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How Will Next Year Be Different From This Year?


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Felice Pope Smile Your Way to Success

She is “happiness reborn”, that’s the meaning of her name Felice Renee. She was born on one the most celebrated days for love amongst lovers, Valentine’s Day. Felice is living her dream awake, and it is not over. Her life’s motto, “Today, I am living my BEST LIFE RIGHT NOW!!” Felice has her share of life challenges she learning how to SMILE her way to Success by the grace of God. St. Louis, MO is the city she was born in; however, University City (U. City) is her hometown. Living in University City, she attended a school of the arts high school. Felice’s passion to be a great speaker and business woman was fueled by a tv interview she had at 5 years old on Channel 9. She knew that night the limo was coming to pick her up and take her to Hollywood; however, there was no trip to Hollywood. Despite her disappointment as she grew, more speaking opportunities became available. Felice started giving small speeches as the President of Future Business Leaders of America (F.B.L.A). She was a member of the Student Council and had the opportunity to speak to her high school student body of over 500 students. Her spark began to ignite. Most people would rather die than grace the stage to speak to large number of people. Felice has always dreamed of having a big office downtown overlooking a big city and traveling around the world speaking to millions of people to help resolve individuals’ or a nation’s crisis. 6

The US Army groomed Felice to develop as an international speaker through unconventional means. She gave countless briefings to soldiers with audiences ranging from ten to 500, twice a day for military personnel records, finance and Gulf War deployments. Felice has spoken on several military bases: Fort Jackson, SC, Fort Lee VA, Fort Bliss, TX, Fort Riley, KS Fort Campbell, KY and Fort Hood, TX. and Dublin CA. In Topeka, KS she was a military Instructor. The US Army paved a road for Felice to speak in several cities in Germany: Goppingen, Mannheim, Worms. Kaiserslautern, and Grafenwoehr. However, she craved more exciting platforms to express her own unique voice in the world. Felice graduated from Kansas State University with Bachelors in Financial Planning. She received her Master’s in Business Administration from Baker University in Topeka, KS. After graduation, she was employed with the Department of Defense as a Budget Technician and the daily briefing for soldiers. Felice knew she would have to reinvent herself in order to become a professional speaker, so she did. Felice is the CEO/founder of Felice Renee Inc. She has her own internet radio show. It is featured on a 2013-2019 Stellar Award nominee International Radio Station, Victory 1075. The Felice Renee show offers entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and artist a platform to spotlight their talents as a sponsor or a unique infomercial. As a result of individuals being showcased on her show they receive more visibility and profitability internationally. Currently, Felice is looking for individuals who want to sponsor or have an infomercial created for their unique business. Who do you know wants to bring their business in the globally spotlight?

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Felice Pope Smile Your Way to Success

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Felice is the author of STAINED GLASS: SMILE You Can Be Healed. It is her non-confrontational invitation for women and men to begin the process of healing. She shows men and women who are experiencing abuse, divorce, brokenness, and life hardships how to love themselves, forgive their accusers and abusers so they can have peace and, finally sleep at night. Felice has developed a 6 week program for those who are looking to continue to peel away the layers of hurt to more intimate setting. Her course has transformed the lives of individuals by taking them step by step to be restored from past wounds from their parents, the church and family members of over 20 to 30 years ago. Hurtful past memories can hide and haunt some of the most famous and affluent CEOs, authors, speakers, actors and singers for decades. We can appear to thrive in front of millions but in shadows of our solitary we are screaming for help to be healed and made whole. Sadly, and most often, no one sees behind shadows of our pain. Felice’s program has allowed individual to confront and eliminate limited beliefs concerning their past, present and future emotionally well-being. Dysfunction is no longer the norm for those individuals who have completed her course. They are SMILING to SUCCESS and beginning to breathe in joy and live in their BEST LIFE. Who do you know that needs to be healed and SMILE again? Felice Mission “I am a survivor of domestic violence. I can identify with any person, male or female, on how it feels to live in fear and being ostracized by people who do not have a clue of how your world can be turned upside down and not knowing what to do. I wanted to be a blessing and encourage other victims and abusers to break this circle of insanity and stop it from duplicating to the next generation. I inspire, men and women to know the can live past the painfully memories, self-guilt, and have hope to hold their head up and hope for a better life. No one should ever live in the shadows of shame and fear.” 10

3 STEPS TO SMILE TO SUCCESS 1. CONFORNT THE TRUTH: We must look at our lives and be willing to “own our truth”. DOES NOT matter how long we have been in this place of hurt or disappoint. It’s time to move to success. It’s okay to have someone show you how to get there. 2. COMMITT TILL YOU FINISH: Many people start on a road to success, however, when the pressure of change begins to be felt they retreat to comfortability. Commitment to change will cause to have some challenges but we must finish successfully. 3. COURAGE TO WIN: It takes courage to be successful. Many times fear will meet us on the path and try to detour us from reaching our goal. When we take courage for our journey, we will find our strength in each day to making strides, big and small, to smiling our way to success. BENEFITS OF SMILING • DECREASES BLOOD PRESSURE: Decreases the heart rate which causes less chance of heart disease. When an individual smiles their brain releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine into the blood and causes the blood pressure and heat to decrease. • STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM: Scientific studies prove endorphins released in the brain fight stress and act as a natural pain relief in the body. • ENHANCES CREATIVITY: When we feel better, we live life better. Our workplace may not change but how we feel at work will definitely change from more smiling. • NATURAL FACE LIFT: Yes ladies, smiling can reduce the frown lines in our faces. Who is ready to SMILE their way to SUCCESS? What is success? Felice has her created her won definition of success. Felice says, “Success is being able to live in the any place and location, and mentally thrive in any situation and still believe in yourself and the divine destiny you are called into by God. There will be days we will not physically feel like we can achieve at any level. Life will bring disappointments, discouragement, heart ache and death, but when mentally focus on our goals we can attain and maintain the momentum needed to arise to the BEST LIFE we desire. Felice is spending her days giving God thanks for using her as a life coach and minister to show others how to SMILE THEIR WAY TO SUCCESS.

~ Felice Renee Pope 11

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10 Ways To Improve Your Speaking 1. Know Your Why Having a clearly defined “Why” will make sharing your message easier. I think a lot of people don’t spend enough time fully understanding “Why” they are speaking in the first place. Settling in on that core reason will go a long way when it comes to continuing when things are slow going. There is no way around it, you have to know your “Why.” 2. Define Your Message Once you know your “Why” your message needs to be shaped around that message. Know the main points of your message. Makes sure that they are relevant to your audience. Your message needs to be defined so well that it’s repeatable. Once heard your message should be one that is 0axkwd in such a way that others can share the core principles of it easily. 3. Connect With Your Audience The easiest way to connect with a human is to be one. The easiest way to connect with your audience is to make your presentation relatable. Talk about common occurrences that are top of mind and relative to what they are currently dealing with. Make them feel like they know you or at least where you are coming from so that the information that you are presenting can be well received. 4. Position Yourself As The Expert When talking on a subject it’s best to know as much if not more than your audience. Do your homework and get your fact together. Nothing feels worse than being checked or corrected on information that clearly is not spot on. You have to make sure that for that 45 minutes to an hour that you are the most knowledgeable person talking about the subject matter. 5. Practice The only way you are going to get better at Speaking is that you have to practice. In our mind our presentation is perfect, but once we get on stage it’s a different story. As a Speaker, you have to speak on a regular base because it gives you opportunities to develop your speaking style while seeing what works and what does not. Again, you HAVE TO practice. 13

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continued from page 13 6. Become a Better Listener Why would listening be on a list about ways to become a better speaker? Because the best speakers are the best listeners. You had to be an active listener so that you can understand what’s needed for your presentation. Steven Covey said, “Seek first to understand before you seek to be understood.” You have to make sure that your message speaks to the needs of the people who brought you in and the people that you are speaking to. Listening is the most effective way to do that. 7. Share Something Personal I know that a lot of people would caution about sharing personal information during a presentation but there is no greater way to connect to your audience. They need to know that you are a human as they are. On stage, a lot of us look like Super Heroes but they have to know that we are just as human as they are. Sharing something personal reminds them that you are them. But you have to be cautious about what you share and how much. It also has to be appropriate for the audience and the subject at hand. 8. Check Your Motives If you have yet to understand your “Why” you will never be the best speaker that you can be. Yours motivates for speaking have to align with your core values. They have to be checked on a regular base. The reason why this is important is that so many things will become a factor as you move forward. So many changes for you to lose sight of the reason you started in the first place. Constantly checking that reason is vital to your continuing success. You have to fully understand your “Why.” 9. Deliver With Confidence In order to be a better speaker, you have to deliver with confidence. When you truly are convinced that you have what your audience needs, you can deliver. You can do it without fail or hesitation. From your vocal tone to your stage presence, you will have the audience sitting up and taking notice of who you are and what you are presenting. They will value your words, they will quote your saying and they will recommend you to others when they see you deliver with confidence. 10. Practice No, you are not seeing double. If you went back to number 5 and look to see if this was already on the list then you’ll notice that it’s on there twice. The only way that you are truly going to master your speaking style is to practice. And I’m not talking about alone in your bathroom or even in your car, you are going to have to get on stage and practice. With family, with friends even with strangers, you are going to have to get used to talking. Speakers speak. And the old adage is still true, “Practice makes Perfect!” 14

~Cicone Prince


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How Will Next Year Be Different From This Year? We just celebrated New Years. It’s a New Year with New Mountains and New Possibilities! If this year is really going to be different from last year, what are you going to do this year to make it better? What steps are you going to take get closer to your goals and your dreams? Or are you going to sit and make the same old excuses? The thing about excuses is that you can’t deposit them! If you could I know a lot of people that would be filthy rich because all they have is excuses! But in order to make this year different from last year, there are some things you are going to have to do. 1. Make a Commitment A commitment to yourself. A commitment that goes beyond the feeling of the moment. You are going to have to make a commitment to your dreams to your goals for your future and making your life better. 2. Invest in Yourself Put your money where your mouth is. You said that you were committed, you said you wanted to do something, you said you wanted to get something accomplished. But what are you doing? What programs are you attending? What classes are you taking? What books are you reading? That’s going to get you closer to your dreams. What research are you doing to get better at what you said you want to do? 3. You need to get a Coach I know that you have heard that time and time again but it’s true. Anyone who has done anything worthwhile has had someone to mentor them. Somebody to help them see things they could not see. Someone to hold them accountable. And getting a Coach is one of the quickest ways for you to get closer to your goals because they see stuff you don’t see. They hold you accountable and they give you that extra added push that you need in order to accomplish your goals. So don’t let this year be like last year, let it be better than last year by Making a Commitment, Investing in Yourself and Getting a Coach. Doing so will put your closer to your dreams.

~Cicone Prince 17

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