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Norley News October 2017

Village Hall Walk

It was 8.30 in the morning on the 23rd of September that saw 34 hardy walkers set of on a gruelling 24 mile walk from Norley Village Hall, later to be joined by 6 further walkers at The Anderton Boat Lift and then by scouts further along the Weaver. Yes it was the Norley Village Hall’s Sponsor Charity Walk once again, raising much needed funding for renovation work in our Village Hall. We always seem to be lucky with the weather and this year was no exception for once again the weather was fine, however the designated footpaths were certainly on the soft side after all the rain we have had, but the walkers were well prepared and any mud certainly did not deter their spirits.  If any walker had an idea that this exercise would be beneficial to a loss in their weight they were soon to be disappointed. for at every point the walk came upon a road, Marshals were situated, and as well as checking walkers through they were  handing out flapjacks, chocolate bars, biscuits and all forms of goodies oh and water to wash it down with. Marshals also offered lifts back to Norley for any walker who felt they had gone far enough. All in all the Marshals were a great encouragement and provided a fantastic service.

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Norley News | October 2017 |

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The walk made its way down to Pickering’s Lock and then followed the Weaver and then the Trent and Mersey Canal to Anderton. Then on by Carey Park to Northwich, then back to the Weaver almost to Winsford where the trail picked up the Whitegate Way and returned via Gallowclough’s Lane.

The first walkers. finally arriving back at the Tigers just after 5pm. In all 20 walkers completed the whole walk to be welcomed by many who had elected to do at least half the walk . A great achievement by all who took part! Later some partook of the hotpot that the Tigers put on whereas others were just happy to rest their weary legs and quench their thirst with a drink. By all accounts everyone seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, aching limbs not withstanding!

Hopefully the sponsored money coming in will make all that pain worthwhile. Norley News | October 2017 |




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Norley News | October 2017 |

01928 739444


May I have this dance? Casting aside lazy stereotypes, Rosie Sedgwick treated Norley WI ladies to an in-depth and entertaining account of the history of middle eastern folk dance, commonly referred to as ‘Belly Dancing’. Rosie described what the major influencers were of middle eastern folk dance from its origins just 140 years ago evolving to practices and performances seen in the modern day. The dance found popularity with the physical movement of ethnic groups from the countryside to the large towns and emerging cities in the middle east. Around the same time, many rich young European men were embarking on a ‘grand tour’ of Eastern Europe and North Africa. They had been drawn by a fascination with the cultural delights of places like Alexandria, Cairo and Luxor. These ‘tourists’ had deep pockets and would seek out and pay local women to perform dances. Traditional forms of folk dancing styles adapted and became more provocative to suit this clientele. In an effort to retain the traditional ethnic styles of dance, by the end of the 19th century entrepreneurs put on organised shows. These shows showcased traditional and accomplished musicians and dancers and thereby acquired a more respectable status. Raks Sharqi was the name given to a style of middle eastern dance which had been influenced by ballet. Hollywood was another major influence in the development of the dance style to its present day forms.”Malaya”, a dance style demonstrated by Rosie, has it’s origins in Alexandria. Local women would go down to the harbour and wait for their men to return from fishing. Dance is not an art form fixed to any moment in history but is always evolving explained Rosie.

Mass tourism in the 1970s was a major stimulus to the establishment of cultural tourism. All major hotels, keen to retain the tourist dollar, recruited artists and dancers to perform in their establishments. The costumes evolved too. Traditional costumes had been heavy and cumbersome, so Lycra was a major breakthrough and dance styles adapted to the new free flowing materials. In the 1990s a form of Egyptian street dance called “Shaabi”, which is very playful, sassy and energetic, became popular.


Initially, reluctant to dip a toe into the world of traditional dance, members of the WI are seen here embracing their inner dance siren. Rosie talks them through the basic techniques founded on stance, balance and posture. A very interesting and fun evening was enjoyed by all. The next Norley WI meeting will be on Thursday, 12th October at the Village Hall; start 7.30 pm – why not join us? The talk will be on Queen Victoria

The National federation of the WI asked members to write a poem to share their thoughts on the impact of Climate change. Katherine MacVicker wrote this poem, which whilst not selected to go forward in the National competition, all WI members congratulated Katherine on her superb and very thought provoking piece. The Land I Love I love the seasons as the come and go, first Winter with sharp frosts and sometimes snow, the trees quite bare of leaves, majestic, stark a time for cosy fires, long hours of dark. I love the Spring, for from the cold dead earth a myriad of bulbs are given birth. Snowdrops, crocuses, celandines emerge. A blaze of daffodils fills every verge. In April with their swooping, swerving flight come swallows from far South, oh joyous sight. By now the trees are dressed vibrant green, and bluebells grace the ancient woodland scene. The cuckoo cucking as she comes in May announces Summer could be on its way. I love this season too, long days, warm sun, and frequent rain to help the runners run high up their canes above broad beans and peas, and gardeners pulling weeds upon their knees. As the fruit ripens and the corn turns gold we celebrate the harvest as of old. The monster marrows mingle on the day with leeks, potatoes, apples, on display. I love the Autumn; day get short and cold. With the first frosts the leaves turn red and gold, the die, and windblown, whirl and flutter down, get crunchy underfoot and crinkly brown. The hawthorn hedges make a winter larder for hungry birds as foraging gets harder. And as the holly berries turn to red we think of the Nativity ahead. So how will climate change affect us all, the year-round scenes we love that never pall? Will hurricanes destroy our ancient trees? Will endless rain destroy our honey bees? Or will our “green and pleasant land” become parched grass and desert sand, with climate change? Katherine MacVicker 2017

Norley News | October 2017 |

Hollow Lane, Kingsley (Next to the Horseshoe Inn)

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FAKE NEWS - Badger Cull in Cheshire will prevent spread of Bovine tuberculosis. Phil Gifford- Chair of Norley Wildlife Group (NWG) 01928 78721 Email; “He tries to reach the woods, an awkward race, But sticks and cudgels quickly stop the chase. He turns again and drives the noisy crowd And beats the many dogs in noises loud. He drives away and beats them every one, And then they loose them all and set them on. He falls as dead and kicked by boys and men, Then starts and grins and drives the crowd again; Till kicked and torn and beaten out he lies And leaves his hold and cackles, groans and dies. “ -From The Badger by John Clare

This horrific scene once common in “Merrie” England is now to be “humanely” reinacted in Cheshire quite possibly in Norley by professional hit men employed by our Government. The crowd now blissfully at home is however just as responsible as our virtually savage, cruel baying forebears, if it does nothing and allows this unjustifiable cull to take place. As Albert Einstein said “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” NWG agrees completely with Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s call for cattle vaccine to be Defra’s top priority to tackle Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), not badger culling. Martin Varley CWT’s Director of Conservation has said “Our Trust, alongside Wildlife Trusts, across the UK, remain opposed to this cull on the basis that scientific evidence indicates that culling is unlikely to make a significant improvement in cattle infection rates. Our view is it is better to concentrate on vaccination of cattle, and increased biosecurity on land in the short-term as more effective means of control.” Like the CWT we do recognise the pain and hardship of those farmers, whose cattle herds have been devastated by bTB, but the cull is going against science and killing

badgers will not solve the problem. The vaccination of badgers in the short-term is a much more effective means of control and everyone should support and encourage the Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group who have an ongoing badger vaccination programme. So we should give at least muted applause to the Government’s announcement that there will be enough supplies of vaccine to allow Defra’s Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme to resume in 2018. One presumes that these badgers will somehow be exempted from the cull. Paw prints maybe?

I shall try and get more information especially as to the situation on Norley badgers who if not bad enough already are still being killed in apparent RTA’s, there have also been some very worrying allegations about badgers in Norley having been dug out and disposed of. I will investigate further and report back/ post it on our website. After considering such a dark tragic situation it seems almost impossible to turn to the lovely joyful event of the Garden Show. It proved a great success, the good weather really brought the crowds and like last year our Village Wildlife Sightings board soon became festooned with pins, badgers buzzards hares polecats hedgehogs herons sparrow-hawks, bees and butterflies being just a few. The hare seemed to be especially numerous, a most welcome development for these most iconic of Britain’s wildlife. The Board’s creator Adam Kitching has put the sightings on our website. There you will see the amazing panoply of wildlife in Norley and can put any new sightings in place. Thanks too to our treasurer Sheila Hills who helped many young people and children sow wildflower seeds in pots. Hopefully next year corn poppies, cornflowers, corncockle, corn chamomile and corn marigolds will adorn many parts of the village. No one signed up for the mass snowdrop planting of 5000

Norley News | October 2017 |

bulbs due to take place on 30th September but I hope we get enough volunteers to finish the job. Crowton has thousands of them around its environs and I’m certain Norley will be even prettier in a few years time. (Well it is already I know) Whilst on the topic, in retrospect it would have also been useful to ask for volunteers for all NWG’s work. Many hands do indeed make light work and it really can be fun.- fresh air and exercise, Please contact me or look on the website if you would like to join in. More news on the cyclamen, these are still being attacked by rabbits, eating the flowers and digging the tubers up. The chilli pepper remedy though effective has proved insufficiently waterproof so thanks to Gary Okell and Clare Hocking a proprietary remedy, Grazers Amenity has been tried. It does not harm the blighters and it seems to have helped despite the almost incessant rain though I think a more permanent solution involving a number of rabbit pies may be necessary! This may seem hypocritical to some but I know rabbits are responsible and thus in this case culling can be the rational (and culinary) solution. Our work at Breech Moss to remove Himalayan balsam has continued and we know next year (and probably the next!) we’ll have to do it all again. The exercise has revealed just how much Japanese Knotweed has spread all over the Moss indicating that the work carried out by CWAC was only a very limited success. I know the Parish council have contacted CWAC as stem injection in the autumn ie now is the only viable answer but to date (25/9) we are none the wiser. The vast Rhododendron Forest has been reduced a little and we will continue to do this on one of our winter work days (no nesting birds). On the bat front a couple of us met up with Ged Ryan He confirmed that there were indeed bats roosting/using the church. Bats were flying too but not Brown long ears. (BLEs) They were soprano & common pipestrelles, BLEs however may well be using the porch to feed and some may even be in the belfry. Subject to Pete Rugen’s permission a recorder may be installed in the porch and the belfry investigated. As for a bat walk Ged is happy to head one. This is excellent news as he is wonderfully knowledgeable and a great communicator, we thought an evening in May ‘18 might be best. Bats are out early then so it’s good for children (eg cubs and scouts) to come along. It gives us a chance too to work out a suitable itinerary. The remembrance walk on Saturday 11 November starting at St John’s Church to put poppy crosses on the graves and plaques is at 2pm. As in other years all donations are to go to the British Legion. Next meeting of NWG is on Wednesday 4th October in the Snug at 7:30 pm Tigers Head, all are most welcome next workday will be either 28th or 29th October and we will probably be working on Flaxmere cutting brush but see our website for confirmation. We will have our AGM early in November too but I have not yet been able to fix a date.

Norley News | October 2017 |


41 Club

The September meeting of the Delamere 41 Club was held on 6th September at the Hazel Pear pub in Acton Bridge. An excellent 3-course meal of soup, chicken and chocolate fudge cake was followed by a talk by Bill Johnstone, a retired police officer who worked from 1965 to 1995 in Cheshire and Merseyside Police. The talk took a look at police history from Robert Peel to modern times, looking at the changing styles in police uniform, equipment, vehicles and communications. Some of the interesting facts imparted were: •

The collar on the first uniform was 4 inches high and 2 inches thick so the initial “Peelers” were literally being garrotted while on duty!

In the late 1800’s Cheshire policemen had to have a beard and go to church on a Sunday.

In 1918 unrest led to the Manchester, Liverpool and Birkenhead forces going on strike. After 5 days the Manchester and Liverpool policemen were allowed back to work but the Birkenhead police were sacked.

In the 1960’s a busy road junction in Birkenhead had a podium on wheels where a policeman used to stand to direct traffic. A favourite trick of the police old hands was to put a rookie policeman on the podium but not lock the wheels, so when he started hand signalling the podium would move off into the traffic – they would never get away with that these days!

The next meeting including dinner and a talk on water leaks is at the Tiger’s Head on Wednesday 1st November. We would very much like to welcome new members: Contact Jon Wild at

Haydn’s ‘Creation’ Saturday 18th November 2017 7.30pm St Laurence’s Church Frodsham Conductor: Howard Kane Accompanist: Robert Woods Soloists: Heather Heighway - soprano Tim Kennedy - tenor Peter Edge - baritone

Tickets £10 For more information: 07845 730061 Norley News | October 2017 |

Norley News | October 2017 |

SUNFLOWER COMPETITION RESULTS Sunflower competition entrants were:

So our winner of the 2017 sunflower competition are Phil and Vanessa. Congratulations!

In the “Budding gardeners” category: Elliot (Age 2) Height 151cm. Prizes will be available for all entrants of the competition The Goldsmith children Heights: 145cm,161cm and 171cm from 15th October from The Stores Laurie and Isla Bushell Height 152cm Many thanks to Alice at the Delemere Farm Flower Shop In the “grown ups” category: who provided all the plants. Suzanne – First attempt! Plea from the sunflower “Please water me more regularly”. Height: 178cm Phil and Vanessa – (201cm) Sadly Chloe's sunflower died when she left it to go on holiday (but it did reach 150cm!)

BROWN MOSS EQUINE CLINIC Brown Moss Farm, Norley Road, Norley WA6 6LJ Tel: 01928 787500 Email: •

Long established 100% equine veterinary clinic based in Norley

Practice covers most of Cheshire, extending to Southern Lancashire, SouthWest Greater Manchester, Merseyside and The Wirral

Excellent purpose built facilities

24 hour Emergency Cover

Portable WiFi digital X-ray equipment

Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, ECG and In-house laboratory facilities

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No call out charge for Norley patients!

Norley News | October 2017 |

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Theatre Events - Coming Soon Davenham Players 16th &17th October “Motherhood. ” Raising money for Alzheimers society. Contact or 01606 259596 Kingsley Players 18th-21st October “Goodnight Mr Tom” Zodiacs 6th & 7th October Frodsham Community Centre “A Montage of Musicals” 07941 986806 Harlequin Youth theatre. To join contact or go to FB page for more info


Kingsley Youth Theatre. To join go to or contact 07802 818798 or go to FB page for more info. Harlequin Players Northwich “Amy’s View” Reading = Wed 22nd Nov Audition 29th Nov at 7:30pm Call Kelly on 07807002654 for more info or go to Amys View FB page or Harlequin Players web site. Harlequin Theatre Northwich “God of carnage” 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th Oct 7:45pm curtain up Go to above web site for more ticket info.

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telephone: 01928 733228

What’s he trying to tell you?

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Kevin Duncalf Property repairs and Gardening services (Formerly Mike Kay) 01928788151

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September Winners 150 A Grove-White 199 K Pace 59 N Smallwood In KS2 we have been creating Lego models using Lego Education WE.DO 2.0; coding the models we make using the ipads; and programming the models to move forwards, backwards and even coding them to make a noise and flash. We have been working on the project, Milo the Science Rover, it was great fun to build and control Milo. Although, we couldn’t have had this much fun without the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) who bought us the Lego and updated the ipads. All of KS2 have really enjoyed it and we are sure Key Stage 1 children will love it as well.

St John’s Norley 200 Club

Wednesday Club 4.10.17 Rev Mal Martin 11.10.17 Tombola 18/10/17 Trip to St Asaph & Betws-y-Coed

Norley Ladies Badminton Club We play every Tuesday from 10:00-12:00 Age range is 50 to 80. All the players are experienced & very friendly. Visitor fee £2

Thank You!

New members welcome! Contact Shirley Craven - 01928 787251 Or Dawn Herbert – 01606 888972


Teddy Bear’s Picnic on


2.00 - 3.00pm

OPEN DAY AT NORLEY CE PRIMARY SCHOOL You are invited to our Open Day on:

Wednesday 25th OCTOBER Join us between: 9.30am - 3.00pm

We would like to invite you to join us to experience our school setting. This event is for all pre school age children. There will be a snack and a drink provided along with a variety of fun activities for all to enjoy. Parents and carers are welcome to stay. Please telephone the school if you would like to attend our special event

Don’t forget to bring along your favourite teddy!!!

“Committed to educational excellence in a happy supportive environment” Tel: 01928 788471


Come and see our wonderful early years classroom, experience our family atmosphere, chat to the head teacher and the staff, and find out more about the different learning experiences we offer. From our outstanding SAT’s results to our varied after school clubs, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. “Committed to educational excellence in a happy supportive environment” Tel: 01928 788471

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Club Class 24-7 Cheshire Taxi

01606 46666 Your number one choice for:

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Saturday October 28th 10 - noon Shoebox Saturday. Come and help fill shoeboxes for needy children Sunday October 29th Shoebox Sunday 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Evening Worship Wednesday November 1st 9.45am Wednesday Walk – contact Garry (01928 890490) 7.30pm Café Church Sunday November 5th 10.45am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evening Worship Wednesday November 8th Noon Open Door Lunch – contact Joan (01606 301198) Sunday November 12th Remembrance Sunday and Parade 10.45am Morning Worship

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Thursday 23rd November 10am Midweek Communion Sunday 26th November Worshipping together at Kingsley

Sunday 29th October 10am Service of Light in NCK centre Sunday 5th November 10am Family service with communion Sunday 12th November 10.45am Remembrance Service 6.30pm Evening Prayer Sunday 19th November 10am Holy Communion (common worship)

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See and Know Toddler group, every Friday during term time 10am 11.30am at the NCK Centre next to St John’s Church Norley. Contact


What’s on in Norley? Village Hall Diary For information about Village Hall availability or any other booking enquiries contact: Barbara Lupton: 0759 354 5528 Monday’s Delemere Forest Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Cycle contact Mary 07710 987076 or Emma 07860 564076 Monday evenings: 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec

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