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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /

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/ 020 - 021 /

Be Wise Drive Nice A public campaign designed to enlighten and educate

wordmark was derived from license plates and

the masses about the hazards of ignorance and

dialogue boxes to arouse conversation. The Highway

apathy regarding the personal implementation of

Gothic typeface was chosen for its highly legible

healthy road safety practices. The overall design

characteristics. The colour scheme follows the existing

carrys an adorable sense of humor.

official road safety message colours, with yellow being

Inspired by the rhyming and humorous warning signs

the primary campaign colour and the others utilized

from the Border Roads organisation, the slogan "Be

contextually. The design covers poster, handout, flyer

Wise Drive Nice" managed to capture the essence

and a set of installations.

of the project in a soundbite. The aesthetics of the

// Designer(s)_Vishnu M Nair // Country_India

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /

Campaign /

/ 028 - 029 /

Chocolisto - Feed Your Child´s Future Feed Your Child's Future is a print ad design for Chocolisto from Rep Grey. This fresh design appoach is a real surprise. The colour choice helps to deliver a strong and impressive image while the layered cutting gives the work a dimensional effect.

// Client_Chocolisto // Agency_Grey Colombia // Creative Director(s)_Sebastían Mallarino, Sebastían Benitez, Camilo Monzón // Art Director(s)_Andrés García // Copywriter(s)_Sebastían Benitez // Designer(s)_Dana Sanmar // Photographer(s)_Zuan Carreño // Country_Colombia

Kaliber 44 "U amek Tarcia" Kaliber 44 is a hip-hop band formed at the end of 1993 in Katowice, Poland. After sixteen years they are back with their new album: "U AMEK TARCIA". Micha Dziekan designed and illustrated the album packaging while Maciej Dziekan was responsible for the graphics. The main idea for the design was to be "less" on the outside where minimalistic style plays the main role, while "more" on the inside with heavy detailed illustrations. The more you unfold the packaging, the more detailed and cluttered illustrations unveil. The packaging finishes with a folded poster in the digipack pocket.

// Client_Kaliber 44 // Creative Director(s)_Micha Dziekan // Art Director(s)_Micha Dziekan // Designer(s)_Micha Dziekan, Maciej Dziekan // Illustrator(s)_Micha Dziekan // Country_Poland

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /

Pogoria - Colorful Heart of Dąbrowa Górnicza City (Poland) Visual identity system for Pogoria Shopping Centre in Dąbrowa Górnicza City (Poland). The challenge was to rebrand so as to set the direction for changes in the building's architectural space. The main aim of such broad change was to enliven the public space in the area of Dąbrowa Górnicza. The name of Pogoria came from a group of water bodies called Pogoria, one of the beloved leisure areas of Dąbrowa Basin inhabitants. The round shapes of the letters make a reference to circles on the water. Introducing a whole range of vivid colours and the use of recurrent shapes (quarter and semicircles) has become a solution for the identification system. The result achieved consistency of the identification system and of the architectural designs and arrangements that are aimed at revamping the public space of the centre. Interior design elements and landscape architecture were styled on the basis of the characteristic elements of the identity system. Later on, the public space around Pogoria Shopping Centre welcomed a playground and greenery areas that was inspired by the solutions provided by "bna".

// Client_Jantar Investments Sp. z o.o. // Agency_bna/brand new attitude // Creative Director(s)_Wojtek Mierowski // Strategic Director(s)_Mariusz Przybyl // Art Director(s)_Wojtek Mierowski, Slawomir Barcz // Designer(s)_Slawomir Barcz // Others_Magda Paryna, Maciek Chorazak - Smart Metropolitans

// Country_Poland


/ 046 - 047 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /


/ 048 - 049 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /

Peru Design Net Peru Design Net is an initiative between IED Madrid

language; diverse, yet at the same time keeping a

and Peru's National Comission for Export and

Peruvian identity. To complete this in a flexible yet

Promotion. The goal was to encourage Peru as a

relevant and catchy way, the team used cropped

multi-disciplinary innovation hub. This initiative

pictures of Peruvian elements such as ceramics,

had a launch week with diverse activities involving

local peppers and rare potatoes to interact with bold

innovation with Peruvian materials and knowledge.

shapes that resemble movement.

The aim for Infinito Consultores was to create a visual

// Client_PromPeru & IED Madrid // Agency_Infinito Consultores // Creative Director(s)_Alfredo Burga // Art Director(s)_Alfredo Burga // Designer(s)_Franco Zegovia, Yeera Cueva // Country_Peru

Event /

/ 062 - 063 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /

Felicità a Pacchi "Felicità a Pacchi", meaning "Happiness in boxes", is

the space by printing objects on vinyl stickers and

a series of kits realized in order to help people to find

placing them on walls. Furthermore, she realized

their own happiness.

some more physical furniture pieces by using printed

For this exhibition design project, to display the

thick cardboard and laser cutting in order to have a

products in only a few square meters, designer Elena

more realistic effect. The overall design creating a

Caricasole decided to showcase them in a engaging

very neutral and pleasing ambient which was perfect

way by reproducing their everyday life usage. Using

for the products of "Felicità a Pacchi".

only black and white illustrations, Elena 'furnished'

// Designer(s)_Elena Caricasole // Photographer(s)_Irene Beltrame // Country_Italy

Event /

/ 072 - 073 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 35 /


doMEmentary VI Design for 1st Macao International Documentary Film Festival. Developed by Macau based designer Chi-Wai Un, the delightful illustration reflects on the theme "Every little thing deserves to be recorded." Using a pop of bright yellow to correspond with the joyous ambient, the design speaks a telling identity.

// Client_Macao International Documentary Film Festival // Studio_FlYFISH // Designer(s)_Chi-Wai Un // Region_Macau

/ 128 - 129 /

Illustration /

Confident’ Andreea Robescu is a Barcelona based multidisciplinary artist who designs with a playful and vibrant style. The main idea of this project was to break the boundaries of how the body and facial features are shown through photography in the fashion industry. Nowadays there is a fine line between sexual objectification and sexual freedom, by using a more relaxed and fun way of looking at things, the designer expressed and embraced the human sexuality in a playful way.

// Designer(s)_Andreea Robescu // Country_Spain

Photographers and magazines credits for project "Confident'" illustrations are in order

8. Andreea Diaconu by Amy Troost for i-D No. 339 Fall 2015

as follows:

9. Christelle Yambayisa by Guillaume Millet for Wad No. 65 Jun-Jul-Aug 2015

1. Grace Bol by Sølve Sundsbø for LOVE Magazine No.15 S/S 2016 issue

10. Damaris Goddrie by Alasdair McLellan for i-D No. 337 Summer 2015

2. Lineisy Montero by Patrick Demarchelier for British Vogue February 2016 issue

11. Marjan Jonkman by Ben Toms for MSGM S/S16 Campaign

3. Elle Fanning by Collier Schorr for i-D No. 339 Fall 2015 issue

12. Willow Smith by Tyrone Lebon for i-D No. 338 Pre Fall 2015

4. Lineisy Montero by Amy Troost for i-D No. 339 Fall 2015 issue

13. Victoria Plum by Manu de Leon for Ocimag No. 65 Oct.-Nov. 2015

5. Bimba y Lola S/S 2016 Campaign by Synchrodogs

14. Amilna Estevão by Amy Troost for i-D No. 339 Fall 2015

6. Behati Prinsloo by Daniel Jackson for i-D No. 340 Winter 2015 issue

15. Aspen by Raúl Córdoba for Paraíso Magazine No.01

7. Michael Lockley by Fumi Nagasaka for Dazed vol. IV Fall 2015

16. Imaan Hammam by Letty Schmiterlow for i-D No. 340 Winter 2015 issue

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Chois Gallery Vol.35  

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