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Norley News July 2017

Not just jam How are your & Jerusalem Sunflowers? What do you think of when you think about the WI? Do you think of baking, handicrafts, friendly meetings and Jerusalem? You would not be completely wrong; all of this forms part of the WI make-up. But did you know that the WI has a long and successful history of campaigning on national level on a wide range of issues and has brought about many changes in legislation and government policy? For instance, in 2009 the SOS for Honey Bees campaign was launched asking for increased funding for research into honeybee health. Concerned that the outlook for bees remained bleak, despite funding for research and improved awareness of pollinator declines, the NFWI later joined with Friends of the Earth to campaign for more national leadership; the National Pollinator Strategy was launched in November 2014. Campaigns are based on “resolutions”; these are concerns put forward by members, and this year alone 85 resolutions were submitted and narrowed down to six by WI representatives to be voted on by members. One of these is Alleviating Loneliness and the recognition of loneliness as a serious health issue. Loneliness is an emotional rather than a physical state and although there is no set definition it is generally described as “mismatch between the quantity and quality of social relationships that we have, and those that we want”. We are all familiar with the notion of loneliness in the elderly, but statistics show that a wide range of people are affected by loneliness. 15% of working aged people (people aged 45 – 54) are likely to suffer from loneliness. In 2010 the Mental Health Foundation found loneliness to be a greater concern among young people than the elderly. There are factors that can make people more vulnerable to loneliness; poor health, living alone and away from family and what it is called our modern lifestyle. The number of hours we spend socially interacting in person has fallen dramatically in the

Norley News | July 2017 |

Let us know how your sunflowers are growing, don’t forget there will be a mystery prize for the tallest! WIth all this great weather there are sure to be some strong contenders! Send photos of progress or any other news you would like featured to

Sunflowers kindly provided from Alice at Delamere Flower Farm, last 25 years and we are less likely to have strong friendships or know our neighbours than 25 years ago. The health and social implications are rather shocking; lonely people are likely to suffer from depression, have an increased risk of high blood pressure and more likely to develop dementia. Loneliness has been shown to be more damaging to health than physical inactivity and obesity with health implications to be on par with smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Norley offers a great range of organisations that offer social activities, support and friendship and many of you are activity participating in these. continued on page 4

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Arts Feature Theatre Reviews- by Kelly White

“A Grand Gesture” by Nikolai Erdman, adapted by Deborah McAndrews. Performed by The Kingsley Players. Russian plays, as a rule, tend to be a bit heavy going, but this one proved to be extremely entertaining. There were some good strong performances that rocked from comedy to pathos and back again. At times I felt there could have been a stronger commitment to the “Brecht” style. This said; on the whole a most enjoyable evening was had by myself and the audience at large, rounding up with a very enthusiastic applause.

“Therese Raquin” By E`milie Zola. Performed By The Harlequin Players in Northwich. No weak performances at all to be had here. Innovative, passionate and creative. With shrinking sets and clothing, as well as an interesting change to the end of the play. Director Yvette Owen showed bravery and strength with her choices that paid off in droves. A Fantastic and enjoyable evening had by all. I congratulate both theatres cast and crews with their choices of challenging scripts, which resulted in excellent productions. I am looking forward to next season for both of these groups.

Coming Soon The Pitman Painters by Lee Hall. October 17th, 19th, 20th and 21st. Contact 01829 751327 or 07707 830286 for tickets and more info. Ashton Hayes Theatre Club The Touring Art Market- Tarporley Community Centre. Saturday 30th September 10am till 4pm. Contact Liz on 07799627935 for more info. Norley Village Hall – Craft and Gift Fair – Saturday 9th September 11am – 4pm. “Gods of Carnage” Harlequin Theatre, Northwich. Auditions to be held on Wednesday 30th August at 7:30pm. At the Harlequin Theatre on Queen st, Northwich. Go to for info.


Norley News | July 2017 |




CARPETS & FLOORING Carpets, Vinyls and LVT. Laminate & Engineered Wood Floor. Sisal, Coir & Seagrass.



Pencil/Pinch Pleat, Eyelets, Poles, Tracks, Cushions & Accessories. Roman, Roller, Vertical & Venetian blinds.

Beds by Sealy, Silentnight & Myers. Real Oak & Veneered bedroom furniture. Free delivery & installation.

A family run business established in 1977. Our reputation is built on solid recommendations. We care about our customers. Providing quality products at competitive prices with all leading makes supplied. We can uplift old carpets/move furniture/remove rubbish if you are unable too.

Victoria Hall, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, WA6 7QH

Norley News | July 2017 |

01928 739444


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As part of the Alleviating loneliness campaign, Norley WI wants to do more to reach out to people who feel a little lonely or left out sometimes. One way is by running fun evenings such as the Farmers’ Bingo (great evening by the way) that are open to all Norleyans. The Norley News would like to support Norley WI in its efforts and would love to hear from you with ideas or even experiences you might want to share.

BROWN MOSS EQUINE CLINIC Brown Moss Farm, Norley Road, Norley WA6 6LJ Tel: 01928 787500 Email: •

Long established 100% equine veterinary clinic based in Norley

Norley WI is planning to run more events that are open to non-WI members such as the 2-mile Norley walk on Wednesday, 28th June. Starting at the Tigers Head at 6.30 pm then the exhausted ramblers will refresh themselves with sandwiches, chips and drinks.

Practice covers most of Cheshire, extending to Southern Lancashire, SouthWest Greater Manchester, Merseyside and The Wirral

Excellent purpose built facilities

24 hour Emergency Cover

Portable WiFi digital X-ray equipment

Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, ECG and In-house laboratory facilities

Why not join in? To register ring WI President Helen Ebbitt on 0789 9987290.

All our vets and staff are experienced riders and horse owners themselves

No call out charge for Norley patients!


CALL JOHN 07979 198361

Local Organisers, The Social Butterflies (aka Karen & Sharon) are arranging a craft and gift fair. They would love to hear from any local crafters in the area who would like to come along and join the fair. They will also be holding a Christmas Craft and Gift fair aswell. We are promised a warm welcome!! “Please come along and support this event at your local Village Hall.” -The Social Butterflies contact:


Norley News | July 2017 |

Norley News | July 2017 |



Phil Gifford- Chair of Norley Wildlife Group (NWG) 01928 78721 “Inclosure came and trampled on the grave / Of labour’s rights and left the poor a slave … And birds and trees and flowers without a name / All sighed when lawless law’s enclosure came “ -From The Mores by John Clare Last month’s edition had an extract from the poem “June” by John Clare, who is something of a hero of mine. He delighted in both nature and the cycle of the rural year. Poems such as “Winter Evening”, “Haymaking” and “Wood Pictures in Summer” celebrate the beauty of the world and the demands of rural life, where animals must be fed and crops harvested. His “Little Trotty Wagtail” shows he was a keen observer of wildlife, though “The Badger” is quite literally bloody horrific describing as it does the “sport” of baiting. His poem “The Dying child” is quite haunting and his “I am” is also dreadfully sad.

In his poem from which the extract is taken, Clare documents both the destruction of place and people and this possibly presages his own sad mental collapse. He saw meadows ploughed up, trees and hedges uprooted, fens drained and common land enclosed. This destruction of a way of life centuries old distressed Clare deeply. When I was at school in the early ‘60’s much was made of progress in the 18th century in animal husbandry and agriculture and how enclosing common land enabled a massive increase in food production. The terrible human cost of both the Agricultural and Industrial revolutions was dealt with but the devastation to plant and animal life was never mentioned. When John Clare was born on the 13th July in 1793, at Helpston, (just north of Peterborough) it swarmed with life now long gone. There were species whose presence there is nigh on unimaginable. Corncrakes

hid among the crops which were havens for poppies and other wild flowers, ravens nested in a giant oak, nightjars circled the heath and the flowery meads sparkled with glow worms. Wrynecks still bred in old woodpecker holes. In the woods and brakes the last wildcats clung on. A similar process of degradation, which seems to have quite incredibly increased over the past 50 years, occurred in Cheshire, including Norley. The few bits of common land in Norley not “inclosed, were left as they had no value or use. Hence they were termed Wastes. Ironically they are now precious havens to be cherished and conserved. Breech Moss is such a place and on 27th May we, as planned, worked there pulling Himalayan Balsam and burning the cut rhododendron. Much is still to be attended to and the Japanese knotweed is back with a vengeance.

Sandybank Waste, or the Memorial Garden as it became known after the Great War, is similarly being made into a haven for wild life and we hope too already one of both interest and beauty. The meanders allow close contact with the wildflowers and the oxeye daisies sway prettily amongst the grasses. The yellow rattle has at last flowered and where it grows one can see how this hemiparasite weakens the grass. This will in successive seasons allow other wildflowers to grow without being choked by the more rampant grasses. Norley News | July 2017 |

The mowing of the new meadow will take place on 23rd July, proper mowing too using Austrian scythes. Although a lot of weeding has taken place the Flowering Cherry Trees have thrown out masses of suckers which will have to be removed for both the sake of the meadow and the trees themselves. This is what we shall do on our workday Saturday 24th June. We might even be able to root the suckers and, if successful, sell them at the Garden Show in September. Cyclamens and snowdrops will be planted there too in the coming months and more cowslips seeds will be sown along the verge. HABITAT MAPPING A key to any conservation project must be to actually know what we have and where it is. The Norley neighbourhood plan sets out the broad basis of biodiversity but we have as yet not filled in all the blanks. In June (21st and 28th) we carried out training days in preparation for the task ahead. We hope everyone who owns the land where the mapping takes place will welcome it. I’ve been told some landowners fear the discovery of “protected” species as it could somehow jeopardise the use of the land. I hope not, though we might suggest steps that could help wildlife, like laying hedges or headlands around fields. In general we want to promote Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s corridors that allow wildlife to travel between their present havens. I was bowled over by Neil Holding’s account of his pond which he has restored (https://www.facebook. com/pg/wildnorley/posts), such a huge amount of activity there myriads of fish and tadpoles, herons even a pair of Oystercatchers! FORAGING Readers will have noticed that I often have ideas or recipes for the plants, their fruits and flowers that can be picked around Norley. However I was pulling up the very last of the Himalayan Balsam at Flaxmere when I came across a large patch of Monkshood. Then having watched “My Cousin Rachel” (much recommended) the (possible) use of laburnum seeds as a poison in a tisane made me think about all the plants that are best not ingested! The website http://www.thepoisongarden. is a mine of interest, hopefully for persons of a sound disposition and no homicidal tendencies! Monkshood is certainly far more poisonous than laburnum with Aconite being its principal toxin. Foxgloves contain digitalis, a powerful drug which affects the heart. So it is sensible to be cautious when foraging as many plants, though not toxic as such, can have powerful effects. Norley News | July 2017 |

In praise of the SPEAR THISTLE (Cirsium vulgare) “Where the broad sheepwalk bare and brown [Yields] scant grass pining after showers, And winds go fanning up and down The little strawy bents and nodding flowers, There the huge thistle, spurred with many thorns, The suncrackt upland’s russet swells adorns. Not undevoid of beauty there they come, Armed warriors, waiting neither suns nor showers, Guarding the little clover plots to bloom While sheep nor oxen dare not crop their flowers Unsheathing their own knobs of tawny flowers When summer cometh in her hottest hours.” -From The Spear Thistle by John Clare

Although the human thistle, Alex Salmond, lost his seat at the general election (Nemo me impune lacessit), there are some magnificent botanic specimens along School Lane. Readers will recall the plants are food for the caterpillars of many butterflies and the flowers an important source of food for the adults (nectar) and many birds (seeds). I look forward to seeing Painted Ladies, redpolls and goldfinches! And oh yes, the plant and flower buds are edible, but careful, cut the spines off first! OTHER NEWS Honey should now be available at the Stores and by this time some jars will have lime honey. An artificial swarm was hived the traditional way using a board and sheet and they all duly trooped into their new home. No date yet for the “What’s that Bat?” evening.Sadly the blue tits at the school failed to raise another brood. Next meeting of NWG is on 12th July at the Tigers Head 7.30pm, next workday Sunday 30th July: see website for venue.


PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 21.06.17 A few people turned up at the Methodist church on a hot and muggy evening to observe the Parish Council meeting. Issues discussed included the wildflower planting in the Memorial garden, the continuing delays at CWAC with apparently agreed traffic calming measures in the village for which we have already collected precept funds (the PC agreed to write to our new MP in an effort to get some traction with the seemingly endless delays in CWAC), and a number of routine planning matters. Concern about the maintenance of hedges and paths were briefly discussed, and would be on a future agenda. The Council decided it needed to review its Financial regulations, and the Clerk would take forward. Gaynor our new Clerk informed us she was about to receive some training on the website, so that it would soon be up to date. In fact the site is now up to date with Council documents. We are making arrangements to develop the site further – for example by linking the Norley News to it, so you will be able to see previous editions at the click of a button or two.


Norley News | July 2017 |


59 Main Street, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 7DF

We offer FREE flea and tick checks for cats and dogs, together with a consultation on the best flea and tick treatment for your pets lifestyle, to keep them flea and tick FREE Parasites live all year round. PROTECT ALL YEAR ROUND

FREE flea and tick checks Telephone: 01928 733228


Tel: 01928 788971 or Mobile: 07711 258677 E-mail: MEMBER OF THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS

Kingsley Electrical is full member of the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme

Norley News | July 2017 |


41 Club We were delighted to welcome as our speaker in June, Nick Hall. Nick is an auctioneer and valuer from Wright Marshall in Knutsford. He buys fine art, furniture and more. Some of you may have seen him on TV, where he is a regular on the shows Flog It! and Bargain Hunt. He told us about some of the great finds that he has come across. The things that bring the most are not always obvious: he related a tale of two cracked gravy boats which turned out to be very early English porcelain and brought over £40,000. Also, a Chinese statue that was considered a replica but which he established as a genuine Ming piece, and that sold for £160,000. He had recently handled the sale of a small Lowry sketch for £60,000.

Hill Top Play Area Gets a clean up! Sunday June 4th saw the much welcomed return of the local geocachers to work their magic on a huge spring-clean at our playground. Even a vacuum cleaner was in action to spruce up the new flooring! A wonderful job done by all, for which we are very grateful and our thanks, also, to Norley villagers who turned out to help.

Wright Marshall run regular free valuation days on Fridays and have a range of sales throughout the year. These now include sales of music vinyl as well as specialist Decade sales which feature period interior pieces. Full details are on their website Next month the intrepid folk of Delamere Forest 41 Club will be taking on the bowlers of Winsford 41 Club in an effort to keep hold of the prized Percy Pig trophy. As they beat us last year, nerves are apparent. If anyone wishes to come to a future meeting, please mail

Wednesday Club Special events in July and September: 05.07.17 - Sales table and Jean Finney (Joyce Grenfell) 12.07.17 - Musical Afternoon Keith & Sue Southern 19.07.17 - Mystery Tour 26.07.17 - Bring and Buy - Afternoon Tea 13.09.17 - Harvest

Thanks! - Hill Top Play Area Management Committee.

27.09.17 - Trip to Whalley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire & 2hr cruise on Judith Mary & meal We have space for new members. If you are interested in joining our Wednesday Club. Speak to Joan Barclay. (01928 788394). You don’t have to be 60 and you don’t have to live in Norley! Everyone is welcome!

Norley Ladies Badminton Club We play every Tuesday from 1:30 – 3:30 Age range is 50 to 80. All the players are experienced and very friendly. Visitor fee £2

New members welcome! Contact Shirley Craven - 01928 787251 Or Dawn Herbert – 01606 888972

Norley News | July 2017 |

Norley Village Garden Show September 2nd, 2pm at The Tiger’s Head Pub Make sure you visit for all the latest information, photos and show news.

Remember: if you grow it, show it! Class: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Vegetables and Fruit 1 3 1 1 5 1 3 3 6 2 4 4 3 3

Class: 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

15. 5 Runner beans 16. 5 French beans 17. A collection of vegetables arranged in a space/ box not more than 18”x 24” (see top tray rules) Sponsored by D T Brown 18. 1 Vegetable, any type not included in other classes 19. 3 Cooking apples 20. 3 Dessert apples 21. 5 Stoned fruit, any variety, on a plate 22. 1 Flower, 1 Fruit, 1 Vegetable, any variety 23. A vase of fresh Herbs, minimum 3 varieties 24. 5 Chillies any variety. 25. 6 Radish bunched with tops.

Flowers 1 Lady’s lapel spray 1 Gent’s lapel spray 3 Roses Fresh flower and foliage arrangement on the theme of: “ The Seaside “ Max diameter 24” 1 Foliage plant in a pot not exceeding 8” (not to include additional container for effect) 1 Flowering plant in a pot not exceeding 8” (not to include additional container for effect) A vase of 3 stems, any flower not included in other classes 1 Cactus or Succulent in a pot not exceeding 8” A vase of 5 stems of African marigolds. A vase of 6 stems of Sweet peas ( Any type or colour ) A vase, 3 stems of spray Chrysanthemums

Class: 50 51 52 53 54 55

Cucumber Courgettes Vegetable marrow Truss cherry tomatoes Red tomatoes Lettuce with root Onions, weight under 1 lb. each Onions, weight over 1 lb. each Shallots Roots garlic White potatoes Potatoes other than white Beetroots, bunched with tops Carrots, bunched with tops

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

1 Hydrangea head 3 Gladioli 3 decorative Dahlias 3 Cactus or semi-cactus Dahlias A vase of Dahlias, any variety A vase of Annuals A vase of Herbaceous flowers A vase 5 stems of Asters Fresh flower arrangement where the container does not exceed 4” Top vase (see top vase rules) Sponsored by Mr Fothergills Arrangement of flower heads floating in water. Max 8” diameter. (No foliage or accessories ) 3 Hosta leaves. A Sunflower head ( largest diameter )

56 57 58 59 60 61

5 Savoury scones. Specify flavour on the exhibit. 5 Fruit scones An Apple pie on an 8” plate. For Men Only “ Victoria Sponge cake “ (As attached recipe) A Lemon drizzle cake. (As attached recipe) 6 Eggs in a box.

Cookery Section A A A A A A

jar of Chutney jar of stoned Fruit jam jar of soft Fruit jam small jar of Jelly preserve. Swiss roll. ( As attached recipe ) Carrot Cake. ( As attached recipe )

Class: Handicrafts. Hobbies Section (NB: Articles in this section must not have been entered in a previous show) 65 A specimen of any other Handicraft (excluding painting) e.g Textile & 62 A knitted / crochet item. not included in any other class 63 Hand made Jewellery. 66 A hand made bag. 64 Item made from wood or metal. 67 A homemade Patch-work item Photographs: – (Novice class for the “ Happy Snapper “) 68 Flowers / Plants 69 Shadows 70 Blue 71 The World of Sports 72 Something | JulyOld Norley News 2017 |

N.B: Maximum size of photographs 6” x 8” ( 152mm x 203mm ) Photographs MUST NOT be mounted or any speech bubbles added.


Photographs: – (Advanced or serious photographers) 73 Flowers / Plants 74 Shadows 75 Blue 76 The World of Sports 77 Something Old

N.B: Maximum size of photographs 6” x 8” ( 152mm x 203mm ) Photographs MUST NOT be mounted or any speech bubbles added.

To make the photography section both fun and fair it is divided into two groups. The “ Happy Snapper “ giving children and those with a more casual approach a chance to succeed and the “Advanced“ for people who take their photography seriously. Entries can only be made in one group or the other as double entries defeats the purpose. N.B: ONLY ONE PHOTOGRAPH TO BE ENTERED IN EACH CLASS 78 79

A Painting ( identification of artist to be obscured ) A Limerick...theme of “ Politics Home or Away 2017 “... On a postcard.

Class: Junior Section (Age to be stated on the front of all exhibits, which must be the child’s own work ) Up to 5 years of age N.B. Child may enter a class above age limit but not below. 80 A hand print picture 81 A decorated children’s wellie.

82 83

3 Decorated digestive biscuits “ I’ve made it so I’ll show it ”.

6 to 9 years of age N.B. Child may enter a class above age limit but not below. 84 5 Biscuits made from breakfast cereal 85 “ I’ve made it so I’ll show it ”.

86 87

A decorated children’s wellie. A display of wild Grasses standing in a decorated jam jar.

10 to 14 years of age 88 A home made decorated chocolate cake 89 “I’ve made it so I’ll show it”.

90 91

A limerick on the theme “ Pokermon go “ Design a “New Pokermon“ on a Postcard or similar size.

Top Tray - Sponsored by D T Brown - Rules: 1. Display of three types of vegetables from the following list, the quantity of each vegetable required appears in brackets. Carrots (3), Cauliflowers (2), Onions (3), Parsnips (3), Peas (6 pods), Potatoes (3), Runner Beans (6 pods), Tomatoes (6), French Beans (6 pods), Sweetcorn (2), Peppers (3), Cucumbers (2) Courgettes (3), Red Beetroot (3), Aubergines (2), Carrots and Parsnips must have foliage trimmed back to 3” long. Peas and Beans MUST have stalk attached. Tomatoes MUST have calyces attached. 2. Vegetables must be displayed in an area measuring 18”x 24” without bending any part of them and no part of the exhibit may overlap the tray size. A tray or board ( 18”x 24” ) can be used or the area can simply be marked on the show bench, however, where a tray has a lip or edge the internal measurement must not exceed 18”x 24”. A black cloth is permitted and trays may be painted. 3. Parsley is allowed for garnishing but no other foliage or accessories such as plates, sand or rings etc. will be allowed. Onion tops may be tied or wrapped using raffia or string. All vegetables are to be displayed for effect. Top Vase - Sponsored by Mr Fothergills - Rules: A vase of mixed flowers, between 5 and 10 stems. Minimum of two different kinds of plants. Show flowers only, no seeds or berries. Vase any shape or size. No accessories allowed except for foliage attached to stem. Packing allowed. Failure to abide by any of the above rules will lead to disqualification HOW TO ENTER: Before the show: Decide which classes you would like to enter. Read the class description carefully. Complete the entry form and hand it and the total entry fee, in an envelope, to one of the following: Margaret Dean, Hatchmere House, Norley, Dave Worrall, Highbank Road Kingsley The Stores, School Bank, Norley. (you are advised to keep a record of your entries)

John Lewis, Maddocks Hill, Norley, The Tiger’s Head, Norley, Or any committee member.

Please note: ENTRY FORMS MUST BE HANDED IN NO LATER THAN 6pm, ON THURSDAY 31st AUGUST 2017 Further Entry Forms available from The Stores & The Tigers Head. Staging your exhibit: Exhibits should be taken to the marquee at the back of Tiger’s Head Pub between 9.30am and 11.00am on Saturday, 2nd September. Stewards will be in the marquee to give you your exhibitor’s number, to show you where the Classes are and to help you to display exhibits. No exhibits after 11.15 please. All exhibits are left at the owner’s risk. Judging: Judging will take place between 11.30am and 1.30pm on Saturday 2nd September. MARQUEE OPEN FOR VIEWING EXHIBITS FROM 2pm

Norley News | July 2017 |

CARROT CAKE RECIPE Requirements Grease and line an 8” round cake tin. Pre-heat oven 150C/ 300F / Gas Mk 3 INGREDIENTS: 200g ( 7oz ) wholemeal Flour 3 level tsp. mixed Spice 1 level tsp. Bicarb of soda 175g / 6ozs soft brown Sugar 2 size 1 Eggs 150ml / 1/4 pint Sunflower oil Grated ring of 1 Orange 200g / 7ozs grated Carrot 100g / 4oz Sultanas 50g / 2oz desiccated Coconut 50g / 2oz chopped Walnuts LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE RECIPE Requirements 7”deep sandwich cake tin. Pre-heat oven 170C/ 325F / Gas Mk 3 INGREDIENTS 225 g / 8oz self raising Flour 175 g / 6oz Margarine 175 g / 6oz caster Sugar 2 large Eggs 1/2 cup of Milk Grated rind of 1 Lemon METHOD: SWISS ROLL RECIPE Requirements 33cm x 23cm ( 13” x 9 ” ) Swiss roll tin. Pre-heat oven 220C/ fan 200C / Gas Mk 7 INGREDIENTS: 4 large Eggs 100g ( 4oz ) caster Sugar 100g ( 4oz ) self raising Flour FILLING 4 tbls Strawberry or Raspberry jam METHOD: Grease and line tin with baking parchment. Whisk eggs & sugar together in a large bowl until the mixture is light and frothy and the whisk leaves a trail VICTORIA SPONGE CAKE RECIPE Requirements: 2 -7” ( 18cm ) round cake tins. Pre heat oven Gas Mark 3 / 325F / 170C ( 150C fan oven ) INGREDIENTS: 110 g / 4oz sifted Self Raising Flour 110g / 4oz caster sugar 110g / 4oz Soft butter 2 Large Eggs A few drops of Vanilla essence Some hot water if required. TO FINISH: Jam and Icing sugar. METHOD: Cream the butter and caster sugar together until you get a pale fluffy mixture which drops off the spoon easily. An Electric hand whisk will make this easier.

Norley News | July 2017 |

METHOD: Put flour, spice and bicarb in a bowl. In a second bowl put sugar, eggs and oil and beat until smooth. Gradually stir in the dry ingredients and add orange rind followed by carrots, sultanas coconut and chopped walnuts. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Transfer mixture to the prepared tin. Bake for 1 3/4 to 2 hours CREAM CHEESE TOPPING 175g / 6oz full fat soft Cheese 50g / 2oz softened Butter 100g / 4oz sifted icing Sugar A few drops Vanilla extract Put all ingredients into a food processor and blitz until smooth. Spread topping over cake and decorate with Walnut halves. Grease and line cake tin with baking parchment. Cream together all ingredients until light and fluffy. Put the mixture in tin smoothing the top. Bake in centre of oven for 30 / 40 minutes until cake is firm and springy when touched. GLAZE Mix together the juice of the Lemon with 100g / 4oz granulated Sugar. Remove cake from oven when cooked and pour over glaze whilst cake is still hot. Leave in tin until cool. when lifted out. Sift flour in, carefully folding it in at the same time. Turn the mixture into the prepared tin and give a gentle shake so it finds it’s own level, making sure it spreads evenly into the corners. Bake for about 10mins in a preheated oven, or until the sponge is golden and begins to shrink from edges of tin. Cut a piece of baking parchment a little bigger than tin and sprinkle with caster sugar Invert the cake onto the parchment, and quickly loosen and remove the paper from the bottom of the cake. Trim the edges of the sponge and with a sharp knife make a score mark 1” in from shorter edge of cake, don’t cut through. Leave to cool slightly, spread with jam, if the cake is too hot the jam will sink into sponge. Roll up the cake firmly from the cut end.

In a separate bowl, beat the eggs thoroughly, then add them a little at a time, beating well after each addition, to the creamed butter and sugar mixture. When the eggs have been added, stir in a few drops of the Vanilla essence. Then with a metal spoon fold in the flour. ( A little hot water may be added if the mixture is too stiff ) Grease and base line with greaseproof paper, the two tins and divide the mixture equally between them. Place them on the centre shelf of the pre-heated oven for 25 to 30 minutes until they feel springy when lightly touched with a little finger tip, and no imprint remains. When cooked, remove from the oven, cool for about a minute, then turn them out onto a cooling tray. Carefully peel off the base papers and cool completely before sandwiching them together with jam, and sifting a little icing sugar over the surface.


(Extra copies of this form can be obtained from The Tigers Head or The Stores) Please complete one form per person. Children please state age. One entry per person , per class.

Class 3. The dog who looks most like its owner.

Name (please print) ……………………………………………………..

Class 2. The most beautiful bitch.

Address …………………………………………………………………..

Class 1. The most handsome dog.


Held on the “ field “ at The Tiger’s Head pub at 3pm.

Tel. No. …………………………………..


Fun classes for your dog !

Entry Fee is: 30p per class, 10p for children.


Saturday 2nd September 2017

Please make any cheques payable to: ‘Norley Horticultural Society’. Any queries ring: John Lewis 01928 787173


Norley Village Dog Show

Entry Form Please complete and hand in this section (with correct money and in an envelope marked DOG SHOW) Please print clearly Owner of Dog/ dogs________________________________________________ Address of owner______________________________________________ Entry fee - 50p per class

Class 4. Happiest rescue dog. Class 5. Musical “ Sit “ game. Please note : due to last year’s high number of entries, only enter your dog in 2 classes please 20 dogs limit per class. * All entrants to meet on top field at Tigers Head for 3.00pm start* Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times. and are the responsibility of the owner. All entries are at the owner’s risk. Children entering must have a parent / guardian signature. The Judge’s decision is final.

Gibson’s – Kingsley Mill are our Dog Show Sponsors. Please hand completed entry forms and money in an envelope separate to your Horticultural show entries & clearly marked “ DOG SHOW “ to any Norley Village Show committee member or at drop off points as stated14 in main show schedule. Keep this page for your reference

Class 1 name of dog__________________________________________________ Class 2 name of dog__________________________________________________ Class 3 name of dog__________________________________________________ Class 4 name of dog__________________________________________________ Class 5 name of dog__________________________________________________ NUMBER OF CLASSES ENTERED ____________TOTAL COST____________________ Children entering dogs in show must have a parent/guardian signature.

Norley News | July 2017 |

Signature of parent/guardian……………………….....................................

Achingly beautiful design Low cost, fixed price, hi-definition printing Guaranteed turnaround





0800 016 9190 Norley News | July 2017 |



Norley News | July 2017 |

Norley Book Club

OUR BOOK OF THE MONTH “The Handmaid’s Tale” by MARGARET ATWOOD You may have been watching Channel 4’s dramatization of ‘the Handmaid’s Tale’ and been left with more questions than answers as to the author’s purpose. If so, you must read the original novel for the wealth of detail, language, characterisation and far-reaching satire revealed so much more slowly and poignantly.

narrative shares with the reader her lively thoughts and memories of her husband and daughter in an attempt to keep herself sane. Much of her history, therefore, is revealed in flashbacks, the details of her capture being divulged late in the novel, not in the opening scene as in the television drama.

This dystopian (showing an undesirable world) novel, written in 1985, is set in Gilead, an area of North America taken over by an oppressive, totalitarian, military dictatorship in the near future at a time when environmental disasters and sexual excesses have caused a severe decline in healthy births. This is seen by the new regime as an opportunity to create a purer race in which Handmaids are carefully selected to be ‘walking wombs’ and only the Commanders are allowed to sire the new generation of dictators.

Of the events in the novel Atwood has claimed that all the political horrors depicted in it have happened at some point in world history … many still are. She shows African Americans treated in much the same way as in South African apartheid; The Handmaids wear headdresses which shield their faces; Jews and Roman Catholics are executed or exiled; prisoners are sent to The Colonies to lose their lives in clearing up radio-active waste; homosexuals are seen as ‘Gender Traitors’ and also sent to The Colonies. Perhaps worst of all, imperfect babies are known as ‘shredders’, an indication of their fate.

Its rule is based on extremist religious beliefs built on literal, puritanical interpretations of The Bible. Society is divided into a strict hierarchy of castes distinguished by the symbolic colour of their clothing, for example: Commanders in severe black; their wives in virginal blue; the Handmaids in red, suggestive of blood and birth. Women are seen as inferior and the prime cause of all the current ills in the world and, as a result, all their rights, personal history and individuality are suppressed. The narrator is the Handmaid, Offred, so called because she belongs to the Commander, Fred, her name also suggesting that she is off-red in being a rebel in her fight to preserve her former identity and to survive. Since she is rarely allowed to speak aloud, the majority of the

Clearly it is a harrowing read, but written in beautifully lyrical prose with a fascinatingly elaborate structure of Preface and Historical Notes and offering much more interest, intrigue and suspense than the television series. As in Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ we are given a disturbing study of the effects of power and a strong warning of the future results of our current actions. Very pertinent just now with such instability in world politics! Revied By Hilary Duncan

Norley Walk for the Village Hall Believe it or not, it will be two years this coming September since the Walkathon that so many the Norley villagers took part in. Where has the time gone? Anyway I hope you have all recovered and have happy memories of what proved to be a great day out. As the Norley Village Hall Walk is a biennial event raising funds for Norley Village Hall we are again planning another long distance walk this year, this to be held on Saturday September 23rd. The walk is going to be called the WWW.Walk. This has nothing to do with the World Wide Web but rather that the walk will cover the Whitegate Way and Weaver Way along with a couple more W’s but hopefully not Wet and Windy Weather. The route which will be mainly off road will be 24 plus miles but with many checkpoints there will be Norley News | July 2017 |

opportunity to join in and walk smaller sections then get a lift back to Norley.

The last walk not only raised well needed money for Norley Village Hall but brought people of the village together and from all the many reports was enjoyed by everyone and we are hoping this years will be equally successful. To achieve this we need volunteers both to walk and to act as Marshalls. You can find out more by sending me an email at arnold.ashbrook@gmail. com and I will send details of the complete route and times etc. So make a note in your diary, and for those wishing to walk the whole route there is still plenty of time to get into training. They say even a short walk every day is very beneficial to your health! - Norley Village Hall Committee


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Harvest Festival 23rd – 24th September

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What has been happening in Norley CE Primary School? As part of our World Book Day celebrations author and Poet Paul Delaney spent a day with us writing and editing poems.

To celebrate diversity we have a circus skills day and learnt about the history of the circus and which counties the different skills originated from. Grandparents have spent the afternoon with us and children showed off their work, singing and our beautiful school and grounds. The Llandudno residential for class 4 was another success giving the children the chance to experience a contrasting locality with a focus on geography. Class 4 have also completed a Bikeability course, using the local roads.

He was a great hit and we hope to be involved in a Poetry Festival, run by Paul, in the future. The children were also given the opportunity to dress up as a character from their favourite book.

Charity work has included wearing red for Red Nose Day and a talent competition. Easter in school is always a special celebration. We have a service in church for children and their families. Year 5 took part in the Easter Journey, an interactive journey through Holy Week and of course we have our annual egg decoration competition and Egg hunt around the school grounds. Class 4 completed a course about the bible run by Ruth Basden on behalf of Bible Explorer and our youth workers Andrea and Rob organised a prayer day for the whole school. Each class walked to the Methodist church and had time to reflect at each of the different prayer stations.

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Class 3 are enjoying music lessons learning the clarinet, euphonium and trombone. We will be treated to a performance in the summer concert! They have completed a safety course, Let’s Walk. We feel this is important as Norley has small or no footpaths and lots of parked cars to negotiate. Sticking with the local environment, Class 3 have been lucky enough to work with the Salt Museum on a project known as Saltscape. They had 3 days working with staff from the museum on history and geography of the local area. This museum is well worth a visit. In addition to all this we had some chicks to hatch in school. We were successful and 2 hatched. The children had great fun waiting in anticipation and playing with the chicks once they had hatched. The Blue tits have been busy laying in our bird box, we have one with a camera generously donated by our previous chair of governors. Unfortunately, they have not been too successful. The school pond is teeming with wildlife and the children are enjoying pond dipping using the platforms installed by the PTFA. In the final weeks of the term the year 6 will work on their enterprise challenge the £5 grow! They will have to design and present a business plan to Mrs White in order for her to invest £5 in each of their businesses. Year 6 will decide what they would like to spend their profit on. Year 6 also have visits to their new high schools which include: Weaverham, Helsby, Tarporley, The Grange, Cransley and Abbeygate. We will miss them but welcome our new starters for their transition days. You can keep up with our activities via Twitter @ NorleyCofE.


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Sunday August 13th 10am Worshipping Together 6.30pm Evening Prayer Sunday August 20th 10am (Worshipping together at Crowton) Sunday August 27th 10am (Worshipping together at Kingsley) Sunday Sept 3rd 10am Family Service with Communion

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Sunday Sept 10th 10am Family Service. No communion 6.30pm Evening Prayer Thursday Sept 14th 10am Midweek communion Sunday Sept 17th 10am Holy Communion (CW) Sunday Sept 24th 10am Confirmation (TBC)

See and Know Toddler group, every Friday during term time 10am 11.30am at the NCK Centre next to St John’s Church Norley. Contact


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For information about Village Hall availability or any other booking enquiries contact: Penny Clarke 01928 787496 or 07710 498717 or email Tuesday’s at 9.15am Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome Contact Emma on 07971 596529 Tuesday’s 1:30-3:30 Ladies badminton Contact: Shirley Craven 01928 787251 Tuesday’s at 7pm

Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776 Wednesday’s at 2pm Wednesday Club Contact Joan Barclay: 01928 788394 Wednesday’s 7-7:50pm Zumba Contact Izzy on 07951 152172 Wednesday’s at 8-9pm Pilates Contact Colette on 07708 411076 or email

WI Contact Helen on 01928 787092 Friday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776

Next Parish Council meeting Monday 31st July

School diary: For more details on booking the School Hall call Julie White on 01928 788471. Wednesday’s: 6.15pm- PureStretch- 45min class combining yoga & pilates. All ages & abilities. 7.15pm Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome

Christian Aid Week 2017 Very many thanks to the collectors and those who gave so generously. Including Gift Aid £2309.70 was collected. - Ruth Lane and Rita Boon


Contact: Emma Wilson-Dart Email: Tel: 07971 596529

NORLEY GARDEN SHOW- Donations The Village Hall is running a wine and water tombola this year at the garden show as well as a string tombola aimed largely at children. Any readers who would like to contribute a bottle or a small item for the string tombola please contact

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