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Norley News March 2018

MARGARET STEPS UP WITH THE WI and engage in a variety of activities, whilst being involved with, and having a voice in, local and national issues which concern us.” A key focus for WI activities during any year are the nationally agreed resolutions, proposed and voted for by the membership. The resolutions for this year will be announced shortly. Whilst Margaret feels she has much to learn in her early days, she is looking forward to helping the WI to continue to thrive and to ensuring that members get as much as they can from their membership. She looks forward to working with the committee, and thinks the WI’s successful approach to providing a mix of educational and inspirational speakers, alongside educational visits, will continue (this year’s visits include going to see the Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool and the Plaza Theatre in Stockport). As well as meetings and trips, members benefit from a range of sub-group activities – walking, a book group, crafts group and a gin-tasting group (!), amongst others. Meet the new President of the Norley WI, Margaret Soutar. Margaret has taken over from Helen Ebbitt who held the position for six years. Margaret, who is married with two adult children, lives in Delamere Park. She has been in Norley WI for seven years. So what made her want to take the role of President? “When I first joined the WI it was to make new friends and to hear interesting speakers. I turned up one week and was made very welcome. This welcome continued, so I stayed! After seven years, I thought it was time for me to step up and do my bit!” Presidents are elected by members and Margaret’s election took place last November. Elections take place every year, though presidents commonly stay in place for three years. So what are Margaret’s hopes for Norley WI? “I hope Norley WI will continue to be a friendly and open forum for women in which they can learn Norley News | March 2018 |

“I want Norley WI to be as welcoming and friendly as I found it to be when I joined. I think this is the best way to encourage women of all ages to join us.” Margaret is keen to point out that the WI is not all “jam and Jerusalem” as it focuses on providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills. Fun and friendship are key. Since it was formed in 1915 it has grown to be the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK.


Any women who want to find out more can give Margaret a ring on 01606 889593

Inside... Kitted Bible ................................................. 2 Norley C of E Primary School in Top 1%....... 7 Theatre Events .......................................... 14


ST JOHN’S KNITTED BIBLE EXHIBITION It took two years of waiting but St John’s Norley was eventually able to welcome the knitted bible exhibition that it had invited from St George’s URC, Hartlepool.

It was well worth the wait - the dozens of handmade figures brought to life 33 bible scenes from the old and new testaments, including Daniel and the Lions to the Last Supper and many others.

The skilfully made figures were all different and were imaginatively and often humorously designed. The exhibition attracted 20 - 40 people a day over its run. When we attended, it was fascinating a group of children, but it was equally charming to an adult audience. The show ran from the 5th to the 15th February and now continues its national tour.

MOBILE LIBARY Thursdays: 15th March 5th & 26th April 11.40am - 12.10pm,

outside Norley Primary School

Norley News | March 2018 |




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Norley News | March 2018 |

01928 739444


A Tudor Lady Norley WI’s new president Margaret Soutar opened the first meeting of the New Year with a very warm welcome to everybody, especially to new members and visitors. This month’s talk, the life of a Tudor lady, was given by Sheila Walsh who is a costumed guide for the National Trust at Speke Hall. The Tudor period covers over a hundred years (from 1485 to the death of Elizabeth I in 1603) and, even though costumes and customs changed with fashion, the essentials of life remained the same. In a nutshell, life was hard and roles were clearly defined. All women were expected to obey, get married, to bear children and work. What clothes did a Tudor lady wear and was there a difference between rich and poor? Even though the Tudor clothing continued to evolve as fashions and trends changed, the way women (and men) dressed was strictly controlled. For instance, women who were not married could wear their hair loose. Married women had to hide their hair away under a veil and a hood. What you wore depended entirely on your rank and station in life. Laws existed in order to preserve rank, and ensure that no one dressed above their status. The costume Sheila wore on the night would have been worn by a middle class woman for special occasions only, since the gown would have been far too expensive for day to day wear and daily tasks. Rather like today, the wealthy would wear clothes made from luxurious materials, the middle-classes would wear a similar style but usually made from cheaper materials and poorer people would wear simple clothes made from wool. One of the most recognised items of clothing from the late Tudor period is the ruff - a collar of lace worn around the neck. Some rich people wore enormous ruffs to show off their wealth. Since it was not known how to fix the dye, the main gown was very, very rarely washed. Indeed neither was the


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garment covering the body directly – a good housewife would have a washing day four times a year. Not because they were lazy but because it was very, very hard work. All done by hand, washed in tubs, rinsed in the river and dried lying flat on either a hedge or in a field. Marriage and childbirth was a given for every Tudor woman. Marriages were frequently arranged so that the families involved would benefit – this was true for royalty right down to the common peasant. Once married, the main function of a wife was to produce a son to continue the family line. Child mortality was high in those days – only about 50% of children would survive their first years. The chance of survival increased with family status, income and whether they lived in a town or the countryside. However, it would not have been unusual for wives to be pregnant every twelve months. Pregnancy and especially childbirth was dangerous death in childbirth was not unusual. The actual act of childbirth was assisted by a ‘midwife’. In fact, this was usually an elderly female relative or female neighbour with no medical knowledge. Complications were frequent and death not unusual in childbirth. Even if the delivery of a baby was successful, the mother could still fall prey to illness due to the lack of hygiene during childbirth. Tudor women were expected to obey their parents, to support their husbands in their business or work, to run their households and to bear children – and all this without the NHS, a dishwasher or even a washing machine!

Norley News | March 2018 |


telephone: 01928 733228

59 Main Street, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 7DF

DID YOU KNOW CHOCOLATE IS POISONOUS TO DOGS? If your dog ingests chocolate here is what you should do: 1. Stop them from eating anymore 2. Save the packaging (so we know the weight/amount consumed and if it is dark, milk or white chocolate) 3. Contact the surgery immediately

Keep your pet (and your Easter Eggs) safe this Easter!

Call us now for advice or consultations on diet

Delamere Forest 41 Club Delamere Forest 41 Club met at the Hazel Pear in Action Bridge on Wednesday 7th February.

M Kennerley & Son High Class Painters & Decorators Est 1969

On this occasion we were pleased to welcome David Pearson as our speaker, an employee of United Utilities for 40 years, now a semi–retired consultant. What he doesn’t know about water and leakage isn’t worth knowing! He gave us a fascinating insight into the mammoth task that is the delivery of fresh and clean water to our homes. We take it for granted, but the extent of effort needed to get this essential resource to us is staggering. He went on to explain how water leaks occur, their implications, and how they are detected and remedied - an enlightening talk.

Painters & Decorators

Chairman Trevor Gleave reported that we had collected £1506 from the float activities in December and it was agreed to split the donations between St Luke’s Hospice and The Joshua Tree 50/50.

W: E:

Our next meeting is at The Blue Cap on 7th March where the Speaker will be Francis Illing who will talk to us about the “Vice Squad”.

Please View Our Online Portfolio A: 3 Brambles Chase, Cuddington T: 01606 884002 M: 07713 244381

Free no obligation quote

As always, anyone interested in attending should make contact via the Norley News. Norley News | March 2018 |


Norley Village Hall A TOUCH OF THE GALLIC BLUES Around 70 people turned out to watch amazing French blues guitarist Claude Bourbon at Norley Village Hall at the end of January. He played for around two hours, entirely by himself and the spell he wove with his solo guitar and voice kept the room entranced. You could have heard a pin drop. His style is eclectic - adding to a basic blues approach influences from around the world and to this listener, Spanish and classical influences showed through most, with bits of Brahms and Grieg making an appearance alongside a rhythmic, pulsing rendition of Gershwin’s Summertime. Claude often runs pieces together, with extended instrumental passages covering a range of styles leading in to songs sung in a characterful and unique style. Overall, quite a treat. Music events continue at the Village Hall - some are arranged by the hall itself through the Rural Touring Arts programme, the next being 40’s style music from 52 Skidoo on 14th April. Some, like this one, are run by Acme Music Promotions, a new set up aiming to bring a wide range of exciting and unusual music to this area. Please do show up and give us your support – it’s the only way we can continue to make these top-notch events available at a reasonable cost to villagers.


A plea from the promoters to end with - gigs like this should (we think) really appeal to some of Norley’s younger residents - we’d love you to come and join us. The love of live, original music is infectious - come and catch it at Norley! The next Acme concert will be a double bill - folk super-songwriter John Reed, with on-tour Canadian alt-folk band The Lewinskies. It’s amazing we can bring bands like this to Norley. We want to keep doing it. Please come and enjoy them with us.

Norley News | March 2018 |

Natural Flower Arranging Workshops 2018 Flowers in your garden you’d love to arrange? Monthly Flower Club – come to one or come to them all! Each month we’ll use our beautiful seasonal flowers to create various styles, giving you the know-how and confidence to make your own gorgeous, natural arrangements to take home. 17th May, 21st Jun, 12th Jul, 16th Aug, 20th Sep & 18th Oct 2018 £30 including all flowers, materials and refreshments. Norley venue Great gift! - vouchers available Please contact Alice or Andrea to book: 01928 789089 Join our email list or follow us on facebook to get more details

Norley Christmas Quiz Les Summers once again set a magnificent and epic quiz for the village. The quiz, which raises money to help plans to develop a new scout hut/village hall under the auspices of the Joint Norley Community Trust (JNCOT), has become a Norley tradition. Les said: “Before we get to the winners, can I say that it has been a great year in terms of quizzes completed and, with almost 300 copies sold, we have seen a bumper return with over 30 sent in for marking. The standard of those returned has been higher than ever and with just shy of 250 questions it is amazing to me that there is less than 40 points between first and last place and no one scored less than 200 (I think the biscuit round and the ‘’find the film’’ round helped).” And so to the winners! 1st with 242 out of 249 ! The Simpson Family from Delamere Park 2nd with 241.5 The Kimbers from Wilmslow Joint 3rd with 241 The Wayside Wonderers of Norley & The Whitewoods c/o Norley

Les added: “A special mention to lots of our regulars such as Jam Towners, The Leicester Lanes, The Cabinettes, the Fay Family and the Norley Lanes who came very close and would have been in the money most years …. This was a toughie !!” Thanks are due to Les and the marking team, and to all who bought and took part in the quiz. Particular mention is due to the shop in Norley, Mill Lane and Forest Hills for their assistance.

Winners January 2018 61

Barbara Sturtivant


Rita Boon

February 2018 14

Ken J. Lupton


Jane Paget

100 Club

March Winners 40

J Joyce


F Goodier


F Smith

St John’s Norley 200 Club Norley News | March 2018 |


BROWN MOSS EQUINE CLINIC Brown Moss Farm, Norley Road, Norley WA6 6LJ Tel: 01928 787500 Email:


Long established 100% equine veterinary clinic based in Norley

Practice covers most of Cheshire, extending to Southern Lancashire, SouthWest Greater Manchester, Merseyside and The Wirral

Excellent purpose built facilities

24 hour Emergency Cover

Portable WiFi digital X-ray equipment

Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Gastroscopy, ECG and In-house laboratory facilities

All our vets and staff are experienced riders and horse owners themselves

No call out charge for Norley patients!

Norley News | March 2018 |


Tel: 01928 788971 or Mobile: 07711 258677 E-mail: MEMBER OF THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS

Kingsley Electrical is full member of the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme

Norley CE Primary School in the Top 1% of Schools in England! We are delighted to receive a letter from the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP recognising that we are in the top 1% of schools. At Norley CE Primary School we are proud of the achievements of our children. The staff are committed to giving each and every child the best foundations to build upon throughout their educational journey. As our vision states we provide ‘Educational Excellence in a Happy Supportive Environment’.

They also enrich our learning by teaching us about their jobs or culture. The local and wider community is important to us and we like to join with local groups, sharing our talents such as acting, singing, playing sport and supporting charities. As you can see a lot goes into being in the top 1% of schools in the country and it is nice to know we are one of the best!

We believe that children learn best when they are happy and inspired so we make sure our curriculum is interesting and includes a chance for children to practice their English and maths skills across the full range of subjects. We recognise that children consolidate their learning when it is put in context and therefore provide experiences out of the classroom, where we can. Visitors into school also enrich the children’s learning experiences. Our families are invited into school, as often as possible, to celebrate our work. This includes inviting mums for lunch, dads to read and play games with us and our grandparents to see what goes on in school. Norley News | March 2018 |


MARCH, a month of ‘many weathers’

Phil Gifford- Chair of Norley Wildlife Group (NWG) 01928 787217 Email: Oft dream of spring and wake before their time Blue flyes from straw stacks crawling scarce alive And bees peep out on slabs before the hive Stroaking their little legs across their wings And venturing short flight where the snow drop hings Its silver bell-and winter aconite Wi buttercup like flowers that shut at night And green leaf frilling round their cups of gold Like tender maiden muffld from the cold

I’ve already seen a male brambling in its magnificent summer plumage as well as blackthorn in flower, almost three weeks earlier than usual with the hazel’s lambstail catkins even earlier.

From The Shepherd’s Calendar by John Clare

John Clare wrote his poem nearly 200 years ago and it would seem that, whilst the weather in March is as changeable as ever, spring now comes much sooner, roughly at a rate of 2.5 days per decade. As indicated in last month’s Norley News, the WI were giving out “Noticing Change” work sheets (as well as yummy biscuits and green heart badges). The badges are a way of talking about the things we love and how important it is to protect them. The checklist is based on Nature’s calendar, a Phenology project run by the Woodland trust viz. the study of seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year - such as flowering, emergence of insects and migration of birds, especially their timing and relationship with weather and climate. It will be interesting to see what the results for Norley will be (go to showthelove Many people still think that spring’s early arrival is earlier the better, but in fact it can create all sorts of havoc for wildlife as early flowers may not have any pollinators, or insects may starve as flowers may not be open when they emerge from hibernation.


Candlemas (2nd February) was always regarded as the date for snowdrops, but in mid January I saw a honeybee venturing on a “hinging” blossom and collecting its rich yellow pollen too. Later this month the bees will be visiting the “goslings” (pussy willow as called in the Cheshire dialect), a very descriptive name with the blossoms all downy grey and yellow with pollen. Pollen is just what is required to raise baby bees: 10 loads for each one. As the Queens start laying very early in the year, this bonanza is often critical in the colony getting off to a good start. But a cold snap can mean the brood are chilled and the resulting sad little white corpses are thrown out onto the lighting board. Norley News | March 2018 |

Helen Kelly, the head of Norley’s primary school, has let me know that she would very much appreciate a similar effort. One of NWG’s core objectives is to ensure our younger community members will become effective stewards, so it has been decided that we would indeed go a few copies better and provide books for each of the classes as well as the Norley Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. THE LOST MOSSES REFOUND BULBS As before, NWG has been checking for snowdrops, with 5000 bulbs having been planted last year. The signs are pretty good with the lovely little flowers showing all around the village. The number will only get better and better, especially if we follow Edward Augustus Bowles’ famous advice to “Stir them up regularly” and split them up after they’ve flowered every three years and plant some in the green when we have large clumps to divide. Daffodils by now will be in full bloom, though some varieties like Early Sensation have been flowering since January. The ones at the Memorial Garden and Crabmill Lane will look especially fine. All our work there mowing, raking, removing leaves and pernicious weeds will again have helped to make a splendid show. The cyclamen coum flowers in the churchyard are looking wonderful despite the attention of Peter Rabbit and his cousins! The bluebells we planted in the “Wild Wood “next to the church are showing, as are others around the village. The ones in the wood are natives, whereas many of the others are Spanish or its hybrids. I set out in last year’s March edition the difference in detail, but in summary, the flowers of natives have white creamy pollen, with a distinct, sweetish scent. The scentless Spanish bluebell flowers (often pink and white ones too), have blue pollen, although the hybrids will vary. Norley’s children : will not be “Lost for Words”! Readers will recall that last year I praised the wonderful, magical beautiful, the Lost Words book which was created by Robert MacFarlane to celebrate the disappearing words of everyday nature, from acorn and wren to conker and dandelion, It has caught the imagination of both children and grown ups alike and already become a cultural phenomenon with help from a crowd funding campaign by a school bus driver to provide the Lost Words book to Scottish Schools. See: the-lost-words-campaign-delivers-nature-spellbookto-scottish-schools Norley News | March 2018 |

In February’s edition I mentioned Katie Piercy, CWT’s erstwhile Delamere Mossland Officer, and she, as promised, has written up the summary of the work carried out during the project into a wonderful report. It is well worth looking at and can be found at the bottom of the page at In a valedictory email Katie recalls the fantastic wildlife in Delamere: a slender bodied Downy emerald dragonfly darting above a dark lily pool, over one hundred fluttering green hairstreak butterflies at Shemmy’s moss, listening for her first bog bush cricket on a bat detector, spotting grass snakes amongst the rushes, watching snipe rise from the ground and zigzag across the sky, startling nibbling voles and shrews and watching hundreds of ladybirds take flight on a sunny day. All of this, and so much more, has taught Katie just how important this landscape is for wildlife. The work carried out over the last four years will help to strengthen and expand what already exists and maybe even bring about new unforeseen benefits. Such places were once characterised in the seventeenth century as “The Air nebulous grosses and full of rotten harres; (noxious gases) the water putred and muddy, yea full of loathsome vermine; the earth spuing, unfast and boggie”. Fortunately, such views, which were current even quite recently, are now seen as not only retrograde but positively harmful, even dangerous. The seminal book (first published 1988 rev 2015) by Jeremy Purseglove, Taming the Flood, shows clearly why we must harness nature rather than vainly trying to repress it. We need to use the whole landscape to absorb the increasingly heavy rains due to climate change before they reach the rivers and inevitably result in devastating floods. The restored mosses are indeed good for all of us, not just wildlife. NWG MEETINGS in March: Tigers Head and Work Days See our website for details, the Work Day in March will be Saturday 24th (avoiding Easter the following weekend). Everyone is most welcome at both.


Norley News | March 2018 |

WEDNESDAY CLUB March 7th Speaker: Eugene - Radio and Television 14th Sales Table 28th Trip to Bury Market April 4th Hot Pot Lunch 11th Tombola 18th AGM and Sales Table 25th Trip to St Annes and meal at Chadwick Hotel

Village Hall Events

Saturday 17th March Litterpick, Community project 10am - 2pm Kipling play 7pm Thursday 15th March - Library bus calling @ 11.40am -12.10pm Thursday 5th April – As above Thursday 26th April - As above Saturday 14th April – 52 Skidoo. Bar from 6.45pm. Show starts 7.30pm

We are still looking for people to get involved with community speed watch – please let me know if you are willing to take part. You can contact me through the Norley News. We are also holding a schools/Chester Police North Rural 5-a-side football tournament on Thursday 19th April between 4pm and 7pm at Frodsham Leisure Centre. Norley CE Primary School is one of the schools competing. Why not come along and support your team! - Neil Flanagan PCSO Neil Flanagan: PCSO John Kopczyk

Norley News | March 2018 |


Theatre Events Kingsley Players _ Youth Theatre ‘Arabian Nights’. Saturday 24th March at 2:00pm and again at 7:00pm. For tickets go to or phone 07724 892154 Kingsley Players _ ‘A Bunch of Amateurs’ by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. 16th - 19th May For tickets go to Harlequin Players _ ‘Dracula’ original script. Wed 18th till Sat 21st April. 7:45pm. Go to 01606 246831 Harlequin Players_ ‘The Crucible’. Reading on Wed 28th March. Audition on Wed 4th April. Director Yvette Owen. Go to for more info. Davenham Theatre. _No Tigers Dominic Berry Poetry slam. Sat March 24th at 19:30. Bookings on or phone 01606 259596

Performing at Norley Village Hall on Saturday 14th April at 7.30pm. Bar opens 6.45pm. Tickets are £12.50, available from Jon Wild 07770 701069 or

The Zodiac Musical Theatre. “ Legally Blonde” 24th28th April. Box Office 0151 907 8360 Ashton Hayes Theatre Club._“Speakeasy Monologue Slam” 13th - 14th April 7:30pm. 01829 751327 or 07707 830286

Norley News | March 2018 |

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0800 016 9190 Norley News | March 2018 |

PARISH COUNCIL NOTES At the recent Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 14th February, a report was received from the Secretary to the Management Committee of the Norley Hill Top Play Area. As the play area is a well used asset in the village, the PC agreed to make a donation of £1500 towards the maintenance of the play area. There are a number of ongoing highway issues that the PC continue to follow up, including improvements to the black and white direction signs in the village. The recommendations from the speed limit assessments on Stoneyford Lane, Cheese Hill Lane and Gallowsclough Lane are awaited. Approval was given for work to be completed by a CW&C approved contractor for the carriageway alteration to install new kerbs to the area around the grass triangle at Maddocks Hill. No date has been agreed for when the works will commence. There will be temporary threeway traffic signals for 4 or 5 days at the top of Maddocks Hill during the works. The following applications were considered: 18/00129/FUL - Norley Church of England Primary School, Hough Lane, Norley, Northwich: Installation of prefabricated building with concrete base and retaining structure – There were no comments from the PC. 18/00136/FUL - Peover House, Moss Lane, Crowton, Northwich, Cheshire, WA6 8PD Demolish existing utility room and install new larger utility - There were no comments from the PC. 18/00297/FUL - The Old Dairy, Norley Hall Farm, Town Farm Lane, Norley, Northwich, Cheshire, WA6 8NH - Single storey rear extension and open porch to side elevation – There were no comments from the PC. 18/00471/FUL - The Bungalow, Fingerpost Lane, Norley, Northwich, Cheshire, WA6 8LE: Creation of a first floor with dormer style windows and internal alterations - There were no comments from the PC. Copies of agenda and minutes can be found on the Norley Parish Council website. The next meeting is being held on Monday 26th March 2018 at 7.00 pm at Norley Methodist Church and all are very welcome to attend.

Norley News | March 2018 |

Norley Book Club

Our Book of the Month: ‘Kiss, Kiss’ By Roald Dahl Last time I reviewed a selection of short stories which were gripping in terms of content, but fell short in composition skills. This time I am recommending another collection of short stories which demonstrate how the genre should be handled by an experienced author who is best known to all for his children’s books, but whose works for adults are well worth reading. His autobiographical books, ‘Boy’ and ‘Going Solo’ are entertaining and informative, perfect for a Dahl fan to learn more about the man, but also fascinating for the worlds of the twentieth century that they outline. However, for me, his true artistry is found in his short stories. Unlike the novel, which can wander about for as long as the author chooses, the restriction on length of the short story makes for a more densely packed piece of writing with every sentence having some important implication. The reader, therefore, is rewarded for concentrating throughout to pick up on these inferences whether they indicate vital plot elements or important details of character and setting, finding the ‘clues’ which have later impact on the story’s outcome. Opening sentences grip the reader’s attention from the outset; final sentences shock and surprise.

‘Kiss,Kiss’ is a selection of eleven tales, first collected together and published in 1960. The settings are recognisably real, the characters are diverse and the tales revolve around crime, deceit, revenge, greed: any vice which demonstrates a sinister side to human nature. Here Dahl excels with the horrific and macabre, the dark and unsettling, the diabolical and unpredictable. Be prepared to be taken aback by the quirky twists at the end of each story, a device which I believe to be the most impressive feature of the short story. If you are old enough to remember the 1970’s/1980’s television programme ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ with that creepy introductory tune you may well recognise some of these stories as they were adapted for the dramas in the first series. No supernatural terrors here, but perhaps more disturbing and terrifying in exploring gruesome but credible human behaviour. Reviewed by Hilary Duncan.









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Norley News | March 2018 |


Weaver Words 2018 Weaver Words 2018: Gyles Brandreth and Ian McMillan lead impressive line up TV broadcaster and writer Gyles Brandreth and poet Ian McMillan head up an impressive programme of talks, events, workshops and competitions for Frodsham’s fourth Weaver Words Literature Festival, Wednesday 25 April - Sunday 29 April. Other events include: • A Literary Cruise along the River Weaver Navigation. • Radio Four Archers star Sunny Ormonde (as seen last year at Norley Village Hall) looks into the world of poet Philip Larkin. • Creative writing workshops, talks on Jane Eyre, Seamus Heaney, music biography and Islam in modern Britain, plus a Literary Lunch with guest speaker David Barnett, author of best-selling novel Calling Major Tom. • Poets Andrew Rudd and Rachel Mann will provide an evening of poetry and music with violinist Daniel Axworthy . • £500 prize money is on offer for writers of the best adult flash fiction story (under 300 words). • Tim Firth will again be judging the Great Weaver Words Writing Prize for children. • Celebration Evening with John Gorman and an open mic slot for writers and spoken word artists. • The Weaver Words brochure and tickets are available from Frodsham Community Centre, Dandelion Gifts, Castle Park and other publicity points around the town. Booking opens on Monday 5th February. For more details see the festival website Tickets can be purchased online or through the box office on 0333 666 3366.

VILLAGE HALL LADIES’ TOILETS Regular visitors to the Village Hall will be aware that there is an ongoing programme of improvements being carried out by the Committee and others in the village. So far we have replaced the windows and signage and refurbished the gents toilets. We are now very pleased to say that we have refurbished the ladies’ toilets too. There is still work to be done like new hand driers and some painting, but hopefully, the new white goods, windows and flooring will already form a considerable improvement.

Kevin Duncalf Kevin Duncalf

Property and Property repairs repairs and Gardening services Gardening services (Formerly Mike Kay) Kay) (Formerly Mike 01928788151 01928788151

The Hall Committee want to thank all who have helped with the work, including local contractors and the WI who contributed to the cost of the flooring. This is all a great help to keeping the hall at the heart of village life where we feel it belongs!


Norley News | March 2018 |

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Kelly White - Design Consultant Tel: 07807002654 Norley News | March 2018 |

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Sponsor List March 2018 Brian Coglan Helen Nield Barry and Anne Smith Peter Lewis Norley Wednesday Club Paul and Joan Barclay Kevin and Heather Duncalf Neville and Val Barker Norley Bowling Club St John’s Church Norley Village Hall Vanessa Mayatt and Phil Gifford Bill and Libby Appleton Frodsham and District Choral Society Les and Gladys Archer Hatchmere Residents Mary Ramskill Trevor Kay Norley Parish Council Norley Horticultural Society Adrian and Claire Albinson David and Katherine McVicker Gordon and Jenny Johnston Jack and Marion Thomas Gill and John Lunt Gill and Malcolm Beesley Katy Simpson Norley CE (Aided) Primary School

Michael and Pauline Kay Ann Hilditch Madeline and Peter French Richard and Judith Hull Liz and David Robinson Katy Percival John and Veronica Patten Hilary and Andrew Wilson Rosamund Walley Barbara and Ken Lupton Marie Cliffe Helen MacVicker David and Sue Eisner Ken Pace Ruth Downes Roger and Wendy Metcalfe Isabelle Slater Vaughan and Gary Wynne Helen and Mike Ebbitt Norley WI Noreen Ashbrook Murray Stewart Roy and Sue Newall Brenda Evans Liz and Tony Lavin Bill and Fiona Cockcroft David and Sue Lewis Susan Richards

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ANON (x 7)

Community ‘classifieds’ Property repairs

The Ovencleaners

Kevin Duncalf (formally Mike Kay) All property maintenance. 01928 788151

Call Dave on 07876 167254 or email


Norley News | March 2018 |

Norley Methodist Church Minister: Rev. Sue Levitt 01829 741022 Sunday March 4th - Lent 3 10.45am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evening Worship

Sunday March 25th - Lent 6 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Holy Communion

Wednesday March 7th 9.45am Wednesday Walk – contact Garry (01928 890490)

Friday March 30th – Good Friday 11.00am Morning Worship

Sunday March 11th – Mothering Sunday & Lent 4 10.45am Morning Worship Wednesday March 14th Noon - Open Door Lunch – contact Ruth (01928 788071) if want to attend Sunday March 18th - Lent 5 9.00am Norley@9 10.45am Morning Worship

Sunday April 1st – Easter Day 9.30am Holy Communion 6.30pm Evening Worship Wednesday April 4th 9.45am Wednesday Walk – contact Garry (01928 890490) Sunday April 8th 10.45am Morning Worship Wednesday April 11th Noon - Open Door Lunch – contact Ruth (01928 788071) if want to attend

Wednesday March 21st 7.30pm Café Church Thursday March 22nd Noon - Open Door Lunch – contact Ruth (01928 788071) if want to attend 1.15pm Thursday Club – everyone welcome

Sunday April 15th 9.00am Norley@9 10.45am Morning Worship Wednesday April 18th 7.30pm Café Church

Sunday April 22nd 10.45am Morning Worship Thursday April 26th Noon - Open Door Lunch – contact Joan (01606 301198) if want to attend 1.15pm Thursday Club – everyone welcome Sunday April 29th Church Anniversary - 136 years in this building 10.45am Morning Worship 6.30pm Holy Communion Every Tuesday from 10.00am to noon Craft Club contact Alison Twinn (01829 741658) Metafit

St John the Evangelist (Norley) Vicar: Rev’d Peter Rugen 01928 787180 Sunday 18th March 10.00am Holy Communion

A warm welcome awaits you at any of these services Sunday 4th March 10.00am Family Service Thursday 8th March 10.00am Mid-week Holy Communion Sunday 11th March Mothering Sunday 10.00am Family Morning Worship 6.30pm Evening Prayer

Sunday 25th March Palm Sunday 10.00am Worship Together Thursday 29th March Maundy Thursday 6.30pm M Thursday Service

10am Holy Communion (CW) Sunday 22nd April (Worshipping together Crowton) Thursday 26th April 10.00am Mid-week Holy Communion

Sunday 1st April Easter Sunday 10.00am Family Service (No Communion)

See and Know Toddler group, every Friday during term time 10am - 11.30am at the NCK Centre next to St John’s Church Norley. Contact

Sunday 8th April 10am Family Service 6.30pm Evening prayer

Associate Minister: Rev’d Hilary Merrington 01928 788087

Sunday 15th April


Norley News | March 2018 |


What’s on in Norley? Village Hall Diary For information about Village Hall availability or any other booking enquiries contact: Barbara Lupton: 0759 354 5528 Monday’s Delemere Forest Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Cycle contact Mary 07710 987076 or Emma 07860 564076 Monday evenings: 6th Nov, 4th Dec

Tuesday’s at 9.15am Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome Contact Emma on 07971 596529 Tuesday’s 10:00-12:00 Ladies badminton Contact: Shirley Craven 01928 787251 Tuesday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776 Wednesday’s at 2pm Wednesday Club Contact Joan Barclay: 01928 788394

Wednesday’s 7-7:50pm Zumba Contact Izzy on 07951 152172 Wednesday’s at 8-9pm Pilates Contact Colette on 07708 411076 or email WI Contact Helen on 01928 787092 Friday’s at 7pm Senior badminton Contact Mark Perry: 01928 732194 or Jean Welsh: 01928 731776

Next Parish Council meeting is being held on Monday 26th March 2018 at 7.00 pm at Norley Methodist Church

School diary: For more details on booking the School Hall call Julie White on 01928 788471. Wednesday’s: 6.15pm- PureStretch- 45min class combining yoga & pilates. All ages & abilities. 7.15pm Metafit- 30min HIIT class, all fitness levels welcome

Contact: Emma Wilson-Dart Email: Tel: 07971 596529

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1803 norley news march 2018  
1803 norley news march 2018