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2015 Calendar-Life in the Island 2015 calendar: "Life in the Island": This calendar design is inspired from designer's daily life, from working place to home in Taipei. In different month of this calendar, there is a introduction showing people both Taiwan's scenes of humanistic view and nature, from the most common food to the birds on the tree top, life in the island, there are always lots of things to see and to be experience.

// Designer_ Kate Huang // Region_ Taiwan

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Campaign /

Crusoe Print Campaign Crusoe is about attitude, defying the status quo and poking the restless adventurer who is either dying to emerge or lying dormant inside every man. The campaign idea was to bring alive "who are you inside", with a raw, in-your-face attitude. // Client_ Crusoe Men’s Innerwear // Agency_ Black Swan Life Communications Pvt. Ltd // Creative Director_ Sukumar Menon // Art Directors_ Namrata Desai, Shruti Shah // Designers_ Namrata Desai, Shruti Shah // Copywriter_ Sukumar Menon // Illustrator_ Lokesh // Photographer_ Matt Barnes // Country_ India

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/ 052 - 053 /

HOSTEL GOLLYÂąBOSSY The "Savo" building, located in the Split city center core, was turned into a shopping mall at the beginning of this century and, by a guerrilla action in 2010, was transformed into a hostel in 100 days. Public communications - escalators, panoramic elevator and the staircase were kept, and shopping spaces were partitioned by a system of walls that contain everything necessary - beds, lavatories, showers and toilets. An urban metropolitan character as well as a continuance of the public realm within a historical membrane were performed.

// Client_ Safir Ltd // Agency_ STUDIO UP // Creative Directors_ Lea Pelivan, Toma Plejic // Designer_ Damir Gamulin // Copywriter_ Nenad Vukusic // Photographer_ Robert Les // Country_ Croatia

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/ 058 - 059 /

Pajol’s kindergarten renovation The project is a major renovation with an arrangement of indoor and outdoor spaces, and the design of specific furniture. The front courtyard is designed as an urban symbol optimistic and identity of the preschool. It unfolds on three levels, creating a fun environment for children. The facade is carved on the ground floor to the yard, building real agora, a sunny space and crossing. The interior spaces help to create different emotions, different colors on the walls, furniture geometry varied, heterogeneous materials and pleasant to the touch (wood, rubber, metal ...) to provide a stimulating and positive for the children and staff.

// Client_ Ville de Paris // Designer_ Olivier Palatre // Copywriter_ Luc Boegly // Photographer_ Luc Boegly // Country_ France

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 30 /

Finkel & Garf Before starting a brewery, father and son duo Dan and Eric Garfinkel ran a successful business selling classic toys. Designers helped them bring their fun, straightforward, and laid back attitude to their newest venture into a craft brewery in the heart of beer country. Referencing their roots in the toy industry and inspired by crests common on vintage beer cans, we created a custom coat of arms for the Finkel & Garf brewery. Featuring toys in a traditionally serious and regal context reflects their desire to subtly subvert the wine-ification of craft beer and introduce a more approachable product to the market. The various toys represented in the coat of arms were selected to inspire people from all generations to reconnect with their childlike sense of wonder and excitement.

// Client_ Finkel & Garf Brewing Co. // Agency_ Cast Iron Design // Designers_ Richard Roche, Jonathan Black // Country_ United States


Nu Chayamachi This identity was designed by Masato Suzuki from Japan.

// Agency_Anoniwa // Designer_Masato Suzuki // Country_Japan

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Illustration /

/ 138 - 139 /

The Hiding-in-theWrong-Place Club The Hiding-in-the-Wrong-Place Club is a group of

encountered on his world journeys. Because food

foodies who hide and meddle in world cuisines as

is culture, food serves as an exciting invitation and

an at-tempt to learn and understand all cultures

tasteful introduction to foreign and unfamiliar terrain,

alike. Food and travel go hand-in-hand. Vancouver-

allowing people to learn and share. The Hiding-in-the-

based illustrator Andy Wang has always been

Wrong-Place Club is born to help transcend this belief.

fascinated and enlightened by the different cuisines

// Agency_Noonmoon Design // Designer_Andy Wang // Country_Canada

/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 30 /

Cape of Good Hope The designers had fun creating this graphic interpretation of the Atlantic coast of South Africa. It shows the prominent spots along the western side of the Cape of Good Hope.

// Agency_ Studio Muti // Country_ England

Illustration /

Mommy Promotion Artwork The art work designed to promote <Mommy>a drama film, which is directed by Xavier Dolan. Sk8tch Deck, a paper model of skateboard coated with the original sound track of Mommy gives us a clear understanding of emotion applied by the two graphic artists of Sugarmeat Studio.

// Clients_Art9 Film, Sosimin Work // Agency_Sugarmeat studio // Illustrators_Chan Haeng Lee, Won Jae Gi // Country_South Korea

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Packaging /

Cookoovaya® House Wine The symbol of the logo was inspired by the eyes of an owl, designed in a way resembling the cooking hotplates of a professional kitchen. For the logo, the chosen typography has clean, simple lines and capital letters that equal the thickness of the logo symbol, in order to express the restaurant’s validity and professionalism. By rotating the bottle, the width of the label equals the maximum rotation ability of an owl’s head: 270 degrees.

// Designer_ Chris Trivizas // Copywriter_ Sissy Caravia // Country_ Greece

Manci Syrup The pictogram-like pattern cites the flood-basin of our hometown. Nagykรถr is the cherry garden of Hungary. The plurality of the more than a hundred years old cherry trees and river Tisza were the inspiration while designing the logo. With the simple typography and graphics it works well even in print and as a stamp as well.

// Designer_Gerg Osgyรกn // Country_Hungary

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/ the world's best graphics / Vol. 30 /

Le Chocolat des Français When the designers started working on the visual identity of « Le chocolat des Français », they were excited because the chocolate bar is in itself a wonderful format, an artist’s canvas that wraps a delicious product which almost everyone appreciates. They contacted fifty french artists such as Marie Assénat, Edith Carron, Gaston Lapoyade... They gave them 'carte blanche' with only one restraint : evoking France. Some have applied this rule strictly, others have taken great liberties. The result is a cheerful and colorful melting pot, a profusion of disparate pictures which nevertheless work very well together. Just like fashion, which is always changing and reinventing itself, they want our packaging never to be the same and always surprise consumers.

// Client_ Le Chocolat des Français // Creative Directors_ Paul-Henri Masson, Matthieu Escande

// Designer_ Paul-Henri Masson // Copywriter_ Dimitri deNeuville // Illustrators_ Edith Carron, Marie Assénat, Maud Begon, Gaston de Lapoyade, Paul-Henri Masson, Jean André

// Country_ France


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