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Truth depends on where you see it from Truly | Urban Artists’ artwork presents, in a contemporary guise, an optical phenomenon called anamorphosis; a technique experimented with ever since the fifteenth century by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Hans Holbein. ‘Truth depends on where you see it from’ showcases the recent outcomes of the collective’s aesthetic and poetic studies, and highlights the relationship between geometrical abstraction and urban space.

// Studio_Truly | Urban Artists // Photo Credits_Beppe Giardino / we.mind // Country_Italy


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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Seeing Round Corners Seeing Round Corners is Turner Contemporary's

objects and historical artefacts.

2016 Summer Exhibition and is the first UK exhibition

‘IWANT design’ was tasked with creating the graphic

to explore how artists have responded to the

identity, promotional material and interpretation

phenomenon of the circle, the disc or the sphere. The

for the exhibition. Taking a literal approach to the

exhibition showcases more than 50 works, presenting

visual identity, the visual uses curved type for the

a variety of processes and media including painting,

logo and plays with curves and arcs for supporting

sculpture, film and photography, alongside design


// Client_Turner Contemporary // Studio_IWANT design // Country_United Kingdom

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Kitchen Budapest Identity concept for Kitchen Budapest, an internationally recognized innovation lab. The idea of the logo is based on an ingredient list, which represents the notion of Kitchen Budapest where people “cook” their ideas with various components. The design is versatile and adaptable across different media, each piece of the design corresponds to the logo yet has their own original modification.

// Client_Kitchen Budapest // Designer(s)_Lilla Tóth // Others_Dorottya Vékony // Country_Hungary


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Pinafamília Pinafamília is a visual identity developed for the

regardless of age, gender and kinship.

'family visiting program' of São Paulo's Pinacoteca

In the design, the graphic elements interact with each

museum. The program aimed to attract family visits to

other and they were put into a playful and flexible

the museum. Developed by design agency ‘Casa Rex’,

visual system which, just as the contemporary family,

the visual identity was created without reducing the

also comes with a myriad of different arrangements.

term 'family' to stereotypes - any group is welcome,

// Client_Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo // Agency_Casa Rex // Creative Director(s)_Gustavo Piqueira // Art Director(s)_Gustavo Piqueira // Designer(s)_Gustavo Piqueira, Samia Jacintho // Others_Marianne Meni, Caroline Vapsys, Alex Gyurkovicz, Marcela Souza // Country_Brasil


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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

Rising Stairs This project was made for the school evaluation committee. Aiming to express the school’s progressive development of the research field and creative work, the design uses the symbolic pencil and staircase as the visual foundation and an uplifting colour scheme to emphasize the achievement of the Department of Design.

// Client_Taiwan Tech // Designer(s)_Chieh-Ting Lee // Copywriter(s)_Taiwan Tech // Region_Taiwan


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Sarau Even there are only two major colours used, the illustration is vivid, fun and vibrant - as though the characters will pop out of the ‘Sarau’ labels. It is festive, full of life, and attractive. // Client_Les rimes d’en Rim, Vinics // Studio_Enserio // Creative Director(s)_Miquel Amela, Ferran Rodríguez // Art Director(s)_Miquel Amela, Ferran Rodríguez // Designer(s)_Miquel Amela, Ferran Rodríguez // Illustrator(s)_Miguel Bustos // Photographer(s)_Sílvia Poch // Country_Spain

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Mokuzai Sake Mokuzai (ćœ¨ć??) Sake is an original Japanese Rice

seasons, the new geometric logos for the bottles

Wine brand based in Tokyo, Japan. The new in-

were constructed with strokes and basic shapes. The

stock product of Mokuzai Sake is a series of four-

special visuals were stylized with influences from

season rice wines. Inspired by the previous products

the Kakejiku, the Japanese hanged scroll landscape

of Mokuzai, the new sake package design takes

paintings. The final designs show Kakejiku's key

advantage of the material of wood, which perfectly

components (mountains, clouds, and the sun) made

translates the brand's name in Japanese. By extracting

with strokes and geometric shapes, which mimic the

and simplifying the Kanji characters of the four

style of the logos.

// Client_Mokuzai Sake // Designer(s)_Alex Dang // Country_Canada

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 38 /

CS Electric CS is the largest electrical company in Belarus, Designer Angelina Pischikova developed a clever packaging solution for their products. Lightbulb inventor Thomas Edison referred to a firefly as an ideal cold light source, which prompted the idea of using various forms of light bulbs as the luminous part of various insects.

// Client_CS // Designer(s)_Angelina Pischikova // Photographer(s)_Yury Rumovsky // Country_Belarus


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Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord ‘Violaine et Jérémy’ has developed the identity, typography, poster and 2016-2017 program for ‘Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord’. The studio decided to give a playful feeling to this season, creating the frisky and childlike title fonts fun Dida (black) and Scali (condensed). Contributed by talented Yann Kebbi, the vivid illustration and the pleasant and light-hearted colour palette appropriately express the delightful seasonal atmosphere.

// Client_Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord // Studio_Violaine et Jérémy // Illustrator(s)_Yann Kebbi // Country_France


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Chois Gallery Vol. 38  

Selected content from Chois Gallery issue 38.

Chois Gallery Vol. 38  

Selected content from Chois Gallery issue 38.