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UK Mexico 2015 Identity and global guidelines design for UK Mexico 2015, the biggest ever cross-cultural celebration between Mexico and the UK. The year long festival hosted a landmark programme of high-profile cultural, academic and trade projects which took place across both nations. By uniting a British inspired san serif with a custom Mexican design based on traditional Mayan patterns, design studio Alphabetical crafted a vibrant bespoke typeface that celebrates both nations in one voice.

// client_British Council // Studio_Alphabetical // creative Director(s)_Tommy Taylor, Robert Young // Designer(s)_Robert Young, Katie Alger // country_United Kingdom

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ADI Awards Visual graphics system design for ADI awards. To

the existing icons - some of them going back to the

come up with an identity that can be versatile for

1960s - and formulates new ones. They brought

many different awards - each has a distinctive history

everything together with a striking typographical

and profile - and can also be uniform as a harmonious

treatment and a colour palette that will allow for

entirety, TwoPoint tackled the challenge with a visual

controlled transformation of a beautiful and strong

system that will endure without becoming static. They

identity for years to come.

created a set of symbols for the awards that updates

// client_ADI-FAD // Studio_TwoPoints.Net // Photographer(s)_Carolina Sainz // country_Germany

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Latina Latina is one of the largest media channels with the highest audience in Peru. Lima based agency Brandlab has developed an energetic identity that can be varied depending on the type of content and programs the channel features.

// Client_Latina // Agency_Brandlab // Creative Director(s)_Alfonso Fernandez // Art Director(s)_Castor Vera // Designer(s)_Roger Lara, Joen Kcam, Romina De Luise

// Photographer(s)_Yayo Lรณpez // Motion Graphics_Super Studio // Country_Peru


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Indra - Sensory Association Branding project for Indra restaurant, a traditional Chongqing (China) hotpot restaurant. Indra aims to encourage more people to experience the unique Chongqing culture through the authentic red hot regional flavour and its fresh local ingredients. The design manages to dipict the typical Chongqing urban feature and capture the essence of this city's characteristics in the line-drawing illustration.

// Client_Indra // Agency_YDM Design&Marketing // Creative Director(s)_Yang Zhongli, Zhang Han // Art Director(s)_Zhang Han // Country_China


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Dressing the Screen A bilingual identity for the Dressing the Screen exhibition, reflecting high-fashion through visual graphics, way-finding, web presence, brochure and print design. Dressing the Screen: the Rise of Fashion Film is a new international British Council exhibition. The exhibition brings together the most famous and innovative fashion designers and filmmakers from the last 75 years. Looking back on the history of British fashion, the designers created a set of patterns where each design mirrors the spirit of an epoch. The kaleidoscope concept formed the basis of the flexible grid which is applicable to any format. And the mirror symmetry graphics also add an artful originality to the signage system.

// Client_British Council // Designer(s)_Oleg Safronov, Nastya Shtern // Country_Russia

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Krasnogorie Krasnogorie (Red Mountains) is an Ural brand of meat


delicacies and sausages from the Chelyabinsk meat

Upon a closer view, the pattern of meat fibers is

processing plant, which is dedicated to providing

actually the figure of farms, villages, Ural Mountains,

regular customers with the truly high-quality, natural

and free-ranging cattle. From there the team related

sausages made from actual Ural meat.

the packaging to the brand name and added details

To underpin the natural quality of the products,

to the image, which speak not only of the quality of

design agency Science adapted the vivid image

the raw material, but also of the producer’s approach.

of a juicy steak as a basis for the brand identity,

All illustrations were made with the technique of

creating a perfect combination with red, white, and

linocut. The linoleum sheet is inked with special inks,

graphite. Such ‘meaty’ background is easy to discern

then printed on water-colour paper in a relief printing

from a distance, and certainly reflects the product’s


// Client_Chelyabinsk Meat Processing Plant // Agency_Science // Art Director(s)_Pavel Konyukov // Designer(s)_Maria Davydova // Country_Russia

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The Library Project’s Play The Library Project hosted its first public fundraising cocktail event in Vietnam, early in 2016. Agency Rice Creative was asked to distill their mission into a fun concept, in order to engage influential citizens to support the cause. The event was conceived to consolidate a new network of supporters for the NGO and to raise funds to improve literacy in rural Vietnam. The PLAY concept focuses on creativity, imagination and art. The initiative is about giving access to books to children in rural areas of Vietnam, as they are deprived of the reading materials in which stories and images will light up their imagination.

// Client_The Library Project // Agency_Rice Creative // Creative Director(s)_Chi-An De Leo, Joshua Breidenbach // Art Director(s)_Arno Baudin, Gregory Jewett // Designer(s)_Henrik Grill // Illustrator(s)_Ruby Chau // Photographer(s)_Wing Chan // Country_Vietnam

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Dot Theatre Posters This series of posters has been designed to bring together selections from contemporary theatre and the Istanbul audience. The poster designs are mainly created based on the play's vast context, merging typography and illustration.

// Client_Dot // Designer(s)_Ka an Kaya // Country_Turkey


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