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Finca de la Rica 'El Buscador' and 'El GuĂ­a' are the first two wines. The packaging focuses on the moment of pleasure and relaxation you get from a good glass of wine, original label that invites consumers to participate directly on the bottle itself to complete or resolve the puzzles.

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+ Client >> Finca de la Rica + Studio >> Dorian + Country >> Spain

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Lazarus Wine Lazarus wine is known both for its exceptional quality and its innovative and elaborate process method. In this processing, a blind enologist, with the support of a team of professionals carried out sensorial trials. The primary objective of these trials was to achieve a wine

+ Client >> Lazaruswine Elaboraci贸n Sensorial S.L. + D/AD >> Carlos Corral Madrigal + Country >> Spain

of the highest quality elaborated by sensorial methods. In the design of the label the most modern techniques have been employed and inspired by the magic forms of the tactile braille system. The aims of the label were: to highlight the winemaking process, to make the label intelligible for the blind population and to present an outstanding wine with great appeal for the general public.

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MUG pub Mug is a large chain of football pubs based in Moscow that brews its own beer. This is a new concept for take away beer. Beer is poured into paper cups and a different sticker is placed on the top for each sort of beer. The new cup combines the form of the traditional

+ Client >> MUG Pub + D/PG >> Maximov + Country >> Russia

pint glass with the usability of recyclable paper cups.

Choi's Package + Alcohol

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Belgrade Fear Death By Water Artl Studios was commissioned by 'Belgrade' – a rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland – to design packaging for their new E.P, 'Fear Death By Water'. The band wished to focus on the idea that the structure of our society creates citizens fearful of individuality. This fact is compounded by the title given to the E.P. The cover focuses on the artistic and moody side of the music, but as a contrast, the chosen colour scheme highlights the melodic nature they also create. The illustration has not been given an identity, however, it features a very ordered pattern with water falling into it. The lines around the figure are free-flowing and unsorted to emphasize the band's technical ability. This creates a strong contrast with the order inside the head. The logo and typography cling to the structured nature of the design and act as a visual balance on both sides. The whole package includes; CD Sleeve and CD, as well as a poster featuring the illustration. Artl Studios is a multi-disciplinary studio with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design industry. Ultimately, the aim is to improve the way clients and their audiences connect by realising the potential of intelligent design across an everexpanding portfolio of communication channels.

+ Client >> Belgrade + Studio >> Artl Studios + CD/AD/D/ILL/PG >> Stuart McQuarrie + Country >> UK Choi's Package + Book & Media

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Herokid Magic Box Herokid™ is a clothing brand created by Robert Roman (Registred Kid). The main reference for this brand and the people who compose it is the culture of skateboarding and street art from Barcelona. The concept for this package was to create a box that can be a T-shirt package and also a decorative and promotional element. The Herokid logo served as inspiration to design a package in corrugated cardboard that needs no adhesive for assembling. There’s also a small version which you can download from and make yourself.

+ Client >> Herokid™ + Creative Directors >> Registred Kid, Andreu Zaragoza + Designer >> Andreu Zaragoza + Illustrators >> Registred Kid, Aryz, Grito + Main Materials >> Kraft corrugated carton + Others >> needs no adhesive for assembling + Country >> Spain


Choi's Package + Fashion

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Oepure Oepure is an 'egg' with photocatalytic properties made

friendly, easy to understand and to use. Its packaging

of Japanese ceramics. Anywhere in the home, from the

was designed with these keywords in mind. The

bathroom to your refrigerator, it absorbs and destroys

result is a simple cardboard case with an egg-shaped

smells, bacteria, moisture and even COV. Its action lasts

window, slowly unveiling the egg by opening like a

for years, and simply regenerates with sunlight.

flower around it. To be more eco-friendly, the recycled

+ CD/PG >> Estelle Berger

This innovative yet very simple product deserved a

cardboard box is printed with a black vegetal ink, and

+ Country >> France

case displaying its qualities: delicate, environmentally-

folds without any glue.


+ Client >> Kiyotech + Studio >> Yume studio

egg box The materials used to make this product are natural microwaved cardboard and a complementary material rubber. The rubber functions as a shape memory alloy and holds eggs regardless of their size. The eggs are placed into an ellipsoid cut from the card. The egg holder is open at the top, but if its turned upside down, it will still hold the eggs; they will not fall thanks to the elasticity of the rubber. It's easy to fill up, and as a user-friendly product, the consumer can get the egg without having to open it. The egg holder is made of a single piece of card, and is created not by glueing, but by folding and fixing. It can be stored in piles, and if the sides are increased, it can withstand lateral forces. From an environmental point of view, it's recyclable, and the production is possible with the least quantity of material and fewest cut-offs.

+ School >> Institute Of Applied Arts + Tutors >> Márton Juhász, Ferenc Kassai + D/ILL >> Éva Valicsek + Photographer >> Nóra Dénes + Country >> Hungary

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Health & Beauty

'ZEN' Perfume The packaging concept of 'ZEN' perfumes is the synthesis of organic shape and perfume bottle. The

+ Agency >> GOOD! Agency

dominant in the tandem is the natural shape, a small

+ CD/AD/D/PG >> Igor Mitin

piece of glass carries functional purpose – to see the level of the liquid left. Tactile sensations, at a time when the package is in hand, are also very important. The texture and density of the plastic packaging looks and feels very natural just like a real stone, bamboo or a shell. The main objective of the package was to highlight the natural character of this line of perfumes and is fully consistent with the idea of Zen – calmness, meditation and natural beauty.

Health & Beauty

+ Country >> Kazakhstan

Choi's Package + Health & Beauty

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THE SECRECT TRICKS OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN Just like lipstick, this packaging is based on the shape of a rocket. However, when you lift the cap, the rocket

+ Designer >> Ron Hahn

turns into a laboratory utensil. The opening is perfect

+ Country >> Germany

for draining excess fluid, so not a drop of this precious elixir is lost, finding its way back into the safe glass body. The black soft rubber pads provide a specific dosage, and look like the flaps and stabilisers on a rocket.

Health & Beauty

Heartwood Based in South Africa, Heart Wood is a newly launched tree gifting service that derives beautifully packaged saplings, an alternative to the environmentally unfriendly habit of buying 'dead' flowers. We started by naming the company. 'Heart Wood' refers to wood from the centre of a tree, and also communicates a caring ethos. Aesthetically,the challenge was to convey this thinking without enviro-clich's. Lots of thought went into maximising materials, with collateral often performing dual functions.

+ Client >> Jenni Rowe, Heartwood + Copywriter >> Jonathan Bain (writer) + D/ILL >> Craig Keown + Photographer>> Mike Robinson + Country >> Western Cape

Choi's Package + Home & Garden

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Bottle For the New Year, Gauthier gave all its clients a glass

Founded in 1987, Gauthier et Associes Designers inc. is

bottle that implied the message 'Let's eliminate

a communication and design firm based in Montreal.

plastic bottles and lift our glasses to the power of

Known for its strategic approach, the firm has gained a

glass!' Created under the theme of resistance, the

solid reputation for quality work. Strategic-mindedness

box is classic and clean on the outside. However,

and a penchant for clarity, colour its creative process

once the bottle is opened, the box pannels literally

with incisive results. Made up of passionate people,

detach themselves. Just like an explosion, the words

Gauthier thrives on straightforwardness. Fortunately, so

crash and call to the mass power of water drinkers.

do their clients.

Choi's Package + Miscellaneous

+ Client >> Gauthier + Agency >> Gauthier + Art Director >> Mathilde Fortier, Sebastien Legault + Region >> Canada

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R Our brief was to design original name, identity design and packaging for a European experimental fashion label. It had to be minimalistic, unique, modern and useable. We designed a brand identity with packaging design based on the simple Helvetical letter 'R' (the label's name) and two main colours: white and red. The packaging for the label's t-shirts is very simple and consists of a cylindric metal box and plastic cover. For the ultimate in simplicity, we minimised all text descriptions. + Client >> R + Agency >> Creasence + Creative Director >> Alexander Nevolin + Main Materials >> Paper, Metal, Plastic + Others >> Inspired by Kseniya Razumovich + Country >> Czech Republic

Choi's Package + Miscellaneous

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GET NAKED For the Hamburg photographer representation STĂ–VER, Rocket & Wink developed a mailing about 'get naked'. The packaging is not only for shipping, but also a streaker bag. In addition, a streaker was sent across Hamburg's advertising agencies to distribute a portion of the mailing.

+ Client >> StĂśver + Agency >> Rocket & Wink + Creative Directors >> Gerald Rocketson, Petronius Amund Wink + Main Materials >> Paper + Country >> Germany


Choi's Package + Miscellaneous

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Choi's Package + Miscellaneous

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Water bottle The approach of this design is all about the essential: in order to find a pure shape one has to spot the essence of things. The solution for a particular design always means finding a certain answer to some questions. This pure shape answers one simple question: what stands as the basis of the water element? The water drop has all the characteristics which make a shape pure and perfect, while also representing an archetypal image of timeless fluidity. This bottle shape is relatively easy to produce, using a regular industrial method (blow and blow). One important element of this design is the bottle cap, because it continues the lines of the bottle, making the elegant image of the water-drop concept more obvious. Because of the use of regular technical methods to produce, as well as common material (glass) the bottle is easy to produce at a large scale and also easy to recycle, and due to its unique shape, space can be saved during transportation by designing a special package - (two bottles down, one reversed between them).

+ Studio >> Iulian Mosu Studio + CD/D/ILL >> Iulian Mosu + Main Materials >> Glass, Plastic + Country >> Romania

Soft Drink

Soft Drink

A bottle to be peeled To lunch the new formula of SMIRNOFF CATPIROSKA®, the most popular Brazilian drink, we created bottles covered with a sleeve simulating the texture of the fruit for the flavors Lemon, Passion Fruit and Red Fruit, with a diagonal perforation. The consumers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink that taste like fruit. We sent the bottles in wooden crates to a selected mailing of journalists and opinion formers, just like the fruits are stransported in large produce markets in Brazil. This initiative generated PR in specialized magazines and all over the Internet.

+ Client >> Diageo / SMIRNOFF® + Agency >> JWT Brazil + Creative Director >> Mario D'Andrea, Roberto Fernandez + Art Dirsctor >> Christian Faria, Ricardo Kawano, Vlniclus Montana + Illustrator >> Julio Freitas, Paulo Cesar, Marcos Oliveira + Photographer >> Régis Fernandez + Others >> Marlon Zanatti ( Creative / Copywriter ) + Country >> Brazil

Choi's Package + Soft Drink

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Peeze Coffee Peeze provides top quality coffee, especially in the B2B area. Quality and sustainability throughout the whole chain are illustrated by showing a proud farmer from the country of origin enjoying the final product. With one strong image, the whole story is captured and justice is done to the human side of the process.

+ Client >> Koffiebranderij G. Peeze B.V. + Agency >> SOGOOD B.V. + CD/D >> Rob Verhaart + Photographer >> Fotostudio Oscar Seijkens

With this packaging, Peeze wants to make a good

+ Main Materials >> Film

impression with their clients in the area of quality. Each

+ Country >> The Netherlands

farmer on the packaging stands for a different type of coffee. There are four varieties in total: espresso, café crème, special coffee such as cappuccino, and ground coffee. With this, Peeze wants to emphasise that for a tasteful café crème, a café crème blend is used - not a blend that is really only suitable for a strong espresso.

Choi's Package + Soft Drink

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Norsk Ol Norsk Ol is Norwegian alcoholic beverage. Based on research of Norwegian traditions and folklore, the bottles represent Norwegian 'Nisse'. Nisse are small mythical creatures that are believed to bring good luck but are thought to be very mischievous as well. Legend says they dwell in barns and around farmsteads.

+ Client >> Undergraduate Student Work + School >> University of Wisconsin Stevens Point + CD/AD/D/ILL/PG >> Ryanna Christianson + Country >> USA

Choi's Package + Student

234 + 235

Pure Coal Pure Coal速, a 100% natural bamboo charcoal, is a

quickly, produces less ash, and burns hotter than most

sustainable alternative to traditional charcoal. The

wood charcoals. The barbecue tools are made from

product offers consumers a delicious and playful

recycled aluminium and reclaimed, recycled, and FSC

barbecue experience, while maintaining the Kingsford

woods. Moreover, since Kingsford is committed to

guarantee of quality. Because increasing numbers

inspiring a fundamental shift toward environmental

of people are concerned about becoming more

responsibility in the food industry, the Pure Coal速 line

environmentally aware, Kingsford has introduced a

is packaged with only sustainable materials, mainly

sustainable way to experience the barbecue. Bamboo

corrugated cardboard. For the sauces and seasoning

Charcoal will replace the traditional charcoal, and has

bottles, recycled glass is used and the bottle caps are

significantly fewer toxic emissions than wood charcoal.

made from FSC woods.

It burns almost smoke free. It is odourless, lights up


+ CD/D >> Winnie Yuen + Photographer >> Qi Yuan Li + Country >> USA

Choi's Package + Student

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MR I am a third year graphic design student, currently taking the year out to gain experience in the industry before my final year. I worked on this design as a first year project. The brief was to repackage a pound shop item to make it look like a much higher quality product.

+ School >> University of Central Lancashire + D/PG >> Nicholas Seville + Country >> UK

This was achieved by creating a product that stood out on the shelves and made it more interactive, allowing the customer to get a feel for the product.

Choi's Package + Student

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Brashno Brashno produces organic, unpasteurised dairy products without nutrient supplements. These products cannot be sold in stores because of their short shelf life, so they are delivered directly to customers. The concept is based on the connection of specific products with Russian fairytales. The products are wrapped in a kraft paper with illustrations of the fairytale related to the product inside. They are packed into a handmade wooden basket for delivery.


+ D/ILL >> Arina Makhova + Main Materials >> Wood, Kraft + Country >> Russia

forWine Fragile wine glasses are challenging to pack effectively

several modular possibilities. No pieces need to be

without massive usage of material. Our goal was to

ripped off or stored separately, and it can just as easily

provide a sustainable packaging solution for this

be converted back to its primary form in case the wine

problem. The life cycle of the packaging is extended

glasses need to be protected again, for example when

by offering an alternative function after the product

moving. It was designed by Joona Louhi & Antti Ojala,

has reached its destination. Through the experience

who are both currently studying packaging and brand

of transformation, the packaging becomes a wine rack

design at Lahti Institute of Design, Finland.

for three bottles. The rack is rigid and the form allows


+ Designer >> Joona Louhi & Antti Ojala + Main Materials >> Corrugated Cardboard + Country >> Finland

Choi's Package + Student

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