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Legs In this campaign design, the characters turn into runners and hit the road when they put on the new product launched from Mizuno: the Wave Creation 15 running shoes. Shown only from the leg down, the characters range from a can-can dancer to a figure from Brazilian folklore Saci, demonstrating that with maximum comfort and minimum impact, anyone can run.

// client_Mizuno // Agency_F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi // creative Director(s)_Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima, Rodrigo Castellari, Pedro Prado // Art Director(s)_Rodrigo Castellari, Bruno Oppido // copywriter(s)_Eduardo Lima, Pedro Prado // Illustrator(s)_Fabio Vido // Photographer(s)_Ricardo Barcellos // Others_Gabriel Guedelha // country_Brazil

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To Guide and Delight Embracing and reflecting the terminal’s large space, Base designed a modern, open and light visual system that was simple, but with a distinguished personality. The team developed a custom typeface and focused on the number “4” to serve as the iconic pinnacle and foundation for the identity. Base extended the meaning of the number to personify the terminal experience being “4 all” - for all people and aspects of travel. The logo and typeface were paired with a vibrant, joyful colour palette to render the terminal environment fresh, fun, approachable, and eye-catching. Base also partnered with illustrator Tomi Um on the thematic illustrations, which is visible throughout the terminal.

// client_Terminal 4 JFK // Studio_Base Design // creative Director(s)_Min Lew // Design Director(s)_Arno Baudin // Senior Designer(s)_Inva Çota // Designer(s)_Gina Shin, Ian Nam // Illustrator(s)_Tomi Um // country_United States


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Science House A camping program which was located out of town was held for children and the interns which help in organization of experiments. Most of the experiments and classes took place in the specially equipped sites. All experiments were carried out with observance of all safety rules and under the supervision of professionals. The concept of the camp is to promote science, to make it understandable, interesting and useful, giving children opportunities to make new discoveries. A straightforward, attractive and informative branding communication was called for. With the logo "scientific home" bringing a friendly impression, the identity was educationally based on the four subjects of the camp - physics, chemistry, biology, and ecology. The designers also developed fun protective suits for those children who worked on the experiments.

// Client_Science House // Creative Director(s)_Zarina Khazieva // Designer(s)_Zarina Khazieva // Illustrator(s)_Zarina Khazieva // Country_Russia

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 37 /

Panificadora Panificadora was meant to be demolished to construct a new neighborhood of luxury flats. Inspired by the rehabilitation of TATE Modern in London and the Matadero in Madrid, Yarza Twins decided to stop the demolition and to promote the creation of a space for culture and arts in their hometown, Vigo. Panificadora is an old bread factory based in one of the main streets of Vigo, Spain. Despite being in ruins for over 20 years, it is still considered the most important architectural legacy in the city. The building, made mainly of concrete, is a clear example of brutalist architecture. Yarza Twins’ campaign, Salvemos a Panificadora (Save the Bread Factory), collected around 5,000 signatures from citizens around the world and pushed the mayor to protect the building. It was declared ‘well of cultural interest’ in 2011 but it is still in ruins. This project imagines the branding of an arts, cultural and youth centre that Panificadora could become. The hope being that that one day, it will finally have the place it deserves in the city. The branding consists of the original typeface found in the entrance of the building, the graphic reinterpretation of the iconic silos and red as the colour representative of Vigo.

// Client_Panificadora Vigo // Studio_Yarza Twins // Creative Director(s)_Eva & Marta Yarza (Yarza Twins) // Art Director(s)_Eva & Marta Yarza (Yarza Twins) // Designer(s)_Eva & Marta Yarza (Yarza Twins) // Photographer(s)_Eva & Marta Yarza (Yarza Twins) // Country_United Kingdom


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A Banca da Sardinha 'A Banca da Sardinha' was created to give personality

Each illustration is directly related to the recipe

to this very typical Portuguese product – canned

that is inside the can: the sardines in olive oil with

sardines. “We wanted to give it life by dressing it

garlic, the roes of sardines, the small sardines or the

with a character - The Sardine – that is involved in so

skinless and boneless ones in spicy olive oil, just to

many different situations showing that she can be

mention some examples. The charismatic packaging

bold, fearless, fun, curious but also a bit clumsy.” The

design shows that the canned sardines from A Banca

canned sardines can now be considered not only a

da Sardinha are not only a commodity but a very

great food, but also a fun product with a story to tell

fascinating gift and a collectible product.

through its illustrations.

// Client_A Banca da Sardinha // Agency_Sardinha Comunicação // Creative Director(s)_Ricardo Torres // Art Director(s)_Fernando Lucas // Copywriter(s)_Ricardo Torres // Designer(s)_Fernando Lucas // Country_Portugal


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