year profit margins were only averaging an annual growth percentage of roughly 27% - 35%. And at that rate, it was going to take a LONG time before I hit the profit levels I desired. So I began researching and interviewing successful coaches to determine who the right FIT to get me a 6-figure was accounting firm.

I think for most small businesses, a coach seems like a nice-to-have, like an optional thing to have, but not a requirement to scale, grow and experience higher profitability. Luckily, I had been in a network of people, so I knew exactly who to reach out to. Once I connected with my coach we did a complete overhaul of the business. We revamped our infrastructure, wrote a full business, sales/marketing and operations plan. From there I implemented new operational systems, began recruiting for highly skilled professional, added a salesforce to the organization. What was vital and key – reviewing my metric and KPI’s regularly. Within a years’ time profits increased nearly 89% and we celebrated the victory of achieving the goal of a 6-figure firm. In addition to my coach, I had to search within and implement these essential steps in order to grow to a 6-figure business 1. Stay connected to your purpose -- and the people you’re meant to help. 2. Step outside of your comfort zone. 3. Get visible. 4. Be choosy about your clients. 5. Create meaningful business connections. I continue to invest in mentors at each stage of my growth, whether it’s joining their group programs, masterminds, or coaching with them. The inspiration and guidance I’ve received from mentors have had a powerful ripple effect on me, allowing me to serve and reach more people. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping business owners leverage their profits. NGS: Where can the readers find a qualified accountant? There are so many accountants out there, so how do you know who’s good, and who’s the right fit for you? Dr. White: Leverage your networks because those are people you trust. This person should be your trusted advisor for all your financial needs. Interview the perspective expert to determine how they’ll represent you. Question how long they’ve been servicing clients? How long have they been at their current location?; Look for acceptable credentials – CPA, EA, AFSP, Accountant. If they will be assisting with tax filing, make sure they have a PTIN or are they an imposter? Ensure that they have a year-round business in the event you need to reach out to them during non-peak time. After all this person is moving your money around and there is a risk factor involved. Your accountant really should give you insight into how to read that data. NGS: What accounting and tax advice would you share with the readers? Dr. White: Perhaps you are a first generation business owner...or simply so involved in the daily operations of your business that some key aspects of your business are overlooked and preventing you from elevating to the next level. 10

It’s no question that being an entrepreneur is a journey that will help uncover your strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, your resolve and resilience. Most of us obtain college degrees and we were unleashed unto the world and found ourselves in a corporate setting where all of the items I mention below are handled by specialized departments. Now that you have ventured out as a business owner the learning curve may appear to be steep compared to your first couple of years on your 1st corporate job. Avoiding certain key mistakes can really help minimize some of the risks your business may face throughout various economic conditions. Recordkeeping Your business is growing in sales and you know in order to meet demand and sustain the quality of your products and services you will need a line of credit with the bank or an infusion of capital from investors. However, in an effort to save money starting out as a small business owner you opted to maintain the books yourself. A few years have gone by and you look up and realize you don’t have a set of financial statements for each year you have been operating to show a loan officer this tremendous growth your business has experienced. The bank understands the numbers and what they will show to support your verbal claims and enthusiasm. Not Utilizing Business Tax Deductions One strategy for maintaining positive cash flow for your business is to maximize all applicable business deductions allowed by the IRS. The way to reduce your tax liability is ensuring you have adequate accounting records and documentation to report business expenditures that qualify as tax deductions on your tax return. Here are several to consider: Advertising | Auto Expenses | Bad Debt | Hiring Your Children | Home Office Deductions | Legal & Professional | Meals, Travel & Entertainment | Start-Up or Expansion Cost | SelfEmployment Retirement Plan Not Seeking Professional Help According to “Inc.” 48% of female business owners, almost half cite a lack of available mentors or advisers as holding them back from growing their business. Don’t try to be superwoman as you run a business, be a boss, a wife, and mother and still maintain your health and wellness throughout it all.

Having a team of legal and accounting professionals accessible to you is vital to the growth of your business. These professionals have years of experience and expertise and can efficiently and effectively handle the matters of your business. These service providers can partner with you and share the same goals of expanding your business.

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Moving A Mountain! I’m sure most of us have heard of the scripture, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to here,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Over the past four years, we have had the privilege of host our Annual Are You Climbing The Wrong Mountain Summit and what a privilege it has been. Seeing the life-changing effects of showing people what’s possible for them and their lives has the highlight of each Summit. 2016 was the first year that we hosted it and we had no idea what we were doing! It was controlled chaos, by the Grace of God, we pulled it off. The experience was a growing one and one that truly helped us establish ourselves as a provider of amazing content and muchneeded inspiration in the local area. 2017 we added more speakers and a celebrity emcee and comedian. I am still amazed at the turnout and response to the Summit but I know just how important it is to push pause on life and reflect on where you have been and look toward where you are going. Our theme that year was, “The Top Is Just The Starting Point!” 2018 we decided to visit some of our local beaches in the Gulf Coast Area and we visited Pensacola, FL. That summit did come with its challenges with a seasonal hurricane, hitting Panama City, FL which is 60 miles south of Pensacola. Although the storm had no direct effect on the Pensacola area, anyone that knows anything about hurricanes knows how unpredictable and massive they are. So although it did not hit Pensacola, the area and the people were bracing for the worst. This took their disposal income or investment income that could have gone toward being at the event. Our theme that year was “Beyond!” and our list of speakers was again over the top. 2019, we were lead to head to New Orleans, LA for our Summit. We were taking the mountain to The Big Easy to Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler, in other words, Let The Good Times Roll! And that Summit was our best Summit to date. We had a world-class DJ and some of The Best Speakers on the Planet! The connections and inspirations were felt everywhere anyone was viewing it. The amount of positive feedback was overwhelming and the impact is still being felt today. This brings us to where we are today. The name change.


After helping people lead themselves, the next logical step is to help them lead others. Because of the nature of leadership and the need for it, there has to be systematic approach to leadership that comes from the heart. What I mean by that is, we have to have a heart for people, then seek to help them reach their highest potential. This can be done through lesson plans that create building blocks for them to determine the type of leaders they want to be and then effectively carry out that role by not just being a leader but developing leaders along the way. The results that we are going to produce from this new Summit are in the following areas: Focus on Leadership •

Inner Leadership

Outer Leadership

Corporate Leadership

Organizational Leadership

Male Leadership

Female Leadership

Youth Leadership

These areas showcase the fundamentals needed to effectively lead in almost any area of life. From businesses, organizations, small groups and large groups, leadership training is needed to create a culture of professionalism, an attitude of excellence as well as an achievementdriven organization. People need not run from leadership nor should they run toward it but they should take the role of a leader soberly know that there is an accountability that comes with the mantel of leadership. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” ~ Shakespeare Leades are needed. With that being the case what type of leaders we have will be determined by the type that we are training to take oour place. Are you ready to lead?

~ Cicone Prince 13


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From Welfare to Winning

Not Enough Insurance to Cover Business Business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events. Insurance coverage is available for every conceivable risk your business might face. Cost and amount of coverage of policies vary among insurers. You should discuss your specific business risks and the types of insurance available with your insurance agent or broker. Many entrepreneurs begin their small businesses in their homes. Poor Cash Flow Management Cash flow is the net change in your company’s cash position from one period to the next. If you take in more cash than you send out, you have a positive cash flow. You have a negative cash flow if you have more cash outflow than inflow. Cash flow is a key indicator of financial health. A cash flow statement charts the flow of money into and out of your business. It’s all about gauging liquidity — or cash on hand — so that you can make smart decisions about paying bills and buying additional assets or inventory. Our Firm We are a global financial consulting firm providing comprehensive accounting, tax and business management services. We are committed to helping high net worth clients and healthcare providers build successful enterprises. Our skilled team of financial experts have years of experience in providing exceptional service.

Our trained staff understands the unique challenges you face. As your trusted advisors, we work with you throughout the year to evaluate your business and ensure that your financial needs are met. Our critical analysis and practical solutions will identify business trends and opportunities for growth as well as help you improve the operations, efficiency and profitability of your business. We are committed to helping our clients achieve and maintain financial freedom. My Financial Home Enterprises has been featured in Forbes Magazine and named one of The Boss Network’s top 50 companies two years in a row. As Cameka Smith, Founder, and CEO of the Boss Network put it, “without question she is brilliant at teaching others to leverage their unique gifts and qualities into a financial windfall.”


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From Welfare to Winning

Our Founder Our founder, Dr. Cozette M. White is an acclaimed bestselling author, nationally recognized accounting and tax expert, international speaker and philanthropist. Dr. White is a resident Money Matter’s Tax Expert for FOX40. Her excellent media credentials, professionalism, and outgoing personality has allowed her to provide expert advice on tax issues for CBS This Morning, NBC, ABC and FOX television stations. She has been featured on the numerous radio shows including Radio One and iHeart radio, she’s a recurring voice to millions making regular appearances in various national media outlets, including Black Enterprise, Forbes, Women of Wealth, Upscale, The Huffington Post, and countless newspapers across the country. Women of Wealth dubbed White, “Wealth Builder Extraordinaire.” Recently Dr. White was awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award by President Barack Obama. Dr. White has a heart of gold – yes she’s a giver! White is the founder and Executive Director of Achieving My Dreams Foundation, Inc. The organization grants scholarships to graduating high school seniors majoring in S.T.E.A.M. In addition, she is involved in her community and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc; a member of the National Association of Black Accountants and National Black MBA Association.

I’d love to give you 45 minutes of my time for free where we can deep dive into your current business structure and tax strategy and see how you can take advantage of legal and ethical loopholes to save tens of thousands of dollars per year in taxes. There’s no obligation whatsoever. I won’t hold anything back. I’ll review your business entity structure, tax strategy, and accounting system to make sure you’re maximizing profits and cash flow and minimizing taxes and waste. At the end of our call, you’ll have a clear plan for what you need to do to boost your take-home pay by up to 50%. If you want my help implementing the plan, then I’ll be happy to talk with you about working together at the end of our call, but you absolutely don’t have to become my client to get massive value out of our conversation... Ready to Take Action? Let’s Build Your Practice & Save You Tax If you want to take control of your financial future and keep more of your hard-earned money, book a free 45-minute strategy session with me here: I look forward to talking with you and helping you get clarity on how to create lasting wealth for you and your family.

Dr. Cozette M. White


Your Financial Physician


One Nation Under Pod It’s the phenomenon that has gotten a foothold on all of media. They are promoted by athletes, actors, singers, chefs, ministers, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc. Podcasting is something that it seems everyone is doing. It is one of, if not the best way to convey a message and have it heard all over the world without the stress that accompanies traditional approaches. Many people still do radio shows. Some do television shows. And some do cable access, film or performances. Usually they have certain limitations or drawbacks. Radio can clearly help you spread your message, however, it has an audience limited to those in the tower radius and those your sponsors want to reach. Of course, there is syndicated or Sirius XM radio, but this also can come with quite a cost and can take a long time to even garner such attention from those who want to invest in your content. Television can also produce a great audience. But this is a finicky medium. Since it is visual, the talent must be appealing to the people who foot the bill, while still bringing great content that can be visually appealing upon delivery. Of course, there is cable access television, but it lacks the audience reach and the large sponsorship. Sponsors can pay more in television, but they must be impressed with what they see, in order to invest in what you deliver to their audience. Both television and radio rely on ratings, which means the audience must reach a certain threshold and maintain it, or they will leave you high and dry. One of the great ways to reach people is and has always been film. A good motion picture can have people lined up for weeks and bring in a great deal of money and fans. This usually requires millions of dollars to get those results and it is usually a one-shot deal that is contingent upon star power. But the internet has changed the game. People have been able to build organic audiences and ad-purchased audiences via the worldwide web. With platforms from YouTube to BlogTalk Radio, messages can broadcast all around the world and get the user more exposure than they ever imagined. So, what can possibly be the drawback? Well, there is the heavy lifting. ‘What is the heavy lifting’, you ask? It is all the work that goes into creating a productive podcast. It is the audio editing, the music inserts, the ad inserts, the timing of the show, the promotional marketing graphics, the marketing ads, the video editing, the podcast platform uploading, the podcast site building, the podcast site hosting, etc. All of these things equate to the heavy lifting that keeps millions of people from starting or maintaining a podcast. Bring in PodKast Nation. Productivity Expert and Executive To Entrepreneur Consultant, Barrett Matthews has created a way to eliminate the heavy lifting for podcasters and aspiring podcasters. Matthews, the author of the book, Why Didn’t You Get It Done?, wanted to create a way to stop people from procrastinating on their desire to have their own podcast. With PodKast Nation, he has done just that. 18

PodKast Nation is a Done-For-You system that allows the podcaster to simply be the talent. PodKast Nation has assembled a team of producers, engineers, and editors and tied them together with multiple professional podcasting tools to make the experience seamless for those with a message to deliver. By recording content and giving it to the executive team of engineers, the podcaster can see their work product morph into a professional broadcast. By allowing PodKast Nation to make them look polished and clean, the podcaster can focus on other revenue generating activities for their business, mission, service or brand. It is easily the best way to be a productive podcaster. Now, PodKast Nation is not the only system designed to do this for podcasters, but our studies have shown that you will have a hard time finding another system that gives you this experience at such a great value for your investment. Along with all of the features PodKast Nation provides its members, they will also be invited to attend a PodKast Camp that will dig down on making them better at their craft and building their audience. For those who wish to build a podcast and eradicate the heavy lifting that can come with it, the one thing you need to do is join the nation‌PodKast Nation. Written by Barrett Matthews, founder of PodKast Nation. Barrett Matthews is also the author of the book, 50 Shade Of Wealth, and has had media and broadcasting production experience dating back to 1985. 19

New Year New Mindset We just crossed over into a New Year and a New Decade. It’s a New Year with New Mountains and New Possibilities! If this year is really going to be different from last year, what are you going to do this year to make it better? What steps are you going to take get closer to your goals and your dreams? Or are you going to sit and make the same old excuses? The thing about excuses is that you can’t deposit them! If you could I know a lot of people that would be filthy rich because all they have is excuses! But in order to make this year different from last year, there are some things you are going to have to do. 1. Make a Commitment A commitment to yourself. A commitment that goes beyond the feeling of the moment. You are going to have to make a commitment to your dreams to your goals for your future and making your life better. 2. Invest in Yourself Put your money where your mouth is. You said that you were committed, you said you wanted to do something, you said you wanted to get something accomplished. But what are you doing? What programs are you attending? What classes are you taking? What books are you reading? That’s going to get you closer to your dreams. What research are you doing to get better at what you said you want to do? 3. You need to get a Coach I know that you have heard that time and time again but it’s true. Anyone who has done anything worthwhile has had someone to mentor them. Somebody to help them see things they could not see. Someone to hold them accountable. And getting a Coach is one of the quickest ways for you to get closer to your goals because they see stuff you don’t see. They hold you accountable and they give you that extra added push that you need in order to accomplish your goals. So don’t let this year be like last year, let it be better than last year by Making a Commitment, Investing in Yourself and Getting a Coach. Doing so will put your closer to your dreams.

~Cicone Prince 20

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Focus on Leadership •

Inner Leadership

Outer Leadership

Corporate Leadership

Organizational Leadership

Male Leadership

Female Leadership

Youth Leadership

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