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Coloradore Coloradore is an ongoing design project aiming to provide colour matching inspiration for anyone in forms of experimental posters. // Designer/Illustrator_ Anna Kรถvecses // Country_ Cyprus

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

Calm Down With A Cup Of Tea The campaign aimed to get people to consider the

heating point. Thus, we chose to dramatise two minor

Body Cooling Herbal Tea from Uyee Medical Hall as an

incidents: a kid's almost perfect homework and an

alternative remedy for managing stress. We want to

employee's minute tardiness that triggered seemingly

show that no one is excepted when stress builds to a

unreasonable, fiery responses.

// Client_Kedai Ubat Uyee // Agency_Grey Group Kuala Lumpur // Creative Director_ David Sin // Art Director_ Phoecus Lee // Copywriter_ Lee Weng Onn // Illustrator_ Vince Low // Country_ Malaysia


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Men's Hobbies A series of print advertisements for the flower delivery service, 'Fleurop'. The challenge of the task is to create a campaign that speaks to men in a humorous way, and to remind male customers of the benefits that come from giving their wives a bouquet of flowers. So we created a series of bold images entirely out of flowers, showing men enjoying the rewards that come from sending their wives flowers: a night with the boys, guilt-free.

// Client_Fleurop Germany // Agency_Ogilvy Germany // Creative Directors_ Dr. Stephan Vogel, Matthias Storath, Helmut Meyer

// Art Director_ // Copywriters_ // Illustrator_ // Photographer_ // Country_ Germany

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

Viking The largest Viking exhibition in more than 20 years

public display for the first time in history. To present

opened recently at the National Museum of Denmark

it in all its glory, Atelier Br端ckner GmbH created a

by Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

unique media installation, where actual salvaged

Among hundreds of one-of-a-kind historical artifacts,

artifacts are 'embedded' into an epic animated

at the exhibition's heart is a cinematic audiovisual

panorama which was painstakingly brought to life

installation accompanying the longest Viking warship

by creative production company Shilo using original

ever found. Measuring 37 metres in length, this

paintings made by hand.

magnificent, nearly 1,000 year-old royal treasure is on

// Agency_ // Producer_ Cord-Hinrich Grote // Production Company_Shilo // Creative Director_ Tom Green // Designers_ // Country_ Germany


/ 028 - 029 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

WakuWaku Dammtor WakuWaku has relaunched itself as a fast food restaurant and organic food store in one. The brand values 'organic' and 'sustainable' which remain as the clear focus of all communications.

// Client_ // Agency_ Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH Identity Architects

// Artwork/Wall Design_ Chris Rehberger // Photographer_ // Country_ Germany


/ 038 - 039 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

Commonwealth Bank Australia, Melbourne The Frost Environments team recently completed an

break-out spaces.

exciting new project for employees at Commonwealth

Working closely with New York based illustrator

Bank's Melbourne call centre.

James Gulliver Hancock, they established sub-themes

The scope of work included signage and way finding

of work, rest and play to tell the everyday stories of

for the 7 level development, alongside super-sized

the city's inhabitants, with a fantastical twist. Hidden

environmental graphic backdrops that added a

pockets of quirky detail were incorporated at a micro-

distinctly Melbourne identity to the inner-city office.

scale, as a cheeky nod to the city's laneways where

The concept involved visually breaking up the

there is always something new to discover. A graphic

building's floor plate by referencing urban-laneway

language formed from iconic Melbourne architecture

culture in work zones and parklands and nature in the

also helped embed the signage firmly into its location.

// Client_ // Studio_Frost*Design // Creative Director_Vince Frost // Design Director_ // Designers_Charlie Bromley, Katie Bevin, Jordan Rowe

// Interior Designer_Davenport Campbell // Illustrator_ // Photographer_James Newman // Country_Australia


/ 040 - 041 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

Polish Advertising Festival The project presents the identification for the Polish Advertising Festival. The sentence in the sign 'Polish advertising is monstrous' was utilised for the identification and that is how the main element - an eye - was extracted. Eventually, not only the sign itself is an uncommonly-presented living form, it also enlivens all of the advertising carriers.

// Client_ // Studio_UVMW // Designers_ // Country_Poland

E vent

/ 046 - 047 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

AIGA National Conference Identity president clintons

The 'Pivot' theme of the 2011 AIGA National Conference focused on the rapidly evolving state of

amazing sax skills will be

design. The identity, with its multiple logos and triple-

judged quite favorably.

weight typeface, provides a rich palette with which to design. Its energy and versatility also reflect the urgency for designers to be professionally nimble, and the multiple channels designers must all embrace

does the job of waxing

in order to succeed.

linoleum frequently peeve chintzy kids?

// Client_ American Institute of Graphic Arts // Agency_ Volume Inc // Creative Directors_Adam Brodsley, Eric Heiman // Designers_Brice McGowen, Daniel Amara // Country_USA

jaded zombies acted quaintly,but kept driving their oxen forward.



Patrick McMURPHY



Heavy Meta

School of Visual Arts

School of Visual Arts

M I N N E A P O L I S, M N

N E W YO R K , N Y

N E W YO R K , N Y

M T A AIGA Design Conference October 2011, Phoenix

AIGA Design Conference October 2011, Phoenix

AIGA Design Conference October 2011, Phoenix





Lesley-Anne CRILL


Volume Inc

North Carolina State University

Rhode Island School of Design

S A N F R A N C I S C O, C A



G C V AIGA Design Conference October 2011, Phoenix

AIGA Design Conference October 2011, Phoenix

AIGA Design Conference October 2011, Phoenix


2D The Port Wine needs to move away from its ancient and ritualised nature and attract younger consumers mainly through a 'refreshment' of image, showing that it is versatile and adapts to nowadays.

// Designers_Catarina Antunes, Hugo Silva // Country_ Portugal

/ 064 - 065 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

Fika Fika is named after the Swedish word for coffee break

Our branding solution is based on the notion of a

and we needed no encouragement to express its

break from the dull routine of daily life. This is subtly

'Take a Break' proposition in a way that matches the

expressed by perforating sections around and within

brand's quirky personality and cosmopolitan location.

a mix of photographs and illustrations.

// Client_ // Agency_ Designers Anonymous // Creative Directors_ Darren Barber, Christian Eager // Designer/Illustrator/Copywriter_ Darren Barber // Country_ UK


/ 078 - 079 /

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /

Museum of the Moving Image The new extension to New York's Museum of the

identity, entry signage, wayfinding system as well as

Moving Image, designed by Leeser Architecture,

all printed collateral and customised museum store

opened in 2011. For three years, we worked closely


// Client_Museum of the Moving Image // Studio_ // Country_USA

with the museum and Leeser to create the new




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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 24 /


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