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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 33 /

Wayfinding for the Art Cluster WOWHOUSE has developed one of Moscow's most wide-ranging outdoor navigation systems for ARTPLAY creative cluster, which is prawled on a vast area with 14 buildings, 440 company offices, 71 navigation nodes and 200 information carriers. This vast 75,000 sq.m area consists of bureaus, design studios, show rooms, art schools, cafes and restaurants, exhibition galleries, a bomb shelter, three roofs with skating rinks and a movie theatre, a mysterious capsule bath, two beautiful towers, old stables, a couple of birdhouse galleries, apartments and offices. The design team came up with a navigation system which targets different groups of visitors.

// Client_ARTPLAY Design Center // Studio_WOWHOUSE // Creative Director_Denis Stulikov // Designers_Denis Stulikov, Denis Borisov, Oleg Pakhmutov, Nikita Runin

// Illustrators_Denis Stulikov, Anton Krivulya, Denis Borisov

// Photographer_Denis Borisov, Nikita Runin // Country_Russia


/ 048 - 049 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 33 /

Crudo - Gore Film Festival This set of designs are for a bizarre film festival that takes place in Buenos Aires - Argentina.

// Studio_Bรถneboy // Designer_Emanuel Barcelรณ // Country_Argentina

Event /

/ 056 - 057 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 33 /

SDVIG 8-bit Music Festival The target audience of 8bit Music Festival SDVIG is a narrow circle of fans of the musical genre.

// Designer_Elizaveta Scheglova // Country_Russia


/ 074 - 075 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 33 /

DROVAMUKA Pizza Pie & Wine "Drovamuka" is a cozy and friendly restaurant in Novosibirsk where all the pizzas and pies are cooked on open fire.

// Client_DROVAMUKA // Studio_TWET // Art Director_Alexander Petrov // Designers_Alexander Petrov, An Palahniuk // Country_Russia


/ 088 - 089 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 33 /


/ 140 - 141 /

Experimental Pattern Design for Liquor Bottles This self-initiated project uses simple geometric shapes and lines to create graphic variations exploring the relations between structures and graphics. Applying them onto bottle surfaces, combining and distilling the shapes, and playing between figure and ground resulted in these 5 different combinations for this project.

// Designer_You Zhang // Country_USA

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 33 /


/ 190 - 191 /

3 DJ Around the World DJ.Set is a new type of musical label. In times when digital music is instantly dowloaded with a clic, DJ.Set offers to materialize a DJ's virtual world. Monthly a music box is produced. It physically displays the musician's emotions and atmosphere, stories of his real life, and the city where he lives in. Among all the objects in the box, viewers can also find a booklet presenting the universe and the personality of the DJ.

// Studio_In the pool Studio // Designers_Louise Harling, GĂŠraldine Pace // Country_France

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Chois Gallery Vol. 33  

Selected content from Chois Gallery issue 33.

Chois Gallery Vol. 33  

Selected content from Chois Gallery issue 33.