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Editor’s Note... The only way not to fall is to not go anywhere! This month Mr. Sligh Edge himself, Wendell Graham, whose plead is to help us gain the Slight Edge, will be teaching us about Getting Up From a Fall! And we have a bonus video of his interview! The Butterfly Effect is changing how people look at their connections and interactions with each other. This month we learn about The Beauty of An Inspired Philosophy with the PowHERlogist herself La Donya Yvette our newest columnist. The NGS Family is Growing! We have a guest columnist, Mrs. Pamala McCoy, and the BONA5D Benefits! You got to read this article. Hold That Elevator! Dr. James Williams is back with another installment of PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE and this month he fgives us Six Tips For Your Next Elevator Speech! Email: Text: 251-753-6299

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I just want to know one thing, Who’s Got Next? Cicone C. A. Prince NGS Magazine Chief Editor Dr. James J. Williams Contributing Editor Cover Photo Credit: Courtesy

La Donya Yvette Contributing Columnist Pamala McCoy Guest Columnist 3

Wendell Graham

Getting Up From A Fall! 4

Falling is always embarrassing. Whether someone sees you or not, falling down chips away at your ego and self-confidence. One thing that is true is that if you are not going anywhere if you are not moving forward then there is little likelihood that you will suffer a fall. The sheer fact that you fall at the very least indicates that you are on the move! In a recent interview with Wendell Grahm, he laid out a workable process of Getting Up From A Fall. Wendell said that there are 5 steps that we go through in order to get up from a fall. 1. We Lose Our Balance. 2. We Shouldn’t Panic. 3. We Should Rollover to One Side. 4. Learn From The Fall. 5. We Need To Be Back Up. We Lose Our Balance In Wendel’s interview, he shares the #1 reason for falling is losing your balance. Where it’s caused by something keeping you from having sure footing (i.e.stumblinh over something, or twisting your ankle) or something with your equilibrium, losing your balance is hands down the #1 reason people fall. When it comes to your life and situation in it Wendell shares, “You lose your balance before you fall that means that but prior to falling that balance is there and then you lose your fault you lose your balance and then you fall.” We have to have balance in life, that’s what keeps us from falling. When we don’t have it that’s when we fall. When we don’t keep things in perspective, we lose focus which causes us to lose our balance and then we fall. 5

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Hold That Elevator! - Six Tips For Your Next Elevator Speech Elevator speeches are tricky because you have to communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time. And, no, speaking faster does not solve this problem! Instead, you need to craft an interesting and compelling narrative that leaves your audience asking to learn more about your business. As I am looking to pitch my future product idea to potential investors, I’d like to share a quick overview of what your speech should cover. The problem your company solves Your company exists to solve a problem. If you can’t make customer’s lives better, they won’t buy from you. Describe the problem your company solves by using phrases like, “Did you know that…?” or “You know how people have trouble with…?” Your goal is to connect with your audience and get them nodding along in agreement. Hopefully, the problem you are solving is something they can relate to. Your target market All successful companies target specific types of customers. While it’s tempting to say that your products and services are for “everyone,” you’re much more likely to be successful if you are trying to market to a specific set of potential customers. For example, it would be easy to say that a new hair salon is for anyone that needs a haircut. But, that salon will have a much better time marketing and attracting potential customers if it knows what kinds of customers it would like to serve. Your solution This is probably the easiest part of any pitch—describing what your company actually makes or sells. Your solution needs to solve the problem you’ve described and be the right choice for your target customer. 6

The value you offer The value that you provide to your target market is the glue that makes your solution right for your customer. It’s the reason why your customer is going to want your product or service. Your traction and progress so far Anyone who wants to learn more about your company is going to want to know what you’ve done so far. Do you already have customers? Are you still in the early stages of development? Maybe you’ve recently received an award that’s worth talking about. Your experience A great idea is nothing without the right people to turn it into a business. Your elevator speech needs to explain why you (and your team) are the right people to build the business. Your goal If you’re talking to a potential investor or someone who might know investors, mentioning a fundraising goal can be a good idea. Even if you’re not looking to raise money, you might have other goals such as your first sale, or closing a big account. You never know if the person you are talking to might be able to help you out. Elevator speech tips • Keep it short: It’s easy to go on and on about a topic that you’re passionate about, but you need to respect the people you’re talking to and give them enough information to spark interest. Hopefully, they’ll start asking you questions and you can elaborate through further conversation. Remember, you don’t want to be that person who’s holding the “close door” button on the elevator to keep your audience captive so you can tell them more!

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Available Now on Amazon! The wait is over! In Cicone Prince’s highly anticipated 5th book, he shares fundamental principles of Leadership that are a game changer if properly applied to the all important role of Leadership. He makes no apologies for highlighting the importance of equipping the Next Generation with the tools they need to succeed. Leadership That Lasts will have you running to help someone else prepare for their future while realizing your success.

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The Butterfly Effect


My entire life has been a philosophy of Living Life Inspired, which consists of many aspects. Because of my consistent obedience of my assignment from God, A Higher purpose is surfacing. There are countless philosophies of life. One of true importance is to live a life of “GIVING”. 1. Giving happiness; inspired. 2. Giving a smile; inspired. 3. Giving forgiveness to others and ourselves; inspired. 4. Giving respect to one another; inspired. 5. Giving thanks to God and all that you have; inspired. When we live in this truth, knowing that we all have a Divine Gift, we must also realize that the Gift is not ours to keep… it is designed to give away so that others may be blessed. The revelation of this understanding means that giving always gives back to you. We are at our best when we help and serve others. Having a lot of things is not the pathway to happiness. In fact, happiness is giving more and not expecting anything in return. If you find yourself feeling that you need something in return, then what you are really saying is that you don’t have enough. The reality is ‘You are Enough’! As we discover how to become a part of something bigger than ourselves, it is important to understand that to inspire or be inspired can help with self-esteem and cope with daily challenges. We are at our best when we are authentic, inspirational and caring while serving others. Love is a gift that we all possess that we should give. It’s also a fact that the greatest gift you can receive is knowing that you are an inspiration to others. Often times we can lose track of what really matters most. Remember that we live in two worlds… the physical and the Spiritual simultaneously. So, it’s important to always lead with love and give of yourself. 10

Life philosophies are acquired through life experiences; some may differ from others; however, they are unique to each person. Other examples are: LOVE. Love is kind, and love is civility. As a matter of fact, this behavior is a reflection of love of self as well. Always choose love and choose the path that shows more love. Agape… unconditional love. FAITH. Faith is connected to everything we believe in; seen and unseen. A lot of times we tend to cling to something that seems familiar. It is when we step out of our comfort zone where true faith dwells. WISDOM. Wisdom is the use of discernment and most of all, living by the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is a reflection of the heart and mindset. Truth be told, the hardest thing to open is a closed mind. Living An Inspired Life is a movement towards living your Best Life! We were not only created to live and survive... but to Thrive! What is your philosophy of life? “By clearing your thoughts and doing more with your gifts and talents, you will begin to take control of your life and master your own destiny.” - La Donya Yvette

La Donya Yvette PowHERologist

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• Know the goal: The goal of your elevator speech is not to convey every last bit of information about your business. The goal is to spark interest. You want what you say to be memorable and interesting so that your audience is asking you to tell them more. The end goal is to make connections, get a meeting, and get permission to explain your business in more detail. • Practice, but don’t memorize: Yes, rehearsing is a good idea. But, you don’t want to come off too scripted and robotic. Word-for-word memorization isn’t a good idea. Instead, you want your speech to feel conversational and natural so you can more easily connect with your audience. Also, you’ll want to slightly customize your speech depending on the situation and audience (see the next tip). • Know your audience: Depending on whom you are giving your speech to, you’ll want to tweak the details so you’re providing information that matches your audience’s knowledge. For example, if you’re pitching a medical device to a bunch of doctors, using more medical terminology is probably a good idea. But, if you’re explaining what you do to people that don’t have medical backgrounds, you may want to use more everyday language that everyone can understand.


• Be persuasive: Especially if you’re giving a slightly longer speech, tell a story or interesting anecdote that makes the problem your company solves real. You want your audience to be nodding along, thinking, “Yes, that is a real problem. I hope someone’s finally come up with a good solution for that.” Then, when you present your solution, you’ll be that much more persuasive and have your audience’s full attention. • Have a takeaway: Your audience might not be able to ask additional questions right away but is (hopefully) interested in following up with you. In that case, make sure you have a business card or something similar so you can share your contact information. Your business card should essentially be a mini-pitch and have a memorable tagline or value statement on it so people remember you, and what you talked about. The opinions expressed here by Next Generation Speakers Magazine columnists are their own, not those of the magazine itself. Email - Cell - 301-806-8614 Webstore - Twitter @jjwilliamsphd LinkedIn - PRESCRIPTION FOR EXCELLENCE With Dr. James J. Williams SCHOLAR | AUTHOR | SPEAKER | VETERAN | SUCCESS EXPERT


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We Shouldn’t Panic Wendell goes on to say that after we fall we shouldn’t panic. Wendell goes on to say, “Once we fall the worst thing that you could do is to panic. Once you panic you have not had the proper time to make an assessment to determine where the injuries might potentially be.” Panicking does not allow us to have a level head for us to start the process of getting up after we have fallen. Panicking only drains us of the needed energy to get up. We have to refrain from allowing our emotions to take control because that causes major problems. We Should Rollover to One Side I know this may sound elementary, but rolling once to one side is an easy way to do a self-assessment of any damages. It’s the movement that lets us know if we have areas of concern that need attention. We can quickly tell if something that wasn’t hurting before is hurting now. Even doing a rollover we need help getting up. That can be in the form of a friend or family member that can be there to help us get up. Learn From The Fall This to Wendell was one of the most important parts of the process. What can we learn? If we miss this opportunity then we run the risk of falling again. Looking back over the circumstances that lead up to the fall will give us indicators as to how it happens and from that, we can produce a game plan on preventing it from happening again. We Need To Be Back Up As stated in the opening, falling is always embarrassing. It becomes a blow to our ego and no one wants to experience a fall. But the lesson that we learn through the process can be valuable not only for helping us avoid potential future falls, but they can be used to help others as we share our humanity with those around us so that they don’t have to fall into the same ditch that we fell in. 15

~ Cicone Prince

BONA5D Benefits by Pamala McCoy SELF-ESTEEM … “WHY B5” Did You Know? 7 in 10 girls believe she is not good enough or doesn’t measure up in some way 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in harmful activities Suicide is #2 cause of death among people aged 10-34 Self-esteem by definition is a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value; it encompasses both self-confidence and self-acceptance. It is important because it heavily influences your choices and decisions. In other words, it serves as your motivational function by making it more or less likely that you will take care of yourself and explore your full potential … or not. When this very important factor of self is at a low level, it is detrimental to your emotional health and overall well-being; the irony is, that it is ‘not’ considered a mental health ailment, but rather a “thinking disorder”. Though low self-esteem is a ‘thinking disorder’, if it goes unaddressed it can escalate to anxiety and/or depression which are classified as mental health disorders. For that reason, it is important that every effort be put forth to build and improve selfesteem. Data shows that puberty is a trigger of adverse impact for many girls due to the addition of body image on top of all the other angst that youth experience at that stage of maturing, but it should be noted that the social pressure that emphasizes appearance does not end with puberty, it can, and often does, continue into adulthood. For that reason, I want to focus on females. Did you know, the reality is all females suffer from low self-esteem. It is just a matter to what degree. The level of impact on her from a life situation that occurs, depends on the starting level of her self-esteem … i.e. if she is starting at ground zero, the adverse impact can be devastating to her self-esteem. Conversely, if she is starting at a higher level, the adverse impact will hurt, but her time needed to bounce back will be shorter. 16

Another area of thought is the popularity of social media, which is a double-edged sword. It can allow you to stay connected to loved ones, which can be beneficial to mental health and it can build self-esteem. However, it can also be a focal point of negativity if viewed via a lens of ‘perfection’ or if you are on the receiving end of cyberbullying. Thus, the use of social media must be done within the correct context. Despite what one may see presented, “no one’s life is perfect” – NO ONE! Low self-esteem is deeper than an individual’s issue, it involves community. It is my hope that this article and others like it, and my initiative will start the community conversation around the topic to begin removing the associated stigma. The stigma leaves those suffering to suffer in silence. We each are needed to do our part. We are our own community’s consciousness - joining the conversation is the first step to removing the stigma. Then, participate in one’s process which B5™ ReAffirm can assist with by providing a tool that keeps positively impacting over a lifetime. Until the stigma is removed, and the conversation of low self-esteem occurs freely, true healing cannot begin. Managing one’s self-esteem does not have an age and should not be looked at as a burdensome task but rather as a mission of self-mindfulness. Over time, positive thoughts of self, as well as positive self-talk will replace the negative ... the mind shift will begin to happen, you will notice the new light in yourself and so will others around them. As I like to say, “You will show up different in the world.” This better version of you will attract positivity, will be proactive instead of reactive, will see the glass as half full instead of half empty, will embrace gratitude and find something to be grateful for each day, will accept that you are perfectly imperfect and, that in your uniqueness you have something only you can offer the universe. That is WHY B5! *To learn about the B5™ ReAffirmation Box: SELF-ESTEEM IN A BOX visit

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